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The Band Guestbook, May '97

Below are the entries in the Band guestbook from May 1997.

Sat May 31 06:46:48 MET DST 1997

AKio Mihara

From: Foster City CA

As I have been so busy in the last two months, I miss VH1 show. Does anyone have recorded tape ? Can I borrow it for couple weeks ? Anyway, this is a worst mistake in this 1997 for me.

Sat May 31 03:24:35 MET DST 1997

Aaron Hackett

From: Goderich, Ontario

I would like to know if you will be touring Canada sometime in the future. I would like you to give me more information on the Band. I read the book this wheels on fire four times and need to know more. I also plan to visit Richards grave this summer in stratford not to far away. Can you please write me back with concert information for Ontario. thank you . Aaron Hackett.

Sat May 31 01:23:14 MET DST 1997



it all began with the band.Paul Delaney is the man 5/31/97. RANDO europe 97.::::::::::::::::

Fri May 30 23:53:08 MET DST 1997




Fri May 30 19:26:20 MET DST 1997

Wanda & Dennis Cooper

From: Saugerties, N.Y.

Folks, the promoter for Saturday evening's Middlesex County Fairgrounds show tells me there's sill tickets for sale (forget the price, but it's VERY reasonable). The fairgrounds are on Cranberry Road off Route 18. HAVE FUN!

Fri May 30 07:02:16 MET DST 1997

Stefan Schemm

From: Röthenbach/Pegnitz/Germany

great web site; can you help me finding lyric sheet of The Band.

Fri May 30 04:47:09 MET DST 1997

George Wylde

From: upstate NY

loved the band even before I knew who they were. Some buddies and I driving around Woodstock area back in 70, stumbled into a bar where they were practicing. I sez "boy those guys are pretty good". Soon after one day I was perusing the stacks at a New Paltz record store when I saw the pink house and some other familiar sites...bought it, listened to it, on so it goes. My favorite time seeing them was at an old train station turned bar/supperclub in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. they arrived about midnight lookin a little haggard, but boy did they play. It was later that year when I learned of the passing of Richard, oh ya levon...enjoy seeing you popup in the various unlikey spots from time to time...godspeed rick

Thu May 29 18:52:13 MET DST 1997


From: Sweden
Home page: Ann International

I'm a "Band" fan...musicwise! But I do feel disappointed when adults who wield such power in the world and esp. are idolized by young people, irresponsibly shrug off the incredible influence they have and present themselves such poor examples in a world so filled with the wrecked lives and hopeless futures of many of these younger fans. I have just spent 20 months behind bars, so to speak, with a young person who was involved with drugs and eventually burglary... it has not been easy for me, and I would urge anyone thinking of starting along this road to seriosly reconsider! Resist ALL pressure! It is VERY easy to get into prison but one hell of a battle to get out and stay out... not to speak of the risk to your life and future! Peace :-)

Thu May 29 04:23:43 MET DST 1997

Scott Adair

From: St. Louis

Boy do I feel like a schmuck! I should have read the guestbook BEFORE writing in it! Sorry folks. I have a feeling Rick will be back better than ever real soon.

Thu May 29 04:14:02 MET DST 1997

Scott Adair

From: St. Louis

Very nice site. Any truth to the story about Rick Danko being apprehended in England for heroine possession?

Thu May 29 01:25:17 MET DST 1997

John Clark

From: Montclair NJ

Anybody got the scoop on the May 31 show at the Middlesex County Fairgrounds? And does anyone have recent news about Rick?

Wed May 28 00:42:00 MET DST 1997

mike kozub

From: pgh. pa.

new to the internet, long time fan of the band. glad to see all of the interest the band still has. the web page is great. keep it up!!!

