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The Band Guestbook, November 2001

Below are the entries in the Band guestbook from November 2001.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 23:18:15 CET 2001 from (


Some specials on tonight about George and the Beatles. Listed on the web page someone referred to the other day...

Posted on Fri Nov 30 22:55:26 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn,NY

Hey folks,,,fter a whole day of thinking about and listening to George Harrison,I've come to this conclusion; Let's try not to be so sad..It sucks and everything, but we still have the music.That's the thing that touched each of us in the first place....and that's the thing I'm sure George would want us to cherish,along with the ideas of peace, love and understanding for eachother.These are his life's works.I'm a pretty cynic guy,but I think that George has the right idea.....I just have to get to that point where I adopt these peaceful,loving feelings ALL the time.As do we all, I guess.No one's perfect,but liek Harrison said in an interview,"You have to find out who you are and why you're here ,but the search starts in your own heart."

Good job,George.A true friend and an inspiration.And someone I'll never forget as long as I have ears and feelings.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 22:28:38 CET 2001 from (


From: Madison, Wi
Web page

G'Bye Dark Horse,,,your no longer ridin on a dark race coarse :(...

Posted on Fri Nov 30 22:17:39 CET 2001 from (


Always my favorite Beatle. Never forget you.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 22:12:06 CET 2001 from (

Brian Sanders

From: Georgia
Web page

hello i'm trying to put together the complete recordings from the infamous Watkins Glen 7/28/73 music gathering, including The Band, of course, with the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers, and 600,000 lucky spectators. well, i've found a source for the dead recordings (thank god for deadheads!) and a potential source for the allman bros., but i've heard that the complete Band sets are hard to come by. i know about the officially-released disc by Capitol in 1994, which is apparently bogus, but does anyone have more info about the complete Band sets?? any info is appreciated. RIP George, Brian

Posted on Fri Nov 30 22:10:20 CET 2001 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Lovely thoughts all. Thank you, all. Thank you to George have inspired countless people in your music and your life.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 21:46:30 CET 2001 from (

Ray Pence

From: Casper Wyoming

While I was listening to George's eloquent and moving "Beware of Darkness" a few minutes ago the clouds that have been making this Kansas day cast iron gray broke apart and now everything's sunny. Going through the various news stories of his death, which I had expected for a while, I got choked up and thought of how his solo albums along with the Beatles records introduced me to great music and a new way of looking at the world back in the 70s. A unique man who carved out his own identity against some daunting odds, involved in all sorts of positive causes, and with a sense of humor that was as subversive as Lennon's...there are so many good things to say about George Harrison, so many things we all can learn from him and his legacy, and so many ways to express what his loss means.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 21:32:57 CET 2001 from (

Jos Bruls

From: The Netherlands

Thank you George Harrison, for the music and the words. "Life goes on within you and without you".

Posted on Fri Nov 30 21:28:06 CET 2001 from (


The "QUIET" Beatle has left our stage!! This venue's loss, is the next's gain! ISN"T IT A PITY!!!!! Peaceful journey!!

Posted on Fri Nov 30 21:21:18 CET 2001 from (

tom izzo

From: waterbury ct

It's 6:06 am this morning. I'm sitting in the living room on the couch with a cup of coffee finishing reading the book "Roy Buchanan.. American Axe" My lovely wife walks in. I look up and she says with sad eyes "George Harrison died". I exhale, look down to the next sentence. It reads: "Roy actually sent one of his "Bluesmaster" Tele style signature guitars to George Harrison who ended up using it on his Japan tour." The timing, as was Roy's and George's, impeccable. My guitar, once again gently weeps. Zo

Posted on Fri Nov 30 21:06:02 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

I don’t know how many people you can say this about, but George Harrison was a patently GOOD person, as well as talented, creative, humorous and kind. Our thoughts should be with his family and with his Beatles family too, as Paul and Ringo have had their share of emotional trauma of late. He was loved by many who never even met him, and for so many good reasons. I find it deeply affecting that a Beatle has died of natural causes – your idols might be shot, in car crashes or whatever, but there’s something about one of them coming to the end of his natural life, as with Rick Danko. George was a model of forgiving behaviour, but yet again (cf. Bob Marley and many not so famous people) someone has succumbed to cancer just two years after a violent physical attack. There’s a personal violation involved. Under the old statutes of our country, I thought an assailant could have the charge increased to murder if the victim died within four years of the assault. But I don’t feel that’s a thought George would have nurtured. He was a man of strong religious convictions. May he rest in peace.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 20:35:39 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

One of the great Band fans of all time. I have been sad all day. George Harrison was my favorite Beatle. He loved the Band, and he made some of the greatest music of the century. All Things Must Pass , to me, was the best Beatles solo record. It makes this whole Levon/Robbie thing seem so childish. Life is too short.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 20:08:08 CET 2001 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland TX

Being a child growing up in the era of the Beatles always had it's bittersweet aspect; how could much of what followed measure up? Allthough the music has proved durable to young audiences in a way that seems surprising and perfectly logical, nothing would be harder to convay to someone not of that time, perhaps to some OF that time, than the personal, political, spiritual, redeaming and challenging impact of the seven recording years of that band. As a songwriter, George had to learn to play tennis with the Gods. His aces are apparent enough, but I always loved "Blue Jay Way", and later became a fan of the overlooked "Old Brown Shoe." One of the best post Beatles tunes is "Photograph" which he gave to Ringo. Given the vortex of insanity that must go along with being the most famous people in the world, The Beatles handled themselves with an extrodonary amount of grace and class. It shouldn't be forgotten that for all the good will they provoked, there were people out to get them too. (Watch Magical Mystery Tour, it's gotten better with time!) Of course, given George's love of the boys this has a specail sadness for us here. Such a death, however, must surely be the least sad kind of death. Here was one who got to give what he he had to the world, making us and him rich and well relized. Rest in peace, George, and may the tunes continue to live on and inspire.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 20:07:16 CET 2001 from (

Mike Carrico

From: Georgia

To me George was the most Band-like musician of the Beatles...tasteful economical playing, knowing when to lay back but stepping up to the plate when the moment demands it. Out on Main Street, probably the most underrated musician this side of Garth Hudson. I liked his subtle sense of humor and his wacky way with rhymes...certainly he's the only songwriter who could have imagined rhyming "Jesus" with "visas", and "motors" with "quote us" (in "Awaiting On You All"). And by all accounts a model citizen too...the world is a less beautiful place today. RIP, quiet one.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 20:01:09 CET 2001 from (

Paul Godfrey

George Harrison...the quiet Beatle!

Like The Sun & The Moon & The Stars...

May You Always Shine On!

Posted on Fri Nov 30 19:50:16 CET 2001 from (


From: PA

I'd like to think that George and John Lennon are jamming with Rick and Richard. Maybe the four of them are even writing new material together.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 18:48:58 CET 2001 from (

Bill Jerram

From: Austin, Texas

I LOVE GEORGE HARRISON! A GUITAR MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!! Added colors to the musical world. Unfortunately, the last time i typed on this guestbook was when Rick passed. But as i've been listening to the musical tributes on the radio (finally they're playing some good music! HA), i'm struck by the beauty of Harrison's signature slide sound - absolutely marvelous. Completely unique and beautiful sounding. It's comforting to hear it in some way. Sounds wonderful on "Give Me Love" A truly unique sound that let's you know exactly who it is everytime. Obviouisly the man had a myriad of talents, but that one is sticking in my craw right now. Anyway, screw trying to say anything succinct, I just had to give some love for the man and his music. I also found it interesting that this lil' band from Liverpool is still making headlines 40 years later...Hell, he even led the news over the war in Afghanistan!!!! Peace brother, and tell Lennon hello for all of us. I'm sure there's a hell of a jam session in the skies today...

Posted on Fri Nov 30 18:14:47 CET 2001 from (


I was up early watching the news regarding George Harrison's passing. I caught an interview he did on VH-1 a few years back. He said that he wanted his music to allow people to "turn off their mind, relax and float downstream." George of the GREATS...wanted to share with his listeners something so simple...something he had the wisdom to know was the key to happiness. George Harrison has gone to a higher place and left sweet memories here on earth. It is a beautiful thing that he died at peace with his family and friends.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 16:52:59 CET 2001 from (


From: New Mexico

George Harrison was a shining example of classy behavior in the face of fame and fortune. I didn't know the man, but it seemed to me that he walked his talk, and no matter how heavy he got, never took himself too seriously.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 16:49:17 CET 2001 from (


Well, very very bad music news today. There's lots of reasons George Harrison was my favorite rock star -- his music (of course), his love of The Band, his delicate leads, his sweet clear voice, his magical harmonies, his dry wit (and Python connections), his partnerships with Dylan and Clapton,the Wilburys, the impact of his Indian interests on Western culture, and his generally cool and decent demeanor. The apparent strategy of the Rock Hall to phase these guys in over time is particularly rankling today. And finally, what songrwriter wrote more fitting eulogy material than George? All Things Must Pass, Here Comes The Sun, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, My Sweet Lord...

Posted on Fri Nov 30 16:45:45 CET 2001 from (


I can't believe what my mom called and told me about George Harrison. Not the best news to wake up to this morning. Not at all! It's very upsetting. It's almost impossible for me to believe. I apolgize as I am at a loss of words right now. I do like to believe that he's at peace and in a better place. Not much else to say right now, so I'll stop. Sorry, really. Peace. Mike

Posted on Fri Nov 30 16:22:31 CET 2001 from (


George was ready and at peace. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. How blessed we all are that George shared his gift with us.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 16:10:42 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia
Web page

...There's a fog upon L.A.
The quiet one has passed away...

I was deeply saddened upon learning that George has passed away. I am reminded also that this past Tuesday marked the anniversary of Jimi Hendrix's birth. Of course, just around the corner, Dec. 10th marks the anniversary of Rick's passing. Having grown up with the music of these three wonderful people, it's one of those days when one feels that it's all too much. A feeling heightened by the fact that I too, like many of you, am still in some state of shock in the aftermath of Sept. 11th.

I guess it's time to turn to the magic of music. Tonight and tomorrow night, my friend Steve & I will be playing out in Alpharetta. Through the healing power of music we will celebrate the spirits of George, Jimi and Rick. This weekend our guitars will gently weep as we try to keep the joy of music in our hearts.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 15:20:57 CET 2001 from (


Posted on Fri Nov 30 14:59:06 CET 2001 from (


God speed, George..........all things must pass but you are too soon gone.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Wah-wah, My Sweet Lord, Tax Man, Something, Cheer Down, Crackerbox Palace, Give Me Love, Beware Of Darkness, Cloud Nine, When We Was Fab, Got My Mind Set On You, Devil's Radio, Handle With Care, Isn't It A Pitty, Piggies, Here Comes The Sun, Dark Horse, All Things Must Pass...

May everyone find great comfort for the kind and warm soul which you posessed.

Hopefully way up there they've got a Rickenbacher waiting for him as I'm sure John is waiting along with Carl Perkins for a great jam within The Great Gig In The Sky.

Gotta go and play the Live Japan 2CD set with Clapton while I set up the old Christmas Tree.


Posted on Fri Nov 30 14:22:34 CET 2001 from (

Bob R

George Harrison....I really feel like I've lost a piece of myself today--I have been following the Beatles exploits since I was 7 years old watching them on Ed Sullivan in 1964-bought all the albums, singles, books, posters, bootlegs over the years--I am 45 now and still never miss any new release, magazine article, whatever--he was a musical giant, a man who was worshipped as a God but always kept it in perspective...a quiet man who lived a quiet 17 year old son & I watched the news reports on TV this morning at 5:30 am with tears in our eyes. On the way to work I slipped into the CD PLAYER "Chants of India" by Ravi Shankar (which George produced and performed on in 1997)and found it strangely comforting...It is so sad to say goodbye to another great one...I mean, this is GEORGE HARRISON !!! rest in piece, brother..

Posted on Fri Nov 30 14:05:13 CET 2001 from (


From: NY

"And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make" -- Rest in Peace, George

Posted on Fri Nov 30 13:58:46 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA

Thank you for the new photos. On this sad morning they managed to raise a smile. The snowmobile photograph is particularly good and ironically "Beatlesque".

Posted on Fri Nov 30 13:46:31 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

What is it about this time of year when it comes to losing people? Well well Welll!!! (J. Lennon)Anyway, at least George passed away not in a senseless act of violence but due to natural causes, surrounded by his family. At 58 years, his may seem to have been a short life, but it was a life lived to the fullest potential. He was a successful artist, businessman, husband, father, spiritualist, and perhaps many other things we will never know about this private man. If he took the time to reflect, he would have known that he touched many people, made them happy, inspired them, and left the world a much better place than he found it. He keft a good kharma, which still goes on. And if you believe in these things, then I'm sure one of the first spirits to greet him was John...

Posted on Fri Nov 30 12:41:15 CET 2001 from (

Jens Magnus

From: Norway

My guitars gently weep.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 12:20:21 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

Isn't it a pity
Isn't it a shame
How we break each other's hearts
And cause each other pain
Forgetting to give back
Isn't it a pity

Some things take so long
But how do I explain
When not too many people
And because of all their tears
Your eyes can't hope to see
Now, isn't it a pity

Isn't it a pity, (oh-o)
Now, isn't it a shame
How we break each other's hearts
And cause each other pain
How we take each other's love
Without thinking anymore
Forgetting to give back

GEORGE HARRISON.....ISN'T IT A PITY (VERSION TWO)....1970.....I'm sitting here thinking about the QUIET BEATLE.....The person who named Dylan......Lucky........The one who organized THE CONCERT FOR BANGLA DESH........The one who loved the music of THE BAND.......GEORGE HARRISON.....The one who was always seeking inspiration from above......

Posted on Fri Nov 30 12:07:52 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

For a man who fought a long, courageous battle.. the suffering is finally over. Rest in peace Mr. Harrison.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 11:44:32 CET 2001 from (


From: Cork
Web page

Life Goes On.....

Within You and Without You.......

Hare Krishna!

George hung out in Woodstock with The Band in 1969 before most of the rest of the world knew what was happening there.......

I was 4 in 1967 and I always thought George was the coolest looking Beatle on the "Pepper" center-fold.

Give Me Love Give Me Peace on Earth!........I hope they play THAT one more than anything else over the next few weeks.......

We Need it.........

Posted on Fri Nov 30 11:14:46 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA

God rest the great George Harrison. A positively marvelous musician and, by all accounts, a beautiful soul. A deeply spiritual, peace loving man who lived his life with great dignity.

Too soon gone. Never to be forgotten. I am enormously grateful for the gift of his music.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 10:34:11 CET 2001 from (

Roger Woods

From: Moseley, Burmingham UK

I've just driven into work scanning the radio stations. All of them have George Harrison news/tributes including the classical stations, Radio 3 and Classic FM. George touched a lot of people. Another one leaves the party. RIP

Posted on Fri Nov 30 10:32:01 CET 2001 from (


Today... my guitar gently wheeps...

Posted on Fri Nov 30 10:17:42 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn,NY

Fuck.This sucks.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 09:53:22 CET 2001 from (


From: does it matter.....

All things must pass.......

George Harrison....RIP... :-((

Posted on Fri Nov 30 09:48:11 CET 2001 from (

Ed Blayzor

From: NY

If I may rudely interrupt this stupid Levon/Robbie feud and pass my condolences to George Harrisons family.Thanks George for all these years of great music. PEACE

Posted on Fri Nov 30 09:34:12 CET 2001 from (

Markku (Quos)

Web page

According to the BBC News, George Harrison has died (link above takes you to the BBC page).

Posted on Fri Nov 30 07:36:47 CET 2001 from (


From: this insect infested room of mine.........

Talking of commercials......I thought Volkswagen's use of Pink Moon in an ad sparked interest among people in Nick Drake. I love Nick Drake.....

Thanx to Susan and Calvin......I think your stuff has reached my friend.....(he hasn't confirmed the names tho....but the 3rd pack is not due yet :-)


PS. Way to go, Mr. Wigo...I am with you all the way...(well most of it anyway..)

Posted on Fri Nov 30 06:18:41 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

I've posted this scenario here before - I picture that it's 1976, and as The Band rolls along, Robbie feels that it's run it's course and there's nothing left to offer. Maybe all, or most of the guys had similar feelings. Then there is some kind of decision to call it quits and stage this amazing farewell concert. Levon seems to have done it with some reluctance. You would think that Levon may have easily said something like, "up yours Rob, goodbye", and started making calls to guitar players. After all, it was LEVON and The Hawks at one time. They all did the Last Waltz though under their own free will. Levon didn't walk away from TLW pissed at RR. Robbie even worked on his (Levon's) album.

As has been pointed out here recently (I think it was Hank), we will likely NEVER know the real story. Maybe we're so ill-informed that we need to stop talking about it (YEAH, THAT'S GONNA HAPPEN).

Robbie, along with all the guys, made a shitload of great music - then ended it with a flourish - then went on to newer and very successful things without looking back. I think he comes off as a pretty classy guy.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 05:59:50 CET 2001 from (


Fred---Jericho---Hands down!

Posted on Fri Nov 30 05:55:54 CET 2001 from (


From: On The Edge Of The Gap

I want to be in a GAP ad and I'll donate all of my money to my favourite charity....ME!!!!

On another note...what's wrong with the song SLEEPING (from Stage Fright)?

Lastly, but more importantly, not possessing any of the Post-LW/RR Band's work and wanting to correct this situation, I am seeking the wisdom of all of you out there...which CD should I get first?

Thanks in advance

Posted on Fri Nov 30 05:29:18 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn,NY

In the face of everything....

....I still wish there were more shots of Richard in The Last Waltz.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 04:37:23 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

G-Man: Come on now......Tell everyone the realistic........The guitarist and vocalist from the Goo Goo Dolls.......BUFFALO'S own........Gee I thought ya supported local live talent........Johnny Rzeznik...........has punky mod hair....He couldn't possibly be Robbie's son.......and just because the Goo Goo Dolls recorded.......WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT EGO........with songs like I'M ADDICTED.......and........UP YOURS........but.............Rod the Mod.......Woody......or Jeff Beck........OK......They could have been his daddy......:-D

G-Man also looooooves I thought I'd remind him that Julian Schnabel's film........BEFORE NIGHT FALLS......about the Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas......part of anti-Castro movement in NYC.......surprised me........when I heard Laurie Anderson's electric violin on Louuuuuu's ROUGE.......from ECSTASY.......One pure minute.........But.......Oh, noooooooo......the song doesn't sound like classic Louuuuuu.......Gee........No one will ever want to hear his music again.........Oh noooooooo!!!!!

Kalervo: Since you like Cuban music and Jazzzzzzzzz.......have you seen SANDOVAL?.......Cuban trumpet player who is also a considerable pianist.............Arturo Sandoval? I better tell my Ma about this one......Since one of her fave actors.......Cuban/American......Andy Garcia is featured.........

Pat: I agree with you........WHY BOTHER, ANYWAY?..........TOO MUCH TOXICITY FOR THIS BROWN EYED GIRL.........

Posted on Fri Nov 30 04:08:54 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: Sold Out, On Sale, Clearance

I thought RR did one Gap commercial but Lo and Behold, I saw a second one with him. He's in it twice and ends the spot - How bout dat! Good 4 him

Posted on Fri Nov 30 03:53:30 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

It's odd, really. People who have nothing but hate for Robertson still manage to know what he's thinking of and the intricacies of all the deals he's cutting. Even odder, I must have spoken to 20 people in the last week who recognized him from the ad, people I wouldn't have guessed would have. But, of course, someone will fill me in why that can't possibly be true.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 03:52:10 CET 2001 from (


Oh...come on Tracy...I never mentioned once the Levon/Robbie disagreement in my last post. Why are you bringing that up regarding my comments? You posted about commercialism and gave suggestions to Levon on how he should conduct his affairs. You and a few others continue to bash Levon in your ever so subtle ways for whatever reasons. The fact is he is a part of The Band we come here to discuss and appreciate...take him as he is..just like every other member. We are all imperfect in an imperfect world and we all see things in our own unique way...the best we can do is just accept that.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 03:43:54 CET 2001 from (


I hurd that Robbie made the offer,,,,I'll pay for the pub. and the money goes to charity !!! Nice gesture!! Nobody recognizes him,,,but people are askin if he's the dad of the guy from the Goo's??? Glad to see there is NO alterior motive Robbies part! Does anybody really believe that Dylan would want Robbie back agin!! Robbie kinda cut Bob loose, or so he thought: outgrew Bob!! The othe guys and Bob did play together!!! Really hurt Mr. Dylan!!! Yeah, right!!! Is "CARNEY" bein re-released on DVD!!!!

Posted on Fri Nov 30 03:26:01 CET 2001 from (


Perhaps, Tracy, it's the amount of money you feel you've been screwed out of ,that's hard to let go of. Hence the neccessity to scrape out a living late in life.AAAhh,screw em all! I'm 43 without a pot to piss in ,pardon my French, and I never played the Rose Bowl!!!!

Posted on Fri Nov 30 03:17:45 CET 2001 from (


Amanda asks, "Would I have any advice for someone of Mr. Helm's caliber?" The answer is yes. What would I advise him? "LET IT GO! It happened 25 years ago. How can you carry so much animosity for one person when you're better than that?" I'm sure a ton of people look up to him but his anger is self consuming and doesn't do him any good. He's better than that and he needs to show it.

Personally and professionally I would feel as if I were a disgrace to my art. I don't need to worry about me because I don't have the hate in my heart as he does for someone who has on record said that he was like a brother to him or his son to say about the whole band that he thought of them as "Older brothers in the music world." If that's not a lot of love to carry onto your offspring and for them to proclaim something so similar, I don't know what else can be said.

I respect Levon Helm as a musician but as a man....


Posted on Fri Nov 30 03:11:31 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

Is money the real reason behind this whole Levon/Robbie thing? To be sure, some of it surely involves $$$, but I suspect there is something far more personal that has gone foul between the 2 of them. I'll bet if Levon were awarded 10 million dollars for his work in the Band, he would still be at war with Robbie. This almost reminds me of being in high school, when if a friend broke up with somebody, you were suddenly supposed to hate their ex too. It gets a little silly after a while. As a fan, it's not my battle to fight. I appreciate knowing that there is bitterness between the two and some of the causes, but it starts to get in the way of the music after a while, don't you think?

Posted on Fri Nov 30 02:06:53 CET 2001 from (


Tracy: I cannot believe that you actually question why Levon Helm became a musician???? It is not like any non-talent can wake up one morning and say.."Gee...I think I'll become a musician." As much as some of us wish it could happen that just ain't gonna be that way. People are just born with the gift of music...God make of it what you want...with talent, ambition or sheer luck or a combination of all three. Levon Helm is one of the GREATS. He has an outstanding career...past and present. Levon's music and the music of The Band is going to be forever. Who are you to question Levon's career motives or anyone else's for that matter? Are you such a music biz wiz that you feel you can offer business advice to a musician of Mr. Helm's caliber? I doubt it. You have every right to your opinions, but show some respect..or YOU will never get anywhere in life...professionally or personally.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 01:57:22 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA

Thanks Jan for facilitating an interesting and spontaneous conversation.

Lots of interesting viewpoints, articulate and considerate of other's opinions. These types of discussions are exactly what this place and all of you wonderful people are about. Thank you all.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 01:10:02 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

rollie, they told me to get back to normal....

Posted on Fri Nov 30 00:24:15 CET 2001 from (


Thanks for the afternoon ha ha's. I just about fell off of my chair reading about the money grubbing Robbie. Then I noticed what followed after it, and that was the mention of Levon's book.

Let's all follow Levon's philosophy. Take things apart and see what we've got.

First of all, I know that there are some musicians on here. I myself am working on this too. Okay, we'll start off with what goes on in the music industry. What is essential in the industry today. Obviously it's not too much talent with today's over-sized, manufactured, cookie-cutter, teenie-bopper type of groups. Let's forget about that for a minute. You need a manager, a label, and to promote yourself, it includes your face and your music to be shown or heard.

Take away these things and dislike them, then what have you got going for yourself? Why stay with music? Now, we jump to Mr. Helm's case. What has he really done for the sake of his music. He hates suits, companies, and publishing, but like all of us he wants money (who doesn't). How many people on here are waiting for Levon Helm & The Barnburners to make it onto a CD? It won't happen if he doesn't have a label. I'm aware of Butch too. No label = no promoting = no money. Sure he does the small venues but he could if he really wanted to, do more. Why did he become a musician in the first place? You mean to tell me he didn't know about the business side to any of it, or he just chose to overlook it?

If we're going to cut down the commercialism for anybody, how are you supposed to do any of what you want in the music industry?

What makes Robbie a money grubber and how did Levon lose all of that money he had during The Band's high point before they broke up? What about investing?


Posted on Fri Nov 30 00:13:35 CET 2001 from (

Jack Straw

From: "Somewhere in the middle of Montana

PS 101 "THE COUNTRY BEARS" can be found at release Read it and weep. I'm not sure if this is a joke or not.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 00:13:32 CET 2001 from (


Lord, this Levon Vs Robbie thing is getting way out of hand. Now RR get's blamed for making a financial offer to Garth and Richard for their share of Band rights, he made a business offer and they said yes, how does he catch blame for that. And a lot of poster are correct, Robbie never does anything but praise Levon in the press, so it really isnt a feud now is it. I have a lot of problems taking Levon's claims of getting screwed by the suits seriously when I know he exagerrated some of the claims that he never got paid for certain things. I just take it with a grain of salt. BTW John, RR gave all his money for the Gap ads to charity, he didnt do it for money. And he certainly doesnt need any, as the musical producer for some of the biggest films of the last 20 years I'd guess RR is rolling in it.

Posted on Fri Nov 30 00:04:37 CET 2001 from (


It's amazing. We've gone from World Trade Center devastation and oil wars in Afghanistan, to worrying about some clothing commercial.The horse died years ago..........

Posted on Thu Nov 29 23:54:11 CET 2001 from (


... ah... déja vue

Posted on Thu Nov 29 23:13:38 CET 2001 from (

P.S. 2001

Web page

I was reading in the paper about an upcoming Disney animated film about the search for a Bear mountain band. The article says that the cartoon grizzleys will be based on THE BAND. I couldn't believe it. Anyone else hear about this?

Posted on Thu Nov 29 23:07:44 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

When someone like John Wesley Harding says something as ridiculous as Robbie giving the Band a bad name, I've got to learn to let it go. I'm not even a so-called Robertsonian, but things like that drive me crazy. We are here because this was a true group of equals, which Robbie has pointed out to the press numerous times. In the history of rock and roll, that is very unusual. Now when Levon left in '66, he had his reasons as did Robbie ten years later. When you say he gives the group a bad name, it suggests that he speaks badly about them. It seems to me in interviews that Levon speaks badly about Robbie, while Robbie speaks very highly of levon and the group as a whole.

Robbie, make no mistake, is very proud of the Band. He looks at the big picture, and would have liked the Band's legend to end at The Last Waltz instead of playing bars. However, he never complained about it. They went out with his blessing. He understood how much Rick and Levon enjoyed playing for people, and as fans, we have had a great time seeing them. When the entire media came down hard on our guys calling them a "nostalgia" act, Robbie never joined in. When Jericho came out, Robbie was quoted in Rolling Stone saying that even without Richard or him, the Band had a ton of talent and that he hoped the record would be tremendous.

Posted on Thu Nov 29 22:56:30 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

jwh, as you posted: "in no way does the commercial hint that robbie was a member of The Band nor is he singing a Band song." Yet now you say that it's actually a marketing ploy to sell Band material. How does that work, in a marketing sense?

My position (and most everybody's here) on the feud is sprinkled through the guestbook archives. It is fascinating material. All I'll say here is that I have read Levon's book.

Posted on Thu Nov 29 22:51:13 CET 2001 from (


Bob W. I think you are speaking well on this issue. But just to clarify, do you think that "Sell Out" was a direct shot "at" warhol culture (Pop Art)? I think the album was a celebration of it, even to the point of being a musical tribute to it. Those guys (Who) were real proud to be associated with Pop, particularly since the "Mod" movement more or less left them stranded when the fad passed. Well you know, they dressed the part and claimed they lived Pop, which I guess they did. townshend was close to a "Pop-Nazi".

I think they were doing recruiting ads for the Air Force (RAF or USAF i dont know, I never heard them). They put car commercials and coke commercials and all kinds of stuff on the re-issue of the record, which i prefer far to the original album, which seemed incomplete and sketchy until the re-issue came out and blew me away. I remember Townshend going on in an interview with jann Wenner about Pop after someone had their beverages spiked with acid. A hell of a good interview, BTW.

To answer your question, IMHO Warhols soup cans were art and Daltrey in Heinz Baked Beans is a tremendous image, certainly iconic if not high art. I think the point of this is that what we call art and how we define it is more and more subject to change.

For my opinion I love the ads, like to see good ol RR come into my living room and strum a few chords. I hate that damn song though...always have. Doesnt Rock. Pixieish vocals. Humbug.

Posted on Thu Nov 29 22:34:04 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Let me join Don in welcoming another Atlanta-area resident, Mr. Usherson, to the guestbook. Enjoyed the great photos and looking forward to seeing more!

Posted on Thu Nov 29 22:09:18 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: Nj

Ever notice how "selling out" occurs only when something has a disagreeable taste to the interpreter - otherwise it's good business. It's in the eye of the beholder.

Posted on Thu Nov 29 22:03:25 CET 2001 from (

john wesley harding

From: maine


its called putting his face out there and playing a few tunes, people will learn who he is, who The Band is, and will therefore purchase The Band's products...and oh yeah, if you read Levon's book, you would realize that he bought Richard and Garth's shares in The Band so in essence, he owns 3/5 of The Band's artistic rights. sure it's generous what he is doing, giving his money to charity, but robbie does everything for robbie, and only robbie...i think most people realize that.

Posted on Thu Nov 29 21:49:56 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

In response to the flood of e-mails on Banana Republic boxers – the pale blue ones with dark blue and mauve circles. And Banana Republic’s response is still awaited. “Your cheque is in the mail” would be the favoured response.

On commercials, how about those 80s Levi ads that introduced songs like ‘Mannish Boy’, ‘Heard It Through the Grapevine’, ‘C’mon Everybody,’ ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’, ‘Stand By Me’, ‘Take A Little piece of My Heart’ etc to new generations? (All on the Columbia set “Originals”). Was that a bad thing? I often thought when I saw a new one, ‘Wish they’d do The Weight in this series.’ Bet you that Robbie does too. And ‘The Weight’ would have been a perfect one. (Now someone will tell me that it already was).

Posted on Thu Nov 29 21:46:50 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Isn't one of our Canadian pallys on Art Usherson's website? The photo of Dylan at a club? Isn't that the infamous Ronnie Hawkins performance after the Toronto concert in 1974? And note Rick with his stylish suitcoat nearby.

john wesley harding, if you read back on some of the posts concerning this subject, you will discover that the awful, icky moneygrubber donated his appearance fee to charity.

Posted on Thu Nov 29 21:33:08 CET 2001 from (

john wesley harding

From: maine

im definitely on levon's side, but what makes people think that robbie's GAP appearance has anything to do with selling out The Band. in no way does the commercial hint that robbie was a member of The Band nor is he singing a Band song. the people who know he is from the Band know his background and how he is a moneygrubber and how he gives the Band a bad name. but let the man make a couple extra bucks for playing some chords. i mean, he needs it considering he is packaging, repackaging, and redistributing the Band's entire collection, including the Last Waltz (both the CD and film).

Posted on Thu Nov 29 21:15:30 CET 2001 from (

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

First, welcome another Roswell, Georgia-ite to the site, Welcome Art.

On selling out, give me a break, lets all raise our hands together, who among us hasn't. People in Glass house, Caste the first stone, This Buds for You, whatever the cliche, hey, I can't see your hands. Are those gloves or masks your wearing.

Posted on Thu Nov 29 21:17:09 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA

Crabby, good to see you checking in and your point is well taken. I, for one, would have no problem with it but I'm realizing that the effect of commercializing art is also a subjective matter. To each his own.

I can't help but think how many of the great classical pieces have been used in places we couldn't even put our fingers on. I'll bet I've heard segments of Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" a thousand different times yet it has never diminished the beauty of the composition for me. Maybe this all derives from the perceptions we were "sold" in the first place.

Posted on Thu Nov 29 21:03:21 CET 2001 from (


From: The Front Lawn

I recall Paul McCartney once saying something like "I didn't write my songs to be used to sell cornflakes." Paul has always been against the commercial use of his songs. (Anyone ever hear the term "artistic integrity" - that's what Paul has!!) When the Beatles song "Revolution" appeared in a Nike commercial (heralding the "Nike Revolution") it was pulled rather quickly after the company received complaints from Beatle fans and pressure from both Paul and Yoko Ono. At that time the Beatles catalogue was owned by Michael Jackson though I believe that Sony acquired the catalogue a few years back and that Sony is more in line with respecting Paul's wishes.

Using a song for commercial purposes lessens it's artistic value (assuming that the song has any "artistic value" in the first place) and ruins the purely artistic enjoyment of that song for the masses. As an example, every time I play "Who's Next" and hear "Bargain" the image of that recent Nissan commercial flashes across my mind. Of course, there are degrees of selling out such as how subtley a song is used in a commercial (e.g. as merely "background" at low volume beneath a voice-over / whether or not the original recording or an imitation is used - btw I believe that "Bargain" is a good imitation rather than the original / whether or not the song's words were retooled to hawk the product / and if the artist himself appears in the commercial). I recall that Michael Jackson appeared in a Pepsi commercial where the words to one of his 3 "megahits" (I forget which one) were changed to make reference to the soft drink. (Of course, I could care less about this since I'm not a Jackson fan I don't think it had any artistic merit in the first place.)

It's pretty well known that many international celebrities (including the very "non-commercial" Woody Allen) appear in Japanese TV and print adds purely for the revenue while they wouldn't be caught dead doing commercials in their own countries since it would compromise their artistic image in the public's eye and have a negative impact on their careers.

It is interesting that Andy Warhol turned this whole concept of "non-commercial art" vs. "commercial art" on it's head by creating the former from the latter with his now famous silk screen paintings of Campbell's soup cans, Brillo boxes, etc.

Afterthought: How would those of you who think "selling out" is okay like to hear "Blowin' In The Wind" used in a Clairol TV spot?

Posted on Thu Nov 29 20:55:49 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA


I've heard it pretty clearly stated that "Sells Out" was a direct shot at the Warhol pop culture mentality. Do five feet tall soup cans constitute art? How about one hundred pounds of baked beans poured all over the band?Although the irony is certainly not lost on me the correlation is. While the album title falls directly into line with our discussion, the point of view it represented at the time has nothing to do with it at all.

My question remains -- do you really believe any of the songwriters of that era were attuned to the wide array of commercial possibilities that would come to past two decades down the line?

Did Dylan sell out Robbie who sold out The Band when he sold "The Weight" to sell Coca-Cola which Levon loves so much? Funny, I haven't heard anyone question Dylan's motives for that piece of business.

Posted on Thu Nov 29 20:24:18 CET 2001 from (


Pat: The songwriting issue is the reason I mentioned RR's importance to the original Band. The lyrics that RR wrote for The Band are some of the best ever written and I think RR is a storyteller that can be matched by very few. However, for me, the unique voices and musical talents of Levon, Rick, Richard and Garth highlight those lyrics and stories in a way that no one else could. I am impressed by the songs they chose to perform post RR and definitely impressed with the performances.

Bring It On Home is just the best song to me...I have listened to it over and over. I have got to listen to Hand Jive a few more times. I have never heard the 1976 NYC Twilight, but PLEASE lead me in the right direction. You are so right about Richard...everything is perfect. I noticed in the 80s that everyone was doing "You Don't Know Me". The Band, of course, and in the late 80's, lots of Texas blues musicians and also Bob Dylan in 1989. I remember almost falling off my chair (I was standing on the arms) when Bob Dylan began.... "You give your hand to me..."

Posted on Thu Nov 29 20:24:08 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia
Web page

Let me point out that The Who, with a bit of humour, seemed to have had some foresight regarding the power of music in advertising, early in their career. Click on the Web page link above to view the cover of their 1967 album, "The Who Sell Out".

Posted on Thu Nov 29 19:55:08 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA

An interesting aside to all of this "selling out" banter. How many of the great songwriters of the sixties and seventies had the foresight to even imagine these issues coming to pass now ? I suspect very few or none. Did Ian Anderson envision a luxury sedan motoring through a quaint European village while composing "Thick as a Brick"? Brilliant businessman and musician that Mr. Anderson but I think not. On the other hand, how many songwriters of the past decade wrote with this possibility in mind?

A few nights back I saw a replay of Iggy Pop's television debut (with David Bowie at the keyboard) on The Dinah Shore Show from sometime back in the seventies. Hell, it looks as if he "sold out" before he even got "in".

It's no less a "sell out" to commit your songs to disc and market them to the masses than it is to appear in an ad as a result of the fame achieved. Subsequently, I can't equate either to "selling out". The bare bone fact is the definition established here, any artist who has accepted fees of any nature,be they appearance fees, royalties, advances, expenses, free instruments, etc. has "sold out". Funny thing is, in most cases, if this had not happened you may never have even heard of them or their work.

Posted on Thu Nov 29 19:50:16 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Amanda, there's no doubt that the reformed Band with Richard was still a formidable group. I don't think anyone here has argued otherwise. That particular group unfortunately didn't record much. But writing? I believe (as we have seen from discussions here) that there's no a lot of room on the first three albums for anything they recorded post-LW.

Tell me, would you rather hear Bring It On Home or the 1971 RAH We Can Talk. Hand Jive or 1976 NYC Twilight? As far as Richard, well I'll take anything. You Don't Know Me was always perfect.

Posted on Thu Nov 29 19:38:53 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

There was a great special on TV (channel 13, public TV) last night about Sun Records. There was lots of Sam Phillips, and some of the artists from the Sun days playing with some newer musicians. It's cool listening to some of the old timers like D.J. Fontana (Elvis' drummer) talk about those days. If you can catch this show, watch it.

I heard a couple of more cuts off of Paul's new one on the radio today. Great stuff. The one or two tunes you've all heard do not seem like the best ones.

I read a hopeful quote from one of the doctors from Staten Island that treated George. He said that if a patient had no chance of improving, they wouldn't treat them.

Hank = my gut feeling = Robbie would do it - Levon would not.

Posted on Thu Nov 29 19:17:26 CET 2001 from (


From: Nordic Countries
Web page

A loving post to our fellow Canadians in gb.

I have had a pleasure to have a young Canadian colleague beside me in three months. She is too young to know about the Band. For some time ago I asked here if she knew anything about the ACADIANS. She blushed and looked surprised and said: "I am half-Acadian". WOW!! Our room has been filled about the stories from Acadia, about her father working in maple syrup business, about the old days when the syrup was gathered by hand, about riding the horse and carriage to the maple trees together with her father, about pouring the hot syrup in the snow and eating it as a candy after a long day in the woods.
Sadly enough, she'll be moving back to Canada soon. Because gb people can keep the secrets I'll tell you what my farewell present will be: a tape with a few words from me, a few notes on my harmonica and ACADIAN DRIFTWOOD by The Band! - If you'll see her in Canada give her a kiss from me :-)

Posted on Thu Nov 29 19:08:49 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

I know it's only rock 'n roll...

Regarding the recent discussion on the correctness of musicians allowing their music to be used in advertising -- It seems many have lost sight of the fact that in the music entertainment industry, with a few exceptions, the music itself is marketed & sold just like any product. The downside for the musician, who allows his or her music to be used as an endorsement of another product, is the risk that, in the public's mind, the music becomes associated with the endorsed product, therefore losing some of the lustre of any intrinsic artistic expression.

As far as lending their name or image in a product endorsement -- that's another way of taking commercial advantage of the situation. It's their art and their business, so more power to them. They're just trying to earn a living. One can't help but wonder, however, what John Lennon would think about Ms. Ono selling a picture of their naked derrieres for a vodka ad. I know there are few absolutes in life, but isn't this taking this concept a little too far? Although some may think this is yet another clever ploy of performance art, many may argue that Ms. Ono is literally peddling her late husband's & her own you know what.

As pointed out here in the guestbook, Pete Townsend has, in his own eloquent manner, stated his position on this subject. Getting back to the subject of music, in light of the concept of truth in advertising -- shouldn't the lyric to his generation's anthem been sung as "I hope I die before I get sold" instead?

Posted on Thu Nov 29 18:52:25 CET 2001 from (


I have been listening to a great boot of The Band from various venues in 1984-86. Richard Manuel singing "You Don't Know Me" in Tokyo in 83...a perfect beautiful and sounding so vulnerable...heartbreaking. I really believe that he WAS too sensitive for this world...the ache in his voice is overwhelming. "Bring It On Home" really ROCKS! That song turned the chore of washing dishes into a dance routine. "That's How I Love You", "Blaze of Glory", "Ill Wind Blowin'"...Levon singing "Ain't Got No Home"...the guitar, sax, piano, drums, voice...everything perfect. Garth does a organ improv like you wouldn't believe. Rick, lead singer, on "I Wish You Were Here Tonight" is one of the lovliest songs I have ever heard. Ya' know...I have nothing against RR and I certainly understand his importance in The Band's success, but I absolutely have no idea how anyone could possibly think that the Garth, Levon, Rick, Richard Band was any less of a masterpiece than the original Band. Those four artists were (Garth and Levon still are) musically is as simple as that.

All the wonderful music made it extremely easy to ignore the moron who clawed his way back into the GB. Honestly...I don't believe that a person that litters a GB on a site dedicated to The Band, could possibly love and care for the music in any way.

Posted on Thu Nov 29 18:15:38 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Hank, sorry I have to respectfully disagree with a number of your points. Levon's claims predate the LW by eight years. Induction into the R&R Hall of Fame didn't get the two of them together. Richard and Rick's passings didn't get the two of them together. Induction into the Canadian R&R Hall of Fame didn't get the two of them together. Why would Dylan's call? And Jan's departure allowed one poster to spew. This Gap thing--which a number of posters do find interesting--was onsite before Jan departed, and Jan himself has posted on this very subject on the newsgroup. As far as a Levonista-Robertsonian thing, I certainly don't see it that way. It seems obvious they both participate in this sort of behavior.

Posted on Thu Nov 29 17:36:25 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Oh great webmaster, forgive us our sins... but I think when Peter starts critiqing his own underwear... instead of a recent Van live rant... I think we need to see where it's gonna take us, no?... Anyway, on friday... they say... if the moon is blue... we must believe that it is true... I still haven't seen the last Gap... but tonight during Temptation Island... or Survivor 2... it's gotta happen...

Posted on Thu Nov 29 16:41:03 CET 2001 from (


From: PA

Erin: Any place in New Orleans has great music and food. And as Zimmy said, "do it out on Highway 61" if you want some history of the blues. Levon did a special on Hwy 61 a few years ago.

Posted on Thu Nov 29 15:51:26 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Ben: The other version of Christmas Must Be Tonight is on “Winter, Fire & Snow” (Atlantic 1995). Like all Christmas discs it reappears. This one is eclectic, ranging from Tuck & Patti to Clannad to Jewel to Gipsy Kings.

Johnny Flippo: thanks for the news about Carl Sandburg! What a shock! I have thrown away my copy of his poems of course - The Gap commercial isn’t being shown here in the UK- but maybe I’m watching too much BBC and not picking up on it. I wish it was. Great song. To reiterate what Pat posted last week, this is a charity thing. Robbie, the writers and the other performers are contributing their fees to 9/11 charities. I would not be surprised to discover that people sewing Gap clothes are underpaid. Nor any other clothes below Savile Row prices. That’s why they’re cheap, and I really don’t like demos outside any particular stores. Face it, they’re ALL doing it, the media just happen to spotlight this one or that one. Individuals trying to better their lot are being exploited by every Western clothing manufacturer, because we won’t pay for handmade clothes from people earning a living wage. Then talk about fruit and vegetables etc etc – but although lamenting the demise of the buffalo somewhat clumsily on Cahoots is a contradiction, I don’t think you can hold Robbie to account for the basic divisions between the First world and the Third world because he sang on a charity ad.

So I looked up Gus’s GAP link with a strongly negative attitude, BUT then I saw the bit about treecutting in California. Living in a tree covered area where you’re “supposed” to leave 33% of the area uncultivated, I am assailed by slash and burn tree cutting on all sides as new arrivals decide to open up their frontages for ‘security’. And I got mad at the owners of Gap! (Not that I value trees above people, but as Grace Slick sang ‘the whole human scheme doesn’t mean shit to a tree’ or something similar). So while I don’t blame musicians for participating in a Gap-led charity, and commend them (and Gap) because it’s going to a good cause, I’ll have to go back to Marks & Spencers boxer shorts myself. Though am I allowed to wear my Banana Republic (=Gap) ones until they’re worn-out? Promise I’ll replace them with a different brand then. Damn. They fit better than Marks and Spencer. Still, I’ll accept a little personal discomfort for the common good. I think I’ll have to carry on with Gap pyjama trousers because the Marks & Spencer ones are TOO ill-fitting in comparison.

