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The Band Guestbook, June '97

Below are the entries in the Band guestbook from June 1997.

Mon Jun 30 17:50:26 MET DST 1997


From: NYC

The site is a blessing; the sheet music much appreciated. But can anyone put me onto a used copy of the Band/Big Pink songbook, with pix by Elliott Landy? The expression, I believe, is "Willing to Pay."

Mon Jun 30 04:23:08 MET DST 1997

Don Principe

From: Bethel, CT.

Great Web Site, Regarding Rick, he is sorely missed and tour plans sounded so good for the summer, oh well. Lets hope we get him home soon, and I just ordered my Danko Live CD, I hope you will all do the same. Any set lists from Levons shows? Who was the alleged special guest(s) ? Please keep up the good work and hang on Rick...

Sun Jun 29 19:28:39 MET DST 1997

Robert Bruce

From: Berrien Springs, Michigan

Sorry about that previous mistake (Name w/o entry...hit the wrong button!) Well, I would like to add my 2 cents to the discussion about The Band calling itself such w/o Robbie, Richard M, or Rick. I completely agree with Levon (" long as Garth shows up."), but beyond that, Richard B, Jimmy, and Randy are important parts of the group. I remember reading that John, George, and Ringo considered going on without Paul by adding Klaus Voorman and Billy Preson. They still would've been the Beatles, but different. And who says that different is bad? I enjoy "both" versions of The Band greatly. I'm too young to have seen the original lineup in concert, but have seen the current lineup (with Rick) last year. I'm not sure that it's fair to compare both versions, as the current one leans heavily on R&B and has a "jazzier" feel to it. I loved "High on the Hog" as much as "Northern Lights", and "High" puts "Islands" to shame! I'm sorry (to RR fans), but I really don't miss Robbie at all. He certainly was an important part of the original group, but I feel that he's number 5 on the list of irreplaceables. (1 Garth, 2 Richard, 3 Levon, 4 Rick for those who might be interested...). Again, my best wishes go out to Rick and family.

Sun Jun 29 18:29:16 MET DST 1997

Onno Oskam

From: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The first time I heard The Band I was speechless. I still am...

Sun Jun 29 17:19:22 MET DST 1997

Cliff Campo

From: Chester, NY

I was a kid, all of thirteen, when I saw an album on my older brother's stereo. Longing to hear his music, I carefully turned on the stereo and gingerly placed the needle at the beginning of the record. When the first song spun up, my jaw hit the floor. That song was Tears of Rage. I've been completely intrigued by The Band's music ever since that moment. Levon, Garth, Rick, and Robbie, I need you in my life, your music stirs up so many emotions in me. It soothes, excites, and haunts me. Please keep yourselves healthy. I must get up to Saugerties and find Big Pink...soon!

Sun Jun 29 02:50:06 MET DST 1997

Tom Swearingen

From: Eau Claire/Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Thanks to you guys, life is wonderful! You guys are great Americans. Tom Swearingen

Sat Jun 28 08:24:10 MET DST 1997

Mike Rothbaum

From: Spring Valley, NY

I've just started listening to material besides the Basement / Big Pink / The Band period, and I am really pleased. The pompous stuffed-shirted critics were way off the mark -- mid-70s Band is excellent! I played Northern Lights in my car for the first time, and listening to Acadian Driftwood, I was overcome. What a gorgeous piece! There I was, driving down the New York State Thruway, sobbing like a schmuck. As the grandson of Jewish immigrants who were pushed around in all-too-typical ways, the song really struck a chord. I've always loved the Band's religious imagery, and admired their chutzpah in putting that into their music (i.e., Rock music often being anti-religious and vice-versa). In beautifully describing the plight of a marginalized (but not well-known) group, the Band showed even more integrity. Small things: 1- What's up with Rick Danko? Everyone else seems to know this, but I'm a late-comer to this website -- can someone e-mail me? 2- Is there any info available on the free concert in CT 8/15? 3- This is an outstanding website, carefully crafted and maintained. Mazel Tov! (Congratulations)

