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The Band Guestbook, December 1999

Below are the entries in the Band guestbook from December 12 1999.

Rick Danko died on the morning of December 10.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 23:57:53 CET 1999 from (

Kevin Andrew Koch

From: P.A.

I was in Penn State the other day visiting some friends. there was this tv screen over our table which i was walking back to when Rick Danko flashed on the screen. i just stood there in shock. i am only 22 years old but i still feel like i have been a fan for many many years. i guess i just want to say that The Band is a big part of my life and their music got me throw a real bad time in my life. they are they a rock band which we will never see the likes of again (sadly) and i just want to say thank Ricky, where ever you may be. thank you for the music and the memories. long may you run.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 23:51:54 CET 1999 from (


From: Stockholm Sweden

Thanks Rick for youre music and inspiration. I will miss you like a friend. Peace /Tom

Posted on Sun Dec 12 23:50:05 CET 1999 from (


From: St. Louis

I remember seeing Rick with both Richard Manuel and with Paul Butterfield in the early 80's, and I also saw the Band a few years ago in St. Louis. Talking to my friend in Chicago who runs the Web Site for Dark Star Orchestra (Dead cover band from Chicago) he relayed that he had been at a recording session in Chicago for Ricks last album and was commenting on how nice a guy he was. My picture is of him walking off the stage after the last encore in the Last Waltz. "Dont Do It...Don't You Break my Heart" Peace.......

Posted on Sun Dec 12 23:50:24 CET 1999 from (

Tom Williams

From: Gillespie, Illinois

My thoughts and prayers are with Rick's family, friends, and fans all over the world. His music touched my life in positive ways.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 23:38:00 CET 1999 from (

Horacio D. Oriolo

From: Argentina

Nobody will forget you. You and your music will live forever.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 23:38:51 CET 1999 from (




Posted on Sun Dec 12 23:12:18 CET 1999 from (


From: Regina, Canada

As a music fan, Canadian, and human being - I feel a great loss today. With what little pure music out there today, Rick was a soul you could always go to. He will be missed and my condolences go out to his family and loved ones.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 23:10:17 CET 1999 from (


From: San Diego, Calif

Several years ago, I was watching The Last Waltz video when someone informed me Rick Danko was no longer living. Imagine my great relief to have discovered this person was wrong and Rick yet lived on. Today, I have to relive the sorrow I first felt as I read the reality of his passing. Recalled the image of his youthfulness in the Waltz. Saw his more recent image and saw the changes the passing years had brought. Looked into the mirror and noted my own transitions. We change, we move on, but not the music! The music Rick made will never die! I smiled for the blessing of music his life brought to mine. Rest in peace.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 22:51:16 CET 1999 from (

paul cousineau jr.

From: southern california

When I went on The Band website for the first time today,I wanted to be wrong when I saw a Memorial for Rick Danko. When I realized that it wasn't a mistake I thought that maybe it happened recently, but I didn't hear about it, but it just happened on Friday. So here's to you Rick our brother, you are truly one of the most creative, inventive, soulful musician that many of us have had the priviledge to see and your presence will be truly missed, God bless you.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 22:41:32 CET 1999 from (

Chris Bourke

From: New Zealand
Home page

Farewell Rick, you certainly made a difference to all those moved by your voice and the Band.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 22:35:20 CET 1999 from (


From: las vegas, nevada

I'm sorry about Ricks passing,he WILL be greatly missed, but,"THE BAND" and the songs will live on forever in those who listened. good-bye Rick!!!!! and... THANKS! love pam

Posted on Sun Dec 12 22:20:11 CET 1999 from (

R Chernysh

From: Toronto Canada

Got together with friend, a mandolin , piano and guitar and played a few old Band tunes. Seemed like a fitting way to say goodbye. .

Posted on Sun Dec 12 22:19:44 CET 1999 from (

Nina and Hallgeir Fiskaaen

From: Norway

My brother and I would like to express our sympathy with Rick Danko's family and friends.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 22:16:10 CET 1999 from (

Larry Partridge

From: Blayney,Ontario,Canada

Sorry to hear about Rick.I spent my youth with Rick and his family, as they were neighbours to our tobacco farm. He had a talent, that was only matched by his supreme self-confidence.He told us, we would see him on Ed Sullivan, before he was a teenager.Forget the crap about drugs, this was a man who called his family once a week and never forgot a friend. Always modest about his talent, he lived to help others. As for Mr. Hawkins, you told him he wasen't a singer in Port Dover when you hired him, I guess you should read these tributes about a man who achieved fame dispite you. Rest in peace.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 21:45:47 CET 1999 from (

bill nichols

From: Washington, D.C.

I feel as I did when Richard Manuel died; hard to imagine we'll never hear that voice again. I saw Rick recently with The Band and it was clear his health was precarious. Yet those moments when he and Levon still connected, both as a timeless rhythm section and as two of rock and roll's seminal voices, now become even more special. Rick's family should take solace in knowing just how much his voice and his music meant to so many people, most of whom they'll never even meet.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 21:44:29 CET 1999 from (




Posted on Sun Dec 12 21:36:37 CET 1999 from (

Linda Sutherland

Rick Danko, our love for you will never die and you are truly in our hearts through your music forever. We are full of sorry in your departure from this life.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 21:32:34 CET 1999 from (

J. Barron

From: Georgia

Thoughts and prayers to Rick's family and friends.What a tremendous contribution to music from Rick Danko and The Band. Thank You Rick, I hope to listen on for many more years to such timeless music. GOD BLESS YOU and THANKS AGAIN.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 21:32:09 CET 1999 from (

LuAnn Hultgren

From: Mankato, MN

What a shock and sorrow to hear of Rick Danko's death! He was a sweetheart of a man, and my sister, Karen and I had the great pleasure of meeting him in Shakopee, MN in 1986. He sat down and talked with us as if he had known us for years and was so very down to earth. What fond memories we have of that experience. We'll miss you Rick. Thanks for everything!! LuAnn and Karen

Posted on Sun Dec 12 21:31:39 CET 1999 from (

Amy and Rolden Danielsen

From: Ronkonkoma, NY

God bless you Rick. Your music will live in our hearts forever. We love you!

Posted on Sun Dec 12 21:27:03 CET 1999 from (

Steve Duggan

I have just heard the sad news of Rick Danko's passing.Devestating news. The Band were part of my music education and though I never got to see them live I will always hold them in deepest affection. I hoped they might get to the UK one more time despite the absence of Richard and Robbie and there was certainly a groundswell of opinion on the Fairport Convention list that they would have made a great impact at the Cropredy festival. I know Fairport hold them in high esteem. For sure, the rhythm section backing the celestial choir is stronger tonight although we have lost one of the good guys. God bless him. Steve Duggan

Posted on Sun Dec 12 21:19:42 CET 1999 from (

[guest photo]

Jeffrey Smith

Home page

"You have all moved many people with your music. The kindness, love and experiences that you have shared with your music will be timeless and heartfelt... memories last forever. Our Thoughts and prayers go out to Ricks family and friends. Sincerely, Jeff & Kathy Smith ""

Posted on Sun Dec 12 21:17:45 CET 1999 from (

Simon Harper

From: Scotland
Home page

I never saw the band live. I never got the chance to, I'm too young. I always hoped Rick or Levon would make it to the UK so I could catch up. Discovering The Band was a landmark in my life and turned me on to a whole new range of music and artists. Rick's voice made me cry with its beauty and purity on certain sad songs. This weekend, just hearing his voice on any song has saddened me. It Makes No Difference has always been my favourite song, but a few months ago after a hard break-up with a girlfriend, only then did I fully appreciate the lyrics, and Ricks strain his voice when he sings 'Like a scar the hurt will always show.' You will be deeply missed Rick. My thoughts are with your friends and family at this hard time, and I hope to God you and Richard are already causing hell up there!!!

Posted on Sun Dec 12 21:04:33 CET 1999 from (

Terry O'Toole

From: Scotts Valley,CA.

I saw Rick Danko in so many combinations over the years, from getting mail order tickets to TOUR 74 to small clubs on both coasts. I think I saw every combo-the "original Band" with Levon,with Richard,with Butter,with Fjeld and Andersen. Sadly,the last chance to see him was cancelled. I am so glad I saw the Band @the House of Blues in 1994. I don't think they can continue w/o Rick. I am so sad;my thoughts go out to his family and to all the remaining Band members; it's time they all bury the hatchet and RING THEM BELLS FOR ALL OF US WHO ARE LEFT

Posted on Sun Dec 12 21:02:21 CET 1999 from (


From: Cumberland, Maine

Rick will be there forever in the music. Each time something like this happens, you can't help but rejoice in the wonderful memories. My sorrow is with the many families, friends and fans.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 20:56:22 CET 1999 from (

Neil Meharg

From: New Mexico

I first listened to the Band when Music From Big Pink was released. I first saw The Band at my first concert ever ,they were touring with The DEAD in 72 or 73. Not a bad first show for a 13 year old Kid. So now I learn of Rick's passing and all I can say is Thank You. We all are better off for having his presence and music in our lives. Prayers to his family, and friends as they are the ones who he left behind. What he gave me was music and for that I will forever GRATEFUL

Posted on Sun Dec 12 20:41:57 CET 1999 from (


From: South Africa

When I heard Rick singing "It makes no difference" I heard one of the great singing voices ever and I heard and felt someone who understood about loss and pain in the exact same way that I did. Rick, thanks for coming into my life and sharing that all with me... I will remember you forever and ever. steve

Posted on Sun Dec 12 20:30:57 CET 1999 from (

Maria Donohue

My younger brother turned me on to The Band at a time in my life when I needed inspiration. Rick Danko and The Band have continued to inspire me through the years. I had the privilege of seeing The Band perform several times as well as Rick "solo". His musical presence will be greatly missed. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends (especially, Levon). It's a sad day in the Catskill mountains. "Have you ever wondered why, There's a rainbow in the sky, It's all the tears that God has been crying, And it leaves the world, With a rainbow for a crown" ...from Book Faded Brown, The Band "Jubilation"

Posted on Sun Dec 12 20:13:41 CET 1999 from (

Gene Rosa

From: L.I.

