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The Band Guestbook, August 1999

Below are (most of) the entries in The Band guestbook from August 1999. The August guestbook was edited and closed for a while due to too much flaming.

Posted on Tue Aug 31 23:02:26 CEST 1999 from (

[guest photo]


From: Woodstock Records
Home page


I would like to extend thanks to Peter Viney for his extremely insightful review of Rick's "Live On Breeze Hill".

I would also like to clear up the supposed mispelling of "Caldonia Mission". When I saw the original layout for the cd, I questioned it too, however, Garth has the original 1930's sheet music and that's the original spelling, years later, people who recorded it and used it, changed the name for enunciation or phonetics.(sic?) So, it's the in-joke for authenticity.

We would like to see other reviews, it's great to see everyone's point of view!

Thanks for your love and support.

Peace from Woodstock!
Tom - Woodstock Records

Posted on Tue Aug 31 22:06:35 CEST 1999 from (

Sore finger

From: blister

If someone will start a 16 team roundrobin soccer elimination tournament, we'd be okay. All the fans that could, would go. And punch each other out. All the fans that couldn't go, will go down to the pub to watch, and punch each other out. Any survivors that happened to make it home before Saturday wouldn't be able to vote. (sore, swollen knuckles) ......... don't blame the Band-aid corp. for this one

Posted on Tue Aug 31 21:45:52 CEST 1999 from (

Mal Mallard (aka Greenhead)

From: The Duck Pond

I'm paddling around and feeling quite content that The Band is still in the number 2 spot behind the fab Mop Tops! Let's keep it that way! And Jan -- please for your own good be a bit more subtle with your voting hints! Don't you realize that if The Band does actually win YOU are gonna have to accept the Golden Stimmer on behalf of the boys with the possibility that someone from a hostile camp will whip out a printout of your recent GB postings at the ceremony and call for a recount? FOR THOSE INTERESTED - NASA replied to my request to borrow the Hubbell Space Telescope by saying: "... we doubt that this instrument would be powerful enough to locate the Grateful Dead in the VG Rock Poll." Maybe by next year the technology will have advanced enough to make it possible. I'm outta here! Quack! Quack! ~~~waddle~~~waddle

Posted on Tue Aug 31 21:51:15 CEST 1999 from (


"...I've got blisters on my fingers..."

Band = second again & Little Feat = down under ... sigh...

Posted on Tue Aug 31 21:34:03 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Wonder why noone has thought of the obvious? Sleeping Pills. Those poor Beatle and Queen fans must be exhausted. I'm thinking we should let em sleep..till say..friday. It's the least we can do :-)

Posted on Tue Aug 31 21:33:18 CEST 1999 from (

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

Any one interested, Best Buys has the Mercury Rev CD on sale for $10.00, going to buy mine tonight. Must also set my recorder on for the REM concert here tonight. Anyone wanting a copy, email me and we can work it out. Not you David, you can make your own.

Posted on Tue Aug 31 21:21:20 CEST 1999 from (

John Donabie

Peter....interesting thing is (as you know.) The Brits and Europeans have been watching a much better picture in your homes than we have ever had in North America.

Voted 3 times today

Posted on Tue Aug 31 21:12:29 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

The Beatles keep steaming ahead. Not unjustifiably, I have to admit. Has anyone checked out “rival” websites to see if they’re doing a “Mayor Daley” as well? The poll shows that longevity is important - but on that criterion The Stones should be up there just after The Band (even though their last completely satisfying album was either “Exile on Main St.” or “Sticky Fingers”). No Grateful Dead, but also no Velvet Underground, Mothers of Invention, Byrds, Airplane, CSNY, King Crimson, Genesis, Oasis (surprise), Red Road Ensemble (I didn’t expect it), no solo singers (except Neil Young AND Crazy Horse). This is not stuff I’d vote for, but I’m still surprised at its absence. No soul (What about The Temptations, Four Tops, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Booker T & The MGs). But … Motorhead? Hawkwind? Serious head-banging material. Think I might pop over and cast one for The Band (again).

John, a Loewe 42 inch plasma TV is £14,000 in Britain (say $20,000) and Sony plasma runs from £9000 to £12000. New Panasonic 42 inch plasma is £11,000. Though plasma needs to be seen … it hangs on the wall like a picture … they say it has a life of approximately 5 years before major replacement components are needed. You’re talking 8 years in the US / Canada for an end to analogue - they’re muttering here about 2004 for all-digital. This is not even HDTV, but supposedly compatible.

Like Lil, I remember the impact of colour TV arriving. It was autumn, 1967 for us in the UK, as we waited to adopt the German PAL system rather than the American NTSC, which is known in the trade as “Never Twice the Same Colour”. Our residence hall at university rented one of the first colour TVs for the huge sum of about one dollar per week. The first show I saw was tennis and I wondered why they needed three colour guns - green and white was sufficient. The second was Andy Williams and the Supremes, converted from NTSC, which removed the fear of colour prejudice in the media for ever. When everyone is purple with orange streaks, what’s there to argue about? Don’t forget Marshall McLuhan (another Canadian sage). Watching TV with its lateral image shifts rescues you from the left-brain programming you get when you learn to read via the linear alphabet. This is argued more comprehensively in “The Alphabet & The Goddess” (recently published).

Posted on Tue Aug 31 20:14:56 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

John: Yikes! $10,000 for a tv? Geez..glad my family is not big on sitting in front of the tube. Kind of scary though to think that those who watch tv won't have a choice in years to come. I can still remember when my parents got our very first color tv. It was a privledge then. Almost makes you wonder if the world hasn't gone to hell because of so much taken for granted.

Hope you're all voting..conscienciously..and often. Finishing second to the Beatles is something we can all live with...but Queen?? What's _that_ about?

Posted on Tue Aug 31 19:51:45 CEST 1999 from (


Just a tip from an electronics genius friend of mind.

Starting this summer Direct TV has started broadcasting on a seperate satellite to begin bringing us High Definition TV. Currently one of these TV's costs $10,000. The chinese are working on a $4000.00 model. Still too rich for my blood. This will be the ultimate in TV viewing for North America. However we won't have a choice in years to come.

By the year 2007 all of us will have to have purchased new TV's in order to see the many new lines and "theater like" picture. The U.S. and Canadian govt. are giving us 8 years for the transition. My thoughts were..."I will if I can afford or feel like it." It appears that we won't have any choice, if you want to watch TV. No matter how many thousands someone has spent on their new TV, it will not be compatible with High Definition. What that means is that your present TV screen is going to look pretty weird. Not just a poorer picture; but very very difficult to watch. Kind of like trying to tune in a picture on cable that you haven't paid for.

Think about it! I don't know anyone who doesn't own at TV that looks upon it as a privilege. Whether you spend a $100 or $10,000 dollars it is a part of our lifestyle and has been for a few decades. I think this will be one of the greatest social changes since the telephone. When good old Mr. Bell brought it out, the days of talking over the clothes line or goin' down the road for a chat, became far and in between. You just grabbed the phone.

Also for those of you saving for your High Definition might want to wait for your DVD machine. It will be the "next generation" that will be compatible with High Definition. About 18 months away. Nothing to do with The Band; but something to think about. Right now I'm just trying to raise some money for vinyl siding.

Posted on Tue Aug 31 20:00 CEST 1999 from (

Jan H.

And here's your daily reminder about the "best rock band of all times" Internet poll in the Norwegian newspaper VG, that closes on September 3rd. To vote for The Band, go to:

then scroll down until you find "The Band" and click on the red "text button" right below. I've heard that you can even vote two or more times per day ...

Posted on Tue Aug 31 19:45:53 CEST 1999 from (

Ryan Stang

From: Madison, WI

Does anybody have a tape (or know how to get a cd bootleg) of Dylan/The Band at the Isle Of Wight? I really don't have anything to trade, besides an insane collection of Black Crowes concerts from 90-97. Any info would help! Also, I've seen pictures from the recording of Big Pink and The Band where Robbie has a Fender Super Reverb, and a piggyback Fender Amp. Does anyone know if this is in fact a Showman? I know that Rick used a Bassman or Showman head along with a late-60's (2x12/2x15) Bassman cab. Is Levon's famous wood-rim drum kit a Gretsch? I know his other kits were Gretsch, except for the Ludwig in the Last Waltz.

Posted on Tue Aug 31 19:13:04 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Years before the B-52s, REM, Vic Chesnut and Widespread Panic put the sleeply southern college town on the map, another Athens, Georgia-based musician, Randall Bramblett, made a name for himself. Primarily as a sax player & keyboardist, Randall became an in-demand musician's musician. The long list of artists he's worked with over the years includes B.J. Thomas, Gregg Allman, Cowboy, Chuck Leavall, Allen Toussaint, Steve Winwood, Robbie Robertson and Levon Helm.

In addition to soprano & alto sax, Randall is also talented on keyboards, guitar, harmonica and mandolin. A fine singer & songwriter, he recorded two solo albums in the mid-70s on the Polydor label, "That Other Mile" and "Light of the Night," that featured all original material.

Last year, the resurrected Capricorn label released a new Randall Bramblett album entitled "See Through Me." Randall, accompanied by his longtime collaborator, guitarist Davis Causey, presents a strong set of original tunes. His gospel/soul influenced style of rock is a soothing breath of fresh air amidst the current din of rage that has taken over the airwaves.

Posted on Tue Aug 31 18:20:25 CEST 1999 from (


From: Ct

David Powell: If you ever see Peter Buck again, ask him about being in the studio with Robbie Robertson. In Rolling Stone's Random Notes in the 80s(I can't remember which year) , the two were supposed to be in the studio together.

Diamond Lil: Thanks for answering my post.

Posted on Tue Aug 31 18:09:23 CEST 1999 from (

Mal Mallard (aka Greenhead)

From: The Duck Pond

Well, a cold chill has settled on the pond this morning with The Band now trailing the Beatles in second place. But you know what? I feel a little bit relieved and a lot less guilty because that's exactly where they belong. So let's keep voting -- but just enough to keep them there! BTW - still no sign of the Grateful Dead. Maybe I should get a new pair of binoculars or perhaps ask NASA if I can borrow the Hubbell Telescope for a couple of days... I'm outta here! Quack! Quack! ~~~waddle~~~waddle

Posted on Tue Aug 31 15:31:13 CEST 1999 from (


From: Lee Vining, Ca.

Anyone going to Albany tonight? I'm excited about the show tonight "featuring" Levon's band and Little Feat and I'm on the opposite coast and not attending.Oh well, how about a review tomorrow from someone that is going? If anyone can ask a direct question about future concerts etc., pin the man down.(Yeah, right.That approach will go over real well)I saw Little Feat in May at a Blues Festival and they played blues and R&B.They didn't cover much of the old favorites(Lowell George).This last Sat. I made it up to Truckee Meadows and saw KVHW. This group is one heck of a jam band with a capital JAM.Tryin' to tie this in Terry Haggerty is now playin' w/ KVHW and I believe Hag Man was on the same bill w/ THE BAND at the Fillmore back when Terry and Bill Champlin's band were playin' there.

Posted on Tue Aug 31 15:08:24 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

For those Band fans who may also enjoy the music of REM, I thought I'd mention that a local radio station will be broadcasting REM's concert tonight in Atlanta live on the world wide web. The show is scheduled to start at 9:00 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Savings Time Zone) and the internet address is:

I know this is not Band related, so please excuse me for plugging my homeboys. But anyway, Peter Buck once sold me a Band album back when he was still working at Wuxtry in Athens.

Posted on Tue Aug 31 14:49:35 CEST 1999 from (


From: Her Majesty's Pleasure

Anyone got anyway of improving on Gene's method? (For academic purposes and research information only of course).

Posted on Tue Aug 31 14:38:01 CEST 1999 from (


From: Dutchess County

My previous post was made for informational and research purposes only. I do not, of course, advocate the breaking of any laws.

Posted on Tue Aug 31 14:27:35 CEST 1999 from (

Roger Woods

From: Birmingham, UK

There's some heavy voting going down at the moment for our guys. I've just watched it move 40 votes in 10 minutes. I was even tempted to vote a second time myself, just to test Gene's method. But that would be wrong. (Nixon, Checkers speech.)

Posted on Tue Aug 31 13:57:37 CEST 1999 from (


From: Dutchess County

The way I do it with the 'stemmers', and PLEASE tell me if there is an easier way, is after I hit the Band and the screen goes black, I disconnect off the internet. Then I reconnect and go to the HOT O'METER through a bookmark and do it all over again. A bit labor-intensive but the quickest way I've found.

Posted on Tue Aug 31 12:56:55 CEST 1999 from (


From: the taskmaster

Just curious, but could anybody tell me about how long in between votes it takes to revote. got this little coop kid at the office, need to keep him busy (might actually get my money's worth out of him :) in between his "researching" cool bike sites on the net and aggravating his mother....

Got Mule Variations but did not have Breeze Hill... might have to do the "you mean you don't have BREEZE HILL? how uncool" routine on those younguns at the record store... works at home. :) At any rate, Mule Variations is just what i needed to inspire my day. thanks for the help.

take care, everybody.

Posted on Tue Aug 31 12:14:48 CEST 1999 from (


From: Norway

The Band is on third now at the hot-o-meter, this is getting better and better for each time! They are 1000 votes behind The Beatles, I don't know whats wrong with norwegian people.........other norwegians....

Posted on Tue Aug 31 11:53:15 CEST 1999 from (

Lil (again)

Ghost Rider: Found what I was looking for..but not as much info as I thought. Here's what I have:

Saturday Sept 4th: John Hall and friends. Opus 40, Saugerties NY. Tickets $17.00 in advance - $20 at the gate. Gate opens 3pm. Showtime 4pm. John Hall, Rick Danko, Professor "Louie" Hurwitz, Robbie Dupree..and others. Other info can be obtained at: (914) 246-3400. Hope this helps!

Posted on Tue Aug 31 10:35:29 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Ghost Rider: The Opus 40 show is actually a tribute to John Hall. Rick is just one of several performers. I have a listing here somewhere of who else will be playing, but it's 5:30 in the morning..and right now all I can locate is my keyboard and my coffee. I'll look for the list, and if noone else posts the line-up before I'm fully awake, I'll do so gladly :-)

Posted on Tue Aug 31 07:03:46 CEST 1999 from (


From: everybody knows this is nowhere

Not meaning to upset anyone but just a quick note to say that if any band finished ahead of the Beatles it would be a mis-justice to Rock'n'Roll.I hate been bias.

Posted on Tue Aug 31 06:26:35 CEST 1999 from (


I'm dying to get my hands on a tape/CD-R of Rick doing Acadian Driftwood. I've got more than a few Band shows to trade. E-mail me if you're interested. Mark

Posted on Tue Aug 31 03:53:00 CEST 1999 from (

Ghost Rider

Just noticed that over on EBAY they're auctioning off an "advance copy" CD of The Best of The Band, Volume II" ... "scheduled to be released Oct. 5, 1999". The track listing is: Stand Up, Remedy, Back To Memphis, Blind Willie McTell, Atlantic City, Forever Young, Youngblood, Stuff You Gotta Watch, High Price Of Love, She Knows, and White Cadillac. Interesting that the latter cut is the only representative from Jubilation. Minimum bid at the moment is $8.50.

I see they've also got a hard cover copy of Levon's book which will remain on the auction block for another few days. Current price, $5.00 . Find it at: (or somethin' like that!)

Posted on Tue Aug 31 03:25:27 CEST 1999 from (

Ghost Rider

From: In Your Yard

I hate to divert anyone's attention from the important business of stuffing electronic ballot boxes, but does anyone know anything about Rick's scheduled show at Opus 40 this weekend....who he's playing with...what time...who else is on the bill...ticket prices?

Hope to hear from anyone who made it, how Levon's show in Albany was on Tuesday night.

And Diamond Lil, nothing stupid about that last post of yours at all. Just pure and simple and heartfelt, which is what we've come to expect of you.

Posted on Tue Aug 31 02:49:54 CEST 1999 from (

Mal Mallard (aka Greenhead)

From: The Duck Pond

Well, now that The Band is back on top in the VG Rock Poll I'm gonna swim behind my little clump of cat-tails and get some shut-eye! BTW - don't mean to ruffle anyone's feathers but I happened to notice that the Grateful Dead are not even listed in the poll! But maybe it's just my eyesight (the pond's been a bit murky today) or maybe they just don't bother listing the bands with LESS than 10 votes (Fleetwood Mac's in the cellar with 10)! Quack! Quack! ~~~waddle~~~waddle

Posted on Tue Aug 31 02:00:22 CEST 1999 from (

Aslag Haugen

From: Norway
Home page

Yea!!!! Right now The band is number one.1653 points Queen is number two. 1580 points. keep up the good work!!

Posted on Tue Aug 31 01:08:57 CEST 1999 from (

Johnny Ray

From: Pawling

October 30, 1999 Jim Weider & the Honky Tonk Gurus @ The Towne Crier. You heard it here first friends n neighbors.

Posted on Mon Aug 30 21:54:46 CEST 1999 from (

tim lowes

From: england

The band are brilliant and the web site is a true reflection of their talents...keep it up.

Posted on Mon Aug 30 18:51:45 CEST 1999 from (

Sen. Cheatum

From: Washington DC

"These are the times that try men's souls." I was shocked soon after arriving at my office this morning. Following a quick routine surf of several of my favorite porno sites I checked the VG homepage to find that The Band has slipped back to third place in the internationally prestigious Verdens Gang Rock Poll! I had always thought the Band fans to be the "best little ballot stuffers on the planet" but others apparently are very good at it too -- especially the Queen fans! My secretary now reports that the Band Website's private jumbo jet has returned to it's hanger and Jan's order for 2,000 cases of champagne has been put on hold and may be cancelled. My only question is this: Are we gonna sit back and let them outcheat us? I SAY NO!!! It's not over 'til the fat lady sings! With your help she will be singing "The Weight!" KEEP ON VOTIN'!!!

Posted on Mon Aug 30 17:21:03 CEST 1999 from (

Sore Finger

From: Blister

This is the vote count as of 2 AM: QUEEN 739, BEATLES 1123, BAND 1213, U2 753, PINK FLOYD 875. Then the Euros. went to their jobs and got on their computers. The numbers as of Noon today: QUEEN 1515, BEATLES 1447, BAND 1402, U2 1159, PINK FLOYD 1021 !!! Folks, what are we going to do?! We have several more days of them having access to computers (and that "bump-'em-up good" program). Can someone out there tell us how we can do the same thing? P.S.: Paying is good, Lil! Could it be that someone on a LAN or network is using everyone in their e-mail network as a separate vote submitted as a group? again, brought to you by those friendly folks at Band-Aid

Posted on Mon Aug 30 15:09:40 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Catbalu's mention of the late Minnie Pearl reminded me that Robbie Robertson was supposedly inspired by Minnie's middle name to use in a song. Her real name was Sarah Ophelia Colley. Howwwdee!

Posted on Mon Aug 30 14:50:59 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

Trailing behind The Beatles is acceptable … you can just about live with that. Obviously The Band should be first, but second to The Beatles is not too bad. But trailing third to Queen is out-of-the-question! There’s cheating going on here- I don’t like their round number of 1500. Freddie Mercury gives me instant bad toothache every time I hear his dreadful wail. Has everyone voted yet?

Posted on Mon Aug 30 14:18:23 CEST 1999 from (

increasingly panicking

From: ragtime again

even worse... Queen leading now... what's the world coming to...

Posted on Mon Aug 30 12:03:55 CEST 1999 from (

panicking Ragtime

What's happening? Beatles are leading........

Posted on Mon Aug 30 11:55:24 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Aah...nothing like quality family time at the voting booth. The kids are voting..often..and I only have to pay em a quarter each time! Amazing how a family will rally around in times like these. Now if only I could get em to clean their rooms....

Jan..thanks for your help with my nutscape problem. Nice to know you're really earning those webmaster big bucks :-)

Posted on Mon Aug 30 08:26:47 CEST 1999 from (

Angelo Poulos

Can't Beat The BAND!

Posted on Mon Aug 30 07:01:54 CEST 1999 from (


I'm the one who just made it 1200. Fab Four Far Behind ;-)

Difficult link Jonathan (oh no, not another one...)

Posted on Mon Aug 30 06:19:03 CEST 1999 from (

me again

From: hasn't changed

Vote here

Posted on Mon Aug 30 05:57:40 CEST 1999 from (

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

Oh no! Not another one! CDNow is polling for artist of the millenium.

Posted on Mon Aug 30 05:09:15 CEST 1999 from (


From: the tri-county area

Can't we help Neil out a little on this voting thing too? He's behind Gun's and Posies and Kiss! Don't ya think he deserves better?

Posted on Mon Aug 30 03:07:41 CEST 1999 from (

Sore Finger

From: Blister

Will someone please contact the Band members! They must have a few computers between them and their family members. Sure could use the help in that voting booth! The Euros. will be waking up soon. Then we could be in trouble. Don't rest on your laurels. Or anything else. Get over there and push that little red button. Thank you. this message is brought to you by the Band-aid Corporation

Posted on Mon Aug 30 02:37:45 CEST 1999 from (

Rep. Sam Stuffbox

From: Wash, DC

Hey!! Don't quit now - we can REALLY win this thing!! And Jan's gonna fly us all over for the big affair in the Band Website's private jumbo jet!! Do I really have to say it again? VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! (I can almost hear those champagne corks a'poppin'!) This will put the Band on Top for the whole damn 20TH CENTURY!!! Let's do it for Richard!

Posted on Mon Aug 30 01:57:01 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

This may perhaps be the stupidest post thing I ever posted, but I just read through the posts of the past couple of weeks...and realized for the first time in a long truly _pleasant_ it is to be here. Thanks.

Posted on Sun Aug 29 18:26:13 CEST 1999 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Every time I try to log onto the hot-o-meter page, the graphics go crazy and Netscape shuts down. Any advice?

Posted on Sun Aug 29 18:19:23 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

The Band have edged back in front by just three votes at 17.20 British Summer t ime. I can't take this suspense much longer! Catbalu's right about that submit b utton. Doesn't seem to work to me either.

Posted on Sun Aug 29 18:12:15 CEST 1999 from (

Jan H.

The Band is now battling with the Beatles for first place in the "best rock band of all times" Internet poll in the Norwegian newspaper VG! The poll closes on September 3rd, so if you want to vote (again...) for Levon, Robbie, Rick, Richard and Garth, go to:

Just scroll down until you find "The Band" and then click on the red "text button" right below to vote for our boys.

PS. In case any of you wonder why I don't reply to e-mail: My mail server refuses to forward anything to me at the moment, I'll fix it tomorrow. Hopefully no mail has been lost.

Posted on Sun Aug 29 18:09:22 CEST 1999 from (


From: *Acting on behalf of S.A.S.*
Home page

A communication #2 (#1: Sat Aug 28/Peter Viney)
The management say they are sorry for inconvenience you are suffering.

Posted on Sun Aug 29 18:06:14 CEST 1999 from (


From: i was so much older then, i'm younger than that now

Freddy, darlin', so nice to hear from you again! (be-still my beating heart :) I must admit, had been contemplating the change of name... but i really like the sound of Catbalese better... t'would be truly tragical to let a good word go to waste, so in hopes that my tribe should never meet the same fate as the Minoans, i will gladly accept the title of (gorgeous) Ambassadoresse of the Catbalese. And being you are the star pupil of Dean Bursar's esteemed class of Higher Interpretive Learning.... i would like to request a small favor. After receiving several responses to my advertisement for salesperson/designated driver, there are some that arrived written in English. Ever seeking the advice of The Finest of the Breed, it would be most appreciated if you could tell me what they claim as qualifications... now, "bare" in mind, the front-runner up til now is the fireman who used to "test-drive" his new bucket-truck in view of our 2nd floor window, providing many memorable "pepsi moments" for an office of predominantly women... but we will be willing train the right person, should they be willin to tolerate our ancient customs. :) With all due respect, i remain, KrazyCatbalese.

Now, i think i've figured out why some in here are being falsely accused of multipile votes - that counter thing is messed up! I keep having to go back and press it twice because it looks like it isn't changing the number! So i just keep going back and trying again. I swear, i have to keep submitting and submitting and submitting because, i think it's broke and until somebody proves to me it isn't i just have no choice but to keep on trying. Guess when i get back to the office tomorrow, i'll just go ahead and test it out on all 8 of my machines and see if it's, you know, pilot error... if not, we'll keep on trying til we see the number change... so hard to find competent help these days.... P.S. should anyone have received an email to one Carol Kowalski, please disregard. :) had a family reunion with the.... Catbalese side of the family, & they hit me all at once now that they have my email address. and they do carry on...

Posted on Sun Aug 29 16:00:55 CEST 1999 from (


From: Dutchess County

The Fab Four have just inched by Our Lads to retake the lead. We got us a real a real barn burner now!

Posted on Sun Aug 29 14:25:11 CEST 1999 from (

Freddy Fishstick

From: Nassau Beach

Crazy Kat Balu

Dean Bursar's assignment required me to dig through ancient archives in reference to "Catbalese". This included the Guestbook. I noted that on 4/30/99 I officially changed your monicker. :-) I was reminded of this by a mutual friend. Just wanted to clear that up. As for the poll, based on my mornings deluge- Jimmy Buffett is now number one in Europe. A fine mornings work. :-)

Posted on Sun Aug 29 11:44:17 CEST 1999 from (


From: Down South In New South Wales

Hi once again to the true Band fans, Ive returned here after a lengthy hiatus after becoming dissillusioned by some of the snide and unneccessary insults doled out by anonymous people with nothing constructive or original to say.I'm happy to see that due to Jan's good work you now need to supply a valid e-mail address.

Voting for the best band of all time ??...Can you pick two ?...The Band and Creedence, cant split them...

Posted on Sun Aug 29 08:11:27 CEST 1999 from (


From: the Fab Four vs. Our Guys contest

"Liverpudlene vinner alltid..."... NEJ! not this time... :-)

world famous in Norway :-)

but still... got an uneasy feelin'... ;-)

we always said The Band was not THAT kind of band ;-)

hm... running out of smiles & winks ;-]

Posted on Sun Aug 29 07:21:45 CEST 1999 from (

Walter Winchell

From: The Pressroom


Posted on Sun Aug 29 07:17:39 CEST 1999 from (

Gen George Patton

From: USA

Right now the Band is number 1 in the poll. When the others wake up they will pass us. But, for a brief time, the boys are no. 1 and maybe this will help others see that they are something special.

The Band will always be number 1.

Posted on Sun Aug 29 04:40:02 CEST 1999 from (

Sen. Cheatum

From: Washington DC

Greetings, my fellow Americans!! The Band is now number 2 in the Verdens Gang rock poll! Are we gonna let those limeys beat us? Hell no!! Get out the vote!!

Posted on Sun Aug 29 04:36:36 CEST 1999 from (

Judy Buchanan

Home page

Robbie I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of the poitive things you have said about Roy, especially after his death. It meant a lot to me. Thanks

Posted on Sun Aug 29 02:25:02 CEST 1999 from (

Blind Willie McTell

From: Toronto

I want to attend the Verdens Gang (VG)Awards when The Band receive the Gold Stemmer. Can anyone translate the date of the award show?

I just checked with Air Canada and they fly from Toronto Pearson airport (YYZ) to Olso (OSL)via London or Copenhagen and then pick up a Scandinavian Airlines flight into Olso. 10 1/2 hours.

Question for Jan: How far away from Oslo is the award ceremony?

Posted on Sun Aug 29 02:16:40 CEST 1999 from (

Bob Wardlaw

From: Louisiane

The Band is now in third place at the Hot-O- Meter!!!!

Posted on Sun Aug 29 02:05:37 CEST 1999 from (


From: Dutchess County

I think they should have used a HOT O' METER for the Heisman Trophy the year Peyton Manning got shucked.

Posted on Sun Aug 29 00:39:11 CEST 1999 from (

Mal Mallard (aka Greenhead)

From: The Duck Pond

In a recent issue of Rolling Egg magazine it was mentioned that Robbie secretly reunited with Rick, Levon, and Garth to record "I'm A Believer" for an upcoming Neil Diamond tribute album. Anyone else have any additional information regarding this? I'm outta here! Quack! Quack! ~~~waddle~~~waddle~~~~~~~~~

Posted on Sun Aug 29 00:17:33 CEST 1999 from (



What does this site have to do with Japan? I need info on how to get setup in Japan, I am a America hater because I got discharged out of the Navy and I don't want to live in the U.S. it disgusts me, so why not move to a place with culture,nice people, and prety girls, I think Japan is the answer!

Posted on Sat Aug 28 23:01:37 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

From: Acting on behalf of S.A.S.

A communication from Scandinavian Airlines System Reservations Office:

We are informed of the eventuality of a Band victory in this vital poll, in spite of unscrupulous voting by Beatles fans. As the rules clearly state that all members past and present must attend the awards ceremony to receive the silver-embossed 10th century drinking horn, we are planning the seating for flights to Norway. We have provisionally assigned seven seats in business class (2 - 3 - 2) to the six present members and Mr Robertson. Could the Band site please advise on placing? Our initial information is that Messrs Helm and Robertson should both have window seats on opposite sides of the aircraft. So who should we place next to Mr Robertson? Or should we simply place Mr Helm and Mr Robertson next to each other? And a note from the ceremony organizers. Will Mr Robertson be singing a verse of “The Weight”? And if so, which one?

Posted on Sat Aug 28 21:54:54 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

Boy, am I glad that none of us Band fans would resort to double voting. And as the Beatles disappear over the horizon, I envy Illka's youth in Finland. Those big girls have the power. It wasn't that much fun in Britain. What was?

Greetings: thanks to Catbalu for the information on “Howdy.” John Wayne comes to me first too. It must be a descendant of the very formal ‘How do you do?’ … How d’you do? … How dee do … Howdy. This reminded me of “G’day” which was formal early 19th century British English, that died out in Britain. Now this may not be of general interest, so you might want to e-mail me rather than post, but I’m interested in language and gender. I was taken to task a few years ago for having a female Australian say “G’day” in a script. I was told that this was a male greeting, and only used by females when they were consciously trying to be “one of the boys” or by females travelling outside Australia who were trying to assert their Australian identity, which is why I’d heard it from Australian women in England and Japan. A note in “Culture Shock: Australia” also warns foreigners against using the greeting unless they have aquired a “full-on Australian accent.”

Another phrase that interests me is “Scuse my reach …”from a server in a restaurant. I’ve heard that a lot in Florida, but New York friends say they’d never heard it. I heard from someone who was researching expressions who reckoned it was classic Florida Panhandle. Then a waiter said it last time I was in Chicago - and he didn’t have a Southern accent. Turned out he’d worked in Florida for a while and liked this politeness.

Anyway, back to the Band … must remember to cast my “first” vote later.

Posted on Sat Aug 28 21:49:06 CEST 1999 from (


From: w/headphones on listening to nothing

Came in after voting as my ride is late - there is a God! and i gotta ride with a bunch of teenage jocks - there is payback. :[

In light of potential scandal - luckily, multiple postings is a special gift of mine, so i'm covered. But just in case, gonna put on my wig and my new hat and say it wasn't me. It was my cousin, Caledonia, did it. Headed for the Alamo, she said.

BTW - to anyone who may be guilty of this multiple voting offense - we have an opening for a salesperson/designated driver. Although we are EOE, speaking in tongues is a plus. Excellent benefits include getting the day off when the Prez has one of her occasional delusions of her grander youth.

Dean Bursar, sir - Catbalese? Gee, sounds like a gorgeous woman to me. :) However, the ancient part, now, just because i can't HANG like i used to... perhaps your students would take a different view if you treat them to a traditional Catbalese lunch prior to discussion. Hello to Mr. Fishstick, my long lost love...

Posted on Sat Aug 28 21:26:49 CEST 1999 from (

Jan H.

And the Norwegian "best rock band of all times" Internet poll, that closes on September 3rd, is heating up. Today The Band passed Zeppelin, Stones and Metallica, and is pulling away from Bruce and the E-Street Band. So ... keep on voting folks, at:

Just scroll down until you find "The Band" and then click on the red "text button" right below to vote for our boys.

PS 1. Of course I know that none of you fair-play-loving, honest, Band fans would take advantage of the fact that you can vote twice or more for the same group if you just wait a while between succesive votes, or are able to use several different computers and/or IP addresses.

PS 2. And it's pretty straightforward for anyone with e.g. sys.op. access in a local network to write a little script that generates several hundred votes in a short time. But I'll leave that to the Beatles fans.

PS 3. To all of you that have sent me e-mail and contributions to the web site in the last few days: Sorry about not replying yet, things are a bit too hectic around here. Please be patient.

Posted on Sat Aug 28 21:16:35 CEST 1999 from (


From: Lowland's Paradise

I suggest UN should send inspectors to Norway to safeguard the procedure & integrity of the poll... er... getting lame now... sorry... :-)

Posted on Sat Aug 28 20:48:12 CEST 1999 from (

Mal Mallard (aka Greenhead)

From: The Duck Pond

Re: The prevailing opinion that Band fans should vote more than once in the Verdens Gang poll -- As my cousin Daffy would say, "This is dee-- thpicable!!" Picture this - The Band wins and the boys (minus Levon of course) fly to Norway to accept the VG award at a lavish reception which is televised all over Europe. The next day, a prominent music critic for a rival newspaper (and big Red Hot Chili Peppers fan) questions the validity of the poll citing loopholes in the software program which allowed multiple voting for the same group. The Band are immediately disgraced and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are declared the real winners. The sole Band member to remain in Norway is Rick who jams with the Peppers in his undies at the new award ceremony in a valiant effort to save the Band from further embarrassment. Quack! Quack!

Posted on Sat Aug 28 19:17:37 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Queen, U2, and REM fans voting twice??? I'm shocked! They could all learn a lesson from us honest and upstanding Band fans. nothing sacred anymore?

Gene: Too late. They've already been here but I pleaded the 5th. Said I was drunk when I voted :-) They're heading South now btw...muttering something about penguins....just thought I'd warn ya!

Hey Jan...all-powerful computer expert that you started this... now knock us over the top, will ya? :-)

Ragtime: I'm getting the feeling that we'd be saner just running the streets :-)

Posted on Sat Aug 28 18:58:40 CEST 1999 from (

Gen George Patton

From: 3rd Army

GEN PATTON: (burp) Damn. Pull over at the next farm house, private.


GEN PATTON: Plant food didn't agree with me.

Posted on Sat Aug 28 18:27:12 CEST 1999 from (


From: Dutchess County

Good thing you don't have to leave a eMail address at the HOT O'METER, eh Jan? Ha Ha. Gotta head for the hills now--them stemmer police are hot on my trail.

Posted on Sat Aug 28 18:14:29 CEST 1999 from (


Don't understand how the Beatles managed to launch themselves in just a few hours from a few hundred votes to over 1000... Big Girls In Mini Skirts Have Big Boots Made For Walking & Gonna Run All Over You...

Anyway, John, Paul, George & Ringo deserve it, to be honest... almost as much as Levon, Robbie, Rick, Richard & Garth... :-)

Still no sign of Tangled Up In Blues (officially released on August 9th) nor Danko, nor Winchester in our Low Countries. As our 19th century author Multatuli once wrote: "for mankind a beautiful thing like patience is a joy forever"... er... something like that, anyway...

Posted on Sat Aug 28 17:51:58 CEST 1999 from (

General George Patton

From: The only tank out here

GEN PATTON: (popping his head up out of the tank hatch, squinting at the battlefield as his tank speeds on): Private, what was that bump just now?

PRIVATE PARTS: Um, sir, I believe that was Metallica.

GEN PATTON: Have you spotted any Rolling Stones yet?

PRIVATE PARTS: Sir, we passed them back about 5 clicks.

GEN PATTON: So who's that up there with the balloon?

PRIVATE PARTS: Sir, that would be the Led Zeppelin.

GEN PATTON: Private, I want Led Zeppelin for lunch.

