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The Band Guestbook, January 2001

Below are the entries in the Band guestbook from January 1-31, 2001. Entries from the 24th and 25th were lost.

Posted on Wed Jan 31 23:05:06 CET 2001 from (


From: Long Island, NY

David Powell, I know that you were just having fun, but if there are any ridiculous people that think that Robbie Robertson has anything to do with conspiracy connections regarding what you had mentioned, they should think again. He's a bright, thoughtful, intelligent and talented writer and performer. You can see it in his music and writing and who respects him. Creatively, just about every real and true talent. The highest of the high in the entertainment field across the board, I am told. I heard that he is also a very compassionate person, always trying to bring out the best in someone valuable. Hence his music, his celebration of his glorious family heritage and his life should be respected and not have vicious "fluff" spread about even in jest.

Posted on Wed Jan 31 22:41:15 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Yes the state of Georgia has finally altered its Dixie symbol. Non-Georgians may be interested to know that the previous state flag, which prominently displayed the Confederate stars & crossed bars battle emblem, did not date back to the days of the Civil War. Rather, it was adopted in 1956 by the state legislators as a symbol of defiance against the federal government's desegregation efforts. So the intent was not a positive one of honoring the Confederate war dead, but rather a negative expression of racism. Good riddance to such a symbol.

Posted on Wed Jan 31 22:37:28 CET 2001 from (


Hey, I just read on the Rolling Stone website that there is a new 4CD Boxed set celebrating the past 40 yrs of Canadian pop music. Artists include Alannis Morrisette(?), Shania Twain ("Country" star), Neil Young (that one's Ok)and others...but no mention of THE BAND! Disgraceful! Who compiles these things?????? Im not Canadian, but c'mon...! No BAND??? You Canadians should complain, write a nasty letter or something!

Posted on Wed Jan 31 21:51:38 CET 2001 from (


wasn't Annalee the girl that lived next door to Levon's parents farm in Turkey Scratch when he was growing up?

Good idea on the way to watch a football game (well, boring 1/2 time show. I was at my folks for the game- they dont have pink or brown records- next time I'll come prepared.

Saw the new Ga. flag in the paper. It's a nice design, and something that looks like everyone can be proud of. .

enjoyed the houston online piece about the Barnburners. It hinted at something I was thinking the other day, that being that this band is like the Hawks/Band in terms of raw ability and having a front man with vision and experience in Levon, in this day and age just ramblin' from town to town getting the word out grassroots style. Happy Trails y'all- thanks again for comin to our town!

Posted on Wed Jan 31 21:47:40 CET 2001 from (


From: New Zealand
Web page

My guess is that the version of Back To Memphis from WG and the box set is in fact a live version - mainly because it also appeared on To Kingdom Come complete with the same intro and crowd noise - and at that stage there was no reason to pretend it was anything other than what it was. Like Crabgrass I agree that the version from The Band is Back is great if not superior. It has a really good guitar and bass groove and some great harp playing. I don't agree about It Makes No Difference though. The eighties version sounds lame. Ron Eof bass line is different - where Rick sings "where I turn" (or "where Ieee terin") he plays the root note which sounds too obvious and takes the tension out of the music. Rick's vocal isn't as good as earlier versions either. For my money TLW version is still the best.The other gems from Back are King Harvest ,W.S.Walcout and Milk Cow Boogie. Ophelia, Mystery Train and ChestFever don't really cut it.

Posted on Wed Jan 31 21:45:55 CET 2001 from (


From: wherever-ville

Okay, I think I've come away with some interesting lessons this week.

Real Band fans don't watch sports of any kind (i.e. football, basketball, baseball). Hmm, wonder what would happen if Levon or Garth showed up at a hockey game? I know, they'd be worshipped. ::hockey chant:: Let's go The Band! ::clap, clap, clap!:: How about soccer? Horse racing doesn't count because it was mentioned in "Up On Cripple Creek." Wonder how the new XFL will ruflle some feathers.

What is with this? First people put down Van Morrison for the rumored Republican party. Then Dylan wins a Golden Globe and there is speculation that he's souled/sold out. Aerosmith happens to appear on a half-time show and they get criticized not for who they appeared with (The Aack Street Boys, Britney Pickle Spears, and N'Stink) but what they appeared on, The Superbowl! Oh, it's so below anybody to have international exposure! All bands need is bar/club curcuit success!

Next up will be Joni Mitchell singing with a reunited New Kids On The Block at the next Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade!


"Tomatoes shall fly."

Posted on Wed Jan 31 21:34:29 CET 2001 from (

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

Two historic actions have happened this week, first, and I am proud to say, we have voted for a new State Flag, showing the country and the world that yes, We as a people have grown and can no move foward and still keep our heritage.

The second historic event was a replay of how to watch a football game, turn off the sound, put on Big Pink, or The Brown Album, or any Van Morrison, sit back and just enjoy. As to half time and finally to the boredom of a one sided game, just turn off the TV, the music is still going and the enjoyment never ends.

Posted on Wed Jan 31 21:10:37 CET 2001 from (

Joe D

II am a musician,songwriter,who has been a Band freak since 1968.Along with Van they influenced my work and my life. I was fortunate to write four songs on Paul Butterfields final album and through my friendship with Paul came to know Rick and later Louie.I have finished a cd which is very strongly Band influenced. The material is strong and if you like accordian mandolin Appalachian harmonies and cajun feels pick one up. I have already sold a couple through this site with a money back guarantee, and I'm pleased to know that both parties have enjoyed it..If your interested I am selling them on this site for $10 plus shipping. I will send them out first and if your happy send me the dough.If not send back the cd...I trust you.Rick heard the roughs before he passed and liked them very much. Give it a shot. contact

Posted on Wed Jan 31 20:50:29 CET 2001 from (

lyn turem

hi, i wonder if anyone knows who "annalee" is (the weight)? i know, i may be a little behind here, but then i usually am.

Posted on Wed Jan 31 20:42:42 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

It was on a Monday night in 1974. The scene was almost too surreal to imagine. John Lennon was attending his first American football game and was seated next to Ronald Reagan. The then-former governor had his arm around Lennon and was explaining the intricacies of the game to him. Having once played the role of "The Gipper" in the movie "The Knute Rockne Story", Gov. Reagan was an expert on the subject of football, at least in the eyes of the voters. John Lennon later went up to the broadcasting booth to be briefly interviewed by Howard Cosell. Frank Gifford was relegated to interviewing Reagan.

In November of 1980, Reagan was elected President of The United States, in a landslide victory over Jimmy Carter. Five years earlier, The Band had recorded "Georgia" as a favor for the previous Carter campaign. A month after Reagan's election, John Lennon was assassinated by a deranged young man from Georgia. Months later, another crazed young man, John Hinkley, Jr., unsuccessfully tried to assassinate President Reagan. Mr. Hinkley it seems was obsessed with the actress Jodie Foster and was trying to impress her. Ms. Foster had recently completed a movie in which she acted opposite Robbie Robertson. Although some guestbook readers may assert that Mr. Robertson provoked Hinkley's actions, I myself do not ascribe to that particular conspiracy theory.

Just thought I'd have some fun and try to tie all these loose guestbook threads together. Now back to your regular programing.

Posted on Wed Jan 31 20:09:28 CET 2001 from (


From: Rhinebeck

A bit of ancient history that seems relevant in view of one of the current threads:

Early summer of '72, I hung around with a bunch of people in Eastchester, NY, including a young lady whose brother was a drummer in a band up in Boston. Word came down that the band was going to play at Max's Kansas City downtown, and that Columbia Records would be scouting them that night. A bunch of us went down to see the show. I was turned off almost immediately. The lead singer looked like a cheap Mick Jagger imitation, and they had a sound I just couldn't get into. I'm sitting there thinking "these guys better not quit their day jobs, they're going nowhere".

After the show, we go to the Ramada Inn on 8th Avenue and partied with the guys into the wee hours, which was a lot more fun than the show. Punch line is, the band was Aerosmith, and the rest is history. Still wouldn't open my window if they were playing in my backyard. Shows you what I know.

Posted on Wed Jan 31 17:41:37 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

In 1999 Mercury re-released Levon's Jesse James record along with the White Mansions release. However, this time they included a bonus track from Jesse James called (I think) "The Train Robbery". My question is this ...does Levon play on this track?? How about Emmylou??

Posted on Wed Jan 31 17:34:53 CET 2001 from (

Mike Carrico

Carmela - thanks for the spelling correction, but the change does not improve their sound...goes to show how closely I've followed their career - must remember to keep Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll in closer proximety for future posts. On the other hand, maybe I'm confusing them with Sinclair Lewis, who was a bust when he opened for Teddy Dreiser back in '25.

Posted on Wed Jan 31 16:47:07 CET 2001 from (


From: west Fla.

.glad Mike isn't a fan of Arrowsmith'. Hey Mike maybe you'll like "Aerosmith' instead. Now the halftime show was bad , but not as bad as when Michael Jackson stood there frozen. Now that was a 'show' . Sad but true.

Posted on Wed Jan 31 16:32:23 CET 2001 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Doing your taxes during the Superbowl is an excellent alternative - now if they'd just move that game up to April 15th I'd give it a shot myself.

The best REALLY live versions of "Back to Memphis" are on the videos from the reunited Band's early '80s tour with the Cate Brothers Band. Also, Rick's singing of "It Makes No Difference" is vastly improved from the original Band studio version - and the music is superior too!

Posted on Wed Jan 31 16:21:50 CET 2001 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Since Back to Memphis came up, and has been revealed as a studio recording, here's a question I have for everyone: why on earth wasn't Back to Memphis used to kick off the Moondog Matinee album? I think there's general agreement that it's one of their best cover versions ever, and if it's a studio recording it must be from the Moondog sessions or even earlier, right? I seem to remember RR in Hoskyns lamenting that Moondog was being perceived as an "oldies" album rather than as a more deliberate artistic statement...and much as I like Ain't Got No Home, as an album opener it definitely has more of a lazy/feel-good sound to it that I think only reinforces that negative perception. Any thoughts?

Posted on Wed Jan 31 16:14:35 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa

Brien Sz,
Your post says it all. Unfortunately it says exactly what I abhor about the industry and the likes of Aerosmith and countless others.Your attempt to qualify the point with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's likely endorsement is as shallow as the band we are discussing since the H of F is an even more ludicrous industry creation. Being "businessmen" does not mean you move beyond reproach.Have you ever noticed that , oft times , a product of very high quality can bring wonderful monetary reward based solely on its own merit? It always feels right when I see that success minus the shameless huckstering. Quality may well be impossible to define but we clearly recognize it when we see it.

Dave Z,
Your supposition concerning Levon, Robbie and Britney Spears reminds me of Wilt Chamberlain's response to a sportswriter saying "If you were surrounded with as many great players as Bill Russell was you may have won just as many titles".

Wilt's response....

"yeah, and if you're Aunt had balls she'd be your Uncle."

Posted on Wed Jan 31 15:58:53 CET 2001 from (

Mike Carrico

From: Georgia

I had the "pleasure" of seeing Arrowsmith when they opened for The Band at Cap Center in DC ('74 or '75)...had no idea who they were but immediately became concerned when their appearance on stage was accompanied by the fog machine. There were some in the crowd who knew them but most were there to see The Band, and many were not shy about expressing their opinion loudly (and no, they weren't yelling "Bruce"). Their drummer responded by hitting the snare with his head a few times at the beggining of his solo, but unfortunately remained concious. When The Band followed they seemed like choirboys. Arrowsmith underwhelms me as much today as they did then, and it seems to me they are a perfect match for the bloated, style over substance Stupor Bowl.

Posted on Wed Jan 31 15:17:57 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Hank, I thought you asked for verification if Lennon "co-hosted" Monday Night Football from anyone who saw him on it. You also used Back To Memphis as an example of what a great live band the Band was-- which I agree with you 1000%.

Posted on Wed Jan 31 13:19:15 CET 2001 from (


From: Cork City
Web page

PAT BRENNAN....I just wanted to illustrate how Lennon was INVOLVED with American football ALREADY, albeit in a very small way, since someone suggested that if The Beatles were still a live functioning band after all these years that THEY woulda played half-time at The Superbowl.........Also.....I DON'T CARE whether or not "Back To Memphis" is 'really' live or not.......even if it's just a buncha overdubs or if it's a studio recording with audience sounds overdubbed. I DON'T CARE!!!!!.....what I LOVE is the SOUND of the drums and cymbals kicking into the guitar and the authority of Levons voice...." I was struggling uphill, trying to make a livin'"......on that track IDENTIFIED as "BACK TO MEMPHIS" from Watkins Glen......O Mama can this REALLY be the END to stuck inside The GB with The Back to Memphis Blues again..........

Funny thing about Aerosmith to me is........I think they've actually gotten BETTER with the years........I've seen videos of 'em when they were all coked up and wasted and thought they a bad mix of The Stones and Led Zeppelin....not funky...yeeeeeuch!!!!.......but as the years went by.....I always liked "Walk this Way" w/ Run DMC and stuff like "Dude looks like a lady" and that one where, in the video, Tyler walks out with different bodies attached to his head whilst he sang the song......kinda like TLW in a way, if ya know what I mean.....TLW was different heads attached to the BODY of The Band..........Yeah?.....nah, probably not......

The Band used to play Football in between takes (tokes?).....I've seen photos of Garth and Levon throwing a ball.....actually Garth KICKING a Football, if my memory serves me well..........This whole Superbowl thing reminds me of a few months ago when we was ALL upset at spotting RR at a B Ball game......remember that?

Posted on Wed Jan 31 13:12:10 CET 2001 from (

Redhouse Roy

From: Kingston,NY

"Rock Is Dead"? Don't forget the trivial tripe that was in the industry during "THE BAND'S" heyday.... (The Osmonds, Jackson 5, Brady Bunch Kids, Di Franco Family et al, ad nauseum.) (Boy bands from 30 years ago! ! ) It would have been the world's worst tragedy to see "The Weight" performed with Donny Osmond and Michael Jackson in 1972. But thank god history cannot be rewritten..... Aerosmith may have the corporate bucks in their pockets, but our own Mr. Dylan plays "corporate" events... There's still good rock around, Neil Young, Moe, The Black Crowes, etc etc as well as our own Garth,Levon and Louie.... Rock on peoples. .......Royboy

Posted on Wed Jan 31 13:02:31 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Tommy: You have to remember the "Survivor" show is purely for entertainment. I really enjoyed the first one, but have no interest in watching the second one. The "real" survivors are all the folks who get up and go to work each day, raise their kids, pay their bills, and keep from going insane through it all. Every one of us still on "the island" is truly a survivor.

Also, I'm not a football fan, but judging from the posts in here...I'm glad I didn't even watch the "entertainment". Did my taxes that night instead. I will say, however, that with some of the "music" kids listen to these days, N-sync is one of the least damaging in my opinion. I have 2 kids in that age group, and I'm glad they listen to N-sync and Backstreet Boys and not Eminem or something.

Nope..nothing Band related here I guess. Does it count that I'm listening to "Times Like These" as I type this? Hope so..cause that's all I got for today.

Have a good day everyone. Hug Jan.

Posted on Wed Jan 31 11:08:22 CET 2001 from (

Tommy (again...)

Oh yeah...that 'Survivor' show is the worst, un-imaginative piece of crap( I wanna say shit...Oops, I just did)on the airwaves.TV is shitty already, now they gotta put this junk on??? I 'm happy to say Ive never seen a single episode of that mind-draining show! I dont have to watch it, its EVERYWHERE...! Like a bad rash!I hope someone breaks a leg or something on that island, or wherever it is! It just sickens me... what a waste of time...Im VENTING!!!!! HELP!!!!!.............

Ok, Im okay now...but I still despise that friggin' show (I want to say fuckin'...Oops, I just did).Bye.


Posted on Wed Jan 31 10:58:12 CET 2001 from (


Ok, here goes...

Aerosmith and those other people performing together;Miss Spears' ass saved that debacle (if you had the sound down)! One sweet piece, indeed! When's her "singing" career gonna end so she can do porno???heh heh heh. And Aerosmith/Run DMC was probably the last really cool thing that band did (and I like them!!!).

For all the people here that are worried about the state of rock&roll, check out RADIOHEAD.It might not be the cup of tea for everyone here, but do yourself a favor and give 'em a shot. They're GREAT musicians with integrity and soul...What rock&roll should be. Great songs too, complete with feeling and meaning and loud guitars!!! And they take creative chances...give a listen!

Posted on Wed Jan 31 09:01:17 CET 2001 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Is there some internet interference causing The Band and George Harrison websites to co-mingle? If so, I hope the problem can be rectified.

Anyway, back to the Superbowl - am pleased to see that a few other posters think that football is a stupid as I do. However, I happened to stop into a pizza parlour the other night just as the half-time "entertainment" came on (fortunately, the sound was turned down real low) but I thought the dynamic camera shots of 'N Sync were absolutely fabulous!! Those guys really dance up a storm!

And regarding Robbie - I don't think without his Band credentials that he'd have ever even gotten a recording contract for his solo stuff. (Am glad to see my angst is not unappreciated btw.)

Posted on Wed Jan 31 07:11:46 CET 2001 from (


From: The winterland(back o' the tetons!)

BEG- are you sure you're not just making this up?(chuckle)I feel great today, and possibly tomorrow as well!

Posted on Wed Jan 31 06:17:42 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

When Eric Clapton was working on Harrison's "All Things Must Pass" Dave Mason (a former member of Traffic) was also recruited. He contributed to the Harrison recording as a second guitarist. He only was present for a brief time because he had to promote his own solo record.

When they made their first official appearance at the Lyceum Ballroom in London on June 14, 1970 just before the band went on stage Clapton decided they needed a name.

"Tony Ashton, a longtime Clapton associate, suggested that they call Clapton's band Del and the Dominos, Del being his nickname for Clapton. Del and Eric were combined and the band had a name - Derek and the Dominos.

Apparently Clapton's problems began during the making of "All Things Must Pass". Clapton and Harrison were the best of friends who saw a lot of each other, especially after the disintegration of their respective bands. Harrison had even written "Here Comes The Sun" while one day sitting in the garden of Clapton's mansion at Hurtwood Edge. Clapton was later contacted to work on Harrison's follow up recording (working title of "The Magic Is Back") but this recording never materialised......

Posted on Wed Jan 31 05:19:09 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: parts unknown

Peter Viney = YES! it bothered me too that the title of the album was not on the side of the All Things Must Pass CD. I spun it around thinking that it MUST be there somewhere - but no.

Bones = You're right - it is Levon's beef about the songwriting credit. I guess it's a matter of opinion how much input into a song one has to contribute before they are credited with having written part of it. RR and LH apparantly have different thoughts on this. I think John Simon touched on this in his interview that was put on this site a while back. Hell, Ringo thought up the title "Hard Days Night" - should the credit be Lennon\McCartney\Starkey? - I don't know....BUT - I don't want to be the one to fire up the feud again

Tommy = I didn't realize that Clapton was not credited on the original ATMP CD. I wonder why, since he was credited on the album. I know he wasn't credited on the White Album, and George had to be L'Angelo Mysterioso when he played on Badge.

Brien Sz = The Beatles would not have played that superbowl gig - certainly not for the money. They were offered 50 million bucks in 1976 to reunite for one concert, and they said "no thanks".

I thought the superbowl show was pretty cool actually. Aerosmith clearly showed that they were THE band onstage. Joe Perry played those leads right on too. I have two kids that LOVE N'Sync, so I've actually been exposed to thier music more than I would have liked. I also watched them on Larry King Live with my kids. They actually seem (N'Sync)like decent kids with better attitudes than alot of the bozos out there today. I was actually impressed with how they talked about songwriting and how they feel about working on their music. They also harmonize well. Now don't panic and throw me off the Band site. I'm in no hurry to put on an N'Sync CD. I just think that they might be a slight cut above the likes of that other guy who came out during Walk This Way and grabbed his weenie for all of us to see....... I just thought that the mixing of the generations was pretty cool to watch, and that m-m-m-m-my generation (Aerosmith) showed who's got the goods.......BTW, I thought the video with Aerosmith and Run DMC doing Walk This Way was a blast. Has there been a band - like Aerosmith - that has managed to land on it's feet with all the original members ALIVE? Good for them.(even though most of them did thier darndest to wake up in the morning dead).

Posted on Wed Jan 31 05:02:14 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Hank, Lennon was simply a guest on Monday Night Football, and wasn't on for that long. And, I hate to burst your bubble, but I doubt that Back To Memphis on Watkins Glen is a live recording.

Posted on Wed Jan 31 04:57:55 CET 2001 from (

Richard Patterson

From: St Kitts

Well, I wasn't lucky (?) enough to catch Aerosmith at the 'Bowl, but I find the ruminations here on art and industry to be very interesting... I don't buy this "Rock is Dead" and "everybody's a sellout these days" stuff... IMO Rock and Roll has been a sellout ever since Elvis sang to a basset hound on the Steve Allen Show. The Who "Sold Out" in 1967. It seems to me that manipulating a public image isn't considered selling out until the artist does something that contradicts that image... I think a lot of the mystique surrounding Dylan and the Band is due to their ability to manufacture a public persona that fits the songs. These guys play their parts well.. and sure enough have movie careers... I just happen to respond to this style more favorably than other styles... (Must be how I was brought up). To paraphrase Jerry Garcia... We've been willing to sellout for years, but nobody's been buying!

HANK: I remember Lennon doing a week as co-host of Mike Douglas.

Posted on Wed Jan 31 04:48:27 CET 2001 from (


It's too bad Nelly Furtado (Whoa!) didn't play at the halftime blowout. Robbie probably would have played the guitar behind her, would have danced with Joe Perry, probably in leather pants, then sang with N'Sync. And we all know he has no problem with the lip syncing thing.

I'm pulling (so to speak) for Jerri on the Survivor thing. I think that's her name - the actress. I like her, she seems sleazy and underhanded. I'm gonna marry her. God help us all if that obnoxious New York broad wins it.

Posted on Wed Jan 31 04:44:01 CET 2001 from (


From: Beale Street......Wearing My Pyjamas.......
Web page

Well now, BRIAN Sz.....and everyone else!!!......with regards to The Beatles and American Pro football ........John Lennon was a co-host with Howard Cosell once...........Lennon on Monday Night Football.....I'm sure BAYOU SAM or CRABBY probably could verify this........I dunno but there's probably some of you actually heard it back in '74..........Again, John Lennon THERE before anyone point in doing The Superbowl after that.......and did someone say Areosmith needed EXPOSURE?.......Lennon went out to MILLIONS of Americans when he did that......and he did'nt even have to sing or tune a guitar......when Lennon died , Howard Cosell was the first person to tell the nation.......No, there's really no need for the Beatles to play The Superbowl........ELVIS woulda done a GREAT Superbowl!!!!.....Actually, The Beatles are gonna play a gig for Queen Elizabeth II's Jubilee next year....which is KINDA like The Superbowl, in terms of exposure.....I seen it last night on a TV Top 30 show while they showed a piece of "Get Back", yes I did............It would'nt happen if Lennon was still alive, I to the IRA.........handing back The MBE......Man, you've been a Naughty Boy............The BAND woulda KICKED ASS at a Superbowl if they had been hip enuff to get 'em when they was Rockin and Rollin...........actually, with or without RR.........The BAND came out and played "Back To Memphis" in front of 600,000 people at Watkins Glen......The Superbowl woulda been a piece of Cake after that.....I can't get over that version of "Back to Memphis". Mother of Mercy in Heaven Above Tonight!!!! Was there EVER a more Rockin Live band on The Land like The Band......before or since?........Nah..........I love watchin The Beatles on The Roof.....I really DO.......but, y'know what?.....they was just tryin' to be The Band..........ain't I right?......I said, ain't I right? Sisters and Brothers on The GB!!!!........Good Night!!!!!!!

Posted on Wed Jan 31 04:21:12 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Yeah yeah, Walk This Way... If Robbie and Levon had teamed up for a version of Life Is A Carnival with Britney... I bet all you Muddy Waters disciples who own tapes of the Band backing Tiny Tim would have fired up your VCR players quicker than... well, the Barnburners melt snow in Texas...

Posted on Wed Jan 31 04:12:11 CET 2001 from (


From: wyoming
Web page

A bit surprised today to see the critique of the Yawnbowl halftime show. I think that this guestbook is a far TOO CLASSY of a place to even MENTION the likes of B******* or N'**** We are certainly all entitled to our opinion though, and I don't deny that. Just that the mention of those 'musicians' in here, of all placed, made me laugh.

Laughing is a good thing, though


Posted on Wed Jan 31 03:17:46 CET 2001 from (


From: Tx

I have to say--was it REALLY that big of a deal for Aerosmith to perform one song with 'N Sync and Britney Spears? It was obvious to me that the group didn't give a shit about Britney or 'N Sync being up there--I'm sure they got paid a lot to do it, and who cares? I don't think it says anything at all about their music or about rock music today. Aerosmith may not be as eloquent or musically talented as The Band, but they've never been in the same league. They're just doing their thing, and I think they're still doing it pretty well.

Yes, Britney was really embarrassing, and 'N Sync was ridiculous. But it was one song, and really, it was the SUPERBOWL. What do you expect?

Posted on Wed Jan 31 02:45:26 CET 2001 from (

bennie ruben

From: Newport Folk Fest

I thought Areosmith did a good job at the superbowl, good musical segways,from the boy band,to their tunes, and the great Walk this Way tune, that was at the forefront of todays popular rapping rockers style.I know it's not a style that we all like to listen to but I liked what they did.They had to try and reach a vast audience. Personally the commercial with the dog eating all the food in the fridge, and a good blues band would have been just fine for a half time show.Anyway what part of Britney walkin that way didn't we like.

Posted on Wed Jan 31 02:41:19 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: where money matters

Like Aerosmiths performance was a surprise! Please, they sold out ages ago! They wipe their asses with tens and throw 'em out the window as they drive by in their limo's laughing all the way at that 'rock artist crap'. The Art is in making the MONEY! and they are Picasso's at it. And when they accept there entrance into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, they will rock the house--people will be dancin' in the isle and other folks will be talkin' about what an all-time great band they were/are.

Can you truly tell me if the Beatles were around today that would not have been them on stage--they may have been musicians but they are business men to..,

Travesty or not, Rock is Dead--Money is All! Very few people have enough resistance to the power of the all mighty dollar--so submit my friends into the mind numbing lifeless noise that is music today. Now rub your hands together and in an evil sounding voice go-- Ha HA HA HA HA Ha Ha Ha Haaaaa--

Posted on Wed Jan 31 02:27:19 CET 2001 from (


I too was let down by Areosmith's performance at the Superbowl.There was a time when they were a fave of mine...and lest we forget Sting played the pregame show. I think they had him slotted between an expose' on tailgate parties and an in depth profile of the peanut vendors...6 hours is too much pregame...I'm pulling for the singer/songwriter[ pulling for one of my own] on Survivor although that bikini top makes a strong case for Kimmi.

Pete Viney: I thought at first Nelly was Nelly Furtado, had the hammer out and was getting ready to smash the T.V. and then the rap guy came out. We get Nelly Furtado'd to death up here[She comes from these parts ya know], She's getting a huge push and I guy can't flip on the tube with out hearing that infernal "I'm like a bird" song of her's. I hope Robbie will give her something better to sing soon...Peace Cupid

Posted on Tue Jan 30 23:44:01 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

I’m trying to follow this discussion from the brief clips on English TV. Was Britney Spears playing for Baltimore or New York? What about Aerosmith? They said it was the greatest final ever, but with all that gear on I couldn’t tell which one Britney (sic)was. And David spelled her name correctly (or at least normally) which she is unable to do. Good job it wasn’t Nelly Whoever from Dreamworks or we might have got Robbie there as well.

Posted on Tue Jan 30 22:46:35 CET 2001 from (


From: texas

I'm with David and Bob on the superbowl. I was amazed how quickly I reached to the remote to turn the sound off and watched with one eye, embarrased for Aerosmith and Rock in general. Are these Boy bands gonna be in the hall of fame in a few years? Phooey. I've said it before, If you dont rock you dont belong there. Rock is in sad shape. Thank god for Levon. I'm still buzzin from the show. I was swingin' so hard on the way home I heard the blues in the hissing of the tires and the wind whistling in the window cracks.

Posted on Tue Jan 30 22:36:27 CET 2001 from (


Bob and David: Not liking football, particularly the four-downs variety, I didn't watch any of the game. But channel-surfing caused me to drop in on Aerosmith. I'd say that it was indeed crass, but still better than the Aerosmith / Run-DMC version. But all those poor young men pulling at their penis tips like they had to pee really really badly. Reminder: an Aerosmith / Band connection is provided by Scott Cushnie, who played on "Toys In The Attic" and toured with them around that time.

Posted on Tue Jan 30 22:34:16 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

With another "Last Waltz", all things did pass. It was 32 years ago today that the Beatles (along with Billy Preston) played together live for the last time. Their 42 minute gig, on the roof of Apple headquarters in London, was cut short by the police who'd received a complaint about "a not so beautiful noise". Neil Diamond wasn't there, but Neil Aspinall was.

Posted on Tue Jan 30 21:14:30 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa

I could not agree more. That was a nauseating display. Whatever the amount of the compensation you can be sure it isn't enough to buy back anything resembling their pride. It never fails to make my head spin when I hear them referred to as the "greatest American Rock and Roll band".

If reality is that they're the best we can muster-- I'd forfeit the tournament.

Posted on Tue Jan 30 20:58:37 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn

Bayou Sam; Clapton is credited on the original 1970 vinyl-release of 'All Things Must Pass' ..he's not credited on the original cd release. Now, the first version I saw of that record was the cd release, as I wasn't born when the album first came out. When I busted out my Uncle Joe's original LP, I saw all the "missing" stuff I didnt have on the the lyrics, different record sleeves (with the different titles for each side), and , to my suprise, Clapton's credit.If I never saw an original copy of the Lp, I'd have never known EC played on the album (until years later when I was able to spot his style). Hope I cleared things up...


Posted on Tue Jan 30 20:57:18 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Speaking of playing the game -- I thought this past Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show was atrocious. Aerosmith certainly hit a new low by letting kitche'N Sync, Brittany Spears & that rapper perform & DANCE(!) with them. That had to have been the epitome of compromizing one's music for money. If advertising for the Super Bowl cost $2.35 million for a 30-second ad, I wonder what Aerosmith got paid for that performance. Walk this way indeed.

Posted on Tue Jan 30 20:33:46 CET 2001 from (


From: The Playground in CORK
Web page

RR plays GREAT Rock'n'Roll Guitar........these days tho' he plays The Game.....that's why he is where he is....he plays the Music/Entertainment Biz Game.......Rick Richard Garth and Levon never REALLY played the game.......Levon DID get into movies, OK.....but them boys never played the game the way RR plays it.........The music Biz HATES you if you don't Play The Game .....It LOVES you if you DO.....It LOVES you if you Break rules and Make NEW Rules, Too.........Some People have other people to play the game for them......managers.....Dylan dos''nt REALLY play the game...although it's obvious someone is playing it for him....Dylan's GREAT at breakin' them rules, they really love him in the biz......Am I makin' any sense or progress here?........I might add, there's nothing really WRONG with playing the game.......except if your music and performance suffer or are overly compromised....that's a matter of personal taste, I 'spose......I gotta go play a game, I mean, a gig...see ya later.......

Posted on Tue Jan 30 20:18:18 CET 2001 from (

Bob R

Anyone know if Bobby Keys one & only solo album still available anywhere ? I know it was released at least twice- once on a major label & once on Ringo Starrs short-lived label--anybody ever heard it ? Ringo & George are on it--

also-- just got the re-released 'All Things must Pass"--what a delight to hear that again--Harrison obviously had a ball repackaging it--looks good, sounds great, and I like the new tracks too

Posted on Tue Jan 30 18:59:38 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

Crabgrass: I think there would still be Band fans if their catalog started with Moondog Matinee. The fact is that they played better than almost everyone. Critics would have treated the latter records much differently since they would not have to compare them to the first two records.

Bayou Sam: Your post about Charlie and Ringo is absolutely correct, but my point is that they , like Levon, were involved with the arraingement of the songs. After Mick and Keith get the "basics" of a song together, they take it to Charlie BEFORE the rest of the band to see if it is going to work. Granted, Charlie doesn't complain about royalties, but this is primarily Levon's beef, for he would say that Charlie deserves a songwriting credit for this.

Posted on Tue Jan 30 18:03:55 CET 2001 from (


From: northern New Mexico

The Barn Burners played at the Paramount in Santa Fe last night and knocked us all out, even though they had the devil's own time coming in from Texas in the snowstorm of the year. Chris said they thought they were going to see cactus and desert and instead got a foot of snow, making them feel right at home. It was a nice spin to put on what I know was a dreadful trip. But they are true road warriors and the show was wonderful. Bobby Keys had lots of family from Albuquerque in the house and he did not disappoint them. Levon did a little showing off also, looking more and more like Stonewall Jackson or one of those Southern generals on a mission. . he's got that wild look in his eye. We don't see much doghouse bass playing out here in the hinterlands, so Frankie's energetic presentation was a hit. Amy was in fine voice and the crowd was clearly impressed with her also. Pat and Chris are two of the most attractive men out there, in addition to being enormously talented musically. And what can I say about Butch, who is a sweetheart and maybe the hardest working man in show business. He's always minding all those endless details that allow the rest of us to enjoy how it all comes together sometimes, like last night. Such a great night, we were lucky they graced us with their presence.

Posted on Tue Jan 30 16:27:19 CET 2001 from (

Dave the Phone Guy

From: Mono Lake


That couple may have been cured but they looked a whole lot better in the before picture.

Who needs that elixer?

What's new what's new what's new

Posted on Tue Jan 30 15:25:56 CET 2001 from (


From: Long Island

There are two reasons to pull out "Islands", "Georgia" and the original version of "Christmas Must Be Tonight". That is my all-time favorite holiday tune.

Posted on Tue Jan 30 13:58:34 CET 2001 from (

Markku (Quos)

Web page

While I rank the 90's records quite high, I must say that they would not be enough to call me a fan. The first 3 solo, NLSC and the recordings with Dylan (all of them!) make me addicted. Of the solowork, I really like them all (well, umm..., Garth's Our Lady Queen is something I don't listen that much on a regular basis).

Robbie's influence on Daniel Lanois was mentioned. I think it was other way round, in that it was Lanois who had a huge impact on the sound on Robbie's first solo. Much of it was gone in the later albums.

Ilkka's Dog, how do I order?

Posted on Tue Jan 30 12:54:19 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

All Things Must Pass: The cardboard box returns to the original vinyl issue which was also in a card box, and is much nicer than the double jewel case the CDs came in last time around. But am I alone in finding it annoying to have no label on the box spine? You might say “Put it next to another George Harrison” but the only other one I have is the last All Things Must Pass CD set, which I might as well dispose of. And with my declining memory, I probably won’t be able to find the unlabelled box at all in a few years time. The sound isn’t a dramatic “lifting of the veil” (as early 80s CD adverts used to say), but it is improved and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing it again.

Jimmy Smith’s “” is an enjoyable new album, where Jimmy Smith reminds us that every organist basically copied his sound in the years B.G. (Before Garth). There are some nice sits in from Taj Mahal, Dr John and Etta James and great Hammond playing in traditional Hammond style.

Posted on Tue Jan 30 12:48:54 CET 2001 from (


From: PA

I too listen to Rick's first and Storyville as much as other BAND CD's. I often think about what these two would have been like with the entire BAND. Hey Crabby, I became a BAND fan after I discovered RR. There are some who were not around or old enough to have been an "original fan".

Getting back to Rick's first-I think most of the songs were up to par and better then some of the latter BAND songs. Why weren't these included on Islands. Is it possible that some were recorded and never used? I would love to see them turn up on the remasters!

Posted on Tue Jan 30 12:39:46 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Ilkka: Clicked on your webpage and had a nice morning laugh. Love the sunglasses! Where can I get a pair? You can however, keep the Norwegian fish oil. Yuk. :-)

Dennis: Also loved your post about getting on the geriatric mailing lists. I'm 10 years younger than you, but I keep getting advertisements in the mail for cemetary plots :-)

Hugs to my Mickey buddies down south...and a biiig one to Jan, without whom...Dr. Ilkka would be out of business :-) Have a good day everyone.

Posted on Tue Jan 30 10:39:51 CET 2001 from (

Ilkka's Dog

From: pink doghouse
Web page

Is your neighbour addict. The help is near. Just click Web page.

Posted on Tue Jan 30 06:08:32 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Brian Sz, the beauty of opinions is we all have them.

I watched Ken Burns's Jazz for the first time tonight. It was pretty good although his explication of Kind Of Blue had more than a number of inaccuracies.

Of more interest was a Great Performances special on Aaron Copland. In a strange way, Copland has more in common with The Band than one might think. Copland studied in Europe but spent a great deal of time searching for an "American" sound. At the time, most American composers aped Europeans. Copland first messed with jazz rhythms ala Gershwin, and in that vein produced some interesting music. But it wasn't until he began to search out rather out of the way folk/mountain music--primarily through the Library of Congress's efforts to document and record the stuff--that Copland discovered his voice. I'm struck by the LoC's effect on Copland as it is mirrored by Harry Smith's effect on the late 50's folkies--including Bob--and the continued influence on the recording in a certain Pink house in Woodstock. In the same way Copland discovered his voice by hearing out of the way mountain/folk courtesy the LoC, The Band found their voices--through Dylan and beyound--by hearing Harry Smith's similiar efforts.

Posted on Tue Jan 30 04:43:28 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: where the one ring rules them all..,

Even though I will buy the upcoming reissues.., I just happen to think you can fit the best of the rest after Stage Fright onto one cd. Since I don't have albums it's been years since i've listened to NLSC, Islands, Moon Dog.., maybe i'll have a change of heart.

I've been listening to Jericho a lot lately and man! does that cd hold its own. Like fine wine i tell ya!

As far as I think (and that just depends)the last 3 Band cd's are better than the final 3 from the 70's. The 90's collection is more focused-solid-and rocks more! And if I had to turn someone onto the Band based on the mid 70's work or 90's work---Hands down, the 90's! (did i stress the 90's enough)

If you had to pick one solo project by the boys to listen to--what would it be? For me it's coin toss between Ricks first and Storyville..,

Posted on Tue Jan 30 03:00:03 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: places I remember

I pretty much agree with Tommy's review of the All Things Must Pass re-issue. George "cleaned" up the sound nicely without taking away from the original sound. I think that the color cover is cool. The original photos ARE in there Tommy - the B&W cover, and the pic. that was the poster in the original album. The alternate photos are nice too..... My Sweet Lord 200 is a little weak. I found myself wanting to hear the original guitar lead - but, at the same time it was cool to hear George put all those new slide fills in.I also like the added singer with George..... I went and looked at an old copy of the record and it HAS Clapton credited as playing guitar. Maybe he wasn't on the very first pressings. Also, I seem to have heard at one time that Peter Frampton is on the album, but I see no mention of him. Anyone else know about this?....The funniest bit in the new liner notes is George saying that Phil Collins is apparantly playing congas on "The Art of Dying" - and after 30 years, he gives Phil the credit. BTW, I think that's one of the best songs on the album.

Am I the only one who DOSEN'T watch survivor?

Rollie = good! glad to hear it. But shouldn't it be "friggin good"? :-)

Bob R = I know what you mean about the "who died" thing when you hear alot of one person on the radio. Ever since Dec. 1980 (Lennon), I think that.

Bones = I don't think Ringo and Charlie are strapped for cash - or feel that they didn't get credit where it was due.

Dennis = I loved your story about finding The Band in that mag. :-)

Posted on Tue Jan 30 01:53:23 CET 2001 from (


From: NZ
Web page

Would there be any band fans today if they had only recorded Jericho, High on the Hog and Jubilation? Would Levon be remembered on the basis of his 4 albums and Rick on his?

Posted on Tue Jan 30 01:19:50 CET 2001 from (


Yeah! And besides, I think maybe if Robbie WASN'T an established artist, his solo records might have gotten a lot more attention than they have. If RR was the first album, and "Storyville" was the sophmore, then the Native Americans... he'd be the critics' darling. Those records (or whatever - 78's) are a lot better than some things by the current "next big things."

Posted on Tue Jan 30 00:42:22 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Crabby, with much love I would take you to task. I listen to Storyville as often as I listen to Band albums, and I listen to NLSC as often as I listen to Stage Fright. Admitting to a minority position, I still like Cahoots. I think Islands has a couple of nice things on it, but I generally pull it out just to hear Georgia. A lot of people here like Moondog Matinee and bless'em for it.

I do however admire your unremitting angst.

Posted on Mon Jan 29 23:06:33 CET 2001 from (


From: The Front Lawn

I would boot the diehard Robbie fans off of the site. Robbie would have practically no fans at all if not for his early (though undeniably great) work with The Band. BTW didn't the whole dreadful "survivor" idea evolve from the dreadful Islands album?

And would there be any Band fans at all today if they had only recorded Moondog Matinee, Cahoots, Northern Lights Southern Cross, and the previously mentioned abysmally awful Islands?

Posted on Mon Jan 29 22:25:16 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Bones: One of the interesting things about the Clinton Heylin biography of Dylan (Behind The Shades – Take Two) is the question of why Dylan’s recordings with The Band in late 65 were rejected. I mentioned this in my country article, but the fact that only Robbie was invited to Nashville for “Blonde on Blonde” must have changed the dynamics (status/leadership thing). On the 66 tour he was playing (some) stuff he’d recorded; the others were covering. As Robbie & Levon were the only two Hawks who did Forest Hills and Hollywood Bowl, then maybe Levon would’ve been invited to Nashville too. As it was, I reckon by the time he returned, nearer two years later than one, the role of leader was certainly unspoken but not unrealized.

On that era and Heylin, Brown Eyed Girl’s selection of five songwriters (Marley / Van M / Dylan / Lou Reed / Robbie) is near impeccable, though I’d be concerned at having to exclude Paul Simon. And while “The Bang Masters” isn’t the highpoint of Van’s career, but it does have the namecheck! Anyway, Heylin has this to say on Lou Reed in late 1965 (well, the Velvets actually):

HEYLIN: “Aronowitz … took Robertson down to check out the competition (The Velvet Underground). Robertson hated them, presumably convinced that there was a distinction between noise and dissonance. And yet he may have taken something from the experience – the element of threat that had been missing from the Hawks music at Berkeley (65), but all too real in Manchester and Liverpool (66).”

Q’s Best 50 Rock Books in the latest issue is a poor selection, missing Levon’s autobiography, Hoskyn’s book on The Band and Murray on John Lee Hooker.

Posted on Mon Jan 29 22:09:18 CET 2001 from (

Gus Gus

Does Amy perform solo during the week in New York (city)?

Posted on Mon Jan 29 22:02:23 CET 2001 from (

Laura Holt Lorfing

From: Austin

Adella Cabillo...I think I met you at "The Mucky Duck" for the Barnburner Show. I was in the green maternity top. My friend Kim Oliver was at your table speaking to the couple you were with. I think we said hello to each other during the encore. I'm glad to see another fellow Houstonian signing in the guestbook! Hug to Donna in PA and hello to GMAN. PEACE! :)

Posted on Mon Jan 29 21:49:26 CET 2001 from (

wanda 'n dennis`

From: Saugerties, but headin' out Wednesday for the Tucson show!

Good god! It's bad enough turning, but then AARP starts sending you old folks stuff like guaranteed auto insurance ('case ya crash too often), hotel discounts, absorbant underwear coupons, etc.

In fact today I got my first issue of Old Fogies Magazine (aka, in AARP-speak, My Generation). What a blow! I wanna write back, "LEAVE ME ALONE, I DON'T FEEL OLD YET!"

But it's a thick mag, so I take it into the readin' room, take my place, open 'er up to the middle and... HOLY POOPERS! I damn near fell off the throne: It's an article titled, "Band on the Rerun" and all about the boys...including a list of Five (Great) Band tracks you'll never hear on Classic Rock (and the album appeared on):

- Whispering Pines,
- In a Station
- King Harvest
- The Rumor, and
- Jupiter Hollow

Butch! If ya can save us old sob's a couple of cheap seats Wednesday, we'll be there! And to other GB fans, here's hoping you 'n yours can make it, too! ....Dennis

Posted on Mon Jan 29 20:37:55 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

Thanks for posting the Houston article. I am hungry for a new Levon recording. I still cringe when I read a Levon interview. Do you think the dynamics of the Band would have changed had Levon not bolted during the Dylan tour?? I don't think Levon ever would have gotten what he wanted with regard to royalties. I'm sure in many cases songs could have been credited "Lyrics by Robbie Robertson, Music by the Band", but that wasn't done in those days by groups. Think of what that could have meant money-wise to Ringo Starr and Charlie Watts.

Posted on Mon Jan 29 20:12:56 CET 2001 from (


So glad to hear everyone is having a good time in Texas!!! Damn The whole countryside will be talking Barnburners Alright!!! Can't wait to hear your reviews Butch Got to give some of "those" people something to talk about keep rockin' Barnburners!!

Posted on Mon Jan 29 19:26:43 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia
Web page

Just as Capitol has done with its new reissues of The Band's albums, it seems as though all the major labels are finally lavishing the proper attention to remastering their back catalogs in higher standards of digital sound. As I mentioned the other day, small speciality companies like DCC Compact Classics have been doing this for years, as they proved with their gold CD "Stage Fright" reissue in 1994.

In the upcoming issue (#128) of "the absolute sound" magazine, Richard Boesser interviewed Steve Hoffman, DCC's resident remastering engineer & guru. Although The Band's "Stage Fright" album is not specifically discussed, Mr. Hoffman reveals a lot of interesting information about what the process of remastering actually involves. I highly recommend "the absolute sound" for those of you who are interested in excellent reviews of great music and high fidelity equipment. I've inserted a web page hyperlink to click on above if you want to read an on-line version of the Steve Hoffman interview.

Posted on Mon Jan 29 19:18:02 CET 2001 from (

Bob R

Was driving to work this morning, and in the space of my 30 minute ride, I caught three differnt radio stations playing the Band ! I hate to admit it, but my first thought was..."who died?"...

the last time I heard some many Band songs in such a short period of time Rick Danko had passed away....anyway, I was very relieved to hear that nobody had joined that band in the sky, and that the radio stations were just being a little hipper than normal this morning...WHEW !

All these great post regarding Levon & the Barnburners in Texas are killing me---I miss seeing them ! Come on back home !

Posted on Mon Jan 29 18:17:17 CET 2001 from (


Reporting from Texas... Saw Levon and the Barnburners at Gruene Hall. What a great time ! They started off soft and subtle and thru the night they built momentum up, and the energy began to snowball. They finished at 1:00 so there was plenty of time to go to another club and let it sink in. If they had played another set I dont think the old dance hall would still be standing. They were joined by James Cotton, who sang for the first time in years on Mannish Boy, bringing the house down. Joe Ely came up for a couple numbers as well. Levon drove these guys with the greatest gut-bucket beats I've ever heard... never heard drums anything like this. Levon and Bobby Keys are so tight together it is truly awe inspiring. Had the night of a lifetime. Thanks to Butch I got to meet Levon after the show and tell him how much I enjoyed the show and all the music over the years. Thanks for the drumstick, Butch... it's got some nice ju-ju. Thanks levon for signing my hat! Hope you come back and see us again soon! best, Pehr

Posted on Mon Jan 29 17:43:43 CET 2001 from (


From: The Winterland(backside of the Tetons)

I feel great today!

Posted on Mon Jan 29 17:42:16 CET 2001 from (


Can anyone help me find "Youngblood: The Wild Youth of Robbie Robertson" from Musician magazine, December 1991? Email me if you can...much obliged! mike

Posted on Mon Jan 29 16:32:04 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Miwa, in the Genetic Method Garth also quotes a small segment of Beethoven's 9th.

Posted on Mon Jan 29 14:32:57 CET 2001 from (


Texas posts are GREAT!! Glad Laura H. made the show, too!! The Barn Burners are exceptional!! Levon, Butch, and the Crew will wowo em out west!!!

Posted on Mon Jan 29 13:23:59 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

BWNWITennessee: The guest book poster who would be my number one choice to get the boot off the "island" already got the boot thanks to my hero from the lowlands. My other choice would be anybody who is a Robbie basher.... The only exception would be Levon, even if he hasn't brought the Barnburners to Toronto..... At least The Crowmatix (without Garth) did play at our Rick Danko celebration.

By the way, the munchkins say HI back to you and they now know where the capital of country music is located instead of just Florida, Kentucky and New Orleans....

Paul Godfrey: I just found in my book on The Velvet Underground that Allen Gingsberg (who photographed Louuuuuu Reed in 1982) agreed with me that Lou along with William Burroughs, had been a major influence on punk rock. It was also in the 1980's that Lou and Dylan finally admitted that they dug each other........

Posted on Mon Jan 29 12:36:17 CET 2001 from (


From: CORK
Web page

Aw, shucks....thanks Miwa!!!!

Posted on Mon Jan 29 12:03:57 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Wow Pat! I'd tip my hat to you if I was wearing one. The 'Genetic Method'...I shoulda known.

Thanks Miwa. That was fun. I enjoy these little "brainteasers" . Keep em coming!

Have a good day everyone.

Posted on Mon Jan 29 12:00:26 CET 2001 from (

bennie ruben

From: raven country

thanks to the fans that gave us the Butch reports. Sounds like a good time out there. hope all the shows go well for the gang. Can't wait for the next review from butch,even though it's like having a kid sign and comment on his or her own report card, it's entertaining, and well done. Kudo's to butch and the group.Good luck be safe.

Posted on Mon Jan 29 11:15:27 CET 2001 from (


Pat Brennen- GOOD GUESS!!! You hit it on the nose, you smartie, you! See........I knew it wouldn't take too long for someone to come up with the answer.

Thanks everybody for the encouragement with my questions. I may still be a novice here, but you're good teachers and I appreciate all there is to learn here in the GB.

Jan- I have to thank you again for such a wonderful website. You The Man!

Norbert- Thanks for the Sjako! link. There are other musical groups and individuals that could be listed among those whose music is influenced by The Band, such as Hank there in Ireland and it looks like a few other GBers also, right?

Posted on Mon Jan 29 06:47:48 CET 2001 from (

Bobby Jones

From: Buckeye land

I just figured if you save a Whole dollar a day - for the next 48 days you'll be able to get all the new re-issues when they come out. Now who can't save a dollar a day?

Was going through my old stuff and came across a few diddys from the past, A Band Is Back (bumper sticker)circa 1983 and 15 orginal programs from the 1983 July show in Montreal in french and english. I also have a few really cool flyers from shows Rick did as well as Levon and the Cates.

Check out this line up from the Stanhope house in 1981.

John Hall Band - former leader of orleans and co-sponsor of no-nukes concert

Levon Helm and the Cates Brothers Band - Drummer & singer from The Band and From the movie the Coal Miners Daughter

Roger McQuinn

Maria Muldaur

Muddy Waters

Now I will suggest this may be the greatest back to back to back to back to back concerts(all with-in one week) to ever happen. Can anyone come up with a better line up of shows that really happened?

Look foreward to your answers.

Posted on Mon Jan 29 06:41:41 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

I am assuming in a Band GB Survivor series that Jan is either the host... or has permanent immunity... or better yet a personification of the immunity idol... and so we have to turn our gaze to those more intelligent than ourselves (Opps too many choices)... or maybe those who haven't posted in a while... so I vote, no not Peter V.... too articulate (he's needed on the island)... I vote Catbalu off... and she can take High On The Hog with her... :-)... Actually, I kinda miss you Catbalu... and I lost that frybread recipe you gave me...

On a more serious note, I would be interested in a list of the best Indie Band CDs that you probably can't find on CDNOW... you know, groups nobody knows unless you happen to see 'em live... any takers?

Posted on Mon Jan 29 06:10:02 CET 2001 from (

Tommy (one more time...)

Oh yeah...the production is ALOT clearer now! It's not drastically different as to change the "sound" of the original album release,just a little "cleaned up" so the voice comes through better.The drums also have an added bite to 'em as well...a bit crisper.Nice.Good work Dark Horse!!!! (yes, that was corny...)

Posted on Mon Jan 29 06:04:05 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn, NY

Well, my brother gave me one of my birthday presents six days early,so we could listen to it in the car going to Long Island last night...the "All Things Must Pass" re-issue. Now all in all, my biggest problem with it is that I would have liked to have seen the original artwork included (for those that have'nt seen it yet, you'll know what I mean when you do).Also, the "new" 'My Sweet Lord' is a bit weak -interesting, but weak.The other extra tracks are really good ,though!...But,they should've been put on the end of the original album line-up instead of the end of the 1st cd.It's better to hear the original album as a whole, instead, I feel it loses the flow with the new stuff tacked on in the middle. Good songs none the less...I was not dissapointed.