Posted on Thu Nov 29 14:37:00 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA

Why on earth anyone should care this much about someone doing a ten second spot on a TV commercial is well beyond my scope.

I'd sure love to see Yamaha Drums pay Levon a nice sum for some ads, if they haven't already. And I would celebrate the day someone uses "Times Like These" over a film piece and sends Rick's estate a hefty check in return.

Both artists AND their art are products in this culture. Not all, but the vast majority have worked long and hard to reap such benefits. Robbie practiced until his fingers bled just like countless guitarists before him. Levon has spent a lifetime honing his craft. None of this is a birthright. The work has been put in so what the hell is the problem ?

Posted on Thu Nov 29 13:39:11 CET 2001 from (

Arthur (Art) Usherson

From: Roswell, GA USA (after Toronto, Ont. 1970-77)
Web page

My photos of The Band are published in the " Rolling Stone's Illustrated History of Rock & Roll" original version. See my site for photos from my archive of Dylan, Lightfoot, R. Hawkins, and others fron my Toronto days. More to be posted soon. Enjoy! -A.U.

Posted on Thu Nov 29 13:23:21 CET 2001 from (


From: CT, USA

Right on Hank from Cork!!! Instead of useless arguing why dont we try to do something productive like ask the remaining Band & associates to consider releasing outtakes and unreleased songs from the 1985-1998 sessions...I've heard some and they're as good and maybe better than some of what they officially put out (which i think is great in the first place) maybe they could consider "fan club" limited editions...maybe live at Carnegie Hall 1997--what a show!!

Posted on Thu Nov 29 13:18:03 CET 2001 from (


From: Here and There

Hank: A hearty AMEN to that!!

Posted on Thu Nov 29 12:51:27 CET 2001 from (


From: Cork
Web page

This Levonista vs. Robertsonian thang via The Gap and Beer commercials is quite boring, folks. It's as simple as this.......According to press interviews, Levon thinks that it was sinister the way the post LW business dealings of The Band were conducted....and he blames RR for that.....whether he's right or wrong about that NONE of US out here in Cyberspace will EVER know.......we can only's pathetic to see, now that Jan's on a break, the dopey out-pourings of this same old argument...lately in the form of whom is the biggest sellout to corporate America.......I mean, yeah, go on, free speech, whatever, say and write what you want......but it IS very sad to see that folks have been waiting for Jan to split to spout their venom and to purposely insult others.......y'all should go away and listen to "Music from Big Pink" or watch TLW or something and remember why y'all got into The Band in the first place and THEN come back and share something......come back with an original thought or idea about The Band......not this same old crud in new packaging.......

I mean, try this on for many of you Levonistas and Robertsonians reckon that if Bob Dylan put out the call to BOTH dudes, Levon and RR, to play a gig somewhere somehow that BOTH dudes would do it?.........assuming the bread was happening and no one had to lift their own gear......In other words, would Levon and RR play a gig on the same stage with Bob NOW if he asked them?........

Me? I reckon they would.....they might'nt speak to each other backstage or hang out afterwards smoking a joint....but yeah, I reckon they'd do the gig alright........good B-B-Q is good B-B-Q


Now, Boys and Girls......there's your homework for today........

Posted on Thu Nov 29 12:36:06 CET 2001 from (



Posted on Thu Nov 29 05:09:23 CET 2001 from (


From: Chicago

Hey Folks:

I haven't seen the gap ad yet. I would say that anyone who has a problem with a guy being filmed doing what he has done for 40 years, playing his guitar for money, hasn't really thought it through. As always celebrities get placed because agents network and deliver a specific product to a cast director or producer. That's the way it goes. I imagine that Robbie was doing what any business man would do, advance his exposure to new markets, reinforce his legitmacy as a presence, and of course pick up a paycheck. Who knows maybe a tour is on the way.

As Paul would say..."That would be really would be something." I'm with John D., lets all wish George Harrison a speedy recovery. All is not lost, recovery is never out of the question. Stranger things than a man beating cancer have happened. A man lucky enough to be a Beatle surely has some tricks up his sleeve yet.

I was watching a bootleg audience video from Dylan. It is 6/5/90 O'Keefe Center Toronto, Ontario. Great "Tears of Rage". Can't imagine it didn't go out to Richard. The best part is that at the end of the tape is filler...I'm waiting as the camera gets set,its pointing at the floor, the tape is rolling, I hear a familiar voice say "Good Evening". I place the voice just as the camera swings up and points right at Rick Danko's smiling face. Don't know the bar but he's there with some buddies. I think it is Fitzgerald's. I will look back. Anyway, nice little treat. I will try and tape it for anyone that is interested. It's a nice set of Rick, he does a few DFA tunes and of course the requisites. Lots of fun. Nice surprise.

Posted on Thu Nov 29 03:44:29 CET 2001 from (

Dan Logan

I'm a 48 year old musician and have always loved The Band. Great music is more often than not, knowing what NOT to play...regardless of genre.

Posted on Thu Nov 29 01:58:17 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

Tracy: I'll accept the analogy and leave it at that. And...believe me....if you check the archives you'll see that you have nothing to worry about me being from the politically correct crowd. :)

Posted on Thu Nov 29 01:34:04 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn,NY

Shit!, for some free beer ,I'D do a voice over for ANY shitty, mass-produced clothing company!!!

(I do have about two pairs of GAP bootcut jeans.They fall apart easily, that's why I bought two pairs.But they're comfortable while they last.)

Call me 'Tommy;The Beer-Loving-Pitchman'!

Posted on Thu Nov 29 01:23:09 CET 2001 from (


From: Australia

With a little luck I'm going to be travelling through Mississippi and Louisiana in the not too distant future. Does anyone have any suggestions about things I really should see or good places to hear music?

Posted on Thu Nov 29 00:28:46 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

Adam = if you're looking for a guitar, and you live in Manhattan - go to west 48th street. Manny's Music, Sam Ash, and a couple of other places. You're sure to find something there.

J TULL FAN = that BB King X-mas CD sounds very cool. I'll have to check it out.

I still think Robbie sings just fine.

Posted on Thu Nov 29 00:03:11 CET 2001 from (

Johnny Flippo

From: Deep Gap

Brotherhood, schmotherhood. C'mon. People grow up and grow apart all the time. I was in bands in my 20's. All of us grew close. Then we grew apart. How many of us have retained close friendships over ten years? I would guess not many; not me anyway.

BTW, I was perusing a Life magazine from 1953 when what to my wondering eyes appeared but an ad for Papermate Pens featuring Carl Sandburg. My guess is that the MailBag for the next issue of Life didn't contain any ascerbic letters from poetry freaks yelling "sellout". I could be wrong though.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 23:01:21 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Tracy, you make a very good point, one which is impossible to refute. Levon has any number of commercials, including if I recall correctly Red Lobster. Most putdowns of Robertson derive from problems of a personal nature. Notw how someone earlier claimed that RR "broke the brotherhood." When someone reminded the GB that Levon did the same thing during the Dylan tour, the first claimant chose not to respond. Perhaps someone could explain this to us.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 22:43:32 CET 2001 from (


From: commercial entity: Ahroo Corporation© ;)

Gee, I didn't see it as a color thing just because I made an example of him being "black." I was only identifying the situation which we have at hand and didn't think of the political correctness. He's a musician and doing the same as many others. Getting a paycheck for hawking a product. That's the point. I was trying to justify what the purpose in the hoopla over recording artists showing themselves on behalf of a large corporation is really about.

You mean to tell me that it doesn't matter if B.B. King, a Blues legend and much respected, selling a product on television is different than a guy noted for a few hits in the late 60s? One who decided to go solo and wanted to do something for a clothing apparel company?

Somewhere on a tape from '92, I have Levon doing a commercial for Budweiser. That was way before Robbie ever did anything even for Roots. I wonder where the money went for that? Oh wait, that's right, he's allowed to have it all for himself because he has only a little from being "screwed" by all of the suits. Or maybe it was just to get free beer. Find me a loop hole that justifies Levon's voice-over for Budweiser.

Alas, as we know the circumstances for what happens with others who do the same as Robbie are always excluded.


Posted on Wed Nov 28 21:40:29 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn

Let me start by giving off a nice hearty laugh in response to all the insults flying around here courtesy of a particular GBer; HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,,,Keep it coming!I think it's entertaining.Idiotic,but entertaining none the less.

Anyway.Last night I watched the Woody Allen movie 'Sweet & Lowdown'.Anyone here see it?I thought it was really good.It's about a fictional jazz guitarist from the 30s,told in a pseudo-documentary style.Sean Penn was great in it.Hysterical!(he was nominated last year for an Oscar,if that means anything.)I recommend,friends...Check it out.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 21:34:17 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

Bayou Sam: From what I've read, the Boston ad agency called Modernista! handled the Gap ads. The idea was to get "cool" artists from different genres to be in the ads. People like Liz Phair and Robbie are similar in that they are critic-darlings but not really popular artists. I hate to use the word "hip", but I gather that is what they were after.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 21:09:06 CET 2001 from (

JTull fan

From: Richmond

Tracy; so what if BB King hawks a satellite dish? And if a the first thing a kid notices is BB King's skin color, then that is the REAL PROBLEM here.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 21:03:42 CET 2001 from (


From: Toronto

Alright. That's enough. Robbie Robertson singing is an acquired taste. Like certain potent potables. Like licorice. Like Bob Dylan. You like it or you might not. But to dismiss him and his singing style out of hand as if everyone knows it and agrees to it is unfathomable. The voice goes with the territory. Not everyone is Pavarotti. But, they sell records and some go to see him and Dylan and so if that is the case, the defence rests.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 20:31:32 CET 2001 from (


Page 79 of the September 23 issue of Entertainment Weekly has a (positive) review of a new CD by some young singer named "Pink." Headline: "Big Music From Pink." Alas, no reference to the referenced Band.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 19:42:52 CET 2001 from (


The only Stanley Brothers record I have is a wonderful version of Hank Ballard's "Finger Poppin' Time" on a 45 on the Delta label, which distributed King material in Canada at the time. The song was also ably covered, at about the same time, by a local group, Little Caesar and the Consuls. The fact that Robbie Robertson had been a Consul (though definitely well before that record) makes me wonder if the song was part of the group's set during his tenure.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 18:16:24 CET 2001 from (

Big Red


Two things to add; The Gap commercial proves what Levon has said all along--Robbie can't sing!!! Secondly, Butch like him or not, has always been there picking up the pieces and trying to get Lee and the Band working together and not driving a wedge between musicians like some others in their circle....

Posted on Wed Nov 28 17:36:47 CET 2001 from (


From: commmercial entity called Ahroo
Web page

Didn't I just catch B.B. King in a game of huckster-ism hawking some satellite dish company? As a matter of fact it's the same one with David Bowie! No, it ain't either. Damn him for selling out! B.B. should be ashamed of himself! "The Thrill is Moola. The thrill is change. Don't know how to spend it, or give it all away." I can just imagine some kid saying, "Who's that black guy on the commercial who falls from the sky?" "Oh, that's just another musician collecting his paycheck anyway he can."

What is becoming of our blues heroes? They're bowing down and kissing corporate keester! BWAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!


a corporate sponsor of Anti Guestbook B.S.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 16:43:59 CET 2001 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Dave Hopkins, I got The Sea to the North several weeks ago, and even after 4 or 5 listens I too am still "digesting" it (exactly the word I've been using). It is a complex, beautiful and mesmerizing album. I hope to get a discussion going about it in the near future too, but need to listen some's hard to know where to begin discussion, so different is it from other music we listen to and so ill-equipped do I feel to come up with insights into what I'm hearing. One thing I do feel strongly is this: every Band fan owes it to themselves to pick up this album. I fear that with all the events of the last two months, it understandably got lost in the shuffle...but folks, I hope you will give it a try. Pure inventive Garth-ness and a lot of surprises...some really wonderful stuff.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 16:24:48 CET 2001 from (


Well said Bob, I dont understand why musicians suffer a backlash for simply making a living. Especially RR who donated his fee from the Gap ad to charity, how is doing an ad for charity selling out? And Im afraid I have to agree that the last few days have shown quite clearly that the GB needs to be moderated, the idea that some idiot has been just waiting for the opportunity of Jan being away for a few days boggles my mind-Although I did find the remark about him having the courage of his convictions while posting or psuedonyms quite funny.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 15:01:53 CET 2001 from (

JTull fan

From: Richmond

Just poking my nose to see if it's safe out here. 'Hi' to Joy, my fellow Virginian. BB King just came out with his first Christmas CD ever, called 'Celebration of Hope', with all proceeds going to help the terminally ill (very meaningful when you think of people like George Harrison.)Unlike many artists who just throw together half-efforts for holiday CD's, BB King transcends the genre. This album rocks (if the term can be applied to the blues)! With a few exceptions, many songs are uncommon, original, or rare. The few recognizable ones are kickin' instrumentals. Great organ, vocals, horns, and of course, Lucille. Like some of the best blues, this music makes you TASTE the red beans and rice served at BB's in Memphis. Just trust me, go out and buy this gem (no downloads, it's for charity!)You will be thankful, glad, and tapping your feet.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 15:01:17 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA

Brian Sz,

A respectful correction: Mr. Clapton never crawled into that hole nor did he fill it with a truckload of money. He busted his ass, got himself sober and proceeded to build a state of the art rehab center where he offers treatment to other addicts in need.

Why the hell is everyone so hung up on artists making money by selling their art? Nobody bitched about Picasso getting a hundred grand for a scribbling on a napkin. Please don't be so abrupt in your judgements that they make no allowance for the facts.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 08:18:29 CET 2001 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Recent events obviously prove I've been right all along - the GB needs to be moderated!!

I too, would love to see a Robbie / Madonna CD collaboration. Maybe with enough grass roots support here we can make it happen!

Posted on Wed Nov 28 05:58:24 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Bob Wigo: I know I'm out of touch with things but I really liked that Clapton commercial. He came off real cool to me. Did he have a problem with the beer part of it? The more I think of it too, the Gap commercials sound pretty cool. I haven't seen any yet but just as a vehicle for fans to see stars, yeah. I'd love to see Prince and Garth do a Gap commercial. Heck, I'd love to see Robbie attempt a CD with Madonna. Why not. The more bizarre the mix of people the more open you might have to be to possibilities. No? That Larry Campbell site is pretty cool too. Nice pics.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 05:44:46 CET 2001 from (

John D

From: Toronto

Some Prayers for George Harrison tonight.........

Posted on Wed Nov 28 05:44:09 CET 2001 from (

John D

From: Toronto

Some prayers for George Harrison tonight..........

Posted on Wed Nov 28 05:43:48 CET 2001 from (


From: manhattan

great web-page. does anyone know where i can buy a fender bass vi reissue and about how much it would cost me? any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks, adam email:

Posted on Wed Nov 28 05:29:17 CET 2001 from (

Just Wonderin'

From: London, Ontario!

Re: London Ontario. We have great summer festivals here. I met Levon at the last Bluesfest as well as Long John Baldry. Also saw the Powder Blues at the same show. There's Sunfest which is multicultural, and a Big Band Festival too. All reasonably priced I might add.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 05:24:46 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: Nj

And you know what Clapton filled that hole with that he crawled into - A truck full of money. He couldn't have felt that bad.., please - Just a good PR spin to keep the loyalists in line

Posted on Wed Nov 28 03:42:13 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa. USA

Bayou Sam,

I remember hearing Clapton talk about the first time he saw that Michelob commercial. He was sitting in the smoking room with a group of fellow patients watching television at a rehabilitation center in Minnesota. He said he wished he could have crawled into a hole.

I must agree on the recognition issue concerning Robbie and the Gap commercials. My kids buy some of their clothing there and, after having grown up hearing The Band pretty consistently over the years, they wouldn't know Robbie if he personally handled the sale. I think it an odd choice on the ad agency's part but I really have no problem with him doing it.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 03:41:34 CET 2001 from (


From: Virginia
Web page

Since there is some Bob talk here, I guess it's okay to post my link above. I've got some recent pictures of Bob Dylan on Larry Campbell's webpage.


Posted on Wed Nov 28 03:29:33 CET 2001 from (


From: canada

i'd swear i saw levon helm and the fellas performing in the finale scene of "Shrek", and they were in fine form helping out with the rest of the performers. as always and in my mind they improved the entertainment.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 03:14:00 CET 2001 from (


From: Cork
Web page

Watch Out Now.....Take Care....Beware

Beware of Darkness

It can hit you

The lead guitarist in my band gave me back a tape of Bobby Charles "Small Town Talk" LP yesterday.....I did'nt know what was on the other side....the sticky strip was missing.....when it turned over automatic in my car today after Bobby Charles I heard

"I'm driftin' away.....down a long lost highway...."


Beautiful! Here's a New York Irish hug out to you, Diamond L'il!

Posted on Wed Nov 28 03:10:21 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

oh yeah......I saw something in the paper about a three-CD set of "Roots Music" that Rounder Records just put out. I thought it looked interesting. Has anyone heard it?

Posted on Wed Nov 28 03:08:05 CET 2001 from (

JTull fan

From: Richmond
Web page

Back this one time only. Meant to leave this link. Go to 'latest news'. Interesting new article (long) by Ian Anderson on music as a healing power reagarding 9/11 as well as...selling rock music to commercials! (way at the end)

Posted on Wed Nov 28 03:04:53 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

I think I've become desensitized (spelling?) to musicians "selling out". The shocker for me was a few years back when my boy Slowhand did his re-cut version of "After Midnight" in a Micheloeb commercial. This was the guy that left The Yardbirds because they were getting too commercial.

The thing about Robbie being in a commercial that puzzles me is that he's not exactly a household name. I mean, outside of us fans here, I'll bet most folks don't even know what he looks like. Why Robbie? Have any of you run out to The Gap to buy a pair of jeans because RR was in the commercial?

We're doing a pretty admirable job of ignoring. But we all have to do it totally. Hell, if I can do it, anyone can. I like Pehr's thought - "rock n scroll".

Posted on Wed Nov 28 03:06:19 CET 2001 from (

Dave Hopkins

From: Berkeley, CA

Just got The Sea to the North the other day...still digesting it. I'll share my thoughts when I figure out exactly what I think!

Right now, I'm digging Richard's organ playing on the Last Waltz version of "The Weight"...

Posted on Wed Nov 28 02:59:31 CET 2001 from (

Tony Villodas

From: Woodstock,Ny
Web page

High folks. Just wanted to share a little w/ the Band. The ones that have given us so much music and joy. on I have a song written when I was in FUTU FUTU written by Brian Farmer and Joachim Lartey and myself. My name is Tony Villodas. It's called"Pressure". I play bass, vocals,organ and producer.Enjoy 4:20

Posted on Wed Nov 28 02:50:00 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

Bye for now. Will return when Jan does..

Posted on Wed Nov 28 02:46:07 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

I just came in from the cold night air, with thoughts of Rick hanging heavy in my mind in my heart. Perhaps it's just the time of year when memories come flooding back.. or the time of night when conscious thoughts give way to subconscious ones.
I remember Rick, not only as a voice, but as a heart and soul as well. I think back on times when I was upset, and I'd start to tell him..but then I'd stop..and he'd always look me right in the eye and say "you're talking to _me_ now"..and I knew that he was really listening. He'd give me his undivided attention for as long as it took, and then he'd smile that comforting smile and say "now let's see if we can fix this". That always meant alot to me.
I kind of scanned through the last bunch of posts in this gb a little while ago..and it saddened me. I kept hearing Rick's voice saying "now let's see if we can fix this" over and over.. so I decided to share it with you. I hope those words can somehow overshadow others that were used in here today. Thanks.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 02:29:55 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Robba bands.. robbie barons.. robbier barons.. 2 dots taday.. and type fasting too.. Accusing RR of sliding through the Gap.. is josut like.. accusing R&R of being.. um er.. well.. robber barons just cause it sings about trains.. songs about trains.. yea, mystery train, last train to memphis, city of n.o., etc,.. all.. so I say jump off the bus gus, and hop on the train.. and hum a root s song.. tear of the clouds, baby.. besides, RR doesn't actually wear no feathers.. so he tells us.. gus.. but it does raise a good question.. if ya work real hard.. then get to a point where you can make money.. should you be faulted for making it when easy.. hell, it was just so hard up to that point.. I guess RR is not sacrifing.. his art.. when he does a few of those.. hopefully he is working on his own music too.. but who knows.. now I gotta go back and erase all the 3rd dot s I put in.. thanks for the thought though (made me look in the mirror).. I also saw the Clapton Moon thing posted.. and picked up finally on the possibility of the Little John character down by the lake.. that got stung.. being a kid.. I guess I can relate to that.. but still I don't need to listen to the Moon Struck One.. fifty bagazillion times.. in a row.. and I say this at the risk of my super secret posting name.. being circled on the list.. of that "RR-bad" guy way down back the archive track.. See there's nice ways to embarrass yourself.. Scroll Hop.. Scrazz.. Rhythm & Screwz.. Rock & Skol.. btw they played.. a Mellencamp commercial for local radio today.. made me laugh.. he said "Yeeeeah,.. Mpls".. "I remember opening for Molly Hatchet in '78".. made me laugh.. it was when he had had that 1st hit "I need a lover that don't drive me crazy".. well I remember him coming on stage.. and 1st thing he said was something like "Luck You".. and gave us the finger.. real hilarious.. just one song though.. and my ears still hurt from Molly Hatchet.. hey this two dto thing ain't taht hard..

Posted on Wed Nov 28 02:00:21 CET 2001 from (


From: Where the Fields Have Turned Brown

"If I Lose" was originally recorded, as "If I Lose, I Don't Care," by Charlie Poole in 1927. Wade Mainer also recorded a pre-WW II version. The Stanley Brothers cut it in 1960 as a single and released it on their "The Mountain Music Sound of the Stanley Brothers" lp. Odds are their version was the one the Band and Levon knew; it wasn't a hit, but it would have been on the radio when they were listening. Although the Stanleys performed a wide range of secular material, even doing straightforward cheating songs in the years before Carter Stanley's death (his "Don't Cheat in Our Hometown" was a country hit for Ricky Skaggs in the 80s), close to half of the hundreds of titles they recorded (and a number of their albums) were religious in nature.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 01:42:51 CET 2001 from (

Me again

You guys r pathetic. You can keep slamming me with whatever you got. GUess what, it don't hurt :)

Ah, I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 01:40:49 CET 2001 from (


Ha HA Funny!

I doubt very seriously that I will have a lonely Christmas or a lonely NEw YEar!

And Dude, I think Dude went out with the 80's, DUde.

And Bobby Wigo, you think you're clever? Big fucking deal.

Posted on Wed Nov 28 01:18:18 CET 2001 from (


Hey any word on Joyous Lake????? Was on the ROAD and missed TLW replay! However,,,caught the Gurus LIVE!!!! Jim Wieder: Wow, and SLIDE was outta site! Rando: Conga and bongos-really different-really kewl sound! Roger Mason on bass: Rocked! Dan Mckinnie: Great on the key board!! Oh,,,,can a computer have a CHARACTER DISORDER, or just get used by the dysfunctional!! One person(?)using his and her nick names instead of havin the guts to use a real name!! No less, after Jan's away!!! Sharp real-real sharp!! Yep, bout sharp as a wet sponge! Butch offended U!!! Hmmm, he shouldda ignored U! But U'd probably have a problem with that!!! Well, when U learn your real name--POST it!! Or maybe U are using all your names and DEFLECTING all your self loathing towards MR. Dener!! Hope ya have a lonely Xmas and a CRAPPY New Year!! I'm sure Levon will send ya an XMAS card!! Just send Butch your address!!! But keep ROCKIN! Yeah, right!!!

Posted on Wed Nov 28 00:52:55 CET 2001 from (


Butch Rox. When Levon and co. came to my neck of the woods My buddy tugged at my sleeve after the show and said "That guy comin' up's got a "Free Rick Danko" button on his jacket..." When I turned around I saw "Butch" emblazoned over the pocket and introduced myself. For my trouble My buddy and I were treated like dignitaries, we got to meet levon and I got a few goodies to take home. The Drumstick has got lots of good chi and feng shui. Thanks Butch.

Sad Jan gets taken advantage of as soon as he celebrates his life outside of this resource.

Rock n' scroll

Posted on Wed Nov 28 00:05:59 CET 2001 from (


Yea,the Stanley Brothers were great,likewise Ralph Stanley is still great but I thought "If I Lose" was a Charlie Poole song....weren't the Stanley Brothers mostly gospel?....PS Thanks Butch for the BD concert info...seems like he's got a real band these days, not just some hired hands....

Posted on Wed Nov 28 00:01:53 CET 2001 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

Glad someone put in those Gap links, Robbie found socail awareness a little late in life to get self rightous about it; as he did with Clinton. Say PV, what is that album with another Robbie "Christmas Must Be Tonight" on it?

Posted on Tue Nov 27 23:16:19 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA

Coincidence ????

Posted on Fri May 25 17:18:02 CEST 2001 from (

Knockin' Lost John


Posted on Tue Nov 27 21:23:33 CET 2001 from (

Bla Bla Bla Bla

From: Fake-person land


Today's IP is also from

Thanks to my great IT Dept.

Posted on Tue Nov 27 23:13:43 CET 2001 from (

John D

Ahhhhhhhhh I just love to scroll. Way to go gang. Just keep movin' on past the darkness of life.

Posted on Tue Nov 27 23:11:15 CET 2001 from (

Dave the Phone Guy

From: Mono Lake

Live music drought has ended this week. Road trip to L.A. Wednesday for Delbert McClinton. Walter Trout in Pomona, Ca. on Friday night.

It's great to be on vacation and have some good music to catch. Hoping all BAND fans well and happy holidays.

Butch, you're not over-doing it. More Bob is better than less.

Posted on Tue Nov 27 23:05:43 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA

Ilkka's Dog ????

Posted on Tue Nov 27 22:30:56 CET 2001 from (

need the # for a shrink??

Dude, you are acting like a rejected lover. . have a little dignity for crissake.

Posted on Tue Nov 27 22:22:19 CET 2001 from (

Jan better shut this all down again.

Posted on Tue Nov 27 22:18:59 CET 2001 from (

That's Right, pretend I'm not here

"levon loves me the hell with you"?

Is that supposed to hurt my feelings? Ha!

Piss off Bitch.

Posted on Tue Nov 27 22:04:35 CET 2001 from (


From: PA

Let me remind everybody again. JUST IGNORE!!

Posted on Tue Nov 27 21:42:41 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

Gus: Money from Robbie's cameo went to charity. Are we now blaming him for the social and environmental problems that the Gap has had in the past?

Mike: Brotherhood? Did Levon throw away the "brotherhood" when he left the Band and Dylan in '66.

If people in here have a problem with Robbie, that is fine, but please be practical about it. Do you think Levon would have turned down the Gap ad? Would he have wanted his money to go to the charity of his choice?

Posted on Tue Nov 27 21:46:11 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Don't acknowledge it. That's what he wants. Pretend it isn't there.

Posted on Tue Nov 27 21:27:05 CET 2001 from (

Social graces in an internet GB?

Posted on Tue Nov 27 21:23:33 CET 2001 from (

Bla Bla Bla Bla

From: Fake-person land

Bitch, the sad thing here is that, due to the fact that everybody else in this GB loves you blindly, your rudeness towards me went unnoticed.

You pissed me off, which caused me to blow up as I often will when I'm pissed, and ruined visiting this site for me for good.

So, I managed to ruin it for everybody else for awhile, and that was quite alright with me.

You don't know me, and to many people I am far from fake. I am very real to my family and friends, and quite real in my professional position. And I respect those who demonstrate common courtesy and respect, and once you step across that line I am more than happy to just act like a little prick and make everyone here think I'm some sort of lunatic, which I am not, but hey, who gives a shit about what a buncha GB visitors think.

My life is not defined by what a handful of people in an internet GB think of me.

I love the Band and their music, and always will. I initially came here in peace to share my love of that music. Yet, in the midst of all the nice conversations I had I always ran into some ass, and unfortunately when faced with an ass I too tend to become an ass.

The fact is, you were rude to me first, and you're not enough of a man to live up to it, Bitch.

But I'm enough of a man to stick by my guns, and it only takes a few minutes out of my day to come in here and piss all of you off. So you better go back to the filtered GB, cause I'm never going away.

You ruined visiting this site for me, and I will ruin it for you until I get an apology from Bitch. Then, I'll go away (from the GB, not the site).

Posted on Tue Nov 27 20:48:53 CET 2001 from (


From: Long Island

Gus asks this about Robbie in the GAP commercials: "What happened to the socially aware and environmentally conscious?" He gave that up right after brotherhood with The Band.

Posted on Tue Nov 27 18:56:04 CET 2001 from (

Steve Knowlton

From: Ypsilanti

We went for a weekend to London, Ontario last year. I agree it's a beautiful town, with a thriving downtown area (fabulous open market with foods of all lands) and many historic buildings preserved.

I read a lot of assertions here that certain members of the Band need or don't need money derived from this or that source. I'm just wondering... how do we know? (Unless you're personal friends, of course).

Posted on Tue Nov 27 16:45:32 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

More chastening for you heathens.

Eric Clapton on a certain song: " I was devoted to the Band, and every song that he ever wrote for the Band had a profound effect on me. The story of the relationship in the song "The Moon Struck One" is so profound. It brings back so many memories of my own childhood that it seems like Robbie must have been there. And when I see him, I just have to throw all that out the window and be who I am."

Posted on Tue Nov 27 10:54:46 CET 2001 from (

marsha fay

From: San Diego, CA USA

We saw Paul 2 times at Vicar Street in October, 2001, while on vacation in Ireland. Although we are musicians of the same vintage as Paul, we had never heard of him, although we had heard his music. We saw him with Bonnie Raitt and on the Halloween night was epic...a worthy comparison to the Last Waltz. Donnegal was a goosebump-raising, tear-streaming performance...the whole show was incredible. We saw Brian Wilson perform Pet Sounds live a year ago (almost to the day) with a very tight band and it was thrilling. Paul and his band and HIS SONGS were on a par with that performance.

Our question is where has this man been hiding in the US?? Please put us on your email event list!!!

Thanks, Marsha and Jeff

Posted on Tue Nov 27 09:21:21 CET 2001 from (

Long Distance Operator

From: Please, let it ride

Any Stanley Brothers fans in the house? I'm totally digging the Band's take on "If I Lose" from the remastered Big Pink. Hot damn!

Posted on Tue Nov 27 08:53:02 CET 2001 from (


From: Nordic Countries
Web page

Can't help but share this photo with you, good folks. It is my harmonica (and watch). Click web page, sorry for the GeoCities pop ups.

Posted on Tue Nov 27 06:29:40 CET 2001 from (

Tom Marshman

From: Perth Australia via London Ont

I just finished reading the article in the London Free Press about Garth.Three cheers to James Reaney for getting things stirred up regarding an honour for him.About 7 years ago the same paper had an article on the 100 most influential citizens of the city of London Ontario to commemorate the 150th anniversary of London becoming a city.Much to my chagrin there was no mention of Garth.Tommy Hunter, Guy Lombardo got mentioned and deservedly so.I thought about writing to the paper but by that time was living here in Perth Australia so thought it would be a waste of time.My brother always claimed that Tommy Hunter deserves to be classified as London,s best musician because of his talent on the guitar but to my mind Garth wins hands down.To Union Man: London is a medium sized city of 350 000 people or so.I loved to call the place home and when attending the university there was always a bit put off by people rubbishing it.It has some of the most beautiful tree lined streets in that part of Canada especially at this time of year with the leaves changing colour.Great blues bars when I lived there too altho I have been away for 15 years.

Posted on Tue Nov 27 06:22:18 CET 2001 from (


From: land of no snow

I've been reading all the articles about The Last Waltz and I've come across a common theme: the price of the tickets (being to high). If The Last Waltz were being held today I wonder how much the tickets would cost? Guesses anyone?

Posted on Tue Nov 27 06:09:30 CET 2001 from (


Two recent threads on the GB concerned remastered CDs and another started by someone asking recommendations of good acoustic albums. Well to my emberassment, as I find it was released in 1996, I found out this afternoon that Townes Van Zandt first 2 albums has been remastered and released as a single CD. Of course I purchased it on the spot and have listen to it 3 times today. Stunning, simply stunning and I just felt the need to share.

Posted on Tue Nov 27 05:04:06 CET 2001 from (


Pretty shocking to see Robbie Robertson in recent Gap commercials. For 2 reasons why, check out the links below. What happened to the socially aware and environmentally conscious?

Posted on Tue Nov 27 04:33:52 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

I just wanted to share this with you folks. It's a little bit from George Harrison's 1897 interview in Musician Magazine. I thought it was a great, resounding thought from the "quiet" Beatle =

GEORGE= ".....There seems to be a running thread here about music and it's powerful hold eh? And it's that way, too. We who love music, we love the people who make it, we love the sound of it, and we love what it does to us, how it makes us feel, how it helps us love."

Right on George.

Posted on Tue Nov 27 03:19:19 CET 2001 from (


From: levon loves me, the hell with you land

to avoid getting down into the muck with this fake person,, i took MY REPLY to the e-mails,,,

LO & BEHOLD !!! a fake screen name,,, what a surprise,,,,,HA !

gutless, spineless wimp has to wait till daddy goes away to pick on me,,,,,

i REVEL in your dislike of me,,,

you are obviously ( male or female ) no one i want liking me,,\, so i must be doing my job perfectly,,,

so i guess we all know who the bitch is, GGGGGGG,,,,,,,\, & apologies to the rest of you for this boor,, obviously his/her dislike of me goes beyond any social graces,,,,

Posted on Tue Nov 27 01:45:37 CET 2001 from (

union man

From: England

Paul Godfrey(or anyone else). What's it like to live in London Ontario? I keep thinking of emigration, can't get it out of my mind. London seems like a good place.

Posted on Tue Nov 27 01:13:27 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA

You can always bet on one of the kids jumping on the furniture the minute the folks roll down the driveway.

Posted on Mon Nov 26 22:29:59 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny
Web page

HANK = I heard on the radio just today that Paul's album has entered the Billboard charts at #26. I've yet to get it, but I will. The best tune I've heard so far from it is the title track, "Driving Rain".

Peter Viney speaks wisely in his last post. Let's all do what he suggests.

It's been talked about in here before about what a nice addition George Harrison would have been at TLW. Did we ever find out if he was invited? He could have done "Isn't it a Pity" with Garth swirling around on the organ - then a rousing version of Wah-Wah.

The prognosis on George is sad indeed. All the reports are sounding like the end is near. I was turned on to a great Beatle sight by a fellow GB'er, and I've attempted - for the first time - to add the link above. I hope it works. They seem to really stay up to date on George's situation. Paul, and Ringo reportedly visited him last week and Macca actually broke down in tears. Having watched Linda die, he knows. Ringo's daughter is also going through her second brain tumor in six years at a hospital in Boston. Sad Beatle days. Thank God Ringo quit drinking.

Posted on Mon Nov 26 22:19:10 CET 2001 from (


From: Fall river, MA
Web page

Professor Louie fans come check out his first Southeastern Mass/RI visit this Saturday December 1 at the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, MA. check out the website for directions. It is a great venue bringing in great music (professor being one)to an underserved area . So bring your party hats and bottle(BYOB )Support the scene

Posted on Mon Nov 26 21:22:01 CET 2001 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

As someone pointed out here recently, it's amazing how much money is being bid on original copies of THE COMPLETE LAST WALTZ bootleg set on Ebay these days--there's one up to $150 with over two days left before the bidding ends, and another sold this month for $383! I have an original that I offer to folks interested in trading CD-R copies of rare stuff but have had little interest among traders. It seems like it is more of a collectible than something people really want for listening. The package is nice, but pales in comparison to Rhino's new Grateful Dead set, for instance, and that is cheap in comparison.

Speaking of the "Last Waltz" concert, does anyone know who was in charge of the musical guest list? I was wondering if other members of the Beatles were invited besides Ringo. I think that George would have fit the bill quite nicely...

Posted on Mon Nov 26 21:20:15 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

I finally saw three of the nine Gap ads this past weekend, and I thought they were really well done. It seems like they decided to go after hipper, critic-favorite artists from different genres. Dwight Yoakam, Shaggy, Liz Phair, Macy Gray, India.Arie, Robbie, Sheryl Crow, et al. You get a little of everything in there. Young and old (sorry Robbie), black and white, country, R&B, and rock. The all-girls ad and the all-guys ad have aired a lot and last night I saw one with only India.arie which was wonderful. "Give A Little Bit" has always been a gulity pleasure for me as well.

Posted on Mon Nov 26 21:17:59 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

It's been pleasant to see the old GB changing at speed today and yesterday, but already the inevitable has happened. Can I suggest that we all cool it and DON'T RESPOND to the deliberate troublemakers? Well, I reckon Butch deserves the right to reply solidly, but then let's leave it there! Ignore them, and hopefully they'll get tired and disappear again.

Posted on Mon Nov 26 19:11:44 CET 2001 from (


From: Iowa

JTull Fan: Thank you for the link on George Harrison. It's really sad to read that George is ill. I've heard and read different things about his health. I sincerely hope he pulls through.

The Post LW Band: I have not had the opportunity to hear the 3 studio albums they made. I do have a boot of them live, which is quite good but that's all I have heard. It's not that I don't want to heare them, I do, but maybe Santa will put them in my stocking :)

All this talk of The Last Waltz (as well as watching it Thursday night) is making me look forward to the reissue next spring. And also towards that set of rarities. Well, I better get going. Time to head off to work. Peace.


Posted on Mon Nov 26 17:21:48 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond
Web page

Bad news on George Harrison. If the weblink doesn't work go to

Posted on Mon Nov 26 17:06:50 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Hank, the stiffing of the Jagger album in particular has been widely reported here. The wire story has compared it to the Robbie Williams CD which was released on the same day (Williams sold 70,000 worldwide, Jagger sold 950). Although I appreciate your affection for live music, even when the Stones toured their new albums didn't sell very well. My guess is that fans of Jagger (and McCartney) just aren't interested in anything new from them, probably because what would be widely regarded as their best work is literally decades behind them. Plus, let's face it. They're both trying to play a young man's game, and young they ain't.

Thanks to Butch for his Dylan reports.

Posted on Mon Nov 26 16:43:59 CET 2001 from (


From: Love Levon Hate Butch-land

Hey, ya'll/n Is Bitch still around? Oops, I mean Butch.

Naw, I meant Bitch to begin with!!!

Posted on Mon Nov 26 16:25:06 CET 2001 from (


Toronto-based Rhinoceros fans with time to spare on Sunday afternoons might care to catch Chuck Jackson and the C-Notes at Bert and Ernies at Dundas and the 427. Keyboardist is the most excellent Michael Fonfara, ex-Rhino, Electric Flag and Lou Reed. Fonfara also plays in an even more worthy aggregation - Danny Brooks and the Rockin' Revelators, the best on the current local scene. Unfortunately it's a huge group so can't afford to play all that often.

Paul G.: Thanks for the Billy O'Connor remeniscence. The exotic dancers, which I didn't know about, would explain why Billy kept a downtown office well into his eighties! Bassist on the Robbie record, by the way, was Jack Richardson, who went on to produce the Guess Who (and, BEG note, Rough Trade with the aforementioned Fonfara).

Posted on Mon Nov 26 15:03:49 CET 2001 from (


From: Cork
Web page

It's being widely reported that Jaggers new album and McCartneys new album are seriously stiffing on this side of the Atlantical Pond.......big articles in yesterdays Sundays Newspapers about it.....I've heard "Lover to a Friend"........nice enuff.....and I would definitely like to hear Pete Townsends guitar on Jaggers album.......Jaggers docu-bio-drama "Being Mick" got a big hype here last week, too......


It's obvious why these album are'nt selling.....the songs might be great'n'all.....and the production top matter.....the songs these gents are singing don't mean a thing to anyone......

WHY?....BECAUSE.....them boys, Jagger and Macca, DON'T go out and do it on the road.....too much hassle for them where they're at........It's always a BIG deal if McCartney does a gig.....Wings were successful BECAUSE he went out and gigged it from town to town.....OK, The Stones go out every few years and that's fine and voodoo but UNLIKE Bob Dylan and Neil one CARES about what Jagger and Macca have to say anymore.....simply because there's no chance of them coming to your neighborhood and saying it.....Whereas with Dylan and Young.....they do it for real ALL the time........It'll be interesting to see how Jagger and Macca do in The USA post Sept.11/MSG.......although I have read that Maccas single flopped in the meantime........nope, them fellows should tune up their guitars and go out on the road.......together, even......I'd go see Jagger/McCartney gig.......would you?

Which brings me to the point I REALLY wanna make here.........There's much debate on these pages about the merits, or lack therof, of The Post LW Band.......Some of you reckon they were just a shadow of The Pre LW Band.....some of you reckon, quite passionately, that they ROCKED.........and that the Post LW albums were great.......I dunno, but I reckon the reason ANYONE would LOVE the Post LW Band is, again, simply because, there was ALWAYS a chance they would gig in your town...while they were around and doing it.........personal and finacial problems aside, before Ricks passing, you could live in the hope of The Band coming up with a new buncha songs AND coming to gig in your local theatre........that's unbeatable.......that's why, I figure, that so many folks hold those Post LW albums so dear..........Me?.....I dig almost ANYTHING with them boys singing or playing.....although, I heard Blind Willie McTell recently and thought it shoulda been either Rick or Levon singing the whole song.......I thought that it was a bit oppurtunistic to get Levon to sing the verse that that has the "I can hear those Rebels yell" lyric........Rick shoulda sang it all and a better choice woulda been to have Levon sing incisive harmonies..........

OK.......there's my rant for the day...........BUTCH, you lucky lucky lucky boy........Three Shows!.....

Posted on Mon Nov 26 14:36:22 CET 2001 from (

Dave B

From: Valparaiso, IN

On Sunday Nov 25, Chicago radio station 97.1 aired a two hour special from 9 am to 11 am on The Band. If anyone taped it and can provide me with a copy, please e-mail me. Thanks, Dave

Posted on Mon Nov 26 14:27:44 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

Dave Z.: I tried to start the Christmas thread a few weeks back but better late than never! I think the Band could do great versions of Merry Christmas Baby (Elvis version w/ Levon vocals)Chestnuts Roasting (Richard doing Ray Charles' version, ditto Rudolph)Greensleeves (Rick) Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Sprinsteen version ) Blue Xmas (Levon and or Rick) There are many great and intriguing possibilites here. Any takers? And no, these don't have to replace CHristmas Must Be Tonight on Islands!

Posted on Mon Nov 26 12:38:24 CET 2001 from (


From: PA

I always thought that Don't Wait would have fit on the Brown Album. Rick's New Mexicoe and RR's Between Trains would also have fit nicely.

Is there any new news on the Last Waltz reissue?

Best Regards to all!

Posted on Mon Nov 26 06:10:17 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Hey Road Warriors... please let us know if any Holiday songs start popping up at the gigs... btw, we are expecting a big heaping of the cold white stuff tomorrow... and in our neck of the woods it's usually light, dry and moves ghostly across the road... kinda like the sound of an organ playing... anyway I'd love to hear something Christmas... from Miss Amy, Marie and Maud... or even GBer fantasy tracks for a "lost" Xmas CD?... Is it too late to throw something together for a Woodstock stuffing stocker... stuffor stocking Woodstock... I mean, stocking stuffer from the goodstock of the Woodstock... of the Good Ship... of the Sea to the... Reminds me, I'm glad Dylan did an Alice in Wonderland tune... I watched the video yesterday... and the day before... Opps, gotta go... baby crys... I wonder what Xmas song Dylan could pull off... or would he get accused of sounding like Arlo?... humm, has anyone ever compared Dylan explicit religious to Arlo subtler good time religion?... More crys... bye...

Posted on Mon Nov 26 06:03:11 CET 2001 from (

glenn tamir

Web page

Does Sweetfish Records exist anymore? If so, does anyone know their web address? doesn't work. Thanks, Glenn

Posted on Mon Nov 26 02:34:05 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Gosh I gotta disagree about pre-LW--post-LW. I find the group much more rhythmicly interesting pre-LW. Think of the cool swing of King Harvest, 4% Pantomine, and Great Divide with all the little movements for each section of the song. The half time feels of The Weight, Cripple Creek, Don't Do It. The ballads were like nothing you'd ever heard before: Dixie (if it is a ballad), Unfaithful Servant, Tears of Rage. The re-configuring of Motown with Shape I'm In and Smoke Signal. Carnival. I could go on forever. I just don't hear any of that on the last three albums. BTW, I liked parts of Jericho a lot but it missed the idiosyncratic writing, and not just RR. Besides RR, those first three had Manuel, Danko, and even Levon on Carnival. A number of Dylan songs. Remember too that the Zimmy things on Big Pink had never been heard before--except the collectors. To me, Forever Young was almost anti-climatic given some of the recorded and booted performance. Dylan's version of McTell is amazing and hard to beat. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the drums on Atlantic City electronic?

Posted on Mon Nov 26 01:34:19 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

How about replacing "The Weight", with "Move To Japan" - I'M JOKING FOR GOD'S SAKE!

