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Graham Parker: Struck by Lightning

[cover art]

Garth Hudson assists Graham Parker on three tracks on the 1991 album Struck by Lightning. Parker moved to Woodstock in 1990 where he gigged with Rick Danko (who does not appear here). The album was recorded in West Hurley with Bodnar (ex-Rumour) and Pete Thomas (ex-Elvis Costello & The Attractions).

Struck By Lightning was the culmination of Graham Parker's previous two records, where he increasingly began to chronicle domestic tasks and affairs of the married heart. For such an intimate subject, Parker wisely decided to scale back the musical ambition of Human Soul on Struck By Lightning, recording a lean, stripped-down album that relies heavily on acoustic guitars. Appropriately, his lyrics were some of the most concise he has written in years, breathing life into tales like "The Kid With the Butterfly Net" and "Wrapping Paper." Parker's music is similarly simple and tuneful, making Struck By Lightning his best effort since the early '80s.
--Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All-Music Guide

The basic line-up here is:

Graham Parker - vocals, guitars / Andrew Bodnar - bass / Pete Thomas - drums.
Garth Hudson plays on the tracks noted below:

  • She Was So Many Things (Parker)
    Garth Hudson - accordion / John Sebastian - autoharp / Graham Parker - toy piano

  • Strong Winds (Parker)
    Garth Hudson - Hammond organ

  • The Kid With The Butterfly Net (Parker)
    Garth Hudson - Hammond organ, synthesizer / Jay Ungar - violin


  1. She Wants So Many Things
  2. They Murdered the Clown
  3. Strong Winds
  4. Kid With the Butterfly Net
  5. And It Shook Me
  6. Wrapping Paper
  7. That's Where She Ends Up
  8. Brand New Book
  9. Weeping Statues
  10. Guardian Angels
  11. Children and Dogs
  12. Over the Border (to America)
  13. When I Was King
  14. Ten Girls Ago
  15. Sun is Gonna Shine Again

Graham Parker - Struck by Lightning - 57:27 - 1991 - Demon

AMG Rating: 8 (out of 9)

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