In 1968 I was stationed at Camp LeJune and home on a weekend pass. I heard The Weight for the first time and was stunned. It's not like I loved it, it was more like something was calling to me. I went to a music store and bought an 8 track of Music From Big Pink. The salesman shook my hand.I saw the Band over the years around 30 times. I think the most memorable though was the Rock of Ages concert New Years Eve. This of course is a great loss. Those more poetic then myself can find the words that I can't. But I will miss that guy. Bye Rick. I'm sorry to say this but my wife and I saw Levon about a year or so ago in a real nice club on Long Island called IMAC. He looked close to death and sounded real bad. I don't think he weighed much more than a hundred pounds. Any word on him? Yours Truly Gene Rosa

Posted on Sun Dec 12 19:54:21 CET 1999 from (

michael meade

From: Ireland

Hi. I log on today prompted by the death, tragically early, of Rick Danko. Richard Manuel's death was a blow....Rick's death is no less so. I went downstairs, lit a big bud jellyroll, started with It Makes No Difference, ran through Cripple Creek, Helpless, Tura Lura, Caravan and ended with Life Is A Carnival, all from The Last Waltz. 'Bye Rick. Thanks. P.S. My sisters and every girlfriend I ever had adored you - they slavered over you, buddy, and if you had come inside their range. ........ oh, boy! I'm glad you didn't. Where would I be with the girlfriends?

Posted on Sun Dec 12 19:46:38 CET 1999 from (

Jimmy Angelina

From: Chicago

God Bless you, Rick! You will be missed and loved always. Your beautiful, tender human voice eased a whole lot of pain for a whole lot of people in this world. Your presence will surely brighten the world you've gone to now. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. Love and peace to you always.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 19:30:51 CET 1999 from (

Jiro Hiyamizu

From: Japan Kawasaki
Home page

I strongly believe that your spirit will be handed down to someone somewhere purely and flawlessly forever and ever... Thanks Rick

Posted on Sun Dec 12 19:28:10 CET 1999 from (


From: Upstate New York

I copied and pasted this post from the guestbook from December 11th: Funeral arrangements for Rick have been completed by his family, and at their request, will be private. There will however be a memorial service open to anyone who'd like to attend, at The Bearsville Theatre on Wednesday December 15 at 2pm. Thank You.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 19:20:47 CET 1999 from (

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

For the last 3 days, I cannot stop reading all the wonderful comments and tributes to Rick. What a great bunch of people this web site has brought together, unfortunatly, our gathering has a very sad commonality. If anyone would like for me to make them a cassette copy of The Complete Last Waltz, just email me and we will get work out the particulars, it is the least I can do to share my joy of The Band and immortalize the moment, and give something back and let others enjoy. Don

Posted on Sun Dec 12 19:19:13 CET 1999 from (

Tom Wilkes

From: Lawrenceville, GA

I was truly saddened to learn of our loss of Rick Friday, three years to the day after my Father's death. Rick's singing and playing have influenced me for more than 20 years. Rick more than any other person on earth inspired me to sing out. My heartfelt sympathy and prayers go to Rick's family. Rick, I'll miss your singing, your bass lines, your great sense of humor and enthusiasm. Your music will live on in your many fans and friends.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 19:18:35 CET 1999 from (


From: Miami

The Band and Rick Danko's music have had a profound influence on my life. Each song he sang brings back memories of feelings and experiences from the last 20 years since I first heard the Last Waltz. I supppose that is one of the best testaments to a life well lived. So I want to send my consolences to the Danko family and friends, with the knowledge that his life and work contributed to much true joy throughout the world.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 19:18:14 CET 1999 from (


From: Windsor, Ontario

Just the other day I was regretting not having seen Rick perform in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A few days later they were still playing his/Band music on the radio, and I thought: "Man, it must have been a great show!" So I went off to buy his latest CD to catch up on him. The cashier said: "Too bad he died..." I almost fell over. I didn't know. What a voice, what a bassist, what a writer! He'll live on forever. Richard, Garth, Robbie - but especially Rick - made me feel proud to be an Ontarian. God bless his family.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 19:12:06 CET 1999 from (


From: Nashville

It makes a BIG difference to me that we no longer have Rick with us on this earth...saw the Band and Dylan in '74(?)...Brown Band album still gets played at least twice a week....too sweet a man and gone too soon...pray for his family...and Levon...

Posted on Sun Dec 12 19:09:26 CET 1999 from (

elisabeth clark

From: montreal

To Rick ... thank you ... you and The Band have been with me since mid-60s. You gave us your music that became ours. I've heard it said that 20 somethings don't know what The Band did for the development of American (not US) music tradition, but not in my home. My 21 year old calls the thrill of listening to The Last Waltz a visit with the best of that era. My 14 year old has listened to your music since birth, and yesterday he jammed with the LW concert and I can tell you that it is making him a player with great range. Thank you Rick, Richard, Levon, Garth and Robbie for being there ... Elisabeth

Posted on Sun Dec 12 18:49:09 CET 1999 from (

John Raffaele

From: New Paltz, N.Y.

This is a sad week. The Band changes its configuration once again due to premature death. Let us all take some time over the next few days to listen to all the configurations of our heroes and listen prayerfully, particularly to the bass and voice of the dearly departed RD. Peace.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 18:46:36 CET 1999 from (

Charles Primerano

From: New York

So long, Rick. Thank you for the joy and passion that came forth from your singing and playing. You and the Band will always remain as the standard for honest music.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 18:29:17 CET 1999 from (


From: Torrance, CA

Rick was an amazing musician, and presence. He's lovely to watch in "The Last Waltz," he radiated joy and warmth. I thank God that gorgeous voice is preserved in recordings. Everytime I pick up my guitar or mandolin, the sum total of my influences is there with me, and that means Rick. I'm so saddened. God bless his family and friends.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 18:07:29 CET 1999 from (


From: north yorkshire

Rick Danko inspired my bass playing. The Band wrote some excellent songs. I'm going to play one to my friends in memory.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 18:05:26 CET 1999 from (

Bill Auchterlonie

From: Niagara-on-the-Lake

I first saw the Band perform live in August of 1968 at Varstiy Stadium in Toronto. It was a show which included many top "alternative" bands of the day. I think the show was organized by Bill Brower(?).

I still have a roll of photos which I had taken with my Kodak Brownie backstage. Included on the film are Rick, Albert Grossman, Mimi Farina, Garth Hudson, Robbie Robertson and a very young and powerfull looking Richard Manuel.

I also saw Rick a year later in Woodstock, during the weekend of the big festival when I was having dinner at the Crazy Elephant(?) and Billy Battman(?) was playing. Rick came in with someone and sat down, but only stayed for one beer.

I bought Rick's first solo album in Paris (France) about 22 years ago this week.

I have seen the Band play so many times - from Maple Leaf Gardens to Ontario Place to little bars on Yonge Street.

As many others have said here before me - Richard's voice was an instrument far rarer than any Stradivarius.

"Tarred and'll all come back on you."

The man always had one big part of his life firmly in the realm of some other presence most of us never know, but thanks to people like R.Danko - we do sometimes get to glimpse.

