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The Band Guestbook, February '97

Below are the entries in the Band guestbook from February 1997.

Fri Feb 28 09:55:19 MET 1997

Michael Ellis

From: West Hempstead, NY USA
Home page:

I've just started checking them out and so far have found them to be quite informative. keep up the good work

Fri Feb 28 01:37:55 MET 1997

Mark Gould

From: North Haven, Connecticut

Good work. I've been a trader with Laurin Willis for a couple of years and a fan back to the days of Big Pink in '68. Saw them half a dozen times with Robbie, which annoys Laurin, but he tends to get over it. Keep up the good work.

Thu Feb 27 03:03:15 MET 1997

Adela V. Calbillo

From: Houston, TX
Home page:

Howdy, everyone! I'm back after a long absence and I've missed you all (Jan, Jill, Serge, Paolo, etc. etc.) Write me you maniacs!

Thu Feb 27 00:31:39 MET 1997

Rick Smith

From: Denton, Texas

Hey, New York City Band fans -- I and a buddy will be travelling your way for the Carnegie Hall show next month and would like to hook up with some like-minded folks. Neither of us has visited the Big Apple since we were kids, so we have no clue about where to stay, how to get around, or how to avoid trouble in NYC (what a couple of rubes!). If any of you has advice for us (or maybe even a place where a couple of nice guys could crash?) OR if you'd just like to get togetherfor pre/post concert festivities with a couple of die-hard Band fans who are travelling across the country (one from Texas, one from Florida) for this special show, e-mail me! Oh, and BTW, Jan, you have put together a truly remarkable web site -- I visit almost daily! Keep up the good work! Peace.

Tue Feb 25 20:02:21 MET 1997

Dave Nevison

From: Minneapolis, MN USA

Am I the only one who thinks The Band should do an MTV Unplugged session. In the much the same way that Dylan blew everybody away when he did his set, The Band doing accoustic versions of Rag Mama Rag, Unfaithful Servant, et al, would get the MTV crowd to understand excellence in music instead of the crap currently out there. Also, Re-read the chapter on The Last Waltz from Levon's book and relive the great memories and great music of that time. It's Real

Tue Feb 25 01:41:18 MET 1997

c. garber

From: hull, massachusetts

great page - just visiting - definately interested when concerts are in my area....

Tue Feb 25 01:08:48 MET 1997

Scott M. Pordon

From: Paramus N.J., Decatur N.Y.

Please !!! Does anyone know how I can get copies of the 2 Levon Helm lp's never released on cd ?? 1. American Son 2. Levon Helm (1982) I saw Rick Danko at the Turning Point in Piermont N.Y. recently. He was in top form, playing several rare songs, such as "Sip The Wine". After the concert he signed autograghs. A memorable night from one of the best !!!

Mon Feb 24 09:17:23 MET 1997


From: Springfield Mo.

Hey AL PIERSE howz it goin? Hoping The fellas will return to springfield Mo to do another show with the Cate Brothers and Jupiter Hollow/Sojourn how about The Juke Joint this time? Levon Ernie and Earl are still Jammin in Fayetteville, A Great version of It Makes No Difference. THE BAND in the OZARKS is a GREAT IDEA.

Mon Feb 24 00:56:10 MET 1997

Mike Winter

From: Born in England, grew up in Toronto, now live in Portland, Oregon (Oregon City)

Love the work you've done on the page. It's always great to know there are other's out there who love the Band and their music. They are one of a kind. They'll never know how much their music has meant to me over the years. They're something else, and that's saying something nowadays. The MTV croud can keep their spandex, their leather outfits, their explosions, their "everything sucks" attitude. Give me the Band eight days a week.

Mon Feb 24 00:36:51 MET 1997

Hans Chr. Rørdam

From: Denmark

Mon Feb 24 00:17:50 MET 1997


From: hawaii/ohio...odd mix

I'm only twenty-one, but I have many stories about The Band. These guys are true musicians and I believe are the greatest group ever formed. My friends and I listen to them all the time. We also play and do covers on songs like Up on Cripple Creek and The night they drove old dixie down. Anyway, just thought I'd like to be included in this web site. Keep on playing the good tunes

Sun Feb 23 22:29:28 MET 1997

Slowhand Tavares

From: New York City

It's a damn shame that interest has waned of later years in this the greates TRUE BAND of all time. I appreciate and am grateful to you for your time and effort in keeping these brilliant visionaries in peoples minds. Thanx... Slowhand

Sun Feb 23 16:35:35 MET 1997

Heather Marceau

From: Acton, MA

Saw Danko last night in Foxboro, Mass...what a show! The crowd was definitely into it, and practically outlined Rick's song list for him. Interested in sheet music, please e-mail with any information and possibilities. Cale.