Tue May 27 13:48:33 MET DST 1997

Karl Wallendszus

From: Oxford, UK

In response to Dan Blood's comment about the new Greil Marcus book: I was at a book signing in London yesterday at which Marcus talked about the Basement Tapes and his book. I asked him why he didn't deal with many of the basement songs The Band did without Dylan (e.g. Ain't No More Cane, Bessie Smith). He said it was because those tracks on the 1975 Columbia album are not "real" basement songs - they were recorded in New York City sometime later and included on the album "to increase The Band's presence". Anyone know any more about this? Incidentally, I also asked him if he knew anything about Rick's troubles in Japan - he didn't, and seemed rather alarmed to hear about it. Thanks to Jan for doing a great job on revamping this site. Best wishes, Karl

Tue May 27 09:02:18 MET DST 1997

(gopher) george rollins

From: charleston, wv

howdy, again! looks like the last part of my initial message got eaten by the cybermice... i was just saying: hope the Band in general, re- main healthy and musically inspired, or at least satisfied, and continue to make their timeless brand of american music for years to come, regardless of the current public commercial taste, for all those who have the inclination to listen, for themselves, and for (as keith richards would argue) the sake of finding out just how far the music will take them! Buddahdharma to all...goph

Mon May 26 19:13:38 MET DST 1997


From: IL
Home page:

Grate Site

Mon May 26 19:02:18 MET DST 1997

Daniel H.

From: Austin, TX

You guys are great, saw The Band the last time you were in Austin, please come back soon,

Mon May 26 18:28:15 MET DST 1997

Chris & Gail Bell

From: Cheltenham, England
Home page:

Happy Birthday Levon!! Hey, better not make any of 'em jokes about you & Stevie, you never know, it could start up rumours, ha ha! (& for those of ya wondering what the heck we're on about, surprise, surprise, Levon and Stevie Nicks share the same birthday) Anyway, we hope you're having a real good time Levon, & what difference does another year make, huh. Our thoughts are also very much with Rick, and we'd like to thank all of you guys for in the meanwhile keeping The Band on the road. And ya know, despite our recent (apparently ill-founded?) criticisms, you've certainly our continued support and we're sure rooting for ya all...keep up the faith guys. Hey, all you Band fans out there! Recently we talked about the great Tom Pacheco album, definitely not one to miss. Well here's another great Band-related CD we discovered. Check out "High or Hurtin'" by Blackie & The Rodeo Kings. This is a group specially gotten together by Band friend, Colin Linden & a couple of other guys, to perform the songs of one Willie P. Bennett, and it's a bunch of *great* songs & playing. Brilliant stuff. Band-man Richard Bell also appears on several tracks (you can find out more on the album via this web site) Oh, & don't forget Colin's great albums too, particularly outstanding is "Through The Storm, Through The Night", also with contributions from Band members. Sounds like the forthcoming Scotty Moore project with The Band is gonna be real good too, huh...looking forward to that. Anyway, happy music listening to all! Also our thanks again to Jan for these great Band pages.

Mon May 26 17:33:34 MET DST 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

This Sunday's LA Times Book Review (May 25) had an article on a new book by Greil Marcus called the Invisible Republic: Bob Dylan's Basement Tapes, Holt Publishers $22.50. The book is about the time period when Dylan and the Band made the Basement recordings, specifically, Marcus reviews the the 5 disc package, "the Genuine Basement Tapes whick, is both larger and smaller than the 2 disc Columbia realease of 1975" They added all the outtakes and alternate versions of songs but left out all the songs that the Band members sung lead on. Rats. Marcus writes as a socioligist or an anthropologist so its highly intellectual stuff. The Basements tapes would be the record that Marcus would want if he could take one with him to a desert island.

Mon May 26 15:33:33 MET DST 1997

Lars Pedersen

From: Pine Bush,NY

I was at the Music Shed in Norfolk, CT yesterday and I saw the Band. The other enties are correct, there WAS something missing, and his name is Rick Danko. Still, the Band is a class act and worth seeing. I thought most of them played well, especially Jim Weider and Mike Dunn. I agree with Lou that Garth looked a little subdued.

Mon May 26 15:25:20 MET DST 1997

Erik Gislason

From: Uppsala, Sweden
Home page:

I think they're good, because they have played with Neil Young!