He made a difference.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 18:03:52 CET 1999 from (

Rouke van der Hoek

From: The Netherlands

A terrible shock. I have admired Ricks singing and bass-playing since I first heard the Band in the sixties. Strength for his family

Posted on Sun Dec 12 18:03:13 CET 1999 from (

Rouke van der Hoek

From: The Netherlands

A terrible shock. I have admired Ricks singing and bass-playing since I first heard the Band in the sixties. Strength for his family

Posted on Sun Dec 12 17:59:49 CET 1999 from (

John Brandin

From: Monroe,Louisiana

It is indeed a sad day for music. My sincerest sympathies go out to Rick's family and the other Band members. For me I shall always treasure the night he came to a small out-of-the-way place like Monroe, La. and played in a small club. For someone of his stature and fame it was so noble of him. His vocal on "The Weight" from The Last Waltz is truly inspirational.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 17:55:02 CET 1999 from (

Bobby Hogan

From: Roanoke,Virginia

Went to sleep, woke up in Heaven to join the Angel Band. Will be missed by all,my prayers are with his family.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 17:53:54 CET 1999 from (

Patti Absher

From: Atlanta, Georgia

I'm still in shock over Rick. When he toured with the re-formed Band - he came through Atlanta and both times he took the time to pose for pictures with me and was so gentle and kind. He so sweetly gave me his autograph and never ever acted any way, but a gentleman. His voice, bass playing and harmony changed my life and he will be with me always. My deepest heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family and his friends. This is a tragic loss and I will miss him and his music. He was and still is a gentleman.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 17:53:52 CET 1999 from (

Gerry O'Connor

From: Ireland

We are thinking of you at this sad time ,and of all the good memories we enjoyed with Rick,our sympathy to the family,and the we say in Irish,[Ni feichigh a leitheid aris],His likes will never be seen again, from all the boys in Four Men and a Dog,Gino,Cathal Kevin and Gerry.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 17:36:04 CET 1999 from (

Hank Beukema

From: Nyack,NY

Rick,we're gonna miss you so much.I'm gonna miss you leaning on the ceiling of The Turning Point singing Makes No Difference more than anything...Ride across that river,brother;we loved you....Hank Beukema

Posted on Sun Dec 12 17:32:04 CET 1999 from (

Rob Erbeau

From: Pennsylvania

I used to own a club in Bucks County, PA, called The Hearth. I operated it from 1986 to 1992. Rick played there several times. I remember the first time I met him. The place was packed, and he was late for the gig. He strolled in and told me, "Rob, don't worry." He was right. When he took the stage, the place went wild. Nobody cared that he was late. They were all just glad to see him. Over the next couple of years, he played The Hearth and it was always the same. He and Garth would come in and put on a dynamite show. I had always been a big fan, and I was as thrilled as anyone to have Rick Danko at my place. He was a true artist, and he always gave more than he got. Backstage, he was "one of the guys." No attitude. Not a prima donna. Warm, friendly, gracious. He hugged me, and I thought how lucky I was. My kid sister's birthday is today, December 12. She would have been 48, but she died when she was only 29 in 1981. I had introduced her to The Band, but she never got to see them or Rick. Somehow, I would like to believe she has that chance now. Her name is Renee. If I try real hard, I can see her swaying as Rick sings her a melody. Thank you Danko for being the artist and person you were. It was truly an honor to know you.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 17:26:16 CET 1999 from (

Wes Garner

From: New Jersey


Posted on Sun Dec 12 17:05:34 CET 1999 from (

Jay Russell

From: New Jersey

Two images recur in my mind when I think of Rick Danko.

The first is a muddy, rain-soaked concert at some ballooning festival in Western New Jersey. I saw The Band play there back in 1995, and it was the best concert experience of my life. The weather was horrible, and it would have been easy for Rick and the guys to just pack it in. But they didn't-they blew the audience away. And especially Rick, who looked so comfortable and excited on stage in front of the crowd. After the show, I was able to shake his hand, and it was like shaking the hand of someone you always knew.

My second image is in "The Last Waltz." When Richard hits the opening chords of Stagefright, Scorcese provides us with a camera shot of Rick's back, the mic, and a glaring spotlight. And when he opens his mouth to sing the first few lines, you understand not only what its like to be a performer, but you also understand the genius of Rick Danko.

To a wonderful performer and a friend, may you rest in peace. My heart goes out to your close friends and your family.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 16:58:09 CET 1999 from (

Pete Gaworecki

From: Syracuse, NY
Home page

Another chapter in the day the music died...bye Rick

Posted on Sun Dec 12 16:54:26 CET 1999 from (

joop veen

From: netherlands

Thank you Rick Danko for unforgettable music

Posted on Sun Dec 12 16:53:44 CET 1999 from (

Joe Villella

From: Pennsylvania

Sitting here, reading, and in about 1 minute the CD will be playing "It Makes No Difference". Will post again if emotion allows afterward. If not --- my condolences to Rick's family and friends; hope he and Richard are crooning to the angels right now.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 16:49:49 CET 1999 from (

Brown-Eyed Johnny

You are missed, friend. Rick.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 16:37:49 CET 1999 from (

peter speak

From: Ottawa Canada

The voice so sweet will make a wonderful addition to the heavenly choir.We are all a great deal poorer with the passing of this man but are left with the sweet voice to remember in soaring harmony rick

Posted on Sun Dec 12 16:36:25 CET 1999 from (

Don Callihan

From: Baltimore

Time marches on and each day a candle is used up, a bright light is extinguished, each in its perfect moment. We are grateful for those whose music brought loveliness to our ears and joy to our hearts. We can revel in those wondrous moments in the past, the first notes from Big Pink, the Dylan and The Band tour in 1974, the crushing emptiness of The Last Waltz, the fading, one by one, that continues. Who can forget the power of that thumping bass, holding up the bottom, one single part of the incredible whole? What a wonderful gift to the world! We grieve the passing of our youth, rejoice in the fact that it is always with us, and celebrate the lives of those, like Rick Danko, who enriched our lives in ways that they could not, and we cannot fathom. Farewell sweet muse.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 16:36:25 CET 1999 from (


From: Upstate New York

Thank you all (again) for writing in. It's comforting to know that you are all out there, sharing the pain, the loss and the memories. It is very hard for me to read all of these messages without bursting into tears, it makes it even more real. The first time Rick sat at a computer was right where I am sitting now and he was all excited to show me the website...if he could only see it now...and once again, Uncle, I love and miss you very much! XOXOXOXOX

Posted on Sun Dec 12 16:27:59 CET 1999 from (

Dirk Connley

From: Woodstock, Illinois

The Best sound, the Best vocals plus great lyrics. Simply said THE BAND is THE BEST!

Posted on Sun Dec 12 16:20:57 CET 1999 from (

Jerry Tenenbaum

From: Toronto

My dad owned the Concord Tavern in the 60s. He told me about Levon & the Hawks and suggested I come to the matinee and hear for myself. The Hawks(and Dylan) became an integral part of me. I feel a personal loss and hope that Rick Danko's family will find solace and peace in the memory of his creativity.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 16:15:03 CET 1999 from (

alan salg

From: huntington beach , california

i was sadden today, that rick danko passed away. i have followed the band for the last twenty years. today is a good day to play the last waltz.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 16:13:11 CET 1999 from (

Ryan Stang

From: Madison, WI

My roommate, my girlfriend and I got to see his last show in Chicago. I was in such a good mood because after learning just about every Danko bassline recorded and fashioning my style off of his, I finally got to meet him, and tell him that he was the greatest bass player ever and my main inspiration. I even got to ask him what sort of amp he used to use for Big Pink and The Band, before he went to Ampeg. The answer; "Showmans, but they're a very heavy amp." 'Looks like I'll have to trade my Bassman in for a Showman.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 15:59:48 CET 1999 from (

Brian Kaz

From: Miami, FL

I met Rick in a restaurant in Vermont Christmas Day 6 years ago. It was one week after I saw the Band play in Poughkeepsie, NY. I walked up to him, he reaches out to shake my hand, and he says 'How's it going?' We then talked for a little, mostly me babbling on how much his music meant to me, after which he signed a concert poster for me. He was quite simply the nicest man in the world. I'm going to miss you, big guy.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 15:55:22 CET 1999 from (

Christopher Costanzi

From: Bronx N.Y.

Hi Rick, I miss you. How is Richard? Thank you for the hugs at the LONE STAR. Pray for Levon and Garth. Your music will never die. Huge thanks from all the Costanzis. We love you.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 15:47:25 CET 1999 from (

Tom Tomasi

From: Cincinnati, Ohio

Great web site - a living tribute to a great band with great individuals.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 15:41:25 CET 1999 from (

Scott Ward

From: Alabama

God bless the family of Rick Danko.He was a great bass player.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 15:25:00 CET 1999 from (

Staffan Fenander

From: Sweden

Sadness creeping into a snowy day, another fine singer and musician going too early, what a shame that drugs and alcohol take such big place still. The beautiful sixties long gone... Still a toast to Mr.Danko who will keep one of the best places in the Heavenly Choir!

Posted on Sun Dec 12 15:23:12 CET 1999 from (


Thanks Rick. You will be missed.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 15:17:46 CET 1999 from (

Richard Warren

From: Toronto

I sat up last night and drank a toast to Rick Danko. I've been a fan since the mid 70's when someone gave me "Rock of Ages". I just found this site today (Saturday) after seeing the news. Rest in peace Rick. Your music has been a part of my life for over 25 years and will for however long I have on this earth.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 15:16:58 CET 1999 from (


From: Scotland

Unlike a lot of the previous writers I never got to see Rick sing and I'm a relatively recent fan. However, I found the Bands music at a difficult time in my life and it was Ricks voice that reached me. Heartfelt sympathy to those that knew the man and to those that can make it to the service remember that the rest of us are out here and our thoughts are with you. Rest in peace Rick.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 15:13:12 CET 1999 from (

Gary Gordon

From: USA
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Origional, soulful, sad and joyeous, great music. It's too bad Rick had to leave us so early.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 15:12:54 CET 1999 from (

mark gargaro

From: Derby, England

For me your music is pure protein. Rick Danko's singinging on "It makes no difference" is spine tingling. Unequalled.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 15:00:02 CET 1999 from (

Jan W.