I am a Robbie supporter - not a Robbie basher - having said that, I think The Band of the 90's was the same band as the original with a different guitar player. Now, don't start climbing all over me yet. They both have their own style that complemented The Band music well. The difference is that the songs didn't come from within the group in Band 2. Maybe that has something to do with that "feel" you get with the originals. Levon, Rick, and Garth proved that they just needed the right songs to get a hold of - and they had the Band sound inside of them. Atlantic City is a great example. I remember driving one day and surfing the radio dial. I came upon this song that had just started - it was a mandolin, and I was sure it was Levon singing. I thought, "gee I wonder if this is the Band" - then when I heard a couple of snare slaps, and the accordian, there was no doubt. That's the first time I heard "Atlantic City". I didn't even know The Bands current status. As far as I could tell at that moment they were back - Robbie included.

Let's try something - it'll be fun. We all find a suitable guinea pig that is unfamiliar with The Band, but likes that kind of music. Play then The Band and Jubilation, and ask which they like best.

Rollie - I still love ya babe. We need to get a hold of Witt and some of the others, and have a party in the chatroom like in the old days. Hey Rollie - weren't you at The Last Waltz?

Posted on Sun Nov 25 23:37:54 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Brien, kudos for bravery. I'll make the same pitch I made before, although I should let some other worthies take a shot at this. I find that the same four or five songs from the post-LW albums make different people's A-list, but any attempt to replace any song from the first three albums will be met with howls. You'll find partisans for every single tune.

Posted on Sun Nov 25 23:03:39 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: Nj

Alrighty..,(spit in the hands and rub'em) There is no correct answer here and i know any omissions off the first three will be met with someone going "no way" BUT here it goes.., Off Big Pink - In a Station and Lonesome Suzie ( i hear the screams!) replaced with Too Soon Gone and She Knows - just feel these songs would fit in the context of the mood of this album. Off Brown (my personal fav) Look Out Cleveland and Jawbone. Replaced by Atlantic City and Book Faded Brown (personal fav of the post LW efforts) - Stage Fright, being the darkest of the first three, replace The Shape I'm In (sorry - never a fav - on cd's i burn for myself, i never include) If I Should Fail and add Remedy and Blind Willie as extra tracks because 36 minutes is just too short for an album.

My wife and i were over friends and i was turned on to a great cd called Skip, Hop, and Wobble by Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg and Edgar Meyer. Good groovin' stuff!

Posted on Sun Nov 25 23:01:32 CET 2001 from (

John D

Well, I'll say it first...'cause you'll all notice when you post. The guestbook is in "Real Time" for awhile. Let's all behave and maybe it will stay this way.

Thanks Jan for the trust.

Posted on Sun Nov 25 22:58:51 CET 2001 from (

John D

From: Toronto

Well...hard to believe it was 25 years ago tonight that I was at TLW. My thanks to "Levon" for inviting me to the party that lasted a week. The Hawk was rockin' Got to sit at a post party table with Hawkins, Clapton and Dylan. Only lasted a few minutes; but I'll never forget. To Boz Scaggs; who I was interviewing that week for driving me to the Japanese section of SF and being just a wonderful host. To Van Morrison for blowing everyone away at rehearsals. To Michael J. Pollard who I sat with during part of the performance for making me laugh. To old friends like Paul G. and others that made it a Canadian Old Boys Party, especially when the Canadian Flag went up and they sang Ian Tyson's "Four Strong Winds"....looked around and the Canadian Contingent had a tear in their eye. It's a night I will never forget for the rest of my life and I have Levon to thank again.

Posted on Sun Nov 25 22:47:40 CET 2001 from (

Ingve Aalbu

From: Stavanger, Norway

Does anybody know what has happened to Expecting rain? Also known as Dylanite....? Well, I'm off to play something from "The last waltz"..I have a feeling that I'm not alone, doing that today...I think I'll go for "Don't do it", my favourite...but usually I'm stuck... Talking of "Don't do it", you should check out the new deluxe edition of Marvin's "Let's get it on"...some great bonus tracks there..

Posted on Sun Nov 25 22:29:28 CET 2001 from (

bob deans

From: Scotland/South Africa

For 25 years or more I've idolised The Band. The Last Waltz has eluded me in video because of copyright. How can I buy one? I'm a 60 year old who remembers Sydney Bechey from the 20's and Chuch Berry's background when I sold newspapers. Can you help me buy a copy of The Last Waltz?

Posted on Sun Nov 25 19:49:57 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Brian Sz, sorry, only the first three albums. But since you brought it up, I find Where Do We Go From Here (especially Garth's organ, great vocals), 4% Pantomine (live in the studio w, Van), Smoke Signal (also great live), Volcano (the Band horn section), and Blacksmiths (Richard) impossible to remove. Moon Struck One is also one I like alot, again for Garth's organ if nothing else. Cahoots gets a lot of undeserved criticism, but it sure holds up for me. Again, save Masterpiece, all original songs.

Posted on Sun Nov 25 19:43:18 CET 2001 from (


OOPS! Sorry Pat! I dunn fugged up!

Posted on Sun Nov 25 19:13:42 CET 2001 from (


From: bobville

i saw dylan AGAIN , last night, in Boston,,,

my 3rd show this tour,,,

amazing as always,,,

for those that are interested,, here is the setlist,,,BIG FUN !!!!

1.Wait For The Light To Shine (acoustic) (Larry on mandolin) (song by Fred Rose)

2. It Ain't Me, Babe (acoustic) (Bob on harp)

3. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (acoustic) (Larry on bouzouki)

4. Searching For A Soldier's Grave (acoustic) (Larry on mandolin) (song by Johnnie Wright, Jim Anglin and Jack Anglin)

5. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum from here to # 9 was like a dream,, they glided from one to another effortlessly,,, Just Like a Woman again, Larry's pedal & bobs vocals were breathtaking,,,

6. Just Like A Woman (Larry on pedal steel)

7. Lonesome Day Blues

8. High Water (For Charley Patton) (Larry on banjo) Larry steals this,,,( along with the vocal,)

9. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (acoustic)

n 10. John Brown (acoustic) (Larry on bouzouki)

11. Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic)

12. Summer Days (Tony on standup bass)

brilliant,, an acoustic masterpiece,,,

13. Sugar Baby (Tony on standup bass) damn,, again instead of mississippi,,, but very smooth,, cool,,,,,,

14. The Wicked Messenger (Bob on harp) this is a scorcher,,, they cook on it,,,

15. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (Larry on steel guitar) (encore)

Encore 16. Things Have Changed this rocked,,, great groove

17. Like A Rolling Stone anthemic,, a crowd pleaser & another scorcher,,,

18. Forever Young (acoustic) just so beautiful

19. Honest With Me (Larry on slide guitar)

n 20. Blowin' In The Wind (acoustic) 21. All Along The Watchtower

22. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (acoustic) this was a highpoint for me,,,, the harmonies were dead-eye perfect & the crowd was into it,, but the fellas were into it more,,

i can still hear it ringing,,,

Posted on Sun Nov 25 19:04:35 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: nj

Keep the first three as is and replace Cahoots with the exception of Life is a Carnival, When I Paint My Master Piece, The River Hymn and any other one (for sake of argument), leaving 6 slots (11 on Cahoots). Replacements - Atlantic City, Too Soon Gone, Blind Willie McTell, Stand Up, Book Faded Brown, If I Should Fail.., NOW on the reissue of new Cahoots, bonus tracks would include Don't Wait, French Girls, Where I Should Always Be, Forever Young and Remedy.

Posted on Sun Nov 25 18:24:27 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

rollie, please, first three albums. My game, my rules.

Unmoderated gb. Ahh, the good old days.

Posted on Sun Nov 25 18:17:54 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

First Nick, remove anything from the first three albums to make room for "Too Soon Gone?"

Calvin (and anyone else interested), I would suggest moseying through the Guestbook archives to find references to the songs from Stage Fright recently mentioned. As I said earlier, this exercise of choice and replacement has been engaged in before with similiar results. Try it the other way for a real eye-opener.

It is almost impossible to compare the pre-LW to the post-LW Band careers, and it's really not a concoction of the media. The pre-LW Band--especially the 1968-71 era--was simply a musical revolution which absolutely stunned the rock music community. What, do you think all those legends were paid and prompted to say those things about the boys? And let's not forget the cover of Time Magazine. Woodstock. Big tours, big money. Easily one of the most deeply respected and influential rock groups in history. Cap it with The Last Waltz, which for most of the public defines the group and the time. It is also recognized as the best concert/documentary film ever made (although I like Stop Making Sense too). Now you can argue all you want about media creations etc., but the media back then was simply reporting the reality of the situation. Using Robertson as a whipping boy for this is both ungracious (his "pay" for the Gap ad was a donation to charity) and inaccurate.

Since music is a matter of taste, it is nigh on impossible to argue that "Too Soon Gone" should not have replaced, for example, "The Weight" on Big Pink. However, I would love to hear the argument why it should.

I also would have loved to hear Storyville performed by the surviving members of the original quintet, which if it had occurred would easily have made it the best post-LW Band album. Anyone know why the rumors never played out?

Posted on Sun Nov 25 18:17:04 CET 2001 from (


Sammy, we don't talk anymore. You haven't let politics get in the way have you?

Posted on Sun Nov 25 18:15:11 CET 2001 from (


Replace the"Moondog Matinee"LP with the "Jericho" recording!(Save "Mystery Train" however!) There. That'll learn ya's. See what happens when you don't moderate this place!

Posted on Sun Nov 25 17:43:13 CET 2001 from (

Paul Godfrey

From: London Canada, One time home of the Brass Rail on Dundas Street

25 years. One day I should post some of my personal photos from the Last Waltz. It is singly the biggest concert of my life.

The HAWK was as alive that night as I ever saw him. I am forever grateful to Levon for an invitation to a "party with a few old friends". Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless America.

ISLANDS - odd but I play Islands more than any other Band album lately. The diversification is truly wonderful and the music wears well. Yes, it is a land mark album as the Band's (original 5's) last studio album. Those in the music industry will recall that Islands did not get a lot of play on radio....AM or FM. Being a Band Fan and being fortunate to work at Toronto's CFTR at the time and being music director I an not ashambed to say that many Island cuts found their way to the airwaves and "Christmas Must Be Tonight" had very heavy airplay that Christmas. And every station I worked at up until 3 years ago had "Christmas" as the top rotation Christmas song every year since 1977.

Sad to hear Billy O'Connor passed on in his 87th year. I thought he might live forever. A Billy O'Connor note - I played bars in the early 70's - a duet with George Kenny. We went around to see Billy in the hope of getting some bookings. If memory serves correctly, he also booked Dancers. He had a triangular stage in the corner of his office and the young ladies would audition there for Billy. George & I didn't get a booking but the view was nice. I would say that for the better part of 50 years in his career - Billy The booker knew Heaven on earth!

Never could understand Band album critiques. Consider the singluar or if you wish combined talents of any Band member from the Hawks thru today and musically there is very little room for being critical. Any one who would be critical..let them choose any instrument they want and attempt standing a stage with THE BAND for just one night.

Be strong & Shine On!

Posted on Sun Nov 25 17:10:46 CET 2001 from (

Just Wonderin'

There's an interesting article in today's London Free Press about Garth. You can view it at: Enjoy!

Posted on Sun Nov 25 16:29:59 CET 2001 from (


Web page

Calvin, Well Said!! That's the whole point. Last night I put on Jericho and thought about what a great Band The Band were. Before I first rediscovered The Band in '94 I thought the only incarnation that mattered was with RR. I found out I was wrong and learned a valuable lesson about music and groups. When I saw the reformed Band later that year I was blown away. There is no underestimating that kind of talent. There are no weaknesses from top to bottom (Weider, Randy and Bell really are incredible). Hearing Levon and Rick again was a joy and made me realize how much I missed them and didn't even know it. Sometimes people get hung up on labels and association. Just cause Robbie left didn't diminish the other talents. Levon's solo records and Rick's as well are also great with some really special moments that are up right there. The Dank/Fjeld/Anderson is one of my favorite records (cd) of all time. It has always bothered me that the mainstream has thought RR was the Band when in reality it is so much the other way. One listen to RR's solo efforts compared to the reformed Band tell the real story. And RR in the Gap Comercial confirms it (just kidding... but at least Rick's voice in the Bud Light commercial had soul and he probably really needed the cash unlike RR). Anyway, The Band are great no matter how you cut it. I wanna see Garth, The Barnburners, The Gurus and The Crowmatix in one big show! What's up with that? Come on and get on with the obvious.

Posted on Sun Nov 25 15:30:14 CET 2001 from (


That is the great thing about any act with a great body of work. I mentioned 3 songs I'd jettison in favor of 3 songs by Band #2, 3 songs which to my recollection havent been mentioned over say the last 3 months and up pops people crying out, "are you crazy, that is one of my favorite songs." The great things about AOR, that period from say 67-75 was albums were made, not 3 singles and filler as they are now or they were at the beginning of the R&R era. While I do agree the early albums were superior the comment that nothing from Band #2 compares to the originals just doesnt hold water to me.

Posted on Sun Nov 25 11:45:51 CET 2001 from (


Thanks Jan......Have a good time.

Posted on Sun Nov 25 11:45:34 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Christmas Must Be tonight: Robbie's solo versions on the Scrooged soundtrack and on 'Winter Fire & Snow' are not the same versions, which makes it four. Two Robbie, two Band. It's still after all these years worth following their original intent and releasing it as a single. With enough airplay it would be a hit. For me, the best is the straight one on 'Islands',

Posted on Sun Nov 25 10:40:09 CET 2001 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

I like Jerico, and "Atlantic City" and "Blind Willie McTell", are nice enough covers. To rate them as better than works of Stagefright is absurd. It does throw light on the fact that by Jerico the songwriter had left the Band. "Too Soon Gone" is not up to standing in for "Thinking Out Loud." Strickly for the record, Carole King(and maybe Robertson) are probably in the embarassing place where, dispite their legend, they would have a hard time selling out more that a large bar in a big city. Carole played a rare gig around the corner from me at a little place about two years ago and I'm still kicking myself for not going. Just found a one shot concept goof(link:it's from Canada) buy a gang of Beatles imatators called Rubber Band. It's called "Xmas! The Beatmas" and it's Christmas songs done in Beatles drag with riffs and quotes from Beatles songs rather imaginativly thrown in. It's the kind of thing thats fun, well, maybe once a year. Gotta pick it out of the bargin bin thou cause I think it's allready out of print.

Posted on Sun Nov 25 09:51:12 CET 2001 from (


From: rockville

blind willie; alantic city; too soon gone; same thing etc. you can replace anything you you need...

Posted on Sun Nov 25 09:42:20 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn,NY

Man, 'Sleeping' always gets knocked here in the GB.I LOVE that song!...One of my favorites from Stage Fright.The way that rythym section builds up to the choruses...FANTASTIC STUFF!!!Well, to each their own, I suppose....I think I'll listen to Stage Fright as I go to sleep tonight....

I saw the GAP commercial today.who is that fella with Robbie?Is that his son or something?What song is that they're playing?


And on an unrelated note, I watched a pretty good movie tonight on cable, 'The Virgin Suicides'.Written and directed by Sofia Coppola.(She's a better director than an actor, I tell ya!...see her in Godfather III?...Oof!)Has anyone seen it, or read the book it was adapted from?I thought it was a pretty good movie...and it was shot beautifully, too.(Remember, I was a film student,and probably will be again this year.)

I hear jets overhead....what the hell?!?!............

Posted on Sun Nov 25 07:59:52 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

time to ignore folks

Posted on Sun Nov 25 07:37:19 CET 2001 from (

The Second Anonymous Guestbook Regular

Cal, Re-reading both my own and the previous Anonymous' commentary, how is it you decided either post was targeting you specifically?

Posted on Sun Nov 25 06:21:34 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam again

From: I don't know where but she sends me there

REPLACE ALL LA GLORY? - NO WAY -Love that tune

Posted on Sun Nov 25 06:16:58 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

Old Timer? sounds like Levon almost - nah.

Posted on Sun Nov 25 05:50:20 CET 2001 from (


off the top of my head Pat Id say Whistle Stop, Glory and Sleeping from Stage Fright. And youre right I was a little harsh on Anon.

Posted on Sun Nov 25 04:27:42 CET 2001 from (

Old Timer

STU BRISTER: The captions are correct on this site. From 1959 to 1964..65, when the Hawks played in London Ontario, it was at the "Brass Rail" as the captions read, in LONDON ONT. Take a hard look at the "Levon and the Hawks" concert ad. in the Pictures section under "Hawks". Granted, perhaps there was a "Brass Rail" in Toronto, but the pix on "this site" are from London. The caption under the Brass Rail photo in Hoskyns' book is wrong. Probably intentionally, because he used the photo without permission. The turkey who gave Hoskyns a copy of the Brass Rail pic. also had no right to do so.

Guess you're just too young to be familiar with all this trivia.

Posted on Sun Nov 25 03:55:36 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Calvin, I'm sure Anon means no harm.

Now step 2. Calvin, what songs from the first three albums would you replace?

The Rascals were mentioned sometime earlier as candidates for remastering. Well, here you go, as part of a unique offer:

Posted on Sun Nov 25 03:45:18 CET 2001 from (

JTull fan

From: Richmond

PAS: Thanks for your Thanksgiving info too. One reason I keep coming out to this GB is, even though new Band info. is getting rare, it seems that those who are attracted to their music tend to be more worldly and thoughtful than most, and I really enjoy the give and take out here. I enjoy your company. All of you.

Posted on Sun Nov 25 03:41:09 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

You are right, TLW will outlast any Bordeaux or beer, especially in my house, which means not long! Of course, the aforementioned beverages are quite complimentary to TLW. :)

Posted on Sun Nov 25 02:14:33 CET 2001 from (


To begin I rate the CHristmas Must Be Tonights as 1) from Islands 2) from Scrooged 3) far behind that awful rendition from the remastered discs. As for cuts from the last 3 albuns which might belong on the first 3, I find Book Faded Brown and Blind Willie Mctell among my favorite Band songs, with Jericho being on a slightly second tier. An Anon, simply put-use your name, I dont know what you think will occur? I, and other "regular" posters in the GB have expressed obvious appreciation for RR, and in fact a preference for his work over the other members, and too my recollection I have yet to tar and feathered. Ok there was the time I said overall talent wise Levon ranked 5th for me, but the threat of physical violence was mild. In fact I had some very nice off GB conversations concerning my comments. Frankly youre response is fairly cowardly. If you want to give youre opinion of RR Gap ad, then just do it.

Posted on Sun Nov 25 01:22:46 CET 2001 from (

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

As I type, I am listening to TLW on WFUV, probably even seen or listened to 100 times, but tonight is special, my first time ever on the radio, (in my case, streaming on the net). Pete Fornatale has done such a wonderful job, giving some brief explanations at the beginning, middle and end, but Pete just said, something that I found so special. How the LW, combined the very escense of music,folk, rockabilly, tin pan alley, blues, rock, jazz, and of course the brillance of The Band. Somethings just get better with age, as Lil stated, but TLW, will outlast any Bordeaux or Cabernet or in the G Man's case, 3.2 beer.

Posted on Sun Nov 25 01:09:07 CET 2001 from (

A DIFFERENT Anonymous former-GB Regular

From: The Big Nowhere

That damn Carole King. What a suck up! She does nothing for her fans. She never performs because of stage fright, and now she trots out her daughter for a GAP commercial!!!

How much money does a great songwriter need?

So, let's all burn CDs featuring Carole who is nothing but a non-performing, commercial jingle suck-up ('cause I KNOW the GB is all about consistency despite their hysterical and seeting hatred of all things Robbie).

Posted on Sun Nov 25 00:04:20 CET 2001 from (


The guestbook will be unmoderated (i.e. your entries are posted without delay) for a few days, while the webmaster and his software take some time off to explore the town of Tromsø. Please behave.

Posted on Sat Nov 24 23:49:37 CET 2001 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

O.K., it's time to start deciding which version of "Christmas Must Be Tonight" you like best. Remember, there are now 3. If you can't find the "Scrooged" album, and you want Robertsons, it's on one of those Starbuck's albums which is really pretty good called "Hi-Fidelity Holiday". Just think what a Christmas album the original line-up could have made, a notion so sweet it hurts. Another Holiday suggestion: Randy Newman's plative "Snow", a bonus track on the re-issued "Nilsson sings Newman" album. It's a rare unearthed gem that was actually well worth digged up.

Posted on Sat Nov 24 22:34:59 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Jan: Wonderful job on the Last Waltz tribute page. Thanks! It still boggles my mind to realize that it all happened 25 years ago. I watched the film on Thanksgiving here.. and probably enjoyed it more than I ever had before. Like fine wine..and certain friends :-) the music gets better and better with age .

Have a good night everyone.

Posted on Sat Nov 24 13:28:26 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Not used to posting things in here that make someone I care about feel bad, and I want to apologize.
John D: Sorry if my answer to your last post sounded in any way condescending. I didn't mean it to be. You've been a good friend and someone I respect very much. Thanks...and hug.

Posted on Sat Nov 24 08:50:38 CET 2001 from (


Hi everyone: just a question (I can't find anyone who knows, maybe someone here does.)

Can anyone tell me about Jumping Judy as found in the prison songs?

At first I had a theory that it was a piece of machinery, now I think she's a recurrent figure more like Jody, also from the prison songs. Dylan seems to use the name that way when he mentions her in 'I Wanna Be Your Lover', which is about as close to a Band link as I'm going to get (I think there are at least SOME Hawks are playing on that track.)

So let me know; almost anything would be helpful. Thanks.

Posted on Sat Nov 24 06:58:33 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Looks like the NAMA site is selling VHS of the first annual awards show... Has anybody seen this?... And if so, does it include Robbie in the video?... I couldn't tell from the site...

Posted on Sat Nov 24 00:04:43 CET 2001 from (


Don and Bayou Sam: Thanks so much for letting us know about the Levon was a real holiday treat!

Posted on Fri Nov 23 23:11:14 CET 2001 from (


From: SF area

Just a quick response to postings about the celebration of Thanksgiving...American Indians from the MA and VA coastal areas had many similar traditions, including the annual green corn harvest festival. From the English perspective, it's hard to imagine their struggle: in the first 12 years of Jamestown, 6,000 of the 8,000 settlers died of flux and starvation, and at the Plimoth Plantation more than half the settlers died the first winter. Squanto's story is both tragic and fascinating -- how he was captured and sold into slavery in Europe not once, but TWICE, and how he worked with a trading company sailing to the British colony in Newfoundland. I'm still amazed that after all he went through, including the loss of all his people, he still had wisdom and compassion. I also read accounts of how he abused his power in the end (saying he had the smallpox virus buried and would use it against people if they didn't do what he wanted) then soon afterward he himself died of it. There are so many conflicting facts out there. Re Thanksgiving dinner in MA that second autumn, Massasoit brought over 90 of his people. They provided 5 deer and tons of food from the fields, forest and sea, yes, including wild turkeys. Their party with the settlers went on for 3 days and nights, according to handwritten accounts of the time. In MA they had peace for almost 50 years. The Jamestown story is hardly one of sharing. John Smith's capture took place on one of the up-river explorations involving their stealing the Powhatans'winter corn supply. Relations were always strained, especially after Smith left and Rolfe and his buddies set up tobacco plantations. You might want to read about the 1622 Massacre sometime and all the events leading up to it. I'm thankful that students are finally reading books closer to the truth now, and that "Indian Power" is growing as nations become more self-reliant and respected. Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend. We've so much to be thankful for. Love to all.

Posted on Fri Nov 23 15:16:39 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

Brown-Eyed Girl: Thanks for the cool info! Too bad the U.s. and Canada don't celebrate on the same dates so people could have the same time off and celebrate cross-border as it obviously is the SAME holiday with common roots. Misc.: Listened to the Last Waltz the other day. Forgot how great the music is on the album even if some is 'airbrushed.' Peter V.: Van Morrison's Caravan IS the most inspired non-Band track on the album. Re: Jericho/Hog/Jubilation: I liked these albums when they came out but I think they improve with time as well. It's easy to lament what they don't have but in retrospect it's more apparent to be thankful for what they DO have: a healthy Levon, Rick, and Garth playing their hearts out along with 3 great 'new' guys, giving us 3 new Band albums we had no right to expect or anticipate, which are destined to pass the test of time in their own right. Sure some tracks are merely ok but some are truly inspired. Even 'High Price of Love' sounded better than I had remebered after hearing it recently. Anyway, have a good day all.

Posted on Fri Nov 23 12:17:18 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

JTull Fan: Was nice to read about someone else listening to Arlo's "Alice's Restaurant" yesterday. It's tradition here in my house.. all 3 of my kids know it and we play it every Thanksgiving...with feelin :-)

John D: Hmmm.. I'm 'south of the border' and e-mailed you a reply to your Thanksgiving question. I guess that didn't count :-(

Have a good day everyone. Hug Jan.

Posted on Fri Nov 23 07:31:40 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

JTULL FAN: Some quick historical information I found.......In the 1600's, French settlers, having crossed the ocean and arrived in Canada with explorer Samuel de Champlain, also held huge feasts of thanks. They even formed "The Order of Good Cheer" and gladly shared their food with their Native neighbours. In the 1750's, American settlers from the south brought their joyous celebration to Nova Scotia.....(home of Sarah Mclachlan.....visionary of Lilth Fair....and many Celtic singers and fiddlers)......After the Seven Years War ended in 1763, the citizens of Halifax, Nova Scotia held a special day of Thanksgiving............

As Canadians we usually think of Thanksgiving as being started by the Puritans. But 53 years before the Pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving in North America, English settlers under Sir Martin Frobisher held a harvest feast in what is now Newfoundland, Canada....(home of singing groups Big Sea and Rawlins Cross).....

Over the years, later and earlier dates were used for Thanksgiving......The most popular being the third Monday in October. Finally, on January 31, 1957, Parliament proclaimed......A Day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been be observed on the second Monday in October.

Since you are a student of History......maybe you can help Robbie come up with a special Thanksgiving song!!.....G-Man and Crabby will probably wish for dance versions too! :-D

Posted on Fri Nov 23 07:18:27 CET 2001 from (


From: Nor Cal

It's probably been a year since I posted and I don't have time to read every guestbook entry anymore (like I did for years). THE BAND have always been, and will always be my favorites. I was lucky to be in Winterland 25 years ago for a show I will never forget. Right now THE BAND was just about done with their first solo set and Ronnie Hawkins was about to come on. I was lucky to see them play many times and I'm especially thankful that I will be able to enjoy their music (and share it with my friends and family) on CDs and videos forever. Whenever someone plays THE BAND my friends and I always say, with conviction, "REAL MUSIC". Thank you, JAN, for continuing to mantain the best site on the net. Long Live THE BAND .... Forever!

Posted on Fri Nov 23 05:39:53 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Calvin, I totally understand how those later Band albums can mean a lot to you because of factors other than music. There was a group from the early 70's called Flash whose first album reminds me of a crazy cross-country car trip I took. I love that album just because of those memories.

I think Islands is now better understood now as a collection/rarities thing rather than a coherent artistic statement. Oddly enough, when a friend of mine wanted to add a Band song to a party tape he was making, he asked for Right As Rain. To him, that was the best Band song.

As far as ranking songs from the post-LW versus original quintet, this is ground well trod here. I asked it before and I'd ask it again, just for laughs: which song(s) from the post-LW efforts would you deem worthy enough to be on one of the first three albums, and which song(s) would you replace?

Posted on Fri Nov 23 03:19:26 CET 2001 from (

The Last Waltz.....the morning after...............

.....Seated in his hotel room the morning after the Last Waltz, Honeyboy takes a gander at the headlines of a local SF newspaper,which state something to the effect of"Robertson leads Band thru Last Waltz". "Fucking guitar players" half grumbles, half chuckles our beloved Merlin. Ahhh, even the most pious have a hard time letting go of the ego!!! From there, we stroll down the hallway of the Miyako Hotel, headin for breakfast, when out of one the adjacent rooms springs(actually stumbles) Neil Young."Hey Garth" he stammers, "how bout a little O'Canada?". Chuckling nervously at this beast blocking our escape down the hallway, we step back. Young produces a harmonica and proceeds to carry forth a passable version of the Canadian anthem, then slithers back into the depths of the cavern from he which has crawled. With a smile and a shake of the head,Honeyboy leads us down the hall to breakfast,and away from my last indelible memory of that great musical event....

Posted on Fri Nov 23 03:18:00 CET 2001 from (

John D

THANKS PHER....No one else would respond south of the border. I really appreciate it.

Posted on Fri Nov 23 03:12:18 CET 2001 from (

John D

Well, I've been dropped from Donna's Happy Thanksgiving message. I didn't feel bad as a Canadian until I saw Mr. Viney's name. Then I knew it wasn't in error. Ah life is so short. Happy happy everyone and to you Donna as well.

Posted on Fri Nov 23 02:33:24 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

Almost forgot but on our way to Thanksgiving dinner at the in-laws I remebered to grab our Arlo Guthrie CD with Alice's Restaurant Massacre on it. Anybody else play/hear it today?

Posted on Thu Nov 22 23:19:44 CET 2001 from (

Harry & Mim

From: Bucks County, PA

Friends: Thanks, Jan, on this Thanksgiving Day, for this great resource. We lost our dear mother not long ago and our sorrow is still great. Coming back to thoughts like those on this website is one way to cope. Hey, Butch - we're still standing, but it takes a lot of medicine to keep up. We'll see you and LH and all the rest the next time you're nearby. Sorry to have missed Mr. Sumlin's 70th... PLH, Mim & Har "Farther along, we'll know more about it Farther along, we'll understand why Cheer up my brother, sing in the sunshine We'll understand it all bye and bye."

Posted on Thu Nov 22 22:45:17 CET 2001 from (

Stu Brister

From: London & Toronto, Ontario

The Brass Rail is on Yonge Street, Toronto, not in London, Ontario as the captions indicate. A very nice site. Thank you.

Posted on Thu Nov 22 22:16:42 CET 2001 from (


From: Cork
Web page

No one said "Happy Thanksgiving" better than Rick........

I live here in Cork but, in the spirit of the day, being a New Yorker, born in America, as I was having me cuppa tea this morning I watched some of "The West" 8 part documentary on how it took only 5 generations of sttlers to conquer The West.....narrated by Peter Coyote......Top class.........

O Beautiful, for Spacious Skies.....For Amber Waves of Grain..........

Time to treat the natives better

Posted on Thu Nov 22 21:47:35 CET 2001 from (


Great fall day; sunny and warm, and THANKSGIVIN too boot! Family close by and watchin,,,,THE BAND, Woodstock "94!!! Levon, Garth, Richard Bell, Rando( w/Winter Bros. shades), Weegie tearin it up(special SLIDE), Rick Danko front and center, and some great guests!! Thankful,,yes!!

Posted on Thu Nov 22 21:32:07 CET 2001 from (

Jos Bruls

From: The Netherlands

25 years on ... and the beat goes on ...

Posted on Thu Nov 22 21:21:59 CET 2001 from (


RIP Billy O'Connor, the Canadian bandleader and agent who died at 87 last weekend. Among many many other things, he arranged and produced Robbie Robertson's first recording session - in 1960 when Robbie was playing with, but hadn't yet recorded with, Hawkins.

Posted on Thu Nov 22 21:05:51 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn,NY

Goodtimes, folks!All the best eating and drinking to you and yours!!!After the usual grand feast, a buncha the fellas come by for our traditional Thanksgiving-night game of Poker("Poker, I don't even KNOW HER!")Things don't get much better.

(Donna;I feel left out.:( )

Posted on Thu Nov 22 17:25:52 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

damn - I was going to quote Rick Danko too, but some of you beat me to it. :-)


Posted on Thu Nov 22 15:28:06 CET 2001 from (


Happy Thanksgiving all!!!!

Posted on Thu Nov 22 15:02:52 CET 2001 from (


Youre probably right concerning "Stage Fright" Pat. Can we agree the 3 reformed albums our better than "Islands?" In all honesty I think they have a certain stature for me as in the Early/Mid 90s I was down to a very small handfull of artists whose albums I would buy on intial release, or at least wouldnt have to order. During those years I had forsaked R&R almost entirely for Jazz, the reformed Band and artists like Nancy Griffith and Steve Earle brought me back. And the Austin sound firmly entrenched me into the swing of contemporary music again. So I suppose I overevaluate the reformed albums, but I'm guessing it is more for their cultural significance, as it directly relates to me, rather than bad choices. I do agree with an earlier poster that Book Faded Brown, as well as a few other cuts, would have easily been a Band "classic" has it been released in 1972. And didnt 2 of the albums have cuts with Richard singing? Could be wrong and my CDs are a good 3 rooms away. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Posted on Thu Nov 22 14:57:15 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

Happy Thanksgiving to all: BROWN-EYED GIRL: A good natured correction to your post. The first Thanksgiving was actually held at Berkely Plantation on the James River in Virginia several years prior to the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock. There is a marker on site and I believe there is a reference on the plantation website. (my wife and I had arranged for our wedding reception to be there but had to change our plans due to an illness of the owner)Anyway, this is also independently verifiable and makes sense also due to the close proximity of Jamestown. What should make you HAPPY about this story is that a completely different Indian tribe in Virginia also gave the settlers a similar reception to those in Massachesettes, meaning this must have been a very widespread indian custom among the various tribes. Since Canada also celebrates Thanksgiving, is there an additional instance of this type of event occurring with the indians in Canada? I would be interested if you know. My suspicion is that it is an offshoot of the American Thanksgiving, since prior to the Revolution there was no distinction between the colonies that would become the U.S. and those that would ultimately become Canada. In fact, the Quebec Act was a successful attempt by the British to prevent that colony from joining their more southern brethren at the time, but now I digress, history geek that I am...

Posted on Thu Nov 22 14:23:21 CET 2001 from (

Mike Lyons

From: Cold Spring, N.Y.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of THE BAND family out there. Checking in on this guestbook has become a regular thing for me. I have a quick "Rick" story that happened a few years ago--- thought some of you might be interested in. After years of following the Band and Rick at his solo shows, I finally decided to introduce myself after a solo show at the Towne Crier. My brother was with me and we approached Rick and asked if he would mind if we got a picture together. He was very gracious, and we talked for some time before the picture was taken. As we were setting up for the picture, with Rick in the middle and my brother and I on both sides, Rick yells out-- "Lets hold those bellies in boys". The laughter that followed turned into a great picture, that I have since posted on the web page. We continued to talk after the picture and spent a good deal of time together. Since that time I always met him after shows, eventually getting him to sign the photo. He was always so upbeat and eager to talk with you after shows. He was a friend that we all miss. He touched alot of lives and will always be remembered not only as a great performer and musician, but as a wonderful person who treated his fans like family. We miss you Rick!!!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Mike

Posted on Thu Nov 22 13:45:25 CET 2001 from (

Lil Again

A slight (and much less gross) correction to my last post. I guess I'm up to my elbow in the turkey's _neck_ here.. not where I thought it was. Or as my 10 year old son just so eloquently told me: "If your hand's up it's butt Mom, you're stuffing the wrong end". :-) Aah kids..ya gotta love em.

Posted on Thu Nov 22 13:12:06 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

The first THANKSGIVING was in 1621 in the U.S.A. It happened when the NATIVE AMERICANS had a great farming season and the pilgrims were running.......out of food. The NATIVE AMERICANS decided that they would save the pilgrims from starvation and invited them to a great feast. If this act of kindness did not happen the pilgrims would have died. In this great feast they ate turkey (sorry Crabby) for the main course, pumpkin, cranberries, corn etc. In the late 1700's, George Washington declared that the third Thursday of November would be THANKSGIVING DAY, a day to CELEBRATE THE GENEROSITY THAT THE PILGRIMS HAD RECEIVED FROM THE NATIVE AMERICANS.

Wishing my AMERICAN buddies a HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY......Donna from P.A. (the sweetest person you would ever want to meet and she's a big Robbie fan!) Crabby (a brilliant photographer.....He can even transform my photos into paintings....), Amanda from the South (Ms. Levon Helm and proud of it!), Rollie (I've been sending your music around....trying to get you steady work!) Bronx Sam (Mr. Peace Maker), Pat Brennan (He has even admitted to me that he actually likes some of Louuuuuu's lyrics!), BWNWITenn (the one who encouraged me to continue posting because he could read between the lines of my posts), Lizzzzzzzz (listens to cool music!), Calm and Critter (generously going to burn me many CDS), G-Man and Donna......Now if one of the biggest Robbie bashers and I can get along.........there is still HOPE.......for Robbie and Levon...........:-D...........and to all the other Band posters who SHARE, TEACH, AND ENTERTAIN........AND KEEP US CONNECTED TO THE MUSIC.........

G-Man: Which hero would you be referring to? The one who you would not even see..........if you were given a complimentary ticket, huh?.......Or would you be referring to the bass player from Sjako!?

Posted on Thu Nov 22 11:36:38 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

On this Thanksgiving morning, I want to tell everyone I'm thankful for water. Yesterday when I came home from work,I thought I was truly going to have to be a pilgrim..when I discovered I had _no_ water in the house. Was trying to figure out how to cook a turkey and all the trimmings (not to mention washing the dreaded dishes)..with what? Evian? luck would have it.. someone up there likes me. My water is back on (dry conditions.. well is low I guess) and now the only thing I have to obsess over is the thought of sticking my hand in the cold turkey's butt to stuff it. Ick. So if anyone here's a loud 'eeewwwwww' sometime later. it's me :-)

To all my friends.. whether you celebrate this holiday or not.. thanks for being there for me. And to you, dear friend and am thankful for you everyday.

And as someone else posted, in the immortal words of the much missed and much loved Rick Danko.."Happy Thanksgiving".

Posted on Thu Nov 22 10:56:18 CET 2001 from (

Markku (Quos)

From: Nordic Countries
Web page

Just a quick note about a rumour on the new rarities box: it starts to sound quite interesting to me as more than 60% of it is planned (at this very early stage) to be previously unreleased stuff. It is also said to include live material not in circulation.

Anyone with any more info?

Posted on Thu Nov 22 08:04:53 CET 2001 from (


From: PA

On a personal note: I would like to wish Diamond Lil, Calm, Mary/Bear, Cupid, Amanda, Nancy, Laura Holt L., and beautiful baby Rhett, Bob Wigo, Charlie Young, Eb Blayzor, Bashful Bill & Caron, G-Man & Donna, Peter Viney, Butch, Nancy, Pat & Rick, my soul sister Ruby, and MattK, a Wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Especially Levon & The BB's, Jim Weider & The Gurus, Maud and Garth, The Professor, and to all the great "Band" related artist, of whom have brought us all together! We have so much to be thankful for during such unsettling times! Family, friends, and the great music. To all I missed: I would like to wish peace and happiness to all of you!

Jim Weider & The Gurus, were excellent at the Turning Point, on November 9'th! Randy, singing "Forever Young" Jim, Malc, and Dan, played and pushed the envelope further than ever. What a Show! Looking forward to their new Cd!

Topping the weekend off, The Road Warrior Crew, took the ride to Woodstock the next day! A great visit to Big Pink, and other road attractions, one could not ask for more.

On a final note here: Looking forward to seeing Levon and The BarnBurner's, at the North Star Cafe, in January! Brown Eyed Girl, John Donabie, this will be one show you may not want to miss!

Posted on Thu Nov 22 07:15:42 CET 2001 from (

Long Distance Operator

From: The great Bob Dylan show in Manchester, NH

Just saw the great Bob Dylan. Wow. So vital. I mean, the best songs of the night are 2 months old! The college kids were amazed. So vital. The King Of Rock... Mister Bob Dylan! The man had the gumption to play both "The Times They Are A-Changin'" and "Things Have Changed" in the same set! Amazing show. Amazing grace. Bob was showered with admiration, deservedly. He and the band basked in it. This is his best road outfit, by far, since The Band. They are simpatico. You can feel it. I'm just blown away. Run, don't walk, to the next Bob Dylan show near you!

I started the night with a little Last Waltz. T'is the season, of course. Just wanted to chime in with a quote from the unforgettable Rick Danko that will stand the test of time: Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on Thu Nov 22 04:18:04 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Calvin, I would disagree with you. The post-LW releases come nowhere near Stage Fright, and all three post-LW efforts lack who everyone refers to as the lead singer of the group (save one song). Whatever you heathens think of Cahoots, it's got Richard all over it. I find myself revisiting the "lesser" efforts (cough, cough) of the original quintet far more often than the last three releases, especially with the new remasters.

Posted on Thu Nov 22 03:02:37 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

Believe it or not Thanksgiving was never an official government holiday until FDR signed legislation in the '30's making the 4th thursday in November a day of Thanksgiving. (and arranged so as to make the longest retail season to stimulate the depression era economy). We just happen to have 5 thursdays this month.

Posted on Thu Nov 22 02:36:05 CET 2001 from (


Kay: just read your article. I really enjoyed what you had to say. I've been wanting to write something intelligent about the strength and majesty of Garth Hudson's record but I'm dumbstruck by the artist's vision. I appreciate that you were able to express some of what i've wanted to. Thanks.

Posted on Thu Nov 22 02:29:37 CET 2001 from (


From: Guru Land

........"HAPPY THANKSGIVING", to all Band fans, the GURU and Barnburner crews(Butch,too), and ALL the Road Warriors!! RUMOR has it Acadian Ruby took off in the Dylan tour bus with Bob aboard!! YIKES!!! you got (2) E mails re. your hero????

Posted on Thu Nov 22 00:41:56 CET 2001 from (


John D: to answer your query on thanksgiving weekend I can only speculate. It may have something to do with the fact that there were 2 blue moons in october. Btw that is the second consecutive postI've done mentioning blue moons. peculiar...

Posted on Thu Nov 22 00:37:57 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

Don P = you beat me to it. I was going to mention that Levon radio interview. I beleive though, that the interview was recorded last year at Thanksgiving time. I was listening to WFUV today and that's what they said. If you're in the NYC area, WFUV is 90.7 FM on the radio - otherwise will do it, as Don posted. Actually, FUV is going to feature The Last Waltz over Thursday and Friday. They announced all of this today, and then they played Rick's "Twilight" - very cool.

This is not a slam on RR - or Richard for that matter, but I think that Levon, Rick, and Garth did a perfect job of assembling the right people, and the right songs, and capturing the sound of The Band as we know and love it, on the three later albums - especially Jubilation. The thing is that it kind of somehow sucks (for lack of a better word) that RR and RM are absent. But when "Book Faded Brown" comes floating from the speakers it dosen't seem to be lacking a thing.

I'm thinking now about bands that have had a go of it without an integral member and the worst example has to be Creedence Clearwater Revisited, which was Doug Clifford, Stu Cook, and whoever-WITHOUT John Fogerty. I wouldn't go and see that for free.

Posted on Wed Nov 21 22:51:06 CET 2001 from (


From: PA

Alright....Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on Wed Nov 21 21:53:34 CET 2001 from (


From: Sittin/Waitinfer the dern lake ter freze


Posted on Wed Nov 21 20:52:43 CET 2001 from (

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga
Web page

Friday afternoon, Nov 23 from 5-6 PM (EST) will be an interview with Levon and some music to boot. Above is the web site and streaming is the best for us out of the NY area. Don't forget, Sat from 5-8 PM ( EST) The Last Waltz on mixed bag. Don

Posted on Wed Nov 21 20:33:47 CET 2001 from (

John D


The reason that Dylan has the publishing for "Big Pink" is that he kept them (The Band) on payroll all through the period of post Tour 66 to the release of Big Pink. This was his payback for all the monies put out. It was a good gamble; because who knew at the time how monumental Big Pink would become. Bob got back some money and the Band were able to survive without working for a couple of years. That's the story I have been told.

Posted on Wed Nov 21 19:58:26 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

I was in a record store today (again) and heard the intro to the Weight in an unfamiliar version. Then it turned into a different song. The rip-off offenders are Boys United (something or other) and it was track 7 on their album. I don't mean it was 'like the Weight' - it WAS'The Weight' for the first 30 or 40 seconds. Then a few bits more later plus a bit of the chorus melody from Knocking on Heaven's Door.

On Mick Jagger, the tabloids announced today that his new album sold 954 copies on Monday (release day here) compared to 73,000 of the Robbie Williams retro album, released the same day. It says the sales were 'disastrous.' But how do they know the exact number of copies sold? Is EVERY record store and supermarket on a computer link? Or are they guessing from a sample?

Posted on Wed Nov 21 19:31:12 CET 2001 from (


I heard Hoskins will be re-releasing Across the Great Divide with an update chapter some time in 2002. I'll probably buy that as well as the original copy I own. Youre right Luke, the version of "the Weight" was the original, as I said, I had blocked it out. And as much as I often found the reformed Band's (and their solo) touring schedule somewhat sad even tragic, I hesistate to think of the 3 reformed albums as lesser efforts, While they arent MFTBK or the Brown Album (but then what is) I think 2 of the albums clearly fall into that realm a notch after Northern Lights, while being better than more than a few of the orginal lineup's releases. Book Faded Brown and Blind WIllie McTell stand along side any original recording in my mind. Perhaps in the sense that they had to primarily go outside the group, without RR, for songs lessen them as a "group" but clearly the musicianship and the finished product owe apologies to no one.

