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The Band Guestbook, January '98

Below are the entries in the Band guestbook from January 1998. This was the first time the Band guestbook was censored. About 10K of entries, containing personal attacks and degrading comments about others, were removed at the end of this month.

Sat Jan 31 23:38:50 MET 1998

Rob Walker

From: Waterloo, New York, USA (about 35 miles north of Watkins Glenn)

I offer up the following for no other reason that it’s something to ponder, and will perhaps stimulate a little discussion.

For years, I have wondered how much of an influence the Band were upon the Beatles’ decision to record their aborted "Get Back" album. (Ultimately released in a mutated form as their "Let It Be" album. Both the film and the album were originally to have been called "Get Back"). For those of you who don’t know, the original idea behind the Beatles’ "Get Back" project was that they get back to their roots, and record without all the overdubs and studio tricks that they had become accustomed to. Basically, they wanted to try getting back to a "purer" form of recording, like that used by the Band on Big Pink and the Brown Album. And, like "Moondog Matinee", the Beatles recorded a large number of oldies during these sessions, though they were never released (but widely available on bootlegs).

Over the years, I have read qoutes from Lennon and McCartney praising the Band, or Dylan and the Band (McCartney metions having seen the Isle of Wight performance). Lennon was quoted as saying that when he sees acts like The Band doing what they are doing, it made him wonder why the Beatles couldn’t do something like that. George Harrison is on record many times praising the Band, and at one point commented that Robbie Robertson was the luckiest song writer in the world because he was writing songs to be sung by the greatest voice in the world: Levon Helm. Of course, eventually Harrison and Starr recorded with the Band on Starr’s "Ringo" album, Ringo played at the Last Waltz, and Danko and Helm were members of Ringo’s first "All - Starrs" band. Obviously, the Beatles were fans of the Band. At any rate, all this had led me to suspect that the Band were at least one influence on the Beatles starting their "Get Back" project.

I just finished reading a book called "Get Back: The Unauthorized Chronicle of the Beatles’ Let It Be Disaster", by Sulpy and Schweighardt. It is based on the unreleased tapes recorded throughout the month of January 1969 as the Beatles were recording the music finally released on "Let It Be". This book has confirmed my suspicions. George Harrison, especially, is quoted throughout the book as praising The Band during the Let It Be sessions. The Band are cited perhaps more often than anyone else beside Chuck Berry by the Beatles during these sessions. Rough performances of "Caledonia Mission", "To Kingdom Come" and "I Shall Be Released" were recorded by the Beatles, though none have been officially released. Danko’s bass playing and Hudson’s organ playing are especially praised, again especially by Harrison.

Bottom line for me is that The Band were and are an extremely important influence on modern music. The numbers of musicians they have ultimately influenced is immeasurable.

At any rate, I just find this very interesting. Rob

Sat Jan 31 23:15:43 MET 1998

Crazy Chester

From: Toronto

I just got the Complete Last Waltz. It seems to me that Richard, God Bless Him, was completely out of it. Hoarse, wrong notes. I always wondered why there wasn't more of him in the movie, but now I think I know.

Sat Jan 31 20:37:34 MET 1998




Sat Jan 31 20:18:40 MET 1998

Sweet William

I am loking for the 76 Palladium show. I own many rare Band tapes and cd's and I am looking to make a trade for a tape. I'm sure I will make it worth the effort. Also I wish everyone would respect Jan's request for a peaceful guestbook. People may make absurd comments, but as Sting once said in a song "it takes a man to suffer ignorance and smile". Lets show Jan how much we appreciate his hard work.

Sat Jan 31 19:47:44 MET 1998

Spider John

From: Rancho Deluxe

In the spirit of the new improved Guestbook I want to publicly thank Lars97 and Serge for their answer to my "Southern Cross" question. I have recently ordered the "Northern Lights/Southern Cross CD. Lars, if you come to Bellmore in May to see Rick maybe We Can Talk.

Sat Jan 31 17:36:35 MET 1998




Sat Jan 31 16:38:53 MET 1998

Jud Philips

From: Houston,Tx

In The Last Waltz there's a song playing when Rick Danko and Martin Scorsese are in the master control music room. Can anyone out there tell me the name of that song? I don't think it's on any of The Bands albums is it? Thanks to anyone who knows, Jud

Sat Jan 31 15:32:54 MET 1998




Sat Jan 31 15:32:41 MET 1998

Serge Daniloff

From: London, Ontario

Lars97, you're right about the trip to Australia..I pointed that out a few days ago when I asked.."what did the guys see in the night sky while in Australia".

Marvin, I don't think Jan is being unreasonable. He owns the site and he has operated it for a couple of years now with great success. Obscenity was creeping in, as well as character attacks..etc.. I believe he knows what he's doing. Read his warning again carefully.

I don't understand people's fear of including their surnames here, and or their email addresses.

Sat Jan 31 14:09:23 MET 1998

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbor

With all the hullabaloo of late Dave Powell never got a chance to correct his note about "The Ballad of Spider John". Spider was a robber man/card cheat who loves and loses Diamond Lil. Spider is no legendary Bluesman.

Sat Jan 31 13:40:51 MET 1998


From: Long Island

The Southern Cross inquiry is old news by now, but I haven't been able to write sooner and in the interest of accuracy I thought I should provide one more word. When the Hawks toured with Dylan and were in the process of becoming The Band, they did some dates in Australia--April '66. (The Southern Cross constellation, coincidently, is an element of the Australian flag.) Of course, this was only Robbie, Garth, Rick, and Richard. Levon had already left the tour by this time. I can't say whether he ever traveled south of the equator with The Band or otherwise.

Sat Jan 31 07:38:25 MET 1998




Sat Jan 31 04:38:11 MET 1998


From: Ct

Nicely said Jan. This is one of my favorite sites. I hope everyone thinks...before they write.Thanks again for your patience.Perhaps all would be calmer here the boys went back out on the road together again? We shall see.

Sat Jan 31 03:54:31 MET 1998


From: penna

I also would urge people to pick up Tom Pacheo Woodstock Winter, very nice indeed. Jim Weider's guitar playing is very Robertsonesque on several songs. My girlfriend likes the song "She's a smart woman" a lot. Go figure.

Sat Jan 31 02:11:45 MET 1998

Marvin Gardens

From: Long Island

Serge, My guess is that you know the answer to a question that's been posted before. Danko's live performances of Long Black Veil include a new stanza. Check his recent "In Concert" version. What is the source of these new lyrics? Thanks

Sat Jan 31 01:58:42 MET 1998

Marvin Gardens

From: Long Island

Jan, At the risk of taking the politically incorrect position, I respectfully disagree with your recent censoring. Other than outright obscenity, racism or threats of physical violence, you should allow anything. Once you start censoring where do you stop? Why not censor Honey Boy Hudson? He didn't provide his e-mail, obviously is impersonating Garth and is somewhat critical of others who have passed here. By your own rules he should be out. See how dangerous it can get?

Sat Jan 31 00:39:15 MET 1998

Honey Boy Hudson

From: Woodstock

This place is begining to sound a lot like Jack Ruby's old place! I'd rather be fixin the screen door,myself! Some of you guys are worse than Levon and Robbie!

Sat Jan 31 00:35:04 MET 1998

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Thanks to Pat for his thorough review of Crossing the Great Divide. I'm probably going to get the set too, and will try to add my own comments here at some point.

Also, I wanted to recommend Tom Pacheco's Woodstock Winter album to people. The reviews on this site convinced me to give it a try and I'm sure glad I did. I've really been enjoying it. All 6 members of the current Band pop up all over the various tracks, and there are 2 or 3 truly beautiful tracks with Rick's backing vocals ("Four Angels" and "Hills of Woodstock") that are worth the price of the disc alone. Even the tracks that (IMO) are weak lyrically, are made up for to some extent by the beautiful instrumentation and sound throughout. If you come across it, I'd definitely recommend picking it up, especially since no current Band product seems to be on the horizon for a while...sigh...

Fri Jan 30 17:08:35 MET 1998


From: High Falls, NY

Just found this site. It's great. Thank you Jan H. I have all the "old Band" albums and I think they were the greatest band that ever formed! I can't believe they broke up before I was born! The new Band doesn't excite me like that. Because there are different members and lets face it, the old members are, uh, old. Also they have burned out a lot of brain cells huh? Well thank you for this site. I think it's funny that all these guys come here and write unsolicited essays on Band minutia, but it's possible that there's a shortage of milk of magnesia where they live!

Fri Jan 30 15:58:34 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Sorry about the double posting--still experiencing problems on this end with access to the server. Also, for the past month have been unable to send E-mail directly to you Jan.

If the e-mail address does not work, try or, in case of emergency,
-- JH

Fri Jan 30 15:50:16 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

"The Band, Bob Dylan and a basement" was the lead-in to a story aired last night on CNN about the "big pink" house. As the strains of the basement tapes version of "This Wheel's On Fire" played in the background, CNN reported that the house was on the market for sale and recounted the musical history of the little house in West Saugerties, N.Y. Music critic Greil Marcus, who recently published a book about the basement tapes, was quoted on camera referring to those tapes as a "cultural lab experiment." The local real estate broker and two current owners of the house were also quoted regarding the significance of the music that was made there. One of the owners expressed that the house was "a symbol of creativity" while "The Weight" played in the background. An all too brief but pleasant respite from the current madness being reported on that news network.

Thank you Jan for the reminder & the warning regarding the recent personal attacks posted on this site. These lines from Dylan are brought to mind:

"Got no place to fade, got no coat / I'm on the rollin' river in a jerkin' boat / Tryin' to read a note somebody wrote / About dignity."

Fri Jan 30 14:08:43 MET 1998

John Donabie

From: Toronto


Fri Jan 30 09:49:19 MET 1998

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway

The Band web server has been down for almost 12 hours. Restarted this morning. Sorry.

Thu Jan 29 20:11:31 MET 1998


From: vancouver island b.c. canada

right on jan .somebody had to do it.we need this guestbook

Thu Jan 29 17:52:55 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Continuing the discussion regarding STAGE FRIGHT, Mr. Lyness brought up an interesting point in his recollection of the "distant" sound of the vocals on the original LP. I think that the variance in the sound of the different versions of this album is due not only to the fact that too many people had their hands in the mix, but also, as a result, different sets of work or master tapes exist, which were used to produce the LP and subsequent CD versions.

Some of the resulting work tapes may not be "first generation" tapes. Each time a tape is copied or dubbed, more & more detail of the music is lost. It is possible that second or later generation tapes were used to cut the original & later editions of the LP. It was also a common practice at Capitol, as well as at other labels, to "roll off" both the high & low end sound when they cut LPs in that era.

I believe that when Larry Walsh remastered the album to CD for Capitol he used the original or an early generation, unequalized work tape. This would explain why you can hear more detail in the vocals, as well as in the instuments on the CD, in contrast to the veiled sound of the LP.

The DCC gold CD done by Steve Hoffman sounds even better. Mr. Hoffman, as with all the releases done on his label, uses only first generation work tapes as a source, and further improves on the sound by using the highest quality equipment in the remastering chain. In additon to using a vintage Ampex tape machine, he uses a tube pre-amp to "warm up" the sound, eliminating most of the harsh glare heard on inferior CDs. The result is that most the the detail that was recorded onto the original tape during the recording is retrieved & the veil is lifted so to speak.

Thu Jan 29 17:14:02 MET 1998


From: SF

Jan, I hope people here listen. You do a great job.

Thu Jan 29 13:30:12 MET 1998

Serge Daniloff

From: London, Ontario, Canada

Thank you Jan.

Thu Jan 29 11:53:18 MET 1998

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway

This has gone too far. You regular readers of the guestbook know what I mean. I don't want to end up being sued for providing space to these kind of personal attacks and God knows what. So ... I have edited the entire guestbook for January, and removed a bunch of entries.

I know some of you will protest, in the name of free speech and whatever. And I don't care. I run this web site, I own the server, I decide what to store or not to store on my discs. Call me Adolf. But I am very sorry I had to do this ...

May I please ask you to try following these three simple rules when posting in the guestbook:

  1. Please send an e-mail to the person you want to address if what you have to say is personal (like e.g. "you ignorant pig, how can you say that etc..."). Do not use the guestbook for personal messages.
  2. Think before you post. Myself I try not to post anything I would not dare to say to someone face to face.
  3. Leave your e-mail address, if you have one, when you post something here, so other people can contact you directly if they want.
If things does not get better here very soon, the Band Guestbook will be shut down. I don't have time to switch to e-mail submission and then screen entries manually. Last warning.

Thu Jan 29 06:24:08 MET 1998

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Disc Three-The Band "Share Your Love"-begins with two Rock of Ages outtakes: "Caledonia Mission" and "Loving You(Is Sweeter Than Ever)". Next is Richard doing "Share Your Love" from Roosevelt Stadium. Poor quality but Richard's voice haunts. I recall a Watkins Glen boot with superior sound. Two Planet Waves outtakes: two instrumentals, one unnamed and "Crosswind Jamboree". Three cuts follow from the MSG stop on the '74 Dylan tour: "King Harvest" "Rag Mama Rag" and "Wheel's on Fire." This was a heavily booted tour and the quality here is typical, although I have a Boston performance that seems markedly better. The original Band material ends with "It Makes No Difference" and "Don't Do IT" from the recent Last Waltz collection. This is very disappointing. There are any number of great boots from the mid-70's, especially the Palladium show in '76 with horns. The Northern Lights Southern Cross stuff from those tours--"Forbidden Fruit" "Ophelia" "Ring Your Bell" and "Twilight" (Yeah, I know, it's an outtake from NLSC)--all burn big time and give lie to the critics harping that the group was stagnant and over the hill towards the end. "Long Black Veil" from the '83 comeback and a 1988 "The Weight" with Dylan ends the live material. Four demos from Jericho end the disc. I really think the compilers missed a chance to highlight NLSC and demonstrate what a monstrous live ensemble the Band had become. I also have heard tunes from their first performance as the Band, especially a rare version of "Little Birds." Something from there should have been included. Despite my qualms, I recommend the collection to any Band fan. It ain't perfect, far from it, but the early stuff is enlightening, "Jake/Don't Do IT" is crucial, and the Rock Of Ages material is wonderful. Amen.

Thu Jan 29 05:59:42 MET 1998

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Disc Two-The Crackers "Time To Kill"- starts with three Basement Tapes tunes: "Katie's Been Gone", other versions of both "Ruben Remus" and "Yazoo Scandal". The next two are classics: the famous studio versions of "Get Up Jake" and "Don't So It." Great quality, enough said. I must admit that I'm a little disappointed here. There's a great boot of "We Can Talk About It Now" with a bunch of takes; at least one or two should have been included here. Next comes two Woodstock performances: "Don't Ya Tell Henry" and Richard on "Tears of Rage." Good quality, etc. "Highway 61" is with Dylan at Isle of Wight; for quality, see "Minstrel Boy/Rolling Stone" from Dylan's "Self-Portrait". "Dixie/Across The Great Divide" from the classic boot "Real Old Time Band," a 1970 Hollywood Bowl performance. Audience tape but classic. The next 8 are Rock of Ages outtakes. BTW, the packaging is wrong here; the disc ends with "I Shall Be Released". Some of the Dylan performances from one of the evenings have surfaced, and the quality is similiar to those. Somewhat rawer than the Rock Of Ages album stuff, giving rise to the overdub question. Most interesting is the version of "Smoke Signal", a rather overlooked cut from Cahoots that rips here. Also, a great version of "Rockin' Chair." I'm surprised at the absence of "The Weight" on this disc, but stay tuned.