Sun Feb 23 15:12:20 MET 1997

Lollo Gustin

From: Sweden
Home page:

I have linked up this site on my own homepage i hope you don´t mind, i´m a big fan of The Band LOLLO "The Cyberbiker

Sun Feb 23 03:57:51 MET 1997


From: Wallington, NJ

hey man, anyone goin' to the show at Carnegie Hall on March 20? this is sweet, i'll be lookin for all of you at shows

Sat Feb 22 08:12:43 MET 1997

terrapin5 @

From: davenport,IA.

The BAND is one of ther all-time greatest bands in the omni-present scene. TRADER..... Drop me a line.......PEACE

Sat Feb 22 04:55:53 MET 1997

Dawn Carney

From: Emporia, KS

Just visiting. Great site. Will pass it on.

Fri Feb 21 22:13:03 MET 1997

john taylor

From: Champaign, Il USA

awesome. I was just surfing around looking for some sound files and stumbled on your pages. A fine tribute to a great musical group!

Fri Feb 21 21:58:53 MET 1997

Pat and Tony

From: Bucks County, Pa.

Tony has been listening to The Band since 1969, and has been a faithful fan ever since. We've tried to make every concert in the Philadelphia area since 1981, beginning at the Brandywine Club. We look forward to greeting & getting autographs from the group. In the past The Band would greet their fans outside the bus. The past 2 concerts, at Valley Forge and the Keswick Theater, many fans were dissappointed at not being able to greet and get autographs from all the members. Hope the group will take the time to acknowledge their fans in the future. The Band is still #1 and we are High on the Hog!

Fri Feb 21 19:54:04 MET 1997

siw grindaker

From: Norway

Still great work, Jan! Everyone out there; Get Tom Pachecos new album, "Winter in Woodstock". All the Band-members play on his album, and it's great. Don't know if it's released in the US yet, but if it isn't, order it from Europe!

Fri Feb 21 02:35:23 MET 1997

Geoffrey H. Wood

From: Originally Cedar Rapids, IA, Now Iowa State University

These Band pages are awesome. Since I am only 18 years old I have not been listening to the Band for that long, but my parents have brought me up with them. I saw their concert here in Ames, last April, and I must say that it was an awesome experience. I love watching old Levon play the drums. I was a little surprised to hear them play "Free Your Mind" and it took me awhile to figure it out but it was definately cool. I was dissappointed in most of their song choices though, they didnt play much of the classic "best of" pieces despite cheers from the fans to do so. Read Levon's book, it's awesome. I have but one more thing to say-I'm tires of Band fans everywhere who say that Robbie Robertson was the main writer of the songs. It is untrue, Levon wrote the most, only Robbie was credited. Robbie is nothing more than a sell out who doesnt know a good thing when the Band is doing it. Levon deserves the credit-Crackers unite!

Thu Feb 20 17:54:38 MET 1997

Judi Zdziera

From: Bucks County, PA

Love it! Would like to see the tour dates kept current. AND who do I tell that I would like to see THE Band with Bob Dylan, again? That was truely the HIGHLIGHT of my concert going. (Which is still going!)

Thu Feb 20 15:51:44 MET 1997

René Döhler

From: Germany

Hy, it great to be here. I´m a great fan of The Band and I think, I´m alone in Germany. Is there anyone? I´m looking for all informations about The Band. These web-sites are great. Thank you!

Wed Feb 19 21:11:20 MET 1997

Michael DeLeo

From: Marshfield, Massachusetts

Just saw it for the first time. Now I'll keep coming back!

Wed Feb 19 15:00:27 MET 1997

Klaus Wilmann

From: Denmark

It's quite ok. Please follow up.

Tue Feb 18 05:16:17 MET 1997

Stuart Hruska

From: Westchester, New York

Rick Danko's performance for the late show at The Turning Point in Piermont, New York on Friday night with Randy Ciarlante, Aaron Hurwitz, and Ed Kaercher was simply just wonderful. After several recent gigs together this foresome is really cooking. They played twenty-one songs many of which were not from Rick's usual mix. Rick was in great form and sounded as good as ever. He was really into the audience, and for a stretch during the gig only sang requests from the crowd. The audience, made up of some real Rick Danko fans requested some wonderful, out of the ordinary tunes. Rick was most happy to oblige and he did real well with the lyrics considering all the rehersal time! It was amazing that Rick sang twenty-one songs and never touched "Stagefright". Met a most interesting and accomplished recording artist named Nenad Bach who stopped by late in the evening to pay his respects to Rick. I asked him for a copy of his new CD as he had autographed another copy for Rick. Garth Hudson played accordion on several tracks. I was lucky enough to get Rick to autograph my copy of his 1977 CD called "Rick Danko".