Posted on Wed Nov 21 19:03:24 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Luke, as with everything on Big Pink, Dwarf Music owns the publishing rights to The Weight. That's Bob Dylan's company. Many stories as to why that is the case.

Posted on Wed Nov 21 17:21:27 CET 2001 from (

Jenny T

From: Eagle Rock

Sorry to clutter up the GB with another post so soon, but I thought Kay might enjoy more detail about the shows I mentioned. What I most remember about the Rick/Levon show at U of C is that they did Cee Cee Rider which Rick said was one of his favorites, and it sounded great. For just two guys they made a pretty full sound. At the San Jose show I remember Richard's beautiful singing the most, especially on "You Don't Know Me." Someone gave him a big bouquet of flowers--red roses I think. He didn't look happy but he sang beautifully. I don't remember too many details about the Channel show, even though I must have been paying attention. Maybe hypnosis can help!

Posted on Wed Nov 21 17:05:44 CET 2001 from (


From: PA

Hey Calvin - No big deal, but the original studio version of The Weight was used in the Diet Coke commercial - I doubt Levon was consulted about it at all since RR owns the publishing rights. As far as Robbie being in a commercial, big deal. It's a free country, and if he wants to do so, fine. Can't wait to see Levon in Philly in January!

Posted on Wed Nov 21 16:55:11 CET 2001 from (

Jenny T

From: Eagle Rock

Hank: I read all about that soundtrack issue in a book about the Band--I think it is called Across the Great Divide and it is probably at your local library but not in print anymore. I can't remember the details, but Grossman and/or The Band turned down some offers including maybe to do the whole soundtrack for Zabriskie Point, if I remember correctly.

Posted on Wed Nov 21 15:08:26 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

Hmmmmm....WYCLEF JEAN an upstart? I always thought he made Haiti proud......and he sings in the spirit of BOB

Catharsis: Sharing why I really like ROBBIE ROBERTSON as an artist and as a person who inspires his audience......THANKS to the many Band fans who emailed me to say that they understood why I had to share......

Catharsis from the past: It happened in 1975......I put on the TV and there HE was.......BOB MARLEY AND THE WAILERS!!!!......Bob was singing TRENCHTOWN ROCK like he was "possessed".....You could tell he meant and felt everything he was singing......I think they were performing at the Lyceum.....but then again.....I think I just missed the Wailers with Bob at Massey Hall around this time too? Anway, I just couldn't believe what I was witnessing.......His music "hit" me in every way possible......I knew HE was the purest songwriter I would ever witness perform.......Luckily for me I did see MARLEY at Maple Leaf Gardens in the late seventies........I WILL NEVER FORGET WHEN EVERYONE STOOD UP AND SANG.......GET UP STAND UP.......

When I was in NYC in July I bought BOB MARLEY THE LAST KNOWN INTERVIEW COLLECTOR'S EDITION LOST FOR 18 YEARS........I loved when Bob was asked about the role women play in Rastafarianism........Bob immediately calls for JUDY MOWAT OF THE I-THREES..........

The other video that I bought was REBEL MUSIC THE BOB MARLEY STORY.....THE MOST INFLUENTIAL ARTIST OF THE SECOND HALF OF THE 20TH CENTURY.......THE NEW YORK TIMES.....I liked when they interviewed Cindy Breakspeare....(Miss World Beauty Contest in 1976 from Jamaica) the mother of Bob's son and one of my fave Marley performers......Damian "Jr.Gong" Marley.......Cindy was living with Bob in London, England during the making of EXODUS and RASTAMAN VIBRATION......She shared how Bob felt pressured to write more political songs after writing so many love songs about her in EXODUS.....The Media at the time was accusing Bob of going soft.........For those of you who would like to learn more about Marley and JAMAICAN CULTURE.......check out.....CATCH A FIRE THE LIFE OF BOB MARLEY....TIMOTHY WHITE.......

Just bought an older STEVE FORBERT CD.....MISSION OF THE CROSSROAD far I have only heard IS IT ANY WONDER........I find his voice simply.....COMFORTING.......

Posted on Wed Nov 21 14:52:43 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

Kalervo: I pretty much agree with your post. I have seen the Helm, Hudson, Danko Band, the post Lowell Little Feat, and a Brian-less (but with Carl at least) Beach Boys, and given the fact that we can't even see those versions of the Band now, or Carl Wilson, I still think it was awesome to see them even if they weren't full-force versions. Given George's health today, how wonderful it would have been to have seen a McCartney, Harrison, Starr vresion of the Beatles. On THANKSGIVING: It falls on the fourth Thursday of the month, which is usually the last, but not this year. It was FDR who established this law during the depression, moving the holiday earlier to promote Christmas Sales (and to think he was a DEMOCRAT!)

Posted on Wed Nov 21 14:47:04 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: Nj

In case i don't get a chance tomorrow - Happy Thanksgiving! (for those who have no cultural tie to the custom -Have a Great Day!) There will be a crankin' TLW video as a prelude to football.

Posted on Wed Nov 21 14:03:55 CET 2001 from (


There is, what is purportedly a 'mint' copy of the Cool Daddy Productions, 'Complete Last Waltz' on eBay. $76, currently, with 4 days left to go. How high will it get? Any guesses?

Posted on Wed Nov 21 07:38:38 CET 2001 from (


From: Suomi

The Band without Robbie is like Little Feat without Lowell George or Beach Boys without Brian Wilson. It is the factor that makes music from good to exceptional. Levon, Rick, Garth and especially Richard are/were exceptional in their own way, but not in the sense of making the whole picture.

I hope this RR bashing will end, because it is silly and it will somehow suggest that there is something wrong in Levon and others (which I don' t believe - this is not null sum? game = Levon will lose something if I praise Robbie = very silly= we are all imperfect people, so are Robbie and Levon,too. All members of the Band are/were wonderful artists. If they don' t get along with each other anymore, that is their problem not ours.)

Posted on Wed Nov 21 07:14:56 CET 2001 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

I'm happy to hear that Robbie's money for the Gap commercial will go to a charity of his choice--that way we don't have to send Neil "This Note's For You" Young after him for selling out to corporate America. I have to admit that I'd love to see Robbie perform in the 500-seat venue where I saw the brilliantly unique Lyle Lovett perform a great acoustic set with three guys backing him tonight, the Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia. Lovett does remind me of Jesse Winchester at times, but otherwise he is an act unlike any other. It's not too often one sees what the record stores call "country" with a cello in the group!

Posted on Wed Nov 21 06:26:58 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn,NY

Hey folks, it's been a few days, BUT I'M BACK!!!!!!!!

Has anyone heard the new Mick Jagger song (the one with Lenny Kravitz)? It's not bad,not GREAt,but not bad. I read a review for his new album in the paper yesterday and they said it was very "corporate" and soulless...very bland.Hmmmmm....He does a buncha "colaborations" with the likes of that guy from Matchbox 20(the one that did that "GREAT" song with Santana(another winner)),Wyclef and some other upstarts.Sounds like a buncha junk to me. Now, I bought the last Stones album, and the coolest stuff on it was the Keef songs! Where are the EXPENSIVE WINOS??????? THAT'S a good rockin' band!!! I guess Mick's new album will be nice background music for the VH1 fashion awards or some garbage waste of time like that...what can ya do, right?

Ok, I'm done complainin'..have fun,kids!

Posted on Wed Nov 21 06:09:43 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

David Powell = nice Howlin" Wolf post. I too envy you for having gotten to see him. I love his music.

I was reading a 1987 Musician Magazine interview with George Harrison, and I had to share this little part of it with you folks =

George - "Artistically, I respected The Band enormously. All the different guys sang, and Robbie Robertson used to say he was lucky, because he could write songs for a voice like Levon's. What a wise and generous attitude".

Posted on Wed Nov 21 04:10:55 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Catharsis: the Mahavishnu Orchestra at Cahn Auditorium on Northwestern's campus, 1971. Their first gig as they were putting the group together in Rogers Park. From the first blast to the last note. Sitting with two drummers who couldn't follow anything Billy Cobham was doing. Shoot, nobody could follow them.

There was a time there when Dylan had a female chorus with him on stage. Married one of them. And the female singing on Desire is awfully good. I don't recall if Petty or the Heartbreakers did any backups. And not to continue a Dead thread here, but Dylan and the Dead were, errrrrr, deadly.

Posted on Wed Nov 21 03:10:38 CET 2001 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland TX

As for commecails using great or good pop songs: there is nothing wrong with it. At least in as much as: in the capitalist system, everything is up for sale, including our feelings deepest longings and impulses towards love. So it is in everyway appropriate the major corporations like the Gap (great humanitarians who hunt the globe for sweatshop labor to support the Caligula like lives of basketball players) grab pop music which has triggered feelings of awe and extasy, longing and potential, and set them to work in the dark, dingy basements of our spending reflex. Hey, making money is it's own morality, you want to stand in line for toothpaste? Get out there and buy! Let nothing stand in the way. It's the "what sells is best" idea view of competition that has made pop music so damn good since, say, the Reagan years when we learned to stop being so squeamish about things like "Art" and relized it's all about MONEY and that's the way Jesus likes it. Yesterday I had a tape of the Band on Saturday Night Live in the old VCR. It's striking how young and vital they still seemed, even though they were allready Rock and Roll old farts. How did they do on there own? Well, pretty lousy, but at least they had their brush with greatness, one we will willingly buy and rebuy, for it's own value or the sense of importance it can lend to shock absorbers. Historical accuracy dept: given the Big Pink deal with Dylan, I doubt Danko ever controlled how "This Wheel's On Fire" was used.

Posted on Wed Nov 21 03:08:52 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Nice writing Kay... Butch, I'm envious of the MSG show... that set list looked awesome... I'm kicking myself for missing the Mpls show... and I just absolutely dig all Robbie's stuff... I'm too tired to rant and rave tonight... but listen to the way Rita Coolidge talks about Robbie in his video for Contact... he's got to be good people to his own circle I bet... and maybe that's good enough... besides, for me when I saw Levon and Garth separately... I was shouting inside... there's goes the Band... round the corner... catch it... don't let it go away... I figure there's now 2 different ways to hear that music... 3 on CD... Happy happy to all on Thurs... I'm sleeping for a while... when I'm not watching the commercials...

Posted on Wed Nov 21 02:50:41 CET 2001 from (


From: The Isle of Levonistas
Web page

I admire Levon because he has so much soul, courage, love of music....multi-instrumental talent..not to mention that favorite Band voice. Whenever Levon talks about music and not just Band see his passion in every part of his body...from his his expressions...especially in his eyes. Levon is an artist that you know without a doubt is giving you something honest...something you can believe in. I see no exaggeration in this man at all....just pure, simple gifts that he doesn't mind sharing with the world...and in a very informal way...which I love and admire. I believe most of us are here because we love The Band. I can respect different perspectives and I enjoy hearing about all five artisits because they are all part of the story. The Band story is, as someone once told me, a story we can all relate to. We are all lucky to have a place like this to that we can continue to learn about Levon, Garth, Rick, Richard and Robbie....there is still so much to discover...there is no way to be stuck in a musical period...maybe just happily swaying.

Thanksgiving is approaching. I am so thankful for my beautiful family and for good health. I am thankful for music that moves me. Thank you to everyone here who has become my friend, shared your music with me,given concert reviews, posted photos,inspired me and kept The Band's spirit alive. Remember to always be thankful for the small, surprising pleasures in life. Click on the martini glass that says For My Guests...on the link above.

Take Care GBers!

Posted on Wed Nov 21 02:41:34 CET 2001 from (

John D

A big hello back to my good Buddy........the best phone screener in the world...........Justin. A man who can build room dividers in a flash. Also...especially....... to my girlfriend Jessica. What a cutie. And Jessica you are very sweet as well. Princess of The Hudson Valley. Woo Woo! Your both going to grow up to do your mama proud!! Also your father would be very proud of you two and big brother too.

Posted on Wed Nov 21 02:26:49 CET 2001 from (

John D

Need some American help here. When I was at TLW back in '76, is when I first learned that American Thanksgiving was always the last Thursday of November. Or so I thought. I notice we have one more Thursday to go this month. Anybody???

Posted on Wed Nov 21 01:39:10 CET 2001 from (


From: ann arbor, mi

The new Rolling Stone has a very positive review of the new Mick Jagger effort. Anybody heard it? Heard one track on the radio - thought it pretty tasty. There's a McCartney interview - pretty much standard Paul. He's having an interesting battle with Yoko over - guess what - songwriting credits. He wants his name to go first.

In a fairly recent issue of Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan credits his tour with The Grateful Dead as giving him an "epiphany" in relation to performing some of his lesser known songs.

Posted on Wed Nov 21 01:07:03 CET 2001 from (


Joe Walsh's and Duane Allman's birthday!!!

Posted on Wed Nov 21 01:04:49 CET 2001 from (

Moms Answering Service

Hi John Donabie!!! Love, Jessica and Justin

Posted on Wed Nov 21 00:59:55 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

I thought I'd take this opportunity to wish everyone who's celebrating a Happy and safe Thanksgiving. The holiday seems especially meaningful this year, in light of all that's happened. I guess a tragedy like Sept 11th makes us really appreciate even more the things we have and the people we love.

Have a nice night everyone. Hug Jan.. and um.. C-hug Butch :-)

Posted on Wed Nov 21 00:38:47 CET 2001 from (


I noted Charlie Young's posting about the notalgia/benefit. He tells us that Jerry Yester was there with his old band, the Lovin' Spoonful. If I'm right in thinking that his brother Jim was there with HIS old band, the Association, we could call the event Yesterday, no?

In other news, I picked up a Louisiana Red 45 because it was written and produced by Henry Glover for the Glover label. The bassist and drummer sound so much like our guys, I was wondering if maybe Henry didn't use the Canadian Squires for some studio jobs around the time he was recording them. Does anybody know any more about this?

Posted on Wed Nov 21 00:17:20 CET 2001 from (


Dylantree has a "new" '74 compilation for sign up. The 3rd of the 3 cdr set is of the Band..."rare/improved sound etc."

Posted on Wed Nov 21 00:01:21 CET 2001 from (


Does anyone own a copy of Gene Clark's S Star for Any Stage(or something akin to that) Bootleg with RIck and Richard. I often felt Gene Clark was lost in the "names" of the Byrds, even though he was clearly the best songwriter in their early years. But I really dont want to spend a good deal of time hunting for a what Id guess is a costly bootleg without some feedback first.

Posted on Tue Nov 20 23:57:45 CET 2001 from (


From: CORK
Web page

It's always a blast to catch up on the 'ole GB after a road trip.......Jeez, you guys'n'gals a been busy!!.......

OK....... first things first......trying to pick up on a few threads here.......

Anyone here reckon that Sonny Boy Williamson II was selling out when he did radio shows for the King Biscuit Company way back there in the '50ies in Helena, Ark?......"It's King Biscuit Time!"......(or something along those lines) else would the young Levon got to see Sonny Boy if he couldn't have snuck into the radio station????........Would there be a Hawks or a Band if Sonny Boy felt he was selling out and refused the opportunity to do a show like that?....Who knows?.....Can anyone tell me the difference between what RR does for The Gap and what Sonny Boy did for King Biscuit?...........

Well, actually, I, myself, can tell you the difference.........


Sonny Boy played LIVE and RAW......and probably got paid shit for it.......unlike RR, who mimed someone elses song and probably got VERY well paid. THAT'S the main difference......apart from's all the same really.........

HOWEVER, having said THAT, I'd rather be hiding, crouched in a corner of a 1950ies radio studio, watchin' Sonny Boy and his band doing it LIVE.... or else out in the corn fields, listening to it LIVE on a car radio once a week for an opposed to be subjected to mass rotation of a trendy TV clothing commercial.......which will influence NO ONE to go out and play and write and perform great music but will probably buy the guys in Supertramp nice Xmas presents.......(good for THEM!) Hey! But that's me...........How about you?

I really enjoyed Bob Wigos post which carried the Pete Townsend reply to his critics..........and I agree with JTull Fans idea of how it's REALLY only annoying when they change the words. What's worse is when they get a BAD cover version of a song you love......

The only thing that annoyed me about 'The Weight" and The Diet Coke ad was that I DETEST Diet Coke.....YUK!!!!.....other than that, it was great to hear Levons voice ever so briefly on the telly.......and I'm delighted Bob Dylan sent a few 'oul bob out to Rick and the boys for that......"Easy Rider" was on the telly last night and I watched it up as far as "The Weight" sequence.......Lovely, too.......why is it in the movie and NOT on the soundtrack? Can anyone tell me? Did someone not offer Albert Grossman enuff money for it or was it considered a sellout back THEN to do that sorta thing? and why is it OK NOW to be on a movie soundtrack?......Questions, quetions questions........

I remember reading that Townsends father once advised him that the money in the music biz is in the publishing.........very's certainly NOT in going out and performing in dives, dance halls, bars and's not even there in stadiums and arenas and concert halls.......even if you do eight years of each!!!!!'d be better off making a classy movie of your stuff with your band and some buddies and renegotiating all the publishing so that YOU control it and hardly ever gig again!!! David Byrne did with "Stop Making Sense"!!!!!!

Butchs report about the Dylan gig at MSG was riveting....thanks Butch.....I woulda loved to have been there.......

I wonder if Peter Viney or any UK GBers see the TV Documentary of Dr. John last Sunday night?.........Great TV!!!!!........It featured the good doctor talking about his career, influences and teachers and it showed some vintage photos and video clips of his progress thru the years...Wonderful! There was one thing that made me laugh tho' one point, a guy they were interviewing mentioned that a few of Dr. Johns singles were actually Top 20 and he said that "for some reason, 'Such a Night', which was never a big hit....has become a sorta retrospective hit!"

'for some reason'...........Ha!

Ha! Ha!

I mean, everybody KNOWS that 'Such a Night' is a 'retrospective hit' because it featured in "Stop Making Sense"!!!!!!

Ah Yes!........Good to be back home can't beat The GB for a good old rant!.......see y'all here later.......

Posted on Tue Nov 20 23:56:31 CET 2001 from (


How often does RR play "out?" I know there is a live bootleg from around 1995 of a show in Italy, and the PBS special on him had a segment with him and the Red ROck Ensemble playing live, and if memory serves it was a tune from Redboy, suggesting it wasnt the Italian show from 95. I know he doesnt tour, but he must do a concert now and again. And Butch, dont take this as a back and forth, because I dont mean in that way and certainly respect your opinion, but I like the live "Dylan and the Dead" album, I liked them when I saw them together(although I didnt like Petty), and I dont take anything Dylan says in interviews seriously.

Posted on Tue Nov 20 22:36:51 CET 2001 from (


David Powell: Thanks for sharing your Wolf memory with us. You are so lucky to have seen this giant. I envy you. I esp. loved the passage in your post about the first time you heard the Wolf on the radio. I dont remember my first Wolf experience that well, I got into the blues thru the Band and Butterfield and heard all these great things about Howlin' Wolf, and I was so naive, I got his record partly because I am a fan of wolves anyway. I think I was about 14 and into smoking pot and reading comics and trying my hand at my own graphic novels and I put the record on that had the painting of him climbing into a bomber in the flight gear, and yes, that must have been it. thanks for jogging my memory.

Another "Cathartic" blues memory of mine was any and every time I saw the great Henry Townsend in st Louis growing up around the same time. He's got a new comp out of old stuff that has been king of the mountain on my cd player for a week. a few notes from Henry and you are back in Mississippi one hundred years ago. On the piano he plays stuff that sounds like a hybrid between blues and organ grinder music, just the crazyiest stuff- you can see why people thought it was the "Devil's Music".

I remember a show he played with John Hammond back in 86 or 87. Hammond, Henry Townsend and Leroy Pierson all got together at the end and hammond and Leroy got into a friendly cuttin' contest; Then it was Henry T's turn and he whipped out the wildest time signature I ever heard, something that would make Dave Brubeck blush, like 2/52 geez I dont know but Leroy and Hammond kind of dropped out all of a sudden with baffled looks and Henry Stole the stage with an impish grin I'll never forget. He must have been 80 something years old then and he's still goin today. Bless his heart- there is a survivor. Catharsis indeed. nice thread. thanks.

Posted on Tue Nov 20 22:35:53 CET 2001 from (


From: The mountains

Dear Norbert from the flatlands down South (that I love to visit, btw),
The GB will stay moderated. Because this setup works. The flame warriors, the idiots and the noise-generators have found other battlefields. And I don't want them back. We haven't filtered out one single entry for a long time now. And I kind of like molasses.

Posted on Tue Nov 20 22:10:12 CET 2001 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa,N.Y.

Sunday evening I see Robbie in the Gap commercial, then today I see Levon in USA Today. There is a picture of him with Sissy Spacek from Coalminer's Daughter(the article was about her latest movie). Then,a few minutes ago, I check out the latest article in What's New, and I see a picture of Garth-without his hat!A beautiful photo. For many years Mrs Bashful Bill has listened to me repeat the phrase-"Garth is God". When she saw the picture she gasped and said "He looks like God". Vindicated at last! The author of the article put in a nice plug for Jan's excellent website, too.

Posted on Tue Nov 20 21:34:29 CET 2001 from (

JTull fan

From: Richmond

I wish to clarify my view that Robbie needs to perform live, if only an isolated show or two. True, I probably would not be able to attend any shows he does either. However, I think any musical artist benefits by periodically performing live before an audience in terms of improving and developing their craft; they get to observe the audience response to their works, continually hone their playing insincts, writing instincts, timing, phrasing, etc. etc. to the point that they ultimately improve their studio efforts by maintaining a level of sharpness and sensibility that is gained by playing live that is ultimately lost by only being in the studio. True, the Beatles did much of their best work from 1967-1970 in the studio, but that was still within 3 years of their last show! Also, the idea of the rooftop concert was to 'Get Back' to some of the basics lost by holing up in the studio. I love studio artistry, don't get me wrong, but Robbie is as extreme in refusing to play live as Levon is extreme in ONLY playing live of late and not getting into the studio.

Posted on Tue Nov 20 21:28:26 CET 2001 from (


From: the Dutch mountains, tulips in the snow.

Tracy......goed gezegd meissie (right on girl)!

btw, my FAVOURITE commercial is that one for LIFTING the filter, seen it?......where 31 GB'ers (all wearing Garth Hudson T-shirts) sing: "The night they drove the old GB down"......a not moderated GB is also faster, and that's already halve the fun......let our hearts filter, not censorship (it's a dead end)......come on Jan!

Brown Eyed Girl, I agree, Ducati is the bike to ride, hee! ya don't only know your music......ya know your "cool" motorcycles too..... what a remarkable woman (but a little stubborn sometimes, just like me...... ;-)

Rudolf Hoogenboom......Dutch origin? welkom, hoe issie?

to my personal moderator:......good evening......if your English is better than mine (witch is not hard to imagine)......feel free to remove some grammars......thanx in advance......

Happy thanxgiving, to all you wonderful Band fans...... and Jan thanx for your hard work, year in year out!

Posted on Tue Nov 20 21:00:16 CET 2001 from (


hey, Calvin,,,

i dont usually get into a "back & forth" but,,

# 1 i saw three of those Dead/Dylan shows,,,

# 2 i've been a Dead fan since 1967, so dont presume to tell me about the Deads vocals,

# 3 i have that record, too,,, BFD,,,

# 4 i stood on the same stage with The Dead @ their last shows,,, their vocals sucked then,,,too,,

but to paraphrase dylan , re: those shows,,, he says they were amongst the worst he ever did,, made him totally re-evaluate his career,,,

so if you wanna like it ,, cool,,,,, but dont even think about comparing that time with the Dead with this outstanding exceptional band

thats just my opinion,,, calvin,,,,,,,,

Posted on Tue Nov 20 19:32:04 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia


"Catharsis -- The process of releasing and thereby providing relief from strong or repressed emotions."
(from New Oxford American Dictionary)

The word "catharsis" derives from Greek words meaning "cleanse" and "pure". The Greek philosopher Aristotle applied the term to describe the effect of emotional release that tragic drama induced upon the audience.

In the 1950's, American bluesmen like McKinley Morganfield (a.k.a. Muddy Waters) and Chester Arthur Burnett (a.k.a. Howlin' Wolf), after migrating from the Mississippi Delta to Chicago, began electrifying the musical form known as the blues. Through amplification they took the blues to a new level of intense, purgative power. In their live performances & recordings, they developed such a wonderous, cathartic release of emotions. Often deeply mournful, but sometimes mixed with playful braggadocio, they could bring their audience to a fevered pitch of release. As in ancient Greek drama, Muddy and the Wolf would leave their audiences weeping from joy & other strong emotions through their own unique form of catharsis.

I'll never forget the first time I heard Howlin' Wolf singing "Smokestack Lightnin' ". I was just another young, white kid listening to my radio, late one night, when that amazing song came cutting through the static-filled ether like a surgeon's knife. Transfixed, I knew at that moment that I had to hear more of this form of music called the blues. After this transformation, I listened & learned as much as I could. Later I found out about the musicians that accompanied the Wolf on "Smokestack Lightnin' " -- Willie Johnson & Hubert Sumlin on guitars, Hosea Lee Kennard on piano, Wille Dixon on bass and Earl Phillips on drums. Oh what an intense, hypnotic sound they created!

Years later, I was fortunate enough to see Howlin' Wolf play in a small club in Atlanta. As he had for over two decades, the great Hubert Sumlin was playing guitar in Wolf's band that night. Mr. Burnett was in failing health at the time, his huge frame somewhat stooped, but he could still put on an amazing performance. For the first few songs, there was a hesitancy in his delivery. Then, all of a sudden, he began singing with such deliberate intensity, as if in a trance. His singing was punctuated with his trademark howls & moans as Mr. Sumlin cut the smokey barroom air with his tasty, staccato licks. The Wolf, as if awakening from hibernation, became animated and began prowling back & forth across the stage. At one point, he began suggestively wagging his microphone below his waist. It was an incredible performance, and as I left the club that night I couldn't help thinking what it must have like like to see the Wolf in his prime. Still, I couldn't help but feel that I was extremely lucky to have been amongst the audience that night to witness the unique presence of Mr. Burnett, Mr. Sumlin and the rest of the band. That night, I knew I had been released.

Posted on Tue Nov 20 19:31:40 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

And another thing on Robbie and lack of live performances … much as I love live performance, there are a lot of artists I’ve never seen in the flesh, but I still enjoy their albums (and live albums) – Elvis, Otis Redding, Howlin’ Wolf, Bob Marley, Little Feat, Ry Cooder, Randy Newman, Stevie Nicks, Beethoven as a pianist, Bach as a conductor… never seen any of them play live at all, except on TV (um, but not Beethoven or Bach for technical reasons). Would have loved to, but I didn’t / don’t stop listening because I’ve never breathed the same air. So, Robbie is a RECORDING artist not a performing artist. I’d drive a long way to see a live show, but until that time comes, I’ll make do. And seriously, would you expect ‘Twisted Hair’ to have great live impact? It wasn’t its purpose. Not everything works live, which is why The Beatles came off the road when they were doing their greatest work. ‘Strawberry Fields’ live? (And yes, I have heard the much later McCartney live version, which is great, but a tribute to the thing, not the thing itself!)

Posted on Tue Nov 20 19:28:38 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Concerning the latest Gap ad, from the Chicago Sun Times (and available on this site): To underscore the giving theme in the campaign, the Gap has made charitable donations on behalf of each celebrity featured in the various ads to a charity of their choosing, including women's and children's services and shelters and several Sept. 11-related funds. In addition, Gap and Supertramp donated to the Uniformed Firefighters Association Widows' and Children's Fund.

Enjoy the holiday.

Posted on Tue Nov 20 18:36:44 CET 2001 from (


One comment Butch, while Im sure Dylan's new band does sing with him well. I think the comment "since The Band" suggests to me someone who might want to pick up a live album called "Dylan and the Dead". Well worth the price.

Posted on Tue Nov 20 17:22:01 CET 2001 from (


From: where good live music is precious

I love the show reports on this site, even the ones that aren't closely connected to The Band. It's what's kept me visiting here for years.. . so thanks to Jenny T for Rick Danko show memories and Charlie Young with the Spoonful and the Starship, and Bill Speight and Butch for the Barn Burners. And thanks Butch for the Bob report.. . with enough interesting information to justify its length. Let's have more of this!!!

Posted on Tue Nov 20 16:39:37 CET 2001 from (


From: Iowa

Bob Wigo: Interesting view on using "Bargain" used for a commercial. Some people do see it as selling out. I think it's ok to have a song used for a commercial. At least the original is used and not re-recorded by a bunch of studio hacks. Or worse, the lyrics changed like "Good "Vibrations" was for Sunkist in 1983! And maybe give the money to charity. I don't think Pete is selling out. I'm not saying that's what you think Bob. I'm being careful not to ruffle any feathers here. A good example of selling out was Kiss' commercial for Pepsi! They've been sell-out corporate rockers from the git-go. Just my 2 cents. I don't see anything wrong with having a song used in a commercial. I do see Aerosmith going down the road to selling out. Their ad for Gap a few years ago was ok. I'm sure it helped sales too for The Gap.

Diamond Lil (and all other RR fans here): RR to me is one the most influential guitar players of the 20th century. In some ways he's underrated. He has a style all his own. Along with Jimi Hendrix, Robbie is a fave of mine. It somehow seems that Robbie knew what to paly and what NOT to play. Robbie was not only a lead guitarist but also a rhythm guitar player too. And Robbie could put emotion into his solos too (It Makes No Difference or Unfaithful Servant [ROA version] for exapmples). The fact that Robbie wasn't a show-off or hot shot guitar hero says a lot to me. His playing was more about adding to the overall sound, not standing outside of it or above it. What can I say? I like all the members equally (RR, LH, GH, RD and RM) but Richard will always be my fave of the 3 singers. It's a shame that 2 of them are no longer with us. And I wish Robbie would play some shows but I doubt he'd ever come to Iowa. Sadly, I never got to see The Band in ANY incarnation. For those of you who have, especially with the original lineup, I am a tad bit jealous. At the very least, I can put on 1 of 8 albums at any given time and jsut listen. Or maybe a bootleg too. So what does RR do for me? Emotion. His playing speaks while he doesn't! As for the Gap ad, I'd like to see it. Hopefully, I will. Enough rambling for me. Peace. And a Happy Thanksgiving to all Gb'ers (a bit early but so what?!!).


Posted on Tue Nov 20 15:47:19 CET 2001 from (


From: bobville

i saw dylan & his amazing band, last night ,, in MSG,,,,, thought some might like to read my impressions,,

A GREAT NIGHT,,, one of THE BEST,,,, EVER,,,

1. Wait For The Light To Shine (acoustic) (Larry on mandolin) (song by Fred Rose)

2. It Ain't Me, Babe (acoustic) (Bob on harp) a nice treat,, Happy Traum was there & this was from his era,,,

3. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (acoustic) (Larry on bouzouki) really spooky,, the crowd was absolutely silent,,,,

4. Searching For A Soldier's Grave (acoustic) (Larry on mandolin) (song by Johnnie Wright, Jim Anglin and Jack Anglin)

5. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum This really rocks live,,,, the band was smoking right thru it,, & the crowd reacted from the 1st note,,,

6. Just Like A Woman (Bob on harp and Larry on pedal steel) after over 30 years of shows,, this really stood out,,, !!! ive NEVER heard this done so perfectly,,,

7. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues see # 6,,,,

8. Lonesome Day Blues Big Fun,, just smiles & cool riffs all the way thru,,,

9. High Water (For Charley Patton) this was another stellar performance,,, the banjo really gives it an amazing feel,,,, & bobs vocals were really sung with intensity,,,, (Larry on banjo and Charlie on slide guitar)

10. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (acoustic) (Bob on harp) another personal & crowd favorite,, judging by the reaction,,, silence ,, then 17,000 voices,,,

11. Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic)

12. John Brown (acoustic) (Larry on bouzouki) i was watching Donald Fagens face during this,, he was transfixed,, like he was hearing it for the first time,,,

13. Summer Days (Tony on standup bass) all the new stuff is played so lovingly,, yet with big fun,, the fellas were smiling all the way thru,,,

14. Sugar Baby (Tony on standup bass) this was mississippi on the set list, but bob changed it on the fly,, it really worked live,,,,,,,,,

15. Drifter's Escape (Bob on harp) anything from JWH i love & this was at a killer pace,,, & the guitaritis was in full swing,,, bobs vocals were biting,,,,,

16. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (Larry on steel guitar) (encore) 17. Things Have Changed ya could tell everyone was waiting for this, hoping for this,, & they/he didnt dissapoint,, his vocal inflaections were really different,,,

18. Like A Rolling Stone guitar heaven,, with the audience as the singers,,,

19. Forever Young (acoustic) Larry & Charlie are the 1st guys to REALLY sing with dylan since The Band,,, their voices really blend well,, on this,, it was an amazing effect,,,

20. Honest With Me (Larry on slide guitar)

21. Blowin' In The Wind (acoustic) Killer Harmonies,,,, the audience was right with him & the band,,,

22. All Along The Watchtower the roof came off on this one,, an ovation like in the World Series,,(G)

sheryl crow, phoebe snow, patty smith, Ratso Sloman, & a bunch of other NY musicians turned out to pay homage to the man,,

Posted on Tue Nov 20 15:30:59 CET 2001 from (


Thinking about the tv commercial licensing of Townshend's "Bargain", I wonder how long it will be before Entwistle's, "My Wife" is grabbed up by some divorce lawyers for a tv commercial.

Posted on Tue Nov 20 15:09:03 CET 2001 from (


From: Cloud Nine

"Robbie fans is on my bulletin board next to the members of the central committee of al-Quaida." Gee, how nice. I thought this guestbook was MODERATED to keep garbage like this off, or is that only if it deals with Levon, Rick, Garth, Richard, other family members, or their fans? I'm sorry but something sounds a bit biased. To liken anybody to a terrorist network is of no amusement. Go fight for our freedom in Afganistan instead of looking at people who you don't share a liking with.

People whined their head off about that oh so offensive remark by Java about the Hudsons a few months back, so why is this allowed? I don't care if someone says but that was disgustingly offensive either because you know that's bull crap. I'm really shocked and dismayed that such a post like this could make it. If anybody dare say, "Lighten up," I rather say YOU lighten up. We are here for the music. Some call themselves Band fans? That's a joke.

Sick, really sick.


Posted on Tue Nov 20 14:19:24 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: Nj

Doin' a little work here on the computer, I popped in 'Will the Circle be Unbroken Vol. II, Levon does a very soulfoul rendition of When I Get My Rewards. He also pitches in on Will the Circle be Unbroken. Now if there was ever an album that had Band 'like' material this is it. I can picture the boys really jamming a lot of these tunes. - Very Good stocking stuffer idea!

Posted on Tue Nov 20 13:55:29 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown


Are you out there
Can you hear me
Can you see me in the dark

I don't believe it's all for nothing
It's not just written in the sand
Sometimes I thought YOU FELT TOO MUCH
And you crossed into the Shadowland

And the river was overflowing
And the sky was fiery red
That's what the old man always said

Fallen Angel
Casts a shadow up against the sun
If my eyes could see
The spirit of the chosen one

In my dream the pipes were playing
Come down Gabriel and blow your horn
'Cause some day we will meet again

Fallen Angel
Casts a shadow up against the sun
If my eyes could see

All the TEARS
All the RAGE
All the BLUES in the night
If my eyes could see
You kneeling in the silver light

Fallin', fallin', fallin' down
Fallin', fallin' down
Fallin', fallin', fallin' down
Fallin', fallin' down

Fallen Angel
Casts a shadow up against the sun
If my eyes could see

All the TEARS
All the RAGE
All the BLUES in the night
If my eyes could see
You kneeling in the silver light

If you're out there can you touch me
Can you see me I don't know
Lay a flower in the SNOW

Posted on Tue Nov 20 13:05:36 CET 2001 from (


From: where i was last time i wrote

Ok Butch, this is a musical post, about someone you are rumoured to like very much so listen up!!!

I bought a John Mellencamp CD last week (half price sale…way to go!), along with some more goodies. The Mellencamp CD is called “Rough Harvest” and has some nice tunes with quite a bit of violin on board……mmmmmmmm! So on second listen, I fell crazy in love with a song I didn’t know, a plaintive melody, wistful and heartbreaking if heartbroken is your mood, and with lyrics as mysterious as a dark night!!!!! Naturally my curiosity was piqued, so I checked out the songwriting credits to find out who the genius songwriter was. Shoulda known all along, natch!!

Clues to my quiz guys, are “ The Jack and the Queen, King Kong, Valentino waltz and 52 gypsies” (I don’t think the King Kong is the cut-price chain store popular with frugal shoppers, either).

I’ve GOT to hear the original, and my boss tells me it is on the first self titled album (probably found mainly in museums these days). Anyone able to help me out on that one????

Posted on Tue Nov 20 10:38:46 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

I am a huuuuuuge Band fan......but like everyone in this BAND GUESTBOOK.......We all have our faves........(just like George Harrison was always my fave Beatle)......ROBBIE my fave Band member.......WHY?

Robbie Robertson is my all time favourite guitarist......for me his playing resonates more than the playing of Hendrix, Beck, Eric, etc.....

For me the song writing has always come first.......I am always mesmermized the way some writers are able to put words together.....All my favourite musicians are foremost songwriters.....BOB MARLEY, DYLAN, LOUUUUUUU REED (I don't care anymore about the bet Crabby....:-D), VAN MORRISON

Robbie not only comes from CANADA.....but from CABBAGETOWN, TORONTO......where I have lived for the past decade.......although now Bill Munson has messed me up (just kidding Bill!) by telling me that the information in Levon's book and Hoskyn's books weren't true afterall......Robbie actually lived in a close by hood called Riverdale......

Robbie visited a Native Reserve as a child......not far at all from where I grew up in a small city about an hour and a half from Toronto........

Robbie and I looooooove the Staple Singers......Some people even say that he probably wrote THE WEIGHT for them.....

Robbie and I like to READ READ READ.......same as Louuuuuu.....

Robbie is not afraid to speak up about Native Rights.....I learned from Karl Marx......THE OPPRESSION OF ONE IS THE OPPRESSION OF I speak up against all injustices.......Marley also did.......

Robbie sounds very articulate whenever I have seen him on various interviews.....and I respect that he doesn't bad mouth anyone in public......

Robbie and I come from working class backgrounds and both of us made something of our lives....against all odds.......

Robbie and I did not know our fathers.......not easy for anyone to deal with in this world.......

Finally......I guess it's a chemical reaction why we are drawn to some people more than others....;-D

BTW.....I have heard from the Band Grapevine......that when Robbie spoke at Rick's funeral......that even his harshist critics were moved........Robbie also wrote the BEAUTIFUL AND HEARTFELT......FALLEN ANGEL for RICHARD MANUEL..........

ROBBIE ROBERTSON'S MUSIC will continue to live on for many generations because it is.....INTELLIGENT.......INSPIRATIONAL.......ROOTS MUSIC......MAY YOU CONTINUE MAKING NOISE IN THIS WORLD ROBBIE........

Posted on Tue Nov 20 06:32:28 CET 2001 from (

Rudolf Hoogenboom

From: Queens, NY, USA


Posted on Tue Nov 20 04:41:06 CET 2001 from (

Ray Pence

From: Casper Wyoming

Speaking of The Last Waltz: belated birthday wishes to Martin Scorsese, who turned 59 on Nov. 17: America's greatest director, maker of the greatest rock film about the greatest rock BAND.

Posted on Tue Nov 20 03:44:21 CET 2001 from (



EARLY XMAS GIFT!! Got neat Cd in the mail-Big Thanks Bro's!! NEW GURU Cd----NOT----but a keeper!!! "Light Up the Road",, by Roger Morris!! Name relates--cause sounds like a mellow VAN the MAN!!!! Roots, Blues, Folk...combo!! GREAT part, Jim Weider smooth guitar on "SAILIN", Randoe and Malc with some tite rythm on two tunes!!!! Randoe handlin ALL the PERC in typical GRADE A fashion!! Kewl; KEWLER if a few more WEEGIE solos!! Good, very good, though!!!

Posted on Tue Nov 20 03:40:31 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown


Professional jealousy, can bring down a nation
And personal invasion, can ruin a man (person)
Not even his family, will understand what's happening
The price that he's paying, or even the pain

Professional jealousy, started a rumour
And then it extended, to be more abuse
What started out as just, black propaganda
Was one day seen to be, believed as truth

They say the truth is, stranger than fiction
But a lie is more, deadly than sin
It can make a man very, bitter and angry
When he thinks that there's someone, is going to win

Professional jealousy, makes others crazy
They think you've got something that, they don't have
What they don't understand is it's, not that easy
To cover the miles and, be where you are


Professional jealousy makes other people crazy
When they think you've got something that, they don't have
What they don't understand is it's, just not easy
To cover it all, and, stand where you stand

Professional jealousy, makes no exception
It can happen to anyone, at any time
The only requirement is, knowing what's needed
And then delivering, what's needed on time

The only requirement is to, know what is needed
In doing the best you know how, deliver on time
The only requirement is, to know what is needed
Be best at delivering the, product on time

Van Morrison....Lead vocals, electric guitar
Paul Robinson....Drums
Nicky Scott....Bass
Neil Drinkwater....Piano, synth.

Posted on Tue Nov 20 03:10:02 CET 2001 from (


Lil I'm a big RR fan happy to tell you what RR does for me. I love his music, his songs and interviews and consider him a visionary as well as a hell of a guitar player that just does "IT" for me. Well he doesnt tour and play clubs but Levon doesnt make it to my neck of the woods but once in , say, 5 blue moons, Rick came here about that often, and to my knowledge, Garth hasnt yet either. I wish I lived up where you were and I could see them as a matter of course and hanmg out informally but thats not the case. I enjoy RR because his contact with the fans is very formal aand I respect and appreciate that alot. Thanks for asking. I cant wait to see the ad. Happy thanksgiving GB'ers!

Posted on Tue Nov 20 01:28:47 CET 2001 from (

JTUll fan

From: Richmond

Bob Wigo: Thanks for posting the article I was going to post! Saved me the trouble! I got to see Joey Molland's Badfinger at a club in New Haven 10 or 11 years ago. Their equipment sported stickers that said 'Apple is back!' Not a bad show; always great to see someone from 6 feet away and watch them perform.

Posted on Tue Nov 20 01:14:02 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

My vote on RR being in a commercial = BFD

Posted on Tue Nov 20 00:24:46 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Thanks to everyone who was nice enough to answer my question about Robbie Robertson. I really thought the bulk of his talent shone in his days with Band..which of course left us all with some amazing music.The fact that he was 1/5 of The Band back when it mattered earned him my respect. I've never developed a taste for most of his solo stuff however, and I was genuinely interested in hearing why his fans are so devoted to him. Thanks again.

Have a good night everyone. Hug Jan.

Posted on Tue Nov 20 00:22:11 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Why bother, I wonder.

Posted on Tue Nov 20 00:11:47 CET 2001 from (


From: NM

The great Jimmy Vaughan, maybe the coolest guy on the planet, played an incredible 2-hr + show in Albuquerque last weekend, with Lou Ann Barton, who has done a few projects with Levon over the years.

They were both incredible, plenty of Jimmy, he was front and center throughout, though I coulda used a little more Lou Ann instead of the two male backup singer/dancers. . but that's just my preference. What a voice she has. Both she and Jimmy get better all the time.

Jimmy's new record is "Do You Get The Blues?" (he said he got the title in a dream). . it's great, check it out. Jimmy is the real deal.

Posted on Mon Nov 19 23:35:09 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

What does Robbie do for the fans? Well, every two or three years he comes up with more very original songs, that are transcendant, just as he’s been doing for thirty three years or so. He continues to write great lyrics and above all to innovate. No, I can’t go and see him at my local club or concert hall, but then again the others don’t come this way often either. They don't go to California or Florida or Oregon or BC either. Live shows are great if you live in New York State, Pennsylvania or New England. Most of us don't. Robbie makes music that gets to many people. OK, he doesn’t get to the 200 at a club – great experience for the 200 – but he does reach a wide audience with a great age range. Seems fair enough to me.

Posted on Mon Nov 19 23:12:04 CET 2001 from (


From: Rose Up From the Ashes

Robbie commercial!! So what!!! Opportunity to get some GAP stocks cheep, SOON!!! After a mos. or two of Robbie commercials--which get the HOOK---bingo, the investment doubles!!!! GAP!! Shoot, I'd rather go see Levon and the Barnburners and/or Jim Weider and the Gurus live than worry about some sorry commercial!!!!!!! I think I link RObbie cause he's so sincere and original!