Mon May 26 11:58:59 MET DST 1997

Rusty Cooper

From: Macon, Georgia

Raised in Macon Ga. Born there 45 yars ago. been a fan forever. Blessed to have been around some of the best jams ever to come from the South. Thanx for yall!!!!and all you've ever done!!!!!! Keep on rockin' Rusty @!!!!!!!!!!

Mon May 26 01:38:53 MET DST 1997

Lou Profile

From: Danbury, Conn

I just saw the Music Shed concert in Norfolk (afternoon show) and I'm pretty sure it was the worst Band concert I've ever gone to. It wasn't just speakers. The vocals were poor, except for Levon's. Rick Danko was missed. Garth was having a hard time of it today, I felt bad for him. On the positive side, I thought Jim Weider never played better. And FNG Mike Dunn did a real nice job on bass. These guys need a vocalist until Rick gets back.

Mon May 26 00:20:35 MET DST 1997

Toni & Mike Augusta

From: Connecticut

Just returned from THE MUSIC SHED in Norfolk, CT. MUCH, MUCH, MUCH TOO SHORT! Levon and Garth look and sound great but the sound (which should have been perfect in that place) was terrible for the first few songs. Maybe it was one of the speakers. Sad not to see Danko, too. Hope he gets his shit together and that you all come back to Norfolk and really rock the night away!

Sun May 25 19:40:38 MET DST 1997

Dai Jeffries

From: Aldershot, Hampshire, UK

In reply to David Whitman's question, "The Dark-Town Strutters' Ball" is an old American dance hall song written by a guy called Shelton Brooks. I can only guess that the Band used the line because it was so appropriate.

Sun May 25 16:29:37 MET DST 1997

Steven L. Marchick

From: Atherton, California

We need more shows at he FILLMORE in San Francisco. With Jerry gone, we need you guys!!!!

Sun May 25 15:00:18 MET DST 1997


One more should not have these entries italicized...very difficult to read!

Sun May 25 14:49:13 MET DST 1997

Danielle Ferrusi

From: Connecticut

Hi Uncle Rick and Aunty Elizabeth! I didn't know I could contact you this way! Hope to see you soon! Love, Danielle, Tod and Ophelia! P.S. Love the website, but I'd change the background colors...too drab!

Sun May 25 05:43:57 MET DST 1997

Steven SEllors

From: NB, Canada

Great site! Buuuuuuuut.... the RealVideo isn't working. Keep up the good!

Sat May 24 14:36:42 MET DST 1997

Wanda & Dennis Cooper

From: Saugerties, N.Y.

TICKETS, WHO NEEDS TICKETS ??? Just a reminder folks, there're still tickets available for this Sunday's shows at the Music Shed in Norfolk, Ct. Show times are two(2) p.m. and eight(8) p.m. The Music Shed's conveniently located on U.S. Rt. 44, just over the NY/Ct border from Poughkeepsie. For folks coming from the south, take the Taconic Pkwy north to Rt. 44, then head east, over the Ct. border, then stay on Rt. 44 east to Norfolk. It's not that far... The promoter tells us the acoustics are perfect. We'll see ya there! Wanda, Dennis, Martin & the gang

Sat May 24 13:31:07 MET DST 1997

(gopher) george rollins

From: charleston, west virginia, usa

the site itself is outstanding...i been following these guys since 1970, when my 10th grade english teacher turned me on to them, while allowing me to sit in on his sculpting sessions, wherein the band's music played loudly as pos- sible,within the boarding-school environment. sorry to hear of danko's troubles.. when the band appeared on mountain stage last, it was noted that he appeared more than a tad overweight...though if i had lost a son, i don't know how i might respond, we certainly hope hkeeps on the sunny side, and the band, in

Fri May 23 23:03:41 MET DST 1997

Randy Tyler

From: Cumberland,Maryland U.S.A.

Hello, Very nice site! I hope to catch The Band this summer!