Sat Jun 28 04:35:06 MET DST 1997


From: upstate n.y.i've

i've been listening to the band for 30 years.the original group was the best band ever.i still enjoy their music,but no group will ever come close to the original.they had it all. long live the band. great site keep it growin'. were the best

Sat Jun 28 04:33:50 MET DST 1997


From: Somerville, NJ

I agree with MR. CLARK. I have seen The Band three times this year, all with different linups. I saw Rick solo, and Levon with the Cromatix. No matter where, these guys have energy. Levon is the key. If you notice, his solo albums sound like its "The Band" playing. Robbie's solo albums sound different. The genius of The Band was its musical prowless. You can still hear it with Levon, Garth and Rick soon enough again, as well as with the accompanyment to these guys which is top notch,

Sat Jun 28 02:01:24 MET DST 1997

John Clark

From: Montclair NJ

I've seen The Band twice in the last 3 months (Montclair and E. Brunswick, NJ) without Rick. The E. Brunswick show included 4 players as replacements for Rick. (Jeez, given that Robbie was replaced by one, Richard by two, and now Rick by 4 -- if Garth leaves, they'll have to fill his chair with an entire orchestra, an eccentric orchestra at that). As to the debate about whether they should still call themselves "The Band", well, I'm with Levon on this one: its still The Band as long as Garth shows up. I don't think Robbie has been missed so much as an ensemble player; Jimmy Weider is a helluva guitarist in his own right. No doubt, his songwriting skills are missed, but, what has he done that's so great in the last 20 odd years that isn't self indulgent or bombastic (sorry RR fans)? And, using a baseball analogy, Robbie's vocal, er, contributions, were addition by subtraction. While they have not, and could not, ever replace what Richard brought to the party (to my thinking, he's the best white blues singer ever, period), Richard Bell can play the hell out of a piano. I've seen the boys more times than I can count, going back to the early '70's, and their performance last fall in Trenton, NJ was as good as I've ever seen them play. Rick's recent absence is glaring, however. His infectious spirit and energy, combined with his vocal skill and downright musicality, and the extraordinary interchange in musical language between he and Levon and Garth (the Band's real secret) was the glue that held the music together. As for Rick's current situation, does anyone know if there is anything we can do? Who can we call or write to about his situation? There must be SOMETHING we can do.

Fri Jun 27 01:59:07 MET DST 1997


From: charleston,wv

just heard a report on jam tv tonight that, if i understood correctly, the band would be playing the pirate's ball after all, or that levon had announced, at least, that the tour would be on. by the way, as to the band calling itself that, without danko(or robbie, or richard): what about these guys calling themselves the JGB band? now, that's really floging a dead horse!

Thu Jun 26 21:15:09 MET DST 1997

Bruce Brooker

From: Mike Mckenna & Slidewinder...Toronto
Home page:

Greetings from Toronto...The Band's early stompin, I sould say rompin grounds!! We're thinkin about you Rick...get back here real soon. Regards Mike Mckenna & Slidewinder

Thu Jun 26 05:51:21 MET DST 1997


From: West Saugerties, NY

FYI, Band fans. Word on the street in Woodstock is that a musical guest or two may appear at Levon's show this Saturday in New Paltz. Just thought you might like to know.

Wed Jun 25 23:19:14 MET DST 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

I share everyone's concerns for Rick. He has always been my favorite live performer. The way he holds his bass and swings his arms around while his hands are occupied is really fun to watch. It's like watching a good dancer whose enjoying the dance. Nothing subtle about Rick's onstage movements, he has fun. The comments guests have made about drug use intrigue me. I wonder if the culture of the 60's could have happened at all minus the mind altering drugs. As David Crosby said, the political climate was right, so were the social and war climates, but take away the drugs and I think the Greek tragedy B.S. is somehow now non operational. Like bullfights and automobile racing and profession football or baseball, the warriors we watch play around with the element of self distruction. When you take that risk away, do you become just another Walter Mitty like myself? I don't know. Maybe, with tongue in cheek, the Band shouln't have recorded those songs unfavorable to Japanese know "I got in my Honda, it's an itty bitty car..."