Posted on Mon Nov 19 23:00:13 CET 2001 from (

Jenny T

From: Ohio

Charlie Hawker: You are not alone that Rick's passing makes you sad. I think the reason it makes me sad is that he was so talented and you wonder how much happier and more creative and productive he could have been if he had licked his problems way earlier, and also it looked like he had finally cleaned up. My husband (who never cries) cried when Stevie Ray Vaughan passed on in part because here was a guy who had it beat, and then he died in a plane (or helicopter?) crash. It is especially sad to listen to the interview where Rick said his best times were ahead of him.

Everything you read about Rick makes him seem like such a good egg at heart too. I never even knew he cared about the environment until I read the articles after he died--being dedicated to many green causes myself, I think it somehow made it even worse.

I had been a fan since I saw TLW when it came out in '78--I was 16. I remember my then boyfriend (who thought I was very ignorant not to have heard of The Band) asked me how I liked it and I remember saying the music was very good and the bass player very cute--you have to cut me some slack for being a 16 year old girl. But it was obvious he was so wasted in the interviews--I mean if you don't sober up for an interview that millions of people will see, what do you sober up for?

But I saw him at University of Chicago in the late winter or spring of '83 with just Levon, at the Saddle Rack in San Jose (summer of '83) with the Cate Brothers line up, and sometime in maybe '84 or '85 at the Channel in Boston, and they were all great shows. Some of my friends actually talked to the guys after the Boston and Chicago shows, but I never was within 50 feet of the guy, so sometimes I think I am nuts to care. But Diamond Lil makes me feel not so nuts for wanting to put up a nice photo. It's certainly no worse than an Elvis on velvet!

Posted on Mon Nov 19 22:42:29 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Lil, Robbie has given the public a boatload of wonderful songs. That's really all I need. I totally understand his decision not to tour and to perform rarely. That decision is his to make. The fact that Garth and Levon continue to perform live in no way diminishes Robertson's decision, just as Robertson's decision not to perform in no way diminishes Garth and Levon's decision to perform.

Many here, including me, enjoy RR's solo career. In fact, I would argue that the closest thing we have to a real Band album post-TLW (music-wise) is Storyville, the latest discussion of which supports such an assertion. I would also argue that Levon's touring with a blues band is as far from The Band (not The Hawks, people) as Robertson's toying with electronica. But God bless Levon for doing what he wants to do, because he is completely free to choose that path. Just like anyone.

And Anonymous GB REgular, we know who you are.

Posted on Mon Nov 19 22:21:42 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA
Web page

With all of the recent conversation involving George Harrison and the relatively steady Beatles thread I thought some here might find this article ( at the site posted above ) of some interest.

Posted on Mon Nov 19 20:32:03 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

I like Pete Townshend's take on the advertising issue. The only time it REALLY bugs me is when they change the lyrics ala Good Vibrations to Sunkist or Pontiac J car back in the 80's. Then I can't get the damned commercial lyrics out of my head. Otherwise, it's just background music to an ad. No big deal and if the artist gets a few bucks thats jolly good with me. Still think Robbie should get his butt on stage once every year or so, even if just as an annual concert with related artists on Thanksgiving.

Posted on Mon Nov 19 20:17:16 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Oh, I think being in a Gap commercial is fine, and Supertramp wrote some great melodies, so what’s the problem? ‘Give A Little Bit’ is a particularly strong song, memorable for a great acoustic guitar intro by Roger Hodgson. (Thanks for the e-mails on the song). I wouldn’t imagine many musicians who wouldn’t have been proud to write it, though that’s not the issue here. I mean, there are worse things you could advertise. Gap doesn’t rot your teeth or pollute the air. Anyway, as Brown Eyed Girl says, it’s going to be a whole lot cheaper for us Robbie lookalikes now we can dispense with the Armani.

Got the Jools Holland this morning (Small World Big Band). As well as the new George Harrison song (very Wilburys), it also features Van Morrison, Taj Mahal, Dr John, Eric Clapton plus “non-linked” artists Eric Bibb, Steve Winwood, John Cale, Mark Knopfler, Paul Weller, Sting, Joe Strummer, David Gilmour … in other words something for everyone. It’s pretty much big band blues / R&B. Sting does ‘The Seventh Son’ right – i.e. in a Mose Allison voice.

Posted on Mon Nov 19 19:22:41 CET 2001 from (

An Anonymous GB Regular

From: Primorsk

No matter how long you'd torture me with Robbie Robertson's contemporary music I will never reveal my identity.

I am not a Robbie fan and Brown Eyed Girl's list of gb Robbie fans is on my bulletin board next to the members of the central committee of al-Quaida but the latest Robbie bashing made me REALLY MAD! Robbie is in GAP commercials. A big deal? Do you go naked or what?

For the first: it is his PROFESSION.
For the second: just like Bob Dylan he has lost The Weight(sic!) so much that he looks really good.
For the third: Like all the readers of The Financial Times and Wall Street Journal know GAP made a terrible result in July-August-September. Because I have invested some of my money in GAP I am very pleased to see Robbie in GAP commercials in making the financial situation better. And for two gentlemen in our age the _label_ in our underpants is not what matters.

BTW: everybody knows that this great site is updated for several times a week. In opposite to that has not been updated since October 11th. I mean, hello...!!!!

Posted on Mon Nov 19 19:17:12 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

Sell out?? How quickly everyone forgets. I believe two years ago Levon was doing Saturn ads on TV. Who cares?? I loved Levon's ad, and I can't wait to see Robbie's ad. I enjoy hearing their voices and seeing their faces.

John Cass: Trust me....Robbie is not the reason Levon did not get a copy of the reissues, and if Levon does not get compensated for any sales of the reissues, he should get a lawyer and sue Capitol Records.

Posted on Mon Nov 19 19:08:44 CET 2001 from (


Peter, the song is "Give A Little Bit". (For the record, Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson would be getting the royalties.)

Posted on Mon Nov 19 18:49:23 CET 2001 from (


From: Illinois

Well, although I have not seen the commercial in question I have to vote with John Cass here; it's not cool.

It's one thing to have music used in a commercial; that's a good source of income, and I'm far from believing that musicians should work for love alone, and cash money be damned. On the other hand, just appearing in a commercial smacks of hucksterism to me. It seems to be common practice now, but I suppose my attitude was formed in a different time. Also, I wonder how many of the Gap's target customers even know Robbie's name, let alone recognise him. I know my nieces don't. They pay no attention to my music recommendations.

On a slightly more music-related note, when did concert audiences start to get rowdy? We were listening to a batch of Dylan's '66 tour performances while waiting for the Leonids (they were a bust; the sky was totally overcast) and while there were certainly some expressions of displeasure, they were a lot more restrained than I expected, and there was a lot of polite, even enthusiastic applause. The most really noisy bit was an over-excited scream in Australia. We also listened to the Band at the Hollywood Bowl. The audience there was very polite, restrained even, by present standards.

When did the shouting out requests start, and screaming performers names? There's the Beatles of course, and all that hoohaw, but they were a special case. Now audiences seem to feel permitted to get rowdy at almost any venue, and bands seem to be disappointed if the crowd remains in their seats and stays quiet through the music.

Posted on Mon Nov 19 18:27:32 CET 2001 from (


I had completely blocked out Levon signing "the Weight" for Coke, I was so disapointed with him at the time (RR included as songwriter he had to sign off for Levon to do that). I do find it funny some on this board see RR selling out for singing a Supertramp song yet it was OK for Levon to use "the Weight", incredibly biased. But as I said it doesnt bother me anymore to see Musicians making a living, after seeing Levon, Ray Davies and Pete Townsend do it, well who am I to criticize those guys. As for RR Lil, frankly I could care whether someone tours or not. First off if your a signed artist your tour is handled by a booking agent and your tickets will be $25 Minimum, an artist like the Barnburners because they are unsigned and on the Bar/Club circuit instead of the concert hall can be affordable. I rarely intend concerts anymore unless it is someone I havent seen before. And as someone who has dabbled as a musician, I understand RR, I hate being on stage, hate it, I can never produce the studio sound I worked so hard for, and it bothers me. I suppose that is the perfectionist overruling the performing in me. Im sure RR is the same way, and frankly he was right about how the road eventually treated the Band. Ive never quite understood how one can be a fan of The Band and not be a fan of Robby as a musician, the 2 seem to be impossible to seperate to me. Robbie if he wanted to could have handled things different, and it wouldnt kill him to be a bit more personable at time, and Levon clearly exagerrated the extent the Band didnt get paid for their efforts, but that harldy means I have to take sides or I cant admire both of them as musicians. I suppose I just dont feel a need to mythologize musicians I like as some here do. I'm sure Robby, Rick, Beak, Garth and Levon are nice guys most of the time with occasional forays into being SOBs, just like me and just like you.

Posted on Mon Nov 19 17:46:40 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA

Just a short while back Pete Townshend responded to a question concerning the use of The Who's music in a Nissan commercial. As always Pete's answer was intelligent, thoughtful and concise. I thought I would share it with you all in hopes of lending one artist's point of view to the current thread.


8 September 2001

Nissan Necessary?

Got a letter today.

If you have control over the rights to your songs, you ought to be mightily ashamed. I am referring to the use of the Who classic 'Bargain' in a stupid car commercial. This ad is played non-stop on TV and radio in New York City, and it's insulting to the song, to The Who, to an entire era and to those who live or died during it.

Believe me I'm not an ageing hippy who begrudges people maximising their wealth, but where did you go wrong, trashing your good work for an environmentally unfriendly industry and company? Is that what you wanted to do with your life - inspire young people to buy an overpriced car that guzzles overpriced gasoline to drive on overcrowded highways?

Townshend's response.....

I suspect the writer could be a journalist. He uses words with skill and force. It is a good letter.

I haven't heard or seen the finished commercials, but I have to confess that on the basis of their storyboards I did - under a little pressure - permit the license to Nissan.

It is a delicate balance I'm trying to maintain here. I am engaged in a personal artistic experiment which demands huge vanity - I have a website and release the majority of my new work this way. I am proud of what I did when I was younger, and the Who were in their heyday, but sadly we did not make enough money to crawl away and die. My creative energy for The Who didn't last either. I have to be careful not to allow pride to stifle me in my late middle-age.

I am very proud of what I do today as well. I find artistic patronage where I can.

'Bargain' is a great song by my own measure, but it is just a song. Just a pop song. It is a classic because people like the man who wrote the letter made it so.

When you are young and you decide you want to become an artist, what you have no control over is what SIZE artist you will become. That is in the hands of your customers. You can control how you look, what you play, what you paint or make. You can even control how much you charge to some extent, and where your major marketplace will be. But you can't control how people will react to you.

The Who were made big by their fans. But sadly, despite the enormous sums lavished on us, because of punitive U.K. taxes in our most exhaustively active years (98% at one point!), our fans didn't make us rich - not directly. If we are wealthy today it is because of the success of various major secondary 'Tommy' ventures, sponsorship during our 1982 Farewell and 1989 anniversary tours, TV and radio commercial and movie soundtrack licensing - and finally, back catalogue CD sales stimulated by the latter. If I block every license on the basis that I don't want to sully my reputation as a 'classic' song-writer, I deny Roger, John and the Moon estate a share of the money earned by the licensing of our original recordings. That sum is usually equal to the publisher's share.

My music is my music. I am a song-writer. I sell songs. I started my life - in a sense - selling songs to a band called The Who. It might confuse some people that I also happened to be a member of the band. But where I stand, I know the long-term artistic consequences of that better than anyone.

There's a lot more I could say. If anyone else takes as much offence to the Nissan commercial as the writer above then tough. The till is closed.

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Brien Sz

From: NJ

If GAP did a drummer concept and Levon was in it - people would be spinning how cool it was to appreciate an artist like Levon..,

Butch, we're fickle, get Levon on Conan or jam with Letterman, we'll be there in droves and this board will light up in unanimous support!

Posted on Mon Nov 19 17:17:38 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

I'm not sure I understand why RR doing a commercial for The Gap has people so excited here. I'd much rather go to a club and see Garth or Levon.. playing music.. live.

On the subject of RR..I have a question for his fans. It's a serious question..and I'm not trying to be condescending or smug. What does he do for you..his fans? I mean.. Garth and Levon are out there.. playing and talking to the folks.. as Rick and Richard did too. Robbie seems to be the only one that kind of shuts fans out. I guess I'm just curious if someone could tell me what it is that keeps RR's fans so dedicated to him? Thanks if anyone can tell me.

Have a good day everyine.

Posted on Mon Nov 19 16:39:36 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

"Score one for the Levonistas..."

As I recall, that was Levon's voice singing The Weight for Coke a couple of years ago. We know Rick was paid for it; I assume Levon was too. Oh yeah, Rick also sold out with the AbFab theme. And Dylan with the Bank ad. Gee, getting paid for the use of their music.

Posted on Mon Nov 19 16:19:25 CET 2001 from (


Web page

Story at link above is interesting if true. Says that Ringo and Paul visited George together. Other reports say George has since left Staten Island to return to Switzerland.

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From: not where you are,,,

well,, robertsons clothing ad gets more posts than a great musical show,,,

what has happened to this place ?

are you gonna turn jans fine page into people magazine or will the music stay the most important ???

it is sad to see,,, for me,,,

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From: we've got the Gap here

Good! I'm glad Robbie is on a commercial. You know he did it for all of the ney sayers that say bad things about him here. He did the Fall '96 Roots ad campaign and nobody cared. You're going to tell me that somebody has lost their integrity because they advertise for a clothing commercial? Does this mean that Carole King, her daughter, or even European sensation Nikka Costa (who is an excellent singer) is selling out? Maybe just maybe they want to get some exposure because their not out on the road. Nikka is much better than Nicky Love or Nelly Furtado but still she isn't getting hardly any exposure.

Radio doesn't seem to be giving too many notable or recognizable artists from not too long ago any air time, so the next best thing is to do it for TV. Are they bad for doing it? No. They're smart as it gives them exposure. Many artists are doing this, maybe some of the club and bar band circut that people like on here should give it a try. Oh wait, then they might blame the company that they're doing it for that "they cheated them and they got no royalties from it."

What gives with the terminology of Levonistas against Robertsonians. This sounds sillier by every minute. Is this the second Civil War? You know, North vs. South? Gimmie a break people! Have we forgotten what brings us all here together? Hello, we are talking about The Band. Remember five guys that actually had talent, multi instrumentalists, and cared about the music? Why can't we remember that in an industry that is so full of over-saturized, synchranized, midriff baring, clone singing, choreographed, multi-millionaire teeny-boppers with virtually no talent?

Now if you excuse me, I'm going to get ready for tonight's concert, the DODGE sponsored Aerosmith, because we are just going to ROCK when they Just Push Play!


Posted on Mon Nov 19 15:08:36 CET 2001 from (

John Cass

From: VT

Being in a gap commercial is cool???

Lets all take a vote on this one!

I vote un-cool.

Posted on Mon Nov 19 14:39:06 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

Don't know if this email address is functioning ok; may change it. Anyway, Robbie singing Supertramp for the GAP??? I almost fell out of bed when I saw it, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.It's his business of course, and is no worse than some of the hilarious commercials Ringo has done or hearing Thick as a Brick on a car commercial recently. I just wish the guy would stop trying to be so photogenic and get on a damn stage. He doesn't have to tour but a show 3 or 4 times a year won't kill him any more than sitting in a commercial soundstage all day. Sheeesh!. I got off the George Washington Bridge in Harlem last Tuesday thinking to drive down to ground zero, then saw a candlelight vigil (this was a Dominican neighborhood) to last weeks plane crash and thought I had enough tragedy for a while. Just not seeing the towers there was poignant enough.

Posted on Mon Nov 19 14:39:05 CET 2001 from (


It was a well done commercial, but I'm surprised at those who see this is a sell out. How so? I might agree with you if he had sold "the Weight" for a beer ad or something, although I must admit since Ray Davies and Pete Townsend have both done it recently my views on the sactity of their music has changed a little, who am I to say......... But really folks, capitalism and making some money isnt a bad thing

Posted on Mon Nov 19 13:39:54 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

Alright! ROBBIE finally gets into real fashion......He has advertised with his son Sebastian for the Canadian company......(but I think owners are former Americans) Gap.......One of my fave second hand pullovers is from Gap........Finally Robbie you will not only be one of the most revered musicians on this planet.......but one of the best dressed!!!!!! ;-D......Brilliant gave everyone in THE BAND GUESTBOOK something to talk about!.....But what I really want to know Robbie......should I throw out my 25.00 second hand Armani pullover now?? PLEASE......I NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS......I only wear black jeans daily.........PLEASE DON'T LET ME DOWN!!!

Even Mr. New York Cool has advertised for Honda......Norbert......are you going to tell him or should I?.......He should have been the spokesperson for Ducati instead, right? His image went right down hill when I saw him beside a Honda motorbike!!!!!!

Oh least DYLAN gave THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN' to the Bank who plays with my money.......

Posted on Mon Nov 19 11:16:06 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Gap commercial: which Supertramp song?

PLG from Greece – your students might be interested in the “imitation” Gap sweatshirts on sale in street markets in England. They look like a Gap hooded sweatshirt. and in a close copy of the Gap logo have CRAP on the front. But in my opinion, nothing wrong with Gap. Good basic clothes at a low price (now can I be in the commercial too?)

Posted on Mon Nov 19 09:36:31 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Bayou Sam: Thank you for your post about your visit to ground zero. I was there myself several weeks ago, and it was a very sobering and heartbreaking experience. Almost surreal in a way. Seeing it all on tv makes it like a bad movie or something..but actually being a few blocks away is a reality check that will never be forgotten. The sounds of the construction crews... and the smell.. still haunt me. And the saddest part of all was knowing there were so many bodies still buried there..

Broken hearts don't mend
Tear stained eyes of Kin
Never ever know what the future might have been...

Posted on Mon Nov 19 07:24:12 CET 2001 from (

Ed Blayzor

From: New York

Anyone catch Robbie in the Gap commercials singing a Supertramp song?

Posted on Mon Nov 19 07:11:23 CET 2001 from (

pretty little girl

From: greece

Moral dilemma: I've been preaching "No-Logo" to my students (no... its not a band, I actually mean no designer labelling on clothing). Suddenly Robbie is doing a 'The Gap' commercial. Has anyone else seen it? saw it for the first time today, looks like a Gap christmas ad. He's sitting playing his guitar wearing his sunglasses. Other musicians in it too, but I didn't catch who. As they say.... it happened so suddenly, then it was gone!

Posted on Mon Nov 19 05:49:43 CET 2001 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

"We just sounded different, and we still do, when you listen to it." Hudson recalled." The voices were just so unique, and Robbie (chief songwriter and guitarist Robertson) was so crafty, such a hard worker, and very adept (as a writer) with the legal pad and pencil."

What else have you, uhhh, "heard"?

Posted on Mon Nov 19 05:08:55 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: Nj

I think i just saw Robbie singing on a GAP commercial..,

Posted on Mon Nov 19 04:17:41 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

This is not music related at all - not that that ever stopped me before.

I spent some hours today at ground zero in N.Y.C. - the sight of the massacre. It was like taking the next step in actually coming to grips with what was done to us - us being the United States of America, and any other country who had someone in the Twin Towers that day. I don't know if the feeling reaches out to people who don't live near here and see it all on TV. Even with me - I've seen the skyline minus the familiar towers, but today, as I drove down West Broadway and got the first glimpse of a building that had the front blown off of it, it was really bought home. The sheer magnitude of what these heartless bastards did in about an hour is stunning. I shot four rolls of film today. If any of you have ever smelled the odor of a fire that has just been put out - that wet, burnt stench that gets into your chest - that's still strongly in the air, all this time after the attack. I saw the memorials that I've seen on TV. It's heart-wrenching. I saw cars that looked like they've been sitting parked since Sept. 11th. I wondered if they belonged to people that are never coming to get them. They were covered in soot and dust. There were buisnesses that look like they did when the people must have run for there lives that day - dust on everything.

You can get pretty close actually. I got within a block or two. There are guards at all the spots where you can't continue on. I saw twisted metal like you can't imagine - melted glass windows - and that incredible little peice of Tower#2 that still stands as if it wasn't going to let EVERY square inch of the buildings go down. They were working on one of the buildings with a crane. Every now and then there would be this kind of squeal of metal being torn from it's mounting. It ecohed around the blocks - very creepy. If any of you have even thought about going there - do it. It's just an experience that is not possible to get from pictures. I liken it to being at a wake - people milling about, very quietly, looking at the "deceased" and kind of paying thier respects. That may sound kind of dramatic, but it's true.

Sorry I've droned on so long about a non music thing.

Posted on Mon Nov 19 03:19:20 CET 2001 from (

Robbie $ells Out!

From: News Central...

During tonight's new episode of THE SIMPSONS (featuring the band REM) there was a commercial for the clothing chain, the Gap, featuring a short shot of none other than Robbie Robertson strumming an acoustic guitar. My daughter told me that Jon Bon Jovi and the lead singer for the Goo-Goo Dolls were among the other one-shots who flashed by, lip-synching the same song. Score one more for the Levonistas. I'll bet Robbie got freebies on the reissues, though...

Posted on Mon Nov 19 01:49:50 CET 2001 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

I had a weird deja vu experience while in Baltimore at a conference over the weekend. There was a benefit concert for Baltimore firefighters at an old venue near my hotel, so I decided to check out the sound of the reformed Lovin' Spoonful (minus John Sebastian and Zal Yanovsky). Original rhythm section Joe Butler and Steve Boone were joined by later member Jerry Yester and a young guitarist and amazing Kenny Aronoff-style drummer. Much to my surpise, these guys KICKED ASS! If you have a chance to see them, check 'em out. They even have a live, acoustic collection of Spoonful classics and other songs recorded live last year.

Anyway, the other band on the benefit bill was the Association and their show was much more the Vegas-style oldies show one would expect. They did pull a big suprise when they sang "The Weight" during a medley of '60s songs, reminding me that I had once seen The Band play that same song in the same room--and I swear I was sitting within a row or two of where my friends sat and shivered on seats plopped down on plywood resting on hockey ice in what was once called the Baltimore Civic Center (now it is the Baltimore Arena).

Times they are a-changin' category: Jefferson Starship, featuring original Airplane members Paul Kantner and Marty Balin played a small venue in the DC area the other night and pledged part of the proceeds to the "Pentagon relief fund." Those are words I never would have imagined hearing back in the "blows against the empire" era...

Posted on Mon Nov 19 00:49:51 CET 2001 from (

Steve L.

From: Chicago

I'm 99% sure I just saw RR on a preview clip for new holiday add campaign for The Gap, playing guitar to a Supertramp? song. Alanis M, and Macy Gray also make an appearance. RR always seems to be on the fringe of what's hip and cool..

Posted on Sun Nov 18 19:54:10 CET 2001 from (


From: land of the blues

Last night, sat the 17th,, @ B.B.KINGS in NYC,, Levon Helm along with Jimmy Vivino, mike merritt & james wormworth from jimmys CONAN band, Jerry Vivino,David Maxwell,Jon Paris, & from the Barn Burners, Chris O'Leary & Pat OShea, with eric warren sitting in,, played a 70th birthday for the great HUBERT SUMLIN !!!!!!!! legendary guitarist with Howlin Wolf,,,,

& then @ the end,, Ms SHEMEKIA COPELAND joined the fellas on stage & just burned it down,,,,

HUBERT had a great night of Blues, Friends & LOVE !!!!!! & most of all respect,,,

the packed house was on its feet many, many times to give HUBERT & the band their PROPS !!!!! i saw some good old friends from here,, thanks for joing us,, fun yes ?

be well everyone,, & enjoy your holidaze if ya celebrate them,,,

Give Thanks for our Freedoms,, & a blessing on our fighting men& women,,,

Posted on Sun Nov 18 18:10:29 CET 2001 from (

Bill Speight

From: Cold Spring, N.Y.

GREAT SHOW at BB Kings last night! Hubert Sumlin was great surrounded by Jimmy Vivino's band with Levon on drums. Truly an ALL STAR BAND! Besides other guests, Pat O'Shea and Chris O'Leary from the Barn Burners came out and stayed for the rest of the show. They were great. It was nice to see them on stage playing with these guys.Levon was playing like Levon-awesome. Saw Butch, said hi. I think he knew everyone in the audience or they knew him. Bill Speight

Posted on Sun Nov 18 17:45:20 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

From: Cameo Parkway Appreciation Society

I’d like to join with Crabgrass in promoting Chubby Checker for related artist status. If only “140 Hot Hits of the PCSRE” (as afficiandos call it) had included the immortal “Black Cloud” with it’s fine lyric:

There’s a black cloud hangin’ over my head

down to my last buck

with that old black cloud hanging over my head

there’s no such thing as good luck.

They don’t write them like that nowadays. At least we got “The Moon Struck One” though whether it was a hit, psychedelic, country, soul or rock is another question. The Applejacks (‘Have I The Right?’) are also worthy of mention, with their girl drummer /singer they beat The Carpenters to the punch. Back to Chubby - ‘Slow Twistin’ is a genuine classic. So over to you Canadians – did The Hawks ever cover any Chubby? We know that they both covered Twist and Shout. Was Chubby’s ‘Hey Bobba Needle’ inspired by ‘Hey Boba Lu’? Get those links coming in!

Posted on Sun Nov 18 16:20:06 CET 2001 from (

John Cass

From: VT

From some of the Garth's articles I have read it sounds like he has a collection of Band music that people wouldn't even beleive their ears if they heard. I can only imagine all the jam sessions that Garth had taped back in the day that today are in his personal collection. That suff must be priceless!! It's to bad Garth and Levon couldn't put out there own collection of unreleased Band music.. Breeze Hill should take notice on this untapped resource.

Posted on Sun Nov 18 16:07:16 CET 2001 from (


From: The Front Lawn

I have been trying to purchase "The 140 Hot Hits of the Psychedelic Country Soul Rock Era" on the net without success. Can anyone tell me where to find a copy? Chubby Checker was initially trained as an operatic singer and the thought of a compilation showcasing both he and Luciano Pavoratti on the same disc is intriguing. I'm hoping it will lead to a present day artistic pairing and tour of these two great talents and perhaps an MTV video featuring both singing and gyrating to "The Twist." Anyway, this compilation album is the most exciting thing I've seen mentioned in the GB for weeks!!

Posted on Sun Nov 18 12:12:53 CET 2001 from (


From: Suomi

Robbie' s solo albums, especially Native ones, are my heart music. If John Cass thinks that my heart music is average, I see it is the matter of opening your heart or not. Average is the measure of yang world and Native albums are so much yin music (forgive me using yin-yang, but I think they are saying it), that is why women generally relate to them more than men. Like Brown Eyed Girl said it is quite hard to understand that people don' t find the greatness in Robbie' s music. n\ Rock is so much male-oriented music- the street credibility means the thought world of 12-25 year old males- and some males seem to be stuck in that period of their lives forever. I don' t think any person here especially, but general attitude. n\ Ilkka: many thanks for your kind words (sen verran pelkään Joulupukkia, että yritän pysyä täällä ainakin Joulun yli!). Being here for a is a good mission.Oh yes Kent is a fine band, have you heard Soundtrack Of Our Lives?..I find 60' s like an old over-used magazine in some wooden, open-air WC (ulkovessassa). Even 50' s are more exciting!n\ Thank you Bob, I hope there will be uncloudy skies!

Posted on Sun Nov 18 11:50:43 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

I heard from three different directions that Band members never got copies of the remasters. Musicians are far worse treated than authors, who are contractually entitled to six free copies of any new edition. In practice, this isn’t that automatic, you usually have to remind them a few times, and with a couple of my books I’ve never managed to get copies of foreign editions, contract or not. This is corporate laziness and oversight in most cases. The job is delegated down the line to Ms I. Donna Givvashit who’s there from the agency for two days only and has to fill out forms and order it from the warehouse, and the warehouse can’t understand the word “gratis” and it invariably goes wrong. They never send out the contractual six, but either just one or in one case of mine twenty four (in four lots of six on successive days). Sometimes you get them plus an invoice for the retail price. I just bin this and never hear again. I would not assume a deliberate slight, but rather a shameful … and it is shameful … negligence on the part of those running the remaster project. Someone with authority at Capitol had to say, ‘And make sure the original artists (or their relatives) get copies of these things, and pre-release too.’ Wheels grind slowly, and with books most often your editor gives you a single copy personally from pre-publication stock, then three months later it gets published, then weeks or months after that the official gratis copies arrive from the warehouse. Warehouses never release stuff before the official date etc. Gratis copies are the lowest priority. I’d guess records are the same. But you have to be around and in contact to get slipped the pre-publication copy out of the marketing stock. The ‘advances’ are usually over-subscribed by promotion depts, and of course they give the originator one IF they’re about at the time. If they’re not in regular touch (and i.e. don’t know the editor or producer) they won’t be remembered and have to wait for the wheels to turn.

I can see where the companies don’t bother to send copies with every license arrangment for “140 Hot Hits of the Pyschedelic Country Soul Rock Era (that we could license cheap)- featuring Chubby Checker-The Band-Al Jolson- The Applejacks- Jesse Fuller-Pavarotti” but the remasters were a big deal. There should be on some computer a list of all those entitled to a royalty and this should generate an automatic gratis copy. Unless they’re not getting a royalty. It could also be that copies were in a long, slow pipeline. At the end, the offence would likely be ommission rather than commission, which is only marginally less hurtful.

Posted on Sun Nov 18 03:50:42 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

Hey Brooooooooown Eyed Girl- I think that what gives 4% Pantomime that great feel isn't so much the love between Richard and Van as much as the fact they're both well oiled - know what I mean? :-)

I have to work in N.Y.C. tomorrow - so I'm going in early with another guy and we're going to get as close to ground zero as we can - just to see it. It should be an interesting experience.

Posted on Sun Nov 18 02:47:24 CET 2001 from (


Ive got to agree with you Sam and Brown Eyed, I think Robbie frequently gets a bad rap, and I also think his current music is very good. Id hazard a guess that RR could have, should have, handled things a little differently that he did, but Ive always felt that by his nature he is a loner and not drawn towards having a lot of "buddies." On the other hand Levon clearly exageratted than extent the rest of the Band got "screwed" in the way of money. Also, strangly enough I was listing to Cohen when I opened up the GB this evening, his is an underrated lyricist but as a whole he voice and music composition will always have him at the 2cd, or 3rd, tier of the singer songwriter genre. Which still makes him considerably better than Kid Rock.

Posted on Sat Nov 17 22:45:06 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

FORGIVE ME EVERYONE......I somehow forgot to mention RICHARD MANUEL......MR. SOUL..........VAN'S CLOSE my last post.......There was a rumour that Richard and Van were to record together........I can't even put into amazing that recording would have been.......You can feel the love between the two on 4% PANTOMIME........

Here is a Dylan story......The day before the Dylan concert......I was supposed to hand in a report......well.......for some reason I'm not as organized this year as I usually the report wasn't ready to be handed in......I said to my Principal the day before the concert that I was going to see could I have the weekend to complete it.......She is in her early fifties......Her response........"You are going to see THE DYLAN from the sixties? Well.....if it's Dylan you're going to see again......O.K........hand the report in later".......Now.....I wonder if I had told her I was going to see the ROCK AND ROLL ANIMAL.......:-D

Did anyone see Garth and Maud and Mr. New York Cool (I still have that bet with I can't say his real name.....) honouring the work of Doc Pomus? I saw Maud in the chatroom say that she thought Mr. New York Cool was great.......I knew she was just as cool as Garth! I wish I could have been at this show to witness the magic of Garth and Maud!!!!!!......I was even willing to give up my Dylan ticket.....(Dylan was in Toronto the very next day).....if there was anyway possible to make it to NYC..........Garth was sooooooo missed at our Rick Danko celebration.....featuring the Crowmatix........One of the best nights I ever had at a club.....The friend who I was with is my only Band friend.....He also came with me to see The Barn Burners.......and the other friend who came......really didn't know The Band's music......and she's in her late thirties.........but she knew the music of.............

Posted on Sat Nov 17 21:26:33 CET 2001 from (


Oops, LEVON Philly, of course!! But, ROAD WARRIORS to meet, 11/24, at the PATTENBURG HOUSE for a super GURU show!! Join us at BOTH!!!!!

Posted on Sat Nov 17 21:19:47 CET 2001 from (

Dave the Phone Guy

From: Mono Lake

Charlie Hawker,,,,,,You got it figured right son.

Now just keep playin' the music and never stop.

Tell 'em "Hey, that's Rick singing on this one. Or, that's Richard singing there!"

Posted on Sat Nov 17 21:19:24 CET 2001 from (


The Leonard Cohen, I agree,indeed is surprisingly good..thanks for the tip..likewise Greg Brown ain't bad.

Bob, thanks for the reminder about the meteor shower tonight (Sunday morning: 4 to 6:00AM in the East).

Band related: I hope they get the Joyous Lake open and that the Barn Burners would do some pick up gigs there this Winter..It's been too long! I heard it was suppose to have opened by now but still it ain't.

Posted on Sat Nov 17 17:12:50 CET 2001 from (


From: Ruotsi

KALERVO's thread: Fossil hunters.
The most interesting decades of the last century were the 20's and the 60's. It is only natural that many of us old-timers find it nostalgic. However, there is new music which we can relate to. Anssi kela for sure, and on this side of the Aland Sea: LISA MISKOVSKY, KENT and the white rap artist PETTER. At the same time the youngsters I know search the roots of Irwin Goodman, "Badding" and Hurriganes (yes, with a 'g'). I envy you because of your knowledge about the new rock music. Your posts are very much needed here. Not least for the balance. (Jos lopetat, niin kerron Joulupukille.)

Posted on Sat Nov 17 16:35:40 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

John Cass = I couldn't help wondering about what you said about the Re-masters not getting sent to the members of The Band. That's too easy a way to put Robbie in a bad light (not that I think you were trying to do that). People will get the image of RR sitting at a big mahogany desk in L.A. saying "fuck those guys - let 'em go buy it". I don't know what the standard procedure is on something like that in the record buisness, but I'm sure that the guys would get whatever they wanted as far as copies of the CD's go. I mean, if Rhino records puts out a remaster of the Beau Brummels, do they try to get a copy to the members of that band?......I have this image of Levon opening his mail and getting a copy of the remastered Big Pink, and sailing it out of his kitchen window. I hope I'm wrong.

Donny Wallace - do you have any idea how many bands are suffering through the "injustice" of playing in small clubs? If they look at it that way, they're in the wrong buisness. Hey, maybe if you send Levon copies of the re-masters he'll take notice of your guys.

Posted on Sat Nov 17 15:46:41 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

KALERVO: I am here because of ROBBIE AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU too! mentioned me in the same sentence as Robbie.........I don't know if it gets any better than that...LOL......I also like how you have no interest in flaming anyone in the GUESTBOOK......and how you and other European posters are able to communicate in many languages!!

Although THE BAND brought us to this website........we are hungry for new music as well.......anyway.....Kalervo......we are in good company......Viney, Brennan, Powell, Godfrey, Dave Z, Brooke.........are also huuuuuuuge Robbie fans! If they have changed their minds......I'm sure they'll let us know.....;-D......Now.......having said that we are huuuuuge Robbie fans.......I think some of us really appreciate that Robbie is a true artist........creates according to his own muse.........

I still can't understand......but I do respect different musical someone can't appreciate Robbie's solo recordings............I especially like his Native influenced work........As soon as I put on the music.........The lyrics make me think...........The music reverberates throughout my body and then every once in awhile he will blow me away with his elegant guitar licks.......He is able to take me to higher places........Why is he able to rock my little world? Well........emotion oozes out of his pores.........I can FEEL what he is trying to communicate.........I can hear my older brother saying now how Jeff Beck should be my guitar hero and that Robbie is a wanna-be.......Well.....we're not children anymore......I make up my own mind.......I have been accused of being an independent thinker......So even if the whole Guestbook turns on Robbie........I will continue to blast his music in my home and turn my friends onto his work.........

Also.......whenever I ask colleagues and friends if they know the music of THE BAND.......I have to mention a lot of songs before it MIGHT ring a bell.......but......if I mention Robbie's solo work.........If they're Canadian.........Now......having given THANKS AND PRAISES to my guitar hero and one of my top five song writers..........that doesn't mean that I am not interested in what LEVON, GARTH AND RICK have to offer us.........They are brilliant musicians.........I have even paid import prices in Canadian dollars to have the solo recordings of LEVON and RICK.....and a Band buddy had offered to burn for me Garth's solo...............

PETER VINEY: I was able to download every song but the first one on the new LEONARD COHEN CD.....I think it's his best work yet! you by any chance have LIVE AID taped? I sat through three days of music and wouldn't go out anywhere because of all the great music that was being offered........I would love to have the music!......It's not available here on CD or video....:-((

DAVID POWELL: You seem like a true southern gentleman........from your posts and your email to me......I wish I could also hear you play music as well.......

For the DYLAN fans: Bob has used many pseudonyms......Blind Boy Grunt.....list five more.........

Posted on Sat Nov 17 11:21:05 CET 2001 from (

A young Dylanite

From: Spain

Hello, I'm spanish young dylanite and I want information about Bob Dylan, and The Band. Recently I read the TUIB essay of Chris Christopherson, and I'm very interested in this things. Sorry my bad english! If someone want to talk with me about Dylan or The Band (preferablely in spanish! :D), please, e-mail me. "My love, she speaks like silence..."

Posted on Sat Nov 17 08:08:36 CET 2001 from (


From: Rockville

Let's not break ties that bind. You know that I really love you darlin....

Posted on Sat Nov 17 06:16:44 CET 2001 from (

Charlie Hawker

From: San Francisco, California

Diamond Lil... what you said about your plant and Rick Danko really touched me.

I didn't know Rick Danko through anything other than the music, but to me when he died it was really hard. There have been other people who have died that I admire very much, but for some reason every time I think about the fact that Rick Danko is gone, it still really makes me sad.

But on the other hand I was listening to "Unfaithful Servant" the other morning on my way to work. It had just stopped raining and it was so beautiful outside and it struck me that people really do live on through their music. I am so thankful that we have those recordings.

The first time I really listened to Big Pink was crouched over my Uncles record player with a stack of his old records, I was about twelve or thirteen, Richard Manuel was already gone and it changed my life. I just know that someday, when I have kids, they will be able to hear these beautiful songs, although when they are young they will probably think they aren't cool!! But someday they will realize it, just like I did... and that is not sad at all.

Posted on Sat Nov 17 01:37:36 CET 2001 from (

John D

From: Toronto

Had a very wonderful day today. Started off the morning interviewing the legendary Odetta by phone; who will be in Toronto this week-end. By mid-afternoon I was chatting on the phone to Kelly Joe Phelps who blows me away. He'll be her Wednesday night. Finished off the afternoon with a live interview at the MUCH Music studios with Tony Bennett. Doesn't get much better. Well maybe it does if I could chat live with Richard and Rick again and Levon was singing to high heaven.

Posted on Fri Nov 16 22:52:11 CET 2001 from (


Levon in Philly? Of course the ROAD WARRIORS will be there!!!!

Posted on Fri Nov 16 19:42:42 CET 2001 from (


I forgot- It's sad that Drive-Bys have to worry about enough money for gas to get to shows when they are about the best live band out. I understand that after they opened for BR7-49 the crowd was calling for them to come back. They might play too loud material for you but they can play the more Band type stuff. I don't get though why their live sound doesn't fully translate to the albums. That's why Mr. Helm I think you need to help them produce their definative 4 star work about the South. Since of course they write all about the South just like you and even did a story at the start of one of their songs about the Civil War. It's a shame that some bad Gen Y rock bands get live shows on MTV and drive-by truckers get nothing.

Posted on Fri Nov 16 18:49:21 CET 2001 from (

Donny Wallace

From: Navasota TX

Mr. Helm- (read bottom part in caps) Can you please help out or get on the best live band I have seen in a long, long time- hell maybe ever. I say this because it is such an injustice that they played at a small bar for 25 people. The Drive-by Truckers can play all styles of country rock including a 4 star version of the Band- Late For Church. But tonight they were playing their tribute to the best parts only of Southern Rock including Hatchet and Skynard. If you are lucky they even do just the best part of the Twin Guitar attack. I mean any band that names their release Betamax Gillotine deserves a lot better. They need to be at key spots on festivals. And Too Little Jesus has cool words. I WISH YOU COULD PRODUCE THEIR NEXT RECORDING AND GET A 4 STAR WORK OUT OF THEM. I'M THINKING MAYBE WITH MORE QUIET STUFF INBETWEEN THE LOUD. Maybe more Band-like instruments maybe a guest appearance. BUT THESE GUYS HAVE THE TALENT OF A 4 STAR BAND AND ARE 4 STAR PLUS LIVE BUT THEY NEED SOMEONE LIKE YOU MR. HELM TO BUILD ON THEIR RECORDINGS SO IT BETTER REFLECTS THEIR 4 STAR QUALITIES AND MAYBE PLUG THEM. JUST LISTEN TO LATE FOR CHURCH- YOU WON'T BE SORRY. IF THE BAND WAS TO JAM WITH THEM LIVE ON LATE FOR CHURCH YOU COULD ADD ACORDIAN AND MANDOLIN OR SOMETHING BAND.

Posted on Fri Nov 16 18:45:35 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA
Web page

Please check out the website posted above for details on an incredible show. And it's free !!

Posted on Fri Nov 16 18:29:07 CET 2001 from (


From: Iowa

Bashful Bill: Poco definitely didn't get the respect they deserved. I do like The Eagles but they get a little TOO much. I prefer the early material to the latter stuff. Poco had very talented musicians too. I do love Crazy Eyes (the song) but the best studio album has to be A Good Feelin' To Know, closely followed by Pickin' Up The Pieces. Great music. I only hope that Sony/Epic will re-issue all of these albums in digitally remastered form with bonus tracks. I am always a fan of outtakes, alternate mixes, etc...All of this talk about Macca and Poco over the last few days has gotten me to dig up the old Poco stuff and listen. Great stuff. Peace.


Posted on Fri Nov 16 17:58:52 CET 2001 from (

John Cass

From: VT

My opinion on why no one really talks about Robbie's new stuff Kalervo is that its not that good (in my opinion) Robbie never performs live anymore I have read where Robbie has said that going out performing really dosen't excite him anymore, which is fine because it is his choice. Robbie seems to have chosen Soundtrack work for movies and isn't he into finding new talent for some record company?? His solo stuff is average at best. I think if you compare Vans work with Robbie's stuff since he left the Band there is no comparision, Van maybe hasen't put out his greatest work in the last 10 years but I feel even his OK stuff blows Robbie's albums away. Van is still out there performing giving his fans his music by letting them see him in concert still. Levon, Garth, Rick (when he was alive) Crowmatix, and Gurus still continue to give all us Band fans great music in the "Band" style. They keep the Band alive even though there will never be the Band ever again. I apprecate the fact that Robbie has worked to get the Bands albums remastered and the new Box set that supposed to be released soon. I will buy them but not for any reason other than that I love the Band's music. I feel Robbie has some motives more for his benefit. I seen this statement printed before from Levon that the releases will be "just another screwin" for the rest of the members, I heard that the other members weren't even sent copys of the remasters! if that is true thats a sad, sad, way to treat Levon, Garth, Rick & Richards families.

even a Robbie fan can't deny that.

Posted on Fri Nov 16 17:24:53 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Some nice CD recs scrolling past... thanks... but I'm frustrated about not being able to follow the links... and buy it all... now... also just finished some other math... 325 flight... 65 or so rental car... 70 or so motel a night... and 200+ for dinner... and drinks for any GBers I'd meet... I hate math sometimes... but I'm still eyeing some concert dates... and I think I've found some work (hope I didn't just jinx myself)... maybe I'll do the math again later... cause I'm like a sailor that's needs some... Crowmatix or Gurus... too many lonely nights with just CDs... OK, enuff procrastinating... back to work... I'm reading a cool book (Stop Stealing Sheep)... got Sea on in the background right now... along with the sounds of a couple of kids in the bathtub cleaning up paint mixed with shaving cream... and I just found a music quote (reason for posting)... "The best part about playing the piano is that you don't have to lug around a saxophone." - Gerry Mulligan... I guess it helps to have raindeers?... and as my boy says, that's poo poo pee pea cookie cookie talk Daddie...

Posted on Fri Nov 16 15:59:57 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: here

There's a pretty neat McCartney/Harrison bit that I always thought was kinda cool. The last verse of "All My Loving" - this was in the days of four-tack recording, so they had to make more use of the "takes". John plays a double-time kind of rhythm guitar part (a "mean" guitar as he described it) which apparently demanded his full attention, and must have been recorded along with the vocal track - so when it came time to sing harmony on the last verse, which would normally be John's job, 'ol George stepped in and sang it with Macca..........According to the website I check everyday, George has responed real well to the latest treatment. I hope it's true and not a diversion for the media.

Phil Spector just got nailed to the tune of almost three-million bucks. He was found guilty of screwing the Ronettes out of this money back in the early 60's. Now he has to give up a wall of money.

