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The Band Guestbook, April '97

Below are the entries in the Band guestbook from April 1997.

Wed Apr 30 11:37:52 MET DST 1997

Lawrence Evams

From: London, England

I'd really like to find out how Rick's doing as when the Band toured England last year he didn't seen that good. I'd also like to visit Richard's grave one day, so I'd be very grateful if someone could mail me and tell me where I might find Richard's final resting place. Also, does anybody know if the Autobiography video is available in the UK? Keep up the good work and keep spreading the message all across the great divide.

Wed Apr 30 06:43:21 MET DST 1997

David Rey

From: Spokane, WA

A drunkards dream if I ever did see one -- great site for the finest rock-n-roll group to ever come down the pike. Thanx!

Tue Apr 29 19:16:52 MET DST 1997

Mary Jane

From: New York

Jan, its hard to beleive you could have improved this site. It looks great. The Band should be proud.

Mon Apr 28 17:54:43 MET DST 1997

Denny Barton

From: A small town near Pittsburgh, PA USA
Home page: http:/

A great tribute to one of the truly great bands of all time! It seems only fitting that a site dedicated to The Band would be as great as the band itself. Keep up the good work.

Mon Apr 28 16:25:15 MET DST 1997

[guest photo]

John Howells

From: California, USA
Home page:

Jan, Congratulations on the new look! The navigation bar makes it easy to get around and everything seems well organized. Keep up the great work! John Howells

Mon Apr 28 14:52:24 MET DST 1997

Rodger Potocki

From: Utica, NY

I am a 54 year old business executive (VP Family Golf Centers Inc.) who has been listening to and following the music of The Band since 1964. This has included eight concerts over the years. Our ninth will be on 5/11 in Utica. The first "real music" experience of my children who are now 32, 33 and 34 was taking them to see "The Last Waltz" in the mid 70's. Since then, they have been loyal fans. I have taken my sons to two concerts. I request two items: 1) What is the estimated cost of booking the group of my daughter's wedding (date not yet set), if they are available? 2) My wife who is an accomplished vocalist with past professional experience would love to sit in at your 5/11 concert in Utica and sing a verse of "The Wait". Any chance? Will pay if necessary! Please e-mail back ( No matter what, you guys are the best of all times.

Mon Apr 28 10:47:40 MET DST 1997

Shane McCrae

From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hello to "The Band" and all your fans, I've loved your music forever and always will. I also thought you guys and Van Morrison were the hippest things on the Roger Waters "The Wall" production. Rock on Brothers. Shane

Sun Apr 27 22:26:07 MET DST 1997


From: near Turkey Point

Loved this web site as it brought back memories of years ago and a little green MG( I think) and a sunny summer afternoon when Rick and My friend and meyself rode the Turkey Point circiut past the Kenmar .. I love the fact his clothing/cdsite ; is Turkey Point . It has been many years ( early 60's) .Just dropping in to say cool site .

Sun Apr 27 18:26:10 MET DST 1997

John Donabie

From: Toronto Canada

Jan, I didn't think it could get any better. Boy! You've done one amazing job on this new site! I think it's only right that the best music site on the net belongs to "THE BAND" Also thanks for the American Son au tracks with Levon. It's still my favorite solo l.p. by Lee

Sun Apr 27 12:23:01 MET DST 1997

Chuck Schulze

From: NYC

I've only had a computer for two weeks and must say that this is the best web site I've seen for any group.It's complete,accurate and easy to access.I've benn a fan since the first album and have seen the guys in concert a number of times through the years.

Sun Apr 27 06:13:46 MET DST 1997


From: Alabama

As a 40-year-old drummer and half-assed guitar player, I really appreciate access to The Band's music and lyrics. When I listen to Levon Helm, it sounds like I'm listening to my own family ... my own people. Again, thanks.

Sun Apr 27 05:29:33 MET DST 1997

Rod Prowse

From: Wellington, New Zealand

I have found some sheet music for "The Stones I Throw". It was recorded by some one called Normie Rowe on Sunshine Records. He looks like a clean cut kid in a woollen jumper.