Thu Jan 29 05:31:32 MET 1998

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Since "Crossing The Great Divide" seems to be a hot topic, I thought I'd shed a little light. First off, it's three discs, each clocking around 70 minutes. Typical Scorpio packaging, meaning excellant. Double gatefolds, interesting color pictures, including group and single shots. The enclosed booklet is the Goldmine article on the Band from 1991. To the music. Disc One, titled "What A Party," includes 24 Tracks. The first three, "What A Party" "Farther Up The Road" and "She's Nineteen" are all high quality Levon & The Hawks studio cuts. Levon on vocals on all three. The first is a teen beat confection with a female chorus, but the next two are very bluesy R&B with a lot of Robbie guitar work. "You Don't Know Me" comes from a live Texas tape with Richard doing his Ray Charles; fair quality but great vocals. "Leave Me Alone" is a quasi-Bo Diddly thing with Levon and Richard having some fun, a single recorded as the Canadian Squires. "He Don't Love You" and "The Stones I Throw" were a Hawks single from 1965. The former was on the "Across The Great Divide" Box set and the latter is generally regarded as the first "Band-ish" thing they recorded. "Number One" is an instrumental recorded with Dylan, generally a groove waiting for lyrics with lots of Garth on organ. "Baby Let Me Follow You Down" is from the "Guitars Kissing..." Dylan boot, the infamous Royal Albert Hall release- in reality, Manchester Free Trade Hall. The remaining 13 cuts are all Basement Tapes cuts; stuff like "Yazoo Street Scandal", "Orange Juice Blues" with and without vocals, two versions of "Beautiful Thing", and two versions of "You Say You Love Me." These all sound like the latest release of the Basement Tapes, very clean, in some cases startlingly so. In fact, When the quality is poor, other considerations make the choices obvious, as in Richard's vocals on "You Don't Know Me." The various early singles sound great, the best versions I've heard. I'll continue this later. BTW, the collection is available from Generation Records: 212-254-8008. Ask for Eva and tell her Pat sent you. If it's a machine, leave a message. They have copies as of today.

Thu Jan 29 01:56:35 MET 1998

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, GA

Interesting web site that has numerous info on the new album by Robbie Robertson is Also has an excellent video by Robbie, that needs Real Audio to view and listen. When I think about where Robbie has gone musically, it makes me feel that much stronger about his talents. We sometimes dwell on the past, but let us celebrate the fact that the 4 living original members each have a unique talent, that keeps on allowing their fans to share their gifts.

Thu Jan 29 01:46:27 MET 1998

Randy Johnson

From: Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

First time writer, long time reader. Hello to all the band's fan's. Is the Web sight for "all" people? Ha Ha, I hope so, geetings!!! I read that Garth Hudson is Rock Hudson's Cousin (or maybe second cousin, I forget) and that eh once played a bit role with him in a movie. He played his brother onde i think. I love the Band. Thanks for having a page about it.

Thu Jan 29 00:50:55 MET 1998

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

Promised play list of the Bootleg CD Forever Young: You go your way I'll go mine , Lay Lady Lay , ainy Day Women , It Ain't me Babe , Ballad of a Thin Man , Stagefright , Dixie , King Harvest , When you Ganna Wake Up , Up on Cripple Creek , All along the Watchtower , Hollis Brown , Knockin on Heaven's Door , The Times they are a changin , Don't think twice, it's Alright , Gates of Eden , CD # 2 , Just Like a Women , It's Alright Ma , Rag Mama Rag , Wheels on Fire , Shape I'm In , The Wait , Forever Yound , Highway 61 , Like a Rolling Stone , Maggie's Farm , Blowin in the Wind . Rehearsals May 1976 bonus tracks: Just Like a Woman , Hurricane , Lay Lady Lay , One More Cup of Coffee . If the spelling or title is not exact, don't blame me, that is the exact wording on the back Don

Wed Jan 28 23:54:51 MET 1998

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Hey, I like Stage Fright too -- nice to see a few positive mentions of it on the guestbook. "Stage Fright" and "Shape I'm In" are of course two of their most classic songs, but I quite like many of the "minor" songs as well. Richard's "Sleeping" is gorgeous. Levon's "All La Glory" is one of my favorites of his -- beautiful tender vocals and lovely accordian by Garth. And of course "The Rumor" is great too. Side note, perhaps related to the discussion of the different mixes: I'd heard the album version of "The Rumor" years ago, and Levon's voice seemed very distant in the mix (or perhaps it was just the stereo I was listening on? not sure). It was only when I bought the CD a couple of years ago that I really heard all 3 voices, and realized what an excellent song it is. Can anyone suggest whether or not it was the difference in the mixes, or am I just imagining this?

Wed Jan 28 18:38:32 MET 1998

Jerome Levon Avis.

From: Peterborough Ont Canada.

Hello, This is my first time to the guest book,I hope

Wed Jan 28 17:48:24 MET 1998


From: pennaAs great as the

I used to play the stage fright album to death. It's a great blend of fun and kinda moodier songs. And it sounds so different from the Big Pink and Brown albums. S.F. sounds more strident and brassy while the first two are warmer and woodsy,with a in your gut kind of feel. Islands is another very different sounding album, that I could'nt get enough of. That Robertson/Danko tune Sleepwalker kind of obsessed me for a while. As for Stage Fright,whoever and however it was mixed they should try this formula again because it works!

Wed Jan 28 15:46:04 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Kevin & Peter Viney raise some interesting points about the STAGE FRIGHT mixes. The controversy that still exists indicates that there are indeed different versions of the mix down that were used as masters for the album over the years. I went back & checked Levon's book, THIS WHEEL'S ON FIRE, and this is what he recalls about the album:

"Our third record, STAGE FRIGHT, was recorded quickly to save money...The stage (at the Woodstock Playhouse) was the studio, and the controls were in the downstairs prop room. Capitol sent up some recording gear in a truck, which was parked around in the back. We didn't have to hear from the label about studio budgets and deadlines."

The book goes on to quote John Simon, who recalls: "I didn't produce STAGE FRIGHT...because by then Robbie was learning the board himself, and they brought in Todd Rundgren, a young engineer who knew all the hip new sounds. So I was around Woodstock when they were recording, and played on the album, for which I was credited with 'special thanks'...With BIG PINK we just went into the studio, did our best, and it was a hit. That made THE BAND much harder to do. In comparison, STAGE FRIGHT was simpler. The musicians didn't even mix the album. They gave one set of tapes to Todd to mix and sent another to British engineer Glyn Johns in London, to mix down with completely fresh ears. The album that came out was mostly Glyn's mix, with a few of Todd's in there as well."

As Levon describes in his book, this was the begining of the "dark" period for the members of The Band. Despite all the forces working against them, I still believe that they produced perhaps their third best effort with STAGE FRIGHT. Song for song, despite which mix you listen to, the album still stands up as a great achievement. I'd be interested in hearing what others think about this album.

Wed Jan 28 14:56:49 MET 1998

Dan Blood

From: California

The Titanic, Bill Clinton's schmekel, The U.S.of A. Why is it that the words to this song keep spinning in my head: You must leave now / Take what you need, you think will last / But whatever you wish to keep, You better grab it fast, Yonder stands your orphan, with his gun Crying like a fire in the sun. Look out the Saints are comin' through / And IT'S ALL OVER NOW BABY BLUE.

Wed Jan 28 06:51:39 MET 1998


From: Upstate NY

I saw Bob Dylan in Po'keepsie tonite, good performance. The civic center was a sell-out, just shows that the Mid-Hudson region can appreciate good rock 'n roll.

Wed Jan 28 02:37:02 MET 1998

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbor

Mr. David Powell of Stone Mountain Georgia: Ain't that the home of Jake the Snake Roberts? Anyway, I'm familiar with "The Ballad of Spider John" as covered by Jimmy Buffett in his "Livin &Dyin in 3/4 Time album (1974). I rechecked the lyrics. The song appears to be about a card cheat not a musician. Please advise good buddy.

Tue Jan 27 23:42:28 MET 1998

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

Martin, as someone has by now surely pointed out, the version of "Rolling Stone" in NYS was off the 74 tour album. Loved it in the movie though, allmost made it worth sittiing through Coppola's god awful "Life Without Zoe." Extra credit Band Triva: The turgid melodrama that won Jack Lemmon a 1974 Oscar was called "Save The Tiger" , and it mentions The Band. Also, the poster from Moondog can be spotted behind Brad Doriff in "Eyes of Laura Mars."

Tue Jan 27 22:56:00 MET 1998




Tue Jan 27 22:01:48 MET 1998

Peter Viney

From: Poole, Dorset, UK

Re/ mixes of Stage Fright:

Apparently, separate complete mixes were done by Rundgren / Simon in America and Johns in London. There is some dispute about who produced which tracks on the final release. Three tracks exist in different mixes on later vinyl copies - it’s said that these three had Glyn Johns mixes which were lost and replaced by Rundgren mixes. It was recorded at the Woodstock Playhouse. Note that the sides are listed on the sleeve as ‘Parts 1 and II’ - not ‘Sides 1 and II’. The CDs are different mixes to the earlier vinyl copies. Differences (early LPs versus US CDs):

  1. On the CD of All La Glory you can hear Levon grunting during Garth’s organ solo
  2. W.S. Walcott ends instead of fading out. It also starts later on the CD than segueing out of the end of Shape I'm In
  3. On The Rumor there's an extra overdub of Garth right at the end of Robbie’s guitar solo.
The original idea had been to record a live show, but this was nixed by the town authorities, so soon after the Woodstock festival. Having completed the album, the tapes were sent to producer Glyn Johns, who had produced Steve Miller’s Children of The Future and Sailor as well as the Stones’Beggars Banquet. Johns had also recorded Dylan at the Isle of Wight, where he met The Band and struck up a friendship with Levon Helm. Eventually Levon called Glyn Johns to say they’d like him to mix Stage Fright.

QUOTE FROM: Glyn Johns
Now that’s a very strange thing for anyone to do if he’s never worked with someone before, for a start; secondly, it’s bad enough mixing an album you’ve never heard before in your life, with the guy alongside you to explain how it was recorded, how it was laid out, how he wants it to sound … Also, I’ve always thought The Band were incredibly fussy about their sound, they must be because they’ve always got this amazing sound on record, and I know they’re very responsible for it. So all of a sudden there’s this guy phoning me, saying they’re sending the tape, and they’re not coming with it … The tape duly arrived, and it was a bit of a mess up actually. I was led to believe it was on an eight-track tape, so I’d booked the studio at Olympic, Studio One, and when it arrived it was sixteen track … I ended up at Island in Basing street. Frankly, I was a little bit disappointed with the material on the album. Also I was a little bit disappointed with the way it had been recorded, but anyway I went ahead and mixed it, without anyone there, which was difficult. So it was a bit of a rushed job and the tapes were sent back to America, and in fact they only used, I believe, three of my mixes on the album. In fact it gives me credit on the album for mixing the whole thing, but in fact that’s not true, and the only reason I know is because when I sent my bill in their manager phoned me up and said, ‘Well, listen man, we used three mixes.’ And I said, ‘Well, tough. You’re going to have to pay me the whole bill. I don’t care. I don’t care if you didn’t use any of it.’ … I think there was a political thing involved with that somehow. I know that it was Levon who wanted me to do it. I don’t think Robbie Robertson wanted me to do it at all. Robbie wanted the engineer that recorded it, Todd Rundgren, to mix it. And in fact it turned into a game. Todd Rundgren brought the tapes over to England with him and he went into the studios and mixed a set. It turned into a competition which I thought was quite howlfully amusing.

Rundgren apparently thought The Band were ‘a load of old farts’ and was chased around the studio by a homicidal Levon after calling Garth ‘an old man.’ He also said that ‘because of the incredibly slow pace they worked (Stage Fright was) one of the more maddening experiences I had as a sound guy.’ This might be why they asked someone else to mix it.

Tue Jan 27 19:44:32 MET 1998

Pete Adams

From: Louisville,Ky, but born in the north
Home page:

Hey, you guys are the best, I am not old enough to experience the oringonal band(i am almost 20) but the Antholgy Record set is great....I have been a fan since the mid 80"s I was about 9 or 10....I am also a big fan of Bob Dylan and other 60's bands...I never got into the 80's pop muisc. Accadian Driftwood is the far most great song I have ever heard orm you(not that any of yur other songs are bad, they are all great)That song mande me want to move to canada, i am still stuck in the south but I will go vistit again some day. Thank you for making such great music and keep it up.I am also trying to be in a have been a great inpiration to me thanks again Pete

Tue Jan 27 19:26:00 MET 1998


From: Somerville, NJ

Rick Danko's set from last Saturday at Planet High Bridge was as follows: Crazy Mama, Twilight, Stage Fright, Next Time You See Me (Hurwitz vocal), It Makes No Difference, Good Thing (Charlante vocal), Blind Willie McTell, Long Black Veil, This Wheel's On Fire, Caldonia Mission, Four Winds Blow (?), Don't Do It (Charlante Vocal), The Weight, (something dedicated to George Jones), Blaze of Glory, Chest Fever (Charlante Vocal), The Shape I'm In (with Angus, the opening band), I Shall Be Released (with Angus) Rick was sharp the whole night, and made his usual jokes. He said that "The Band" will be recording at Levon's studio's this spring. Rick seems to really enjoy himself at these events, even though they are in rather small venues.

Tue Jan 27 18:14:52 MET 1998


From: Boston

Mountie, thanks for the link. Robbie, heart of my heart, it's too long between albums, but I can't wait for the new release. Have been looking forward to it forever.

Tue Jan 27 16:07:42 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Regarding the "Spider John" reference--Granted, it is the title of a Willis Alan Ramsey song, but the subject of that song is "Spider" John Koerner, the legendary bluesman.

Koerner, along with his frequent collaborators & label mates Dave "Snaker" Ray & Tony Glover, recorded a series of ground breaking acoustic blues/guitar/harmonica albums on the Elektra label in the sixties. Comtemporaries of Dylan from the Minnesota coffee house scene, Koerner & his buddies became an inspiration for many aspiring folk & blues musicians that followed.

One of "Spider" John's legendary albums, the RUNNING, JUMPING, STANDING STILL LP released by Elektra in 1969, was recently re-released on CD by the Red House label. I recommend that you check it out.

Tue Jan 27 15:34:46 MET 1998


From: Canada

Canadian Online Explorer has an interview with Robbie today. It's about his new album. You can find it at

Tue Jan 27 02:53:18 MET 1998


From: Philadelphia

I have been enjoying the recent discussion on the songwriting credits to the Band's songs. I am not a songwriter and do not have any real knowledge of the process or how credit is doled out

. However, recently, I was viewing VH-1's pop up video program. At the end of the video for Dire Straight's (sp) "Money For Nothing", the caption stated that Sting, who was living nearby when they were recording the song, was invited to sing back-up. He did adding his "I want my, I want my, I want my MTV" done to the melody of his song "Don't Stand So Close to Me". The caption went on to state that for that contibution, Sting received half a songwriter's credit(and probably millions of dollars).

Now, this story may not be true (and I may not know what I am talking about) but if that contribution deserves half a credit, I am sure that Rick, Garth, Richard and Levon's contibutions to Robbie's initial compositions deserve some credit (and money).

Tue Jan 27 02:28:41 MET 1998

Brilliant Guy

From: NYC

To Lars97 and Serge, In your rush to repond to the query about the" Southern Cross" could you possibly have missed the obvious refernce to "Spider John". It is the first cut of Willis Alan Ramsey's 1972 debut album. Leon Russell and Tim Drummond assisted. Gents, hang up them rock & roll shoes.

Mon Jan 26 23:55:39 MET 1998


From: Pittsburgh

Since the CD versions of StageFright are Glyn Johns' mixes, you can compare the CD's to the vinyl and figure out which are the Rundgren mixes on vinyl. I would say that "All La Glory", "Walcott", "Daniel", and "The Rumor" are definitely Rundgren's mixes. The rest are most likely Johns'. I think the gold CD mastered by Steve Hoffman sounds better than the standard CD mastered by Larry Walsh, although many believe the vinyl is superior to both.

Mon Jan 26 23:51:46 MET 1998


From: Detroit

Jake from NJ; Maybe Rick put on all "The Weight" because he's trying to kick Heroin, hmmm? I'd rather see him fat then dead! And I still think he's sexy. Love you Rick!