PRIVATE PARTS: Yessir....umm..perhaps someone else could lend a hand?

GEN PATTON: That would be nice.

Posted on Sat Aug 28 17:51:21 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

Illka’s girls in mini skirts have grown up and have internet access. The Beatles look uncatchable at this point. But the Band have passed Metallica and now Led Zeppelin look vulnerable. But looking at the voting, I wonder if some of those Queen, U2 and REM fans are voting twice! They wouldn’t, would they?

Posted on Sat Aug 28 17:41:04 CEST 1999 from (

Tony LoBue

Home page

To here the concert with Levon and the Blues Band w/guests. Radio Woodstock Webcast on demand.

Posted on Sat Aug 28 14:20:31 CEST 1999 from (

Dean Bursar

From: Berklee School

Catbalu: Always enjoy your posts and the cut of your jive. Had my students researching your argot. We conclude that your dialect is ancient Catbalese. Atleast that was the conclusion of my star pupil the ever popular Frederick T. Fishstick.

Posted on Sat Aug 28 12:45:56 CEST 1999 from (


Yes Lil, Jan knows how to keep us off the streets... :-)

Posted on Sat Aug 28 12:30:37 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Ragtime: Nice to see someone updating us on the progress of the poll. I'm having trouble fully loading the page all of a sudden (hmm..perhaps I was kicked out for ehm..overvoting? :-) so I appreciate your frequent commentaries.

Paul Godfrey: Sorry to hear about your car. Glad you weren't hurt badly. Don't know Julia..but loved her comment! Shine on :-)

Posted on Sat Aug 28 08:21:19 CEST 1999 from (


Well well... good bye Rolling Stones... and let us be magnanimous... if you can vote more than once we should try to get Little Feat a little on their feet (just one vote up till now :-)

Posted on Sat Aug 28 05:24:49 CEST 1999 from (

Blind Willie McTell

From: Toronto

Catbalu re: your Tip for the day: Never use a paper napkin to put out a fire.

It is not safe, but twice I have put out table fires with paper serviettes or napkins. BWMcTell

Posted on Sat Aug 28 03:20:04 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Fridenborg

Posted on Sat Aug 28 02:47:50 CEST 1999 from (

Paul Godfrey

John D. & Richard P. re: Jesse Winchester. Recall doing an interview with him back in CFTR days. One of the hardest interviews I ever did. Very little response to my questions. So I thought, what the heck, I'll do a quick 20 questions trip on him. He fell for it and actually said: "what is this - 20 questions and he started to laugh!" Everything went well from that point on. Will we be able to hear it on CFRB? Incidentally, just finishing up the week from hell. My car got rear-ended Wednesday and have missed the last two days of work. In some respect hard to take with all the aches and pains. So far I have managed to get thru Across the Great Divide, TLW on CD and video, Jerico, HOTH, Jubilation and The legend of Jesse James. It sure helps the pain in the neck...but Julia tells me I had that way before last Wednesday. Have a great weekend, everybody

Posted on Sat Aug 28 02:18:16 CEST 1999 from (


From: Twillingate

Thank you Jan. I've only been on-line a short while and this website is the best I've found yet. I never suspected the existence of a far-flung clan of hard-core Band fans. I had never heard of this group when growing up in Newfoundland. They weren't played on AM radio or the local jukeboxes. My brother brought home a copy of Stage Fright from college. I was hooked. I actually thought Cahoots was their second album. I loved it. Some water has passed under the bow since those days but one constant has been this timeless music.

Posted on Sat Aug 28 01:34:20 CEST 1999 from (


From: Dutchess County

Whoa there, Gene--getting ahead of yourself--Monday is 3oth AUGUST, of course. Sorry

Posted on Sat Aug 28 01:32:11 CEST 1999 from (


From: Dutchess County

Hey, catbalu! Monday is 30th Sept. We gots til Friday. Warm regards.

Posted on Sat Aug 28 00:45:00 CEST 1999 from (


From: P.S.

Jan, thanks for letting me know you can vote more than once. We have 8 macs at work all hooked to internet, and i went in this morning and voted once on each of them. will do the same monday... is that the 3rd? never mind, i'll go find a calendar :)

Posted on Sat Aug 28 00:44:57 CEST 1999 from (


From: maryland

Cat, JB...

Speaking as a native Coloradan, those of us who are not transplants (an increasingly dwindling constituency) very often use "howdy" as a greeting. I've found similair consistency from other Rocky Mountain region folk (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, etc). I suspect we could generalize and say that folks that descend from folks who wore cowboy hats are likely to use this time-honored salutation...

boy, howdy


Posted on Sat Aug 28 00:28:14 CEST 1999 from (


From: Tip for the day: Never use a paper napkin to put out a fire

jb - g'day! just returned from a birthday party at our favorite Mexican restuarant, so please pardon any incomplete sentences, as we did have a mexican flag r 2 - and a pitcher of margaritas or 2 or 3, feels like 3 (and i didn't even set the table on fire this time! :) :) Since we were in the mood for nonsense - ring-leader talkin here - i brought up - oh, yeah - the usage of the word "howdy" as a greeting, and here are the results of our survey: The guy from Illinois says no, but it took a while for him to get used to the usage of "Hey" - that's for horses. Missouri/LA/NY folk said no, it's always "Hey/Hi/Hello Ya'll" w/Hey being most common - Missouri says but "you guys" ALWAYS throw in the Ya'll and drop the N off just about everything ending in 'ing' ".... The Brit says (being the most sober) "well..... i always associate howdy with the Midwest - but wait, i know where that comes from - Minnie Pearl! She always said HOWWWWDEEE!" I said i always think of John Wayne. All the other locals said, Why, now, people in TEXAS say howdy! Biz partner says (she's local), "well, there's Howdy Doody.... and yeah, Minnie Pearl.... what are you up to now. :)" So i ordered us all another Mexican flag, feelin lucky that i did so well with the first one - and they bring the hats and sing Happy Birthday to Angel. We throw one of the hats on the floor and Wendy/Missouri/I (my parnters in "crime" ;) ) proceed to dance our version of Somethin. and i am now the proud owner of a smushed - but lovely - Mexican hat.

Therefore, jb, it's our majority opinion that howdy is a Texas greeting, or an old-timers-'round-here one (in honor of Minnie) that missed us. so i shall observe the Adolf Rupp Theory and pass this ball to the Midwesterners amongst who might have a little insight. and, jb, darlin, now every time i look upon my new hat, hanging on a nail next to my mural, i will think of Australia and wonder if the shrimp is on the barbie. :) now as for the snakes, i will email you on that if you are serious and really do have somebody i can ask a few questions. the owls can handle the little ones. it's those big aggressive ones that need to move on!

well, got to go pack - thank you, Jesus, the socks are already matched up... X)

Lil - soon as i get down the Lost Highway tomorrow goin to pick up Rick and Tom Waits. Can't find them here. Looking forward to them both, tho. Take care.

dave z, you're lucky. only 1 of my 3 can hear the drums.

Posted on Sat Aug 28 00:09:48 CEST 1999 from (


The VG "best rock band of all times" poll closes at September 3rd, so until then I'll remind you once or twice a day that the way to keep our boys in there is to go to:

Just scroll down until you find "The Band" and then click on the red "text button" right below. And it seems like you can vote twice or more for the same group if you just wait a while between succesive votes...

Remember, a vote or two or three a day keeps Guns'n Roses away. (and my apologies to those who get tired of this, but I'd hate to miss this chance to get some spotlight on the guys and the music again).

Posted on Fri Aug 27 23:20:33 CEST 1999 from (


Only three more points & Jagger will see the back of the Bandwagon :-)

And this is to Jacob Kowalski: yes you're right, of course it's a silly game, but it's just fun and - as someone in the chatroom stated - it's a golden opportunity to spread The Band's name among those who aren't familiar with them. And that's what we all want, don't we?

Posted on Fri Aug 27 20:59:03 CEST 1999 from (


From: maryland

I've done the Thru-way so many times I'm forgetting things. Plus what I call "mountains" are bit skewed having grown up in Colorado and lived in Oregon. Even living in NH/VT for four years, it's hard for me to call these eastern things anything more than foothills.

I sent Danny a note, but I can't recall one thing. I know there are mountains as you come in from the west on I-90, and there is that beautiful stretch to the Mass line as you transition to the Berkshires. I just can't recall how bad the incline is on the western approach...


Posted on Fri Aug 27 20:46:20 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Bones: The sound quality of Rick's new one is substantially better than the last 'live' release. I think you'll be pleased.

Posted on Fri Aug 27 20:44:01 CEST 1999 from (

Richard Patterson

From: Ontario

David Powell: thanks for the feedback on Jesse Winchester's newest. I loved his first lp w/ the Band, but only the odd song since ("Twigs and Seeds"). Glad to hear he's back on track.

John D: Know your going to interview Jesse in September. Where will this be published? Peace folks...Richard.

Posted on Fri Aug 27 19:54:43 CEST 1999 from (

Rick V.

From: White Plains, NY

Thanks to Gene and Catbalu for tips on this weekend in the Hudson Valley. The HV music website was a good find and is now bookmarked. Buddy Miles at Joyous Lake could be worth a visit.

Posted on Fri Aug 27 19:53:52 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

To Jon Lyness & others who haven't heard Jesse Winchester's new album--"Gentleman Of Leisure" on Sugar Hill--In my opinion it's perhaps his best overall album since his debut work. Although it was recorded in Nashville with slide-bar king Jerry Douglas producing, the songs have a soulful, sometimes bluesy, feel to them. Mr. Winchester's songs kinda sneek up on you--simple, concise yet profound lyrics woven in wonderful melodies and sung in a smooth & relaxed style. Playful at times, such as in the title song and in "Just Like New" & "Club Manhattan". At other times Mr. Winchester sings from the heart in ballads such as "No Pride At All," "I Wave Bye Bye," "Just 'Cause I'm In Love With You," and "That's What Makes You Strong." I highly recommend this album to all Band fans.

Posted on Fri Aug 27 19:34:32 CEST 1999 from (


From: maryland

A friend of mine is pretty tight with the band "From Good Homes." FGH has decided to call it quits and had their own "last waltz" in NJ a few weeks back. I'm now told that their saxophonist, Dan Myers, will be doing some concerts with Angus again. Garth fans will recall that Dan and Garth both appeared on Angus' self-titled LP a couple years back.

FGH's demise is a sad one as they were one of the "good guys" out there, following the DMB/PHISH/Blues Traveler model of touring regionally to build up a following BEFORE signing with a major label. Unfortunately, while FGH definitely inspired these other, more "successful" groups, the rigors of touring became to much and the boys went their seperate ways.

While they were a "jam" band in the true sense of the word, they also featured some excellent songwriting and were known to pull out the occassional Dylan or Van Morrison tune, and even do a rather quirky version of "Who Do You Love."

Probably on the fringes of Band-dom, but just another example of the far-reaching influence these guys still enjoy...


Posted on Fri Aug 27 19:10:24 CEST 1999 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Can anyone give a thumbs up/thumbs down on Jesse's Winchester's new release? Curious. Thanks!

Posted on Fri Aug 27 18:30:39 CEST 1999 from (

Danny Lopez

From: Iowa

Hi Folks:

Just noticed that the Last Waltz is on the Encore channel tonight at 11pm (central time). Dang! I don't even have the encore channel.

I'm happy to announce I'm finally leaving Iowa (so no more hayseed/pig jokes from the city slickers will I have to endure) and I'm heading upstate NY, Albany-area. My question is this -- are there any serious mountains I will have to navigate through between Buffalo and Albany? Keep in mind I've lived in flat states my whole life (Illinois, Ohio and Iowa), so even a little "foothill" (as they call them) scares the living bejesus out of me. Help me to the Promised Land!

Posted on Fri Aug 27 17:46:42 CEST 1999 from (


Will someone comment on the sound quality of the new Danko CD? I'm going to get it no matter what, but I was hoping that it sounded better than Rick Danko In Concert which seemed like a bootleg.

Posted on Fri Aug 27 13:20:19 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

Tanja: if only it were true - I was lkisting my personal thoughts on suitable artists IF they ever did a tribute to the Band album. I thought that Paul (in "Hearts & Bones" mode) would do a truly wonderful rendition of "Daniel", but alas only in dreams.

Posted on Fri Aug 27 10:06:08 CEST 1999 from (


is it really true that Paul Simon has done a cover ( live) of Daniel And The Sacred Harp?????Where can I find it, if it's possible!!!!!!!

Posted on Fri Aug 27 09:47:14 CEST 1999 from (

Tanja Flåan

From: Norway

I've just voted for The Band at vg, you got to vote for them! They have 183 votes now , two votes behind Metallica! We got to kick their ass! he he.... Everyone go ! Go! Go!!!!

Posted on Fri Aug 27 09:21:57 CEST 1999 from (


Hey, now we're ahead of Metallica, Deep Purple, Kiss and Nirvana! :-) Keep voting, folks, at:

Just scroll down until you find "The Band" and then click on the red "text button" right below.

Posted on Fri Aug 27 06:56:19 CEST 1999 from (

Dr. Pepper

From: 4 hours away at 40 mph

Lil, it wasnt you! This goes back a ways to when Rick was touring the Orient and some efforts were being made to smooth things out for the Danko family and two or three people with no integrity tried to make matters worse! Unfaithful Servants!

Posted on Fri Aug 27 06:55:07 CEST 1999 from (

Bob Wardlaw

From: North Louisiane

Hello again: I just wanted to say that right now I'm watching David Letterman with Katie Holmes (from "Dawson's Creek). Paul's band played "Up On Cripple Creek." It was a rerun. I don't know if anybody caught it or not. Just wanted to let y'all know.

Posted on Fri Aug 27 06:26:25 CEST 1999 from (

Bob Wardlaw

From: North Louisiane

Hey everybody. I haven't posted in a while, but I read the guestbook everyday. Anyway, I just wanted to say that on the "hot-o-meter," The Band is now number 7. The Beatles are number 6, but they have quite a bit more than our boys. Come on, people.....VOTE!!

Posted on Fri Aug 27 03:57:21 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Robert Milkwood Thomas: The answer my friend, is blowin in the wind...

I'll take my million in increments of 5k :-)

Posted on Fri Aug 27 03:22:15 CEST 1999 from (

Robert Milkwood Thomas

From: Chicago

Listening to Steve Goodman's "Somebody Else's Troubles. Struck by the similarity to Jim Croce. Both died on 9/20 (1973_JC-1984 SG). As far as my pseudonym it belongs to a good friend of The Band. Anybody know him? Wanta be a millionaire? :-) Best to ya JW and Ms Lil.

Posted on Thu Aug 26 23:43:48 CEST 1999 from (


Gee... The Band reached 90 votes in the Verden Gang's poll... now they are chasing Jim Morrison's scalp...

Jan... My Norwegian is not what it should be, but I got the impression that VG's comment on our guys isn't adequate. Shouldn't you do something about that... :-)

BTW Ilkka... it must have been rough out there in the north. No Big Girls In Mini Skirts at my junior high, forcing me to vote for the Beatles... I used to vote for the Stones anyway (until Big Pink came along, that is)... :-)

Posted on Thu Aug 26 23:34:30 CEST 1999 from (

Jan H.

Thanks, people. We just passed Nirvana, AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Aerosmith, so keep on voting, will you? The address is still:

Just scroll down until you find "The Band" and then click on the red "text button" right below. More people around here need to get to know this music, and this is a good chance. Stupid or not ... 4 more votes and we're ahead of The Doors :-)

Posted on Thu Aug 26 23:18:07 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

Pehr: good to hear news about Link Wray. When his eponymous 1971 album came out, Richard Williams wrote a review that said it was an absolutely essential purchase for any fan of the Band. I bought it. Thanks Richard. It included two songs later covered by The Neville Brothers, “Fire & Brimstone” and “Falling Rain.” Wray’s early 70s albums are compiled on “Guitar Preacher - The Polydor Years” (Polydor) which includes the whole of the “Link Wray” album, and extracts from “Beans & Fatback”, “Mordicai Jones”, “Be What You Want to Be” and “The Link Wray Rumble”. His recent stuff has reverted closer to his late 50s style, great enough, but I like his vocals too. I reckon any Band fan will love “Juke Box Mama”, “Ice People”, “God Out West”, “Arizona Sun” or “Tuscson Arizona”. The wonderful version of “Precious Jewel” from “Mordicai Jones” (sung by Bobby Howard, aka Mordicai Jones) is not on the compilation and reason enough to keep the vinyl deck well-oiled. It has that looseness and space that The Band made its trademark (as do several other tracks). The liner notes say:

“his careworn non-voice working on one lung made up in soul what it lacked in range and it sounded just right in tandem with his battered 1910 Gibson. Listen to “Juke Box Mama” … the guitar is open tuned and he’s slashing away like Blind Willie McTell .”

Pete Townshend said:

“Link isn’t known so much for his voice as his guitar, which it goes without saying is the way it should be. But that voice! He is sounding like a cross between Jagger and Van Morrison. Even sometimes like Robbie Robertson.”

With Robbie Robertson and Jesse Ed Davis, Link Wray is another great guitarist with Native American roots. And Pehr … you’re probably right about “Jawbone”. I was thinking of the voice.

Posted on Thu Aug 26 23:13:33 CEST 1999 from (


Does anyone know how I can get a copy of the "Last Moving Shadows .." CD ? I never knew the Black Crowes were fans(Counting Crows I knew about). Wow Jemima Surrender Live! i would love to hear that.

Posted on Thu Aug 26 23:04:35 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Jan: Nice work on the photos from the Towne Crier. Appreciate it. Thanks Tom Izzo for sending them in.

Mary: What a picture! your daughter's duck is now famous :-)

Dr. Pepper: Had to laugh when I read your last post. I don't remember anyone ever posting about being Rick's sister, but someone actually asked me the other night if _I_ was. Go figure...

Has anyone else listened to Rick's new cd yet? Am curious as to opinions...Thanks.

Posted on Thu Aug 26 23:00:05 CEST 1999 from (


From: maryland

Doc, no question this is a wonderful community, and I'm by no means criticizing people's opinions. Like u say, it's best to keep things positive to avoid debacles like what we went through last week...

Posted on Thu Aug 26 22:34:57 CEST 1999 from (

Dr Pepper

From: 2 and a half away at 85

Hey MattK: I personally dont care for Metallica at all each his own...and I think you had something to say about each of us being postive and withholding scalding remarks about others' taste of music which I think hits a chord that anyone should be able to "stand". This is a nice group of people who post and only about 2% I find offensive (one being the person who claimed/claims to be Rick's sister). I am very glad that owners of postings have to own up to what they said as opposed to a few that did not in the past.

Posted on Thu Aug 26 21:49:12 CEST 1999 from (


From: austin tx

link wray played a wild show last night, a real master of the electric guitar, catch him when he comes to your town. ok, heres a question someone can help me with. in the movie "The Kids are Allright" Rick Danko is credited with an appearence. Ive seen the movie countless times by now but to this day have been unable to find Rick. anyone out there familiar with ricks cameo? thanks! '

Posted on Thu Aug 26 21:00:22 CEST 1999 from (


RICHARD PATTERSON WRITES ABOUT THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS. I wish they would release on CD their version of Boobs A Lot; which the Fugs did originally.

I'm doing an interview on the 8th of Sept. with a very old friend of The Band's. Jesse Winchester will be in Toronto promoting his new CD. I interviewed him after the first album a million years ago. I'm looking forward to it.

Posted on Thu Aug 26 20:26:32 CEST 1999 from (


From: Germany

Please guys, make a dream come true:A tour in Germany!!! P.S.:great website

Posted on Thu Aug 26 20:19:57 CEST 1999 from (


From: new orleans

Any word on the reopening of Levons Cafe in Sept?

Posted on Thu Aug 26 20:00:11 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

Wow.This is better than the Eurovision song contest. When I looked this morning the Band were on “16 stemmer”. They are now on “70” stemmer and are well above the Sex Pistols and closing on AC/DC. BTW, by us voting internationally are we rigging the poll? Well, why not? I can’t believe The Beatles are only fifth. I’m just thinking about those girls in mini skirts forcing Illka to vote for The Beatles. Bet you held out until they really forced you! The Paul, Ringo and George fans used to ask nicely, but those Lennon girls could get tough. All credit to Norway - I doubt that the Band would have been in the reckoning in a US or UK poll to this extent.

Posted on Thu Aug 26 19:48:58 CEST 1999 from (

Jarett Grushka

From: Coral Springs, FL

I am a big bootleg tape trader and I'm looking for a copy of the Band's performances at Watkins Glen on 7/27/73 and 7/28/73. Can anyone help me?

Posted on Thu Aug 26 19:06:41 CEST 1999 from (


From: maryland

I was never much of a metal fan (be it "death metal," "heavy metal," or "speed metal"). But at the risk of getting pelted by rotten tomatoes, I'd recommend folks who've not seen Metallica live, or have a prediliction against that kind of music withold categorical judgement.

I've seen Metallica live twice, both times ranking among my top ten concert experiences. They are very accomplished musicians, and unlike a lot of metal or punk bands, lack the essential disdain for their fans. They leave it all out there for the audience and provide Springsteen-like concerts in terms of passion, endurance and devotion to their fan-base.

Just a reminder. We don't need to punish groups that we otherwise would have no taste for or cause to address to promote The Band, do we?

Posted on Thu Aug 26 19:01:02 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: mr. crowe's garden

Since Lee mentioned the Black Crowes covering Band songs, I just thought I'd add a few things about this group. Founding members Chris & Rich Robinson hail from Marietta, Georgia. Keyboardist "Crazy Ed" Harsch is from Toronto, Canada. The Robinson brothers were exposed to music at an early age--their dad, Stan, was a pop singer in the late fifties who appeared on American Bandstand. The group was a subject of a recent VH-1 "Behind the Music" documentary--it airs again next month, be sure to catch it if you can. The ever-controversial Crowes are known for their "no-holes-barred" brand of good old rock & roll and have toured with the best in the business. Recently they were chosen by Jimmy Page to play with him at charity benefit concert in London.

Posted on Thu Aug 26 18:48:51 CEST 1999 from (

Richard Patterson

From: Ontario

Hey Folks, finally got 'Too Much Fun' by the Holy Modal Rounders. Wow! Does anybody out there have a sense of humour? This is what happens when psychedelic cowboys turn 60. Peter Stampfel is the cat's ass. An old buddy of Bob Dylan and Jim Kweskin (they where roomies in the sixties), Peter is a true eccentric ("So You Want to Be a Bird" from the 'Easy Rider' soundtrack). They were panned by critics in '64 for their "bad attitude and total lack of seriousness", which of course was the whole point.

From the cover; "the Holy Modal Rounders are now recognized as the first underground group, the first alternative country band, and the band that presided over the shotgun marriage of folk and psychedelia." On Rounder records CD 3163. Don't miss out. Favorite song so far? "The Crowley Waltz".

Posted on Thu Aug 26 18:34:32 CEST 1999 from (


From: Nordic Countries
Home page

Your voting game makes me remember the junior high when the big girls in their mini skirts forced us little boys to vote The Beatles . . .

Posted on Thu Aug 26 18:33:31 CEST 1999 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

David Powell: thanks for the tip on Levon's "American Son" album. I think that's the only Helm effort I need, so I'll start looking. Just found a nice used Canadian vinyl copy of his 1978 solo debut LP, along with one by his ex-wife Libby Titus.

Posted on Thu Aug 26 18:29:04 CEST 1999 from (

Mátyás Jancsó

From: Europe Hungary from Budapest

Hi im mátyás from Budapes! I like very much The band group . Here Budapest i cant find in video The last waltz. Please send me any help , were possible find. And payment condition too .Thanks. JM Üdvözlet minden Magyar rajongójának..

Posted on Thu Aug 26 17:46:56 CEST 1999 from (


Lee: criticized by journos for loving The Band?

What's the world coming to...

Posted on Thu Aug 26 17:27:12 CEST 1999 from (


I heard the Black Crowes do a great version of Jemima Surrender recently, they've also done Dixie and others in the past. Obviously these guys love The Band and have been criticised by journos for that. Their version has great energy. Saw them play a few shows in the UK last month and they were excellent.

Posted on Thu Aug 26 16:47:09 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

"Well, so long Dee-troit, so long friends / If you're ever down in Macon you better stop in / And meet the little girl that's always been my whole world / I'm leavin' today because it's watermelon time in Georgia."

One of my favorite solo efforts from the members of The Band has always been Levon's "American Son" album, released in 1980 by MCA. As he mentioned in his book, Levon originally went into the legendary Bradley's Barn studios in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee to record "Blue Moon of Kentucky" for the soundtrack of "Coal Miner's Daughter." He soon decided to cut some more tracks while he was at it, and ten of the twenty tracks from those sessions made it onto "American Son."

Fred Carter, Jr. produced, arranged, sang & played guitar--joined by a who's who of Nashville session pickers, including Kenneth Buttrey on drums, bassist/singer Henry Strezelecki, Buddy Emmons on pedal steel, and Hargus "Pig" Robbins on piano.

Two of the highlight cuts on the album are "Watermelon Time In Georgia" and "Nashville Wimmin." Both of these songs were written by perhaps the greatest country singwriter of all times, Harlan Howard. Mr. Howard was born in Kentucky in 1929 and early in his career became known for his collaborations with Buck Owens. Among the 979 songs registered with BMI are classics such as BUSTED, TIGER BY THE TAIL, STREETS OF BALTIMORE, PICK ME UP ON YOUR WAY DOWN, HEARTACHES BY THE NUMBER, CHOKIN' KIND and I FALL TO PIECES.

Levon's talents as a singer & drummer, combined with fine material and great back-up musicians & singers helped make "American Son", in my opinion, his best solo effort.

Posted on Thu Aug 26 16:27:44 CEST 1999 from (


From: Nowhere

What's the point on voting in a poll that has U2 as the best rock band???????

Posted on Thu Aug 26 14:37:17 CEST 1999 from (

tom izzo

From: ct

Re: HomeRecording magazine. Sorry. My previous post stated the article about Lee's studio was in the Aug.issue. It's actually in the Oct. issue. Their web site is: Sorry :-( Tom

Posted on Thu Aug 26 13:48:28 CEST 1999 from (


From: NOT Norway

Hey Jan, of course I did what you requested.

C'mon gang, let's show these Norwegians that there are bands far superior to horribilities such as ...Queen... and that the one & only Band stands out forever...

Posted on Thu Aug 26 13:28:29 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Metallica? AC/DC? Kiss? Sex Pistols? All ranked higher than The Band??? C'mon folks....cast your votes!

Posted on Thu Aug 26 13:12:20 CEST 1999 from (

Jan H.

Hm ... the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang (VG) has an internett poll among its readers about "the rock band of all times", at:

If one scrolls down that page, the name "The Band" pops up, and right under there is a little red text button that you can click on to vote for The Band. ... right now our boys are almost at the bottom of the list, way below acts like Queen and Pink Floyd ...

Posted on Thu Aug 26 08:17:56 CEST 1999 from (

johnny b

From: way down south (of the equator)

Dear Catbalu, as you rightly pointed out there are many poisonous snakes down here in Australia. The way to deal with them? Take a wide berth. I'm not being facetious, it's just the done thing to let sleeping snakes lie. As to your own backyard infestation I don't think my aunt can help. What breed are they? I'll ask around (a friend works at the reptile house at Sydney's Tarongo Zoo) and get back to you. And Howdy? Howdy is as American as cherry pie, derived from Howdy-do as in how do you do? The Aust equivalent is G'day as in good day to you. So, g'day and goodbye from across the great divide, jb

Posted on Thu Aug 26 08:16:33 CEST 1999 from (


From: canada

i was 16 in 1972 and was groovin on inna gadda davida and alice cooper shit, when i was introduced to the band. the album was, the band, their second release and it just shook my head up that there was a music out there that was dignified, real, communal and just plain friggin great to listen too. for me the band and it's great legacy ended when richard commited suicide. i never cared much for the beatles, but it's like when john was killed that i compare richard's death to. my fave is rocking chair, but to be honest, when i really want to slide comfortably into a band tune, or show someone what a great ensemble of folk rock musicians are capable of, i pop in, the night they drove old dixie down.

Posted on Thu Aug 26 05:30:52 CEST 1999 from (

Dave Z (1st time under new rules with fingers crossed)

From: Chaska, MN


Sorry... my horoscope says dreams haven't been clear lately... so I'm not sure if you really did think that... but I do sense myself being tired of listening to whatever music is right in front of me... so I guess I desperately need something fresh... and as exciting as that hope for which you wait...

My recent searches have lead me to the library and the first thing that got in my eye... I'm not musical but I figured I could maybe understand the sentence without knowing the word... Music and the Mind by Anthony Storr... past octives and scales and frosty math which I which I got... I settle into the shade of a paragraph about the origins of music being tied more to vocals than instrumentals... followed by more stuff I don't understand... to a reference to inarticulate music when instrumentals started into being... which reminds me of Van's Inarticulate Speech of the Heart... which leads me to the Lester Bang piece on Astral Weeks... and finally back to this weekend's memories of my twin boys at their first POW WOW in Shakopee... Too wet muddy and humid for 14 month olds but Ohhh they love the sounds... as the singers and drums rotate turns around the circle... and a little girl in catblue dress with braids and covered in conical shaped silver bells stops or detours for a visit... at a sensible place maybe where this white or that black over there or this Mexican behind me are now not so safe in a majority... and so we find things to talk about... well, O.K. so my kid is almost on the Mexican's lap... and my other kid is making a bee line for the elder with the mic... but I told you my dreams weren't clear...

Maybe if I could see your mural or at least get back to my unfinished Band painting... I could decide if I want to spend this pay period's allowance on that new Danko CD or maybe a bird claw for the medicine pouches I just started for my twins... anything to avoid my work problems with its petty tyrants looking over my shoulder like a governor refereeing a wrestling match... I'll probably choose Rick because maybe that's all I can get... maybe such a glimpse of a live breeze packaged in a CD is just right for me... to appreciate here... given where's here...

Anyway, I'm now on to another task the minute boredom approaches... my wife ZChorn and I have to select 4 songs for a tape to be made for an October cabin trip... 8 other families are involved... and some could do live stuff... the only requirement being the songs have to move you... so we pick Cherokee Morning Song which we sing the boys to bed at night... and I go Irish with a little Crazy Love from Phenomenon... and my northern wife ventures south for an REM bee bop road song... which leaves just one... will I be selfish of sentiment in my past and pick Astral Weeks or If You Could Read My Mind?... or maybe stray closer to a GB connection and MN with a Pete Rivard story?... Closer to the moment... or finally return to the challenge of picking my favorite Band song... something I haven't been able to do... maybe it's a song yet to be written... I still hope so too...

Nay, I pick William Shatner with Prince and Robbie on background vocals...

Posted on Thu Aug 26 04:32:53 CEST 1999 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

How about songs that owe an obvious debt to The Band? Three off the top: Don't Be Sad by Traffic, Milk Of Human Kindness and About To Die by Procul Harum.

Posted on Thu Aug 26 04:15:23 CEST 1999 from (


From: the mixed bag

johnny b, since your aunt seems quite prolific at handling difficult tasks, tell me, does she have any snake-handling experience? I have a slight snake infestion problem in my back yard and since Austrailia is the home of the 10 most poisonous snakes in the world (so i've read) thought you might be able to help me out there. just, y'know, one GB neighbor to another... BTW - "howdy" - that's a word i've NEVER heard spoken in this neck of the woods. Is that an Austrailian thing also?

Rick V. - if i didn't have to play soccer mom this weekend, i'd be more than happy to take you as my guest to one helluva party out near Watertown. Always the best music, wine, AND women!:)... would just send you on but the cover is pretty steep sans invitation... better stick to my best friend Gene's reccommendations... hope you have a good visit, at any rate. It IS beautiful country up there, all you New Yorkers/Canadian friends i've met through this GB... No wonder the Acadians hated to leave.

ya'll have a nice evening, take care....(jakob, loved your quote - as i just LOVE to gamble....)

Posted on Thu Aug 26 04:02:31 CEST 1999 from (


Checked out the Rhino site. The Oct. 5th date calls for The Best of The Band Vol. 02. What happened to Vol. 01?

Posted on Thu Aug 26 03:56:31 CEST 1999 from (


Re: A Band's Greatest hits on Rhino. Let's all pray that Bill Inglot engineers and produces. He does most re-issues for Rhino. It'll never sound better, if he does the work. The man really cares. Searches for the best masters until he has exhausted himself. He once told me his dream was to have a free hand at the Elvis catalog.

Posted on Thu Aug 26 02:17:28 CEST 1999 from (


From: Dutchess County

Welcome to Dutchess County, Rick V., home of the great and near-great, as the man says. Check out Hudson Valley music at

Posted on Thu Aug 26 02:14:41 CEST 1999 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

The great "Secret Handshake" album by Geoff Muldaur was mentioned again here the other day, and Geoff just sang on the Conan O'Brien show last week with John Sebastian's jug band. Geoff is also a prominent guest vocalist on Sebastian's new "Chasin' Gus' Ghost" CD. Longtime buddy of The Band, John Simon plays harmonium on a couple of tracks, too...

Posted on Thu Aug 26 01:53:16 CEST 1999 from (


Peter V. Was gonna email/call but thought it would be easier to do it on here.

The Band Woodstock CD that people have mentioned has been a little confusing. I heard that it was the BBC who want to release The Band's 1994 Woodstock II performance, Polygram own the tapes. This is true and they are working on it. I spoke to a press officer at EMI UK today who told me that they don't have a specific schedule or press release for The Band Woodstock 1969, but I should call them next month. So it seems that we might get two releases from Woodstock in the near future. Great. The Band Greatest Hits is mentioned on Rhino's website for upcoming releases.

Posted on Thu Aug 26 01:51:17 CEST 1999 from (


From: austin tx

peter v... i really like the tribute album, some great stuff esp the stones "jemima" now thats a call! I dont know about link doing jawbone though, all those chord an tempo changes. I'm thinkin straight ahead maybe "strawberry wine"... but what do i know. well I'm on my way to see link as we speak here so better move on it. I'll see how that jawbone would work out maybe, eh?

Posted on Thu Aug 26 01:03:31 CEST 1999 from (

Rick V.

From: White Plains, NY

Plan to be up in Duchess County this weekend (Rhinebeck, about 30 minutes east of Woodstock). Anyone from up that way happen to know of any good live shows happening either Friday, Saturday, or even Sunday night anywhere in Duchess or Ulster?

Posted on Wed Aug 25 23:55:02 CEST 1999 from (

Ben Turkel

From: New Jersey

I picked up 'last of the moving shadows' recently in New York and it is a pretty remarkable collection. The 1983-86 period of the Band doesn't get much attention since they only released a couple of videos, but this set helps to fill in the gaps nicely. I wish that Woodstock or River North would release this material. Frank Zappa released a set of his bootlegs, so there's a precedent for this happening.

Posted on Wed Aug 25 23:03:06 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

Been there before: On band there have been interesting discussions on an imaginary Tribute to The Band album. I’d rather go sideways (the architecture here is so much easier to use) and renew the lengthy discussion here from a year or so ago. I repeat some suggestions that were posted then, I think. When and if it comes, the highlight of a Band tribute will be which five voices share “The Weight”. So how about this dream line-up:

The Weight - Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Johnny Cash, Curtis Mayfield & Peter Gabriel. Think that covers all bases. Then we need the rest of the album:

Jemima Surrender - The Rolling Stones

King Harvest - Bob Dylan (Richard’s part) & Aaron Neville (Levon’s part)

Daniel & The Sacred Harp - Paul Simon (with the Graceland band).

Up On Cripple Creek - Bruce Springsteen (as with Levon live).