Sat Apr 26 21:29:56 MET DST 1997


From: Atlanta, GA

I have a question about Stage Fright. I have been severely disappointed with the Stage Fright CD. The CD seems to have a pretty severe stereo separation, and the sound in general is, in my opinion, lousy. My LP version seems more "mono" and so the overall sound is richer, less harsh. Is this a common reaction or is it just me? Is the "gold disc" version an improvement over the standard CD--that is, does it sound more like the LP? By the way, beautiful web site.

Sat Apr 26 16:26:20 MET DST 1997

Gregory S.

From: Chicago

This must be one of the best music pages on the web! Thanks for creating such a wonderful site. Long live The Band.

Sat Apr 26 04:07:09 MET DST 1997


From: New Jersesy

To purchase tickets for the May 10th concert in Montclair, you must either purchase them from a local merchant in Montclair, or, if you live outside the area, you must write to the Chamber of Commerce of Montclair. My tickets arrived in my SASE today. They are $25. each. The "Memphis Soul Review" is listed on the ticket as appearing with The Band.

Fri Apr 25 18:18:33 MET DST 1997

Eddie Hodel

From: Queens, New York
Home page:

Congratulations to Jan and the Project Group for the great improvements to The Band Site. Us Band fans are truely grateful. Ed.

Fri Apr 25 15:47:16 MET DST 1997


From: Halden, Norway - what a succsess !! Thanks for making me buy my first "theband album" Keep up the good work !

Fri Apr 25 15:16:30 MET DST 1997

Chris Lenois

From: Vermont (currently transplanted to NY City, though)

Jan, The new site looks terrific. Love the warm colors you've chosen and the levels of organization you've put in. Thanks for the effort.

Fri Apr 25 14:46:13 MET DST 1997

Thomas Henriksen

From: Norway
Home page:

Nice site...!!!

Fri Apr 25 13:03:27 MET DST 1997

Serge Daniloff

From: London, Ontario, Canada

Congratulations to you Jan and your wonderful staff for what will surely be the talk of rock music sites on the Web. You have spent so many long hours of hard work to create all this for our pleasure, and all free to boot. :) This truly has become the official "Band" fan club. No other music site compares or comes close. Thank you all again.

Thu Apr 24 14:12:27 MET DST 1997

Frank Greco

From: Staten Island

Excellent Websites. I've been a fan since 1968. Their concerts were always superb. Robbie's guitar work was a great influence on my style of playing guitar. I wish Robbie would get back with them. Someone out there help me, Where can I find the sheet music for "Baby, Dont Do It?" Please reply! Thanks! Frank

Thu Apr 24 09:25:01 MET DST 1997

Rod Prowse

From: Wellington , New Zealand

I've just got the Internet today and this is the first site I've accessed. I've be a big fan of The Band's for years and it's great to see others think the same way. I guess my favorite song at the momment would have to be "Blues for Breakfast". Great page.

Thu Apr 24 07:00:05 MET DST 1997


From: My Father's Place

Rick Danko in Roslyn, NY...apr25 516 625-3808

Thu Apr 24 06:22:33 MET DST 1997


From: Albuquerque

What a great resource for long time Bnad lovers like me. I've been trying to get the sheet music to Twilight. Any thoughts?

Thu Apr 24 04:17:14 MET DST 1997

Donna Gould

From: University @ Albany

I am really looking forward to seeing your completed page. Keep up the good work because I love The Band.

Thu Apr 24 02:52:25 MET DST 1997

Steve Barnett

From: Los Angeles, California

Love the page. I was watching the great VH-1 special on "The Band" last week and it got me to searching the WEB. Here you guys were, linked from the All Music Guide. Loved the VH-1 Classic album show, espcially when Levon demonstrated how he came up with the drum riff for "Up On Cripple Creek." If anybody can tell me how to get a VHS copy of this show, please E-Mail me. Thanks.