George also addresses the question I asked the GB awhile back starting the Harrison "thread"..."Why isn't Clapton included in the cd release's list of musicians?" It's good to get an answer finally ,AND it's from the man himself!!! Strange, huh? Does George read the GB? hahaha

In closing, go get the album, its a great one, re-issued or not!!! Your pal,


Posted on Mon Jan 29 05:36:30 CET 2001 from (


I was two-thirds of the way through the Houston interview with Levon when I thought he might actually refrain from mentioning the F/RR words, when alas, no such luck. And now Albert Grossman has become **Robbie's** manager.

Brown Eyed Girl: But who would be the first GB poster to be voted off the island?

Posted on Mon Jan 29 03:54:06 CET 2001 from (

Bobby Jones

From: North of the Mason - Dixon Line

Miwa - Does Spike Jones mean anything to you?

For those that care, the complete last waltz sold 6 weeks ago on e-bay for over $400.00, this was an orginal numbered copy. If any one can get orginal copies at $50.00 smackers, I'd pick them up.

Anybody with on information on were to pick up Port Dover, Please let me know.

Posted on Mon Jan 29 01:00:26 CET 2001 from (


From: the past.
Web page

Miwa........thanx for bringing up the Dutch group Sjako! on the webpage above........on their Tour page there is a long real-audio-stream.......if you like some guitar play, check them out!....(also look for the lyrics on their 1995 album)

Brown Eyed Girl........What are your "Best Five Recordings For A Lonely Island?"

Jos about a PAL TLW copy for free?

Posted on Mon Jan 29 00:31:39 CET 2001 from (


From: Home of the International Stage Stop Sled Race
Web page

Jos would be getting quite a deal if he picked up TCLW for 50 bucks.... I paid 84 bucks (I think) for my numbered copy...So now I'm curious...Just what was the going rate for that gem???

Posted on Sun Jan 28 22:56:16 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

Norbert: Best Five Recordings For A Lonely Island

Bob Marley "Exodus" because he sings about love songs and rebel songs - anything by Marley has a great groove and message

Van Morrison "Bang Masters" - when the Belfast Cowboy is around everything is always alright for he takes you to a higher place

Bob Dylan "The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 (rare and unreleased) 1961-1991 because then I can hear the three sides of "lucky" and I won't feel so lonely because he sings a couple of songs directly to me on these recordings

Lou Reed "Take No Prisoners" because then I can laugh my head off for Louuuuuu's humour and wit are intoxicating

Robbie Robertson "Contact From The Underground Of Redboy" to remind me never to give up the fight and that one day I will be off the lonely island

Since I have just listed my favourite musicians I would prefer that they stay with me on the island instead........ the rest of the Band members can come for a visit at anytime and are always welcome....... hmmmmm...... I hope this island is big enough for Robbie, Levon and myself. Oh, can I sneek in Willy deVille as well?

Posted on Sun Jan 28 22:34:53 CET 2001 from (

Dave the Phone Guy

From: Mono Lake

Thanks for the Texas reviews folks.Sounds like I'm gonna have a hell of a blues week out here on the golden shore.

7 days 6 venues 8 sets and a whole buncha miles

Wahooo! and Yeehaa!

Posted on Sun Jan 28 22:15:20 CET 2001 from (

Rick Smith

From: Denton, TX

Adela, Laura, and all the rest singing the prases of the BBs are right on target. The Dallas show was a scorcher, and Levon is drumming like a freight train these days! It's clear that he's loving every minute, just hammering and smiling all through both (yes, 2) sets. Bobby Keys; just incredible, one big ol' horn-honkin' Texas boy who really enjoyed the hometown (almost) crowd. I got a chance to visit with everybody after the show and the entire group were extremely gracious (I think we left Levon with writer's cramp), appreciative of the fan support, and just flat good fun. Mr. Keys, in particular, seems to be one who appreciates a good time.... Thanks, Butch, for the hospitality, hope everybody enjoyed their dessert! Think I wasn't ready to go when Levon asked if I could guide him back toward their hotel??? Damn, Butch, if you hadn't already figured out where he needed to go I'd have had the honor of leading a 2-car LH motorcade through Dallas! See ya next time...

Posted on Sun Jan 28 22:05:15 CET 2001 from (

Jos Bruls

From: Holland

Does anyone have a copy of TCLW for sale? I'd give 50 dollars for it. Please email.

Posted on Sun Jan 28 21:59:28 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

From a Houston newspaper:

Posted on Sun Jan 28 19:36:58 CET 2001 from (

Adela V. Calbillo

From: Houston, TX

Levon Helm and the Barn Burners--catch them the next time they're in your neck of the woods (and for me, "neck of the woods" includes the entire state of Texas, as I drove to see them in Dallas, Houston, and New Braunfels these past 3 days!) because it is a hell of a good time! Levon's drumming is at the incredible peak of superbness, his daughter Amy has got herself a set of PIPES, the wonderful Pat O'Shea is playing killer guitar, Frankie holding down the bottom low and thumpy, not to mention that harmonica-and-blues wailing jarhead Chris O'Leary (where did HE come from?!?) and the legendary Bobby Keys on tenor sax. They do blues standards the way they were meant to be done, tunes like "Kansas City", "Hootchie Cootchie Man", "She's Into Something", evoking the very spirits of Muddy Waters and Little Walter. The guys and lady are tight and obviously having a hell of a time. I know I've been in heaven these past 3 nights.

And people, if you weren't there at last night's New Braunfels concert, kick yourself because the living blues legend JAMES COTTON showed up to play a few tunes with them!!! My jaw still hurts from hitting the edge of the stage. (Texas son Joe Ely also was a nice addition, singing one rockin' dancing number with the band!) Absolutely one of the best damn shows I've seen in a long time. So next time Lee and the B.B.'s get anywhere near you, get out there and show the love because that's what they're doing for us. Butch, if you read this, thanks a million. I love you guys and always will!!!

Posted on Sun Jan 28 19:28:23 CET 2001 from (


I think they're all on Garth's new CD.

Posted on Sun Jan 28 17:43:37 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: A Foggy Chaska, MN

miwa, did you have a dream that those songs would be on a CD made just for you?... If so, thanks for sharing...

Posted on Sun Jan 28 17:06:26 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: the Big Screen

Just checking in to give you my brief review of a couple movies my wife and I have seen the last few weeks.

Cast Away ***** Brilliant acting--mesmerizing movie. They could have shot 2 more hours of Hanks' plight on that island. The ending is a little weak but hey! Terrific film. Hanks will probably get his 3rd Oscar.

Oh Brother Where Art Thou ***** Fun, Fantastic, great music (have to get the sound track), witty. Maybe the best Cohen brothers movie yet! It should get a nomination or two--whether it wins an Oscar is a whole other thing.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon **** Matrix goes to China (sfx wise) Best Foriegn Film of the Year. Beautifully shot, well written with some of the best fight scenes put to film. The only knock--a litle slow in parts.

Traffic *** Ambitious/well acted/well edited/well shot/well written but just misses the mark from being a great movie. Again just a little too long without a big enough pay-off. It was never boring but it never really gripped me for any great lengths. The guy sitting in front of us put it perfect when he whispered to his girlfriend "It could use a good explosion right about now"

Miss Congeniality *** Light fluff, mindless fun. A couple good laughs--it never takes itself serious--a fun date movie that can't miss unless you are so absorbed in the Art of Film that you would find this trite and pedestrian.

Just thought i'd share...,

Posted on Sun Jan 28 17:01:31 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Miwa, a guess, during Garth's Genetic Method?

Posted on Sun Jan 28 13:28:56 CET 2001 from (

Lil Again

From: the photo gallery

For those of you who didn't see Jan's "What's new" yesterday...a wonderful show is about to happen. "Handi Jam 2001"...a benefit for physically challenged children. Levon, Buddy Cage, Professor Louie, among others ..all donating their time and talents for free for this wonderful cause. Very nice. Tribeca Blues, February 16, at 9pm. See "what's new" for ticket info.

Posted on Sun Jan 28 11:22:15 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Miwa: I'm going to take a wild guess here ( and probably a wrong one) and ask if you perhaps heard Richard do those tunes at some point? Your question is a very good one, as so far, none of us seems to know the answer. Keep the hints coming!

Have a good day everyone. Hug Jan.

Posted on Sun Jan 28 10:17:09 CET 2001 from (


Nobody has answered the questions I posted yet about where I might have heard these old melodies. Now come on........encourage me a little.

Here's a hint: It is definitely Band related.

Ragtime- Thanks for the translation!

Posted on Sun Jan 28 08:06:11 CET 2001 from (


From: Ca

Crabster: I heard he was, but when he inquired as to "what (The) Band" they decided it would be better to invite Neil Diamond instead.

Posted on Sun Jan 28 07:29:03 CET 2001 from (


From: The Front Lawn
Web page

Here's my good deed for the year - click on "Web page" above and sign the petition.

Now back to the music: Why wasn't Hoagy Carmichael invited to The Last Waltz? That's what I'd like to know!!

Posted on Sun Jan 28 05:02:26 CET 2001 from (


From: Ca...
Web page

Yeah it's been a while since I've posted anything in here. Just wanna say hello to everyone. Looks like I've missed lots since I last looked in here and that was weeks ago, wow! I think it was good to be away from the GB for a while, then come back and read all the posts I missed.

I finally got around to updating my website yesterday so have a look. Let me know if you want me to be on the website list, and I'll email you the updates to my site. :-) Have a good night everyone and peace out!

Posted on Sun Jan 28 04:51:08 CET 2001 from (


I'm hoping that the Barnburners will be coming to Michigan soon. I know they are heading west - I hope they come through on their return. Interesting note on Bobby Keys. I have been listening to the new All Things Must Pass, and I noitced that one of the jams on disc two (Out of the Blue) sounds very similar to the jam in the second part of The Rolling Stones "Can't You Hear Me Knockin". Of course, the most recent addition to the Barnburners plays on that as well. I did some research on the recording dates - both tunes were recorded in London in 1970. My work is done for the day.

Posted on Sun Jan 28 04:17:43 CET 2001 from (

Laura Holt Lorfing

From: Austin

Well I finally know what everybodys been talking about when they say Levon is the nicest guy in the world. I saw the show in Houston that I have been looking forward to these last few months and it was FABULOUS!!!! I am really just speechless about the whole night. After the show I spoke with Chris O'Leary who is a gem of a guy and in talking about Texas with him, I told him we came in from Austin. He seemed so pleased that we would make the drive that he took me and my husband back to see Levon before he came out to sign autographs for the rest of the club. As soon as I saw him I ran up and hugged him! He said "Hey sugar how are ya?" He was great! He rubbed my belly and asked when the baby was due. Just the typical wonderful southern gentelman! I got my Brown Album signed along with the program from the show. I made my rounds with the entire band and chatted with each of them. Miss Amy is so sweet! I can tell Levon has nothing but that southern pride on his face when he looks at her singing from his drums. He seems so proud of her. They are the most down to earth musicians I have ever met. They said they would be back in Texas for sure and I can not wait!! I was able to get a snapshot taken of me and Levon together and a few of the band playing that I hope to be able to scan and share with the guestbook. I feel like such a truly lucky individual to have had the honor of meeting this man! The icing on the cake was getting to meet Mr. 6th Rolling Stone himself..Bobby Keyes! I had no clue he would be playing with them! He was very nice and signed my program with a big smile on his face. I could listen to that sax all day long!! Well...I couldn't wait to post my great evening last night. It was certainly more than I EVER bargained for I can tell ya that!! It's still hard to believe! Hug to Donna in PA for your e-mails regarding the show. PEACE ALL! :)

Posted on Sun Jan 28 01:04:07 CET 2001 from (


Ragtime: Nice to see you. Hope all is well. E-mail is coming back as "undeliverable".

Miwa: Been wracking my brain all day about your questions this morning. Hmm..How bout a hint?

Have a good night everyone.

Posted on Sun Jan 28 00:18:24 CET 2001 from (


Reply to miwa: "De Dijk" just means "The Dyke".

Posted on Sat Jan 27 22:30:21 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Warren Zevon: Who said there’s no Band link? Warren deserves to be on the links list because Robbie Robertson selected “Werewolves of London” for The Colour of Money S/T.

Posted on Sat Jan 27 22:21:28 CET 2001 from (


From: Just back from Barn Burner's in Texas

Just got in from Dallas and the Barn Burners! Maybe some interesting news for some. Show at "Blue Cat Blues" in Dallas was being professionally taped. 3 video cameras running into a sattelite truck outside. Stage with Barn Burners was being shot from 3 different angles. It was a typical Barn Burner show and running from Jump Street!!!!!!!! Chris hot on the harp with Pat ripping out some great blues licks!! Frankie and Levon pounding out the rhythm....Levon's hands and sticks were a blur. Frankie had bass laying on its side slapping and plucking away!!!! Can't forget Bobby Keys wailing on sax!!! Pumping up his home town Dallas crowd! Also an old friend of Levon's from Dallas on trumpet!!!! Miss Amy's vocals were as strong as ever!!! I just can't say enough about em' The crowd was wild for em'

Posted on Sat Jan 27 22:18:20 CET 2001 from (

Lucas Gadke

From: Toronto

This is one of the best sites I've been to. Keep up the good work!

Posted on Sat Jan 27 21:42:02 CET 2001 from (

Quentin Ryan

From: breezehillrecords

check out the reviews of Times Like These and Over the Edge in the February issue of Relix! It doesn't get much better. Look for a Crowmatix Jam CD in late March. The "Bearded One" will follow on its heels........sorry just had to toot Rick's horn for him

Posted on Sat Jan 27 18:43:04 CET 2001 from (


From: freezin' in thesouth

at work in body taking a break. In mind i'm already at Gruene Hall, the oldest dancehall in texas, waiting for tonights long anticipated show with Levon y the Barnburners... I'm really lookin forward to this. anyone from guestbook goin? I'll be in a denim Railroad jacket, cowboy boots and a Newcastle Ale dark blue gimme baseball hat.

Or, as Ronnie Hawkins used to say..."It's Saturday night... Lets get drunk!"

Posted on Sat Jan 27 18:40:47 CET 2001 from (


From: al-stewart-on-my-mind-for-some-reason

Old Admirals, one of my favorite Al Stewart songs, is very Rockin Chair-ish to me "I live in retirement now, grandchildren on my knee, and sometimes thinking of this world, the saddest thing to be, old admirals who feel the wind, and never put to sea." He's practically sitting there with Willie Boy...

Posted on Sat Jan 27 18:25:17 CET 2001 from (

Lisa Marie Cherry

From: Houston, Texas

I missed the show in Houston last night, but heard nothing but great things about ya'll! Can't wait to check you live! I met Patrick at the Dropkick Chihuahua's show at Local Charm! Great guy! Ya'll come back to Texas, now, ya hear! Lisa

Posted on Sat Jan 27 18:11:54 CET 2001 from (


From: boston

My nomination for Most Unlikely Artist Influenced By The Band ?ith a song few people have ever heard - Al Ste?art, "?illie The King," complete ?ith ragtime piano, harmonica, and lyrics about a riverboat queen, a gambler, cards on the table, five card poker, resting the boots that he's carried so far. This ?as an outtake from Modern Times, and to quote Al it ?as "..produced by Alan Parsons. I guess I ?as heavily influenced by The Band at the time."

Someone seems to have stolen my dubya's. If found please e-mail to me. Thanks.

Posted on Sat Jan 27 16:14:36 CET 2001 from (


From: CORK
Web page

Aha.....this is all very well and fine discussing who The Band would seem that almost EVERYBODY who came after them or around during the late 1960ies, really......from The Beatles to Elton John to Brinsley Schwartz to The Black Crowes and Los Lobos.....OK.....fair enuff.....but WHO exactly influenced The Band in THEIR sound.......We all know about The Staples....but folks, I got to listen to Louis Prima last night and the drummer in his band was sooo like Levon........then I heard Ray Charles doing "Hallelujah! I Love Her So"............the drummer in THAT band sounded like Levon I KNOW how much Richard was influenced by Brother Ray, but there ya go...........Ultimatley I think The Band sounded like The Band because of the way that that Rick and Levon played together.......Yes, of course, RR and Garth and Richard all talented and unique, but them boys, Rick and Levon, were the pulse. There's a 12-bar rock'n'roll song on Ricks album with Eric anderson and Jonas Fjeld (?)......I was listening to it with a buddy one day and he said "That would sound WAAAY better if Levon was drumming........" Now it was'nt BAD drumming, all in time, good recorded sounds and alll.....but NOT Levon......know what I mean?

Posted on Sat Jan 27 15:42:31 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: a place far away from some and close to others

Caught most of Any Given Sunday last night. I was indifferent to how RR's music was used. The movie was ok at best--and the football scenes weren't what they were cracked up to be-IMO. I like the mystic music, but I was hoping he could have written something new instead of retreading his last two cd's.

Posted on Sat Jan 27 14:51:59 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Peter & Bones: I always wondered if 'Seamstress for the band' was in any way related to our Band. I always liked to think that it was. Thanks for the confirmation. I've always been a 'closet" Elton John fan..mostly his earlier work. His tune "Harmony" makes me cry everytime. I remember seeing him back in 75 or 76..standing on top of his piano dressed as the Statue of Liberty. A vision I won't ever forget. My favorite Elton tune? "Your Song". But anyway, the thing is, what I really mean..Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen. Very passionate.

But I digress. I digress easily. Have a good day everyone. Hi Miwa. Hug Jan. Where'd Ragtime go now?

Posted on Sat Jan 27 13:15:33 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Bones: Many thanks for the note on “Tiny Dancer” – I’ve maintained for years that she is “LA seamstress to The Band” in spite of those who say she was “LA seamstrss to the band.” Glad to have it confirmed. A recent review of “Almost famous” where it appears on the OST (haven’t seen it yet) said that “Tiny Dancer” was an “obscure and mediocre” Elton John song. I’d put it up there with his best. When this was discussed before, the concept of a seamstress for The Band was derided. Well, if Posh Spice can have a full time Nail Technician (true) and Van M. a “cigarette roadie” (true) then The Band can have a seamstress. It’s poetic licence, but I expect Elton sees everyone as being dressed up for a part.

Daniel Lanois: influenced by The Band as such or by Robbie solo? (with which he was so involved). Soundwise, I’d say the latter.

Posted on Sat Jan 27 11:52:02 CET 2001 from (

Dott.Ombre -

From: The Beards Land , venice , italy
Web page

exist a version on video of complete last waltz ?

Posted on Sat Jan 27 08:11:47 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: near

I picked up George's All Things Must Pass re-issue tonight. I'll check it out tomorrow.... I walked over to the used vinyl section and they have just about all The Band albums. Among them was a copy of Levon's, American Son LP for four bucks. It has the insert page with the lyrics. Of course I bought it - I couldn't very well leave it there.

Posted on Sat Jan 27 07:47:38 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Blondie & Peter V: I was just trying to figure out which Prince CD I should buy next so thanks for the push... and concerning the far out, my fantasy would be to hear Garth and Prince play together... I had a dream that I bumped into Prince at a McDonalds in Chaska... and I got the last cheeseburger... he asked me what I wanted for it... and after I paused to make eye contact with the beautiful lady accompanying him... and I then answered... Do you know Garth?...

Posted on Sat Jan 27 07:28:07 CET 2001 from (


I hope the questions I last posted contribute a little to the fun here.

As for The Band influences thread: Well, we all know about The Beards in Italy. There's Sjako! and De Dijk in Holland. By the way........Is the word Dijk in Dutch translate to Band in English? Anybody know? Hmmm........If so, does it mean that De Dijk is supposed to be The Band now? Never heard them, but I do think that it is wonderful that these groups pay tribute to THE Band! I mean, really........They DO have a most impressive taste in music, yes?

Posted on Sat Jan 27 06:49:22 CET 2001 from (

Bill W.

From: reno

Neil Young used to hang around the entrance to Le Coq D'or Tavern in TO., listening to our boys in th early 60's. Certainly a different sound but a common spirit.

In regards to Bayou Sam's comment about this specific thread, the Band and Dylan, I think a life preserver is in order for him; he's waaay over his head. {:-)

Posted on Sat Jan 27 06:36:20 CET 2001 from (

Blind Willie

Band influenced music...

matchbox twenty - mad season

miles hunt - 5 song ep

Posted on Sat Jan 27 06:10:01 CET 2001 from (


Hi Everybody!

Anybody here seen My Old Kentucky Home?

Or........The Caravan To Red Rock?

Or........Have you Swum In The Swanee?

Where might I have heard these old melodies?

Posted on Sat Jan 27 05:47:24 CET 2001 from (


From: Detroit

I'd like to trade for some Band CDRs. I know there is lots of great stuff out there, and if anyone would be kind enough to share, it would be greatly appreciated. I am particularly interested in the Rock Of Ages shows release. I have a fair amount to trade. Please e-mail for details.

Posted on Sat Jan 27 04:57:57 CET 2001 from (


anybody know where to get a copy of the video "Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones?" thank you. -------- jim

Posted on Sat Jan 27 00:17:05 CET 2001 from (


Web page

.....GB, November 1998........Serge still writes very eloquent........Ilkka's first post on the GB........I found there a(nother) piece of Jan's hard still works........just click on the webpage's a little'll end up at the homepage........check it out.......

Posted on Fri Jan 26 22:43:12 CET 2001 from (

Long Distance Operator

Band influenced: The Black Crowes, certainly. Also fitting that bill is Ryan Adams' first outfit, Whiskeytown. Another, if you see them live you might agree, is Cracker. I was impressed with how the musicians would switch up the instrumental lineup during the show, including mixing in a little accordian. A flat-out good rock and roll show.

Posted on Fri Jan 26 22:26:09 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

David Powell: Thanks for answering my post. I also prefer my DCC Gold disc of Stage Fright. Didn't Hoffman do all those first Motown cds? Im a Motown nut, and I feel like his name is on a lot of my cds. I'm glad that DCC is not out of business.

Peter Viney: I have an interview with Elton John in '73 where he states that the Brown album is one of his 20 all-time favorites. Bernie Taupin did get "Levon" from you know who. Also, in "Tiny Dancer" he said he made a nod to the group with the line "seamstress for the Band".

Posted on Fri Jan 26 21:22:56 CET 2001 from (


We were talking about Jesse Ed Davis not so long ago. I see in Marc Roberty's "Eric Clapton: The Complete Recording Sessions" that ex-Hawk Sandy Konikoff played on Davis's first LP - or at least the one with "Golden Sun Goddess".

Another interesting factoid I learned from the book, which I just got, is that Clapton appears as King Cool on the "Autumn Summit" LP, which I bought years ago because it has Toronto R&B singer Eric Mercury on it. (Mercury sings on the Mandala LP, so there's a Hawks link through Troiano.) However, the book suggests that "Autumn Summit" is a double LP, while mine is just a single. Do any of you know anything more about this?

Posted on Fri Jan 26 19:43:49 CET 2001 from (


Charlie Young - Since you asked, I'm happy to respond on the reissue of "All Things Must Pass." Fist of all, the packaging is great. It has a nice new intro from George, rather contemporary. I think the sound has greatly improved - George threatened to redo the whole thing. The added tracks are interesting. Two acoustic takes or demos of songs on the album. One unreleased tune. One alternate take. And the new version of My Sweet Lord is interesting. It's similar to the original but has some neat twists. It's a great update. I've collected many of the ATMP bootlegs and I just enjoy the vibe of the whole project. Right now,I'm looking forwardto getting Acadamy of Outakes and Old Shoes. Also, you can still order the now deleted box set from BMG. IF you are interested in bootlegs, check the magazine Goldmine. They have some great stuff. Take care all.

Posted on Fri Jan 26 19:51:42 CET 2001 from (


From: the land where e-mail isn't working

Usta be Bob Wigo (i couldn't make your symbol.. sorry): To expand on your idea, consider that Clapton, Harrison, et al, were influenced enough by the Band to change the direction of thier music. Then consider how many other bands were influenced by that change. (Clapton in particular caused thousands of guitarists to consider a more song oriented style.)That's a pretty massive ripple effect!

If you trace it down far enough, perhaps the Band will wind up as the inventors of all music! (I have a freind who claims that all music in it's purist form is polka) :^)

Have a great weekend, all - Bill K

Posted on Fri Jan 26 19:04:28 CET 2001 from (


From: PA

I seem to remember reading somewhere in MOJO, that Peter Frampton, while with Humble Pie, mentioning at their first rehearsal, they played, The Band's, Music From Big Pink. Chest Fever, being one of the songs they tried to play. Yet, another "Band" influence.

Posted on Fri Jan 26 19:01:51 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

In response to Bones' questions regarding Steve Hoffman and the DCC label's reissues -- A year or so ago DCC ran into some financing problems but were thankfully able to work things out and stay in business, unlike Mobile Fidelity who did go belly-up. DCC is back releasing gold and less expensive, aluminum CD reissues. In addition, they're also back re-pressing 180-gram vinyl LPs of selected titles through a distribution agreement with the Music Direct mail order company.

The problem that DCC, Sundazed and other independent labels that specialize in high quality reissues run into is that they have to negotiate and obtain the licensing rights from the major recording labels, at a high fee, in order to use the master tapes for the titles that they reissue. These licensing rights are usually limited to a production run of a fixed number of units and/or set duration of time. In order to stay in business, they have to chose albums that the public will being willing to purchase at premium price, as well as offer a high standard of quality when it comes to their sound.

What sets these companies apart is that they don't compromise or cut corners when it comes to remastering and producing their reissues. Unlike the major labels that mass produce thousands of titles a year, they take the time and go to painstaking efforts to get the sound of their reissues right. And this process begins with insisting of the use of the "original" two or three track master tapes as a source. Any "production" copies of the true masters are inherently flawed when it comes to their sound. When a tape is copied, a certain amount of sound detail & dynamic range is lost. In addition, production tape copies from the major labels in the pre-digital age of LPs used a certain amount of compression, limiting and EQ for record cutting purposes, which further compromised the sound quality.

With this in mind, I don't think it's fair to say that Mr. Hoffman and DCC "turned up their noses" when they passed on doing a reissue of "The Band" album sourced from anything other the the original master tapes. In fact, they weren't the only ones to took this position and refused to compromise. Several years ago, JVC (Japanese Victor Company) was also slated to release a reissue of "The Band" using their Extended Resolution CD process but also backed off when the orignal master tapes couldn't be found. JVC had even gone as far as to advertise the release before deciding not to go through with it.

I luckily own a copy of the DCC gold CD version of "Stage Fright" and personally prefer it to the other versions released by Capitol. Why do I think it sounds better? Perhaps it's because of Mr. Hoffman's superior talents in remastering. I also feel that the Rundgren mixes are closer in sounding like what was recorded on the multi-track session tapes, without the degree of studio artifacts that Glyn Johns later added when the tapes were sent over to England.

Posted on Fri Jan 26 18:43:07 CET 2001 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

The thread here about artists influenced by The Band and the recently release of "Stoned Immaculate" (a tribute to the music of the Doors featuring perfomances by surviving members of that band backing various artists) makes me wonder if something similar could be done for the music of The Band. The tribute album idea has been discussed here before, but I wonder if Garth, Levon and maybe even Robbie would consider joining in on production of tracks by artists such as Los Lobos and Bruce Hornsby, re-casting some of the classics from the heyday of The Band. I'd love to hear what they could create. Robbie and Levon could remain on their opposite coasts, of course...

Posted on Fri Jan 26 18:18:19 CET 2001 from (

Mike from NJ

Love this strong Philly flavor to the GB lately. I enjoyed Chris D's account of Clapton at the Spectrum with Muddy. I saw Eric there with Ry Cooder opening. Clapton had Albert Lee as his second guitar player so it was picker's heaven that night. All three ended the night on stage doing Crossroads- each sang a verse and took a solo. The next night I saw Cooder at a club in Delaware. He Bopped til he Dropped and after several encores at the three hour show, he came out and said he just couldn't sing anymore. So he played while his backup singers (The Keys?) sang a heavenly Chain Gang. Ah, Man...

Posted on Fri Jan 26 17:33:43 CET 2001 from (

;-(} ( the GB'er formerly known as bob wigo )

From: havertown, pa

I think it's safe to say that most rock and pop artists of the last thirty years have been aware of The Band's musical perspective. I am of the mind that any music you hear has to have some impact on the music you create.That impact may be conspicuously evident or exquisitely subtle but, I believe, it's all in there somewhere.

Wouldn't it be great to have access to the artists you all have mentioned and hear from them about the musicians they most respect? My suspicion is the commanality of earlier influences filtering down ( and through The Band )would be the source of some fascinating commentary.

Posted on Fri Jan 26 17:18:24 CET 2001 from (



Saw Levon and the Barn Burners, Bobby Keyes showed up, was not expecting that. It was rocking. I would love to get a schedule of dates, etc. Whole band was awesome. I love the blues and love bands that are good at it even more. It was a special treat and a great night out. Next time I will bring 20 friends--just gotta know when they'll be around next. Thanks guys. Rory McGuiness

Posted on Fri Jan 26 16:38:27 CET 2001 from (


From: NYNY

thank-you Peter Viney for mentioning my icon "Prince" and it isn't too far fetched to think "Holy River has been Band influenced. And yes Clapton and Harrison have mentioned The Band as an influencial Band many times. (amen) so happy to know a guestbook regular listens to new great music as well as the classics

Posted on Fri Jan 26 16:29:15 CET 2001 from (


I agree about Hornsby - I think his singing style and maybe even some of his piano-playing is definitely influenced by Richard. I would love to have heard him play with the other three guys. With Ry Cooder and Los Lobos, it's not so much influence as convergent evolution - they independently developed music with a similar feeling.

Posted on Fri Jan 26 16:09:58 CET 2001 from (


I note that the discussion has moved from the great ones influenced by the Band to anyone influenced by the Band. So I'll raise the topic of Band antidote songs. The two that come to mind are "Colorado Rockies" on National Lampoon's "Lemmings" LP and Frank Zappa's "Moving To Montana" (which, I firmly believe, was response to the Band style in general and David Ackles' "American Gothic" in particular). And Hank, I hope you're not overlooking Karen Carpenter in the singing-drummer department.

Posted on Fri Jan 26 15:13:27 CET 2001 from (

Bob R

From: The Cape

Continuing the theme of Band-influenced musicians, how about Daniel Lanois ? His first lp, "Acadie" was very much influenced by the writing & playing of the fact "The Maker" which appears on that album was the most Band-like thing I had heard in years... it is a terrific album, must be hard to find these days, but well worth it if you can. Believe it was on Opal Records...

also, dont forget Van Morrison's "Tupelo Honey"...very Band influenced

Posted on Fri Jan 26 09:55:15 CET 2001 from (


From: The Front Lawn

What the...??? I thought Robbie and Richard wrote "Georgia On My Mind!!

Posted on Fri Jan 26 08:28:54 CET 2001 from (

Jens Magnus

From: Oslo
Web page

Hello Cam,

You were looking for Carmichaels lyrics to Georgia. Just click on the web page above! Good luck!


Posted on Fri Jan 26 07:54:44 CET 2001 from (

Ed Blayzor

From: New York

Has Bruce Hornsby been mentioned as Band-like ? a definate influence on his music.

Posted on Fri Jan 26 05:49:32 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

It's great to see that Ry Cooder is getting some recognition... My first exposure to Ry was his catchy "Little Sister" from "Bop Till You Drop". I also really like "I Think It's Going To Work Out Fine" and of course my theme song "I Can't Win".... (hee hee) Some other tunes that I like to listen to are "Why Don't You Try Me" and "I'm Drinking Again" which reminds me of Lou Reed's "Bottoming Out". Now here's one artist that I do not have any music books on my shelves at home but Louuuuu, well, I have about seven books........ which reminds me......... seeing Lou Reed and Jim Carroll share their poetry one night in the small apple was a once in a life time experience!

Posted on Fri Jan 26 04:54:47 CET 2001 from (


Rod - great to meet another fan of Ry's first! It has that "thuddy, woody" sound, as I think JRR described the brown album.

Posted on Fri Jan 26 04:29:57 CET 2001 from (

Chris D.

From: South Jersey

Catching up on recent, and some not so recent post brought back a memory of one of the greatest concert memeories I have to date. It's 1978 and I'm "almost" out of High School. Muddy Waters opens for Eric Clapton at the Spectrum in Philly, great seats and a performance that changes a young listeners life! Then comes EC with a show I'll never forget. Highlights- He introduces the crowd to his new bride, Patti Boyd, she greets him on stage and he plays "Wonderful Tonight". Finally what I'm getting to is his performance of "The Core" and an incredible duet with Marcy Levy who just tore the Spectrum down that night! I don't know a whole lot about her but that night, Brother she ROCkED! Thanks for listening!

Posted on Fri Jan 26 04:24:12 CET 2001 from (


Lobos could do a wicked Jemima Surrender (Rosas on lead vox). And Acadian Driftwood would be a natural. Actually, I think they could do a good job covering almost any Band song. There's certainly no other group i'd say THAT about.

Posted on Fri Jan 26 03:55:35 CET 2001 from (


From: CORK
Web page

Steely Dan!!!!.......Did'nt either Brecker or Fagan say something like.." drummers should'nt be allowed to sing...............EXCEPT Levon Helm!!!!" ?????? What about that James Taylor song I mentioned a few posts ago?......There's drum breaks on "Hey Mister, That's Me Up On The Jukebox" that are SOOOOO Levon............. The song "Let it Be" is soooooBand...........Just as a matter of interest.....anyone know why Bob Dylan has'nt been on The Simpsons ever......unless he WAS and I missed it....nah, he never was ...was he? I heard Rockin' Chair tonight.....womderful...''''''Weeeeeth mah very Best Friend"......................

Posted on Fri Jan 26 03:41:27 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: a dark race course

I pulled out my Crossroads box set to check the Marcy Levy thing - and I'd forgotten that the great drawing of EC on the cover was done by Ronnie Wood. It's really a pretty fabulous likeness of Eric. Woody also did a different one in the booklet inside the box. I just thought it was pretty cool. Check it out if you have the box.

Posted on Fri Jan 26 03:32:14 CET 2001 from (

Bayou sam

From: Junior's Farm

Tommy = you're correct about Marcy Levy not co-writing Wonderful Tonight. She co-wrote Lay Down Sally. I knew it was one of those hits off Slowhand

All this Band influencing talk is interesting. My thinking is that the Band was influenced by Dylan. Weren't they a rockabilly back-up band when 'ol Zimmy grabbed them?... Then you can trace back to Woody Guthrie. So you see, Los Lobos is influenced by Woody Guthrie. Aren't you glad I straightened that all out?

Actually, I think of a band like Pure Prairre League as having a Band-ish sound. I can't think of a more Band-like song than Amiee (I think that's how they spelled it)

Posted on Fri Jan 26 03:07:34 CET 2001 from (

Larry Allen

From: Chicago, IL

Are there any recordings available with Roy Buchanan as lead guitar player? If it's possible will someone answer this? Thanx--

Posted on Fri Jan 26 02:58:47 CET 2001 from (

Campbell Hendery

From: Montréal

Three Cheers For Northern Pluck! Huzzah!

Posted on Fri Jan 26 02:21:52 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Dianemara: Please contact me. Have been trying to get in touch with you, but your e-mail address doesn't seem to be working. Thanks.

Have a nice night everyone.

Posted on Fri Jan 26 02:00:40 CET 2001 from (


From: NZ
Web page

I don't think The Band had a lot of influence on Ry Cooder. However, if the Brown Album was the best rock album of the 19th Century then Ry's first self titled album was probably the 2nd best.

Posted on Fri Jan 26 01:39:16 CET 2001 from (

bennie rubin

From: usa

hello folks just passin through. David Hidalgo also plays drums, I saw him and Louie Perez with an all star folkloric band on tv last year, I don't think it was the latin playboys, but he was playing drums in that group. also maybe the song that John Hall and his wife wrote, that Ms Joplin covered was titled Half Moon, it also was on their [Orleans] first release. The Neville Bros.have a tune on the Brothers Keeper cd, Witness that sounds a bit like the Band. they also cover Mystery Train on that cd.

Posted on Fri Jan 26 01:20:47 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Band-like: Loggins & Messina... I luv Mother Lode... and didn't they do an album of some 50's covers ala Moondog Matinee... So Fine...

Posted on Fri Jan 26 01:16:41 CET 2001 from (

Rick Kenworthy

From: 'round the corner from The Blue Goose

Been away for awhile, so don't know how long the "Band Influence" thread is, but here's my Torontocentric contribution:

The Tragically Hip - particularly "BobCaygeon" with its Garthesque river of keyboards

Most all of the Blue Rodeo catalog, re-inforced by their joining Rick, Garth and Robbie onstage for "the Weight" during The Band's induction into the Canadian RnR HOF

The always uplifting Colin Linden - nuff said

Dileas gu brath

rick k

Posted on Fri Jan 26 01:05:31 CET 2001 from (


Don't forget Levon sang on Lobos' 1990 album, "The Neighborhood." And at the Latin Playboys show in NYC two years ago, David H. dedicated a song ("If") to Levon. They've also played covers of the Grateful Dead (Bertha), Allman Brothers (Don't Keep Me Wonderin'), Beatles (Tomorrow Never Knows) and Neil Young (Cinnamon Girl). Never a Band song, though. Here's a thought - what Band song could the Wolves do a good job covering? It would have to be something uptempo, probably. Maybe W.S. Walcott, or Ophelia. Actually, I could see them doing "The Weight," a la their version of "What's Goin' On?".

Posted on Fri Jan 26 00:00:48 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Younger groups: Andy Gill’s weekly reviews in “The Independent” tend to use “Band-like” comparisons a lot, and he’s mentioned both The Gourds and Mercury Rev in recent years. The latter surprises me. Others recently mentioned include Lambchop, which I don’t see, though I do like them.

Van Morrison cited The Band as an influence circa Moondance (especially Brand New Day) and His Band & Street Choir, also called Band-like by contemporary reviewers. I still think his version of “You Don’t Know Me” tips his hat to Richard as much as Ray (and live, actually is as good as either).

Harrison and Clapton have both said it many times.

Now here’s one from way out in the distance … Prince’s “Holy River”.

Posted on Tue Jan 23 23:40:44 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

WAY TO GO JAN - that should be sobering to a couple of people - it's just too bad that it reaches a point where you have to do that.

John Donabie = nice post. Your discription of Garth as a "musical treasure" is perfect. He certainly is.

Posted on Tue Jan 23 22:58:40 CET 2001 from (

Dave Hopkins

From: Rochester, NY

Thanks, Jan. This site's the best. (And so is Garth!)

Posted on Tue Jan 23 22:27:28 CET 2001 from (


From: pa

For those interested, The King Of Comedy is on AMC today at 4:00.

Posted on Tue Jan 23 22:20:25 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

First, great work, Jan! This particular “Stan” (I like the Eminem term) has outlived the tolerance extended on the site. I’m sure for all the genuine people here, Garth’s release will be the event of 2001. It certainly is the one I’m most looking forward to.

Dylan bios: I’m in the middle of Clinton Heylin’s “Behind The Shades- Take Two” which has ten years of revisions and updates over the first edition. Heylin is opinionated and sometimes plain wrong, as we found out with “Visions of Johanna” last year. He has devoted most of his career to writing about Dylan and the new book is the best on the post-Desire Dylan. Personally, one of my favourite Dylan books is C.P. Lee’s “Like The Night – Bob Dylan & The Road to Manchester Free Trade Hall (Helter Skelter) (1998)” because it deals with 1966. Two critical books (rather than bios) are essential: Michael Gray “Song & Dance Man: The Art of Bob Dylan- Third edition” (2000) and Andy Gill’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” (US edition, Thunder’s Mouth 1998)

On which, Heylin has some unusual comments about The Band in “Take two”. For a start, he is interested in why The Hawks sessions with Dylan in late 65 were largely unsuccessful, and seems to see the addition of Mickey Jones in early 66 as the essential catalyst that put it all together (see page 246 if you’re browsing). Heylin also guesstimates the internal dynamics of who within The Hawks wanted what (without any evidence) and also believes that Levon in late 65 was “as deluded as to the merits of what they were doing now (with Dylan) as he had been about the sound they made before Dylan recruited them”. And if you’re looking at the early period, Scaduto and Shelton are far better writers.

Butch’s material on Bobby Keyes was awesome! There’s stuff I’ve got there that I never realized he was on.

Posted on Tue Jan 23 20:14:38 CET 2001 from (


From: Bklyn, NY

Dave the Phone Guy:have a great time at the SHOWS!!! I'm sure you will. ...I've been to a number of Barnburners shows, and though I've always made it a point to shake Levon's hand and say hello(along with the other members), I've never gotten anything signed(autographed).Too embarassed I guess...some people dont like to be bothered , and you don't wanna find out that someone you go see and take the time to say hello to, cant be bothered.It's dissapointing, to say the least. So, I just give a good tiding and savor the memory.

Does anyone know how Levon feels about signing autographs? Butch, you should know... give us folks the skinny!

Posted on Tue Jan 23 19:52:02 CET 2001 from (

Rick Smith

Just want to second the "other" Amanda's wish for a safe BB's trip to Texas. I WILL be at Blue Cat Blues and would love to meet up with any other GBers who might be there. I'll be the one in section S (center), Row A, seat 2 (hey, who got seat 1!?). Butch, looking forward to seeing and sharing a nice dessert(!!) with you. I'll post a review after the show.

Posted on Tue Jan 23 19:45:47 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Thankyou Jan. Thank you John. "People of conscience".

Yes Jan, it took me a loooong time and alot of backspacing to write this :-) Hug.

Posted on Tue Jan 23 19:32:29 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

Jan: Thanks again for everything! I'm sorry that you have to police this wonderful place.

For those who are interested, Sunset Strip is being released on video (Rental Purposes) on Feb. 13th.

Posted on Tue Jan 23 18:47:45 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Although certainly not without its shortcomings, oversights & other flaws, I've enjoyed Ken Burns' JAZZ series on public television immensely. Mr. Burns himself has stressed that the series should not be viewed as the final word on such a complex subject, but rather a jumping-off point for further explorations into this wonderful world of music.

The other night I noticed a Band/Muddy Waters thread in the series. In Episode 8 there was a great clip of Louis Jordan (with his scaled-down ensemble from the '50s) performing an amazing version of "Caledonia".

Posted on Tue Jan 23 18:42:38 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Nice post John D... I just visited the message board over on Breezehill... and it looks like there will be a another Garth T-shirt available in the future... plus there's some brief comments on the forthcoming CD from a "merlin"... about originals and covers... Just the thought of hearing Garth being himself on CD as I relax in front of a stoking fireplace on a cold winter night (which we could get as late as April here) excites me to no end... I say make it a box set!!!...

Posted on Tue Jan 23 17:01:54 CET 2001 from (

Another Amanda

From: Charleston

I wish The Barnburners a safe trip....You are going to really enjoy Deep Ellum, Texas. I wish I could be at The Blue Cat Blues on Thursday night...take the time to walk around the neighborhood if you can. Thanks for the thoughtful post John Donabie....I hope your birthday was special.

Posted on Tue Jan 23 16:41:55 CET 2001 from (


From: Winter Camp

Actually, the entire tribe thinks Butch is a ok!

Posted on Tue Jan 23 16:06:03 CET 2001 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City
Web page

Rich from Rhinebeck, the concert video you saw was probably The Band Live at New Orleans DVD, a show from 1994 with a lot of the Jericho material performed. Click above to see Jan's page on it. You can order on (though it doesn't exist on VHS--darnit!).

Posted on Tue Jan 23 15:50:16 CET 2001 from (


Best of luck and a safe trip for Levon, Butch and the Barn Burner crew!! Lucky people in the S. West and Calif..Which way is Arizona???????

Posted on Tue Jan 23 15:37:57 CET 2001 from (

John Donabie

From: Toronto

Just a note about whatever Garth will release in the future.

I am looking forward to a very diverse album. A number of years ago I gave Garth a copy of Accordiorama; which is and was the Hohner Accordion Orch. A few months later he sent me a copy of a Celtic concertina player which he thought I might like (which I did). Garth is such a musical treasure. I'm sure he'd raise his eyebrows to that remark; but I believe him to be one of the most talented musicians on the planet. There are many artists that I would not walk into a store and plunk down money based solely on who they were. I would for Garth.

He has always been kind to me over the years when I have run into him and I will always remember his most interesting quote to me at The Inn On The Park in 1974. He said, "John....It's a long way from Port Dover to Malibu." Then he just smiled that impish smile. God Bless You Garth.

p.s. Let's make it a double CD Garth. We'll pay up when it comes out.

p.p.s. I would also like to thank miwa who wished me a happy birthday on the guestbook the other day. Two different subjects; but I thought I would include it here. It's wonderful when someone you don't know takes the time to send kind words. Well I got a new Accordion for my birthday and I believe it's time for my lesson. It's been too many years; but one of the nice things about the aging process is you start to make time for things that were important to you in your youth.

Posted on Tue Jan 23 14:44:43 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa

Congratulations Mr. Keys, you've passed the audition!

Posted on Tue Jan 23 13:09:46 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

"B.B. King (Riley B. King) has developed one of the world's most readily identified guitar styles. He borrowed from Lonnie Johnson, Blind Lemon Jefferson, T-Bone Walker and others, integrating his precise vocal-like string bends and his left hand vibrato, both of which have indispensable components or rock guitarists' vocabulary. His economy , his every-note-counts phrasing, has been a model for thousands of players including Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Jeff Beck."

As I was on my way to Massey Hall last night to see B.B. King perform (every time I pass the Elgin Winterland Theatre I remember seeing TLW twice in one evening when the film was first released).

Sue Foley opens the evening with a fine set of blues. Besides seeing Bonnie Raitt with Eric Clapton, she is the only female blues guitarist I have ever seen play the blues seriously. Her Toronto drummer was having the most fun smiling and groovin' to every song. Sometimes he reminded me of Maureen Tucker of the Velvet Underground as he banged the drums with mallets and sometimes he reminded me of Robin from Bush because of his facial expressions as he played.

When B.B. King sat down on his chair to begin his set he stated that he has earned the right to sit down while he plays at the age of 75!! He played "You Are My Sunshine" for all the ladies in the house because he admitted that the men have not been treating the ladies right. When "The Thrill Is Gone" began (his most popular crossover hit from the 70's which went to No. 15 on the pop charts at the time) played at a faster tempo it sounded just as good as the original version. Watching the King perform after so many years I still found he emanated love and gladly received it back from his audience. He still sang and played every song with precision, clarity and emotion. His nine piece band were seasoned musicians who supported the King with sheer talent. Thank you for a great night of the blues by the one and only!

Posted on Tue Jan 23 07:01:34 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

Bill: I saw Robbie Robertson on another Canadian music show confirm that he lived as well in the Bloor/Bathurst area of Toronto.

Richard Patterson: I am a HUGE Dylan fan so I have many books on him. I will buy just about anything on "Lucky" (George Harrison's nickname for Bob) from biographies to photography to books on his music to his own novel. Bob continues to be elusive no matter how many books are written about him. Bob in 1965, "Why should you want to know about me?" I don't want to know about you." In 1966,"It's very tiring having other people tell you how much they dig you if you yourself don't dig you". (well said Bob!) I would also tend to agree that "Dylan An Intimate Biography" by Anthony Scaduto and "No Direction Home The Life And Music Of Bob Dylan" by Robert Shelton are the more reputable biographies. Remember it was Shelton who really championed Dylan in the early days.... If however, you are a huge Greil Marcus fan then "Dylan" A Biography by Bob Spitz would be another choice for Greil Marcus states on the cover, "No other book captures it so well, understands so well..." If in the future you have the time to have a Bob Fest of books here is a list of other books you would find on my book shelves at home....

"Knockin' On Dylan's Door On The Road In '74" A Rolling Stone Book

"Tarantula" A Novel By Bob Dylan

"Wanted Man: In Search Of Bob Dylan" edited by John Bauldie

"Absolutely Dylan An Illustrated Biography" by Patrick Humphries and John Bauldie

"Bob Dylan Behind The Shades" A Biography by Clinton Heylin (this book probably has the most so called "dirt" on Bob's personal life and includes a lot of quotes by other artists)

"Hard Rain" A Dylan Commentary by Tim Riley

"In His Own Words Bob Dylan" by Christian Williams

"The Recording Sessions (1960-1994) by Clinton Heylin

"Invisible Republic" Bob Dylan's Basement Tapes by Greil Marcus

"Classic Bob Dylan 1962-69" My Back Pages The Stories Behind Every Song

"The Bob Dylan Companion" Four Decades Of Commentary by Carl Benson

"Encounters With Bob Dylan If You See Him, Say Hello" by Tracy Johnson

"Bob Dylan Lyrics 1962-1985"

Photo Books on Bob: "Bob Dylan" by Daniel Kramer, "Dylan" by Steve Matteo and "Early Dylan" by Barry Feinstein, Daniel Kramer, and Jim Marshall and Art book "The Superhuman Crew" Painting by James Ensor Lyric by Bob Dylan "Desolation Row" which includes a cd of the song as well

Posted on Tue Jan 23 06:29:18 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: the majority

Garth = you bearded musical genius. I look so forward to plunking down money to hear any music you release. You are a joy to listen to.

Posted on Tue Jan 23 05:25:53 CET 2001 from (

the frenchman's daughter

From: boston area
Web page

butch, is that all he did? sheesh

BWNWITennessee - see above, have fun - i won't tell you my name there, you'll have to guess, it's a rougher crowd over there and we regularly go off-subject and off-line too, you will likely be tested if you decide to post, come up with a good name and i'll see you over there

Posted on Tue Jan 23 05:22:34 CET 2001 from (


This entry was deleted. If you want to hurt people then please use another place than my guestbook. Entries from the "" domain will from now on be rejected from the guestbook. Thanks for the extra work, benteen (or whatever your name is), crap like this is just the kind of motivation I need to keep the Band site going... --JH

Posted on Tue Jan 23 05:06:25 CET 2001 from (


charlie, why should bill pardon a cold blooded killer?

Posted on Tue Jan 23 04:56:50 CET 2001 from (

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

Richard Patterson: As usual VINEY is right on the money: Robert Shelton's "No Direction Home" is a "quasi authorized" biography for which Dylan was cooperative, as were Mr. & Mrs. Z. He was also somewhat cooperative with Anthony Scaduto, giving some interviews. About Scaduto's book Dylan is quoted as saying, "I like your book. That's the weird thing about it." I think those are joined by Bob Spitz' "Dylan" which is every bit as good as the other two. Though be forewarned, even if you read all of these, you still won't unravel the mystery.

Posted on Tue Jan 23 04:50:44 CET 2001 from (


let's not forget to give propers. i love the band, but robbie, ain't on the same level as dylan when it comes to "the word".

Posted on Tue Jan 23 03:48:53 CET 2001 from (


From: austin

Bones: I didnt tape the Dylan acceptance speech, I didn't expect him to be there or win, but while surfing there he was... I can only roughly paraphrase that he was honored to accept it, and thanked a bunch of people for their help and assistance and after a bunch of names looked a little sheepish and said, "thats about it, (tough shit if I forgot you because I thinkI got em all)" kind of a thing. It was nice to see Dylan get an award like that. I didn't realize the Golden Globes go back like,60 years or something.

Posted on Tue Jan 23 02:48:15 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Butch, add The Insiders "Fate In Action" 1996 to the Bobby keys discography. I played piano on the song he blew on.

Posted on Tue Jan 23 02:28:42 CET 2001 from (

Bennie Rubin

Hey Butch for president! Dubya Butch I say.

Posted on Tue Jan 23 01:48:10 CET 2001 from (


From: Duh

The main problem that I have with Butch is the way he left the Sundance Kid twistin' in the wind.

Hey, Carolann, where is that scuzzy bar of yours? Me 'n Pugatch and the other Southerners can come down and break it in properly!

Frenchman's Daughter, where is the Steely Dan GB? I tried to find it once and got lost.

Posted on Tue Jan 23 01:30:21 CET 2001 from (

Charlie Young

From: Stuck Inside the Beltway With The Memphis Blues Again (Tonight, Sweet Marie)

Richard Patterson: there's at least one new major Dylan bio coming out in time for his big 60th birthday on May 24.

By the way: Robbie Robertson's pal Leonard Peltier was NOT among those pardoned by Bill Clinton on his last day in office.

One last inaugural note: there is a distinct difference between playing for the President at the White House and playing at an inaugural. The first is an honor and non-political, the inaugural balls are purely political (and I hear that one of Dubya's daughters accidental dropped the top of her gown at the Florida ball the other night--broadcast live on C-SPAN).

Posted on Tue Jan 23 01:14:59 CET 2001 from (

Dave the Phone Guy

From: Mono lake

Man,as if I wasn't excited enough already these great reviews for the barnburners just keep stackin' up in here.I've got tickets or reservations for 8 shows in seven days!(a couple of clubs are having 2 shows the same night so I'm going to all shows all nights in California)I checked with each venue about electricity black-outs and none had been affected yet.I really don't want to or need to brag,I'm just so damn excited.I hope and wish you all can get to see Levon Helm and the Barnburners soon in your state.I'm goona take my laptop and try to post set lists and reviews from the road.I'm also taking my Big Pink album sleeve and This Wheel's On Fire book hoping to get 'em signed.Camera's coming along also.