From: The Netherlands

Thanks Rick. You've been a great inspriration. Ever since The Big Pink and the Basement Tapes. So much thanks for your wonderfull singing and bass playing. This Waltz is finally over.

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From: Germany

EL HOMBRE It's a strange courage you give me ancient star: Shine alone in the sunrise toward which you lend no part! William Carlos Williams Thanks, Rick, for your help!

Posted on Sun Dec 12 14:26:47 CET 1999 from (


h feel so sad. qick,you are too soon gone.

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From: New York

Thank you Rick for the gift of your voice and muscianship and for your enormous spirit. You touched thousands of lives and left this world a better place than it was. You not only helped improve the neigborhood, you helped to repair the world. Rest in peace.

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From: boston

Thanks, Rick. Peace.

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Posted on Sun Dec 12 13:30:05 CET 1999 from (

Chris E.

From: Maui, Hawaii

I was very saddened to hear of Rick's passing. He will be sorely missed. His tremendous contribution to the world of music is obvious. It is a true slice of Americana that will live on forever in history, and in my heart. My heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. Too soon gone.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 13:24:25 CET 1999 from (

Alexi David

From: NYC

"I can feel you standing there but I don't see you anywhere" -Richard Manuel............ Fly on, Rick

Posted on Sun Dec 12 13:19:49 CET 1999 from (


I've always loved "The Band" and it's members. Kept their tapes in my car to listen to while driving to work at 4:00 am. It really picked me up! When I heard the news on Rick I was in shock. God Bless you Rick. The world has lost a great person. I am greatly saddened.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 13:11:52 CET 1999 from (

Anthony Frazer

From: Sydney, Australia

"Unfaithful servant, I hear you're leaving soon in the morning..."

Rick Danko, I never met you, I never saw you live and that's my loss. But I have the music.

May you rest in peace

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From: penna

My heartfelt condolences to the Danko family and friends. Rick was a great guy and a great musician/entertainer. His strong spirit and irrepressible personality have always been a source of strength in my life. Just because a person dies it doesn't mean the relationship ends. This little baby boy grew up to bring the people so much joy!!!

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From: 5:31am in The Twilight:(
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Well Rick,,,its Twilight now, 5:31am Sunday morning, and I'm going to bed now, its time I moved on, this is the lonely time of day. I hear they are doing service for you today,,I can't be there and I'm so sorry, but my heart will be there, bye now, my best to you forever...

Posted on Sun Dec 12 12:31:51 CET 1999 from (

N Leggatt

From: Oregon
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Deepest condolences to all family and friends of Rick Danko (and that's one huge group). His voice and instrumental talent will be missed for certain. I guess everybody's light finally comes shining from the west; his day came to be released. Too damned bad. A huge loss.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 12:18:17 CET 1999 from (

Thomas Alan Gamble

From: Kent, WA

Oh my God today was tough. I have not felt this way since my father and his sister died. His songs play in my mind, not just the leads but the incredible harmonies built out of a true love for the music. Rick was THE BAND for me, and they my favorite group.

I know this man was made of love, and he knew it too. And he showed it. "Blue River" was the first song to come to mind when I found out 36 hours ago. "...Blue River keep right on rollin'..." Eventually we all fall in line. Rick and the Band have been a part of my life for 13 years, since I discovered "The Weight" on my brother's Music From The Big Chill soundtrack. Crappy movie, great song. Incredible harmonies drew me in, but it was Rick that sealed the deal for me. I will miss him for the rest of my life, and I dearly pray that we meet again in heaven.

My deepest condolences and prayers, though, are for the friends and family of this great man. Levon, Garth, Eric, Jonas, Robbie, Jim, Randy and Richard Bell. Do what you will, but do it with the same love that Rick had. It was never about money or fame. This great man, with God's love in his heart: he changed my life for the better. I know what you lived for, Rick. And so do all your fans. I am honored to be a part of such a kind hearted group as these fine people who have spoken of and to you all this time.

Jan, I can't thank you enough. This truly is the most loving site on the web. I spent the day with my pets today, thinking of an image of Rick and perhaps his own dog walking along the river. Even though Eric wrote the song, Rick sang it like he lived it.

As always. I love you all, and I am glad to be with you (in heart and soul) here on Earth. God Bless you, Rick. Thank you for showing me the value of unconditional love.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 12:15:15 CET 1999 from (

Ellsworth George

From: Maryland, USA
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I picked up a copy of "The Band" in early November of this year on a whim, thinking of the wonderful "Classic Albums" documentary the highlight of which was for me Rick's comments about and solo rendition of "Unfaithful Servant". That is quite seriously one of the most beautiful moments I ever had as a man on earth. Needless to say the album is nearly always with me in my ever-present CD player tote. On Tuesday, I heard "Music From Big Pink" for the first time. I confess I didn't like it at first. Then a day passed and I tried again and it was a different album. It made sense that second listen. That was Thursday. And Friday Rick left our world. And I feel the greatest of fools for meeting him so late. He has been released. Thank you and good-bye, Brother Rick Danko. -Ellsworth George

Posted on Sun Dec 12 11:53:17 CET 1999 from (

Steve Cobham

From: UK

Damn - another good one gone............I courted my wife to the strains of "The Band" album and Cripple Creek means a lot to me personally. Rick had a magic voice and "It Makes No Difference" always sends a shiver down my spine. Thanks, Rick, for all the music, and say "Hi" to Richard.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 11:38:10 CET 1999 from (

Andrew McGillivray

From: Munich / Montreal

Sorry to hear the news about Rick. The Band was the reason why I started making music to begin with, after almost giving up because I hated the psychedelic stuff going on at that time. Please extend my condolences to his family and the rest of the band. His music was timeless and so is he.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 11:19:04 CET 1999 from (


From: detroit mi.

Rick provided the backbone to some of the greatest music ever recorded, he was an incredibly talented man and his accomplishments will always be remembered

Posted on Sun Dec 12 11:07:08 CET 1999 from (

Mike Rietmann

From: Oregon

Hello all-I share your shock and sadness at Rick's passing. I feel the Band's music more personally than almost any other artists in any genre (my family has been farming in America for 150 years). Their music feels like Eastern Oregon, where we settled about 110 years ago; I could see the landscapes of the music in the wheat fields, in the mountains, in local ghost towns and in my hometown Ione (it has a population of about 300). Upon hearing them, I felt such a shock of recognition: the words and music felt like the stories my grandpa told me, the music my family played, and the local history I learned from the time I learned to read. Possibly my two favorite moments in the Band's music are Rick's: his vocal on "Unfaithful Servant" and especially his miraculous entry at the end of "We Can Talk": "'s safe to take a backwards glance..." delivered with such abandon, dynamic and yet in control. I don't even attempt to sing along with it; only great soul singers can do this. What a gift to Richard's song, to the Band, and to all of us, and anyone who can conjure such magic is to be treasured. At a fan's distance I feel like I've lost a kind and dear friend.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 10:48:23 CET 1999 from (

Supratik Chaudhuri

From: Calcutta, India

The Band and its music made me feel something I had never felt before. I love you Rick. I hope you and Richard are creating music in heaven now. But I will never be able to meet you, Rick. Miss you Rick, always shall.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 10:43:38 CET 1999 from (

Nancy Wyman

From: Colorado Springs

When I met Rick in 95, I knew a bunch of Band songs, but barely knew who Rick was. He was the nicest most regular guy in the world, and all these letters from all over the world prove it. My heart broke for him a few years ago when his college age son died, I know they are catching up now. Those of us left will go on till it's our turn to join them. The music and memories will live forever.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 10:22:39 CET 1999 from (

Peter Smoliansky

From: Stockholm, Sweden

Im so sad... love you.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 09:56:50 CET 1999 from (

Eli Polonsky

From: Somerville, MA

I've always immensely enjoyed the music of Rick Danko and The Band since first hearing it on the radio as a kid in 1968, then seeing them many times through the years since my first Band show at the Watkins Glen festival in '73, then later that year with Dylan at a majestic show at the old Boston Garden.