Wed Apr 23 21:32:10 MET DST 1997


Lykke til med de nye - fine sidene! Champis skaffes til fredag, det samme gjelder rødt bånd!!! Jeg gleder meg på dine vegne - det ser flott ut. NÅ KOMMER FLERE UTMERKELSER TIL Å STRØMME PÅ!! Stor klem fra Mette

Wed Apr 23 17:06:52 MET DST 1997

Rick Fichter

From: Newton, New Jersey

The pages are great! I have just been turned on to The Band and these pages really told me a lot about them that I didn't know.

Wed Apr 23 05:14:12 MET DST 1997


From: Miami

Loved the VH1 special! In particular the the scenes from the video jam shown when Robbie was playing the King Harvest solo. Does anyone know where this came from? Also I'm looking for the words and guitar chords for Katie's Been Gone and Reuben Remus.

Wed Apr 23 01:44:03 MET DST 1997

Chris Hoff

From: Savannah, Georgia

I recently came across a home videocassette of the history of the band of, in all places, a base PX in Hinesville, GA. It's quite above acceptable. distributed by ABC video. thought you might want to know.

Tue Apr 22 22:40:39 MET DST 1997


From: Providence Rhode Island

Wondering if anyone knows of a song dune during the reunion period 85-86 call "All Imaginenation" Im sure a demo was cut. Dont know if it was ever played live. Its a Danko vocal tune. Anyone know if its available?

Tue Apr 22 19:39:24 MET DST 1997

Chris & Gail Bell

From: Cheltenham, England
Home page:

Thank you Serge for the news re Ronnie. What can be said: this is sad news indeed, and the folks in Canada are in our thoughts especially Ronnie of course, and we wish him a very speedy recovery. Thanks for the update, and keep us informed of any more, huh.

Tue Apr 22 19:29:57 MET DST 1997

Jessica Hicks

From: Oxford, UK

Very good - never heard of them till recently, but now I quite like them.

Tue Apr 22 19:00:41 MET DST 1997

R. K. Lilly

From: W.V.

Thanks for the great page. I remember as a teenage having my own group and trying to play "Chest Fever" We didn't have any idea what the words really were, so we guessed. Now thanks to this page I can finally read them. Last week's VH1 documentary on The Band made me remember just how wonderful a group they The Band will always be. It is good to know that others see it that way as well. Thanks again.

Tue Apr 22 15:21:37 MET DST 1997

Joel Jacobsson

From: Sweden
Home page: http://WWW.Privat.Katedral.SE/~nv95joja/dylan/

What can I say... "Nice page!" or "Keep up the good work" maybe...(?) I got to know about the Band through Bob Dylan and the album "Basement Tapes". I think I will buy a "real" Band-album soon. Don't know which...(?)

Tue Apr 22 13:10:39 MET DST 1997

Serge Daniloff

From: London, Ontario, Canada

Here's the update on Ronnie Hawkins, as of early this morning in the Canadian press..: " Legendary singer RONNIE HAWKINS was in hospital early Monday awaiting heart tests. The 63 year old Hawkins who lives near Crowe's Landing in eastern Ontario, was in the intensive care unit of Civic Hospital in Peterborough, Ontario. He was diagnosed with heart problems last November. He was expected to be transferred to Ottawa later Monday for testing".

Tue Apr 22 06:55:36 MET DST 1997

Brian Campbell

From: Cranford, NJ

Does anyone know of any other recordings the Band made with Van Morrison. I know of only 4% pantomime, Tura Lura Lura, and Caravan. If there are other recordings, is there a way I can get my hands on some? Also getting psyched for the Levon solo show at the Wetlands. Hope to see some of you there.

Tue Apr 22 11:56:54 MET DST 1997

Harald Holone

From: Halden, Norway

Great web site!

Tue Apr 22 01:48:26 MET DST 1997

Serge Daniloff

From: London, Ontario, Canada

Hi Band fans... Just heard that Ronnie Hawkins, the father of the Band, suffered a heart attack last night, Sunday April 20th. He is in an intensive care unit in a hospital in Toronto, Ontario. Will update as more news is available...