Mon Jan 26 21:10:54 MET 1998

Kitrick Short

From: Woodstock NY
Home page:

Hi everyone Why is the hall show cannceled if The Band is going into the studio to make a record why can't us there supporters Have a Band Concert! can someone from The Band tell me why? It was going to be a birtday present from my lady friend and now I can't go!!!Rick if you read this give me a call my new number is 246-9116 I only live about 4 miles away from you now so lets get together!and party like the old days!!

Mon Jan 26 19:30:21 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

It's been brought to my attention that it was Glynn Johns rather than John Simon who, along with Todd Rundgren, worked on the recording of STAGE FRIGHT. I think that to this day there is still some controversy as to whose contributions made it to final mix.

Mon Jan 26 18:30:34 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Regarding Todd Rundgren--As I recall, that in addition to John Simon, Rundgren was brought in that help record the STAGE FRIGHTalbum. I believe the sessions were taped at the Woodstock Playhouse, rather than in a studio. As to whose takes made it into the final mix, only Mr. Simon or the other principals can shed some light on this.

Maybe someone else could also offer some insight into what forces in or around The Band decided to mess with a successful formula by bringing someone else "to the board" after the stellar work Mr. Simon contributed to "The Brown Album."

Among audio devotees, Mr. Simon's production work has always been admired for its warm, natural sound. He was able to accurately reproduce on tape a sense of what the group's live sound was at that time. Mr. Rundgren, on the other hand, has a reputation as being a little too much of a "techno-head" in his production work. Rather than try to capture a group's sound, he has a tendency to bury it in layers of overdubs & electronic effects, diffusing the soul of the music. Like some McCluan disciple, the medium rather than the music has become the message to him.

Mr. Simon's more recent work with The Band, on their 1993 release JERICHO, is further evidence that he had hand in helping shape the group's distinctive sound, which reached its pinnacle on their second album.

Mon Jan 26 16:13:20 MET 1998


From: penna

Rod P. I have heard similar comments from Todd Rungren about the Band. For the record I've never liked Rungren or his music. Always thought he was a pompous sissy.

Mon Jan 26 15:49:51 MET 1998


From: NJ

I saw Rick,Aaron "Professor Louie" Horowitz, and Randy Ciarlante at Planet High Bridge on Saturday night. This was the third time I've seen Rick since his tour of the Orient. The show was a rockin one, though the set list didn't vary much. They opened with Crazy Mama (the most intense version I've ever seen or heard). He played Twilight, Caledonia Mission, Aaron sang "next time you see me"(a very sweet addition to the show). Rick sang It makes no difference,Stagefright, the Weight, Bartender's Blues (which he dedicated to the bartender George), Chest Fever with Randy singing. Randy also took lead vocals on Good Thing. Blind Willie McTell was sweet. The Shape I'm in rocked, but the final "I shall be released" was too quickly run through to be deserving of the last spot of the night. There might have been a few others thrown in there, he did do the weight .It was an incredible show, and the people in High Bridge were going nuts, egging Danko and his group on to new heights.

I know I run the risk of offending, but I have to say. Though Rick Danko could fart in tune and make wonderful music, he won't be doing it for very long if something doesn't change. He is one of my all- time favorite singers and players, so this is no personal cut. Rick was very heavy. Heavier than I've ever seen him.He needed a nail clipper during the show, and asked someone from the audience to give him one, claiming that he doesn't have A.I.D.S., cause he wouldn't be this fat if he did. His weight didn't noticeable affect the performance, like I said, but it made me worry about the Shape Rick's in. When I saw him in Clinton, right after he got back from Japan, he had lost weight(20lbs.) and said he wanted to lose 20 more. Rick did say that he and the Band were headed back into the studio to make an album. I'd love to see the addition of a live version of Richard singing "You Don't know me." Aaron Horowitz was a very nice person to talk with after the show, and told me that this web page let's those guys know what the fans are really thinking. Right now I'm thinking that I want to see all of you performing many times in the years to come, and that is the only reason for my comments in regards to Rick's weight. He could take a load off fanny. Thanks for the music.Keep it coming.

Mon Jan 26 10:24:17 MET 1998

Rod Prowse

I read an interesting bit in a magazine today about Todd Rundgren. Evidentally he wasn't that keen on The Band while the Stage Fright sessions were happening (he referred to them as "old farts"). He found the whole thing very frustrating because of the slow pace that The Band worked. At one stage Levon chased him around the studio after Rundgren made some unkind comments about Garth being an old man.

Mon Jan 26 06:35:45 MET 1998


From: penna

Steven. don't mind at all son. For a long time I also heard "horizen" on ain't no more cane. Sheet music set me straight.

Mon Jan 26 06:21:56 MET 1998

Steve. N.

From: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

don't mind me fellas, but it sounds to me on "Ain't No More Cane" that Levon ain't singin' the 's' of Brazos, and thus to my ears, I can understand why Serge heard 'risin'. I myself thought the lryic was 'horizon' until I read the sheet music (found in my public library- no kidding!) Peace, and keep rockin' brothers!

Mon Jan 26 06:09:25 MET 1998


From: pennaTo

To Lars97, consider our differing views on the songwriting finished. I capitulate to your superior logic. You're right I don't understand,especially the Ulysses analogy, which is way over my head. My intellect is limited by my meager 12th grade education. Gonna go find me a Monkees newsgroup, Good night.

Mon Jan 26 05:50:20 MET 1998


From: penna

Anyone out there have the inside scoop on the nature of Levon Helm's relationship with Bill{let me fill you in darling}Clinton. All I know is that they have performed at various political functions of Clinton since he was Governor of Awkansaw. Was Levon ever at the white house? Maybe an overnight guest in the Lincoln bedroom? After a New Years Eve show several years ago Danko yelled out from the tour bus that they had to get moving on because "We're playing the white house tomorrow". I wonder if Levon ever set Bill up on any dates down in Helena?

Mon Jan 26 02:06:15 MET 1998


From: wherever you want to be

Dave, Was Garth the frog or the lizard?

Mon Jan 26 01:56:36 MET 1998

Dave Besterman

From: Valparaiso, Indiana, USA

Was it my imagination or did anyone else catch a quick glimpse of Garth Hudson standing alone in a field playing his accordian in a commercial that was shown late in the second quarter of the NFL Super Bowl football game?

Sun Jan 25 23:02:46 MET 1998

Dan Blood

From: California

I know I'm going overboard with postings of late, but one more comment about the "Ain't no more cane" discussion, you know about the word "brazos" as the title suggests vs. the word "risin" which more than one of us has thought was being sung.

Isn't what we hear more important to us than what is said? A piano player I knew in Santa Cruz sang the Weight for me one day, said it was one of his standards. When he was done I told him, "You know it's Fanny not Annie." He was dumbfounded and bothered and I knew I shoulda kept my mouth shut. He got a lot of pleasure out of Annie, I guess.

We hear something in a song and we make the best of it as far as we can regarding its meaning.

Robbie said in an interview somewhere on this sight that he could care less about including the words on a cd jacket. Let everyone hear what they want.

And I'm sorry for upsetting anyone who knows the correct answer, but I have made a certain interpretation work for me for Aint no More Cane and it's difficult to change it.

Sun Jan 25 19:16:21 MET 1998


GREETINGS ALL BAND FANS! last night on channel 4 british tv was a shortish programme on the top 100 albums of the millenium. Well our good old boys came up at no.59 on the chart, obviously to us they deserved to be much much higher, but they were certainly above many really good artists bob dylans "Bringing It All Back Home" being included. A few Bob Dylan albums cam into the top 10. By the way fans, forgive me for not knowing, CAN ANYONE TELL ME: did the boys write "Old Time Religion"?

Sun Jan 25 13:52:25 MET 1998

TD Bear

From: Woodstock-Joshua's try the falaffel

Any review/setlist for Rick at Planet High Bridge last nite? How bout you- "Real Dancin Bear". Maybe you can post us a setlist? Can't understand for the life of me how the boys could cancel Carnegie Hall. Rick, don't tell me "It Makes No Difference". the Hall is not "Just Another Whistle Stop". Was it "Stage Fright"? That was "The Rumor", but that's just "Small Town Talk". I'm "Tired of Waiting", I figure you or Levon had a "Brainwash". After mes amis and I "Sip the Wine", and recover from our "Java Blues", I figure we'll head to "New Mexico". "Once Upon a Time" I heard "What a Town" it was. Too Soon Gone.

Sun Jan 25 13:47:49 MET 1998

Silly Me

Re: Northern Lights, Southern Cross

Good grief! Some of you Band fans are so anal retentive, it's ridiculous. Haven't you ever heard of artistic license, or the idea of creating a title that might appeal to your audience while suggesting the divergent nature of your act?

Sun Jan 25 08:41:00 MET 1998



I wish there was some way I could contact Robbie. I've hit that point in life where I feel like I could die at anytime and No one really knows. I could say I've done everything that I wanted to do If I could write him a letter. He is my idol. If anyone has information PLEASE e-mail me ASAP.

Sun Jan 25 05:33:40 MET 1998


From: Seattle

As a frequent reader and rare contributor tothis site - which I LOVE - I want to share a great experience I just had. Great experiences are best when they are unexpected. I was stuck at home with a bad back this week and my wife brought home a move: New York Stories. The first story starred Nick Nolte: a tortured artist who worked to very LOUD rock music. What comes out of his tape player but: Like a Rolling Stone from the Band/Dylan tour in 1966--must have been the Albert Hall recording. The Band (minus Levon, of course) sounds GREAT doing this in-your-face version of the song. Yes, really, it got me off the couch and DANCIN.' Hey its good to be alive even at a sore-backed 55! . If you've never heard any cuts off this famous concert tour, get this movie!!!

Sun Jan 25 05:02:02 MET 1998

Dan Blood

Butch: Did the Blind Willie McTell that you sang with Rick begin with a gypsy like melody? Hey that's funny about Rick's arse. Sounds like something he would do. John: More accurately, Pirsig's insights are that all North Americans, which would include Canadians and Mexicans, are heavily influenced by Indian ancestry.

I am a teacher at a Middle School in So. Calif., and last week I slipped High On the Hog into a player that was booming sounds over the kid's at lunch. I told the students running the machine to go to track 7 or 8, Crazy Mama, and he did. I knew they'd like it. Shortly thereafter students from the lunch area started coming up to the cd player, "Mr. Blood, can we hear something else" they asked?

What do kids know!

And another somewhat uncomplimentary story: years ago I worked for this guy who was from Arkansas. He had a plaque on his office wall: Southern Spoken Here. I had been enjoying The Band’s Brown album at the time and gave it to him, his name was Roland. Well, Roland gave it back a couple of days later and said it was OK 'cept it was the worst bunch of singing he'd ever heard.

On one level he was right, you know. They didn't have an Elvis or a Sam or a Van up front, but they had good songwriting and good arrangments and honest voices. Would Dylan have talked them into being his backup group if they sang like Nat King Cole?

Sun Jan 25 04:10:26 MET 1998

Brilliant Guy

From: NYC

No, I am not Lars 97 but I wish I wuz. Nice partial answer to the Spiderman's query. I don't believe The Band was ever South of Florida.

Sat Jan 24 21:39:51 MET 1998


From: Long Island

A postscript to my last posting: First, I want to confirm that I'm not Lars Pedersen. To John: Yes, the collaborative nature of The Band's music is important--and it's credited. Notice that virtually all the albums carry the credit: "Produced by The Band." This is the public acknowledgement of that collaboration. According to your logic, Nora Barnacle, the wife of James Joyce, should have her name on the cover of "Ulysses," even though she acknowledged that she had no idea how to read it. I also think you completely misunderstand my point about the "cinematic" quality of the imagery in the lyrics. (And I doubt you're interested in a further explanation, so I'll let it go.) Re Spider John's question about "Northern Lights/Southern Cross: Serge, I hope you don't mind my offering an answer even though this was addressed to you--It refers, of course, to the phenomenon of the aurora borealis in the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Cross constellation, which can only be viewed in the Southern Hemisphere. Their conjunction in the title reflects on The Band--a conjunction of the north and the south. "Acadian Driftwood" embodies this conjunction, as well, telling the story of the French Canadians driven by the circumstances of war and privation to emigrate to Louisiana. Robertson has said that he wrote it as a companion to "The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down," (notice-north and south again) which he wrote to express the emotion of defeated southerners who had NO investment in the institution of slavery. He is on record as saying that he wrote it FOR Levon (!) and that "Acadian Driftwood" was written to honor the Canadian sensibilities of the other members of The Band. (He has said that he also wrote it for his French Canadian wife--should he have given her songwriting credit??)

Sat Jan 24 21:27:28 MET 1998


From: Germany

Hey Rick , Levon! Caught your shows last year in winter. They where great!Keep Rocking! Thanks. Easy ED! Hey Levon! Saw your show on New Years Eve in Tarrytown. It was great! Christine.

Sat Jan 24 19:06:02 MET 1998


From: Upstate NY

Dan Blood: yeah, Rick had the crowd at Cabaloosa'a in New Paltz singing the intro to Blind Willie, I don't think the act changes much from town to town. Also, he had us going "oo" (as his rear end went west) and "ah" (as his rear end went east) to Sam Cooke's "Chain Gang." And he didn't finish "When You Awake," but two Band fans (Lars and Maury) were ready for it and yelled out the last line ("...I'd stand on the rock where Moses stood.")

Sat Jan 24 16:59:41 MET 1998


From: penna

dan blood: thanks for the suggestion, I'm familiar with Pirsig's Zen book and will look for Lila, it sounds interesting. I try to be objective and not take sides, after all like a lot of people out there I really like and admire all the Band members. Other then Robbie and John Trudell{aka grafitti man,on ryko label}, what other native american is producing music in the rock,blues,country format? And Garth probably whines about more keyboard solos!

Sat Jan 24 13:15:55 MET 1998

Spider John

From: Rancho Deluxe

According to a February 1997 entry in the Guestbook, tickets for The Band at Carnegie Hall went on sale Monday February 17th 1997. Perhaps there is still hope for a performance. Serge, any info on the title "Northern Lights, Southern Cross? Since the "Cross" is only visible from the Southern hemisphere, when did The Band see it? It must be something since CSN tune "Southern Cross" of 1982 is devoted to same.

Sat Jan 24 12:33:21 MET 1998

Marvin Gardens

From: Long Island

After I file my taxes I'll head over to the Brokerage Comedy in Bellmore to see Eric Andersen Wednesday April 15, 1998. Rick there May 13th.

Sat Jan 24 07:42:55 MET 1998

Dan Blood

From: California

Robbie wrote by farrrrrrrrrr the bulk of the material The Band performed. The Band ARRANGED all of Robbie's songs. Copyright royalties don't apply to arrangements. What does one say about Garth's contributions? What does Garth whine about?

Robbie just might be the songwriter he is because of his Indian blood. Read Pirsig, author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (sp? Noah). In his book Lila, he says all of what's special about the American character is Indian.

Sat Jan 24 02:23:30 MET 1998

Jose Lara

From: New Jersey

I have to agree with Lars97 and say that all the members of the Band brought something special to the gig. Unfortunately, this wires down to money... period. Everyone knows publishing royalties is the name of the game and some members of the band would have loved a piece of the action. Everytime "The Weight" or "Cripple Creek" get played on the radio or lyrics get printed that is money in Robertson's pocket. I have a hard time believing Robertson was getting away with taking credit from a full blown effort by another member of the band. Its just like stealing and he would have been called on it and litigation would have been possible. I mean these guys were veterans in the music industry and knew exactly how things worked. Just because your fellow band mates were an inspiration and a great influence on your style that does not constitute a giving a songwriting credit to those individuals. If that was the case the Beatles should have paid off Carl Perkins , Chuck Berry etc.! I have this feeling that the some fans that write on this page have this "I'm on Levon/Danko's side or Robbie's". This is unfair. It has nothing to do with the facts...stop bashing Robertson, he is probably the reason The Hawks stop doing covers and were able to branch out to create their own style of music. Remember you can't get a copyright on style and inspiration, but have to say it would be nice if Robertson would more often mention in an interview how important the members of the band were to his songwriting. It wouldn't hurt to mention that they were the best thing to ever happen to him instead of running away from his past as he has often does.

