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The Band Guestbook, August '97

Below are the entries in the Band guestbook from August 1997.

Sun Aug 31 20:02:12 MET DST 1997

jeff goyette

From: bradford,ontario,canada

just glad to see a site dedicated to the most important band in history.Hope rick is doing ok.

Sun Aug 31 08:04:07 MET DST 1997

John Flanders

From: Sherman

Jan, this has got to be one of the best sites on the web, thanks for the effort! I 'found' the band on late night TV about 4 years ago and have been hooked ever since. Took my wife to see them in Ft. Worth earlier and althought happy to see them and hear their music live, was disappointed overall. I've never seen a band that didn't say hello, hi or anything to the fans during a show. Rick was out out of it. I'd see them again although I'd have to promise many "honey do's" to get my wife to go. The band will leave one of the largest impressions on history regarding rock music in American culture based on my opinion. I hope Rick gets on track and cleans up his act. I'd like to hear his music live as I've heard it described on this web site. Regards, JF

Sun Aug 31 02:26:54 MET DST 1997


From: Hurley

Mike Dent and Sredni rule!!!!!!

Sat Aug 30 11:36:08 MET DST 1997

gopher(george rollins)

From: charleston, wv usa

hi. i always ty to comply with jan's reasonable request to use respondent's e-mail, unless i think what i have to say applies to eveyone, as well, or would seriously be of interest to you all. in this case, rob, from n.j. left none: rob: i am using msie, too, and have not experienced similar difficulty. therefore, i think perhaps you may have an internal problem. hope you work it out! ...hope everyone has a great time in woodstock this weekend, and don't be afraid to rock with a ramone...he won't bite ya(unless you ask him to!).

Sat Aug 30 05:50:51 MET DST 1997

Eddie Hodel

From: Queens, New York
Home page:

We're driving up to WOODSTOCK this weekend to see RICK and welcome him back home. I hope SHREDNEY will be there on harmonica. May THE BAND play forever. PS: Thanks Jon for your recent request on the GUESTBOOK. Let's NOT make this a CHAT ROOM!

Sat Aug 30 00:41:58 MET DST 1997

sam chaz

From: wilmington, DE

Dylan and Danko! What a treat that must have been. This wheel's on fire and I shall be released. Pretty inspirational. Nick Tovo; I knew I would catch up with you. I finally got a compatible computer. Season is upon us. Met a cool Band fan at Peg's Place. Videos, bootlegs, pictures; the whole bit. Seagal's movie premiers this week, but no mention of Levon. Is he in it? If not, what was the point of letting that schmuk Seagal play in Trenton last Sept.

Sat Aug 30 00:33:31 MET DST 1997

sam chaz

Sat Aug 30 00:02:13 MET DST 1997

Barry Drake

From: Fleischmanns, NY 12430
Home page:

Were heading down to Woodstock tomorrow for the Labor Day Jubilee. I'll do a report on what I see. This is a great Web Site for anyone who is into The Band and wants to keep up on any news of the group or individual members activities.I'll be checking in on it regularly. See you in Wookstock tomorrow?

Fri Aug 29 23:35:32 MET DST 1997

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway

May I suggest that we use e-mail for personal messages like the ones posted here lately? Carole and several other people have left their e-mail addresses here...please use them instead of the guestbook, ok? Thanks, Dave B. for understanding, I really don't want to have to close the guestbook again. All the best to all of you.

Fri Aug 29 23:17:23 MET DST 1997


From: Chester, NY

Carole , you do come across a little too strong. Serena may be right though, it may be just your style of humor. And if you are just poking fun at us guys, that's cool. But, if you do take this stuff too seriously, you should get a grip, life is brief, enjoy it. Karen from Kingston, I'd like to get together with you sometime, nice to see someone nearby with common interests.

Fri Aug 29 22:45:43 MET DST 1997

Marvin K. Mooney

From: Sneetchville

Carole- I sympathize with you.

Fri Aug 29 22:40:30 MET DST 1997

Dave Bertino

From: Walden, NY

Whoa, everyone needs to take a step back and remember what this site is all about. Jan didn't put all this work into this so we can run around and slam each other. Take a pill and chill. Lets discuss the music not each other. Now, back to the music. Is anyone else going to see Rick up in Woodstock, it sounds like alot surprises may be in store. We should all gather together and raise a glass to Rick's good forntune over the last few weeks. BSM

Fri Aug 29 21:59:45 MET DST 1997


From: Boston, Mass.

I am only 8 years old and I think the Band is really great. Carole, you stink.

Fri Aug 29 20:03:53 MET DST 1997


From: Northport

Carole: Get a grip, Robert Zimmerman aka Zimmy aka Bob Dylan is a rather common nickname not only to Dylan followers but to anyone reading a crappy publication like Rolling Stone. Jeez...

Fri Aug 29 18:55:44 MET DST 1997


From: New Jersey

I wrote yesterday about the print runoff. I'm using MS Internet Explorer. If I go into the July history or any other previous month, I don't have this problem. Did you change anything this month??

Fri Aug 29 18:41:09 MET DST 1997


From: New York

Question; There is a song which is sung by Rick. The first line is something to the effect of, "I wanna lay down here beside you" in that beautiful plaintive voice of his. Anyone know the song? Is it a Danko solo or is it a BAND song. What record is it on? Thanx, Derek

Fri Aug 29 17:27:39 MET DST 1997

Jeremy Lister

From: London, England

I have just come across this web site and am very impressed. The BBC programme on The Band in their short series called Classic Albums was excellent. It got my 15 year old son interested in their music.

Fri Aug 29 17:25:20 MET DST 1997

Little John Tyler

From: The House Next Door

All right, that's enough! Carole and Serena, you're both banned from this website for life. Marc, one more word out of you and you're outa here, too.

Fri Aug 29 16:28:40 MET DST 1997


From: massachusetts

Is it fans in general (I haven't been around other websites for other bands) --- obsessed with the accuracy of minute details pertaining to the Band, but totally lacking in joie de vie? Carole, what are you doing the evening the album comes out? We could play it together......

Fri Aug 29 16:18:43 MET DST 1997

Serena Russell

From: NYC

I have been here before and it's funny but the last time I was here I believe I followed Carole, who said something funny and lighthearted and got attacked by 5 people for what she said. PEOPLE! LIGHTEN UP for God's Sake!!! Carole has a sense of humor. Maybe she'll tell you where she got it and you can go get one too!

Fri Aug 29 03:23:01 MET DST 1997


From: Kingston.NY

I'm afraid I have to agree with Cliff. Carole, you come off as a very troubled person. Get some help.

Fri Aug 29 02:48:03 MET DST 1997


From: Chester, NY

Dear Carole, Are you a card carrying member of N.O.W. If not, you should be. The only man you are not down on seems to be Robbie.

Thu Aug 28 19:10:26 MET DST 1997


jan, haven't experienced any runoff problems, but have noticed that for the last few days the pages seemed to take a extraordinarily long time to load. this seems to have corrected itself within the last 24 hours. again, this may be an internal problem on my end, but just thought you might like to know, in case not... thanks for the carny add, by the way, though it was one bit that took, it seemed, 20 min to come up....

Thu Aug 28 16:53:41 MET DST 1997


From: New Jersey

For the past week or so, the text has run off the page to the right and it's difficult to read. Is there anyway to correct this Jan???

Anyone else having these problems? I check the site regularly for errors, using several versions of Netscape for the PC, the Mac, and X-Windows under Unix. I also check it with Microsoft Internet Explorer and the text-based Lynx web browser. The guestbook and the other pages look OK from here. Maybe there's some problem with the web browser you are using?
-- JH

Wed Aug 27 20:26:12 MET DST 1997

Wanda & Dennis Cooper

From: Saugerties, N.Y.

Hello out there. A quick update on Saturday's show (ref entry from Turkey Point)..... Show's at Andy Lee Field, walking distance north of the village green in beautiful downtown Woodstock. PARK IN PUBLIC PARKING, ONLY! Events start around noon. Rain Date is MONDAY! EASIEST WAY TO GET TO WOODSTOCK: NY Thruway to the SAUGERTIES exit. Follow N.Y. Route 212 right into Woodstock, aprox. 10 miles west of the Saugerties Thruway exit. DRIVE CAREFULLY & HOPE TO SEE Y'ALL THERE !!!!

Wed Aug 27 15:26:51 MET DST 1997


From: Boston

Hi Jan - I come here often and nose around, always reading the latest posts here in the guestbook. I am always impressed with this site and think you should be giving people lessons on how to set up and maintain a website. This one is so well done. Anywayz, summer is over and i'm just waiting around for Robbie's new album to be released. Last time you directed a comment to me, Jan, it was to say that Robbie DOESN'T come here ----- but Jan, WHY WOULDN'T HE?? I would if I were him (or even if I were Levon, however unlikely that might be). HI ROBBIE HOW ARE YA????? *KISSES* And finally, comment to the guy referring to having seen ZIMMY in concert.......I figured out eventually that you were talking about Bob Dylan. Tell me, you two are so close that you call him Zimmy to his face??? Gee, I'm definitely impressed!

