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Sarah Perrotta: The Well

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Hudson Valley songwriter, vocalist and pianist Sarah Perrotta's album The Well was recorded at Leopard Studio in Stone Ridge, New York, January through March of 2007. Garth Hudson plays accordion on two tracks: "Out of Grace" and "Carry You Home". The album also features legendary bassist Tony Levin on all eleven tracks. Garth Hudson performed at the release party for The Well in September 2007, in the Bearsville Theatre outside Woodstock, NY.

Perrotta's The Well an Exceptional Release

Olivebridge singer-songwriter Sarah Perrotta certainly took advantage of the recourses nearby, making every effort to impress and taking this release quite seriously.

Perrotta - who plays piano, organ and synthesizer - enlisted bass genius Tony Levin, keyboard giant Garth Hudson and brought in storied producer and engineer Malcolm Burns to mix. Burns' magic touch gives Perrotta's voice room to breathe, and her songs a place to live.

The Well was written and produced by Perrotta and Jimmy Goodman at Leopard Studios in Stone Ridge. An urgent piano announces "Out of Grace," and Perrotta's detached delivery perfectly fits the tune as Hudson's accordion floats in and out with his signature chromatic runs.

"Fishes" holds a dreamy ambience which recalls free jazz icon Annette Peacock, while in "Steel," the legendary Levin adds one of his trademark sinister lines which lifts the song up to another level. Perrotta airy approach cements the deal. The dark, delicious "Midnight Lullaby" holds clever lines like "All the King's horses and all the King's men/ they couldn't clear the world of sin."

Chris Lane offers inventive, ambient guitar parts, Johnny Watson holds down the groove with verve, Goodman chimes in often of vibraphone.

The uncanny chemistry between Perrotta, her well-crafted songs, the master musicians and Burn's mix is simply brilliant. Perrotta wears her Tori Amos influences on her sleeve, but then takes it to a secret place of her own.

The Well is an exceptional release from this up-and-coming star.

--David Malachowski, Daily Freeman, September 2007


  1. Out of Grace
  2. Rooftops
  3. Before the Fall
  4. Fishes
  5. Steel
  6. Country
  7. The Storm
  8. Make Me Real
  9. Into Bloom
  10. Midnight Lullaby
  11. Carry You Home

Sarah Perrotta - The Well - 2007 - Sarah Perrotta/CDBaby

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