Tue Jun 24 22:17:01 MET DST 1997


From: Boston

I agree! 2/5 of The Band does not = The Band. 3/5 was better, but it wasn't The Band. Someone once said --- and i wish i could give that person credit but I can't remember --- that The Band without Robbie is like Hamlet without the Prince. Thank you Jan for the site. Thank you Robbie for the music.

Tue Jun 24 10:32:42 MET DST 1997

Steven Marcus

From: Sebastopol, California
Home page:

My brother has a new book out called Invisible Republic. You all should get it! How is it possible for The Band to tour without Danko, Richard and Robbie? It isn't...the group can not call it self The Band anymore maybe the Helm/Hudson band, but come on...It was bad enough to tour with out Richard much less Robbie.

Tue Jun 24 07:58:15 MET DST 1997

Turkey Point Productions

From: Pleasant Valley, New York

CD Release: Rick Danko In Concert - Recorded 1997. Tracks: Crazy Mama/ Twilight/ Stage Fright/ Makes No Difference/ Long Black Veil/ Good Thing/ Blind Willie McTell/ Chest Fever/ Shape I'm In. All proceeds from the sale of this CD will go directly to Rick Danko and family. To order, please send check or money order in the amount of $20.00 (includes shipping and handling) to: Rick Danko Fund, c/o Woodstock Records, PO Box 158, Woodstock, NY 12498-0158. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. For more information, please send e-mail to Check out the Rick Danko page linked to this site. Thanks for all your support.

Tue Jun 24 07:51:57 MET DST 1997

Gord Jantzen

From: North Vancouver, BC

I Love the Album Storyville! Robbie Robertson is a great composer. This is a great web site and very informative about Robertson's achivements. For instance, I had no idea that Robertson had worked on movie sound tracks. I hope to see Robertson's when he plays Vancouver someday. CIAO GORD

Tue Jun 24 02:26:26 MET DST 1997


From: Amherst,Va
Home page:

Great site. Was impressed by the fact hat you had cords with the lyrics.

Mon Jun 23 21:32:56 MET DST 1997


From: Boston

I agree with Frank, below. When I'm sick of everything I've been listening to, I go back. I spend a week or a month or however long it takes cleaning out my brain. *It's like having grapefruit sorbet in the middle of a big dinner - it cleanses the palate!* Robbie, do you ever come here and read this? If so, I wouldn't mind a new song or an album for my upcoming birthday and also Happy Birthday on yours.

Mon Jun 23 10:17:13 MET DST 1997


From: Japan

I'm a recent convert. I had heard music from The Band before - being a Bob Dylan fan, but I didn't get it until I bought a copy of The Last Waltz (video). I now understand. They are not only great with their own music, they seem to be able to back musicians of an amazing variety of styles. Eric Clapton's guitar strap comes off and they just fill in. Joni Mitchell gets into her Jazz-influenced stage - no problem. I'm impressed.

Mon Jun 23 07:16:17 MET DST 1997

Scott Noblit

From: Chattanooga

I think that The Band is quite possibly one of the quentessintial rock and roll bands. This site is also excellent. If anyone knows how to play the guitar part on the Last Waltz (the song) please e-mail me. I would appreciate it.

Sun Jun 22 07:15:51 MET DST 1997

Pete Gaworecki

From: syracuse new york

the site is GREAT !!!!! as for The Band, i'm 50 yrs. old and grew up with them them. M y favorite album,movie,casette tape , CD is "The Last Waltz".I try to see them whenever i can. They will be in Syracuse in a few weeks at the New York State Fair Grounds. Looking forward to seeing another great show. I seen them the first time at Woodstock in '69' I'd like to see them there again !!!!!! We have a reunion every year. There is a stage set up for anyone who would like to get on.( HINT) I don't know whjh site it will be at this year, last year it was at Max Yasger's original farm on main highway. I imagine it will be at the same place this year since the original site has been sold to a group of entrprenuers YUK !!!! Takit EZ see ya soon Pete

Sun Jun 22 00:26:41 MET DST 1997

mike kozub

From: pgh. pa.