I saw various members of The Band and Rick solo, or with guests, many times in the 80's and 90's, had the privilige of interviewing Rick on my radio program by phone a few times, and of meeting him at a few shows that I MC'ed in the Boston area. Always accomodating, generous, and fun is how I'll remember Rick, a great guy, and a great musician and singer.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 09:52:51 CET 1999 from (

Donald Hanhams

From: Nova Scotia, Canada

Folks, I am sitting here crying at the out pouring from you all...I can only say one thing...he will never know what he meant to me...I wish I could have met him and told him. Rick, God speed ole buddy.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 09:48:00 CET 1999 from (


From: Toronto

What a loss. I saw Rick dozens of times here in Toronto. Small gigs, big gigs - always great. I'll miss him. It's very moving to read all the notes. May he rest in peace.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 09:41:57 CET 1999 from (


From: Las Vegas

From the first time I heard Big Pink in 1968 at 12, I was hooked on THE MUSIC. From the first live show I saw at Roosevelt Stadum in Jersey City in 1973-two straight nights-to the nine times I saw the Band in it's original, pristine form plus the dozens of times I saw Rick and the Band in all it's other forms-from Madison Square Garden, Nassau, Carnegie Hall, Westchester, Asbury Park, Beacon to the Lone Star, My Father's Place and that frozen winter night at Folk City with Richard and Butter those many years ago-and Rick with Dylan, Butter, Richard, Levon, Garth, Blondie Chaplin and solo-listening to that majestic voice, being amazed at the creative spark behind the transcendent looping, soaring lines on his fretless Ampeg bass in the early 70's-to the last time I saw the Band at the Joint here in Las Vegas in 1996.

Was walking to the car with my wife-pushing her wheelchair when I spotted a small group at the stage door. Rick came out within a minute-stopped, smiling, sweet, personable as can possibly be imagined. Looked right at my wife and walked over and graciously shook her hand-and mine as well. I was stunned by his amazing earthy soul and warmth. Levon and Garth were already on the bus and weren't about to come off-but Rick stayed and said hi to every single person, signing posters, etc... he had a handful of grapes and I was standing beside him-he took a pen and held out the grapes to me and laughed heartily when I deadpanned-"Ummmm....I guess I'll hold your grapes for ya," which I held for him while he signed. Perhaps those grapes have been transformed to that heavenly wine that Rick is sipping with Richard, Butter and all others who have crossed over-waiting for him with love and comfort.

Love, respect and sympathy to all of Rick's family and loved ones-to Levon, Garth, Robbie, the Hawk, et al..... Didn't learn about this sorrowful news until late tonight-amazingly, I received the "Live At Breeze Hill" CD in the mail on Thursday-listened to it steadily the past couple of days-watched a clip of The Band on SNL from 1976 doing "Life Is A Carnival" tonight-then picked up the paper and read about Rick's passing. A one of a kind musical spirit has left us poorer than we know. If the love and music that Rick has graced hundreds of thousands with for so many years can be sent back to you Rick, I hope you can feel it. As an appropriately poignant line from your contemporaries from over the pond so aptly put it-" And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." Then Rick Danko's unique spirit will forever be shining, luminous and soaring in a perfect, golden, glowing light.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 09:42:57 CET 1999 from (

Jim and John Calkins

From: Santa Clarita, CA/Marysville, WA

We are two brothers that grew up listening to The Band in the LA area and were very influenced by their music. Our deepest sympathies to Rick's Family and many friends. He was a great bass player and really helped shape the music of The Band. We saw The Band with Dylan in '74' and again at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles in 1976 and Santa Barbara of that year and subsequent solo shows in the LA area of various members. Rick always gave a lesson on how to play the bass. And what a voice. Good thing Robbie had those three guys to interpret the music for him. Rick will be missed.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 09:41:10 CET 1999 from (

Helge Dalhaug

From: Vennesla,Norway

So good to hear all these stories of this lovely man.I think that`s why we all miss him so much.He was one of a kind and at the same time one of us.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 09:20:32 CET 1999 from (

Greg Schmidt

From: New Jersey

Rick seemed to be a very special person. I can't express how much sympathy I am feeling for his family and for Levon and Garth who have been his close friends for so many years. I am grateful to all three of them for providing endless musical inspiration. I have always looked forward to the next chance I get to see a Band or Rick show. I will miss him.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 09:18:54 CET 1999 from (

Jolene Oberg

From: Gresham, Oregon

My message last night was lost, I'm incredibly too sad for words, but today, KINK in Portland played a wonderful tribute to Rick Danko beginning with "Fallen Angel" by Robbie *ded. to R. Manuel* I know.....and featuring Rick singing "Stagefright"...nice eulogies about Rick...mentionings of interviews of Robbie saying what an incredible bass player Rick was and a person who had a heart bigger than anyone he knew"....nice picture of Rick in the biggest paper in Oregon with a nice story on his life and talent. So, now it is Twilight, so, It Makes No Difference anymore. Gosh, it is so hard to believe he is gone. Jo

Posted on Sun Dec 12 09:17:49 CET 1999 from (


I'll miss you, Rick, and I'll never forget you. Thanks for everything.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 09:16:38 CET 1999 from (

Jason Presser and Joey Broughman

From: Lexington,KY

12/03/99 Rick played Lexington. It was a pleasure to open the show for such a talented,friendly musician and gentleman. " Anyday now, I shall be released."

Posted on Sun Dec 12 09:04:02 CET 1999 from (

Michael Raven

Rick, Thank you for your voice, for your music and for sharing your soul with us. I only discovered your music, and the music of the Band about a year ago, but it has had an incredible impact on me. When I met you at the Tin Angel in Philadelphia on 11/6/99, you seemed very kind and gentle. You signed my vinyl copy of "Big Pink", we posed for a picture and when I told you how much your music meant to me, you smiled. I will always treasure the memory of that brief encounter and am honored to have met you. I've had your music playing all day. If it's possible to miss someone you didn't really know, then I miss you immensely. Have a safe journey and a good rest.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 08:47:50 CET 1999 from (

John Hillman

From: Newport, RI

Rick, your inspiration and musical spirit have become a part of my life after all these years. Can't ever let that go. You may be gone but you've left us a beautiful gift that will last as long as there is a singing human soul left on this planet. The love of many people goes with you on this strange new journey. You've realy given us something, man.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 07:58:18 CET 1999 from (

Matt Foley

From: Albany, NY

im in tears over this

Posted on Sun Dec 12 07:48:14 CET 1999 from (

Matthew Kinsella

I really didn't start crying until I was reading here and saw all the young kids saying how much they loved Rick and The Band and that made me so happy and so sad at the same sad because Rick's gone but overjoyed to know that these kids are gonna be keeping his memory and the love of his music alive long after I'm gone. Rick Danko was one of the great talents of this century and his death is a terrible loss to music and to all of us who loved him. Gone way too soon and to be missed way too long. Hell, maybe Sir Doug needed a bass player...

Posted on Sun Dec 12 06:57:42 CET 1999 from (

charles humphry


Posted on Sun Dec 12 06:48:16 CET 1999 from (

Dave W.

I love the Band. However, I was really sad to hear about Rick Danko's death. His music will live on for a long, long time.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 06:42:05 CET 1999 from (


From: Jaffrey N.H.

I am so sad... I can't find my "Last Waltz" tape. I've searched my house thoroughly! I will think of Rick and the rest of the Band and their families. I have loved that voice for so long, " I can't get over you and the flame still burns." I had a great time with Rick and Levon with Ringo's All Starrs at Great Woods, I'll never forget that show or Rick. Deepest sympathy to the family and friends.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 06:38:44 CET 1999 from (


From: Tokyo,Japan

I Heard That Sad News Last Night. I Especially Like Ricks "Ship The Wine" Song With Doug Sahms Very Nice Guitar. Doug Is Gone Recent Day. And Rick Too. So Long Rick ,Im Lost. But I Heared Your Voice From Big Pink Still. Your Soulful Voice And Bass Guitar Bring Me Unknown Plomised Land. It Never Fade Away.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 06:35:38 CET 1999 from (

Misty (MID)

From: Kentucky USA

I want to offer my condolences to The Band and Rick's family. What sadness we all feel. To have someone taken away is heartbreaking, but he will live on in his music and in our memories. I had the pleasure of meeting Rick in Lexington, Ky on Nov. 30, 99. He was an absolute gentleman with his fans. He was such a sweet man, he shook our hands, signed our album covers, made us laugh with silly jokes, posed for pictures, and shared his life stories with us...I could not have imagined that he would have been any more sweet and I don't think he realized how much of an influence he had. (despite all of us standing out in the cold just to get a glimpse of him) His beautiful voice touched our hearts and souls. His music will play forever in my heart...deepest regards from a truly sad fan, misty

Posted on Sun Dec 12 06:28:20 CET 1999 from (

Bud Hendershot

From: St Augustine, Florida

I have already commented here about Rick Danko and how much I will miss his music, and how bad I feel for his family and friends. Now I just want to compliment Jan for what truly is the best, the warmest, the most well done internet site I have ever seen. What a great service you provide - well executed, thorough, thoughtful, and just right on in every way. It's nice to have a place like this to come to to share our feelings about Rick and the Band.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 06:26:39 CET 1999 from (


From: Tokyo,Japan

I Heard That Sad News Last Night.And I feel So Far From Home. I Specialy Like Ricks "Ship The Wine"Song. With Doug Sahms Nice Guitar Play. Doug Is Gone Recent Day And Ridk Is Gone Too. But I Can Hear The Voice From Big Pink Still. In The Air In The Sky And Anyplace. Thank You Mr.Rick Your Soulful Voice And R&B Based Bass Guitar Brings Me Back Promised Land. Good Bye So Long. His Soul Is Never Fade Away.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 06:19:01 CET 1999 from (


From: L.I.,N.Y.

