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Credits and Sources

Much of the material on this web site have been copied or extracted from other sites on the Internet. Important sources of information are the wonderful All Music Guide (in particular professor Robert Bowman's insightful notes and articles on the Band), the Internet Movie Database, the Pollstar concert database, the Usenet newsgroups and, CD and video shops on the net that offer pictures and sound clips and rock oriented sites as Rolling Stone and the many Bob Dylan web pages.

The books about the Band, especially Levon Helm's excellent 1993 autobiography This Wheel's on Fire, give detailed historical data that have been very important for the work with this web site. Information from album covers, articles, and documentary videos have also been used on many pages.

The many Band fans around the net that visit this site regularly, have been the most important sources of information. Because of their contributions, ranging from ultra-rare pictures and sound clips to the latest updates on concert dates and recording projects, the Band web pages have grown to become one of the most extensive musical sites on the Internet. The contact with these devoted fans, many of which have become good friends of mine, is a major motivation and inspiration for keeping the Band web site alive. The list below shows (I hope) all the folks that have been involved in the work with the web pages, and also what kind of contributions they have made. Thanks to all of you for helping out with presenting the best rock and roll ensemble in history on the Internet.
-- Jan Høiberg

Contributors to the Band web site

Rene Aagard Articles.
Keith Abel Lyrics.
"Adam2" Articles.
Niels Amond Adsersen Photos, discography, articles.
Frank Ahart Photos.
Gary Alexander Articles.
Jeff Alexander Photos, discography.
Tim Allard Drawings.
Marco Ambrosini Drawings.
Johdi Ananmalay Lyrics.
Eric Andersen Articles.
Bill Arnold History.
Mark Atkins Photos, lyrics, articles.
Todd Atkinson Photos.
Bruce R. Aydelotte Photos.
Paul Bagnell Photos.
Michael Bailey Articles.
Richard Baker Photos.
Mark Basten Newsgroup FAQ.
Michael Bates Photos.
Richard Batey Discography, photos.
Eddie Bauer Lyrics.
Pat Bauer Discography.
"Bayou Sam" Photos.
Chris Bell Articles, history, pictures.
Doug Bell Discography.
Gail Bell Articles, history, pictures.
Richard Bell Discography, concert dates, news.
Hans van den Berk Discography, sound samples.
David Besterman Article index, articles, pictures, sheet music, discography.
Andy Binder Lyrics.
Carey Bird Discography.
Mark Bittner Lyrics.
Emily Blunt Articles.
Robert Bowman Articles, reviews, discography.
Dag E. Braathen Pictures, video clips, audio samples.
Chris Bradford Photos.
JC Bradford Lyrics.
Reid Brecher Discography.
John V. Brennan Pictures.
Pat Brennan Discography, articles, photos.
David Brooks Lyrics.
Brown Eyed Girl Articles, photos, news, videography, discography, sound samples and loads of other stuff.
Peter Stone Brown History, articles.
Philip Bruno Photos.
Bumbles Discography.
David Burgess Photos.
Patrick Burke Photos.
Don Buroker Photos.
Carol Caffin Articles, photos, discography.
Adela Calbillo Lyrics, articles, pictures, videography, discography.
Rob Caldwell Discography, articles.
Bettye Campbell Articles.
W.I. Van Campen Videography.
Ole Høimark Carlsen Photos.
Jameson Case Articles.
Watt Casey Jr. Photos.
Jim Champ Discography.
Luigi Cesari Discography.
Mark Charles Discography.
Jared Charney Photos.
Debbie Cheyne Photos.
Rick Churchill Discography.
Andrew Clanahan Drawing.
John Cline Video clips.
Robert Cochran Articles.
Jim Colegrove Discography, pictures, history.
Rick Connelly Articles.
Steve Connelly Audio files.
Dick Cooper Pictures.
Curt Copeland Pictures, audio files.
Tim "Sundog" Corcoran Pictures.
Marc Coulavin Discography.
"Cousin Paul" Photos.
Thomas Cox Lyrics.
Crabgrass Photos.