Mon Apr 21 23:48:33 MET DST 1997

David Parker

From: Fort Dodge, IA
Home page:

Being a drummer and mandolin player Levon=my idol

Mon Apr 21 00:27:03 MET DST 1997

Jim Notman

From: Sacramento, Ca

Great page on the Band. I am so glad that there are so many people into the Band like me. Missed the VH1 special. If anyone has a video copy of it I sure would be interested in it. Also would like to know how to get the uncut 4 cd of the Last Waltz. Thanks very much.

Sun Apr 20 20:12:03 MET DST 1997

Crazy Chester @ Sweet William

From: Clinton NJ.

"with the cost of living and the price of dying, well it looks like to me this time I won't be buying" RR. I aplaud RR for having the ambition to pursue new musical frontiers and I applaud The Band for rocking on with new and now vital members. Looking for 65 singles, including Leave Me Alone, Go Go Liza Jane and Stones I Throw. I have much rare Band material to trade. HARDCORE FANS.

Sun Apr 20 13:40:16 MET DST 1997

John E. Clark

From: Montclair NJ

CONCERT NEWS: The BAND will be appearing in Montclair, New Jersey on May 10, 1997 at 7:30 PM headlining the Downtown Saturday Night Festival (also appearing are the Memphis Soul Review). Tickets are $25.00 in advance, $30.00 at the door, and includes food; a cash bar will be available. Call the Montclair Chamber of Commerce or the Montclair Economic Development Corp. for tickets: 201-744-7660 or 201-509-1188. Email me (I live in Montclair) for directions, info on accommodations. I'd be happy to help.

Sun Apr 20 08:17:45 MET DST 1997

Marc Bergman

From: Lake Placid, FL

This has been a very pleasurable few hours. Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication to a great musical institution. Best wishes, Marc Bergman

Sun Apr 20 08:13:25 MET DST 1997

Dan Blood


Over the years I have learned that the members of the Band all contributed their talents, and as Levon said, focusing their intentions (or was in Tensions?) for a time to make some phenomenal music. But their time together had to end. Creative processes are hard to share, especially when they reach the success the Band achieved, we want ownership wehnever possible. The guy who said Robbie was his usual weird self, I don't see it that way. Robbie is just a lot different and couldn't party forever. We all know that their love and comradship for each other was perhaps the biggest reason for the flavor of their music. How you could keep five guys agreeable for 30 years. There's a sadness to it, but heck, they made some unforgetable music while it lasted.

Sun Apr 20 04:24:04 MET DST 1997

David Porter

From: Minneapolis MN

Music from Big Pink came out when I was still pretty young, and it blew me away as did many subsequent albums. I consider myself lucky to have been able to see them live in their prime, and they still blow me away almost thirty years later. I'm glad so many other people feel the same. Who would'a thunk it?

Sat Apr 19 22:37:36 MET DST 1997

tony a.

From: bucks, pa.

just sitting here reading everyone's comments,aint nothing better than listening to the band and driving to the races,dirt cars. i sure miss pull- into the old nazareth speedway,put the tape in and playing "the weight". does anyone have a tape of "CALEDONIA"? well, off to the races at bridgeport. a

Sat Apr 19 20:59:50 MET DST 1997

John Donabie

From: Toronto Canada

For a true "Band" fan there is no other site like it. Jan you must work very hard at maintaining such a great site. Anyone know how to find "The Complete Last Waltz 4 CD set? How about the VH1 Special?

Sat Apr 19 06:47:32 MET DST 1997

M. Benton Bynum

From: Attalla, Alabama

Caught the last half of the show on Vh-1-incredible stuff!!! Never has a group of individuals come down the "Music" pike like the Band. Truly the sum is greater than the parts--Thanks guys for all the "tunes" that transcended the typical "ear candy' we had to wade through. Yours was a voice of clarity and purity in a business gone mad. May we all make it "Across the Great Divide".

Sat Apr 19 01:43:18 MET DST 1997

[guest photo]

Don and Sean Pugatch

From: Roswell, Georgia

We origiallly missed the first showing at 8:00PM on VH1, but stayed up till the 11:00PM reshowing. I cried when I heard Rocking Chair, especially at the part were Richard, Rick and Levon played their trio. Listening to the band for over 20 years, I sure do miss Richard. For all the fans who missed the program, try to catch it when and if it's replayed. For all of us who miss Richard, listen to "She Knows", get a glass of wine and some tissues, because he will always be with us.