Posted on Tue Jan 23 01:15:11 CET 2001 from (


From: bluesville

so many folks have written & asked about BOBBY KEYS,,,,

Here is a partial discography for bobby,,, i got it on SHIDOOBEE the Stones site,,, read it & weep,,,,

This is a partial list of the albums that Bobby has played on---I want to thank Gerardo,the VoodooChile from Rocks Off for passing this on to me--- Ace No Strings (1977) Horn American Flyer Spirit of a Woman (1977) Horn Audience Lunch (1972) Saxophone, Sax (Tenor) Marc Benno Ambush (1972) Saxophone Chuck Berry Hail! Hail! Rock 'N Roll (1987) Saxophone Delaney & Bonnie Bramlett Motel Shot (1971) Saxophone Eric Carmen Boats Against the Current (1977) Saxophone Jim Carroll Catholic Boy (1980) Saxophone The Cate Brothers In One Eye and out the Other (1976) Horn Eric Clapton Eric Clapton (1970) Saxophone Eric Clapton History of Eric Clapton (1972) Saxophone Eric Clapton Time Pieces: Best of Eric Clapton (1982) Saxophone Eric Clapton Crossroads (198 Saxophone Joe Cocker Mad Dogs & Englishmen (1970) Saxophone, Sax (Tenor) Joe Cocker Live in L.A. (1976) Saxophone Joe Cocker Joe Cocker's Greatest Hits (1977) Sax (Tenor) Joe Cocker Luxury You Can Afford (197 Saxophone Joe Cocker Anthology (1999) Sax (Tenor) Joe Cocker 20th Century Masters - The... (2000) Sax (Tenor) Country Joe & The Fish Reunion (1977) Saxophone Sheryl Crow Globe Sessions (199 Sax (Alto), Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor) Sheryl Crow Globe Sessions [Australia Bonus... (1999) Sax (Alto), Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor) Mason Daring & Jeanie... Early Years (1992) Guitar Dark Star On Tour (1981) Guitar, Vocals Delaney & Bonnie Accept No Substitutes (1969) Saxophone Delaney & Bonnie & Friends Delaney & Bonnie & Friends on Tour (1970) Saxophone Delaney & Bonnie Best of Delaney & Bonnie (1990) Saxophone Dr. John Sun, Moon & Herbs (1971) Saxophone Donovan Cosmic Wheels [Epic] (1973) Saxophone Lesley Duncan Maybe It's Lost (1977) Saxophone Joe Ely Lord of the Highway (1987) Saxophone Faces Long Player (1971) Saxophone, Sax (Alto) Fanny Fanny Hill (1972) Saxophone Renee Geyer & the Bump... Renee Geyer [Portrait] (1982) Saxophone Dana Gillespie Weren't Born a Man (1973) Saxophone Andrew Gold Andrew Gold (1975) Horn Eddie Hardin Home Is Where You Find It (1972) Saxophone George Harrison All Things Must Pass (1970) Saxophone Rossetta Hightower Hightower (1971) Saxophone Nicky Hopkins Tin Man Was a Dreamer (1973) Saxophone Humble Pie Rock On (1971) Saxophone Chris Jagger Chris Jagger (1973) Saxophone Etta James Come a Little Closer (1974) Horn B.B. King In London (1971) Horn, Saxophone, Sax (Tenor) B.B. King Best of B.B. King [ABC] (1973) Saxophone B.B. King King of the Blues [Box] (1992) Saxophone B.B. King Best of B.B. 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(2000) Sax (Tenor), Brass Gary Wright Footprint (1972) Saxophone Gary Wright Best of Dream Weaver (199 Sax (Tenor), Vocals (bckgr) Warren Zevon Warren Zevon (1976) Saxophone Warren Zevon Quiet Normal Life: The Best of... (1986) Saxophone Original Soundtrack Shag (198 Bass, Guitar Original Soundtrack Dick Tracy [Original Soundtrack] (1990) Guitar Various Artists Weird Nightmare: Meditations on... (1992) Sax (Tenor) Various Artists For Our Children Too (1996) Sax (Baritone) SHIDOOBEE

,,,,,,,& you thought all he did was play for the Stones,,,,,

HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on Tue Jan 23 00:29:45 CET 2001 from (


From: ann arbor, michigan

Attention Harrison fans....Listening to the new "All Things Must Pass". I'm not going to spoil it for anyone - I'll say it's worth the 22 bills I slapped down for it. Bobby Keys is on this one! I don't know of a sax solo on the disc - but there are some horn songs. Joan Baez dropped out of the Ann Arbor folk festival, so I might go. By the way - did anybody get the Blind Faith reissue? I would appreciate comments from you wonderful fans. Take care all.

Posted on Tue Jan 23 00:27:41 CET 2001 from (

Richard Patterson

From: under stacks of records...

Ok... So I'm looking for a good Dylan biography and I decide to search in for "Bob Dylan"... 173 matches (just in books!)... I noticed PETER VINEY quoting from Robert Shelton and Anthony Scaduto in the "Folk Connections" article... (great article BTW). Are these the best writers on Dylan? Can somebody please recommend a good Dylan biography?

Posted on Mon Jan 22 23:00:24 CET 2001 from (

Rick S.

From: Suffern, N.Y.

Give 'em hell, Butch!

Posted on Mon Jan 22 22:51:15 CET 2001 from (


From: here

(bob wigo From: havertown, pa E-mail: Funk: Nothing like hiding behind a keyboard and a bum e-mail address. )

hey bob & everyone,,,,,, dont worry about these little spoiled kids,,,,,,, they are cryin cause their flea-infested family didnt get their way once @ a show,, & daddy has been pouting ever since,,, we take the high moral ground, on this one,,,, we enjoy the shows,,,& our friends & fans,,, & later for the rest,,,, smile,,,,,, the music is good,,, life is good,,,, & we are good,,,,, & thanks everybody,,,,,,,,,,,,, bd

Posted on Mon Jan 22 22:01:09 CET 2001 from (


GREAT NAME!! How bout, "Concrete Charley & the Shooters"??

Posted on Mon Jan 22 21:45:40 CET 2001 from (


David: are you getting back at California for foisting "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia" on the rest of the continent 20-odd years ago?

An afterthought: Peter mentioned the Pacheco-Alexander LP from the early '70s - and a wonderful LP it is - and that Richard Bell played on it. I mentioned Brad Campbell in my follow-up post, but didn't mention that he too was on the Pacheco LP (as were the rest of Full Tilt).

Another afterthought. I mentioned ex-Pauper Skip Prokop. Al Kooper played on the second Paupers LP, and mentions the band in his autobiography. Pauper guitarist Chuck Beal wnet into management, and put together the group Jericho (see elsewhere on this site) around original Pauper bassist Denny Gerrard (one of the rock world's best, by the way). Singer Adam Mitchell went into production (Lightfoot, Ronstadt, Mainline) and songwriting (Nicolette Larsen's "Round and Round" comes to mind). And, the group's first handful of 45s - before Grossman bought their contract - was for Duff Roman, who was responsible for all of David Clayton Thomas's early recordings, and also for the Hawks' first post-Hawkins session (never released to my knowledge).

Posted on Mon Jan 22 21:45:40 CET 2001 from (

Ben Langworthy

Where can I buy "The Complete Last Waltz?" Please let me know, BCL

Posted on Mon Jan 22 21:34:36 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa

David and G-Man,

I always thought "Concrete Charlie" would be a great name for a band!!

Posted on Mon Jan 22 21:32:42 CET 2001 from (

johnny maz

just good to see the gibson les paul ga 40 and little fender amp in use....check out your early pictures of the beatles at the cavern y`all for the same amps

best, johnny

Posted on Mon Jan 22 20:58:08 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

What did Dylan say when he accepted the award? Did he play the song? Was the Soy Bomber there? I'm sorry I missed it.

All this talk about playing for the President is ridiculous? It has nothing to do with party politics. It has to do with honoring the office or, in some cases, the country. Bob Hope, Ray Charles and other legends have played for many different Presidents. It is considered to be patriotic, and it should not be condemned just because the President is not from your party.

Posted on Mon Jan 22 20:54:57 CET 2001 from (


Mr. Powell--it just came to me!! Frank was shell shocked after that hit!! Only reason that lead up to him gettin stuck w/Kathy Lee!!! Heh, Heh!!

Posted on Mon Jan 22 20:40:58 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Hey Jan, what's the offical birthday for your site?... Looking just at your first GB post indicates the GB is maybe coming up on a 5 year anniversary?... Still got that RR Life & Times on my mind... liked what he said about "drifting" too... and hey, can't they hook the Barnburners up to the grid in CA?... and actually generate some juice out there?...

Posted on Mon Jan 22 20:30:43 CET 2001 from (


From: Rhinebeck, NY

Anyone else see the early Dr. John show at BB King's last Saturday? Good show, could have been a little longer, but there was a surprise bonus. Before the show started, the video screens showed what looked like a Jericho-era Band concert. I arrived about 7:15, and it was still running when the Dr. came on promptly at 8:00. Volume could have been louder, but it looked like a great tape to have. Anyone know what it was?

Posted on Mon Jan 22 20:25:05 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

G-Man: The powerful spectre of Chuck Bednarek's hit on Frank Gifford (with "Clothes Line Saga" played in the background) compares to the force with which Levon hits the skins.

This just in -- With rolling blackouts continuing again today in California, Gov. Gray Davis sought to dispell rumors that Levon & The Barn Burners would be forced to play acoustic un-plugged sets on tour dates next month in that state. According to unnamed sources, songs for the set lists will be chosen from Peter Viney's "Folk Connections" article.

Posted on Mon Jan 22 20:10:38 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa

Funk: Nothing like hiding behind a keyboard and a bum e-mail address.

Bill,you reminded me of a very special talent, Skip Procop. Thanks. Here's a little additional info from "Divishows Online":

The Live Adventures of Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper (Style Blues) (Columbia 1968)

Columbia has recently reissued on CD for the first time the 1968 live at the Fillmore West recordings of blues guitar great Mike Bloomfield, along with Al Kooper on keyboards, John Kahn on bass guitar and Skip Procop on drums. The recordings, taken from three nights of concerts, are a kind of loose rock/jazz/blues jam session. The significance of the CD lies in Bloomfield, as these are among the finest recordings of the late guitarist of Butterfield Blues Band fame. His playing is at a tremendous peak here, a combination of pure, cleanly articulated lines played with at times astounding ferocity. (The performance of Green Onions features one of the greatest guitar solos I've ever encountered.) Bloomfield does not play on all of the tracks, as after the first two nights of concerts he collapsed and had to be hospitalized for lack of sleep. For guitar fans, this one is a classic and is highly recommended. (As a side note, fans of Al Kooper should visit the America Online Rock message boards, where Mr. Kooper inhabits the board dedicated to his music under the name of AlPhonts).

Posted on Mon Jan 22 19:39:30 CET 2001 from (


From: readin all this b.s. about BD makes me wanna puke

Hey Butch; could you run out and get me a Pizza?

Posted on Mon Jan 22 19:36:23 CET 2001 from (


WS Walcott: you're right about Tommy Chong. Stoned, dark-haired Canadians are virtually indistinguishable. By the way, Chong's first trip to the charts was "Does Your Mama Know About Me?" - which he cowrote and performed on as a member of Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers. Also in the Vancouvers were two refugees from the SW Ontario sub-Hawks circuit, organist Robbie King and guitarist Ed Patterson.

Re RH King: It was Collegiate before Academy, not High School, as far as I know. I believe John Donabie, who lives nearby, once told us that it'd had a totally different name at the time Robertson attended. For those of you who don't know Toronto, the school is so far away from Cabbagetown that I can see that Robertson would have commuted between the two. There wasn't even an east-west subway to cut the travelling time until the mid-sixties. No doubt Robertson lived in Cabbagetown for a time, but I think he mostly lived in nicer neighbourhoods than he cares to remember. (We all like to think we had it tough, a point most effectively made in Monty Python's Yorkshire Miners skit.)

Thanks to Peter Viney for the latest opus. First, I find it interesting that both Neil Young and Skip Spence recorded Cripple Creek songs. Second, I wouldn't trust Helm's memory to recall which Hawkins LP Duvivier played on - and the Folk Ballads makes no sense at all. Third, the Grossman-managed Toronto band the Paupers play on some of PP&M's Album 1700 - notably "I Dig ...". This is outside the scope of your article, but drummer Skip Prokop then did the Bloomfield / Kooper Live Adventures concerts, and turned down an offer from Janis Joplin because he planned to start his own band, Lighthouse. Pauper bassist Brad Campbell accepted the offer, however, and appears on both Kozmic Blues and Pearl.

Posted on Mon Jan 22 18:49:34 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa

Looking for some help. I'm trying to track down a complete discography for Bobby Keys. I'd like to find something that lists the songs he has played on. I'm certainly familiar with a good deal of his work but would really enjoy a complete list. Any suggestions?

Posted on Mon Jan 22 17:54:58 CET 2001 from (


HEY BARN BURNERS....Where was Big George???

Posted on Mon Jan 22 17:20:40 CET 2001 from (


From: philly suburbs

G-Man, should be no suprise that the city of brotherly love is the city that loves you back.


Posted on Mon Jan 22 16:58:05 CET 2001 from (


TLW-great seeing that crew!! Rick was amazing. Just watching his expressions! LEVON--wow! Him and Butter!! Garth and Richard, man Oh man!! Robbster signin up a storm. Levon & Muddy. Rick with Stage Frite and Makes No Diff!!!! Appreciate and support the remaining crews!!!

Posted on Mon Jan 22 16:18:56 CET 2001 from (

the frenchman's daughter

From: boston area

hey there mister minoa - billy - yes i know that island, i grew up in dewitt! my name references the tune from robbie robertson off his storyville release - i'm here mainly as a robbie robertson fan - how are things on the east side? i went to bishop grimes and my dad worked on the railroad there too! how's everybody today? recovered from the weekend's inaugral festivities?

Posted on Mon Jan 22 15:56:01 CET 2001 from (


Well, Well, Well--PHILLY ROCKS!!!! Almost missed out; no late flights!!! Tried to fly myself but figured my arms would tire by Poe keep see(Home of the BB'S). Last train to Philly: AM-Track saved the day!! Butch, you was right--Hudson great!!! 30th Street Station and rest of city was great. Everybody was helpful, too! Especially Robbin from Bst. Wstrn. She did make the show, too!! BB fan for life(told ya they kicked ass)!! Doin some famous cheese steaks--WOW---and the crew and Mr. D strollin in!! How do's,and Butch takin some time w/us- KEWL-and TCB(THANKS)!!! Crew woofin down and chargin up for the show!!! To the North Star--great club(tuff for site lines and cookin on stage)-staff was great!!! Met N. Pa. FRANKIE(from Woodstock shows)--Bob Wigo, a real deal Band/Barn Burner fan; our pleasure(thanks for directions, etc..)!! Met Donna (other) and Bob; folks with Band tradition and real heart; had us some fun. Thanks for ALL your help(not just the push off the wagoon either)and the ride!!! SHOW TIME######BUTCH with his Allen Freed voice callin em out like Igle hero(local guy for us)Ron Jaworski!!!!LOOK-OUT- the crew came leepin out on stage!! (melted the snow by the end of the first song(what snow?)) Levon and Frankie "I"--titer than a locked door at the Philly mint!! Bossman hitten the skins like Chuck Bednarek! Frankie--finger transplants after the show, or WHAT??? PAT O'--some new stuff?? WOW, Honky Tonk riffs--smooth!! BOBBY "Triple A" KEYS-tyin in w/PAT-and sax gettin ya lost in the BLUES??? CHRIS (Sonny Boy)"House-Rocker No. 1" !!! Muddy's Mannish--Mud man had to be smilin down on Chris!!!OUTSTANDING!!!! MISS AMY--hearin chants of Amy, Amy, AMY, AMY: crowd stoppin vocals, AGAIN!!!BEST crowd I've seen, to date--PHILLY rocked!! Oh, Mr. Dener- since some people are concerned-he punched his own ticket! Handlin two phones re reservation and directions; Guest lists, settin up, press folks, sounds problems, No lites-He knocked em out!!!Lookin like Tiki Barber scootin all over!! Shoot he even showed some yung gals his dance moves(looked like they came from WN NY Institute of Chiropractic!!!! HE still found time for the fans and the crazies!! You da Man!! BEST EVER!! POST show;everyone cordial to ALL w/autographs, etc.. LEVON & BOBBY KEYS-the greatest!! Crew looked like they went 12 rounds w/Mike Tyson, and were ready to go agin!! THANKS!!! Oh, Frankie "I" saved the day! We got locked out at 3:30 am.(Should be used to it, my parents locked me out many times!!!) Thanks Philly-Thanks Barn Burners!!!

Posted on Mon Jan 22 15:49:54 CET 2001 from (

Cheryl L. Isbister

From: Maine(iac)

Saw The Last Waltz last night for the first time. Totally awesome. Took me back to being 21. Just want to say saw The Band w/Dylan in Atlanta Ga many years ago and saw them again here at Colby College in Waterville. '95 I think. Managed to get everyone autograph on my original Big Pink!

Posted on Mon Jan 22 13:02:54 CET 2001 from (


From: pa

Sorry I missed the philly show. My entire family came down with the flu. Sounded like one not to miss. I hope to see the around philly crowd next time around.

He Pehr, don't fight it. I believe you too will be pleased.

Best Regards!

Posted on Mon Jan 22 11:48:33 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Mr. Viney: Thanks so much for another wonderful article! You sure do your homework, don't you? (Where were you when I was doing term papers years ago anyway??!) Thanks also to Jan, who works his special brand of magic to help bring Peter's articles to us. I'd buy you both a beer, but I'm saving all my money for the Crabgrass fund :-)

A special hello to Miwa..who I just missed in the chatroom by exactly _1_ minute. Hugs to you and Mr. Miwa from me and the kids.

Have a good day everyone. And as always, hug Jan :-)

Posted on Mon Jan 22 11:02:32 CET 2001 from (

Markku (Quos)

Web page

Great work by Peter V on Country and Folk Connections, thank you.

Roy Buchanan and the new Alligator release was mentioned earlier. Originally, that was supposed to be a box-set with more rare material, but for some reason that never happened. Hopefully they will get out the rest of it with some other label.
Also, there is a full-length biography of Roy Buchanan coming out this year (rumoured to be out in June).

Posted on Mon Jan 22 10:15:58 CET 2001 from (

Steve Taylor

From: Elk Grove

I'm so impressed with this site. And I'm really excited to hear that Levon is coming to my area. I was fortunate to see The Band many times, including the Last Waltz. Having Levon in the Sacramento area will really be a treat. My son who now is 20 started listening to The Band the day he was born started playing drums when he was about 3 idolizes Levon. To make things even better Levon's show will be on my birthday, February 7th. I'm gonna get my entire family and all of the members of my band (Crazy Chester) which I've been playing with for the past 29 years to attend. Thanks for maintaining such a fantastic web site.

Posted on Mon Jan 22 09:46:09 CET 2001 from (

WS Walcott

From: Canada

Remember the scene from TLW where Richard is lying on the couch and talking about the time he stole some baloney so they could all have something to eat? Is it just me or did he look and sound like Tommy Chong? Just an observation. No direspect meant. Hey, I just wanna break even.

Posted on Mon Jan 22 09:00:16 CET 2001 from (


From: the woods
Web page

Valid address: woodlark(a)
Never-ending thread: song writing credits - from Mojo magazine, January 2001

"I did a lot of composition without becoming a 'writer', but they paid me well so I didn't argue. When we normally did a session we were used to being given the parts to play and we'd just play them, but the first session with ... (him)... he didn't know any parts, he only had a few bars of a piece that he'd got an idea of. So I said, Look, if we're going to get this done, let me just extend these and you've got a piece of music. I'd ... pull them into full-lenght pieces."
- Alan Hawkshaw of Serge Gainsbourg

Congrats to Bob, the lead singer of THE BAND!

Posted on Mon Jan 22 07:14:23 CET 2001 from (


From: Here there and every where

so ....friends... a year ago -I posted here(about a new movie and a song, on the wake of our dear love, Rick's death ) [see archives] and tonight there is thunderous applause ,from Hollywood ? the media? Bob wins an award... wonder is right ...thank God ,YES YES... Play On ! Liz : )

Posted on Mon Jan 22 05:27:36 CET 2001 from (


Will there be more Dylan soon...?

Posted on Mon Jan 22 05:12:45 CET 2001 from (


Web page

I know fans of The Band are the nicest fans around, so I have a huge favor. The 2 times it has been on T.V., I always miss "The Last Waltz"! Could someone out there make me a copy and send it to me. It would be very appreciated. Thanks!!E-mail me if your interested.

Posted on Mon Jan 22 05:05:54 CET 2001 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa, N.Y.

That Golden Globe award that Dylan won tonite was for a song he wrote for The Wonder Boys, a vastly underwatched ensemble gem from last year. It should be out in the home formats soon, I recommend this movie highly. The oldsters around here should really appreciate it. And Dr, I couldn't overlook your address from your post of a few minutes ago, did you know Commander Cody played down at the Dino again tonite? The LW is over,again, Mrs. Bashful Bill met Rick, Garth, and Levon(in that order) in more recent years, she marvels at the changes. Even Ronnie Hawkins looks like a big hairy kid in that movie. She should have seen the strapping young buck from 76 that she is married to in 01. And our 6 yer old loved seeing Levon doin his thing, as our 6 year old dog is named Levon. Thanks for putting up with me around here Jan(I was going to call you Hoiberg but I respect you too much to even joke with you that way, besides I can't type that little thing you do with your name). And Lil, I read you lovin your 3 points of light a little while ago. With our new president and some of his appointed new bosses literally the same as the old bosses, do you think the thousand points of light are due for a return?

Posted on Mon Jan 22 05:05:58 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Dylan and Eng Lee on one side, TV "stars" on the other. Enough irony to fill a Nirvana album.

On the other hand, I followed that stupid VH1 special about the 100 greatest rock albums for a little bit. What a load of hay. When I went online and discovered no Band ablums (Relax, everyone; Nirvana, Patti Smith, and Michael Jackson made it), I tuned out. However, there was one revealing moment. The Moondance album came in around 30 and they showed some great footage of Van mid-70's--Caledonia Soul Orchestra era. And they're burning up Caravan, and he's doing the kicks! I guess that move predated TLW.

Posted on Mon Jan 22 05:03:28 CET 2001 from (


From: Texas

Bob Dylan is the coolest person in the whole wide world. The Golden Globes have proven themselves.

Posted on Mon Jan 22 04:46:14 CET 2001 from (


From: the road

just watched dylan win his Golden Globe,,,, Things Havent Changed,,,,,,, He is still the best,,,, just wamt to say a personal Thank-You to all of our friends & fans that come out,, the olde standby ones , like frankie aheart,,, & the newer ones, like so many of ya,, youse guyz are all great,, ya make the fellas feel so good when ya tell them how their music does it for ya,,,

G-Man , Donna, Donna, WIGO-MAN,, you be great,, i think you filled the North Star by yourself,,, JRS daughter Mary Kate & her crew,, Joey the best damn hockey player anywhere,,, Mim & Harry, & all the ones i left out,,

its great to have that family support on the road,

i wont "bore" ya'll with reviews, now,, but even with that brutal snowstorm,, the Stone Pony was as welcoming a place as could be,,,,,,

we're starting to see the Bobby Keys contingent showing up,, the Stones fans,,, Bobby got interviewed by a Stones fan mag & a Stones website , in jersey,,,

wait till we hit Texas,,,,, his posse will be out in full force,,,, BIG FUN !!!!!!!!!!

anyway,, the music IS hotter & tighter than ever,,, from the drop of the green flag, the race is to the best !!!!!!!! These musicians are dedicated to their craft & it passes on to the audience,,,

so come, join us ,,,, experience the JOY OF THE BLUES !!!

we will be waiting for ya,,,,,,,,,, butch

Posted on Mon Jan 22 04:31:05 CET 2001 from (


From: Here there and every where
Web page

Bob Dylan wins a Golden Globe award !!!! I guess "Things HAVE Changed "! Beautiful..... : ) wonderful night for music, in the Business.. Congrats.... Lets keep it up in the new Mil.... Misss ya'ss. Liz- PLAY ON

Posted on Mon Jan 22 04:25:31 CET 2001 from (

Bob Wardlaw

From: The Big Easy

Hank: Phish did "Ophelia" at a show in New Orleans last year.

Posted on Mon Jan 22 04:07:15 CET 2001 from (

carolann alexander

From: terry mississippi

just got through watchin last waltz....outstanding (again) i just bought a scuzzy beer joint and the Band is ALL over my jukebox....

Posted on Mon Jan 22 04:01:54 CET 2001 from (

Dr Pepper

From: Dinotown

Hey Bashful one...thanks for the kind words and hope the cold is clearing up.

Posted on Mon Jan 22 03:54:38 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Was Bob Dylan just on The Golden Globes?... I heard Julia Roberts say something on the TV in the other room...

I just got done listening to the RR CBC Life & Times thing... I really liked it especially the tour of Yonge Street... and select comments here and there... like RR hinting at the end that maybe he should write a book (Yeah!)... I also wasn't bothered by his brief talk with that female artist (she seemed very young)... I thought it was interesting to hear RR's comments on growth, challenges, and that whole theatre versus movie analogy about him not wanting to repeat things... though I'm surprised I haven't read anything slamming him for doing the theatre thing via his various biography things... Oh well... I really relate to some of the things his says and was intertained... and finally, maybe it's just me but I have been noticing how a lot of the older guys are going back to longer hair (i.e. Bowman... and Garth too)... which I think is a great look... I'm tired tonight so that's all for now though I am lovin' all the concert reviews and pics... keep em' coming... oh, one more thing, maybe somebody should question the assumptions for how often CDs should come out... The Band was definitely more prolific than let's say Counting Crows?...

Posted on Mon Jan 22 03:29:11 CET 2001 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa, N.Y.

Hey all, as The LW is blastin on the TV, I'm catchin up on a couple weeks of Jan's excellent guestbook and on my email. Real life has been occupying my family and me ina a BIG way for several months now, and I've been finding less and less time on the computer. but...I want to say a special hi to my aussie email pal, I owe you a long one, watch yer mailbox. Also hi to the good Dr, grieving sucks, huh? A few posts caught my eye today-nice to see Krispy makin the rounds, and that was a great report from BEG on the Canadian RR special. Phish just don't do it for me, though I've tried to appreciate them. I can't stand the lyrics, and the jams aren't the kind of jams this old deadhead loves. But, Hank, a friend of Jon Fishman ( with whom Mrs. Bashful Bill went to high school) once told me that Jon told her that he was well acquainted with fellow drummer Levon, and has visited him in both Woodstock and in Arkansas. and Phish recorded an album at Bearsville studios a few years ago.So, Phish covering The Band is certainly possible. A lot of people around here(central NY) are sad that Jon's mother passed away last week, she was a local fixture beloved by many. I'm certain a tribute show will take place around here for her sometime in the future. And staying on the CNY thread, Frenchman's Daughter, how long since you have been around here? Do you know there is a Frenchman's island on Onieda Lake? Can't wait for the Guru's show at The Turning Point on March 3, hangin with my buds Ruby and Downstate Rick. Anyway, there are a bunch of folks I owe emails, you know who you are, I even got a few e-holiday greetings I haven't responded to, real life, whew! But I promise all will hear from me soon, thanks for being there. Took a brief break to watch Levon belt out Dixie for the last time of his life(I think), Mrs Bashful Bill says they look like babies, esecially Rick. I told her Robbie's mike was shut off, is that true? I'm outa here for now, hope I'll be around a little more.

Posted on Mon Jan 22 01:21:49 CET 2001 from (

Bad Bob

Just so everyone knows, The Joyous Lake in Woodstock is closed. Bad management from what I gathered this weekend. I traveled all the way from Burlington, Vermont to spend an evening at this once very enchanting watering hole, all to be very disappointed. Anyway, I visited Big Pink and snapped a photo. Someone is living there now. Even has a satelite dish. Strange. Anyway, enjoyed the town again. Bye all...

Posted on Mon Jan 22 01:20:00 CET 2001 from (


From: Old Tejas

Hey, how long is Bobby Keys playing with the BB? I'm trying to figure out when I can make it to see them, maybe in Santa Fe on the 29th.

Cheers to everyone, and especially to Butch.

Posted on Sun Jan 21 22:40:29 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa

This just in: All barns in the Delaware Valley have been burned straight to the ground.

The show at the North Star bar on Friday night was nothing short of phenomenal.This band is playing and performing at a very high level and seemingly enjoying every minute.

I don't know how they managed to land Bobby Keys but man he puts an even nastier growl on this already snarling dog. The audience was howling thirty seconds into the show and didn't let up all night. Pat O'Shea is playing great and smiling like a lottery winner.When I commented to him about the good fortune of having Bobby Keys onboard he said "I keep checking the bottom of my shoes and wondering what we did to deserve this good fortune." Hey Pat, being a great band sure didn't hurt you any!!! Chris continues his hard driving style of vocals and harp. Amy sounds wonderful and takes the vocals to another level. Frankie has the bottom filled with funk and Levon....damn, still drumming with tremendous energy and that incredible feel that has always made him different from the rest. He just nails it every time. This rhythm section is as good as it gets. Mr. Helm you are doing yourself and your band proud.I cannot thank you all enough for sharing your music here in Philly. Please come back and see us soon.

It was truly a pleasure to hear the comments among the crowd and to witness all those smiling faces.The house was rocking and the music took us all away for the short while we were together. That's what it's all about.

Last, but by no means least, there is Butch. Thank you for all you do to get the music to the fans and , most of all, thank you for treating all of us with such respect. You make coming out to see this wonderful band an even more pleasurable experience.

I was blessed to have the opportunity to speak with Levon and the rest of the band and I cannot emphasize enough the kindness and sincerity of these fine people. Everyone was appreciative of the support of the fans and Levon was as gracious as anyone could ask. When I thanked him for the gift of The Band's music and all that it has meant to me he looked me square in the eye and said "thank you for being there to share it with us."

For all of those with a show coming to your neck of the woods soon --- get out there and shake it to great music played by wonderful folks having the time of their lives.

It was great to see Donna and Bob,to finally meet Krispy,and to talk with G-Man and his lovely wife Donna,two great fans in town via train from Buffalo.

Such a night.....

P.S.John Hilliard, I regret now more than ever that I didn't get to meet you last week at the Tin Angel. It could have been memorable if you get where I'm coming from.

Posted on Sun Jan 21 21:03:52 CET 2001 from (

Band Fan


Robbie attended R.H. King High School in Scarborough...which is in East Toronto. It is now called R.H. King Academy.

Posted on Sun Jan 21 19:29:21 CET 2001 from (


From: PA

A quick note of interest, The Last Waltz, will be broadcasted on TCM tonight at 8 p.m. eastern.

Posted on Sun Jan 21 17:50:26 CET 2001 from (


From: Plano, texas

does anyone have a copy of the Rick Danko show at Fitzgerald's 11/15/97? i was at that show and it would mean alot if i could get a copy on cassette or better yet cd. thanks, i'm sure someone can pull through for me. jimmy i got front row seats to see Levon Thrusday, i'm hyped up for the show.

Posted on Sun Jan 21 17:28:31 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: behind that locked door

ROSS = I always like when someone as young as yourself gets into a music that was done "before you were born". It shows that the music has lasting value.

HANK = I've never really listened to Phish either - but the thought of someone even attempting to pull off Revolution #9 LIVE - boggles my mind. I'd love to hear that.

LIL = nice little story about Rick's "Danko" jacket. There's no disrespect in calling someone by thier last name

Nice to see all the pro Butch posts. I'm sure by now that Butch realizes that most of us appreciate him, and the one or two trouble-stirring bozos are just that.

Posted on Sun Jan 21 16:58:42 CET 2001 from (

Ross Beveridge

From: Scotland

Being a huge fan of the band, i am just posting a message to congratulate you on your superb site. Glad to see that there are still some people out there who have an appetite for great music and not just the trash we have to put up with these days. I was not even born when the Last Waltz was recorded but thank god i finally got a copy of the tape. Cant be as good as actually being there i know, but thats life. Anyway congratulations on your site once more and i`ll be back soon.

Posted on Sun Jan 21 16:42:00 CET 2001 from (

Chris D.

From: South Jersey

Wow!! I'm still blown away by Levon and the Barn Burners show Friday Night in Philly! I've seen them quite a few times now and they just keep sounding better every time. I talked to some real nice people there, I regret not meeting any of you G Book regulars but it was a pleasure being with you anyway! I had the incredible luck of catching Levon and Bobby Keys sneeking in. Just to say hello to Levon and shake his hand always puts me on top of the world! Butch, thanks for stopping by the table for a quick hello, always a high point I look forward to at a Barn Burners show!!!!! Thank you to Levon and the whole gang and have a great, safe trip out west!! Thanks!

Posted on Sun Jan 21 15:22:06 CET 2001 from (

Mike from Boston

From: Boston

It is great to see GB entries from people catching the Barnburners shows on Tour. One question: I saw them in Boston 1/12/01, but there was no Bobby Charles/sax. Any body know what happened? Is he a regular member now? Also any updates on the CD they mentioned from the stage would be great. Sad to see on the concert listings elsewhere on this site that they won't be back east for a while?

Posted on Sun Jan 21 15:04:30 CET 2001 from (

Bennie Rubin

From: USA

Good day folks. big fan of the Band and some of the groups that have been formed by members of the Band past. In reguard to the Butch Dener bashing,I've been to many Gurus shows in the past two yrs. I know Mr. Dener by sight from the good natured ribbing that he and the gurus exchange during their show, i find it very entertaining and very funny. I have seen him groovin to the music and lending support every time. I've also seen Mr. Dener on occasion bring the boys on stage with an introduction or back for an oncore, but I never felt there was any backstabbing going on. So maybe the young fellow or lady who is bashing Butch needs to make sure that their source of information doesn't have an agenda of it's own. the bar circuit is a good place to see the blues performed, and the blues is what Mr Helm wants to play. They seem to have plenty of jobs and it appears that their having a good time developing their sound. Their first cd is being promoted everytime they hit a stage,no matter how big the stage is. Their doing it the old fashioned way, their working for it.

Posted on Sun Jan 21 15:01:35 CET 2001 from (


From: Where I cry every time you slip in one more dime...........
Web page

Do PHISH do any songs by The Band?...........Phish did the entire White Album at a Halloween gig on a bootleg I heard once......maybe twice.....I am NOT a PHISH fan.....but I'm well aware they're from Vermont and all that, y'know?.........Anywho, I'm not nuts about 'em but I respect their musical ability. They play really well I figure those guys gotta know The Band .....I wonder if they've ever covered The, say PHISH played the entire Big Pink album.......

The drums on "Hey Mister that's me up on the Jukebox" by JT sounds like the drums on "The Weight".......I heard that song very recently in the company of a guitarist and a drummer......after one of the drum rolls we all, on a cue at the same time altogether said "The Weight".....we all play "The Weight" various ensembles........

played a 50th birthday party last night in a place called "Connollys of Leap"....a place in the middle of "West Cork".....pretty famous for being a full on Rock'n'Roll Venue in a small Irish village........we opened with "When I Paint My Masterpiece" followed by "It Makes No Difference" followed by "Evangeline"......playing songs by The Band are a great way of getting a buncha people into a groove....'cos you HAVE to.....listen..........and then , later when it's rockin and rollin you play "The Weight" or "Back To Memphis" and everyone's dancin.........antway, what was I sayin?.....Oh yeah, PHISH and James Taylor.........I must away to the mortal realm .......spooky thought, know when Sabrina and her aunts go to the other realm?........The Band GB is a lttle like that.........YIKES!!!!!.........see you(r thoughts) later!!!!!!!


Posted on Sun Jan 21 14:22:59 CET 2001 from (


From: PA

I had the great pleasure to see, Levon Helm and The Barn Burner's, Friday night in Phila. It is becoming more and more difficult to describe, such musical perfection! On vocals, there is the great and talented, Chris O'Leary. Then there is the sweet and lovely, Amy Helm, who in my opinion, has the vocal pitch that could be compared with some of the best female blue's legends. Bobby Keys, on sax plays with the intensity and concentration, as I would like to compare to the great Bird, (Charlie Parker). Their techniques may vary, but the oneness they have with the sax is the same. Frankie and Levon, seem to be so in tuned with each other, that when you watch them play, it's like musical magic before your very eyes. If you have not yet seen this band play, take my advice, and experience the joy of seeing and hearing this talented, gifted band, known as Levon Helm and The Barn Burner's!

Butch: Thank you once again, for your kindness, and dedication, that you have always extended to Levon Helm, The Barn Burner's, The Gurus, but most importantly, to us... the fans!

It was also a great pleasure to meet G-Man and Donna. Donna: It was such fun trying to keep up with your dance steps. You Go Girl! Lastly, to all the other guestbook visitors that were at the show, it was very nice meeting all of you.

Posted on Sun Jan 21 13:59:14 CET 2001 from (

Lil Again

From: typo hell

Just want to apologize for the spelling mistakes lately. Yes, I can spell, but the master of the web still hasn't fixed my previewing problem here. Petite mal seizures repidly turning to Grande mal ones. Good thing I'm not posting anything I'm not supposed to, hm? :-)

Posted on Sun Jan 21 13:30:59 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Reading back a bit here and want to share something with you. There was some kind of discussion here about someone referring to Rick as "Danko", and I thought this story would help clarify the problems some folks seemed to have with that.

Rick received a jacket from his kids (I can't remember if it was for Christmas or for his birthday) several years ago. It was royal blue 'starter' jacket (anyone remember him wearing that?) and he was really proud of it. In fact, what he was most proud of what the fact that they had "Danko" embroidered on the froont of it. I remember how he grinned and pointed to the name when he showed it to me. Seems he was very proud of his name, and hearing a friend refer to him as "Danko" would be just fine with him. I have a photo of him with that jacket on, but of course, I'm still scannerless here. I'd ask for contributions, but ol Crabby seems to need the funds more than I do :-)

Have a good day everyone. Have to go shovel out my car here and head to work. Is it March yet Butch? :-)

Hug Jan..and smile, ok?

Posted on Sun Jan 21 02:02:58 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn NY

Miss Amy should definetly sing more songs in the BanrBurners set...she's a great soulful singer (and In my opinion, female blues singers usually sound alike --very stale!), and it'd be good to hear her sing more numbers! C'mon it up!!!!

Posted on Sat Jan 20 23:06:12 CET 2001 from (

Bill W.

From: Reno

The hoped for release date for the Hawk's latest disc is this coming spring.

Posted on Sat Jan 20 23:02:20 CET 2001 from (


From: bucks county,pa

I caught Levon and The Barn Burners last nite with new man Bobby Keys. They put on one hell of a show. Great to see G Man and Donna and I met the other Donna also. I got in a jam about a year ago with some people in here about people posting stuff and not knowing what the hell they were talking about. I said I wouldn't do it no more but I can't sit back and have people bashing Butch no more. It's not right. Butch isn't booking all these small clubs and believe me if The Boss didn't want to play these places he wouldn't. Peace to all

Posted on Sat Jan 20 20:36:37 CET 2001 from (

Ben Turkel

From: New Jersey
Web page

There's an Eric Andersen live performance from the 1982 Philly Folk festival available from (link above). Randy Ciarlante drums on this and Taj Mahal plays harmonica on one track. This an audience recording, but it's nice to have as Andersen has never released a live album.

Dose anyone know when the new Ronnie Hawkins CD is going to be released ?

Posted on Sat Jan 20 20:25:42 CET 2001 from (


From: deep in the heart of texas

nice pst Brown eyed girl on the RR tvshow on CBC. thanks for the synopsis.

I'm away from the computer for a couple days but if anyone cares to share a tape of the program I am very interested in working with you. Please E mail and Ill get with you this week, very gratefully.

Carmen I came up short yesterday on the inarguration post, and I apologize. I should have coffee before posting, as some have suggested. I'm gonna miss Bill. with his faults and foibles I saw him as "one of us", at least as an old HAWKS fan. Anyway I'm happy for you and wish us all a good 4 years. Did you make the philly show?

I'll be at the Greune Hall show on the 28th, after the super bowl, I believe. who is planning to go?

luckily Butch takes care of business and sees to our needs as well. I'll see ya on the road in texas, Mr Butch, and look forward to it.

Posted on Sat Jan 20 20:21:27 CET 2001 from (


I agree that Amy is delightful. I hope she will get to sing more someday. I wonder why she is only allowed to sing the same few tokens. She is so good. I'd like to hear more. Please, Levon- We want to hear Amy more!!!

Posted on Sat Jan 20 19:15:50 CET 2001 from (


From: near Philly

Just wanted to stop in and say thanks to Levon & The Barn Burners for a FINE night of music last night!!!! Sadly my husband caught the flu and couldn't make it, but my mom was glad to step in and use the ticket. (It's all her fault I'm such a fan of The Band and music in general anyway ;) I don't care if it's a theater that holds 5,000+ people or the "bar circuit" that holds a couple hundred folks, I'm just glad to still be able to see Levon sitting behind the drums, having fun and making good music you HAVE to dance to. Hell, the bar circuit is more intimate IMHO!!

Amy never ceases to amaze me with that voice. The rest of the band played very well and I really dig the addition of the sax to the band. Don't recall much from the 1st set, but in the 2nd set we were treated to a fine Mystery Train, Wang Dang Doodle, Shake Her Hand, Same Thing, I'm A Man, The Grass is Always Greener (which BTW they mentioned will be on their forthcoming album, so they ARE out there promoting it)...lots more, but my brain is failing me at this moment.

Bob Wigo - it was a pleasure to meet you & your wife! Chris - I'm sorry I hadn't read up on the GB before I went - I saw you there in your black vest...wish I had known and I would've said hello!

And lastly, a big thanks to Butch for getting my copy of "This Wheel's On Fire" signed for me. I can't tell you how much that means to me. I'm sorry to come in here today and see someone trying to slander you. You've worked your ass off for these guys and certainly don't deserve that. Thanks for all you do ((((Butch)))).

Posted on Sat Jan 20 19:13:35 CET 2001 from (

the frenchman's daughter

From: ne

lars, is that you from the steely dan guestbook? guess who, dearie.....

Posted on Sat Jan 20 18:22:19 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

I never thought I’d recommend Eminem, but reading these strange and unprovoked attacks on Butch, may I suggest that Mr Hilliard listen to “Stan” a few times. Eminem was thinking of this sort of poster (Stan, Stan, the unrequited fan). Butch keeps us posted with news and reviews from the inside track, and 99% of readers surely appreciate that. He’s also seen the guys play way, way more times than any of us. Maybe this inspires jealousy in Mr Hilliard.

Crabgrass: I have only today made a significant investment. By later this evening this could have realized between £10 million and £20 million. Certainly many of my future plans depend upon it, in fact I’m relying on it, but I can assure you that if this pays off I’ll be the first to make a donation to your house restoration in the Hamptons. It would be a shame to spoil all those marble bathrooms with gold-plated taps when they’re crying out for solid 22 carat. As I say the investment has been made. So if my six numbers come up in the British National Lottery this evening and my one pound investment reaps its just rewards, I’ll be in touch. In fact, as I’ll have fled the country to avoid the begging letters, I’ll probably be in the USA anyway.

Posted on Sat Jan 20 17:32:05 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

HAPPY IRIE BIRTHDAY to LIZ! Play on HEATHEN (o.k.... Angel)!!

Phil Everly and Robert Palmer also celebrated Birthdays yesterday too.

Posted on Sat Jan 20 17:07:15 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: a sinking gambing boat on the Mississippi River

........another great Harrison example - then I'll stop (for now) - The End from Abbey Road. You have that great triple guitar attack from John, Paul, and George after Ringo's solo(I happen to think GH plays the best of all the licks on his third one) - but when the whole thing shifts gears into the famous "and in the end, the love you take" part, George plays the sweetest little fill to put the song to bed. You hardly notice it because it blends in so well but it's perfect to the feel of the song.

Sorry about all the George on The Band site, but as Tommy pointed out, most people I run into think George was a second rate player - so to find people that know that's not true is rare it seems.

OK - I'll finish up on The Band. I was wondering if anyone likes the song King Harvest :-)

Posted on Sat Jan 20 16:42:27 CET 2001 from (


From: the show me state

Count the spoons before those First Maggots split.

Posted on Sat Jan 20 16:32:49 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Thank you Lars and Hank. In my opinion, small intimate clubs (or the "bar circuit" as some call it) is the _best_ way to hear live music, and I know I'm grateful for having the opportunity to hear Levon in settings such as that.

And on another related note, Rick was an adult who had a mind of his own and made his own decisions (right or wrong). Noone was responsible for his actions except himself, and he'd be the first one to tell you that if he could. Where was Butch when Rick was having problems in Japan? Right here..with the rest of the people who loved and cared abou Rick...hoping for his saftey and awaiting his return. Enough said.

Have a good day everyone. Hug Jan.

Posted on Sat Jan 20 16:19:04 CET 2001 from (


Somewhere out there...You're actually NOWHERE man, really. ("He's a little man with little ways, the kind no one speaks to at parties, but everyone says goodbye.") You might consider finding another site to pester. You know, a site where very small-minded people post. You may actually have a chance being someone there.

And now for something completely different...Ha...Fooled ya!

Posted on Sat Jan 20 15:57:28 CET 2001 from (

Lars Pedersen

From: Pine Bush, NY

I think there are at least two "John Hilliad"s in this GB. One is a fan of the Crowmatix who goes to a bar in PA and sees Garth Hudson and the Crowmatix perform a show. He says he talked personally with Garth about Garth's upcoming album release. He even brought his daughter to the show, presumably to have her hear the music that John Hilliard finds worthy to listen to.

Then, a week later, "John Hilliard" writes a provoking attack against Butch Dener, formerly the manager of the Band and now the manager of the Barnburners. He condemns Butch for what I believe was just a little private joke (the Gurus were "smart" enough to invite him to a studio rehearsal). He also finds it depressing that Butch has booked Levon and the Barnburners in the "bar circuit" Yet many fans, including Mr. Hilliard himself, enjoy these shows. And, more importantly, Levon and the boys seem to like to play their music in these small venues.

As for Butch "stabbing the Gurus in the back," I don't think anybody believes that. He takes the trouble to show up at their shows and supports them. They are almost family.

Finally, I think Butch was in NY state when Rick Danko had his trouble in Japan. Butch was busy keeping The Band going. He hired Mike Dunn and Jimmy Eppard to fill in for Rick at the Norfolk, Ct. shows.

Butch doesn't deserve what you've said about him, John Hilliard. Probably his biggest fault is one many of us GBers share: we care about the music.

Posted on Sat Jan 20 15:55:04 CET 2001 from (


From: Cork city
Web page

Well said, Ed Blayzor!!!!!! It's wonderful that Levon is playing in bars and clubs.....sharing his music.........Everyone who has seen it sez it's fantastic blues........what more do people want?..... I'll repeat what I said in an earlier post, too...The people travelling with Hubert Sumlin, when he played in Cork recently, said Butch was the nicest guy in the world and took really good care of Levon and The Barnburners.......

Posted on Sat Jan 20 07:52:43 CET 2001 from (

Ed Blayzor

From: a bar gig

John Hilliard: what is wrong with playing the "bar circuit" ? many of us musicians who play enjoy the "bar circuit", it is not the size of your audience that matters,but how in tune they are with what you are as i rehearse for my next "bar gig", i`ll look for you on your sold-out arena tour.

Posted on Sat Jan 20 07:22:02 CET 2001 from (

Tommy ...again

By the way...

Jan, when are you gonna start a Harrison site? HaHaHa....


Posted on Sat Jan 20 07:20:15 CET 2001 from (


Thanks Sam...more people should agree with us,huh? I've had countless arguments in High School with musician friends of mine about the quality of Gearge's playing ...they always knocked him because he wasn't doing all the endless jamming and such. My arguments would always be "What would 'Something' sound like with a different solo? Or 'Dig A Pony'(...among countless others...)?

Eventually ,in their old age (22-23 ...hehehe) they've come to agree with me...And, anyone who STILL thinks otherwise, check out George's "Live In Japan" album from the early 90s -he goes toe to toe with Clapton and doesn't miss a beat!!! Great...

Posted on Sat Jan 20 07:05:27 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

God, Dennis... I wish I was drinkin a beer in Tuszon wit u... Nice post... and Bayou Sam, I read in the paper today that during one of her interviews it's Laura Bush who answered that her favorite is Van... what do they say... beside a good man there's probably a great woman... or something like that... maybe Laura... uh um, I mean The First Lady Mrs. Bush can pick up on some undercurrents... and crank up that Van in the White House every once in a while... anyway, they are starting to seem like real people to me... and if she really listens to Van then she's got to know about 4%... so maybe there be some Band in the House too?... maybe I'll email her and invite her to the chat room... and she can give us her opinion of Cahoots and whether George is full of pizza or sushi...

Posted on Sat Jan 20 05:10:31 CET 2001 from (


From: Hey, it's thawin' out...the snow's meltin' off the roof here in Quarryville, NY

A couple 'a years ago, at the end of their nightly news, CBS tv had this brief thing about time: they compared a person's life to an hour glass with the sand slippin' away. For years in one's early life, there's so much sand up in the top, ya don't give it much thought.

But as time goes on, ya begin to realize how precious each grain that keeps fallin' through that narrow neck becomes...

Personally, I have to take off both shoes to count the hundreds of Band related shows I've had the wonderful good fortune to have witnessed. No braggin'...just good luck.

No one ever gives enough credit to "gandy dancers," a slang term for railroad workers...them boys that maintain the rails that keep those powerful movers of people, on track.

Personally, I've been a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician (sp?), EMT, for nearly twenty years. EMT rule number one is, "people die." Rule number two is sometime ya can't do nothin' about rule #1.

Perhaps the gentleman who recently posted those not so complimentary words about Mr. Dener would like to spend a moment and re-think his thoughts....they may have been posted in haste.... although we've had our moments, I cannot begin to say enough in Butch's (and his side kick's) defense and it would be a waste of my remaining sand to give it any more energy.

Any one meeting Wanda 'n me in Tucson?

Posted on Sat Jan 20 05:06:31 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: good stock

MIWA = I'm glad you enjoyed your your maiden trip to the chatroom last night. We did have a good time - and as the wonderfully witty Witt pointed out - you'll never forget your first time. :-)

HANK = I haven't heard anyone mention the Sweet Apple Trax boot in ages.... I love this place. But, no - I have All Things Must Pass on a boot called Twickenham Jams, and another called Watching Rainbows. The latter title is also a song sung by John that has the intro to I've Got A Feeling. It's a nice tune that never got out of rehearsals I guess.

Speaking of George - Tommy said something that I've said for years to those folks who think George is no good. He could give a song just the PERFECT lead that suits it. I always point out the simplicity of his solo on I'll Follow The Sun, and how well it works. Then, one that I love to death is Nowhere Man - fantastic lead, and sound for that tune. Another one I enjoy - listen to One After 909. Billy Preston is on one side of the stereo and George is on the other. Turn your balance to favor George and listen to the great licks he plays. He also respects Billy and gets out of his way when it's Billy's turn. Even the posthumous Lennon/Beatles tune "Real Love has a great GH lead.... I could talk about George all day. I love this place.

Don Pugatch = right on. Maybe he's trying to win a bet. :-) (that might be another scrape Witt)

This Van Morrison/George Bush thing is killing me. Would any of you who love Van, actually have loved him less if he played this gig. Would something be missing for you the next time you heard Domino on the radio? Maybe I'm just not as political. I don't know.

Posted on Sat Jan 20 03:55:38 CET 2001 from (

Bill W.

From: Reno

Does anybody know what high school Robbie attended in Toronto? If so, please post.


Posted on Sat Jan 20 02:41:45 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

Anne Marie McDonald introduces Robbie Robertson on Life and Times as a visionary whose art has taken him beyond the confines of rock music. Robbie Robertson is that rare bird - an artist.....

Some excerpts from the program are as follows. Rob Bowman is a musicologist at York University in Toronto Canada. He conducted the interview of Robbie Robertson (the pride of Cabbagetown). Robbie was asked what exactly were some of his earliest recollections of his love for music. Robbie said he became addicted to music at an early age. He liked what music did to his senses. When he met Buddy Holly and saw him perform his mind was altered when Holly's guitar blasted out of his amp... (Bob Dylan also has a strong connection to Buddy Holly from his early days as witnessed by his record award acceptance speech for "Time Out Of Mind").

What made Hawkins so intriguing to you?"They played with a certain thunder. It was violent. He was this cool beast. They came from the Mississippi Delta area".

Robbie saw some similarities when he played with Dylan. He was attracted to experimenting with Dylan because Bob was about passion and sexuality in his music.

Bowman states that Robbie emerges as a completely different player during the making of The Basement Tapes. Is there really a Chester and Bessie? Robbie recalls this time was a different age now in that songs were becoming more biographical. Characters that I met along the road found their way into more of his songs but each character in a song could be a combination of more than one person. He makes it clear that his songs were never about going to college (chuckles) for his education took place on the streets and on the road.