Fri Jan 23 23:10:48 MET 1998


From: penna

Lars, Again let me make it clear. In the spirit of the Band it would have been the FAIR,GENEROUS AND HONORABLE thing to give songwriting co-credit. We aren't talking about Billy Joel or Barry Manilow sitting by themselves at the piano,saying here's another little song about me, blah,blah,blah. We are talking about a COLLABORATION,TOGETHER,MUTUALLY CONDUCTIVE. Wake up and smell the Java Blues.... coffee coffee's got me!

Fri Jan 23 22:45:49 MET 1998

Joe Sharp

From: England

Hi. I've seen The Band a couple of times (in 70 at Wembley and in 96). I've also bought everything that they've released. I'm sorry that there seem to be so many squabbles out there among fans. Like the argument about Aint no more cane: like it matters? The thing the matters about that song is surely that it's the start of those band harmonies, and where they all sing a few lines in turn, a precursor for songs like Arcadian driftwood. My view is that The Band were indivisible; it wouldn't have worked without any one of them. Don't get me wrong on this, cos I love all the solo stuff and the New Band stuff as wel, but The Band really died when Richard died. There was no chance then of the 5 reuniting. Richard was arguably the linch pin as well. His voice was just so beautiful; all his songs can make me cry. Share yr love, Whispering pines, whatever. I would have loved a CD of just Richard songs. So keep the recordings coming: ALL the members and ex members please. PS I know we Brits are sposed to be ironic but this is straight up!

Fri Jan 23 22:44:38 MET 1998


From: penna.Lars

Lars, yes robbie is credited with writing most of the songs. But it cuts two ways. If the hawks didn't take him under their wings and expose him to the experiences of their way of life and its culture, robbie's songs would have been primarily about Indians. Which is what he writes most about now,and that is good because he knows alot about their culture and does a good job of it. The Band was a true blue collobaration of 5 unique people. Robbie seems to have more ability or interest in conceiving songs, but he was influenced so much by the music,stories and lives of the others that is doesn't seem right for him to get sole credit. Also don't forget these guys basically lived together during their most productive times. Exchanging ideas,jamming,experimenting,practicing,discovering old songs,TOGETHER. I think in the true spirit of the band,it would have been the fair,generous and honorable thing for Robbie to give equal credit for writing. Robertson knows this and probably has some guilt about it. Levon knows what's what and that is why he seems so righteous. Not self-righteous,as some of you hane claimed. Lars, if you want to discuss films talk to Martin Scorsese. He's the one who taught Robbie everthing he knows about the subject! For acting try Tommie Lee Jones{Levon} G'Day

Fri Jan 23 22:14:18 MET 1998

Lars Pedersen

From: Pine Bush, NY

To "Lars97": I don't agree with what you said, but you are entitled to your opinion. I just want to make it known to one and all that you are not to be confused with me.

Fri Jan 23 21:36:29 MET 1998

Paul Schoninger

From: Lexington, KY

The "One & All" track by Robbie Robertson is on a Christmas Album that is only available from the Capitol Records Web site. There are several Capitol artists that do tracks as well. I don't think it is going to be on the "Contact.." CD.

Fri Jan 23 20:54:12 MET 1998


That actual persons referred to in the lyrics of The Band's songs live in Marvell, Arkansas is no reason to give more "weight" to Levon's contention that Robertson "cheated" him of song writing credit. I've read other such claims that this or that detail in a song is connected with Levon's life or hometown, which is supposed to be "evidence." But Robertson has made it clear enough that stories Levon told him, and his own observations of the "mythic" South he experienced in Levon AND Hawkins' company, were an inspiration. Robertson, the boy itching to hit the road, romanticized the region far to the south of Toronto where the blues and country were the main idioms. It's far more likely that such an outsider would portray these things in the language and imagery the songs contain. In addition, the cinematic and literary sensibilities of the songs fit Robbie's background far more than Levon's (Levon may have appeared in more films, but if I want to have a discussion about the vision of Truffaut, John Ford, Renoir, or John Huston, I think I'd choose to sit down with Robbie before Levon).

And speaking of authorial matters, should every writer (songwriter, novelist, poet, playwright) share authorship with the people who've told them stories about people they've known or places they've been? Who's the artist? I appreciate that many of Levon's fans want him to be recognized for his contributions to the unique and abiding legacy of The Band's music in American culture. I do, too. But he does have songwriting credits! And of course, his voice and drums--like every other facet of this incredible ensemble--is essential to what makes them unique. I don't think it's worthy of Levon, Robbie, or The Band as a whole for fans to make weak arguments in scoping out positions in what should only be viewed as a bitter and sorry dispute over money.

If anyone wants to seek for evidence about where credit for songwriting creativity should be placed, one should only look at the output of both musicians since The Last Waltz. Who has written more songs? Whose songs have more range in terms of subject matter, imagery, etc.? Why don't we just celebrate the fact that it was the result of a number of gifts that five men (and John Simon) possessed that came together to produce their wonderful music?

Fri Jan 23 18:08:47 MET 1998


From: Where ever tou want to be

Theres an ad in the paper for Rick Danko to be at The Brokerage on May 13. Marvin Gardens was correct. Marv see you then, I will buy you a drink.

Fri Jan 23 17:33:01 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

It seems as though I made an error in my previous posting. The funeral for Carl Perkins will be held later today in Jackson, Tennesee, not in that city with the same name in that other southern state that doubles its vowels. My facts checker has Fridays off, but as Mr. Drudge would say: "That's close enough for the internet."

Fri Jan 23 16:16:42 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

This afternoon one of the last of the great rockabillies will be laid to rest in Jackson, Mississippi. Carl Perkins is ridin' that Mystery Train to heaven. On this day of his funeral, it is an appropriate time for Band fans everywhere to comtemplate this phenomenon called Rock & Roll.

Down in the Deep South, where the Mississippi River washes into the Gulf of Mexico, soil from all over the United States is deposited on the banks of the Delta. Like that soil, music from all over was absorbed by young southern boys like Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash & others who grew up close to the dirt of that region. They took the country, blues, jazz, western swing & bluegrass music that they heard growin' up and started playing their own hybrid mixture of music.

Down in Arkansas, a teenaged Levon Helm hooked up with a wild cat rockabilly named Ronnie Hawkins, and their band began playing their own blend of that music. They honed their chops playing in dives & clubs throughout the South. They developed a rawer, more supercharged variation by adding the pulsating rhythms from roadhouse bluesmen & carnival tent hoochie show bands.

Meanwhile up in Canada, teenagers like Robbie Robertson, Richard Manuel, Rick Danko & Garth Hudson listened to those 45s and tuned in to those mega-watt radio stations that beamed in that wonderful music from the South. Ronnie, following the advice of a fellow rockabilly, took his Hawks north to the promise of untapped opportunity. One by one some of his Southern band members became homesick and dropped out, to be replaced with eager young Canadians. Levon stayed on and the rest is history.

Like the legacy of Carl Perkins' contibutions to what we call Rock & Roll, the music of The Band will live on as a further evolution of that art form.

Fri Jan 23 15:05:01 MET 1998

Tim O'Dwyer

From: Down Under

Love your music, guys.

Fri Jan 23 11:29:44 MET 1998

The Dancing Bear

From: Old Old Woodstock

To Mr. Marvin Gardens: It is with deep regret that I mention that The Band concert at Carnegie Hall is no longer listed on Carnegie's website. Oh well.

Fri Jan 23 06:17:33 MET 1998

Jose Lara

From: New Jersey

So many bands nowadays cover the most predictable and lamest tunes. I suggest to any established artist or band to cover "Bessie Smith" from the "Basement Tapes". This is one of the Bands most beautiful performances...and would help be rediscovered by way of a contemporary artist reintroducing it. The song is truly addictive.

Fri Jan 23 04:30:47 MET 1998

Scott M. Pordon

From: Paramus NJ + DEcatur NY

I sent a letter to Woodstock records, along with a $20.00 dollar check asking for a copy of Levon Helm and The Crowmatix cd. It arrived in the mail today !! The mailing address and the song information is perfect in Jans Solo discograghy section for Levon Helm. Thanks for the address and info. Jan !!

Fri Jan 23 02:27:03 MET 1998

Dan Blood

From: California

A comment I've wanted to make about Rick's tour but forgot to post. He taught the men and the women in the audience different vocal parts to a song. We didn't know what the song was, there weren't any words just la, la, las. The parts we were singing sounded real good, though, like a Russian folksong or perhaps something Eastern European or other.

So Rick gets us all singing this thing and it's good and he compliments us and we keep going and it turns out to be Blind Willie McTell. Wow! How'd he do that, I thought. Anyone else do this at one of his concerts?

Fri Jan 23 01:00:53 MET 1998


From: me

MST3K is Mystery Science Theater 3000, which shows bad movies and makes fun of them, used to be on Comedy Central, now on the Sci Fi Channel

Fri Jan 23 00:53:09 MET 1998

Marvin Gardens

From: Long Island

Jan, The concert link wrongly shows Rick 2/11/98 @ The Brokerage in Bellmore. I've been there and spoken to the owner, the revised date is in mid May. Knowing this information to be inaccurate, why should I, we, believe the Carnegie Hall date is cancelled? Tickets didn't go on sale last year until sometime in February. I know, I waited on line and was the first "REAL" person (non-scalper) at Carnegie. Perhaps the boys and their "management" are just building the suspense. It would be nice if someone oficially representing the group would drop us a note.

Thu Jan 22 20:42:08 MET 1998

[guest photo]

Kurt Haussner

From: Germany
Home page: My Home Page

This is a qustion to The Band! Hallo! I'm Kurt! What's about a concert from The Band here in Germany? (or near Germany) Please answere me if you know! By by!

Thu Jan 22 19:51:06 MET 1998

Jake again

From: NJ

Let it be known here that I know how to use commas. I attempted to write the set list vertically, but it looks different now. And by the way, in this idealized show, after further prodding and a few Perriers, Rick hops back up to add Sip the Wine (dedicated to all the mother's of the Bandgeeks who hang on the Internet),Java Blues, and finally ending with Bartender Blues (dedicated to the employees who were so kind to stay until four in the morning.) That's all.

Thu Jan 22 16:57:39 MET 1998


From: NJ

Rick is playing at Planet High Bridge in High Bridge, NJ on Saturday night. I don't even know if Rick reads this site (probably not), but I've got my idealized set list for him and his band, who I hear will include Dylan's drummer.Anyway, here it is: Let the Good Times Roll (You can do Cooke) When You Awake Stagefright You Don't Know Me (I've seen your bass video, you can handle this one well) Jealous Kind (Cocker) Caledonia Mission Acadian Driftwood (would love to hear it) Endless Highway Blue River The Weight (Then a set break) Crazy Mama Twilight The Harder they come (Jimmy Cliff) Chaing Gang (Sam Cooke once again) I wish you were here tonight The Saga of Pepote (I can't remember the whole title. But it would be sweet.) It Makes no Difference Blind Willie McTell Time to Kill Encores: It's All over Now Baby Blue Loving You is Sweeter than ever Unfaithful Servant Quinn the Eskimo Trust me, I'm not trying to put you under, but any of these tunes would be sweet, and there are plenty more I'm sure that could tear it up on. Thanks for the music, and the music to come.

Thu Jan 22 16:08:59 MET 1998


From: Minneapolis

…The eerie keyboard riffs from Garth’s fingers on Ballad of a Thin Man are as haunting as I imagined. This is a quieter and more intense version than from Before the Flood. I hadn’t anticipated that.

I have read and heard so many times the stories of the booing and the jeers from the audience. Eat the Document had whet my appetite for more of Dylan and the Hawks ’66 tour.

The CD from the Manchester Free Trade Hall, May 17, 1966, labeled as Guitars Kissing and the Contemporary Fix arrived yesterday. It was like a piece of history in my hands. Levon wrote about it. Robbie talked about it. It’s like a part of my musical background but it was always something that happened in the past - something I’d never actually heard first hand.

Last night, I actually got anxious waiting for the moment. "There’s more clapping and less booing than I expected", I thought. "Tell Me Mama", "I Don’t Believe You"…these songs sort of build. "Tom Thumb’s Blues", "Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat", "One Too Many Mornings", this one I remember from Eat the Document, with Rick shouting "Be-hind", bopping with his back to the crowd. Then "Ballad of a Thin Man"…applause…then quiet.

It sort of comes from out of the blue, yet it’s crystal clear: "Judas!"…applause in agreement…. "I don’t believe you, you’re a liar!", Dylan responds to the heckler. And then to Robbie and the rest of the Hawks he says it: "Play fucking loud!" Smash! The downbeat is sharp and resounding - nobody ever wrote about that. Loud - there’s no fucking doubt about it. Crashing cymbals, pounding keys, pounding drums.

It’s not so much the "Judas" part, it’s the music that follows that is the key. It’s a defining moment for music, and for me, and I just wanted to share it with some people who might be able to relate.

Thu Jan 22 05:54:56 MET 1998


From: Philadelphia

To Bill White - Jose Lara wrote in this Guestbook the following on 1/18/98 regarding the Band's touring plans - --------

I forgot to mention in my last message that I spoke to Rick. He told me that the Band would be entering the studio in the spring and do some shows in the summer...he's not sure if it would be a lengthy tour

Thu Jan 22 03:18:08 MET 1998

Bill White

From: Davie, Fl

I just found out about the Band web site and I`m really excited about it! The last time I saw the Band was in Florida in 1996. Can anyone tell me if the Band is going to get together and put on some shows?

Thu Jan 22 03:11:08 MET 1998

The Dancing Bear

From: Old Old Woodstock

For all the true Band fans who know and appreciate roots and heritage I am faithfully submitting the setlist from Bob Dylan's performance from Jan. 20th. Peace.

The Theater -- NYC

  1. Absolutely Sweet Marie
  2. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
  3. Cold Irons Bound
  4. Born In Time
  5. Silvio
  6. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (acoustic)
  7. Girl Of The North Country (acoustic)
  8. Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic)
  9. Million Miles
  10. Positively 4th Street
  11. 'Til I Fell In Love With You (encore)
  12. Highway 61 Revisited
  13. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (acoustic)
  14. Love Sick
  15. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

Thu Jan 22 00:53:55 MET 1998


From: Philadelphia

Ben Pike - What is MST3K that you mentioned?

Wed Jan 21 23:55:24 MET 1998

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx.

Note: there have been some great Band referances on MST3K. Once they showed a movie that had a shot of a juke joint, and Tom Servo said "Oh, Levon and the Hawks", in ref to the album cover painting of "Moondog." Funny Levon ref too in the recent "Jack Frost" show. And here's a couple of twocents: Dylan should not get "credit" for the Band, but he was a big part of the story. Also, it is just about impossible to overrate the Beatles.

Wed Jan 21 19:59:33 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Caught the taped highlights of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction the other night on VH1. Robbie Robertson's introduction for Allen Toussaint was included and Robbie did mention Mr. Toussaint's contributions to The Band's ROCK OF AGES & LAST WALTZ projects. It also seems that Robbie did the narration for some of the film clips highlighting the careers of some of the other inductees.

Thanks Mr. Munson for the information on Crowbar. I have several of their albums as well as a couple of King Biscuit Boy's. It just goes to show that Ronnie Hawkins sure knew how to pick musicians. I seem to recall that one of King Bicuit Boy's latter albums on the Epic label was a collaboration with the aforementioned Mr. Toussaint.