Sat Apr 19 01:15:06 MET DST 1997

Joe Costantino

From: Northvale, N.J.

Carnagie was great The Band was great This page is great got some interesting bootlegs recently including an un-edited un-over-dubbed 4 cd set of The Last Waltz Great Page

Fri Apr 18 21:15:29 MET DST 1997

Doug Maple

From: Ann Arbor, Michigan

I have been trying to figure something out for awhile. Is there some sort of fued between Robbie Robertson and Bob Dylan? I know Robbie didn't show up for the Bobfest a few years back - and they just never seem to get together. What gives? I'd love to know. BYe the way, the page is great, and the VH1 special the other night was outstanding!

Fri Apr 18 18:55:12 MET DST 1997

Joe K.

From: Central Virginia

Saw the VH-1 special last night, wanted to go *somewhere* to chat about it. Really enjoyed hearing members talk about song riffs they liked, playing with mixer console to bring out the parts. Was surprised to see how 'country' their image is/was. My 1st exposure, still favorite: w/ Dylan, _Before the Flood_. Where they simply rock.

Fri Apr 18 18:23:08 MET DST 1997

Charlie Randisi

From: Rochester, NY

Nice home page. The VH1 show last night brought back a lot of fond memories. Although they didn't appear together on screen, Robbie and Levon were kind in their comments about each other. Could a reconciliation be in the offing?

Fri Apr 18 14:22:09 MET DST 1997

joe linker

From: portland, or

great site! thx...

Fri Apr 18 14:12:21 MET DST 1997



Wonderful pages about The Band. The Band = rock history,well thats for sure CHEERS LEVON,GARTH;RICK (and Robbie)

Fri Apr 18 09:11:34 MET DST 1997

Jennifer Neal

From: Virginia

this page is amazing. it is a great tribute to one of the most influential bands ever. the doc on vh-1 tonight was equally as informative as this web site. even though i didn't experience the band in their day, i really love their music for its simplicity and heart. the songs by the band carry emotion and feeling that represent an entire region and way of life.

Fri Apr 18 05:44:12 MET DST 1997

Bruce Farlow

From: Indian Rocks Beach Florida

Very cool show on VH-1 tonite. The Band was one of the most influential groups of the 60's & 70's. They played their music simply because they loved it.

Fri Apr 18 04:56:01 MET DST 1997


From: NJ

JAN, NICELY DONE SITE. If anyone saw the VH-1 special tonight, won't you share your comments? It was a very fine job (for TV) on the band's take on THE BAND and MUSIC FROM BIG PINK. Levon was eloquent. Robbie appeared normally wierd. Kind of a tribute in a way to Richard manuel. It might possibly spur some more interest among newer fans. I've not seen these guys on stage...anyone who knows their whereabouts this summer might want to email this info. Eric

Thu Apr 17 02:22:18 MET DST 1997

terry crump

From: fort worth, texas

Great stuff! Glad I found it and I look forward to checking back on a regular basis. The sound samples of the Hawks stuff is fabulous!

Wed Apr 16 07:19:22 MET DST 1997

Jolene Oberg

From: Gresham, Oregon

BAND PAGES ARE GREAT! Attention all Band fans! This week VH1 is showing on Classic Albums at 7 Central 8 p.m. PDT, a review of The Band. Tune in! Turn On! I know this will reach some too late, sorry about that. I have my tape set and will get it. It will be either Wednesday the 16th or Thursday the 17th. Sorry for all my relatives and friends in Norway and beyond! Also have collected more stuff on The Band and Robbie Robertson. Found a Band concert poster from when they played in Portland (The New Band). So....if you are as nuts about these true musicians as I am...well....! Finished Barney Hoskins book, it is better than Levons...more objective than subjective! Jolene

Wed Apr 16 02:40:42 MET DST 1997


From: central pa

Hello,I enjoy this page very much.It would be fun to get some kind discussion running live about the band. I like High on the Hog more with repeated listening.All sorts of stuff is going on in the music. Jungle Ramble really intrigues me.The band allways sounded really good when the had an outsider doing vocals.Anyway Garth does his usual on ramble-you gotta listen but there are all sorts of flavors and nuances to his playing. and man can he doodle.Id like to gwet a copy of the solo effort he did as mentioned on this page.enough allready-grweat group,music,and musicians-my favorites.