Robbie made no apologies for his enjoyment of breaking the rules in the music industry. By not touring after making a record it led up to a strange mystic about The Band. He thought it was o.k. when it did happen.

How deliberate was this grey area of intonation in the singing? People singing perfectly together reminded Robbie of singing at school which didn't feel real to him. He always felt that he would know the sound he wanted when he heard it. He didn't want to sing his own songs because he wanted to take a director's role (looking from the outside). All the singers in the group were great anyway. (I can understand how a songwriter can become protective of their songs.... Carlos Santana for instance has always had the painful task of trying to find the right singer for his music because he is not comfortable singing his own songs. Get Gregg Rollie back!)

As Robbie is talking about the "Cahoots" record and later recordings you can visibly see that it was the beginning of the end. He said that it was hard for him to pull the thing together. He told Bowman that even if everyone showed up.... it was still like nobody was there. He painfully stated that it was like pulling teeth and that everything was hard.... "It was painful trying to do things. It was not going anywhere. It was hard for me to write under those circumstances and make music. It was like dragging this monster around the country. When you're in a group, you're very affected by it... If somebody in a family is an alcoholic.... everybody has to deal with this.... Everbody became quite separated and discouraged."

He kept asking himself where was the growth in this? His whole life has been about the challenges and the growth process in music and the other arts such as film. He reminded the viewers that he was never into theatre where the same performance takes place night after night. He has always been interested in film rather than theatre. The big thing for Robbie was the growth process. He wanted off the music train for awhile - writing songs, making records, touring, writing songs..... He wanted to go to a different destination for a bit. "I don't feel a real need to write songs because I am interested in other things. I tend to drift....."

What did bring Robbie back to the music with the release of his solo record? He made his first solo recording only when he became hungry to make some music again.

Have there been times when you have lost complete confidence in your abilities as a songwriter? "I've lost interest at times. The challenge just wasn't challenging me. There were other challenges that would take my attention. I got caught up with music in films. The merging of these two worlds was really natural for me. I was always very connected to film. A lot of music that I wrote, people always referred to it as cinematic.

In relation to his incorporation of his mohawk native roots and euro-techno vibes was just about him trying to bring native music up from the underground and about trying to make himself feel good.

What inspires you now? "I read anything. I like the per chance aspect. I'll listen to anything just in case that spark..... I'm always seeking the challenge that I'm up for.... with all abandonment and passionately be connected to it."

Do you ever feel haunted by your past? "What do you mean haunted? .... Your solo work, even though equally credible has not received the same attention as The Band's music. "I'm not overly affected by it. I've gotten to the point where I think I've earned the right...I don't mean this to sound arrogant in any kind of way but I've earned the right to play whatever songs I want and whatever music I want (chuckles)...I'm just following my musical bliss. As long as they'll let me get away with this.... I don't feel haunted by my past but honoured by it. It's all added up to quite a story. Maybe some day I should tell that story......"

Posted on Sat Jan 20 01:18:00 CET 2001 from (

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

I always post my real name, my real address and real emai, and never hide behind fronts or others. I am sick and tired of the negative comments about Butch. Hey, if you have nothing else to do, go take a little pill, go play in traffic, as just get a real life or maybe a real job. If you want to find me, come on down, this is the only Pugatch in this state, call me, email me, no problem. Most of us who visit this site, come for the music, the information, the friendship or just to kill some time. Hatred has no place here, go to the Klan's site, or some skin head group, just take a hike from this site

sincerely, Don Pugatch

Posted on Sat Jan 20 01:00:01 CET 2001 from (

john hilliard

From: somewhere out there

what does butch mean "....they were kind (smart) enough to play some of their new material for me"?...Why would it be smart what has butch ever done for these guys other than to back stab them (and Rick) at every opportunity. What could butch possibly do for them? Butch has no connections at least not in the music world. He's got Levon doing the bar circuit and they aren't even promoting an album. that's depressing in my book. The gurus would be smart to steer clear of this two-bit hustler. Where was he when Rick was in trouble in Japan?

Posted on Fri Jan 19 23:53:00 CET 2001 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

To anyone who still thinks that Van Morrsion backed out of inaugural events for George W. Bush's coronation: the whole story was one of those bogus internet rumors. Van had no plan to be anywhere near Bush's balls.

The front page of the really reliable WASHINGTON POST today had a photo worth at least a thousand words, however: one of the President-elect cavorting with beefcake video star Ricky Martin in front of the Lincoln Memorial. So THAT'S what Dubya meant by "restoring dignity to the White House." The new, improved 2001 Bush. Overall, I'd prefer the 1993 or 1997 Clinton blowing his sax with Levon on drums, Bruce Hornsby on piano, Chuck Berry and Bob Weir on guitar and George Duke on organ. "...the good old days, they're all gone..."

Posted on Fri Jan 19 23:31:35 CET 2001 from (


From: a rainy day Brooklyn...

Crabby; Sorry about your recent financial distress...but, like I said before, if there's a Mail-Order Russian Bride in it for me, I will help anyway I can...heh heh heh

About ol' Georgie Harrison...He's a master of playing just the RIGHT thing (ie;Let It Be's solo).He's said numerous times he wished he could play fast, with alot of notes and stuff, but he prefers his "minimal style" -wherein less is more (and being a guitar player/songwriter, I prefer that style too).

Also, while we're on the subject, I saw a "News report" on VH1 about current Beatles' solo projects slated for the coming months.I tuned in right in the middle of the news and heard a snippet about a newly-recorded version of 'My Sweet Lord' on the reissue of 'All Things Must Pass'...interesting. There is also an 'All Starr Band' boxed set coming, which Im sure will include the Helm/Danko incarnation of said band on it .Keep your eyes and ears open people, I'll do the same...Bye.


Posted on Fri Jan 19 23:01:47 CET 2001 from (


From: East Yorkshire, England
Web page

I've only just got around to buying the remastered Band CD and I was surprised by some of the editing. Surely "When You Awake" fades too soon? I haven't heard the previous CDs so I'm not sure how the new issue compares, perhaps someone out there wants to comment? Also - what's all this about Van Morrison and George Dubya. Van is apolitical and unlikely to support any particular party. However, appearing at such an event would be a honour whoever the president was. It wouldn,t offend me, for example, if Van or anybody else that I liked, sang for Saddam Hussein - it would only show that Sad Hussy had taste.

Posted on Fri Jan 19 22:29:40 CET 2001 from (


Thanks, Crabby. That's a wonderful website -- first Reagan, now Bonzo.

Posted on Fri Jan 19 22:06:09 CET 2001 from (


Let's hope one of these tough versions of Twilight, "avec" or "sans" horns, will appear on one of the upcoming reissues.

Posted on Fri Jan 19 20:22:59 CET 2001 from (


Crabby: Great link, great site! I love the photos! Hilarious, thanks for the laugh!

Glad to hear the truth about Van, relieved, even.

Nice post Brien Sz. I dont agree with alot of Clinton's agenda, views and actions, and think he could have done more, but he has my respect- He worked his ass off and took alot of crap from very nasty people and didn't lose his cool, just kept his composure and kept working. Simple, maybe, but simple things can be very hard to achieve. It's ashame some people can't appreciate that.

Instead of seeing the "Farewell Address", I saw a great show last night- Jason Ringenberg (of the "Scorchers") solo, in the little coffee house where I saw Rick some years back. He was warm and charming, played some great music, took alot of requests from the audience. He is a sensitive writer with a beautiful voice. Though not God like in stature compared to some musicians, He is enormously talented and approachable, and a contemporary of mine that I have always had the utmost respect for. Any other fans out there? I'd love to hear him do a Danko song sometime... Come to think of it, I remember seeing the Scorchers do "Long Black Veil" once back in the 80's, I believe.

Posted on Fri Jan 19 19:32:16 CET 2001 from (

Craig Bonnell

Web page

Alligator Releases a new Roy Buchanan Greatest Hits package with two rare unreleased tracks. Check it out Below.

Posted on Fri Jan 19 18:17:21 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Repeating myself: Twilight had evolved into a tough live number on the '76 tour. Someone, probably Garth, put a horn arrangement to it, and the song appears both with and sans horns on a number of boots from that era.

Posted on Fri Jan 19 17:05:02 CET 2001 from (

Jon Lyness

From: NYC
Web page

Nice article on Breeze Hill Records (click link above). Says that in addition to Garth's, a new Crowmatix album is on the way!

Posted on Fri Jan 19 16:53:57 CET 2001 from (

The Shepard

From: Woodstock, NY

Just thought I'd stop by and see how everyone was doing. I guess everyone is keeping busy in the new year. Hope you all are well and maybe we'll all catch up one day. By the way, has anyone seen jhwygirl around? Haven't seen her post anything in awhile and just wondered if she got lost in the snow. Take care and remember to smile!!!! :-) See ya!

Posted on Fri Jan 19 16:51:26 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Bill: According to reliable sources, Ricky Martin has borrowed that line from Steinbeck for the title of his next album, "The Tin-Horn Spark Of Low-Calorie Boys".

On the eve of the inauguration here in the States, we are reminded that politicians & musicians make strange bedfellows. The humorist, Steve Martin, brought to our attention last week the following quote, attributed to Attorney General nominee, John Ashcroft, from September 17, 1997:

"Now, the opera gets a subsidy from the National Endowment for the Arts, but by and large, Willie Nelson and Garth Brooks don't. Those of us that drive our pickups to those concerts don't get a subsidy; but the people who drive their Mercedes to the opera get a subsidy."

In response, that other guy named Garth said, "Well it seems that I really do have friends in low places". Mr. Nelson, on the other hand, replied, "When they asked me about my taxes, I thought they said Texas".

Just thought I'd lighten things up a bit in the guestbook. By the way, I've always thought that the opening scene from Dylan's "Don't Look Back", the Subterranean Homesick Blues cue-card sequence, was the first rap video.

Posted on Fri Jan 19 16:35:16 CET 2001 from (

Little Brøther

From: around Philly, PA
Web page

This is my first attempt using the GB "Web page" feature; sure hope it works! (It's an article on the Barnburners, coinciding with tonight's appearance at the North Star.)

Unfortunately, I'll be missing it due to family obligations.

Posted on Fri Jan 19 16:31:05 CET 2001 from (

Dave the Phone Guy

From: Mono Lake

Croce's in San Diego are having two Barnburner shows on Feb.1.Coach House in San Juan Capistrano has got one show on Fe. 2.House of Blues Hollywood has Barnburners on Feb.3.Then it's up the pacific coast for Barnburners at Palookaville Santa Cruz.Feb.6 two shows at Bisquits and Blues San Fransisco.Ending up in Sacramento on Feb.7 for Barnburners at club Boardwalk.

I've been holding off posting recently till I had tickets for ALL the California shows.My buddy that's attending the first three with me thought I should hold off getting tickets for the remaining shows till we had heard the new group,but I had to leave him in the dust and go the whole California tour.

IIKKA, you're welcome in my home anytime.I don't live rural though,my house is beyond rural,it's remote.

A friend of The Band is a friend of mine

Posted on Fri Jan 19 15:37:52 CET 2001 from (

Just Wonderin'

From: TX

In this mornings San Antonio Express News:


Gruen Hall, 1281 Gruene Rd. New Braunfels, (830) 606-1281

The legendary drummer for The Band and part-time actor(Coal Miner's Daughter) hits the road with his new group. Known for his vocals on Band standards such as "Up On Cripple Creek" he lost his voice to throat cancer a couple of years ago but drums on. His band which includes his daughter, Amy, on keyboards, has a new album in the works, so expect a preview. Tickets are $20.00.

Posted on Fri Jan 19 15:29:18 CET 2001 from (


Hank: Whenever anybody disagrees with me that George is a great guitarist (you're a musician, you know how it is "this guy is great... naaah he sucks!") I always point them to the Let It Be solo, and I've never failed to convince them. That's one of those solo's with so much soul, and all the notes in just the right place.

Crabby: I'm airlifting you a new Porsche, I know it'll be kind of a step down for you, but it's all I've got laying around right now.

Peace, all - Bill

Posted on Fri Jan 19 14:58:59 CET 2001 from (


From: weider-rando ville

i was lucky enough to catch RANDO & WEIDER rehearsing, at Jim's studio, yesterday, on the way home from Albany,,, they were kind ( smart ) enough to play me some of the new mixes of their new tunes,,, GREAT STUFF,,,,

one was "cant sit down " ,,,,, kinda Sonny Landreth,New Orleans train-groove, with a KINKS guitar lick,,,,

,,,,,& the Dylan tune,,, Sub. Homesick,,,,where Rando really takes charge of it,,, & re-works it into the 1st rap song that doesnt make me throw up,,, ,,,& a new Favorite, BLUES CONDITION,, Rando's lead vocals are great & the groove, moves,,,,,,

,,,,,The Remake of REMEDY,,,, with Gerry DeWitt adding soul vocals to randy's growl,,,, kinda Al Green meets the Stones,,,

a real cool swing blues called Little bit of sumthin,,, bout nuthin,,,,this one WILL GET YA'LL DANCIN',,,,

& a HOTHOTHOT instrumental with ol pal David Sancious helpin out the fellas,,,,

SO while The BarnBurners are out burnin up the countryside,,, stay warm & go see Jim Weider & Randy Ciarlante's great band,,, The Guru's are groovin,,,, no whistling tunes,, but they are still working on it,,, see ya out on the road,,,,, bd

Posted on Fri Jan 19 14:36:08 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: Nj

Just wanted to share a brief thought: Though I am in the minority in my political thinking (yes-i did laugh at several of the chimp/Bush pictures)I too am glad to see Clinton leave but I give him this and to me it holds a lot of weight: He was passionate about the Presidency. I admire that. I hope Bush will bring the same passion to his term. Though I voted for Bush and like Cheney as VP, I have not been as enthused about some of his cabinet picks. Too many old world/thinking people.

As far as those who feel the nation is in the tank and are horrified at the prospects of a Bush administration, well---no ones keeping ya hear! And typical of rich liberals, I see Baldwin and Striesand couldn't find a country that was as tax friendly to the wealthy as ours, so they are staying. Too bad, I was hoping one of them would make good on their threat. But if the disappointed must stay, maybe you can seek solace with Jesse Jackson, he's an honorable guy.

Good luck Bill and thanks(that is not being sarcastic) And my prayers and best wishes to the Bushes.

By the way, the real ball is going to be at the Pony Saturday Night! Go BarnBurners Go! I can't wait!

Posted on Fri Jan 19 13:04:11 CET 2001 from (


From: pa

1 day till a Clinton Free White House. To bad Van got pressured out of performing. This just shows he has no guts!

Posted on Fri Jan 19 12:07:55 CET 2001 from (


From: Cork
Web page

PAT BRENNAN.....Thanks for that!! That's about it, really, isn't it? As we've all discussed before, here in The GB, the studio version, with its awkward reggae feel, almost robs the song of it's potential....ah, but Rick singing it live was magic...Thanks, again..........BAYOU that boot you have "Sweet Apple Trax"?.....if it is, I 've got that somewhere deep in the recesses of my tape collection.......I must check it out....... CRABBY!!......if you need a job, dude, I can offer you to be roadie for my band.......We're playing at Connollys of Leap in West Cork tomorrow's a 50th birthday party and we'll probably begin the gig with "Evangeline".......sorry to hear about financial's a rough world..............

Posted on Fri Jan 19 08:38:50 CET 2001 from (


I want to say a few words about my first chat room experience: Completely Enjoyable, Gracious and Humorous. I had a wonderful time because it was here at Jan's Great web site. You're a Swell Bunch'a. Thanks!

Posted on Fri Jan 19 08:25:19 CET 2001 from (

Ismet Begovic

From: Bosnia and Herzegovina


Posted on Fri Jan 19 07:24:15 CET 2001 from (


Now THATS comedy...

Posted on Fri Jan 19 05:40:16 CET 2001 from (

Bayou sam

From: right about now

Right on Hank.......... I love George's solo on the original album version of Let It Be. It has far more balls than the single version - the leads at the end of the song too.......... one of my fav Harrison leads.

I have a cool boot with The Beatles working on the song "All Things Must Pass", which George says he imagined Levon singing when he wrote it. The beginning of the chorus - on the word "all" - J,P, & G, are painstakingly working on these ascending harmonies that are right out of "The Weight". For some reason GH abandoned this when he recorded the song later.

Now I'll swing by the chatroom to see if Dr. Witt, or Dr. Rollie are free for a session.

Posted on Fri Jan 19 05:40:21 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Hank, as long as you asked....Twilight is about a soldier. He may be crippled from a war wound, or he may be dead, kind of like Long Black Veil. The first verse is a cherished memory, and the line you ask about is why he left. The second verse is a further attempt to explain his actions--he didn't judge the reasons for the war, it was just his duty to go. The "don't send me..." theme could be a reference to when he was away, or it could be a plea not to gloss over his present state. The crux of the song is the line about the mantel; he doesn't want to become a picture that people look at and say "oh, remember him." The song could be a RR attempt to address the wake of Viet Nam, but it could apply to any war.

Posted on Fri Jan 19 05:26:54 CET 2001 from (


From: Where The Night is Cloudy.....
Web page

YeahYeahYeah....OM "Let it Be" in J'ai Guru Dave

Posted on Fri Jan 19 05:25:13 CET 2001 from (


Just for a snicker- I'm watching Charlie Rose on PBS right now and Sean Penn just told Charlie that he was sorry to say that Van Morrison is going to be performing at the innaugeration. Hmmm........maybe he should read this GB more often to keep up on the latest news.

Posted on Fri Jan 19 05:08:25 CET 2001 from (


From: The Front Lawn
Web page

Dear Friends and fellow Band fans,

As you well know I generally strive to steer clear of posting anything personal about myself. However, in a sincere attempt to help my fellow man I have recently fallen prey to several diabolical international internet rip-off schemes to the tune of nearly a quarter of a million dollars. Most of this money has wound up in Russia and although the CIA as well as the Russian embassy have offered their sympathy they have also informed me that this matter cannot be made a top priority despite the hundreds of letters, telegrams, phone calls, and e-mails with which I have bombarded their respective offices in order to plead my case. What this means in terms of my own financial situation is that the immediate future appears bleak to say the least. Lacking the necessary cash flow to which I am accustomed, repairs and modernizations on my estate in the Hamptons will come to a screeching halt, my new super customized Viper may not be delivered in time for me to participate in the Indy 500, and my personal Lear Jet may soon be repossessed. Those of you who have been reading the GB regularly know that I have never before asked for financial assistance - but I think you'll find it hard not to agree that the above described circumstances that I find myself in at present warrant your serious consideration to lend a hand. I am trying to raise at least $10,000 so that I can fly to Africa where I have the name of a contact who can convert it into Nigerian Naira on the black market effectively tripling its value. In short, if you can help by sending a financial contribution please contact me - as soon as the raised funds are converted every contributor will have their money returned with interest. Thank you.

Your Grateful Pal,


P.S. For more details click the Web page box above. BTW I was so upset at Wayne Newton's appearance at the Bush Gala earlier today that I am getting rid of my entire collection of Wayne's CDs and vinyl LPs - so contributors will also receive a free CD or LP as long as they last!!

Posted on Fri Jan 19 05:20:01 CET 2001 from (


From: Where all the broken-hearted people, living in The World.... agree..........
Web page

George Harrisons solo om "Let it Be" is SOOOO kinda sicka hearing the single version due to saturation "No 1" Beatle LP.... so I hauled out the album "Let it Be" at a friends house fact, the whole song "Let it Be" from the album "Let it Be" is SOOOOO Band it's almost embarrassing......the pianos, the organ.....I guess I should let it be, really........

I'm the type of person who thinks "Mexacali Blues" is an answer to "Rocky Racoon"

I watched "Yellow Submarine" with my 3 year old son today


I need somebody!!!


Posted on Fri Jan 19 04:53:23 CET 2001 from (


From: The blue line.

Well, I sent in my $100 to the Russky. It'd be nice if everyone helped out. Of course once the Chechnyans realize what a gold mine he's found, they'll probably triple the ransom.

It seems that every couple of months our pugnacious friend from the Bronx seems to get into a fight with somebody in here. Rollie, if you're out there, I think Sam needs a little counselling from us in the chatroom tonight.

I started that Van rumour in here but hey, I got it from "Expecting Rain", so sue me. I also shot the deputy if you must know.

Posted on Fri Jan 19 04:16:36 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: looking through the bent back tulips

Norbert = in the immortal words of Dr. Winston O'Boogie - "got one, got one, everybody's got one"

Posted on Fri Jan 19 03:05:37 CET 2001 from (



Hi Lil, Have a good night!

Posted on Fri Jan 19 02:57:21 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

From: a nyquil haze

Happy 11th birthday to my daughter Jessica...who's definately the prettiest of the 3 lights of my life :-) I love you!

Posted on Fri Jan 19 02:40:34 CET 2001 from (

the frenchamn's daughter

From: ne

counting crowe's at the inaugral - for shame too for them!

Posted on Fri Jan 19 02:12:18 CET 2001 from (

Chris D.

From: South Jersey

Hey bob Wigo, My brothers and I will be at the show tomorrow night and would like to raise a glass with you and any other G Book people we can find. Look for the guy in a leather vest and an uncontrolable blues induced smile! See ya there!

Posted on Fri Jan 19 01:57:28 CET 2001 from (


What the hell is Ricky Martin doing playing for W.!?! Doesn't he know he's gay?!

Posted on Fri Jan 19 01:54:32 CET 2001 from (

Jim Soko

From: Walden NY

The Barnburners are playing in Asbury Park NJ this weekend. I heard a rumor that a special guest from the area might be there, some guy named Bruce...... I won't be able to be down there, but it would be nice to see.

Posted on Fri Jan 19 01:41:54 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Count me in as one of the recipients to the Russian e-mail. Got it twice in fact. Guess we've all been targeted, hm?

Miwa: Missed you in the chatroom by a half hour! Hope you'll drop in again soon.

Have a good night everyone.

Posted on Fri Jan 19 01:09:55 CET 2001 from (


I just went into the chatroom. I have never before been brave enough to join any chatroom. one spoke to me.

Jon Fishman- Sorry to hear about your mother. Bless you and your family.

Posted on Fri Jan 19 00:48:41 CET 2001 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

Confession: I had a bitter, mean spirited condemnation of Van ready to go when the word came down it was a rumor. Sometimes lazyness is the better part of valor. Now, what kind of person starts a false rumor about Van Morrison? It's going to be a weird four years of The President Who Really Wasn't.

Posted on Fri Jan 19 00:18:28 CET 2001 from (



Posted on Thu Jan 18 23:14:46 CET 2001 from (


From: The Front Lawn


from the NY DAILY NEWS 1-18-01 p. 25

The Bush inaugural celebration will still feature a country twang and a Latin tang but not an Irish brogue. Virgin Records the label of Irish blues singer Van Morrison said yesterday that the crooner was never on the schedule for the Bush bash. "Reports that Mr. Morrison will be performing or attending the inauguration ceremonies of President-elect George W. Bush are absolutely false." Virgin said. The denial came almost a week after Jeanne Johnson Phillips, executive director of the Presidential Inaugural Committee, dropped the singer's name in an interview. "But if you like Van Morrison, you will probably enjoy the opening ceremonies." she hinted.

My guess is that she was alluding to Counting Crows who will be there singing "Mrs. Jones." Anyway, let this serve as a lesson to all the GBer's who were so quick to come down on poor innocent Van the Man on the basis of this false rumor - for shame!!

Posted on Thu Jan 18 23:17:09 CET 2001 from (

Steve H

From: Maryland

I have to weigh in on the King Harvest theme. First, it's such a great, great song musically and lyrically. To me the choruses are vivid images of an idyllic rural life, possibly memories from childhood of the narrator. The verses are more immediate. He's really a union supporter, I can't see any sarcasm or possibility of it.

I think Greil Marcus is right, the story may be ironic to us, who know what ultimately happened with the Farm Union, but to the narrator the union is the last straw he can grasp at.

In any event, well worth listening to and pondering over and over again. He's too desperate not to hope.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 23:12:42 CET 2001 from (


From: NZ
Web page

I got the Russian Email to. This is the only place I ever leave my email address so I guess he got it here.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 23:03:20 CET 2001 from (


From: Cork
Web page

I got the Russian e-mail, too.......strange............and there's a guy in Germany who wants RR to "join The Band again"!!!!.......I love those posts from folks who're just passin' thru!!........w/ regard to Neil Diamond.....yes, ROD, I totally agree he's written some great's just that at TLW he picked the wrong one to do......IMHO anyway.......I posted a few weeks ago about how I heard a Bobby Womack version of "Sweet Caroline" that wuz ROCKIN'!!!!!.....but yiz all ignored it.....ah well..........

OK....Back to The Music.......

all this talk about KH has been fascinating.........howsabout let's talk about the line......

"A young man serves his old man guards the home"......

What do ya reckon, folks? RR speaking in favor of The Draft?.....or was he speaking about the innate patriotism of young men in general..........I could go on and on here, but........over to you folks......

Posted on Thu Jan 18 22:51:28 CET 2001 from (

the frenchman's daughter

From: storyville

syracuse? did someone say syracuse, that's where i grew up!

Posted on Thu Jan 18 22:41:59 CET 2001 from (


Hey Sam......that's not fair....... I've got none........I want one too..........

Posted on Thu Jan 18 22:40:44 CET 2001 from (


Hey David, who you calling a tin-horn mendicant of low-calorie despair? And what a great album title, or maybe the title to an unreleased Traffic piece!!

Posted on Thu Jan 18 22:38:59 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Junk mail: I think we’re all going to get / have already got this sad (but undoubtedly bullshit) tale of Chechnya. Me too. Also watch out for the Nigerian govt minister / bank official who has millions in cancelled bank notes and a scheme to clean off the cancellation. It’s been exposed in every British newspaper and twice on TV, but I keep getting it with new Nigerian names on. I also get some joke about Snow White with an enclosure. I’m not stupid enough to open enclosures with junk mail, but I’m getting tired of deleting it three times a week.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 22:17:58 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

Just Wonderin' = I got an e-mail from the same guy. Twice. I suppose we'll all get one.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 21:44:59 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn (not Brighton Beach though...)

I got that Email too, Wonderin'... I'll send money ONLY if "Sergey"(isn't it spelled SergeI...?) sends me one of those Russian brides we always here about!!!!!

Posted on Thu Jan 18 21:06:08 CET 2001 from (

Funky Funky Freddie... "do the freddie"

From: Looking for the real Deneer

It has just come to my attention that Jon Fishmans mother died yesterday in Syracuse NY.. I think a moment of silent reflection is in order.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 20:58:18 CET 2001 from (

Just Wonderin'

I recieved a rather disturbing email from someone in Russia requesting a "donation" of money to help get his brother out of a prison camp. I'm letting you all know about it because he said he found my email on the net and he addressed it to "Wonderin'". As I only post here I know this is where he found it, so my guess is he will contact others from this board.

Just wanted to warn everyone!

Pac: We did get to San Francisco over the holidays. Thanks for your advice. Can't wait to go back!

Posted on Thu Jan 18 20:45:44 CET 2001 from (


From: NZ
Web page

Whatever you may think about Neil Diamond you have to admit he has written some good songs. As I've said before the likes of Red Red Wine, Cracklin Rosie and a few others could have easily been written by RR. There's no doubt that he was at TLW because Robbie was working with him at the time and it probably caused a whole pile of Diamond fans to go an see the film - which is no bad thing. Dry Your Eyes was not the greatest selection but I guess it was because RR co-wrote it - and he does say "great song" at the end. TLW wasn't a greatest hists parade anyway. Neil Young didn't do Hurricane and Dylan didn't do Rolling Stone. Stargazer might have been a better choice from the Noise album - I can even imagine The Band doing this themselves. When you think about it it's not to different than the likes of Twilight.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 20:39:31 CET 2001 from (

Martin Strauß

From: Germany

I,m from Germany,and I want to say thank you (to all "The Band" members) for this great music and lyrics !!! I want to thank you Robbie for your great ideas and your feel for composing and writing lyrics - I want to say thank you to Levon Helm for your great rythm feel (your´e the best drummer I´ve ever heard !!!),and for your loving voice on so many of the Band´s songs. Thank you Garth your playing fantastic !!! I miss Rick and Manuel and I hope Robbie will join The BAND again (for another "MILESTONE-ALBUM")!!!!! I know,there will never be a BAND with this spirit !

Posted on Thu Jan 18 20:09:33 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

The writings of John Steinbeck no doubt influenced Robbie Robertson in composing "King Harvest", as well as other songs such as "The Night The Drove Old Dixie Down" from THE BAND album. A key to understanding Steinbeck's approach to writing can be found in his acceptance speech upon receiving the Nobel Prize for literature in 1962. Here is an excerpt from Steinbeck's speech:

"Literature was not promulgated by a pale and emasculated critical priesthood singing their litanies in empty churches--nor is it a game for the cloistered elect, the tin-horn medicants of low-calorie despair.

Literature is as old as speech. It grew out of human need for it and it has not changed except to become more needed. The skalds, the bards, the writers are not separate and exclusive. From the begining, their functions, their duties, their responsibilities have been decreed by our species.

Humanity has been passing through a gray and desolute time of confusion. My great predecessor, William Faulkner, speaking here, referred to it as a tragedy of universal physical fear, so long sustained that there were no longer problems of the spirit, so that only the human heart in conflict with itself seemed worth writing about. Faulkner, more than most men, was aware of human strength as well as human weakness. He knew that the understanding and the resolution of fear are a large part of the writer's reason for being.

This is not new. The ancient commission of the writer has not changed. He is charged with exposing our many grievous faults and failures, with dredging up to the light our dark and dangerous dreams for the purpose of improvement.

Furthermore, the writer is delegated to declare and to celebrate man's proven capacity for greatness of heart and spirit--for gallantry in defeat, for courage, compassion and love. In the endless war against weakness and despair, these are bright rally flags of hope and of emulation. I hold that a writer who does not passionately believe in the perfectability of man has no dedication nor any membership in literature.

The present universal fear has been the result of a forward surge in our knowledge and manipulation of certain dangerous factors in the physical world. It is true that other phases of understanding have not yet caught up with this great step, but there is no reason to presume that they cannot or will not draw abreast. Indeed, it is part of the writer's responsibility to make sure that they do. With humanity's long, proud history of standing firm against all of its natural enemies, sometimes in the face of almost certain defeat and extinction, we would be cowardly and stupid to leave the field on the eve of our greatest potential victory."

Posted on Thu Jan 18 17:57:52 CET 2001 from (


Back again, just want to say over the Holidays I picked up "Times Like These" and I enjoy the record tremendously.

Also want to thank Peter V. for a superb contribution I really enjoyed just now. Although I am not that big a country fan by any means, I appreciate aspects of it that the Band used to define their sound, and love to see the traces of the creative process unveiled. Thanks again for sharing with us!

Thanks also to Bob Wigo for the shots of Garth and the Crowmatix.

And many thanks to Mr. Jan for the great place to come visit.

Any thoughts on the Ken Burns Jazz currently showing? I am enjoying it more than I thought I would so far, although I am ready to leave the "Swing" era. I've always liked the dancers better than the music per-se. (Swing, that is...Guess I'm a bluesman at heart.) I am looking forward to the 40's and 50's, my favorite era in Jazz

they had some nice stories and props for John Hammond last night. Harvey Pekar wrote a critique on the program that while mostly negative, I appreciated as well. As for the program, the photographs and music are particularly powerful.

well, gotta go. Have a good one, Band-mates!

Posted on Thu Jan 18 17:36:20 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa

To Matt and all readers and contributors.....

Please accept my sincerest apology for the perceived "mean spirited" nature of my rebuttal. It was not intended as such. I take reponsibility for my words.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 17:11:13 CET 2001 from (


Bob, as I said, a statement made in jest would not bother me. I am as self-effacing as the next guy. However, I felt, and still feel, you turned a point of opinion from a reasonable disagreement about facts, and turned it into a rather sarcastic and personal comment about style. It was uncalled for, and I'm still at a loss to understand it.

I'm just very disappointed. I don't normally associate you with that kind of mean-spiritedness.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 17:09:31 CET 2001 from (


From: the show me state

way to go 'Reverend' Jesse! A fine spiritual to the soon-to-be former First Felon.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 16:48:53 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: Carrying coals to Newcastle

The Barnburners visit our fair city tomorrow night. Any GB'ers planning on being there?

Posted on Thu Jan 18 16:37:31 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa


This will be my last direct response. Lighten up for Chrissakes. The "shopkeeper" comment was made in jest.If the humorous allusion was insulting then please accept my apology.

I did not "insist" that RR's viewpoint was limited. I referred directly to his own words and indirectly to Peter Viney's article which clearly spells out Robbie's vantage point. Enough on the matter.Please e-mail me directly as to spare our friends here any more sniping.

We here have, by the very nature of this forum, agreed to disagree from time to time. Let it go. Your opinion and research are respected and appreciated.I always enjoy and look forward to your contributions. You are obviously a bright and insightful individual but with that must come the acceptance of self as ONLY self. It's ok that some feel differently about the song. I'm certain we all see and hear art from different perspectives. The beauty of any artform is it's ability to evoke a myriad of interpretations from it's beholders.

As for your closing comments, I have no need or desire to impress anyone here or elsewhere. I certainly would not be presumptuous enough to ask you who you are trying to impress because frankly, it never enters my mind.With regard to my kharma taking a beating....Zen so be it!

Posted on Thu Jan 18 16:22:45 CET 2001 from (


Jan, would you please E me your address?? I have some Barn Burner and Gu RU photos I'd like to add!! Also, I know there is no hawking of products, however, I met Mr. and Mrs. Lee at a Barn Burner show when they were there to interview Levon for their book, "Don't Bother Knockin this Town is Rockin". Great connection to the Hawk, Levon, the Band, and locals like the GREAT Stan Szelest, George Hound Dog Lorenz, Sandy Konikoff, Ernie Carallo. Great reading about Band connection. They were very appreciative of the GB, too!! King Harvest debate has some great points. I would have liked to to hear Woody Guthrie do a version. Seems like KH could apply to a wide variety of areas related to the LABOR movement. My view is that it is one of my favorite Band songs. Richard's singing is great, Robbie does some nice playin, as does garth. Rick's bass is plain and simple, yet awesome, and Levon's drummin is super; fantastic symbols!! Finally, Philly is a great city and fri. nite it get's a great Barn Burner crew show. It's gonna be a HOUSE ROCKIN time!!

Posted on Thu Jan 18 16:09:36 CET 2001 from (


From: the show me state

The narrator's confusion is simply a product of fuzzy liberal thinking.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 16:08:14 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: Nj

I think I'm gonna trek it down to Asbury Park this Saturday night and see the BarnBurners for the first time. It's been a while since I've been to the Pony. I'll be wear'n my Garth shirt if anyone wants to hook up and have a beer or two.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 15:47:17 CET 2001 from (


Bob, I understood what you meant vis-a-vis the 1969 perspective. My point was in response to your comment:

."Robertson's fascination with the Okies of the Twenties and Thirties combined with the collective memories of The Band members, particulary Levon's and Rick's,crystallized to create the story line. My guess is Robbie had no notion of a National Grange at the time he penned 'King Harvest'."


1) I never said Robbie was using the National Grange as an historical point of reference. I only mentioned the Grange because any discussion regarding US agrarian reform really begins with that movement.

2) If RR's sources were LIMITED to (which seems dubious, but ok, if you insist) "Okies of the Twenties and Thirties combined with the collective memories of The Band members, particulary Levon's and Rick's," then we are talking about the same thing (minus Rick's Canadian experience, which I have no knowledge of).

The Grapes of Wrath tells the story of itenerant farmers who are left landless by the dustbowl and the economic conditions of their time. These are the very conditions created or exaserbated by the US Farm Bureau and combatted by the Farmers' Educational and Cooperative Union. Oklahoma was historically one of the biggest hotbeds for the populist agrarian movement.

You chose to abstract it. I chose to dig deeper and explore the historical backdrop by which Levon's experiences could occur, the lens through which Steinbeck was looking with Grapes of Wrath.

Finally, I don't understand your snideness, but I think it's unwarranted, and frankly rude. You asked me about sources, and you misconstrued the point of the historical backdrop I was exploring. Because of that, I felt that a second take, with quotes, was warranted.

I'm just a guy who loves this music, who is interested in history. I've always assumed that this was an acceptable place to fumble through things and explore these songs and their makeup interactively.

Criticizing the lengths of my posts, when all I'm trying to do is touch on as many possible points of interest as possible wouldn't be so bad if it was meant in good fun. But to do it in such a condescending manner should be beneath you. I don't know who you are trying to impress, but your karma is sure taking a beating.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 15:05:43 CET 2001 from (


Regarding KH: I'd say that the later line, "I'm glad to pay those union dues", should clear up any niggling doubts about the narrator's sincerity in the "I work for the union, 'cause she's so good to me" line. But I think such doubts are unjustified anyway, for two reasons: 1) sarcasm, as we sophisticates know, is an affliction of the educated (and I think it's fair so suppose the narrator isn't); and 2) I suspect that Robbie Robertson first wrote "I'm a member of the union ..." but found that it didn't scan so well.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 15:01:28 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa


I did not "kind of miss your point" at all. I respectfully disagreed with it. There is a marked difference.I stand by my contention that "King Harvest" was written from a contemporary view imposed upon a setting with which Robbie was quite comfortable. His commentary on the song clearly bears this out.

Length of discourse does not equal strength of argument.

I am reminded of the shopkeeper who sells his wares at cost to improve sales. When questioned on his business methods he proclaims --"I'll stay open Sundays and make it up in volume."

Posted on Thu Jan 18 13:29:40 CET 2001 from (


From: pa

King Harvest is one of my favorites because of both the music and lyrics as well as Richard's voice. I always thought that "Knocken Lost John" had similar potential from a lyrics point of view. With a desperate voice singing this one and some encouraged playing, who knows!

Posted on Thu Jan 18 11:50:27 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Frankly Hankly...I always thought Neil Diamond's purpose at TLW was to provide a restroom break for those watching :-)

Learned quite a bit from reading all the interesting posts about 'King Harvest'. I've re-thought my "sarcasm" angle, and think perhaps it is just a deperate hope for things to be the way they used to be. I still however, believe it's more an 'anti-union- song than a 'pro-union' one. Thanks for giving me a reason to re-listen to the tune (several times). Whatever the 'real' meaning behind it, Richard's voice still tugs at the heart.

Have a nice day everyone. Hug Jan.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 11:12:59 CET 2001 from (


From: Cork
Web page

The Bob Dylan-Neil Diamond interchange backstage at TLW comes to us via the redoubtable Ronnie Wood. Ron put a book of his paintings out about 10 years ago and that's one of the stories he tells in the book.............Ronnie also sez that with regards to Neil Diamond....." none of us knew what he was doing there"..........which suggests that Ronnie is a latent Levonista at heart........I read a Neil Diamond interview once where the interviwer put it to Neil about that famous remark and Diamond replied that he'd known Bob for years and that he was good friends with him and there was never any animosity between them.......he did'nt deny the remark, either, I noticed...... The thing about Bob Dylan is that he's quite famous for his off-the-cuff put-downs.......I would say that Neil Diamond, if he really DID say that to Dylan walking off stage at TLW, he said it to wind Bob up and get EXACTLY that kinda reply offa Bob........for comic's a great story.....'cos unless Neil Diamond is a COMPLETE idiot, he HAD to know he was the odd man out there at TLW....he probably thought "YES!!!! a chance at establishing some CRED!!!!!!!....O, Thank You Robbie!!!!"

If ONLY he had done "Beautiful Noise" instead of "Dry Yer Eyes".......

I mean, it's just MY opinion, but in the follow-up to the Scorcese-RR conversation about "The Brill Building and here come the '60ies" and all that...... they play "Dry Yer Eyes"....which comes across as the most sanctimonius waffle you could ever sing.....really......and what's worse for Neil Diamond is that EVEN HIS OWN FANS DON'T GET IT!!!!!!.......It's never on any of his own compliations ....."Sweet Caroline" it ain't......Whereas "Beautiful Noise" woulda fulfilled the same function in illustrating those times and talking about the magic of popular song-writing WAAAAAAAAAY better................It's just occured to me that RR has a co-credit on "Dry Yer Eyes"...THAT'S whay they chose to do it at TLW, I guess......too bad......I'd say The Band at TLW woulda done a GREAT version of "Beautiful Noise".....and Neil Diamond woulda had some CRED with all the boys and girls backstage....And THEN he coulda said THAT remark to Bob Dylan and MAYBE get away with it......AAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!! folks, it's way too early in the morning for this sorta thing.....I must away.........

Posted on Thu Jan 18 05:25:23 CET 2001 from (

Laura P.

From: East Berlin, Connecticut
Web page

Just listened to "Unfaithful Servant," and I think Robbie is *in*haling. He must've been holding his breath during that whole guitar solo. It's rather a marvellous gasp.

BTW, it's great to be back. I haven't posted in months because I was hideously busy moving and didn't even have time to read the GB. (I'm the Laura P. who was formerly from Manchester, CT.) I feel sooo rusty. However, I made a trip to a new record shop on Monday where I bought "Old Shoes" and "Academy of Outtakes" so I'm getting rather blissfully back into things. Wow, those Hawks performances on "Old Shoes" are pretty cool. "Academy" is amazing. The guy at the record shop let me preview it before I bought it, and I nearly fell off the chair when I started up the opening to "Rag Mama Rag."

Posted on Thu Jan 18 05:17:02 CET 2001 from (


I've heard the story about Dylan and the Diamond at TLW, too. That doesn't mean it's true, of course.

I didn't mention this before, but y'all do know the reason Dumbya invited Van Morrison to play at his inauguration, don't you? He heard there was a singer called the Belfast Cowboy and told one of his staffers, "I don't know what part of Texas Belfast is in, but if he's a cowboy, by God, that's good enough for me. Round him up!"

Posted on Thu Jan 18 04:43:47 CET 2001 from (


No info for me, huh?

Posted on Thu Jan 18 04:14:40 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: just climbed out of the mud below my feet

Bones = the reference in that story I posted where they said RR and Neil Diamond worked together for "years" bothered me too. Maybe the story is false. I can't see Dylan OR Neil making those comments.

Rod = it's interesting what you said about the music making the song with regard to King Harvest. It made me remember the video on the making of the Brown album. There's a scene where RR is listening to the song and he makes no comment on the lyrics, however, he points to a part where Rick's bass and Levon's bass drum come together so effectively. He says that that's what made the song - proving your point.

BWNWITenn = I never caught the exhale in "Unfaithful Servant" - but I always liked Richards exhales on "Shape I'm In" when the song goes into those break parts.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 04:04:30 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: knee deep in it

Bill W. - this'll be it for me on this.

You placed a stupid, mean spirited post in here to seek revenge and win a bet....Then you e-mailed me (that's how I got involved) after I commended a person for putting you in your place..... You said in your e-mail that you had a personal problem via e-mail with a GBer. When you posted your pompous post in here, you took it from a one-on-one disagreement, as you called it, and made it an open topic. Then you bet someone that five of us would "stick our noses into it". You called me cowardly for doing the same thing you did regarding another GBer.... I got burned in here once by someone who said one thing via e-mail, and another in here. I solved that by airing it in here so people might hopefully realize where I was coming from - then I ceased any further communication with that person. Unfortunately, I've had to do this again with you. You should have kept any problem with someone in the e-mail. YOU dragged the shit into here. Several people posted that they scrolled back to see what the person said to you that set you off - and they found nothing.

I hate this shit - a thousand apologies to everyone, especially Jan. I will not continue this.

My hat's off to you folks who manage to just keep the great music talk going right through this nonsense. I gotta try it.

Now.. back to the music..............................

Posted on Thu Jan 18 03:41:16 CET 2001 from (


I'm enjoying the King Harvest thread. I always was puzzled as to whether or not the farmer was sincere toward the Union, I thought yes supportive, but in a very guarded sense, that the poor farmer had been through too much to be sarcastic, was hopeful without being too expectant. Great posts, though beyond me I sure appreciated them.

Politics of Dancing: When you been around and through as much as Van you are a survivor. you can play for whomever you want to! (Does dubya know Van's not from Texas?)

Posted on Thu Jan 18 03:11:51 CET 2001 from (

Dave ~ (the drummer)

From: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Web page

Garth,,, you never sounded better. LONG LIVE THE BAND!!!!

Posted on Thu Jan 18 02:31:46 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

I've been back and forth all evening here about whether or not to keep my mouth shut and let a stupid comment just slide by..but nope..I don't think so. Sorry in advance to everyone this doesn't concern.

Benteen: Your reasoning behind your incredibly insensitive "title" for Garth's new cd completely alludes does your reason for even being here. I can't fathom someone who claims to be a "fan" wishing any type of ill will on such a hard working and sincere man such as Garth. He and Maud are close friends of mine, and 2 nicer people you could never meet. If you have no interest in the new cd than don't buy it. No need to be cruel and insulting. Also no need to reply to me, as I choose to scroll by any further posts by you from now on.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 02:22:10 CET 2001 from (


I don't think that the narrarator of KH is being sarcastic, but I don't think he's necessarily entirely pro-union, either. I think it's more like he's trying to cling to the hope that the union can save him, he's trying to believe the man's lines, but he's having a hard time making himself buy it.

Things I've heard said about the music to it - it's kind of country, but not really, and it's kind of bluesy, but it's not a blues song. It's one of the few songs where the chorus is quieter than the verse. They worked forever trying to get the bouncing, wave-like, off-kilter rhythm to the verses. You have to bounce when you move to that song. For anyone who hasn't, try to groove along with the verses and see what your body does. And personally, I LOVE the choruses, which set up this spooky, ominous feel of autumn in a small rural town. They have nothing to do with the narration, they just each paint this little picture. Then they make everything even darker and heighten the sense of impending doom when the verse starts again. Kind of like a reverse of the Salvation Army part of "Chest Fever." Then they have a bar of 2/4, where they turn the beat around and ease back into the completely different groove of the verses.

BTW, has anyone ever noticed that you can hear Robbie exhale between phrases of his "Unfaithful Servant" solo?

Posted on Thu Jan 18 02:02:28 CET 2001 from (



Back to the Taj connection...I always assumed he got the tune because he was around Woodstock in those years..also there was the John Simon connection with Hojo in the tuba band he had.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 01:55:20 CET 2001 from (


From: Upstate NY

DR. PEPPER: First of all, I enjoy your company's soda. It is very thirst-quenching. Nice label,too.

On the subject of Sredni Volmer, I heard him at a gig in Montgomery, NY in Oct. He was part of a band called Overlook Mountain (there were some other "Band family" members in it, e.g. Larry Packer who played elec violin at TLW). Sredni is still a gifted musician and put on a fine show (esp in "I Shall Be Released," Acadian Driftwood," and "Mystery Train."

Sredni told me later (I got to drive him home) that you NEVER go into a bar and end the night with "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"). Which the band did. "Great....Now all those cowboys are gonna go home and slip into a drug-induced coma just don't end the show with THAT song."

Sredni has a lot of stories, it was an interesting trip. I hope anyone who gets a chance to see him play will appreciate all he's been through. An interesting man.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 01:14:37 CET 2001 from (

Rod again

From: NZ
Web page

Just before the knocking starts ... I didn't mean to suggest the Hank's playing had an average rock beat.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 01:10:03 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Speaking of irony, this whole "King Harvest" thing came out of the somewhat lamented political discussion.

KH certainly isn't a sarcastic tune. In fact, given the info the song possesses, one would almost have to view it as a hopeful declaration by the former farmer who still longs for his former life. mattk and others have already done a good job of the possible historic precedents. One caveat: RR is a better songwriter than historian, but that really doesn't matter. Again, it's the feel of the thing he nails. One more thing: I have no doubt (and no proof) that he had to be effected by the labor/Guthrie songs Dylan and Smith revealed.

Regarding the music, the Classic albums of the Brown album has a nice explanation of the rhythm. Levon's approach to the section Hank noted is similiar to the "reggae" areas of Chest Fever ("I feel the freeze down in my knees") but faster. Garth also does a very interesting thing suspending and resolving the chords in the same section. BTW, his work on RoA is especially wonderful, recreating strings, ferris wheels and such on his Lowry.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 01:04:56 CET 2001 from (


From: NZ
Web page

Hank, your second paragraph says it all. No matter how much people analyze the lyrics of these songs ultimately it is the music that makes a great song. Any song with the arrangement and melody behind KH would have been great. Maybe daff lyrics would have dampened the effect as there is no doubt the quality of the lyrics to this song are a cut above the average rock lyric. Both Levon's drum video and Ricks bass video deal with how this song was constructed. Levon in particular talks about how the beat was constructed and how it differs from your average rock beat.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 00:32:33 CET 2001 from (


From: Cork
Web page

It's always great to come back to the GB if you been away for a while......MattKs thread of "The Grange" and all the union discussion is fascinating, to say the least..........the thing about discussing politics and religion and non-musical stuff here is wonderful because, let's face it, there's very few Rock'n'Roll bands...past or present, who, by virtue of there songs and music and general history can provoke this sorta debate and dialogue....You gotta hand it to The Band!!!

On the other hand, the MUSIC that accompanies "King Harvest" is equally fascinating....I spent a whole afternoon working up a version of it...and I play it at solo's a blast to play 'cos it really is SOO different from other songs....Anyone here agree that the drum part in the verses are sorta proto- disco?.......Listen to it in yer head now....."Here come a man with a paper and a pen"....the way the hi-hats go is VERY disco....funk.....but it ain't a funk song at ain't country or blues's KINDA Rock'n'Roll......but overall, it IS it's OWN thing ...and THAT'S why it's SOOOO great......

Anyone here pissed off with George Harrison hanging out with Gerald Ford back in '74??...

Posted on Thu Jan 18 00:20:19 CET 2001 from (

Dr. Pepper

From: South of the Border

A response to the Canadian/American music posts: How do some of you fine folks North of the Border feel about the use of the term American? Are you guys North/North Americans and us guys down here Central North Americans and the Mexicans South/North Americans and how about those poor people in northeastern Detroit? Are they North Canadians or North/North/North Americans. Now here is a Corky Laing-Robert DiNiro connection. Corky Laing's self-titled Band had Sredni Volmer playing harp who, of course, played with Rick for years (and was the "Special Guest" at "The Next Waltz")....Kevin Bacon played in the Bacon Brothers who opened up for The Band at Carnegie Hall. Now Kevin Bacon starred in a movie as a deranged Psycho killer kidnapper who tormented a nice canoeing family (mom played by Meryl Streep) and of course Meryl was in the Deer Hunter with DiNiro. Now how about a Buddy Holly-Sredni connection? You know Sredni really needs to be talked about more here.

Posted on Thu Jan 18 00:20:44 CET 2001 from (

Little Brøther

From: Under the Gaggle

Or we could just abandon these delicate socio-historical insights and just start arguing about whether Robbie owed Diamond Helm a piece of the royalty pie!

Posted on Thu Jan 18 00:04:28 CET 2001 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

One more comment on King Harvest (Greil was right--this IS a very, very confusing tricky song!) --I agree with MattK that the descriptions of the union are not sarcastic. To me, they are unambiguously hopeful. The irony and bittersweetness comes from the desperation in Richard's voice, and from what was known about how the unions actually turned out by the time the song was written.

Posted on Wed Jan 17 23:49:41 CET 2001 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Wow, great posts about King Harvest! I was especially interested to read MattK's and Greil Marcus's (via Peter) comments suggesting that the union was a farmer's union in the South. I'm not sure if there's a right or wrong here, but my interpretation of what the song is describing has always been subtly different, as follows:

I imagine the narrator has moved from Southern country to some Northern city (perhaps Chicago or Detroit), clinging to some kind of unionized industry job as the only way to survive and to feed his family (much as in The Grapes of Wrath, when the Joad family moves to California lured by word-of-mouth and fliers saying that there is plentiful work), and is no longer a farmer. Someone out there likely knows more about this than I do, but during/after the first World War there was a huge migration of Southern, mostly black families to Northern urban areas in the US, and many former agricultural workers took industrial jobs. With this context in mind, the song becomes a (non-linear) series of wistful memories of the narrator's past life as a farmer (very much like in The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, where Virgil is reminiscing about events that took place in his life during the Civil War, even though he's speaking sometime after the war). For me, that's what gives the choruses their haunting power--the feeling that the smell of magnolia, the sound of the rice, the carnival, and all these other wonderful evocative images of the rural South are now lost forever for the narrator. Anyone else have a similar interpretation, or have their own thoughts on this?

Posted on Wed Jan 17 23:41:33 CET 2001 from (


Incidentally Bob, I WAS talking about the farmers of the first few decades of the twentieth century. The Grange refrences, along with other 19th century observations are merely to provide the historical context to show why you can't use the current definition of Union when listening to this song.

Posted on Wed Jan 17 23:38:45 CET 2001 from (


Bob, much of what I related was from my head. However, I did consult Howard Zinn's "The People's History of the United States" and John Curl's "History of Work Cooperation in America" to verify dates and timelines.