Posted on Fri Nov 16 15:05:18 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Brown Eyed Girl: Every track on Leonard’s “Ten New songs” is worth it. On the Marley remasters, I know what you mean. I think the “Catch a Fire” one is worth it for bonus material (trhe special edition 2 CD set in matching format to the Marvin Gaye ‘What’s Going On’ and ‘Let’s Get It On’ sets). What worries me is that feedback in the perfect live song, ‘No Woman No Cry’ from the Lyceum. On one greatest hits set thay almost eradicated it entirely – it’s back (thank goodness) on the remastered Live set. The feedback is part of the song. It has to there.

David P is correct in saying that the Band had more soul, R&B and gospel than country in the mix, and ‘country rock’ was a misnomer (which is why I said – Ahem – country rock…) but the more I listen to the others listed (Dead, Burritos, Poco, Byyrds … add Pure Prairie League) they really did adjust the drums to what they thought the sound should be – Levon was always Levon, which is why The Band’s drum sound always had the definite edge over the others, and to be fair, Levon is a better drummer than the rest too. I’ve seen drummers as good as Levon, though different in style, but never seen one better.

The many Barney Hoskyns fans here will be waiting to get the latest “Mojo” where he dissects ‘Astral Weeks.’ Excellent article, though there’s a shakey start where he mentions surprise that Van played no Astral Weeks material at Bishopstock this summer. It’s a bit like mentioning with surprise that the 1990s Band had dropped ‘Little Birdies’ from its repetoire.

Posted on Fri Nov 16 14:38:40 CET 2001 from (


From: Calcutta, where its getting so cold now.......

Dr. Pepper : I believe I downloaded the Proud Mary track you were talking about through Morpheus just about a couple of days back. I never knew that the performance had such a great history behind it. CCR was one great group : Proud Mary, Down on the Corner, Fortunate Son and so many others.

BEG : Thanx for the lyrics !! I sent it to a girl I know and she loved it. There's hope for me yet. ;-)

Listening to 'Heart of Gold' by Neil Young. Too bad Mr. Viney, that your wife don't like Neil's voice, I think you could hit the road again in your car and put on that car player.

Posted on Fri Nov 16 14:34:38 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA

Levon back in Philly on January 5. We were due some good news. That's a Saturday night and a good opportunity for some GBers to get together. Let's have a party. Lord knows we could use one. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Posted on Fri Nov 16 14:32:32 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

Dr. Pepper: I have the Taj Mahal, Fogerty, Harrison, and Dylan version of Proud Mary you are talking about. ( I think). I downloaded it from Limewire under the bootleg title of 'Silver Wilburys'. You may be able to find it that way.

Posted on Fri Nov 16 12:29:46 CET 2001 from (


From: Suomi

Thank you Brown Eyed Girl...For Greg Brown lyrics...Oh yes although I am just as old as anyone else here, I am not so much interested in fossil hunting. Its not an ego trip but I am just a bit tired of same old names. I am here mostly because of Robbie and people like you. The Band is my all time favorite group, but it is still history, although glorious.Generally I am much more interested in fresh music than the heroes of my early adulthood.

Oh yes if we want to keep it in the family we can switch from Stephen to Chris Stills, from Loudon to Rufus Wainwright, from Bob to Jakob, from Martin to Eliza Carthy etc!

I understand Robbie that he may not be over-enthusiastic to tell a thousand time about his Band times...Why so few seem to be interested in his current projects? Robbie is a creator of music as other members are/were more of musicians..and the creators can' t look back all the time or they become the repeaters (like Van seems to be these days).

Posted on Fri Nov 16 12:27:41 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

I am a notorious plant killer. Past casulaties have included a cactus and a fern (I mean geez... who kills cactuses (cacti?) and ferns??). Friends that have given me plants over the years usually first ask "Are you going to kill it?" It's given me somewhat of a complex.
Anyhow.. a friend gave me a beautiful plant several weeks ago (I think he said it's called "Jacob's Ladder"..or something like that..) and since following his advice to 'not look at it and not talk to it''s actually thriving! I mention this because next to it is a photo of Rick..and this morning I noticed that the leaves of the plant have kind of wrapped themselves around the photo. I'd like to think that perhaps Rick is singing to it while I'm sleeping. A small, but nice reminder that life, does indeed go on.

Have a good Friday everyone. Hug Jan.

Posted on Fri Nov 16 11:24:41 CET 2001 from (


Slick Willie has a LOT to be proud of; impeachment, disbarment, Hugh and Roger. What a bunch of grifters! Read the Starr Report, if you have the stomach, real class act. Since he hit the scene, the draft-dodger, 'didn't inhaler' has been involved in serial-non-consentual grab-ass and then, uses the 'slut and nuts' defense everytime. Pardons for cash and stealing White House property for Chappaqua ice the cake. You're free to admire him. Go for it. Like the man says, "no counting for taste."

Posted on Thu Nov 15 23:52:30 CET 2001 from (

Dr Pepper

From: Marshall Street

With all the gabbbing about Bob & George, I thought I'd throw this into the fire. Late 70's LA: Taj Majal with Jesse Ed Davis and some others from Faces. Who shows up in the audience and winds up playing with the bunch? Bob Dylan, George Harrison, and John Fogerty. Harrison sings "Watching the River Flow" and Dylan and Harrison ask Fogerty to do "Proud Mary" which he had always refused to do because of inner turmoil with the suits and former members from CCR. Of course he did it. VERY cool video...I wish the quality was better. I sent Rick a copy of this and he LOVED it. Who knows where it is now? UGH!

Posted on Thu Nov 15 22:57:35 CET 2001 from (


From: Roswell, Ga

Great response on my offer, please, this is not a trade, nor swap not anything, just my pleasure. Please also make sure you enclose the correct postage, the correct address and correct envelope as a return , since I do not know what postage should used in return.

Posted on Thu Nov 15 21:54:59 CET 2001 from (


From: PA

Charlie Young, how much control does the President have over the economy? The economy moves in cycles. Clinton just happened to take office while the economy was returning to prosperity, and the economy began to recede again just before Clinton left the Whitehouse. Don't blame the Bushes. George W. did not create the war were in now. His father could've kept us out of the Gulf War, but this is a totally different war were in now. If somebody comes over to America and tries to destroy our power and freedom by killing 5000 innocent people, then we must retaliate. I think President Bush is handling the situation very well. It's ironic that I voted for Gore last year, but right now I'm a big Bush fan.

Posted on Thu Nov 15 20:55:26 CET 2001 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa,N.Y.

Glad to see Poco gettting mentioned, they were a great band in their day, nevere got the respect they deserved, while The Eagles got more than they deserved. I, too, always found it ironic that the 2 best bassplayers for Poco were lured away by The Eagles. I only saw Poco once, when they opened up for the Stills/Young Band back in 76,77?, and it turned out to be one of those shows where the opening act was better than the headliner(if I remember correctly, Stills &Young didn't even finish that tour before having one of their famous disagreements and one of them quit, while the other finished up the dates solo).Poco had a couple radio hits in 78&79, and played those No Nukes concerts. I like The Eagles, and all the various CSNY configurations, but Poco was a great band who never got their due, and I think the album Crazy Eyes is a near masterpiece. They released an excellent compilation album about 10 years ago, titled The Forgotten Trail, and they also got the cover story in Goldmine a couple issues ago. Seems they are still out there hustling in the clubs, as so many classic rockers do, with a couple original members and a couple of the fairly early members.

Posted on Thu Nov 15 20:16:40 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Beginning in the mid to late '60s, the so-called "country rock" groups based in California (Byrds, Springfield, Poco, Eagles, etc.) seemed to be trying to blend a country sound with Beatles-like pop harmonies. At the same time many were wrongly, I feel, ascribing the same "country rock" label to the sound of The Band. The Band's vocal harmonies, however, were a more soulful blend of country gospel and R&B, more "blue notes" in the sound.

Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman experimented with a more soulful blend of R&B and country patterned after the Bakersfield honkytonk sound with the original Flying Burrito Bros. Mr. Parsons later produced his best work when he hooked up with Emmylou Harris to record songs based on the classic male/female, hard-core country duet formula perfected by Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn, George Jones & Tammy Wynette and others.

It's interesting to note that those Bakersfield honkytonk pioneers, Buck Owens & the Buckaroos, were fans of both the Beatles and The Band, their label-mates on Capitol.

Posted on Thu Nov 15 19:57:30 CET 2001 from (


From: ann arbor, mi

May have said it before - but that Sun Records tribute is great. McCartney proves he can still rock with Scotty and DJ. Mystery Train - Chrissie Hynde(?) and Jeff Beck - not up to the standard set by Levon & the Boys - but Jeff Beck is great as always. Bob Dylan - fantastic - many others as well. " I look at the world, and I notice it's turning..." Another great Harrison/McCartney collaboration. Great bass, great vocal - great piano (McCartney), great lead (Slowhand), great song. The acoustic version might be the best outake on the Anthology series.

Posted on Thu Nov 15 18:54:09 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

Charlie Young: Ouch! So you blame this war on Bush? So are you saying that if Clinton was still in office, the terrorists would have found him acceptable and therefore NOT attacked on 9/11? Would we want a President so acceptable to these people? Or are you saying that we would not now be at war because were Clinton still President, he would have done nothing effective against Al-Quaeda in the same manner as he did nothing to deter them in eight years of his Presidency. Hmmm. Also, I agree that 1994-1999 were highly prosperous for the U.S., but whether Clinton deserves credit for this is wide open to debate. In terms of the deficit, would you prefer Bush NOT to aid NYC and affected segments of society for the sake of a balanced budget? Increased government spending is the traditional response to recessions. I really don't want to get into another Clinton-inspired thread and I didn't read the post you are responding to in depth, but....I disagree with your inferences on Bush and the economy.

Posted on Thu Nov 15 18:49:29 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

I just purchased the BB King Here and There cd with Robbie producing and playing on the King Of Comedy track. It sounds really good to me, the whole thing. It king of jazzy in places and BB's playing is wonderful.

The notes say that Robbie plays piano on his track, which is hard to believe since the piano playing really stands out and I can't remember Robbie playing like that before. I wish they would release that whole soundtrack. "Between Trains" would be great to have on cd.

Posted on Thu Nov 15 17:28:02 CET 2001 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginna

With all the talk about Dylan and McCartney here lately, I just had to buy the new Sun Records tribute album, GOOD ROCKIN' TONIGHT, featuring Bob singing "Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache" and Paul performing "That's All Right." Van Morrison and Eric Clapton are on the disc as well.

Another new collection that fans of The Band might like is the second volume of the I-10 CHRONICLES. This new roots-rock anthology includes Steve Forbert (who I once caught as opening act for Dylan) singing Bob's own "Watching the River Flow," Bobby Bare, Jr. performing Neil Young's "Sugar Mountain," and a group including Adam Duritz and Dave Immergluck interpreting John Hiatt's great song, "Crossing Muddy Waters." John Hammond, Chris Hillman and Herb Pederson are among the other great performers who pop-up on the CD.

One final non-musical note to the guy who posted a totally un-musical message here, simply stating that former U.S. president Bill Clinton would be remembered as "a fly speck in history." I suggest that he read the new book by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Haynes Johnson, THE BEST OF TIMES: AMERICA IN THE CLINTON YEARS, which tells the tale of a guy who came from a poor, broken home in Arkansas, became a Rhodes Scholar, and eventually helped his country to eight years of peace and unprecedented prosperity, erasing much of the huge debt built up by years of "Reaganomics" (a debt now already well on its way to being rebuilt). Overall, I think I would prefer the "fly speck" era to another Bush experience of more war and more recession. Now back to the music...

Posted on Thu Nov 15 15:44:52 CET 2001 from (


From: Iowa

Sam: I forgot to add that it's VERY ironic about "Medecine Jar". But that's such a great song though, in my opinion. It's been so long since I've put on Venus And Mars that I'll go do that now! I also think that Joe English was a great drummer too. Much more than just a time keeper. He also seems to have the ability to play more than just one style of music. On another note, London Town and Back To The Egg are better than many give credit for. But after three hugely successful studio albums and one hell of a live album, well...where do you go? I think Back to The Egg was unfairly lambasted. Mind you, it's not Band On The Run, Venus and Mars, Speed Of Sound, inset your fave but it was a solid effort. Enough ranting there :)

Peter V: Sounds like you're enjoying the box set. On Workingman's Dead and American Beauty, they do have that type of drum sound. A also detect a big CSN&Y influence too, along with The Byrds. I especially enjoy Phil Lesh's bass sound on those albums. seems like The Dead were taking musical cues from others. And it paid off with two great albums. I don't know which of those 2 albums I like more. They are both good.

Posted on Thu Nov 15 15:30:08 CET 2001 from (


From: Iowa

Bayou Sam: That's a shame about Jimmy. I think he was an important part of Wings when he was with the band. A musician who could play any style that Paul came up with. I also feel that Jimmy and Denny Laine worked quite well together, a great guitar team. No showing off, just meshing together. I may have to go get Paul's new cd. Don't worry about The Beatles stuff. There are Beatles/Band connections so, I say that it's cool.

Calvin and H Evans: Nice to see that others remember Poco. I still love the era from 1969-1974, when they were on Epic Records. Remember that Poco came from the ashes of Buffalo Springfield too (Furay and Messina), while Stills and Young went onto, well we all know what those guys did :) Yes, Poco are very underrated! And The Eagles did cash in on the trail blazed by The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Poco, and The Flying Burrito Bros. Also, Poco's original bass player Randy Meisner was The Eagles' original bass player. And when Randy left in 1977, who replaced him? Tim Schmitt did. Ironically, Tim replaced Randy in Poco years earlier! if you love Poco, you can't go wrong with Buffalo Springfield. Especially their 2nd album "Buffalo Springfield Again" with songs such as Bluebird, Rock And Roll Woman and Mr. Soul. Killer album. Underrated as well. Peace.


Posted on Thu Nov 15 13:49:10 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

Just back from New York City. Very chiiling not to see the twin towers there. On the Harrison thread, I've been appreciating in recent months just how prevalent his BACKING vocals are on the Beatles albums, moreso even than Lennons. I never realized just how much he makes the Beatles dsound like the Beatles, especially as he recreates the sound with his voice on Free as a Bird and Real Love.

Posted on Thu Nov 15 12:18:27 CET 2001 from (

h evans

Calvin, couldn't agree more with you about your Poco comments. They are in my humble opinion, one of the most underrated bands of all time. The Eagles may have gotten the success, but they followed the trail blazed by Poco and the Flying Burrito Brothers. Even though I love all thinga Poco, my favorite stuff is when Richie Furay was in the band. About 8 months ago, I had some contact with Richie, and he gave me a copy of "In My Father's House". Great stuff! The music is pure Poco. If you haven't heard it, I highly recommend it.

Posted on Thu Nov 15 07:13:10 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown


I can't say don't go but I can't say go
I can't say stay we both know
we both know you're going and we both know why
but I can't say don't go I can't say goodbye

I can't say hold me I wish I could
I'm feeling so cold and you're looking so good
but it ain't to be you got a good man
ok God we're gonna follow your plan

I can't say come to me but I can't say leave
one thing I can say I can say believe
believe I'll love you until the end
long as I'm living you got a REAL GOOD FRIEND

I can't say I'm happy but I ain't too blue
I know I'm lucky to have a friend like you
we'll share some laughter on that you can depend
long as I'm living you got a REAL GOOD FRIEND

I just can't get this song out of my head these days.......

LEONARD COHEN'S son......ADAM COHEN.......sings beautifully........(could Leonard be inspired these days by his son's singing?) and has the courage to show his vulnerability and empathy towards others.......OPHELIA......I saw him on Pamela Wallin's show........He said the reason for the AMAZING CRYSTAL CLEAR sound from his guitar was due to the guitar being made of Brazilian Rosewood.........

PETER: For some reason I haven't had the interest to purchase the Marley Remasters.......Am I making a huuuuuge mistake? If the Remasters provided many many alternate retakes and unreleased material.....perhaps.......but I have all his original recordings and a cool "collaboration" with of my fave rappers.......street poet extraordinaire when he is singing from his heart like KEEP YA HEAD UP and DEAR MAMA.......STREET INSPIRATION......Anyway......I'm not so sure the Remasters are the real ting mon!......I don't know if it's always a great idea to tamper with GREATNESS.....After all......Bob always said that he never wrote a song in his life......All the songs came from his inspiration......Jah Rastafari.....I think Jah replaced the father he only met once.....The white Englishman who had to leave Jamaica because of good old RACISM since his mother Cedella was a very young Black woman at the time.......Marley figured out very quickly how RACISM DISTORTS ALL SOCIAL RELATIONS........As far as Bob's "religion" or way of life.....I can now hear Lennon's........WELL IF IT GETS YOU THROUGH THE NIGHT.....ALL RIGHT........

Today some of my students wrote a HAIKU for the CRABSTER after we sang Marley's WORK.....




Posted on Thu Nov 15 06:41:56 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: you know

Tommy = I will get Macca's new one - being the Beatles fan that I am, it's an automatic purchase. I thought Paul had that "hungry" feel on his last CD, Run Devil Run - from your review it sounds like that feel has carried on to this new one. Excellent.

Twlight = isn't that version of "It Don't Come Easy" with George singing very cool to hear?.....John was very detached from the band at the end - in fact, the last tune that was worked on by The Beatles was "I, Me Mine" which has no Lennon participation on it. According to the Beatles Recordings book I have, the last recording done by a Beatle on a Beatles song was Ringo's drum track on that tune. (this is not counting the "Free as a Bird" stuff). Speaking of Free as a Bird, and George, one of the things that I heard in those two Lennon tunes that the did for the Anthology was how George seemed to sort of rise to the task of filling in the void a little bit for the missing John - not that he replaced John, but he sort of became more of a presence. If you listen to "Free as...." , and "Real Love", you can hear George's mark very strongly on the two. I can listen to his lead on "Real Love" forever.

Steve Knowlton = it's funny that you mention the "Beatles Reverb". I remember when the Beatles CD's first came out in the original British form, and sound. I was struck by how much Capitol added reverb to some tunes. The most stark example was "I Feel Fine".

Mike = I've got a boot somewhere of wings doing a studio version of "Soily"........ Jimmy McCulloch was found dead of an overdose. I remember a horrible photo of him sitting up in a chair dead. It's a damn shame - he was a really good player. It's ironic that he sang that great tune on Venus and Mars called "Medicine Jar" (" get on your feet, you won't get far, if you keep on stickin' your hand [head?] in a medicine jar").

Sorry about all the Bealtles stuff Band fans - I can go on about The Beatles all night (and well into the next day).

Posted on Thu Nov 15 06:27:41 CET 2001 from (


The remastered Byrds CDs sound excellent to my ear, Ive always felt the Sweethearts of the Rodeo was an incredible album by a group that was only together a few months. Gram Parson solo albums would fine a buyer here if the were remastered, a few of the earliest Flying Burrito Brothers and Fairport COnvention as well. But from the first 8 Poco album are the ones I'd go out and but the day of their release, Ive mentioned them before here, but am I the only one here that listens to their early incarnation?

Posted on Thu Nov 15 05:30:51 CET 2001 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland TX

I think solo Paul McCartney, dispite flashes of the old brillence, is pretty bad. I recently discovered the "Back To The Egg" album, however, and it is really one of the better ones I think, dispite having a lousy rep. Not the Beatles, but no really gag me moments either. And you get the McCartney Christmas songs as a bonus on the CD. I think "Stars And Bars", and "On The Beach" were once available on import. I've never seen ReActor Though(I don't think he likes it) and the excellent all live one(Jouney Through the Past?, I'm getting old, can't remember) available.

Posted on Thu Nov 15 02:02:19 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

Peter Viney: When I listened to Leonard Cohen's ALEXANDRA LEAVING......You were absolutely right....but then again.....we have similar musical tastes.......except for Paul Simon.....;-DD.......He is not only back on the music scene.......but I think he sounds better than ever......more soulful.......perhaps it helps that there is another singer that balances his voice? His voice never resonated with I was pleasantly surprised......Is the rest of the recording similar to this song........because I find the song very emotional......Wouldn't he be amazing to just sit down and my Caribbean friends would say........THANK YOU for sharing Peter.

Also, I could never get a handle on his novel BEAUTIFUL LOSERS (1966)......Since I'll be another year older next month...........I'll try again......Ha, Ha.....Last year for my birthday a friend gave me another novel of his......THE FAVOURITE GAME......and he spelled FAVOURITE CORRECTLY!!!!!!

GREG BROWN.....DEEP TRADEMARK VOICE THAT SOUNDS AS IF HE SWALLOWED A DISTANT THUNDERSTORM......(Boulder Weekly) Now how could you not check out this artist? When I first heard.....REAL GOOD FRIEND......(COVENANT 2000) I thought I was listening to Gil Scott-Heron's voice.....Also, the lyrics and guitar licks in this song......articulate the beauty of friendship and the changing nature of it.....still friends.....but different now............for me.......WE BOTH KNOW YOU'RE GOING......AND WE BOTH KNOW WHY......I CAN'T SAY GOOD BYE.....I CAN'T SAY HOLD ME.....I WISH I COULD........I CAN'T SAY COME TO ME......BUT I CAN'T SAY LEAVE......ONE THING I CAN SAY.......I CAN STILL BELIEVE I LOVE YOU......UNTIL THE END......AS LONG AS I'M LIVING......YOU'VE GOT A REAL GOOD FRIEND........

Also......Ani DiFranco considers him a friend and sings his song LORD I HAVE MADE YOU A PLACE IN MY HEART......(THE POET GAME 1994) Of course......I think of something else here in place of a God........For those of you who will be seeing Greg Brown and Ritchie Havens (also does a cover of JUST LIKE A WOMAN....but speaks openly about the difficulties women and men experience trying to communicate with each other before he actually begins the song) together for New Year's Eve........Great way to start the New Year!

Posted on Thu Nov 15 01:25:14 CET 2001 from (


Web page

Looks like MFSL is coming back. Hit the Web Page link (

Posted on Wed Nov 14 23:10:57 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

It’s all in the drumming … getting into the remastered ‘Workingman’s Dead’ and ‘American Beauty’ but I’m struck by how ‘feeble’ the twin percussion efforts of Kreutzmann and Hart sound. Like The Byrds and Burrittos, the Dead seemed to feel irt necessary to play ‘ticky-ticky’ on the upper levels of the drum kit when approaching (ahem) “Country rock”. It drove me straight back to Big Pink and made me realize how Levon never felt the same constraint. Levon’s drumming (and drum sound) is in a completely different class, and a major reason why The Band’s Americana sounds richer and fuller than any of their emulators. (Full marks to Phil Lesh though – they really left the bottom end to him).

Posted on Wed Nov 14 23:01:24 CET 2001 from (

......THIS POST IS FOR THE YEAR 2016......

From: Norbert in A' damn (Mulligans?)......missed Woodstock (damn)......wasn't at TLW concert like Jeff and Rollie (damn)............

Today (14 November year 2001)......I bought a keyboard......
****61 professional keys, 2.5 + 2.5 Watt, digital display, including 3 songbooks****......****for only****......**** $99.-****

I gave it the 5 year old son of my brother, to uncover any musical talents......

Lars now in the year 2016 you must be 20...... are ya a Garth Hudson?......come close?......
no?......playstation2 was cooler?......well......lets put on another Brown Eyed Girl mix cd and drink another beer, no offence......(damn!)......

ps.I: has anyone the weight in keyboard numbers?......(or is that too hard for a 5 year old?)
ps.II: latest news......he enjoys and makes a lot of noise!......they just put a headphone on his little head......

Posted on Wed Nov 14 22:29:25 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

Tommy: I'd be hard pressed to pass up on McCartney"s Driving Rain after that ringing endorsement. Peter V, Wings Over America is still available over here as a 2 cd set. That release and Band On The Run are easily my two favorites. I also love "Mull Of Kintyre" (sp?).

One of my all-time favorite concert moments came when Robbie, Clapton and Paul went on stage at the Hall Of Fame a couple of years ago for an impromptu version of "Blue Suede Shoes".

Posted on Wed Nov 14 22:16:51 CET 2001 from (

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, I have been thinking of ways to share with others.. I will offer anyone a copy of The Complete Last Waltz, along with some live Dylan from 1963 and some assorted Band stuff on CD in MP3 form. Technology makes this more than doable on one CD, but you need either a computer, DVD Player that plays MP3's or a Rio player to listen to. If anyone is interested, email me and I will give you my address where you need to send me 2 Blank CD R's and a return address where to return back to you. What a better way to be able to share the time of the year then with others who feel the power of music.

Posted on Wed Nov 14 22:15:57 CET 2001 from (


From: Pearl River NY

Great, Great show from Jim Weider and the Honky Tonk Gurus on Friday night at the Turning Point. They played songs from the new cd, some songs from Big Foot and some Band favorites. The songs from the new cd are winners they stood up to the Big Foot tunes and the Band tunes. Nice to hear honest to goodness Rock and Roll, Jim and the Boys kicked. I agree with Rick S, Jim and the Gurus really are fan friendly. Good to know that someone of Jim's stature would take a few minutes to talk to a fan (namely me). I would have been awe struck but Jim was about as regular as they get.

Posted on Wed Nov 14 22:02:56 CET 2001 from (

Steve H

From: Maryland

For Tony: no one has mentioned Robbie's instrumental version of "Out of the Blue" which was on the "Any Given Sunday" soundtrack vol. 2. It's very pretty, seems to be Robbie on overdubbed guitars, I don't have info on who played what.

Posted on Wed Nov 14 17:34:35 CET 2001 from (


I really appreciate all the Garth goodies lately. Garth is so honest about the relationship he has with Maud. It is a wonderful thing to know that his muse is an equal partner in creative pursuits. My husband just watched "The Band Classic Album" for the first time. I finally got my own copy!! He was totally blown away by Garth...he didn't see anything, but GARTH! He really freaked on the part where Garth uses both feet and create all these fantastic sounds. It feels good to have someone you care about feel the magic you feel. I'll be wishing on a star every night that Garth will do many shows in the upcoming months. And Levon too!! After seeing the video, I think my husband will be very willing to drive the 800+ miles to NY.

I hope ya'll are enjoying the autumn season and the many beautiful colors. As someone said before...Autumn is the perfect backdrop for The Band's music.

Posted on Wed Nov 14 16:49:38 CET 2001 from (


i just got back from last night's DYLAN show,, in syracuse ny,,,, WATTA SHOW !!!!!!!!!!

two hours plus,,, of great classics & new tunes from Love & Theft !!!

bob's band is the best touring band ( with little feat ) out there, now !!!!!!!!!!!

from Spanish Boots to Tweedle Dee-Tweedle Dum bob & his band were right on it !!!!!!!!!!

Larry Campbell played about 7 different instruments, Tony Garnier plays the best bass out there,, what a touch he has,,, charley sexton ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!! & bob is bob,,, simply the best, & the greatest,,,

see these shows if ya can,,,,,,ya wont be sorry,,,,,,,,,

i cant wait for the MSG show,,,,,,,,,,

Posted on Wed Nov 14 16:25:05 CET 2001 from (


From: Iowa

Tommy: You lucky dog! I'd love to see Oysterhead. Tell me, how was Stewart? Stewart is one of my fave drummers. Just watching him on video is mesmerizing. Those fills he plays with one! Have you listened to the Police set yet? If so, what do you think? I'm just curious.

Peter V. : I've seen that Rumours DVD. If I only had a DVD player. I need to get moving don't I? I purchaed the Grateful Dead box set myself. An excellent job all around. Of course, it can't capture the warmth that vinyl had but the cd's sound clear as a bell! I just feel that Fleetwood Mac's catalog from 1970-1988 sounds flat and dull on cd. I think that remastering them, adding outtakes, b-sides, line rnotes, etc...would do them justice. After all, the Peter Green era albums (except for Then Play On) have been remastered with bonus tracks galore! Plus, there have been 2 double disc sets of outtakes, jams, etc from that era. And even a 3 disc live box set from early 1970 when Greenie was in the band. Fans of the Peter Green era have been spoiled. Wishful thinking I guess :) If I only had a few Mac boots...

Bayou Sam: At one time, Wings Over America was available in the US in cd. Capitol deleted it! Why, I don't know. It's still available as a UK import or Japanese import. I lost my copy a few years ago and just happened to find one on Saturday. Yes, that's a great set isn't it?! Paul (and the whole band) are really into the show! After listening to the cd's, I wonder what was left OFF of the album. I've often wondered if Junior's Farm was in the live set at that time. That'd have been a killer tune "live". That was a hit single and but it's practically forgottten except for hard core Macca fans. A rocking tune that would have sounded great on WOA, along with Soily (another great one). Too bad songs like THAT aren't hits today. Hell, that whole album is great. Sam, I forgot but can you refresh my memory as to just what happened to Jimmy McCulloch? I know he was previously with Thunderclap Newman (Something in The Air) who were produced by Pete Townshend. Didn't Jimmy die of a drug overdose? I can't remember. Great player though. Enough rambling from me. I'm off to the races (work). Peace.


Posted on Wed Nov 14 16:24:50 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Regarding McCartney reissues -- Steve Hoffman and the DCC label, who did such a fine job with the "Stage Fright" gold CD, have also reissued many McCartney titles. These include: "McCartney", "Ram", "Band On The Run", "Red Rose Speedway", "Venus And Mars" and "Wings At The Speed of Sound". I managed to obtain "McCartney" and "...Speed of Sound", and they both feature Mr. Hoffman's trademark gorgeous sound qualities. Unfortunately, like all reissues done under a license agreement, they were only available for a limited time.

The great Wilbury albums have also been out-of-print for several years now. The rights to George Harrison's solo catalog, along with the Traveling Wilbury recordings, have reverted back to Mr. Harrison. In recent interviews he has said that he plans to reissue retrospectives of his past recordings, including the Wilbury material. He was able to participate recently in reissuing "All Things Must Pass". Understandably, other, more important, concerns have taken precedent in his life and we all hope & pray that Mr. Harrison's health will improve.

Posted on Wed Nov 14 16:04:41 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

I second Lil's comments... Gould definitely has a nice way of looking at the world... and thanks for sharing some of it...

Posted on Wed Nov 14 15:52:55 CET 2001 from (

Steve Knowlton

From: Ypsilanti

You know who needs remastering: The Beatles! The CDs in stores are still the versions created in 1987 straight off the original mix tapes, complete with bizarre stereo separation, obvious flubs that were inaudible on LP (surface noise) but show up on CD, mono versions of albums that have perfectly fine stereo versions, etc. "Yellow Submarine Songtrack" was an attempt to rectify the situation, but it only has about 20 songs on it, and it's missing that special "60's reverb" that is such an important part of the Beatles sound.

Also, very few of the Supremes records have been issued on CD at all.

Posted on Wed Nov 14 15:29:09 CET 2001 from (


From: ann arbor, mi

Bayou Sam - Got a copy recently of George Harrison doing the guide vocal for "It Don't Come Easy". It has some differences when compared to the Ringo version. We talked about that all those years ago. Anyway, sifting through my "unreleased" Harrison stuff - listened to it - a very sincere man. YOu are right - "Something" is another great Harrison track with help from McCartney. It's strange that although Harrison was more outwardly supportive of John, it was John who distanced himself when Yoko came along. Like many people, I think Harrison was deeply impressed with Paul's talent, but found him too cheesy and to demanding at times. Tommy - I'm debating buying the new McCartney. He seems to have floated way too much on his pass success. TO be honest, it seems as though he has damaged his whole post Beatle career by toying with his Beatle past in recent years. I'll put your plug in my "for" column, mostly because I enjoy your honest, wacky, irreverent posts.

Posted on Wed Nov 14 13:32:39 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

GEORGE HARRISON ON BOB DYLAN AND HANDLE WITH CARE: Warners needed a third song for a 12-inch single....Harrison didn't have a song available so he decided to just find a studio and write a song....Jeff Lynne suggested Bob Dylan's garage studio.....HANDLE WITH CARE was intended for the C-side of a German 12-inch, but it was received so well that Lynne, Harrison, Orbison, Petty and Dylan decided to record nine more tunes for the spontaneous new group that was formed.....THE TRAVELING WILBURYS.....

Lynne and Harrison wrote just the tune at Bob's studio......Harrison requests lyrics from Bob.....because he's BOB DYLAN afterall........Bob asked what was the tune about?....After looking around in Dylan's garage.....Harrison notices a big cardboard box with the words HANDLE WITH CARE............George then tells Bob that the song is called...........HANDLE WITH CARE!....Once Bob got the title......that was all it took......the song was composed!........

I actually like the best.........TWEETER AND THE MONKEY MAN.......because of the groove, classic Dylan lyrics......cutting away......rambling funny words that keep on rolling throughout the song......Bob demonstrates that he's the joker that his close friends know him to be.......Petty and Dylan were just sitting in Bob's kitchen talking about Americana.......What amazed George about the way Dylan worked on a song and recorded it? He found it mesmermizing how Bob would warm up with one tune and then.......He did the song for real......right through......and that was all it took for Bob......

Posted on Wed Nov 14 13:17:36 CET 2001 from (

Rick S.

From: Suffern, NY

It's Wednesday morning and I still can't get over how great Jim Weider and the Honky Tonk Gurus were Friday night at the Turning Point. Having just completed their new CD, "Remedy," the guys kicked it up another notch. Everytime I think Jim has peaked as a guitarist he surprises me. He pushes the envelope and goes over the edge but he's so confident you know he'll never fall. We've heard a number of the new songs played and the CD will be great. Gurus closed the night with a stirring rendition of "Forever Young" with Randy on vocals and drums and Dan-the-Key-Man supporting him. Come see the Gurus at Pattenburg, NJ on 11/24, they're fan-friendly.

Posted on Wed Nov 14 08:10:00 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn,NY


It is fantsatic! It is far better than the recent Clapton, Van, Steely Dan,Mark Knofler,etc. albums.It is inventive,played perfectly and has an ENERGY lacking in most of the other "rock elderstatemen's" current albums.No bullshit.It's like Paul is still HUNGRY...not sitting on his ass going through the motions...the new stuff sounds GREAT!And he's singing/playing better than ever!!!I SWEAR! His band is also fantastic..Impressive for a bunch young guys playing with a "living legend".The personalities come through loud and clera.YOU GO, PAUL!(Sorry..that was a corny thing to say.)Either way, get his new album.If you don't like it, I'll give you a refund(well,maybe not,but that sounds good in theory)

Also, McCartney's earlier albums (Ram, Red Rose Speedway,etc) have recently been remastered and rereleased.I'm not sure if they have extra songs or not..but when they were originally released in the early 90s, they had some B-side/extra stuff, so...

And last but least,tonight I saw Oysterhead(Stewart Copeland, Trey Anastasio and Les Claypool)in concert..GREAT SHOW!!!!I highly recommend it if they come your way.To hear and see these three master musicians jam the way they did, Stew being almost 50 and ROCKING like he's 20, was just awe-inspiring!Trey is a great fuckin' guitar player.I knew his playing the least and he impressed me the most.He knows just what to play, and when.Very tasteful...And he LOVED the crowd!he was the one outta the three of them with a smile on his face the whole time.Check them out!!!!!!

Posted on Wed Nov 14 07:45:25 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

Tommy = I looked all over for you :-)

Peter = yes, Wings Over America has been released on CD. I bought my copy years ago, so I don't know if it's OOP or not. It's one great live album. Paul in his singing prime - the late Jimmy McCollouch (spelling?) on lead guitar. One of the great mysteries of McCartney's live playing is WHY he never added "Junior's Farm" to the shows. I think it's one of his all time best rockers. Let's go Let's go.

Posted on Wed Nov 14 07:05:59 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

KALERVO! Hey, I don't know LET MY CHILDREN HEAR Charles Mingus......but I do like DEVIL BLUESSSSSSSS from CHANGES ONE.......What about BEN HARPER Kalervo......since you are getting bored.....with the dinosaurs, huh?


Posted on Wed Nov 14 02:14:40 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

What a wonderful follow-up by Mark T. Gould! His "impressions" were not only eloquently written, but very true as well. There's a reason why Garth and Maud are very close to my heart (and why my kids think of them as a favorite 'uncle' and 'aunt'). They are genuine, down-to-earth people who are not only in love with each other, but have a love for life itself. It's nice to see such beautiful words written about them. Thank you Mr. Gould.. and thank you Jan.

Have a good night everyone.

Posted on Wed Nov 14 01:37:47 CET 2001 from (


Some insightful and enjoyable observations here about George Harrison. So appropriate, since he's one of the most important supporters of The Band at various times in its history. He understands and appreciates The Band just as those of us who frequent this site do. I agree that McCartney worked his ass off on George's songs -- even if he and his partner blocked way too many Harrison tunes along the way. And, yes, Ringo does sing back-up on Abbey Road more than usual -- Lennon had a car accident during the recording, and wasn't around part of the time. Finally -- the posting about Dylan sounding Bandish on Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You. In my opinion, his voice during the entire Nashville album recalls a certain drummer/mandolin player he'd been hanging out with. Levon has quite a powerful influence on folks. Finally, according to the Beatle News Site, many think George is recuperating (I hope) at Bob Dylan's NY home. No question George is under-rated -- I think maybe the most underated influence in rock history. Billboard agreed, when it gave him the first annual award signifying such in about 1993. The Rock Hall should be shamed for not inducting him yet -- let's hope this year is an evening of celebration for all he's given us since 1957 (when he joined the Silver Beetles).

Posted on Wed Nov 14 00:52:57 CET 2001 from (

David Adler

From: New York, NY

Just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic web site. I fell in love with The Band at around 19; now I'm 33 and I write on jazz, and still The Band's music seems to me as relevant as ever. Tons of insight and information here; keep it up!

Posted on Tue Nov 13 22:45:45 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: Nj

Just got turned on to Keb Mo - see $$$$$ speaker post - Great stuff - good beat, just the kind of new music i was looking for. Went out and picked up the cd with Henry on it. Top Shelf music.., Also, for those who like it a little harder.., Collective Soul just put out a greatist hits cd called 7 Year Itch. I never owned a cd of theirs because i only liked a select few songs but this collection has them all and a couple extras that aren't bad either.

Posted on Tue Nov 13 22:30:07 CET 2001 from (


I saw the PBS special on roots music and found it mesmerizing. Of course I got a phone call when RR came on, talking about the bluesmen. Oh well. fantastic rare footage of the Wolf, as well as a clip of the old Butterfield gang with Sammy Lay on the tubs. Next episode goes on to "World Beat" stuff where I imagine we'll see some more of RR.

It was nice to hear from ya Sundog, and Lil. I enjoy you guys sharing your memories with us. Thanks.

Posted on Tue Nov 13 21:39:01 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Mike: ‘Rumours’ has been reissued this year on DVD-Audio in a 5.1 surround mix by the artists. I believe Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty are following this month, remixed by Mickey Hart into 5.1 surround. Wish I’d known that before I bought the box set – which arrived today. It’s HDCD and I don’t have a player so can only judge the compatible CD mix. Sounds kind of … very harsh. Beautiful packaging though. Was ‘Wings Over America’ ever a CD? Will have to move my vinyl set into the vault along with my Toshiba 1982 ‘Abbey Road’ CD and ‘Complete Last Waltz’ to fund my old age. The outstanding major artist “crap CDs” must be the early Rolling Stones catalogue in the truncated American versions in awful sound. Seems Alan Klein is blocking any attempt to remaster properly and to restore the British track listings originally selected by the Stones. It would mean two or three fewer albums of course, but the Stones are perhaps the worst served major artists on this front.

Then Neil Young has never released ‘On the Beach’ and ‘Stars & Bars’ on CD, but bootleg 2-on-1s are abundant. Steve Miller (the n’th time I’ve posted this) continues to refuse a release of ‘Recall the Beginning- A Journey from Eden’ which has a GREAT bass and drum sound from any era, let alone 1973.

The last two years have been great though – Band remasters, Bob Marley remasters, Marvin Gaye remasters.

Posted on Tue Nov 13 21:10:52 CET 2001 from (

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga
Web page

I just posted the web site of PBS, and we finally last night on TV had the pleasure of viewing episodes 1 and 2 of the American Roots Music show. Last week was lucky enough to catch the Bill Wyman Blues Chronicles and last night was some more icing on the cake. I think what makes us so special is that we learn from the history of others, take the worst of times, and make it livable, take the best of times and make it better. What a better way to express ourselves then in song. For all the fans of Keb Mo, there is a segment where he does " Henry", so fantastic and talk about a monster talent. Looking foward to episodes 3 and 4 next week.

Posted on Tue Nov 13 20:34:22 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

Nice to see "Out Of The Blue" get some praise in here. I have always felt that it suffered as well as "The Well" and "Evangeline" from not being on a studio album. At least "Evangeline" made the movie. Wouldn't it be great if the new DVD had scenes of Richard and Robbie working on the "Last Waltz Refrain" together? Wishful thinking.

Posted on Tue Nov 13 20:06:24 CET 2001 from (


From: Iowa

Hello all GB'ers...

I've been listening to more Beatles these past few days and paying close attention to George's compositions. This is largely due to people here talking about him. The most underrated Beatle in my opinion. On a side note, I have been long searching for another copy of Wings Over America (out of print in the US) aince i lost mine a few years ago. I was at Borders on Saturday and happened, by luck, to see a copy (UK pressing) for 25 dollars. Much better than paying 50+ dollars for a Japanese import. The album is better than I rememebred. Hopefully Macca will remaster/expand his entire catalog sometime soon. It's long overdue and worthy of it. An idea for a thread...Can you think of bands whose catalogs need to be reissued, remastered, and expanded? I can think of one few besides Paul's. Fleetwood Mac (1969-1988). Warner's run of cd's in the mid to late 80's sounded awful. My vinyl sounds much better but I don't want to wear it out. Well,I better run...Take care all. Peace.


Posted on Tue Nov 13 19:33:08 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn,NY

Bayou Sam; You were in Brooklyn..AND DIDN'T STOP IN TO SAY 'HI'???? I'm hurt!

That plane crash was very near a friends house.He lives in Howard Beach, Queens -just across the Rockaway Bridge from Rockaway.He lives right under the take-off/landing air of JFK airport.It coulda been any neighborhood in that area,especially if it was an accident.Respect to all the families of the lost.

And on a musical note (and sticking with the "Something" thread),I read somewhere that RINGO also sings on those big "I dont know" choruses in 'Something'...and if you listen close, you can hear him.I also don't think John plays on that track...and if he does, it's very minimal.I'd have to check one of my many Beatles-reference books to make sure, if anyone's interested.

Posted on Tue Nov 13 18:51:50 CET 2001 from (


I loved Mark Gould's impressions...that was beautiful! Thanks Jan for sharing.

Posted on Tue Nov 13 18:10:03 CET 2001 from (


From: India

ADDENDUM to my previous post.

I am really looking out for the 1976 shows at Lennox and Palladium. Sorry for being a pain but I hear they are great.

Kind souls anyone ?


Posted on Tue Nov 13 17:57:20 CET 2001 from (

John Cass

From: VT

Great article on Garth and his Sea to the North album on the whats new section of site. Breeze Hill records sounds like they know great music when they hear it! I wonder why Breeze Hill dosen't have Levon Helm & Barnburners as one of there groups? They released Danko's, all the Crowmatix's albums one of which had Levon in the title, Garth Hudson's, and am I right the new Gurus album??? it would seem logical to have Breeze Hill work with Levon & Barnburners.. I feel that the Barnburners would be a big seller for Breeze Hill. Does anybody know why Breeze Hill hasen't done anything for Levon??

Are there any figures to see how many albums were sold by each of the artist that Breeze Hill put out (Band Related Members) it would be interesting to see how many copies of Sea To The North, or Times Like These etc.. that were sold.

Posted on Tue Nov 13 13:21:47 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

OUT OF THE BLUE: About a year and a half ago.....before the days of posting...:-D.......I was chatting with a musician for about three and a half hours about MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC......Well when 5:00 a.m. arrived my time and it was his time 7:00 p.m. the next day......I see on the screen.....SHE DON'T SHED A TEAR.....WHEN I WALK OUT THAT DOOR......SHE KNOWS, SHE KNOWS.....I'LL BE COMING BACK FOR MORE.....I sent him an he requested......SOMETIMES I DON'T KNOW YOU.....YOU'RE LIKE SOMEONE ELSE......BUT THAT'S ALRIGHT......I'M A STRANGER HERE MYSELF......

Posted on Tue Nov 13 05:03:04 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: New York - "what a bad-ass city"-JohnLennon

Twilight = you got me thinking about George, Paul and Abbey Road. There is a great part on "Something", during the bridge, the second time George sings "I don't know, Iiiiiii don't know". Paul nails this wonderful harmony on that long "Iiiiiiiii" part.....Ya know another interesting thing about George and Abbey Road? George is doing a fair amount of tinkering on a synthesizer, which was a fairly new thing at the time. He does some neat little stuff on "Maxwells Silver Hammer" - hey, maybe hanging around Garth insired him.

Tony = put me on the list of people that like "Out of The Blue" alot. I happen to think that Robbie is a perfectly good singer. He just knew that he was surrounded by perfectly "great" singers. I also hear a tremendous influence of Richard, in Robbie's vocal on that tune.