Life is A Carnival - Van Morrison

Sleeping - Brian Wilson

I Shall Be Released - Aaron Neville

Acadian Driftwood - Daniel Lanois (with Kate Bush)

Jupiter Hollow (instrumental) - Garth Hudson

Jawbone - Link Wray

All La Glory - Paul McCartney

Ophelia - Ray Charles (existing track)

The River Hymn / Holy River (medley) - Squiggle (aka Prince)

We Can Talk - The Dillards

Rockin Chair - Randy Newman

Whisperin’ Pines - Neil Young

The Moon Struck One - William Shatner.

Yeah, I think that might move one or two copies. Aaron Neville keeps springing to mind for Richard’s songs. So “In A Station” as the bonus track for Japan.

Posted on Wed Aug 25 22:21:49 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Bumbles: Rhino's website confirms that the "Best Of..." album you mentioned is indeed scheduled for release on Oct. 5. I haven't been able to find out any details on what material will be included. One can only hope that some out-takes or previously unreleased songs would be included. Since Rhino now apparently has the rights to "Jericho" and "High On The Hog," my guess is that maybe material from these sessions will be included--who knows?

Posted on Wed Aug 25 22:08:13 CEST 1999 from (

Jakob Kowalski

From: California

The Band,one of North America's finest achievments.One of the most important bands in tracking North America's musiacal history steeped in tree-root memories and civil war veterans.The musical forefathers for a generation of altrnative bands,i.e Mercury Rev,The Flaming Lips,Wilco,etc "One should always flush out their house,that is if one does not expect to be housing flushes"

Posted on Wed Aug 25 21:12:07 CEST 1999 from (


Paul Godfrey: You are right about Levon singing at his own funeral. That is absolutely his voice in the movie. I always thought I was the only one who realized that.... I'm glad you noticed it too.

Posted on Wed Aug 25 19:15:06 CEST 1999 from (


From: Somewhat Slightly South of the Border

Anyone know anything about The Best of the Band: Vol. II, a (supposedly) forthcoming collection of 90s stuff? Is such a thing really scheduled on Rhino? Seems like it would be a fairly pointless exercise, but that doesn't mean it's not coming soon. Can't imagine they'd put The Band...By Request project on hold for that, though.

Posted on Wed Aug 25 19:08:10 CEST 1999 from (

medicine hat

From: pittsburgh

the version of "amazing grace" in "coal miner's daughter" is sung by a guy named nimrod workman. mr. workman was himself a west virginia coal miner and an excellent traditional ballad singer. he is (was) the father of phyllis boyens, also a traditional singer. ms. boyens played loretta's mom/ted's (levon's) wife in the film. it's hard to imagine levon actually _teaching_ mr. workman this version of the hymn (the traditional shape note/line style) as this is the way mr. workman probably sang it his whole life. however, i _can_ imagine levon suggesting the idea to the director. at any rate, it's a great scene in a pretty damn good movie.

Posted on Wed Aug 25 18:12:33 CEST 1999 from (


From: Dutchess County

johnny b, I admire your ability to state what I feel as well. You say it much better than when I say that the music of the Band has enriched my life. I also want to thank Jan. The GuestBook is a nicer place to visit since the change. It was a pretty darn good place to visit to begin with, however.

Posted on Wed Aug 25 17:30:14 CEST 1999 from (

Dave the Phone Guy

From: Lee Vining, Ca.

Wow, Johnny b. you done summed up the love a lot of fans here on the guestbook have for The Band. I believe there are many many people who have been affected by The Music the same way you have. Kinda stays with you a whole lifetime. You know you just can't say that about just anyone. I drove way down to Hollywood to the Cinerama Dome opening night of The Last Waltz. I guess I would have been 26 years old if that was 1978 when it finally came out.Man was I bummed out when I left the theatre. I felt kinda like my close friends were moving away never to be seen again. But I got more chances later to catch up on old times after all. I'm angling for another chance if one comes up for me. Thanks Johnny b. for post.

Posted on Wed Aug 25 16:33:27 CEST 1999 from (


I think Levon says in his book (my brother has my copy...) that he did start singing Amazing Grace during the funeral scene in COAL MINOR because they just weren't doing it right. Don't recall him saying whether he actually lended his voice in the track that ended up onscreen, but I'll be sure to watch next time TNT shows it. Seems to be pretty often.

Posted on Wed Aug 25 14:23:34 CEST 1999 from (

Just Wonderin'

From: Texas

Paul Godfrey: Your post reminded me of an interview with Sissy Spacek aroung the time of Coal Miners Daughter. She said that during filming rehearsals Levon actually did start singing "Amazing Grace" while lying in that coffin. Then he sat up and continued singing. So I think it's entirely possible that he is on the soundtrack. I've always remembered that story because it really amused me and so did your story! Thanks for sharing!

Posted on Wed Aug 25 13:56:22 CEST 1999 from (

tom izzo

From: ct

For those with a musical/technical background: excellent article in the aug.issue of Home Recording magazine about Levon's studio in Woodstock. Photos of the inside and exterior,intervews with Lee and The Professor. Tom

Posted on Wed Aug 25 07:10:53 CEST 1999 from (

johnny b

From: sydney, australia

Howdy, top site! reading it reminded me of something I wrote a while back called "A Last Waltz for Some is a First Step for Others". And it goes something like this ... When I was 14-years-old my aunt who'd travelled the world alone, bedding down with Bedouins in Afghanstan and fishing bodies out the Ganges River in India, took me to an old picture theatre in Sydney's west to see a film called The Last Waltz. It was a Thursday morning, summer, white sky reflecting sharply off the blue deco curves of The Roxy Cinema in Parramatta. Inside the near-empty auditorium Grecian figures collected dust and flexed their muscles in shadowed alcoves while the air conditioning whirred under the weight of the years. Lights dimmed, applause grew louder. Then, screen light, saturated in dark maroons, mustard yellows and lost horizon blues, and music, as rich as river loam, seeped from Scorsese’s cinematic canvas into my grateful, surburban soul. Who were these men and the music they created? There appeared to be no definable leader as they traded vocals-the bearded, rebel drummer, the sad-eyed country pianist: instruments-the fiddle wielding bass player, the patriarchial sax playing keyboard master: stories-the “mathematical”, allegory spinning guitarist. They seemed to come from another world-ancient and justified-yet were intimate in their knowledge of the world I knew. To paraphrase Dylan they would become the brothers that I never had. Music had been peripheral in my life-a distant radio, a clunky school orchestra, a TV soundtrack, a soulless songline. But something happened in that dark room for which I’m forever thankful. It was the gift of songs, soulful and heartfelt, their truths and mythology, and above all the voices that rattled me from the muzakal slumber of my childhood. The final song “I Shall Be Released” echoed in my heart as, walking down the steps of the cinema into an afternoon bathed in light, I realised that The Band was the band and that life is sweet. Keep up the fine work. Cheers, jb

Posted on Wed Aug 25 04:30:21 CEST 1999 from (

Paul Godfrey

Coal Miners Daughter mentioned recently. Memory takes me back to being invited to a sneak preview. Naturally we were very proud of the "fair haired son from Arkansas" as the Hawk calls Levon, being up on the silver screen. Everything goes fine in the movie until the funeral. We look up and there's Levon, hands crossed in the coffin and they start singing Amazing Grace and I'm sure I can hear Levon in the chorus. Too Funny. We start to laughin. Imagine Levon singing at his own funeral. Laughed so hard we almost rolled down the aisle. The usher decides that maybe we should not see the rest of the show. had to be there, but folks it was funny and sad all at the same time. If you have the soundtrack...give a listen to Amazing Grace and try to picture the scene! ;-)

Posted on Wed Aug 25 03:30:35 CEST 1999 from (

Ghost Rider

From: In Your Yard

Pursuant to Dr. Pepper's post about a Best of Saturday Night Live video, there's a story today on the front page of about the release of the first two CDs in a series of the best live music performances from SNL. The article says that volumes 1 and 2 are split almost evenly among "boomer favorites" (Petty, Clapton, Joel, Randy Newman and Sting are among the few named) and Gen-X heroes. No mention of our guys, ---yet --- but let's wait and see... DreamWorlks Music has a hand in the project.

Posted on Wed Aug 25 03:23:38 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: Breeze Hill I'm listening to Rick's new one for about the 5th time here right now, and although I remain unimpressed with the picks of tunes, the cd has some good moments.

I very much like the instrumentals on 'Blaze of Glory', and Aaron doing 'Next time you see me' is great since I don't have it on any other cd. 'Caledonia Mission' is very refreshing, and 'Chest Fever' is wonderful anytime Garth is there. Tom Malone, the horns, all of it..make this a pleasant cd to listen to..and that voice..that we all know so well..brings a smile to my more time..for old times sake.

Posted on Tue Aug 24 20:42:01 CEST 1999 from (


Dexy: Levon actually did do a little singing in Fire Down Below where he sings to some children after church one Sunday. It only lasts for a couple of seconds, but it is probably the best part in the movie.

Levon is also in some of the ads for the Sebastian Cole movie where he is admiring the dress Sebastian's father is wearing. It looks very funny.

Posted on Tue Aug 24 20:03:50 CEST 1999 from (

Dr. Pepper

From: 3 hrs away

There is a "Best of Saturday Night Live" video out there which features Gary Busey as the host (shprtly after his Academy Award nomination for the Buddy Holly movie). Gary plays "Stay All Night" towards the end of the show with one of his "neighbors", Rick Danko (playing his fiddle cajun-style) and Paul Butterfield (on harp of course). According to one of those "Belushi" books that came out after his death, John used to like to take the host and/or the guests out before the Sat. night show and see if he get get them to have "too much fun". It looks like Busey lost this one! Busey is totally out of breath trying to sing and is knocking music stands over. At the end of the show, Busey pours a bottle of champagne over his head (must of felt like he won the Super Bowl!). Rick is very thin (his Steve McQueen/Ali McGraw days) and he acted fine and defintiely had his dancing shoes on that night! But they pulled a "Robbie" on him and inadvertantly had his mike off. Better to hear Butter and Rick than Busey and Butter, don't you think?

Posted on Tue Aug 24 18:24:23 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

I agree with Dexy's assessment of Steven Seagal's "Fire Down Below." In my opinion, Seagal's "Under Siege" is a much more enjoyable movie because of Gary Busey's & Tommy Lee Jones' over-the-top, comical scene stealing roles as villians. What is the Band connection you may ask? Busey appeared with Robbie Robertson in "Carny," and of course, Tommy Lee was in "Coal Miner's Daughter" with Levon.

Posted on Tue Aug 24 16:11:55 CEST 1999 from (


That nutty Steven Seagal movie with Levon (FIRE DOWN BELOW) has been running non-stop on Cinemax or something. I'm a big fan of Levon's acting -- COLE MINER, RIGHT STUFF, the Brimley railroad film, etc. -- he's good. But man, what a lousy script. Both Levon and Harry Dean Stanton have nothing to do but stand around looking up at Seagal (way up) and be Levon and Harry Dean, only not nearly as smart as the real things. Levon doesn't even get to sing, like most of the rest of the cast (almost including the big man himself, who graciously only strums a couple of guitar chords). Man, what a stinker! The SEBASTION COLE film, on the other hand, is getting some good reviews. Anyway, got me wanting to hear more from Levon -- with Rick, Garth,

Posted on Tue Aug 24 12:18:32 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

From: Poole, UK

What you find: just back from Paris, a city where I have usually found an excellent album somewhere, usually blues or jazz. Past great finds were Howling Wolf’s “Rocking Chair” album on CD years before it was issued in the UK / USA and Roland Kirk’s “Volunteered Slavery” which I’d been seeking for over 20 years. And now I think about it, this must have been a major influence on “What’s Going On”. As well, as kissing on Main Street, the French have impeccable taste in American music, though let’s not mention their home-grown product. So, browsing in the Virgin Megastore I saw a rack of reduced price Laser discs. I flicked through and the name Rick Danko leapt out at me. Yes, a laser disc I’d never heard of, “Tribute to Jerry Garcia: Deadheads Festival, Japan 1997”. And reduced from 460 francs to 140 francs. Now in that area 140 francs will just about buy soft drinks for five people as long as they’re not too thirsty and you’re mean with the tip (and with 20.6% sales tax, no one tips at US levels), so I grabbed it. Four Rick Danko tracks, plus New Riders of the Purple Sage, Merl Saunders & The Rainforest Band, Tom Constanten. Recorded 8th April 1997. I’ll scan the cover later and send Jan a track list and comment - I can’t play it until this evening as we’re in the middle of rewiring the TV system. Rick does four Band songs, so I don’t see quite how this fits into a Tribute to Jerry Garcia (they’re not even the ones Jerry covered). All will be revealed when I see it later. Otherwise, wandering around seeing “canard” on every menu reminded me of all you guys at the Towne Crier.

Posted on Tue Aug 24 05:01:07 CEST 1999 from (

Pat Brennan

To all who asked, the movie was "Save The Tiger." Such a fine example of an American Movie Classic that the channel decided to edit it like crazy. Seems a pot-smoking scene was cut. Odd, since so many politicians these days are rushing to admit "experimentation" with weed and such in college. Can't you just see these hypocrites plowing down rails and bonging opium, then discovering that they're gonna graduate in three days so they give it all up. Right fellers and ladies. "I can't hear with a bad connection..." Sorry for the sideline. How about those traded vocals in "Ring Your Bell"? Richard and Rick sound so much alike that it's weird. And Garth does an amazing job supporting Robbie's opening guitar figures, matching the bends and all. Thanks too to David Powell for his fine recapitulation of Geo Stoneman in the Atlanta Campaign. Stoneman botched a cavlary raid in 1863 so badly that his commander was ready to fire him. Instead, he repaired to NY for leave, claiming a near terminal case of the piles.

Posted on Tue Aug 24 04:39:47 CEST 1999 from (


From: taking a break from emails to LA.... (don't forget to pack your Buddah)

Being Selfish of sentiment, i've often wondered why my personal make-up is one of Southern Irish and Cherokee - of people forced into an exodus of one bittersweet thing or another. Have always considered it a challenge to try and figure out how to put them all in to one sensible place, one sensible ---- being, purpose, reason...

it makes most sense in the sound brought on by THIS band's coming together when they were young and strong and unified... heard as one beautifully haunting voice... when i was young and strong and unified also. i still need that hopeful, harmonious moment in our time, and choose this place as common ground.

The faithful troops stand waiting, always will - in the face of a hopeless battle of wills... With the same voice we all shout "Yes, it is possible - just come stand in the shade a spell, share the water, mend your tattered coats..."

If we could lift the dust from its remnants ourselves, it already would have been done. As it hurts so to look away.

Did i really think that, Dave Z...

Posted on Tue Aug 24 04:21:19 CEST 1999 from (

Mary (bear)

From: PA

I made it to the Towne Crier on Saturday. I drove 7 hours to get there, and it was worth every minute. I never saw Rick perform before, and he was terrific. Very nice person as well. I got to have my picture taken with him. I was very happy to meet some fellow band fans, Lil, Freddy, Tom, Lars. By the way, I appreciate all the kind words here in the guestbook about my duck. I especially appreciate the ones about how well behaved he was. You know I warned him before we went in, that no bad behavior would be tolerated, because afterall this was a very special night for me. Unlike some other duck, we won't mention any names, causing such a ruckus. Oh, you all forgot to mention how in addition to my ducks good behavior, he was also very well groomed, as you you will see from the picture if it is posted here. Great show, well behaved duck, at least some peoples ducks nice to meet all of you, and I hope to see you all sometime again in the near future. Also, special thanks to a person who really helped me with all my plans to come in the first place. Until we meet again. Mary

Posted on Tue Aug 24 02:51:49 CEST 1999 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

I was at Paul Burlison's Lincoln Center show too. Butch is right on the money. Great show! A treat to see Randy & Jim get to really cut loose, & to support people that were obviously true heroes of theirs. Great energy from all the players...felt like they'd been waiting years for that one night. You know it's a good show when everyone onstage is grinning ear to ear. Among the songs played were Train Kept A-Rollin', Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On, Flip Flop & Fly, & many other 50s classics, but with such energy & sheer pleasure on the part of the musicians that it far transcended a typical 50s nostalgia show. I was, to say the least, impressed. Thanks guys!

Posted on Tue Aug 24 00:40:28 CEST 1999 from (


From: Upstate NY

I know Rick has his own idea of what he wants to play at a venue, but wouldn't it be something to be at Opus 40 on Sept 4th and hear him sing "I Shall Be Released?"

A stone mason's dream if I ever did see one....

Posted on Mon Aug 23 23:21:50 CEST 1999 from (

Richard Patterson

From: Ontario

Bones/Pat: Is it "Save the Tiger" ?

Posted on Mon Aug 23 22:35:34 CEST 1999 from (


Pat Brennan: What was the name of that Jack Lemmon movie? Do you remember?

Posted on Mon Aug 23 21:10:42 CEST 1999 from (

tom izzo

From: ct

Greenhead: Someone yelled "Duck!" and I hit the floor. Who knew? Sorry,I didn't see ya in the dark. :-) Tom

Posted on Mon Aug 23 21:06:27 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

This past Saturday, several groups seeking to preserve Georgia's Civil War battlefield sites gathered at the state Capitol in Atlanta to commemorate the 135th anniversary of the fall of Atlanta. By late August in 1864, Gen. William T. Sherman's troops had surrounded the city and began artillery bombardment. The Confederate troops were entrenched behind fortifications which had been built largely by slave labor. The only remaining supply line into Atlanta was a railway that came through the town of Jonesboro to the south.

It was under these circumstances that Union Gen. George Stoneman, the cavalry commander mentioned in The Band song, "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down," played a part in the Battle of Atlanta. Union calvary troops under Stoneman's command moved arround east of Atlanta. Soneman's mission was to destroy the railroad lifelines into the city, particularly the Macon & Western to the south. At the last minute Stoneman also obtained approval from Sherman to move south to liberate Federal prisoners held in an officer's prison at Camp Oglethorpe in Macon and at the infamous prison in Andersonville, where thousands were held under deplorable conditions.

Previously, in 1863, Stoneman, a West Point graduate, had been appointed commander of Fighting Joe Hooker's cavalry troops comprised of three divisions. Hooker assigned Stoneman the task of attacking Gen. Robert E. Lee's communications during the Virginia campaign. Stoneman was to attack the Virginia Central Railroad and then move eastward. During this campaign, Stoneman proved himself incompetent as a commander and Hooker soon replaced him.

A year later, during the Battle of Atlanta, Stoneman would again run into misfortune. While moving south to liberate the Federal prisioners, Stoneman's troops failed to rendezvous with another calvary division under Gen. Edward M. McCook's command. Moving towards Macon Stoneman was checked & surrounded by Confederate troops at Sunshine Church, near the town of Clinton. Stoneman eventually was forced to surrender. In a sympathetic twist, his captors let Stoneman send a telegram to his wife, informing her of his capture.

In the meantime, Atlanta fell on Sept. 2, following the Confederate defeat at Jonesboro on Aug. 31. Once Sherman had captured Atlanta, he ordered the expulsion of the city's citizens, a harsh & unprecedented measure. The inhabitants were forced to flee north, allowed to take nothing with them except the clothes on their backs.

Meanwhile, Sherman and the Southern commander Hood arranged an exchange of two thousand prisoners. Among the fortunate few who were freed was Gen. Stoneman, who Hood exchanged for Confederate Gen. Govan. Stoneman would live to fight again.

[My sources were: _None Died In Vain: The Saga of the American civil War_ by Robert Leckie, Harper Collins 1990. And _Marching Through Georgia: the Story of Soldiers And Civilians During Sherman's Campaign_ by Lee Kennett, Harper Collins 1995.]

Posted on Mon Aug 23 20:52:18 CEST 1999 from (


Another test. And folks, please remember to submit your guestbook entries after previewing them, ok? Thanks.

Posted on Mon Aug 23 14:09:04 CEST 1999 from (

Tanja Flåan

From: Norway

hey,hey! I'm back again.After two months with nice weather (too nice).....At la st, I have missed you all! I have new albums with the Band, Rock Of Ages, Last W altz....they are great. Especially the "new" intro on Rag Mama Rag on the Rock O f Ages album................And I have discovered the best song....he he.....Rag s And Bones! What a nice song, perfect tempo, drums, lyrics and voices.......... Pleased to meet ya all!

Posted on Mon Aug 23 20:06:43 CEST 1999 from (


From: the cloak room

Hey has anyone seen a guy name Tom Izzo around ?? He was supposed to give me a ride home the from Towne Crier the other night. Instead, he just left me sitting here, after he cornered me in this cloak room ... Help!!! BTW if you see him tell him I'm a male duck ... he was all over me like feathers on a Chicken McNugget ... but in the dark I guess we all look alike!!! How am I gonna pay for this tux ...

Posted on Mon Aug 23 18:19:56 CEST 1999 from (

Tom Izzo

From: ct.
Home page

Great show sat. as you all already posted.Rick was in fine form. Got a great picture of Mary and her duck, Me, my wife and rick, and several of the performance. Lars: your feathered friend embarassed the hell out of my wife and my self! Leave the little bastard home next time! Marys duck should serve as an example to him/her. Due to fact mine was underaged, it was not allowed in and waddled off into the night, I was however presented with a bill at the end of the evening. Jan: I'll e-mail some pictures to you tomorrow so you could decide what to post. To everyone please remember: "To err is human, To moo bovine" Great meeting everyone Sat. Lets do it again! Peace to all: Tom

Posted on Mon Aug 23 16:29:35 CEST 1999 from (

Just Wonderin'

From: Texas

Lil: Band mentions on tv programmes?? I heard an Abbott and Costello type thing on "Eight is Enough" many years ago. Similiar to the Anamaniacs thing. I love that show too. My kids are the excuse I use to watch it!!

Posted on Mon Aug 23 12:25:14 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The Cartoon Closet

Reading Pat Brennan's post about The Band's mention in a Jack Lemmon film brings me to a confession. I am a closet "Animaniacs" fan...those 3 adorable, animated siblings created by Steven Spielberg for Warner Brothers. Granted, I have 2 young I suppose I could say that I glance at it every now and then when they're watching it...but that's not true. I watch it even when they don't (and yes...god help me...I love Frosted Flakes as well :-)

Anyhow, there was an Animanics episode where Yakko, Wakko, and Dot were at Woodstock...and they did an Abbott and Costello type "who's on first" scenario. "Who's on next?"..."The Band"..."Who?"..."No, The Who already played"..."The Band". Knocks me out everytime I watch that episode, which yes, I do have taped.

Curious as to whether anyone else knows of any Band mentions in other films or tv shows?

Posted on Mon Aug 23 05:10:52 CEST 1999 from (


From: Hamburg / Germany
Home page

Alle die lieber was von The Band in Deutsch lesen möchten, die können sich auf meiner Homepage informieren. Grüße alle The Fans Wolfgang

Posted on Mon Aug 23 05:33:50 CEST 1999 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Well, here's an obscure one. A Jack Lemmon movie on AMC. Real early 70's. He owns a clothes company called Capri. Very groovy fashions.He picks up a hippie chick hitchiking, she takes him to the beach and they get high. They start playing a word game, something like famous people of their respective age groups. She says Beatles, he says Martin Boorman or something similiar (he's obsessed by World War II). She says Rolling Stones, he replies. She says Grateful Dead, he replies. Jerry Garcia, he replies.Bob Dylan, he replies. She says The Band. Number six, not bad.

Posted on Mon Aug 23 02:02:23 CEST 1999 from (

Lee again

Forgot to mention:

The Woodstock show on EMI isn't '69 its 1994. The BBC have wanted to release this for awhile now. Apparently, tapes aren't great as DJ Johnny Walker is gabbing all over them and there poorly edited. As I remember the live broadcast on Radio 1 it was very bad. Don't worry, though, there's a better recording of a 90s show in the works.

Posted on Mon Aug 23 00:32:05 CEST 1999 from (


Butch, thanks for the post about Lincoln Center. Holy shit, I'll slice my throat now for not staying for that show.

Posted on Sun Aug 22 21:40:20 CEST 1999 from (

Richard Patterson

From: Ontario

Saw a great show last night by the Allman Brothers at Darien Lake. Derek Trucks was just amazing, playing an SG all night in open E tuning. That thick tone and moaning slide called up the memory of Duane several times (per song). How did he play those double lead lines with Dicky in that tuning? Dicky was better than ever, Gregg in good voice, and everyone playing for all they're worth. Two long sets of new and old material.

Curious now to hear Derek's playing on "One Too Many Mornings".

Posted on Sun Aug 22 21:11:42 CEST 1999 from (

Lars Pedersen

From: Upstate NY

As already mentioned, Danko did a great show at the Towne Crier last night. It was good to meet fellow Band fans. I was especially impressed by Mary's well behaved duck, which sat so still during the performance that I was in awe. It made me feel that much more embarrassed that my own duck had been thrown out earlier for getting into a fistfight with a trucker's wife at the next table.

Rick and Louie, thank you for a great show.

Posted on Sun Aug 22 19:56:09 CEST 1999 from (


From: good times there are not forgotten...

Ilkka, i love your English. Hope you don't mind but i quote you often in certain situations, as in the state of your computer at present i use my favorite "Illka word": "Tragical" :)

i'm trying very, very, very hard not to be JEALOUS!!!! glad ya'll had a good time way up yonder on the other side. just keep in mind, it doesn't snow much down here in the winter, usually pretty pleasant... good for musical instruments... Atlanta's a very neat city, right, Mr. Powell? Wouldn't hurt too, you know, not to forget those of us down here who love the boys just as much... why, i can think of several good night spots that would just love to see Rick and Garth and Lee in the spotlight. i'd even throw in a banana puddin, some fried okra, southern style BBQ ribs, maybe? oh, well - thanks for sharing with us, ya'll. was there in spirit...

lil, know what i really think about Jimmy? think the fool was doin the singer/writer of that song's work to keep em both out of trouble before the master got back home. typical musician :)

Posted on Sun Aug 22 19:18:02 CEST 1999 from (


From: ulster county, n.y.

Jan, #1 > so enjoyed EVERYTHING,,, Great times @ the Studio Lee G. too, BUT, Last Night, in New York City, @ Lincoln Center's Damrosch Bandshell, Our Own Randy Ciarlante & Jim Weider played with Legendary Paul Burlison & Rocky & Billy Burnette,,, with Tony Garnier ( from Dylan's band ) on Acoustic Bass !!!!!!!! It was billed as a Tribute To the History of Rock & Roll >>> Rock-a-billy >>> & musically, what a night ! Weider & the Burnette's trading hot hot licks with Paul, while Randy & Tony just had a blast, locked in to the GROOVE ! Then Billy Lee Riley came out, ( an old friend of Levon & Rick's & Dylan's big influence ) & took it to new heights,,, singing songs that Jerry Lee Lewis stole from him @ SUN records,,, it was a true musical history night,, proud to have been there,,, & VERY PROUD to see Jimmy & Randy recognised by the best,, & given their " PROPS " !!!! thanks,,, brownie-powered,,,, bb

Posted on Sun Aug 22 18:16:51 CEST 1999 from (

Freddy Fishstick

From: Pawling NY

Rick's setlists and reviews are already in from the Towne Crier, so I will not repeat. The crowds here are the warmest I've seen for Rick's shows. A well deserved standing ovation after "It Makes No Difference". Got the chance to tell Professor Louie how much he sounds like Boz Scaggs on "Great Beyond". The company & introductions to fellow Band fans and Guestbook posters really topped the evening. What I wouldn't have given for a visit by Levon. Till we meet again best to all and especially the precious jewel one. :-)

Posted on Sun Aug 22 17:44:38 CEST 1999 from (


From: UK


Good to see you again. Big Sister at the Joyous. Funny, man.

Still recovering. Brought back a bunch of Danko's new CD, so if anyone in the UK/Europe wants a copy send a IMO or cheque payable to Jawbone Records for £16.00 inc. an extra £1.00 for p&p if you're in Europe.

Posted on Sun Aug 22 17:40:34 CEST 1999 from (


From: Dutchess County

A really great show at the Towne Crier last night, songs in order, 1.Book Faded Brown,2.Sip the Wine,3.Stage Fright,4.Wheels On Fire,5.It Makes No Difference,6.Let the Four Winds Blow,7.Blind Willie McTell,8.Crazy Mama,9.Twilight,10.Long Black Veil,11.Next Time You See Me,12.The Weight,13.The Shape I'm In, and the encore, 14.Ophelia

Posted on Sun Aug 22 13:02:28 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: one too many mornings

Caught Rick's show at the Towne Crier last night (sans duck) and had a wonderful time. Rick doing what he does best..slapping asses and kissing faces (or is that slapping faces and kissing asses? :-)

The set, in no particular order was as follows: Book Faded Brown, Crazy Mama, Twilight, Sip The Wine, The Weight, Wheels on Fire, The Shape I'm In, Ophelia, It Makes No Difference, and Stage Fright. No surprises there. Accompanied by Professor Louie, the set also included Let The Four Winds Blow, and Next Time You See Me. No surprises there as well. Rick was in good spirits, and the crowd was lovin every minute of it.

Two things stuck me as I listened last night. Aaron is really an incredible piano player, and Rick's really been practicin that guitar! I was very impressed with the music itself.

Lars and Tom: It was a pleasure to meet you both, even though when I mentioned your names to Phil he nearly didn't let me in for fear of a repeat of the last duck riot :-)

Mary and Doug: Was also a pleasure meeting both of you. Hope the trip was worth it (and by your smile Mary I think it was :-)

D&V...lurking here somewhere I'm sure...good to see both of you again!

Stu Hruska and Marcia: Always a Pleasure to share your company.

And to 'my very best friend' Freddy Fishstick....what can I say? Love you lots and thanks for a wonderful night.

Posted on Sun Aug 22 01:09:08 CEST 1999 from (

Paul Godfrey

Just got back from a week of canoeing in the Kawartha Lakes north of Peterborough, Ontario Canada. Had a nice conversation with Ronnie Hawkins and told some lies about "Days Gone By!" To Stanley and Hawk fans...Ronnie was in great spirits and as funny as ever. No sooner got back home and there was a message on my answering machine informing me that my RHINO - Best of Ronnie Hawkins CD had arrived. You will find it reviewed in the What's New section. So, if you ever gave any thought to picking up the above CD..go for it. You will not be disappointed. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has the Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks "Early Years" CD and you thoughts on the collection.

Posted on Sun Aug 22 00:47:59 CEST 1999 from (

Ghost Rider

From: In Your Yard

Lars, Lil, Tom Izzo, and anybody else enroute to the Towne Crier this evening... have a ball, keep a set list to post here tomorrow, and try to remember all those questions we've been saying we ought to ask Rick if any of us ever get a chance to get up close and personal with him.The Crier is the perfect venue for that. Wasn't it the last tme Rick played there, someone from The Guestbook asked him to clear up the debate about the lead vocals on Moondog Matinee?

Posted on Sat Aug 21 15:20:17 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Cat: Thanks for the cracking corn explanation. I've asked in here several times what the heck Jimmy was doing..and noone seemed to know. Thank your dad for me too.

Mark Atkins and Jan: Thanks for the lyrics to the wonderful Jules Shear tune "Tombstone". Can't tell a shooting star from a bird on fire. Always loved that line. Thanks again.

Freddy Fishstick: Wear long pants! :-)

Posted on Sat Aug 21 14:31:16 CEST 1999 from (


From: a great good mornin already

Hey, Lil, "Mama's got a squeezbox!" Now, i can imagine that... :)

This is way out there - but interesting - got an email from a list i subcribe to titled "Jimi Hendrix the Space Wizard." Let me tell you, it's way out there but very interesting. anybody want a copy (includes some quotes, etc.) let me know and i'll send it to you. Would definitely appeal to Xfiles fans. :).... always knew there was something... different... about that guy.

Mr. V - been meaning to mention how much i enjoyed (of course!) your article also. I'm glad they chose "shuck us" over other, er, words also. It's one of my favorite Southern words, hear it all the time. But here's one i ain't NEVER heard anywhere but on the mt. (not Lookout, the one across the valley from it, where the Loudermilk boys are from...) a lady who lived down the dirt road from us came to visit and told us she went and had her hair roached (sp? who knows, i think it remains yet clearly defined.) Guess what that means.... btw - she used to carry her teeth in her purse in case she might need them... :)

oh, yeah, according to Dad (he said this is best he knew, as southerners WILL force things that don't fit), cracking corn is rubbing 2 cobs of dried corn together to "crack" the kernals off the cob. It was for the purpose of feeding the yard animals (usually chickens) as opposed to using the new-fangled shellers (one of my childhood duties) for the livestock. Now, that's according to Dad, and he definitely has his own lingo goin'.

ya'll have a good day.

Posted on Sat Aug 21 09:29:12 CEST 1999 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

Hi gang. Just wanted to add that yes, Ebay can be the Band fan's friend. I just got the Northern Lights Southern Cross press book!

Posted on Sat Aug 21 08:41:54 CEST 1999 from (

Ilkka's computer

From: Nordic Countries

Thanks for reopening

To, (, 216 - 164 - 193 - com and other servers:
My heart broke when the gb enclosed. Ilkka who is only a human being believes that it is my operating system but no, it is my heart. Now he is sitting in front of me with a 2 litre bottle of Cola trying to get me back on my feet again. He mumbles: - I need you . . . That is not, as I see it, the question. The question is: do we need them?

Keep hummin' about The Band and this great site!

Posted on Sat Aug 21 02:19:31 CEST 1999 from (

Chris D.

From: South Jersey

I can't say how happy and greatful I am that the "Guestbook"is back.Thank You!!I finally got a chance to post what an incredible time I had at"A Day in The Garden"and there was no guestbook!First I get to see Levon rockin in New Orleans and then,what I thought was an incredible show,Rick,Garth and some heavy backers at Yasgurs Farm.For a fan of The Band it has Been a not too shabby year.I looked around at all the others standing,singing every word along with Rick and thought"man I wonder if thats the Diamond Lil'chic or maybe that's Freddy Fish Stick".Who knows what you people look like or if you were there but to anyone who was ,it was good being with you.Thanks again for the Guestbook and to all responsible for this web site.

Posted on Sat Aug 21 02:15:10 CEST 1999 from (

Blind Willie McTell

From: Toronto

All this recent talk of Hank Williams "Jambalaya" sent me back to listening to my favourite version by The Meters.

Posted on Sat Aug 21 01:24:17 CEST 1999 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

Does anyone else remember when "The Shape I'm In" was featured on the Rate-a-Record segment of Dick Clark's AMERICAN BANDSTAND? I'd love to see that again after all these years. I wish Clark had a website with access to such stuff...

Posted on Sat Aug 21 01:18:09 CEST 1999 from (

Richard Patterson

From: Ontario

Lil and Cat: All this talk of "Jambalaya" sent me back to listening to a Leon Russell lp from '73 called 'Hank's Back'. J.J.Cale, Pete Drake, Carl Radle, Charlie McCoy, etc, backing up Leon on a great selection of Hank William's tunes. From "Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms" to "Lost Highway" w/ "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" in between. Thanks for reminding me.

Posted on Fri Aug 20 23:46:56 CEST 1999 from (


From: Paleohora, Crete, Greece

Delighted to see this show that is this guestbook back on the road - the Web wasn't the same for me without it!!!

Posted on Fri Aug 20 22:15:14 CEST 1999 from (

Ranjit A.

From: Lawrence, Kansas

Wow, excellent site! I've been a fan of the Band for years, and it's good to k now there are other people who care as much as I do about these talented musicia ns. Lately, I've been looking around for a decent copy of "Eat The Document," o r any other good concert footage of The Band with Dylan - can anyone point me in the right direction? Anyway, I know that some day I'll make it out to Big Pink. Until then, I 'll continue checking this out! Thanks for creating a great site about REAL music!