For a great outline of the history of the Populist Party in the 1890s and the rural labor movement, check out J. Anthony Lukas' "Big Trouble," which provides a great perspective on the progressive movement of that same era from the Western miners perspective (Colorado, Montana, Idaho).

That said, I think you kind of missed my point.

I'm not saying that Robbie or members of the Band were thinking Grange movement. Indeed, specically, the Grange model doesn't fit the lyric content.

What I was trying to do was find cause for what is, in the first stanza of the song, a rather wry take on "work for the union" where "the union" seemed to be playing the part of an oppressor. This seemed inconsistent with the LAST stanza of the song, where somebody is clearly seeking to organize the farmers AGAINST their oppressor.

One union organizing farmers against the union? This makes no sense.

Historically what DOES make sense is that the Farmers' Educational and Cooperative Union did organize farmers in the early 1900s to combat an oppressive Farm Bureau. According to Curl:

"The Farm Bureau, by allying small and large farmers, served to prevent the former from uniting with wage-earners for independent political action. The larger farmers, employers themselves, had no basic class interests different from employers in the production industries. These led the Bureau to become the bitter foe to farm labor it is today. Meanwhile farms had to be ever more mechanized to survive. Small farmers of one decade often found themselves to be wage-earners in the next."

Interestingly, there is WAS a "Farmers Union," which was initially a progressive group intent on "create a national centralized marketing system of various commodities, with the goal of gaining market control," (Curl, again.).

However, this Union was eventually co-opted after the federal government was forced to step in subsidize it during market turmoil that followed the end of World War I. The US Governement then reorganized the Farmers Union, placing a manufacturer at its top, and abandoning the earlier efforts at market reform.

The "Farmers' Educational and Cooperative Union" was born in 1902 as a grassroots organization that began to organzie farmers into cooperatives, buying grain elevators and setting prices for small farmers so they could collectively compete with the larger, more corporate farms. This group still exists today and is what is generally referred to as the "Farmers Union" in the modern context.

RR may not have known about the National Grange. I don't think King Harvest is referencing that organization, anyway. I do think RR, whether via Dylan and his folk background, Levon's familial experiences, or historical text, WAS aware of the conflicts that raged and embroiled US farmers of a certain era (and to a some degree still do).

The thread began with speculation as to whether King Harvest is "pro" or "anti" union. As I said, I don't think it's either, and it's certainly not referencing Union in the same way we'd concieve of it now. This is not the AFL-CIO. Agrarian reform movements, while fueled by similair factors as trade union organizers, are of a very different experience historically, socialogically, and culturally.

To assume the opening and closing stanzas of King Harvest are simple "sarcasms" is to sell the song very short. As with Dixie, it makes some very specific nods to the historical context, that are not always historically accurate.

Both songs are quite effective, however, at taking a mere snapshot of a very complex picture and giving us a sense of the richness and complexity of the human beings we see when we peer at the photo, and listen.

Posted on Wed Jan 17 23:35:57 CET 2001 from (


From: The Barricades
Web page

See the above link for what is, I hope, the final word on Van Morrison’s “appearance” at the inaugural festivities. I’m still curious, though, how this started. Was he a Bush supporter? Contributor? Did he express some tentative interest in appearing? The only connection I could find was a New York Times’ story from before the New Hampshire primary, which mentioned in passing that the warm-up tape played prior to Bush campaign appearances included “Bright Side of the Road.” The same tape also included something from Tom Petty, which was removed after very public Gore supporter Petty protested, so “Bright Side” may well have been used without Van’s knowledge or permission. In any event, the idea of Van cooking & smoking in front of a swarm of oil-anointed, aggressively Christian gun lovers was…disturbing. The notion of rock-and-rolling Republicans is hopeless anyway. Democrats own rock and roll, probably because most rockers who give it a thought (not many, probably) realize that Republicans long to return to a pre-rock-and-roll America. Or maybe they just know that, as the Fugs’ Ed Sanders deathlessly put it, “left-wing pussy is best.”

Without V. Morrison, the inaugural events will feature typically gruesome Republican musical fare: Wayne Newton and a raft of seen-better-days “Urban Cowboy”-era country acts. For diversity’s sake, the presence of both Ricky Martin and Jon Secada is said to indicate our new president’s keen appreciation of “latino” culture. And where Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder campaigned tirelessly for Democratic candidates, Republicans were left to announce that former Motown artist Kim Weston, best known for “Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)” and as Marvin Gaye’s duet partner on “It Takes Two,” will sing “Lift Every Voice,” the “African-American national anthem,” at the main inaugural event. But in an interview with the Associated Press, Ms. Weston described her return to the national spotlight as a paid appearance and refused to say whether she voted for Bush.

BACON FAT: André “Mr. Rhythm” Williams’ original “Bacon Fat” is available on the excellent “Okeh Rhythm and Blues” box set.

Posted on Wed Jan 17 23:04:39 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn, NY (not enough snow...)

Hey, anyone hear a Black Crowes version of "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"? My friend told me about it, but she doesnt really have any info on it...can anyone help????

Also, I read on this site (I believe) about a Black Crowes version of "Jemmima Surrender", does anyone know if this is available and where??? Help a brother out....

Posted on Wed Jan 17 23:03:01 CET 2001 from (


Nice to see Mountain mentioned here, or at least their immortal "Mississippi Queen". Links to the Band, family-tree-wise, are tenuous: to Corky via EC; to Leslie via ND Smart and the Woodstock gang. That aside, could there have been a "Nantucket Sleighride" without Big Pink and big brown?

Posted on Wed Jan 17 21:33:49 CET 2001 from (


From: Norge

A big "thank you" to Bob Wigo for the photos of Garth from Jan 13th. Garth looks great!!!!!! Please take that act to Europe Mr.Hudson!

Posted on Wed Jan 17 20:29:30 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

Bayou Sam: Robbie's involvement with Neil Diamond really only lasted about a year, although it may have seemed longer to many here. Beautiful Noise, The Last Waltz and Love At The Greek all took place the same year ('76-'77).

Posted on Wed Jan 17 20:19:10 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown,pa


Your research is appreciated. I would be interested in knowing your source(s).You would be helping us all by citing them when possible.

My feeling is you too are reading a bit too much into the "union" interpretation. It has been well documented that the catalyst to the story was Robbie's interest in Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath" and other recollections of the plight of itinerant farmers in the early part of the twentieth century. Robertson's fascination with the Okies of the Twenties and Thirties combined with the collective memories of The Band members, particulary Levon's and Rick's,crystallized to create the story line.My guess is Robbie had no notion of a National Grange at the time he penned "King Harvest".

To quote the songwriter:
"It’s just a kind of character study in a time period. At the beginning, when the unions came in, they were a saving grace, a way of fighting the big money people, and they affected everybody from the people that worked in the big cities all the way around to the farm people. It’s ironic now, because now so much of it is like gangsters, assassinations, power, greed, insanity. I just thought it was incredible how it started and how it ended up."

This tells me that there is , in fact, a 1969 perspective lurking just below the surface of the story. A broader statement would contend that it is impossible to comment on anything past without some degree of the present included.A quick glance back to 1969 reminds us that the country was acutely aware of the ties between organized crime and the unions. Robert Kennedy's assassination in June of 1968 was wrought with perceived mob and union boss implications. I'm certain Robbie was tapped into that vibe and was willing and able to comment through the voice of his struggling sharecropper.

I have always viewed the artist, be he painter,poet, songwriter,musician,et al, as a societal sounding board with his/her singular and distinctive "special effects" added to create the product of his/her inspiration.All of this having been said, I conclude that Robbie's commentary was born of the current ('68-'69) perspective and woven magically into one of the rural masterpieces he so deftly painted.

Posted on Wed Jan 17 20:12:15 CET 2001 from (

Little Brøther

From: around Philly, PA

Go 'head, Mattk! Very concise and digestible history lesson. Also, you used the term "irony" which I think is a better fit than "sarcasm" here.

The OTHER vividly ironic theme that gives the farmer's optimism a tinny undertone is his recognition that Mother Nature manifests a grandeur and power so vast that the proverbial best-laid plans can become irrelevant in a heartbeat. That awed contemplation of the bitch-goddess saver-destroyer versus the wistful echo of the promises of salvation through the "union" is the hypertense heart of the song. (Union, shmunion-- ain't no union gonna pull you out of the ditch when your horse gets the hydrophobic blind staggers!)

PS: Yesterday morning I stumped down the steps of my crackerbox apartment complex, brooding over various miseries on my way to another goddamn day in State Worker Hell. Then I heard that unmistakable trumpeting, distant but strong. I looked up, and sure enough a mighty chevron of geese was soaring northwards. I didn't quite have time to stop, but I slowed enough to watch them for a second as they streamed by a pale crescent of morning moon. What a lovely sight! Took me out of myself, it did. (And no, I didn't get an eyeful of goose doo-doo. There's such a thing as "too much irony".)

I get that same rush during the "Corn in the fields...", "Smell of the leaves.." interludes in "King Harvest".

Posted on Wed Jan 17 19:15:44 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Just a thread to Peter Viney's post from last Friday regarding "Bacon Fat" -- There is another songs entitled "Bacon Fat" which was written by Andre Williams & Dorothy Brown. Mr. Williams is a rather prolific songwriter who seemed to specilize in novelty and dance groove type songs. "Shake A Tail Feather" and "Twine Time" are perhaps two of the best known songs that he co-wrote.

I ran across a version of Andre Williams' "Bacon Fat" which was recorded by Doug Sahm and The Sir Douglas Quintet for Tribe Records around 1965-66. This great cover version can be found on the album "The Best Of The Sir Douglas Quintet" released last year on the Beat Rocket / Sundazed label.

Posted on Wed Jan 17 19:13:17 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Thanks for the comments on the Band & Country article. I’ve already had quite a few corrections and additions, but one major glaring error has been noted three times so I thought I’d better post the correction right away. I put that George Jones was married to Loretta Lynne rather than (of course, to the delight of The National Enquirer et al) Tammy Wynette. This was the result of scrolling backwards and forwards amending lots of entries with the benefit of “Country Music USA” and at some point in between brain fatigue set in. It’s somewhere between a typo and sheer confusion and I failed to pick it up on read through.

I paste all the corrections to the bottom of the original document for eventual revision. Putting together this sort of article is a huge job for Jan, especially now we’re adding lots of scans too, so a public thanks for his hard work. And it’s not practical to amend things immediately … but in the fullness of time!

Great background coming through on King Harvest. I picked up another Walker Evans picture collection in a remainder shop last week, and of course James Agee & Walker Evans provide the natural illustrations for this song in “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.” I quoted RR in my article on the site and its apposite:

Robbie Robertson: “It’s just a kind of character study in a time period. At the beginning, when the unions came in, they were a saving grace, a way of fighting the big money people, and they affected everybody from the people that worked in the big cities all the way around to the farm people. It’s ironic now, because now so much of it is like gangsters, assassinations, power, greed, insanity. I just thought it was incredible how it started and how it ended up.”

Greil Marcus: “The guy that’s singing the song, this scared person, whose farm has failed, and who is won to the union, the farmer’s union for identity, for protection, for a way to make a living. The ambiguity of that, if you know anything at all about the story that’s being told there, from other sources, it’s a very, very confusing tricky song. And because it’s so confusing, you just listen to the worry in the voice. I mean, the desperation in that singing gets stronger and stronger as it goes on. You can either embrace it or you can leave the room. “

And my own comment from the article: But after the song has ended, after the farmer’s had his say, then in the mind’s eye, we can see the hired strike-breakers already beginning to assemble round the bend in the road, huge men, batons in their hands … and they’re going to beat the shit out of him. Yes, the story continued for me after the song’s lyrics had ceased. For Greil Marcus too, who saw the ‘bitter steel mills’ of the New South as the place where the farmer ended up, with no textual evidence. But he’s right. The story does continue

Posted on Wed Jan 17 17:16:27 CET 2001 from (


I think folks are taking a much too contemporary view of "union" when they are ascribing meaning to King Harvest. To my mind, the song is not written with 1969 in mind, much less 2001. Therefore, what we might consider "pro" or "anti" union stances don't quite work. The current rhetoric does not apply.

Around 1860, with the establishment of the National Grange movement, farmers in the US began organizing to gain some collective power in trading with large-scale brokers, agri-businesses, and resist price gouging, which had left family farmers unable to get a fair price for their crops, and paying high costs for materials and seed. For about 20 years, it was quite successful and formed the foundation of what was, one time, a strong socialist streak in rural America.

However, due a range of economic and political factors, the National Grange began to fade and was replaced, by the late 1880s with the Farmers Association. The Association had many of the same goals as the National Grange, but it was decidedly more politically active on a national level. Where the Grange was something between a trade organization and a massive commune, the Alliance, while providing the same types of relief, joined with the Knights of Labor to form the Populist Party in the 1890s.

Eventually, the Populists fell apart, torn by internal squabbling and undermined by both big business and political machinary which financed the Democratic party, which the Populists, for one election, actually took over - tossing incumbent president Grover Cleveland and running Williams Jenning Bryan in his place (Bryan lost).

When the Populist Part collapsed, so did the Alliance, it's funds tied up in the failed presidential effort.

The Association was replaced, eventually by the Farm Bureau - a "cooperative" set up by agri business and administered, in part, by the US Government. The Bureau, however was rather corrupt, and resembled the relationship coal miners had with the mine owners in the early part of the century - Bureau paid "wages" to farmers, in the form of a lowball cost per tonnage on crop yield. Farmers were paid in Bureau script, rather than US tender, which was only good at Bureau stores, which of course were gouging the hell out of them.

Eventually, to break the hold of the Bureau, a Farmers Union was formed and was rather successful until the Great Depression. Since then, a revitalized Grange has assisted farmers, but for the most part, the family farm has been steadily "plowed under" and replaced by corporate farming operations. As they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

In the case of King Harvest:

"I work for the union 'cause she's so good to me;
And I'm bound to come out on top,
that's where I should be.
I will hear ev'ry word the boss may say,
For he's the one who hands me down my pay."

This seems to me to be more indicative of the relationships farmers had with the Bureau. Remember, the bureaus was set up under the guise of protecting farmers, but was in practice something very different.

Given that the Bureau effected a "boss" and "employee" (or serf) relationship, and DID pay in wages, the opening stanza seems more appropriate to the farmer's condition under Bureau management, which may very well have been referred to as the "union" as that word had a different meaning at the time.

When the Farm Union arrived on the scene, then, they worked with farmers to reorganize against the Bureau, effecting work stoppages and crop burnings to make their point:

"Then there comes a man with a paper and a pen
Tellin' us our hard times are about to end.
And then, if they don't give us what we like
He said, "Men, that's when you gotta go on strike."

In other words, I don't think that "the union" referred to in the opening line is the same organization that is calling for a strike in the final stanza. It makes no sense. If the union is paying and is "the boss," then why advocate a strike? Strike against who? \pIt's much more reasonable that "the union" in the opening stanza is in fact misnaming, or perhaps a slang term for the Farm Bureau. The unamed man in the final stanza is more likely representing the "Farm Union."

In general, I don't think the song is either pro or con on organized labor. My sense is, as with all RR lyrics, that the narrator is very human and even flawed. The song, to me, communicates the beauty of working the land and living a rural life.

However, against the back drop of Levon's voice over the chorus, which seems to be soothing us, Richard is barking out the hard life of the farmer, complete with natural disasters, hard economics, and personal tragedy.

In this sense, the final stanza may have a bit of irony in it. After all, our farmer has endured much, and historically, has seen many attempts to organize end in eventual failure. After all, the boss man who's got him down right now, was presented to him by the US government as someone supposedly there to help him.


Posted on Wed Jan 17 16:06:08 CET 2001 from (

Bill W.

To Bayou Sam: You didn't just miss "something", you miss everything. Taking a private e-mail and then misrepresenting it in this forum is classless and cowardly. The issue has been debated and discussed OFF LINE with all appropriate individuals and the matter concluded. It was and remains none of your business.

My apologies to Mr Hoiberg and the many excellent posters but I feel obligated to issue a public rebuttal to these lies and misrepresentations.

Posted on Wed Jan 17 15:47:15 CET 2001 from (

Danny Lopez

From: upstate NY

Hello to all:

Thought you might like to know that in today's New York Times (Jan. 17th), the op/ed writer Maureen Dowd makes a reference to a tune we all know and love. It's in the context of a spoof on "W's" new administration and it's purported inaugural theme of the South Rising Again. Here's the paragraph:

Meat Loaf and Marie Osmond join the Gatlin Brothers in a medley of "Sweet Home Alabama," "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," "Mississippi Queen" and "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down."

As you can see, by lumping it in with Lyrnyrd Skynyrd, etc. she doesn't quite understand the meaning of the song, which nevertheless does not detract from her ability to expose the suspect orientation of our new minority-elected leader.

Posted on Wed Jan 17 14:35:33 CET 2001 from (


From: USA
Web page

What a bunch of interesting history listed here. Im hoping twill be ok to link to you from my site when i get THE BAND indexed from PEACE. (Ps i love Levon's version of BM's 'Blue Moon of Kentuky' on the soundtrack to the 'Coal Miner's Daughter'. He was great on that show!

Posted on Wed Jan 17 13:55:12 CET 2001 from (


From: not a union man now all the way

Well, I did some thinking before posting, and yes, I do agree: "King Harvest" is very very sarcastic about the unions:

"I work for the Union 'cause she's so good to me"

"I'm glad to pay those Union dues"

"Then there comes a man with a paper and a pen/Tellin' us our hard times are about to end".

We're in Steinbeck & Faulkner country aren't we?

Posted on Wed Jan 17 13:33:20 CET 2001 from (


BENTEEN- After your contribution to naming Garth's CD, I wondered why you post here at all if you don't like The Band. Most of the folks here are fans. Even when the critique's are hard, most people here seem at least fond of The Band. Of course I realize that you are probably just experiencing an overly intense emotional outburst. Please don't use this GB to venr your anger by taking pot-shots. Thank you.

LIL & CARMEN- I tend to agree in lraning toward "King Harvest" as anti-union.

Posted on Wed Jan 17 12:43:52 CET 2001 from (

Lil Again

Carmen: Got sidetracked there and forgot to mention that I always thought "King Harvest" is an anti-union song myself. I agree with the "sarcasm" angle you mentioned. The union promises all kinds of things, and yet the crops aren't growing. Anyone else agree?

Posted on Wed Jan 17 12:39:56 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

As it all flies in the air around here, getting closer and closer to the proverbial fan, perhaps we should all remember what Jan told us several months ago. This website (which includes this guestbook) comes to us courtesy of his workplace. I don't think I'd want to bet that his employer is as patient as Jan is. Maybe we should all take a tip from Ragtime and "think before we post" (and yes..that includes myself). Thanks. Have a good day.

Posted on Wed Jan 17 11:50:20 CET 2001 from (


From: pa

Pat Brennan-I always felt that in King Harvest, the ex farmer now union member was being sarcastic about his need for the union. Although on the surface, this sounds as if it is a pro-union song, I believe it may just be the opposite. I am curious to here what you think.


Posted on Wed Jan 17 08:42:22 CET 2001 from (

Ed Blayzor

From: NY

I`m all for free speach Jan, but do we have to tolerate Benteen/Jarp/Patricia ignorant posts and harassment towards other GB posters?

Posted on Wed Jan 17 06:42:26 CET 2001 from (


BB King's association with the GOP, I believe was more personal in that he had struck a friendship with Lee Atwater, who was Chairman of the GOP when Papa Bush was elected. Atwater was a passable blues guitarist, and a great blues fan.

Ironically, Lee was also mean as a snake, politically. On his deathbed he noted, with great remorse, that he felt great remorse (rightfully) for architecting the venomous nature of Papa Bush's campaign against Dukakis.

Atwater noted that he felt responsible (rightfully) for helping to usher in a whole new era of political divisiveness, a fact for which he begged forgiveness. He also implored folks in both the GOP and the Dems to end such divisiveness before it crippled the democratic process in the US. As seen this past fall, Atwater's implorings went unheeded.

Interesting that Ray Charles comes up. Ray has, in the past, pledged allegiance to the GOP. His reasoning, however, was less political than personal as well. Seems that Papa Bush was the first president to invite Ray to the White House (I'm recalling this from memory off an old 20/20 Interview circa 1990).

If I recall correctly, Ray said since a Republican president was the first to offer him his due respect, then he would respond in kind. Whether Ray's Republicanism extended beyond Papa Bush, however, is probably a good question.

Posted on Wed Jan 17 06:31:43 CET 2001 from (

Dennis (of Dennis 'n Wanda)

From: It's warmin' up her in West Saugerties, NY

So just for yucks (and as a brief respite to the winter doldrums), Wanda 'n I were hangin out the other evening dreaming about warmer climes...

We remembered having a great time sellin' Not Fade Away T-shirts at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, so we checked this year's schedule and dog-gone-it, this year's gem show starts in about two weeks and runs for a number of days....

"Hey Wanda, The Sons of the Pioneers play nightly in Tucson, and Lee 'n The Barnburner's are playin' Tucson on the 31st...wouldn't it be cool to..."

Checked with Butch, the show's still on...$99 flights....

SO WE'RE BOOKED! HOPE TO SEE YOU 'N YOURS THERE, TOO!!!! ...'tis a great couple of weeks to enjoy Tucson...

BUTCH, if CRS hasn't caught up with you, too, could ya save us a table in the cheap seats section! MapQuest says it's 2563 miles from BP, but we'll be there!

Posted on Wed Jan 17 05:25:39 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: a place - where I can lay my head

Bill W = I got your e-mail. I just tried to scroll back to the beginning of this debacle that I somehow got involved in by commending Amanda on taking a stance - and figure out where you're coming from. I don't think it's totally possible to have a one-on-one in the GB. It's out in the open for everyone to read and comment on. If you were playing some kind of set-up game to win a bet in here, I think it sucks. You either change your mind fast, or are just playing games. I see you being sweet to folks in here and speaking harshly of them in an e-mail to me....... Maybe I missed something - or your messing around - I don't know.... All I DO know is that I enjoy Amanda's posts and if you have issues with her through e-mail - then you should keep it there. Whatever reason you have for what you said to her - it still sucks. I thought she answered you beautifully, and I said so.

Posted on Wed Jan 17 03:47:23 CET 2001 from (



Brow Eyed Girl; I was angry, I dont care for ZZ Top but I guess I shouldnt say that kinda thing cause others might like them...sorry.I like Van (early 70s mostly).

Paul; I sent you a mail, so that should clear things up. I really wasn't being sarcastic...

Miwa; Thanks you're a sweetheart!

Posted on Wed Jan 17 03:13:23 CET 2001 from (


i've just been reading the posts these days. actually on the advice via e-mail, which hinted at the possibility of being banned from this board if i posted to much.

The rest of this message has been deleted. The user's domain was banned from the guestbook a few days later. He asked for it...

Posted on Wed Jan 17 02:54:16 CET 2001 from (


From: up a creek when it comes to politics

Politics again?

Didn't B.B. King do something for George Bush (Sr.) and give him a Lucille style guitar? Does anybody hate B.B. for being associated with Republicans? Is the thrill gone?


Posted on Wed Jan 17 02:25:53 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

Someone bought an interesting story to me tonight that was taken from a book called "Rock Stars Do The Dumbest Things". Have any of you heard this one?=

Neil Diamond collaborated for many years with guitarist Robbie Robertson of The Band. In 1976 Robertson invited Diamond and Bob Dylan to perform at The Last Waltz, The Band's final concert, which was documented by Martin Scorsese. Diamond sang first, went backstage, and smugly said to Dylan, "You'll have to be pretty good to follow me", Dylan snapped back, "What do I have to do, go onstage and fall asleep?"

This story is suppossed to be true. I figured you Neil bashers would love it. Anybody heard it?

Posted on Wed Jan 17 02:14:33 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

Tommy: Could you please clarify something for me - did you say in your post that Van Morrison and ZZ Top suck and if so, could you explain why?....

I thought this was an adult guest book where we give ourselves permission to discuss anything we want, when we want and how we want to express ourselves. If I am indeed in the wrong guest book, well, maybe you're right, it's time for me to move on because I have considered it seriously, but then some posters and e-mail buddies have emailed me to say that I should stay just because I do see some issues differently, appreciate many genres of music and because there aren't many female band fans who feel comfortable posting at this web site.

Anyway, I'm glad that you're a younger person who loves The Band!...

Posted on Wed Jan 17 01:20:56 CET 2001 from (


Canadian music is for the most part similar to American, except for their incessant and grating mispronunciation of the word "about."


( BTW, :-) for the humorously challenged.)

Posted on Wed Jan 17 01:07:11 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Politics. I find a couple of Band songs very political. King Harvest--with its tale of unionism--has a quasi-Woodie Guthrie bent to it. "Here comes a man with a paper in his hand, tellin' us our hard times are about to end" practically defines the politician's promise, here in the guise of the union organizer. "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" addresses the biggest and most divisive political question America has ever faced. In a very upfront way, it not only puts a human face on rebellion, it also portrays the reasons people continued to fight. I've also seen this song analyzed in relation to Vietnam, another terribly divisive issue.

Bones, I love you. But recording a song and releasing it with direct ties to a presidential candidate's campaign is an overt political act. The Band's connection with Jimmy Carter was well established at the time, and I believe the release of "Georgia" was advertised with that connection spelled out. I certainly recall reading about it in the Chicago Tribune at the time of the release. You just cannot write that act off.

Tommy, your initial post regarding the political thread was rather sarcastic, so I presumed to respond in kind. I laid out my own opinion concerning this question; you pretty much said "who gives a rat's ass." For those of us who did engage in this thread--which is very similiar to many other unrelated but interesting threads that have popped up here over the years--you told us to "blab" someplace else. Be that as it may, are you saying that a performer in performance never engages in political acts? How would you characterize the Band releasing "Georgia" in honor of Jimmy Carter? In fact, do you really think Van Morrison is an "entertainer?" The spiritualism of much of his music puts him on a much different plane than a ZZ Top for instance.

And I suppose this bears repeating. I don't like Dubya. I don't like Al Gore. I don't think much of either party. I find myself agreeing and disagreeing with both parties on a variety of issues. Some take exception to people wondering why an artist would align him or herself with a candidate like Dubya, but I've also heard plenty of people guffaw at the Alec Baldwin's and Barbara Streisand's of the world. There's plenty of laughs to go around.

Posted on Wed Jan 17 00:21:43 CET 2001 from (

Little Brøther

From: around Philly, PA

Off the top of my head, Jon, I believe that the "Big Pink Think" contest idea hit the pinking shears before completion.

Posted on Tue Jan 16 21:38:39 CET 2001 from (


SLOW DAY on the GB??? Just think about what W.C. Fields said,.... I'd rather be in Philly on 01/19/01(me too), cause some people here wanna be the president of London or France-but when ol' Butch brings Levon and the Burner crew to town-not even a president can stop the people from gettin up to dance-Ya see HE's got em rollin from town to town-to play Blues just for you--they'll get ya truckin, shuckin, and hav'in lotta a fun too!! That's what Levon, Butch, & them Barn Burners do!!!

Posted on Tue Jan 16 20:50:51 CET 2001 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Enjoying the "name Garth's album" thread, even if Garth beat us to it. Which brings up another burning question I've had since buying the Big Pink reissue: what was the winning entry to name the cover painting in the "Big Pink Think" contest???

And yes, this is a serious question. :)

Posted on Tue Jan 16 20:46:28 CET 2001 from (

Bill W.

Mr. Novik: Here is my best attempt to add my 2 cents (American) to the "Canadian Music" question posed by you.

In terms of "popular" commercial radio "music", I believe it to be structurally derivitive but lyrically native for the most part. Since most Canadians live within 50 miles of the American border and Canada Customs has yet to find a way to stop radio waves from being confiscated and / or taxed at the border, the SOUND of American music formed the basis for most all that was to come in Canada.

Speaking from the point of view of one who grew up in Toronto, the air waves were full of music coming from Erie, Penn., Detroit, Buffalo (WBLK) and New York City. Local Toronto radio started picking up on this trend and then, WHAM!! Here comes Conway Twitty and the King Of Canadian Rock 'n Roll, RONNIE HAWKINS. Now, Canadian kids aren't just listening, they are playing the stuff and it starts to take off.

In 1971 (??) "Canadian Content" laws came into effect, mandating a certain percentage of airplay to be by Canadian artists in order for any Canadian station to retain their licence. I believe that this was the time when lyrical content took on a more "Canadian" point of view vis-a-vis the American point of view.

Posted on Tue Jan 16 19:32:54 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

I always thought it was great that the Band was above it all when it came to politics in music. Granted, they honored Carter in '76 and Levon showed up at Clinton's Blue Jean Bash in '92. However, their music was never political, and I wish we could keep politics out of this wonderful place that Jan has given us. Thanks.

Posted on Tue Jan 16 19:17:19 CET 2001 from (


Peter: Thanks for the fine work on the country article. Regarding land set aside for "Indians", I know Barney Hoskyns called them "reservations" (as did long-time US resident Robbie Robertson on TV last week), but formally they're called "reserves" in Canada. Informally too, generally speaking.

Posted on Tue Jan 16 19:05:31 CET 2001 from (

Bill W.

Muchos appreciatedos Ms. Diamond L'il!! Very stylish and classy. I give you my word that I shall immediately cease production of "L'il" voodoo dolls and return to the topic at hand!

Posted on Tue Jan 16 18:49:25 CET 2001 from (


JOHN DONABIE- Though I'm late, I'd like to say Happy Birthday! Sorry about your aunt.

TOMMY FROM BKLYN- "Fire Down Below" is........well........kinda fun. Here is a quote taken out of the U.K.Sun from Steven Segal (who I like, but do not follow) about himself: "People the world over recognize me as a great spiritual leader." The film with Wilford Brimley is called "End of the Line". A wonderful movie. But, my favorite is still "The Dollmaker" with Jane Fonda which is masterful. Levon is brilliant in it.

Posted on Tue Jan 16 18:33:00 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

After just receiving a nice e-mail from Bill W, I'd like to apologize here for doubting the genuineness (is that a word?) of his name and for posting a reaction before "speaking" to him. Sorry Bill. Have a good day.

Posted on Tue Jan 16 16:45:19 CET 2001 from (

Stephen W Novik

From: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Chadwicke Lalla puts forth the phrase 'The Band is one of the most powerful and creative acts to come out of American music.' My immediate thought was -- "And they are Canadian!!" So, to start an interesting thread, I'd like to know what everyone thinks Canadian music is because there is a wonderful abundance of musical enthusiasts with brilliant insights who regularly contribute to the GB.

Now for my money, Canadian music does differ from American pop culture, but only ever so slightly as to remain somewhat relevant to dominate trends, genres.... like as in saleable, eh? (this is all off the top of my head) i.e., the Our Lady Peaces of this world. But throw in any Canuck band you wish -- Crash Test Dummies, Wide Mouth Mason, The Moffats, The Guess Who (The only band that should be ranked ABOVE The Band in a listing of Canadian groups and inducted into the RRHOF- tch, I digress.) For Canadian music to be completely 180 degrees from American taste would be, wha-? Mush? I mean, how can this country produce artists that are not somehow influenced by the mainstream? Heck, Murray McLauchlan emerged as a songwriter in his own style after seeing Bob Dylan, and even Ian Tyson felt the influence of Robert Zimmerman -- He said "I can write better than him" and off Ian went to pen "Four Strong Winds" (I'm paraphrasing and I believe Ian does write better than Bob, but they are in different genres and styles- Whoops! You can't really compare "Blowin' In The Wind" et al to "Alcohol In The Bloodstream" and "Lost Herd") the 1960's 'folk' to 1990's real country is apples to oranges as .... well I'm starting to drift here. Hope somebody finds something to add to my string, 'cause I don't want to be at the end of my rope.

There's a groan heard 'round the world. Sorry. Over and out.

P.S. thoughts on the "Life & Times" episode -- well, Robbie's always been kind of against the grain, hasn't he?

Posted on Tue Jan 16 16:20:25 CET 2001 from (


Amanda--you sound like you're on the right track!! Don't give up the ship re. music ya like, espec if it's BAND related!! Man, Gu Ru show had to be special(they all are)!! Can picture W and V tradin licks!! Malc and Rando in a groove!! Oh, for any Mr. Dener detracters--check out his response on Jim Weiders web.. Helpin out when he can!! Keep the music goin for the young folks and us old timers too!!!

Posted on Tue Jan 16 15:47:06 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

BillW: With all due respect, the only "affliction" I have is an intolerance of folks who use this forum for the sole purpose of causing problems. It doesn't take "voodoo logic" to figure out who's being sincere and who's not. And as for your name, if indeed it is real..I apologize for the AA referance. You do have to admit, that together with the e-mail address, it is quite amusing, yes?

Sorry to anyone else who was offended by post. I just didn't see the need for an unprovoked attack on someone just because of their age. Had no idea it was a "game". Go figure, hm?

Posted on Tue Jan 16 15:26:07 CET 2001 from (

Bill W.

I wish to thank all who responded to my last post; you allowed me to win a bet with a fellow GBer who didn't believe there were at least 5 people in here who would be so rude as to stick their noses into an obvious 1 on 1 disagreement. Of those 5, 1 HAD TO BE John Hilliard, the fellow who took to slandering Butch so recently.

As for Mr. Hilliard and Diamond L'il, I apologize to you both for: 1- Having used my real name to provoke you so badly. 2- Bringing to the surface your apparent association with AA and the difficulties you both have dealing with this affliction. Special thanks to lil for applying her voodoo logic to unearth the true meaning behind my name and nic. Nonetheless, you will excuse me if I don't effect a name change in order to help prop you up.

On a relevant front, does Butch or anyone else know if Mr. Helm and company plan to get near the Reno area? It would be great to hear them and yes, I am envious of you folks who have been able to get together and see them back east!

Bill W.

Posted on Tue Jan 16 15:17:24 CET 2001 from (

Johnny Flippo

From: The other inaugural ball

The Garth solo cd? I suggest:

1) Garth Hudson and his Mighty Organ

2) Garth Hudson Plays Hits not Written By Robbie Robertson

3) Meet Garth Hudson

4) HudSon of God

5) How Do You Like My New Ball Cap?

I'll be at the inauguration this weekend, comparison shopping the different protest groups. I'll keep my eyes pealed for Van. I here he likes to hang out with his homies at the old Senate Office Bldg. Look for me behind the dais, I'll be the guy with the rainbow wig holding the "John 3:16" sign.


Posted on Tue Jan 16 15:37:42 CET 2001 from (

John Donabie

From: Toronto

Hi Lil.....I'm still here. Sadly I had a favorite aunt pass away and I've been up in the "north country" at her funeral. It's interesting that when we're young you get to see old friends and family at weddings. Now it's funerals.

I had a quiet Birthday. Just relaxed with a fine California wine. Got phone calls from the kids. Spoke with The Hawk and Levon this week. Got e-mails from Diamond Lil and David Powell. What more could you want?

Posted on Tue Jan 16 14:04:11 CET 2001 from (

Lil Again

A friendly reminder to he with the strainer-like memory :-) Your server is still an hour off.

John Donabie: Too much birthday celebrating? Where'd you go?

Posted on Tue Jan 16 13:50:32 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

I've searched and searched looking for some post by 'Amanda' which prompted that attack by "Bill W" (who btw...not only uses a name straight out of 'AA', but uses the e-mail '_wine_pig' AND posts from WEB TV..hmmm....) and I can't find a thing. Amanda, and Tommy, and anyone else who's upset by this..please don't take one unprovoked attack as the general feeling of the rest of us. We all learn from each other..regardless of our ages.

Thanks for listening. Have a good day everyone. Hug Jan.

Posted on Tue Jan 16 10:12:01 CET 2001 from (

Tommy (again...)

Oh yeah, I forgot...I'm 23.Is there a problem with me or people in my age area liking The Band? I certainly dont think so!!! I've been involved in music for some 10 years now , and I think I'm have knowledge/know-how/experience to know that The Band is FANTASTIC!!! So dont be gettin' on Amanda's case...she has every right to listen to The Band as do we all.I wish there were more people here my age - that would mean they're listening to some GOOD MUSIC, and not the crap on "modern-rock" radio that's geared towards my peers... I've seen the Barnburners and The Crowmatix numerous times and I felt I fit right in despite the fact I was alot younger than most of the crowd at these shows...that's because the fans of these groups are generally cool people who, I dont think (or DIDN'T think up until someone here knocked Amanda's age...)would give a flying "fig" the age of other music fans...It's there to enjoy, right? So lets ALL enjoy!!!


Posted on Tue Jan 16 09:58:51 CET 2001 from (


From: Bklyn, NY MOTHERJUMPER!!!!


First off, I made my post cause I dont wanna come here and read about people arguing about POLITICS of all things!!! I am a daily contributer to the GB and have started some of these "threads" (thanks for the sarcasm, Pat Brennen), so I dont think I can be called one of the people that doesn't contribute but still complains...

Also, recently I've asked questions that went unanswered for the most part, so the "threads" I attempt to start might not always turn out to be topics of discussion as planned...sorry if this is a problem.Who gives a rat's ass about what musician plays for what politician??? Their ENTERTAINERS!!! I'm sure Van and ZZ Top (who suck anyway) are really not taking these gigs for the politics and I'm sure Bush doesn't want them there for their political ideas...they're there to PLAY. Shit...Van isn't even an AMERICAN!!!It seems some people here are using these "threads" involving musicians and politicians as a way to bestow upon others their political ideas/beliefs...and if that's the case, go to a political chat room/site and blab away!!!

And while I'm here, has anyone seen the Steven Segal movie 'Fire Down Below' with levon in it? Is it good/crap? Let me know if I should see it...Also, what's the movie that came out in the late 80s with Levon and Wilfred Brimley? Is it available anywhere? Was it good? Let me know someone, OK?

Your FRIEND and mine...


Posted on Tue Jan 16 07:53:46 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: New York

Hey - it's Martin Luther King Jr. day here in the U.S.

he freed alot of people, but the good they die young,

I just looked 'round and he's gone.

Posted on Tue Jan 16 07:07:31 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

I was very disappointed that Van the Man was about to perform for the Republicans but then if I judged every musician by their personal actions I probably wouldn't be listening to anyone.... Doesn't Van realize how brilliant he really is? He is pure soul for me. He also has the courage to sing about depression and insecurities but always leaves the listener with hope.......

"George Morrison (Van's dad) was in touch with relatives living in Detroit and Toronto, and in the early 1950's, shortly after Van started school, he made a reconnaissance visit to the Motor City. But instead of sending for his family, as had been the intention, he eventually returned to his home town. Had the move come off Van would have grown up as an American boy in the land of his musical heroes, instead of as "the Belfast Cowboy" - the perceptive nickname given to him years later by the late Richard Manuel of The Band."

When I was at the Concert For A Landmine Free World in December where Emmylou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Nanci Griffiths, John Prine, Bruce Cockburn and Steve Earle performed, it was very insightful when Earle said to the audience that he voted for Clinton alright, but why were people still going hungry to bed in the richest country in the world?? I would also agree that there is not a HUGE difference between the Republicans and Democrats in the U.S.A as there is also not a HUGE difference between the Progressive Conservative and Liberal Parties in Canada.

Posted on Tue Jan 16 06:53:56 CET 2001 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny
Web page

Don: click on the link above to learn more about the great "Mountain Stage" radio program which has graced the airwaves of better stations for over a decade now. There are several anthologies of highlights from the series and now a new batch of CD releases featuring individual artists (John Hartford and Bill Monroe discs are the first ones in the new series). I hope that they'll release the entire Rick and Garth performance. I saw them play at the Barns of Wolf Trap in Virginia the same week as the Mountain Stage show. I remember Garth moving his arms like a bumpy plane ride as Rick described their fight from the wild, wonderful West Virginia mountains around Charleston, the point of origin for the program.

Posted on Tue Jan 16 06:36:31 CET 2001 from (


"Republicans - tho I hate to admit it - tend to be "kinder and gentler" people"


Crab, you need to get outta Gotham a bit more often, my man. In my experience, having spent significant time living out west and in New England, in most locales, the Dems are downright shrinking violets before an onslaught of PO'd GOPers.

Try living in New Hampshire during primary season. Good lord! The Manchester Union-Leader still proudly displays a sign reading "Muskie Cried Here" outside its offices (the Union Leader is so conservative, in 1992 they endorsed Buchanan because Papa Bush was deemed "too liberal").

Not that any party or any demographic is immune to acrimony, but I've not seen too many things more frightening then a passle of righteously indignant Republicans.

Posted on Tue Jan 16 05:19:48 CET 2001 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Whew!! Just waded thru the GB postings since Friday evening when I was unfortunately disconnected from the internet and must say I was shocked to see the Van / Bush controversy still raging!! (I have e-mailed Van btw imploring him to back out but have thus far received no reply.) Anyway, I have recently received confirmation that Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and Britney Spears will definitely NOT be performing at the Bush Inaugural Gala. (BTW the reason that performers aren't criticized for appearing at Democratic functions is that Republicans - tho I hate to admit it - tend to be "kinder and gentler" people.)

Now, back to the MUSIC - does anyone know if any of Tiny Tim's basement recordings will be included as bonus tracks on the re-mastered version of Islands? If so, I might spring for a copy.

Posted on Tue Jan 16 04:15:41 CET 2001 from (

Bayou sam

From: ny

Right On Amanda - well put.

Garth titles:

Honey Boy

Watching the Hudson flow

He will probably just call it "Garth". That'll be cool because it would be fun to watch Garth Brooks fans pick it up in the store at the sight of the name Garth, and just stare at it in confusion.

Posted on Tue Jan 16 04:13:40 CET 2001 from (

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

Just finished watching the PBS special on asteroids, narrated by Robbie. Another one of his talents in my book can be his narrative one. The spoken word, very impressive and penetrating.

For all you fellow napsterites, great version of Twilight, with Rick and Garth can be found, search for Mountain Stage as the artist, track 3 is the weiner. Not being familiar with Mountain stage, did download enough for 2 CD's, any info as to Mountain Stage would be appreciated

Posted on Tue Jan 16 02:06:24 CET 2001 from (

john hilliard

From: somewhere out there

Bill W, obviously you didn't get your name from attending the meetings that your namesake started because your condescending attitude toward young people (ie Amanda) is indicative of the ignorance that perpetuates the feelings of shame in young people; maybe you could attend a few of them and learn a thing or two. I have a daughter that loves the music of "our" generation and does ask questions and voices her opinion right or wrong. I'm proud of her curiosity and am glad to share our music with her. She loved seeing Garth the other night in Philly.

Posted on Tue Jan 16 01:38:16 CET 2001 from (

Mike Nomad

Thnx, Bobby Jones & Bill Munson re Tiny Tim. Unknow how I overlooked that file but do now recall having read it, if at some point.

Posted on Tue Jan 16 01:02:43 CET 2001 from (

Little Brøther

From: The Previous Century

-- Pat Brennan has been posting everything as soon as I think it. (I may have to rethink my squeamishness about politics in the GB; belated apologies to Guen.) Anyway, Pat, this saves me considerable typing but can't be a good sign for either of us.

But I hung in there up until Nancy's post, then I developed an insatiable urge for pizza. I'm just catching up now.

-- Jan, please help Lil with the petit mal preview seizures with which she's plagued intermittently! Meanwhile, did you delete the "Amanda" post that provoked a condescending reply? 'Cause I couldn't find one.

My theory is that for every youngster upon which youth is wasted, there's an oldster entirely unimproved by maturity. Personally, I've never met an Amanda in this Guestbook I didn't like.

-- Alternate Garth CD titles:
"Reed It and Reap"
"Practice, Practice, Practice!"
"Garth Hudson: Worth the Wait"

Posted on Tue Jan 16 00:58:52 CET 2001 from (

tom and marianne izzo

From: the land of the blind where the one eyed man is king

Gentlepeople: First: Happy birthday Dr King. I'm pretty sure you'd be unhappy about the way the word racist is bantered about today. In your time it meant something. (read "Three Lives for Mississipi", "Black Like Me", "Manchild In The Promisedland" " BB's and Muddy Water's book ) Enough. Thanks to Jim Weider and the Guru s for one of the most memorable nights of my musical career at BB'Kings. When my fellow Goomba, Jimmy Vivino et al (Rando not excluded) walked in, we knew it was gonna a special evening of REAL BLUES! Lars&Duncan:Can't wait to hear the the mix! The boys were asking about ya. Butch: I don't wanna add fuel,but they'll have to go through me first.Just watch my back. In the immortal words of Malcolm Gold: peace AND love: Tom & Marianne PS:Jan: wen whee gona ghet schecpell cheke?

Posted on Mon Jan 15 23:59:17 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa.

Let's not paint the GB with too broad a brush.I, like many others here, welcome the voices of younger Band fans and try to spread the word down the line as often as possible.

P.S.If my calculator is correct, Amanda's a dues paying, full fledged member of the over thirty club.

Now what?????

Posted on Mon Jan 15 23:52:58 CET 2001 from (


From: Madison,Wi.
Web page

'Lil,,,it'll get even colder,,,when the tax man turns the corner in a couple of months,,hehe!

Posted on Mon Jan 15 23:49:49 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: the dawn of 2001

Garth's cd: Cohesive Rambling

Amanda: Bravo--Isn't it funny how the generation that didn't trust anyone over 30 now won't listen to anyone under 30!

Posted on Mon Jan 15 23:29:53 CET 2001 from (


From: ct

Right on Amanda!!!

Posted on Mon Jan 15 22:16:38 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Lil': How about "Hudson HooDoo", "How's That?" or just "Garth" or maybe "The Band Teacher" or "I Play For Weeee!!!" or "Didn't Think I Could Get Outta That One, Did You?"... In any case, I hope some of his buddies drop in to help... Wouldn't it be neat for some sparse Dylan vocals for example?... I hope Garth does some spoken word stuff too... and my ultimate fantasy would be a duet sax solo with Van on something like "Celtic Swing"...

Posted on Mon Jan 15 21:23:21 CET 2001 from (

Another Amanda

From: Anywhere & Everywhere

Bill W.: I hope I got your name right....It is people like you who cause so called younger folks like ME, to refrain from posting anything, questions or statements, on this site. I have been visiting this site for 5 years now and have rarely posted anything. I was born in the late 60s and came of age when Prince, Michael Jackson, etc. ruled the 80s. Not me....I listened to The Band, Bob Dylan, and all the many other artists discussed here. I visit this site because I dearly love what was The Band of the past and care about what the musicians are doing at present. I am a HUGE Levon Helm fan from way back when my aunts took me to see him play, all the time, in Memphis. I read this guestbook because I want to LEARN...heaven forbid...even from people like you! Don't cut me down or try to intimidate me because of my age...or what YOU think I may not know. Because of this site, I got to see Levon Helm in a small club...up close and REAL!!! What a wonderful thing...I even got to tell him how much his music has meant to me. I will keep coming here for the knowledge....I WANT to keep learning...DON"T YOU?? p.s. Butch-I think you are doing a great job!

Posted on Mon Jan 15 19:53:20 CET 2001 from (


Mike Nomad: In answer to your first question, please don't. In answer to your second, I refer you to

Posted on Mon Jan 15 19:49:15 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

I have come to the inclusion that all the great music is being written for animation these days. Robbie Robertson is currently working on a soundtrack for a Dreamworks animation featuring Eddie Murphy and Mike Myers. Also, John Hiatt is being tapped by Disney to do music for an upcoming animation film. Sting and Elton John have already done this as well. It just proves Rick Danko was way ahead of his time with his cartoon work years ago.

Posted on Mon Jan 15 19:33:32 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Mattk: "Snakebit Hairshirt"? Hmm..not sure I wanna know :-)

Furnace problems here today..and the only warm spot is here in front of my electric mini-heater. At least my hands are warm. Now..if only I could learn to type with my feet.... :-)

Posted on Mon Jan 15 19:18:41 CET 2001 from (

Mr. Bayou Sam

From: back to the egg

Ricahrd Patterson = thanks for the Peter Green response. That's also an interesting point that Matt K. makes about Black Magic Women. I think I'll pick up the CD.

Peter Viney = I remember Stevie Nicks back when Rumors(Rumours?) was out. She sang great and her good looks were everywhere. Then when I got the album I realized how quietly great, Christine McVie's songwriting and musicianship was. I kind of thought she was in Stevies shadow because she wasn't as"cute". Stevie seemed more into an image than Christine. Now, that's not to take anything away from Stevie's obvious musical talent. I like Stevie, but the first time I heard the intro to "You Make Loving Fun" I became a Christine McVie fan. I also got tired of Stevies quiverring type vocal.

Bob Wigo = I really like your discription of Garth in the second paragraph of your post. You really nailed it there. I could just see him playing as I read it.

I caught a cool piece on TV about a guy named Eddie Layton who has played the organ at Yankee Stadium forever. He also plays at a local colleges basketball games. They showed this incredible, old organ that he plays. It's huge and has four keyboards, with dozens of switches and effects. All I could think of was how Garth would probably enjoy taking a crack at that monster. I also thought how much I would enjoy watching Garth take a crack at that monster.

Carmen = thanks for the info on the Blind Faith release. I wonder if it's the same stuff that was put on Clapton's Cross Roads box set. Do you have any idea?

Hey - instead of saying "back to the music", we could say "and now for something completely different" when we stray from the music.

Posted on Mon Jan 15 19:12:40 CET 2001 from (

the frenchman's daughter

From: new england

great politico discussions and it is relevant to music - if the lyrics aren't about love, they are usally about politics, right? zztop at bush's party? yuck, hopefully they'll be tasteless and not play their good material when they really were a Texas blues band who else is in the line-up?

Posted on Mon Jan 15 19:06:05 CET 2001 from (


I think Garth should call it:

"Snakebit Hairshirt"

Posted on Mon Jan 15 19:00:46 CET 2001 from (

Bobby Jones

From: midwest

Mike Nomad - Tiny Tim appeared on a record with the Band named "Down in the Basement". It is suggested it was recorded in the basement of Big Pink in 1967. Tiny Tim sings:

I got you babe

Memphis Tennesse

Sonny Boy

Be my baby

all with the backing of the Band and Bob Dylan.

This was released on cd by Moonlight Records in 1996.

Posted on Mon Jan 15 18:28:29 CET 2001 from (

Mike Nomad

Mr. Munson (may I call you that?): The Tiny Tim-Leafs thing--I had completely forgotten about that. (Wow, the ravages of time.) But I can just visualize a lot of head-scratching south of the border, wondering about Foster and Hewitt and Mahov--who? But seriously, would you be so kind as to refresh me on the Tiny Tim-Band connection again? Thnx.

Posted on Mon Jan 15 18:28:08 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa.

Damn, that was my sixth choice. Thanks Bob R. !!!!!

Posted on Mon Jan 15 18:16:38 CET 2001 from (

Bob R

From: The Cape

Re: Garth's upcoming solo album--- The Boston Herald ran a nice article in last Fridays edition about Breeze Hill Records-- The story looks like it came from the Reuters news agency-- in the article they announced that Garth's solo album would be called "Sea to the North" and would be released in March....all in all a pretty good article talking about the owner / founder of Breeze Hill and also some nice mentions regarding Rick Danko, Professer Louie, etc---

Posted on Mon Jan 15 18:02:40 CET 2001 from (


This Mister business reminds me of Tiny Tim (who I can mention here because of the Band connection; I suspect that future historians will theorise that he replaced Bob Dylan as lead singer, but it didn't work out). When Tiny was big he visited Toronto and was taken to skate with the Leafs at Maple Leaf Gardens. He kept on referring to people like Mr Keon and Mr Mahovlich and Mr Imlach. It sounded so weird to those of us who'd grown up listening to Foster (John D's ultimate boss I suppose) and Bill Hewitt refer to them only by their last names.

Posted on Mon Jan 15 17:43:51 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa

I'm always willing to take a shot.Good thread Lil. I wonder if a title has been chosen.

1)"Keys to the Kingdom"

2)"The Hudson Line"

3)"HoneyBoy's Home"

4)"Circling Above"

5)"Sweetening the Pot"

Posted on Mon Jan 15 17:05:31 CET 2001 from (

john hilliard

From: out pittsburgh way

'LIL since I hope it's the first of many; how 'bout "Garth Hudson vol.1"! This is goin' to be great!!!! Anybody know what kinda music it's goin' to be? Any special guests? Come on Breeze Hill help us out give up some info.

Posted on Mon Jan 15 16:13:58 CET 2001 from (


From: PA

A neat article in Sunday's Philly Inquirer titled "Revisiting the magic of Blind Faith" discussing a new two disc set of the groups unreleased and released material. The BAND gets a mention along with the Beatles.

"...and the disciplined song aesthetic of the BAND and the Beatles." The article is focused on Clapton and Winwood getting tired of the same old act and looking for something new. I think we all know the story.

For those

Best Regards!