Wed Aug 27 04:14:40 MET DST 1997


From: CT

Sorry to squash anyones hopes for a Dylan visit in Woodstock this weekend: Bob and his band are in Kansas City on 8/31. Any rumours flying around regarding any other old friends???? Who invited Markie Ramone anyway...

Tue Aug 26 15:48:15 MET DST 1997

Jake R.

From: Lawrenceville, NJ

I saw Rick's late set in Clinton, NJ on Friday night. He was amazing, as was the venue, a small recording studio at full capacity with probably all 55 of us in the room. Rick was in great spirits, and put on a wonderful show, encouraging the audience to sing out. "Aaron and I have backed up a lot of really great singers," he said, ,"but I know that some of the best singers are right here in the audience tonight." He joked about his recent tour of the Orient, claiming that he was happy to be home and in the hands of friends. He sipped water throughout the show, and at one point joked, "well it's not Vodka, and it's surely not sake (Not sure about the spelling). Rick claims that he is on the right track. He said he's lost about twenty pounds, but would like to lose about twenty more.He seemed to be doing well. He's even got himself a beard, most of which is white. Musically, the show was outstanding. In my mind, the standout was probably "Blue River", an Eric Anderson song off of the first Danko/Feld/Anderson album. "Endless Highway" was a surprise treat, and Rick's generosity as a musician came through on the "I shall be released" encored, for which he shared the stage with Angus, asking Matt Angus to take one of the verses. Rick even through in a little Dylan impersonation during that one. His voice sounded strong.Kudos to the people at Atomic Studios and Black Potato Records, for the night went smoothly, and the venue made Danko's return a most remarkable event.Hope to see Rick again soon.Hopefully we'll see him with the Band somewhere down the line.

Tue Aug 26 05:01:40 MET DST 1997

jared woodard

From: utah

Tue Aug 26 01:37:23 MET DST 1997


From: Somerville NJ

I saw Rick and Aaron Hurwitz in Clinton last Friday. The second set was Crazy Mama - Twilight - Stage Fright - Endless Highway - It Makes No Difference - Long Black Veil - Mystery Train - Blue River - The Weight - Java Blues - The Shape I'm In - I Shall Be Released. The last two songs were played with the group "Angus", who opened the show. I saw Rick at the same location last March. He was much slimmer and MORE ALERT. He told stories about his "recent tour of the Orient" and his recent get together with Bob Dylan. He said that Bob's wife told him that Bob will play this weekend in Woodstock. At the end of the concert, he asked everyone to stick around if they wanted to talk with him. I took advantage and spoke with him breifly. He said that he was treated well while in Japan. In March, he had to hold the guitar very high on his chest because his belly was so big. This time, however, he was able to hold it normally. He is one of the best entertainers that I have seen live. He talks to the crowd, encourages everyone to sing while he plays "backup". I think that his recent solo live album is tremendous.

Mon Aug 25 23:04:52 MET DST 1997

Norman Gallagher

From: Blackburn, Lancs, UK

I got The Bands Records a long time ago, the kids are now grown, I have become a Grandad. I am now starting to buy these new CD things as my records are now very scratchy, there is no other band to compare after all these years, they are just unique. Norman Gallagher.

Mon Aug 25 10:10:48 MET DST 1997

Fred Larson

From: New York

The Band was the best, their web site is wonderful. Will be back.

Sat Aug 23 23:10:46 MET DST 1997

Michael Z.

From: La mirada, ca

Hello all Band fans, how is eveyone doing out there? well I take there is alot of good music being played out in the east, I'm out here on the west coast and I am itching for a some Band songs. It has been a while since they have been here, the last show was cancelled for obvious reasons but the guys should swing round the west coast again or at least the Rick Danko Band could come and play the Coach House or The House of Blues, anywhere, the Band has a monster following out here on the west coast, shit they use to live out here. I would like to get in touch with any Band fanatics out here on the west coast especially in Southern Ca., lets get together and have a few cold ones and talk the BAND. And if you are a muscian, even better lets get together and jam a few Band songs. So e-mail me and lets worship the Band together..... "I hope real soon, I'll be hearing from you I'll be in the wings, I'll be cheering for you!"

Fri Aug 22 23:51:54 MET DST 1997

John Cunningham

From: Edinbourg - Ecosse Libre

Totally fabulous, Best find on the Web this year. Will be around. So much ... such a slow link!! Is .no Norway??

.no is the top-domain for Norway on the Internet. is a college in southern Norway, see the page with information about this web site.
-- JH

Fri Aug 22 17:55:29 MET DST 1997

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Ga.

For those who enjoy a little down home country music with a rock edge, I strongly recommend John Anderson's "Paradise" CD released last year by BMG. Levon Helm sings with John on the cut "The Band Plays On". It's a strong performance, their vocals blending well together. They both sing in the same range with that Southern twang in their voices.

Fri Aug 22 17:46:58 MET DST 1997

Mark Finucane

From: Ireland
Home page:

just browsing thru and came upon this site. well impressed !!!

Fri Aug 22 06:55:51 MET DST 1997

Rod Prowse

From: Wellington NZ

I'm sure that Shredney Volper plays on Rick's Bass instruction video at the end when Rick plays a blues piece. I will sample a section of this one day and send it to Jan.

Thu Aug 21 22:19:45 MET DST 1997


From: san jose

MAN,you guys are great artist,coool.

Wed Aug 20 21:19:07 MET DST 1997

Peter Viney

For those asking about "Four walls" This is called Bartender Blues by James Taylor Original: B-side of Handy Man (US #4 July 1977)& on album J.T. (US #4 July 1977).On various hits collections (e.g. Anniversary 1991) James Taylor wrote Bartender Blues for George Jones and it was a C&W hit. James Taylor sings backing vocals on Jones’ version, Trisha Yearwood also covered it on the George Jones tribute album, The Owen Bradley Sessions.

Wed Aug 20 19:13:52 MET DST 1997

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Ga.

Listening to the first disc of the Band CD box set on the train ride into work this morning. What great songs--couldn't concentrate on reading the baseball box scores in the sports section. Time passes too quickly. The train pulls into the Five Points station as Robbie's amazing guitar solo at the end of KINGDOM COME echos in my earphones. What a way to start the day!

Wed Aug 20 18:10:42 MET DST 1997

Tony Bayliss

From: Dudley, West Mids, UK
Home page:

The best rock music site I have ever come across. Elegant but simple design and superb content.

Wed Aug 20 10:10:07 MET DST 1997




Wed Aug 20 09:18:22 MET DST 1997

Lars Davidsson

From: Ljungby, Sweden

To Jon Lynnes - and all other Band fans. The line "I need four walls to hold me..." must be from a song called Bartenders Blues written by someone named Taylor (there«s a lot of them about). The only recording I«ve got from that song is a demo-tape by a swedish group called Lazy Bones. They are very much into Gram Parsons and that kind of stuff but I think the should try a Band-song or two.

Wed Aug 20 06:47:33 MET DST 1997

Turkey Point Productions

From: Upstate New York

1997 WOODSTOCK LABOR DAY JUBILEE: featuring THE RICK DANKO BAND(plus special guests!!), PUSHSTARS, MOON BOOT LOVER, THE INDEPENDENTS with JOEY RAMONE, THE MIGRANTS, and BIG SISTER. Sunday, August 31, 1997, Andy Lee Field, Rock City Road, Woodstock, New York. Gates open at noon, music from 1-8:30pm. Vending, food, all ages event. Help welcome Rick home...

Wed Aug 20 02:52:13 MET DST 1997


From: Bethel Ct

I too saw Zimmy in Connecticut Monday and was very glad to see DANKO as well. Reports of a 30lb weight loss have been greatly exaggerated. I believe Rick has had a few cheeseburgers since he got back! Although a bit ragged, they both seemed to enjoy sharing the stage together. This wheel's on fire and I shall be released were nice touches and made us all believe that Rick feels fortunate to be back doing what he does best. I had a thought although, I wonder what Zimmy said to Rick? Did he give some grief or just smack him? Oh to be a fly on the wall. Anyone know any Dylan websites that give setlists from the current tour? Pls e-mail if you can. Also Zimmy did a nice version of Tough Mamma, from Planet Waves also.