Steve Cuming Videography.
Philip D'Amour Photos.
Daan from Holland Audio files.
Serge Daniloff Pictures, audio tapes, video tapes, discography, history, articles, books, maps, concert posters, videography.
Patrick Daspit Lyrics.
Lars Davidsson Discography.
Frank DeCoste Pictures, videography.
Paolo DemariaThe Internet Band poll, list of vocalists on all Band songs, lyrics, pictures, articles.
Butch Dener News, discography, history, photos, CDs, posters.
Mike Despeghel Discography.
Nancy Dixon Articles.
John Donabie History, discography, photos, audio samples.
Gabe Downey Articles, lyrics.
Scott Durham Lyrics.
Jack Durieux Discography.
Peter Dykes Photos.
Peter Dwyer Lyrics, discography.
Walter Earl Scans.
Al Edge Articles.
Linn Edvardsen Web site development.
Patrick J. Elias Discography.
Stephe Doheny-Farina Articles.
fish Discography, pictures, sound samples, audio tapes, concert posters, videography.
Mark F. DeFederico Photos, video clips.
John Feins Articles.
Neil Fitzpatrick Lyrics.
Jan Fowley Articles.
Ellen Friedman Cover art.
Lee Gabites Articles, history, video tapes, pictures, discography.
Graham Galatro Chords.
Carmen Gambone Discography.
George Gawartin Articles.
Karl Gedlicka Discography.
Gene from Dutchess County Photos.
Jon Gershen Discography.
Kevin Gilbertson Discography, audio samples, photos, sheet music.
Anders Gistorp Discography.
Paul Godfrey Photos.
Jeffrey Goffin Photos.
Mick Gold Articles.
Nathan Golub Chords.
Douglas Goodhill Sheet music.
Jamie Goodman Drawings.
Peter Goring Lyrics.
Michael Gould Cover art.
Mark T. Gould Articles.
David Graham Pictures.
Ralph W. Gredzicki Photos.
John M. Gregury Discography.
Johnny Gundersen Audio files, video clips.
Steve H. Articles.
Trevor Hache Articles.
Ray Hadlock Discography.
Jaakko Halonen Photos.
Donna Hansen Photos.
Simon Harper Lyrics.
Pete Haskell Photos.
Joan Hathaway Photos.
Aslag Haugen Audio files.
Jan Haust Photos.
Christopher Carl Heckman Lyrics.
Bud Hendershot Photos.
Marc Hertzberg Lyrics.
Dan Hewitt Photos.
Susan Hill Articles, audio.
Calvin E. Hilton, Jr. Sheet music.
Robert Hislope Articles.
Hanna Höglund Articles.
Brian Hollander Articles.
Dave Hopkins Articles.
Barney Hoskyns Articles.
John Howells Lyrics, discography, filmography.
Jill Howland Pictures, articles, reviews, lyrics.
Stu Hruska Articles, reviews, photos.
Maud Hudson Discography, graphics.
Douglas J. Hughes Articles.
Pete Huish Tape archive, audio.
Irene and Ray from London, Ontario Photos.
Brian Isaksen Discography.
Tom Izzo Pictures, articles.
Marianne Izzo Pictures, articles.
Paul JamesInterview transcripts.
Søren JohansenDiscography, lyrics.
Amanda JohnsonPhotos, articles.
Jimmy JohnsonDiscography, history.
Mike Johnson Lyrics.
Robert P. Jones Discography, photos.
Tim Jones Articles.
Donald Joseph Discography, filmography.
Steven Kaeser Lyrics.
Ken Kalmusky Pictures.
Masato Kato Videography.
Jonathan Katz Audio files, pictures, lyrics, discography, book excerpts, articles.
Tim Kauffman Videography.
Liza Kemp Articles.
Rudyard Kennedy Discography.
Matthew Kerns Lyrics, guitar chords.
Kerrin from New Zealand Articles.
Michael Kerschbaum Discography.
Russel Kindervater Lyrics, sheet music.
Christi King Photos.
Steven Knowlton Articles, lyrics.