Wed Jan 21 18:59:10 MET 1998

bill munson

From: toronto

A bit more on Crowbar. They'd been Ronnie Hawkins' backup group (circa 1969). All were great musicians with interesting histories. The original group had three singers - Richard Newell (King Biscuit Boy), Kelly Jay and John Rutter. Rutter, as Johnny Rhythm, had been the front man for Robbie Robertson's old group, (Johnny Rhythm and) the Suedes. Crowbar's last big show before heading off on their own was backing Hawkins in New York City - warming up for Joc Cocker with Mad Dogs and Englishmen. One of Cocker's two drummers at the time was Sandy Konikoff, who'd been a Hawk twice - during the Band's days with Hawkins and during their days with Dylan; it is also likely Konikoff who introduced Taj Mahal - whose first LP he is on - to the Robertson / Hudson composition, "Bacon Fat", which Taj Mahal recorded on his "Giant Step" LP (see this site's discography). According to Crowbar's old sound guy (who got the story from one of the group), the Band song "Stage Fright" was inspired by Hawkins' reaction at the NYC show. He just couldn't sing - too many people, too many important people (Dylan, Band, press, you can imagine), too much pressure. Anyway, that's just a story, and the stage fright bit could still be applied to Dylan, Manuel ... (and you and me in similar circumstances, no doubt).

Wed Jan 21 16:34:50 MET 1998

Bill Munson

From: Toronto

To add to the discussion of "Cane on the Brazos", Crowbar recorded for London, MTCC, Daffodil and Epic, but never Capitol as far as I know, although Capitol did distribute the three Daffodil LPs in Canada. Secondly, I know of no Crowbar LP (or CD) with lyrics printed on the jacket. (Inner sleeves yes.)

On another matter entirely, does anyone out there know anything about eh recording of "between Trains" on the "King of Comedy" soundtrack (beyond what's said on this site's discography)? Robertson is writer, singer, producer and guitarist, with Manuel credited as background vocalist. My ears and instincts tell me that Robertson had Manuel in to do the song, but was unsatisfied with what Manuel was doing so recorded himself singing as much like Manuel as he could muster. (This would have taken some doing, but the result is not bad at all.) Manuel comes through loud and clear on the choruses (more like singers in unison rather thatn lead and background.) There are also a couple of lines (the third and fourth after the first chorus) where the lead seems to be Manuel himself. Any thoughts? (My own is that no matter what, Manuel should have been given a bit more credit.) Hudson on synth by the way, and Robertson produces much of the rest of the LP, including the tracks by BB King, Van Morrison and Bob James.

Wed Jan 21 05:34:54 MET 1998

Al Harrison

From: Ocean City, MD

been a fan since a friend handed me THE BAND on 8-track. Just in it for the hype

Wed Jan 21 03:33:56 MET 1998

Janet Oyler

From: Louisville, Ky

How do I get a autographed photo of Olivia....

Wed Jan 21 03:05:47 MET 1998


From: MA

i guess the money isnt bad playing half empty bars and small halls. Who needs the great stage in NYC anyway? This is ridiculous, thanks Rick...

Wed Jan 21 02:17:43 MET 1998

The Dancing Bear

From: Old Old Woodstock

Here is the set list from Bob Dylan's Sunday 1/18 performance @ The Theater. He sang "More and More" with van Morrison during Van's set. 1.Absolutely Sweet Marie 2.I Want You 3.Cold Irons Bound 4.You're A Big Girl Now 5.Silvio 6.Desolation Row (acoustic) 7.It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (acoustic) 8.Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic) 9.Million Miles 10.Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again 11.'Til I Fell In Love With You (encore) 12.Highway 61 Revisited 13.Knockin' On Heaven's Door (acoustic) 14.Love Sick 15.Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

Wed Jan 21 00:09:11 MET 1998


From: Cleveland

Noah's comments strike a real chord with me - while I would not have been so intolerant as to berate the discussions of Zimmerman and Morrison, I definitely felt a similar sentiment of "Dylan's already received too much credit for the success of the Band - don't kiss his ass in The Band's backyard."

Most Band fans have Dylan complexes (me more than anyone). Anymore, fans are starting to have Robertson complexes (Levon leads the league in that category, though). It's hard to get through one paragraph in any history of the Band and not read about them being "Bob Dylan's band." Dylan's role in the events that led to The Band's success is undeniable, but he is not the catalyst of the trademark Band sound and tunes. I'm sure we all know that, but I get frustrated when it seems like no one outside of our little circle does. To bring Dylan praises into the circle plays on my insecurities.

Insecurities? I know that sounds a little strong, but music is a very personal thing, and I get a little edgy when I think that credit that rightfully belongs to The Band is going to Dylan (he gets a little more credit than he deserves for just about everything - not quite as bad as the Beatles, though - talk about OVERRATED - don't get me started). Anyway, Noah's insistence that the Band get its due respect on its own site makes sense to me - let Dylan be a footnote in this story.

Tue Jan 20 23:23:48 MET 1998

The Imposter

From: NY

Carnegie Hall was just a dream after all ... *&$%?!!!

Tue Jan 20 18:10:31 MET 1998

Martin Yee

From: New York, New York

Tue Jan 20 16:10:46 MET 1998

Kitrick Short

From: Woodstock NY
Home page:

Hi Jan! nice to see the chat room coming together keep up the good work and let all pray for the Band show at the Hall in march we want to go and we all I know want to see a list of Band concerts start coming up forgive Rick and lets get on with the great music of THE BAND!!in 98

Tue Jan 20 15:58:18 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Billboard magazine, in their Jan 14th online Daily Music Update, published details regarding Rhino Home Video's "Classic Album" videotape releases (of the series initially broadcast on VH1 and PBS). It reported that the Rhino tapes will include footage not featured in the original TV broadcasts about the making of classic recordings by Fleetwood Mac, The Grateful Dead, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Paul Simon, and The Band.

According to Billboard, the video featuring The Band's self-titled second album is set to be released on May 19. The tapes will be priced at $19.98. The Band tape will also be among the titles available in a boxed set with a companion CD for $34.95.

The Feb. 5th issue of Rolling Stone magazine reports that Robbie Robertson's upcoming album, CONTACT FROM THE UNDERWORLD OF RED BOY, contains experiments with "electronica," the DJ-driven genre of electronic dance music. According to Rolling Stone, the album, due to be released March 10, features tracks co-produced by Howie B. (who recently worked with U2 on their POP album) and Gang Starr's DJ Premier, who lends a hand in the remix of the song "Take Your Partner By The Hand."

Tue Jan 20 12:25:29 MET 1998


From: charleston, west virginia

p.s. excuse me, i meant to say dr. king's birthday.

to the dancing bear: thanks for posting the van songlist... i got chills just reading it... must have been a phenomenal show. sure hope tapes surface.

Tue Jan 20 04:14:32 MET 1998

Jose Lara

From: New Jersey

Cassidy-I don't disagree with you about Robertson's ego but as a fan and and as an astute listener Robertson was a hell of a songwriter. The Band had some of the greatest musicians I have ever heard and made Robertson's music priceless. Unfortunately Richard Manuel never reached his potential as a composer and the rest of the band weren't really songwriters but probably helped Robertson's muse. Sure The Band was not the Robbie Robertson show but without him...there would be no show!

Tue Jan 20 03:47:49 MET 1998


From: Pittsburgh, PA

Brazos is a river in Texas. Hence, "Shoulda been on the river in nineteen and ten".

Tue Jan 20 03:26:12 MET 1998


From: penna

We lost Carl Perkins today, another of the greats. Everbody play some rockabily tonight to help Carl on his way. Go Cat Go!

Tue Jan 20 02:44:29 MET 1998

Freddy Fishstick

From: Key West

My hairy beary friend has done an excellent job with setlists for two great artists. I notice that VTM covered "A Change is Gonna Come" by the chief Cooke. Rick of course went through his change on "Moondog Matinee". Now if only Levon would do "Everybody Loves to Cha Cha Cha.

Tue Jan 20 01:43:38 MET 1998

Dan Blood

From: California

Judy and Don: The line, Ain't no more cane on the risin' works for me. It also makes sense with the following line, All been ground down (burned down?) to molassas. I don't believe Levon sings brazos, southern accent or not.

For those of you who won't get around to seeing Bill Murray's Larger Than Life, The Band's Life Is A Carnival is used throughout the movie, as well as being played during closing credits. That's one song in which Levon and Rick's voices seem to blend into "one" new voice. While The Band probably tried to achieve this blend on other songs, Life Is A Carnival succeeds best.

Tue Jan 20 00:14:42 MET 1998

mike D

From: Avalon Achives

to dancing bear, you were five seats down sitting between us were the young asian guy and his girl. that was me and my bud who were escourted out but they let us come back in. anyway the digital camera did not have enough light for pictures but my backup camera is in the process of being developed so I should have better luck with them. anyway I was curious as to where you got the tickets from because I thought all these seats were from the inside ? very good job with the song list and please post if there is any word on Carnegie Hall sales.

Mon Jan 19 23:39:29 MET 1998

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

Mike D, Great, about the pics of the show, was this Saturday or Sunday. Put the pics on ASAP

Mon Jan 19 18:40:59 MET 1998

The Dancing Bear

From: Old Old Woodstock

For Mike D: I was in 6th row center seats 6,7(no blonde to my right) -- all I remember was secuirty shining a flashlight on people to my right and then two guys exiting past me. Look forward to seeing the pix. Here is the set list for the Van portion of the show:

  1. Burning Ground
  2. Fire in the Belly
  3. It Once Was My Life
  4. Raincheck
  5. In The Afternoon
  6. Satisfied
  7. Vanlose Stariway/Trans Euro Train
  8. A Change is Gonna Come
  9. Summertime in England
  10. Domino
  11. Its a Man's, Man's World
  12. Have I Told You Lately that I Love You
  13. How Long Has This Been Going On
  14. Days Like This
  15. Cypress Avenue

Mon Jan 19 18:02:03 MET 1998


In the Song "Ain't no more Cane" it sounds like they are saying "Ain't no more Cane on the risin' " But it's listed as ...Brazos. Could someone tell me what a Brazos is and how you pronounce it? Please write it phe-net-ik-ally. Ha ha, demanding aren't I? Umhum, let's hear from ya, Band fans.

Mon Jan 19 06:03:51 MET 1998


From: new york

Jose Lara- Robbie Robertson's sole claim to fame is his unconscionable ability to claim song-writing credits. Also, the name is The Band, not The Robbie Robertson Show.

Mon Jan 19 05:03:02 MET 1998

Mike D

From: Avalon archives N.y, ROCK & ROLL MUSEUM


Mon Jan 19 03:24:49 MET 1998

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

I too have returned from probably the best night of music that I have ever had the opportunity to be part of. There was magic in the air and both Bob and Van did create this magic, and kept it growing for almost 4 hours. For most of my adult life, I have waiting to see Van live, and the wait was worth the years. Words would be trivial, any description would be shallow, my message is if you can see two masters create an evening that you will remember and be encased in your brain for a lifetime. Going to work tomorrow, I know that what ever is pushed in my direction, I will take with a measure of comfort, because in my head will be last nights vision of two great musicians, who for one special evening made 4000 people have the biggest smile on their faces knowing that they did see a masterpiece. Bob Dylan preformed and made us all feel Forever Young. A special note, if you have a chance to see or hear Brian Kennedy don't delay, he is also a maker or magic. Hey, Dancing Bear, how did you have time to write down Dylan's play list, thanks, my mind is still tangled up in blue. Don Pugatch

Sun Jan 18 22:38:13 MET 1998


I don't want to be a moaner here but i've noticed some people have been getting a little bitchy with each other about this and that, who wrote this and who takes credit for that.... SET ASIDE THOSE WORRIES AND JUST TAKE THE FINE PLEASURE OF LISTENING TO SOME OF THE BEST MUSIC EVER WRITTEN, PLAYED AND SUNG, THATS WHY WE ALL LOVE THE BAND ANYWAY EH?

Sun Jan 18 18:32:47 MET 1998


From: Marlboro, MA

I was in Pittsfield, MA last night, saw Levon and the Crowmatics. Opening act was Max Creek and they were INCREDIBLE, the whole crowd was dancing. Then the Crowmatix came on. Levon looked better than I've seen him in a long time, although his voice is still a little husky and there's a cough now and then between songs. Everybody was "on", Jimmy Eppard's "300 pounds of Joy" was a trip, and a request for "Ophelia" was played. The new cd was on sale, I bought two. I got Levon's pick as he left the stage.

Sun Jan 18 16:50:19 MET 1998

The Dancing Bear

From: Old Old Woodstock

Just back from seeing Bob Dylan and Van Morrison last night at The Theater. Dylan opened for Van the Man! 6th row center seats. GREAT concert. Here is Dylan's set list:

  1. Absolutely Sweet Marie
  2. Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
  3. Can't Wait
  4. Not Dark Yet
  5. Silvio
  6. Tomorrow Is A Long Time (acoustic)
  7. The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll (acoustic)
  8. Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic)
  9. Million Miles
  10. Tears Of Rage (Freddy -- I thought about you at this point)
  11. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat more details to follow as the head clears. (encore)
  12. Like A Rolling Stone
  13. Forever Young (acoustic)
  14. Love Sick
  15. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

Sun Jan 18 16:10:09 MET 1998

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbour

My mistake, Levon isn't on the Great Pretender, I mixed up Back to Memphis, also a Chuck Berry cut. Guess I had my head up my tail.

Sun Jan 18 15:06:23 MET 1998

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbour

My mistake, Levon isn't on the Great Pretender, I mixed up Back to Memphis, also a Chuck Berry cut. Guess I had my head up my tail.

Sun Jan 18 15:06:23 MET 1998

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbour

Danny Boy, Moondog Matinee is great. My favorite cut is Levon's cover of "The Great Pretender". Sorry Rick, your version of "Change" doesn't Cooke like Sam's. Rick check out the Andy Devine reference on my man's "Pencil Thin Mustache". Watch the cheeseburgers.

Sun Jan 18 07:51:20 MET 1998

Jose Lara

From: Lodi, NJ

I forgot to mention in my last message that I spoke to Rick. He told me that the Band would be entering the studio in the spring and do some shows in the summer...he's not sure if it would be a lengthy tour. Also, that night Dylan played New York City and he mentioned he had not seen him in awhile but will see him when he plays upstate New York. Rick looked better that night than he did when I saw him at the Bottom Line in NYC in the summer of 97. As to the controversy of Robbie's songwriting credit of Chest Fever...guys he wrote it! Garth's part is called The Genetic Method which is also known as the famous intro he plays to Chest Fever. Also, you can't really copyright horn arrangements so the person who mentioned that he couldn't have possibly written the horn charts is right and should realize Robertson has never taken credit for such.

Sun Jrrangements so the person who mentioned that he couldn't have possibly written the horn charts is right and should realize Robertson has never taken credit for such.

Sun Jan 18 07:01:01 MET 1998

Jose Laa

From: Lodi, Nj

I saw Rick Danko Fiday 01/16/98 in Clifton, NJ. The show had a great vibe but was an inappropiate place for him to perform. He should be playing better venues with a an attentive audience. I'm only 26 years old but have been huge fan for over 10 years, but I wish people would stop beatin' on Robbie. He is the sole reason in my opinion The Band can still play today. I could say this because The Band has virtually no original songs since Robbie's departure.

Sun Jan 18 06:28:47 MET 1998

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx.

Dan...... while we are talking order, the CD of Northern lights Southern Cross reverse the songs "Juipter Hollow" and "Rags and Bones".... I don't know why. I have heard the five CD Basement Tapes is allready out but no longer being bootlegged for some reason. Its written about alot in Greil Marcus's excellent book, "Invisable Empire."

Sat Jan 17 23:51:27 MET 1998

Dan Blood

From: California

If you get a chance to rent it you will hear a pleasant surprise at the closing credits of the Bill Murray movie Larger Than Life. Someone has probably already discovered it.

The right sequence of songs when a record is printed is important, but one sequence might be just as good as another (experiment with shuffle and see what I mean) . I am reminded of this because Larger Than Life ends on a certain emotional note and then you ride that emotion into the closing music, a Band song.

The Band's compilation from the 70's titled Anthology was a good sample and ordering of all their material. I got used to that order and came to be comfortable with it's emotional turns.