Wed Aug 20 00:28:20 MET DST 1997

Luis E. Loucks

From: New York City

He's back! Rick Danko is home, healthy and safe, thank God. The Bottom Line show on Saturday was absolutely inspired. He was accompanied by Aaron Hurwitz and an absolutely unbelievable harp player who went by the name of "Shredder" I believe. My apologies if this is wrong. My friends comment about him was, "Damn, he's the real thing ain't he?" And a voice to match as well. Rick was introduced and the first tune was the classic Mystery Train. I knew right then and there that this was not going to be an average evening of music. In fact, it was a bit bizarre stepping out into the NY streets after the show, I was half expecting to walk out into some small town USA side road off the beaten path. It felt like home. It was immediately noticeable that Rick was grateful to be home. He looks wonderful. He's lost perhaps a good 20 pounds and there was definitely a twinkle in his eyes. His voice was pure, clean and so expressive! A highlight for me was the final encore. Rick busted a string on the last song, "Shape I'm In" and the final encore was started with just Maestro Hurwitz accompanying his wife Maria and Rick on Dylan's "I Shall Be Released". There was a point when I was watching his face, he closed his eyes and sang in a falsetto voice which I KNOW was an absolute tribute to Richard Manuel. RICK; Thank God you're home. You are valuable, important and loved very very much by a LOT of people. Please be Healthy "old friend". and

Wed Aug 20 00:16:21 MET DST 1997

Jon Lyness

From: New York City, NY

Caught Rick's late evening show at the Bottom Line last Saturday night! A brief review: I'd say his show was good, but a notch below his excellent shows of last fall/winter. Rick's voice still sounds a bit hoarse from the spring tour, and I'm afraid he can't hit his famous high notes consistently any more. That having been said, it was a pleasure to see him back, and he certainly put effort into the show. Highlights for me included a strong version of Stage Fright (better than the version on his live CD, I think), a song about a bartender (something about "I need four walls to hold me..." - can someone tell me the title & where it's from?), a cover of C.C. Rider, Java Blues, and a lovely duet on I Shall Be Released with the female singer from the Crowmatix (sorry, don't know her name). An interesting addition to the setlist was Endless Highway (though I didn't think the arrangement quite worked - not really a rock song but not quite a ballad either). Randy Ciarlante wasn't there - I missed his drums & vocals - though the harmonica player (whose name I couldn't catch - Schrecky?) was excellent, and sang lead vocals on 3 blues songs accompanied by a great pounding piano beat from Aaron Hurwitz. Unsurprisingly, Rick seems thrilled to be back on stage and in the USA - he said something to that effect at one point and everyone cheered loudly - making it obvious that everyone there knew just exactly what he'd been up to the past few months. (A few lines in some of the old songs took on new meaning, too - during The Shape I'm In, a few people cheered at the "I just spent 60 days in the jail house" line; I think the cheers were maybe a little louder than Rick might have wanted!) :) All in all, though, the show was good and well worth seeing - do catch his show if he comes to your area (like I need to tell you that!). I can't believe Rick sang with Bob Dylan! - if only I'd gotten to see that. Take care, all . . . Jon

Tue Aug 19 15:32:47 MET DST 1997


From: Guilford, CT

What a great Dylan show last night...Even better was the fact that I got to see Rick! What an unbelievable show...I'm still shaking. Anyone else go?

Tue Aug 19 04:59:54 MET DST 1997

Mark Holman

From: Merced, CA

I have been listening to The Band since I was a kid. Robbie Roberston has written some of the most moving songs in history. It Makes No Difference is my favorite song and the guitar solo at the end still brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear it. Thank you, J. R. Robertson. Thanks as well to you for your and Levon's movie rolls, and Rick's voice. Awesome, one and all.

Tue Aug 19 04:44:30 MET DST 1997

David Carey

From: Connecticut

Just back from the Bob Dylan show in Walliingford CT. One very special guest this evening, Rick Danko ! Rick played on "Wheel On Fire" & "I Shall Be Released" He is looking & sounding great !! Another chapter in rock & roll book has been written tonight !!

Tue Aug 19 00:51:59 MET DST 1997

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

I gave my 16 year old son a gift of Rick's live CD. He has been a Band Fan his whole musically life, and even though the quality of the Cd is not the best, you can still hear and better feel the effort that Rick puts into his music. If you have never seen him live, then get this CD, if you have, and we have seen him totally solo, then you'll feel his warmth and sincerity coming through. What Levon and Aaron are doing for Rick is more then commendable, and the 20 bucks is more then worth the price of admission. Rick, come on back to town, the Variety Playhouse was and still is a perfect spot for your show. Don Pugatch

Mon Aug 18 20:42:27 MET DST 1997

Jonathan Pointer

From: New York City
Home page:

Richard Bell played hammond organ & accordian (one of Garth's, actually) on my record, "scarecrow's burn" and I seem to have lost track of him. I'd love to get a copy of the finished product to him if possible.

Mon Aug 18 06:28:58 MET DST 1997


From: Eaton, Ohio USA

Sorry about that last entry. I accidently did that. Anyway I absolutely love the Band! I am only 21 but have love the band for about four years. Whenever I am depressed all I have to is listen to Jericho and I feel so much better. We have had tickets to go see them twice, but they cancelled in Cincinnati. I was so disappointed. Looking forward to finally seeing them someday!

Sun Aug 17 17:45:14 MET DST 1997

Mike Lyons

From: Cold Spring, New York


Sun Aug 17 17:06:59 MET DST 1997

Sweet William

Dear fans, Anyone who owns a copy of the 65 single LEAVE ME ALONE, please contact me so we can make a trade. I have many rare gems and I am willing to make a trade. Thank you, Keith

Sun Aug 17 09:30:24 MET DST 1997

Choosze Andrew

From: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

An old fan but a new web user. Excellent job. I still can't find tthe lyrics for Bessie Smith, know where I can get 'em. Thanks.

Sun Aug 17 00:30:29 MET DST 1997

Kevin Wise

From: Greensburg, PA

Just a comment on two of the photos added 8/12. The photo of The Band from the "early seventies" was taken 12/31/71 at the Academy of Music, most likely by Ernst Haas. The photo of Robbie and Dylan from 1967 was taken by Elliot Landy in 1969. There is a very similar photo that includes Jesse Dylan in Landy's "Woodstock Vision". Also, neither of the two people with Dylan is Robbie.

Sat Aug 16 23:21:53 MET DST 1997

michael z.

From: la mirada, california

"We can talk about it now" Hello, how is everybody doing out there? Well first off I would like to get in touch with younger fans of the band, preferably in the southern california area. I am 25yrs old and I play in a band called the Red Sea Pedestrians and we play a few band covers around california. We try to play more obscue covers, for example we play: rocking chair, I shall be released, twilight the shape I'm in, unfaithful servant, ain't no more cane, it makes no difference, right as rain etc... I know there are alot of band fans young and old who would like to hear some good old band songs(almost exact arr. except the fact that no one can play like garth!!!). So if you are intrested in hearing some bands song and some band influenced music e-mail me. Like I said we play around california, mainly L.A. but we head up north to play sometimes. RICHARD MANUEL will forever live in my heart as the most tearful,drunken, heart-rendering, playful, singer in the world......LONG LIVE THE BEAK!!!! LEVON HELM is a pillar in the rock and roll world he is a multi-talented musical god...and actor! GARTH HUDSON jeez what can I say about garth, he is fucking monster of music knowledge, without garth the band would not be the band. His sax solo at the end of it makes no differnce brings me and my bandmates to tears. GARTH IS GOD in my book! RICK DANKO has got to be one of the best bass players ever, he grooves so hard on songs for example listen to the bass on "Look out Cleavland" And his voice is so angelic but at the same time rough edged enough for some good old rock and roll I hope Rick has gotten everything together, because the band lives on with his voice. JAIME ROBBIE ROBERTSON although robbie left the band a long time ago, his music is still played by the band and his role is still present. All I have to say about Robbie is he is one of the greatest songwriters ever, one of the best lyricst ever, and proabaly the best white blues guitarist around. Like robbie sang once "Out of this world, out of the blue" his contributions to rock and roll are from out of this world. Of course you all know this about the band, this is just my take on the best band in the world.
thanks, Michael Z.

And thanks to you, Michael...entries like this one make it all worth it. Love to hear a tape with you guys. (JH)

Sat Aug 16 21:47:23 MET DST 1997

Kathy Richards

From: NYC ....on my travels still

Hey, where is everybody? After the previous announcement, I'd have expected some sort of feedback by now. Well then, is there anybody who didn't find out about this in time & still went, and what happened? Know why The Band cancelled? Disappointing for lots of people I guess.

Fri Aug 15 14:35:15 MET DST 1997


From: New York State

The Band has cancelled it's concert at Bushnell Park, Hartford, Conn., 8/15.

Fri Aug 15 03:20:27 MET DST 1997


From: Maryland

My first time visiting....A Fan ever since I heard 'Sleeping'. I've been to three shows, backstage at two, and was fortunate enough to have 10 PRIVATE minutes in a trailer with Garth in DC. Truly one of the most musically talented men in rock and roll. I know almost everything there is to know about The Band. . .it's one of my biggest regrets that I will never see Richard perform...I love him. I saw a show in Fairfax in June and was told by everyone that it was their last show. There were 9 people onstage, which was ridiculous...I said like 3 words to Randy; everyone seemed very tense, and I probably wouldn't have gotten backstage if Orr's manager hadn't taken me. I would just like to say that these guys are so much a part of my life, their music is so special and unique.I have every piece of Band stuff I can find, but still lack in some live stuff. I am glad that Ricky's back and they're gonna keep on playing. I feel really fortunate to have talked to them (except the Richards and Robbie). THANKS Loren (sp?), J.R., Dennis, and George....By the way George, I'm the girl you took a picture of at Taste of DC, and would love a copy, man--just email me and you can send it to my dad's office. Loren, you're my savior! I love all you other fans; when I say "The Band", and people ask "What band?", I just least I know.