Carole C. Klinger Lyrics, pictures, history, reviews, book excerpts, HTML coding, concert posters, friendship.
Chuck Knott Lyrics.
Suonna Kononen Video tapes.
Johan Kristell Chords.
Stein Kulseth Icons, discography.
Dan KunitzArticles.
Brian LambertDiscography.
Dale LambsonDiscography.
Stanley LandauChords, articles.
Elliott Landy Pictures, history.
Helge Larsen Web design, pictures, HTML coding, PERL and shell programming, video technology.
Dale Lambson Discography, audio files.
Alex Layman Pictures.
Peter Leach Discography.
Chris Lecky Pictures.
Harald Leiste Discography.
George Lembesis Pictures, history, news.
Melanie Lenahan Pictures.
Tom Lennox Articles.
Christopher Lenois Articles.
John Lettiere Discography.
Matthew Lewis Articles.
Ole Lien Discography.
Diamond Lil Lyrics, articles.
Colin Linden Discography.
Jim Linderman Posters, reviews.
"Liz" Articles.
Tony LoBue Pictures.
Joe Lore Pictures, history, audio files.
David Lowman Tape archive.
Patrik E. Lundberg Web site development.
Kathy Lupi Lyrics.
Jon Lyess Concert dates.
Mike Lyons Pictures.
Jon Løvstad Technical assistance.
Brent MacDonald Lyrics.
Emanuele "The Beard" Marchiori Photos, audio samples, video clips, chords.
Steven A. Marshall Lyrics.
Otto Marten Lyrics, guitar chords.
Jaime Martorano Photod.
Joan May Video stills.
Mikko Merilšinen Discography.
Ralph McGeehan Photos.
Peter Mckinstry Drawing.
Jesse McNew Photos.
Serge Mironneau Lyrics.
Gunnar Misund Photos.
Wu Mitchell Articles, audio files.
Ichiro Miyazaki Pictures.
Greg Moebius Photos.
Hadley Moore Reviews.
J. Kelly Moore Lyrics.
Tom Moretti Photos, articles, discography, concert dates, news.
Jake Morill Lyrics.
Terje Mosnes Articles.
Ross W. Muir Article, photos.
Joy Munsey Photos.
Bill Munson History, discography, articles.
Nathan Photos.
Andy Newcomb Lyrics.
No'am Newman Audio files.
Jeff Newsom Articles.
Alan Noelle Lyrics.
Trevor Nolte Photos.
"Mike Nomad" Photos.
Rune Nordli Lyrics.
Stephen W. Novik Lyrics.
Jeff Nugent Discography, videography.
Paul Nyman Discography.
Ian Olvera Articles.
Maurizio Orlando Lyrics.
John Orr Articles.
Kelly Otto Articles.
Øyvind Ottersen Discography.
Bil Paige Discography, articles, history, audio files.
Tony Palermo Discography.
Richard Patterson Articles.
Michael Pedersen Discography, pictures.
Markku Peltonen Discography.
Dick Pepper Pictures, concert dates, discography.
Laura W. Petix Photos, lyrics.
Cecilie Pettersen Web design, HTML coding, icons, pictures.
Bob Pierce Photos.
Edward Pirozzi Articles.
David Pomeroy Photos.
David Powell Discography.
Rod Prowse Lyrics, sound samples, pictures, discography.
Don Pugatch Pictures, discography.
Quincy Chords.
Linda S. Quzts Articles.
Ragtime Loads of stuff.
Ron Rainey Inc. Concert dates, news.
Roy M. Randall Lyrics.
Kevin Ransom Articles.
Stephane Rebeschini Discography
Paul Reiss Concert dates.
Todd Richards Discography.
Mike Rietmann Articles.
Louis J. Rich Lyrics, sheet music.
Stein Rune Risa Sound samples.
Seth Rogovoy Articles.
Chris Rollason Reviews.
Ger Romunde Photos.
Tracy Rotkiewicz Discography, photos, news, articles.
Dave Rowland Discography, pictures.
Kay Roybal Pictures, articles.
Jay Russel Videography.
