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Peach: The Real Thing

[cover art]

January 2004 CD from L.A.-based contemporary blues artist and songwriter Peach, who was named Blues Artist of the Year in 2001 by the prestigious L.A. Music Awards, followed up with an Award of Excellence in 2002. Critics claim she has vocal qualities similar to Maria Maldaur and Bonnie Raitt.

Peach is joined on The Real Thing by a group of players that includes blues legend Taj Mahal, who duets with Peach on the title track, Garth Hudson of The Band, Paul Barrere (Little Feat), James Gadson, Lee Thornburg, Amos Garrett and Reggie McBride.

Garth Hudson recorded his contributions to The Real Thing in June 2003, with producer Marty Grebb, former music director for Bonnie Raitt, at the controls. Garth can be heard very well on tracks 8 (keyboards), 12 (saxophone), and 13 (accordion).


1. Lie Down
2. Come Up & See Me Sometime
3. Someone Else Is Steppin' In
4. Love You
5. Beyond My Wildest Dreams
6. Won't Be Long
7. The Real Thing MPEG3-file (1.4MB)
8. Dance With Me Henry
9. Starin' You In The Face
10. The Cure For You MPEG3-file (1.4MB)
11. Might Have A Move Or Two
12. Big Back Beat MPEG3-file (480K)
13. I Must Be In A Good Place Now MPEG3-file (720K)


  • Peach - vocals, guitars
  • Garth Hudson - accordion, keyboards, saxophone
  • Taj Mahal - vocals
  • Amos Garrett - guitar
  • Reggie McBride - bass
  • Maria Martinez - drums
  • John Molo - drums
  • Gary Mallaber - drums
  • James Gadson - drums
  • Danny Timms - keyboards
  • Marty Grebb - keyboards, saxophones, producer
  • Jimmy Roberts - saxophone
  • Cece Worrall - saxophone
  • Lee Thornburg - trumpet
  • Johnny Lee Schell - guitar
  • Paulie Cerra - saxophone
  • Lynn Keller - bass
  • Earle Mankey - engineer

Peach - The Real Thing - 2004 - Blues Rock Records 788

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