Thu Aug 14 23:40:47 MET DST 1997


From: Minneapolis

A review of Rick's latest CD (Don't read this if you have ordered it and are waiting to be surprised about the songs!). I'm disappointed. I don't think the quality that should be there is there. First, the parts I don't like: The CD lists 10 cuts; unfortunately the first cut is the introduction, "Ladies and gentlemen, Rick Danko". 2 of the remaining 9 songs are sung by Randy. Maybe I have a personal dislike for his singing but I didn't like him singing Chest Fever when I saw The Band live and I don't like him here. He also does Good Thing. But this is a Rick Danko CD so how about 9 songs sung by Rick. Why not include Unfaithful Servant or What a Town or any of the other great songs from the past. OK, those are my complaints about song selection. Next, the sound on the vocals is bad (I think someone else mentioned this previously). It seems as though the audience sounds clearer than Rick's vocals on some songs. Enough bitching. Rick is superb on Long Black Veil, and the opener, Twilight, is very good, with Rick singing it the way he has in the past. It Makes No Difference has an excellent piano solo taking the place of Garth's sax solo. The piano overall is excellent. But once again, the drums by Randy are really bad on some songs. Overall, I think they could have put out a better product. But there are some nice tunes! I still would like to see The Band do MTV's Unplugged....

Thu Aug 14 22:53:02 MET DST 1997


From: Cambridge England

Great Site, been a fan since I saw them at the Albert Hall 1966 Classic Albums The Band - the Band Series looking at the creation of some classic rock albums. Initially known as Bob Dylan's backing band, the Band emerged with a debut album, `Music from the Big Pink', in 1968. It was their second album, entitled `The Band', that brought worldwide recognition. This programme explores the making of the album, considered by many to be the ultimate classic. BBC1 Monday 18th August 23.20 BST

Thu Aug 14 21:11:58 MET DST 1997

Rudy Hoogenboom

From: Queens, NYC

I think this is great that someone has created a website for "The Band". They truly deserve it. I hope that in the future, I may be able to access or see the documentary that was recently shown on VH-1 about the making of "The Band - The Band", probably one of the greatest pieces of art I have ever heard. That documentary was shown around June, and I missed it. I would like to see it. Perhaps you can mention in the future any dates/times it may be on again. Thanks for being here. Rudy

Thu Aug 14 20:52:38 MET DST 1997


From: Haderslev, Denmark, The "sausage"-town

Hey, guys. Bless you for fine music and stupid viking hats at danish concert -94

Thu Aug 14 19:31:50 MET DST 1997

Jake R.

From: Lawrenceville, NJ

I just got my tickets yesterday for a Rick Danko show at Atomic Studios on the 22 of August in Clinton, NJ. He will be playing in front of about fifty people. Word is that he has lost 30 pounds, and is on the road to recovery. Knowing what we all know about a drug like heroin, it's going to take a real miracle to keep him clean, and that miracle is going to have to be performed by Rick Danko himself.I'm optimistic though, because you have to be, despite the odds. Any Band fans out there who don't own Bob Dylan/The Band "Before The Flood," it's a must. The show is so intense, it will blow you away. Garth really makes epic some of Dylan's finest stuff. "Ballad of a Thin Man" is a masterpiece. The Band's set kills it as well. Rick does some spirited singing on "When You Awake", and "The Weight" is as high energy as any one I have heard. So I did get one response back from one generous soul, offering to help me get some more live Danko. I would also be willing to send blanks and trade or whatever, with anyone who has other obscure Band related stuff. For example, anybody have tapes of the Dylan/Helm/Danko stuff, or Jorma/ Danko. What about Manuel/Danko, or Manuel solo ? Just wondering, and I will make it worth your while, for anyone willing to share. I have a lot of random stuff, but not much out of the ordinary as far as The Band goes. Also, does anybody in the Lawrenceville/Princeton area play music. My friend and I both play guitar, and can kind of cover the mandolin and banjo. He also plays percussion well. It would be great to get together with some Band fans who play, particularly a bassist. Singing is a major bonus. If anyone is interested let me know. I can tell from the webpage that there are a lot of Band heads in New Jersey, so I thought I'd put that out there. Jan, thanks for a great page. Keep up the excellent work.

Wed Aug 13 19:04:30 MET DST 1997

craig anthony

From: Port Matilda, PA

I have been a huge fan for 20 years. What can you say, there has never been anyone like them and probably never will.

Wed Aug 13 16:42:11 MET DST 1997

Dave Bertino

From: Walden, NY

Does anyone have any info on the scheduled show at Bushnell Park in Hartford. Please e-mail me with any info you may have. Thanks.

Wed Aug 13 15:31:37 MET DST 1997

Ulens Johan

From: Belgium

Great site ! Why are CD's from The Band ( early recordings ) so hard to find ? Where can I get them in Belgium ?

Tue Aug 12 20:37:26 MET DST 1997


From: maryland *(usa)

i'm looking for a CD copy of the jesse james soundtrack - i have the LP but would like to get the disc - its probably out of print...

Tue Aug 12 17:08:36 MET DST 1997

Joe Norton

From: Framingham, MA USA

Great web site! I am looking for a concert poster for The Band's show on July 10, 1970 at the Hollywood Bowl. Miles Davis was the opening act. Does anyone have one for sale or can anyone put me in touch with a resource? Thanks. Joe Norton JNORTON@ASAINT.COM

Tue Aug 12 16:39:10 MET DST 1997

Pete (again)

From: syracuse

PS: its only 166 miles from Hartford to Bethel :-)

Tue Aug 12 14:38:35 MET DST 1997


From: Syracuse

Hopefully one of the band members will see this posting. Many of your fans will be at the annual Woodstock Reunion, in Bethel, only a short drive from Hartford, this weekend :-) Come share PEACE LOVE MUSIC as you did 28 years ago.

Tue Aug 12 06:24:38 MET DST 1997


From: RI USA
Home page:

Last time I saw the Band was about 16 years ago, but I've seen Rick Danko's band quite a few times over the past few years at the Ironhorse in Northampton, Mass. and in Providence, RI. I was glad to hear that Danko's legal problems seem to be resolved. Any fans of the band NRBQ out there? If so, check out my page for them.

Tue Aug 12 03:52:14 MET DST 1997


From: Peterborough, Ontario

Last saw you fellas play at The Pines over in Bridgenorth. That was a good nite ! We're all real glad things have worked out with Rick. Be good, be together, and see you around !

Tue Aug 12 01:27:21 MET DST 1997


From: TN

I would DESPERATELY like to HAND WRITE a letter to Robbie Robertson. Old fashioned: stationery, ink, stamp, USPS. If any one can assist me, I would greatly apprecaiate it. Serra

Mon Aug 11 19:55:37 MET DST 1997

Kris Pancoast

From: Horsham PA

I'd really like to thank Jan for this website. I can't imagine the time it took to put all of this information together. It's nice to see just how many Band fans there are out there. Glad to hear Rick's out of Japan - PLEASE RICK (if you read this), GET SOME HELP, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!! We love you. Two days and two years ago, we lost Jerry and that still hurts. We need you. Hope to see you guys REAL SOON!

Mon Aug 11 18:09:47 MET DST 1997

Michael z.

From: La Mirada, california

This is great a whole web site dedicated to the greatest band on the earth. I am only 25 yrs old and the way I was introduced to the band was when was like 5 or 6 I saw the band on SNL and they played stage fright from then on I have been a band freak. Garth is my Savior, while Richard is my drunken,guardian angel, while Levon is my all time favorite drummer,and Rick's voice is the voice i hear in my head, while Jaime Robbie Rober- tson is one of the best songwriters of our era and the best white blues guitarist ever. The Band has changed my life in so many ways.

Mon Aug 11 14:52:51 MET DST 1997


z: Because she can

Mon Aug 11 14:32:29 MET DST 1997

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Ga

A few notes regarding THE COLOR OF MONEY soundtrack. It was released in 1986 on MCA. I picked up a clean vinyl copy recently for a couple a bucks at a used record store. Musically, the most interesting cuts are two instrumentals that Robbie co-produced with the late Gil Evans "The Main Title" & "Modern Blues." Evans, best known for his legendary work with Miles Davis & his large band arrangements of Jimi Hendrix songs, did the horn charts. "The Main Title" features Robbie's atmospheric moaning/scat singing against his lead guitar trading lines with harmonica & synthesizer. Robbie also produced & played guitar on Willie Dixon's track "Don't Tell Me Nothin" & co-wrote Eric Clapton's contribution "It's In the Way That You Use It." The rest of the soundtrack features two songs by Robert Palmer, a Don Henley song with Joni Mitchell on background vocals, a blues number by B.B. King, and Warren Zevon's "Werewolves..." You have to listen to this album in the context of the movie it was recorded to accompany--a selection of songs played in the background of the pool room scenes featuring Paul Newman & Tom Cruise.