While listening to the boxed set Across the Great Divide, It Makes No Difference was followed by Livin' In A Dream and it wasn't a good spot for it. Anthology puts It Makes No Difference, Acadian Driftwood and Right As Rain in sequence and then follows with Livin' In A Dream. Then it goes through the songs from Moondog and into Cahoots with a short visit to Rock of Ages via This Wheel's on Fire (can't remember if it's the Big Pink version or the Rock of Ages one?)

Who could put together the ultimate sequence of Band songs?

My favorite song on Moondog is Rick's No Joke. Hey, Hey... HEY!

Sat Jan 17 23:47:24 MET 1998

Todd Montgomery

From: Forrest City, AR

I live about 1 hour away from Marvelle, AR, which is Levon's hometown. I met him there last summer. I think the Band's music has more heart and feeling and most music on the radio today. New bands could learn a lesson from them.

Sat Jan 17 10:02:51 MET 1998

Rod Prowse

From: Wellington, New Zealand

I just got a copy of the VH1 video on the making of "The Band". The high lights for me were Robbie Robertson demonstrating his part on "When You Awake", Garth doodling on something that sounded like the Genetic Method, John Simon playing around with the mixing faders during some songs and a different take of "Whispering Pines" played during the closing credits. My main complaint is that it had too many clips from the Last Waltz.

Sat Jan 17 05:04:18 MET 1998


From: Marquette, MI

I've been a long time fan of The Band, though I'm new to the web site. I'd be very interested to know if anyone has any information on these rumors I've been hearing about a soon-to-be-released 5-CD set of The Basement Tapes. I hope it's true.

Sat Jan 17 04:16:43 MET 1998



Like to hear from Levon, Rick, Garth. send me your e-mail and we'll get together on the web and maybe see you some time soon.Rebel...

Sat Jan 17 02:08:20 MET 1998

Marvin Gardens

From: Long Island

The Real Dancing Bear, Have a great time with VTM and Z man. Let us know if Rick or Levon show up.

Fri Jan 16 23:17:25 MET 1998

eric squindo

From: new brunswick, nj

The band changed my life. nothings been the same since first hearing 'big pink'! I met Levon and Garth last summer before a show in east brunswick, nj. They were both great guys who took time to talk to me. why doesn't robbie stop trying to be such a "musician" and go back where he belongs?

Fri Jan 16 19:50:28 MET 1998

Jeremy R. Scott

From: Calgary, Canada

Nice to see so many people still into the best Canadian band ever. Thank you for this web site.

Fri Jan 16 08:41:11 MET 1998

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway

The guestbook entries from the first half of January 1998 have been moved to a separate file to reduce download time.

Fri Jan 16 04:49:26 MET 1998

frank d.

Great site - THE Great Band! Rick, Levon, how about playing in the Boston area? Rick, when you finish the private party this spring in CT take rt 4 to 84 to the mass pike, else I might have to move to NY. The Foxboro show last Feb was fantastic. Let's do it again.

Thu Jan 15 22:32:29 MET 1998

john donabie

From: toronto

The induction of Allen Toussaint & others will be shown on VH1 Monday January 19th. at, I believe, 8:00 pm Eastern.

Thu Jan 15 20:10:48 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

In my previous posting regarding the induction of composer/arranger Allen Toussaint into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame I neglected to mention that Robbie Robertson presented the award. I would assume that a taped replay of the ceremonies will be shown in some form on TV in the near future.

Thu Jan 15 19:05:44 MET 1998


From: North Carolina/ Yankee transplant

I'm thrilled to note the release of the Levon/Crowmatix CD, and would love to order a copy. Does anybody know the price? A Woodstock Records address is listed on this site but no mention of how much $ to send. Any info. would be most appreciated.

Thu Jan 15 17:23:05 MET 1998

Christine Rose

From: denmark

Looking for info about "Eat the Document" and "You know something is happening here", How do I get to see these films ??

Thu Jan 15 14:12:48 MET 1998

john donabie

From: toronto

Has anyone across the great Atlantic seen Libby Titus Columbia LP on CD yet? Nothing here in North America. Just wondering. Thank you

Thu Jan 15 03:36:47 MET 1998

ira brill

From: modesto ca

Followed the Band for years. I'm interested in Dylan/Band tour tapes. Send list to The site is great, eh?

Thu Jan 15 01:29:45 MET 1998

Noah Webster

From: Morocco

The Truth Seeker, I have Danko's album and saw the title listing and credit. That doesn't prove squat. Does the fact that Robertson gets solo credit for almost all the Band's songs prove that the others deserve none? You are a dangerous fool!

Wed Jan 14 22:58:49 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

New Orleans producer Allen Toussaint was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Monday night (albeit in the non-performer category).

Mr. Toussaint's contributions to music are far too numerous to try to list here, but many of you are familiar with his work with The Band, most notably on ROCK OF AGES. In addition to his legendary production work, Mr. Toussaint is also a fine pianist, writer & singer, although his solo recordings & live performances are rare & much sought after.

In honor of his induction, I listened to "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" from the ROCK OF AGES album and "Life Is A Carnival" from CAHOOTS last night. Mr. Toussaint's funky horn charts add a little of bit of Nawleans spice to the mix. It must be noted that "Life Is A Carnival" is one of The Band's best collaborations, with shared vocal parts, writing credits attributed to Danko/Helm/Robertson, and Mr. Toussaint's horn arrangements. This is a blend that helped make The Band's music distinctive in the world of rock.

Wed Jan 14 21:43:21 MET 1998


From: Cincinnati

Jake, I would have to agree with your comments. I saw Rick twice, a couple of months ago, once in Cincinnati and the other in Columbus. I can't remember which show but unfaithful servant was played. In Columbus he played a lot of off the wall songs. He played for about 2 and 1/2 hours, his set included a lot of surprises. The Cincinnati show was shorter, but still a good show.

Wed Jan 14 19:10:51 MET 1998


From: NJ

It's kind of interesting to see people get so fired up about the whole Sip the Wine thing. I bought Danko's first solo album this summer, and went back to look last night. I think this is the re-release on One-Way Records, but no song credits are given, simply the players on each song. The album is very 70's and I think that's why it doesn't translate so well today. Regardless, I think it's good music. Lyrically, it's nothing to write home about, but I would say that even though I'm a huge Band fan, lyrics has never been there strong suit. Even a lot of the classics have some awkward turns of phrase (stampeding cattle they rattle my walls.) Barney Hoskyns claims in Across the Great Divide that the guys used to joke Robbie about some of the lyrics he would right. The fact is ,however, that whether you like Robbie or not, the Bands output of original material after he left, is enough to substantiate his claim to have had at least the major role in writing most of the songs. I mean the Band still play the same songs as they did 20 years ago, along with some new covers, and the weeding out of some of the tough stuff. "Dixie" has a lot of chord changes. That's why I think they don't play it anymore. I know they could still tear it up, and I'd love to see them break it back out. What about Unfaithful Servant? It's a complex song to play. As far as Danko's songwriting of late, I think his continued partnership with Fjed and Anderson with help to continue pulling good stuff out of him. Regardless, he's one of the most distinctive bass players and singers there ever was, and that's why I keep going to his shows. I hope these guys keep playing for a long, long time. Rick, if you read this, how about Unfaithful Servant on Jan. 24 in Jersey ?

Wed Jan 14 10:13:14 MET 1998

Brad Nelson

From: Eugene, Oregon

I am a folk singer in Western Oregon. I am looking to spread some of my tapes around. If interested, I'll mail you one for free. Im somewhere in between Jim Croce and James Taylor in style. Thank you, Brad Nelson.

Wed Jan 14 04:31:58 MET 1998

The Truth Seeker

Source: Danko lp

When: 1977

Where: Side A, track 5

Song title: Sip the wine

Author ( below song title, in brackets ): Rick Danko

That's where and when..Does that clear up any confusion, or should a translation in Moroccan be provided ??

Ironic thing: Same song 1972 Tracy Nelson, author Tim Drummond :Song ALSO on Side A, track 5. :)

If plagiarism wasn't enough, some people also lack imagination.

Wed Jan 14 04:27:29 MET 1998

Tim ***

From: Fall River, Nova Scotia, Canada

O.K. "Anon" I guess I see your true colours, you can come on a really "cool" web sight and use your keyboard to be a real hard ass, well guess what, nobody cares, take your attitude and go away. Don't spread your disease to the rest of us.

Wed Jan 14 03:25:48 MET 1998

John Doe

To Anon Does Rick actually say he wrote the song? Where? When? Robbie's got credit for every Band song- do you think for a second he's entitled to all the credit? Wake up and be something and not " A none"

Wed Jan 14 03:21:49 MET 1998

Ruffas FF

From: Los Angeles

Wed Jan 14 03:10:00 MET 1998

Noah Webster

From: Morocco

Dan, , Your e-mail address- coincidence - Dumb blood?

Wed Jan 14 03:00:20 MET 1998


*** in N.S. Do you understand english?? Doing a cover of a song is one thing, recording it and saying you wrote it is another. Especially after it had been previously published giving credit to someone else 4 years before. I really don't see how the Band made " Atlantic city" their own. They recorded a great version of it..surpassing the original perhaps, but NOT claiming authorship. You're as dense as the camel rider from Morocco. P.S. What does "cool" mean anyways???

Wed Jan 14 02:23:40 MET 1998

Noah Webster

From: Morocco

To Dan Blood, California, LAND OF FRUITS AND NUTS! Yes, we in the East are excited about the boys from Woodstock playing the Hall. You have to be something of a child to browse and surf these sites anyway.

Wed Jan 14 02:00:10 MET 1998

Tim ***

From: Fall River, Nova Scotia, Canada

I am not "Anonymous in Canada" but I have been reading all the Jibber-Jabber about Danko and Sip The Wine, would all you guys just step back and think about what the band is all about...real music ,real cool! Who cares who wrote the F@#$in' song, it's a great song and it's not like the band or it's members haven't covered great songs before. What about Atlantic City? They made that song their own. Long live the band, and would all boneheads please get off this page.


Wed Jan 14 00:36:47 MET 1998

Dan Blood

From: California

Two comments: Postings of late about The Band playing Carnegie Hall in March are full of childlike enthusiasm. That's great. It's how I felt when Danko played at MaCabes back in November. But, the difference is I'm in L.A., where his two shows weren't even sold out. The New York concert and all the fan interest proves that The Band is still mainly supported on the East Coast. (I'm sure record sales data would support this, too) Had The Band announced that they were going to play the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in Los Angeles then there'd be absent such enthusiasm from the local crowds. And furthermore, you New Yorkers are chomping at the bit already in early January.

Jan, you'll have to shut the site down as March approaches, because the rest of us won't be able to take it!

Point two: I listened to High on the Hog today, and yeah, I'm still very partial to the older stuff The Band did, but it occurred to me as I listened to the opening bars of Stand Up that the original Band never played anything 'straight' or familiar or stereotypical. They always made their songs really different, unusual and fresh, a sound that nobody'd heard yet. That was their genius. I wish they'd get some of that back.

Wed Jan 14 00:22:09 MET 1998


From: Southington, Ct. (USA)
Home page:

Well I have started a site on classic rock and blues and this is one of my links. your in my favorit bands of all time. PEACE. :-) if your ever in my neighborhood please stop by and sign my guest book.

Tue Jan 13 23:45:03 MET 1998

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Re: "Every Man is his own Hero" -- it is ironic, but I doubt that the irony was not lost on Danko and Andersen, which seems supported by the liner notes that were cited. The lyrics seem fairly ambiguous, too, beyond mourning the death of a friend (i.e. they are not judgemental). "For every bird that flies the cage, there'll be one who can't escape..." I hope that years from now, we'll be able to look back and conclude that Rick was indeed able to "fly the cage" after all.


P.S. - I'm rooting for a Forbidden Fruit/Move to Japan medley at Carnegie, with Rick on vocals! :) :)

Tue Jan 13 22:18:58 MET 1998

tiny mongomery

From: santa cruz,ca.

carnegie hall.... it's going be a real adult dose! wouldn't wanna be fixin the screen door on that night! but beware... everybody knows what happens when you have too much fun! i don't even think i could discuss it!

Tue Jan 13 20:55:11 MET 1998


From: Portland, OR

I have been looking for chords to Bessie Smith (Basement Tapes) I have treid to sit down and work them out but for some reason I can't get the verse's chords quite right. I think Rick's line is screwing me up but I love this song and anyone please?

Tue Jan 13 19:12:52 MET 1998

Chris Lecky

From: Cincinnati

I just wanted to say I think Rick Danko's solo album is a great peice of work. I recently bought Levon's American Son on CD, although it is good, I think Rick's is better.

Tue Jan 13 15:41:33 MET 1998

Ed Dakin

From: Germany
Home page: My home page

Hallo I'm Kurt Haussner! My neighbour is ED DAKIN! Maybe you remember? Hey Rick! I loved your shows at saugertiers and woodstock last year Say Hallo to George (Camara Man) for being so friendly to me during your shows. Thank's Keep rocking! ED Germany ED Dakin Jurastr. 11 B 96146 Altendorf Tel. Germany 01149/9545/509380

Tue Jan 13 14:17:18 MET 1998

hi jane

ethics aside, not that it shouldn't be a primary consideration in a perfect world, which the rockbiz ain't, tim drummond made enough money touring and recording with neil young and bob dylan to easily float his boat...

how big a deal could it have been to him?

Tue Jan 13 04:19:40 MET 1998

Ralph F.

From: Highland NY

This is a GREAT web site and pissed that I hadn't found it earlier. Last saw The Band at The Chance in Pok and they were awesome. Hope to see them at Carnegie. Keep playin' strong

Tue Jan 13 04:10:22 MET 1998


From: Philadelphia

To David Powell - I agree that the song "Every Man is his own hero" from the D/F/A album Ridin' the Blinds is sadly ironic. Eric Anderson does allude to that fact in the liner notes when he states that (paraphrased) "this song could be about anyone of us".

On an interesting sidenote, I often think of that song now with the death of Chris Farley. I had an opportunity to meet him once and during that night we had a discussion of the Band's music, most specifically, "The Night they drove Old Dixie Down". He seemed to be a fan.

Tue Jan 13 03:54:48 MET 1998

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

Anyone interested in barterring Band audio, contact me on my e mail address. Have major interest in Crossing the Great Divide, and First Rick Danko album. Do have some excellent items to swap. Don

Tue Jan 13 01:41:05 MET 1998


From: Penna.

As to andrew and ben pike and their comments re- garding the merits of danko's solo effort. I think rick can write damn good songs when he wants to. Rick as an active performer,seems more concerned with drawing from the huge repertoire of songs already written and putting his own unique stamp on them. He enjoys this more. Writing songs seems too solitary an activity for the personable Mr. Danko.

Mon Jan 12 22:29:33 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Has anyone else noticed the sad irony in Danko / Feld / Andersen's recording of "Everyone Is His Own Hero," a song based on the late Paul Butterfield's downfall due to heroin addiction? Reminds me of the old saying some parents use on their kids--"Do as I say, not as I do."

Mon Jan 12 21:00:43 MET 1998


From: Vancouver Island, Canada

Great Website!!! Can anybody help me please?!? I'm looking for song lyrics and guitar chords for "Out of the Blue" by Robbie Robertson, from The Last Waltz. I have looked everywhere and have come up empty handed. WE REALLY WANT TO LEARN THIS SONG! Would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanx.

Mon Jan 12 19:05:07 MET 1998


From: New Rochelle, NY

This is one of the best sites I've been to. Looking for chords to "Life Is A Carnival". Also looking to contact Diane from Queens. My girlfriend Donna and I met you at Rick's show at the Bayou in Mt. Vernon 12/01/97. Unfortunately, she lost your phone #. Send me an e-mail if you see this, and we'll try to set something up, if not sooner, then definitely in March at Carnegie. Talk to ya later, Steve

Mon Jan 12 06:28:08 MET 1998

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Texas

Well, I guess it's what makes horseraces, but it seems to me the central thing we could learn from the Rick Danko album is that Roberstson WAS the songwriter of the group. SHAKE IT, BRAINWASH, and other totally forgettable songs bear me out here. Danko, still a great singer in those days, needed a producer to help him find songs he could make his own in his own, one of a kind voice. Richard was a little more tricky case, in that he had written so wonderfully on the early classics, but seemed to lack the focus and confidence to keep at it.