I'm interested in buying a copy of the bootleg "The Complete Last Waltz" or any bootleg tapes and videos of the band, if anyone knows where I can get it or has any for sale please e-mail me.any help would be apreciated.thanks

Sat Jun 21 22:39:17 MET DST 1997

martin palm

From: gothenburg/sweden

The chiefs eyes were sad but showed no sign of fear: "It is a good day to die"

Sat Jun 21 08:57:11 MET DST 1997

Frank Johansen

From: Winmalee, New South Wales, Australia

To put on an old The Band album is still a panacea for all the shallow crap that passes for rock & roll and blues these days. Eternally grateful to you.

Fri Jun 20 09:42:02 MET DST 1997

Maria Williams

From: Santa Rosa, Ca (SFBayArea)

I love this website! I was very active in the 60's...socially and musically. After 30 years of marriage and raising children, I find myself, widowed at 46, now playing keyboard for a classic rock band! Life does have a way of coming full circle, doesn't it? Many thanks to my friend Paolo Demaria, a young man from Italy, whose dedication to The Band reached out to me onto my computer screen to remind me about all those great memories of those wonderful years! KEEP THE MUSIC ALIVE!

Fri Jun 20 07:42:26 MET DST 1997


From: West Saugerties, New York

Attention Band fans! Here are some upcoming concert dates you might be interested in:

Fri, June 20CrowmatixJilly'sRutland,VT
Sat, June 28Levon Helm and CrowmatixJoe's East-WestNew Paltz, NY
Thu, July 3Levon Helm and CrowmatixStephen TalkhouseAmagansett, NY

Stay tuned for more dates...Hurry home, Rick!

Thu Jun 19 21:55:48 MET DST 1997

Kitrick Short

From: Woodstock NY
Home page:

I Have been creating to the music of The Band now for 28 years now and would love to connect with a lady that loves The Band as much a I do!!!email me or drop me a land line at POBox 296,Woodstock NY 12498 check out my Homage to The Band sculptures on my home page. As for Rick all my best wishes you out to you and I will always be your friend! Kitrick

Thu Jun 19 15:56:07 MET DST 1997


From: Pittsburgh, PA

excellent site. thanks for the effort.

Thu Jun 19 03:42:47 MET DST 1997

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell,Ga.

Will someone confirm the following 2 items. Are The Band of any members of what was The Band playing in the Atlanta area this summer. If yes, when, where and who. Number 2, and most serious, what is the lastest on Rick. My heart goes out to him and his family, but at the same time, if what we read is true, then Rick Man, get some big time help. Your fans and family will always be there to love you, but you must take care of what the real problem is. This world needs talented people, and this world needs you.

Wed Jun 18 17:52:35 MET DST 1997

Dave Nevison

From: Minnesota

Maybe Robbie Robertson was right: The road is an impossible way of life. Richard ended up killing himself, and Rick may spend the rest of his career in prison. As much as Levon hates Robbie, ultimately, maybe he was right....

Wed Jun 18 11:17:01 MET DST 1997

Gordon James Wilson

From: Karuah, New South Wales, Australia

Wed Jun 18 05:00:58 MET DST 1997

Bill Eluchok

From: London, Ont.

Great site, Jan. Nice Work. My wife and I have been fans since the late '50s and the Ronnie Hawkins days. Richard Manuel's grave is a short distance away. It's interesting to note that news of Rick Danko's Tokyo difficulties were announced on this site even before the Associated Press moved an item... about a week or so later, unless I'm mistaken. Keep up the good work.

Tue Jun 17 21:46:53 MET DST 1997

Sam Meldrum

From: Beaconsfield, England
Home page:

Great site! Don't get to see too much of The Band over this side of the pond.