Fri May 23 22:57:44 MET DST 1997

Jonathan Lake Jr.

From: New York

Very pleased to find a Band web site, and what a site!

Fri May 23 21:14:19 MET DST 1997

Rob Dare

From: Darlington, Maryland

The only group I have never seen that I've really wanted to.. seen the Doors, Dylan, CSN, &Y, Tull, Dead (all but the Doors many times)...but something(or one) always got in the way of Levon, Rick, and the gang. Hope to catch the Pirate's Ball @ Merriweather in July. Peace and love.

Fri May 23 19:38:26 MET DST 1997

Daria Brooks

From: Rosewood CA
Home page:

This is an absolutely gorgeous website, so thanks for all the hard work done to make it look so great! It's a brilliant piece of work, as befits the gentlemen it honors! Long live The Band!

Fri May 23 14:44:15 MET DST 1997


From: Atlanta

I really enjoyed finding this site! Thanks to Jan Hoiberg and others for doing such a great job in creating and maintaining it. Reading the comments from fellow fans of The Band restores my faith in humanity. It is great to see there are still so many devoted fans of the group. Danko played a solo performance in an old movie theater (Variety Playhouse) in Atlanta a few years ago. In a newspaper interview he declared he was sober. I took that to mean he was also drug free. His show was terffic. Afterwards he graciously came out to shake hands, and greet folks. I hope he can find his way home. A question that always puzzeled me about The Band; is why were they never particularly popular in the South? So many of their songs have an old South flavor. Any thoughts?

Fri May 23 07:54:37 MET DST 1997

Ray Griffes

From: Port Said/Cairo Egypt

Nice sight! Major fan since they played behind Dylan, pre-Big Pink.

Fri May 23 00:40:32 MET DST 1997

Robert Bruce

From: Berrien Springs, Michigan

First of all, I'd like to send kudos to Jan for an INCREDIBLE website...special thanks for the video clips! Thanks for all of the (obvious) hard work that you've put into it. Second of all, my best wishes and thoughts to Rick Danko. I truly hope that this incident is merely a misunderstanding and not a relapse, as he was supposed to have cleaned up in the late 80's. But, my best wishes go out to him. I had a chance to see him and the rest of The Band in Chicago last year, and they put on a great show. I sat about 15 yards away from Garth, and it was one of the most enjoyable experieces of my life. Afterwards, I managed to get Levon, Rick, and Jim's autographs on my copy of Levon's book. Again, thanks Jan for a great site!

Thu May 22 23:29:08 MET DST 1997

Joshua Pelland

From: Monson MA
Home page:

I was surprised to see that The Band had such a nice site about it. I picked up some useful sheet music that hopefully I can convert to piano. Thanks!

Thu May 22 23:07:00 MET DST 1997

Luis E. Loucks

From: New York City

My bandmate and I feel like a friend has been busted. We both had the priviledge of meeting Rick at The Bottom Line recently. myself several times. Please tell Rick that he has lots, TONS of Love and support filled with good Kharma being transmitted to him from NY. We Love you Ricky, come back home SOON and stay the F*** out of Japan from now on dammit! Luis E. Loucks

Thu May 22 22:06:37 MET DST 1997

Colin B.

From: Georgetown, TX

Nice pages. Love The Band.

Thu May 22 03:02:39 MET DST 1997

Rick Quinn

From: Matthews, NC

Any update on The Hawk's condition. I do hope he is well. Also, any truth to the rumor that Rick was in the slammer in Japan. It sounded a little fishy. I took the time this week to really listen to Big Pink again. Wow

Wed May 21 21:18:32 MET DST 1997

Tom Newman

From: NJ

That's a beauty Clark.

Wed May 21 15:46:24 MET DST 1997

Minoru Yamamoto

From: Hiroshima, Japan

The Band is very popular here in Japan. Glad to have found their great web site. Thank you.

