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David Bromberg Band: You Should See the Rest of the Band

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[David Bromberg]
David Bromberg
Often referred to as a musician's musician, throughout his career, Bromberg has spent almost as much time being a sideman to people like Bob Dylan and Jerry Jeff Walker as he has fronting his own band. Session credits for albums by Tom Paxton and Jerry Jeff Walker started getting Bromberg attention in the mid 60s, and began making the transition from sideman to frontman in the early 70s, when he got signed to record for Columbia records. The key to appreciating Bromberg is to realize he has an equal passion for blues, folk, country and western, bluegrass and rock & roll. This diverse range of influences is relfected on all his recordings for Columbia, Fantasy, and Rounder, and in his performances as well. His musical eclecticism over the years may have cost him some fans, but a typical Bromberg concert can be a musical education.
--Richard Skelly, All-Music Guide

Garth Hudson plays keyboards on two tracks on Bromberg's live rock'n'roll album You Should See the Rest of the Band.

The album was reissued on CD in 1999, paired with his 1978 album My Own House on the Fantasy label as My Own House/You Should See the Rest of the Band.


  1. Chump Man Blues (Traditional)
  2. Kitchen Girl (Traditional)
  3. Black and Tan (Fuller)
  4. Lower Left Hand Corner of the Night (Bromberg)
  5. Key to the Highway (Broonzy/Segar)
  6. Helpless Blues (Bromberg)
  7. Sharon (Bromberg)
  8. As the Years Go Passing By (Malone) -
  9. Solid Gone (Bromberg)
  10. Yankee's Revenge(Medley) (Traditional)


  • David Bromberg, guitar/vocal/producer
  • Peter Ecklund, horn
  • Dick Fegy, guitar/violin
  • Garth Hudson, keyboards

David Bromberg Band - You Should See the Rest of the Band - 1980 - Fantasy Records F-9590
Compact Disc: My Own House/You Should See the Rest of the Band, Fantasy 24752 (1999).

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