Posted on Fri Aug 20 20:31:11 CEST 1999 from (

John Donabie

From: Toronto

Since we have long lulls between Band albums and solo endeavors, I thought I might mention a couple of things. First, leave it to me to be slow on the uptake. Last year David Powell spoke of how much he enjoyed Geoff Muldaur's "the secret handshake" CD. I just picked it up today and it sure goes down fine. Just released (I believe) is a pretty good album on the legendary Capricorn label, out of Macon Georgia. Bonnie Bramlett's solo CD called Lady's Choice. It includes such standards as "let's Go Get Stoned, Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go (one of my favorite Hank Ballard tunes) Bob Dylan's Forever Young & Sam & Dave's Hold On I'm Coming" among others.

By the way David. Mr. Waits will be here in T.O. Mon-Tues night.

Posted on Fri Aug 20 19:15:20 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

A little out of The Band loop here, but I'd very much like to comment on what David Powell and Krispy talked about. Organ donation. Not only is it the ultimate gift of life, but it helps those whose loved ones were donors to heal. My husband was an organ donor, and it helps me and my kids enormously to know that even in death, he's making a difference. Thanks for listening.

Posted on Fri Aug 20 18:32:10 CEST 1999 from (


To coattail on what David Powell was saying, (insert groan here...another Grateful Dead reference) Phil Lesh, GD bassist, was also an organ donor recipient. He was lucky enough to get a new liver last December and in every concert he plays now (Phil & Friends shows) he makes an Organ Donor Awareness speech. Gotta get the good word out there - way to go Deana!! I'm glad to hear the kidney transplant was a success for Fred!

Posted on Fri Aug 20 17:09:33 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Thanks Ghost Rider for the report on the Day In The Garden. Interesting to hear that Melanie is still around performing. Country singer Deana Carter recently covered Melanie's "Brand New Key" on her second album, _Everything's Gonna Be Alright_. Deana, as many of you know, is the daughter of Fred Carter, Jr., former Hawk & Nashville session guitarist.

On a serious note, Fred recently underwent a successful kidney transplant. This inspired Deana to become a spokesperson for the National Kidney Foundation in order to inform the public about the importance of organ donation.

As Deana explained recently on her website: "My father's life was literally saved by the generosity of someone who gave him a new kidney. I believe I must give back by making people aware of the tremendous organ shortage and encouraging them to sign donor cards and discuss the decision with family members. That family discussion is very important, since family consent is necessary at the time of donation. It makes the decision so much easier if they know your wishes."

It's good to hear that Fred is doing better, and Deana's involvement as a spokesperson reminds us of what it means to share the ultimate gift of life.

Posted on Fri Aug 20 16:45:46 CEST 1999 from (

John Donabie

I checked with Capitol EMI Canada this morning re: A Woodstock 69 CD featuring The Band. This is the CD folks have been talking about. According to their marketing dept. there is no such CD and no plans down the road for one. However record companies have suddenly changed their minds, haven't they?

Posted on Fri Aug 20 16:25:40 CEST 1999 from (


Ghost Rider -- thanks for the notes on Yasgur's. Nice rundown of performance, accidents and oddities.

Posted on Fri Aug 20 15:21:23 CEST 1999 from (


From: java blues... :-)

In spite of its alleged availability since August 9th, "Tangled Up In Blues" is still nowhere to find in the Low Countries... So Heine was right after all, Peter... :-)

Nice to see the renewed guestbook brought back old celebrities as Uncle H., Jonathan Katz & David Powell...

Posted on Fri Aug 20 14:33:14 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Cat: Wow! Can't believe you mentioned Jambalaya! I have 2 stories for you now.

First, Levon and Rick did that tune with Dr. John back about 10 or so years ago at a little Long Island club called "Key Largo". Don't even know if that club is still there, but the memories I have from it thankfully still exist.

Story #2 is a more personal one. Friend of my husband's by the name of Black Guidry...from down nawlins way...used to perform that tune at clubs many years ago. I have a very fond memory of about 30 of us being in my in-laws house when he visited, singing along to it..he played guitar..I played accordian (pretty sure there was also alcohol involved!) I guess it's just one of those "fun" tunes that always makes you feel good no matter when or where you hear it. Thanks for mentioning it.

Posted on Fri Aug 20 14:08:12 CEST 1999 from (


From: the treehouse

Mr. Powell: thanks on Mr. Waits. Now the title's in print so maybe i won't go looking for "Mood Variations" or something similar. :) Don't know if Charlie will appreciate this or not (as you probably know, Ira passed a long time ago), but his last name is really Loudermilk. Was really surprised that folks like Dylan were into them. Well, not really. :)

Don't know what's up, but it seems a lot of the old timers in country are regaining some recognition these days. I've always wanted to hear Levon sing "son of a gun, we'll have some fun on the bayou...." :). Can't think of anybody else who could come close to doing Hank Williams justice. Maybe while he's diggin around in the blues he'll get his hands on some old country, too? Hey, Lee, c'mon now... get back on the train. We love and miss you.

Ghost Rider and anybody – is Levon's cafe going to reopen??? I'd really appreciate any info on that (especially since i'm not a lucky duck livin near NYC!!)

Posted on Fri Aug 20 13:21:39 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: Another cuppa coffe :-)

Countdown to the Towne Crier is on. Looking forward to the man and the music. No matter how many times I see Rick, there's still something warm and wonderful about the anticipation of another show.

Note to Lars: Been practicing driving around locally with the duck...he's an annoying backseat driver, plus he insists on playing with the buttons on the radio. May arrive with him stuffed in the trunk :-)

Ghost Rider: Really enjoyed your post scripts from the show at Yasgur's. Melanie did 'Purple Haze'?? Sounds almost as bad as Joanie doing "Dixie".....Agree with your last paragraph too. It's nice to know that Levon is happy with his blues band, but I still hold the hope that he'll play with Rick and Garth..somewhere..One more time for old times sake.

Freddy Fishstick: 'Life is a carnival' following a Buffett concert? How perfect! Just shows to go ya that in this carnival world, we're all along for the ride. Just too bad that sometimes we get tickets and they don't take us on the ride we expected.........

Ryan Stang: Very glad you finally made it to Big Pink! Hope you had a great trip.

Posted on Fri Aug 20 12:48:02 CEST 1999 from (

Uncle Hangover

From: Joe's Bar
Home page

Good to be back here. Any details about the new solo album that Garth is working on? Label? Type of music? Release date? Guest musicians? And thanks to Jan for letting me return to this forum :-)

Posted on Fri Aug 20 06:41:11 CEST 1999 from (

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

Just want to add my thanks to Jan for the re-opened Guestbook. For the brief time that it was closed, I had a sense of loss of a community of faceless cyber friends. I don't post often, but I check in too often.

Just to add my 2 cents to what has been said about Rick's new cover art: the picture reminds me of the image in my memory of Rick sitting under a tree on the bank of a lake here in Columbia the afternoon before his recent concert here. I'm looking forward to hearing the CD!

But before I get that one - I just picked up Susan Tedeschi's first CD. If its half as good as her most recent, "Just Won't Burn" it will be a scorcher! [Pardon the non-Band related reference!]

Posted on Fri Aug 20 05:21:57 CEST 1999 from (

Ryan Stang

From: Madison, WI

Went to Big Pink on Monday on the way back from Maine. It was simply awe inspiring. Nobody was home-no cars except a cable van. Got a lot of good pictures, though. So if anybody needs directions, email me and I'll help you out. Also, Warner Bros. publishing just re-released the out-of-print Robbie Robertson guitar book, all tablature for songs including King Harvest, Unfaithful Servant, Ophelia, Rag Mama Rag, Carnival, Cripple, and others including some songs off "Robbie Robertson." It can be ordered from any music (not record) store.

Posted on Fri Aug 20 04:54:15 CEST 1999 from (

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbor

Was listening to the Buffett concert live on Radio Margaritaville from Cincinatti. The show ended and what did they play? Yes friends and neighbors- The Band- Life is a Carnival! Where else you gonna hear it?

Posted on Fri Aug 20 04:26:39 CEST 1999 from (

Ghost Rider

From: In Your yard

Some postscripts from A Day In The Garden :

* In the official concert program, Rick is quoted as saying that Levon won't be playing Yasgur's Farm with them because he's real busy with his new club in New Orleans.

* Garth performed wearing a white "Jimmy Sturr Orchestra" baseball cap. Sturr is the Grammy award-winning polkaman from near Woodstock whose big band Garth played with earlier this summer.

* Randy's lead vocal mic wasn't working at all on Chest Fever.

* Melanie opened her set with what she called a tribute to another veteran of the original Woodstock: "Purple Haze." Jimi may still be spinning in his grave.

* Country Joe is still on a mission to save the whales, outlaw nuclear power, and end the War in Viet Nam. Nothing nostalgic about his act; these are pressing current events for Joe. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

* Could the reason that the Danko-Hudson Band was asked to cut short its performance (according to Tom from Woodstock Records) be that their 20+ person Keystone Kops Stage Krew took over an hour setting them up. They were still bumping into each other and walking in circles on the stage when Rick finally strode out onto the stage, strapped on his acoustic guitar, and decided to get the show started.

* I know his interests lie more with his blues roots these days, but I believe it would have done Levon a world of good to come along, play drums and maybe a little mandolin, and hear the applause of 10 or 12 thousand music lovers once again.

Posted on Fri Aug 20 04:26:31 CEST 1999 from (

Michael G. McMahon

From: Chicago
Home page

Nice site. Thank You, to the webmaster. Mac

Posted on Fri Aug 20 01:28:41 CEST 1999 from (

Richard Patterson

From: Ontario

Glad to see the guestbook back open for business, Jan you are the cat's ass! Have just been watching "The Band" documentary. Never realized the first time I saw it why Levon's voice was so wrecked. Hope you're feeling better Levon.

Peace everybody.

Posted on Thu Aug 19 23:30:32 CEST 1999 from (

Ben Turkel

From: New Jersey

I just got 'Live on Breeze Hill' today and am listening to it as I type. The sound quality is excellent and leaves 'Rick Danko in Concert' in the dust. Garth's keyboards sound incredible. I'm only up to the fourth song so I can't give a complete review, but so far I'm very pleased with this cd. Anyway I have a pretty good collection of Band shows on cd and tape and would be interested in trading for other shows. Thanks, Ben

Posted on Thu Aug 19 23:07:02 CEST 1999 from (

Dave the Phone Guy

From: Lee Vining, Ca.

I ordered my copy of Breeze Hill today from the kind lady at the 800 number.Is anyone familiar with any of the sidemen?(sidepersons?)besides the new BAND folks and Tom Malone.Reviews are bound to start coming in soon.I suggest listening to Breeze Hill more than a few times before commenting.Please, all you great fans going to Rick and/or Levon's shows this month, give 'em the loudest and strongest encouragement ever!

Posted on Thu Aug 19 22:22:42 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Catbalou: I agree with you about the cover of Rick's new one. Beautifully done. Seems to have really captured a moment. Love it!

Kind of like this new 'format' for posting. Considering it was set up in a hurry, seems to be a job well done. But look positively frazzled. Us Band fans are nice folks, but we are a handful, aren't we? :-)

Posted on Thu Aug 19 21:23:14 CEST 1999 from (

Aslag Haugen

From: Norway
Home page

Meget bra! Er jevnlig innom sidene for å sjekke nyheter. Bra at noen tar jobben med å holde gamle helter levende. The Band er fortsatt en av mine største favoritter.

Posted on Thu Aug 19 19:56:57 CEST 1999 from (

Hip Hype

From: SW NYC

See a copy of "Ophelia," the very strong '76 show taken from a radio broadcast, available on ebay. Incredibly, there's also a copy of "Royal Albert Rags" at an absurdly low price. And it closes in just a few hours! Go figure.

Posted on Thu Aug 19 16:28:42 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Of course Eric Clapton's performance of "Further On Up The Road"--faulty guitar strap & all--with The Band is one of the highlights of The Last Waltz. Eric recently released a two-CD (studio & live) set, appropriately titled "Blues." It contains a scorching live version of that same song with guest guitarist Freddy King, which was recorded in Dallas, Texas on November 15, 1976--just eleven days before The Last Waltz. This is a remixed version of the song which first appeared on the album "Freddy King (1934-1976)." The concert itself was originally broadcast on the syndicated King Biscuit radio show.

catbalu: The Tom Waits album is entitled "Mule Variations," available on CD and all-analog LP from Epitaph Records. Ah yes, the great Louvin Brothers, who influenced another Last Waltz guest, Emmylou Harris--"If I Could Only Win Your Love" and "Cash On The Barrelhead" with Gram.

Posted on Thu Aug 19 16:14:02 CEST 1999 from (

[guest photo]


Home page

just testing again

Posted on Thu Aug 19 06:01:43 CEST 1999 from (

Rashid A.

From: Karachi

U.S.A and the music reach all over. Thank goodness for computer technology. I recently had the opportunity to visit the U.S. and have met so many people. They have tuned me in to 'The Band. Thank-you Diamond Lil for a CD copy of jubilation'. I can't cook curry without listening to it and thinking of you. God Bless you , and keep you well. Looking foward to visiting this website more often.

Posted on Thu Aug 19 03:41:33 CEST 1999 from (

Stu Hruska

From: Westchester, New York

Jan I had an incredibly busy day at work yesterday, but found myself lamenting about the state of affairs concerning the guestbook once or twice. Thanks Jan

Posted on Thu Aug 19 01:45:25 CEST 1999 from (

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbor

When I Awoke from my Havana Daydream I found the Guestbook had changed! Where in the world is Brown- Eyed Johnny?

Posted on Thu Aug 19 01:06:56 CEST 1999 from (

Lars Pedersen

From: Upstate NY

It's good to have the guestbook back, thank you Jan.

As the Band continues to explore new configurations and new music, I wish each member all the best. Thanks to Levon, Rick, Garth, and Robbie as you each go down your own Endless Highway. Thanks To Randy, Jim, and Richard Bell. May everyone enjoy your "Bigfoot." And Richard: thanks for the memories of a Band who played music that never got old.

Posted on Wed Aug 18 23:47:49 CEST 1999 from (


From: uhoh, i see a Pat Brennan is a girl thing coming with the email requirement :)

Geez, i knew it would probably happen.... this is the first time i came in here since late Sat. afternoon (CST).... something tells me it got worse... ALL my entries are gone - wonder if that makes me a record-holder. :) Therefore, i sincerely apologize for whatever ever it was i said - to Jan and all the rest. Comes from the heart... Jan, would appreciate an email letting me know what is was so i won't repeat the offense.

Had a chance to read a good bit farther back as i, too, have returned from life on the water, being rocked to sleep by a lazy river. good medicine it is, Mr. Donabie. The wind kept saying "What is important;" the water answered for me. wishing you many safe journeys in your canoe.

Hello, ragtime! Guess what - i rode bicycles with my kids, 1st time in ages. they went off and left me... told me to stick with Jelly Roll (the bassett). "You can keep up with him." oh, me. BTW - guess how he learned to do the bassett howl - I was singing along with "Tears of Rage" and he decided to back me up... what a (er, mmmm) joyful noise it was. :)

BTW - just wanted to add my compliments to the designer of Rick's CD cover also. What a moment caught. Every time i look at it, i wonder what he's thinkin about. Looks kinda blissful and wistful to me.

Pete Revard: hope your demo is doing well. There are things about to happen among some good ole' boy musician friends of mine from Lookout Mt. ..... wish there was a way to get a copy. you never know - run into them occasionally when i'm out and about. and as for your talented daughter, she might enjoy Tihs Van Leer (sp?). He was the floutist for the band Focus on the song Hocus Pocus. Kind of a wild song, but the classical album of his is worth having (love it when old hippies go classic :). If you can't find it, i would be happy to share mine with you, even if it is scratchy from being loved to death. Congrats to your girl and hope you find a singer for your songs.

David Powell, i'm still looking for the Tom Waits CD with Georgia Lee on it. What's the name again? And thank you very much for all the Carter family background. My cousins, the Louvain Bros., knew them fairly well. Nana used to tell many tales about those old days. I'll ask her to refresh my memory on a couple of those when i see here again. If you're a fan, be glad to pass one along.

Ya'll take care. And thanks for puttin the "Open" sign back out on the door, Jan. You are too kind.

Posted on Wed Aug 18 23:35:37 CEST 1999 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Now, that wasn't so bad, was it? Hello to all and thanks to Jan.

Posted on Wed Aug 18 23:24:52 CEST 1999 from (


just testing "father clock" after a system reset .. the time was a bit off CEST

Posted on Wed Aug 18 21:41:35 CEST 1999 from (

Mitt Stampler

From: Way down the craziest river--the Potomac!
Home page

Came here yesterday to find--??? But now reopened--Hurray for Jan! Yes, he does indeed ROCK! Lil--you just about made me cry, since moving I've been awfully be home again. Sigh. The stale old jokes about Whitey Bulger and the Wahlberg brothers seem pretty funny right about now...Think I'll pour a drink, mix up some brownie dough (and no, I don't cook!) and listen to something cheery--I'm thinking "Cripple Creek," always puts a smile on this face. PS--Look out, Stan Landau! I start law school tomorrow! Missed you all--Skinny Kid, Cat, Peter Viney, etc. Will definitely be stopping by again.

Posted on Wed Aug 18 21:31:04 CEST 1999 from (


Peter - Nothing to say?!?! I'm jotting this down on my calendar :))))

Posted on Wed Aug 18 21:21:05 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

From: Poole, UK

This is a rare day. I can't think of anything to post! Except it's really great to see the Guestbook back. Thanks to Jan.

Posted on Wed Aug 18 21:21:01 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Oh to be home again.....

Nice to "see" everyone again. Thanks for the posts about Yasgurs. Sounds like it was a wonderful time. Glad noone got rained on there. It _poured_ here that whole day. Go figure...

Did some complaining about the selection of tunes Rick picked for his new cd...but am going to get it and give it a good listen just the same.

Ragtime and John..thanks for keeping in touch:-)

Posted on Wed Aug 18 20:35:16 CEST 1999 from (


From: PA

Glad to see the site back. I am a frequent reader, however, not a signer of the guestbook. I found out yesterday via the "WALL RECORDS" that Woodstock/The Band is due out sometime this month via Capitol/EMI records.

Posted on Wed Aug 18 19:59:39 CEST 1999 from (


Jan - I'd just like to say thanks once again for everything you do for this site and us. I'd like to apologize for any part I had in said ugliness (head hanging low).

Serge - (Trying to extend an olive branch here) I'd love to hear some of the stories from back in the day! Gimme some that I can tell my kids about one of these days so that this legacy known as The Band will continue on for a long time to come.

Pete - While I'm sure Kilo believed what he told you, that is most definitely NOT the way things were at Woodstock 99. Things were chaotic WAY before the Hendrix tribute took place. During the Red Hot Chili Peppers (not trying to start that debate again ;) ), we saw young men (18-25 range) flipping and demolishing a car parked near the main stage. That's about when the fires started (ironically by candles that were given out to be a peace vigil!), and again, this was before the tribute. FWIW, we had also heard rumors that Jagger/Richards were AT Woodstock, but when they stepped out of the limo and saw fires, they said forget it! By the middle of Sunday afternoon, the perimeter fence was being torn down. I believe it was also before the tribute that the rapes took place. I know the campground was on fire before the tribute as well. For some that came there, the whole weekend symbolized nothing more than pure anarchy. It's a shame to watch the name/concept behind Woodstock, something that symbolized togetherness, likemindedness, peace, love, etc. being turned into something more along the lines ofPepsistock (94) Greedstock or Rapestock.

Posted on Wed Aug 18 19:32:32 CEST 1999 from (

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway

This is a little embarassing ... I just found an MPG-3 file on my home system's hard disk with Rick doing a funky/reggae live version of "Twilight". Someone probably sent me this on July 25th, according to the timestamp, but I can't even remember having downloaded it %-) Anyone?

Posted on Wed Aug 18 19:18:20 CEST 1999 from (

Pete Rivard

From: Hastings, MN

Played yesterday in the Twin Cities "Rock 'n Roll It In" Golf Invitational. What an afternoon! It looked like a horde of circus escapees had all converged on the golf course and appropriated the carts! I was teamed up with the drummer from a rock band called Flip, a fellow with green hair who goes by the name of Kilo.

Anyway, his band played this year's Woodstock. His opinion of what set off the rioting was a lot different than the media's, and had little to do with overpriced mineral water and burgers. He reported that there was a series of rumors, originated, he said, and stoked by various show officials, that a Jimi Hendrix tribute to close the show was going to feature Pearl Jam and Neil Young, and various other big names, Jagger and Richards were mentioned to him. These rumors spread quickly over the last days of the show, and when the Hendrix tribute turned out to be an old video of Hendrix doing the Star Spangled Banner, and nothing else, the unruly, overheated and tanked elements of a primed and expectant crowd chose to express their rage as we've all seen and read about.

Posted on Wed Aug 18 19:19:43 CEST 1999 from (


From: Dutchess County

I missed the GuestBook. Thanks, Jan, for giving us back our hangout. See y'all at the Towne Crier on Saturday.

Posted on Wed Aug 18 19:03:13 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Thanks Jan once again for all your hard work above & beyond the call...

Following the recent death of Anita Carter, I mentioned the influence that the Carter Family had on the music of so many artists, including that of the members of The Band. I neglected to mention that Levon had recorded with June, Anita & Helen Carter on title song from The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's _Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Volume 2_.

For those of you who may not have heard this wonderful album, it's well worth checking out. Following verses by Johnny Cash, Roy Acuff and Ricky Scaggs, Levon sings the lead on the fourth verse to "Will The Circle Be Unbroken," accompanied by Emmylou Harris. The all-star choir singing back-up on the song is led by the Carter Sisters.

On the album, Levon also turns in a wonderful performance singing Paul Kennerly's mournful hymn, "When I Get My Rewards," accompanied by the Dirt Band, Randy Scruggs, Jerry Douglas and the late Roy Huskey, Jr. Levon also plays mandolin on Paulette Carlson's "Lovin' On The Side," more than holding on own with the cream of Nashville's session players.

Also notable on this album is the John Hiatt & Rosanne Cash duet on Hiatt's playful "One Step Over The Line." Also showing up on Circle Volume Two is a song from the Basement Tapes, Dylan's "You Ain't Going Nowhere." Former Byrds Roger McGuinn & Chris Hillman trade verses on a magnificent acoustic rendition of this song.

If you haven't heard this album in a while, pull it out and give it a listen. There are many great performances on it, in addition to those I've mentioned.

Posted on Wed Aug 18 18:48:02 CEST 1999 from (


From: The Low Countries

Guestbook reopening night... great night... thanx a lot Jan. You know what... as I type this there's a rainbow in the sky... Let me be the first Dutchman to enter our renewed forum.

I enjoyed A Day In The Garden. It was amazing to hear Woodstock Radio so loud & clear. I heard some US friends complaning about the sound quality, but here in the Old World everything was fine.

Some days ago we were discussing availability of "Tangled Up In Blues" (including The Band's: "One Too Many Mornings") in Europe. My retailer tells me it was released in the Netherlands at August 9th. Should be the same in the UK I presume.

And now... let's have a preview... and then submit...

Posted on Wed Aug 18 18:25:36 CEST 1999 from (


Thanks Jan. RE: Yasgur, anyone who was there. Any mention of Levon?

Posted on Wed Aug 18 17:42:05 CEST 1999 from (


From: maryland

Jan rocks!

Posted on Wed Aug 18 17:03:24 CEST 1999 from (

Tom Izzo

From: ct
Home page

Jan: Thank you!! Hope to send you some digital pictures of Rick's gig this Sat at the Towne Crier. Looking foward to seeing some of the regulars there (Lars et al)! To the Tom Waits fans out there: got my tickets for 9/25/99 in NYC (my birthday)$85 each! First time I saw him it was $4 (1975) Talk about inflation! Again, thank you Jan! Peace Tom

Posted on Wed Aug 18 16:51:25 CEST 1999 from (


From: Woodstock Records
Home page

Day In The Garden - Bethel, New York

I would like to personally thank all of the Rick/Garth and "Band" supporters at the Bethel,NY "Day In The Garden" show on Sunday 8/15.

We had a great time, the production/staff and venue personnel welcomed us with open arms and treated us and all of the day's performers with love and respect.

Our set was asked to be cut shorter by the DITG staff due to a time sensitive problem that the show would meet if everyone wanted to play "full" sets. As it were, sets were running about an hour behind. Our apologies, but we all have to "share" the vibe as well as the clock.

I would also like to let all of you know that Rick's new cd "Live On Breeze Hill" is available now through the Woodstock Records website or call (800) 585-1812 (USA) We now take credit cards for your purchases of this as well as other Woodstock Records releases.

Once again, on behalf of Woodstock Records, we would like to extend out thanks again to everyone involved with "Day In The Garden" as well as the crew,staff and "Blue" Lou Marini, Tom Malone, Jim Hynes and Roger Mason who did not not get "stage" introductions as well as Laurie who was our personal assistant at the venue. Lee Gabites who made the trip all the way from Manchester, England.

Peace from Woodstock!

Tom/Woodstock Records

Posted on Wed Aug 18 16:19:42 CEST 1999 from (

John Donabie

From: Toronto

Since the Hawks (Band) had its start here...let me throw out the first posting from the original home of The Band.

Posted on Wed Aug 18 15:24:33 CEST 1999 from (


just a test from MS-IE

Posted on Wed Aug 18 15:16:38 CEST 1999 from (

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway

The guestbook is open for posting again. A few things have changed:

  1. You now have to give a valid e-mail address.
  2. The name and IP-number of the host you are posting from will appear along with your guestbook entry.
  3. You are given a chance to preview and maybe re-edit your entry before submitting it.
Please report any problems or errors by e-mail. Thanks.

Mon Aug 17 16:00:00 CEST 1999

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway

The guestbook will be open for submission again soon after some re-programming that hopefully will reduce the noise/signal ratio we've seen here lately. The insults and personal attacks from the last week or so have been deleted from the archives. Thanks for all the support and nice words in the last day's flood of e-mail. And please don't let it come to this again.

Mon Aug 16 10:16:57 CEST 1999

Wim Defoort

From: Belgium

Hi, Who knows anything about a new live album of the band titled: "live at Woodstock". (Release date, tracks...) I saw several ads for this cd. Keep up the good work ! Greetings,

Mon Aug 16 05:23:44 CEST 1999

Stu Hruska

From: Westchester, New York

We caught a gem of a show last evening at The Turning Point in Piermont New York. Jim Weider and the current Honky Tonk Gurus with Randy Ciarlante put on a wonderful rocking show. Randy turned in a very strong vocal performance and Jim is just amazing. I really tuned in to Jim's picking, fingering and knob turning which is a show in and of itself. He certainly does magic with that guitar. The boys did some songs from their last album "Big Foot" and some new material that I thought was great. The boys were looking foward to Sunday afternoon when they would join The Rick Danko Band at A Day In The Park in Bethel, N.Y.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lee Gabites, Editor of Jawbone, who was at the show along with Butch Dener. He was traveling with the boys up to the show the following day. Lee is indeed a great Band fan and we had time between sets to do some serious Band talking. I was jealous to here that Lee along with our fine Band Mentor had spent part of the day with founding members at their home.

It was a wonderful upbeat evening. The boys were teriffic, many appreciative fans were in attendance and the hope of future shows.

Mon Aug 16 03:08:01 CEST 1999

Little John Tyler

From: The House Next Door

I'm just back in from A Day in The Garden at Yasgur's Farm, where the sun kept breaking through the overcast, and not a drop of rain fell (at least not while I was there, but I left shortly after the Danko-Hudson Band.

Besides Rick and Garth, the band included Weider and Ciarlante, Aaron Hurwitz on keys and accordian, Marie Spinoza on backup vocals, an upright bass player, and three horn players (none of whom were introduced, but one of whom almost certainly was Bones Malone -- tough to be certain at 50 yards!)

They came on at about 6:15 following, in this order, two regional bands, Country Joe (solo acoustic), Melanie (with a five-piece band, two backup singers and a 30-voice choir for her finale), and Leslie West & Corky Laing from Mountain.

The Danko-Hudson set consisted of Crazy Mama, Twilight, Ophelia, It Makes No Difference, Chest Fever (with a stunning, extended intro by Garth that included much of "French Girls" from Jubilation). A half-hearted walk to the wings, then back for the encore, "Shape I'm In." And that's all she wrote. 30 minutes after they started (which is about half as long as it took their 20-odd-man crew to get them set up), The Rick Danko-Garth Hudson Band was done with their day's work in the garden.

Finally, I'll never take for granted an opportunity to see any of the Band or any of its many offshoots and side projects perform...I know I'm fortunate living right where I do and being near the limited action these days, but in all honesty, this one left a little bit to be desired. Rick was in good voice and spirits, Garth was purely and enormously Garthian, the horn section added a lot, but five songs, guys? Jeez! Who was it, first used the phrase "same old same old" on this Guestbook a couple of weeks back?

Mon Aug 16 00:21:23 CEST 1999

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Thanks Rick Smith!

Ragtime: Welcome back. Pedalling for a month?? Wow..your legs must be tired :-)

Kind of fitting that's it's been raining all day here in upstate ny for all you folks at yasgur's farm. Very reminiscent of the one that started it all. Hope you're all wet and happy and having the time of your lives. Wish I coulda been there.

Sun Aug 15 22:42:58 CEST 1999

Danny Lopez

In case you're interested, the expectingrain website has a link to a Danko interview on the yasgur's farm concert.

Sun Aug 15 22:35:38 CEST 1999

Rick Smith

From: Denton TX

Damn! Sensitive touchpad! Go to now, RDB about to start!

Sun Aug 15 22:32:44 CEST 1999

Rick Smith

From: Denton, TX

Whoops. Didn't mean to send that last one. Last call to the webcast of

Sun Aug 15 22:30:51 CEST 1999

Rick Smith

From: Denton, TX

Sun Aug 15 19:20:22 CEST 1999


From: where the twain shall meet

Thanx Peter for your prompt reply. BTW Heine really meant Holland & added that this should be the place to await the End Of Times since it would reach the Netherlands 50 years later. BTW I was pedalling Eastbound for a month & now that I'm back Way Out West it's good to find Band-friends like you & Lil & catbalu & Ilkka & Phil still here. But does anybody know what happened to Donald Joseph who (almost) always used to make me laugh...?

Sun Aug 15 18:53:36 CEST 1999

Peter Viney

Ragtime - the missing e-mail is:

I copied it over complete with arrows so it self-deleted in my post.

Sun Aug 15 18:52:04 CEST 1999

Peter Viney

Ragtime: “Tangled Up in Blues: Songs of Bob Dylan” is a Platinum Entertainment album from the House of Blues. The catalogue number is 51416 1458 2. As with “Jubilation”, they don’t seem to have distribution in the UK or Continental Europe. I got it mail order from CDX in Cardiff, Wales, e-mail . They’re very helpful, and I had it about three days after the US release. Their regular monthly catalogue has good short reviews of US album releases that are often hard to get in the UK. The US / Europe differences in distribution deals seem mystifying. It’s much worse with DVD. I’m sure Heine was thinking of Belgium rather than Holland :-)

On the other hand, I’ve been pleased to see that Kevin Doherty’s “Strange Weather” album (on the Key Recordings of Dublin label) is displayed prominently in UK retailers. Though in HMV I had to persuade them to move it from “Easy Listening” to “Folk & Irish”. (No remarks about why I was looking through “Easy Listening” please - I’ve found Chuck Berry there in some UK stores!). They ignored my suggestion that they should have an extra copy in “Rock” too, as they had it on a “best recent folk albums” list somewhere. I’ve seen it elsewhere under “Irish”. But they never file Van Morrison there. The Band connection is that Doherty wrote the best song on “Jubilation”, “Don’t Wait.” Just in case anyone missed it, Levon’s on two tracks, Rick’s on one, and Randy, Aaron, Marie are on the lot.

Sun Aug 15 18:29:52 CEST 1999


THANK YOU RICK!! (Sorry to shout - I'm just so excited!!)

Sun Aug 15 18:20:07 CEST 1999


From: The "This Is No Tribute" Tribute

Hey Peter

I like your One Too Many Mornings review, but I have only the 1966 version. So - no chance of comparing for me. How come? Does this Tangled Up In Blues CD really exist? I didn't see it in any record shop up till now... It wasn't filed under Dylan nor under Various Artists...

Heinrich Heine once said that in the Low Countries everything happens 50 years later than elsewhere, but I don't want to wait so long...

Sun Aug 15 15:16:45 CEST 1999

Rick Smith

From: Denton, TX

Here's a treat; go to They're webcasting A Day in the Garden. Looks like the Rick Danko Band is early on the bill, so get there fast!

Sun Aug 15 13:05:52 CEST 1999

John D

That of course would be "MAIN" St.

Sun Aug 15 13:04:17 CEST 1999

John D

From: Toronto

Serge......e-mail me. This old brain; after an f-disk or 2 has lost your new e-mail. I hear in France they kiss on mail street. Hope the trip was fine.

Sun Aug 15 11:01:35 CEST 1999

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

The Band is obviously not taking taking requests for an album, and Richard is obviously not with us anymore...but if both were possible, I'd nominate the Ray Charles/Billy Joel tune "Baby Grand". Would Richard be _outstanding_ on that or what?

To everyone heading out to Yasgur's Farm today...have a safe trip and a great time. Reviews for us folks who are working today please!

Sun Aug 15 06:20:27 CEST 1999

By Request

From: Hitsville

To Bucky and Bumbles: Check out post by Jarvis Fri Aug 6 21:21:11 re: origins of "By Request" album. I believe this is how far they got with the project.

Sun Aug 15 05:22:38 CEST 1999


From: Upstate

Just read over the last few days posts with interest. "Bumbles" asked about the supposed "By Request" album by The Band. Although, I'd like to know more about it too I recall reading in here maybe two weeks back that they had "scrapped" the idea. How far this project had gone I do not know either and would appreciate it if someone with some knowledge of this would clue us all in. Thank you. I find The Band Guestbook enlightening and interesting even in the light of sometimes conflicting opinions.

Sun Aug 15 05:14:05 CEST 1999

Joe Hall

From: Maryland

Hey, this site is overwhelming. I just want to say that Jubilation surpassed my expectations tenfold, Book Faded Brown floors me every time I hear it. Most importantly the spirit lives on and the sound still appeals to a young member of the counter-counter-culture like I.

Sun Aug 15 03:43:40 CEST 1999


From: Ca

Ragtime: Good to see you pedal this way again.

Sun Aug 15 02:36:11 CEST 1999

Paul Godfrey

Life is a Carnival - 2 bits a shot! Gone canoeing in Canada's Kawarthas for the next week. Interesting to see postings concerning Serge again on this site. Serge, summers almost gone and I have to return your hospitality. Will do when we return from our canoe trip. I learned to paddle from a first nation canoeman when I was just 13. Many aboriginal folks will tell you that a canoe is a "Healing" vessel. That will give you some small insight into why I take time to build, and paddle my own canoe. Pity that we can't all have a time to share a beer with Serge. As we both share so much in common with the Band in terms of "Days Gone By" I enjoy what most people have to contribute to this site. From this quarter, a lot is left on-said. So I will paddle this week and catch y'all another time. In the Chuck Willis song as Levon said: "I'm not ready to give up my RR Shoes!" Be happy and Shine On!

Sun Aug 15 01:38:54 CEST 1999

Dr. Pepper

From: upstate NY

Bill F., I thought it was Kirkville and there were at least 70 at the Hotel that night!

Sun Aug 15 01:15:28 CEST 1999

Richard Patterson

From: Ontario

Don't panic ticket holders - the Rick/Garth show is indeed tomorrow (the 15th) not tonight, my mistake.

Sun Aug 15 00:11:29 CEST 1999

Richard Patterson

From: St Catharines Ontario

Hi folks, I hope many of you are off to see the Rick Danko Band tonight (with walkman pros and/or video cameras). I will be missing the Towne Crier show as well (can't find any ducks in raincoats in St Catharines) but will be going to the Allman Brothers / Lucinda Williams show on the 21st at Darien Lake. Anybody else going? Would love to meet some GB people. I'll be the one at the tailgate party with the dixie chicken.