(The Band guestbook was closed for new entries from May 13 to May 21)

Tue May 13 03:19:47 MET DST 1997

John E. Clark

From: Montclair NJ

Saw the boys in Montclair on Saturday night -- sans Rick Danko. While the unidentified replacement bassist was an adequate thumper, well, he ain't Rick. And we all know just how important Rick is not just as a vocalist and energetic force of the group, but how critical his bass playing, and its interplay with the drums, is to the Band's sound. I've heard the rumors, and I'd rather not consider their implications considering Rick's age and history. It was very odd that no one addressed or explained his absence, which, had the circumstances been innocent, would have been forthcoming. Hmmmmmmmm. The performance was hurt by Rick's absence, though Garth (as usual) had some brilliant shining moments. And they managed to kick it for a number of cuts (e.g., Chest Fever, Willie & the Hand Jive). Rick's vocal replacement, who also strummed on an acoustic/electric, was, in a word, substandard. But, the Band on their worst day is better than anyone else I can think of on a good day. The crowd was great too -- lots of Band people, not just townies out for a Saturday night. See you all at the Fairgrounds on the 31st.

Mon May 12 21:12:24 MET DST 1997

Paul Schoninger

From: Lexington, KY

The show scheduled for Thursday, May 15 in Lexington, KY has been re-scheduled for Wednesday, June 4. I understand due to Mr. Danko being a guest of a local jail in Japan. Yikes.

Mon May 12 20:51:07 MET DST 1997

Rick Fichter

From: Newton, NJ

Does anyone have any info about the Band concert at the Middlesex County Fair Grounds? Time? Price? If so, please e-mail me. Thanks.

Mon May 12 19:41:16 MET DST 1997

David Whitman

From: Denver, Colorado, USA

Well now, what a great thing! I've been a fan of The Band since the late 60's when my older brother brought home a copy of their eponymous second album. I was nine years old & have been listening, amazed and impressed, ever since. Mainly I've been listening to the group's early output, plus the stuff that's on the new boxed set. One thing I've been wondering about: That quote on the album jacket for THE BAND from "The Darktown Strutters Ball." Does anyone know the origin of that? Any lore about why they used that quote? This is the first time I've posted to this site (or any Web site for that matter, I've only just gotten a computer). What's great is that while I senses there must be a lot of people out there who, like me, dig The Band, I've never actually met one.

Mon May 12 03:56:36 MET DST 1997

David Carey

From: Connecticut

Yes the terrible rumour I've heard is that Rick Danko got busted in Japan. I'm not going to post any other details, I got abuse for the summer tour dates that I posted here weeks back...I've heard 2 different stories, e-mail me if you want the details.

Mon May 12 03:36:53 MET DST 1997


From: Pa.

Rumor has it that Danko is in a Japanese jail.

Mon May 12 02:52:07 MET DST 1997


From: NJ

I saw The Band in Montclair,NJ on Saturday, May 10. Rick Danko was not there. I felt kind of ripped off that they were even billed as The Band. Anybody out there know why he wasn't there?

Sun May 11 19:50:22 MET DST 1997


From: Providence Rhode Island USA

Love the page, love the changes. How about a chatroom, would love to trade stories with fellow fans. What do you say?

Sun May 11 18:47:36 MET DST 1997

Dai Jeffries

From: Aldershot, Hampshire, UK

Found this site by chance on a lazy Sunday afternoon browse so I put CD 1 of "Across The Great Divide" on and settled down to explore. Keep The Faith.

Sun May 11 06:40:36 MET DST 1997

Greta Myers-Millard

From: Oklahoma

Thanks for having a great Website on the Band and my favorite person ROBBIE ROBERTSON, I AM A GREAT FAN OF HIS....

Sun May 11 03:47:31 MET DST 1997


From: Farmington MN
Home page:

The frist time i saw the band was 1969 in Minnesota at some open air thing,what got me was that there sound on there lps and live were the same great stuff,i spent alot of nites to the sound of the band and to this day have there tapes in my rv to here when iam traveling down the road,this is one great site and will bookmark it,when we got time to kill.