Tue Apr 15 17:59:29 MET DST 1997

Arve Berntzen

From: Norway

Takk for en enorm jobb med å samle all denne informasjonen om ei fantastisk gruppe. Her er alt man ønsker seg!

Tue Apr 15 09:22:11 MET DST 1997

Mattias Fransson

From: Sweden

Thank you for all musical inspiration.

Sun Apr 13 21:46:55 MET DST 1997

Ron Nelson

From: Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

This is a fine tribute to a group of superior musicians. I am amazed that nearly thirty years after BIG PINK was released it still sounds fresh to me, as does the rest of the group's work. Very little else of what appealed to me in the sixties still does. Best regards to all those who still derive enjoyment from the music of THE BAND

Sun Apr 13 13:21:09 MET DST 1997


From: Missouri

I LOVED this site!!! My very favorite group of all time is The Band, will love them forever. Sure hope I get to see them this summer. I saw them once before but it was the very first concert they played after Richard Manuel's death and I was very sad. It is nice to know that there are others who love them as much as I do!

Sun Apr 13 06:51:54 MET DST 1997

Joel Schinke

From: Greenville, OH

I remember when I first heard "The Weight", on the car radio, cruising with my buddies. Spirituality, mystery, magic. These guys got my attention, and they've kept it for -- what -- 30 years? Thanks for the pleasure, gentlemen.

Sun Apr 13 02:01:53 MET DST 1997

G.T. Koval, Jr.

From: Trenton, NJ

Finally had the opportunity to see THE BAND at The Riverfest at Waterfront Park in Trenton NJ last September. Thought they were great. Could have listened to them all night!

Sun Apr 13 00:13:31 MET DST 1997

Chris Calafiore--Guitar Tech/The Band

Site looks great! See you all this Summer on tour!

Sat Apr 12 16:59:39 MET DST 1997

David Carey

From: Connecticut

Here are the dates for The Band, Jefferson Starship Missing Man Formation tour this summer. The dates so far are..6/30 Red Rocks..7/3 Kansas City..7/4 St. Louis..7/5 Nashville..7/7 Atlanta..7/9 Maryland.. 7/10 Camden NJ..7/12 Portsmouth NH..7/14 Jones Beach NY.. 7/15 Hartford..7/16 Darien Lakes NY..7/18 & 19 TBA. 7/21 Pine Knob MI..7/22 Deer Creek, Ind..7/23 Cleveland.. 7/24 Columbus Ohio..7/27 Pittsburgh..7/28 Chicago should be a great summer !!! If anyone else has more info please e-mail me. I guess I beat the Band's page with this info...

Sat Apr 12 13:14:45 MET DST 1997

Ola Holmgren

From: Sweden

I would like to get my hands and ears on the bootleg CD:s of The Genuine Basement Tapes, vol.1-5

Sat Apr 12 04:27:00 MET DST 1997

Walter Willaert

From: Eastpointe, MI

Wonderful site, Jan. A great place to visit for fans of good music.

Sat Apr 12 02:08:50 MET DST 1997

Dave Bertino

From: Walden, NY

First let me say thank you to Larry for the tapes. While 69 and 70 sound outstanding, the tape from 76 is what means a lot. Again, thank you. I'm sitting here reading the guestbook and listening to the latest Jerry Garcia release with David Grishman called "Shady Grove." All I can say is WOW!!! All traditional folk, Jery on five string banjo, guitar, and vocals. My only endorsement is, if you can only buy one CD this year, this is the one. This is Jerry doing what he truly loves. It kind of reminds me of Clapton's "From The Cradle." Not the blues, but an artist going back to what what got them started. God Bless David Grishman for sharing this with the rest of us.