Marty S.Photos.
Anthony SacconePhotos.
David SadowyLyrics.
Brian A. SandersDiscography.
Hendrik SchaperDiscography.
John ScheelePhotos.
Gerhard SchinzelDiscography.
Rudi Schmid Discography.
Michael Schmidt Discography.
Reg Schwager Photos, discography.
Jeff Schwartz Video clips.
Erin Sebo Photos, lyrics, articles.
Michael A. Selk Discography, videography.
Katrin Sermat Articles.
Patricia Shaw Articles.
Peter Shearn Photos.
Alan Sheckter Discography.
Patricia Shaw Articles.
Mary Show Pictures.
Kitrick Short Pictures, discography.
Jamie Shrope Lyrics.
Glen Silverthorn Photos.
Steve Simenowitz Photos.
Jurjen Simmelink Audio files.
Olof Siverbo Discography.
Amund Sjøvold Discography.
Tom Skjeklesæther Cover art.
Harm van Sleen Discography.
Tony Sloggett Posters, photos, articles.
Bruce SmithPhotos.
Pat SmithChords.
Pehr SmithArticles.
Todd SmithLyrics, videography.
John SorensenReviews.
Jan Ingemann SørensenArticles, cover art, photos.
Jens SørensenPhotos.
Nick Spenceley Discography.
Ryan J. Stang Lyrics/chords.
Eric Stangel Videography.
Annette Stavem Web server statistics. Photos.
Tim Stehli Articles.
Knut Steile Discography, audio files.
Peter Stekel Articles, lyrics.
John Stirrat Discography.
Joseph L. Stokely Pictures.
Bill Street Discography.
Patrick Swanson Chords.
Brien Szabo Photos.
Kohji Takada Audio samples.
Jeff Tamarkin Articles, information from Goldmine record collectors magazine.
Takemasa Tanaka Dylan lyrics, discography.
Nadine Tanio Discography.
James Tappenden History, reviews, discography, lyrics, filmography, audio tapes.
Brian Taylor Articles.
Harlan L. Thompson Lyrics.
Drew Tillman Lyrics.
Libby Titus History.
Toef "Empty Now" Tablatures.
Paul TreanorPhotos.
Tom TreanorDiscography, photos.
Scott Tribble Creator of, newsgroup FAQ, discography.
Comrade TrotskyPhotos, lyrics.
Glenn TruemanDiscography.
Bruce TsiknasArticles.
Pasi Tuominen Discography, articles.
Jim Tullio Lyrics.
Are Tysland Sound sampling, video sampling, web design, pictures, HTML coding.
Linus Törnqvist Discography.
Einar Uggerud Discography.
Siva Vaidhyanathan Lyrics.
Brian Vasconi Photos.
Peter Viney Articles, history, discography, videography, photos.
Edward Voci Photos.
Lukas W. Audio files.
John Waechter Discography.
Joe Wajgel Discography.
Richard Wall Audio clips, photos.
Fredrik Wandrup Articles.
Dror Warschawski Articles.
Jay Wardlaw Discography.
Bob Wardlaw Lyrics.
Hideki Watanabe Pictures, discography.
Keith Weinstein Pictures.
Dave Wells Pictures.
Jack Weston Pictures.
Bob Wigo Pictures.
Mark Wilkins Pictures.
Ragtime Willie Lyrics.
Laurin Willis The Band tape archive.
David Wilson Articles.
Scott Winkler Lyrics, photos.
Katherine Wirick Sound samples.
Kevin G. Wise Pictures.
Michael J. Wiseman Pictures.
Tim Witte Pictures.
David Michael Wolfe Lyrics.
Thom Wolke Pictures.
Tony Wolkowski Discography.
Susan B. Wood Pictures.
Timothy Wood Memorabilia, articles.
Roger Woods Pictures.
Ian Woodward Discography.
Bob Wyman Articles.
Jun Yamaya Discography.
Andy Young Discography.
Charlie Young Photos.
Molly Zaloudek Lyrics.
Cobi Zevenhoven Photos.
Dave Zuck Photos, articles.

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