Peter V., Jesse Winchester: thanks for the tip on "Yankee Lady", with "Payday" and "Biloxi" that makes a nice trio of cover tunes. I've always loved "Twigs and Seeds" as well, but it's gonna take some time to arrange it for acoustic guitars. Nice to hear Jesse's still putting out albums (with Steve Cropper no less!).

Enjoy the music everybody...Richard

Sat Aug 14 23:04:08 CEST 1999


From: far far away...

Well, nothing changed here... :-)

Sat Aug 14 20:40:05 CEST 1999

Peter Viney

From: Poole, UK

I never forget the ducks. As synchronicity will have it, I just felt like hearing Little Feat’s “Best of …”, “As Time Loves A Hero”. Remember what’s on the cover? A duck in a Bogart raincoat. So now we know how to present our ducks for these events.

Lil, I can’t list the TV events I’ve fallen asleep in front of. Last one was “Kundun” (which might not be surprising). A friend called me to say there was a radio broadcast on BBC radio from Woodstock, like now. I thought, wow! Yasgur’s farm … tonight … live! So I got the tape lined up and it turned out to be people reminiscing about 1969. Fair enough, but not what I was hoping for.

Ben: The thing about paying silly prices for the Japanese “Islands” is that it makes you listen to it a few times to persuade yourself you haven’t been ripped off (even though you probably have). And it’s better than I remembered!

Sat Aug 14 18:30:46 CEST 1999

Hip Hype

From: SW NYC

Speaking of ebay, I see a "Royal Albert Rags" CD listed. Talk about dream set lists! I guess true Band fans will pay just about any price for that.

Sat Aug 14 11:08:55 CEST 1999


From: dem Wald
Home page

WOLLE! Ich möchte mit Dir um Band auf Deutsch besprechen (E-post).

Sat Aug 14 07:40:38 CEST 1999

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

Wow. Springing for the Japanese "Islands" CD must be the test of the TRUE Band fan. I don't notice any diference in the sound quality, allthough I am sure some will dispute this. Someone is trying to get 25 bucks for the original print sheet of the Band Time cover on Ebey. Band fans can use Ebey to find some worthwhile stuff. Of course, you have to search through everything that comes up under "Band". Well, the simplicity of the name was bound to show a down side......

Fri Aug 13 23:17:39 CEST 1999

Brent Wheeler

From: Auckland, New Zealand
Home page

A wonderfull site, with great contributions, worthy of the group we all admire so much. Thanks for the ride on the "Rollin Boxcar".

Fri Aug 13 21:08:04 CEST 1999

Dave the Phone Guy

From: Lee Vining, Ca.

I never thought a native Californian like me could say "Man, you guys are lucky to live in the east.(New York in particular !)Have a great time this month.

Fri Aug 13 20:54:18 CEST 1999


From: Germany / Hamburg

Ich finde es Blöd, das The Band die Fans in Germany vernachlässigt! Letztes Concert in Deutschland von The Band fand 1996 statt! Levon & Co sollten nicht mehr so viel Solo auftreten, sondern als The Band auch in Deutschland touren !!!!!!!!!!!! Gruß Wolle

Fri Aug 13 20:11:38 CEST 1999

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Matt & Peter: When you're right you're right. Thanks.

Looking forward to Rick and the Professor on tv tonight. I suppose they'll be talking all about the new cd. Also very much looking forward to reviews from a day in the garden from anyone who's going. I'm working that day since my kids have a weird habit of liking to eat :-) And next weekend will be Rick at the Towne Crier..not to mention Levon up in Albany on the 31st. Wow! Alot of good conversation coming up soon. Will be looking forward to it. Have a good weekend everyone.

Fri Aug 13 19:58:19 CEST 1999

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Lars: thanks for correcting that rumor about Rick's upcoming show. Why, I've been to many of his shows, and waa almost never required to bring waterfowl of any kind! Looking forward to reviews of that show, and of the Yasgur's Farm show. Have a good weekend, all.

Fri Aug 13 18:12:24 CEST 1999

Peter Viney

Lil: I agree with Matt. As we can all see, “How Low …” is desperately trying to continue making something out of absolutely nothing. The answer is to ignore it, as you tried to do a couple of days ago . He’ll keep trying all the time as long as any of us are successfully goaded by this nonsense. Everyone understood the point in the first place. That’s the way news comes, in bits. Don’t feel hassled. It looks like there’s music coming up to enjoy this weekend.

Fri Aug 13 15:13:39 CEST 1999


From: Upstate NY

Interesting how a song's lyrics can evolve. When Levon sings "Ophelia" for the millionth time (and since it's one of my favorite songs, I hope he sings it another two million times), it's probably natural for him to change "..nobody knows just what became" to "nobody down here knows just what became....".

Or in "The Weight" Randy sings about Luke: "Well, Luke, my friend, what about young Anna Lee? He said do me a favor Sonny and won't you stay and keep Miss Anna Lee company?" The lyrics were probably changed because the boys got sick and tired of doing it exactly the way it was written (or copyrighted).

I can't appreciate what the Band has been through: to go out and play a song they're probably very tired of, then hop on the bus and go to the next venue and do it all over again. They must really love the music, their fans, or both. The only saving grace I can think of is that they are playing (to me) the best music I ever heard.

So when Rick shows up at The Towne Crier on the 21st he will be playing the music we all came to hear. He may even take requests, I don't know. But I do know that to me he's like a person who knows how to heal, and he shows up and through his music he heals us. And as we leave, feeling better, he's got the sweat still on his forehead, from having given us all he could.

Fri Aug 13 14:17:17 CEST 1999


From: maryland

A suggestion:

Lil, I've decided to pretty much ignore anyone that isn't making a constructive comment. Whoever this person(s) is, it's irrelevant to respond. They are clearly irrational and are sadly trying to draw attention to themselves through rancour and abuse.

Personally I feel sorry for them, but in terms of the Guestbook, the best way to make them go away is to simply ignore their posts. Once they stop getting the attention they crave, the tantrums will stop--just as it would with a two-year old.

So no matter what they say, or how hard they try to get my attention, what does it matter? I'll write my posts, read the good ones and surf away. What does it matter if someone I've never met, doesn't know me, will never meet rages away?



Fri Aug 13 12:06:08 CEST 1999


From: Amsterdam

Is there an inter-site where I can order bootlegs from the band?

Fri Aug 13 10:08:21 CEST 1999

Peter Viney


Ben: Japanese remasters: Sorry, including “Islands”, Which reminds me that it doesn’t have the fun extras - MM has the wrap round poster as does Stage Fright.

Charlie / Original Five: Interesting point about “shuck us” - substitute words were pretty general, quite a few novelists used “fug!” to get away with it. “shuck us” is cleverer.

Catbalu - good to see you back. What we need now is Ragtime, Donald Joseph and a few other absentees. Hope it’s just the summer.

Fri Aug 13 04:06:56 CEST 1999


From: Upstate NY

JOHN THURGOOD: I have to apologize for being the source of so much misinformation about Rick's show at The Towne Crier on August 21st. There's nothing exclusive about it, it's open to the public, call ahead (914-855-1300) to make sure it's not sold out, and please join us Band fans.

When you come through the door you'll see a gentleman at a desk, on your left. Tell him you know Lars and slip him a little something (like $25.00) and give him a wink. If he asks about your duck, tell him it's molting and you had to leave it home. Nobody will hassle you about a tux. Enjoy the show.

Fri Aug 13 03:40:56 CEST 1999

Bill F.

From: Minoa

Hi, I'm a rabid Band fan since '69 and brand new to the internet. I've seen the Band in almost every one of it's line-ups and under some cool circumstances. Watkin's Glen, The Last Waltz and the '94 King Biscuit Blues Fest in Helena, AK (my personal of their tightest shows, a great place, my wife and soul-mate to share it with).I've seen them headline some biggies, open for (in my opinion) lesser counterparts, and play in the same grungy type bars&grills they probably traveled through as the Hawks. My most recent show was seeing the ever accessable Rick at the Hotel Syracuse playing for less than 60 people. (where was everyone?) This was shortly after his Oriental adventures. I should also note that I am an avid Dead fan. (as opposed to Head)and deeply regret passing up the opportunity to go to that last show at Soldier's Field.

Enough of my background. I came upon this site checking out Jim Weider's site. ( I think Bigfoot is a fine album, BTW). I've been checking out sites of interest all over the web, and Jan has something really special here. The archives, links, library,etc...are professionally maintained, updated and lovingly presented. And it appears that it has been available to folks like us for quite some time. I want to sincerely thank Jan, and whoever assists him.

I've been following the Guestbook for about 3 months. Jan provides a unique place for us. I see all kinds of beautiful points made. Most recently I was impressed by Matt K. explaining how he discovered The Band via "left field"-through U2 and R.R. then going back to R.R.'s beginnings. On the other hand, I'm totally unimpressed with this spanky guy. Different musical tastes I like, different opinions I like. But attacking child rearing practices of people you don't even know? Come on! I'm surprised Jan hasn't intervened with some virtual slaps on the wrist or at least some admonishments to grow up.

I will have to buy Rick's new CD, as I collect any Band or related stuff that I can find. But, having not heard it, but reading the song list, I agree with those of you who say it is "same old, same old" As Lil said a few days ago, no matter how good the sound and arrangements are, these tunes are played out. And Rick (and the other guys) are capable of much more imaginitive and creative choices. And, like Lil also said, this comment is not meant to (and shouldn't) offend anyone.

At any rate, I'm happy to have this place to come to, and maybe I'll drop a comment or opinion occasionally. I'm usually kind of shy and reserved. My e-mail address is above. I'm interested in tape trading and I'm in the market for a reasonably priced L.W. poster if anyone can help me.

Fri Aug 13 03:39:15 CEST 1999

John Thurgood

From: Croton-On-Hudson, NY

What's all this about tuxedos and ducks? Is Rick's upcoming gig at the Towne Crier the centerpiece of a Lithuanian wedding reception or something -- and if so how do I get an invite?

Fri Aug 13 03:03:56 CEST 1999


From: owl watching (believe me, they're not as smart as they look; but very friendly

Man, it is HOT down here, ya'll. ...glad so many of you are making it to the Town Crier to see Rick. If you don't have a duck, will a kazoo do? Great to hear there's a CD coming, too - any drop of water is better than waiting for rain.

Been a while, did the usual skip-through so probably going to be leaving some wrinkled foreheads and "say WHA'???? you talkin about?" again, as usual). But here we go. Now, i say this in a whisper so as not to offend: other morning turned on the tv and saw this old wild haired guy ROCKIN on stage from afar. Thought, it's gotta be.... and it was. Neil with the Horse. It cut then to him havin' himself a Levon fit backstage on his best band and i laughed and laughed... so glad to see he's still got the fire - just like Lee. They of course got over it. Need to see when it's going to be back on and watch the whole thing.

Whisper again: Came in here to see if Jerry had been mentioned this month... y'know i had tickets to the last concert and didn't go. Sh*t. Remembering years ago after one of their concerts, we all convened at a local hangout, playing pool. i stepped backward and realized i'd landed on somebody's foot, nearly knocked them over. Started apologizing as i turned around, looked up and saw this big man with a hairy face and a hairy, happy-lookin dog wrapped around his neck. When i realized who he was i froze, and Really started apologizing... all he did was laugh in such a friendly way. the kindest eyes. Smiling eyes. Mine must have looked like full moons. No big deal, ya'll, just sure do wish i could see that smiling face again. miss their concerts. they were always fun.

Whisper yet again: thanks for the info on Derek Trucks. Wonder if he ever wanders down to High Falls and imagines those young boys daring those rocks and water. It was beautiful last time i saw it. Not hard to imagine a young boy trying to imitate the sounds of that water on a cheap guitar.

Congrats to Sundog on the Big 100! And as for car tags - so THAT's where our slogan came from down here - The Band! (and The Heart of it, too. :)

ya'll have a good day and laugh it off when you can. there are days when it's a real effort, i know. and if all else fails, there's always the wonder of Air Conditioning.

Fri Aug 13 02:28:30 CEST 1999

Original Five

Charlie Young: Funny you should ask that question. I heard Richard sing "fuck us" for "shuck us" at Watkins Glen and since then I've always mentally substituted those words for the ones that appear on Stage Fright. (Do you suppose that the "real" words are "fuck us"? Maybe it was too derring do to use language like that in those days). I too wondered if he ever sang that any other time but it never occurred to me to ask.

Ben Pike: One of the differences I noticed between the early days and the latter days (for the Original Five)was the switching around of instruments. In the latter days they seemed to play songs that required less moving around from the classic Richard on piano, Garth on organ and Levon on drums.

Fri Aug 13 01:57:21 CEST 1999

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

Following Pat Brennan's recent post mentioning Levon's use of the "S word" in ROCK'N'ROLL SHOES reminds me of the 1973 Jersey City show in which Richard subbed the "F word" for "shuck us" when he sang SHAPE I'M IN. I often subconsciously plugged that word in when I was in a certain frame of mind anyway, but was surprised the first time I heard that tape. Does anyone know if that's the only time Richard did that?

Fri Aug 13 01:17:57 CEST 1999

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

Peter Vinney, but that's not INCLUDING Islands, right? "King Harvest" I believe, did stay in the sets till the end, and was in when I saw them in 76. "Rocken Chair" may have bit the dust because it involved diferent instraments and stage set up......

Fri Aug 13 00:53:06 CEST 1999

Chris D.

From: South Jersey

Hey "Lars"and"Tom Izzo".Thanks for the feedback on "A Day in The Garden".In case your not going I'll post a full report when I get back.Thanks again!

Fri Aug 13 00:38:19 CEST 1999

Another Drop In

This post is for Up To Here. I have dropped into this guestbook on more than one occassion, and have been welcomed. I do not post often out of choice, but I have found the "regulars" here to be mostly fun and informative. The best thing about this place to me is the readiness for discussion. I've been on the internet for alot of years, and this Band community is one of the nicest I have come across yet. Thank You for listening to my opinion.

Thu Aug 12 22:15:55 CEST 1999

Up To Here

From: the real world

Some drop-ins are checking for news of concerts and records, with no wish to engage with the self-infatuated bores who selectively fawn over, insult or ignore others who dare to post a thought. Junior high, indeed. Sad to say, you probably don't know who you are.

Thu Aug 12 21:27:51 CEST 1999

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

New Yorker: I may not be the right person to ask that question to. My little upstate NY town doesn't even have cable. I have a satellite dish. Perhaps someone who gets "regular" tv channels can help you....or try for tv listings. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Lars: Do napkins with ducks on them count?

John Donabie: Nice to see you back :-)

Thu Aug 12 21:23:39 CEST 1999


From: Yakama (Yakima) WA

Picked up my old guitar this afternoon. Played a few tunes. Realized they were mostly from one source. Now I'm listening to An old record. There was a time when...... Now I powwow with the nations and rember when.

Thu Aug 12 20:45:29 CEST 1999

When The Rumor Comes

From: your town

Is it true Levon and Rick are touring with the Spice Girls?

Thu Aug 12 20:42:07 CEST 1999


From: Norway

Hey! Can you send me the file with Knocki'n on the heavens door?

Thu Aug 12 20:25:39 CEST 1999


From: Connecticut

Thanks to Dave Hopkins for the heads-up on the new Indigo Girls Cd. They are clearly large Band fans. If you remember on the Vh-1 special about the Greatests Artists of all time, they had some very nice things to say about our group. I tend to like anyone who likes the Band.

Thu Aug 12 18:46:10 CEST 1999

Dave Hopkins

From: Rochester, NY

Fellow Band fans: The official Indigo Girls site ( is reporting that Rick Danko (bass) and Garth Hudson (organ) will appear on two tracks on the Girls' upcoming album Come On Now Social, scheduled for release on September 28th on Epic/Sony. The tunes were apparently recorded in Woodstock last February.

Thu Aug 12 17:55:08 CEST 1999


From: the woods
Home page

To other old-timers with problems with high blood pressure: When you read MattK:s post (17:22:35), beguin with the last chapter! (ggrhhhohhrgf - someone call the ambulance . . .)

Thu Aug 12 17:51:31 CEST 1999

Danny Lopez

just wanted to say "thanks" to original five, lothario, voice of reason, pat brennan, peter viney, and mattk for posting on my question. appreciate all your opinions!

Thu Aug 12 17:22:39 CEST 1999


From: maryland

Despite Peter's and Pat's excellent points on non-recorded, new material used on the 1976 tour, there are a few points, middle-ground if you will, that I think help address the issue of the live catalog:

Performance vs. Musical Accomplishment: I'd like to raise the specter of Donald Fagen (and I can even stay on topic since Fagen is a Woodstock friend and is married to Amy Helm's mother, no?). Steely Dan is arguably one of the most accomplished musical entities of the rock era. However, their only tour (not counting the reunion stuff from the early 90s) was hindered by Fagen's stagefright (sound familiar?) and the inability of Fagen's and Becker's studio wizardry to translate to the live venue. Indeed their single tour is often cited as one of the most disappointing with poor execution and a real stiffness to the musicians.

Obviously, the comparison falls apart when you counter with the fact that The Band was a seasoned performing unit before they ever produced an album, whereas Steely Dan was never a band, per se. However, the musicians used on SD's tour featured some great musicians, including RCO veteran Duck Dunn, who make their money as "ringers" for performing and recording ensembles.

The key point, though is both "groups" produced some of the more complex and subtle music in an era where (as previously noted) technology for live performances in large venues was still a bit "rough" by today's standards.

Then, as always, there are the personal/political issues that kept the Band from really functioning, consistently, as an entity in the early 70s (boy am I gonna phlamed for this):

It's documented, by no less than Levon himself, that the group was highly undisciplined in the years between Stagefright and NLSC to the point that Richard was physically incapable of touring due to his drinking for a time. Other factors included Levon's year at Berklee, Robbie and Dominique moving first to Montreal, then California, as well as those infamous "bad habits" where the trappings of success seemed to distract the whole group. Levon himself notes in "This Wheel's on Fire" that he had to spend some time out of Woodstock as he'd begun to get too much of a liking for heroin, which apparently was making a run as the drug of choice up in Woodstock in that period.

All of this left the Band with the capable of relatively short stints on the road or performing. Essentially, you're left with a couple of performances during the Watkins Glen period, the ROA project, and an intense two-month tour with Dylan to support Planet Waves. By the time the group hit the studio for NLSC, by all accounts there was quite a bit of infighting, which no doubt contributed to a lack of motivation towards perfecting material for performance, beyond the previously mentioned, post-Stagefright material. Indeed, at one point between Cahoots and NLSC, the group did almost nothing as ensemble for nearly 2 years (more like a year-and-a-half). This lack of discipline HAD to effect their ability to perform as a unit. It's not surprising the live recordings from this period are heavy on older material. Even their single studio effort (Moondog), while a wonderful album IMHO, features songs that are tried and true members of the R/B showcase scene (ok, not the Third Man Theme, but you get my drift).

Before folks start throwing rocks, please understand that I also feel that it is tremendous tribute to the musical genius of the original five that they were able to perform at such a high level on ROA, WG, Flood. To be struggling personally so much and be able to pull themselves together to pull off such amazing live performances is a feat I can't even conceive of. Clearly, when it came down to the music, these guys were capable of setting aside a lot of sturm and drang in a way I'm not sure is matched when you consider the complexity of the material they were attempting--even the retreads.


Thu Aug 12 15:45:51 CEST 1999


Home page

Meet the woman who influenced many '60s artists, including Joni and David Crosby:

Thu Aug 12 15:45:10 CEST 1999


Meet the woman who influenced many '60s artists, including Joni and David Crosby:

Thu Aug 12 15:32:38 CEST 1999

David Powell

From: Georgia

Interesting discussion going regarding various Band vocal performances. After repeated listenings to the latest version of "One Too Many Mornings," I have to admit that I'm somewhat disappointed with Rick's singing on this otherwise interesting effort. Other than his stretching out the last word in each line, a la Dylan, his vocals sound somewhat lifeless & flat to me. Maybe I'm just unfairly judging his singing against the excellant standards of past performances.

Thu Aug 12 15:28:11 CEST 1999


Lars - A DUCK?!?! Too funny!!

Just wanted to let you know that today (8/12), Rick is supposed to do an interview at 1:00pm EST for the Day in the Garden show this weekend. It is with a station in Cambridge MA, WMBR 88.1 for any of you local enough to listen. If you can't listen on the radio, it can be heard over the web via Real Audio. Click here: Rick interview

Peace y'all!

Thu Aug 12 14:45:26 CEST 1999

Vegetative Growth Stage

From: the garden

time to cut back on the daylight cycle to under 12 hours to force-induce flowering

Thu Aug 12 14:30:45 CEST 1999

tom izzo

From: ct

Note to self: Return tux. Get duck.

Thu Aug 12 14:05:18 CEST 1999


From: Upstate NY

MARY (bear): I'm afraid I misled you in one of my earlier posts. You do NOT need to dress formally for Danko's Town Crier show. Just come as you are and enjoy the show.

You will, however, have to bring a duck. Everybody there will have one, it doesn't matter what breed. And napkins, you're going to need napkins.

Thu Aug 12 14:03:41 CEST 1999

A New Yorker

From: NY

Lil: Can you tell me what channel this show is going to be on Friday evening?

Thu Aug 12 13:28:35 CEST 1999

Mary (bear)

From: Pennsylvania

First, I would like to say how much I appreciate this web site. It is so imformative.It is great to know there are so many band fans our there. I also enjoy reading the different reviews about concerts and new recordings. I appreciate all the other fans insight and input. So, I hope this sight is here for years to come. My husband and I are planning the 10 hour trip to NY to the Towne Crier on August 21st. I was talking to someone in the chat room about it, and I haven't been able to talk to her again. I really need to speak to her. I have read here that many of you are planning to attend, and tuxedos were mentioned. I don't know if the dress is formal or casual? If anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it. I still need to get a hold of this person. Please keep up the good work.

Thu Aug 12 11:07:56 CEST 1999

Peter Viney

Ben Pike: Japanese releases. All the seven official releases through to “Islands” came out, including ROA as a double. I think I saw “Best of The Band” too. I didn’t even consider it because there are better compilations by far , and all it adds is “Twilight”.

Pat’s right about the 76 tour, when they did a major makeover of their whole stage act. They always did add stuff - Smoke Signal was in after Cahoots, Share Your love after MM. But they were fairly quick to decide what to keep in live. Some stuff like “Daniel & The Sacred Harp” and “Jupiter Hollow” never even got attempted as far as I know. Did they ever attempt “Whispering Pines”, “All La Glory” or “Sleeping” either? Stuff with as many overlays as “Jupiter Hollow” is difficult to reproduce, or certainly was back then. As Richard Bell can play synth as well as piano, they’d have a better chance of doing it now than ever before, especially if Aaron was on stage too. I don’t think there’s any suggestion that they weren’t able to physically perform numbers, but some material doesn’t work so well in live performance. Listening to tapes some stuff did seem to defeat them. I still wonder why the brown album material got dropped to the extent it did. Till 76, Cripple Creek & Dixie survived with Rag Mama Rag. But Rockin’ Chair? King Harvest? Very fine versions exist on boots. Re-reading this, it tends to be Richard’s vocals that went. Maybe there was a stamina problem as tours went on that meant they couldn’t overload his voice.

Thu Aug 12 08:36:21 CEST 1999


Hey John, Pacheco had a new CD released in Feb., The Last American Songwriter recorded at Moonhaw Studios (Weider's place). Jimmy plays some great dobro, mandolin, everything. Songs are superb. It's a 2CD on Road Goes on Forever. Only released in the UK. Last year saw the release of Bare Bones & Barbed Wire, another great 2CD on Road. Saw Tom again last May in the UK and he was better than ever.

Thu Aug 12 05:56:19 CEST 1999

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Well, here's a broken record, but in light of the last few posts, it bears repeating. The 76 tour had a bunch of new songs: Ring Your Bell, Forbidden Fruit, Acadian Driftwood, Ophelia, It Makes No Difference, Twilight. Plenty of 76 boots document this. Also, Tears Of Rage was performed at different times in the same tour. Heck, boots of ROA have a bunch of Cahoots tunes. Again, my fear is that people buy into the "old, tired, perfectionists" routine that the so-called cognescenti dish out. There are some mostrous performances booted from 76, intense playing, great vocals etc. Thank goodness for the boots; they provide a more accurate history of the group.

Thu Aug 12 05:36:41 CEST 1999


From: Chicago

I just got the Dylan leg from Hollywood Bowl, 1965 with Robbie and Levon. Dylan's acoustic set is the usual excellent, but the electric is tame in comparison to when The Hawks, both with and without Levon, were backing him. What is with all the hostility regarding postings about the Grateful Dead and the Brothers? Shit, I don't much dig the Grateful Dead, but there is a connection there. On The Last Waltz version of Acadian Driftwood, there are fine portions of Richard's piano--simple, but so nice. It is not a coincidence that many of the great tunes they have are underpinned by his rhythm.

Thu Aug 12 04:53:23 CEST 1999

John Donabie

From: Scarborough, Ontario Canada

Recently I have been drawn to listening to The Band's good friend Tom Pacheco again. Ever since Pacheco & Alexander, I've been a fan. The song about Roswell with Garth on keyboards is magnificent. It's been awhile Tom...let's have another CD.

Original 5...I enjoyed your last post. The subject matter took me back to those early days. Wish I had something more prolific to say; but it's late

Thu Aug 12 04:13:04 CEST 1999

Original Five

Lothario I'm not sure I agree that Rockin' Chair was Richard's finest effort, but I think it was The Band's finest effort. The first time I heard them do it live in concert was awe inspiring - the harmonies and vocal arrangements sent chills down my spine as did the Robbie/Levon guitar/mandolin riff between the verses. In those days they were playing in smaller venues and they paid attention to every nuance. The boys were in tune (pardon the pun) with each other and with every member of the audience. I think that many of us who saw them back then wish we could share the feeling with some of the newer fans who can experience it now only on record.

Thu Aug 12 03:55:51 CEST 1999


ORIGINAL FIVE: "Rockin' Chair" was Richard's finest effort (IMHO). Like Levon explained in the VHS tape "The Band," Richard not only carried the lead melody, but he went "up on top" in the chorus, with Levon sliding into Richard's groove when Richard went falsetto.

But when I think of vocal acrobatics, I always think of Rick Danko's "When You Awake." Rick seemed to always take on the most difficult vocals, and nowadays when you see him try to do these vocals, and he doesn't quite get up high enough, a lot of people in the crowd seem to think that Rick can't "cut it" anymore. The fact is, the Band, in their day, played some VERY difficult music with a lot of complicated vocals....and they just can't do that complicated stuff any more. Maybe they don't even want to try. But they played the music very well in their prime, and they have albums to prove it. And some lucky fans have their live performances still being played between their ears.

Thu Aug 12 03:54:58 CEST 1999

medicine hat

From: pittsburgh

ahhh! now this is more like it. very erudite postings. god bless you all. lil -- thank you for the smile -- best honeymoon i've had in years.

Thu Aug 12 03:30:48 CEST 1999


From: Kentucky

Is their music produced in limited #'s? It took me months and a zillion trips to different music stores to finally find Jubilation. It was well worth the time and effort!!!

Thu Aug 12 02:52:58 CEST 1999

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

Peter Vinney: Yeah, I would much rather have an offical release with great sound and the boys getting paid. I'd like to see Danko drop twenty five pounds and release a great album produced by Michell Froom. But I got news for ya, it's not going to happen. Remember, some Cahoots tunes have no offcial live release too. So, do you know WHICH of the albums came out on those fancy Japanese import?

Thu Aug 12 02:50:53 CEST 1999

Voice of Reason

Original Five: I will try to equal the level of maturity and intelligence of your last post:

Danny; 'Almost always, the numbers they had never recorded-Rick Danko's lovely country version of the Four Tops' "Loving You is Sweeter than Ever", or their hard rock assault on Marvin Gaye's "Baby Don't You Do It (Don't Break My Heart)"-were most vital, because you could hear them reaching for the songs and grabbing hold. But most of all they were looking for safety-they rarely cut loose, tried hard not to take chances. Their shows began to loose excitement, their music began to loose it's drama, and the Band began to loose their audience.'-Greil Marcus, "Mystery Train" (1975).

Thu Aug 12 02:47:35 CEST 1999

Original Five

Lothario I agree 100% on Acadian Driftwood. The sad thing is, they could've done an incredible live version of the song if it had been written in 1970 or earlier. The harmonies and vocal range are, for example much less difficult than say Rockin' Chair.

Thu Aug 12 02:41:34 CEST 1999

Avalon Archives

From: N.Y. Rock & Roll Museum

Thirty years ago this weekend the Band headlined the most famous concert ever due to Bob Dylans absence. A generation later and we are still looking forward to this weekends reunion at the garden as if it were 1969.Ready to rekindle those special feelings that we experienced during those times. when we here the first words to 'Ain't no more Cane' remember to count you blessings for all the wonderful music that we have been fortunate to have been brought up on. The garden reunion shall serve as a completion of a generation of music of which there shall be no equal. Enjoy your day in our garden,its been a long time coming but worth the weight.

Thu Aug 12 02:23:55 CEST 1999


From: Madison, Wi. *AMERICA'S JERRYLAND*
Home page

Well, well, well, I love it when a jelly fish tries to stand, it just can't be done. 'Lil,,,it really doesn't phase me when jelly fish tries to talk sh*t about me, and it shouldn't you either, but I have to amitt that its so funny, you know, like when everyones having a great time, there is always that one little boy that going to be a brat!!! BTW, know matter what anyone says, The Band and The Grateful Dead have a strong connetion, its a fact!!!

Thu Aug 12 02:08:19 CEST 1999


Danny Lopez, you bring up some interesting questions. In my opinion, The Last Waltz version of "Acadian Driftwood" was spoiled by the chorus, in particular there was one person (not a Band member) who's harmony was really bad. Instrumentally, I thought it was a great cut. I also think Richard did a reasonable vocal on the verses (Levon did a sterling performance on his), but Richard couldn't hit the higher notes needed for the chorus. The mix wasn't good. All this added to what some people might consider a "trainwreck," but I consider a passable rendition of the sweetest song the Band ever did. Probably the reason you never hear it in concert is that there are a LOT of instruments involved, and you have to pull off that three part harmony on that chorus.

Thu Aug 12 01:55:54 CEST 1999

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Just want to remind everyone (especially those in the NY area) that Rick and Aaron will be on tv on Friday night - 8pm - "Jersey's Talking".

Original Five: Read and agreed with you last post. Intelligent..and right on the money in my opinion. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Thu Aug 12 01:37:19 CEST 1999

Original Five

I was wrong when I critized the posting of non-Band related information on this site. Fact is, if I don't like it I can scroll through it.

I enjoyed recent posts by Danny Lopez and John Lyness, the latter being an excellent example of a non Band anecdote that I for one found quite interesting.

Mr. Lopez, I think you answered your own question correctly. The Band added only a very few songs to its on stage repetoire after 1970, most notably "Life is a Carnival", "It Makes No Difference" and "Ophelia". Richard did not sing lead on any of these. By 1974, the quality of Richard's voice seemed to have declined significantly in terms of upper range and duration. In those days if you saw The Band other than at the very beginning of a tour Richard's voice always seemed hoarse. This is evident as well on the Last Waltz. Those who complain about the absence of Richard in the movie cannot have heard the recording of the original concert. Richard was right out of it, and I say this as one who considers Richard the best singer ever.

Certainly The quality of both the recorded music and more noticeably the live music as between 1970 and earlier post 1970 was like night and day. In addition to Richard's decline as a singer, his song writing well dryed up. It looked like for the rest of the guys, the buzz of being the best band around disappeared and it became a job.

Thu Aug 12 00:21:44 CEST 1999

Danny Lopez

In an effort to get away from the mudslinging, I've got an earnest question that's been roaming around in the back of my mind for some time.

Peter Viney (and perhaps others) has commented that one reason the Band kept a consistent (routinized?) live show was that they figured out what worked on stage and stuck to it. So my question (moja pitanja -- hey! any south slavs out there?)is this: if the Band were a group of such great musicians, then why couldn't they conduct a sterling performance of anything in their catalogue? For those who have the Complete Last Waltz, Acadian Driftwood is pretty lame. But is this due to an inherent feature of the song, or perhaps the deterioration of Richard's voice? Likewise, Rumor on Watkins Glen seems to lack something (but many have suggested the studio version does as well). Tears of Rage is another good example, for it seems like it was part of the set in the early days and then was forever abandoned. So once again, was it the song, or (God bless him) Richard?

Here's a point of comparison -- I saw Natalie Merchant live a couple of years ago and she, along with her excellent band, did several quiet, complex, and moving pieces. And this was not a big band backing her, such as a Pink Floyd, a Rolling Stones, or a Paul Simon might tour with. So what's up? Here we have musicians who are credited as the greatest of their day, able to back up any performer, able to keep pace with and even "push" the erratic, unpredictable Dylan on the '66 tour, able to fuse so many styles of music, and then explanations are proffered suggesting that some of their own songs they couldn't pull off live. I guess I just don't understand how that can be. Anybody got any thoughts on this?

Thu Aug 12 00:06:52 CEST 1999

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

About a month ago I had the pleasure of seeing Artie Traum perform at the Bottom Line. (Happy & Artie Traum are of course longtime Woodstock residents and friends of the Band from way back.) I'd never seen Artie perform before, but had a good time--he seems like a great guy, very funny & unpretentious & a great musician to boot. He opened with a beautiful version of Amazon that was a real highlight, and closed with his version of Bessie Smith. Also performed was Yankee Swamp, the track off his new album that was a collaboration with the Band (strangely, the version he performed included full lyrics, though the album version is instrumental). In between songs, he shared lots of anecdotes & talked several times about the Band, and made it clear how much he still thinks of them & how much their music has changed his life. At one point he even did a hilarious, dead-on (though very affectionate) imitation of Levon! On the strength of his set I bought his new album, Meetings with Remarkable Friends, an all-acoustic instrumental album. I'm not usually wild about instrumental albums, but this one is especially beautiful. The overall feel of the tracks is extremely calming & peaceful, without ever being boring, & speaks to me of the serenity & nature in the Woodstock area. The liner notes had a few interesting mentions of Levon, Rick & Garth, which I will try to input here sometime. Anyway, just wanted to share a recent fond memory, just a little more of the great music I've now discovered through the Band.

Wed Aug 11 22:27:40 CEST 1999

Peter Viney

But seriously: The Band’s potential connections run the gamut, from Bread (She Knows) through Lionel Richie(My Love) to Jimmy Cliff, Tiny Tim, The Delmore Brothers, Cannoball Adderley, Little Wolf, George Jones (OK!) and The Beach Boys. That’s just looking at songs. Then there’s a very good chance that Band fans will admire Dylan, Ronnie Hawkins, most Little Feat, (some at least) Grateful Dead, The Stones, blues, Motown, James Brown. I’m much informed when (e.g. David Powell) shares some information with us. I don’t think fans of any other group could spread the net so wide. If people here love Jimmy Buffett, my reaction is “I’d better give him another listen.” If they talk about The Allman Brothers, I’ll dig out my “Brothers & Sisters” and enjoy it all over again.

Wed Aug 11 22:24:18 CEST 1999

Great idea!!

From: In here!

Yeah, let's re-animate Jan and have him censor any postings that do not reflect the wishes of The Band Guestbook clique! Let's get on it right away... Gosh, I've forgotten what country this website is based in... is it Deutschland (as in "Deutschland Uber Alles!")???

Wed Aug 11 21:50:11 CEST 1999

Diamond Lil

From: The Web


Can I chug a beer faster than you? Probably not...but it would be nice to say hello to you and Tom at the Crier. You'll know me. I won't be wearing a tux :-)

Another Dumb Nerd:

Your words not mine! Have a safe trip..hope to see you too.