Oh he told me its a mean ole world...... It seem s that the world is a little colder and lonlier today without the warmth of a voice that has helped alot of us through many a dark in peace and feel the love through the light.You will be deeply missed by many.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 06:18:00 CET 1999 from (

Rick Jerskey

From: Saudi Arabia

Like so many from that magical time of late 60's early 70's, Rick helped influence the course of American music and gave so much inspiration to so many, myself included. Of course he'll be missed.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 06:13:08 CET 1999 from (


From: Tokyo

Rick! I'll miss you. That makes no defference. With my deepest sympathy Thank you

Posted on Sun Dec 12 06:09:50 CET 1999 from (

Molly Zaloudek

From: Mill Valley, CA

Rick Danko was always a great singer, and had this tibacibellon sound in his voice. I was extremely shocked to even find out about his death when I got on this website today. His music and spirit will always be in my heart, and he will always be remembered. He and Richard both had a great talent as singers and musicians, and they will be together at last singing down to us. "Don't leave me alone in this twilight, cause twilight is the loniest time of day." May you rest in peace. We all will miss you and love you!!

Posted on Sun Dec 12 06:05:04 CET 1999 from (

Anna Norris

From: Michigan

The very first time I listened to the Band's "In a station", deep emotions overwhelmed me, and since then, I have always felt that their music talked to me, that they were my friends, my brothers. Every time I went to one of their concerts, I was so happy: they were happy to play, happy to be there, generous with their audience. Rick's voice was so pure and beautiful, and his musical talent was so amazing... I feel like I have lost my brother.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 05:56:03 CET 1999 from (


From: Philadelphia

I am sitting here at 11:51 Pm EST, with my stack of Band/Rick cds. I am listening to Ringo and his All-Starr band. The version of "The Weight", right now Rick comes in with the fourth verse. A huge cheer comes from the crowd. It is so true. People loved the man. I saw it for myself over 20 times. I wish that things could be different. God Bless and thank you.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 05:44:39 CET 1999 from (


From: L.A.


Posted on Sun Dec 12 05:39:34 CET 1999 from (

Ray Frick

From: Philly

The world will be a lot emptier whithout the voice of Rick Danko. Thanks Rick for all the music, Ray

Posted on Sun Dec 12 05:35:45 CET 1999 from (

Ted & Wendy

From: Calgary

The only time we saw The Band was at Varsity Stadium in Toronto in 1974 and what an incredible concert it was. We went to see CSNY and came away from it enthralled by the music of The Band. We celebrated many New Years Eves playing the incredible music on the Rock of Ages album. Can't help but marvel at the work of this group of gifted musicians and storytellers who left their legacy on the landscape of America. Good bye Rick, we've never met you in person, but your music spoke to us. You once said that you reached a point in your life that you realized that you "couldn't change the world, but maybe you could help the neighborhood". You changed the world for many of us. Your music is forever. May you build a ladder to the sky and climb on every rung.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 05:11:59 CET 1999 from (

Gary G. Simmons

From: Pensacola, Florida

R.I.P. Rick -You will be missed.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 05:11:00 CET 1999 from (

Tim Kinsella

From: New Hampshire

i heard this morning that made me cry too loved that voice and his rambunctious nature in performance (saw him a few times with the Band, and on Last Waltz) hell of a musician too "Wash my hands in lye water I got a date with the captains daughter You can go tell your brother We sure gonna love one another oh oh oh You may be right and you might be wrong I ain't gonna worry all night long Snow's gonna come and the frost gonna bite My old car froze up last night Ain't no reason to hang my head I could wake up in the morning dead no no no And if I thought it would do any good I'd stand on the rock where Moses stood...."

Posted on Sun Dec 12 04:42:33 CET 1999 from (

Bob Wyman

From: Colorado

October 25 1993 Rick came to our house after a gig. We hung out all night, drank a little and ate up all my venison jerky, actually he did. He told of his upcoming induction to the hall of fame. We took Rick back to the hotel where we played guitar with Eric Anderson til the sun came up. Rick is in Heaven now, I was in Heaven that night. You will live forever.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 04:40:05 CET 1999 from (


"Good night sweet prince..." Rest In Peace. OM.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 04:40:07 CET 1999 from (

greg & the highpoint brothers

From: columbus, oh

thanks to rick for inspiring us to make music of our own. it was a pleasure meeting him a few years's a memory i'll always treasure.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 04:39:59 CET 1999 from (

Tom P.

From: Long Island N.Y.

I had the pleasure of seeing Rick perform about 6 months ago on Long Island. It was a wonderful show and when he did Long Black Veil it made the evening. After the show I went out to the front lobby and bought his live CD. I bought along a picture of Big Pink that I took on a trip up to Woodstock a couple of years ago. I saw Rick and he looked at me and said "just give me a couple of minutes, I'll be right back", and he went into another room to kind of cool off and change his shirt. But he really seemed like he didnt want to keep me and the other fans waiting. He almost seemed like he was asking if it was OK for him to go and come back. I thought that he was just such a regular guy. He came back and sat at a table and signed my photo of Big Pink. He wrote, 'live long'-Rick Danko. I shook his hand and told him that I love his music and enjoyed the show. My wife kissed him on the cheek, and he pulled her back and made her kiss the other cheek to 'make it even". Just meeting him for that short minute and listening to him sing made me feel like he was a good friend. It's sad to think that I won't get to ever hear him sing again, and if I ever see Levon sing the Weight who in the world could sing the Crazy Chester verse? Fortunately Rick will always be alive in the recordings. Rest in Peace Rick, and say hello to Richard-I bet you two are laughing it up and singing right now.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 04:29:22 CET 1999 from (

Ken Davies

From: Illinois

Rick's sad departure of course signals the end of The Band. They simply won't have the wonderful vocal harmony that distinguised them. I always felt that Rick and Richard were the heart of the group. Robbie was the head (intellect). Levon was the guts. Garth was the musical free spirit that pushed their sound past that of folk or rock and made it something more. Garth's musicianship along with the great singing gave The Band a unique, wonderful sound that can never be duplicated. They still had the sound even without Robbie writing for them. They have it no longer. Robbie, Levon and Garth should keep playing. But The Band leaves with Rick. Thank God for The Band......and Rick.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 04:22:26 CET 1999 from (


From: yokohama

Thanks for all the great music Rick.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 04:18:41 CET 1999 from (


Tonight my best friend Samantha and I are paying tribute to my favorite musician. Playing selections from every cd, tape and album I owm. Drinking Rolling Rocks, crying alot and sitting back as the music blows through are hearts and souls.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 04:13:38 CET 1999 from (

Terry Skeet

From: Montreal living in Arlington, VA

I really saddened by the news of Rick's death. All the recordings where Rick has sung lead vocals are so touching. There was obviously an enthuisiasm and soulfulness to his voice. It's one band where you bought every LP they made and then in the eighties and nineties you end up gladly buying the CD re-releases. Even the albums that weren't big hits - the one with Acadian Driftwood, and it must be Christmas Tonight - the performances will live on. He's up there with Glen Gould, Roy Buchannan...God bless

Posted on Sun Dec 12 04:10:41 CET 1999 from (

Steve Raucher

Thanks, Rick for helping to provide the soundtrack to my college years. Say hi to Jerry, Janis, and Jimi. - Oh, don't forget Richard.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 04:07:01 CET 1999 from (

Brad Tocher

From: San Francisco, CA

Thanks for all the great music Rick! You will be missed by everyone who was touched by your soulful voice. I know that when I hear you sing it will always make me sad that you are not here with us, but I'll always remember how good you made me feel. Thanks again, my warmest condolences to the family.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 04:04:05 CET 1999 from (

Joe & Beth

From: Buffalo,NY

We are grateful to have met Rick and Levon (and The Band), who were always the most kind and generous group of people you'd ever want to meet. We will miss Rick, his talent and his "genuinness". It was fun watching him work and interact in the playful demeanor, which was Rick Danko! This memory is sure to bring smiles when thinking of him. Our heartfelt sympathy is extended to his family and brothers in The Band.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 03:45:21 CET 1999 from (

Peter Kinnear

Like so many others, I just want to say that I shed a tear or two for Rick today. I'd seen the Band a few times over the years. The first time was in Edmmonton in the late 80s. I was in awe of what they had accomplished as artists. Sitting in the crowd, a little left of centre, I was watching them intently and Rick looked straight at me and I remember thinking he seemed vulnerable. Not what I expected from one of the members of the Band. When Bob Dylan accepted his grammy and recounted how Buddy Holly looked at him, it took me back to that special moment with Rick. Thanks Rick, your voice touched millions and we are more human for that touch.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 03:44:36 CET 1999 from (

Mitt Stampler

From: way down the crazy river
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I wrote this message tonight, but I don't think my friend would mind my sharing it, since it sums up my feelings: I think Rick's death hit my dad even harder--they are almost the same age (my dad's 50), and my dad saw them at Woodstock. I stumbled into the Band Guestbook almost a year ago, when my dad was first diagnosed with cancer, because I wanted to hear all the stories that he'd told me when I was younger but I hadn't been paying attention...and by the time I wanted to hear them, he was too sick. Maybe it's my writing, but the idea of lost stories hits me so hard--So sad. My husband and I are now living in DC, where I'm working as a paralegal and going to law school at night. I'm also still writing, though it seems like tonight there's not much to say. Best wishes, and remind your kids to appreciate their folks while they have them-- Peace, Mitt

Posted on Sun Dec 12 03:43:50 CET 1999 from (

Dennis LaPak

From: Newtown, CT

So long Rick, thanks for the best music in the world!

