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Bluesaid 1999

Photos and text on this page are copyright © Linda Seubold 1999. Copied from an article at about the second annual BluesAid jam, a fund raiser for the benefit of old blues musicians, held at the Horseshoe Casino's Bluesville Club at Tunica, MS, April 11-12 1999. Levon and Amy Helm performed along with great artists like Katie Webster, Kim Wilson, Anson, Funderburgh, Leroy Parnell, James Cotton, Pinetop Perkins, Calvin "Fuzz" Jones, Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, Robert Lockwood Jr., Steve Cropper and the Cate Brothers Band.

[Levon and Amy]
Levon and Amy Helm
"...and who could forget one of the most exciting jams of all during the set featuring the famous drummer Levon Helm, who has a brand new nightclub in New Orleans, a swinging new blues band out of New York City and a fantastic, fresh, young singer who happens to be his daughter, Amy Helm.

With her dad playing absolutely inspired mandolin beside her, Amy confidently wrapped her husky, warm voice around Muddy Waters classic version of Willie Dixon's "I Just Want To Make Love To You," delivered a groovy, Band-like version of "Shake A Hand," and brought down the house with her exciting take on Big Mama Thornton's original version of "Hound Dog."

Amy was unknown by many backstage before her knock-out performance with her dad. But I knew she was a young woman who had paid attention to her blues propers instructions when I heard her addressing Pinetop and Johnnie Johnson as "Mr." Perkins and "Mr." Johnson. When Amy finished her three numbers and came offstage, Mr. Johnson asked her if she wanted a job. And he wasn't kidding, either, he told me later. So, watch out for this young singer! She seems to have tons of talent and potential, not to mention respect for her blues mentors."

[Levon at Bluesaid '99] [Levon at Bluesaid '99]
Levon Helm with some of the other artists at BluesAid 1999

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