Tue Feb 18 03:32:17 MET 1997

Michael Power

From: Tuxedo, New York

Jan, Great Job!! This page is a wonderful place for all Band fans to explore and get updates on the band! Got my Carnegie tix and I'm warming up my vocal chords!! Peace

Mon Feb 17 20:14:56 MET 1997

Tim Barbosa

From: Nutley, NJ

This Band Homepage is really great. I've been fan of them for since I can remember.Their latest CD High on the Hog is vintage Band. I'm surprised it didn't get much air play in New York. At the time WNEW was into their "new mode", I guess that had something to do with it.

Sun Feb 16 20:27:52 MET 1997


From: US

Great spread and history of a very influential part of music history,thanks

Sun Feb 16 14:47:37 MET 1997

Jón Óskar Gíslason

From: Iceland


Sun Feb 16 02:30:43 MET 1997

David and Bobby Atkins

From: New York, New York

We're speechless. Keep up the good work.

Sun Feb 16 00:07:23 MET 1997

Dave Bertino

From: Walden NY

Does anyone have a tape of the 7/18/76 show at the Lenox Music Inn, Lenox MA. It was my birthday and was at the show with a lot of friends. Seems to me the guys got a late start because their equipment truck broke down in Baltimore. The driver had to back down through the crowd to get the equipment to the stage. Anyway, I'm ramblin', if anyone has the show it would make my day to get it. Dave

Sat Feb 15 21:56:16 MET 1997

Dennis & Wanda Cooper

From: Not Fade Away Graphics in Kingston, N.Y.

A BRIEF REMINDER.... Tickets for the March 20th Carnegie Hall show in NYC are to go on sale this Monday morning (2/17/97).......

Fri Feb 14 22:51:41 MET 1997

Jerry Barber

From: Atlanta, Georgia United States
Home page:

Dear Jan, It is a real pleasure to talk to you. I stumbled across your page by accident using the rather archaic technique known as surfing. What a serendipitous experience this is. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes after reading your pages on "The Weight and "stage Fright". The memories that they evoke are too personal and too complex to relate, not that I would mind sharing them. They go back almost 30 years. I have been a fan of the Ban since the first time I heard them. The effort and love that went into their compositions and performances are matched by your dedication to this web page. It is truly remarkable. And the fact that you chose such a wonderful subject makes it all the more amazing. Terrific. Keep up the good work. It is devastating to enjoy a page such as yours only to see it disappear. Please archive your files and make them portable. The rumored loss of Band archive material is just a reminder. Looking forward to more pages like yours and from you in the future. Best wishes to you Jan. Jerry Barber

Fri Feb 14 22:48:38 MET 1997

Paul Schoninger

From: Lexington,KY

Does anyone know anything about new documentary film that Danko refers to in the interview added to page on 2-11-97? Jan great job.

Fri Feb 14 22:20:52 MET 1997

Christopher J. Emge

From: Indiana University in Bloomington

There is still and always will be one and only one Band.

Fri Feb 14 14:21:38 MET 1997




Fri Feb 14 00:03:09 MET 1997

Kevin Arthur and John Bourgeois

From: Baltimore, Md.

Good to see ya, babe.

Thu Feb 13 19:30:41 MET 1997

Sarah Gillett

From: Toronto, Canada

This is great! It's amazing to discover that there are actually hundreds of people who don't say 'The who?' when you tell them you love The Band!

Thu Feb 13 02:50:24 MET 1997

David Michael Ross

From: Ridgecrest, CA
Home page:

I've enjoyed The Band's albums from the start, and was gratified to see and hear the many MPEG files at this site. Presently I am in the process of generating a CD-ROM compilation of MPEG music, and would be proud to include some of these unreleased works. Of course, you could do this yourself, and I'd be glad to assist. Contact if you're interested.

Wed Feb 12 06:32:24 MET 1997

David Dunstedter

From: The Missouri Ozarks

It's a joy to visit a home page that is so comprehensive. The Band is truely one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

Tue Feb 11 22:24:24 MET 1997

Craig Allen

From: Tennessee

Great site to visit and find out what's happening. Must be a great bunch of people in the pages of this guestbook. It's nice to be in such good company.

Tue Feb 11 21:58:33 MET 1997

[guest photo]

Snapper Earl

From: Rosendale NY
Home page:

Back again. Just wanted to say that Ive been meeting a bunch of great people from this site! This is very cool.