Tue Jun 17 17:57:51 MET DST 1997


From: Boston

Jan Hoiberg ---- really nice website. I'm glad Robbie et al are being so well taken care of by you!

Tue Jun 17 15:44:26 MET DST 1997


From: Boston

Dear Robbie, Even though I stopped sending you postcards, that's no reason to stop making albums! *LOL* I'm still your biggest fan. Still listening to ALL the music. Still think you've STILL got your best music inside you yet!! I hope there will be more albums to come (and it would be nice if you issued one NOW/SOON because there's not much out there at the moment worth listening to!) Hope you're well; hope your happy.

Tue Jun 17 06:52:34 MET DST 1997

Ned Ellman

From: Hackensack, New Jersey

The last time I saw the band was at a gig at the Stone Pony! I missed Montclair! Can anybody tell me when The Band will be playing the NY/ NJ area Please?

Mon Jun 16 20:19:05 MET DST 1997

Wayne Knight

From: South Carolina

Just a note of interest with the Band playing in Atlanta next month. Jimmy Weider (Weedski) and Ricky Bell use to have a great band in Atlant in the early 80s called Full Tilt. They played an incredible mix of jazz, funk and blues. They played mostly clubs and bars nightly. They were great. Weedski is the best on the tele ever! The drummer was T.K. Lively of Wet Willie and Stan Robertson played bass. I have a couple of tapes I recorded from some of their gigs. I still play them. Just incredible players. Great guys to party with too! I designed the Full Tilt logo for the band and I still wear my Full Tilt shirt. Although it is a little bit tighter now. Just wanted to pass this little bit of trivia along. Great website. Peace.

Mon Jun 16 19:48:22 MET DST 1997

Cathie amos

From: WRRC- Rider University

It was a lot of help when I had to do a report on them. Thanks!

Sun Jun 15 23:34:27 MET DST 1997

chris cafiero

Great to see the Band touring w/ the Pirates Ball. Does anybody have any Little Feat tapes. I trade analog and dat. Looking for for 1990's shows only. chris

Sun Jun 15 20:39:16 MET DST 1997

Cris Crisler

From: Clearwater, Fl

I remember hearing the Band for the first time. It separated my group of friends into pro and con. The con felt this music was too country, that it didn't rock enough. For those of us who liked what we heard it shaped our taste in music for the rest of our lives.

Sun Jun 15 07:34:57 MET DST 1997

harrison hall

From: Denver

It troubles me to see Band fans skirt around this issue with Rick Danko. I wish him well and I hope everything comes out o.k. , but if not, then do what David Crosby did while he was in the slammer, dry out,now. Forever! I mean jeez, I still miss Hendrix. Do I have to go through the whole list? To paraphrase David Crosby, " we were right about the war, we were right about peace,we were right about the government. We were wrong about drugs. "

Sun Jun 15 04:58:40 MET DST 1997

Mom Dog

From: Louisiana

This is a fine site. I was riding around town today listening to Right as Rain and Popete Rouge and The Weight and I thought mna, The Band did years of great things, so I'm real happy to see this place. Y'all did a good job.

Sat Jun 14 07:10:07 MET DST 1997

(gopher)george rollins

From: charleston, wv

pardon my ignorance, folks, but could someone tell me what the pirate's ball tour is? bands involved, corporate sponsorship, itenerary, etc... thanks. p.s. hey mr. rutter! be on the lookout for my (e-mail)postcard, ok?

Sat Jun 14 04:17:41 MET DST 1997



Sat Jun 14 04:04:26 MET DST 1997

Aaron Hackett

From: Goderich, Ontario

Hello, hello, anybody out there? I wrote you a quick note a little while ago. I'm trying to find out some information about Canadian tours if there is anything coming up??? Could you please let me know through my e-mail address or let me know where I can find out? Thank you very much, Aaron Hackett (e-mail

Sat Jun 14 01:55:40 MET DST 1997

Jan Heijs

From: Amsterdam
Home page:

Thanks for your great site that i found today. I was looking for information, as Dutch quality news paper NRC Handelsblad mentioned last Saturday in a short notice about Rick's problems in Japan that not only Band-member Richard Manual was dead already, but also Garth. Thank's to your site i know he's still alive and playing!