Fri May 9 23:45:18 MET DST 1997

Terry Bryant

From: Niles, Illinois
Home page:

Well Done! This is definitely one of the best Artists Web sites I've seen. It great to see that so many people are digging the Band again. They are on of the most influential, yet somehow unknown groups of the rock era. Let's all keep spreading the gospel of the Band!

Fri May 9 19:54:43 MET DST 1997


From: Papillion, Nebraska

I am 16 years old and have been a fan ever since my dad showed me The Last Waltz last year. I am happy to have found this site.

Fri May 9 03:21:34 MET DST 1997

R Quinn

From: Matthew, NC

I'm pleased to have found the site. The Band was an intense turning point for me. It is good to find this site. It brings me back to Watkins Glen and 73 and how good it felt and stoll feels to be into The Band.

Thu May 8 14:43:57 MET DST 1997

Robin Bridson

From: Utica, NY

Please e-mail me at RLB8963@AOL.COM the name of THE BAND's management company, contact person, address and e-mail ASAP as I would like to book THE BAND. Thank you!

Thu May 8 05:03:09 MET DST 1997

Michael Bradley

From: Barboursville, West Virginia

It's not easy finding info on The Band on the net. So when I found your website I was very excited. It is laid out perfect and you have a ton of great information. I loved the Audio Files and Video Clips section, and the lyrics section excellant. My wife and I went to Canada for vacation and I made her stop in Cleveland OH just so I could go in and see anything they had on The Band. I read some of the other guest entries but I think that Levon Helm has one of the greatest voices in rock and roll.

Thu May 8 04:06:49 MET DST 1997

May 10 NJ Concert -- Last Chance!!

From: Montclair NJ

CONCERT NEWS: The BAND will be appearing in Montclair, New Jersey on May 10, 1997 at 7:30 PM headlining the Downtown Saturday Night Festival (also appearing are the Memphis Soul Review). Tickets are $25.00 in advance, $30.00 at the door, and includes food; a cash bar will be available. Call the Montclair Chamber of Commerce or the Montclair Economic Development Corp. for tickets: 201-744-7660 or 201-509-1188. Email me (I live in Montclair) for directions, info on accommodations. I'd be happy to help.

Thu May 8 01:20:16 MET DST 1997

Buddy Pope

From: Macon, Georgia

This is a great site - I'd encourage everyone to read This Wheel's on Fire - Levon's a great story teller!

Thu May 8 00:03:26 MET DST 1997

[guest photo]

Sture Skoglund

From: Norway
Home page:

Heisann! Utmerket side, selv om det først så ut som om dere hadde brukt frames, men det tok jeg altså feil. Jeg treffer vel deg på Fenris, Jan.. Take Care Sture A.

Wed May 7 16:39:50 MET DST 1997

Neil Rothfeder

From: Woodstock, N.Y.

Couldn't stay long today but look forward to stopping back again soon. In the meantime, this seems to be a well-thought-out and well-put-together site, with the excitement of the group which gave American rock new roots. Keep it up!!!

Tue May 6 21:50:24 MET DST 1997

Peter Kinnear

From: Calgary Alberta

To G.L. - I've lost your address but have the pictures and would like to send along. Also can be reached at Cheers

Tue May 6 21:41:57 MET DST 1997


From: Northern NJ

I just found this site today and I LOVE it!!! Haven't seen The Band in a while, but now I know where to find them. Thanks for a great page!

Tue May 6 20:44:20 MET DST 1997


From: central pa

jan -nice redesign of what continues to be the best music site. does anyone care to share an opinion on the Japanese import "the band is back"? how is the sound quality,where can it be had? the Mtv special was fun.Lets flood mtv to get the band on unplugged.

Tue May 6 14:52:56 MET DST 1997


From: Fredrikstad Norway (Grundarfjörður Iceland)
Home page:

Knall bra, helt enkelt!