Fri Apr 11 21:43:52 MET DST 1997

John A. Richardson

From: Belair, Maryland

I truly love The Band. Inspiring to know that others feel the same. This website definitely takes the boys Across the Great Divide.

Fri Apr 11 20:42:03 MET DST 1997



Rick is playing with Jonas Fjeld and Ian Andersen at the Bottom Line tonight. It's gonna be great. Jan, great site.

Fri Apr 11 16:13:20 MET DST 1997

Jon D. Parris

From: Valdosta, Georgia

Great resource, great info...except you could maybe hook us up with some of these bootleg tapes....?

Fri Apr 11 10:07:36 MET DST 1997

Alma Estrada

From: Whittier, CA

It's always nice to see how many people still remember and love the Band. I think they were one of the GREATEST ROCK 'N ROLL GROUPS OF ALL TIME! I've been a fan for many years first seeing them at a very young age with Dylan on the Before The Flood tour of '74 and then in '84 when Richard Manuel was still alive. Let's keep the music of the Band alive forever!!

Fri Apr 11 03:27:37 MET DST 1997

Randy Arnesen

From: Easton,Maryland

What can I say? I'm a fan God Bless All of you.

Fri Apr 11 03:08:00 MET DST 1997

David Carey

From: Connecticut

Just heard that The Band, Jefferson Starship & Missing Man Formation will be doing a summer tour starting late June/early July...the tour is suppose to be called The Pirate's Ball..has anyone heard of any dates yet ??

Thu Apr 10 05:57:15 MET DST 1997



I've been a faithful follower of The Band since 1977. I have almost all of their albums (vinyl, cassettes, CD's) (sorry, no 8-tracks). My wife and I saw them perform at Valleyfair in Shakopee, MN a few years back -- it was incredible. Ever since I started listening to The Band, I had wanted to see them perform live. Not only did we see them live, but we were front row center! I am a part-time drummer and have performed many Band songs on stage; and am currently keeping these songs alive, singing all their songs that are available on karaoke disks. Keep going, guys! Signed, A Fan Forever

Wed Apr 9 18:46:03 MET DST 1997

Jim Coyle

From: Phoenix

Wed Apr 9 16:31:05 MET DST 1997

Sue Chambers

From: Nampa, Idaho

From what i've seen so far-I like it- I'm happy to see there is a home page on the band, They are one of my favorite groups and I miss their music. sue chambers

Tue Apr 8 23:03:37 MET DST 1997




Tue Apr 8 02:48:13 MET DST 1997


From: Toronto Canada

Okay, please ignore my request, I found much of what I need right here (thanks Jan!) Just need guitar chords for Ophelia and It Makes No Difference.

Tue Apr 8 02:40:10 MET DST 1997


From: Toronto, Canada

HELP! I need the music for The Band and am told that it is not published. I need guitar chords only, for all the "classics". can anyone help? Thanks!

Mon Apr 7 21:02:43 MET DST 1997

Mike Tepper

From: Stamford, Connecticut

The Band kicks ass

Mon Apr 7 18:59:05 MET DST 1997

Peter J. Lee

From: Taylor, MI

Looks like an excellent source for info on one of my all-time favorite bands. Robbie's solo efforts are awesome. Also, Levon's book "This Wheel's on Fire" is a must read for any fans.

Mon Apr 7 16:43:42 MET DST 1997



Mon Apr 7 06:03:00 MET DST 1997

Ben Connery

From: Brisbane, Australia

As a Band fan I was amazed when I finally found a page as extensive and thorough as this one. Although the situation has improved somewhat it was difficult to get information and cd's of The Band here in Australia. A standing ovation for this site for providing, through the wonders of technology and a fast modem, up to date and interesting information on the greatest band of all time.

Sun Apr 6 22:35:01 MET DST 1997

Sam Mills

From: Greenville, NC 27834

Glad to see this great band on the WWW. One one the greatest live albums of all time has to be "Rock of Ages". This was the one that really got me interested in The Band.