Mon Aug 11 13:12:20 MET DST 1997

gerhard schinzel

From: germany

with regards to the Raging Bull soundtrack, the following lines are from the end credits: AT LAST (1942) ............... Lyrics by MAX GORDON Music by HARRY WARREN A NEW KIND OF LOVE (1930) .... Composed by SAMMY FAIN IRVING KAHAL and PIERCE NORMAN WEBSTER HALL ................. Composed by GARTH HUDSON Musicians .................... Piano & Sax GARTH HUDSON Drums RICHARD MANUEL Bass LARRY KLEIN Trumpet (Oingo Boingo Band) DALE TURNER

Mon Aug 11 09:41:57 MET DST 1997


From: Alkmaar (Netherlands)

I bought my first album of The Band (Music from Big Pink)in oktober 1968 in Amsterdam. The sleeve of the record was not available at that time, only the record. So I took the record home and a few days later i got the sleeve by mail. Thanks for this website.

Mon Aug 11 01:16:16 MET DST 1997

Sweet William

Garth's organ in Ballad of a Thin Man from the 66 Manchester show, Danko's bass at the beginning of Like a Rolling Stone live in Manchester 66, Levons drumming in Going Back to Memphis,Richards singing in Lonesome Suzie, Robbie's solo in Unfaithful Servant from Rock of Ages,Garth in Bessie Smith, Levon's singing in 19 years old, Rick's singing in Caledonia Mission, Richards drumming in Long Distance Operator, Robbie's lyric in Whispering Pines, Garth in Apple Tree, Levon's drumming in tears of rage, Ricks fiddle in Rag Mama, Richard's voice on Do The Honky Tonk, Robbie's lead on Ronnie's Matchbox, Garth's sax in OJ Blues, Levon voice in Yazoo, Rick's bass on Hammond's I Can Tell, Richard' singing and piano in Tears of Rage, Robbies wicked lead in Come Back from Hammond's I Can Tell, Garth,Robbie and Mickey Jones in Dylan's Just like Tom Thumb, not to mention Dylan's singing make the Manchester 66 version one of the best rock songs of all time, sorry Levon but theres no topping Jones's drumming on this number, Magical moments

Sun Aug 10 23:36:06 MET DST 1997

Sweet William

Hey dummies, I wish you would all just shut up and stop comparing Robbie and Levon. None of us were there now,were we? I aplaude R.R for exploring new musical frontiers as well as being the most exciting guitarist of all time. I also applaude The Band for rocking on with new and vital members. Has anyone heard the 68 Key to the Highway session (4 blues songs on which Robbie describes himself as playing an obnoxious guitar)? And does anybody own a copy of the live 76 Palladium show or for that matter any decent live stuff. I have quite a few rare gems and I am into tape trading. I will surely make it worth the effort. I spelled aplaude two different ways because I wasn't sure of the spelling, looks like I'm the dummy. I'll be watching ... Keith

Sun Aug 10 22:58:52 MET DST 1997

mike kozub

From: pgh.,pa.

anyone know where i can get a copy of the bootleg " THE COMPLETE LAST WALTZ" or any bootlegs or posters,pictures,etc.

Sat Aug 9 15:29:54 MET DST 1997

Lars Jansson

From: Uppsala Sweden

I am just happy that fellow Scandinavian has made this homepage and in my opinion Robbie Roberson is one of the greatest rock poets of our time.

Sat Aug 9 12:06:01 MET DST 1997

john simpson

From: bondi australia

been a fan for twenty seven years and still remember the first time i played "the band" a life altering experience down here in aus. new to the net and love this site i look foward to dropping in regularly

Sat Aug 9 04:17:07 MET DST 1997


Carole's e-mail is Why is she holding herself out as such a sex symbol?

Sat Aug 9 01:32:13 MET DST 1997

Frode Nyland

From: Bergen, Norway

To those of you who are looking for Robbie gems after his Band period: He does some raw guitar work on "The morning" from an album by The Call called "Reconciled".

Sat Aug 9 00:21:25 MET DST 1997

Ken Sears

From: StoneRidge Ny But Now Austin TX

Great to see this is still going. I listen to the band alot and have worn out my big pink The last time I heard the band live was at soldiers park in Poughkeepsie NY. They were excelent. They are a part of the Catskills that I miss. Hope to hear the Band in Austin.

Fri Aug 8 23:10:27 MET DST 1997

Rod Prowse

From: New Zealand

With regards to Raging Bull, Garth stated in the December '83 Keyboard magazine that he was involved in getting some music for a scene where the was a band in the background. He based the music on Count Basie's "One O'Clock Jump" and Harry James "Two O'ClockJump".

Fri Aug 8 21:38:07 MET DST 1997


From: Ohio
Home page:

Gopher: I got my guestbook before my computer went kablooie. And if you go back to my webpage you can read my answer to your much-appreciated comment.

Thank you for liking my poem, though.

Also, Luis: I know, something is wrong with my guestbook, you have to sign it first and then you can view it. As you can see, I got your message. And no, I don't mind . . .

Fri Aug 8 14:52:22 MET DST 1997

Chris Lecky

From: Cincinnati, Ohio

Robbie put together the soundtrack for Raging Bull. He puts together most of the music for Martin Scorsesee (excuse the spelling) movies. A few months ago the American Film institute paid tribute to the film maker, Robbie was seated next to him at the award ceremony. I think if you look on movies like Goodfellas and Casino, Robbie arranged most of the music. I don't think he performed on them, but I could be mistaken.

Fri Aug 8 13:26:13 MET DST 1997

Paul Schoninger

From: Lexington, KY

Hey Carole: You might want to check out the album "King of Hearts" a Roy Orbison album from the early 90's. Robbie produces a cut "Love in Time". He also plays a killer guitar on the track. My other RR favorites are "Crazy Love" a duet wirth Aaron Neville from the "Phenomen" soundtrack and his work on the Libby Titus album from the mid 70's. He produced a few of the tracks,including "Miss Otis Regrets" a Cole Porter tune. I think he plays guitar on the track and Garth plays piano. Someone also asked about the "Raging Bull" sountrack. I don't think it was ever put on vinyl, I guess you gotta rent the movie. In addition, someone asked about the "Carny" soundtrack. If you send a blank tape, I will record it for you. Later. Hope you all enjoy the Bottom Line show.

Fri Aug 8 03:25:39 MET DST 1997


From: Clifton NJ

I'd love to see Rick at the Bottom Line August 16. No way can I work it out though, I've got tickets to see Dyan on the 15th and I am getting married on the 17th (Morning wedding). We would both love to see him, but, don't think we can hack it. I hope that a huge crowd shows up to give support to Rick. I bet it'll be one great show!

Fri Aug 8 00:32:30 MET DST 1997


From: New Jersey

Rick Danko is also playing live in Clinton, NJ on August 22nd at 8pm and 10:15 pm Ph. # is 908-735-6429. I saw him in March at the same place, which seats about 65 people. Rick is a great entertainer. He had the entire crowd singing "The Weight" while he and Aaron backed us up. I have a commentary on the current make-up of The Band. I think that Messrs. Weider and Bell should be replaced by Aaron Hurwitz and Jimmy Eppert from the Cromatix. They add a lot more in stage presence and entertainment. Another opinion regarding who is the most important member of The Band. The main debate has been among Levon, Robbie, and just recently Garth. For my money, however, the loss of Richard had more of an impact on The Band than Robbie's resignation. Beyond those two, the rest of the members are equally great to me.

Thu Aug 7 22:31:07 MET DST 1997

Katherine (ok, I'll shut up now)

From: Ohio

PS: Carole and Ned: thank you both. Hope you like the poem. Best I can do.

Thu Aug 7 22:26:54 MET DST 1997


From: Ohio
Home page: see above

Okay, I'm back, with a poem (well, a bunch of poems on the same subject). In the original format a new line began where you see a slash, a new paragraph where you see two slashes and three slashes is the end. Please do not get on my case for any views expressed in these poems. If you disagree with me or are a big Levon fan, well, I'm sorry. This is how I felt one lonely night in my basement. POEMS FOR ROBBIE/Is God/so cruel/to make you look/that way//Has god such twisted wit/to make you lips/so round/to make your skin/so white//Does God/get some/cheap thrill/from watching me/watch you/*/and Oh/God held you/in his hand/and said/Here stands a boy/to drive the young girls mad/and he shall get/more pussy/than Frank Sinatra/Oh/*/You have no right/to have/such eyes/No right at all/You don't deserve/my tears//And you have/no right/to have such hair/falling down over your eyes/No right at all/you don't deserve/*/And I am a fool///Please don't copy this poem, or if you do, come to my website and inform me about it and remember to give me credit. Okay? And if you think my poem stinks, be gentle. I'm only thirteen.

Thu Aug 7 22:05:25 MET DST 1997


From: Ohio
Home page:

Is this the only Band page on the whole web? Don't get me wrong, it's great, but I have looked everywhere and this seems to be it. What a shame . . . Note: E-mail address will not work. Our computer is down; we sent it to Gateway for repairs via UPS:(

Thu Aug 7 21:59:24 MET DST 1997


Dan: Somewhere within this web site it states that Robbie composed the soundtrack for Raging Bull. And we must not overlook the soundtracks for "Color of Money" and "Phenomenon". Jan's wonderful web site makes mention of all this under the discography section in the section on "albums by other artists".