Medicine Hat:

Thanks for the smile :-)

And lastly, will someone please hold a mirror up to Jan's face and see if he's still breathing? Seems he's got this site on automatic pilot lately. Hope all is well.

Wed Aug 11 21:31:13 CEST 1999


In crowd??? What is this, a variation on Marsha episode of the "Brady Bunch?"

Sounds like someone's still nursing some issues from junior high school.

Last time I checked, being judgemental was not part of the "peace and love" paradigm.

Wed Aug 11 21:07:43 CEST 1999

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

"We can't go on, touching the flame, breakin the rules, of the game..."

Where's Krazy Catbalu when you need her?... Or maybe Viney's take on Storyville?...

By the way, did'nt Derek have a nice stage personality with the Allman Bros? Maybe the public will get to see Robbie's kid perform someday?

Wed Aug 11 19:38:38 CEST 1999


From: Nyack, NY

SUNDOG -- Thanks for recently explaining that the slogan "America's Jerryland" is a wordplay on the MI license plate's "America's Dairyland." I was lost in the dark. The idea to have bumper stickers with a similar twist for all 50 states is great -- except for New York which should be reserved for The Band since they re-rooted here many years ago. New York should be known as the "Land of The Band!" OK, there's the idea now who's gonna make the bumper stickers and where can I get one! (I suggest the same letter design that is on the Greatest Hits CD.)

Wed Aug 11 17:13:56 CEST 1999


From: maryland


Leominster, NH? Gotta be Leominster, MA, only about 30 minutes south of the NH state line.

LA Tragedy. I've developed this morose interest in searching on names of folks involved to see if their's anything about them on the Web, BEFORE they go Postal. Sort of a morbid anthropological take on this new connected world we're building. Interestingly, the guy their looking for, appears to have one legacy post on the Web, and it's in a fan Guestbook for Grand Ol' Opry legends, the Osborne Bros. Kinda creepy. So if anyone here plans on going bonkers, please let us know beforehand so I don't get a midnight e-mail from Larry King asking about how The Band must enable some form of unique psychosis and ignorance.

TSax, dude. Nice to see you emerging from the Klose Etudes. Don't worry about mom, though. I'm sure she knows how much we value having her here. She helps keep us grounded.



Wed Aug 11 17:10:03 CEST 1999

David Powell

From: Georgia

Here's a musical puzzle for y'all to try to solve. The challenge is to name the Band-related connection(s) linking the following three songs: "Long Black Veil," "Little GTO," and "Crazy Mama." By the way, recordings by Bob Dylan and Jimmy Buffett are also a part of this link.

Wed Aug 11 16:59:11 CEST 1999


From: maryland

Interesting take on the author of the posts, Peter. The fact that you and Lil were singled out so vehemently dissed would give that some creedence. As always with folks like that, I agree it's best to _shrug_ and move on.

As a "regular" who may or may not be viewed as tedious by some or many, I personally get frustrated by the same old voices too. Not that regulars posters like Peter, Lil, Ikka, Mr. Patterson, David Powell, etc aren't a joy, but I'd love to see more new folks engaging in topics. It's a bit hypocritical for someone who never posts to complain about those that do. I guess these folks would like some sort of "posting quota" system or something, but that's antithetical to the rather anarchistic nature of a guestbook. My advice is to either provide quality posts or move on if you don't like reading what others write.

Regarding the Dead, Allmans, whatever: As noted by some folks here, you can only discuss the Band material to a certain point. When you're dealing with a group that essentially is not doing anything new (except another live "best of" compilation), it's difficult to continually come up with new topics that are specifically about the Band ALL the time. However, the beauty of this group is how they touch so many styles and musical idioms in their history, from rockabillly to R&B to country to jam music to blues to even trip-hop and house music with RR's most recent work. Given that, it's not off-topic to talk about groups and musicians or books and authors or even painters and artists that live on the periphery. We all seem to love touching on the "Band connections" to other music and issues that are near and dear.

For me, that's what makes any music or art form so wonderful: you can't keep it in a box. This is what makes The Band so universally relevant to so many's a launch point to many many things. Some of us come at this from a sixties or seventies perspective. Some, like me, come at this from left field (my well documented path of being an old U2 and Peter Gabriel fan, leading to the 1st RR album and then to The Band). Even folks that learned to love this music from Jericho, HOTH or Jubilation. Diversity of view and perspective is our life's blood, and I think we should stop fretting over our varied love's and interests regarding this group and start embracing it.

But, hey, what's the Guestbook without some crabbiness. It's the soap opera that makes us a true online community. Gotta love it.

Of course, this is just me being tedious again...

; )


Wed Aug 11 15:27:02 CEST 1999

medicine hat

From: pittsburgh

lest there be any confusion -- my last post was in no way meant to cast dispersion on anyone's personality or taste. that includes nascar fans. by and large, i think everyone (including the "regulars") is pretty fab. i'll go one step further. DIAMOND LIL -- I LOVE YOU!!!!! i'm totally serious. with this post, i thee wed. (don't worry, you'll not be burdened with the moniker "mrs. hat").

Wed Aug 11 15:20:57 CEST 1999

Richard Patterson

From: The Phil Zone

Divide and conquer, isn't this the classic Nazi strategy? Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, gotta love one another right now!

Wed Aug 11 12:30:40 CEST 1999


From: NJ

Hey - all this bickering i'm reading - what a waste of time and energy. Just enjoy the music and talking about. we should be thankful to have this avenue to communicate. Can't wait for the Town Crier show and the new CD - Maybe he'll have copies there for sale. Saw Rick at Atomic Productions in Clinton NJ - Wonderful little venue - cozy-about 50 of us just listening and singing. Rick let the audience sing The Weight for Levon - Great night. I'm looking to get my hands on the new bootleg "Shadows" Any tips on where to look would be appreciated. maybe i'll run into some of you at the show at Town Crier. See ya!

Wed Aug 11 10:39:34 CEST 1999

Another dumb nerd

From: UK

Take it easy Peter don't you give me no lip. Speak with you soon.

Diamond, hope to see you at the gig or somewhere. Cheers.

Wed Aug 11 07:23:06 CEST 1999

Shaky Jake

From: parts unknown

I wanted to find more info about this possible/rumored release of the Band's Woodstock '69 performance. There were a couple of posts about it but nothing concrete. Who said it was going to be released? When? etc. I have been trying to get my dirty hands on it for sometime. I have a few tracks though. I think that period was the Band at their prime. It was so stunning to here them sing the Weight and hear Richard come in for that high part at the end. When you compare that to how they arranged it (and compensated for the loss of his voice) on Before the Flood, it's sad. And i know were not supposed to do this but, does anyone have a copy of the Band's (complete) performance Woodstock '69 or the Isle of Wight (with Dylan too), the Winterland '69 show or the Fillmore Shows '69? Even that train tour with Janis Joplin, the Dead? I have stuff to trade (even some CDRs maybe). Please e-mail above. thank you for your patience.

Wed Aug 11 05:29:27 CEST 1999


From: Astoria, New York

To the individual who posted the comments to "Original Five and Med. Head" : Your bold criticism of regular Guestbook contributors would seem to border on cruelty if not for the fact that it is right on the money! Sometimes the truth hurts but as John Lennon said, "... just gimme some truth, man, all I want is the truth!" Thank you for speaking it whoever and wherever you may be.

Wed Aug 11 05:17:20 CEST 1999

Internal Revenue Service

From: Washington, DC

Yes! Be it known that JOHN STARK shall be exempt from paying any and all Federal Taxes from this day forward. (Give us a call in the morning so we can finalize the paperwork.) -- The New & Friendlier IRS "We do it YOUR way!"

Wed Aug 11 04:34:30 CEST 1999

John Stark

From: Hudson, NH

Does this mean I don't have to pay any more taxes? All I wanted to do was explain that there is no "Leominster" in NH.

Wed Aug 11 04:18:01 CEST 1999


From: Washington DC

There is no one named JOHN STARK living in the State of New Hampshire.

Wed Aug 11 03:39:31 CEST 1999


From: Ca

Seven post with no mention of The Greatful Dead. This is a good thing. Lets hope it's a new trend.

Wed Aug 11 02:46:50 CEST 1999

John Stark

From: NH

There is no town in New Hampshire named Leominster.

Wed Aug 11 01:37:29 CEST 1999

Original Five

To Blackjack Davey and the person who posted at Aug 10 23:24:17 - thanks but no thanks. My comment was directed at the topic of discussion, not at the individuals. I enjoy most of the "regulars" posts including Diamond Lil's. I'm just not that interested in lot of the non-Band posts. They're fine once in a while particularly when they tie in to some particular point in Band history. I just don't think it's appropriate when they go on and on and on.

Tue Aug 10 23:17:56 CEST 1999

Blackjack Davey

From: Leominster NH

ORIGINAL FIVE -- I'm with you! The Deadhead vibes of Pot from Frisco, SUNDOG, and several others are contaminating the Band Guestbook just like the Deadheads themselves contaminate all the outdoor folk and rock festivals around the country. I hope this puts an end to it! (Unfortunately, I doubt that it will. It's like trying to get rid of cockroaches.)

Tue Aug 10 22:30:53 CEST 1999


From: Upstate NY


Tue Aug 10 22:13:58 CEST 1999

medicine hat

From: pittsburgh

sorry voice of reason, original five is right. all this gratefuldeadjimmybuffetallmanbros stuff has gotten my goat. all of these other bands, regardless of what one might think of them, have multiple web sites of their own. can't we all get back to discussing the true subjects of this site, or is the band too dull to command enough interest to stock a guest book. i think we all know the answer to that one.

Tue Aug 10 21:34:18 CEST 1999

Original Five

Voice of Reason: But seriously, thank you for pointing out the error of my ways. I don't know what came over me to suggest that a Guestbook about The Band might occasionally relate to The Band.

Tue Aug 10 20:37:22 CEST 1999

Voice of Reason

Hey Original Five: perhaps you should start your own guest book, then everything will relate to you!

Tue Aug 10 20:32:26 CEST 1999

Original Five

All this talk about the Greatful Dead reminds me of the first time I heard of them. It was in New York in 1967. I was 15 and I saw this button that said The Greatful Dead - Should Be.

Speaking figuratively of course this remains my own sentiment from a musical point of view.

Lately it's been somewhat tedious reading this Guestbook. I really resent having to scroll through the many posts that have only the barest connection with The Band and are of no interest to me whatsoever. Can we get back to The Band.

Tue Aug 10 19:33:40 CEST 1999


Home page

Did they release Festival Train Express of The Grateful Dead / The Band / Janis /? I,m still looking for The Deads / The Bands last gig at Chicago, anyone have it?

Tue Aug 10 18:41:19 CEST 1999


From: Connecticut

VH-1 did a Behind the Music on Woodstock last weekend. Some greats shots of the Band playing The Weight with a brief interview of Robbie. Very interesting show with great footage (not all from the movie obviously).

Tue Aug 10 18:17:56 CEST 1999


From: PA

Does anybody know how I can get the new bootleg "Moving Shadow"?

Tue Aug 10 17:27:57 CEST 1999


From: the woods
Home page

A rock journalist named JAKE NYMAN is represented in the Article Section of this great site. The man is filling 50 years today. He is a true Band fan.

Jake is the leading rock journalist in the small Nordic country, Finland, and his radio program *Those Happy Days* is a mixture of old goodies and new ones. It started in 1984 and for me it was THE radio program. (I lived by that time in Finland; Sweden is my current residence.) The great idea of that program was that there is universal ideas in different styles of rock music, and these ideas are connected with literature and movies. That program is still on the air!

Although Finland was never behind *The Iron Curtain* economically and socially, the influence of Sovjet Union was significant in the cultural and music life. Jake was in the 80s the major figure to change that to more liberal and international direction in Finnish Broadcasting.

Jake is publishing a novell: it tells about the late 60s. The school is going to h***, guys are building their own electric guitars, there is a band in every garage, Radio Luxemburg is keeping you awake in the nights, there are controverses between the young people and the authorities, no information - no records, the music and the clothes and your thoughts are the same. I'm looking forward to that book, because it was my life, too.

I'm sure, the gb community will gather around me when I say to the true Band fan:


Tue Aug 10 15:07:15 CEST 1999

David Powell

From: Georgia

Those of you with access to The Nashville Network cable channel will get a chance to see Derek Trucks playing with The Allman Brothers Band tonight. The TNN special "NASCAR Rocks II," airing at 10 p.m. EST, features the ABB taped recently at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on their 30th anniversary tour. Southern rock, stock car racing and Las Vegas--what a long strange trip it's been.

Tue Aug 10 12:36:23 CEST 1999


From: NJ

It's great to see Rick putting out another CD! Though the last one was not the best quality i still enjoyed it. Can't wait to order "Breeze Hill" My fiance' and i will be up at the Town Crier to take in Ricks show. This will be about our 5th time seeing him solo and saw The Band about ten times since they reunited. I just saw something on this bootleg 'Last Moving Shadows' Sounds great but have no idea on how to pick it up. Any tips on how to purchase this CD would be appreciated. Also saw something about a four CD set from the Last Waltz that i would be interested in. Has anyone heard these discs? Are they worth the purchase?

Tue Aug 10 10:05:09 CEST 1999


Has any of the Dead's recordings from Festival Express in 1970 ever been released? Someone, somewhere has those three shows on film as well. Along with The Band sets and others.

Tue Aug 10 08:36:57 CEST 1999


From: NZ

I have to agree that the list for Breeze Hill looks like more of the same. Then again I've never seen Rick (or The Band) live so it'll be good from that point of view. I have to admit that the last RD Live CD makes me cringe in places - maybe the recording quality doesn't do the performances justice. Blind Willie Mc Tell was the stand out.

I'd love to see those '86 John Simon sessions released.

Tue Aug 10 07:32:56 CEST 1999

Leslie Devon

From: Bethpage NY

Have been smiling a lot while reading the Guestbook of late. mattk's offering of Deadhead jokes is a riot. Others have mentioned that the Grateful Dead have inspired both the naming of an ice-cream flavor and a bicycle so I guess it's more kudos for the Dead in that their fans have inspired a bevy of derogatory jokes while The Band's fans haven't inspired so much as one! The Grateful Dead win another round in the battle of the bands!!

Tue Aug 10 02:23:29 CEST 1999

Jim & Lisa Burdick

From: Buffalo, NY

Frankly, I've loved you guys since I first heard you in the 60's. Keep it going!

Mon Aug 9 22:35:13 CEST 1999


From: Connecticut

Thanks to Peter Viney for the "One Too Many Mornings" article. I would like to add that Robbie Robertson has said many times that this was his favorite song from these shows. He also likes "Just Like a Woman" from Dylan/Band Tour '74.

Mon Aug 9 21:59:47 CEST 1999

Dora R

From: Fort Lee NJ

Somebody recently mentioned in here that the The Band had scrapped the all request album project. Sounded like a good idea to me does anyone know why? Did they record any songs for it already if so does anyone know what they are?

Mon Aug 9 20:33:59 CEST 1999

Richard Patterson

From: Ontario

Thanks Matt I needed that. Sorry, thought it was you who asked what a Deadhead says when the acid runs out. (Go to the archives for the punchline everybody). These are much better, my laugh for the day!

Thanks Peter V. for the "Blue Incantation" recomendation. Sounds interesting.

Hey Hal, did you like those jokes? Peace brother...Richard

Mon Aug 9 19:03:05 CEST 1999


From: maryland

RE: Deadhead jokes WARNING: this is addmittedly a bit off-topic, but as long as the Dead is being discussed...

For the record, I'm not the one that told the previous joke, though I do have some in my collection. These actually came (I'm told) from the Dead usenet group. For the record, I collect musical/musician jokes, so this is not part of any "anti-dead" campaign.

Q: How do you know when deadheads have been staying with you?
A: They're still there.

Q: How do you know when they're gonna leave?
A: The phone bill comes.

Q: Why do deadheads swirl their arms when they dance?
A: To keep the music out of their eyes.

Q: How many deadheads does it take to screw in a light bulb?

  1. A1: 40,000. One to change the lightbulb, 499 to tape the event, 15,000 to dance and twirl in ecstasy, 5000 to sit and grumble that "they used to change 'em better in the old days", 5,000 to wander around outside with (mix and match) one finger in the air, calling out "doses", "da kine", "veggie burritos", "groovy dyes", "guats", "spare change", "gas/motel/food money", 4000 to wander around outside dancing at the cars with the tunes blasting from the tape decks, lining up at the balloon trucks, 100 scalpers selling fake bulbs, 400 state/local/federal officers looking for all the above...oh, yeah, and 10,000 to follow the old burned out one to the next town.
  2. A2: Two, one to twist it and one to light it.

Jerry Garcia and Eric Clapton are captured by cannibals one day. Before they are about to be cooked for dinner they are granted one final wish. Jerry says "hand me my old guitar and let me play Dark Star one last time...". Eric says "please kill me before he starts".

Deadhead Zeke was seeing a show out of town, and was going to crash at his pal Cosmo's place. However, Zeke missed Cosmo after the show, and was feeling pretty lost and disoriented. So he called Cosmo asking how to get to his pad. Cosmo told him to look at a street sign to find out where he was, and he would go pick him up. Zeke looks at the street and says, "I'm at the intersection of Walk, Don't Walk". Cosmo replies "Dude! that's right outside my building!"

Mon Aug 9 18:27:45 CEST 1999


From: Madison, Wi. *AMERICA'S JERRYLAND*
Home page

Twister, go to bed!!!

Mon Aug 9 18:24:28 CEST 1999

Peter Viney

One of my favourite Sunday morning discs for relaxing with the newspapers is “Blue Incantation” by Sanjay Mishra & Jerry Garcia. Check it out.

Mon Aug 9 17:14:19 CEST 1999

Tom Izzo

From: Ct

To Chris from NJ: Checkout the FAQ's at Tom

Mon Aug 9 17:10:40 CEST 1999

Tom Izzo

From: Ct

LARS: Great Jam Sat.! "Arcadian Driftwood" Ruled! Thanks: Tom

Mon Aug 9 17:07:41 CEST 1999

Richard Patterson

From: Ontario

Thanks David Powell for the kind words about Jerry Garcia, to have seen him play with Duane must have been the ultimate ("Smells like a rose, tastes like a peach"). Thanks Pat Brennan for answering my question re: the last band to play with the Dead (a Band we all know). Thanks Sundog for being so enthusiastic in your love of both the Band and the Dead. Thanks mattk for the Dead jokes - got any more?. Thanks Pot and Iikka for words about bicycles and ice cream. Thanks Peter V. for answering my question: Who is the Band's Dick Latvala ?. It's you of course.(Although I'm still looking for the dude who holds all the first generation board mixes of the tapes in the archive section). Thanks Diamond Lil for not taking any crap. Thanks Twister for unconditional love of the Band. Thanks the Allman's, the Band, and the Other Ones for years of the finest music on this planet.(Hey, if you're all on tour next year, how about a gig at Watkin's Glen to put "Greedstock" to shame.

Thanks Jan for playing host to a community of the finest people I've ever met. I'm "Saved". See y'all.

Mon Aug 9 16:49:33 CEST 1999


From: the world

To Twister, Pot, Ikka, and the rest of you guys out there debating and defending this whole thing: Could we just leave it alone for at least TODAY? In the interest of brotherhood? I'm sure old Jerryman would be disappointed. I like to think that a little of him, a little of THEM, lives in all of us, whether we want to admit to it or not. Something I am sure that Levon and the guys recognize. May angels fly a little higher and may guitars everywhere play a little louder. God Bless you Jerry.

Mon Aug 9 15:57:45 CEST 1999

David Powell

From: Georgia

"All the years combine / they melt into a dream / A broken angel sings from a guitar / In the end there's just a song / comes crying like the wind / through all the broken dreams and vanished years." (from "Stella Blue" / lyrics by Robert Hunter, music by Jerry Garcia / written in the Chelsea Hotel, New York City 1970)

I have to admit that I never considered myself to be a "Deadhead," although I was always intrigued by the music of the Grateful Dead, especially Jerry Garcia's guitar playing. I remember going to see them play at the tiny Sports Arena here in Atlanta in 1970. The Allman Brothers were there in the audience, having driven up from Macon to lend the Dead some of their equipment. (It seems that some of the Dead's stuff had been left behind in Boston where they had previously performed.) After a rousing set, that included many of the songs from "Workingman's Dead" & a version of Merle Haggard's "Mama Tried," the Allmans joined the Dead onstage for an impromptu encore set. During this jam, I watched in amazement as Duane & Jerry swapped leads on a soaring rendition of "Dark Star." I had seen Duane play live many times before & since, but at that moment he was at his peak. It was as if playing with Garcia brought out the best of him in an all too brief moment in time.

I saw the Dead play a couple of more times, including a concert where Garcia sat in on pedal steel with the opening act, New Riders of the Purple Sage. Over the years, the crowds grew each time they came to town, as their appearances became more like carnival, rather than musical, events.

From the banjo to guitar & peadl steel, I've read where Garcia continued to practice & improve his instrumental skills. When the Dead became an almost corporate, money-making machine, Garcia sought side projects in order to play the music he loved. His work with David Grisman has a diamond in the rough, almost "Basement Tape" quality to it. Last year Grisman, on his Acoustic Disc label, released a series of jazz standard jams that they recorded together from 1990 up unto Garcia's death in 1995, entitled "So What." Mandolin, acoustic guitar & bass, beautifully simple, yet at times intricate, music played from the heart, without all the hype & b.s. inherent to today's world of rock music.

I recently read former Dead manager Rock Skully's book about life on the road with the group. Among the plethora of lurid tales, there were a few insights into the essence of Jerry the musician. He was always striving to hone his chops and improve on his vocal skills. According to Skully, one of the singers Garcia admired was Rick Danko, for his phrasing ability.

"I may not have the world to give to you / but maybe I have a tune or two."

Mon Aug 9 09:21:15 CEST 1999

Peter Viney

Ben: there are levels of rarity. Wouldn’t it be better for The Band to get out some of those rarities and get paid for their labour, rather than for some one do a bootleg?

“Crossing The Great Divide” compiled a lot of the material from ROA etc that got dropped from later live sets (e.g. King Harvest, The Rumor, Time To Kill, Smoke Signal). Hollywood Bowl 1970 has some good ones (Cleveland, Jemima, Strawberry wine). Royal Albert Rags 1971 gives you the early gems - Cleveland, King Harvest, We Can Talk, Rockin Chair. Share Your Love and Saved are on the various Jersey 73 boots. If Woodstock does get this official release this month, that’ll take care of We Can Talk. The remaining hens-teeth rare tracks are about on tapes, e.g. Winterland 69 adds In A Station, Little Birdies, To Kingdom Come. Forbidden Fruit is on one of the three 1976 King Biscuit Radio Show CDs, but not on the boots. It’s on “Tears of Grief” (LA 1976) too. There are other things (see the Tape List on this site) such as a Just Another whistle Stop (Toronto 74), Aint No More Cane, We Can talk, To Kingdom Come (IOW Festival). I know there’s a Shoot out in A Chinatown somewhere, but I don’t recall where. Pat’s said it, I’ve said it, and Barny Hoskyns has said it - the great unreleased show is The Paladium, NYC, 1976 with the horns, bootlegged as “Take A Load For Free”. This has King Harvest, Acadian Driftwood, Forbidden Fruit.

What becomes very clear is that they decided on what worked on stage pretty quickly, and have stuck to the same songs until this day. Rick has “rescued” Caledonia Mission and Twilight from the back catalogue and has performed them regularly. He’s sometimes done When You Awake too. There’s so much stuff that got dropped between 71 and 74 never to return. Their recent (post 76!) stage act has more from Stage Fright (Stage Fright, Shape I’m In, W.S. Walcott) than from The Brown album (Rag Mama Rag, plus sometimes but not always Cripple Creek). Big Pink always has The Weight & Chest Fever, and recently Caledonia Mission. NLSC invariably has two songs (Ophelia & Difference). I often wonder why they do Caldonia instead of Strawberry Wine or Jemima Surrender. Why they almost never touch Levon’s solo albums. Why they don’t look back a little more. Maybe they don’t want to do more Robbie than they already do, but Rick Danko has proved that he can take Richard lead vocals and make them his own where necessary.

Twister: While I admire your loyalty, and agree with your sentiments in general, I think I’d choose “American Beauty” or “Workingman’s Dead” over “Islands”!

Mon Aug 9 07:38:55 CEST 1999


From: San Antonio TX

Pot & Ilka - The Grateful Dead may have ice-cream and bicycles named for them but The Band has one thing the Dead will never have -- TRULY GREAT MUSIC! None of the GD's albums even comes close to touching what The Band have produced!

Mon Aug 9 05:37:02 CEST 1999

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

Hey FIVE, you are leaving out Greatest Hits albums where Stagefright appears, then things really get ugly! I have often suggested some persons try to assemble a bootleg of the seldom performed live tunes, your Shootouts In Chinatowns and your Rings your Bells. Can't seem to get anyone interested. So, Vinney, help me out here, what about the japanese bootleg CDs?

Mon Aug 9 03:55:31 CEST 1999

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Some of the best post-Band shows were the Rick-Richard performances. There's also a tape circulating of Rick-Richard-Garth with Dave Mason and a drummer. Where the Rick-Levon shows relied on standard blues numbers and the like, Rick and Richard performed songs almost entirely from the Band catalog. Cubby Bear, early 80's. Richard on piano unaccompanied, Rick singing Unfaithful Servant straight. As you might know, Rick quite often turned that song into something of a humorous farce for some reason. That night, playing it straight, he killed. Now that's something I'd kill for.

Mon Aug 9 00:40:45 CEST 1999


From: Upstate NY

TO CHRIS FROM JERSEY: I was hoping someone else would answer your questions, because I only have been to one show at "The Day In the Garden." However, I'll try to help you based on my limited experience.

Everything was very well organized when I went to "the Garden" last year. They have gravel roads to the parking areas, then gravel roads leading up the hill to the show. There were plenty of "porta -potties" and even a first aid area. Once you stand on the crest of the hill and look down on the multitude of people sitting on the slopes, you can see the large stage at the foot of the hill. To the left are a series of tents where you can walk in and find just about any beverage or food you could want. It's kind of like walking through a shopping mall's food court, except there's grass underfoot.

I guess what I would suggest bringing is a lawn chair and some sunscreen. And a hat. I find binoculars come in handy.

I've been hearing different times for Danko's set, so maybe you could help me out on that one. Have a good time.

TO TOM IZZO: You da man. And so is Scott. See you at the Towne Crier on the 21st. I'll bring the cds.

Mon Aug 9 00:09:19 CEST 1999

Chris D.

From: South Jersey

Hey all "Band "fans this is my second request for some feedback regarding Yasgurs farm.I've been to the spot a couple of times but never to a show.Is there any thing I should know about the set up,parking,a good place to camp/stay after the show on the 15th.Any feedback would be much appreciated and if any of this sites "regulars" are going to be there I'm always willing to have a drink or two with a fellow "Band"fan.Thanks and see you at the show.I'll be the guy who just turned 37 and can't stop smiling when Rick and Garth take the stage.

Sun Aug 8 19:52:59 CEST 1999


From: maine

Rick Danko Band is scheduled to go on at 4:00pm at the day in the garden.

Sun Aug 8 19:48:39 CEST 1999


From: Madison, Wi. *AMERICA'S JERRYLAND*
Home page

HI IIKKA, Can't say that I've seen these Mtbikes, but I'll look into it, BTW, *AMERICA'S JERRYLAND*, ( on the lics. plates of Wisconsin's car reads *AMERICA'S DAIRYLAND*). Grateful Dead mtf thought it would be cool to make bumper stickers relating to the Dead saying for all 50 states plates, and Wisconsin has that one!!! BTW, While I'm here, I'd like to mention that the LATE GRATE JERRY GARICA PASSED ("IT") ON 4 YEARS AGO ON AUGUST 09TH 1995, and I'd like to Deadicate a song to him by The Band called "WHEN I PAINT MY MASTERPIECE", cuz he loved that song, and does anybody remember that train ride that The Dead, The Band, Janis, all party on!!! It was one hell of a train ride man!!! MISS YOU JERRY.

Sun Aug 8 18:14:57 CEST 1999

Johhny T.

Does anyone know what time Rick & Garth & Co. are scheduled to perform next Sunday at A Day In The Garden? Butch?

Sun Aug 8 17:37:48 CEST 1999


From: the woods
Home page

I was riding my GARY FISHER mtb and realized that GRATEFUL DEAD (no, not again:-) has something that THE BAND doesn't have. I mean a bike. There is a Gary Fisher 'Hoo-koo-e-koo Grateful Dead Limited Edition' mtb. Gary who lives in the real-real Jerryland, Marin County', made light shows for them and Jerry Garcia had a number of his bikes ( SUNDOG, the bikes are manufactured in Wisconsin!). - Is there any bike connections to The Band. 'Up On Cripple Creek' mtb, maybe. You know: . . When I get over these mountains - -. RAGTIME The Bike Man might know about it . . . but where is the man?????

DAVID POWELL, thanks for more posts about THE CARTER FAMILY and their impact to the rock musicians. All Swedish kids are playing the same folk melodies with their recorders, and the tunes can be followed from ABBA via ROXETTE to the US top charts of today. The history lives around us just like it did before.

Sun Aug 8 13:08:27 CEST 1999

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbor

Sir Peter, enjoyed your monograph on "One Too Many Mornings". Last nite I heard The Association do their version live. They hinted that Bob wrote it for them. Guess they was kiddin. Anyway, the lyrics bear repeatin. Tip of the hat to JW

Down the street the dogs are barkin'
And the day is a-gettin' dark.
As the night comes in a-fallin',
The dogs 'll lose their bark.
An' the silent night will shatter
From the sounds inside my mind,
For I'm one too many mornings
And a thousand miles behind.

From the crossroads of my doorstep,
My eyes they start to fade,
As I turn my head back to the room
Where my love and I have laid.
An' I gaze back to the street,
The sidewalk and the sign,
And I'm one too many mornings
An' a thousand miles behind.

It's a restless hungry feeling
That don't mean no one no good,
When ev'rything I'm a-sayin'
You can say it just as good.
You're right from your side,
I'm right from mine.
We're both just too many mornings
An' a thousand miles behind.

Sun Aug 8 11:13:20 CEST 1999

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

A few comments to make after reading the last several posts. Forgive me for not remembering who said what since it's very early in the morning here and I haven't had much sleep.

First of all, whoever said "You cant judge an album till you hear it" is absolutely correct. I never once said that I think this new Rick cd will be a bad one. I was only stating my personal disappointment in the selections of tunes he chose.

Secondly, whoever mentioned the 'beautiful cover' got that right!

And lastly, The Band is _not_ taking requests of other people tunes for an album of any kind. Someone mentioned how great it would be if they did, but there are no plans for anything like that pending.

Ok. Time to have some coffee now :-)

Sun Aug 8 11:10:12 CEST 1999


Rex: The Band cut about twenty songs for Hog. There's material from Jericho and Jubilation (always good to have in the can)and other recordings, including four or five tracks from a session with John Simon in 1985. Country Boy came from this session, but you also have Rhumba Boy by Jesse Winchester, a great track, You Don't Know Me and The Battle Is Over (War Goes On).

Sun Aug 8 06:28:59 CEST 1999

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

Hello guys. Hey, I have treated myself to a couple of the snazzy Japanese import CDs. Got The Band and Moondog. My local store also has Pink, And Rock of Ages. I assume Stagefright is available, but does anyone know what other ones are availible? I hope everyone is having a real great summer.

Sun Aug 8 05:37:25 CEST 1999

Maryann K

From: Hartford CT

Pat Brennan - On behalf of the thousands of Guestbook readers worldwide I want to thank you for defending so eruditely your use of the expletive "sh*t" within these hallowed cyberpages! If it feels good - do it!!

Sun Aug 8 04:25:09 CEST 1999


From: Passaic NJ

I just checked the Woodstock Records website and mailed in my order for "Live On Breeze Hill!" Can't wait to hear it but I'll say one thing already -- beautiful cover! Also, what's this I hear about The Band doing an all request album of other people's songs which they've never recorded before? Can we post requests on this website or what? Is there a page to do this which I cannot locate? Anyway, sounds like an interesting idea!

Sun Aug 8 04:12:54 CEST 1999


For the three hour drive ahead, i picked the genuine basement tapes, befroe the flood, live 66, planet waves, and the woody guthrie memorial concert. i love all of these recordings, and as much as i dig this stuff - i have to say i like the owwdy guthrie memorial concert the best. the three tunes sound tight, well rehearsed, and it's our favorite five plus dylan, at their peak in 68 or 69. I just love these tunes - it sounds almost like live basement tapes. i just wish there was more. When is the woodstock recording going to be on the shelves?

Sun Aug 8 04:07:22 CEST 1999

Richard Patterson

From: St Catharines, Ontario

Peter V: well said. "You can't judge a record till you've heard it".

I'm quite looking forward to hearing "Live on Breeze Hill". Gee, how long ago was it now that we were discussing great live albums? Seems to me this one has potential. I'm glad that it isn't a live release by the Band. The lineup is bound to put their all into the performances because they aren't the Band. If the versions of all these songs kick ass like I think they will, all of you griping about the selections will be happy that these are the songs Rick chose to play. If not, hey I'm wrong!

"You can't judge a record till you've heard it".

Sun Aug 8 03:40:32 CEST 1999

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbor

Just got back from Massapequa, LI one of those "Under the Stars" shows. Last year Rick & John Sebsatianin Hicksville, this year The Association. Heard "ONe Too Many Mornings" and a bit of The Weight. Made my nite. :-)

Sun Aug 8 01:55:30 CEST 1999


From: Toronto

Answer - Maybe they're not "gems" to me and it also seems that most of these "gems" mentioned are either old Band tunes or tunes previously recorded elsewhere by Rick either solo or with DFA. To each his own I'm not telling anyone what to like or not like but sometimes a comment backed up with a bit of evidence can make someone re-think a previously held opinion. I've recently re-listened to Jubilation due to comments posted here and found I like it better than I did. My initial problem was that I wanted it to be more like Jericho - but the Band obviously didn't! And they're ones who make the CDs not us! Someone recently mentioned "Chain Gang." This song was initially erroneously listed as being on "High On The Hog" in the MUZE music search computer database which is in some record stores along with 3 other tunes that were also not on the album. They were later deleted by MUZE and I forgot the names of the other 3 tunes. Does anyone out there know what they are and if any of them later appeared on Jubilation? If not then that means there are possibly 4 unreleased Band songs in the can. I hope some of you great authorities out there have the answer! Patiently waiting...

Sun Aug 8 00:46:09 CEST 1999


Wasn't Chain Gang cut for High On The Hog? I seem to remember a press release at the time which included it.

Sat Aug 7 23:52:43 CEST 1999


Yeah, Peter. Exactly. And when you look at the musicians that played this show - and I've heard the tapes came out fantastic - its got to be a lot different to the In Concert CD, which was put together pretty quickly, remember, due to Rick's circumstances at that time.

Sat Aug 7 22:50:25 CEST 1999

Diamond Lil

From: The Web


Point well taken about tunes from Jubilation being on Rick's new solo cd, although live versions of these tunes would really be great.

Peter Viney:

Yes, This _is_ what you get live. And that was my only problem with this cd. With all the wonderful stuff Rick used to/could do live...the pick of tunes is a letdown. And btw...very good call on "Chain Gang". ooh aah! :-)

Sat Aug 7 22:38:11 CEST 1999

Peter Viney

More on ‘Live at Breeze Hill’. What is the status of this kind of album? Many of us would happily and instantly buy a bootleg with the same track listing. That’s what it’s about, it’s a diary, this year’s show. Marketed via the net. It’s the artist’s natural and sensible response to boots and tapes for the benefit of long-term fans. Put out the current show with this year’s version. Sell it at gigs. Put it on the net. This is the future for mature artists. Limited releases. It’s not supposed to be the NEW Rick Danko album. It’s a document of what you get live. Hence it will always have ‘It Makes No Difference.’

