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Gene Clark: This Byrd Has Flown

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As a founding member of the Byrds, Clark was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1991, a few months before his death. Clark wrote some of the best early Byrds songs, one of which, "Feel a Whole Lot Better," Tom Petty recorded in 1990. Clark was the first Byrd to fly in 1966, and his subsequent solo career flickered with moments of brilliance -- he was one of the seminal figures of folk-rock and country-rock.
-- Mark A. Humphrey, All-Music Guide

This Byrd Has Flown is an expanded British CD of 1984's Firebyrd, with extra tracks added from later recording sessions. The songs add a considerable amount to the original album: "C'est La Bonne Rue" is a hot little rocker, and "All I Want" is one of Clark's most poignant and impassioned love songs, and by itself is worth the price of the album. The notes by drummer/singer/composer Andy Kandanes add considerably to the information about the circumstances behind the recording of Firebyrd and Clark's later career, up until his death in May of 1991.
-- Bruce Eder, All-Music Guide

Rick Danko is credited on one of the "extra" tracks on This Byrd Has Flown. Danko was also touring with the Byrds/Burritto Bros. on the "reunion" tour in the early '80s. This was before Mcguinn and Hillman banned the use of the two group's names. Danko appeared with both groups, the personell included Danko (bass,guitar, vocals), Gene Clark, (guitar,vocals), Michael Clarke (drums), Blondie Chaplin (lead guitar), Rick Roberts (guitar, vocals) and Sneaky Pete (pedal steel).


  1. Mr Tambourine Man
  2. Vanessa
  3. Rain Song
  4. C'est La Bonne Rue
  5. If You Could Read My Mind
  6. Dixie Flyer
  7. Feel A Whole Lot Better
  8. Rodeo Rider
  9. All I Want
  10. Something About Love
  11. Made For Love
  12. Blue Raven


(only members of the Band listed)
  • Rick Danko

Gene Clark - This Byrd Has Flown - 1995 - Edsel EDCD 436

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