Thu Aug 7 21:53:11 MET DST 1997

Ned Baldwin

Does anyone know if there will be any appearances by The Band in Virginia/Washington DC/Maryland?

Thu Aug 7 21:45:18 MET DST 1997


Carole... You actually got a few letters from Robbie Robertson? That's great. I'm already with you on most of those songs that you mentioned. Sign Language I've heard, and Nobody's Child, and of course Between Trains is great. Did you see Ned's comment about the Jimmy Hollywood soundtrack? There are some great songs on there, I especially like "Slo Burn." I think the only major missing link for me is the Carny Soundtrack. I saw the movie years ago, but haven't been able to find the soundtrack anywhere. If you have it I'd certainly send you a blank tape... Also, do you know anything about the "Raging Bull" soundtrack? I know that Robbie was involved but I don't know to what extent. I've never been able to find that either.

Thu Aug 7 21:30:19 MET DST 1997

Ned Baldwin

From: Old Virginny

Carole: You should check out the "Jimmy Hollywood" soundtrack.

Thu Aug 7 21:02:00 MET DST 1997

Luis E. Loucks

From: New York City

Hey, so I'm a bonehead and a burnout ok... THE DATE OF RICK'S BOTTOM LINE SHOW IS SATURDAY, AUGUST 16, 1997 It was brought to my attention that I did not include the date earlier.. In Peace, Luis

Thu Aug 7 20:30:22 MET DST 1997


From: Boston

Dan, I think I'm Robbie's oldest fan! For years I used to send him a (hopefully) witty postcard every week. He wrote back three times --- not too much but very witty and humble. I wish I could tell you about a few forgotten albums, but no such luck. On Clapton's No Reason To Cry album he plays and sings Sign Language with Dylan and Clapton. He sings audibly on quite a few songs on Dylan's Basement Tapes. He co-wrote (but does not sing) Nobody's Child with Maria McKee (on the Days of Thunder Soundtrack album). That's a beautiful song, too. He wrote some good music on the Carny soundtrack -- little blues, little carnival riffs. Some Van Morrison collaboration isn't coming to mind at this moment. But Dan, if you haven't got/heard Between Trains, that's the forgotten gem of all time. Let me know if you can't find it.... For another civil, mature, unpreachy RR fan, I'd be willing to dupe my tape and send it to you!!

Thu Aug 7 18:59:20 MET DST 1997


Carole... You seem to be quite the Robbie Robertson fan. I've been in love with his music for a long time, and find it difficult to read a lot of the criticism that he receives on this page. It is difficult to reconcile your feelings when two artists that you respect so much are at such odds with each other. But in all fairness to Robbie, I've read every interview and every article I can get my hands on, and he's never said anything bad about any of the other Band members that I've seen. Anyway, what I wanted to ask you, Carole, are there any other hidden gems of Robbie's that you know about? Any songs on other people's albums or soundtracks where he is featured prominently? By the way, I'm very excited about his new album, which I only know about from an earlier posting by Rod Prowse. I sure hope that information is right. Thanks Rod, and thanks Jan for the great forum...

Thu Aug 7 18:21:25 MET DST 1997

Luis E. Loucks

From: New York City

TO: ALL NEW YORKERS! Rick Danko is performing at The Bottom Line, Mercer and 4th. Streets in the Village, one block west of Tower Records Broadway. Let's all be there and show Rick our Love and Support. Two shows, 7:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Rick, if you're reading this, I can't wait to see ya and give you a big hug. I am SO GLAD you're home and safe. Hasta Luego... Luis

Thu Aug 7 17:36:18 MET DST 1997


From: Boston

Dan - Between Trains is a georgous song! Very huge and heartfelt. I have it on the soundtrack cassette tape but would also love to get it on a CD. It's a shame for that song not to be widely heard. And about this unending Levon/Robbie never see quotes about Robbie whining about Levon. He's too dignified. If Levon hates Robbie so much, why hasn't he stopped singing (and making money from) the songs Robbie wrote? I'd like to see where he'd be if he lived on his own music..... And if you don't agree with me, I don't care. OK????

Thu Aug 7 17:06:08 MET DST 1997

Dominic Cummings

From: Durham, England

SITE Email please

Thu Aug 7 17:05:17 MET DST 1997




Thu Aug 7 17:05:00 MET DST 1997

Dominic Cummings

From: Durham, England

Very impressive sight, but.. I cant get the AU files to play. Ive got Win95 and plenty of system resources. How do I get my media players to operate. I can use wav. and midi files, but not, for some reason, .au files. please help

Wed Aug 6 20:56:49 MET DST 1997

Ned Baldwin

From: Dixie

Dan: Thanks for the info, I did not realize one of the verses in No More Cane was Robbie. You are so right about Out of the Blue. I think I might have heard Between Trains somewhere...isn't that the soundtrack with Van's Wonderful Remark featuring Robbie on guitar? Does anyone know the lyrics to Yazoo Street Scandal? [Jan: awesome web site.]

Wed Aug 6 20:18:12 MET DST 1997

Dan Kunitz

Adding to Ned's comments... Robbie can also be heard prominently in one of the verses of "Ain't No More Cane," and as lead on "Knockin' Lost John" (from the album Islands). Best of all, though, I think his vocals on the often over-looked "Out Of The Blue" from The Last Waltz were superb, and offered a real foreshadowing of what he would evolve into as a solo artist. By the way, has anyone out there heard Robbie's first solo song, "Between Trains," from the soundtrack to the Scorcese movie The King Of Comedy? It is a great song, and I have it on vinyl, but can't find it on CD anywhere.

Wed Aug 6 16:52:47 MET DST 1997

Ned Baldwin

Response to Kathyrne's comment: Robbie of course sings on all of his solo work. With the Band he sang rarely, usually together with Richard early on. I believe I am correct (help me out anyone) in listing: Bessie Smith, Katie's Been Gone, and Kingdom Come. I believe there are others aswell.

Wed Aug 6 16:51:04 MET DST 1997


From: Poughkeepsie NY

Since we seem to be on the topic of the oft-overlooked Mr. Hudson......Wouldn't a series of intimate solo concerts in grand, old churches with rich, old-fashioned pipe organs be a thing of beauty? ("Garth Hudson: Coming Soon to an Altar Near You")

Wed Aug 6 16:45:15 MET DST 1997


From: Columbus, Ohio
Home page:

RE:The poll: favorite singer: Robbie sings? When?

Wed Aug 6 16:44:28 MET DST 1997


Wed Aug 6 14:56:09 MET DST 1997

Ned Baldwin

Please forgive the misspelling in my previous entry.

Wed Aug 6 14:55:21 MET DST 1997

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Ga.

Amen Mr. Prowse & other fans of Garth Hudson. Garth is the musical glue that holds together the uniquely expressive but often volatile mix that is the Band--that blend of Robbie's storytelling vision told in the voices of the others in the group. We know what the sound is like when you subtract Robbie, poor Richard or Rick from that mix, but heaven forbid we should lose Garth's hands in stirring that mix together.

Wed Aug 6 14:55:07 MET DST 1997

Ned Baldwin

From: Old Virginny

Rod Prowse, you are right on the mark. Gathr has added brilliant finishing touches all round the make masterpieces out of songs: the twangy "Jew's Harp" sound of Cripple Creek, the distant "trumpet" of Dixie Down, the sax solos of Unfaithful Servant and It Makes No Difference.

Wed Aug 6 07:16:26 MET DST 1997

Rod Prowse

From: Wellington N.Z.

It's good to see Garth getting some mention in the guestbook recently rather than the normal Levon/Rick/Robbie stuff. For my money Garth is the most important ingredient in The Band (I know Robbies songs are great and the others are indispensable), but Garth is the difference between a band and The Band. Ballad of a Thin Man from Before the Flood, Muddy Water's Woodstock Album, Chest Fever and too many other Band tracks to mention are the proof that he is rock musics greatest keyboardist.

Wed Aug 6 00:14:17 MET DST 1997


From: Clifton NJ

I agree with Jon Lyness ... if only ... Man, it would be great to see Garth Hudon solo at Radio City Music Hall or Canegie Hall! We can only hope.

Tue Aug 5 23:53:45 MET DST 1997

Jon Lyness

From: New York, NY

Just reading all the recent messages wishing Garth a happy birthday -- nice to see that he and his brilliance are still appreciated. It's funny - lots of concert advertisements have been up around New York City which say "Garth Live!" in huge block letters - sadly, they're talking about Garth _Brooks_, and not our own Mr. Hudson. I'd give anything to see Garth _Hudson_ perform a solo concert and really go wild; every time I see these posters I think "if only"...

Tue Aug 5 05:51:52 MET DST 1997

Jonathan Katz

Can anyone help with lyrics to Ferdinand The Imposter? Maybe there is someone out there with a better recording than the one I have.