Mon Jan 12 05:03:09 MET 1998

The Conscience Cleanser

Andrew from Philadelphia, how do you know Drummond never had a problem with how " Sip the wine " was credited. Royalties go to the registered composer. It's just the question of ethics that bothers me here. As for "the beak"(sic)from England ..You have a lot of nerve giving yourself that nickname, especially here on the Band web site.

Mon Jan 12 03:27:27 MET 1998

Manuel Labor

From: Macon, GA

If you can't make it to Carnegie in March, I suggest y'all come on uptown.

Mon Jan 12 02:44:35 MET 1998


From: Philadelphia

I think that Rick's solo album is a great album, especially with respect to it being the only solo album by Band memebrs that actually captures the feel of a Band album. As I mentioned previously on this page (and I believe Mr. Powell from Georgia expounded on more eloquently) , songs like New Mexicoe, Small Town Talk and What a Town have the "Band" sound and feel, especially the harmonies.

Ben Pike is certainly entittled to his opinion (and from his previous entries to this guestbook, I have gathered that he is a knowledgable fan), however, with all due respect, I would rate the album way higher than lame.

Ben is correct in that Rick is not a prolific songwriter, in fact I was surprised to see him credited solely on a number of songs on his album (I believe Shake IT might be the only undisputed one). I never thought of him as a 'soup to nuts' composer rather a contributor where given the opportunity, he is able to add some different elements to song. Sometimes he got credit (Dylan, D/F/A primarily with Eric Anderson, Bobby Charles, Grogin), maybe sometimes he didn't (Robbie Robertson ??)

In reference to the "Sip The Wine" discussion, I like to add one comment.. Tim Drummond did play on Rick's solo album. As someone mentioned before, he must have been aware of the 'Sip the Wine' song in the album and if he doesn't have a problem with how its credited, I don't either.

Mon Jan 12 02:15:08 MET 1998

sweet william

just got crossing the great divide and contrary to rumor there are no manufacturing errors. it is a must for band fans. one song that comes to mind is a blues number called bacon fat. robbie starts it off with some soulful guitar chords, garth slides in with his blusiest organ, then richard blasts off on lead vocal, just when you get hookes the song ends leaving you longing for more of the nonsensical lyrics in which beak delivers with a hint of humor.a robbie solo would make the song sublime. i've always felt that the band were at their most rockin when they did the blues, this is confirmed with she's 19. robbie and levon are awesome. theres a cool r&b number from 64 texas that richard sings. steve winwood was the only white singer at the time that compared to richard, well maybe van too. theres a great version of ruben remus that rick sings falsetto on. the studio version of don't do it shows robbie at his funkiest, absolutely black and bloody, step aside clapton. a couple of the tunes are not from rock of ages as indicated but from watkins glen they are, loving you, the rumor and the tail of don't tell henry. the rest of the rock of ages is great especially smoke signal, wheels and ragtime. robbies solo on time to kill is sweltering. the only thing that's missing are the 68 gold star recordings that include key to the highway and 3 others that allegedly contain more killer guitar.some of the 64 port dover show would be nice or for that matter the whole thing. also a live performance of twilight. i know it's asking a lot but my record dealer said there may be another volume. do yourself a favor, buy it. $90 SW.

Sun Jan 11 22:09:45 MET 1998

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

Let's face it, that Danko solo album is pretty lame. Sounds OK, but "Wheels on Fire" notwithstanding, Rick is nobody's songwriter. "Java Blues" are his BEST lyrics. Notice there was never a follow up.....the Band should have done some more adventursome work in the "Northern Lights" mold, but I guess things were pretty tense by then. Still, I wish I could get "Rick Danko" on CD...just to round out the collection.......

Sun Jan 11 20:27:44 MET 1998

the beak


Sun Jan 11 16:49:24 MET 1998


From: Nova Scotia
Home page:

Love yer page, Y'know being from N.S. and all, The Band of the 60's and 70's must have loved it here, with songs like "Acadian Driftwood" and "Evangeline" Check it out by going to

Sun Jan 11 16:02:49 MET 1998

Tom Omberg Johansen

From: Oslo (Hamar)

Hei din gamle ørn.... Terje er her nå å vil hilse til deg. Jeg og.

Sun Jan 11 10:34:43 MET 1998

Sheldon Abbott

From: Laguna Beach, California

Hello to THE BAND; Been a fan since the 60's and it's been real nice at this side of the world. We've lost some family along the way, but I love this world and you've made it a lot nicer. From the Basement Tapes to Muddy @ Woodstock and everything in between, even Levon's acting is fun to see! Eric Clapton was right. . . . thanks, Sheldon Abbott

Sun Jan 11 01:44:06 MET 1998

Paul Masson

From: Watsonville, CA

It wasn't Tim Drummond, nor Tracy Nelson, nor Rick Danko, twas me who Sipped the Wine but ere its time.

Sat Jan 10 21:41:09 MET 1998

Large Wooden Badger

From: Outside the castle

Jim Weider's band is playing tonight (Sat, 1/ 10) in Kingston, NY at the West Strand Grille, 10:00 P.M.; $5 cover. Caledonia, the up and coming western singer, will open.

Sat Jan 10 19:43:17 MET 1998


From: england

Thankyou PEARL CODE for your message. I'll be heading on up to the megastore!!!!

Sat Jan 10 16:45:23 MET 1998

jersey bob

From: New Jersey

I'm a huge fan of the band and I've been looking for their 1976 ISLANDS....I cannot find that release anywhere! If anyone can help me find a used or new cd version, I'd certainly appreciate it......thanks

Sat Jan 10 16:34:12 MET 1998


From: NYC

Last night's Jimmy Weider show was truly inspired. All that pent up energy from not playing just exploded on that tiny Louisiana Bar stage. All you regulars who didn't brave the trip to the big bad city (except Butch) better see em tonight in Kingston. Band songs? Yep, but I'm not telling. All aspiring guitarists better go out and get a Tele and watch Jimmy play every chance they get.

Sat Jan 10 13:37:47 MET 1998

Phil McKleaine

From: Sydney Australia

The Last Waltz An Excellent Show Especially When E.C. Almost Drops His Guitar.

Sat Jan 10 07:26:04 MET 1998

Dan Blood

From: California

I love Rick, but I never liked his 'now controversial' solo album. The cover photo, black and white, all blurred and too close, hints at what's inside.

When he toured shortly thereafter, he blew the windows out of the Catalyst in Santa Cruz with Java Blues. I like that song although the lyric is sorta lame.

At Macabes he began Java Blues with it's recognizable chord progression and inserted the line..."stronger than dirt." Perhaps he was admitting then that he stole THIS song from "Bold" laundry detergent. That's bold and dirty!

Sat Jan 10 06:43:48 MET 1998

Stu Hruska

From: Westchester, New York

Sitting here listening to my autographed 1977 Arista Records cd, Rick Danko. Small Town Talk written by Rick and Bobby Charles, cut 8, has just finished and I wanted to post some thought provoking news in view of the absolutely teriffic announcement that The Band would be making their annual March 25th Carnegie Hall appearance. Earlier in the week it was posted in this guestbook that the Jimmy Weider Band would be appearing in NYC. No location given. I tried to find out where, in vain, using every resource I could think of. Tonight as the show was going on I was sitting in a coffee bar with my wife reading the Village Voice. Appearing at the Louisana Community Bar and Grill 622 Broadway (corner of Houston)"Jim Weider and The Honky Tonk Gurus featuring Richard Bell and Randy Ciarlante of The Band" 8 & 10 PM. The venue had a web site and I will ask them to possibly post a review and set list here. Any thoughts?

Sat Jan 10 04:11:43 MET 1998

Matthew Morehead

From: Western Kentucky

Just got a computer, thought I might spend the evening surfing the web and looking for cool stuff. So very happy that the band has a site I put a bookmark on it and will visit it often. Hope all are doing well. I had the fortune to see the band in Chicago '95 when they opened for the dead, it was quite a thrill for me as I had been enjoying the group for 7 years previous. Glad I got to see them, bummer that they could not have opened more shows for the dead. Hope this message finds you in good health. Matt

Sat Jan 10 02:56:36 MET 1998

TD Bear

From: Woodstock-Joshua's/try the felafel

The news of THE BAND 3/25/98 at Carnegie Hall was all I needed to end my winter slumber. For those of you who track my paws, on 11/9/97 I correctly stated The Band would play the Hall in March 98. Rick, if I wuz u I wouldn't Sip the Wine, it might be spiked.

Sat Jan 10 02:40:15 MET 1998


From: Pittsburgh PA

Danko's first album may have hit the store shelves in Canada after the April 1978 release of The Last Waltz, but I've had my copy since December 1977 (albeit a promo copy).

Sat Jan 10 02:07:02 MET 1998

Noah Webster

From: Morocco

Still Anonymous is Still an Arse. Until we have heard Rick's side of things I'm not rushing to judgment. Anyone who says "he he he" is too young to enter a chatroom without parental supervision. Stop being so taken with yourself and get a life. FYI Pembleton is Baltimore's most famous detective.

Fri Jan 9 22:23:32 MET 1998

Anonymous still...

From: Canada

Alleluia.!! Thanks to David Powell of Georgia for proving my story right. Thanks to Bill Munson also. I fell in love with Tracy Nelson's " I want to lay down beside you " when I first heard it in 1972. I was elated when I saw and heard Danko sing the intro. of the tune in the Last Waltz in 1978. Listed as 1977, the Danko album hit the store shelves soon after the last Waltz release in 78. I smelled a rat immediately when I recognized " Sip the wine " credited to Danko, as being the same song. I guess that by changing the name of a tune one can take credit and perhaps residuals..I was thinking that I should publish God save the Queen, as " God save Her Majesty " and collect big bucks every time it's played or sung. What do you think mr. morocco ??

Fri Jan 9 20:45:51 MET 1998

Pearl Code

In answer to the question posed by THE BEAK of Devon. While on holiday in London just last month I was able to find The Band (brown album) on CD at the Virgin MegaStore, Oxford Street. Hope this helps. Cheers.

Fri Jan 9 20:11:28 MET 1998




Fri Jan 9 20:09:34 MET 1998

Bill Munson

Woops. It's "I Want To Lay Down Beside You" that BMI has listed as by Tim Drummond (and published by Barn Yard). They don't have "Sip The Wine" listed at all it seems. Nor does ASCAP.

Fri Jan 9 17:45:01 MET 1998

Bill Munson

Further to David Powell's comments about "sip The Wine", BMI lists Tim Drummond as the writer and Barn Yard Music as the publisher.

Fri Jan 9 15:54:35 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Interesting discussion going on here regarding the origins of "Sip The Wine." I dug out my old LP copies to listen to the respective versions and, although the arrangements are different, it is the same song. Since Ms. Nelson 's version, released on her 1972 WB album, preceeds Danko's 1977 Arista solo effort, it may be safe to infer that her attribution of the song to Tim Drummond is correct. Neither album, however, lists any copyright date or publishing information. I guess the only way to clear this up is for some brave Band fan to ask Danko.

As for Mr. Drummond, the veteran bass player indeed exists, having played with diverse legends such as James Brown, J.J. Cale, Neil Young & Bob Dylan. Drummond, who played bass on "Brainwash" & "Java Blues" on the afore-mentioned Danko album, must certainly be aware of the "Sip The Wine" credit.

Drummond was part of Neil Young's Stray Gators back-up group, featured most prominently on the HARVEST album. He also took part in Young's ON THE BEACH album, playing bass along with none other than Levon Helm on "See The Sky About To Rain." That same album features both Helm & Rick Danko playing with Neil on "Revolution Blues."

Drummond was part of Dylan' studio & touring band during Dylan's SLOW TRAIN COMING / SAVED "religion & rock" period. Mr. Drummond's most curious claim to fame, however, would have to be his tenure with James Brown. As part of a group of Cincinnati-based musicians who backed up Brown when his regular band was "on strike," Drummond must be one of the only "rhytmically challenged" white guys to be part of the band for the artist known as the Hardest Working Man In Show Business.

Fri Jan 9 14:42:50 MET 1998

Rodney Q.

From: Scotland

Thanks to all you people for a great web site. Long live The Band.

Fri Jan 9 14:10:11 MET 1998

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway

Just testing some Perl code....

Fri Jan 9 12:35:24 MET 1998




Fri Jan 9 06:04:39 MET 1998

The conscience cleanser...

From: canada

Noah Webster, from Morocco??!! if you want to use foul language here, meet me at the new chat site. I'll tell you who I am. There's no contrversy at all..Looks like fact to me. I hate being deceived. You have nothing to offer here. Get on your Moroccan camel and head south...Who's Frank Pembelton?? Is related to Rula Lenska??

Fri Jan 9 05:07:18 MET 1998

Noah Webster

From: Morocco

Regarding "The Slip of the Wine" controversy, I suggest Frank Pembleton put Rick in the box. In any event, anonymous in canada is an asshole, he, he, he.

Fri Jan 9 04:54:06 MET 1998

Marvin Gardens

From: Seaford, NY

To Jon , Luis , Eppie, RandolphJ and The Real Dancing Bear, Here's to a 3 hour concert 3/25/98 @ Carnegie Hall!

Fri Jan 9 02:50:36 MET 1998

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

I recorded from the radio, a Band hour long set, and one of the tunes, was The Long Black Veil, but not from the original album, it was a live version, which was just great. Does anyone know where this tune was preformed at, and it there a recording of the concert. Let us know. Don

Thu Jan 8 23:45:23 MET 1998

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Great news about the Carnegie Hall date in March! I also called for tickets and was told they haven't gone on sale yet. The fellow at CarnegieCharge that I spoke with said that the Band was renting out the space from Carnegie Hall for that night (is that the normal procedure?), and that the Band's management had completely kept the people at Carnegie in the dark about everything (gee, sound familiar to anyone?), so that even the box office doesn't know when tickets will go on sale. But at least the date is set. If anyone gets any information, please let us know!


Thu Jan 8 22:19:18 MET 1998

Anonymous again...

From: Canada

Andrew from Philly..Glad you checked the Tracy Nelson record...Tim Drummond=Danko..Nah! Drummond exists..How is this scenario..? " Gee Ricky, I wrote this great tune..A sure hit, and I'm really strapped for cash at the moment..." Nah!.. not Rick Danko. ( P.S. Warner Bros. do not make credit errors on their albums..for obvious reasons.)

Thu Jan 8 21:04:32 MET 1998

Joe Neiter

The Band can really jam w/ Dylan. This is a great site.

Thu Jan 8 19:20:46 MET 1998


From: Ga.

Tnaks for the iinfo on the question....what version will play at Carnegie?...

Thu Jan 8 18:17:45 MET 1998

Rick Smith

From: Denton, TX

Finally, Carnegie Hall! Checked with Carngie tickets, they confirmed the concert date but don't have info yet about ticket prices or availability. At least now all the speculation about whether the Band exists as a unit anymore can apparently be laid to rest. But do we know what version of the Band we'll be seeing? And now that we know they'll be playing together at least once, any hints of a tour?

Thu Jan 8 16:04:52 MET 1998

Jeff Smith

From: Falls Church Va

Can anyone get through to Robbie Robertson that what happened to the rest of the Band, regarding songwriting royalties and publishing is incomprhensible and he should help make amends to his former teamates in the band. For crying out loud come on now. Does anyone know how to contact Levon? Thanks

Thu Jan 8 15:45:02 MET 1998


From: England

Are the band likely to play England this year? does anybody know?

Thu Jan 8 15:28:42 MET 1998

john donabie

From: toronto

Just wondered if anyone saw the news yesterday regarding the sale of "BIG PINK HOUSE." According to a wire report yesterday, the deal has "fallen through." I guess that means that Big Pink is once again on the market.