Tue May 6 14:20:05 MET DST 1997

Dylan Wagh

From: A.Y.Jackson S.S. in kanata, ontario, canada

You guys rock, you rule the world inside and outside. Way to be man I love you guys, you're all `a bunch of way cool rockers, like me. There aren't enough of us in the world. Long live the rock'n'roll GODS.

Mon May 5 19:13:17 MET DST 1997

Dave Bertino

From: Walden, NY

I guess I may be in the minority on Derf's question of who has been missed most, Robbie or Richard. First, I don't think you can seperate the two of them as far as worth goes. They both contributed to the overall sound. While Richard may have been the principle voice of the group, whithout the lyrics and music provided by Robbie, the voiice would have been silent. The loss of Richard to the grouop was immediately recognizable because of the vocals, the loss of Robbie has taken longer to manifest itself because the band wwas relying on old material to carry it through. Take a look at the last two releases, Jericho and High On The Hog, and you wont see but a couplle of original tunes. Robbie's loss becomes moore apparent every day. Dave

Mon May 5 12:27:26 MET DST 1997


From: spain

Mon May 5 02:25:57 MET DST 1997


From: New Jersey

My wife and I saw Levon and the Crowmatics last night in NYC. The highlights of the show were the songs he did off of the album "Levon Helm and the RCO All-Stars". He sang "Blues So Bad", "Milk Cow Boogie", "Rain Down Tears" and "A Mood I Was In". We recently purchased this album, and cannot stop listening to it. Levon did not play any drums, but he did give it his all with his singing and harmonica playing. The "Crowmatics" were comprised of seven other musicians. The only ones that I recognized were Randy Ciarlante and Tom Malone, who was referred to on stage. The other musicians were never introduced. I am so enamored with Levon's one solo album on CD, that I am on the hunt for his others in used record stores. Any help in this area would be much appreciated.

Mon May 5 01:06:41 MET DST 1997

Bob Cianci

From: Highland Lakes, NJ

Nice site! I only saw The Band once-back in the '70's at the old Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, NJ. They were the opening act for some megabucks rock band...can't remember who. Anyway, The Band was great, even though they fluffed a few chords here and there. I recall one mistake that sent a few of them, Robbie included, into a fit of laughter. Although I admire them for soldiering on, I think their best days are long behind them. But, so what? They're an American musical institution and still deserve more recognition. To close, I live about an hour and one half from Woodstock, NY, so I'm thinking about going up one day and looking for the pink house.

Mon May 5 00:36:29 MET DST 1997


From: Montgomery, AL

I would like to respond to the comment made by Derf from New York. I completely agree with the statement that the loss of Richard affected The Band much more than that of Robbie. Richard was their guiding light. His voice gave The Band so many different styles of sound. Robbie wrote most of the songs, but without Richard's voice to bring it home the songs were nowhere near as amazing.

Sun May 4 09:59:31 MET DST 1997

Yoni Molad

From: Tel-Aviv, Israel

Hey all you bandfans, Just want to congratuat Jan on the new version of this incredible site. I hope all who got to see the Band live this year have had a great time, sure wish they would tour Israel one day (ye, right) Keep on Keepin' on... I'm only 17..from the new generation of Band fans, not many of us around.

Sun May 4 04:54:09 MET DST 1997

Rob Brown

From: Roanoke, Virginia

I have loved The Band since I was in college in the 70's. I've got all their CD's and several videos. I taped their appearance on "The Road". I missed taping them on the radio when they played Mountain Stage in West Virginia. It was an encore performance on public broadcasting. Last Christmas I met Garth Hudson's first cousin,s Keith Hudson, at Valley View Mall in Roanoke. He monogrammed three hats for me with "The Band" logo. I'm so proud of them I wear them at work every day with a coat and tie! I saw them live at Festival in the Park in downtown Roanoke on their Jerico Tour. I'm 45 years old and hope to be listening to them for another 45 years!