Mon Aug 4 22:56:10 MET DST 1997

Kathy Richards

From: NYC, currently in England

Thank You Jan, and love the website. Hey, Carole is right-all these opinionated males! Arrrgh!!! Have to agree though, everyone is entitled to speak, and like somebody already said, it's good to hear the different views. The Rick interview that was asked about earlier, I think it might be the one Jan had on this website, from Variety March 1997 "THE BAND'S RICK DANKO REVS UP LEGENDARY CAREER". Whether or not they were gonna release the Rick CD anyway is beside the point, but someone was right when they said there is a LOT more stuff The Band have, that they could & should let the fans hear. So maybe now they will think about it? VISUAL too. Some time back, I remember a message on these pages from a guy who said something about "documenting" The Band & mentioned video. I've also seen this guy myself, filming at shows, & when I asked about this, I was told the same thing. So what the heck is it all for, and when will the fans get to see it? Hopefully, they have a nice little project in mind! I know there's been TV stuff, but don't think there's been a Concert video release since "The Band is Back" and so isn't it time, and it's not fair that they don't put this stuff out. End of moan. BTW, THANK YOU ROBBIE for all the Beautiful music you also continue to put out. But what about the project you did with Clapton? Would love to hear that too. (such message, a waste of time I suppose if you don't look at this website, though are we SURE about that??)

Mon Aug 4 21:00:46 MET DST 1997


From: Boston

Ned - I'm with you!! Don't put your e-mail address here, though, or these blowhard longwinded self-appointed lecturers will be all over you for saying it!!

Mon Aug 4 16:34:36 MET DST 1997

Ned Baldwin

From: old virginny

Unlike most people whose comments I have read here, "This Wheel Is On Fire" led me to question my adoration of Levon, whereas my adoration of Robbie remains unshaken, bolstered by what I have read about him elsewhere. Maybe my adoration of Robbie was always strong, whereas I always had doubts about Levon, doubts which started when he dropped out of the group during the difficult tour with Dylan, not to return until things weren't so difficult. Why did that book lead everyone else to question Robbie's character and not Levon's?

Mon Aug 4 14:37:22 MET DST 1997

Steve Hoffman

From: Newton, MA

Garth - happy birthday! You are an inspiration. Now you have the best of both worlds - rock 'n roll, and senior citizen's discounts!

Sun Aug 3 20:23:45 MET DST 1997


From: Upstate New York

...And I have a relatively personal reply for you, too, Richard Broadbent. You answered me that you're a fan. I don't think so. A fan doesn't write such an arrogant letter as you did on July 31st and call Levon Helm a "cracker" who "didn't have enough education to make a good business decision". You told him to "take responsibility for your own actions", Why are you treating Levon this way? What did he ever do to you? Levon Helm has given the world some of it's greatest rock music; I listen to it everyday. Maybe if you'd stop worrying about matters that don't even remotely concern you, and start listening to the music, you wouldn't be such an asshole.

Sun Aug 3 17:56:26 MET DST 1997


From: Oregon City, outside Portland, Oregon

Regarding the comments by Richard Broadbent, and others like him, I'll not say much -- they're not worth it. I love The Band for the music's sake. Their music is what captured me. I don't care that much about their personal lives. It's really none of my business. I want to see Rick back home, playing with his mates and off the stuff. It's his choice. I want to hear him sing and play again!!! If he's got a problem, and it looks like he does, pray for him, or do something to help. I suggest Broadbent take a long look in the mirror -- he might just see a real asshole. On a lighter note -- Happy birthday Garth (are you still called Honey Boy?) Your music's sweet -- keep it up and many more returns. I hope the guys come back to Portland soon. I saw them in May of '96 at the Roseland Theater, and they rocked the house. Come back!

Sun Aug 3 16:56:38 MET DST 1997

A concerned citizen


There's an interesting flame war going on at the newsgroup between a lady who claims to be Rick Danko's sister and others. It's quite entertaining. ;-o

Sun Aug 3 05:13:28 MET DST 1997

Tom T.

From: Austin, TX

For Garth Hudson--Happy Birthday...the bif six-oh! Years ago, I was privledged to hear a show where you accompanied Richard while he sang "Rockin' Chair"; a few years later, I attended another show that you opened with an INCREDIBLE solo that flowed into "Just Another Whistlestop"... and have been lucky to see you play again during the post-Jerhico years. May I wish you many happy returns-- I look forward to more of your music in years to come. Take care!

Sun Aug 3 02:44:44 MET DST 1997


From: long island

Garth! If your're out there: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hope you have a great 60th. ...and thanks for all the years you made our hearts soar.

Sun Aug 3 00:52:33 MET DST 1997


From: Ohio

I was listening to "Goin to Acapulco" and it struck me how great Robbie's tone was on that song. Does anyone know what his setup was for that song (guitar, amp)? E-mail me a response please.

Sat Aug 2 22:05:20 MET DST 1997

gopher(george rollins)

From: charleston, wv

man, i've read some pompous jive(some admittedly contributed by myself)on this page, but freeman takes the cake. hey, pal: when you sing band songs, dictate what key they're in, ok? your buddy william saffire would be the first to tell you that the band's songs descend from a tradition of folk music, and as such are intended to reflect and relate to the everyday lives of the common people. therefore the songs speak as they do, and are perfectly acceptable as written. if the characters or situations of a band song ever find themselves in an english lit class at ohio state, i'm certain the lyrics would be grammatically correct! now, get busy, you've got to do a critical analyisis of my message, and correct my spelling, if need be.

Sat Aug 2 19:19:35 MET DST 1997

Richard Broadbent

From: Emmtsburg, MD

Sorry to take up space with a relatively personal reply to Butch. Regarding who the hell I am, and what I have to do with "us", as he asks: I'm a fan. I wish the best for Rick D. I love the Bands music. and I hate to see any other musician, or any other person on a slab with a needle in their arm. Hope that's ok.

Sat Aug 2 16:11:25 MET DST 1997

Kevin Gilbertson

From: Northeastern PA.

I just want to say thanks to Jan for a great Web site. I find myself coming back here everyday and finding something new. I especially appreciate the guestbook. It's definately more active than the newsgroup. I enjoy reading all the opinions and hope that ALL opinions will be welcomed. Hey, we all have our views. I hope that ALL views continue to get posted, as in my opinion, these views make this site even better.

Sat Aug 2 15:59:39 MET DST 1997

Thomas H. Freeman

From: Norwalk, Ohio

Jan: Here are some emendations for you to consider. Rag Mama Rag. Should be in key of F. The Night They Drove...Second verse, line 4 should read: But they should never have taken the very best. NOT never should. When you Awake. Third chord could be B/D#. The first line should read: Ollie told me I'm the fool. NOT a fool. Third line should read: Sat upon my grandpaw's knee, what do you think.... (The word "and" does not separate the phrases. Chord in Chorus should be Dm not D7. Line five in second verse should read: Sleep with the light an' you got it beat" The word "on" is not in the recorded version. Third verse: Delete the word "but" at the beginning of line three to read "What am I supposed to do?" Fourth verse: Wash my hands, NOT hand. Fifth verse: Ain't no reason to hang my head. NOT your head. Up on Cripple Creek. R in Mississipi River should be capitalized. Delete the word The at the beginning of line three in second verse and delete the word When at the beginning of line four in second verse. The end of line four in second verse should be: sure enough we had won. NOT, she. Delete the word AND from the beginning of second line in third verse. Delete the word NOW from the beginning of the first line in forth verse. Last verse, line two should be livin' off the road. NOT living on the road. Jemima Surrender. Second verse should read "Jemima Surrender, that's all you have to do. NOT: I'm gonna give it to you. (Otherwise, great work by Jonathan Katz!) Rockin' Chair. I suggest second "chorus" should read: "Dip that snuff." Third chorus should read: Listen once again to the same old jokes. NOT stale jokes. Look Out, Cleveland. Delete the word "the" from the first line. I would spell the contraction "don't cha" 'don'cha.' The word "No" is pretty clear at the end of line two of the first verse. Last line of second verse should be "But he'll be down in the shelter late. NOT go down the shelter... Jawbone. Line three of first verse should be "A three time loser," The word "I'm" should be deleted from the second line of the Chorus. (Why don'cha sit and moan?) Up on your toes. NOT upon your toes (ouch). Puts you on edge. NOT Put you on edge. (The word 'name' is singular and requires a singular verb.) King Harvest. Hey, rainmaker, can't your hear the call. NOT my call. Delete the word 'and' immediatley preceding 'pretty soon a carnival....' Our horse Jethro. NOT my horse Jethro. Delete the word 'and' immediately preceding 'I can't remember things bein THAT bad.' NOT so bad. "Men, that's when we gotta go on strike." NOT you. Of course, I could be completely wrong with respect to these suggested emendations. My ISP incorrectly adds the prefix "mail" to my return address so if you wish to reply please use /s/ Thomas Freeman

Sat Aug 2 04:43:30 MET DST 1997

Another Danko Fan


Rick was interviewed prior to The Band's concert in Carnegie Hall in March and it was "soon to be published". Does anyone know if it was and in what magazine? He mentioned a Keith Richards collaboration and gave Robbie a hard time AND MENTIONED THAT HE PLANNED TO RELEASE A SOLO LIVE CD SOON, POSSIBLY FROM SHOWS IN JAPAN. I REST MY CASE

Sat Aug 2 01:33:07 MET DST 1997

Serge Daniloff

From: London, Ontario, Canada

Want to wish you a Happy Birthday, Garth. Guess this is the big one... :) Many happy returns. Many of us in London still remember you and talk about you when we see each other: Ron Fleming, Jack Wingate, Bob Rawling, Heather Erskine-Meier, John Noubarian and the many local musicians you once knew and played with. We all wish you the best of everything, and success in whatever you do. Thank you for all the years of great music. Don't stop.