Sun Apr 6 08:34:03 MET DST 1997

Robert Christian Moscrop

From: Aurora Utah

When my kids are through pounding out their rap music on the(my!)stereo I put on the band for them and they love it.God love em! and God Love the Band!

Sat Apr 5 06:53:38 MET DST 1997

michael arthur

From: NSW, Australia

I've just found this info on The Band on a friend's computer and think it is brilliant. Just got hold of a copy of Rick Danko's solo 1977 album and love it. Come to Australia!!

Fri Apr 4 20:37:11 MET DST 1997

John W. Remington

From: Pendleton Oregon USA

Thank you for the site. I find that the Band, along with contemporary Van Morrison are some of the few legitimate artists that enable me to transcend the noise of the city and speak to another time, that alothough it may have never truly existed. It is a time and place found in only the greatest of American western films. A mythical place where space, landscape and spirit preside. But writing about their music is a waste of time. It is not meant to be written about but rather listened to and lived in.

Fri Apr 4 07:27:51 MET DST 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

I really love to visit this site. I've been a fan of the Band a long time. In high school I wrote a review of Rock of Ages in the school newspaper. Hate to admit it but I borrowed a few things from Rolling Stone critic Ralph Gleason, who sang the praises of the Band all the time. I try the best I can to imagine how the Band must have sounded in the midst of the Doors, Stones, Hendricks, Cream, Beatles etc. I play Beatles records and think that yes these guys are good, polished songs, clever tunes and lyrics (partly credit Mr.George Martin who produced the Beatles stuff) and then when I grow tired of them I put on the Band and that soulful, traditional, unassuming amalgamation of all things Americana reminds me that yeah this is cool and refreshing and plays well over and over again. Two personal favorites of mine are Rockin' Chair and Look out Cleveland (which will be appropiate to play when the Indians win the World Series--have they won that yet?)

Fri Apr 4 00:40:44 MET DST 1997

albert fonts

From: barcelona.spain

for those fans of the band:thanks for remember them.they are my favorite band of classic rock.i got you in my soul.

Thu Apr 3 18:48:56 MET DST 1997




Thu Apr 3 07:53:24 MET DST 1997


From: Austin, TX

Remembering the soul of the Band, Richard Manuel-- born this day,1944.

Thu Apr 3 02:30:35 MET DST 1997

Travis "Uncle Trav" Crum

From: Eugene, OR

The best music is timeless, and nothing embodies this truth more than the music of the Band. Man, could those cats SING! For those in search of some lesser-heard material, check out the song "Acadian Driftwood" on the album "Northern Lights/Southern Cross." This cut reveals the Band in their full glory-- Robbie's anthropological songwriting, Richard, Rick and Levon singing to beat the Band (is this possible?) and an overall gorgeous arrangement enhanced by Garth's multi-instumental skills. Perhaps their last perfect tune.

Wed Apr 2 20:03:10 MET DST 1997

Jason Baldridge

From: Columbus, GA

Thanks to everyone for recognizing the genius of The Band.

Wed Apr 2 19:08:31 MET DST 1997

Free Spirit

From: 2031 S 650 E Akron, Indiana 46910 Love Native music

Wed Apr 2 06:30:55 MET DST 1997

Bud Hendershot

From: St. Augustine, Florida

This is my third time writing - great page, of course. I am writing because Rick Danko played at the Milltop Tavern here in St. Augustine on Sunday, March 30. I brought my wife and kids. Rick was in great voice, and personable as always. Unfortunately, there was one table full of drunken idiots that really just about ruined it for many of us in the room. It was great to see Rick in such an intimate setting, and my son got one of Rick's flatpicks, brought it home and framed it. Rick, wherever you are, thanks! From the guy with the two kids with Band shirts and hats on in St. Augustine. Long live the Band! And Long Live This Page!

Tue Apr 1 22:54:35 MET DST 1997

Bill Armstrong

From: Hollywood, FL
Home page:

I saw Rick Danko do a solo gig in Delray Beach, FL last Saturday night.....he was great! I love that guy!

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