Posted on Mon Jan 15 16:09:40 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa

I attended the Crowmatix show at the Tin Angel Saturday night and had a wonderful time. The band was terrific and I must say that "Professor Louie" is one hell of a pianist in his own right. Marie Spinosa's vocals (and whistling) were marvelous.Mike Dunn on bass and Gary Burke, the first drummer I've seen stand through an entire performance,were both terrific. The guitar work of Dave Malinowski(?)was splendid. And then there was Garth.

Mr. Hudson added his very special brand of keyboarding to every tune.He always seems to be searching for the next new sound his instrument can give him. I couldn't help but smile as he moved from switches to knobs to keys throughout the performance, head cocked as if he was hearing the notes for the very first time.The intro to "Chest Fever" was fascinating as always as Garth would break into the first two chords and "run" off for another adventure.

I am happy to say I was able to shake hands with him and thank him for his contribution to the countless hours of pleasure The Band's music has provided me.

John Hilliard, I wish I knew you were there as I would have been happy to explain to you all the good things Butch Dener has done for me and many, many other fans of The Band. Will you be at the North Star this Friday?

I am in the process of forwarding my photos from the show to Jan. Some are good, some are so-so as it was my first go with a digital camera I borrowed. I do hope you all enjoy them.

Levon and the Barnburners this Friday night. Looking forward to seeing you there Butch. Life is good.

Posted on Mon Jan 15 16:02:46 CET 2001 from (


Seems like an opinion poll!! Van's choice isn't it?? I'd like to see the Band crew, with Dylan, at Wild Bill's first!!! Couple folks here gettin funky??? We all enjoy the music dialog--info etc.., then why single out Mr. D. He gets the posse to BB shows-so those that attend can catch GREAT music!!(No small feat)!! So, see, I go to as many them shows as possible--and Butch gets on the stage!! Me and D listen and enjoy!! Plain and simple!! All that really matters is that Levon and the BB's appreciate MR. D!!! I don't think he gives a fiddlers about GB personal statements--just givin us a first hand of shows and whats goin on with the BB's!! SO is that a problem??? Hey, BUTCH--if a couple people don't get into the good times & fun----their loss!!!

Posted on Mon Jan 15 15:45:24 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

From: Jan's Bernuda Triangle

Oh oh... looks like it's time for all of us to step away from our computers, crank up "High Cotton", and do the shuffle :-)

Here's a fun (I hope) kind of hypothetical question for everyone. With Garth's first solo cd nearly finished, I was wondering what _you_ would name it if you were in the position to do so? "A whiz of a wiz if ever a wiz there was"? :-) C' that cd!

And to the wizard of the _other_ keyboard variety...I can't preview here again, so you'll find a few posts close to this one hanging out in your Bermuda Triangle there.

Have a good day everyone. Hug to both of the "keyboard wizards" :-)

Posted on Mon Jan 15 12:23:25 CET 2001 from (


From: CORK
Web page

Gerry Adams is a Republican......he likes Bob Dylan apparently.......Ian Paisley, leader of the DUP, an Ulster Unionist party, would describe himself as a Democrat..........I read an interview with Bob Dylan once where the interviewer asked him if he was a Republican or a Democrat....Bobs reply was along the lines of " What do those words MEAN, man???.........You go to Ireland and those words mean a whole different thing altogether...." Very Sussed, our Bob , ain't he?...........Well, of course, we all kinda know that, 'cos he got The Hawks to back him up in 1965.......Democrat, Republican, Unionist Nationalist.......all those words are quickly becoming redundant......what do they mean in the USA or Ireland or anywhere?..........I remember someone remarking recently that the recent election fiasco in The USA reminded everyone that The USA is NOT a Democracy, but a WHAT does THAT mean?........... ANYWAY, back to the music............uh , it seems to be de rigeure to say that around here these days...........

Hi!! I'm from Cork City, Ireland and me and the guys in my band LOVE The Band!!!!.......Thanks for all the music over the years, guys!!!!! Are you planning any trips to Europe soon??? We play "The Weight, Evangeline , It makes no difference, Back to Memphis and Blah, blah blah blah Blah blah

Posted on Mon Jan 15 11:29:04 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Back to the music: Doh


Posted on Mon Jan 15 08:58:58 CET 2001 from (

Bobby Jones

From: midwest

Pat Brennan - I usually agree with the things you post, yet I feel your being a little harsh on republicans. I agree that democrats usually protect the areas consitered of national interest but so do the majority of republicans. The Clinton democrats have worked hard in the Western United States, yet have done very little on the East coast. Case in point - Jamestown, Va. This area is not a National Park (Virginia Antiquity Commission controls/owns the land)even though it is the birth place of the American Adventure. As we all know, tobacco was the first successful export from America. That same tobacco was taxed in London by the king, It had to be sold in England because it was illegal to be sold in any other market. Hense in 1614 we get the very first example of taxation with out representation in America. As everyone knows we fought a war over this about 150 years later. The only AMERICAN KING (Pohattan)was crowned in Jamestown. Pocahontas (the only American princess)and John Smith had their histories entangled there. There is also this thing called Slavery that came to Jamestown in 1619. And we all know what happened about 240 years later. The reason I bring this up is Jamestown island is slowly eroding at about 2 feet a year. If ever there was an area that should get some special PROTECTED treatment it is here, the birth place of our nation.

The reason I bring this up.

One of the lead people who is trying to do something about this is a republican.

My dad used to say, "You can't change a person without investing something in them." Maybe someday that will be a political statment.

For those that want to know if this is Band related - No Jamestown = No Virgil Cane.

Posted on Mon Jan 15 07:57:20 CET 2001 from (


From: Ca

Maybe we should go back to the 'Band songs in a minor key' thread? On second thought, there was griping about that too. Back to the politics. Where do those ZZ Top guys get off playing for Bush!

Posted on Mon Jan 15 07:45:33 CET 2001 from (

Bill W.

Amanda: The trouble with youth like yourself is that it is wasted on the young. The most important discovery you will (hopefully) make is recognizing when you are outclassed, out thought and out experienced. This is such a time and such a place. You're time will come, but not in here and not with these knowledgeable fans. Remember, being in over your head is no disgrace... as long as you learn from the experience.

Posted on Mon Jan 15 06:36:56 CET 2001 from (

ann marie

spirit of 73 rocked my world. i love it and listen to it all the time. this is great music for a great cause.

Posted on Mon Jan 15 05:56:29 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: the island

Pat Brennan = I couldn't have said it better myself. You saved me alot of typing.

Posted on Mon Jan 15 05:46:58 CET 2001 from (

Bill W.

From: RENO!!!!!!

To Dave Z.: Don't feel bad bro', I bet on the Vikings and Raiders to!!! Who needs the slots to clean you out when you bet like I do???

Posted on Mon Jan 15 05:45:25 CET 2001 from (


Ho Hum...I didn't think I needed to explain that by referring us "back to the music," I meant that whenever the GB starts getting all weird, the Band's music has a way of evening everything out. Even back in the old days of the GB, when some people were venting on a regular basis, they never made references like that about one of Levon and Rick's FRIENDS. Too much, man. Hence the reference to the music. I have learned so many things from this GB and it's the music that is the root of all that learning. So, back to...

Posted on Mon Jan 15 05:29:06 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, (Gulp) MN

Geez Lars... not much of a challenge re: our bet, huh?... Your Giants really crushed my Vikings today... So next time I'm in NY for a Band-related gig, I'll be buying you the beer... and now I've got to go shovel all the new snow in my driveway...

Posted on Mon Jan 15 04:57:20 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Some of "John Hilliard's" most recent contributions: "with all this talk about the inaugural ball i'm surprised levon's lacky, Butch, hasn't kissed Dubya's *.*# to play one of the inaugural parties!" followed by: "why are all of you so obsessed with van playing for bush. this is the band guestbook not the "VAN" guestbook. Again i think "Dener" ought be down on all fours trying to get Levon a gig inauguration night. that'd give us something to talk about!" followed by "I second that emotion. This is THE BAND website not the van site or dubya site. Where's the music!!!!!" Gosh, "John," does berating Butch qualify as "about the music?" How about making references to lewd acts and our new president's posterior? Also, enough with the inauguration and other political topics. And please, this isn't a Van website so quit talking about him. BTW, Tommy, it's called a "thread."

Posted on Mon Jan 15 04:15:47 CET 2001 from (


From: Australia

I also dislike seeing the overused phrase "back to the music" on the GB!!!

I'm a music fan and I love pizza but I couldn't eat eat pizza every night without fatigue setting in. Reading not-quite-music-related trivia here is often as entertaining as reading hard core music info! Sometimes more so depending on who's holding the floor.

As far as our diehard guestbookers discussing Van the Man, hey, it saves me visiting his website!

Posted on Mon Jan 15 02:40:17 CET 2001 from (


I second the motion of Mattk. If you want to talk about music go right ahead. Scolding other posters for not "talking about music" doesn't contribute anything musical to the GB experience.

Now back to the Sex Pistols...there is a Band connection. The Sex Pistols also played their last concert in San Francisco- it may even have been the same venue- the Winterland?? The final concert of the Sex Pistols had Johnny Rotten performing "No fun, no pay" and then closing the concert with the immortal line "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"

He was utterly fed up at this point because, amongst other things, he and Sid Vicious has been booked into a motel while Malcolm McLaren & the others were staying at an expensive hotel. Even at the height of the Sex Pistol's popularity he had no money due to Malcolm McLaren never returning calls etc. I expect I could make a The Band connection at this point and throw in some comments about how musicians get cheated by the military industrial entertainment complex etc but I think you can you can imagine the rest...

Posted on Mon Jan 15 01:34:13 CET 2001 from (


Is it just me, or is it really annoying when people who rarely/never post complain about the topic of conversation in the GB? If you want to talk about music...GO AHEAD!

What are we, trained monkeys? sheesh...

Posted on Mon Jan 15 01:11:39 CET 2001 from (

john hilliard

I second that emotion. This is THE BAND website not the van site or dubya site. Where's the music!!!!!

Posted on Mon Jan 15 01:00:49 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn, NY

Shit...this place is getting a bit TOO political!!! I have no problem with political discussion (if that kinda thing interests you...), but this is a misic'S THE MUSIC DISCUSSIONS??? This aint "Meet The Press"!!!

Posted on Sun Jan 14 23:43:21 CET 2001 from (


From: Disappointing all by my shallowness...
Web page

From politics to fashion... I see Britney made the top of Mr Blackwell's Worst Dressed List. (See webpage above) Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, and Courtney Love also featured.

I saw the Filth and the Fury this weekend. It is very interesting & I recommend it to anyone who believes that Malcolm McLaren invented the Sex Pistols. He showed himself to be full of sh*t in the first minutes of the film when he was going on about how it was HIS shop they all met at and HIS idea for the shop to sell bondage wear-when I feel sure that VIVIENNE WESTWOOD his then partner and a fashion designer of note must have had something to do with it.

The film has lots of other interesting bits- Johnny Rotten talking about the influence of British Music Hall on their live performances, for example. And what happened to Sid Vicious was a tragedy. There was a really horrible bit when he was saying that he didn't want to be a junkie for the rest of his life- but he was.

Posted on Sun Jan 14 23:28:07 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

And please Mr Booking Agent, don’t book those jobs so far apart … what a pantomime, don’t know what percent. Thanks to Peter Stone Brown for resolving it. The old story, the agency / label books the artist for the gig … and yet the artist WON’T be performing. We’ve just been bleating about the bush. Would anyone mind if I pasted our debate here together (removing e-mail addresses and full names) and sent it into the Van magazine as extracts from this Band GB? E-mail me if you don’t want to be included.

Posted on Sun Jan 14 23:16:57 CET 2001 from (

Chadwicke Lalla

From: Trinidad &Tobago WEST INDIES

The Band is one of the most powerful and creative acts to come out of American music.The Brown album is a certified masterpiece.I was also astonished when I heard Robbie Robertson's Storyville. A magnificent display of smooth rock'n roll flavoured with a tasty touch of New Orleans.Ahhhh long live rock'n roll.

Posted on Sun Jan 14 23:09:58 CET 2001 from (


Interesting Richard Patterson compares Peter Green's album to Santana. Green, after all, wrote "Black Magic Woman."

Posted on Sun Jan 14 23:08:47 CET 2001 from (


We could go down a very long and winding road when we start trying to validate one's artistic value as it's coupled with their artistic bent. Wagner would be interesting fodder in this debate as his choice of libretto and operatic content was driven very much by his anti-semetic views. I'm never in favor of censoring, or even censuring, an artist because his/her beliefs.

However, just because political views should not detract from artistic value, an artist's genius does not forgive their sins, either. In Wagner's case, while I'd never advocate his abolishment, I do think his abhorrent views tend to get whitewashed by musicologists and opera afficianados who find it easier to treat the political and artistic Wagner as seperate people rather than confront the dichotomy of his great genius and incredible racism.

The Wagner family itself has side-stepped the issue. Wagner's grandaughter and the Wagner family as a whole enjoyed (and took advantage) of their lauditory stature in Hitler's Germany, where Wagner was somewhat the "offical composer of the third reich."

The internal family squabble spilled out into the public a few years back when Wagner's great-grandson, Gottfried Wagner, published a book and hit the lecture circuit demanding a fuller disclosure of Richard Wagner's politics, the role they played in his operas, and the role they played in helping to set the cultural stage for Nazism in Germany.

Needless to say, the rest of the family is not please.

Posted on Sun Jan 14 22:53:40 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

For all you naive people out there, Reagan administration Sect of the Interior James Watt thought Civil War battlefields were a waste of space and time. He made efforts to close all but a few. The Reagan administration blocked efforts to preserve the Manassas battlefield and only after a number of conservatives including Charlton Heston came forward in support did the administration change its mind. The Clinton administration on the other hand has been hugely supportive of preserving America's historic resources. As Texas governor, Dubya has done nothing to preserve his state's historic resources and his promoting of a Watt disciple at Interior bodes ill nationally.

Posted on Sun Jan 14 22:53:05 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

There’s the feud; there’s Van’s politics; but Sam, you don’t SERIOUSLY prefer Christine McVie’s stuff to Stevie Nicks? Yeah, great tunes and performance, but Stevie on the other hand has charisma. If that’s what they call it nowadays.

Posted on Sun Jan 14 22:33:17 CET 2001 from (


hey pat, scope this. one has to be quite naive to believe there is really any tangible difference betwix the two parties. now if lets say,a communist party was elected, then we would have a tangible difference.

Posted on Sun Jan 14 22:00:16 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Actually, the two parties do differ in some very important areas, but that is probably/thankfully a bit beyond the scope of this guestbook. And of course you can enjoy music apart from the artist's political affiliation. Consider Wagner.

Posted on Sun Jan 14 20:53:38 CET 2001 from (


Well, I guess Van took a look at the GB and realized just how much controversy he was stirring up. He probably figured he should cancel before it ended up bringing up another discussion of the Feud. Thanks, Van.

Posted on Sun Jan 14 19:59:42 CET 2001 from (

Peter Stone Brown

From: Philly
Web page

Concerning the Van Morrison controversy, the Washington Post (January 14th) reports that "Van Morrison won't be performing a pre-inaugural gala for President-elect George W. Bush, as was previously reported. Morrison's label, Virgin Records, says this week's announcement was premature."

Posted on Sun Jan 14 19:45:59 CET 2001 from (

john hilliard

From: western pa

saw garth w/the crowmatix last night what a hot band. they were great and garth was in a great mood adding swirls and dirvishes to the crow's tunes. their new stuff is great can't wait for their jam album to come out. also garth told me his is almost finished....unbelievable a GARTH SOLO ALBUM. hope they rtelease a vinyl version.

Posted on Sun Jan 14 19:39:31 CET 2001 from (

Richard Patterson

From: St Kitts

MR B SAM: There's a real good Peter Green solo album from '79 called 'In the Skies'. (Don't know if it was ever released on CD). Kinda sounds more like Santana than old Fleetwood Mac though... half instrumental with lots of latin percussion. Some songs from this would surely be on a comp from the period you mention.

Posted on Sun Jan 14 19:23:44 CET 2001 from (

Sayou Bam

From: time to kill

Yeah, it's me one more time

..... is it OK to call them Fleetwood Mac?

Should it be the Mr. Fleetwood Mr. Mac Band?

(sorry - I can't leave that alone yet. Soon)

Posted on Sun Jan 14 19:20:17 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: of course I'm from - we are all from

.......and speaking of Fleetwood Mac - I saw an interesting CD the other day. It was a compilation of Peter Green music from 1977 to about 1983. I didn't even know he recorded then. Has anyone heard this stuff? I didn't get it, but I just might pick it up.

Posted on Sun Jan 14 19:16:25 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: watching the wheels it OK to just like someones music and not give a rat's ass about their politics?

When Fleetwood Mac played for Clinton - I just thought it was so cool that THE lineup all reunited for it, and that Linsey Buckingham played the lead solo so good. I also like Christine McVie's stuff better than Stevie Nick's stuff.

Posted on Sun Jan 14 18:37:44 CET 2001 from (


political, schmolitical! like there's a big difference between the two's not like he's playing for the third reich. let's consider how a musician would view this in light of posterity. this is a footnote in the artist's historical context as to his being here.

Posted on Sun Jan 14 18:03:08 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Carmen, I never used the term "political consequences." I did say that actions that aren't necessarily political--like playing music--become political because of context. I don't suppose, since performers aren't politicians, that there are any political consequences for such actions, other than to entertain the partisans who go to such events, but it does necessarily align the performer with the cause, whatever that cause is.

Also, in light of my Al Gore line--among others over the last political campaign--you'll find my disgust with this season's political process here in the US knew no party bounds.

Posted on Sun Jan 14 17:03:34 CET 2001 from (

carmen again

From: pa

Pat, why are there "political consequenses" for those artists who perform for Republicans, however, none for those who perform for the Dems. There seems to be a double standard. I myself get turned off by artists who take sides.


Posted on Sun Jan 14 16:55:08 CET 2001 from (


From: pa

Has "Between Trains" ever been released on CD? Has anyone ever found this on Napster? Thanks!

Posted on Sun Jan 14 16:43:07 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Mike and all, I don't think anyone is saying that Van doesn't have the right to play anywhere he wants. Of course he can. However, actions in and of themselves that are not political can become so because of context.

Posted on Sun Jan 14 14:18:12 CET 2001 from (


From: The Silver City

I haven't seen the Barnburners since one of their early shows (the Bardavon).Do they stick to a full plate of chicago style blues or do they mix it up? I caught a song at the end of a band video with Levon playin some delta guitar.That would be a cool addition to a B.B. show (Barnburners unplugged)....Lars, Had a great time in Middletown last week! Though rain,sleet and the gloom of night I will not be kept from my mission.To JAM.... By the way,a messege to the Gurus,there hasn't been a Bigfoot sighting at Blackeyed Sally's for a while and the natives are getting restless.Saw Izzo's photos from B.B. king's, you guys are having way too much fun.Great article in Vintage Guitar Magazine Jim.Well deserved.

Posted on Sun Jan 14 14:03:56 CET 2001 from (

George Lyne

From: new jersey

i saw the Crowmatix last night (feb 13,2001) in philly. WOW! Aaron,Garth, and Dave Malinowski on guitar tore the joint up! WHAT A GREAT BAND! (and i got pictures if anyone is interested)....thanks guys for another great night..and thanks Garth for 35 years of smiles....PEACE

Posted on Sun Jan 14 13:59:52 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Frankly, I thought Dubya should invite Warren Zevon for a rousing rendition of "Lawyers, guns, and money"...

Posted on Sun Jan 14 09:58:34 CET 2001 from (


Don't think too much of Dubya myself, but it is my opinion that Van has every right as a musician to play for whomever he chooses, just like "john hilliard" has every right to be a horse's ass. Now, can we get back to the music?

Posted on Sun Jan 14 09:40:42 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Yikes!!! Hank and Norbert... I guess I should think a nanosec before I post... I got a bunch a family with military history too... I was more thinking of the corporate thing with military as an adjective... Opps, there I go again... Remember that film "Tribes", well I would be Jan-Michael Vincent except I wouldn't last 2 picoseconds past the haircut before someone off-ed me... and forget lifting those sand pails for any length of time... Anyway, Go Vikes!!! Kill those Giants and give NY another snowstorm this time long touchdown passes!!!... and hey, the Breezehill site says the Crowmatix should have another CD out in March too (Over The Edge is one of my 2000 favs)... so let's see, that makes 8 Band related CDs due out in 2001... better start saving all my military-corporate-complex earned dollars... well, this Gemini gots to get going, back to my Ralph Nader book (with Van on in the background)... Ralph be slammin supply side thinking and I be slamm Diet Coke...

Posted on Sun Jan 14 07:12:25 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: high on the top, of hickory hill

...... is it time for another trouble stirring wacko to pass through the GB again already? Where does the time go? Where do they come from? "Where do we go from here?"

At least they go away - like most rashes.

Posted on Sun Jan 14 07:01:56 CET 2001 from (


From: The Netherlands

Hank, ones (my parents days) there where here Canadian, American and English brave men, wearing army shirts as well........they stopt the killing.........and since, we thank them every single day.....

Posted on Sun Jan 14 05:26:20 CET 2001 from (


From: CORK
Web page

Well, now......Dave Z........I hope you enjoy what you see/hear on our Web-Site, but there's no military commentary there......I am, however, wearing a US Army Shirt at the moment.....issued in my Dad.........He rose to rank of corporal during the Cuban Missile Crisis.....stationed in Fort Bragg, NC........He told me he sat at meetings with the brass as they planned to send young, US Male flesh into battles and, how this flesh would be, for the most part, ripped to shreds with Cuban and Russian flesh in an effort to keep Russian Nuclear Missiles outta Cuba......Kennedy stood up to the Russians and it did'nt happen like that.......but it could have (and Vietnam).... it was enuff to put me off wanting to enlist........having said that, tho', I DO acknowledge the legitimacy of armed forces and the art/science of being a good soldier........(a young man serves his country, an old man guards the home, right?) long as they serve defence and NOT wholesale human sacrifice......getting ripped to shreds by bullets and bombs on a foreign battlefield does NOT defend the homeland..............

BRING THE BARNBURNERS TO EUROPE!!!!!!........thanks for all the up-dates, Butch......looking forward to meeting you one day, dude.....the folks travelling with the Hubert Sumlin told me you were a most amazing , wonderful guy.......

Posted on Sun Jan 14 05:05:11 CET 2001 from (

butch MR dener to you,,,

From: wherever i wanna be from

Well , since the mere mention of my name pisses off so many mental midgets,, here's more,,,

Last night, Levon & The Barn Burners took Boston by storm, again,,,,

At HARPER'S FERRY,,,,,,, 2 sold out shows, i mean sweatypackedtotheMAX Blues Shows,,,

Al Kooper bailed @ the last second, only to be replaced as soon as RONNIE EARL,,,,,the legend, walked in,,,,,

When Ronnie strapped on Pat's strat, the B.B.'s kicked it up a notch & turned it into a MUDDY WATERS night,,,,,,

LONG DISTANCE CALL, Im READY, Im a M A N ,,,Love to yOU ( WITH aMY )& Hootchie Cootchie Man ( with Amy )& so many others,,,, it really was a fever pitch,, the crowd, a boston blues crowd, shifted with every musical change & nuance,, applause, whistles & heeeehaaawwwww greeted the hottest solos,,Chris' harp was channelling Lil Walter,, & you could hear JAMES COTTON in him too,,, ( they just recorded together on hubert's new record & cotton was fresh in all of our ears, )

during the break, Levon was signing stuff, & steven davis, L.H.'s co - author was co-signing the books , that folks brought,, funny,,

The 2nd set was more originals, ( ronnie sat out & just grooved )mr used to be, grease monkey mama,circus tune,, shuffle in E,,& more,,,, Howlin Wolf,, Willie Dixon etc,, TWO SOLD OUT SHOWS !!!!!!!! makes everyone feel good, like all the work pays off,,, its GREAT to see the fellas & amy get their PROPS !!!!! cant wait to hit the road,,, all this & Bobby Keys, too,,,

Ruby, where'd ya go ??? one second youre there, all smiles,, then ,poof,, gone,, you do move quickly,,,,

,,,,,,,,,,& THANKS to ALL the Guest Book friends who came & said hello, & hung with us, a bit,,, you are ALL great !!!!!!!!!!!

oh, & all you cheery folks, sending those nasty messages,, HA !!!! try using your real screen address so i can really tell you what i think of you,, cowards,,,,,,,,,,,, butch DENER !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on Sun Jan 14 02:42:41 CET 2001 from (


From: webzone

anyone familiar with a 3-disc set called CROSSING THE GREAT DIVIDE? i see one listed on ebay. at first i thought it was the capitol box set (similar name), but from the picture & track listing it seems like a high quality boot. is this for real?

Posted on Sun Jan 14 02:23:46 CET 2001 from (


From: down the shaw

Is this the Butch page or the Band page, really!!!! I'm sure he does a good job for the roadie he is, but a true gentleman puhleeze--you been hanging in bars and beer halls to long--now lets get back to the real players here--the musicians and the music!!!!

Posted on Sun Jan 14 02:22:41 CET 2001 from (

Emanuele " The Beard"

From: Venice , Italy
Web page

New Look for The Beards Homepage , Italian The Band Fans Club /n visit the beard homepage!


Posted on Sun Jan 14 02:22:48 CET 2001 from (

Jeb Stuart

From: VA

John Hilliard, why don't you contact Butch and tell him where you live? Then Butch can get Levon to book a gig nearby and you can talk to Butch face to face. Then, we'd really have something to talk about.

Posted on Sun Jan 14 02:21:33 CET 2001 from (


From: Pine Bush, NY


Yes, John Hilliard, it was Butch Dener who made that quote. You are one quick-witted dude, John. And your prize is a Band tea shirt. Send me your address and I'll see that my business associate, Gen John Wayne, drops your reward off to you as soon as possible. Congrats.

Posted on Sun Jan 14 02:01:20 CET 2001 from (

john hilliard

From: again

why are all of you so obsessed with van playing for bush. this is the band guestbook not the "VAN" guestbook. Again i think "Dener" ought be down on all fours trying to get Levon a gig inauguration night. that'd give us something to talk about!

Posted on Sun Jan 14 01:54:44 CET 2001 from (


From: Upstate NY

TRIVIA QUESTION OF THE DAY: At a recent (within the last 12 years) presidential inaugural celebration, what White House guest was quoted as saying "Rock and roll transcends party politics."

On a more important note, I hope to God the Giants secondary can handle the Vikings wide receivers in tomorrow's NFC championship (football) game. GO BLUE!!!

Posted on Sun Jan 14 00:41:56 CET 2001 from (


From: Dutchess County

Leon Russell was mentioned a while back. I've been listening to some of his albums lately...I think my favorite would be Asylum Choir II with Marc Benno. Marc Benno also had a solo album "Minnows"...anybody know what became of him?

Posted on Sat Jan 13 23:45:47 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

OK, I apologize for myyy cheap shot at Bush... but given Van's distaste for the media at times, maybe he could at least dedicate a song to the media coverage of election night... I propose "Thanks For The Information"...

On a different thread, I was surfing and visited a Jesse Ed Davis website... and realized that on each of his solo albums he does either a Dylan or Band cover... plus he provides a vital Band-link to David Cassidy... and thus The Partridge Family... I also visited the Official Steely Dan website... those guys are hilarious!!!...

Hank, you got any military commentary on your CDs?... I may have to look closer at your site...

Posted on Sat Jan 13 22:50:03 CET 2001 from (


Web page

Musicians like are like anyone else and will probably have political opinions. Chances are they probably grow more conservative as they get older. If Van wants to play for an American President then thats fine. He has played more gigs than we've had hot dinners so something like this is probably a bit more exciting for him.

I'm looking forward to these second set of releases alot. Mainly because the 2nd half of The Band's career is not as well documented as the first - so there may be some suprises. Monndog Matinee alone sounds good with 6 extras.

Posted on Sat Jan 13 22:17:03 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Van & Dubya: Hey! I’m not involved in this, but since it’s being discussed …Van appeared on the cover of “The Healing Game” wearing a bowler hat and dark glasses as if in an Orange Order march, which might be a political statement about the peace process. BUT he also sang for Clinton in Belfast. So at least he’s even-handed. I can’t see that Lennon, or indeed McCartney or Harrison would ever have played for Bush, but maybe we Brits wisely despise ALL politicians. The Band played for Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Didn’t Neil Young do something for Reagan (controversially)? As a musician, you daren’t ask for proof of people’s party affiliation when you sell tickets to a concert, though I guess the Josef Stalin Marching Band certainly would have done. And Lennon would have been given a knighthood if he’d donated the obligatory £2 million to either British main political party. That’s what it costs, so they say. They also say (scurrilously and I’m sure it’s wrong) that Speilberg got his by downgrading a Dreamworks production the British govt didn’t like.

As to Van’s repetoire on the night, I suggest he does his version of “It’s All in the Game” as the melody was written in a 1912 by a banker-later-turned-politician, General Charles Gates Dawes, who was Vice-President under Calvin Coolidge. He could also include the very appropriate Inarticulate Speech, plus The Great Deception, Fair Play and Madame George. But actually I reckon he’ll sing the song he chose to sing for Clinton (and announced it as such on stage last summer) ‘When the Healing Has Begun.’

Posted on Sat Jan 13 20:20:24 CET 2001 from (

john hilliard

From: pennsylvania bwo japan

with all this talk about the inaugural ball i'm surprised levon's lacky, Butch, hasn't kissed Dubya's *.*# to play one of the inaugural parties!

Posted on Sat Jan 13 19:46:43 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Choosing to play at an inauguration ball is a political act. It says simply that you are helping to celebrate the victory of the politician in the election. It is similiar to doing a benefit for a specific policy group or organization. It is very different than playing a normal gig. Using the term "PC" in this case is inaccurate. "PC" refers to towing a political line, like George W. Bush being afraid to use the term "affirmative action" even though he brags about the diversity of his cabinet. Or Christine Whitman being pilloried by elements of her party because she's pro-choice. I suppose there are other examples of PC thinking. Anyway, Van appearing at Dubya's party is weird at best, but then perhaps Van enjoys playing for an illegitimately-elected son of a former President and CIA head, an "education" candidate whose state ranks next to last in education, a former cokehead who imprisons people for the same things he did, a liar, a politician so bereft of ideas that he basically signed up his father's entire coterie to take another shot at feeding the military-industrial complex while giving massive tax breaks to his oil friends, a former oilman who lost millions while his father's buddies bankrolled his stupidity, and a recipient of massive corporate welfare. If that is the case, then perhpas Van deserves to be there. Then again, I'd say similiar things if he was playing Gore's party.

Posted on Sat Jan 13 19:27:48 CET 2001 from (

John C.

From: New York

PLEASE, all BAND fans, go here

Vote to have Last Waltz on DVD. Thank you ~John

Posted on Sat Jan 13 19:25:21 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

Hank = YES!, it's ok for all those guys to play wherever, and for whomever they want. God bless America.

Lennon would probably NEVER have been given a knighthood after giving back his M.B.E. in protest.

Yes again - the Playboy interview with Lennon (can I call him "Lennon" instead of John?) really shows alot of sides of him. A small part of the sadness that he's gone is the fact that he seemed excited about surviving the 70's and was 40 years old. He seemed to be truly starting over. He was so looking forward to "what will happen next", as he put it. Little did he know..........Now I've bummed myself out. Shit.

Posted on Sat Jan 13 19:23:57 CET 2001 from (


Hey, ZZ Top's playing Bush's inauguration, too. W. must have a particular fondness for "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers." Clapton and J.J. Cale probably both turned him down on his first choice.

Posted on Sat Jan 13 19:06:09 CET 2001 from (


From: Cork
Web page

So..... it's OK for The Band and Dylan to play for Clinton but it's NOT OK for Van to play for Bush and it's NOT OK for Dylan to play for The Pope........just wanted to make sure I got can't be too careful when it comes to PC these days..........Actually, I recall seeing pictures of either Bush Senior or Dubya playing guitar with BB King, I think...........Was it OK for Elvis to meet Nixon and diss The Beatles? Was it OK for Dylan to say what he wanted to say at Live Aid?..........( Did The Band EVER play a Farm Aid?......and if not, why not?)..........Was it OK/PC for Paul McCartney and Elton John to accept Knighthoods?...( it's a good thing for the two of THEM, in particular, that Lennon's outta the picture........Anyone here figure John Lennon woulda been offered a Knight hood?......nah.....) Listen folks, Bush, Van, Dylan, The Pope, Clintons et al..... they's ALL part'n'parcel of The Modern Military-Industrial-Entertainment Complex wot rules The World these days..........y'know?.......and The Aforementioned Complex ain't Necessarily a BAD IS a powerful thing, tho'.....let's just hope Van Morrison gets Steve Earle (from Texas) up as a special guest at the Inaug. Bash and they sing a buncha anti-capital punishment songs.........

Bayou that Lennon thing ...the Playboy book....what a mind that man had, eh?.....tortured and paranoid, times...but a BRILLIANT imagination and vision..........


Posted on Sat Jan 13 15:50:00 CET 2001 from (

Mike from Boston

From: Boston

Let me be the first - went to the Barnburner's show last night in Boston(1/12)...never heard them before and wasn't sure what to expect...truely tight and powerful a blues band as I have ever heard! What a show!!!Congrat's to all I am trying to figure out how to get to more shows! Mention was made of a CD..last night's gig would have made a great one. Can't wait to hear it when it dos come out.

Posted on Sat Jan 13 14:25:24 CET 2001 from (


From: pa

Peter V. , what is the issue with Van performing for Bush. Does he need to clear it with the gods before he stands next to a Republican? In my opinion, it shows that Bush has good taste in music. I will take a Van song any day over "Don't Stop"!

Posted on Sat Jan 13 10:54:07 CET 2001 from (

Kaikobad Mistry

From: India

Could someone tell me where I could get a copy of Ron Horning's article The Moving Shadow of Richard Manuel please...I don't see it on the excellent Articles section of this web site. Thanks Kaikobad

Posted on Sat Jan 13 07:42:46 CET 2001 from (

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

I think that I am most looking forward to the reissue of Moondog Matinee. I don't think that the remastering will improve it that much over what was originally available on CD because that one was remastered when released on CD. But I am looking forward to the bonus tracks because I think that after the first three, this album was the most daring of all Band albums.

Posted on Sat Jan 13 07:04:55 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Random notes:

Saw part of "Any Given Sunday." Pretty bad movie but there was a lot of Robbie's stuff in it. Sounded good and worked well. Still, a bad movie is a bad movie.

Was talking to someone in radio here. He was at a programming meeting of a station widely respected as one of the best in the country. The subject of the Band came up, and the PD announced that as much as he like them, they tested poorly. So, no more Band on the station. I suppose if eating horse dung tested well, PD's would have really bad breath.

If Academy of Outtakes is any indication, the RoA rerelease should be something special.

The Q magazine on Dylan is must reading.

And although I try to avoid seasonal sentimentality, best wishes to John Donabie on his 39th birthday.

Posted on Sat Jan 13 06:56:30 CET 2001 from (


i thought it was kinda nice to see garth lend some support to a fellow canadian group, when he sat in on a video with the northern pikes. i kinda figure it was a big deal for the pikes to work with garth.

Posted on Sat Jan 13 05:48:45 CET 2001 from (

KT Racing

From: Nokomis, Sk. Canada
Web page

Enjoyed visiting your site...

Posted on Sat Jan 13 04:48:52 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Peter V: I hope Van sings "When Heart Is Open"...

Posted on Sat Jan 13 03:51:02 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday John Donabie
Happy Birthday to you

Have a great day John! Hug :-)

Posted on Sat Jan 13 03:06:19 CET 2001 from (


Not only is Mr. Dener apparently a gracious host for anyone who lives close enough to travel to a BB or Gurus show, but his first-person accounts of what is happening is surely appreciated by any GB regular. Like Mr. Hoiberg, he gets my thanks.

Posted on Sat Jan 13 02:45:29 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: I Dig Love - I Love Dig

Somebody won an eBay auction for a Music from Big Pink songbook - and paid $87.99. Was it one of you nuts? I can't believe it went for that much

There's a really nice book just out of John & Yoko's lengthy interview with Playboy, done only a few weeks before John's murder. It's quite a thing to read.

My in car listen today was All Things Must Pass. What a great album. I still think Spector overproduced some of it. I can't wait for the re-issue soon.

Posted on Sat Jan 13 02:28:16 CET 2001 from (

Chris D.

From: South Jersey

I'm bustin at the seams waiting for Levon& The Barn Burners in Philly next week! Hope to meet some GB regulars there! As always, looking forward to seeing the guy who turned us all on to the incredible Joyous Lake shows, Tour info and keeps us all up to date with "The Bluesiest Band in All The Land", Butch D.!!!! I'm tellin' ya',I can't wait!!!!!!!!!PS-having e-mail trouble so if any locals want to say "Yo",I'm trying to get it fixed.

Posted on Sat Jan 13 02:25:20 CET 2001 from (

paul godfrey

From: the land of snow

Kinda in Ontario Canada we just called Mr. Danko....'Ricky'

Happy New Year & Shine On everybody

Posted on Sat Jan 13 01:50:34 CET 2001 from (

bob conboy

From: Oceanside-California

What a fantastic website,been a huge fan of the BAND for many many years.My first c.d. was the self titled album which is still one of personal favorites. I'm looking forward to seeing Levon up at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano on Feb 2nd. Where can the video's that are mentioned on this site be purchased, interested in the Authorized Biography? Sincerely-BOB C.

Posted on Sat Jan 13 01:21:31 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Being paid for inaugurations: Ray Charles (interviewed yesterday) says he played "America The Beautiful" for both parties in augurations. Without wading through the dustbin for yesterday's papers to check, I think it was Reagan and Clinton. I reckon Van would have said, "If it's good enough for Ray …"

Posted on Sat Jan 13 01:16:56 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

John: Big Pink mixing board. Are you buying or selling? :-)

Coincidentally, today’s in-car music for me was Taj’s “Shouting in Key” set. If you’ve picked up the remastered “The Giant Step” the next move has to be the tuba album, “The Real Thing.”- also recently reissued.

“Mystery Train” according to my notes is Billy Mundi and Richard Manuel on twin drums + Levon on bass, Mr. Danko (I’m being careful here) on rhythm guitar.

Posted on Sat Jan 13 00:45:20 CET 2001 from (


From: Oklahoma

Question: How much would the original mixer board that the "Big Pink" was recorded on be worth today? Anyone have any idea?

Posted on Sat Jan 13 00:18:16 CET 2001 from (


Thank you, Mr.Viney...I'm glad someone can give me an answer(finally)!!! I thought I recognized the tune, or at least the title, from some 'Basement Tapes' stuff.I'd love to see/hear The Hawks doin' it live! Thanks for the informative background about the song... Much appreciation to you, Peter!

Your friend and mine,


Posted on Sat Jan 13 00:07:35 CET 2001 from (



Posted on Fri Jan 12 23:18:24 CET 2001 from (

Peter viney

Tommy: Bacon Fat was covered by Taj Mahal in 1969, and is credited to Robbie Robertson-Garth Hudson. It’s a pretty standard blues, and a fragment of it by The Hawks exists on bootleg basement tapes, though good sound quality indicates a studio demo at least. At the same session they recorded Biscuits ‘n’ Taters, Robbie’s Blues and more. Garth has said he lifted the riff for Bacon Fat from Andre Williams & His New Group, who had recorded Bacon Fat / Just Because of a Kiss (Epic 9196). The surviving Hawks version is a fragment and is on the “Crossing The Great Divide” bootleg set. It also appears live on the 1965 collectors tape of Levon & The Hawks in Dallas (twice). The song was only copyrighted in 1969 with Taj Mahal’s version. Levon and Robbie mention the ‘little Indian kid’ who studied their every move in those early days. That kid was Jesse Ed Davis, the electric guitar player in Taj’s band. It’s a reasonable guess that Jesse Ed Davis was responsible for bringing this unrecorded blues by Robbie and Garth to Taj’s attention.

Posted on Fri Jan 12 23:14:00 CET 2001 from (


From: sturdy central

Happy Birthday to the Hawk! Hope you can come down south for a trip sometime soon.

Appropos James Superharp Cotton, Cotton played a great show at Antones last week. He played a whole lot of harp, really strong. Band was Jimmie Vaughan, Derek O'Brien on guitars, Riley Osborn on B3, and George Rains on drums, Roscoe Beck on bass. they haven't had blues there since the anniversary shows last summer. Man it was good to see a Blues show in this town again. Tonight theres a Double Trouble show I'm goin to, (SRV's rhythm section has a new record out and they are doing the debut show with a large cast of luminaries on the record- see how that goes)

Countin the days till Levon comes to town.

Happy new year Band Fans...

Posted on Fri Jan 12 20:22:09 CET 2001 from (


Another link to James Cotton, though clearly not as immediate as the one Butch described, is Cotton's appearance on Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks' "Little Red Rooster" 45 from '65, which is sometimes mistakenly assumed to be by Ronnie and THE Hawks. It's really the Disciples, with Bobby Starr playing the Robertsonesque solo.

I was a bit disappointed by the Robbie Robertson TV special. Not because of what was in it, but what was left out. But then, there's only so many minutes in an hour. For me, the most refreshing bit was to hear interviewer Rob Bowman acknowledge (finally, after having purveyed the endless-road myth for years) that the Band was famous for NOT being on the road.

Posted on Fri Jan 12 18:42:54 CET 2001 from (


Jan (and Jonathon Katz),

Thanks for the outake "Didn't it Rain" from Moondog. What a great vocal from Levon! Maybe it's just me, but it is one of the stronger delta blues-inspired vox from the man I've heard. The song is not a pure blues, but his vocal inflections, when considered apart from the obviously thicker ensemble arrangement, harkens right back to his delta roots, a la Charlie Patton... \Personally, I'm getting really excited for the ROA and Moondog releases...March can't get here soon enough!


Posted on Fri Jan 12 17:27:04 CET 2001 from (

the Frenchman's daughter

From: the Steely Dan Guestbook

Hey out there - great site! I am taking a break from the Steely Dan site to say hello and that I am a huge Robbie Robertson fan. We were just discussing the Storyville release since we are planning a Dan-Fest in New Orleans in April. Please support Steely Dan's reign at the Grammies, though we know Britney Spears is tough to beat, lol.... will check in again, thanks!

Posted on Fri Jan 12 16:49:15 CET 2001 from (

Bob R


Hey Levon fans-- be sure to check out the Barnburners tonight in Boston ! Should be a kick-ass evening!

The US postal service made my day yesterday--they delivered my DVD "The Band at the New Orleans Jazz Festival" ---what a terrific live set ! I urge all Ban fans to get it --- great stuff-- Levon in great voice (the show is from 1995 ?)and plays killer drums, harp, mandolin and even a rocking BASS guitar on Crazy Mama ! Rick Danko is awesome and all in all the Band is cooking-- the DVD is getting a little hard to find, but I was able to order it from CD-NOW...check it out!

Go see Levon tonight in Boston--you wont be dissapointed !

ps- Hey Butch-- you're awesome--and really great to the fans who come to the shows-- please keep those updates coming--we look forward to them--by the way...when is that Barnburners CD coming out ??????

Posted on Fri Jan 12 16:42:05 CET 2001 from (


Yo, Funk, or MR. FUNKY! Just sittin?? PRobably sittin in the room of the "red ring"!! Ever see a "DANKO" or Band show?? What ya hear--DANK DANKO DANKO!! I'm willin to bet Mr. Dener and Danko, as true friends do, called each other many many names, and had some fun doin it!! Hey Danko-usually got a handshake, an autograph, and some heart-felt good times from DANKO!! What does "Mr. DENER do!! Well he keeps the hottest Blues group in line!! That posse needs someone who's lookin out for their gun side!! He takes the time to support the GuRus, too!! When ya see a BB show, it's Mr. Dener who gets it rollin. He always has time for the fans. It may be after he gets the show rollin, but he always has time for the fans!! So MR. DENER--keep postin re the Barn Burners, the GuRus, etc.., it is much appreciated !!! Butch ya add a whole lotta class and heart to the BB show experience!!! Keep ROckin!!

Posted on Fri Jan 12 16:13:50 CET 2001 from (


From: a whopping Friday night!!

Goodmorning people Quite a night in Boston tonight!! Van at the Orpheum, Barnburners at Harpers Ferry and Crowmatics at Johnny D's We get nothing or all Looks like Van then off to Barnburners Hoping to meet up with some of you there of course all of you would be a whole lot better Have a good one

Posted on Fri Jan 12 04:19:15 CET 2001 from (


Hey, Jan, what gives? You posted on that Garth's solo CD will be out in spring 2001, & they're doing cover art and mixing right now. But what about US? I hope you don't like them better than us. :-)

And for anyone that thinks we're bad, there was a posting on that newsgroup about Levon & Robbie and the "f" word, there were 33 - 33! - replies.

Posted on Fri Jan 12 04:14:20 CET 2001 from (


From: Cold Spring,NY

To Butch: Keep the updates coming, the more the better. Makes us feel like were right there, when it's happening. Good luck on the West Coast and travel safe. Mike and the rest of the clan!!!!

Posted on Fri Jan 12 00:25:14 CET 2001 from (

Bill W.

From: the state of Euphoria

To butch, Bayou Sam et al: When derogatory posts of a personal nature are left by ignorant people, I remind myself of the following mantra: "Anybody who thinks you need a brain to run a computer has never been in a chat room or news group".

This helps me behave less like the grumpy old baby boomin' establishment kinda guy that I have apparently become since Amanda's last post. Maybe all of us old farts can get together and get a group rate from a good shrink who can re-connect us with our "true" selves. LOL!!

Posted on Thu Jan 11 23:15:37 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

The king of the Hammond B-3 organ, Jimmy Smith, has a new album out, entitled "dot com blues" (Blue Thumb Records/Verve). The CD features six instumentals, highlighting the incredible Mr. Smith's command of blues, R&B, funk and jazz grooves. In addition, there are five songs with vocals featuring guest appearances by Etta James, Dr. John, Taj Mahal, B.B. King and Keb' Mo'. Highly recommended for those ready to strut to some smooth grooves.

Posted on Thu Jan 11 23:06:29 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: same old

Butch - you did the right thing. Respond to the fool who attacked you, then move on. It isn't worth your time to go any further. I've been there.

Your updates and reports are quite enjoyable - keep 'em coming.

Posted on Thu Jan 11 20:22:48 CET 2001 from (


Butch rules...'Nuff said.

Posted on Thu Jan 11 17:28:20 CET 2001 from (


been watchin,burns' jazz.while it's no civil war,it's beautifully constructed and historically illuminating. now if he could have found a way to present the series without using any of the jazz music,and instead, tried to slip in the civil war sound score as jazz, that would have significantly improved the series. actually,if he had substituted the jazz in the series, you know ,show the same jazz musicians, but whenever they go to play, use early pop musicians music,ie; the monkees,paul revere, freddy and the dreamers and as jazz progresses keep using pop music's progression up to and including artists such as andrew gold, andy kim, cyndi lauper as ethel waters, culminating with richard marx, now that would have been scholarly, ambitious and well, just totally, riveting.

Posted on Thu Jan 11 17:16:58 CET 2001 from (


From: The Rumor
Web page

Dear "The Funk",

Who the hell are you to criticize Butch, who has been with our boys for a long, long time, playing a crucial and underappreciated role in bringing their music to us???

Do you know Butch? Well I do, and I can tell you that he's a fine gentleman who truly appreciates the music and is nothing but 100% committed to the music and the fans who come to the shows.

What do *you* do when you listen to good music???

Go f*ck yourself.


The Rumor

Posted on Thu Jan 11 16:26:18 CET 2001 from (

Emanuele " The Beard"

From: Venice , Italy
Web page

The Return of the Italian The Band Pages

New Realaudio files on The Italian Band Pages!

5 new RealAudio ! From Rick Danko & Richard Manuel - Live At O'Tooles Tavern 1985 -

- Stage Fright (incomplete)

- Unfaithful Servant ( complete )

- It Makes No Difference ( incomplete )

- King Harvest ( complete )

- The Shape I'm in ( incomplete for 30 sec.)

I think that the Realaudio are avaiable from 14 Jan. 2001.

Thank you !


The Italian Band Fansclub Pages .

Next Time :

From The Complete Last Waltz

Georgia On my Mind

Acadian Driftwood

Rag Mama Rag


Posted on Thu Jan 11 16:16:40 CET 2001 from (


For the Guru fans who visit this site a quick note on the show at BB Kings Jan. 10th. The boys [and girl on this night] came out and rocked hard and along with the show they played at BB's last year, and the cbs tv show in Oct. for me three of the most exciting shows i've seen in a while. I used to love the way The Band would blend a variety of musical styles to create their own unique gumbo, and their presentation was always delivered with class. Jim and Randy along with their great band continue to carry the torch. They pay homage to their gurus with scorching versions of carnival, the weight, and don't do it. they use these masterpieces as a spring board for extended jams that take the audience on a captivating journey. Last night with the help of a great backup singer who also shared the lead vocals on a few tunes, and the great jam session at the end of the night The Gurus tore it up with a mix of great original instrumentals,really good original vocal compositions, and alot of class.I hope they can keep this project together for awhile because it's the real deal. thanks for your time Java.

Posted on Thu Jan 11 16:06:07 CET 2001 from (


From: Sweden

Hi! Me and some friends are hopefulle going to Canada and USA the coming autumn, and we wonder how to get gigs on smaller clubs. Is it hard, is it a lot paperwork required, etc. etc..? Thankful for all kind of help!

Posted on Thu Jan 11 15:56:01 CET 2001 from (

Anne Marit Verdal

From: Norway

Hi, I'm a 16 year old girl from norway, hwo are singing in a band, we were thinking of singing the song - Independence day, but I haven't found the text yet, so if you or someone else can send me the lyrics i would apreciate it! May you have a good future, and god bless you! Love from Anne Marit!

Posted on Thu Jan 11 15:25:59 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Thanks Butch for the news, and hope the record’s out soon.

Van and Dubya: Well, I guess he’d say it’s just another gig, with good publicity for the new album … I wouldn’t read any politics into it. As Van has said, why must I always explain? Anyway, the show with Linda Gail Lewis can have its faults and the backing band (The Red Hot Pokers) is utter crap. First time I saw it was awful. Second time good, because it was sensibly more commercial. But would Dubya know the difference?

Posted on Thu Jan 11 10:23:18 CET 2001 from (


From: GURUland

Well, just got in from the Jimmy Weider GURUS gig,,, WWHEEEEEEHAAAA !!!!!!! OUCH !!!!!! They Hurt people,,,,, B.B.King's club was rockin tonight,,, 2 blistering sets,,,


Big Foot---as usual,, starts out fast & furious

Remedy,,,theusual killer version of this 90's classic tune

Deep Feeling, then ROCKIN FUNKRIDDEN BLUES CONDITION,,,,, Rando's vocals were growlin this one,,,( maybe i should call him Randolph, to show the proper respect,,, rofl,, )

Deepest Cut, with jimmy's telecaster moaning the sadness this song has all thru it,, ,,,,,,,,,then dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues,,,,,,which i didnt like the first time i heard the demo,, but LIVE, it has a life of its own,,,, Randy's rapping vocal & syncopated backwards singing,,,,,really make this a GURU tune,, this way,,, then weider's brillance on the tele, shows again ( still) on slidin Home,,, OUCH again, too hot ,,,, Rando's version of Better Off With The Blues is edgier then delberts more raw,, to me,, better,, but,,,

then New Orleans Boogie & The Weight,,,then Carnival,,

besides Malcolm & Jeremy's fine blending with the men as a solid unit, a band,, tonight HOTHOTHOT Gerry DeWitt ( from Albany ) lent her steamy sexy vocals to many of the tunes,, making everyone smile, & scream for more,, her mom was there & she was a birthday celebrating & proud too,,,

,,, & if that wasnt enough,,,,

earlier i had left a message for Jimmy Vivino where we'd be,, & during the break,, he marched in with his whole band ( straight from a session ) & it was JIMMY VIVINO's birthday, too, so JAM SESSION TIME,,

the 2nd set was HISTORIC,,,, i was PROUD & HAPPY to get anyone a towel or a Remy, cause that was MUSIC,,,,,by MUSICIANS !!!!!!

2nd SET ---------------------------------

Now youre talkin

Rain,, with Gerry & Randy vocalizing so sweetly,,,

a new tune WANDERING SOUL then Dont Do It, ( dedicated to bob wigo,, kidding,,, )

up came jimmy vivino, resplendant in a olive sharkskin suit,,,the image of a bluesman,,,,he & weider SMOKED SRV style on Texas Shuffle, they were trading leads, ya had no idea where one stopped & the other began,, watta match,, Jimmy V was playing his 1958 Rickenbacker & it was ringing,,,

then they called up Vivino's band----mike merritt on bass, the WORM,,, Mr James Wormworth drums & rando played percussion,,happily, Jerry Vivino on tenor sax,,,( david keyes didnt come out to play organ till the next one,, )

then from The Vivino Bros new cd, they did SLIPPIN & A SLIDIN, with jerry blowin some mean mean sax,,, then they went off but david stayed on keyboard & they all did Many Rivers to cross with Jimmy V turning the GURU instrumental into a song fest, where everyone was singing along,,,

then slideguitarwars on slide shuffle into hey pockyway------which was a 20 minute jam with the Allman Brothers,,one way out,,, in the middle with twin leads,,,,,,

ala in all,, it was a night to remember,,,,,,musically amazing,, & just fun,, the cats were loose & just rocked out,,, Tom the IZ Izzo blew some great harp , james cotton school, ya could tell,,, killer stuff, & the other cat,, i forgot his/your name bro,, i was deaf by then ,, but he could play too,,,

so next time someone says go,,,,,, GO !!!!