Fri Aug 1 22:56:55 MET DST 1997

Anthony Fappiano

From: Guilford, CT
Home page:

As for Richard Broadbent: I can totally understand some of his views, regarding Heroine anyway. I personally feel that locking him up for ten years would have proved absolutley nothing. Drug users(in many cases, and probably in Rick's) are simply that: users. They are not neccesarily rapists or murderers or scummy dealers. Perhaps we should stop putting everyone charged with drug use in the same class as those low lifes. As for Levon...I basically feel he's way off base, but his views are his own. Levon is the kind of guy with high strung emotions. It shows in his music and it is this quality that many of us love and respect about him. Nowhere are those emotions profiled more comprehensively than in his book. Cheers to all...Hope to see The Band and everyone else from this site in Hartford on the 16th...Thanks!

Fri Aug 1 21:55:01 MET DST 1997


From: Boston

Strong words indeed from Richard Broadbent, but he has the right to express his views. And I suspect there are many who feel the same, even though they may not be so willing to come forward. Bear in mind, that whilst some folks might still love Rick and The Band, and would always wish good things for them----they may feel very strongly about the drug issue, and may feel they simply cannot be seen to support it. And of course, that's understandable. Others have suggested, that maybe if at least some of the monies from the CD were going to a drug related charity, say to help young folks, that would have put a different slant on it?------As for the Rick CD, there are some who feel pretty hurt over this and certainly feel they are being "used". Not so much by the fact that it exists, or of the reasons why, as of course they wish the best for Rick. But by the very fact that when it suits them, The Band have gotten together such a CD. And in all of a few weeks too, a miracle indeed! And the plain truth is (despite what The Band might say now) it's obvious that such material would not otherwise have been made available. But it seems that when they need something to save their butts, they can very easily manage it!------So make no mistake Band fans, this was not a project lovingly crafted for the benefit of YOU. For years, they have been sitting on mountains of great stuff, both live & studio. We had to wait a decade for Jericho. And why never any Richard Manuel album of material as a tribute?? That's been the saddest omission, and in its place all they could muster were a couple of belated & completely out-of-place tracks on Band albums. So what's next, do we have to wait until Garth or Levon are in trouble before they are willing to share more? More strong words----but it's the real world pal, and the truth.

Fri Aug 1 21:29:45 MET DST 1997

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway

New record for the Band guestbook last month, over 90K of HTML generated by the visitors to this site. For those of you wondering what the latest entries here are all about, see the guestbook for July. And Carole...I'm afraid Robbie does not read this site (I bet his lawyers would have told me long ago if he did :-) don't happen too fancy Scandinavian nerds too?

Fri Aug 1 18:44:05 MET DST 1997

Scott M. Pordon

From: Paramus NJ + Decatur NY

Since Mr. Broadbent has the right to state his opinion, I have the right respond....I have 3 words for you, compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness. It must be quite a responsability being perfect.

Fri Aug 1 18:37:41 MET DST 1997

Stefaan François

From: Kortrijk Belgium

Dear Garth&Maud Hope you recieved that piece of flemish lace in good conditions. greetings Stefaan

Fri Aug 1 18:37:14 MET DST 1997

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Ga.

Let's get back to the music. Don't want to start an audiophile debate on the merits or shortcomings of the compact disk vs. vinyl, since above all, IT'S THE MUSIC THAT MATTERS. Any Band CD, no matter how poorly mixed or mastered, rises above most of the dreck, especially of late, released by other musicians. But for those who care about sound quality, the best CD release by far of any Band album is the DCC labels gold disc version of "Stage Fright". Steve Hoffman of DCC uses only true master tapes for remastering to CD. The results are surprising & breathtaking--you'll hear things you've never noticed before, no matter how familiar you are with the material. Although pricey at $30 retail, you can often find it discounted. Treat yourself & check it out. You already know how great the music is--now for the first time hear it in "all the glory".

Fri Aug 1 18:27:42 MET DST 1997

Jake Rashkind

From: Lawrenceville, NJ

I recently received Rick Danko's live C.D. I bought it because I happen to love Danko's voice, not really to help his cause. The sound quality of the C.D. is pretty poor, though the "Blind Willie McTell" is alone enough of a reason to own it. Does anybody out there know if the additional lyrics at the end of "The Long Black Veil" are from a Johnny Cash song. What song is it? The drums don't fit on that song at all. It sounds like a mess. I would still love to hear some other Danko performances, and will provide blanks and even some moula if someone has some interesting stuff that is decent quality. So I always read all of this debate about the Band, and whether or not Robbie is really as much of a jerk as Levon portrays him as being. (By the way, has anybody else noticed Danko's subtle mock of Robertson's antics on "Helpless" during "The Last Waltz". Danko nods his head imitating Robiie, then during the final chorus, Neil helps Rick squeeze Robbie off of the mike. That's the way I see it, and it seems only fair considering how shafted Richard Manuel was on that film, so that Robbie could be shown lipsynching. Levon has a point there.But after all of this stuff with Rick, and in light of Richard's early exit, and rumors of Levon's heroine addiction, I can't help but think that Robbie just saw this stuff coming. Now I'm not saying I love Robbie personally, though his playing is magnificent, and the stongest Band was with him (No offense to Weider. He's great)It sounds to me like it's more than just the drugs that have gotten to the Band, but even probably some Co-dependency issues as well. I mean when you grow up with people, live with them, play with them, do drugs with them, drink with them, it starts to get weird when people decide that want to make a change, and it's got to be a hell of a difficult thing to do on the road, where you've been known as a party animal all of your life. Maybe Robbie just got a wiff of the Java before everyone else did, and the rest of the guys (particularly Levon) didn't want to deal with some issues that needed to be dealt with. For any of you that saw the VH-1 special on the second album, it was alarming to me to hear Rick in denial about Richard Manuel's death. He said something like, "it had to be just a really big accident, I can't believe someone would ever feel like that." I've heard it said that Rick still thinks that it could have been something like sexual asphyxiation. Rick, I love you man, but DENIAL ain't just a river in Egypt. So I agree that it's silly to glorify the fact that Rick fought the law, and Rick won, because if Rick Danko and the rest of the BAnd are really interested in helping the neighborhood, then they are going to have to clean it up. I'd love to count on seeing them for years and years to come, but something's going to have to give. Ask any musician who has gotten sober after years of abuse, and they will tell you that their playing is now so much sharper, in tune, and cathartic. You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but dogs never seem to live as long as people do. Best of luck, use the force (the music).

Fri Aug 1 18:04:26 MET DST 1997

Philip Morland

From: Norwegian

The band was a wery god band. I am a wery big fan of the band.

Fri Aug 1 18:03:26 MET DST 1997

Luis Loucks

From: New York F****'N City

A comment for Richard Broadbent.. GET BENT! Why don't you start an AA meeting in the "I hate The Band" newsgroup. Can't think of something good to say than don't say nuthin' at all son, that's what my Daddy used to say. Question; What the hell makes people think that it's o.k. to come in this space especially and trash anyone, much less THE BAND... I don't get it! Peace, Luis.. P.S., I'm going back to looking in The Village Voice every week to look for your name in there Rick, when are you playin' again?

Fri Aug 1 08:41:16 MET DST 1997


From: Anaheim, California

So sorry that you didn't plan your scheduled tour we sure missed you in LA. We still went ot the concert and Hot Tuna was great. I would say 80% of the people didn't show. Hope to see you guys soon.

Fri Aug 1 07:29:21 MET DST 1997

Dave Charles

From: Brisbane Australia
Home page:

Hi guys, Great web site. Use to see you witht he Hawk in Port Dover Canada. What a party. It a wonder I'm still kickin after some of those. Glad to see you are all making new music. Its 25c and sunny in the middle of our Winter. Life is good. Dave

Fri Aug 1 05:22:29 MET DST 1997

Van Mark

From: Syracuse NY

Saw The Wallfowers w/ Counting Crows at Saratoga NY SPAC 7/27, Levon came out w/ mandolin and did The Weight w/ Jakob. Made the show (Clash Brand New Cadillac was next best!) Levon stil is the best hilbillyblues voice around! Hope we all see RLG soon!

Fri Aug 1 01:19:33 MET DST 1997

TK and HK

From: New Jersey

Richard B....were you born in the rain by the Ponchartrain? LEVON RULES!

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