Posted on Sun Dec 12 03:43:21 CET 1999 from (

Bob Wardlaw

From: Shreveport. LA

I'm not going to say much, at the risk of sounding cliche`. Right now, I'm just wondering who will sing you "Too Soon Gone." I don't know, maybe Levon. But as for now, I'm singing it with you as I type this......."[we're] missing something now that [we] never knew [we] had.........."

Posted on Sun Dec 12 03:37:35 CET 1999 from (

Richard M Smith

From: Liverpool, UK

This is a brief note to say a last goodbye to Rick Danko. The world is now a poorer place. I always was touched when I heard Rick sing - I loved the way he seemed to instill a raging passion in his voice. My deepest regards to all his family and friends. He will be greatly missed. In Regret, Richard M Smith

Posted on Sun Dec 12 03:33:57 CET 1999 from (

Gary Wickizer

From: Colorado

There's a chill tonight, in the hobo jungle.............

Posted on Sun Dec 12 03:32:26 CET 1999 from (

Shin Aso

From: Toyama, Japan

I was very sad that I found the name of Rick in an obituary column this morning Dec 12. Itfs been more than a quarter of the century since I first heard his voice. I saw his stage at the time they toured here in Japan after they had decided to go on as the Band again without Robbie in 80s. I remember I was very impressed that Rick sang songs such as gIt Makes No Differenceh, gStage Frighth and gSmall Town Talkh. Thanks Rick and Goodbye. Your music will live forever. Rest in Peace

Posted on Sun Dec 12 03:32:07 CET 1999 from (

Beverli Sontz

From: Woodstock

Very sad to hear the news. It's even sadder when someone dies who is a contemporary, who you did the big H with decades ago. I survived, last time November 10, 1970, when I was very sorry he didn't have the fear and respect that I developed for it way back when. It was a formidable opponent, worthy of a full tilt battle. We all lost many to it. Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground came closer to just about anyone (expect, maybe William Burroughs)'s my wife and it's my life...when a mainer to my vein goes to the center of my head, I'm better off than dead...etc.etc., ad infinitum. Finally at peace and hanging out with Tim and Kurt and Mary and Mason and Janis...there but for fortune, go most of us. Peace.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 03:29:43 CET 1999 from (

Michael Fabrizio

From: Buffalo, New York

My deepest sympathy goes out to the Danko family. Rick, i just was lucky enough to meet you on october 23rd at catamount arts in vermont. i'm only tewnty years old and probably one of your biggest fans. when i shook your hand i became complete. i cry with joy when i listen to some of your songs and the tears of mourning will be-a-flowin'. i told you that i loved your music and that it will be enjoyed by my ears until my own time of passing. i meant every word. on this day i realized that twilight is the lonliest time of day. i love you Rick. you taught me how to sing and i will sing for you eveytime a chord is struck on my old guitar. "Unfaithful servant, i can hear the whistle blowin, yes, that train is a-comin' and soon you'll be goin' let us not bow our heads for we wont be complainin' life has been good to us all even when that sky is rainin'.... Makes no difference if we fade away. it's just as it was, and it's much to cold for me to stay.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 03:22:09 CET 1999 from (


From: Omaha, NE

To me there was nothing like seeing the Band in concert. Danko was always so much fun and full of such life. I just saw a posting a few minutes ago that told of his death....It is hard to put my feelings into words. Thank you Rick for all of the great sounds and I hope you will rest in peace.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 03:14:34 CET 1999 from (

Chris D.

From: South Jersey

A terrible sadness has just come over me. God only loaned Rick to us and now has called him home. My deepest regrets and heartfelt sympathy goes out to those close to him. I got to see him perform and felt like I knew him because his voice touched me so much. Thank you so much Rick, I hope you know what you've done for us. God bless you.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 03:14:41 CET 1999 from (


Our deepest sympathies to the Dankos, Butch, Levon, and everyone. The Bouchers

Posted on Sun Dec 12 03:10:29 CET 1999 from (

Don Merwin

From: Portland, Oregon

Something has ended. A piece of my youth has crumbled into the river. Rick Danko embodied the Band in a way I never realized: Rick was the intensity, the chops, the toughness, the vulnerability and the sincerity that was the Band. The memories take on new meaning.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 03:04:32 CET 1999 from (

Mark L.

From: Lookout, Cleveland, OH

I am deeply saddended by Rick's death. He was always a real gentleman to me and a charming host whenever we had the chance to visit. He was as right as rain. My prayers go out to his wife, family and friends. May God grant him eternal peace. Thanks for the memories, Rick.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 03:04:00 CET 1999 from (

W. Cribb

From: Nashville, TN

We are all blessed to have had this man and his music as part of our lives. Perhaps our greatest tribute could be a quiet prayer of thanks for all the wonderful music that Rick Danko gave to us throughout his life. 'stampedin' cattle, they rattle the walls'

Posted on Sun Dec 12 02:56:30 CET 1999 from (

John Teitelbaum

From: Cambridge, NY

Heaven has the three greatest voices ever in its capacity. Frank Sinatra, Richard Manuel, and Rick Danko. You hit all the right notes Rick. You weren't somewhere else but why did you have to die (Long Black Veil).

Posted on Sun Dec 12 02:55:48 CET 1999 from (

Huda from Lebanon

From: Beirut

"and the clouds never hung so low, before......." To the Danko family and friends, Lee, Garth, Robbie and all fans, I wish I could be there on Wednesday for the service, please if you are there, think of us international fans. Light a candle on my behalf, someone please. I met Rick and Lee in England after the show, a few years ago. Like a true artist, Rick seemed to be overwhelmed by the beauty, pain and tragedy of life. A bright flame burns itself out, its gift of warmth and self destruction are one and the same. We understand that, but its difficult to accept. Goodbye Ricky, your struggle is over. God Bless, (from Huda, a Band fan for 23 years)

Posted on Sun Dec 12 02:53:34 CET 1999 from (

Kevin Mac

From: Woodstock neighbor

I was fortunate to grow up close to Woodstock, and saw Rick perform on many occasions, with many different casts of characters- Richard, Butterfield, Shredni etc. Beyond his immense talent, he was a kind gentle soul who was never too busy or too much of a rock star to delight and entertain myself and my buddies as we made our pilgramages to the clubs. When we would see him, it was kind of like christmas when you are eight- always special. One night he literally was the "Rick Danko Jukebox"- we yelled out song after song and he dug deep and played them all. I and my friends will never forget his soaring, beautiful voice, and his kindness towards us. God bless him, he will be missed.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 02:48:05 CET 1999 from (

Mike Baker

From: Los Angeles, CA

My condolences to Rick's relatives, close friends and to all fans of the Band. Rick added a unique bass style to the Band's music and had that voice that made those songs come alive. There will never be another one like him. A great loss.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 02:47:50 CET 1999 from (


From: Woodstock.... FOR REAL!!
Home page

My deepest sympathy to the Danko family. Rick was not only a great artist who cared deeply about his work, he was a wondeful person who cared deeply about other people. I saw him perform benefits many times here in town for various charities & causes. On the street, always a hello & a hand shake.. Class act. Gonna miss you Rick. Once again; The music's over..

Posted on Sun Dec 12 02:45:26 CET 1999 from (

Roger Woods

From: Birmingham, UK

I've been with them from the start. The Band changed my life. I saw Rick in 1971 and in 1996. The flame still burns.

My thoughts go to all Rick's kin and all those close.