Fri Jun 13 08:09:39 MET DST 1997


From: St Louis

Last time I checked this website it said that The Band would be playing Riverport July 4th with Pirate's Ball tour. I called to check about tickets and they didn't know anything about it and so I checked back here and all the July dates are gone. Anyone know what happened? Will they be anywhere near St Louis anytime in the near future? Anyone know please let me know

Thu Jun 12 21:12:54 MET DST 1997

taylor Beis

From: Columbus Ohio

Thu Jun 12 18:15:43 MET DST 1997

Ryan Richardson

From: Schererville IN

My heart and prayers go out to Mr. Danko.... For years I have been a huge fan of his and consider him to be sitting in my "musical roundtable". The though of what he is going through rips me up.... GOOD LUCK RICK

Thu Jun 12 12:01:46 MET DST 1997

Andreas Wijkstr÷m

From: Malm÷, Sweden

what a sight...really xlnt! Once upon a time I was the only kid in my workd who even had heard of the band. (this was in '79-80) stagefright i had gotten from my sister, I think, together with Buffalo Springfield. Later in '88 aftre living in La-La Land for a while, I great and misguided friend of mind in a moment of clarity bestowed upon me a copy of the albert hall tape and it's is still one that I play in headphones sunday morning while my son watch 'toons. My good friend the Doctor recently, and most kindly, laid it on a disc for me. So i get my saturday sweets as well... any one from south city sweden want to hook up in the real wolrd, for some grapes and strings??

Wed Jun 11 02:18:18 MET DST 1997

Jere Mendelsohn

From: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Evidently, The Band is no longer playing the Greek Theater in LA this Friday night (I just received a call from Ticketmaster today!), and I'm really disappointed for a number of reasons. First, I don't get to hear this great music I grew up with and which means so much to me. Second, because this group has hd enough tragedy and heartbreak, and I'm kind of both sad for, and pissed off at, Rick Danko for continuing the drug thing. Losing Richard was enough, wasn't it? Don't kick for the fans, Rick, do it for yurself and your family. I have no interest in seeing Hot Tuna or (god forbid) the Jerry Garcia Band (without JG fer chrissakes). But I'll be happy to lay my hard-earned money down for The Band when they pass this way again, hopefully with Rick happy and healthy. I really enjoyed the website, and look forward to visiting here often. Thanks!

Tue Jun 10 16:17:27 MET DST 1997

D. B. Reed

From: DC Area.

Saw The Band Saturday at Fairfax, VA. The particular groove that Rick D. gives it was missing, though I liked the additional vocals. Onstage were 2 drummers, 2 guitars, 1 bass, 1 female backing vocal, and 3 keyboards (!). Sounded a bit like the Grateful Dead, 1975 vintage. Arron Hurwitz (sp?) on the Hammond Organ was the high point for me. They did "The Shape I'm in" among others, as well as a bluesy instrumental featuring Wieder.

Mon Jun 9 21:41:01 MET DST 1997

Randi Anderson

From: Amarillo,Texas

Under The Beatles, The Band is my favorite band.I love your website--it is full of groovy stuff about them--keep up the good work.

Mon Jun 9 18:53:22 MET DST 1997

Scott Rubin

From: Centreville, Virginia
Home page:

Great Web site. It's got to be the most comprehensive music site I've ever seen put together. I just saw The Band at the Fairfax County Fair, 6/7/97. They put on a great show. Sure do miss Robertson, though...

Mon Jun 9 16:43:47 MET DST 1997




Mon Jun 9 00:19:05 MET DST 1997

Martin G. Smith

From: Anchorage

All the best to Rick and his family. Hope to have you back with the Band ASAP. Love you guys.