It dosen't look like the plane crash today was a terrorist thing. It was a tragic accident. I was in Brooklyn today when it happened. They locked down the city again for awhile. It's tense around N.Y.C....... I drove up the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, past one of my favorite things to look at in the whole world - the Brooklyn Bridge. I stopped to photograph the bridge with the clear blue sky behind it that used to be filled with the Twin Towers.

Posted on Tue Nov 13 02:51:49 CET 2001 from (


From: A Shameless Plug For My (Second) Most Favorite Band

A quick note to readers in the U.K... The Du-Tels are coming to Europe... That's right! The very famous Peter Stampfel (Holy Modal Rounders) and Gary Lucas (ex-Captain Beefheart guitar wizard) are going to be laughing and singing throughout Europe during the months of November and December. Including 2 live radio broadcasts! If you ever wanted to know what happened to the Holy Modal Rounders ('Easy Rider' soundtrack-mates of the Band) this is a big part of the story... Sam Shepard (the Rounders' drummer on "So You Wanna Be a Bird") went on to become a playwright/actor, Peter Stampfel became first a Bottlecap then a Du-Tel, and Steve Weber performs solo shows and (with Peter and Gary) has just formed a band called the Wilderness Brothers. All this while Steve and Peter keep the Holy Modal Rounders goin strong (Their album "Too Much Fun" was the best record of 1999). If you liked the "goodtimey" music of "O, Brother Where Art Thou" you owe it to yourself to check out these perpetrators of the original American musical myth. The genuine article. The Du-Tels will make it clear… Wed 28 November 'Mixing It' BBC Radio 3, Ocean, Hackney, London BBC Info line Tel. 08700 100300. Thurs 29 Worm, Rotterdam Tel 31.10.4762290 Fri 30 The Paradiso, Amsterdam Mon 3 December The 13th Note Club, Glasgow. Tel: 0141 553 1638 Tues 4 The Bein Inn, Glenfarg, Perth. Tel: 01577 830216 Wed 5 The Boardwalk, Snig Hill, Sheffield. Tel: 0142 799 090 Sat 8 Charlie Gillett BBC Radio London One hour of Radio Ping Pong Mon 10 Half Moon Club, Cork Opera House, Cork. Tel: 021 450 2154 Tues 11 Whelans Dublin Tel 012 478 0766 Thur 13 The Comedy Club, Stokes Croft, Bristol. Info: 0870 444 4400 Fri 14 The Cockpit Theatre, Gateforth St, Edgware Road, London. Tel: 0207 - 402 5081/258 2925

Forget Harry Smith, this is the real deviant and demented folk music by two of America's most deviant and demented originals!

Posted on Tue Nov 13 02:37:46 CET 2001 from (


From: Cork
Web page

Well, I'm off to Amsterdam for a few daze of gigs in Holland and Belgium......I really wanna reply to you all but we'll just have to see whether them coffee houses in The 'Dam have internet access....and whether or not I'll be vertical enuff to operate them.........

I left a gig in Brussels.....on a plane flyte so early that I'm gonna cry....

someday I'll get back over to The USA..or wherever you are

and I'll sing y'all 'When I Paint My Masterpiece'...........

Posted on Tue Nov 13 00:50:07 CET 2001 from (


From: india

Just one reply to my mail for trading bootlegs.....thanx to the person considered..I will be getting back to you soon....

I know most of you have better thngs to do but could we just spread the music around a bit more...I get about one chance a year.. :-((

regards to all

Posted on Mon Nov 12 22:25:14 CET 2001 from (


From: PA

Tony, I don't know if Garth has any kids, but the rest of the Band members do. Levon's daughter sings in his band. I think Robbie's son is a musician as well as Rick's daughter, but I'm not sure about this.

"Out of the Blue" is a fine song. It's a shame Robbie didn't sing too many other Band songs.

By the way, my heart goes out to the victims of the plane crash in NY this morning. Let's stay strong America!

Posted on Mon Nov 12 22:10:23 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA

Many "favors" are done in the film and music industries I'm sure. One must wonder how many opportunities have come and gone for Robbie and (or) Marty Scorsese to utilize music penned by other Band members. As has been illustrated here in the past, a song's inclusion on a soundtrack can be a fairly lucrative proposition for the writer.

Just thinkin' out loud.

Mike from Iowa, thanks for the tip on Billy Cobham's "Spectrum". One incredible recording. He is an amazing musician.

Tony, "Out of the Blue" is among my very favorite songs of all time, Band or otherwise. It holds some dark memories for me as it provided the backdrop for a very difficult time in my life, sadly relevant to the song's theme. It gets me every time too.

Posted on Mon Nov 12 21:50:22 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

David Powell notes the new 2001 series of AbFab is just starting in the USA. Look out for 'This Wheel's on Fire' - yet another version with Julie Tippett (nee Driscoll) with Adrian Edmonson and Hermione Demoriane. Closing theme to Episode 3 (set in Paris).

Posted on Mon Nov 12 20:59:08 CET 2001 from (


From: chicago

A few things-

First, prayers to Mr. Harrison and his family. It saddens me as a young man to have to watch any of these wonderful legends pass- but to watch them suffer hurts even more..

Second, I'm curious about families of the Band-Do they have children? (the only one I know of is levon's daughter) If so, are any in music?

Lastly, there is a song that has plagued me for a couple of years now- "Out of the Blue" off of TLW- I think it's one of the most beautiful songs they've every done- Ironically, robbie is singing Where did this song come from? Is it on any other albums? What does everyone think of it? It just breaks me up everytime..

"but that's all right I'm a stranger here myself"

Good day to all

Posted on Mon Nov 12 20:54:19 CET 2001 from (

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

My sincerest thanks to Levon, Jimmy Vivino, Professor Louie & Crowmatix, & everyone else who gave their time & talents to the Tribeca Blues benefit concerts last Friday & Saturday nights, to benefit families of the WTC firefighters. I was lucky enough to catch the Friday night show...Levon looked & sounded terrific, backing Jimmy Vivino in a blistering set of blues & rock! Great soulful music, sorely needed in these parts & much appreciated.

Posted on Mon Nov 12 20:46:35 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

Paul Godfrey: Great to see your voice again! Hope all is well.

David Powell: You mentioned Scorsese's upcoming Gangs Of New York film, and I thought you and others here would be interested to know that Robbie is currently the Musical Advisor on the project. U2 has signed on to do original music, and Robbie himself may or may not write music for the film.

Posted on Mon Nov 12 20:26:26 CET 2001 from (


From: ann arbor, mi

Great sentiments here for the remarkable George Harrison. What a dignified, decent man - a true hero. My guess is that he is dealing with his affairs with his typical class. One of the things I find most interesting about the Beatles is that McCartney added much to Harrison's songs. Check out the backround vocals and bass playing on "Something" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". Harrsion really cut loose on some of his last numbers with the fabs. Is there another song that is as gently moving as "Here Comes The Sun"? The opening acoustic on that (Hank) is phenominal. On the other hand, I think Lennon and Harrison (and to a lesser extent Ringo) pushed McCartney to do his best. It still amazes me what poor choices Macca makes. Warren Haynes and Matt Abts(?) did a special tribute to their bass player (Allen Woody) and got some of the all time bass playing greats. WHere's Paul? Who knows. Speaking of rumors - wait till the details are in on the latest flight episode before jumping to conclusions. We don't want Aqualung to get off track with his new house.

Posted on Mon Nov 12 20:01:50 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

A DARKER SHADE OF BROWN...Struck paydirt this past weekend during a search of used record stores. Found an early pressing of "Music From Big Pink" and an EMI-German import copy of "the brown album". Both LPs were in good condition and set me back a total of $11! The reward in sound, however, is priceless. "The Band" import's fold-open cover has a shiny, laminated finish of a thinner grade of cardboard than the U.S. version. The colour is a darker shade of brown than my old familiar domestic copies. In terms of sound, it has a rich, darker shade also, when compared to the recently remastered CD version. Sure, the newer CD has clarity & detail to spare, but it can't match the deep warm sound of the analog LP, especially in that resonant rumble of Rick's bass and in the loosened skins of Levon's drum-heads. It reminds me that when the brown album was released, many of The Band's contemporaries at the time were playing "heavy metal", while the boys from Woodstock settled into Sammy Davis Jr.'s poolhouse to record their trademark "heavy wood" sound.

IF YOUR MEMORY SERVES YOU WELL...That wicked comedy series from Peter Viney's homeland, "Absolutely Fabulous", returns to cable televison's Comedy Central channel tonight with the first of six new episodes.

ANOTHER KIND OF BLUE...Run, don't walk, to your nearest music store of pick up a copy of Buddy Guy's most recent album, "Sweet Tea". Mr. Guy abandoned the glossy, over-produced approach of recent years by going down to North Mississippi to get that raw, "primodal fat possum" sound. The blues he recorded down there sounds as if it oozed up out of the delta and was converted to electricity.

ANOTHER SHADE OF BROWN...Greg Brown appears on two recent tribute albums in which Levon participated also, the "Nod To Bob" Dylan tribute (playing "Pledging My Time") and the "Labour of Love" Nick Lowe tribute (playing "Where's My Everything").

Posted on Mon Nov 12 19:50:29 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA

Godspeed Ken Kesey.

CBS Sunday Morning did a nice piece on Kesey yesterday. One clip showed him fielding a question from an audience of college students some years back. He was asked "Does your life have a theme?" to which he replied in song "Sometimes the light's all shining on me, other times I can barely see, lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it's been."

He looked out upon his audience with a devilish grin that clearly asked of them and all of us......"Doesn't that just say it all?"

I know I suggested it here before but it bears repeating. If you've never read his beautiful piece on John Lennon in his collection entitled "Demon Box" please do. While the quantity of his published work was far from overwhelming, the quality was positively magical. Sound familiar?

Posted on Mon Nov 12 18:10:33 CET 2001 from (

Dave the Phone Guy

From: Mono Lake

Hank,,,,,,,,I've been covering "Tonight I'll Be Stayin' Here With You" ever since Nashville Skyline came out. Geez,,,,,, It really is a small world. I never thought of taht song being Band-like but now that you mention it, it does sound kinda Band-ish. I always liked the way the bridge goes to C minor and then modulates up to A flat before walking down the major scale to the vocal break. Now I know why I wrote a chart for that song. It's a BAND type tune!

It's great to hear all the positive Dylan reviews coming out of Toronto. Last year when I saw him on the Phil Lesh co-tour Bob Dylan and his Band were (outstanding,on top of their game,other-worldly,jaw-dropping)etc,etc. Mr. D is genuinely into his music and performance these days. No half-assing it anymore.

Posted on Mon Nov 12 17:35:52 CET 2001 from (

Bob R

All these recent posts regarding George Harrison have me remembering a couple of "George" highlights: I was very fortunate to see George perform live two nights in a row back in December 1974--one night in Boston, the next night in Providence, RI--he had a really wonderful show put together-featuring Ravi Shankar & family, The L.A. Express, and Billy Preston..he was touring behind the recently released "Dark Horse" album and looked & sounded great--if I remember he was a little hoarse those nights but the muscianship and thrill of seeing George perform more than made up for it- I remember the show beginning with an audio clip of Monty Python singing "The Lumberjack Song" and then they opened up with an instrumental "Hari's On Tour" which actually was a perfect opening number-- he did a few Beatle songs those nights, Lennon's "In My Life", "Something", and everybody in the band that night got to do one or two numbers-- Billy Preston was a standout --I remeber the Boston audience being pretty hammered and loud and wanting to hear Beatle hits, but the next night in Providence the audience was really great--Now, from what I hear there is somewhere an unreleased movie of Harrisons 1974 tour which has never seen the light of day but I hear is fabulous--maybe someday it will come out--- his "Concert for Bangla Desh" is due out soon on DVD--for those of you who have never seen it, the editing is terrible (just like the "let it Be" movie) but it is great to look at--Harrison, Dylan, Ringo, Leon Russel, Billy Preston... Say a prayer for George and send him some good vibes...he has given us more than you can ever imagine..

Posted on Mon Nov 12 16:13:49 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

A plane has gone down here in NY.. about 5 miles from JFK airport. Please pray that this is just a horrible accident....

Posted on Mon Nov 12 15:05:36 CET 2001 from (


Goodmorning good people here to tell you all you do not know what you are missing by missing a Guru show!!! What an exceptional night Friday at the Turning Point!!! Just when you thought it could not get any better... Wow!!! The road warriors travel far and wide to see these boys wish many more would join in they topped the night off with a dedication to Rick Danko with Forever Young all joined in beautiful!!!! be on the lookout for their new cd coming soon love to all

Posted on Mon Nov 12 14:07:01 CET 2001 from (


Clinton will be a fly speck in our nation's history. His most notable achievement? Tripped up by the stained blue dress.

Posted on Mon Nov 12 10:29:36 CET 2001 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

Sorry, but when you are proven so violently correct you have the right to say terms we may understand: Bill Clinton's Georgetown Speech is to The Media's account of Bill Clinton's Georgetown Speech what The Band's "Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" is to Joan Baez's "Night They Drove Old Dixie Down."

Posted on Mon Nov 12 07:00:48 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: new york

Paul Godfrey - WOW, I don't know what to say except, thank you.

I'm trying to keep up with the George Harrison news. As George once sang, "sometimes it good, sometimes it bad....". He has apparantly left the hospital in Staten Island and is resting somewhere. That seems good. But, he also has suppossedly resigned as director of Harrisongs, and his wife Olivia has assumed that post - that sounds bad. We'll just have to wait and pray.

Hank = I flipped when I saw you mention George's playing on Strawberry Fields. I've always thought that that is a perfect example of Goerge doing some incredibly tasty guitar stuff that gets by the average listener. Just after the last time John sings the words "Strawberry Fields Forever", as it goes into the intrumental part, George does some wonderful, subtle fills that fit the feel of the song so perfectly. That's where I feel Georges talent really lies. It was great to see that in your post.

Brien Sz = geez - now I've got speaker envy - although, if I ever spend $17,000 on a set of speakers I hope somebody smacks me in the head.

Posted on Mon Nov 12 06:54:15 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn,New York....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Meehan; I ordered a print last year.It came within a week, and the guy selling them is a swell sort.Very curteous and concerned.He'll do right by you.The print came securely packed,and in a plastic sleeve.My brother still hasn't gotten a frame for it yet though!That ASS!

Hank;After reading a buncha George Harrison news last night online,I got the bug as well.I did a sparse acoustic version of his song 'CHEER DOWN' on my four-track,starting at about 2:30 in the AM.Two vocals, acoustic rhythm and a small acoustic solo.The version I did fits well with the "black-comedy" lyrics.Great song...are you familiar with it?Tom Petty does the back-up vocals.

Posted on Mon Nov 12 06:35:44 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

NEIL YOUNG.....was born in Toronto General Hospital on November 12,1945......When I saw CSNY at the Air Canada Centre.....I thought I was hearing the beginning of HEART OF GOLD.....instead Neil played the reflective and beautiful...........SLOWPOKE......HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEIL.....MAY YOU ALWAYS RUN.......TOWARDS THE LIGHT.......

Something opened up the gates again
I can't control it, so I'm rushing in
Here comes a mermaid and a little girl
Some open drawers from around the world

I got some medals hanging on my chest
I've seen some good ones but I missed the best
Lady luck, Don't you turn on me
I'm just a student of your history
I'm just a student of your history

Slowpoke, I'm going to run with you
Wear all your clothes and do what you do
Slowpoke, we've got some things to find

Something's pulling back the curtain again
The stage is darker and the crowd is in
The song is gentle and the song is long
Something's missing, but something is found
Something's missing, but something is found

Slowpoke, I'm going to run with you
Wear all your clothes and do what you do
Slowpoke, I've got some things to find

Posted on Mon Nov 12 05:41:53 CET 2001 from (

David Kirkwood

From: Troutdale, Oregon

hey, you know what?....I've been searching for lyrics to some "Band" songs for a long while and you sure did make it convenient....I miss the sound...miss the guys....miss the good times...... terrific website....I'll be back!!!!

Posted on Mon Nov 12 04:16:15 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Looks like John Trudell has a new CD out... Bone Days... that you can order only from his site...

Posted on Mon Nov 12 03:46:10 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

I loved the Gould interview and review... nice stuff!!! Switching gears... I can recommend Back Beat, the movie about the Beatles in Hamburg... including the painter who left the group and the female German photographer... I also saw RR's The Native Americans (i.e. TBS thing)... I really liked how the Red Road Ensemble and Little Wolf CDs were used throughout... all great stuff... anyway, goodnight... gotta go daydream about the next show I'd like to see... figure out how I can do it...

Posted on Mon Nov 12 03:42:20 CET 2001 from (


Was fortunate to be at the Turning Point friday nite to see Jim Weider and the Gurus put on a fantastic show! Dan McKinney held down the keyboard and was amazin!!! Malcolm and Randoe really lit it up!! Jimmy Weider, well, he took it as far as a guitar guru could go!!! The altimeter was shattered!! New Cd, REMEDY, just about completed, so the Gurus went out and put on a super show!! Let's ALL support the crew when the Cd hits the market!!! Soon!!!

Posted on Mon Nov 12 00:38:52 CET 2001 from (

Joy Munsey

From: Virginia
Web page


I'm not sure if this has been mentioned here yet, but Garth Hudson plays on Rick Robbin's latest cd. If interested, click on the above address. Larry Campbell, from Dylan's band, is also on the album.


Posted on Sun Nov 11 23:58:28 CET 2001 from (

Phogg Allen

From: Port Huron Mi

Anybody have any idea's on how I may get my hands on the 4 disc COMPLETE RECORDINGS OF THE LAST WALTZ? Any help would be gratefully appreciated!

Posted on Sun Nov 11 20:37:19 CET 2001 from (

John Meehan

From: Chattanooga, TN

I just ordered one of the prints of THE BAND advertised under " Merchandise " off this site. Has anyone else here ordered one? I have tried to follow up with a few emails to Ted Harris about my order but he has not written me back. I would love to know if anyone else has ordered one. How long does it take to get the print?

Posted on Sun Nov 11 14:43:45 CET 2001 from (


From: St Catharines

jcf: The best version of "Blind Willie McTell" I've heard is the one recorded live in 1998 and available as part of a 4 song CD single called 'Love Sick' part 2. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think this song was never released on an official album. The first appearance of "BWM" was on the Bootleg series Vol 1 to 3. Soooo... buying the live single would also be yer cost effective choice.

BTW The 'Love Sick', 'Not Dark Yet', and 'Things Have Changed' CD singles make a nice live album if you string em together. : ). Check out the 'Expecting Rain' site for the track listings.

Posted on Sun Nov 11 14:34:11 CET 2001 from (

JTUll Fan

From: Richmond

Hank: I think the percussion on Staying With You Tonight is reminiscient of the Band. We had it played at our wedding last year. Time to remind you of the upcoming Tull show in Cork. It is their last of this years tour so it may be special. I know you mentioned it a few months back. BLIND WILLIE McTELL is on the Bootleg 1-3 series. Death, death, illness, and death. Is this year over yet?!?!?!?

Posted on Sun Nov 11 12:34:00 CET 2001 from (

King Whistle

From: Berlin, CT

I picked up the 4 disk set of basement recordings called "A Tree with Roots" yesterday. Then I listened to it all in an afternoon/evening while doing what I do on Saturdays here in the New England autumn: cooking, chopping wood, taking care of the baby, sipping Harpoon IPA and generally puttering, as my grandfather called it. I could try to break down for you how well the music went with-- and added texture to-- the day, or how the sound quality of these disks is better than previous boots, or how much I enjoyed hearing Rock Salt and Nails [which also appears on Buddy and Julie Miller's new one] or how much these apparently haphazard recordings mean to me.

But you probably already know and that is one of the reasons you and I are here.

Posted on Sun Nov 11 12:22:09 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Today’s “Sunday Times” reports that George Harrison recorded a song with his son Dhani last month, ‘Horse to The Water,’ for inclusion on a Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra album to be released later this month. Other contributors to the album are Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Sting. Ex-Squeeze keyboard player Jools Holland did the interviews for “Anthology” and hosts a weekly TV show with an array of guest artists, some of whom he plays along with. The article quotes the lyric:

‘A friend of mine in so much misery

Some people sail through life

He has struck a reef.’

The image is reminiscent of Rockin Chair, and as his company is Dark Horse, he’s presumably the horse on the water in the title. The article notes that instead of publishing being attributed to Harrisongs as normal, the rights are to “Rip Limited 2001” (rip as in R.I.P.) demonstrating his black sense of humour.

In 1967 or 1968 we had a visting American lit professor who insisted that we all read ‘Sometimes A Great Notion’ and ‘One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.’ They were then highly obscure in the UK and difficult to find. He insisted that Kesey was one of the four or five greatest writers of the century. I guess that life took over as an art form, in that we didn’t get as many more as we would have wanted (‘Sailor song’ is another great). And his best-known role is as the subject of Tom Wolfe’s book, ‘The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.’

… which reminds me. Just ordered the Grateful Dead 12 CD box set, mainly because I have to have the remastered with bonus tracks ‘Workingman’s Dead’ and ‘American Beauty’ and would like ‘Europe 72’ etc as well. But a genuine question, as there are so many experts on the Dead out there, what is the likelihood of me listening to the 2 CDs ‘Birth of the dead’ more than once?

Posted on Sun Nov 11 07:10:49 CET 2001 from (


From: SF now

Guess you heard the sad news about Ken Kesey. What a loss. The media here has given him the respect he deserves. I hope he's on a long, GREAT trip with Jerry and Rick up there.

Posted on Sun Nov 11 06:38:35 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: Nj

I have to share..., Saturday night my wife and I had a musical experience of sorts. We went to a friend of our 9year olds birthday party. They are fairly successful people. The father is a big rock-n-roll guitar guy. As the party waned, a few of us went into his listening room/library. He cranked up Clapton, Stevie, The Stones. He took out his guitar and jammed along on some songs. He has an incredible sound system. His speakers are about 6 feet tall (4 of them, 2 for the highs, 2 for the lows) they are Infinities. Tremendous sound! The speakers are twenty years old, he's the third owner and paid $7,000 for them - can you imagine. Anyway, a conversation starts up about high end speakers. He's like, "If you want good sound, you gotta hear (changing name) Jakes!" Jake is a retired psychiatrist. We get into a car and drive over to Jakes. He had an addition built to his house for these speakers. Let me tell you, 8 feet high, 4 of them, made of Brazilian Rosewood. We sit, and he tells us to close our eyes. He proceeds to play a track from Pavoratti, then Bochelli (?) OH MY GOD! The sound that carried from these things lifted you into the heavens. It was as if you were at Carnegie itself with the sound at it's peak. He then plays a newer artist Keb Moe (I'm getting this tomorrow) Delta Blues - WOW!!!! Then proceeds to play some Santana. The percussion knocked me out. This is WOW stuff, these speakers. Infinity 5's - i was told there are only 80 sets in the country. I can't express enough the absolute, clean, crisp, quality sound that carried from these things. Jake bought these used - $17,000. New they go for 75,000 (ten years ago). The guy who owned them had to unload them. According to Jake, it was perfect time, right place. My buddy looks at me, and goes, "now don't these blow mine away?" They did and his were the best i had ever heard until that point. What an experience. The saying is true - you get what you pay for. As i listened to the music, i really wanted to hear Rockin' Chair off Rock of Ages or a track off of one of Robbies first two cd's. I could only imagine how those vocals (Rockin' Chair) would have floated through that room. I'm gonna see if we can do that because it would bring tears to my eyes - those speakers - that's how music should be experienced.

Posted on Sun Nov 11 04:57:38 CET 2001 from (


From: Cork
Web page

I played 'Here Comes The Sun' tonight for George.......capo on the seventh's a challenge to get that song together...........

The Band described as being 'The Greatest Group in The History of The Universe' by George Harrison is from Barney Hoskyns book about The Band 'Across The Great Divide''s displayed in the dust jacket of the book {that I saw, anyway} as a pull-quote.....I love hearing George playing guitar......his break of a few notes in 'Strawberry Fields Forever' is just awesome.......Meanacing, powerful but beautiful and chaotic all at once...... I saw Levon on the telly here today.........his voice was a bit rough...but not as bad as I had imagined, actually......He looked great and his smile is infectious.....he was speaking about Bob Dylan on a Dylan special on The Biography Channel.......which was only OK, I was delighted to see Levon more than anything else.......The recent Dylan show in Toronto sounds like it was rockin'.......

I also played 'The Weight' and 'Evangeline' at the same gig tonight........I also played 'Tonight I'll be Staying Here With You' ......anyone here reckon that Dylans recording of that sounds like The Band?......I mean, I know it's NOT The Band on 'Nashville Skyline'.....but it DOES sound like a buncha session heads TRYING to get the vibe of The Band....




Posted on Sun Nov 11 04:56:01 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn

For anyone interested,Ryan Adams is the musical guest on tonight's episode of Saturday Night Live.

Posted on Sun Nov 11 04:28:58 CET 2001 from (

Ray Pence

From: Casper Wyoming

I have a good Ken Kesey story to share.

When I was going to the University of Wyoming in Laramie my friends and I used to go to Boulder, Colorado to witness readings by our heroes: Ginsberg, Burroughs, Kesey.

The most memorable and colorful was Kesey, whom I saw in 1989. He was one of the very few larger than life figures I've had the pleasure of being around for an hour or two.

After he finished his concert, which was split into two halves (during the first he told the story of writing a novel in collaboration with graduate students at University of Oregon, in the second he retold a folk tale passed down by his grandmother, decked out in a tuxedo and with an orchestra behind him), he signed books and autographs for his many admirers.

I brought a hardcover edition of "Demon Box." He looked at it for a moment and said, "We do something special for people who bring in hardcovers."

Then he turned to page 161, underlined some passages, presumably at random (I can't recall them now, but they had something to do with the name of a formula), turned back to the title page, rewrote the passages, and signed his name.

He was a kind, funny, tough, brave, charismatic visionary who is now larger than death, too.

Posted on Sun Nov 11 03:46:14 CET 2001 from (


From: new york

Can anyone tell me whhich Dylan album/s Blind Wille McTell is on?

Posted on Sun Nov 11 02:31:37 CET 2001 from (

Paul Godfrey

As many of you know I look in on the GB from time to time but seldom contribute. However, Bayou Sam's post certainly gave me a feeling that there are still some basically good human beings in these turbulent times who have the ability to express their emotions in a straightforward and sensitive manner. Be Strong and Shine On!

Posted on Sun Nov 11 01:50:22 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

DON'T TELL ME WHAT FITS.....I'LL TELL YOUUUUUU WHAT FITS.........Robbie Robertson's reply to critics who chastised him for producing Neil Diamond's BEAUTIFUL NOISE........Yes Robbie!......I just caught part of a special on Neil Diamond.......It seems that Neil also beats to his own drum.......When critics also criticized his wardrobe.......beaded shirts.......Neil's response would be to buy 12 more!!! Alright!!

KALERVO: I agree with you 100%! So what did ya think about Billy Bob's latest? Don't laugh everybody.....When he was with Tres Hombres he toured with ZZ Top, MC5's, Ted Nugent......and Hank he comes from the same place as Levon......Heh! Heh!;-DD

G-MAN: Never mind white go-go boots......You should have seen Dylan's white and black toed penguin shoes? When I saw him perform on the same bill as Joni Mitchell......He was wearing white loafers......Hmmmm

Posted on Sun Nov 11 01:45:35 CET 2001 from (

JTull fan

From: Richmond

Don: Rub it in about Taj! I had to forego his shows in Raleigh and DC this month due to $$$(building a house and it is sucking up everthing)I recommend his live Shouting in Key from last year. I will try to download complete Last Waltz. Thanks for the info.FAVORITE SONG(S) thread: Personally, I think the best one-two punch the Band ever had was Unfaithful Servant/King Harvest. Garth's and John Simon's horn work is just sublime, as well as Danko and Manual's vocals and Garths keys on Harvest. Another thought I had the other day on Unfaithful Servant: If you listen to the orator carefully, you can imagine that Danko is voicing the Union's scolding response to Virgil Caine in Dixie. It is the South that is the Unfaithful Servant, betraying it's master (in this case the increasingly powerful, industrializing North), and it is being turned away from national prosperity even after reunification. Listen to it again after listening to Dixie with this frame of reference, and you really get to see it from a fresh angle!

Posted on Sun Nov 11 01:22:30 CET 2001 from (

Phogg Allen

From: Port Huron Mi

Best Band song ever, that's a toughie but I gotta go with "Life is a carnival". Best body of work since THE LAST WALTZ goes to Van Morrison.

Posted on Sat Nov 10 23:49:40 CET 2001 from (


From: RIP Ken Kesey

Novelist, 60s Icon Ken Kesey Dies

By JEFF BARNARD, Associated Press Writer

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) - Ken Kesey, whose LSD-fueled bus ride became a symbol of the psychedelic 1960s after he won fame as a novelist with "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", died Saturday morning. He was 66.

Kesey died two weeks after cancer surgery at Sacred Heart Medical Center to remove 40 percent of his liver.

"We're all going to miss him," said Eileen Babbs, a family friend. "He's gone too soon."

After studying writing at Stanford University, Kesey burst onto the literary scene in 1962 with "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", followed quickly with "Sometimes a Great Notion" in 1964, then went 28 years before publishing his third major novel.

In 1964, he rode across the country in an old school bus named Furthur driven by Neal Cassidy, hero of Jack Kerouac's beat generation classic, "On The Road".

The bus was filled with pals who called themselves the Merry Pranksters and sought enlightenment through the psychedelic drug LSD. The odyssey was immortalized in Tom Wolfe's 1968 account, "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test."

"Anyone trying to get a handle on our times had better read Kesey," Charles Bowden wrote when the Los Angeles Times honored Kesey's lifetime of work with the Robert Kirsh Award in 1991. "And unless we get lucky and things change, they're going to have to read him a century from now too."

Posted on Sat Nov 10 21:57:10 CET 2001 from (


Web page

They didn't work.

Posted on Sat Nov 10 20:28:26 CET 2001 from (


Someone mentioned Greg Brown...What's a great tune he's done? I'd like to hear it.

Thanks to whoever mentioned Morpheus..I got to hear Alexandra Leaving....

and ps let's cool it with the rumors.

Posted on Sat Nov 10 18:29:19 CET 2001 from (


From: Roswell, Ga

David, I never laugh at You!!!! I laugh with you, now Steve, him I do laugh at, Ha

Posted on Sat Nov 10 18:13:12 CET 2001 from (

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

Going to try something as my gift to all on this anniversary of The Last Waltz. I have just ripped the first 2 CD's of The Complete Last Waltz, put it on my computer and going to name them TCLW1 and TCLW2. If anyone wants to try downloading, I use audiogalaxy, and try it in abbout 5 on Saturday. Let me know if this works, could be a real treat.

On the music scene last night, Taj Mahal and the Phantom Blues Band where in town and needed my live music healing. Boy, am I healed. Taj and the band, wonderful, great, and in a venue of about less then 1000, what more could you ask for. Not one to remember or write the song list, too busy moving and grooving,but some new and of course some old.

Posted on Sat Nov 10 16:15:22 CET 2001 from (


From: Iowa

Chester: I don't know if George ever said it exactly like that but here's an excerpt from an interview with Timothy White for Musician Magazine (1988):

Musician: You mention knowing Albert Grossman. I always wondered how The Band came to invite you up to Woodstock in November 1968. You wrote "I'd Have You Anytime" with Dylan during that visit.

Harrison: I wrote "All Things Must Pass" there as well. To this day you can play Stage Fright and Big Pink, and although the technology's changed, those records come off as beautifully conceived and uniquely sophisticated. They had great tunes, played in a great spirit, and with humor and versatility. I knew those guys during that period and I think it was Robbie Robertson who invited ne down. He said, "You can stay at Albert's. He's got the big (italicized) house". I hung out with them and Bob. It was strange because at that time Bob and Grossman were going through this fight, this crisis about managing him, I would spend the day with Bob and the night with Grossman and hear both sides of the battle. Artistically, I respected The Band enormously. All the different guys in the group sang, and Robbie Robertson used to say he was lucky, because he could write songs for a voice like Levon's. What a wise and generous attitude. The hard thing is to write a song for yourself, knowing you've got to sing it. Sometimes I have a hard time singing my own stuff.

Musician: You once remarked that you were trying to write s Robbie Robertson kind of song with "All Things Must Pass".

Harrison: "The Weight" was the one I admired., it had a religious and a country feeling to it.

Harrison obviously has respect and reverence for The Band. I just thought I would share that little excerpt here. I certainly do hope George Harrison is well. I'll be sure to include him in my prayers. Peace and enjoy the weekend wherever you are out there.


Posted on Sat Nov 10 13:59:54 CET 2001 from (


From: NJ- exit 40

L. Brissenden post got me thinking about my Bob Dylan shows. I saw him with The Band in'74 a GREAT show. Later in the '80 at Dave Letterman's 15th anniversary show. He was the worst. Couldn't tell what song it was. Only knew it from the music the band was playing. It took ten plus years before I would go again. I been to few shows since 1999 they have been great! Glad to hear good reports about the current tour. If you not be to recent show please do.

Posted on Sat Nov 10 13:16:30 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Thank you to everyone who replied either here or in e-mail about George Harrison. It seems to me that the facts are still rather fuzzy, but I'd like to think that he's still with us. The person who gave me the information I asked about yesterday works at a NYC Hospital, and isn't the type to repeat mailicious gossip, so I had to give it some merit. I appreciate everyone's kind responses. Thoughts go out to Mr. Harrison and his family during this time when there's so obviously a struggle for life going on. Thanks.

Posted on Sat Nov 10 05:57:13 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: lliving here on cloud nine

Lil = according to a site called Beatle News Briefs, George is undergoing treatment in a Staten Island, N.Y. hospital. He is apparently going through a "revolutionary" treatment of some kind.

There are several reports that have him in grave, and frail health. They are also careful to point out that the last time he was reported near death - it wasn't true. One report says that he was in the studio last month recording a song with his son.

As a long time fan of George and his music, I'm worried about him, and I pray that he's OK - or that he dosen't suffer alot if it is his time. Maybe, if you can, take a minute and send some prayers and love to George

Give me love, Give me love, Give me Peace on earth -

Give me light, give me life, Keep me free from birth -

Give me hope, help me cope with this heavy load -

Trying to touch and reach you with heart and soul -


Posted on Sat Nov 10 05:56:54 CET 2001 from (

Kevin Brown

From: Texas(no matter how long I live in Tennessee)

TLW memorabilia I would take would have to be clapton's guitar strap. Haven't gotten to watch TLW in a while(packed away from the move) but has anyone else noticed that as EC walks on after he is introduced he briefly adjusts his strap and it appears to cause the front of the strap to become inverted on the knob where it had to come off at some point. I don't think Rick's clothes compare at all to that "thing" Van had on. Seeing Charlie Sexton mentioned reminded me what a great album "Arc Angels" is. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't heard it. I guess the Band connecton would be Charlie Sexton who now plays with Dylan and Doyle Bramhall who is opening act for Clapton. so much for my quarterly post. I'll stop babbling now , Kevin

Posted on Sat Nov 10 05:45:37 CET 2001 from (

Laura Lorfing

From: Houston

Lil: I hope this news is not true but I heard the same thing earlier today from a friend in the medical field in NYC. Details are fuzzy but apparently he was in NY for some sort of experimental treatment for the brain tumor. If he is gone this is a huge loss. Everyone in "Band Land" say a prayer. It's hard to believe there may only be 2 Beatles left. God Bless you George.

Posted on Sat Nov 10 05:44:38 CET 2001 from (

Crazy Chester

From: Texas

Hank, (or anyone else), when did George Harrison call The Band the greatest group in the history of the universe. Any documentation on that? I have several friends who think the Beatles are awesome but they've never even heard of The Band. :(

Posted on Sat Nov 10 04:57:31 CET 2001 from (


From: east side of the hill
Web page

Prayers for Ken Kesey tonight, folks. He is in a hospital in his hometown of Eugene, Oregon tonight, recovering from surgery for liver cancer.

A talented writer, you all may remember him as the author of The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test, among other works. A voice of a generation. Capt. Trips, a kind heart,...all that and more.


Posted on Sat Nov 10 03:10:59 CET 2001 from (


From: St Catharines

Well well well. There sure have been a lot of gushing Dylan posts from the Toronto regulars here. And for the most part I agree that Bob put on a great show last night at the ACC. The problem for me was with some of the performances of the oldies... The new little riff that has become the lead motif in "Maggie's Farm" does not work at all, and side 4 of 'Before the Flood' (comprised of "Watchtower", "Hwy 61", "Rolling Stone" and "Blowin in the Wind", all of which he played last night - hey, has he done the same encore set since 1974?) will forever stand as my all-time favorite live renditions of those songs... OK grumbling over… For me the magic happened when Bob played the new stuff. The new blues song "Cry a While" with it's double-time beat on the top of the verse which slides into a slow sleazy beat on the IV of the blues figure (kinda like "Apolitical Blues" by Little Feat) was too cool for words, "High Water" was nourishment from an ancient well, and "Sugar Baby" was drop dead gorgeous. For me the best oldie was "Wicked Messenger", on which Bob seriously rocked out on Lead guitar AND harp AND vocals while the band stomped out a serious killer blues pattern... whewwwwee! I also found it kind of interesting that Bob didn't play one song all night from 'Time Out of Mind'. Man, he must be happy to be promoting his new material, and it shows. I almost wish he would have come out and played the entire new CD. I would recommend this show especially to anyone who likes 'Love and Theft'. 'L&T' songs are getting prominent placement and great renditions, otherwise I can't really say the show was better or worse than last summer with Phil Lesh and friends (hmmmmm ,,,Little Feat,,, now I wonder where Bob might have heard that "Cry Awhile" blues riff?)...

Posted on Sat Nov 10 03:03:14 CET 2001 from (

Blind Willie McTell

Saw Dylan last night in Toronto (great show), took me back to the first time I saw him in '74 in Montreal Forum backed by our friends The Band.

Just wanted to let The Band know I was thinking of them.

Posted on Sat Nov 10 01:38:34 CET 2001 from (


From: L:ong Island

Dear Diamond Lil As an FYI, my friend Mare and I just checked info on the internet and George Harrison has been undergoing intensive treatment at Staten Island Hospital, where there is specialization in helping people with the advanced stage of his illness. We sent an email to the hospital sending great respect and gratitude for the doctor's help. With continued hopes and prayers for him, we also send out prayers for his healing to his friends and family. Eric Clapton and Patti and the remaining Beatles and of course his lovely wife Olivia and family. GOD BLESS him and all of you at this website. Just thought that you might want some identifiable info to reference. Let us all pray for him. Blessings, Lauren and Mare P.S. Listening to some old band audio clips. Real good.

Posted on Sat Nov 10 00:55:53 CET 2001 from (

JTull fan

From: Richmond
Web page

Link is latest on George Harrison

Posted on Fri Nov 9 23:59:40 CET 2001 from (


From: Glen Cove, NY

Dear Diamond Lil/// With all due respect I would so greatly appreciate it if you could find out that information about George Harrison. I pray that it is not true for one hair of a second. My friend Mare and I just tried contacting 104.3 Radio for the info but we couldn't get through. We are a bit stunned at that info. This would affect so many people. Of course one person whom would be greatly affected would be a person whose name constantly comes up in postings here; Eric Clapton. They have a deeply routed connection as we all know. As soon as you find out please post. Thanks. Lauren

Posted on Fri Nov 9 22:43:57 CET 2001 from (


Thanks everyone for the thoughts on Dylan's Toronto show. Brown Eyed Girl....Dylan Girls always know how to enjoy the show...I am glad you had a great time!

Tim and Lil: Your posts really made my day. The words you shared reminded me of the reason we all visit this place. Posts like yours are the real spirit of this website.

Posted on Fri Nov 9 21:42:56 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

This is _not_ necessarily factual..but I'm trying to find out. Someone came into my work this afternoon and told me that George Harrison passed away late last night. The person who told me heard it through hospital channels..and said that they were trying to keep it way from the press. I have not seen or heard this anywhere else. Can anyone else confirm this? Thanks.

Posted on Fri Nov 9 20:48:29 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

Peter Viney: You are a brave man with this group to list Diamond's Tennessee Moon on your post Last Waltz list. Things that come to mind after reading your list: Dylan's best religious record was Shot Of Love, great Van record you omitted was Poetic Champions Compose, Neil's Freedom and Ragged Glory, Emmylou's Red Dirt Girl, Dr. John's In A Sentimental Mood, and I love the Color of Money soundtrack. Fun thread, David P.

Posted on Fri Nov 9 19:56:29 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

I'm sure Donnie P. is probably laughing at me for casting my vote for Neil Young after hearing me sing "a southern man doesn't need him around" to a boisterous barroom crowd last Friday night. Sweet Home Alabama indeed, but even the Skynyrd boys from Jacksonville were Neil fans deep down.

Don mentioned Martin Scorsese, and it's interesting to note that the release of his most important work in years, "The Gangs of New York", has been delayed in the aftermath of the events of Sept. 11th. This film is based on the semi-non-fiction cult classic written by Herbert Asbury and published in 1928. It traces the rise of the predominantly Irish & Italian street gangs in 19th century New York City. Set against the backdrop of the mean streets rising up out of the marshland of Manhatten -- violence, abject poverty & political corruption are entwined during this account of events from 1846 until 1863, culminating during the extremely violent draft riots of the Civil War.

Mr. Asbury's book was written in that classic early American style of tabloid journalism, mixing elements of sensationalism with a matter-of-fact, non-judgmental recitation of so-called facts. Mr. Scorsese spent the better part of the last twenty years developing a script for a film based on the book. His main difficulty, which he apparently solved, was finding a narrative point of view for the cinematic re-telling of the events. Through negotiations, he worked out a deal with Miramax & Touchstone to do the project and temporarily put his "Dino" and "Gucci" biopics on the back burner. Recreating 19th century New York in movie sets, it was filmed in Rome at a cost of $96 million! Starring roles are portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Liam Neeson, Daniel Day-Lewis and John R. Reily. In light of the current climate of sensitivity, the film, originally scheduled for release on Dec. 21st (during the critical holiday, pre-Oscar preview period), has tentatively been set back for release in Spring of next year. For those interested, Mr. Asbury's book, long out-of-print, has just been republished.

Posted on Fri Nov 9 19:49:40 CET 2001 from (


From: Suomi
Web page

John: Greg Brown is one of the best singersongwriters USA has at the moment, if not the best.(Here is his webpage.) Much much more exciting stuff than Dylan or Young or Morrison has made for the last ten years.He is not the new artist (made many fine albums), recording for Red House, a wonderful independent label in Minneapolis with artist like Lucy Kaplansky, Ramblin' Jack Elliot(!), John Gorka,Spider John Korner etc...

Sometimes I feel really frustrated here, because you have such fine new or older artists near you,like Buddy Mondlock, Stuart Davis, Richard Buckner, Buddy Miller etc.and you are talking almost only those tired old dogs whom even I have seen many times! Sorry...but in the name of Robbie, who doesn' t want to look back more than it is necessary, I' d love to read more about artists who is doing it now... Kalervo

Posted on Fri Nov 9 18:24:01 CET 2001 from (


From: Iowa

Best post- The Last Waltz work? Gene, nice choice. For some reason, I was kind of put off by that album. It's a sturdy effort though. Maybe Neil Young's "Rust Never Sleeps". I love that album. Don't ask me why. I just do. Peace.


Posted on Fri Nov 9 17:56:19 CET 2001 from (


Web page

Great site. was really looking for info on Roy Buchanan. As i play one of his tracks on my album. 1976 Atlantic. You will have to guess. If you want copy of album contact me on e-mail. I wish some of you guys lived over here, the musicians here are shit. Hope you find the bastard. AXLE STOANE.

Posted on Fri Nov 9 17:31:12 CET 2001 from (

John Cass

From: VT

I just booked my New Years Eve Night!! I am a huge Richie Havens fan and saw he is performing at the Calvin Theatre in Northampton Mass on Dec 31. I called and got tickets and to my surprize he is the opening act!! The headliner is Greg Brown??? Who is Greg Brown????? I never heard of him...Have any of the GBers familiar with his music??? what am I in for??? anyone seen him in concert??? let me know, I am curious.. I wish Richie was the headliner but it should still be a great show.. I hope..

Posted on Fri Nov 9 16:48:26 CET 2001 from (

Lawrence Brissenden

From: Toronto

Bob Dylan: Live in Toronto – November 8, 2001

I was born too late to see Bob Dylan and the Hawks rock the world in 1966. I was in a cradle for the Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde on Blonde glory years. I finally got to see Bob in 1989. He was surly at worst and indifferent at best. He slurred his lyrics badly. The band was sloppy. The song selection was chaotic. The audience starting walking out before the first song was over. As the concert went on, the audience started streaming out into the aisles. They couldn’t get out fast enough. I stayed to the bitter end and left with a bitter taste in my mouth. My hero was a has-been.