Sat Aug 7 22:30:30 CEST 1999


From: Toronto

Lil and Peter V - "If I Should Fail," "Bound By Love," "Book Faded Brown," and "High Cotton" were all just on the most recent Band CD as you know, or course. Why would Rick want to let them take up space on his new solo CD? On a double CD release five years from now - sure! At any rate I look forward to hearing "Breeze Hill" and hope it's better than the previous live album from Rick which is BADLY recorded in my opinion. I think the live tapes should have been gone through more carefully.

Sat Aug 7 22:10:01 CEST 1999


Hey Rex. If you've seen Rick live over the past 25 years, how come you don't know what these gems are???

Sat Aug 7 21:41:19 CEST 1999

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Redneck, first of all, I love Knoxville. Second, I can't imagine why drug references are ok but the use of the term "shit"--which the boys spit out with a lot of authority on "Rock 'n Roll Shoes" on ROA--isn't. All in good fun, though.

Sat Aug 7 21:36:45 CEST 1999


With respect, Peter, but Four Walls is actually James Taylor's Bartender's Blues. I know you knew this, just a slip of the old crust.

Sat Aug 7 21:35:55 CEST 1999

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Some of those "gems" from Rick? Let's the top of my head:

A Change is Gonna Come

Times Like These (good call Lee. My favorite as well. I have 2 live tapes of Rick/Sredni doing this one)

If I Should Fail

Unfaithful Servant

Bartender Blues

Bound By Love

Blue River

Your Eyes

And that's just to name a few.

Sat Aug 7 21:32:05 CEST 1999

Original Five

Albums that have versions of “Stage Fright” sung by Rick

Stage Fright; Rock of Ages; Before the Flood; The Last Waltz; Rick Danko in Concert

Enough already.

Sat Aug 7 21:18:29 CEST 1999

North of the 49th

Relax Rex. Diamond Lil has the right to an opinion; just as you do. The lady brings up a good point.

Sat Aug 7 21:05:00 CEST 1999

Peter Viney

Track listing: You can’t judge a record till you’ve heard it, which I haven’t, and though the new Rick Danko Band shares quite a few tracks with “In Concert” (Crazy Mama, Twilight, Chest Fever, Shape I’m in, It Makes No Difference), there is a full backing band this time round, which should make it sound different. The fact that “Sip the Wine” is listed as studio is another plus. It’ll be good to hear a new version 20 years on. ‘The Next Time You See Me” is another plus. Blaze of Glory - well, if you don’t have tapes that’ll be a new one. “Caledonia Mission” (listed as “Caldonia Mission” - these titles keep getting mixed up) is familiar from 94-96 Band gigs, but great to get an official version. “Ophelia” by Rick rather than Levon. I might well forward “Crazy Mama” myself, and like Lil, I dream of the possibilities for other stuff (Blue River, Four Walls, Driftin’ Away, Chain Gang, Book Faded Brown, High Cotton, Where I Should Always Be, definitely One Too Many Mornings) but hell, in a year like 1999 when we’re all fairly starved of new albums, I’m still waiting this release with eager anticipation. The solution, Mr Danko, is to do another one soon as well.

Sat Aug 7 19:48:11 CEST 1999


From: UK

To the fan from Germany. Yeah, you can order copies of Crowmatix, Danko & Levon Helm solo CDs from Jawbone. Check details on this site.

I'm happy for any new product from these guys but in Lil's defense (I know you don't need me to kick dust for you, Lil)there are a couple of gems. One of my favourite Rick Danko tracks is called Times Like These. It remains unreleased, and as Rick told me once: One of these days I'll finish that track. There's also Missing In Action and many, many great covers he's done at live shows over the years. Not too long ago he'd do an occasional Unfaithful Servant and a rare Tears Of Rage. This Wheels On Fire. We could go on...

Sat Aug 7 18:43:38 CEST 1999


From: Toronto

DIAMOND LIL - it seems that SOME people are NEVER satisfied! I'm glad to see that "Crazy Mama" a favorite tune of mine (and Rick's) from HOTH made it to "Breeze Hill." I guess you'll have to program it out. Also, I've seen Rick solo quite a few times over the past 25 years and I'd like to know what some of those "gems" are. Can we have some titles please?

Sat Aug 7 18:12:13 CEST 1999


From: germany

Good Afternoon (in Germany) It's nice to visit here. What about Woodstock '69? We don't have a lot of information here. Another question: Does anybody know where I can buy in Germany cds like: Levon and The Cromatrix, Rick Live? I'm just happy to have a new Band-cd, so the judge has to be quiet! (I recently found two more Levon Helm cds: well well well - I love his voice!) I hope they will go on and a few more! Great page! sv

Sat Aug 7 18:11:59 CEST 1999

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Lil: I agree. I've also been mildly disappointed not to hear renditions of Jubilation songs (other than Book Faded Brown) at the 2 solo shows I've seen Rick do since the album was released. Still waiting for a live High Cotton (seems like a natural choice for acoustic shows), or If I Should Fail.

Sat Aug 7 17:32:27 CEST 1999


From: Madison, Wi *AMERICA'S JERRYLAND*.
Home page

"Hey now Dick,,,your home where you belong,,, rest in music...

Sat Aug 7 16:38:41 CEST 1999



Of course you're right. But I bet it ain't easy to get these guys to learn new songs for on stage. I'm not saying anyone goes on automatic pilot or anything.

As long as new product is forthcoming I'm happy. I'd be even happier if we could hear an old chestnut now and again.

And what about New Mexico and Small Town Talk. Holy S*!t, great tracks, man.

Sat Aug 7 14:17:31 CEST 1999

Richard Patterson

From: St Catharines, Ontario

Just read in the Allman's Guest Book that Dick Latvala passed away yesterday (Aug.6). Dead Heads will recognize him as longtime Dead tape archivist and historian responsible for the Dick's Picks series. Is there a similar character in the Band's history? Is the Band at Woodstock '69 still on schedule for August release?

Rest in peace, Mr Latvala. This one's for you!

Sat Aug 7 14:15:10 CEST 1999

Diamond Lil

From: The Web


Great arrangements and horns aside for a moment, I'm still disappointed in the picks for this new cd. For anyone who seems Rick perform on a pretty regular basis as I do, these tunes, though good..are played out. This cd is practically tune by tune of most of Rick's live shows...and I just think (no..I _know_) that he's capable of much more. There are so many "gems" that have been overlooked for so long. I just wish he'd open the vault and dig into a few of those.

And before anyone starts flaming me, this is _not_ a Rick bashing post. I've known the guy for a very long time and he's been very good to me. I'd just like to see him use his incredible talent in more productive directions. He has so much to offer.

apologies if this offended anyone. It wasn't meant to.

Sat Aug 7 12:55:56 CEST 1999


Check out Woodstock Records web site: for details on the new CD. I'm looking forward to hearing the arrangements on some of the older cuts and of course the horn section.

Hey, Jan how come some of the posts I make don't always seem to register?

Sat Aug 7 11:34:14 CEST 1999


Hey, Mr Dean Bursar. If that is the track listing from Live @ Breeze Hill I can't wait to here it. I heard there are some great arrangements on the older cuts and of course with the horn section...

Sat Aug 7 11:28:59 CEST 1999

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Dean Bursar:

Please say it ain't so! It _is_ deja vu all over again. And again..and again..and again. Bet it's going to sound as if Rick's playing right in our livingroom too. Damn.

Pretty disappointed here Ricko. You shoulda payed closer attention to my list! :-)

Sat Aug 7 04:48:43 CEST 1999

Wayne Silakowski

From: Atlantic Highlands NJ

just found out about jubilation, picked it up what great old timey band a true pleasure to listen to keep up the good work boys

Sat Aug 7 04:08:47 CEST 1999


From: Madison, Wi. *AMERICA'S JERRYLAND*
Home page

Yahoo! Today is our 100th live show! We've done 100 unsigned bands, plus *MERL SAUNDERS*, and now I'm trying to get *Rick Danko* in November!

Sat Aug 7 02:51:02 CEST 1999

Dean Bursar

From: Berkley School

From the "new CD". Geez. Its deja vu all over again.

1. Sip The Wine (Studio) 2. Twilight 3. Crazy Mama 4. Stage Fright 5. Ophelia 6. Blaze Of Glory 7. Next Time You See Me 8. Caldonia Mission 9. Shape I'm In 10. Chest Fever 11. Makes No Difference 12. Outro

Sat Aug 7 01:18:25 CEST 1999


Never heard the country 'hit' of Stand Up but always thought it was an okay tune. The track opens Hog but when The Band were promoting the album on the road I recall they always opened the show with Back To Memphis, a track I really enjoy but an unusual show opener. The guys used to perform Stand Up live too but quickly dropped The High Price Of Love which I thought was worthy of hanging around.

I Must Love You Too Much is filler in my opinion, I remember Danko performing this with Butterfield. She Knows, as great as it, doesn't ring right on the album. And as much as I enjoy Ramble Jungle it should have been released with the rest of this session when some Blues label realizes what a great release this could be, and probably Champion Jack's last recordings. The Band certainly had other tracks to put forward in place of these. The rest of the album has some great things going on.

Sat Aug 7 00:07:54 CEST 1999


From: Camden NJ

A Band "By Request" album would be great! I'd like to hear The Band do Hank Williams' "Lovesick Blues" and Willie McTell's "Dying Crapshooter's Blues," which in case you're not familiar with it is a hilarious and great piece of songwriting!

Fri Aug 6 23:30:45 CEST 1999


From: Spokane, Washington

been a fan for 35 years -- great group!

Fri Aug 6 23:22:41 CEST 1999

Jay Wardlaw

From: Atlanta

Pat Brennan: Perfectly stated. JERICHO'S first half at times approaches that quality of transporting you somewhere recognizable yet unreal, particularly Blind Willie McTell. HOTH is another story . . . (although does have its moments). As for JUBILATION, I think "Don't Wait" best measures up.

Fri Aug 6 21:21:11 CEST 1999


From: Silicon Valley

David P - I think "Stand Up" is okay, after all it is a humorous song and goes along with the humorous cover and title of the CD. But I was unaware that it was a country hit. You say "of all the songs to choose from" so I'm curious as to what songs you or any other Band fan might think would be appropriate for the boys to cover? Any suggestions out there? Maybe we could prompt them to do an "all request" album! I'd like to hear "Rock Island Line!" (with Levon singing lead)

Fri Aug 6 19:32:20 CEST 1999

David Powell

From: Georgia

I'll have to say I agree with Jon Lyness on the song "Stand Up." I never did care much for the original country hit version recorded by Mel McDaniel and when I first heard The Band's cover, I wondered, with all the great songs to chose from, why in the world they picked that one.

Fri Aug 6 18:41:42 CEST 1999

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Lawrence T: You asked for specifics on Hog being a weaker album. You could probably start with the title, and that garish cover art!--I got a kick out of the "concept" the first few times, but it's not exactly as timeless as the art direction of the first few albums. Which is telling given what's on the album itself. I'd probably vote Stand Up as their weakest opener on any album--sounds great the first few times but got rather grating to me--now I just fast forward past it. (The Jew's-harp sound didn't help either--sounds like a rather forced way of bringing back that Cripple Creek magic.) Crazy Mama is another one that sounded great at first, but got rather repetitive. There are some good isolated tracks--I love Back to Memphis/Where I Should Always Be, and of course Richard's track is a standout--but overall the album feels like something of a hodgepodge, with uneven songwriting. I quite liked Hog for the first few months, but rarely return to it now. For me, Jubilation has stronger songwriting, more interesting & nuanced performances and a beautiful & more unified sound; and while I don't listen to it every day, it still holds up for me nearly a year later. Bottom line, of course, is it's entirely a matter of personal preference.

Fri Aug 6 16:25:58 CEST 1999


From: Knoxville TN

Pat, I had the same trouble when the Beatles put out Sgt. Pepper. Next time you listen to "Hog" roll a few fat ones first. ("Free your mind, the rest will follow...") If you're not into that just keep listenin' to the earlier albums. They're really good for sure and your comments on the feelings they evoke are dead accurate! But please don't say s__t - it's soils the Guest Book.

Fri Aug 6 14:36:03 CEST 1999


fyi, here's the opening graph from the cover story in the new BEATLEFAN mag. Topic is the Fabs in '69, title: Trying To Get Back To Something Simpler." "You can at least partly blame The Band and Cream for the Get Back debacle of 1968. The previous year had seen rock music looking backwards and moving away from the excesses of psychedelia. Cream and the blues revival. Bob Dylan's John Wesley Harding giving impetus to the rise of country-rock. The Band's rootsy, eclectic Music From Big Pink."

Fri Aug 6 04:44:16 CEST 1999

Pat Brennan

From: USA

It's really not that hard for me tell explain why I love the Band. From the very first moment I heard The Weight--which I believe was the first song of theirs I heard--I felt like I was transported to some other mysterious place. It was in America, that was obvious. But it was like it was a different dimension. Some of the songs seemed like they dealt with things from the past, sometimes distant, sometimes not. Sometimes the references were obvious, like Dixie or King Harvest. Sometimes spooky like Tears Of Rage or Chest Fever. Sometimes very personal like Stage Fright or It Makes No Difference. Sometimes weird like Jupiter Hollow. Even Moondog put this strange spin on old tunes. There were legends like Daniel & The Sacred Harp, stories like Moon Struck One and The Weight, meditations like Whispering Pines. Old Folks in Rocking Chair, young folks in When You Awake. Funny shit like We Can Talk About It Now. All of it had a sense of time and place that seemed indecipherable yet understandable. I only get that feeling a bit from Jericho. I don't get it at all from HOTH.

Thu Aug 5 22:00:15 CEST 1999

Dave the Phone Guy

From: L.V., Ca.

Danny Lopez,Jackson,Mason,Lawrence T. You fellas are on my side. I agree with this kind of Band encouragement.You can always hear this music new everytime,old stuff or recent stuff.Yeah, Where I Should Always Be, stops me in mid-keystroke thinkin' of that song! Not disregarding other honest opinions though, it keeps the dialogue even.

Thu Aug 5 21:40:37 CEST 1999


From: NY

What's this about the Band reforming in November? For what? A concert? Where? In New York? WHAT'S GOING ON???

Thu Aug 5 21:35:40 CEST 1999

David Powell

Bill: I believe you're right, although I just have the first Cotillion LP. By the way, the great keyboardist & producer Jim Dickinson, who you mentioned, also appears on the new "Tangled Up In Blues" collection. He plays Wurlitzer piano on Mavis Staples' great version of "Gotta Serve Somebody." Guitarist Teenie Hodges & organist Charles Hodges, who played on Al Green's legendary Memphis recordings, are also on that cut.

Thu Aug 5 20:44:46 CEST 1999


From: Toronto

David Powell: I can't be sure of this until I check my records at home - at that'll take some digging, but I believe Duane Allman was on both of Ronnie Hawkins' Cotillion LPs. The first with the Muscle Shoals guys, the second with the Dixie Flyers (Uttley, Creason, Dickinson et al). A couple of the real burners on the first LP, like "Down In The Alley" and "Who Do You Love" feature Allman on slide, King Biscuit Boy on harmonica, and ex-Suede, ex-Hawk Scott Cushnie on piano.

Thu Aug 5 19:27:25 CEST 1999

David Powell

Dave Z: Thanks for reminding me of the King Curtis version of "The Weight"; I'll have to pull out my copy of Duane's Anthology & give it a listen again. I have the Ronnie Hawkins LP on which Duane plays some great slide on the song "Down In The Alley." Of course, another Band connection is that Duane also played on some of John Hammond's recordings. The CD reissue of Hammond's "I Can Tell" album featuring Robertson & Danko also has four bonus cuts from Hammond's "Southern Fried" album that was recorded with the Muscle Shoals rhythm section & Duane on slide.

It's often overlooked, but Duane was just as incredible playing "standard" style guitar as he was on slide. One great example of this can be heard on the song "Somebody Loan Me A Dime" from Boz Scaggs' first solo album.

Thu Aug 5 18:57:54 CEST 1999


From: UK

Any regulars to the guestbook that are going to the Jim Weider & The Honky Tonk Gurus show in Piermont, NY on the 14th?

Thu Aug 5 18:52:14 CEST 1999

Lawrence T

From: Philly

I've noticed quite a lot of negative comment in here about High On The Hog, all of them very non-specific. I think it's on a par with Jericho and although I'm not a big fan of horm sections I like them on this album - a lot of subtle harmonies going on. The album has more "bottom" than any other Band album I can think of and I like that too. Can anyone tell me they don't like the beautiful Blondie Chaplin tune "Where I Should Always Be" or the raucous "Stand Up" or "Forever Young" on which I think Randy does an admirable bit of vocalizing? I'd be interested in hearing your comments. I'd like to see some opinions backed up with a little more substance.

Thu Aug 5 17:24:52 CEST 1999

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

David P: I was thumbing through my LPs last night, and realized the Duane Allman Anthology 2 LP that contains the King Curtis sax version of The Weight also contains two numbers with Ronnie Hawkins on lead vocals... I had originally bought it for the early Allman Bros. cuts, but last night I was enjoying the Hawks/Band connections... Cool album...

Thu Aug 5 17:08:45 CEST 1999

luke warm

From: brantford, ontario

since the band has not been around my area since 1996, my reasons for going out for great music are slim. i cant wait for the band to return to our neck of the woods. however, i caught an old hawk's alumnus by the name of richard newell, aka "king biscuit boy" working his magic at a small roadhouse in paris, ont. it is eerie how this one man could lift the sound of his backup band, only with his voice and harmonica. he has been decribed as a one man band, and with a knowledge of the music second to none. nwo i think it would be nice if the boys in the band would do a lttle work with this gentleman, and perhaps a few of the others that have graduated from the hawks.

Thu Aug 5 15:33:31 CEST 1999

David Powell

From: the peach state

"And the road goes on forever."

A little bit more on Derek Trucks. He's been a very busy young man lately. Besides touring with his own group, The Derek Trucks Band, he just embarked with the Allman Brothers Band on the second leg of their 30th anniversary tour. Derek was recently recruited into uncle Butch's band after second guitarist Jack Pearson left. Now 20, Derek first performed with ABB as a guest on July 11, 1990 in Jacksonville, Florida, his home state.

As you can hear on his performance with The Band on "One Too Many Mornings," Derek has the uncanny ability to reproduce that thick, mellow, almost sax-like bottleneck guitar tone that the late Duane Allman made famous. Even before starting his own band, thirty years ago, Duane was developing that sound as a session guitarist in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Two of the first songs to feature Duane were Wilson Pickett's "Hey Jude" and Aretha Franklin's version of The Band's "The Weight."

But Derek's not just another clone of Duane; he's developing his own style. He plays some great solo at the end of "One Too Many Mornings" swapping licks with Garth on the Hammond B-3.

Thu Aug 5 15:05:11 CEST 1999


From: the uk

levon, get the boys together again. please. "jubilation" was a fine effort, and we want more. long live the band!

Thu Aug 5 15:04:58 CEST 1999

Darren DeVivo

From: Bronx, NYC
Home page

WFUV 90.7FM in NYC loves the Band!

Thu Aug 5 15:00:12 CEST 1999


Yeah, Jules Shear. A great songwriter. Really would have enjoyed the shows he did with Danko if I could have been there. Been fortunate to hear the demos he recorded with The Band... Tombstone/Money Whipped/High Price Of Love and others. Some very good material of which Too Soon Gone, written with the great Stan Szelest, takes the top award as the best track from that batch.

Thu Aug 5 07:42:07 CEST 1999


From: Downunder

- Coincidence I have a tape of Rick performing 'Released' at the Crescent Arts Centre 3rd of April 1993,Belfast,Northern Ireland.As expected he performs it very well in a "Manuelesque high falsetto".I guess in tribute to his fallen friend. As mentioned some time ago in this Guestbook (I think by Peter V?) speaking of rare performance he did attempt (the first couple of lines) "Daniel and the Sacred Harp" at Kuranda in Northern Queensland on a "Band Tour" down here in 88.My fading memory doesn't permit me to remember whether it was ever a regular in the set lists in those 88 shows - I went to 5 in and around Sydney at the time and have very fond memories of them all,including two great chance meetings and conversations with all the boys but especially Rick who I found to be a warm,funny and generous man. Really enjoy this Guestbook (I read it every day without fail!) Take it easy Along with Rick was Garth,Blondie Chaplin,Buddy Cage,Terry Cagle and Srendi Volmer (probably got the spelling wrong?)

Thu Aug 5 05:17:43 CEST 1999


From: Nashville TN

If The Band had stopped recording (period) after Stage Fright I would still have enough great music to keep me more than happy for the rest of my life. (OK - maybe I'm gettin' old.) Anything else is just "icing on the cake." I just had a good serious listen to both Jericho and High On The Hog and I really like them both ALOT! Every single studio Band album right through Jubilation contains some real good songs. And I agree as several have recently commented that Rick, Levon, and Garth are the "Keepers of the Flame." If they had stopped performing the old Band classics this website would be purely a nostalgia trip.

Thu Aug 5 05:09:22 CEST 1999


Oops, that should've been

Hi Peter! Nice articles as usual. And those tapes are (finally) just about here!! I'll be in touch :))))

Thu Aug 5 05:07:09 CEST 1999


Hello folks!

I've been hanging out over at (Grateful Dead's website) only to come back to see you guys have been having quite the Dead conversations!!! Nice to see for me, cuz I love both The Band and the Dead very much!!!

Well, I went to Woodstock 99 this year hoping to find some more of the good vibes I found in Saugerties in 1994 (mostly thanks to having The Band, The Allmans & Dylan playing there). Man, did I come away sorely disappointed. (I know...I should've known better! I went hoping to see some good music and have a nice time. I did see a little good music - Hornsby, Mickey Hart, Los Lobos and a few others - but left there feeling lucky to be alive) Anyhow, what is my point of all this useless banter? I am now the proud owner of the beautiful Elliott Landy picture book "Woodstock Vision" which he was kind enough to sign for me as well. That is the ONLY souvenier I brought home from Greedstock. What a beautiful book folks - check it out if you haven't seen it. He also has an interactive CD-ROM. For easy access, the website is

Happy Belated Birthday Honeyboy!!

Peace y'all!

Thu Aug 5 02:49:34 CEST 1999


From: Ca

Just doubled checked. Thought I might be wrong. Of course I was. That would be Richard's " We Can Talk ".

Thu Aug 5 02:32:11 CEST 1999


From: Ca

Jackson: Levon sure does seem to have a good sense of humor and can inject humor into song easily, BUT.. the song that makes me chuckle the most to this day is Richard's "We Can Talk About It Now" Now that's funny.

Thu Aug 5 02:11:42 CEST 1999

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

Danny Lopez: great point about AUSTIN CITY LIMITS. I recently checked their website ( and viewed the list of every act to play the show in twenty years on the air. Nothing. Not even a Danko or Levon spotting. Let's hope this will change. AUSTIN CITY LIMITS is a great oasis in the vast TV desert.

Thu Aug 5 01:38:44 CEST 1999


From: Tenafly, NJ

Danny Lopez: Hooray for you for sticking up for the new Band or as they refer to themselves "This Band." I've seen The Band since the early days - three times with Dylan (twice as the Hawks and once as The Band at the Woody Guthrie Memorial at Carnegie Hall, their first Fillmore East appearance when BP was out, two incredible shows (both the same day with a horn section) at the Brooklyn Academy of Music when the Brown album was out, once again at CH, once at MSG's Felt Forum and the last time with RR at Wembley Stadium in London with CSNY and Joni. I saw Danko several times solo in the late '70s and recently in the '90s and also with DFA, and I've seen This Band five times in the last 6 years (Gosh, just realized how lucky I've been!). And I think This Band is mighty mighty good! Aside from the songs you mention I really dig "Crazy Mama" (that infectious fuzz bass hook drives me crazy) and "Move to Japan" which is a real mover in my opinion showcasing Levon's great voice and keen sense of humor. (Levon is the funny one in The Band in case nobody's noticed.) He's always been The Band's most interesting character. I can't wait 'til they reassemble come November!

Thu Aug 5 01:08:28 CEST 1999

Diamond Lil

From: The Web


I agree that members of The Band always seem to find songwriters with "style, class, and bundles of talent"..and Tom Pacheco is surely one of them. I'd also like to mention Jules incredibly talented singer/songwriter (he co-wrote "Too Soon Gone") who absolutely blew me away the few times I saw him perform with Rick Danko. I'd really love to catch him again sometime.


It is incredible, isn't Rick can do that falsetto in "I Shall Be Released" and sound wonderfully...and Richard. I remember Rick telling me very shortly after Richard's death that "Richard will always be with us". And I've felt him there each time Rick sung that song.

And Rick...if you're out there...please do it for us at The Towne Crier in Pawling NY on August 21st. _That_ would make the night complete.

Wed Aug 4 22:40:27 CEST 1999


From: texas radio

Hi, Bob! i sure appreciate being set straight on that, if not just recalling that scene from the movie more vividly.That movie was quite a bomb but had its moments...I'd like to see it again sometime, perhaps you can get in touch and we can do some trade. i dont have much but I can figure something (artwork is my specialty)... I'm remembering some other things i liked about that movie - one was the shots of trains, beautiful and lots of them... was it Beatty Z. singing the old songs on the zither I think backstage??? then there was Ronnie Hawkins scene with the kid that wouldnt let him backstage. well ya got me thinkin some beatiful imagery here again. thanks.

Wed Aug 4 22:35:28 CEST 1999

Danny Lopez

To MattK, Dora/Jenny, etc.

Hey MattK, I don't want to flame you, but I do want you to know that the only time I've ever seen the Band live was the reconstituted version, and the showstoppers of the evening, in my opinion, were the new material. This was at Iowa State University, 1996, and I was just beginning my introduction to the Band's music. They opened with the Memphis tune from HOTH and I was surprised by that. But man, it was such a slow, cool, rock steady rendition that it was perfect way to say "good evening" to the audience. And yeah, they did a bunch of their old hits, but the song I left buzzing on, a tune I had never heard before, was Blind Willie. Believe me, they rocked that mother. And the crowd loved it too.

So is the new material as good as the old? Hell no. But name me a band that's existed since the '60s and can make such a claim. Certainly the Dead, the Allmans, Clapton, the Stones etc. can't touch their earlier work. And tell me if I'm wrong, but the 3 groups I mention did not lose their principal songwriters like the Band did. (I'm unsure how much Duane Allman contributed as a songwriter.) In fact, it's only Bobby D. that has consistently turned out at least one masterpiece for every decade since the '60s (albeit often sandwiched between horrific duds.

So does the new Band deserve its exalted name? Damn straight it does. These guys are the keepers of the flame. Without their last 3 cds probably none of us would be here now. They're keeping the Band's legacy alive and that's no mean feat in the absence of the core songwriters. Yeah sure, they've put out some banalities (Crazy Momma, Move to Japan) and sometimes, without the songwriting talent of RR, they kinda descend to an improved version of Little Feat. But you can always find moments (a turn of phrase, a burst of brilliance on the organ, a drum roll, etc.) in the new tunes that take you right back to the good old days. Besides, there's always been such a humble, underdog, "could've, should've" quality to the Band that I can't help rooting for them -- hoping for some radio play, a bigger audience, etc. -- even at this late date in their career.

So, I'll end my 2 cent contribution with a suggestion to the Band's management -- as soon as Levon gets better, book the boys on Austin City Limits. Over the years, I've seen the Allmans, the Nevilles, Townes Van Zandt, Joe Ely, etc. etc. on this. Why no Band?

Wed Aug 4 22:13:38 CEST 1999

Peter Viney

Thanks for the kind comments on the “One Too Many Mornings (OTMM)” piece. And thanks for corrections. Rick Danko sang on “Wheel’s On Fire” at Wallinford in 1997, but not “Baby Blue” (correction instituted). He also sang on “I Shall Be Released” but this wasn’t bootlegged. Dylan performs OTMM on “Hard Rain” but Steve Stoles and Rob Stoner sing right through the chorus, not just on “behind!” as Rick Danko did so perfectly.

Dexy’s question is crucial. When did The Band record OTMM? It’s interesting that it’s the basic line up without the guests of “Jubilation”. Derek Trucks guests with R.L. Burnside as well as The Band. He is the nephew of Butch Trucks of The Allman Brothers, and at 20 is in his 9th year as a musician. Whatever, the album is worth it even without the Band making it a necessary purchase. I particularly like the Taj Mahal and R.L. Burnside tracks. Have you heard the new Taj album? “Kulanjan” by Taj Mahal & Toumani Diabate. It opens with the astonishing “Queen Bee” though I still prefer the earlier version.

The Hempstead version of OTMM (26 February 1966) is on circulating tapes.

Wed Aug 4 20:48:43 CEST 1999


From: germany

Hello! I'm a very new internet user. My first visit on the net was: The Band. (pardon me for my poor english) I love and need and listen to The Band's music since I first heard "The Weight" on the radio - around 69. It's one of the pleasures of my life. thanks a lot sv

Wed Aug 4 19:39:54 CEST 1999

Hip Hype

From: No. Jersey

Has anyone actually seen or purchased The Last Moving Shadows? Where?

Wed Aug 4 19:18:38 CEST 1999


From: Seaford, NY

David P - I agree with everything you said about "One Too Many Mornings" however I must say that although I love Dylan and The Band/Hawks I've always hated their re-interpretation of that particular song ever since I heard them do it live at the Island Garden in Hempstead, LI in '66 just prior to Dylan's accident. I much prefer the original solo version which better fits the delicate mood evoked by the words. Danko's backup vocals on the chorus always make me cringe on this tune. I'm glad they didn't touch (to my knowledge) "To Ramona" or "Ballad in Plain D."

Wed Aug 4 18:56:17 CEST 1999

David Powell

Perhaps another interpretation of "One Too Many Mornings" is that Dylan is the one who has been left behind. Peter Viney mentioned Ms. Rotolo, Dylan's one-time girlfriend. At the time this song was written, she had sailed away to Italy, leaving Dylan behind, a situation addressed in several other songs from this period. Years later, when Dylan begins performing the song with the Hawks, his new arrangement allows him to turn the tables. He has moved on in new directions in his music, as well as his life, leaving the past behind.

In answer to Dexy question, the liner notes to "Tangled Up In Blues" do not specify when The Band recorded the song. They mention that it was recorded "at Woodstock, NY" and engineered by Aaron Hurwitz and Jay Newland.

Wed Aug 4 18:44:29 CEST 1999


Pehr: The guy in the mask with Dylan was Bobby Neuwirth. I don't know if you've ever read Sam Shepard's Rolling Thunder Logbook, but he does mention Danko turning up at one of the shows. I have the movie on video and haven't seen it in years but I remember the sequence you refer to and they're playing When I Paint My Masterpiece.

Wed Aug 4 18:35:17 CEST 1999


From: texas

thanks peter viney for the "one too many mornings" article. a question... i seem to remember another excellent rendition seen in "renaldo and clara" with the rolling thunder review and rick danko doing the harmony you described so well. now its been about 20 years since i've seen that but as i remember dylan and rick were wearing masks... was it a cyrano de Bergerac mask ? anyone care to help me dust off this old grey memory? on another front i agree with peter - i go to alot of shows with older rockers and particularly bluesmen because you just dont know when they are ever coming back. none of the boys seem to come down to texas it seems but if any did, incl. jim weider, randy ciarlante, richard bell i'd drop everything an go! these are all great musicians after all, and not that many bands can even seem to play the classic rocknroll/honky tonk/blues style anymore. thanks.

Wed Aug 4 18:34:04 CEST 1999

David Powell

From: Georgia

"And the silent night will shatter from the sounds inside my mind, For I'm one too many mornings and a thousand miles behind."

As usual, Mr. Viney has written another fine article with his piece on "One Too Many Mornings." From the first time I heard Dylan sing this song on "The Times They Are A-Changin'", I've always been knocked out by the stark, reflective nature of this song. A love affair, rather than falling apart, is simply just not going anywhere. With his simple lyrics, Dylan conveys a bleak resignation, and his original guitar arrangement duplicates that mood. The French have a wonderful word to describe this feeling: "ennui," a sense of weariness, dissatisfaction or boredom. As Dylan sings, in his beautiful, understated original performance, "It's a restless hungry feeling that don't mean no one no good."

In the second verse of the song, Dylan is standing at "the crossroads of my doorstep" looking back into the room where he and his lover have just made love. He looks out to the street and seems to be comtemplating walking out the door and never turning back. In just a few words and three short verses, Dylan says so much. The masterful wordsmith, known for his lengthly songs, has hardly ever been this concise.

The ever so elusive Dylan is legendary for never performing his songs the same way twice in concert. Like the character called "Alias" that Dylan portrayed in Sam Peckinpah's "Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid," you can't pin him down. In 1966, when Dylan began performing "One Too Many Mornings" with the Hawks, rather than during his solo acoustic sets, he thoroughly reworked the song. No longer bleak & reflective, the song now takes on a raucous edginess. The loud electric accompaniment and Rick Danko's exhuberant back-up vocals acts to shatter the silence of the night "from the sounds inside [Dylan's] mind." With this new interpretation, Dylan seems to be saying "I'm gonna walk right out this door baby, hit the road and leave you a thousand miles beeehind!"

Wed Aug 4 13:12:17 CEST 1999


Diamond Lil: Yes, its the voices. Its also the fantastic talent these guys have when they get together. They could spend years recording cover tunes or the incredible amount of songs that are written for them and sent to them. I'll be more than happy to keep hearing the guys release albums with a good mix of covers, cowrites between The Band members and new songs from songwriters with style, class and bundles of talent. The Band found one of these guys a few yaers ago and his name is Tom Pacheco.

Wed Aug 4 12:16:23 CEST 1999


From: Upstate NY

LIL: I haven't heard Rick sing "I Shall Be Released" recently, but in the fall of '97 thru the winter of '98 I heard him sing it at four different venues (Labor Day '97 in Woodstock, Cabaloosa's in New Paltz, Boodle's in Chester, and Town Crier in Pawling). It was his encore for those shows. The Boodle's performance was done in falsetto, I never knew how much he could sound like Richard until that night.

Wed Aug 4 12:02:13 CEST 1999

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Hi Magnus! Nice to see you here in the guestbook. Good thing your dad has a great sense of humor :-)

Wed Aug 4 11:53:52 CEST 1999




Wed Aug 4 11:51:27 CEST 1999

Its your son!!!

From: Norway!!!

Lalala hei pappa!!! Jeg sitter her på et datakurs og skriver litt på gjesteboka di!!! Ho ho ho!!!! Den datamaskina her er bare 150 MHz eller noe sånn. Litt treig,men det er kult å gå på Internett og skrive dumme kommentarer i gjestebøker!!! Hilsen Magnus August Høiberg (Den lille hackeren..) HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AHAHHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAH !!

Wed Aug 4 11:41:36 CEST 1999

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Kinda funny, but with all the talk of who wrote what, I still feel like it's the voices that make the tunes what they are. Writing the songs is an incredible talent, but giving life to the stories and characters in the songs is just as important. Let's face it..if I recorded some of RR's best tunes on a cd of my'd all be playing frisbee :-)

John Donabie: Hi...wherever you are. Miss your posts.

Wed Aug 4 09:38:37 CEST 1999


Some interesting posts about songwriting recently. Seems to be quite a few guessing games regarding what the present Band have written and haven't written. The Band (today)have done a lot of cowriting and also many, many songs written in the studio together which have yet to see the light of day. No need to bash anyone about it these guys are musicians first and when they get together sparks fly, ideas, ecetera.

If you're in serious need of a live show soon make sure you don't miss A Day In The Garden on Aug. 15. I'm telling you, man, you won't want to miss that one.