Sat Jun 7 18:23:21 MET DST 1997

Scott M. Pordon

From: Paramus, NJ + Decatur, NY

Does anyone have information about what can be done concerning the Rick Danko situation ? Is there some type of petition or email that can be sent to Japan ? With all the people who view this site, quite a list could be gathered ! Is there a way to show public support for him ?

Sat Jun 7 16:35:55 MET DST 1997

Serge Daniloff

From: London Ontario Canada

Here is the latest on Rick Danko from the Canadian Press: " RICK DANKO, 58, bassist and vocalist for the legendary Canadian rock group THE BAND, will go on trial in Tokyo on July 2 on charges of smuggling and possessing heroin. Danko, born in Simcoe Ontario, was arrested May 6 after receiving a parcel that allegedly contained heroin at a Tokyo hotel where he was staying during a Japan tour. Prosecutors charged him May 23." London Free Press Saturday, June 7, 1997.

Sat Jun 7 04:59:51 MET DST 1997

Don Pugatchh

From: Roswell, Georgia

Just picked up that the concert "The Pirates Ball will be in Atlanta on July 7. Has anyone attended this concert previous, or does anyone have any info about the reality that The Band will come back down here to play. It's been over 4 years since they have played in Atlanta, and if it's true that they'll be here, then make my day.

Fri Jun 6 02:42:24 MET DST 1997


From: New Jersey

I saw The Band last Saturday night at the Middlesex County Fair in East Brunswick, NJ. The lineup was Levon and Garth, Randy C., Jim W. and Richard B., plus Mike Dunn (?) on bass and ??? on guitar, Aaron Hurwitz (their producer) also on keyboards, and a back-up singer named Maria ??, who sang one song by herself. The music sounded great, although with Rick gone, and Levon and Garth partially hidden, it was weird looking at the stage and not seeing anyone "original". Levon has stood up in prior concerts I have attended, and I don't know why he did not do so last weeked. The other front men were intent on playing music, and there was not much showmanship (i.e. dancing, emotionn) on stage. Rick was always good at involving the crowd, and his absence is noticeable in this regard. The group played for about two hours. Some highlights were "Youngblood", which I just discovered is on the album "Till The Night Is Gone: A Tribute to Doc Pomus". Garth sings on the album, and in concert. He seems to get quite a kick from it. Other songs included: The Weight (as always), Rag Mama Rag, The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show, Atlantic City, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Up on Cripple Creek, Back to Memphis (High On The Hog version), Ophelia, Chest Fever, Rock and Roll Shoes, Willie and the Hand Jive, and a catchy tune that had the chorus "I've got you right where I need you." Marie also sang a song I did not recognize, and there were a few others as well. Overall, a great concert. Especially since they played in the middle of a big field. Let's all hope that Rick comes home soon, and gets back on track.

Thu Jun 5 11:59:33 MET DST 1997

(gopher) george rollins

From: charleston, wv usa

hey, y'all--please note: the current edition of the (nyc)village voice on-li ne edition features a very interesting interview w ith greil marcus, concerning his new basement tapes book, by ann douglas! scope it at:

Thu Jun 5 03:20:07 MET DST 1997


From: St. Louis, Missouri

Great Site! While checking it out, I just listened to Music From Big Pink for the millionth time. I first heard it in the 70's. I probably set a record for the number od consecutive time anyone has ever listened to an album - I kept saying to any one who would listen "did you hear that!" Its been almost 25 years since I frist listened to Big Pink. I've been through 1 album, 3 cassetts and I'm working on my first cd. And, I'm still saying to anyone who will listen "did you hear that"!

Wed Jun 4 11:41:32 MET DST 1997

John Thigpen

From: Charlotte, NC

Great Site!! I have been looking for sheet music for years, and have finally hit the mother lode. I love the songs but have alwayrs found them hard to learn because there are so many chords outside the key center. I've spent a bunch of time just printing songs. I can't wait to check out the rest of the site. I wish they were coming to North Carolina this year. I saw them in Charlotte in 1995 and thought the show was incredible.