Thu Jan 8 14:51:07 MET 1998


From: New Paltz, NY

Just a short note to let everyone know that Big Pink is back on the market. The deal with that lady from the west coast fell through. This was on the local news last night.

Thu Jan 8 12:22:17 MET 1998

Dori West

From: al intra's NA Indian Web-sites
Home page:

[guest photo]

Glad I found your site. If you are interested in a NA Indian site that has almost 2,000 links please stop by. If you do also sign the guestbook, if you have time.
phila' dori

Thu Jan 8 10:16:29 MET 1998


From: Philadelphia

Interesting. I did some checking and found that yes indeed, Tracy Nelson did a song in 1972 called "I want to lay down beside you". And yes the writer credited is one Tim Drummond. This is the same Tim Drummond who played bass on Danko's solo album (where he recorded 'Sip the Wine' which is credited to him).

I am searching for an explanation here. One possible theory is that even though Rick recorded the song in 1977, it could have been written earlier. In fact, Tracy does four songs from one Bobby Charles, who co-wrote several songs on Danko's solo record (some of which were recorded before Rick took a crack at them). In fact, I remember in Levon's book that during the time frame between Cahoots (or Rock of Ages) and Moondog matinee, Levon mentioned that Rick and Bobby Charles were writing songs together.

hmm, Tim Drummond = Rick Danko (they share some common letters), nah can't be, I bet you that Robbie wrote the song.

Thu Jan 8 05:22:30 MET 1998

Anonymous for this one

From: Canada

To Sam from Georgia and Andrew from Philadelphia, here's a little bit of history and mystery for you..That tune Danko sings in the Shangri La sequence of the last waltz " Sip the wine" was recorded by Tracy Nelson in 1972 on her "Tracy Nelson/Mother Earth" vinyl lp. Reprise Records (Warner Bros.) MS 2054. On that recording the tune is called " I want to lay down beside you" (lyrics and music by TIM DRUMMOND)track is 5:25 min. NOW!!! who stole what from whom ??? Danko's album arrived 4 years later, listing him as the composer..!!?? Same tune, same lyrics. Check it out. The truth is out there! he he he !!

Thu Jan 8 02:13:15 MET 1998


From: Philadelphia

To Sam from Georgia, the song Rick played is called "Sip the Wine" which is off of his solo album from 1977 RICK DANKO. One other note, Jan just added the album from Georgette Fry "Rites of Passage" where she does a cover of that song to the site.

I haven't heard Ms. Fry's version, but I can tell you that Rick's album was recently reissued on CD and can be ordered from Rick's website. I highly recommend it.

Wed Jan 7 22:10:58 MET 1998

Joseph Lyle Sr.

From: Baldwin, New York

I have listened to the Band since being a teenager back in late sixties. They have always rang true in their devotion to their craft, their incredible diverse talents and unparalleled songwriting. Richard Manuel never failed to move me whenever I heard him sing. Thanks for a great website and may The Band play on!

Wed Jan 7 22:02:49 MET 1998


From: Georgia

Great site ...I have visited it often and am a huge fan of The Band. Just one question...what song does Rick play for Martin Scorcese when they are in the studio in The Last know the great scene where the camera goes to Rick after Martin asks him what he has been doing and Rick let's him here the song....also where can I get the lyrics to this ...couldn't find them here..if anyone know's email me it would be greatly appreciated.

Wed Jan 7 17:29:59 MET 1998


From: NJ

I just purchased tickets for Rick Danko at Planet High Bridge in High Bridge, NJ on Jan. 24. Apparently Rick is playing with Aaron Hurwitz, and Bob Dylan's drummer (don't know his name). While I am definitely excited, I had a little bit of reservation about the $25 charge. It's not that I think Rick will put on a bad show by any means. I have seen him twice since his tour of the Orient. He's been great, but I will say that the set lists were not all that varied. Rick also claimed that he would play until the sun came up. I surely didn't take him literally, but I actually thought both shows, particularly the late show at the Tin Angel in Nov., were short. I'd love to see tunes like Acadian Driftwood, or Sip the Wine, Unfaithful Servant, but I guess I'll just have to see. I always enjoy the shows, but really want to hear some different stuff. I'll keep my fingers crossed.Bring out Segal !!!!!!

Wed Jan 7 08:54:01 MET 1998

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway
Home page: http:://

The Band web site was off-line yesterday, due to a broken cable. Hope to move the site to a more stable host soon.

Tue Jan 6 17:47:28 MET 1998


From: 1000 Islands area in Ontario, Canada

I've heard from my father that The Band used to play down here around the islands at an old hangout called "The Nash". They also used to cruise out on the St. Lawrence River on a house boat that was owned by my father. If anyone has any information on this story please post it here. I'd like to know if it was a true story or just a "drunkard's dream".

Tue Jan 6 16:24:55 MET 1998


From: nyc

someone mentioned that jim weider's band was playing in nyc on 1/9. Does anyone know where? Thanks

Tue Jan 6 09:40:33 MET 1998

A thief (and I dig it)

From: Florida

Long live The Band! Levon, we love you.

Tue Jan 6 07:59:08 MET 1998


From: Calgary, Canada
Home page:

[guest photo]

Great site....check this one out.

Tue Jan 6 04:50:28 MET 1998

hubba bubba



Tue Jan 6 04:34:12 MET 1998

Dave Spitz

From: Nawlins, baby

Heard a rumor that Levon is opening a concert club here in New Orleans. Can anyone confirm?

Tue Jan 6 03:56:54 MET 1998

Roger Killian

From: Columbia, Missouri

This is a most impressive sight that is truly commensurate with the weighty importance of Robbie and friends in musical eclecticity. Keep us posted on upcoming projects.

Tue Jan 6 02:15:30 MET 1998

Lars Vingå

From: Stockholm, Sweden

To the best band in the world - THE BAND - Happy New Year! I saw the Rick Danko consert at Dailys Bar in Stockholm 1993. It was a great show, and the concert with The Band at Stockholms Konserthus 1971. That was the best consert ever... Please come back to Stockholm... we can never be to old.

Tue Jan 6 01:51:01 MET 1998

Geoff Yates

From: Nelson, New Zealand

Very good site ...feel sad I haven't been here before. Fan from way back...Got all the LP's now trying to get them on CD

Tue Jan 6 00:50:50 MET 1998

Lisa Tyler

From: Gardena, California

I would like to express my appreciation and to thank you for the years of music and talent you have displayed. Also, the positiveness you bring forth. Thank you for being real.... I was extremely happy to see you in the new sitcom with the "Revie Rev".... (smile). Happy New Year! And may the Lord continue to bless you and the Preston family. From your long-time loyal fan.

Mon Jan 5 23:06:23 MET 1998

Tami Chandler

From: Jonesboro, Arkansas

Hi! This is a great site. My message may be on here twice, since I couldn't get it to show up on here the first time...I'm a big fan of these guys (especially Levon, of course!), and have worked for Not Fade Away a few times selling their merchandise. They all signed a shirt for me a few years back, and put on a great show in Memphis during a severe thunderstorm. Happy new year, guys, and hello to J.R.!!

Mon Jan 5 19:33:39 MET 1998

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Purchased the new CREAM box set, "Those Were The Days," at an after-holiday sale. The accompanying essay by John McDermott mentions that Eric Clapton's discovery of The Band's MUSIC FROM BIG PINK contributed to Clapton's disatisfaction with his group's validity. As McDermott quotes Jack Bruce: "Like a lot of people, Eric was deeply influenced by the first Band album...We fell in love with that record and began to think that what we were doing was OK, but kind of florid. I think the idea of us getting back to the roots indicated to me that we had lost a bit of our confidence in what we had been doing."

It's a testament to the greatness of The Band's music that it has influenced the musical concepts of not only the average listener, but that of the group's fellow professionals as well. The Band's concise yet intricate approach, with its great story-telling, brought a breath of fresh air to the overblown excesses of rock music of the late sixties & early seventies, and their influence continues to this day.

Mon Jan 5 05:37:54 MET 1998

Scott M Pordon

From: Paramus NJ + Decatur NY

How can I purchase the new Levon and Crowmatix cd ??????? Anyone with info. please send me an email !!!

Sun Jan 4 22:09:11 MET 1998




Sun Jan 4 20:38:00 MET 1998

Foster Dickson

From: Montgomery, AL

Sun Jan 4 15:38:09 MET 1998

john donabie



Sun Jan 4 07:53:31 MET 1998

Mrs. Victor (Moulty) Moulton

From: Massachusetts

no comment at this time

Sun Jan 4 03:20:38 MET 1998

Caledonia's Country Cousin

From: Upstate NY

To Anthony Mendoza- wow......were you at the Music Hall on Wed? Anything in particular you were disappointed in? Why are the Crowmatix "killing" (as you say) the Band, I don't get it. Some of the people are in both bands. No one can explain to you why things change, but they do. And the music goes on. And, if you listen, the Crowmatix are playing some beautiful music right now.

Sun Jan 4 00:29:56 MET 1998

Anthony Mendoza

From: Bethel, NY

The Cromatix, while a great band in their own right are killing The Band. New Years Eve was a great disappointment. Tip for 98--get rid of Aaron and get back on the road. We miss you....

Sat Jan 3 23:43:58 MET 1998


From: nyc

Haven't heard anything about breakup. But not surprised as Levon and Randy are doing their thing with the Crowmatics and Rick is doing his solo thing plus his thing with DFA.Doesn't leave much for Jim and Richard. But I think you must mean Aaron "Louie " not Adam as Aaron is with Levon and the Crowmatics and also with Rick when he solo's.

Sat Jan 3 23:35:54 MET 1998

st. annie

Big Pink has been sold! Josh Getlin of The Los Angeles Times originally reported the following story. I found it on Thursday, November 27, 1997 NEW YORK -- Big Pink, a house in the Catskills where rock-and-roll history was made, has been sold -- and the new owner has pledged to turn it into a shrine befitting its past. Linda Mesch, a writer, rock musician and former disc jockey from Long Island, made an offer this week after reading in the Los Angeles Times that the three-bedroom house where Bob Dylan and the Band recorded in the '60s was for sale. Mesch -- who says she actually sat in on jam sessions at Big Pink when she was a college student -- and Michael Amitin, who has owned the house since 1977, agreed Tuesday on the price. For $144,500, she gets a sturdy, nondescript home in the rolling hills above Woodstock -- and a rich slice of pop Americana.... ...The new owner hopes to memorialize the house where Dylan and his cohorts recorded The Basement Tapes"...and..."Music From Big Pink". Her plans are to turn the basement into a recording studio for gifted, noncomerical musicians. She may live...upstairs. Mesch, 49, still can't believe she bought the house. "I grew up at a time when Dylan and the Band were playing up there..." ...After learning that Big Pink was for sale, Mesch was convinced that it would be purchased by "some rich record Moguls from L.A....Yet friends of mine...convinced me to put in a bid. "And it's a bargain. I'm not a rich person. But spiritually, mystically and magically, the value of this property is beyond what I can even say..." For the complete article, see

Sat Jan 3 21:08:31 MET 1998

Pat Brennan

From: Chicago, USA

Has anyone else heard the Rumor that Jim Weider and Richard Bell have left the Band to be replaced by Adam Hurwitz and an unnamed guitarist?

Sat Jan 3 18:56:29 MET 1998

D. B. Reed

From: Washington, DC

Yeah, Robertson has a great voice for narration. I'm afraid I can't say the same for his singing since I heard the ludicrous "Storyville" album. If you want to hear more, check out his voice-over on Hal Wilmer's "Weird Nightmares" - a tribute to Charles Mingus. Roberston reads an excerpt from Mingus' diary. If you thought Robertson was weird, wait till you get a load of Mingus. Hmmm..."Killer Asteroids"... how did he get that gig?

Sat Jan 3 02:29:39 MET 1998

Dave Carey

From: Connecticut

Does anyone have any idea if & when The Band, will play together as a band again ?? It's been quite some time since Rick was set free, and still no word or rumour as to when they will all get together again....

Sat Jan 3 00:20:54 MET 1998


From: Pittsburgh PA

I always thought Howie Mandel sounded alot like Robbie.

Fri Jan 2 23:42:25 MET 1998

Tracy Lynn Rotkiewicz

From: Windsor, ( you guess)

To answer Scott's question.....indeed that was Robbie's voice. His name is listed at the beginning of the show. It was first aired in February of (uh-hem '97) this past year. I remember because it aired the same day as the Grammy Awards. In addition to this, Mr. Robertson can also be heard on a football commercial for cable's TNT station. There is no other voice like his! MMMhmmmm!

Fri Jan 2 22:41:06 MET 1998

Scott Thomas

From: Scranton, PA

On New Year's Eve, NBC carried a National Geographic special on killer asteroids, and I could swear the narrator was Robbie Robertson. The narrator was not listed in the closing credits. Can anyone verify that this was indeed Robbie?

Fri Jan 2 22:00:32 MET 1998

christy pratt and jim omahony

From: ireland

wish you all a happy new year see you in ireland in 1998?

Fri Jan 2 04:38:00 MET 1998

Jimm Eppard

From: Kingston, NY

Re: Levon @ Tarytown Music Hall New Years Eve: Lee ( with the chrome addicts ) put on a much longer show than he did @ the bottom line 3 weeks ago. He played for an hour & 20 min, including 1 encore ( milk cow ). NRBQ kicked ass as usual. While Levon's voice was not 100%, it was much stronger than it was in LA & NY. New Levon & the Crowmatix CD souvenir (12 songs) out on Woodstock Records featuring live and studio cuts. I'm new to the net, but I must say this site is the best I've seen. Kudos to Jan!

Fri Jan 2 01:38:15 MET 1998

John Doe

Happy New Year to all. Just found a great music reference site. Enter any musician's name or group for a search. You'll be surprised. Jan, if you're not familiar with this site, perhaps you could create a link to it from this page. Check it out.

Thu Jan 1 21:55:24 MET 1998

Wendel Gee

From: CT

Hey Folks, are you all recovering from the celebration? There isnt a word about the Crowmatix gig last night. Please Im dying here! Recently saw a 4 CD Bootleg set with a disc if Levon and the Hawks and 3 others of Band songs. One was titled The Crackers while the others I cant remember unfortunately. Anyway, I listened to a bit of the Hawks and a bit of the Band and it sounded real good. THe Band disc(s) had a cut from Levon at the Lonstar with Dylan doing "The Weight". Does anyone have this set? Price was $80 for 4 discs, so I wouldnt mind the reviews if anyone knows the set. Rock on, and put the crap behind you boys, hit the road as THE BAND, we miss you!

Thu Jan 1 18:07:43 MET 1998

Stone Work

From: Near the hills of Woodstock

Best wishes for 1998 to the members of the Band and the Crowmatix. Rick: you're doing all right, kid.

Thu Jan 1 02:21:15 MET 1998

Dan Blood

From: California

Happy New Year everyone. Too bad we can't bring out the .."best horn players in New York to help us"...celebrate.

Thu Jan 1 02:18:58 MET 1998

Marvin Gardens

From: Seaford, NY

To The Real Bear Enjoy the Belfast Cowboy and Z Man. Remember that Dylan covered Buffett's classic A Pirate Looks at Forty. Sam Clayton of Little Feat has played with the Coral Reefers. I guess what I'm saying is, Spanky there's lots of good music out there. Take it from whence it comes. A happy & healthy new year to you and yours. See you at Letterman's house.

Thu Jan 1 01:41:53 MET 1998

magnus dahl

From: sweden

Happy new year all the band fans!!!!!!! I heard on radio Hobo Jungel this night , from Northern lights - Southern Cross (same year i was born) Sorry for my english it's no good.

Thu Jan 1 01:05:22 MET 1998

The Dancing Bear

From: New York

Best wishes to Marvin Gardens for a happy, healthy, and peaceful New Year -- one filled with love and happiness. Best wishes to The Band.

Thu Jan 1 00:09:05 MET 1998


From: nyc

Just wanted to wish The Band,Jan aand all the Band Fans a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR

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