Wed Aug 4 05:00:33 CEST 1999

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Dora, I've re-read and re-digested Jessica's post and I would still ask the same questions. Thanks for commenting, though.

Wed Aug 4 02:44:10 CEST 1999

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Coincidence & LJT:

I actually first heard Rick sing 'I Shall Be Released' at Richard's memorial service in March of 86. After that, he performed it at several subsequent shows. The impact it left on me the first time I heard him do it left a permanent tug at my emotions, so any other performances of it by Rick were clouded by that memory. My best recollection though is that he did it beautifully. And as far as I know, other than LJT's memory of it, he hasn't performed it recently at all.

Wed Aug 4 02:18:43 CEST 1999

Little John Tyler

From: The House Next Door


Rick performed I Shall Be Released in an outdoor show at Andy Lee Field in Woodstock on Labor Day Weekend, a couple of summers ago. I believe it was the first performance for Danko after his release from a Japanese jail, so it was an appropriate and stirring show-closer, very well done. During his set that day, Rick was joined by Garth Hudson, Eric Andersen and Jonas Fjeld for a few numbers.


Very much enjoyed your article on One Too Many Mornings. Thanks for it ,and all your contributions here.

Wed Aug 4 01:14:52 CEST 1999


Has anyone else noticed that this recent barrage of young ladies posting to the guestbook all have exactly the same opinions? Gives one the impression that this is one person so hell bent on making a point that he/she will invent others to agree. Wake up people! Read the Dora/Jessica/Jenny (et al) posts and decide for yourself.

LIL: I am very interested in knowing when and where Rick performed I shall be released. I've never heard him do it, but I'd like to someday. He must do a great job!

Wed Aug 4 00:36:14 CEST 1999

Diamond Lil

From: Still the Web

I'd just like to mention one more thing Dora. I _have_ passed up opportunities to see the "new" Band...and that was my choice. I respect your opinions, but they are just that...your opinions. Not everyone thinks the same here..which I suppose is what makes this place so uniquely interesting.

Wed Aug 4 00:25:45 CEST 1999

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Dora: I already know that Dylan wrote "Released", and the condescending tone I can do without. I merely mentioned RR tunes that Rick Danko still performs to this day, and threw in "I Shall Be Released" just to let Mr. Viney know that Rick has done one of the tunes Richard had always done. Don't think there's any need to nit pick about things just to make your point. You're entitled to your opinions.

Wed Aug 4 00:22:27 CEST 1999

Stanley Landau

From: Toronto

It's great to see the quality of discourse on this page reaching such a nice level lately. I particularly enjoyed (and agreed with) recent posts by Peter Viney, Pat Brennan, Diamond 'Lil, Mattk, and David Powell. Keep it up folks.

Tue Aug 3 23:24:49 CEST 1999


VINEY -- Thanks again, this time for the ONE TOO MANY MORNINGS article. The recording raises a question that's been asked before, though -- when the hell did the entire reconstituted Band get together in the studio for this one? Does anybody have any info on that? Butch, are you out there?

Tue Aug 3 22:21:26 CEST 1999


From: maryland

Quoting Dora: "Is there anyone here that would pass up a chance to see The (new) Band just because Robbie and Richard are 'odd men out.'"

For the record, I have no desire to see the reconstituted Band--the new stuff leaves me cold. This is not to say that I would not like to see solo projects or Levon's blues project, which sounds like a great time. I guess I subscribe to Lil's feeling that "whatever it is, it ain't The Band."

Just my opinion. I respect them as musicians and all, but as far as the Band goes, and I know I'm in the minority here, I get no charge out of a "best of" performance, and as I say, for me, I get nothing out of the new original material. Just an opinion, and I'm happy for those that like it, but I'm the proverbial fly in Dora's ointment on that issue.

Sorry...phlame away


Tue Aug 3 21:15:20 CEST 1999

Peter Viney

Dave has a point here. “I Shall Be Released” DOES sound like such a typical Richard melody. And of course no one else ever touched his version. Still, the official credits are Dylan solo. And you all know my great respect for what it says on the label about songwriting credit.

Dora: Give Northern Lights another long slow listen. We all know that Levon & Rick seem rightly enamoured with “Ophelia” and “It Makes No Difference”. “Jupiter Hollow” is pure Garth genius. “Acadian Driftwood” is one of their best ever songs, just extremely hard to do on stage (like “Daniel & The Sacred Harp” and “King Harvest” and “We Can Talk.”). If they put the best post-Stage Fright stuff onto one album, it’d be pretty well dominated by Northern Lights. It would probably be Northern Lights straight. The huge shouts of “Woah! Levon! Over here! Levon!” whenever they do “The Weight” are inevitable, just as Don Henley gets it for “Hotel California” and The Dead for “Truckin” (I’d be the one whooping for “Uncle John’s Band” but there you go). I love the idea of Deadheads continuing to shout for it even after Truckin’s been played. Maybe the GD rendition is sometimes hard to recognize :-) No problem. With Rick, it’s “It Makes No Difference” I’d be hollering for.

I’d be delighted to go and see The Band even if the repertoire for the evening turned out to be “Deck of Cards,” “The Night Has 1000 Eyes” and “My Way.” That’s not bad actually, I think Rick would have them rolling in the aisles with the first one. They can play whatever they feel in the mood for and I’ll just be grateful to be there. That doesn’t stop me saying what I think they could do.

Tue Aug 3 20:52:18 CEST 1999

Dave the Phone Guy Wrong Again

From: Mono Lake

It's Dylan's song, what the heck was I thinkin'.

Tue Aug 3 20:43:21 CEST 1999

Dave the Phone Guy

From: Lee Vining, Ca.

I think I Shall Be Released was co-written.Dylan and Manuel.Stuff you gotta hear, (twin saxes playing harmony at the end of High Cotton, the intro to Kentucky Downpour gets instant attention, and the groove at the end of You See Me could go on a little longer, White Caddilac insists that I dance even if I can't. )We're gonna have to be a little patient and be ready to fly, but we'll get another chance. I'll take any members anytime. It's the music. I love that music.

Tue Aug 3 20:16:53 CEST 1999


From: Little Rock

Lil: Dylan wrote "I Shall Be Released." I thought EVERYONE here knew that! Also, it was not stated previously that the new Band perform the Band classics merely in order to be "keepers of the flame." Of course, they perform them because they love those songs. But they are keeping the flame alive by continuing to play them. (I refer you to Jenny/July 28, 1999.) Peter V - There are a handful of very good songs from Cahoots through Islands but not enough to make even one album as solid as any one of the first 3. Pat B -- I wish you would read and digest the postings more carefully before commenting on them (re: "Jessica). Also - Peter V - of course every idiot who is not really into the Band's full repertoire is going to scream out "Play The Weight!" unto they do it just like you hear GD fans yell out "Truckin'" from beginning to end (even AFTER it's been played). That doesn't mean they're the only good songs or even the best ones. The new Band's renditions of Springsteen's "Atlantic City, and Dylan's "Blind Willie McTell" are new Band classics along with "Remedy," "Caves of Jericho," "Shine A Light," and "Too Soon Gone," and I think that Both Jericho and HOTH are both much more solid albums than anything since Stage Fright. You can all disagree however, I'm not gonna shoot anyone. One more "also": Is there anyone here that would pass up a chance to see The (new) Band just because Robbie and Richard are "odd men out." I think not!

Tue Aug 3 17:06:21 CEST 1999


From: maryland

YAY! I got my own Band connection. After reading Peter's excellent thesis on "One Too Many Mornings," I checked out Jan's notes on the "Tangled Up in the Blues" compilation and noticed Luther Guitar Junior Johnson plays on a seperate track ("Pledging My Time"). Luther, of course, also was touring with the Muddy Waters Tribute Band this spring that played some dates with Levon's blues group.

Flashback two-and-a-half years ago when I lived in NH. Luther has settled in Antrim, NH, behind a great blues bar called "The Rynborn" (blues fans in New England undoubtedly know the place by reputation at least--Bobby Radcliffe's last album was recorded there; Luther has produced a live album from this venue as well).

Thursday night is jam night at the Rynborn, and I was a fixture for the better part of a year. Luther lives right behind the bar off a little pond. When he's not touring, he often comes in and joins in the music, usually playing guitar or just singing, though he occassionally plays bass (Luther was the bass player on Big Mama Thornton's original recording of Hound Dog).

It's one of the highlights of my musical life that I was fortunate enough to jam with Luther a number of snowy nights on stage. What a thrill! Of course, Luther was Muddy's guitarist for some time, and with Muddy on TLW, I guess that gives me a Band factor of 2!



Tue Aug 3 15:21:02 CEST 1999


From: maryland

After about a week of weeding through swamp water for some good, thoughtful takes, I open up the guestbook with my morning coffee in hand and find well-thought-out, considerate and informative posts by Pat Brennan, Peter V. Diamond Lil, and an absolute barnburner from mssr. Powell.

Just when I was getting a bit worn down here, I get this little pick me up. Thanks guys! You reminded me why I come back here.


Tue Aug 3 15:09:38 CEST 1999

David Powell

From: Georgia

"Oh, to be home again, down in old Virginny..."

The Carter Family started out on a journey from Clinch Mountain in southwestern Virginia. Beginning with the historic Bristol sessions in 1927, they were one of the first groups to popularize many traditional songs through their recordings. So many of these tunes had been handed down through generations, evolving out of other songs, and later preserved by the Carter Family.

In 1930 they recorded "Worried Man Blues." A.P. Carter sings the lyrics in his haunting, detached, almost monotone voice while his sister-in-law, Maybelle, plays in her trademark, bass-note driven guitar style. A man awakes in chains by a river, perhaps the distant rumbling of a train has stirred his restless soul from a deep sleep. A.P. sings: "The train I ride is sixteen coaches long / The train I ride is sixteen coaches long / The girl I love is on that train and gone."

Under the name of Little Junior's Blue Flames, Junior Parker would record the song "Mystery Train" in 1953. Along with Sam Phillips, Parker took the words from "Worried Man Blues" and kicked them up a notch, adding a staccato beat & sax to replicate the sound of a train. "Train I ride, sixteen coaches long / Train I ride, sixteen coaches long / Well, that long black train, carry my baby and gone..."

Two years later, Elvis, before he was annointed King, recorded his version of "Mystery Train." It would be the last record he would make at Sam Phillips' Sun studios in Memphis.

Some twenty years after Junior Parker recorded his version, The Band would include "Mystery Train" on their _Moondog Matinee_ album. The lyrics would be rewritten once again, this time by Robbie Robertson. In an anguished, southern voice Levon would sing: "Come down to the station meet my baby at the gate / Ask the station master if the train's running late / He said, if you're waitin' on that old 44 / I hate to tell ya son that train don't stop here anymore..."

On Thanksgiving Day 1976, Levon & The Band would be joined on stage by Paul Butterfield for a rousing version of "Mystery Train" driven by the locomotive propulsion of Butterfield's harp. This would be The Band's Last Waltz, a dance that had begun years before with Ronnie Hawkins.

After splitting from The Hawk and a tumultuous world-wide tour with Bob Dylan, the members of the group that would soon become known as The Band are holed-up in the basement of a pink house near Woodstock in the summer of 1967. Garth Hudson clicks on the old reel-to-reel tape recorder as Dylan & the boys play the Carter Family's "Wildwood Flower." As Dylan sings, Robbie Robertson plays the autoharp as Sara Carter had once done so long ago, with the help of Levon on harmonica. As Mother Maybelle once described, "It's the most popular song we ever recorded. My mother sang it and her mother sang it. It has been handed down for years and years."

Tue Aug 3 11:42:00 CEST 1999

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Peter and Jessica:

I have never made a secret of the fact that I'm not a solo RR fan, but his songwriting talents with The Band can't be touched by many in my opinion. I love Levon and Rick, but neither of them are true songwriters. Richard was I think, but things got in the way of his creativity. He had the potential though, that's for sure.

And so, it was Robbie that wrote the majority of tunes which people know The Band by. Rick, in his live shows, still does "It Makes No Difference", "Stage Fright", "Ophelia", "The Shape I'm In", "The Weight"..and has even thrown in "Christmas" and "I Shall Be Released" on several occassions. Someone mentioned awhile back that these tunes are still done live to keep the flame alive, but I disagree. Rick does em because he likes em..and because that's what the crowd has come to hear. _I_ would however, be happier if he did some other stuff...more obscure tunes from albums. Would very much like to hear a live version of "Your Eyes" from DFA and "Lovin You is Sweeter Than Ever".

As far as 'The Band is Back' era..I disagree with Jessica and agree with Peter. Earl Cate, although a good guitarist (and a very nice guy), is not one of the greats in my opinion. He enjoys playing, and puts his heart and soul into it..but I think RR and Jimmy are much more accomplished guitarists.

And as far as "filler" tunes go...stuff that's easy to play, fun, and everyone knows...a few of em at a live show can be fun...but very annoying on a cd. This was a big problem I have with HOTH. "Crazy Mama", "Willie and the Hand Jive"'s been death.

And lastly, it's my opinion that The Band was never "back". That ended with RR's departure and Richard's tragic death. A sad fact, but a true one. We reminisce now, with the old songs, and sometimes they help. A live "Don't Wait" from a healthy Levon would really help. Keep those fingers crossed.

Tue Aug 3 09:03:41 CEST 1999

Peter Viney

Jessica: when I said the great songs were by Robbie, I was referring to live gigs, not albums. In the 1994-96 era they still performed The Weight, Stage Fright, Ophelia, Rag Mama Rag, It Makes No Difference, The Shape I’m In, Caledonia Mission, Life is a Carnival, W.S. Walcott, Chest Fever on virtually every show. That is about half their act, and watch out for the biggest whoops of the night which will greet the first pre-1976 song, usually the third or fourth number in. They don’t do any of Richard’s songs, even though Rick could sing some of them.

I’d disagree about the Band is Back era. Earl Cate is a pleasant enough guitar player, but not in the league of either Robbie or Jim Weider. Who says that the others stopped collaborating after Stage Fright? And if the quality of the songs went down after Stage Fright, how come Levon always sings ‘Ophelia’, and Rick always sings ‘It Makes No Difference’, and on solo shows ‘Twilight’? I would have thought that ‘Acadian Driftwood,’ ‘Jupiter Hollow’, ‘Pepote Rouge,’ ‘Christmas Must Be Tonight’ were also among their finest songs. RR is still writing, with a wide range from ‘Soap Box Preacher’ to ‘Twisted Hair’. No one else is, or has done.

The inclusion of several numbers like ‘Mystery Train’. ‘Crazy Mama’ and ‘Willie & The Hand Jive’ in their act is a waste of talent. All three are stuff that’s easy and fun to do for accomplished musicians without rehearsing, and are ideal for guest spots (everybody knows them). One or two in the show make for a really nice groove, but add ‘Caldonia’ and ‘Stuff You Gotta Watch’ and they start sounding dull. The current line-up show their true greatness when they take on songs worthy of their talent. Notably ‘Atlantic City’ and ‘Blind Willie McTell’. Or their 1999 release, ‘One Too Many Mornings.’ As someone said here recently, the treat we’re all looking forward to (with fingers crossed) is a live ‘Don’t Wait’.

Tue Aug 3 04:43:40 CEST 1999

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Jessica, I assume you're talking about the pre-LW period. Are you saying that Mystery Train and Willie & The Hand Jive are Band originals? And are you saying that material from the last three albums, mostly written by other people, somehow compares to the material from the 1st three albums? In regards to your songwriting post, it seems rather obvious that everyone else in The Band simply quit writing, and RR picked up the slack. Otherwise they would have recorded the songs that the members brought in. They did it for the first three albums. Richard's quitting is tragic as we have noted here many times. As far as Levon's argument that he blew his wad on Carnival...c'mon. Where's his original material on his solo albums? Where's his original material on the post LW albums? I love Levon but he has never shown himself to be a songwriter. A sometimes collaborator, but where's his "The Weight"? "Dixie"? "Whispering Pines"? Great drummer, great singer, wonderful character.

Tue Aug 3 03:53:09 CEST 1999


Home page

Garth,,,I know the love you have for your fans, and thats why you are here on this earth, your music can heal my moods, bring back happy and sad memories, and heaven knows I have 30 years of your music to hold on to, and I have a mood for every song The Band and you have writen. Happy B-day, and "Keep it LIVE".

Tue Aug 3 03:30:29 CEST 1999


From: Phoenix AZ

Just reading the last several days' postings with interest. Peter V - I differ with your comment that the post Last Waltz Band's "barrelful of great songs" were all written by Robbie. There are great songs on all three of the new Band's albums and in addition songs from "The Band Is Back" era with Richard and the Cates Bros. which include Java Blues by Rick and Emmet Grogan, Milk Cow Boogie, Mystery Train, and Willie and the Hand Jive. Earl Cates guitar playing is masterful and he seems more at home on the stage than Robbie ever did. (Check the videos.) Although I grant you that Robbie is the official composer of the bulk of the tunes in the post LW Band's repertoire the fact that when the other Band members stopped collaborating with him for the main part after Stage Fright the quality of his writing suffered very noticeably. It is obvious to me and anyone who cares to examine the facts that Levon's argument with Robbie over this point (as laid out in This Wheel's On Fire) has a lot of validity.

Mon Aug 2 23:31:28 CEST 1999


From: austin

I wouldnt touch a pete townshend lick with a ten foot whammy bar!!!! hey garth, how's the birthday goin'? Its your birthday, man good health!!!! just read the pieces by the three banddandies that went up on a great road trip to see the band and see big pink and meet those guys, etc. great fun. thanks

Mon Aug 2 23:12:37 CEST 1999

A smoke filled room

From: 1969

DANKO: Who's deal is it?

ROBBIE: I think it's mine. Everybody ante up. (the quarters click in the center as Robbie, Levon, Garth, Richard, and Danko ante up.) Okay, the name of the game is "Follow the Queen." Fours, Queens and one-eyed jacks are wild. Any card that comes up after a visable queen is wild, unless the queen of spades shows, then we fold the cards, leave the pot in the middle, and re-shuffle. Pot's light. (two more quarters click.) And the low spade in the hole takes half the pot.

RICHARD: I'll raise you fifty cents. (the quarters click, one rolls towards Robbie.)

ROBBIE: ...And guts to open.

LEVON (to Garth) Did you get all that?

GARTH: Is this poker?

ROBBIE: Coming around...

RICHARD: I'll open for a buck.

LEVON: What did you say was wild?

RICK: I'm in.

GARTH: I guess.

LEVON: What the hell...(click).

ROBBIE: Pot's right. Coming around.

RICHARD: Gimme four.

ROBBIE: Three's the limit.

RICHARD: Gimme one.

LEVON: What the hell was wild?

DANKO: I'll play these.

GARTH: I fold.

ROBBIE:How many, Lee?


ROBBIE: Dealer takes (seeing Levon's eyes get big) ...this opportunity to show his two natural sevens, which beats anything, even a royal flush.

LEVON: WHAT THE HELL? You didn't say nothing about no sevens, you sumbitch!

ROBBIE: (pulling the pot in) yes I did.

RICHARD: Aw, what the hell, it was a stupid game. Who's deal is it?

ROBBIE: I think it's mine...

Mon Aug 2 23:08:17 CEST 1999


From: Frisco - **** AMERICA'S REAL JERRYLAND! ****

To paraphrase an old adage: "The proof is in the ice-cream!" The fact that there is no Band related ice-cream flavor certifies that the Grateful Dead are superior! But I don't really mean to rile those who disagree with me - so PEACE brothers and sisters! PEACE! And let's all keep cool with Cherry Garcia!

Mon Aug 2 21:50:14 CEST 1999

Peter Viney

Pehr. "The Complete Last waltz" sleevenotes confirm that Pinetop Perkins was present on "Mannish Boy", but I don't know about "Mystery train." One to watch and check. Watch those chords. A Pete Townsend can take your fingers right off.

Mon Aug 2 21:49:56 CEST 1999

Billy the Kid

From: Burlington VT

Great idea Witherspoon but my name choice would be "Big Pink!" - Strawberry wine flavored ice-cream with a fudgy ripple for the Brown album. The carton would reproduce the rainbow pattern on Stage Fright. Mmmmmm! I can almost taste it! Send that free one year supply here!

Mon Aug 2 21:20:10 CEST 1999


From: austin texas

last week we were chattin some about what songs the band used two drummers. in TLW they do mystery train that way. i dont recall seeing the piano to see if someone was filling in there... anybody know if pinetop perkins made the trip to TLW with Muddy and bob margolin and did pinetop play that nite? lifted a cool robbie lick off the last waltz last week. it appears that he's holding the flatpick and hittin the low e string real hard to keep the groove, got his hand in a basic chord form and using the ring finger of picking hand to play arpeggios and leads off the top while keeping the bottom real hard. it sounded great and leads to alot of sounds. unfortunately aafter two songs i had the biggest blister on the tip of the ring finger ever. still i think its safe to try this one at home. still thinkin of ya garth buddy...the next one is for you!!!!

Mon Aug 2 20:29:32 CEST 1999


From: band query land

good guess t-bone. you dont have to take your boots off to jump on an ovation!!! hardee har! happy birthday garth!!!!!

Mon Aug 2 20:16:07 CEST 1999


From: Wolfeboro NH

Hey Ben & Jerry! How come there's no ice-cream flavor for The Band? I suggest "Cripple Greek" - vanilla (for the Honky's), cracker bits (obvious reason), and tiny marshmallows (Marshmallow Overcoat). And of course, stuffed grape leaves and a tahini ripple to fully validate the name. Maybe some shredded hawk feathers too though I'm not sure they'd taste so good. Do I get a year's supply free?

Mon Aug 2 20:10:34 CEST 1999

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Is this still The Band web site? If so...Happy Birthday Garth!

Mon Aug 2 20:01:30 CEST 1999


From: Kalamazoo MI

Pehr - Not sure this is the right answer but I know that a trampoline sounds a lot better!

Mon Aug 2 19:54:50 CEST 1999

David Powell

The Carter Family helped shape country music into the vocal-driven with guitar backing form that it has become today. A.P. Carter was a devotee & collector of traditional British & American folk music. He was responsible for learning so many of the almost forgotten tunes which the Carter Family preserved in their recordings.

A.P.'s wife Sara sang the lead vocals and played the autoharp. Maybelle, who married A.P.'s brother Ezra, sang alto harmony and played mostly guitar. She is credited with developing the distintive style of guitar strumming known as "Carter picking", in which the melody is played on the bass strings while the rhythm strummed on the treble strings. This style of playing chords has influenced almost everyone who has picked up a guitar since.

The wealth of traditional music preserved in the recordings of the Carter Family has influenced many of the modern artists who started out playing folk, bluegrass & country music, including Dylan and, yes, Jerry Garcia. Just a look at some of the titles from the Carter Family legacy bears this out. "The Storms Are On The Ocean," "I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes," "My Clinch Mountain Home," "Worried Man Blues," "Wabash Cannonball," "Will the Circle Be Unbroken," "John Hardy (Was A Desperate Man)," and "Wildwood Flower" are only a few that have had a tremendous impact on musicians that followed.

Mon Aug 2 19:43:04 CEST 1999


Home page

"YHANKS"-to::Pat B.,HAL,,Jim S.,,Sharon B., Dave the phone Guy., Skully., and Pot., Most BAND fans are Dead fans and then most aren't, but one thing forsure,,,DEAD/BAND will never die...I'm DEAD for life!!! And I'll always be with The Band!!!

Mon Aug 2 19:11:21 CEST 1999


From: austin tx

thanks charlie young. i just read a persnickedy post about the deads superiority, well we've covered that and here we salute garths bithday in particular, at least i do since this is a band site still,isnt it??? anybody out there know the difference between an ovation guitar and a trampoline???? thanks

Mon Aug 2 18:35:21 CEST 1999


From: Frisco - **** AMERICA'S REAL JERRYLAND! ****

JERRY - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN! All those endless free concerts in GGP were a trip that I haven't come off yet! I can still hear them when I skateboard near the bandshell. YOU AND THE DEAD ARE THE GREATEST MAN! There will never be another band as great as THE DEAD! Long Live THE DEAD! PHISH are nothing compared to THE DEAD and Cherry Garcia is the best ice cream flavor in the whole world! Phish Food doesn't even come close! PEACE MAN! PEACE!

Mon Aug 2 17:46:15 CEST 1999


From: Seattle WA

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN HEAVEN JERRY! Thanks for all the great times! (The weed alone would have been just another high.) The DEAD were/are the greatest band of all time. Without you the '60s would have been like the 50's! Your influence on The Band and Dylan is impossible to estimate and the covers of Band songs on the JGB albums far surpass the originals! KEEP ON TRUCKIN' man!!!

Mon Aug 2 17:24:58 CEST 1999

Danny Lopez

Happy 62nd Birthday Garth! Saw it listed in the New York Times web site today, so it must be true. All the best!

Mon Aug 2 17:02:56 CEST 1999


From: the woods
Home page

To David Powell
The Carter family inspiration in the basement tapes is an interesting point. Could we here some more, from you maybe.

Kalervolle: tervetuloa vieraskirjaan!

Mon Aug 2 16:12:11 CEST 1999

Dave the Phone Guy

From: Lee Vining,Ca.

The last two Jerry Garcia Band CD's had BAND songs on them.The last JGB album had four BAND tunes.Like him or not, Jerry undoubtedly liked The Band.Anyone who likes The Band I like.Hello good friends.

Mon Aug 2 16:11:39 CEST 1999

Dave the Phone Guy

From: Lee Vining,Ca.

The last two Jerry Garcia Band CD's had BAND songs on them.The last JGB album had four BAND tunes.Like him or not, Jerry undoubtedly liked The Band.Anyone who likes The Band I like.Hello good friends.

Mon Aug 2 15:49:22 CEST 1999

David Powell

From: Georgia

In 1927 Maybelle, Sara and A.P. Carter travelled across the mountains from their home in Virginia to record for the first time in Bristol, Tennessee. In the next sixteen years they would record one of the most influential bodies of work in the field of country & folk music.

Maybelle & Ezra Carter's three young daughters, Anita, Helen & June, began singing regularly with the Carter Family in 1939. They performed live on the air via the powerful radio station XERA out of Del Rio, Texas. In 1943, when the Carter Family disbanded, Maybelle & her three daughters formed a new group to carry on the family's musical legacy. Working at radio stations in Virginia & Tennessee, they built a following of devoted listeners, and soon added a young guitarist to the group by the name of Chet Atkins. In 1950, Mother Maybelle & the Carter Sisters joined the Grand Ole Opry and became widely known as the first family of country music.

Maybelle & her daughters would later tour with Elvis Presley, and in 1961, they began a long association with Johnny Cash. It is said that Elvis was quite smitten by Anita Carter. Sister June would marry Johnny Cash in 1968.

On Thursday, July 29, Anita Cater died in her Goodlettsville, Tenn. home following a long illness at the age of 66. It has been reported that June & Johnny were by her side. It was just over a year ago that sister Helen Carter Jones passed away.

It is said that Anita, with her mountain-clear soprano voice, was the best singer of all the Carter sisters. She also played the stand-up bass, often while standing on her head for fun. Anita, in addition to folk & country music, also experimented with rock & roll and pop. She enjoyed a brief solo career and also recorded many great duets with such performers as Hank Snow, Hank Williams and Waylon Jennings.

It's a tragedy that within the span of about a year we've lost two members of a great musical dynasty. The Carter's have given us such a rich body of work. Among the many artists they've influenced are Bob Dylan and The Band. Just listen to the basement tapes and you can hear those Carter Family inspired, mountain harmonies.

Mon Aug 2 15:44:53 CEST 1999

mini me

From: boston

gooooooooooooooood morning.

Mon Aug 2 15:38:38 CEST 1999

What the...

What's all the gobbledee-gook about this Garcia guy doing on this web site? Running out of "the Band" material to talk about??

Mon Aug 2 09:48:00 CEST 1999


From: New Jersey

Happy Birthday Jerry! Can't wait to read Wendy Weir's new book "In Spirit-Conversations With Jerry Garcia"

Mon Aug 2 09:44:01 CEST 1999


From: N

Mon Aug 2 07:01:45 CEST 1999

Kalervo Koskela

From: Riihimaki, Finland

Happy birthday Garth, I just watched a documentary on the Band, where your worth is truly recognized. Are there any persons who are big fans of Robbie' s solo albums, especially Native American music? To me the last two Robbie's albums are the heart music! Kalervo Koskela

Mon Aug 2 06:36:50 CEST 1999

Blind Willie McTell

From: Toronto

I saw Roger Waters at Ontario Place tonight and really missed the sax solo Garth did during "Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1)" from the Berlin '90 concert (all the sax bits were done by keyuboard). Mother with Sinead O'Connor and the Band on accordian and back vocals was much better. Tonights version of Comfortably Numb could have really used Van Morrison singing backed by the Band.

Mon Aug 2 06:00:40 CEST 1999

Richard Patterson

From: St Catharines, Ontario

The one and only time I saw the Band was at the University of Western in '83. Remember Levon saying after a round of hooting that he didn't come all this way not to play "Chest Fever". Wish I'd known they were at Fry's. Happy birthday Garth, you son of a gun!

Mon Aug 2 05:30:28 CEST 1999

Paul Godfrey

London, Ontario, Canada Garth, Caught you on your birthday during a Centennial Hall performance a few years back. Ronnie dropped by. And as the Hawk says....I'm not as good as I once was..but I'm as good once as I ever was! To the man with the honey...Happy Birthday. We would love to see you in the London area anytime. Shine On!

Mon Aug 2 03:10:56 CEST 1999

Sharon Brown

From: New Jersey

Happy Birthday Jerry-look for Wendy Weir's new book "In Spirit-Conversations With Jerry Garcia"-guess she's been checking in with him.

Mon Aug 2 01:40:01 CEST 1999

Chris D.

From: South Jersey

Well I ordred my tickets for the upcoming show at Yasgurs Farm and it's about all I can think about at this point.I can't wait to see Rick and Garth!Can anyone please give me a little feedback on what to expect at "Yasgurs Farm"?I've been there before but never to see a show.I don't post much on the guestbook but visit it quite regularly, so I am curios if any of you "guestbook regulars will be at the show.I'm always willing to meet a fellow fan of the greatest band of all time.Any feedback on the farm,the show or anything else would be much appreciated.Thanks!

Mon Aug 2 01:16:38 CEST 1999

Jim Soko

From: Walden NY

Hey Hal. I am not one to throw stones, but I think your statements about the Dead are not correct. It does show that you are not a fan and never will be. First, Jerry never preached for or against drugs. He was like most addicts and chose not to talk about it. He also was not very wealthy. The only thing that Jerry and the Dead ever preached was peace. The one thing that was never tolerated at a Dead show was violence. Nothing left to do but SMILE SMILE SMILE !!!!!

Mon Aug 2 00:14:21 CEST 1999


From: Austin TX

Richard P - One of the main reasons that David Crosby is still with us today is that a bunch of his musician buddies had enough love for him to confront him with an intervention when he was off the deep end about 15 years ago. Today, David says he is "a very happy man." (He has a new child with his wife Jan who cleaned up her act too.) I don't miss Jerry because I never liked his music much but I still think it's a shame he died before his time. And I disagree that The Grateful Dead didn't "preach." The name of the group and their morbid skull and crossbones logo preaches "party all the time and the hell with tomorrow!" That's why so many of their biggest fans wound up as homeless 50 year old hippie panhandlers. Meanwhile, Jerry and his co-horts became millionaires. A bit hypocritical I think. I think your negative attitude toward drug rehabilitation needs retooling.

Sun Aug 1 21:39:33 CEST 1999

Steve Miller

From: Bradenton, Florida

I've been a fan since music from Big Pink came out.I've seen them live about 15 times since 1968 (All but once with the original lineup)When Jericho came out, I was happily suprised that the original formula was still there.( I also believe Levon's book to be accurate and share his feelings 100%) I just got Jubilation today and am thrilled with it's content. I've been online 6 years and wasn't aware of this site till today. Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steve

Sun Aug 1 19:00:39 CEST 1999

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Richard Patterson, the Band opened for the Dead's last two performances at Soldier Field in Chicago.

Sun Aug 1 17:45:34 CEST 1999


From: wyoming

I read something about Levon being AWOL or something like that. I got to meet him when he played up in Big Sky several years ago - an experience I will NEVER forget and FOREVER cherish - and I hope that all is well with him. If anyone can enlighten me on this AWOL thing, it would ease my mind. LONG LIVE THE BAND

Sun Aug 1 17:42:32 CEST 1999


In the concert section of this site there is an upcoming date by Jim Weider & The Honky Tonk Gurus with Burlison in NYC 8/18/99. is this date correct? Weider has this date as the 21st on his site.

Would like to see Weider performing with Burlison and Rocky especially after the great CD he produced.

Sun Aug 1 17:42:14 CEST 1999

Richard Patterson

From: St Catharines, Ontario

Sundog: Please explain; "The last band to perform w/the Grateful Dead". I have looked at your home page and recognize that you must be a promoter, but let's hear the story about that last gig (Or point out where we can find it). Jerry is the cat's ass, no question. Happy Birthday JG!

To Razorback: I guess that one of the things I have always admired about the Dead is that they don't preach. Perhaps you are more concerned that Jerry hasn't made a statement saying "drugs are bad". Seems to me his philosophy of "live and let live" makes the most sense. Have you ever tried to tell a junkie to stop? It has the direct opposite effect.

Cuckoos Nest aka Voice of Reason aka Grim Reaper aka To Arlo: Take a pill!

Sun Aug 1 15:48:17 CEST 1999

Tim (SUNDOG)Corcoran

From: Madison, Wi. *AMERICA'S JERRYLAND*.
Home page


Sun Aug 1 14:06:01 CEST 1999

To Garth

The old gang in London Ont. wishes you a great day tomorrow Garth. Continued success and recognition in all you undertake. As Levon says " Stay on your good foot " :)

Sun Aug 1 13:08:57 CEST 1999

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

I don't think I ever had the pleasure of reading 'The Moving Shadow'..and would very much like to. Can anyone post it? Jan? Thanks.

Sun Aug 1 12:22:13 CEST 1999

Peter Viney

Cuckoos Nest: The rest of us debating RR & The Band as concert draws with Jenny didn’t feel the need to get nasty, just to debate an issue. Everyone’s opinion is valid. I happened to think Agrigento was a good show, but I don’t feel the need to insult those who didn’t.

Sun Aug 1 11:47:11 CEST 1999

Dan Szilagyi

From: Scappoose, Oregon

Great web site. I don't usually communicate via computer, but appreciate the work that went into this site. Any Band fans visiting Scappoose welcome.

Sun Aug 1 08:52:05 CEST 1999


From: NZ

I remember reading The Moving Shadow of Richard Manuel about ten years ago. The first half was interesting. The author was trying to reflect what might have been going on in Richard's mind during the '80s tours. The 2nd half which was some story about drug dealing was crap.

I prefer Hog to Jubilation. The first has some great songs and arrangements and a few duds - mostly the 2nd half (excluding She Knows). Jubilation has more duds and dull arrangements than any other Band albums. You See Me and French Girls are gems.

Sun Aug 1 07:12:15 CEST 1999


From: Paleohora, Crete, Greece

No offence taken, Jenny, in case you were wondering - I'm also one of the few people on earth who likes George Harrison's Living In the Material World - staking out unpopular positions is sort of a way of life with me, and I've learnt to accept all that that entails - and I like acerbic New Yorkers!

Sun Aug 1 05:26:46 CEST 1999

Jenny et al

From: Bellevue

Thanks for caring!

Sun Aug 1 00:31:09 CEST 1999

One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

Hey Jenny aka Elsie aka Vera aka Darcey aka Suzie: Multiple personality disorders can be treated these days. Until then, please designate only one of you as spokesperson for your group. It should be easy to pick one. Use the one your Lithium prescription is under.

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