Wed Jun 4 09:26:22 MET DST 1997

Mike Custer

From: Westminster, Colorado

I love their music, either listening to it or playing it. Their web site is a great source of information about The Band and related topics. Does Levon Helm and Rick Danko or The Band have E-mail addresses?

Wed Jun 4 08:50:45 MET DST 1997

Sheldon Bilsker

From: Vancouver
Home page:

I remember panhandling on Young st. and noticing a sign on the marquis of a club that said Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks playing tonight. I never went because I had never heard of that group. It was a choice that I still regret.

Wed Jun 4 03:27:38 MET DST 1997

Gil Bliss

From: Westport, Ma.

I'm glad I finally found this place...looking forward to seeing the guys in July on Loon Mountain in New Hampshire. Set my compass north, got "Band" music in my blood!

Tue Jun 3 15:12:46 MET DST 1997


From: chas. wv usa

so i can't type so well.... make that Buddhadharma...

Tue Jun 3 08:47:25 MET DST 1997

(gopher) george rollins

From: charleston, wv usa

hello again! first of all, i'd like to thank the gentlemen in georgia and canada for being so prompt and gracious in their replies to my e-mail. i'll be back in touch shortly, you bet. i'm curious if some of you who have been to re- cent shows,sans danko, might care to report a bit more specifically about the nature of the new lineup, in regard to which songs have been added to replace those which cannot be done without rick, and also, are the sets about the same length as usual, or have they had to shor- ten the shows by any noticeable degree, due to the absence of danko's material? does levon's voice seem to be doing well, given that he's certainly being required to handle extra chores? that sort of thing... finally, i'm kind of amazed that no one here has yet bothered to mention dylan's illness, or wished him well. given the mutual support band and dylan fans have shared down through the years, i would have thought it appropriate. oh, and if my friend jon in nyc is reading this, please tell bro jero that ok, i was off by a month, but for me, that ain't bad... thanx for bothering to read this, y'all, and be sure to check out the tibet relief show this weekend.

Tue Jun 3 00:59:34 MET DST 1997




Mon Jun 2 17:25:15 MET DST 1997

Rob McKenna

From: Goshen, New York

Went to the East Brunswick show over the weekend. Missed Rick but was still a great show!! Thanks for keeping up with the concert dates and where they are. I would have never known they were down there if it wasn't for this web site. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Mon Jun 2 06:42:54 MET DST 1997

George Groce

From: Santa Maria, CA

The Band is one of my all-time favorites. Their mix of variations on themes and styles of music is unparalleled in the world of music. The haunting vocals followed by the strength of tunes such as King Harvest mixed with the frivolity and good-times fun of W. S. Walcott's show is only topped by the Biblical influences of Daniel and the Sacred Harp and The Weight. The original members of The Band could wring notes out of voices and instruments that most wouldn't think were possible. Peace

Mon Jun 2 04:39:18 MET DST 1997

Rod Prowse

From: Wellington , New Zealand

I read a couple of years back that Robbie Robertson was recording a blues album with Eric Clapton. Does any one know what became of this ?

Mon Jun 2 03:03:38 MET DST 1997

tom dizzine

From: new city ny

question what is the story on rick danko arrest? heard about it on the radio no follow-up thsnks

Mon Jun 2 01:07:11 MET DST 1997

Todd M. Kurzweil

From: Interlaken, New York

I just love your music. I was very excited and then disappointed when you scheduled and cancelled your performance in Geneva, New York. I hope everything works out for Rick. See you on the road very soon!

Sun Jun 1 13:22:05 MET DST 1997

Joey Higgins

From: Zion IL

I'd like to thank my good buddy, Ed "Easy E" Erickson for turning me on to The Band that day in Latin class in the fall of '69. For me, rock 'n roll never got any better. Thanks E.

Sun Jun 1 00:26:51 MET DST 1997

Stephanie Garcia Wells

From: Carlsbad, CA
Home page: can be found by searching "Johno"

One of the most important bands ever assembled. They are the only band whose music, whether it is on the radio or on my stereo, puts the largest grin on my face--whatever my mood. Thank you.

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