Posted on Sun Dec 12 02:41:49 CET 1999 from (


From: The Rock

Here's to a guy who had a heart as big as all Ontario. It's been a long long day. I heard on the way to the stadium this morning; then there was the parade and a wedding. I've had this painted-on smile all day while trying not to think at all. Tonight maybe I can deal with it. A little Lamb's, the Rock of Ages and letting the memories come flooding back. My condolences to Ricky's families. My thanks again to you Jan for this special place where I can find others who share this passion.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 02:36:35 CET 1999 from (

Teddy Larkin

From: Boston

I met Rick 13 years ago on my 22 birthday . I was introduced to him by John Lee who is also from Woodstock. Being a musician myself it was an honor meeting Rick. He had music down deep in his soul. He shared it with us in the basement of this club. He played a show just for us. The owner of the club had to remind Rick about the audience upstairs . Thanks for the memorable birthday present Rick. We love you rest in peace. Teddy

Posted on Sun Dec 12 02:35:09 CET 1999 from (


I'm feeling a lot older today. Rick Danko and The Band were a part of my youth from 1967 on. Big Pink and "The Band" brown album have got to go down in history as two of THE great albums of that era. I had the pleasure of meeting him in Woodstock at a local show he was doing about 11 years ago. He couldn't have been nicer. The old guard is getting thinned in Woodstock. Grossman,Butter,Danko. "Rejoice,oh young man,in thy youth" Rest In Peace, Rick.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 02:32:12 CET 1999 from (


From: Connecticut

Truly a sad day in the music world as well as the world in general. This IS the night they drove old dixie down. God rest your soul Rick, you will be sorely missed.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 02:27:48 CET 1999 from (

Eric Hoffman

From: Omaha NE

I first heard the Band when I was seventeen years old, after a particularly stormy and melodramatic break-up resulting in a great deal of self-pity and alcohol. It was "Lonesome Suzie" on the radio and since I have been an avid fan of their music . . . especially the haunting voice of Richard Manuel. I'm writing this on the day of Rick Danko's death, and, well, what can I say? It's a damn shame. Let's hope he's finally down that road to see Bessie.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 02:23:58 CET 1999 from (

brien sz

From: NJ

I'm still in shock. Two buddies and myself had to drive past his neck of the woods today enroute on a 9 hour roundtrip drive. We talked about all the performances we went to and listened to BreezeHill and Band cd's the entire trip. It helps deal with the loss. I can't believe i won't get to see him again but thanks for all the memories. God's strength and comfort be with his family.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 02:11:23 CET 1999 from (

Ben Turkel

From: New Jersey
Home page

Yesterday was a very sad day. Like many others who've been posting, I've been listening to Rick and the Band through the day and reading through the guestbook. I regret not going to see Rick in Philadelphia last month. The last time I saw Rick was with the Band in September '96 at Waterfront Park in Trenton. It was a great peformance. I want to send my condolences to Rick's family and friends. I know I'll never stop listening and appreciating his music.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 01:49:58 CET 1999 from (


From: down the road
Home page

always always remember

Posted on Sun Dec 12 01:48:26 CET 1999 from (

David Vecsey

From: New York-Peoria-Seattle-Atlanta (in that order)

Like a lot of people who have already spoken below, I had the pleasure of seeing Rick several times in several locations over the years. He was always top-notch, just so sweet and honest. I approached him as he enjoyed a drink before a show a few years ago and we ended up talking for a while. He was a real human. And I once stumbled across a Rick Danko e-mail address on the Internet, to which I wrote (skeptically) and he wrote me back the next day, saying he enjoyed the contact the web gave him to people. My favorite story, however, didn't involve me. My friend Erica and her eventual husband John were in Woodstock, walking down the street. John stops and points: "Isn't that Rick Danko standing in that doorway over there?" Said Erica: "No way." But John approached him and said: "Excuse me, but aren't you Rick Danko?" And Rick smiles, makes a sweeping gesture with his hand and says: "Why, yes I am Rick Danko ... and welcome to Woodstock." Excellent story.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 01:45:34 CET 1999 from (

Soeren Lund

From: Denmark
Home page

This is awful. I've heard Rick once, with Jonas Fjeld and Eric Anderson, at Skagen Festival, Denmark. After the show I was backstage bying a beer. I accidently pushed the guy next to, and I said "sorry". Then the guy I pushed said "sorry", and when he turned around I saw it was Rick. I didn't know what to say, so I just said "sorry" again. He grinned and walked away. Since that day I've thinking of what to say if I should meet him again, I guess I can stop doing that now....... I was a great fan, and his dead was a shock, but his music will live forever. Rest in Peace.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 01:38:48 CET 1999 from (

Glenn Connell

From: Wilton, NH
Home page

Thank you for everything you gave us Rick, goodbye and rest in peace...

Posted on Sun Dec 12 01:24:35 CET 1999 from (

Anthony Fappiano

From: CT

I'm still saddened by the news of Rick's death. I would like to attend the servide on Wednesday. Can anyone give me directions coming from I-87? I would be much obliged. Rest in Peace Rick... -A.F.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 01:23:42 CET 1999 from (

john conniff

and the sun don't shine anymore...i'll miss you rick danko.56 is way to young.he was one of the great ones "he got caught in the spotlight"

Posted on Sun Dec 12 01:20:07 CET 1999 from (

George-Wayne Shelor III

From: Belleair (Clearwater), Florida (where the Neff family lives)

We all have a burden to share with Rick's passing. I've been one-a The Band since '68. Let me help carry The Weight ... G'bye, Rick.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 01:15:01 CET 1999 from (


It's really nice to read everyone sharing their memories of meeting Rick. I always wanted to meet him personally, but never did. I was born in Simcoe and went back every year to see my grandparents (near Turkey Point). I don't get there much anymore since their deaths, it's a sad place because strangers now live in "their" house. But that area will always be a special place for me. I was lucky enough to see The Band play about 3 or 4x but not in a really intimate club setting. I've never been the type to hang out after a show and talk to the performers or get autographs, always thought it was too intrusive and I didn't want to bother anyone. But I'd really hoped someday go to see them play at a small club and maybe get the nerve up to talk to Rick (he seemed so approachable). And say something stupid like "Rick you were always my favourite, I think your great, and we were born in the same place." And then just slink away and be really embarrassed that I did it. But after reading all these great stories from people who've met him, and how geniunely nice and approachable he really was. I bet that's all I would have had to say and he would have done the rest. I'm glad to see he has so many people (both friends and strangers) that will miss him.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 01:14:19 CET 1999 from (

Tobias Levander

From: Uppsala, Sweden

More than 24 hours have passed since I got the news of Ricks death, but the sadness that I felt then have not in any way diminished. I have listened to The Band constantly since then. "This world was lucky to see him born".

Posted on Sun Dec 12 01:01:41 CET 1999 from (

Jim Miller

From: N.Y.

My heart felt condolences to the Danko family , The Band and to all of his real fans & friends.You will be truly missed! THANK YOU!!!

Posted on Sun Dec 12 00:52:20 CET 1999 from (

Tom Brahms

From: Nashua, NH

Goodbye Rick, YOu filled me with great joy for so many years. Your voice and distinctive playing will live for a very long time. I saw you on 2/26/66 (and on other occassions), but the first impression is a lasting one. Playing close to Dylan and dancing away with a big smile on your face, loving it so much. I'll never forget that. Rest in PEACE> Tom

Posted on Sun Dec 12 00:39:44 CET 1999 from (

James and Mitt Stampler

From: Laurel, MD
Home page

Our hearts go out to the Danko family and everyone who knew and loved Rick personally. It still hasn't sunk in. We never got to see him in concert or meet him, but through his music our lives and memories (and, through this site, even friendships) have been enriched. Rest in peace.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 00:37:25 CET 1999 from (

Michael Rocks

From: Glasgow, Scotland

I have just been watching The Last Waltz. I've watched countless times before but I hadn't seen it for a few months.So the shocking news of Rick Danko's death, which I have just seen, seems so unreal and difficult to believe. It's an obvious thing to say but his music will live on. Condolences to his relatives, close friends and to all fans of The Band.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 00:36:22 CET 1999 from (


It makes no difference where I turn. I can't get over you and the flame still burns. thanks Rick

Posted on Sun Dec 12 00:35:56 CET 1999 from (

Andy Bassett

From: New Plymouth, New Zealand
Home page

So long Rick. Too soon gone.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 00:34:57 CET 1999 from (

moon mama

From: here

The news of Rick Danko's death is heart breaking. Much positive energy goes out to his family & friends. Many of us on are remembering him as well...

Posted on Sun Dec 12 00:32:36 CET 1999 from (

Dave Blazer

From: California now

So sorry to hear of Rick's passing, great emotional depth has its rewards and its hazards. The quality of the work he did, and the level of commitment he offered will be part of the "Last Waltz" going on forever. I'm very sad.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 00:10:57 CET 1999 from (

Bob Sarles

From: San Francisco

Tears of rage streamed down my face after I received the news yesterday. Rick's voice will always be a part of the soundtrack of my life. I feel privileged to have seen him perform many times. He was an amazing talent, and from the people I know who knew him personally, a great guy, tho clearly troubled. He will be painfully missed, but will live on in song forever. Goodbye Rick, our unfaithful servant.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 00:10:34 CET 1999 from (


On Tuesday Rick sang "the wheels on fire and it can't slow down'. Now just three days latter it seems to have come to a complete stop.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 00:09:47 CET 1999 from (

Richard Baker

From: Baltimore

I was privileged to hear Rick in the 70's, 80's, and 90's. While Robbie may have been the mind, Richard the soul, Levon the guts, and Garth the overseer, Rick was clearly the spirit and fun of it all. I saw him last at a dive in Baltimore called the 8 by 10 Club. There were maybe 50 people there that night in November, 1997, but the atmosphere and size of the audience did not faze Rick. He was available, warm, genuine, and open. No bullshit ego or pretense. Just a man who loved the music and enjoyed playing and being with people. This refreshing spirit is so rare. He will be missed. The Band is history.

Posted on Sun Dec 12 00:01:12 CET 1999 from (


I am sorry, this is my third entry, but it's just starting to sink in. I cannot get it out of my head. I will never see him in concert ever again. The best shows I have ever seen. So warm. His music hugged your soul. Please let me wake up.....

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