Tue Feb 11 02:43:32 MET 1997

Dane J. Spencer

From: Pleasant Grove, Utah

Simply the greatest rock band ever. Robbie please go home.

Mon Feb 10 00:56:26 MET 1997



From the worlds two biggest band heads. If anyone has info on the following songs, it would be greatly appreciated, the four tracks from the 1968 Key to the Highway sessions. Ronnie Hawkins going to the River, Little Red Rooster or the 1976 Live CD at the Palladium. Also looking for Leave Me Alone, and Uh Uh Uh.

Sun Feb 9 15:04:02 MET 1997

Snapper Earl

From: Rosendale, NY USA
Home page:

Thanks for doing this. I live just a little way from Woodstock and I tend to think of the guys as neighbors. I love The old stuff...but check out "High on the Hog"!!!

Sun Feb 9 04:21:03 MET 1997

Eddie Hodel

From: Queens, New York
Home page:

Thanks Jahn, cheers! This site is truly one of the best resources on the WEB. At 11 years old, my brother took me to the ZIGFELD theater to see "THE LAST WALTZ" and I have been a BAND fan ever sinceI. So, thanks for your efforts and please keep it up!

Sun Feb 9 00:40:43 MET 1997

Scott Bell

From: South Lake Tahoe

Sat Feb 8 19:50:39 MET 1997

John Cassarino

From: Rutland Vermont

Great to see all you Band fans I am not big on the computer but always loves to hear concert dates anyone in VT Ny area call me about them (802)773-6622

Fri Feb 7 21:20:07 MET 1997


From: Norway

Den er meget bra..

Thu Feb 6 17:23:55 MET 1997

Claire Denny

From: Virginia Beach, Va.

Thu Feb 6 03:26:20 MET 1997

Ben Flowers

From: Boca Raton Fl
Home page: Saint Andrew's Home Page

They are by far the purest, most talented band to date.

Wed Feb 5 18:11:55 MET 1997



They chanced the music in a very specilal way. One of mij graetest wishes is to see them live on stage . Listening to them is one of my best plaesures . Will they make a new album?

Wed Feb 5 16:36:12 MET 1997

Kevin Powers

From: Cumberland RI

I enjoy the many memories I have of their music and gigs. I look forward to seeing them when ever they come around.

Wed Feb 5 03:11:21 MET 1997

Richard H. Baker

From: Baltimore, Md.

Check page several times a week. Great job. I am desperately seeking a copy of video Band Live in Japan 1983. I ordered from the Picture Palace, but they wrote back and said it is out of print. Any ideas?

Tue Feb 4 00:47:30 MET 1997


From: texas

wonderful site and sounds! please keep it going for all the obvious and not so obvious reasons. if there's anyway that one may be of assistance just write! Warmest regards, Ben in Austin

Mon Feb 3 17:30:24 MET 1997



I was just curious as to the age range of people that are into The Band, and if many women are because it seems a lot of blokes write into this page who saw the band wgen i was a nipper and too young to even know about them.

Mon Feb 3 07:20:52 MET 1997

George Lembesis

From: Upstate New York, Home of The Band!

Great to hear from all Band fans out there. I've been documenting them (photo and video) for 18 months. Please e-mail me with any comments, questions, or suggestions about photo gallery on Jan's page or anything else. I've met many of you at shows and hope to meet more (don't forget Rick's solo shows). Keep up the good work, Jan!

Mon Feb 3 06:00:08 MET 1997

Stuart Hruska

From: Westchester County, New York

Rick Danko gave two great performances at The Bottom Line in NYC. He was accompanied by Randy Ciarlante, Arron Hurwitz, Ed Karcher and Blondie Chaplin. Like Rick, Blondie is one of the most distinctive voices in rock. The group sang 13 songs the first set and 19 the second. Arron was teriffic on piano and accordian. Rick said he would be back in the Spring with Anderson and Fjeld. It was a great night!

Sun Feb 2 18:03:06 MET 1997

Vebjørn Bråthen

From: Norge

These pages are really good! Can anybody help me with the chords and lyrics for 'Twilight'? Help appreciated!

Sun Feb 2 12:28:53 MET 1997

Kiyotaka Sakurai


Robbie Robertson is great!!

Sun Feb 2 07:35:21 MET 1997


From: Monrovia, Ca.

Richard Manuel is my hero!!!

Sun Feb 2 02:04:18 MET 1997

Snap Eral

From: Kingston, NY USA

Go and buy "Stage Fright" Drink some good liquor. Then turn it way up.

Sat Feb 1 16:31:12 MET 1997

Allan George

Always a pleasure to visit the Band web site.

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