Sun May 4 00:53:47 MET DST 1997

Linda Cantara

From: Lexington, KY

I've been following this web site since 1994--so glad to see that it's getting even better. Just bought tickets to the Band's show here in Lexington on May 15th. I'm taking my kids--ages 9 thru 14--who learned to love the Band because their dad, my husband, who passed away on Jan 26th, was an avid fan and listened to Levon and the boys everyday (and thanks to Levon's drum video he even taught himself to play the drums at age 49).Thanks, Jan.

Sat May 3 03:57:11 MET DST 1997


From: New York

I would like people to comment on the following proposition; Richard Manuel's loss to the music of "The Band" was more significant than that of J. Robbie Robertson.

Sat May 3 02:56:50 MET DST 1997

Taylor Wheeler

From: Montgomery, AL

Thanks so much for this wonderful page. It is great to see so many fans of the greatest band in the world. And Levon, why don't yall come down to Alabama and play. We would love to see you!

Sat May 3 01:48:00 MET DST 1997

Tone og Marit

Surfe på nettet kan bli mye surrrrrr!!!! Mye og nye inntrykk. KUUUUUULT!!!!!

Fri May 2 17:09:03 MET DST 1997

Aaron Horz

From: Northampton,MA

I saw Levon Helm, Randy Ciarlante, and the "Crowmatics" at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northamton on Wed nite. The boys put in a one and one half hour set including "Evangeline", "Don't Ya Tell Henry", "The Weight" and many others. Even though the place was small (I'd guess it held less than 100 people) the music was great and we let 'em know it. Never heard so many rebel yells before.

Fri May 2 16:56:55 MET DST 1997


From: Israel

I liked the page of The Band and the pictures are great!! :~)

Fri May 2 16:31:11 MET DST 1997

Johnny Junker

From: Cincinnati, Ohio USA
Home page:

I've been a surfing for months to find a page about The Band, great job!! It's got to be the best damn page in Rock n' Roll. (Only fitting for the best damn band in Rock n' Roll!) I love you guys & you all have a special place in my heart. Playing music is all about passion & feeling, you guys have the market cornered on that!!! THE BAND RULES!!!!!!!! JJ

Fri May 2 03:16:10 MET DST 1997

[guest photo]

Kitrick Short

From: Woodstock NY
Home page:

Jan The site is the greatest page on the web can I say more

Fri May 2 00:56:37 MET DST 1997

[guest photo]

Adela V. Calbillo

From: Houston, TX

Kudos to Jan on the new, beautiful site. And what a snazzy picture of you as well, at the bottom here! Thanks, as always, for listing the new concert dates. Who knows where I'll turn up??? Wherever it is, I'll be sure to contribute an essay and hopefully some wild pictures (although no new tattoos are in the works...yet). Hi to all you devoted Banddandy's, you know who you are. Love from Adela!

Thu May 1 15:47:33 MET DST 1997

Mark Ishkanian

From: Readfield

Congratulations Jan on improving an aalready fabulous web page! Here's hoping that the two open dates on the Band's summer concert tour (July 18& 19) will be filled with dates in New England (Maine, perhaps?). If anyone has any info on the possibilities for these particular dates, would you please let me know. The Portsmouth, N.H. (Loon Mountain?) reference doesn't make sense. Loon is located several hours north of Portsmouth. Which is it?

Thu May 1 05:24:19 MET DST 1997

Walt Lord

From: Denver now, Dundee Scotland last, No. Maine before that, LA before that, Alaska before that, DC before that.....

The Band has produced, arguably, the most classic modern American music this century. One of my favorite live concert moments was at the Montreal Forum when Bill Graham can out and introduced " Messieurs and Madams, voila Bob dylan et Le Band. And then 2 1/2 hours of pure magic...

Thu May 1 04:52:32 MET DST 1997

Brian Peoples

From: Elkins Park, PA

I am a huge fan of the Band but was recently disillusioned by a performance I saw in Atlantic City, NJ. They should have hung it up long ago. Rick looked and sounded absolutely awful. In fact, the sound was altogether miserable and they didn't seem to be trying hard. Even Garth sounded bad. It was a major disappointment but we still have the records and "The Last Waltz".

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