The GURUS are one hot band,,,,,,unique & fun,,, carving their own niche in this cesspool called the music business,,, g'night,,,,,, & thanks again Jan, for this place to meet,,,

ruby,, ???????ya comin to boston ???


Posted on Thu Jan 11 08:37:43 CET 2001 from (


From: The Front Lawn

That's a trick question. The correct answer is: Dylan playing for the Pope!!

Do I win anything?

Posted on Thu Jan 11 03:24:19 CET 2001 from (

John Donabie

From: Toronto


Posted on Thu Jan 11 03:14:02 CET 2001 from (


From: new york

Happy Birthday Max Roach.

What is worse Lou Reed playing at Clinton' first inauguration, or Morrison playing at Bush'?

Posted on Thu Jan 11 02:52:15 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: jusr being a smartass

Jesus! That Danko was some musician huh?

Posted on Thu Jan 11 02:22:44 CET 2001 from (

Elizabeth Van Pelt

From: USA-Heart of Texas-Granbury

I stumbled on to this about the Band and wanted to learn more about same. I like the music that the Band has contributed for Americas easy listening. All types to please everyone. I'm coming back to this site believe me.I am going to the Merchandise site and see whats there for me to maybe buy if anything is for sell. Thank you for giving me somewhere to go new in my life.

Posted on Thu Jan 11 02:01:41 CET 2001 from (


From: PA

Butch: Thank you for keeping all of us updated on Levon's latest blues session. I can only imagine how wonderful it must of been! I am happy to hear that Chris got the opportunity to sing. His vocals, are the "Real Deal"! Now, let's get moving on the CD!

Patiently waiting for Levon & The Barnburners show on the 19th. Bob Wigo: Maybe we should set a table up, just for us GB'ers, so all of us can meet. I heard this idea mentioned once before, we can post a sign, reading "Jan's GB'ers, table."

Happy Birthday to Ronnie Hawkins!

Posted on Thu Jan 11 01:43:06 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn, NY

I just bought a Taj Mahal cd called 'Giant Step', and, to my suprise, it has a track on it written by Robbie and Garth called "Bacon Fat"...Does anyone know the origins of this song (like when it was written, WHY it was written and if there is a BAND version of it...)? It's a really good album, especially the 2nd half wherein Taj plays black-folk based tunes accompanied by himself on banjo, acoustic guitar,Etc...Check it out if you haven't already.Bye...


Posted on Thu Jan 11 01:35:51 CET 2001 from (


Geez... or g'eez... or gee'z... or whatever...

Ilkka my friend, I didn't suspect you of meaning any harm when you said what you said etc. (don't remember what you said when you said what anyway).

But when you said what you said about listening to Serge Gainsbourg you really startled me. Well, you should know better: either you'd look some more to the guy's lovely widow and daughter, or you'd listen more to those coherent Band albums minus Cahoots plus Islands... :-)

Posted on Thu Jan 11 00:51:25 CET 2001 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Butch, thanks for your description of Levon & co's newest blues sessions...they sound absolutely wonderful. I've been hoping for some time that James Cotton would cross paths with Levon again...and with Hubert, David Maxwell and Blondie Chaplin on board...WOW! Counting the days until that CD is released. If I understand the gist of your occasional posts about Levon's session work, it sounds like he and the BBs get together occasionally with other colleagues/friends and lay down a few tracks at a time (if I'm not mistaken, you mentioned sessions with Bob Margolin some time back which resulted in a few tracks). May I ask if Mr. Garth Hudson is slated to make an appearance on the album?

Posted on Thu Jan 11 00:39:01 CET 2001 from (

Bill Dalton

From: Lawrenceville GA

Just got the re-releases of "Music From Big Pink" and "The Band". Fell in Love all over again with the music and especially Richard Manuels voice.

Posted on Thu Jan 11 00:22:44 CET 2001 from (


From: the future is not what it used to be

I'll join Little Brother in grumpy sourpussness…I'll save you from my extended rant about baby boomer nostalgia since I know I'd be outnumbered & promptly squished… but I will say that I've noticed that some baby boomers (none of you of course) have a tendency to not accept that they are THE ESTABLISHMENT now. Eg. I was reading an article the other day by a woman who had obviously been an activist in the 60s. She was lamenting the fact that there is no culture of dissent anymore. Perhaps she thought all the protestors in Seattle and elsewhere were in agreement with the WTO?!?

Anything that gives music lovers pleasure is not a bad thing but I must admit the Rock Hall of Fame concept has always seemed somewhat…um…staid and self congratulatory to me. But, as I'm fond of saying, rock 'n' roll will never be the new rock 'n' roll, so maybe its inevitable.

Interestingly, Al Kooper, who I believe has been invested into the Hall of Fame, had some quite cutting things to say about it in his entertaining book "Back Stages Passes and Back Stabbing Bastards.

Note: I love rock 'n' roll and "many of my best friends" & indeed my parents are baby boomers.

Posted on Thu Jan 11 00:08:34 CET 2001 from (


From: here

i wont respond, bob, & all the others who told me to ignore that AHOLE,,,well,,, maybe a little,,,, but remember one thing,, those of us who knew & still love danko, know that levon called him that a lot, still does, & it aint degrading,, its an endearing name,,its what Blondie called him for the last 2 days,, you wanna argue with them, too ?

but if you got a hard-on for me,, kiss my tuchas,, rofl,,,

this is not the place for that,, personal babystuff,,, this is a site devoted to music,, & thats what I wrote about,,, see bob & you other folks,,, i didnt respond,, i ignored the "person",,ROFL,,,,,, bd

Posted on Wed Jan 10 23:17:00 CET 2001 from (

Don Pugatch

From: Bluesville, Ga

Just returned from a magical Blues night, sorry not Levon and the BB, but a talent that all who have the Blues Virus must see. Keb Mo. Was lucky enough to see Keb in a venue of about 1000, like Rick use to say, in your living room. Keb also was backed up by his band, that includes, bass, drums, guitar, banjo, 2 keyboards and last encore, accordian, visions of Garth. Dancing in the aisles, high fiving your neighbor, just getting down. Special guest on last encore, Francine Reed, a local blues talent, who is gaining national exposure, with her duet with Willie Nelson on Milk Cow Blues. By the by, Keb also has a tune with ol Willie.

Check out Keb's tour on, and if he comes your way, you too will be infected, but this blues disease just has no cure, thank goodness!!!!

Posted on Wed Jan 10 23:08:31 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa


Don't Do It

Posted on Wed Jan 10 23:02:34 CET 2001 from (


From: Sittin here wonderin

Butch: You referred to Rick as just DANKO in your recent post.. I kinda think this sounds a bit disrespectful.. I guess its no secret that Ricks style and showmanship sometimes got in the way of your needin to control the whole show but I think and I hope I have some support here folks that you should refer to "Danko" as Rick or if thats gonna get you all lathered up then how about Mr. Danko.. Another question.. What is it you do when you attend these super sessions?? Do you kinda stand around tappin your feet and hummin or do you get refreshments or perhaps a towel for the real deals every now and again.. Inquiring Minds just wanna know

Posted on Wed Jan 10 22:52:45 CET 2001 from (


From: Suomi

Van performing for Bush?...I have been a van-a-tic for many years, but within 5 years I think his creative force has dried out...Now (with that Bush-thing) I am afraid that he is suffering dementia...Poor Van...I prefer artists who are challenging now:Bruce Cockburn..or for instance really fine new singersongwriter:Buddy Mondlock..or plain wonderful Dulce Ponte...or...Of course talking about the Band is mainly history but I think the spirit of the Band is to be here and now, too...Don' t apologize Ilkka, I understand your English! Kalervo

Posted on Wed Jan 10 22:37:14 CET 2001 from (

Paul Godfrey

Happy Birthday Ronnie Hawkins....Godfather to the Band and many other bands. 66 today & still Rockin'

Posted on Wed Jan 10 22:31:51 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa

I would enjoy hearing from any of the GB'ers who are planning to attend the Barnburners show at the North Star bar in Philly on January 19. Please feel free to e-mail. We've got about fifteen folks together and there will be a little hell raised if all goes according to plan. Can't wait and hope to see some of you there.

Latest word is Bobby Keys will be onboard !!

Posted on Wed Jan 10 22:21:48 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa

I second that emotion....and thanks for a great show at the E-Center in Camden this past summer.

Long live The Dan.

Yes, there's gas in the car.........

Posted on Wed Jan 10 22:12:56 CET 2001 from (


From: DAN-ville


thanks for the GREAT music,,,, & attitude,,,, may you live a hundred more,,,,

L'CHAIM,,,,,,,,, butch

Posted on Wed Jan 10 21:40:23 CET 2001 from (


From: NZ
Web page

Crabgrass, Levon actually calls RR "Rob" or "Robbie" in that interview (I can't remember which) rather than "Robertson" as he refers to him now.

Posted on Wed Jan 10 21:21:15 CET 2001 from (


From: pa

Speaking of Van the Man-He is scheduled to perform at the Bush Inauguration.

Posted on Wed Jan 10 21:17:06 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

Great interview snippett with Van the Man. Thank you, Wittgenstein! It sounds like the CBC special does tell us a few new things. I did not know about Nelly Furtado. What do people think about her? She is obviously getting a push, for I have read her name a lot lately.

Posted on Wed Jan 10 21:04:28 CET 2001 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Geez, I never thought I'd see Van sink so low - he must be desperate for exposure.

On a brighter note, "Great Streets" a PBS series premiering tonight (Ch. 13 NYC 8-9 pm) kicks off with "Sunset Boulevard." "Songwriter Randy Newman journeys from Echo Park to fabulous Beverly Hills. This insider's tour features a trip down memory lane with Ray Manzarek of the Doors, a behind-the-scenes peek at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and a tour of vintage Hollywood hotspots, including the infamous Sunset Strip."

BTW Randy Newman will not be appearing at the upcoming Bush Inaugural Gala.

Posted on Wed Jan 10 20:10:30 CET 2001 from (


From: the woods
Web page


I posted an official apology to Ragtime earlier today, because I "said" first that he was a loser and then I said that he was dead. All this because of my poor English.

I learned English as my active language #4 in my twenties. The common language in Internet is English, sometimes I do well in this, sometimes not. My own language is Finnish, a language for only 5 million people. In this gb there is only KALERVO, MARKKU, JUKKA ( and Karin Sermat, Canada :-) who understand it. In fact, I am a proud professional in it, a language for only 5 million people...a tragic, isn't it. If I'd meet Dave The Phone Guy in the middle of the Nevada dessert (someday I will!) I would say: "Good afternoon mylord, did You enjoy Your tea? Stif upper lip!" - To Peter Viney in Southern England I would say: "Howdy Peaty!" - So, what I'm asking is this: be patient with my English, my intention is not to make harm. BTW I'm very confident with two regulars. To the "mousquetaire poetic et musical de Pays-Bas" I would say "Go'middag" and to an old-timer from London, Ontario I would say:
"Shall auld acquaintance be forgot, and the the days of auld lang syne, my friend?" I'm sure they'll understand.

It happens that I listen (or play) the music of Serge Gainsbourg, Abba, J.S. Bach, Sibelius or Bob Dylan more often than the music of the Band but a better disgussion forum than this can't be found in the Net (well, there is one better in Finnish ;-) I'm happy to be part in this. God bless you all - and in case you don't believe in Him, meet the future in confidence with your love ones.

Posted on Wed Jan 10 19:24:08 CET 2001 from (


From: The Front Lawn

One more great mystery solved!! I'll sleep better from now on. Thanks.

Lipsyncing, of course, started in Hollywood but in the TV realm I would guess that Dick Clark's original American Bandstand out of Philly (a Mon - Fri after-school afternoon show that ran an hour and a half) was probably the first TV show where it was done. The only performer who always played live was my big idol at the time - Duane Eddy who always brought his band The Rebels. Even Chuck Berry lipsynced. In the '50s the record business was driven and fueled by the sale of 45s with many huge hit singles not even leading to albums where today's market is mainly "image driven" via music videos these frequently incorporating clips from films in which the songs appear - the videos themselves actually being thinly disguised commercials.

In fairness to Robbie (tho I hate to do it) you wouldn't know that HE existed by watching the 1983 Band is Back video from Vancouver which was run on Canadian TV and also here on HBO as I've heard. While extensive interviews with Levon, Rick, and Richard are included - Robbie is mentioned only once by Levon and only in passing in the context of a story he is telling.

Posted on Wed Jan 10 19:05:22 CET 2001 from (


From: Earth

Van The Man will be playing at the Bush inauguration gala. It would be great if he could still fit into that nifty maroon jump suit and kick up a storm. Alas. In honor of the occasion I am submitting this snippet of an interview that he gave to Ritchie Yorke in 1977. I hope this is legal.

RY: Moving out of the analyst's chair and getting back to live performances, I'd like to hear your version of the events leading up to your appearance last November in San Francisco with The Band and sundry other characters at the Last Waltz.

VM: Well the guys just decided they were going to do it and before you knew it, it was all over. It was just like that. A week afterwards I spoke to Robbie Robertson and I asked him: 'Was that it?' It seemed like he had been talking about it and then it was done. All of a sudden it was an idea and the next thing it was all wrapped up. The film is coming out very soon.

RY: What sort of rehearsals took place up front before the gig?

VM: Rehearsals? You're joking--there was about five minutes' worth. I just walked in and we jammed on some Bobby Bland tunes for a while to get the groove. They're just like me; the way I work. We both came up through the bar thing. The theory is that you don't play a song the same way twice because it's jazz. That's where I'm coming from. So working with them was like...well, it wasn't even work. It was just natural for me to walk in there and do it. Because we're both coming from similar backgrounds. We're jazz musicians. The context may be rock 'n' roll but it's still jazz. It's jazz and that means play a tune the way it feels and you play it differently every time. It can never be the same.

RY: The media reacted in a rather flabbergasted way to your cutting loose on stage with the big kicks and all that. It didn't seem to be what people expect of Van Morrison.

VM: Well, if you're with a good band and everybody's from the old school, it's different. When you're in your element, you're in your element and things just come. You don't have to drag them out or force them out. They just happen.

RY: It was nice to see The Band bringing Muddy Waters into the gig since he has been a prime influence on both yourself and The Band.

VM: Definitely Muddy Waters has been a prime influence for anybody who's ever done anything rock 'n' roll.

Posted on Wed Jan 10 18:30:29 CET 2001 from (


From: bluesville

Just got home from a Levon Helm blues session with the greats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was the follow up to the 1st HUBERT SUMLIN sessions w/rob fraboni producing,,,

it was Levon on drums, JAMES COTTON - Harp ( superharp), HUBERT of course, on guitar, BLONDIE CHAPLIN ( Danko's old friend ) on guitar & backing vocals, PAUL,,,,( Les Paul & Ricky Lee Jones') acoustic upright bass player ,, DAVID MAXWELL on piano, George Vassili on percussion & backing vocals,,,,& THE BARNBURNERS OWN CHRIS O'LEARY on LEAD VOCAL & harp w/COTTON,,,

It was a very cool, bluesy swinging session,,,, just to hear Cotton & Hubert trading stories of being on the road in the beginning, with MUDDY & WOLF,, & all the laughs & tears they shared,, & Levon dummin up a shuffle storm to beat the band with all those cats , just lovin the blues,,

Great shot for chris too, being on that record with Cotton & Hubert,,, They loved his bluesy growlin style, & called him THE REAL DEAL,, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIG PROPS from the masters themselves,,, & Levon & me we were beaming like proud parents,, what a couple of dys,,,,

When this record is ready ill hip ya,, cause it's a KEEPER,,,,,


Posted on Wed Jan 10 17:45:32 CET 2001 from (

Little Brøther

From: Curmudgeon Heights

-- Ilkka: That's easy for YOU to say!

-- I second Mattk's emotions regarding awards shows and even the RRHOF. As a grumpy, reclusive, aging sourpuss, it's predictable that I'd shun and distrust the kind of self-important, self-congratulatory hype and granfalloonery (boosterism) that fertilizes such endeavors. At least organizations like fan clubs, which might be dismissed as juvenile or hokey, require some honest "grass-roots" component. (Compare this kickin' website with the sterile, soulless "top-down" corporate sites.)

But in my opinion there's something of the Midas Syndrome present when something as supposedly living and organic as rock 'n roll is institutionalized and enshrined. It's like the ill-conceived "Name Big Pink!" contest writ large.

Why couldn't one of the OTHER grumpy, etc. sourpusses say this sooner, thus relieving me of the itch?

-- I thought Robbie WAS head of A&R or something. Did the office tour verify that his guitars are indeed hung on the walls? As my hero, Ed Grimley, would say, "How sad, really!"

Hmmm, I DO need lightening up, because it occurs to me that a RRHOF is also a kind of crypt in which to embalm, mount, and display all the hung up rock and roll shoes...

Posted on Wed Jan 10 16:19:55 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

G-Man, I hate to get in your way, but mention of the others could easily have ended up on the cutting room floor. There's been plenty of other doc's where RR was effusive in his praise of the others.

Posted on Wed Jan 10 15:29:16 CET 2001 from (


Watched CBC, the ROBBSTER! Interesting!! Made it sound like other guys didn't exist!! Don't recollect him mentionin them by name!! I really like the part where Robbster said the GUYS wanted him to sing more, but he had to stand back and direct!!! Got an insider on the NEXT VISION!! Crustaceans of the west pacific; titled "LOBSTER"!! It'll come out in translation as ROBBSTER!! Talented, but shallow individual, who does create some real good music!!

Posted on Wed Jan 10 14:26:47 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Aah...glad that Jan mentioned American Bandstand, as I was always under the impression that lip-synching was basically born on that show. Does anyone know if that's correct?

Off to work here. Have a good day everyone.

Posted on Wed Jan 10 13:22:15 CET 2001 from (


Ronnie and the Hawks appeared on Allen Freed's Rock & Roll Party Show in New York in the fall of 1959. The Hawk lip-synched to "40 days", as he had done earlier that year on Dick Clark's American Bandstand on ABC.

The Hawks that recorded "Mary Lou," "40 days" and several other tracks with Ronnie for Roulette in 1959 were Levon Helm (drums), Willard "Pop" Jones (piano), Jimmy Ray "Luke" Paulman (guitar), and Jimmy "Lefty" Evans (bass). Evans was replaced by Robbie in 1960. And that concludes today's history lesson.

Posted on Wed Jan 10 10:28:13 CET 2001 from (

Official apology Ref. 000001/2001/NL/EC


Ragtime, Sir, I didn't say what I said when I said it because what I ment to say when I didn't say it was that I shouldn't have said what I didn't say when I did say it. - Clear?

Posted on Wed Jan 10 10:03:01 CET 2001 from (


From: The Front Lawn

I recall seeing Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks lipsync on the Alan Freed Show TV show which aired locally in NYC in the late '50s and was particularly excited by the guy standing up and banging on the upright piano like a madman - the song was "Forty Days." Does anyone know what the Hawks line-up was at this time and which musicians played on the hit singles "Forty Days" and "Marylou?"

The most deserving of all the televised AMA winners were the Dixie Chicks who had the good sense not to show up. BTW I watched the show so I could let my computer cool down. That's my excuse!!

Posted on Wed Jan 10 09:24:52 CET 2001 from (


Web page

Not been around for a few days so this may have been covered:

Folks, like me, who prefer to think of Fleetwood Mac in terms of their earlier incarnations as one of Britain's premier blues outfits will be happy to know that Mick Fleetwood, John McVie and Peter Green have reunited on John Mayall's forthcoming album.

Click the "home page" link above for complete details.

Posted on Wed Jan 10 08:42:20 CET 2001 from (


Further to Rich Patterson's post on the CBC/RR program. I enjoyed it although there was really nothing in there we haven't already heard. Rich you failed the mention that while at his "Office" at Dreamworks he trotted out his latest project...Nellie Furtado..anybody know when Robbie became an A&R man? Nellie is a new Canadian artist[light weight pop] who is getting a huge push up here[to the point of being annoying actually]. I was a tad put off by the use of the program to shamelessly plug her[and it was a plug with a few seconds of her video and Robbie talking to her A&R man] and it left a bad taste in my mouth.Other than that I enjoyed it, I liked the look of it. Peace Cupid

Posted on Wed Jan 10 08:08:28 CET 2001 from (


Ok, so the question that is being begged to be asked is...


I mean, the Grammy's are bad enough, but the AMA is the biggest industry suck-up this side of the Billboard "awards."

There's no value for music fans in watching the Grammy's or the AMA's in this day in age than for a, say, fan of the art of film to watch the Oscars. You get a chance to see someone you might like clapping while someone you hate lip synch's or sings badly.

Sometimes you get a good performance, but those are getting rarer and rarer as more peformer-demanding categories for jazz, blues, etc, are awarded prior to air-time.

I mean, I like Santana and all, and I thought his last album was pretty good, but sheesh, not THAT good. Of course, last years Grammy's were the equivalent of a life-time achievement award for Carlos, and a chance for Clive Davis' industry backers to thumb their nose at his impending ouster.

For a short time in the late 80s/early 90s at LEAST the MTV awards would provide some interesting drama and at least one kick ass performance each year, but they've sucked for the last 5 or 6 years as well.

At this point, the R and R HOF show provides the best opportunity to see big names playing inspired. Seems like they turn it up a notch as they are playing in front of their peers and don't want to be embarrased. Since this too is a suck-up event, I expect it's only a matter of time before we get choreographically intensive performances there as well, with the rest lip synched to avoid embarrasment, as Pat duly noted about the likes of Madonna and Cher (not to mention creepy folks like Brittany et al).

Posted on Wed Jan 10 06:52:47 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: apple scruffs

I'm still on a bit of a Harrison kick since he was the GB topic not long ago. I was thumbing through my copy of George's "I Me Mine" from 1980. This is where he goes through every song he'd written and comments on them. There are also reproductions of the original handwritten lyrics. Good book - Anyway, I looked up acouple of tunes and thought some of you would find his comments interesting.


.....was started in America, in Woodstock - I was invited there by The Band. It was Thanksgiving time and I'd just Finished producing a Jackie Lomax album, directly after The Beatles White Album.....Bob Dylan had gone through the thing of breaking his neck in a motorcycle accident and being out of commision for a time. He'd gotten himself back together and had finished Nashville Skyline shortly before I arrived there. I was hanging out at his house with him, Sarah, and his kids. He seemed very nervous and I felt a little uncomfortable - it seemed strange especially as he was in his own home....... Anyway, on about the third day we got the guitars out and then things loosened up and I was saying to him, "write me some words", and thinking of all this: "Johnnie's in the basement, mixing up the medicine", type of thing and he was saying, "show me some chords, how do you get those tunes?"..... I started playing chords, like major sevenths, diminisheds, augmenteds and the song appeared as I played the opening chord(G major 7th)and then moved the chord shape up the guitar neck(B flat major 7th). The first thing I thought was:

Let me in here

I know I've been here

Let me into your heart

"I was saying to Bob, come on, write some words. He wrote the bridge":

All I have is yours

All you see is mine

And I'm glad to hold youin my arms

I'd have you anytime

"Beautiful - and that was that."

George says of the song All Things Must Pass, that he wanted to write a Robbie Robertson-Band song - and it turned out that way.

There is also a photo of George and Bob (and a baby Dylan) sitting in Bob's house. George with guitar.

Posted on Wed Jan 10 05:10:54 CET 2001 from (

Little Brøther

From: atop a pillar of salt

Why, "geez" is merely a contraction of "gee whiz"-- strictly speaking, it should be written "gee'z".

Ya think?

Posted on Wed Jan 10 03:31:15 CET 2001 from (

Richard Patterson

From: St Kitts

Hey, did anybody see the CBC 'Life and Times' show on Robbie? I just finished watching it. This is a very revealing portrait of the man. Bruce McDonald did a very unusual editing job on a barrage of rare clips and photos from Robbie and the Band's history which flowed along on a split screen accompanying stark black and white modern interview footage. Rob Bowman conducted the interview. CRABBY will be happy to hear that we also got a tour of Robbie's "office" at Dreamworks.

We had some great questions from Rob B. who for the most part got Robbie to let down his guard and make some very interesting comments (re: Albert Hall '66, his dread of repeating himself, his current career in movies, etc.) I hope you all eventually get to see this.

I'll leave a criticism of Robbie's character (which this documentary obviousy begs us to make) to others here... Cheers.

Posted on Wed Jan 10 02:34:45 CET 2001 from (


From: ****Potentially Offensive****

Oh, geez, a triple post. Sorry. I promise, the third time's the charm. (BTW, did you know "jeez" is potentially offensive, while "geez" is not? It's because "jeez" refers to Jesus, while "geez" refers to... I don't know. Something else, apparently. I learned that on a broadcast/writing job.)

I was listening to the Pigpen again and am now thinking that perhaps it would be better for Richard.

Cheese 'n crackers!

Posted on Wed Jan 10 02:18:50 CET 2001 from (


Oh, and so I guess I didn't miss the AMAs, like I said before. I did miss most of it, though. Mercifully.

Posted on Wed Jan 10 02:14:34 CET 2001 from (


Hank, talking about good songs for The Band by other bands, I heard a great old Grateful Dead Pigpen (I think he might have written it) song called "Two Souls In Communion" that I thought would have been perfect for Rick. Does anyone know it? I think they only played it a handful of times before he died. There's a copy at on the 1972 show. There's also an mp3 of the Dead doing "The Weight" on New Year's 1992.

I know Shedaisy didn't lip synch. No one could be that horrible on purpose. I guess it qualified as country music since there was someone playing a fiddle.

Posted on Wed Jan 10 01:39:41 CET 2001 from (


From: NZ
Web page

My comment about the cohesion of Big Pink was mainly aimed at the production of the album. The "slickly" produced tracks such as Released, Lonesome Suzie, This Wheels on Fire would fit comfortably on Moondog , NLSC or even Islands. The others would slot into The Band ,Stage Fright or The Basement Tapes. On the one album the difference is noticable. They are all however excellent songs the best of which outstrips most of Stage Fright.

Posted on Wed Jan 10 01:36:03 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

If you watch Behind the Music, just about every artist has lip-synched at one time or another. A lot of British groups that appeared on Melody Makers(?)in England--all of those performances are lip-synched. Hey and Milli Vanilli Lip-synched other peoples voices!

Grace Slick did a horrible version of lipsynching White Rabbit back in the day. I've Produced some music video's (up and comers that never came) lipsynching is an art in itself. Some folks do it great and others.., well lets just say, you stay away from close ups as often as you can

Posted on Wed Jan 10 01:31:49 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Lip syncing in early TV was a necessity since teen dance shows didn't really have the ability to produce a decent sound for broadcast. That of course has changed since just about technical problem related to live performance is long past solved. The problem now lies with the talent. Almost all vocals you hear on recorded music have been pitch-corrected to perfection. As a result, singers are afraid to go onstage where the shortcomings of their talent are apparent. So, they bring their recorded vocals (via a digital audio engine, usually ProTools)sync'ed to a click track and get their backing musicians to play along. Voila! Everyone from oldtimes like Cher and Madonna to young turks like Brittany Spears and the boy bands sound great, even as they perform their calisthenics for the adoring masses. Instruction: find the Band on the Ed Sullivan Show. No monitors and they still sound great.

Posted on Tue Jan 9 23:29:05 CET 2001 from (



FOR A GREAT SHOW ON INTERNET RADIO, CHECK OUT WFMU.ORG ON WEDNESDAYS AT 4:00 with BOB BRAINEN. IT'S ALSO ARCHIVED FOF LISTENING ANY TIME.He's already played some of the Big Pink outtakes and other great stuff.

Posted on Tue Jan 9 23:10:01 CET 2001 from (


I suspect Amanda's right about the Hawks having lip-synched somewhere along the line, but that's not all they did. Watching some of the newer singing-dancing acts on TV (admittedly briefly - as briefly as I can), I get the impression that every performance is lip-synched to tape. They don't even breathe, let alone pant.

Posted on Tue Jan 9 22:44:44 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

The match that Levon uses to light his and Robbie's cigarettes has to be the LONGEST LASTING MATCH in history. This is just one more reason that Levon is cooler than I, for I would have blown it out five minutes before he did.

Posted on Tue Jan 9 22:35:35 CET 2001 from (


I don't think the Back Street Boys etc are meant to appeal grown ups. They are aimed at preteen girls. Heres something to think about…Didn't Ronnie Hawkins make a point of choosing good looking boys for the Hawks so as to appeal to teenage girls? I wouldn't be surprised if the Hawks had lip synced once or twice in tv appearances either. Wasn't it just the norm on programs like Top of the Pops etc?

Posted on Tue Jan 9 22:34:21 CET 2001 from (

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

With my cable modem access, I have been listening to some excellent radio that is streamed thru the computer. Some of my favorites are KBCO, Boulder Colorado and WYYB, Nashville, Tenn.(Thnks Tim) If any others have a station they know has internet access, please advise. It is a pleasure not having to listen to the commercial crap that is played here.

Posted on Tue Jan 9 21:52:46 CET 2001 from (

Bill W.

From: the rocking chair

Interesting to see the coherency vs. collection of songs theme developing here. To my way of thinking (sporadically coherent), a coherent musical piece must have a single underlying theme which bonds all its parts, however disparate, to create a whole. Musically, I offer you Stravinsky's Firebird Suite or even The Nice's 5 Bridges Suite as 2 examples of coherent musical compositions. I think of The Band's recordings as a collection of discrete short stories performed by the same talented artists.

Posted on Tue Jan 9 20:17:48 CET 2001 from (

uncle bob

From: ontario

just a reminder to all that tonight at 7:00pm (est) the "Life and Times" of "Robbie Robertson" appears on the CBC (canadian broadcastng corp.)

this is the docu. filmed in and around toronto last summer part of it on yonge street and part in the studio with the "HAWK" where robbie added licks to "Blue Moon" (and yes that is levon drumming) an opportunity to see robbie play guitar should not be missed

enjoy all and to all a good night


bobs yer uncle

Posted on Tue Jan 9 20:06:20 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

"Without Elvis, none of us could have made it." --Buddy Holly

"Music should never be harmless." -- Robbie Robertson

Music award shows, for me, bring to mind that famous quotation from Groucho Marx: "I do not care to belong to a club that accepts people like me."

One more quote for the day, this one from Nashville songwriter Harlan Howard: "Country music is three chords and the truth."

Posted on Tue Jan 9 18:45:23 CET 2001 from (


From: Cork
Web page

W/ regards to The American Music Awards, which I have'nt seen, btw, the thing about modern popular music is that it is exactly what the record/muti-media industry WANTS it tobe........dispensible.........NEXT!!!!!!!......... there's more money when it's a well-oiled machine.....for years I've been reading how "Pop Music SHOULD be dispensible" Bic pens or cigarette lighters......I've read that sorta sentiment from the likes of Freddie Mercury to the lowliest pop hack working for a backwater newspaper-writing the weekly "pop" column.....what exists now is a scientific exactment of what the promoters and the record industry ALWAYS wanted since, we'll say for arguments sake, Elvis hit the scene.............dispensibility!!!!! ...NEXT!!!!!.....there's more profit to be made that way......AND once upon a time NO amount of hype would sell a crap product.....ah, but these days it's the ultimate triumph of hype over substance..........even bands that show some songwriting/performance capability are packaged that way....for eg....there's a band called Supergrass in these parts.......They can write, play and perform..........they had a big hit in 1995.....I'd LOVE to hear more about 'em.....but you just DON''s over....they're OLD news.....same with this band Travis...........they've HAD it.....NEXT!!!!!!!!............It's understandable in a way and it's ALWAYS been the way....after all, records, CDs, Hi-Fis and all the accessories are all divisions of The Plastics industries...just like bic pens and cigarette-lighters....but musicians are NOT is not plastic..........songs and bands come and go doubt.....but it IS a pity that acts are'nt allowed to breathe and develope into maturity..........Of course, loooooook what happened to The Beatles and the Band.....they were sort of allowed to develope......and they got all involved with drugs and alcohol and lost it.....whereas The Dead and The Stones kept acting like overgrown teenagers and thrived......Can anybody here tell what the fuck I'm talking about?....'cos I'm just sitting here waitng for a coupla phone calls and I'm lost in a debate about the vaidity of modrn pop music on The Band GB and I don't wanna hit the reset button ......ah' goes.......I'll preview it and see what it's like........

Yup!.....the above sorta resembles a good ole' Hank-rant so I'll let it stand..sorry for the typing errors and the get the drift........There's no WAY bands like The Beatles and The Band would ever be allowed to rise again if the modern Industrial-military-entertainment complex has it's way........I mean....Lennon and The Beatles REALLY scared the shite outta the industry with Apple and The PLASTIC Ono band and all that mad, silly carry-on in 1969........scared the shite outta themselves as much so they had to get Allen Klein in to sort it out.....who scared the shite outta Paul McCartney...........As far as The Indusrty is concerned there's NO WAY bands of young men and women with their own songs will EVER be allowed into a position of influencing public opinion EVER again.......NO's too much trouble and not that profitable........It's profitable when they're dead.....Jimi Hendrix, Janis Elvis Presley.....the road is just a Goddamn impossible way of life I tells ya......I don't even wanna discuss it.......

Seriuosly tho' folks.......c'mon.....tell the truth.....close your eyes and try to imagine The Band singing "Don't Stop Me Now".........that song was MADE for Richard to sing......"Tonight, I'm gonna have myself.... a real GOOD time......." I betcha he knew and dug that song.......

If , perchance, you read the above and want to read it again.....go to your kitchen and find a large grain of salt.......

Posted on Tue Jan 9 18:22:02 CET 2001 from (


I'll sign on for Rod's heresy, though with reservation. Big Pink IS more of a collection of songs, but the songs are stronger.

Speaking of coherent albums, breakfast listening this morning was Amazing Blondel's immortal "England". Between bites, the thought struck me that the album in an English response to the Band's (North) Americana. One of my Christmas presents this year was the CD version of another of my very favourite LPs, "Shazam" by the Move. Although I didn't care much for their next LP, "Message From The Country", I suppose it was also a UK-rustic response to our guys.

Posted on Tue Jan 9 18:16:25 CET 2001 from (

Bob Wyman

From: Colorado
Web page

Had to weigh in on "music" awards...I agree with Lil. I never really sat through one of these awards shows and what I have seen has nothing whatsoever to do with music. I saw a Backstreet Boy on the tube refer to The Beatles as "the original boy band"! I wanted to jump through the TV screen and wring his idiot neck! I wonder who will remember his sorry ass in 40 years...

Posted on Tue Jan 9 16:39:33 CET 2001 from (


for my money they can keep c.d.'s. the vacuum between notes is techno-barf.

Posted on Tue Jan 9 16:33:03 CET 2001 from (


Re coherent albums: I think all albums by The Band's original lineup are coherently conceived, with Islands (which is a collection of leftovers) as the one obvious exception. BTW I like Islands, more than Cahoots anyway.

Posted on Tue Jan 9 15:30:20 CET 2001 from (


From: pa

D Lil, how true. I don't think these new groups should be refered to as bands. A band plays music. These new groups act music.

Best Regards!

Posted on Tue Jan 9 14:39:29 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: the Producers office for the AMA

Hey Everyone! Break out Joan Baez's version The Night They Drove Ol Dixie Down and crank it! It's her Birthday---Yeaaaaaaaa! (that's sarcasm of course)

Posted on Tue Jan 9 14:09:15 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Ingve: I’ve seen, examined and held the 1966 Scorpio box set, but I didn’t buy it. As C.P. Lee said, the graphics and design quality put Columbia to shame. But it was £175 when I saw it. There are are about 15 new versions of songs, but no new songs, and I have enough other 66 tour bootlegs to last me. I don’t really want to hear a fifth or sixth version of Tell Me Momma. There are some previously unheard audience interventions that I’d like to hear, but probably only once. The review mentions Liverpool and Bristol:

C.P. Lee (Liverpool): “At one point, just before Ballad of A Thin Man (how apt) some dumbass in the crowd shouts out “Woody Guthrie would be turning in his grave!” – Dylan’s sardonic reply cuts through the air, “Aww, there’s someone up there looking for a saviour,” History doesn’t tell us if anybody pointed out to the heckler that Guthrie wasn’t dead.”

C.P. Lee (on Bristol, which isn’t on the set): “Not included … is the following piece of sheer brilliance from a piqued traditionalist at the end of Tell Me Momma. After having survived the onslaught of a thousand watts and the cultural shock of his hero turning his back on topical folksong, he heckles Dylan with the unforgettable – “Would you turn the volume down, please?”

C.P. Lee’s two books, on the 1966 tour and on Dylan’s films are highly recommended. I don’t disagree with C.P. Lee’s review, I love Mickey Jones’ playing on that tour, I just thought that some here would find his description of Robbie and Mickey Jones as the “most indispensable players” odd, in that Garth, Rick and Richard werealso there. Actually, in the performances in 1966 C.P’s probably right, as the blistering guitar and thundering drums dominate the mix. Richard’s piano is near inaudible in most takes. However, Rick’s bass is loud and clear, he sings with Dylan too, and Garth does brilliant things as ever. I thought some readers mind find it amusing to see Mickey Jones singled out in this way. I think even the most anti-RR listener would have to admit that his guitar dominated the backing. Listening to Blonde on Blonde the other day, I thought about how Robbie had been the only Hawk to accompany Dylan & Al Kooper to Nashville, and that in some ways on the 66 tour, Robbie was playing songs he’d been at the recording session for, while the others, technically, were covering. Whatever was said later, this must have shifted the balance of power even that far back.

Posted on Tue Jan 9 13:34:11 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

The American Music Awards....sucked. Sorry, but that's the only word I can think of to describe the sad spectacle. Maybe they should change the name to the American lip-synch awards. Or the American fashion-disaster awards. When did 'live' performances stop being 'live' anyway?? Manufactured music leaves me cold. Give me a band that plays their own instruments and sings their songs 'live' over that crap anytime. God what a waste of a tv night...

Posted on Tue Jan 9 11:19:52 CET 2001 from (

Ingve Aalbu

From: Norway

A question for Peter Viney: What's your opinion of the "genuine live 1966 box"? I mean, since you believe that many of us disagree with C.P. Lee...

Posted on Tue Jan 9 08:02:24 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

It's funny how different a person can read a situation from another person. I always admired how long Levon held that match. Here's the image I get in my head watching that scene. Scorcese wasn't getting a hell of alot of cooporation from Levon throughout the movie making. He and RR probably talked all the time about how it was going. MS said that he needed RR to draw Levon out a little - that he needed more Levon footage. Now, Levon is enjoying the pool game going on inside the house, but RR finally draws Levon out to the picnic table and they have a sit down with MS and Levon's feeling pretty good so he gets into talking a bit. Robbie is just there because he got Levon involved and is kind of hanging around to help if needed. I think they got lucky and caught Levon at a good moment there. Am I nuts to think this. Anyone?

I don't know. I kind of look at Robbie in that movie as a filmaking partner with Scorcese, almost as much as a guitar player with The Band. That's kind of how I see RR in that movie...... I alway's liked watching the guys at the end of Evangelene. You get that high camera shot of the stage as The Band disperses. Robbie goes right over for a chit chat with the movie people. Levon waves his hands in response to the smoke, Richard kind of looks lost. I get the feeling RR went into a production meeting, and the other guys went for a beer..... This is not Robbie bashing now - just an observation on the split that seems to have been happening.

Posted on Tue Jan 9 07:59:12 CET 2001 from (


Crab ol' buddy...I agree with you wholeheartedly about everything in your last post...especially the Britney Spears thing.Oof Fa!!!!

Posted on Tue Jan 9 07:42:48 CET 2001 from (


Woah Tennessee...maybe you could put a warning before posting "juicy recollections" like that...maybe something like "Warning: sensitive people who have had a hard day at work & who may not be feeling up to graphic descriptions of stuff should read this post cautiously..."

Posted on Tue Jan 9 06:42:07 CET 2001 from (


From: The Old Dixie

Just watched the first part of Ken Burns' "Jazz." It was pretty entertaining, though I suspect I'll like it less as it moves away from N'Awlins. For those interested, I have two really good books on the era. One is "In Search of Buddy Bolden," by Donald M. Marquis, a very thorough biography that is quite impressive at 150 pages, as he never recorded and was a somewhat mysterious character, somewhat akin to Robert Johnson. It even has a copy of the documentation declaring him insane. Another excellent book is "Storyville, New Orleans" by Al Rose. This is a really incredible book, with all kinds of historic information about the red light district, from the different attempts dating to the mid-1800s to establish a legal red light district and the legal battles that prevented their creation, often by the church, to Sydney Story's successful attempt based on European prototypes, and the Navy's unconstitutional closing of it in 1917. It has lots of pictures, lots of Bellocq portraits, a picture of Lulu White, and fascinating first-hand accounts of the District from sports and prostitutes. There is a great description of the oyster dance, in which a naked woman would place an oyster on her forehead, then shimmy it all the way down to her leg and on to her foot, then kick it into the air and start over again. There's this juicy recollection from a crib woman - "A bunch o' white pricks grab me outten ma crib and ca'y me t' d' cohnuh. Dey taken off all ma clo'es an dey tie ma han's an' feet t' d' light pole. Den one of 'em stick a big salute (firecracker) up my c**t and anothan one up ma ass an' he light both a dem! A police, he stand' right deah an' he laughin'. Dem t'ings din' go off, but dey sho scaiahed d' shit outta me! Den dey tells me to blow 'em all an' dey says dey ain't gon' gimme a cent an' dey tells me lucky dey din' blow up ma c**t." Such is the stuff Robbie Robertson albums are based on. Man, if these walls could talk. Those people who say culture is going downhill don't really know too much about what they're talking about. The book also has legal documentation on the arguments for and against Storyville, and even a list of all the musicians who ever played in the District. Any Robbie Robertson fan, or jazz fan, would be interested in it, I think. I bought both of these books a few years ago, so they're probably both still in print, and may be available at Amazon.

Sadly, I missed the AMAs. What was Jennifer wearing? Did she look like a slut?

Hank, the thing I find interesting about that part of TLW is how well Levon and Robbie seem to be getting along. Levon said in his book that anyone could see by his attitude what he thought about TLW. Well, I don't see it. He also said that he and Robertson were having meetings at this time swearing at each other. But there they are, after the concert, with Levon voluntarily lighting Robbie's cigarette and exchanging warm glances with him. It's kind of nice to see, and makes you wonder how much Levon's recollections about TLW are somewhat recent amendments.

Posted on Tue Jan 9 06:40:10 CET 2001 from (


From: The Front Lawn

I'd better clear this up before everyone gets confused - The Band's first 3 albums are coherent collections of songs. Also, the alternate take of "Daniel and the Sacred Harp" is in no way better than the cut chosen for the album.

And now, back to my third replay of the Britney Spears song and dance number on tonight's American Music Awards show!!

Posted on Tue Jan 9 06:23:48 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

A previous post begs the question: is Big Pink a coherent album or a collection of songs?

Posted on Tue Jan 9 02:16:12 CET 2001 from (

Hip Hype

From: The Bargain Bin

Lo and behold!!!
There is a genuine "Crossing the Great Divide" currently listed on eBay!

Posted on Tue Jan 9 02:00:29 CET 2001 from (

Jack Straw

From: "somewhere in the middle of Montana"

Has anyone else noticed that in a recent Dr Pepper commercial the accompaning jingle is VERY similar to Ronnie Hawkins' "Mary Lou"?

Posted on Tue Jan 9 01:59:43 CET 2001 from (

The Old Dixie must Die

From: Dixieland

The Band on Before the Flood is big , in the I' ain't me Babe the organ is fantastic! I like too BftF!! Daniel and The sacred Harp ( outtake ) is better of the original! These is my opinion!

Posted on Tue Jan 9 00:29:44 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Hank: Elvis recorded "I Shall Be released" - it's a fragment but it's on the Complete 70s Masters box set.

Posted on Tue Jan 9 00:11:19 CET 2001 from (

John Donabie

From: Toronto

Happy Birthday Elvis. Ronnie Hawkins did meet Elvis, by the way. Speaking of The Hawk....Ronnie turns 66 on Wednesday and HEY! It's my birthday on Saturday. I'll be listening to my tapes in the basement :)

Posted on Mon Jan 8 23:17:19 CET 2001 from (


From: CORK
Web page

Elvis Presley woulda been 66 today........Did The Band ever meet Elvis?.......Did Ronnie Hawkins ever meet Elvis.......Obviously, Levon saw Elvis, Scotty and Bill play but really, folks I wanna know if there was ANY Band/Elvis interface and what did Elvis think of The Band........He MUST have heard "Dixie"..... I can't imagine Elvis not hearing The Weight..........

Last Waltz trivia question, folks......Exactly HOW long does Levon hold that lit match there when he talks about "the prettiest dancer"...................I suppose I could time it myself, folks but I'm just curious and I'm sure there's got to be someone here who knows for sure...........

Posted on Mon Jan 8 21:59:55 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

Peter: Thanks for the info from the Larry Johnson interview. I had never heard that story about Neil's t-shirt before. Thanks for sharing.

I had been looking forward to VH-1's 100 greatest records of all time series, but I just found out that the Band is NOT on the list. Now I am completely disgusted! I just got a book from the UK, and it had three Band albums in the top 100 (TLW being the third).

Posted on Mon Jan 8 21:41:47 CET 2001 from (


From: NZ
Web page

I finally bought the reissue of Stage Fright yesterday to complete the set of four. I was great to finally hear the original mixes on CD. The mixes on the original CD had Levon humming away during Garth's solos on Strawberry Wine and All La Glory which kind of ruined those tracks for me. The hidden gem here was the bonus version of Daniel and The Sacred harp which though obviously incomplete has a better feel than the official version. Finally I would like to commit heresy by saying that I prefer Stage Fright to Big Pink. The latter is a bit like Islands in that is more like a collection of songs rather than a coherent album.

Posted on Mon Jan 8 20:36:44 CET 2001 from (

Amanda Johnson

From: Miller Freeman Books

I am trying to locate a photographer by the name of Bruce Smith. If anyone has any info. on Bruce, please forward it to my e-mail address. Thank you!

Posted on Mon Jan 8 16:58:17 CET 2001 from (


From: nj

Sam: great take on BTF. That was the record that turned me on to the boys. When I was a 15 year old Dylan freak, I was over at a friends house, his parents were Dylan fans and had bought BTF. They had seen the tour and raved about it. I was familiar with Dixie and Cripple Creek, but didn't know too much Band material. I played BTF to hear Dylan, but when I heard the Band cuts my jaw dropped to the floor, I listened to it over, and over again, till my friends thought I was nuts. (they were right, of course). I immediatly became a die-hard Band fan, and 25 years later that record still gets played a lot in my house. (vinyl, though, I haven't gotten around to replacing it).

In hindsight, my only problem with it is they really only have their biggest 'hits' on it, but I guess it really is primarily a Dylan album. (maybe they shoulda made it a triple album, it was the 70's after all!)

Posted on Mon Jan 8 16:35:03 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

ISIS has an interview with soundman / cameraman Larry Johnson by Clinton Heylin in the latest issue (#94). I quote:

Larry Johnson: Neil Young wore this great T-shirt to “The Last Waltz”. On the front it said, ‘The Band’ and on the back it said, ‘Bad booking broke their spirit.”

Clinton Heylin: You didn’t film the rehearsals then?

Johnson: No. We were too busy and with thirty five (35 mm) you just can’t piss away that sort of footage. Also, it was chaotic, that was a difficult shoot. To shoot that many cameras in thirty five was tough.

In the same issue, C.P.Lee reviews the Genuine Bootleg Series-Live 1966 box set. You may disagree with him - “The Band carry on playing like there’s no tomorrow. Jones and Robertson neck-and-neck in the who’s the most indispensable player stakes.”

Posted on Mon Jan 8 16:09:20 CET 2001 from (


From: pa

I purchased the Mark Knopfler CD which, RS compared, Knophler's writing to RR's. My opinion-sounds more like Bruce then RR. The CD is very good however.

How about some info on the RR special from our Canadian friends!

Posted on Mon Jan 8 08:32:46 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

Thanks for agreeing with me Rod. The other thing that strikes me is that the recording sounds good and crisp. It's a nice recording of the Band at their best live. Richard's vocal on I Shall Be Released has MORE passion than the Big Pink version, which would be hard to beleive if you haven't listened to BTF. Last verse when he sings........"loooonely crowd". Great. I'll take this live version over TLW any day.

Posted on Mon Jan 8 05:32:24 CET 2001 from (

Less Boucher

From: Illinois

Thanks for the lyrics and chords. I'll be back.

Posted on Mon Jan 8 01:54:23 CET 2001 from (


Speaking of 'Rocking Chair' Crab, I'm in the process of learning it on the mandolin (Levon's parts)...It's tricky to relearn chords you know on guitar for the mandolin...

Wish me luck!!!

Posted on Mon Jan 8 01:21:03 CET 2001 from (


From: NZ
Web page

Bayou Sam, your dead right. Robbie and Garth turn in their best record live performances and Levon's drumming is awesome. My favourite moments are Robbie's solos on Rainy Day Woman, Highway 61, Endless Highway and Blowin in The Wind and Garth on just about everything but especially Ballad of a Thin Man.

Posted on Mon Jan 8 01:06:39 CET 2001 from (


From: NZ

I'd have liked to have seen the Pogues and the Band hook up too. Maybe partly just because they are probably my two all time favourite bands. I noticed the other day that the Pogues actually helped make Steve Earle's Copper Head Road album (which I really like) & maybe that provides some clues as to what a the Band (North American roots influenced) and the Pogues (Irish/Celtic roots influenced)fusion might have been. We will never really know...

Posted on Mon Jan 8 00:54:29 CET 2001 from (


jessica shirley, you can e-mail me at

Posted on Sun Jan 7 23:32:24 CET 2001 from (

The Irish Rover

Too bad The Band and The Pogues never hooked up. That would've been magic. MacGowan and Danko... or Richard.

Posted on Sun Jan 7 06:50:33 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: the flood

I know I've gone on about this before - but I think The Band on Before The Flood, are absolutely "ON". Dylan is OK at best. I popped it on tonight- the first song is "Most Likely You Go Your Way(And I'll Go Mine)". Dylan's singing is some kind of cross between grunting and yelling. But The Band is fantastic. Listen to the whole Band during the solo break on this tune. Robbie and Rick's guitars are SMOKIN'. Danko's bass playing is awesome. With all the talk about TLW and ROA - I think they had more fire in their bellies on this recording. They were all hitting on all eight cylinders that night - or on that tour. Great stuff.

Posted on Sun Jan 7 06:25:48 CET 2001 from (

Dennis ...of Wanda 'n Dennis fortunes....

From: Snow's 'bout six inches here in West Saugerties, New York

Greetings to all of you beautiful Ladies and Gentlemen. On the way back from the town dump today, took our dog Sadie for a cruise past Big Pink......actually, it's not a cruise...ya kind'a turn around in the current owner's driveway and head back up the snowy dead end road....

No CBC here in Saugerties...BUT, a gentle reminder to all US GB fans: starting Monday evening, on PBS television, is Ken Burns' latest, a history of Jazz.

For those of you with high speed (aka the streaming doesn't break up) access, on, Columbia University's broadcast, for the last twenty-some years a gentleman named Phil Schapp has been bringing to the air waves a quality show featuring that history: as a kind'a preview, this evening's show featured the Dixieland Jazz Band's recordings from 1918 through 1921...interesting enough, but through the descriptions, they also featured the first musician "solos" in American recording history. Sadly, Mr Shapp's show is on Saturday's from 6-9, conflicting with A Prarie Home Companion, but though the genius of recording medium, ya can have a great Saturday evening of tunes....

BTW, another great radio show also broadcast on the internet is Doug Price's show on Vassar College's WVKR (, every Friday evening from nine to midnight Eastern Standard Time. Mr. Price's show is perhaps the finest broadcast blues show around, I've even taped some of his shows over the years and forwarded 'em to DJ pals in Memphis.

But as a polite suggestion, have some blank VHS tapes primed and check out next week's Jazz History on PBS....F.S. Walcott will be proud ya stopped by.........

Dennis 'n Wanda and of course our dog Sadie...

Posted on Sun Jan 7 05:39:48 CET 2001 from (


From: Park Central Hotel lobby, New York, NY

Does anyone know how I can get a Band screensaver?... Today I purtchased the Best of The Band Volume II. It is a best of from their three 90's albums. I'll probably buy one of the 90's albums (Jubilation) as a stand alone. This is just to get a flavor for the newer stuff. Happy new year everyone.

