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Eric Andersen: Woodstock Under the Stars

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2020 3-CD set from folk singer-songwriter legend Eric Andersen, recorded in and around Woodstock, NY, over a period of 20 years from 1991 to 2011. The 36 tracks are taken from concerts, radio shows/web casts and studio sessions. The Band's Rick Danko appears with Andersen and Jonas Fjeld on tracks 14 and 15 on disc 1, recorded live in 1991. Garth Hudson is also credited on Woodstock Under the Stars.

Eric Andersen first came to prominence as a performer in Greenwich Village in the early 1960s and immediately became part of the Village folk and songwriter scene and was at the epicenter of the American Greenwich Village singer-songwriter explosion. Over the past 50 years, Eric has toured the world and released over 30 CDs of original music. His songs have been covered by Mary Chapin Carpenter, Judy Collins, John Denver, Linda Ronstadt, The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, and many others. He has also co-written songs with Bob Weir, Townes Van Zandt, Rick Danko, and Lou Reed. Now Y&T Music is proud to present Woodstock Under the Stars, a 3 CD Set with 35 songs (plus an introduction track). Disc one features songs from concerts and studio sessions performed and recorded 1991 - 2006. Discs two and three features songs from a performance which was webcast in 2011. Special Guests on this album include John Sebastian, Garth Hudson, Eric Bazilian, Happy Traum, Artie Traum, Inge Andersen, Joe Flood, Rick Danko, Jonas Fjeld, Gary Burke and Robert Aaron. The songs on this album feature Eric's early works as well as his more recent ones. There are two live versions of six of the same titles recorded at different venues with different musicians accompanying Eric.

--Editorial review, Amazon/Y&T Music


Disc 1

  1. Rain Falls Down in Amsterdam (Recorded Live in 2001)
  2. Sudden Love (Recorded Live in 2001)
  3. Wind and Sand (Recorded Live in 2001)
  4. Lie with Me (Recorded Live in 2001)
  5. Down at the Cantina (Recorded Live in 2003)
  6. Liza Light the Candle (Studio Track Recorded in 2006)
  7. Moonchild River Song (Recorded Live in 2004)
  8. Violets of Dawn (Recorded Live in 2003)
  9. Belgian Bar (Recorded Live in 2003)
  10. I Shall Go Unbounded (Recorded Live in 2001)
  11. Salt on Your Skin (Recorded Live in 2004)
  12. The Dolphins (Studio Track Recorded in 2006, Written By Fred Neil)
  13. Goin' Gone (Recorded Live in 2003)
  14. Blue River (Recorded Live in 1991 - Performed By Danko/Fjeld/Andersen)
  15. Come Runnin' Like a Friend (Recorded Live 1991 - Performed By Danko/Fjeld/Andersen)

Disc 2

  1. Welcome (Spoken Introduction)
  2. Rain Falls Down in Amsterdam
  3. Dance of Love and Death
  4. Is It Really Love at All
  5. Eyes of the Immigrant
  6. Singin' Man
  7. Mary I'm Comin' Back Home
  8. Buckets of Rain (Performed By Happy Traum, Written By Bob Dylan)
  9. Moonchild River Song
  10. Sinking Deeper Into You
  11. Woman, She Was Gentle

Disc 3

  1. Before Everything Changed
  2. Niagara (Performed By Joe Flood, Written By Joe Flood, Artie Traum, and Jim Weider)
  3. Betrayal (Written and Performed By Inge Andersen)
  4. Don't It Make You Wanna Sing the Blues
  5. Blue River
  6. Violets of Dawn
  7. Goin' Gone
  8. Salt on Your Skin
  9. Close the Door Lightly
  10. Thirsty Boots

Eric Andersen - Woodstock Under the Stars - 2020 - EARecords/Y&T Music

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