Posted on Sun Jan 7 05:03:28 CET 2001 from (


From: The Front Lawn

No wonder I could never figure out "Rockin' Chair" on the guitar - Robbie drops the "B" string down to an "H." Pretty tricky!!

Posted on Sun Jan 7 04:45:05 CET 2001 from (

John Donabie

From: Toronto

B O N E S.....YES! There was a Life and Times special on Ronnie. Levon and Robbie were used separately of course, along with many others for interview clips. There have been a number of specials over the years on Ronnie.

Posted on Sun Jan 7 01:44:06 CET 2001 from (

Thomas Holst

From: Denmark
Web page

Hi there I would just like to say that I have just uploaded a web site containing tabulature for some "the Band" songs. For now there is only about 8 songs but I am working hard to finish some others. There is guitar, mandolin, mouth harmonika, bass guitar and keyboard. The url is Thomas

Posted on Sat Jan 6 23:45:13 CET 2001 from (

Steve L.

From: Chicagoland

I would like to hear from a Band collector who has the 2 Academy of Outtakes CD's available for trade. I have CDR's of a few different shows. I have nothing left to share with the guys on the Rumor site and want to add to my collection. How about that VH1 best 100 albums list ! No Band albums to be seen. I can't believe it. What kind of industry people to they survey ? Do any of these people know how to play an instrument ?

Posted on Sat Jan 6 23:05:29 CET 2001 from (

Jessica Shirley

From: The South

Hi, I recently heard Robbie's latest release and was truly moved. I am of strong Native American decent and would like to know who I can right to help. Thanks, Jessica

Posted on Sat Jan 6 18:45:03 CET 2001 from (

Harvey Brown

From: England

Can anyone out there inform me about the various CD issues of Stagefright by The Band (of course!). I've heard that there are at least two different mixes but how would I tell them apart etc? I've been a fan since 1968 but I'm only just getting around to their CD releases. Cheers Harvey

Posted on Sat Jan 6 18:21:09 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: same place

Happy Birthday to the legend of the 5-string Banjo - Earl Scruggs. God Bless him.

Les Brown(of "band of renown fame") passed away. According to the newspaper article, the Guiness book of world records lists him as having the longest running band in music history. 1936 until about 5 months ago. I thought that was pretty cool. God rest.

Posted on Sat Jan 6 17:37:15 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Lil': Those sparks are residual Genetic Method... It's also been melting the snow up here...

Has anyone heard the Elizabeth Danko interview on radio yet?

Posted on Sat Jan 6 12:42:11 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Dave Z: Thanks so much for the Crowmatix pictures. I haven't seen them yet as my computer is still recovering from the mild seizure the bmp files caused. (Bmp stands for "biiiig mother photos", yes? :-) I sent em to my son who's going to re-format them for me and send em back. I do appreciate you thinking of me, and besides, the firemen weren't here very long at all. My only concern is that my electric coffeepot in the next room is now throwing sparks (true!) and I'm wondering if it's all connected somehow :-)

Have a good day everyone. Hug Jan.

Posted on Sat Jan 6 08:15:11 CET 2001 from (


From: Milwaukee

Speaking of the First Waltz video, if anyone has the chance to pick this up, be sure to do so. I was fortunate enough to be at the show and it was a treat. So many special guests. One minor disappointment was that Mavis Staples had to cancel at the last minute due to illness. Her and Billy Corgan were supposed to each take a verse of The Weight but with her not there and Billy had left early so everyone on stage was just kind of winging it. Billy did, however, do a smoking medley of Robert Johnson songs with his dad (Billy Sr.) The video is VERY high quality, and the house band fronted by Nicholas Tremulis, is very talented. I got my copy at pretty cheap (under $15).

Posted on Sat Jan 6 05:56:07 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

I just sent Jan and Lil' scans of pics from the 12/29/00 show... I emailed them with ".bmp" extensions and when my wife saw the emails she slapped me upside the head... and said to next time send them with ".jpg" extensions to save time and pain on their end... Can Jan or someone else please elaborate on the best way to submit pic scans (or point me to the tutorial page)... And if your PC is jammed up Jan and Lil', I'm sorry... If you just want to delete my emails, I can surely re-email the lesser byte versions...

Again, great show!!! Any GBers make the New Year's Eve show?

Posted on Sat Jan 6 02:17:00 CET 2001 from (

Wayne Deadder

From: Toronto

I saw Rick Danko and Garth Hudson performing at the legendary "Horseshoe Tavern" here in Toronto some years ago. It's a very small, intimate club. A friend of mine was smart enough to bring a small tape recorder to tape the show. It was the day after Danko's son had died. One night later, the Band was being inducted into the Juno Hall of Fame (Canada's Grammys). At the end of the night, without warning, out came Robbie Robertson. The "re-united" Band did the Weight and Life Is A Carnival. I got some great pictures. We really miss The Band 'round these parts.

Posted on Sat Jan 6 01:31:27 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

I'd like to ammend my little reminiscence. Upon further review, I think Isaac Guillory actually replaced the Shames' bass player. I recall a story now that the Shames contacted Isaac to get Bruce Gordon's number, Bruce being the Revelles' bassist. Isaac instead volunteered his own services.

Posted on Fri Jan 5 23:10:10 CET 2001 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa, N.Y.

I rediscovered a magazine at MediaPlay the other day which I haven't seen ina couple years, I thought it was defunct. It's called Blue Suede News,and covers roots music, rockabilly, blues,traditional country, zydeco, you get the picture, lots of fun stuff. I get to the video review section, which was pretty sparse compared to the new releases and reissues sections. But it sure made up in quality what it lacked in quantity-3 of the 4 video reviews were of interest to most of us here. 2 instructional Homespun releases: one by Artie Traum and one by Herbert Sumlin with Jimmy Vivino and our own Levon Helm backing him.The other review was of The First Waltz, a show in which Rick participated in Chicago just a few days before we lost him. Many artists are on it, including one of his old cohorts Blondie Chaplin. An extra nice touch is that the show was a benefit for local homeless teens(organised by Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins, at least I think his first name is Billy). Haven't been around much lately, and I haven't even done my ususal GB catchup, bu I thought I'd share that. Hope all is well around here.

Posted on Fri Jan 5 23:05:06 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

"I'd rather be burned in Canada than to freeze here in the south." Somehow I've found myself singing that line a lot in the last month or so.

Posted on Fri Jan 5 21:58:16 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

Was there a "Life and Times..." done in Canada for Ronnie Hawkins?? If so, was Levon and Robbie involved in one way or another? I'm starting to think I need to move to Canada.

Posted on Fri Jan 5 20:45:10 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

"Train, train, rolling down the line..." Happy birthday to Sam Phillips, the man who brought the Sun*shine to modern music.

Posted on Fri Jan 5 20:17:43 CET 2001 from (

Kevin Gilbertson

From: NE PA

Anyone know of a scanner large enough to scan LP covers in one pass?

Posted on Fri Jan 5 19:08:28 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Thanks to everyone who's been sending hugs to my daughter today. She's gotten so many..and she's now giggling everytime I tell her she got another one. Medicine is good, but hugs are great healers as well. Thanks again for bringing a smile to the face of a sick 10 year old girl.

Have a good day everyone.

Posted on Fri Jan 5 19:02:40 CET 2001 from (

Frank Peterson

From: Tacoma WA

Been with you guys since the Hawks--the magic never leaves--thanks for all the decades of great music

Posted on Fri Jan 5 18:10:25 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Back in 1966 I started to go to a lot of teen dances in the Chicago area. There were a ton of great bands that used to play at these gatherings: The Flock, The DelVettes, The Riddles, The Knaves, The Circus, Counterpoint, The Cryan' Shames, The New Colony 6, and one called The Revelles. Some ended up having pretty big radio hits, but I really liked the Revelles. They had great vocals and they had this great guitarist named Isaac. They also did a version of The Rascals' "A Girl Like You" which I thought was something of a benchmark for whether a group was good or not. Then one day I saw the band and Isaac was gone. The group was still okay but he left a big hole. Surprisingly, I heard he had joined the Cryan Shames to replace Jim Fairs who was that group's inventive guitarist. The Shames hit it pretty big after Isaac joined, and he gave them an interesting new sound. Problem was the Shames toured a lot so we didn't get to see them as much. I do remember one great show at The New Place in Algonquin.

Maybe a year ago I noticed that Isaac's name was here on the site. Seems after he left the Shames he moved to England where he made a name for himself. It also seems he covered The Weight on a 70's album of his, thus his inclusion here. I recall there was a short discussion about him on the GB. Anyway, I read in the paper today that he died of cancer at his home in England on New Years Eve. He was 52. One more exteremly talented soul passing into the mystic.

Posted on Fri Jan 5 13:46:46 CET 2001 from (


From: pa

What does everyone think of the "outake" version of Christmas?

Posted on Fri Jan 5 07:13:15 CET 2001 from (


From: PA

Thanks to Bob Wigo and Amanda: You both made me curious enough to stop into my local book store to purchase, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Looking forward to some interesting reading. Next I could not resist stopping into Coconuts, strategically located a few stores away. There I found a, Stevie Ray Vaughan video, "Double Trouble". Watching him play, Texas Flood, just about blew me away! Another great talent, too soon gone!

I decided to chalk all this up to a belated Christmas present to myself. Talk about guilty pleasures!!! lol

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season.

Posted on Fri Jan 5 06:44:20 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

Boy, that RR special looks good. Does anyone know if this CBC has some kind of American affiliate that MIGHT run this show down here? Thanks for that web site Blind Willie. It made we really want to see the show (nice pic of RR with playing the Guild too).

I saw something on TV about the VH1 Music Channel rating "REVOLVER" as the best album of all time.

Posted on Fri Jan 5 05:46:01 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Lucky Canadians... you'll always be miles above us... Please tell us how the RR show goes next Tuesday... Hey, I'm from MN, that's close to Canada?... can I watch too?... No, I've never ice skated... I was born in DC... No, I didn't elect him, I voted Green... so let's see, I gotta go to Dallas to see the North Stars (damn that Green), NY to see the Crowmatix, LA to see the Barnburners... hey, that's it... how about a road trip... Naw, I'll just wait for the spring reissues... besides the snows melting and it's just about 39... pure heaven down here... Good night all...

Posted on Fri Jan 5 04:06:35 CET 2001 from (


From: San Francisco

i posted this in 1998 - but my email address has changed.... Tue Mar 17 05:13:51 MET 1998 larry fradin From: ca IJWTS, i was the one who taped the band at the WOLMAN RINK in central park, ny, at a schaeffer (beer) music festival in the spring of 1970. I used a sony (stereo!) cassette recorder, one of the first ever made. After ten years and after i had lost my original copy, i found that a friend of mine had a copy on his reel to reel, and i was able to dub it back to a cassette in 1980!

Posted on Fri Jan 5 02:04:48 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn, NY

Hi folks!

Like I said in a previous post...I got the remaining reissues...'StageFright' sounds the most different than the originals in comparison.It's alot "cleaner", and it sounds more "produced"...the bass isnt as "big" as the original (cd or otherwise).Does anyone agree???

Posted on Fri Jan 5 01:45:56 CET 2001 from (

Robbie Brennan


Nice Site

Posted on Fri Jan 5 01:38:52 CET 2001 from (

Blind Willie McTell

Web page

The link above goes to an article in Toronto's eye weekly about 'Road Songs: A Portrait of Robbie Robertson' that will air in Canada on CBC TV next Tuesday.

Posted on Fri Jan 5 00:38:37 CET 2001 from (


From: NZ
Web page

Does any one know what the bonus tracks will be on the next 4 reissues?

Posted on Fri Jan 5 00:14:21 CET 2001 from (


From: those low countries

I came to the manger for a while

To hear the new AudioPhile.

I heard Christmas Must Be Tonight

An outtake from Northern Light

I'm writing you this letter

To tell ya that I like this version better.

Well I'm not a poet


And you all know it.

Posted on Thu Jan 4 22:12:09 CET 2001 from (


From: wherever!

About that Life & Times biography, it is a new one. It's not the same Ronnie Hawkins one. A small video production company called Captive Entertainment put it together and had been doing so since late April or early May. The first five minutes look very interesting of the production and I haven't seen very many biographies this way.


Posted on Thu Jan 4 20:35:22 CET 2001 from (


From: Finland

Any news about Last Waltz DVD? How about Complete Last Waltz CD? Available anywhere?

Posted on Thu Jan 4 19:53:30 CET 2001 from (


From: pa

If any of my Canadian neighbors would be willing to tape the "Life & Times of RR", I would be willing to pay for the tape and postage as well as a management fee. Let me know!

Best Regards!

Posted on Thu Jan 4 19:28:14 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

Pat Brennan: Welcome to the DVD revolution! I am hooked. I, too, have been wondering about that black clapboard house. Does it belong to Rick?? It's a great looking old house.

Posted on Thu Jan 4 17:03:52 CET 2001 from (


Regarding the CBC show on the Life and Times of Robbie Robertson, I understand there will be a segment where a number of the Suedes are reunited for a tune or two - Robbie, pianist Scott Cushnie, bassist Pete Traynor and drummer Peter Deremigis. No Johnny Rhythm (Rutter) as far as I know, and certainly no Gene MacLellan (writer of "Put Your Hand In The Hand" and "Snowbird"), as he died a few years ago).

Posted on Thu Jan 4 12:42:51 CET 2001 from (


TWILIGHT- It's good to be subtle, but you must have fun or else! My life is a carnival. I wish peace to your world from mine. Don't worry too much about the melting right now. Just be prepared with 2 weeks of supplies and keep stocked up with extra water to drink. Then I won't worry about you there so much when the melt does come. Go ahead and get comfortable with us humans here in the GB. You can always feel at home here.

Posted on Thu Jan 4 07:38:35 CET 2001 from (



Happy New Year Everyone! Let's remember to take care of each other - and to bring some level of peace to all of our worlds. I'm listening to Rock of Ages - Unfaithful Servant. Life Is A Carnival. I'm a bit worried about the change in the weather - melting! I wish I could get comfortable with the human race! We seem to do so well in certain arenas. I'm so glad someone turned me on to the band. I'm not that into resolutions - but I want to turn at least three peop le on to the band this year. I promise I'll be subtle - and if it rubs off great - if not oh well. Take care out there...

Posted on Thu Jan 4 07:28:43 CET 2001 from (


Web page

There's a nice new Brian Wilson Christmas song at Sounds like classic Beach Boys.

Posted on Thu Jan 4 06:18:18 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Best seasonal wishes to everyone here.

So I joined the DVD revolution and bought Chicken Run and The Classic Album piece featuring the boys. I noticed something and I wondered if anyone else noted it. In the outdoor interviews with Rick, he is seated in front of a black clapboard house. Very early in the show, we see a kind of psychedelic film piece that takes us through some woods and up to a black clapboard house where we peer through a window to find the boys set up and playing. Could these two houses be the same house?

Posted on Thu Jan 4 06:09:59 CET 2001 from (

mr. c. royal

long distance,gotta consider steve perry.

Posted on Thu Jan 4 04:59:47 CET 2001 from (

Long Distance Operator

From: The Toolshed

Just wanted to cast my vote for Maynard James Keenan as the greatest rock vocalist alive. Thank you.

Posted on Thu Jan 4 02:40:06 CET 2001 from (

Eddie Hodel

From: Queens, New York

Looking forward to seeing JIM WEIDER AND THE HONKYTONK GURUS at BB King's club, Times Square, NY next Wednesday.

I have seen the GURUS on several occasions and I can assure any reader of this web site and any fan of THE BLUES that you will be enthralled by the power of the GURUS live! I wouldn't miss their NYC gig. See ya there, keep on rockin'.

Posted on Thu Jan 4 02:02:04 CET 2001 from (


Just wanted to let all the Canadians know that next Tuesday night the CBC will be featuring Robbie Robertson on their Life and Times show. I've seen the episode on Ronnie Hawkins, but I'm not sure if this is a re-run or not. Have a happy new year everyone.

Posted on Thu Jan 4 00:21:34 CET 2001 from (


From: you talkin to me ?

Hey,,,Happy 01 to ya'll,,,,,,, Jon's review of Levon & Hubert & Jimmy V's new years gig was right on the $$$$,,,it was a night to remember,,,,,,,,, The other drummer was James Wormworth,, Jimmy Vivinos usual drummer & a master of the skins,, Levon LOVES playing next to him,, the barefoot wonder,, he plays barefooted,,, & jon was right,,,,,,theboss was just diggin playin the blues with these master cats,,, A New Years Gig for the ages,,,,imo,,,,

I just came back from seeing Jimmy Weider & Rando,, @ their rehearsal for the JANUARY 10th show @ B.B.Kings,,,,

DONT MISS THIS ONE,, they are HOT ! HOT ! HOT !!!! Primed & ready are The GURUS,, their originals blow me away,,, & their unique interpretations of Band songs are hand-stamped with their inventive arrangements,,,, not just repeats of the tunes,,, but really thoughtful GURU-ized versions,,, after all the years Randy & Jimmy spent in The Band,,,,,,,,they surely have that vision of the music,,,,

SO GO !!! TO B.B.Kings,,,in NYC,,,on the 10th Jim Weider & The Gurus will be rockin New York,,, see ya there,,,, butch

Posted on Wed Jan 3 22:46:51 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

Thanks Jon for the review of Levon and Hubert Sumlin on New Year's Eve. I wish I could have been there.

The movie Sunset Strip is going to be available in February according to some reports. This movie had some original music by Robbie Robertson in it. Sadly, no soundtrack has been released.

Posted on Wed Jan 3 20:53:02 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia
Web page

Anyone wishing to offer their condolences to Billy Joe can do so through the guestbook at his website. Just click on the Webpage link I've entered above.

Posted on Wed Jan 3 20:43:48 CET 2001 from (

Jon Lyness

From: NYC
Web page

Apologies if this has been posted before, but since there's been interest: there's a feature on to "vote" for a DVD release of The Last Waltz (found through Click the link above to Amazon's page for the Last Waltz film, and you'll see a blurb as follows:

"The studio is currently not producing this title on DVD, but to be notified when it is available, enter your e-mail address. You'll also be voting for this release; we'll let the studio know how many customers are waiting for this title."

Posted on Wed Jan 3 20:19:31 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa
Web page

If you are interested, the website above will shed some light on the Shavers.

Another wonderful talent has left us far too soon.

Posted on Wed Jan 3 19:46:34 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

I was saddened to read the tragic news that guitarist John Edwin "Eddy" Shaver passed away on New Year's Eve. Eddy was a member of the father-son group Shaver, along with his father Billy Joe, the legendary country singer & songwriter. A child prodigy on guitar, Eddy began touring as a teenager and had played with such greats as Guy Clark, Dwight Yoakam, Willie Nelson, Dickie Betts, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Booker T. Jones and David Allan Coe.

My heart goes out to his father, his wife and family. He will be sorely missed, but his spirit and talent will live on in the music that he recorded. Tonight I will pull out my copy of the Shaver LP, "Live At Smith's Old Bar", recorded here in Atlanta. I will close my eyes and envision the sparks flying off as Eddy's guitar as his father sings "I've Been To Georgia On A Fast Train". And he's too soon gone.

Posted on Wed Jan 3 19:18:05 CET 2001 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa, N.Y.

Bayou Sam-Garcia sings a nice Long Black Veil on The Pizza Tapes, and I agree with the person who recommended Shady Grove.

Posted on Wed Jan 3 18:52:22 CET 2001 from (

Laura Holt Lorfing

From: Austin, Tx

Hello! Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a good holiday. Went to Houston for a few days of shopping after the holidays. I found some very cool albums. "Cahoots" and "Big Pink" in perfect condition! I also found some very cool Zappa on vinyl as well that I had been in search of. Such great finds I had to share them with ya! I am now counting down the days until Levon is live in "H" town. 23 moe days and I'm on my way back to Houston to see THE MAN!!! A warm welcome to all the new guestbook guests I noticed that have made entries. PEACE ALL! :)

Posted on Wed Jan 3 17:41:10 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: my desk today

Just a quick Happy Birthday to J.R.R.--------Tolkien, that is..,Mr. T would've been 109 today.

Posted on Wed Jan 3 17:38:36 CET 2001 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Saw the New Year's Eve show at Chicago Blues with Jimmy Vivino and his band, special guest Hubert Sumlin, and our own Mr. Levon Helm on drums...GREAT STUFF. They played rocking blues like there was no tomorrow...some Muddy Waters & some 50s rock songs...wonderful. Notably, Jimmy Vivino sang a very moving version of "Country Boy" backed by Levon and company, dedicating it to Richard Manuel and calling him "one of the greatest singers in the 20th century" and a big influence on him personally. Levon played great all night, and looked very determined and thoughtful but (as always) flashing those big grins during a particularly challenging round of drumming or someone's hot solo...looked like he was having the time of his life. There was a great moment at the end of the first set when the other musicians left the stage, and Levon and Jimmy Vivino's drummer just went wild with the drums for several minutes. Great way to kick off the new year! I will try to post photos soon. Thanks as always, Levon (and Butch). Happy 2001 to all!

Posted on Wed Jan 3 16:36:03 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: Graceland

Hank = I saw Elvis at a 7-11 the other day and he said the Bands version of Mystery Train was OK - but he'd rather hear Neil Diamond cover it. :-)

Posted on Wed Jan 3 16:19:53 CET 2001 from (


From: Chicago

I've read Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance twice but pretty long ago so there's a lot I've forgotten. It's an amazing book & well worth the time, if you haven't read it. Funny--I just saw it in a bookstore yesterday & thought I'd like to read it again, so I was surprised to see the reference here in the Guestbook. Guess it's a sign that I really should dig it out and get reading!

Posted on Wed Jan 3 16:14:17 CET 2001 from (


From: Cork
Web page

Belated Happy New Year, everyone out there in Band Web-site GB-land!!!!!!

Before Christmas, I was playing a buncha gigs in Dublin and one night, after the gig, whilst crashing on a chair in our bass players cousins apartment, I heard a recording of Bobby Womack singing a cover of "Sweet Caroline"....Yes, yes, people, calm down now..... the Neil Diamond song.....anyone here ever hear it? I mean Bobby Womacks version....we all sorta giggled when it came on, but by the time it was over, 3 minutes or so later, we were like......YEAH!!! other words, it sounded great!!!........It's REALLY much so that as he starts singing the second verse he precedes it with a cry of "I like it!!"'s almost like Womack is saying "well, this is a Neil Diamond song but we got a groove on it so let's kick it".......y'know what I mean?.....anyway, just wondering if anyone heard it.......I STILL think Neil Diamond was shite at TLW, btw..............what'cha reckon? If he had only done "Beautiful Noise" instead of "Dry Yer Eyes"...he woulda got his hip cards punched, as they used to say.....back in the day.............or maybe not....them old hip cards are sure hard to punch, eh?

BBC ran "Yellow Submarine" on New Years Day......I saw it first in Radio City Music Hall NYC in 1968 with my sister, my dad and a buddy of my dad.........I was five years old........and so I sat on a couch with my five year old daughter on my knee and watched it in 2001, with various in-laws and food and drinks swirling round.......when it got to the part where The Beatles defeat The Blue Meanies by singing "All You Need is Love" my daughter asked me "So did The Beatles save the world, Dad?" I was knocked out to say the least, but quoted George Harrison in reply and said "Yep...they saved the world, alright.....from boredom"...........

Does Anyone here know what Elvis thought of The Band doing "Mystery Train"? I reckon Elvis did "The Promised Land" as a single after hearing the "Moondog Matinee" version.....I'm pretty hung up on The Memphis Flash these days.......

Once again, Hippity Happity New Year to all here on the GB......

Posted on Wed Jan 3 13:26:49 CET 2001 from (


Nice! I just bought the remainder of the re-issues I needed ('Big Pink' and 'Stagefright') The extra tracks on 'B.P.' are REALLY cool!!! Levon's singing on 'Yazoo Street Scandal' is fantastic!!! I've never heard him sing in that "screaming" style before. I'm happy I now have a "definitive" version of the song...the one on 'The Basement Tapes' is so-so...

Levon...Still the fuckin' man!!! Anyway folks...GoodNight!!!!

Posted on Wed Jan 3 11:59:24 CET 2001 from (

Ingve Aalbu

From: Egersund, Norway
Web page

Sorry, but I can't help myself. Here's the best albums of 2000:

1. Steve Earle - Transcendental blues

2. American III: Solitary man - Johnny Cash

3. Silver & gold - Neil Young

4. Red dirt girl - Emmylou Harris

5. Unsung heroine - Midnight Choir (a great norwegian band, check them out! They are on Glitterhouse. "Unsung heroine" was produced by Chris Eckman from the Walkabouts, by the way. Carla Torgerson from the same band sings, while Robbie McIntosh plays guitar)

Honourable mentions: "Fold your hands child, you walk like a peasant" - Belle & Sebastian, "You're the one" - Paul Simon, "Daisies through the galaxy" - Eels, "Heartbreaker" - Ryan Adams, "Nixon" - Lambchop, "Stories from the city, stories from the sea" - PJ Harvey.

Posted on Wed Jan 3 10:06:09 CET 2001 from (

Jens Magnus

From: Norway

Interesting interview with George Harrison in Billboard's December issue. He says he has always imagined Levon sing All things must pass.

Also some nice stuff about Clapton, My sweet Lord/He's so fine etc.

Posted on Wed Jan 3 08:18:00 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: looking for the real thing

Jennie = welcome. This place is like the W.S. Walcott Medicine Show (see StageFright album\cd). Ya got good taste in music.

Posted on Wed Jan 3 04:12:45 CET 2001 from (


From: Just because...
Web page

It's been a while since I read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It was quite a profound experience at the time but I must admit I can't remember too much of the detail anymore…

I guess these lines from Jupiter Hollow might be reminiscent of the book: "Just like a pioneer in the new frontier/ I don't know where to begin/ Because nobody cares when a man goes mad /And tries to free the ghost within"

IF (and that’s a big if…) I remember correctly the book, for any of you who haven't read it, is about a man's journey to find some meaning in life after a break down. Some of this happens through dialogue with a character called Phaedrus who, I guess could be seen as "the ghost within".

Moving on…there is quite a good article about Dolly Parton over at (exact location in Web Page above). I never knew she wrote "I will always love you" about a law suit.

Incidentally I was just rereading Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There last night. And when I turned on my computer this morning and checked the GB what do I see but a reference to Jabberwocky. I do get a lot of enjoyment out of this GB!

Posted on Wed Jan 3 04:05:26 CET 2001 from (


From: Milwaukee

This is my first time on this site, and I'm pretty overwhelmed. I got "Music from Big Pink" for Christmas, and I've been playing I Shall Be Released on repeat for an entire week. I've never been so touched by a song. I'm upset now, because I've already turned in my senior quote (I'm in high school) but now I want to quote the song. Anyway, I'll post again once I've read the stuff on this site and know what you are talking about!

Posted on Wed Jan 3 01:50:52 CET 2001 from (

Back with no wife in Tennessee

Glad to hear some people are into the Kentucky Colonels. Roland White's primary gig these days is playing mandolin with the Nashville Bluegrass Band, a good, slightly more commercial sounding Bluegrass group. If you like instrumental Bluegrass, you should check out the "Deliverance" soundtrack, which features Clarence White on most of the tracks. He was amazing.

I don't have the Pizza Tapes, but the Garcia/Grisman CD "Shady Grove" is good, also. It has more of an old-timey feel than Bluegrass, and it's painfully obvious by Jerry's voice that he truly was on his last legs, but it has nice playing and some great old folk songs. There's some banjo, I forget if it's Garcia or Grisman, maybe both. I think Grisman plays his banjolin on the hidden bonus track.

Posted on Tue Jan 2 23:10:52 CET 2001 from (

Bob R

Many thanks to Bob Wigo, Thomas Holst, and others who responded to my search for the DVD "Live at the New Orleans Jazz Festival"--CD-NOW had it in stock! talk about service--thats whats great about this site--somebody, somewhere ALWAYS has the answer !"

" By the way, good to see Levon & the Barnburners heading back to the Boston area for a show on January 12th--they've been spending far too much time down south lately-- we were starting to go through withdrawel up here in the Northeast !

Posted on Tue Jan 2 23:03:39 CET 2001 from (

Ms. Terry Reeves

From: Atlanta

Just found this website today and love it. I wish I saw some concert dates for Hotlanta, or even the Southeast. I'm hoping The Band will visit Hotlanta sometime in 2001.

Posted on Tue Jan 2 22:25:12 CET 2001 from (

Thomas Holst

From: Denmark

Hi there. I was wondering if there is anybody who knows where I can get some of the Bands videos. I am thinking about videos like "The Band is Back", "Japan Tour" and "The authorized Biography". It doesn´t matter wheter it is on VHS, VHS Pal or DVD. I have been looking for these videos for a very long time now so please help me! Thomas Holst PS: If there are any musicians out threre who are looking for some The Band tabulature then mail me. I got some for Mandolin, guitar, bass guitar and others.

Posted on Tue Jan 2 21:16:19 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

I have read that Japan sells a DVD version of "The Band: The Authorized Biography". I always hated that name, but my VHS copy has some wonderful moments on it, and I would love to have it on DVD. Does anyone know more about this??

Posted on Tue Jan 2 21:06:56 CET 2001 from (


From: GMT (UTC) + 1 sure moved this site to a faster machine.......

Posted on Tue Jan 2 20:32:45 CET 2001 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

Bob R: I just ordered that "New Orleans Jazz Festival" DVD of The Band's performance from the mid-90s on the CDNOW website and they confirmed shipment. I found it by searching under the title "New Orleans Jazz Festival."

I'm happy to hear that there are other "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" fans here. There are a couple of lines in "Jupiter Hollow" which remind me of the book. Does anyone else agree?

Posted on Tue Jan 2 20:04:26 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: thawed out - climbing the ladder

......... oh yeah - thanks for all the replys on the Pizza Tapes. I'm anxious to hear it now.

Posted on Tue Jan 2 20:01:59 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: frozen here - on the ladder of my life

Carmen = I have Knopfler's new CD and it's very good IMHO. I don't know about comparing him to RR. I kind of think MK has his own sound, especially the guitar, and you have that here. What first attracted me to the CD was when I heard the duet he does with Van Morrison played on the radio. It's very "Mark Knopfler", but not just the same old stuff, if you know what I mean. Pick it up - I think you'll like it.

Posted on Tue Jan 2 19:41:49 CET 2001 from (

Bob R

From: The Cape

Fellow GB'rs I am starting the new year looking for some help---I recently ordered a DVD of the Band live at the New Orleans Jazz Festival from my local Borders bookstore--they said they had it, everything was looking good-- I was ready--then came the postcard from them stating that it was now considered a "cut out" and no longer available---I am bumming !!!! Does anyone know where I can lay my hands on a copy ?? It was kinda like getting dressed up for a big date and then getting stood up at the last minute, ya know ? Let me know if anyone has a handle on it--- thanks in advance!

Posted on Tue Jan 2 19:01:19 CET 2001 from (



Relecting on 2000!!! Rick's two cds!! Feb. Gurus in town for great show!! Levon, Butch, and Amy before RR Hall show, and whole crew after at FAT FISH!! Gurus in TOGA, NY!! SUPER SHOW!!! Woodstock road trips for Barn Burners and Gurus @ J. Lake!! Unreal music, fun times, great people!! Levon and crew at Tralf on a thurs. and FAT FISH that sat.. (Drivin up w/Ms Caroline; a trip filled w/Band stories!!) Burlington for Levon show; great club; Bossman and Butch rockin the good times!! Next nite-TOGA and GURUS. Jim W. and Malc, puttin on guitar clinics, Jermey shockin the keys, and Rando lookin for a pen to finish the play list(!!!)and almost settin the drums on fire!! NYC, Chicago Blues--Burners--what a show and what music!!! Can't be anything but thankful for 2000--right Robbie!!!

Posted on Tue Jan 2 18:51:44 CET 2001 from (


David "Z"; great trip!!! David Powell--Times Like These, song for 2001!! Rich S.--get a real weather resistant ski outfit, wolverine boots, thinsulate gloves and LJ's!! Hank em inside your front door!! Hire someone to plow your sidewalk/driveway. Have a fireplace or wood stove. Lots of liquid refreshments, plenty of Band cds and videos. Plenty of food and a gal that can cook(and cookin). Then don't leave home till JUNE!! GOOD LUCK!!

Posted on Tue Jan 2 18:24:40 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia
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Thanks BWNITenn for the update on Roland White & The Kentucky Colonels. The "Appalachian Swing" CD is a great album and is still available from Rounder Records. For many years, Roland was a member of the late Lester Flatt's band, who performed regularly on The Grand Ole Opry.

Bayou Sam: The "Pizza Tapes" is worth checking out. It features David Grisman, Jerry Garcia and Tony Rice. Among the songs they cover are "Long Black Veil", "Knockin' On Heaven's Door", "Man Of Constant Sorrow" and "House Of The Risings Sun". For further details & sound samples from this album, go to the Acoustic Disc website by clicking on the Webpage I've entered above.

Here's my choice for the top five best new albums from the past year:

PASSWORD - Geoff Muldaur (Hightone)
I AM SHELBY LYNNE - Shelby Lynne (Island)
HEARTBREAKER - Ryan Adams (Bloodshot)
RED DIRT GIRL - Emmylou Harris (Nonesuch)
TIMES LIKE THESE - Rick Danko (Breeze Hill Records)

Honourable mention:
RIDING WITH THE KING - B.B. King & Eric Clapton (Reprise)
THE HARDEST PART - Allison Moorer (MCA Nashville)

Posted on Tue Jan 2 17:19:23 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa

I was happy to see Charlie Young's mention of "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert Pirsig. For those unfamiliar with this book, it is a true masterpiece.Don't allow the title to steer you away.I've read it four times now over the span of the last twenty years and with each reading I have come to appreciate it more and more. I'll spare you all a detailed review but I can't resist saying that it's a book that can change your perspective. A wonderful investment of your time.

I would enjoy hearing from others who have read it.

Posted on Tue Jan 2 13:52:46 CET 2001 from (


From: pa

Can anyone out there give us a review of Mark Knopfler's new album, "Flying to Philadelphia"! The RS review compares his writing to RR.

Posted on Tue Jan 2 13:19:12 CET 2001 from (


I seem to recall that Lewis Carrol's 'Jabberwocky' from "Alice in Wonderland" can be interpreted as a parody of Wordsworth. In fact, if I recall, Carrol had a particular disdain for Wordsworth, who enjoyed great success and recognition in his day, but has withered quite a bit with historical perspective.

Of course, Carrol enjoys general adulation both as a children's author and poet in his own right. Ironically, Carrol suffers from his own accusations of pedophilia, where it's believed by some that the Alice books were inspired by Lewis Carrol's Lolita-like fascination with a young girl.

happy new year all

Posted on Tue Jan 2 11:03:24 CET 2001 from (

Frank Doonan

From: Ireland

The Band have given me many years of music listening pleasure...saw them perform in Dublin I think late 98 early 99...a lot of the magic had left but I was still honoured to have seen them. I have being telling my kids that I saw The Band play live...they dont seem that impressed...maybe they will someday. I will travel to the US a few times in the next year and hope to catch Levon and his band.I hope Richard and Rick are whooping it up in heaven. Frank Doonan

Posted on Tue Jan 2 10:43:39 CET 2001 from (


TOMMY (the original)- I did say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all GBers around tne earth. But, for you, a special Happy New Year greeting! Please don't let that drink allow any hurt feelings in. I hope you have a swell new year!

CHARLEY Y- Thanks for the lyrics to "Happy New Year", by Eddie Brandt and Freddy Morgan. I've always appreciated Spike Jones. AND........thank you to Lil for bringing it up in the first place! What a nice treat to begin the year.

Posted on Tue Jan 2 06:36:15 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

........and, I've never actually been a big deadhead - but I've discovered what a truly good banjo player Jerry Garcia was. I found out when I was at someone's house and they were playing the Old and In The Way CD. I never knew of it up until then. I went and found a copy. Now they have that one out called the Pizza tapes that I have to check out. Anyone have that one? is it good?

Posted on Mon Jan 1 22:28:50 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

I could go through an average week of my life and not run into one person who ever heard George's "Ding Dong, Ding Dong". I love this guestbook. Yeah Crabby - it's not one of his most brilliant tunes, but it dosen't suck........ BTW - I forget if I posted this already - but George Harrison was awarded the ownwership of the song "He's So Fine", AND the money that was taken for "My Sweet Lord"........... There was also a little blurb on G.H. in my local paper the other day. It seems that he is physically OK after his attack, but he still suffers nightmares and has put his estate up for sale. He dosen't want to go there anymore. Interesting.

Also - yes BWNWITenn, I enjoyed your story. I've always liked Bluegrass and have started to (in the last year or so) seek out old Bluegrass albums as well as CD collections. I've picked up quite a few albums at garage sales and flea markets, and such. One album is by the Kentucky Colonels. I think it involved them re-uniting at some point with all, or most of thier original lineup. I'll have to dig it out. It sounds like it was a good show you saw... I'm also learning to play Banjo - when I get the time to pick the damn thing up.

Posted on Mon Jan 1 21:59:16 CET 2001 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

Diamond Lil: you're welcome for the Spike Jones song lyrics. I got those right, but missed the origin of the "ring out the old, ring in the new/ ring out the false, ring in the true" lines that George Harrison borrowed. He lifted those from Tennyson, not Wordsworth. I need to brush up on that stuff I read 25 years ago.

I know that some of the words to "Jupiter Hollow" came out of another classic of English lit (and I think Robbie must have read "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" at the same time), but I've completely forgotten which one. If only Jan's site had been around when I was in college...

Posted on Mon Jan 1 21:29:55 CET 2001 from (


Web page

For all the serious Deadheads out there, on Saturday I saw Roland White and the New Kentucky Colonels at the Station Inn. The Kentucky Colonels were the Bluegrass band that Jerry Garcia followed around the country in the mid sixties recording their shows (sound familiar?); during the trip he met David Grisman, and upon returning to California, turned Mother Macree's Uptown Jug Champions into the Warlocks. Roland is the brother of the late Clarence White, bluegrass guitarist extraordinaire, member of the Byrds, and inventor of the Parsons-White B-Bender. The original Kentucky Colonels recorded the all-instrumental Appalachian Swing, one of the greatest Bluegrass records of all time. Roland is the only original member of the new version, although banjo player Billy Ray Lathum was in the audience on this night. Billy's got gray hair and a bushy beard, and in fact looks a bit like Levon. The new band's not as good as the original, of course, but they were decent. They had a really good kid playing fiddle, probably not much over twenty, and a woman on rhythm guitar. She didn't play any leads, alas, so no visions of Clarence. They played a few Kentucky Colonel classics, like Long Journey Home, and The Last Thing On My Mind, which reminded me of the Danko Fjeld Anderson album. It was great to get to see Roland White play the mandolin and sing; his voice is as unique as any of The Band's.

Hopefully someone cares about this.

Corned Beef and Cabbage or Roast Pork and Hoppin' John to all, and to all a good day!

Posted on Mon Jan 1 21:25:07 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Charlie Young: That really brings back memories. Thanks for the lyrics..and the smile :-)

Posted on Mon Jan 1 19:42:00 CET 2001 from (

Spike Jones

From: On the Box...

By request for Diamond Lil, here are the words to "Happy New Year," written by Eddie Brandt and Freddy Morgan in 1947. For those who don't get the connection to The Band, listen to "Up on Cripple Creek" first. Also keep in mind the bizarre humor of Spike Jones records, and the fact that this one is sung by various characters of different ages:

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

This is my New Year's resolution:

When my mother-in-law begins to yell and shout,

Through the window I would like to throw her out

But I resolve not to do it and here is why:

I'm afraid of hitting someone passing by.

Happy New Year!

When I'm at the movies watching a love scene,

And a lady's hat is blocking half the screen,

I resolve not to shout,"Take off that hat,"

I'll remove it gently with a baseball bat.

This is my New Year's resolution...

Happy New Year!

When I take a lovely lady out to eat,

And she orders caviar instead of meat,

I resolve to let the lady have her fill,

And, of course, I'll also let her pay the bill.

This is my New Year's resolution...

Happy New Year!

When I'm sitting with my wifey on the bus,

And a dear old lady stands in front of us,

I resolve to be a gentleman discreet,

I'll politely offer her my wifey's seat.

This is my New Year's resolution...

When my mother says,"Come in; it's time to eat,"

And I keep on playing games out in the street,

I resolve to rush right home now when I'm called,

Because my pop just bought a hair brush and he's bald!

This is my New Year's resolution...

On the radio this year I hope to score

With some funny jokes you've never heard before,

I resolve not to tell a corny joke:

"Hello, what's that?

The church burned down?

Holy smoke!!"

This is my New Year's resolution...

In this coming year I'm gonna be discreet,

Have the Slickers playing music soft and sweet

I resolve to treat Tchaikovsky tenderly,

And set his second movement off with TNT!

Happy New Year!

Posted on Mon Jan 1 18:59:22 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa

Happy New Year !!

I wish you all good health, peace and prosperity.

Thank you Jan.

Posted on Mon Jan 1 16:00:12 CET 2001 from (

Mike Curren

From: Boston

Happy New Year to all! I have a request. If anyone here knows how I can locate ON CD either John Simon's 1st album or Hirth From Earth...both my vinyls are getting seriously scratched, and they are 2 of my favorite non-Band lps. Please e-mail suggestions to Thanks!

Posted on Mon Jan 1 11:58:32 CET 2001 from (


(just a little 'Black Crowes' for you people)

Posted on Mon Jan 1 11:56:44 CET 2001 from (


"Welcome to the good time, baby..." I hope this pertains to you ALL during the New Year...

Posted on Mon Jan 1 11:54:05 CET 2001 from (

Tommy (the original)

From: Brooklyn,NY

A hippity, hoppity, happy New Year to you mothers!!! I am shit-ass drunk right now...Nice! Miwa...what...? No 'happy new year' to ME??? I'm hurt! I've been contributing for some time now and I feel I've become part of the GB family...Am I not good enough for a "Happy New Year" greeting??? ... Either way, Happy New Year to ALL!!! Someone write me cause I wanna talk music...Rock'N'Roll in particular...

Remember...I'm I feel "does no one like me here???"... 'Cause no one ever answers me...

Posted on Mon Jan 1 07:59:03 CET 2001 from (

Dennis Caughy

From: Baltimore

New Year's Eve always reminds me of "Rock of Ages: RIP- Richard and Rick

Posted on Mon Jan 1 07:49:41 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Officially 2001! Happy New Year to all the heathens :-)...hugs from me and the 3 stooges to Mr and Mrs Claus...and lots of love to the inimitable Mr.Hoiberg. A peace..

Posted on Mon Jan 1 07:14:58 CET 2001 from (



Hope everyone had a nice Christmas celebration!

Special warm greetings to Members of The Band and their families, Jan , 'Lil, The 3 Stooges, Mother, Tami, Jeff, Kyle, Mike, Scott, Kristen, Bruce, Janice, Drue, Ammon in Russia, Dave V., Shaundee, Nash, Larry, Susie, Rachel, Gracie, Rosie, Sarah, Samantha, Ginger, Dave, Emily, Valerie, Robert and Miss Katie! Also........Jan C., Dave, Donna H., The 4 Walls, Tom at Woodstock Records, Breeze Hill, and The Crowmatics!

Thanks Santa for a special Christmas. I look forward to the year ahead with love.

Posted on Mon Jan 1 06:48:39 CET 2001 from (

Blind Willie McTell

New Years is about 15 minutes away. My friends downstairs have no idea The Genetic Method and Chest Fever are the first two songs they will hear in 2001.

Posted on Mon Jan 1 06:43:30 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Hi I’m back. And still smiling after Friday’s Crowmatix show. I made it to the show after a delayed snowy depart from Mpls, a missed connect in Detroit, followed by an announcement that my “last chance” flight was cancelled due to an oil leak (almost brought me to tears), and then at 4 p.m. after 4 hours our pilot somehow miraculously hornswaggled another plane to fly which ultimately got me into Pawling at about 7:30 p.m. just perfect for dinner (scallop hushpuppies appetizer and seafood spaghetti with the plate lined all the way around with mussels in little black shells – Yea Towne Crier!) and several drinks before the show. When the music started the stress just flowed right out the bottom of my boot heals into that wood floor.

For those fellow GBers who showed, I was the seriously buzzed introvert wearing the Garth short sleeve T-shirt a little bit self-consciously until I saw the Professor sporting a long sleeve version himself. But not to be confused with the guy standing over by Garth playing "air-organ" (i.e. like air-guitar). He was having lots more fun.

As far as songs in the 2 sets plus one song oncore, I recall Twilight being played for Rick’s BDay, a festive Christmas Must Be Tonight, Poor Little Fool and Great Beyond from first Crowmatix CD, Don’t Wait from Jubilation, Let The Four Winds Blow, Wheel’s On Fire and Next Time You See Me from Rick CDs, and most of the second Crowmatix CD including Restless Islands, Over The Edge, Tear Of Clouds, A Few Hours, No Division – Heart & Soul and Scarlet Begonias. Then throw in Chest Fever, something "Sadie", and some Beach Boys sounding classic about "It’s Only R&R To Me". Hey, not bad considering I exceeded my 2 drink limit.

Garth was just awesome. I shook his hand after the show and said thanks for the music and then might have mumbled something about coming in from MN to which he replied "Come on out to the New Year’s show". I swear he has to be part crab-like or spider-like because his fingers and how he uses them appeared longish and lightning quick, hence no real chance for that TLW fly. He also did a lot of cool hand movements, karate chops and spoken word stuff that was great theatrics. The way he sometimes attacks that organ gave me shivers kinda like when I was watching that Man From Snowy River movie scene where the horse just jumps down that steep hill without thinking twice about it. I got pics that will show the rest of the band watching him do the Genetic Method. And on one song he appeared to share rhythm guitar duty with Mike DeMicco except he was on sax. My favorite image though is when he dips his sax mouthpiece into a glass of water and then childishly drinks from the same cup. He not only can play with the best musicians he could play with my kids.

Getting back to the songs here are some miscellaneous recollections. Garth solos were sometimes followed by great Mike DeMicco guitar solos. Mike also played some mandolin and I shook his hand too afterwards and thanked him for the show. I loved that train song "Tear of Clouds" which always makes me daydream what it would be like to ride the logging rails in northern MN. By the way, Miss Marie has a lot going on including some cool shrieks one of which appeared to prompt a Garth mimic moments later. She also sat in on keyboards when Louie took to the accordian. Great whistling too. Let’s see what else. In general, it felt to me more like a creative process than a run through of songs. Scarlet Begonias actually got momentarily lost in looseness only to finish out as the second best song of the night for me. The band really kicked it out on my favorite Chest Fever with Garth on accordian and organ plus vocals (simultaneous). Better to me than any version I’ve heard on tape. Think whirling NY snow storm organ playing too. I don’t really recall which tunes included the drum and bass solos but they made the versions wonderful extensions. Lastly, on a number of tunes I really appreciated the vocal harmonies by Miss Marie and Mike Dunn around the Professor’s lead. I am gonna have to relisten to my CDs more closely.

And the Professor really impressed me. A commanding presence on keyboards and vocals, and he is a strong looking guy in person with that NY accent. I shook his hand first after the show ended and got caught in a little do-loop where I kept mumbling "Wonderful" and he replied "Thanks for coming out". The Professor also said nice shirt when I approached. And he and Mike Dunn had the Crowmatix cap thing going on. All of the band members appeared real nice. I picked up a Danko CD on my way out. Something for the early airport drive.

And then it was off to the Poughkeepsie Holiday Inn Express. I beat the snow but got lost for a half hour, slept most of Saturday while it snowed, and then caught the first Sunday flight out and smiled all the way home. I also had lots of little adventures and met a lot of nice airport and hotel people on the side too but this post is a long enough indulgence already.

And finally, thanks Diamond Lil’. I wish we could have hooked up and I could have bought you a drink or two. I am not sure I could have done this without your help and encouragement. It looks like I’ll have to come back again. But in summer of course.

P.S. - I’m real interested in hearing how the New Year’s Eve show went. Someone please post. And Thanks Again Crowmatix!!!

Posted on Mon Jan 1 06:37:07 CET 2001 from (

Mrs. Jones

From: N.Y.N.Y.

And here's to the 'twisted'. Cheers !! The twisted the better. Down with the 'norm'. Now let's all let our freak flags fly. 2001 Happy New Year everyone. except the crabgrass on the lawn. May you be mowed down soon.

Posted on Mon Jan 1 06:07:32 CET 2001 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Wordsworth is overrated - what else can I say?

Also, I'd hate to think any member of The Band's moral ground would be that low - I didn't think we were alluding to statutory male rape here in regard to Billy Preston - though any details regarding this matter seem to have been expunged from the web.

And suddenly throwing mothers-in-law out the window seems to be a humorous topic. This GB is getting twisted!!

Posted on Mon Jan 1 04:33:08 CET 2001 from (


From: Madison, Wi.
Web page


Posted on Mon Jan 1 04:10:46 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Charlie: It's possible that I have the name of the Spike Jones tune's been a loooong time! It's the one where the first verse talks about throwing the mother-in-law out the window...but afraid she'll hit someone. If it's the same tune, _please_ post the lyrics. I need the smile. Thanks.

Posted on Mon Jan 1 03:34:56 CET 2001 from (


Little Brother: I fear that rumors of the Fly's demise may have been greatly exaggerated, I think I just saw him on Larry King Live wearing a Garth Hudson t-shirt and playing the accordion ...

the Plutocrats are fine with me, since we're all owned by Disney anyway, but as far as "going there" goes, I didn't think I my discussing the issue was terribly out of line, just went where the rest of the herd was going...

and btw: HAPPY ( joyous and free) NEW YEAR!!!!

Posted on Mon Jan 1 02:44:55 CET 2001 from (

Broken Arrow

From: the land of sn

January 1st, 2001... Hard to believe , another new year is upon us. Wishing everyone who visits here a happy and healthy. and remember. listening to music brings harmony to the mind. ........

Posted on Mon Jan 1 02:17:27 CET 2001 from (

Little Brøther

From: Land of the Mummers' Curse

-- Happy New MILLENNIUM to all, from our Southern Cross contingent (Amanda, Nancy, Rod, et al) to our guiding Norse Star, Jan, by way of the British Isles and Greater Euroland.

-- Guen, as someone once said, "I feel your pain". Still, as someone else once said, "Don't go there, girl!" The Guestbook is much better at discussing crucial issues like the fate of the Fly than coping with the Pandora's Box of politics. Perhaps we can cling to the thought that the republic will survive regardless of which regime of plutocrats occupy the White House, as long as Big Pink remains free!

(And although I didn't see the pedophile reference that aggravated you, I wouldn't put much stock in it. After all, the boys' colorful social lives included setting up a narc "sting" with the assistance of friendly jail bait, and the kind of popularity where one might check out Polaroids, but not birth certificates. Hard to imagine anyone seriously staking out the high moral ground, even decades later. Take it like a grain of salt...)

-- Now it's on to ROA, with the Genetic Method reserved for the stroke of twelve. Party hearty or party quiet, peace and joy (read "big fun") to the Guestbook cybercommunity and the Band who makes it all real.

Posted on Mon Jan 1 02:11:41 CET 2001 from (


Happy New Year to the GB regulars and a particular tip of the big floppy hat to the Heathens and Cupid's Angels too![Who's your Daddy] Peace!...Have a safe one y'all...C

Posted on Mon Jan 1 01:44:13 CET 2001 from (


From: My parents

Happy New Year...I'll be drunk or hungover tomorrow, so I'll check in in a few.Have a good time friends!!!

Posted on Mon Jan 1 01:34:41 CET 2001 from (


Dismayed by recently reading in here that Levon deems Bill Clinton to be a pedophile while Billy Preston is deemed a pal despite a more serious morals charge. Is Clinton's ineptness at playing the sax to blame or is it merely the return of Family Values with a Bush returning to the White House after almost being elected by the populace?

HAPPY NEW (Republican)YEAR!!!!

Posted on Mon Jan 1 01:11:28 CET 2001 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

Hey Crabby: most of the words to "Ding Dong" were lifted intact from one of the great poets of the English language, William Wordsworth. I guess George figured a guy dead that long wouldn't be likely to sue:)

Diamond Lil: the only Spike Jones CD I have (not counting one of his 78rpm discs I play on my Victrola) contains a song called "Happy New Year." Is that the same song you're talking about?

Posted on Mon Jan 1 01:04:39 CET 2001 from (


From: The Netherlands

.......a toast to you all!.......may 2001 be your friend!.........

Posted on Mon Jan 1 00:27:14 CET 2001 from (


From: The Front Lawn

I never liked "Auld Lang Syne" but Harrison's "Ding Dong" is even worse and on a par with Robbie's "Christmas Must Be Tonight" as one of the worst holiday songs ever written.

Happy New Year Folks!!

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