It only took about thirty seconds last night to wipe out years of lingering doubts I’ve had about Bob. My first impressions centered around how tight the band was and how well Dylan fit in the mix of it. Bob was taking great care with his lyrics and was able to get crowd reactions throughout the show. I particularly struck by the line from “John Brown”, “The thing that scared me the most was when my enemy came close and I saw his face looked just like mine.” Bob has taken great pains to build a show which relates to these times of war, has old songs and new, acoustic and electric, and peaks and valleys which builds to an incredible crescendo with the encores “Things Have Changed”, “Like a Rolling Stone” and “All Along the Watchtower”.

Do you remember his line, “I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now”? This could have summed up Bob last night. He really changed my perceptions of what it is to be sixty years old. He played a twenty-two song set that lasted over two and a half hours! There were moments like at the end of “Tangled Up in Blue” where I really thought it was impossible for any musician of any age to rock harder than Bob. I remember thinking at that moment; “Bob Dylan is the king of rock & roll!”

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Don’t tell it to Bob. He’s now playing lead guitar on about a third of the songs. This is incredible considering the prowess of Charlie Sexton and Larry Campbell on the instrument. While Bob’s leads won’t be analyzed in guitar magazines, they sure are charming and quirky and add a lot to the songs. In fact, the triple guitar sound is devastating and made me forget all the great keyboard parts on Bob’s records. In this band, the sound is so full that keyboards seem unnecessary. Larry Campbell is a brilliant accompanist and soloist who has a rock solid sense of timing and rich sense of harmony. Bob is very lucky to have him in his band. With his versatility on various stringed instruments, he is only comparable in his own way to master musician Garth Hudson. For the encores, Bob had one more trick up his sleeve. He brought out local blues guitarist Paul James for some blistering solos on “Highway 61”. Adding a fourth guitar to the already dense wall of sound only notched up the intensity level to its absolute maximum. It also looked extremely cool to see the symmetry of Bob in the middle with two guitars on one side and guitar and bass on the other.

Last night, Bob really re-affirmed the power of rock & roll in my mind. He made me forget 1989. He made me not worry about the war. I’m sure he could have made Elvis love poetry and Shakespeare love rock & roll. At the end of the show, he and the band stood there and acknowledged the thunderous ovation of the crowd. He seemed very real, very warm and very gracious. There was no ego and no distance between him and the audience. He was just a guy doing his job and was glad the people liked it. Thanks, Bob, that meant a lot.

Posted on Fri Nov 9 16:33:55 CET 2001 from (


Best Post-TLW? Why, Clapton unplugged, of course.

Posted on Fri Nov 9 14:38:50 CET 2001 from (

Jerry Tenenbaum

From: Toronto

A Minimalist Review

Dylan and Band were ideal.
Hummingbird - pure joy
Times - spoken word
Desolation Row - heartfelt
This World - wonderful harmony
Cry A While - hard blues/ glorious
Just Like A Woman - sweetness/wonderful harp
High Water- ethereal
Maggie's Farm - like a welcome coffee break
Hard Rain - ominous
John Brown - melancholy
Tangled - a joyous triumph
Summer Days - more joy
Sugar Baby - cynical pain
Wicked Messenger - can this band ever rock!
Rainy Day Women - Dancing in the aisles
Things Have Changed - what a tight band!
Highway 61 - Paul James looked so happy
Rolling Stone - it never gets old
Forever Young - I t was getting late and he was tucking us all in
Blowin' - fervent wishing
Watchtower- Is there a better band behind Bob.

All in all, another glorious affair. I want you to image a man in an electric wheelchair spinning behind the soundsquare on the floor with others with sound legs spinning madly about him. That's what was happening from half way through to the end. I don't recall seeing this kind of response in any of the shows I have ever been to. And the ages were 7 to 75. The average age around me was maybe 25 to 30.

This is a true renaissance by a renaissance man. See it if you can. It's worth it!

Posted on Fri Nov 9 14:37:41 CET 2001 from (

Steve Knowlton

From: Ypsilanti

I've always suspected that the slide guitar on "All La Glory" was Richard: after all, he did earn a diploma in Hawaiian guitar. Sussing out who played what is one of my favorite Band pastimes :)

Posted on Fri Nov 9 13:03:50 CET 2001 from (

John D

From: Toronto (Where It All Began)

Bob Dylan has found his passion again. I understand the last couple of years Bob is back in the game. I actually stopped going to his shows a few years back; when he appeared to be going through the motions

Tonight Bob could not have been hotter. His harp solos that played on and on during "Just Like A Woman" and "Tangled Up In Blue" were awesone. I have never felt that any other band other that "The Band" could do Bob justice. I was wrong. Sexton, Larry Campbell and the others blew ME AWAY. Changing tempos in the middle of tunes. Taking you higher when you thought you could do no more. Gordon Lightfoot sat behind me and appeared to really enjoy the show. And Paul James (local guitar wizard and an old friend of Bob) joined with his slide guitar on "Highway 61"

Thanks Bob for being just so damned good. I will tell you that of Bob's vintage I have always held Neil Young up as the poster boy. If you can't rock like Neil at his age then retire. Bob has a long way to go before retirement; which hopefully he will never do.

Posted on Fri Nov 9 11:38:03 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Tim: What a nice post! Now it's your fault that I'm sitting here at 5:30 on a Friday morning with tears in my eyes.
I think I knew...long before anyone else did..that Rick was very special to you. I was really happy that you got to see him on Dec 3, 1999..because you were able to assure me that although he looked tired, he was happy. I needed to know that.
The photos you took that night, although too sad and upsetting for us here in the guestbook after his death, are tucked away safely here. They make me cry, so I don't really look at them much..but they mean alot to me just the same. Rick was always a beautiful person to me,not only back when everyone else thought he was.. but also later on.. when others thought he wasn't. His appearance may have changed...but he was still who he was... through and through. I've always believed that what makes a person special is who they are inside. Looks fade, but a warm, caring heart and a great sense of humor is forever.
I'm feeling a bit sentimental here (in case you couldn't tell).. so I'd better end this post.

Have a good Friday everyone. Hug Jan.

Posted on Fri Nov 9 11:26:58 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

Bob rocks at sixty!

Paul James on slide guitar too!


The last time I saw Dylan perform was when Ani DiFranco almost blew him off the Ontario Place stage.......She refers to the worship of Dylan as the CHURCH OF BOB.......tonight......Bob's voice was mighty fine......reaching some high notes......and his harp playing made everyone putty in his hands.......

It was a real treat to hear DESOLATION ROW........I have never heard him play this song of ALIENATION live........I also have James Ensor's book......THE SUPERHUMAN CREW......A book of James Ensor's painting........CHRIST'S ENTRY INTO BRUSSELS IN 1889......Getty Museum........Crabster would loooooove this painting I'm sure!.........showing his vision of modern life as a......"swirling, grotesque carnival" and accompanied with the book is Dylan's CD of DESOLATION ROW......showing us that the cirus is in town.........Hmmmmm.....I can hear Mr. New York Cool......."But remember that the city is a funny place......something like a circus or a sewer.......And just remember different people have peculiar tastes......And the glory of love......The glory of love......The glory of love.......Might see you through.......I'm a Coney Island Baby now".........

Sexton showed more of his guitar licks tonight than at other shows.......I would really like to hear more of Campbell singing in the future.........Wow! High Park, Toronto's Paul James playing on stage with Bob.......and slllllllide too on HIGHWAY 61! I used to see Paul at Hotel Isabella singing Dylan covers years ago......Now if I would have known that he would be performing tonight.....'cause one of my friend's sons plays with Paul's son.........:-DD.......anyway............What do you think PRETTY LITTLE GIRL......aromatherapy at the concert could have been stronger, right?......Hey Witt......You would have really enjoyed yourself tonight......especially with two Dylan girls!

Ah, yes.......SWEETHEART LIKE YOU......Bob reminds us female posters where we really belong......

"You know, a woman like you should be at home
That's where you belong
Watching out for someone who loves you true
Who would never do you wrong
WHAT'S A SWEETHEART LIKE YOU doin' in a dump like this?"

Posted on Fri Nov 9 07:43:03 CET 2001 from (


From: Iowa

I realized that there's ONE Band bootleg that i don't have and would like to get: R&R Live (Lonestar 1984). I have O'Toole's Tavern, but not R&R Live. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it greatly. I've plenty of Band stuff to trade. Thanks.


Posted on Fri Nov 9 05:28:49 CET 2001 from (

Jerry Tenenbaum

From: Toronto

For the Dylanophiles, here is tonight's set from the Air Canada Centre. Needless to say, like all the previous shows, it was great.

Set List

1. Hummingbird
2. Times They Are A-Changin' (Dylan on harp)
3. Desolation Row
4. This World Can't Stand Too Long
5. Cry A While
6. Just Like A Woman (Dylan on harp)
7. High Water
8. Maggie's Farm
9. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
10.John Brown
11. Tangled Up In Blue (Dylan on harp)
12. Summer Days
13. Sugar Baby
14. Wicked Messenger (Dylan on Harp)
15.Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

Encore #1

16. Things Have Changed
17. Highway 61 Revisited (Paul James on guitar)
18. Like A Rolling Stone (Paul James on guitar)
19. Forever Young
20. Honest To Me
21. Blowing In The Wind

Encore #2

22. All Along The Watchtower

Posted on Fri Nov 9 04:51:44 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Thanks for the OC recs Brown Eyed Girl... and to the field, I'd have to say Robbie does it for post-TLW value for me... He just makes the moment last a little bit longer... btw IIkka, I just love the paintings from your link... of course your neck of the woods is starting to scare me a bit (I better make sure I get the right number of L's in your name from here on out)... the one called "Kaikkea hyvaa ja onnea vaan" made something in me snap... and now I am doing a 360 about face on Theft and Love... I theft it... actually I snaped in class under the burden of a peer critique... also the one called "Nilsian hirmuiset suokalmukit kuuntelevat vikkelaa neekerijatsia" (try saying that real fast in a Dylan voice)... geez my guess is they don't have Spike Jones on the box... anyway, real cool stuff especially the campfires... I'd like to see a translation of Chest Fever lyrics in your language too... I bet it's just visual poetry man... maybe post it pleeeasesay...

Posted on Fri Nov 9 04:43:41 CET 2001 from (


From: Madison Wi
Web page

Hello Rick,,,I just want to get some things off my chest plus I just want to tell you how much I've been thinking lately 'bout the time we finaly got to meet each other on that one December 3rd 1999 night, at the Cubby Bear. To you it may have been just an other gig in town. But for me it was a chance to see my hero from way back when in my teen years! Yes,,The Band was a grate part of my audio life,,but as a teenager (and a practicing bass guitar player), you were bigger than life to me. My friends use to laugh at me when I'd bring the *BIG PINK* album over to their house play at our get-togethers (when their dads and moms were out of town for the weekends, we would party the whole time they were gone,hehe). I must admit,,The Bands music didn't mix will with the *Quick Silver Messenger Service*,,or *Steppenwolfs* 1st and 2nd albums. My friends would always say to me, "Take that crappy hillbilly music off the turntable, and but some *Dave Mason* on". They use to piss me off!!! But after playing The Band over and over again in time,,my friends began to enjoy the music (grate music to get drunk by when WE were 16 and 17 years old, shhhh). As time went on,,I'd would always look forward to getting the next albums. And as always,,teenagers like me just loved camping trips without parents,,so I'd always bring The Bands music with on EVERY camp out,,and thats when everybody really enjoyed it. Needless to say,,I got all my friends hooked on The Bands music!! It was extra sweet to see you guys play with my idol Bob Dylan on Valentines Day.. You always had that warm smile while playing on stage (from the Forum in L.A. to The House of Blue in Santa Monica), and always looking at the fans in the front rows,,feeding on them,,and them feeding off you!! You gave me that same warm smile that night at the Cubby, only this time the smile was for me. I'll never *ever* forget that smile. As we talked with each other you never once gave me a fast short answer to my questions. Always honest and long answers. I wanted to ask you why you seemed so beat. I didn't ask cuz I'm sure I knew the answer. That night you seemed very content and at peace with everyone. My thoughts as we talked were like "Wow,,I'm talking with Rick Danko",,but you made me feel like I was talking to an old best friend from back in high school. No rock star to this day has EVER made me feel the way you did that foggy December night in Chicago. Heck, Lil Diamond even asked to have some of my photos of you from that night that you so gracously let me take of you with your friends, even before the pictures were posted. She is your biggest fan,,besides me, hehe!! Nobody that night was pushy. Everyone was in a long line behind each other just awaiting to get the chance to talk with you, shake your hand, get a picture of you, and to have you sign their little treasures of things related to The Band. Thats truly a rare site to see these days. That night you also promised me that you would personally get Bob Weir to sign my original ticket that you signed from your last show with the *Grateful Dead* at Soldier Field July 9th 1995. Well Rick,,Bob signed it right next to your signature. He was so honored do so. Vince Welnick just signed it too! You should have seen his face... He said he remembers that show very well. Alot of people miss you Rick,,and you were loved deeply here on earth. But everyone seemed to want a piece of you, and I can see why too. You were kind. If you had ever asked me "Gotta minute?", I would have given you a week and more!!! It was also nice that you wanted to perform on our TV show. But that wasn't meant to be. Prof. "Louie" and I talked that night about having you do one of my festivals. Well,,it wasn't meant to be either. This year I did a festival with Vince Welnick,,and asked Prof. "Louie" & The Crowmatix to perform. Well,,they did, and I can't tell you Rick how much their performence meant to me. The moon was full just coming up over the cornfields, and they began their set with a deadication to you by performing *Twilight*. I know you were there Rick,,cuz I was thinking of you the whole 3 hour set. Vince ended his last song with "Standing on the Moon". They all love you in that band... I know *The Band* is no longer a band, in real life. But Prof. "Louie" & The Crowmatix, will always be the "Keepers of the Torch" to me. They will always have a home at the Sundog Summer Shakedown cuz they are grate musicians such as yourself. They are a very special band with wonderful sound that I'm sure you had a big part in, hehe!!! Rick, you meant alot to The Crowmatix and "Louie", and it shows in their wonderful music. Everyone says they echo the sound of *The Bands* music. *Levon Helm*, *Robbie Robertson*, and *Garth Hudson* (IMO) will always be *The Band* while I'm still on this earth. I really truly miss you Rick, and I see your smile everyday I walk out my front door, cuz your picture from that night is right there on the wall by the door. Just one more thing I'd like to say to you Rick, before I go,,,You truly didn't die alone,,you took everybodys heart with you...

Posted on Fri Nov 9 04:39:15 CET 2001 from (

Rick Craven

From: Alabama

I was listening to "All A Glory" the other day.I've never heard such a lonsome sound like the decending slide riff Robbie does during the chorus while Levon is singing.Very cool stuff.Real music actually.Simplistic and beautiful.

Posted on Fri Nov 9 04:16:17 CET 2001 from (


From: PA

First time posting in a while. I used to post under the name KZR. I thought I'd start posting under a different name. Listened to the Brown album today while doing dishes. It's such a great album to listen to in the afternoon hours.

Richard's outfit during TLW does look pretty wild. And what's with his hair? Is he wearing a wig, or did he just get a tight perm and bleach it blonde?

Well, I'll check back tomorrow. GB material has been a little dull lately.

Posted on Fri Nov 9 04:14:03 CET 2001 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

I bought an inexpensive Allman Brothers DVD the other day ("Live at Great Woods," September 6, 1991) and was surprised when the first face I saw, the first voice I heard was none other than Robbie Robertson. The concert was apparently part of a Japanese TV series called "The Full Moon Show" that Robbie hosted. It's not bad...

Posted on Fri Nov 9 01:47:01 CET 2001 from (

JTull fan

From: Richmond

Really sad to here about George Harrison's continued illness. A couple weeks ago while driving home three local stations were simultaneuosly playing Beatles songs and I thought 'uh-oh'. Hopefully that won't happen for any reason other than random chance any time soon. My dad had a battle with cancer this year, so I can only wish the Harrison's the best in these times. Peter Viney: Since part of my job entails dealing with Appliance Mfg's, (that's what I was doing on the road two of the 3 weeks in Oct.) your post is making the GB look like work! Well, if I get in torouble for looking at this website while on the job, at least I can say I was just talking business! :)

Posted on Fri Nov 9 01:29:46 CET 2001 from (

Friend Indeed

From: East Coast U.S.A.

If anyone's still looking for "A Tree With Roots," I happen to have an extra. Sealed original: 4 CDs, 2 booklets, a poster. Quadruple gatefold digipak, with color photo panels and individual picture sleeves. Very deluxe. If interested, e-mail me. We can talk.

Posted on Thu Nov 8 23:15:05 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: Nj

Dylan's SweatHeart Like You, to me, has always been an under-rated song. I loved Infidels, Of the material i've heard post TLW of Dylan, that effort, for me, has been the most solid. I sampled Love and Theft again at Barnes and Noble.., A couple songs were real strong but it trailed off into 'save my money for something else' again. That's just me, i know it's a popular choice here. I will say though, the newer songs included on Dylans 'Essentials' are good choices.

Posted on Thu Nov 8 23:10:29 CET 2001 from (


Couple Thoughts.... 1) While my appreciation of Joni rivals anyone Peter, never a bad album? Have you listened to Dog Eat Dog lately? 2) I can listen to Richie Furay all day, The first 8 Poco Albums, even though he missed the last couple of those, with him Jimmy Messina, Rusty Young, Paul COtten, George Grantham and Timothy B Schmidt are incredible, how the Eagles have the reputation and fan base they do and Poco is largely fogotten is beyond me. I have a couple of Richie's Solo efforts as well. What a voice. Art Garfunkel did some nice albums with the assistance of Jimmy Webb, as you might notice I enjoy a good tenor. The Kinks 66-73, quirky imaginative R&R, The VGPS was probably and English version of what the Band was trying to produce. I suppose thats my listing of the forgotten album I listen to. Richard Thompson's albums where Linda sang as well. 3)David Loggins released a very pleasant, albeit simple and not the least bit challenging, album called Musical Apprentice or something AKin to that, the classic radios staple Please Come to Boston is from it. 4) I finally went out and bought the new Ryan Adams album, while it is good, Im a bit disapointed, at this point I think it doesnt really compare with some of the WhiskeyTown Albums. 5) and as an aside the People at Woodstock records are very, very nice. Somewhere in the merger with Breeze Hill an order of mine seems to have been lost. The speed which they responded to my email and took care of the problem was more than I could have asked for.

Posted on Thu Nov 8 23:09:30 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Best TLW-albums – nice thread. Numbers (as Peter S-B pointed out) are very silly, but let’s anyway.

1= Van Morrison: Into The Music, Common One, Beautiful Vision, No Guru-No Method, Irish Heartbeat, Friday Night in San Francisco, Back on Top, The Healing Game.

1 = Robbie Robertson: Storyville, Robbie Robertson, Music From the Native Americans, Contact from The Underworld of Redboy. Robbie is really my “top artist” overall, but then Van did record 20 albums to his four.

2 Bob Dylan: Street Legal, Slow Train (most reluctantly because of crap lyrics, awful fundamentalist nonsense but good music), Infidels, Oh Mercy, Time Out of Mind, Love & Theft.

3 The Band: Jericho, Jubilation.

4 Garth Hudson : The Sea To The North

5 = Levon Helm: American Son, Legend of Jesse James

5 = Rick Danko: Live on Breeze Hill, Days Like These.

6 Neil Young: Rust Never Sleeps, Harvest Moon.

7 Joni Mitchell: Chalk Mark in a Rainstorm, Night Ride Home, one track on Mingus.

8 Emmylou Harris (who was not really on TLW live section, remember): Wreckin’ Ball

9 Ringo Starr & His All-Star Band.

10 Dr John: Hoodoo Moon

11 Neil Diamond: Tennessee Moon. (seriously)

12 Bobby Charles: Wish You Were Here Right Now.

Note that three albums have “moon” in the title. Odd that. Muddy’s last great shot was TLW unfortunately. Not a career judgment, just old father Time.

Posted on Thu Nov 8 22:38:30 CET 2001 from (

Don Pugatch

From: Land of the CDC

Sorry, but the number one artist who has done the most, wonderful, unique work since the last waltz,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Marty,,,,, Martin Scorsese (sorry for the spelling error)

Posted on Thu Nov 8 22:31:07 CET 2001 from (

Markku (Quos)

From: Nordic Countries
Web page

The best body of work since TLW, well I think I have to go with Dylan as well. And Neil Young and Emmylou Harris as runner ups. I'm not familiar enough with Van Morrison's work in later years.

How about strongest album since TLW? Much harder choise I think as there has been quite a few great ones. Maybe I would pick up Emmylou's Wrecking Ball.

Ilkka, thanks for the Rytmi-link. Also, I never realized Huuhaa was that old. I guess certain amount of crazyness makes people appear much younger than what they really are.

Posted on Thu Nov 8 22:24:51 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

With the exception of one (y'all know who), one could make an fine argument regarding the strength of any of TLW guests' work over the last 25 years. It's all a question of personal taste I guess, and it was still a close call for me. Ask me again after a few more listens to "Love and Theft" and I might say Dylan. For me, the deciding factor in picking Neil Young was perhaps the overall intensity in the energy level of his work. With him, when something starts to get stale, he seems to move on quickly in another direction. Then again, most everything I've said about him can also be said of all the other Last Waltz guests. The irony is that it was anything but "the last waltz" for all involved -- it was a point in time that signalled a new dance was about to begin.

Posted on Thu Nov 8 22:23:40 CET 2001 from (

Jerry Tenenbaum

From: Toronto

Illness is a very private matter and I usually wouldn't contribute in this regard. But, George Harrison has hit me too close to home to ignore the most recent news. I don't pray much but my prayers are with him. Someone very close and dear to me received similar treatment with stereotactic radiation for a localized tumor in the brain. The treatment has variable success. It means to knock out the tumour effectively while leaving the healthy tissue intact. Though it is somewhat useful for primary (originating in the brain) tumours, it is variably helpful for secondaries (that is, when the primary is in the lung) I think it is unfortunate that any person is under the looking glass when this happens. It should be a private matter and the press should 'lay off'. Having said that, I wish George Harrison strength and courage. I for one am thinking about him tonight.

Posted on Thu Nov 8 20:29:37 CET 2001 from (


Tommy (can you hear me?),

I sent your cd's on Wednesday. I apologize for the delay. So, to make it up to you I sent not only the Klark Kent cd but also a Police bootleg from 1982 (complete show too) which is an excellent soundboard recording. I felt that was a way to make up for the delay. I hope you enjoy the cd's. I very much enjoyed the Danko cd which I have been playing a LOT lately. Along with the Bobby Charles' cd from 1972. Great stuff. Danko...underrated player and singer. Sorely missed :( Same goes for fave singer in The Band, 2nd Danko, 3rd Helm...They don't make groups like The Band anymore. Did they ever?! As fall continues, I find myself listening to The Brown album a LOT as well. Just reminds me of old times with the family, living in the midwest and the change of seasons. A great time to be alive...ahhh!!!! King Harvest (Has DEFINITELY Come!).


Posted on Thu Nov 8 20:19:57 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

David Powell: If you include quantity and quality, I would have to say Dylan. Very prolific with periods of brilliance. Emmylou, Neil, Van, Joni, and Eric have remained extremely vital. If we take quantity out of the picture, you have Pops Staples, Dr. John and even Robbie who have released some stellar work. Also, Muddy's Hard Again and the Stones(Ronnie Wood)Tattoo You were released post Waltz. Great records.

Posted on Thu Nov 8 19:41:17 CET 2001 from (


From: Nordic Countries
Web page

Something which should be A BASIC THREAD: Underground - Naivistic painting (Well, you've all seen the cover art of Music From Big Pink, otherwise you've never been here, haven't you).

You have certainly enjoyed the serious, informative and balanced posts of my true compatriots KALERVO and MARKKU (Quos). To understand us Finns even better, I suggest that you click the web site link above and visit the site of 100 naivistic/underground paintings of the Finnish jazz drummer/jazz guitarist/the worst tango singer in the world, Martti "Huuhaa" Innanen (71 years old!). Don't be afraid - thumbnails are downloading quickly!. That is what many call "the Arctic Hystery". - HAVE FUN, BECAUSE IT IS ALL THERE IS :-( This guy lived in the house next to us in our Helsinki years in the 70s but I never had the courage to REALLY talk with him. I enjoyed his crazy shows in the early morning commuting busses to the city, though.
BTW Did I see something original Canadian in those paintings, too ;-)

The leading Finnish (serious) music magazine "Rytmi" has an updated and Robbie-centered (in good and bad) article on The Band by Mr. Martti Komulainen. It is also in the Web: http:/ Sorry, only in Finnish.

Posted on Thu Nov 8 19:36:08 CET 2001 from (

Jerry Tenenbaum

From: Toronto

John, I agree with you on just about everything. Eric Clapton has put out excellent work; so has Neil Young. But, you won't be surprised to hear my vote go to Bob Dylan. Slow Train Coming 1979; Shot of Love 1981; Infidels 1983; Empire Burlesque 1985; Oh Mercy 1989; World Gone Wrong 1994 (great covers); Time Out of Mind 1997; Love and Theft 2001. I don't know that anyone, even Clapton can match that. Sure there was some inconsistent material in the midst of all that. But with grammies, Oscar, and more grammies to come and with

  1. Gotta Serve Somebody
  2. Covenant Woman
  3. Every Grain of Sand
  4. Jokerman
  5. Tight Connection
  6. Blind Willie McTell
  7. Neighbourhood Bully
  8. Groom's Still Waiting At the Altar
  9. Man in The Long Black Coat
  10. Everything Is Broken
  11. Cold Irons Bound
  12. Standing in The Doorway
  13. Mississippi + all the songs on "Love and Theft"
So many more... too many to document here I don't think there is much to discuss. At 60, Dylan has found his muse again. He has written and continues to write (and perform) and the reviews of both the last 2 albums and the current performances have been outstanding. I write this in anticipation of the Toronto show tonight.

Posted on Thu Nov 8 18:52:20 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

I cast my vote for Van in last week’s discussion, and we were talking post-1980 then. Post-TLW adds two more memorable albums, ‘Into the Music’ and ‘Wavelength’, with the latter graced by the presence of Garth Hudson. Only Neil Young matches him in the sheer number of good ones. Of course, Joni never made a bad one, but Neil and Van are so much more prolific. They’ve both done a few bad ones, but far more good. Van wins my vote because my wife so deeply loathes Neil’s singing voice that I have much less opportunity to listen to him (i.e. only in the car on my own). And to the great majority of people, Van is a better singer than Neil or Bob (or Robbie), effective as they are at putting across their own material. And The Cowboy Junkies “Powderfinger” wipes out the original for me.

The CDX mail-order newsletter today lists the most popular titles for last month – delighted to see “Sea to the North” in there.

Some may remember a little argument where I said I failed to get Hank Williams as an all-time great. My penance was to listen to a lot and I’m getting there. On the new tribute album, “Timeless” I note that short-term Band member Blondie Chaplin plays piano behind Keith Richards ‘You Win Again’, Van sideman Geraint Watkins plays Hammond behind Emmylou Harris with Mark Knopfler, and Colin Linden plays guitar behind Lucinda Williams. Makes me wonder, David Powell, did you select the female artists for this album?

Household electrics: the most likely household item to fail in any given year is a washing machine. Saw a survey on whether it was worth taking out extended guarantees when you buy stuff. Seems you’re mad to take out a 5 year warranty on a good brand of TV, and mad not to on any kind of washing machine. Over 30% go wrong in any given year. Fridges come close to the TV end of the spectrum. The Band site is not the place for my adventures with washing machine manufacturers however. (Not that it’s irrelevant, but the language gets too filthy!)

Posted on Thu Nov 8 18:38:38 CET 2001 from (


From: Lookin' like winter here in West Saugerties, NY
Web page

As an update, WFUV-FM's tribute to the Last Waltz will be broadcast on Pete Fornitale's show, Mixed Bag, on Saturday evening, November 24th, from five until eight p.m., Eastern Standard Time.

As the Georgia gentleman noted, WFUV has a very good high-fidelity streaming internet broadcast that uses the Windows Media Player. They have also recently updated their site to include archives of both past Mixed Bag and Idiots Delight shows, all of which are sure to bring you listening (and recording) pleasure.

I've provided a link to WWW.WFUV.ORG above, you may want to check out the program archives...

I'd been feeling for Mr. Viney's electrical problems, when suddenly the other day the driver's door fell apart on my 1987, 210,000 mile Honda! Try as I could, the parts just wouldn't line up to close (and open) the door: three bolts just wouldn't line up! After trying to put it together for hours, came inside and put on the Muddy Water's Woodstock album. After a thorough listening, tried the door one last time, and VOILA! Guess the car will make it over to Woodstock one more time this weekend.

Speaking of Woodstock, they're still working on the renovations for the Joyous Lake. Originally scheduled to re-open in September, the workmen told me they're lookin' at completion some time in December.

I have kind of a "literary" Band question: who is the Unfaithful Servant and what or who does the character represent?

Posted on Thu Nov 8 16:49:50 CET 2001 from (

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

Some disturbing news, just heard that George Harrison is at a special hospital in Staten Island, NY for a very serious treatment for Lung cancer. Once again, one of our music icons is in need of our thoughts and prayers.

Posted on Thu Nov 8 16:31:32 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA

If I could own just one item of Last Waltz memorabilia it would be Richard's suit. He made certain we would always remember how he looked that night. I know he's smiling down on us while Rick pokes an elbow in his ribs.

David, although there has been some wonderful work from nearly everyone who participated in TLW I would have to cast my vote for Van Morrison with Clapton and Dr.John running very close seconds. That's based on nothing more than my personal tastes of course. Obviously a case could be made for several others. What a wonderful gathering. How fortunate for all of us to have that beautiful memory.

Posted on Thu Nov 8 16:21:50 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

My answer to the question I posed yesterday would be Neil Young. The sheer variety, vitality & volume of his work since The Last Waltz is amazing. Whether solo, with his longtime mates in Crazy Horse, with the revised Stray Gators or with younger rockers Pearl Jam, Mr. Young continues to produce vital work. Sure he can be quirky like Dylan & Van The Man, but I think he's proved that he's not so self-possessed that he can't laugh at himself. Who else would take the opportunity to turn in a blazing performance of "Why Do I Keep F*****g Up?" during a soundcheck for Saturday Night Live? With his dedication to the Farm Aid and Bridge School benefits he's proved that music can indeed serve a higher purpose.

Coming in a close second with my vote would be Emmylou Harris. Like fine wine, she continues to improve with age. Her versatility in performing a wide variety of different types of music, whether solo or in a back-up role, in the years since The Last Waltz is unparalleled in my mind. Her recent contributions to the "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" soundtrack are case in point. With her last album, "Red Dirt Girl", she proved she is a fine songwriter as well as great interpreter of songs written by others.

Posted on Thu Nov 8 15:04:26 CET 2001 from (

Johnny Flippo

From: Rex Reed's house

As good as TLW is, what's funny (to me) to see now is, 25 years later, how antiquated everything on stage looks. Think about concerts you see now, then turn your attention to that stage in Winterland: Levon's drums (they look like the same set of Gretsch drums he played with The Hawks, so they were old even then), Garth's bank of about 50 analog keyboards, that ridiculous insulated blanket over Richard's grand piano and that monstrous piece of machinery used to amplify it. Rick and Robbie fair OK because, well, guitars will always be guitars. And last but not least, THOSE CLOTHES!!! -- especially Richard's carnival barker suit, and those humongous bell bottoms (Garth and Levon are exempted from any ridicule here). Thank God the music holds up. To me, it sounds fresh as the day it was played.

Posted on Thu Nov 8 13:32:25 CET 2001 from (


From: Finland

Brow Eyed Girl: You are amazing: from Ornette to Anssi Kela. I love especially Skies Of America...What about Charles MIngus? I can really relate to his music....

Anssi has a new single out called Milla. It tells a story about a young woman who is quite lost in this world. It is a really good. I was driving from Nummela to my work place and the radio played Nummela and Milla...Lovely start for the day...

Oh yes Fred..Ilkka has fine humour. He even sent me a Christmas card (so I am a Christmas crazy) in June!

Today radio gave me a dissappointment,too: There was an intro similar to Country boy, but no...Richard Manuel had one of those voices every time you hear it you feel lifted up... Kalervo

Posted on Thu Nov 8 11:46:11 CET 2001 from (

Lars Davidsson

From: Sweden
Web page

I agree with David Powell - a lot of good music has come over the years from those who once stood on the stage at the Last W; Dylan, Dr John and Neil Young, to only mention a few. But Van Morrison gets my vote in the end. All the best from at (today) snowy Sweden. Lars

Posted on Thu Nov 8 09:11:56 CET 2001 from (


I got the remastered NORTHERN LIGHTS as an anniversary present (along with Cool Struttin' by Sonny clark)...I got the missus some very expensive perfume. I think I got the better end of the bargain!! I must say that RING YOUR BELL is funkerific!

Peter V: regarding your electronic appliance troubles, if I may be so bold as to paraphrase an Arkansan whou gets mentioned a lot on this GB (and I don't mean Mr. Helm) "I feel your pain"...we're having the same problems over here with our TV, and microwave (which we bought after our wedding). My wife thinks the washing machine will be next; I'm betting on the fridge. Hmm, maybe I should start a betting pool amongst GBers...take your pick Fridge/Washing machine. The portable CD player went off to that big electronic warehouse in the sky 2 days ago. I think the Taliban might be behind this!!

Best song by the Band: We Can Talk... The vocals represent all that the Band is/was/should be. Most underrated songs: Sleeping and,as of last weekend Ring Your Bell.

Illka (hope I typed your name correctly): you have a great sense of humour!

Bye for now y'all

Posted on Thu Nov 8 04:17:27 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

I got in my Blazer this morning to head out to work and picked up one of the local "classic rock" stations on the radio just as the DJ was giving a prize to some guy. Then, as they always do, the DJ asked what the listener would like to hear. Well, to my surprise, and joy, the guy said "The Weight" - that's all he said - "The Weight". Then the DJ said "The Band!, you got it - and those wonderful opening notes rang out. It was a great start to my day.

Bashful Bill = I liked your story about the girl in your English class - but tell me - when she said that the person who wrote the Weight was a genius - who did you tell her wrote it? Robbie? Levon?................. ooooooooOOOO SOMEBODY STOP ME.

Posted on Thu Nov 8 04:10:57 CET 2001 from (

Dave Hopkins

From: Berkeley, CA

David Powell: That's a tough question. I guess I have to cast my vote for Neil Young. Some of his work during the '80s was erratic (though he's certainly never bland, and even his failures are interesting). But the five studio albums and two live albums that he released between 1989 and 1995 represent an amazing sustained creative renaissance unmatched in my opinion by any other candidate. As much as I love the work of Van Morrison and Bob Dylan, I can't think of any similar multialbum span in either of their post-Last Waltz careers which compares in terms of artistic achievement (though Morrison has been more consistent than Young, and Dylan, if he keeps up the winning streak he's on now, may give Neil a run for his money).

I'm less familiar with the work of the other LW participants, but Mitchell, Clapton, Harris, Dr. John etc. have also all continued to release well-received albums 25 years after the Band invited them to play at the Winterland (or, in Emmylou's case, the MGM soundstage). And, hey, I hear Neil Diamond has a new album out...

Posted on Thu Nov 8 03:29:16 CET 2001 from (


From: Cork
Web page

Bashful Bills post about the young Dylan fan is just's cool to think that this young fan has 'Love and Theft' in the way others of us have 'Blonde on Blonde' or 'Blood on The Tracks' or 'Desire' or 'John Wesley Harding' or.....

YOU choose!.....

The best thing about 'Love and Theft' is that it seriously rocks.....Just like 'The Basement Tapes', you can put it on at a rockin' ravin' party at the end of the night when everyone's blissed out and it'll be just the right rythmn for those who either wanna

1. keep dancin'/swingin'/prowlin'


2. fall down........

Young folks thruout history like that sorta record or buncha songs

Y'all say a prayer for George Harrison tonight, now, ya hear?......even if ye be an unbeliever......give it up for The Beatle who told the world that The Band were 'The Best Group in the History of The Universe'.

Hare Khrisna!

Posted on Thu Nov 8 03:28:02 CET 2001 from (


From: Toronto

Crazy Chester- my vote goes to Acadian Driftwood. Still moves me.

Posted on Thu Nov 8 03:07:53 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn

Oh yeah.....Is anyone here gonna be at Tribeca Blues in NYC Friday night for the 'BLUES FOR HEROES' benefit show...?,featuring Levon,Jimmy Vivino and others? I just might show up.....I just might.

Posted on Thu Nov 8 03:07:13 CET 2001 from (

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

To help in celebrating the Silver Anniversary of The last Waltz, WFUV will be broadcasting on Sat. Nov 24 the tribute to The Band and their friends. I do not have the details, but check their web site, or email. As mentioned, FUV, has an excellent stream on the net and also are major fans of The Band and each one of members.

Posted on Thu Nov 8 03:06:00 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn,NY

Hey gang.I saw the Ryan Adams video for his song/single 'New York,New York' last night on VH1.The video is pretty much him, standing on the Brooklyn(YEAH!) side of the Brooklyn Bridge playing his guitar with the Manhattan skyline,Twin Towers included,standing proudly behind him.Also included are shots of the hustling,bustling city (in fast-motion,of course).At the end, there is a "Dedicated to...Sept.11th..." placard.Pretty corny video, but the sentiment is nice. I also like that fact that when alot of other tv shows and movies are NOT showing images of the standing Towers(like if we dont see them, the tragedy never happened.Assholes.),this video proudly displays them.I guess the video was shot before 9/11,,,either that or they're computer/movie magically added.

Speaking of the media trying to make people forget about what happened that day, I saw a list on some tv news show with songs that were suggested to radio stations shouldn't be play.It included Carol Kings "I Feel The Earth Move",AC/DC's "T.N.T.",Talking Head's "Burning Down The House", and a WHOLE BUNCH of other non-related songs.How ridicuolus!!!~This just annoys me.C'mon...we can't watch a movie that shows something getting blown up, or listen to a song that uses metaphors? People aren't that stupid.They can seperate reality from art...I think.But I guess the big boys know better ,right?

Ahhhhh..Now I went and got myself all frustrated.And I was looking forward to that Schwartzenegger movie 'Colatteral Damage', too,seriously.Dammit!!

Posted on Thu Nov 8 02:17:46 CET 2001 from (

John D

To answer David Powell’s question.

Of those who performed at TLW......who has put out the best body of work since then?

My first thought was Neil Young.......then I thought momentarily of Joni.

I realized it had to be, for my ears, ERIC CLAPTON.

Posted on Thu Nov 8 02:16:42 CET 2001 from (


From: Arcata, CA

David Powell's list of acoustic recordings is a great night of music. I'd like to add just a few that I can think of to expand your listening pleasure:

Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band "Almost Acoustic"

Rice, Rice, Hillman and Pedersen "Out of the Woodwork"

Grisman, Hartford and (Mike) Seeger "Retrograss"

Old & In the Way "That High Lonesome Sound" & "Breakdown"

Big Bill Broonzey "Key to the Highway"

Posted on Thu Nov 8 01:00:09 CET 2001 from (

JTull fan

From: Richmond

Taj Mahal and his band will be in DC this Sat. and Raleigh next, details on his website. Regret I can't make it, as I just put down my deposit for next years Jazz Fest in New Orleans and my wife is putting her foot down...

Posted on Thu Nov 8 00:06:42 CET 2001 from (


From: St Catharines

Bashfull B. : The Bromberg album of which you speak is called 'Wanted Dead or Alive' from 1973. A real bute, with most of the Grateful Dead featured as the studio band. I particularly like "Someone Else’s Blues". Also a cool version of Dylan's "Wallflower" on there. Good call!

So is rest of the Toronto GB community going to Dylan tomorrow? John D? Brown Eyed Girl? Bill M.? I'll be the guy who looks real happy to be there : )

Posted on Wed Nov 7 23:06:42 CET 2001 from (

Dr Pepper

From: Tarrytown

Bin Laden: Wanted Dead or Alive was the name of the Bromberg album I believe

Posted on Wed Nov 7 21:30:41 CET 2001 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa, N.Y.

Good to hear David Bromberg is out and about, I rec all acouple of his shows as being really good times. What is the title of his album-the cover is a picture of him climbing the Empire State Building, superb from first song to last, a few songs had Garcia, Weir, and Keith Godchaux backing him. Now there is a good forgotten album. Here are some of my vinyl titles that still get played occasionally, that I never have gotten around to getting the cd's: Poco-Crazy Eyes,Beach Boys- Holland,Wild Honey, 15 Big Ones,Frank Zappa-Just Another Band From L.A. and theone with Dynamo Hum, I forget the title,Stevie Wonder-Talking Book, Original Musiquarium One, Songs In The Key Of Life, Duane Allman's Anthology albums, David Bromberg-You Should See The Rest of the Band, Paul Simon-Hearts and Bones, Neil Young-Old Ways,Old Ways,On The Beach, the Rust albums, Stars and Bars, Linda Ronstadt-Heart Like A Wheel, Prisoner in Disquise, Livin In The USA,No Nukes,The 1st Bread and Roses album, Best of Martin Mull,John Simon-All of the Above,Heart Rock This House Live(the last vinyl album I ever bought new)Garcia/Saunders Live at the Keystone, J.Geils(many detractors of these guys in the GB)-Full house, David Lindley-El Rayo Ex, The Dead-Shakedown Street,Ry Cooder-Bop till You Drop, Dylan-John Wesley Harding, Desire, Blood On The Tracks, Biograph, Rod Stewart-Foolish Behavior, Springsteen-The River, Nebraska, The Stones-Get Your Yah Yah's Out, Tom Jones-Fever Zone, David Allen Coe-Encore, Robbie Robertson's first album,all of my Dave Clark 5 albums and Rascals albums, Everly Bros 84.Soundtracks: King of Comedy, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Tender Mercies, Honeysuckle Rose,Falcon and the Snowman, Manhattan, Looking For Mr Goodbar, Chuck Mangione-Children of Sanchez. Paul Desmond Quartet Live,Toots Theilmans-Contrasts, Best of Chuck Mangione, lots of my old jazz albums. And thats without looking. Great forgotten Albums, all.

Posted on Wed Nov 7 21:11:57 CET 2001 from (

Crazy Chester

From: Texas

I would like to know what you guys think is the best song ever done by The Band. Best can mean whatever you take it to mean. In my opinion it is "It Makes No Difference." The words mean something (unlike many songs you hear), but the music is so cool that the lyrics wouldn't even matter if it weren't for Rick doing such a great job of lead vocals. And then the last minute and a half of instrumentals, mainly Garth's sax and Robbie's guitar, makes the rest of the song (good as it is) pale in comparision. But I'd to see what everyone else thinks.

Posted on Wed Nov 7 21:00:21 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

In light of this month's anniversary of The Last Waltz -- It's amazing, and perhaps a testament to the superior musical tastes of The Band, that so many of their special guests at that concert continue to produce vital music to this day. As a thread, out of those guests, who do y'all think has produced the best body of work since then?

And although they're gone, their spirits live on in the wonderful music they gave us: Paul Butterfield, Rick Danko, Richard Manuel and Muddy Waters.

Posted on Wed Nov 7 20:26:50 CET 2001 from (


From: maine


any word on when a release of TLW on DVD is due? hopefully around christmas considering the 25th anniversary is in less than 3 weeks. also, maybe a studio cut of the complete Last Waltz

Posted on Wed Nov 7 20:20:25 CET 2001 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa,N.Y.

Re:Dylan appealing to all ages-here is a great story that just happened to me just last night. I'm taking an evening English course at our local community college. As expected, the class consists of various ages, mostly older than "college age" people.However, there is an 18 year old lady who sits right behind me, and when I arrived a few minutes early she was playing a best of Dylan tape. Turns out she and I are both cutting class next week to see the man himself. Some of the other folks were remarking on our age difference, then it turns out she and I share the same birthday, only a scant 32 years apart. Without much hope in my heart, I asked her if she was familiar with The Band. I was dreading the cursed"What Band?", and sure enough I got it, only it was from a 30something lady who was in on the conversation. But...the young lady herself made my week by reciting these facts, almost all(more or less) accurate:"Oh yeah, they were originally The Hawks, they played with him when he went electric, they got famous as a result, one of them died last year".The only song she knows is The Weight,but she describes it as "a masterpiece" and said a "genius must have written the lyrics" and "the harmonies blow her away". It felt real good to this old dog. I told her the sad story of how all 3 voices are silent now. Guess I'll have to have my son burn a Band cd or two for her. Hmm, he'll be 17 next month, wonder if she has a boyfriend?

Posted on Wed Nov 7 17:34:29 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

I think part of what makes the Last Waltz concert special (as opposed to the finished film, which needs more of Rick, Levon, Richard and Garth. But it is still a great movie)is that it is a celebration of the music for no reason other than the music itself. True, it was ostensibly a big retirement party, but really, here is a band and a gathering of other great artists who love and respect each other playing there hearts out, without having some 'great cause' to justify it. No Live Aid, disaster relief, 'free so & so' etc. etc. Not that there is anything wrong with benefit concerts, relief concerts, etc., but performance-wise they usually don't showcase the artists at their best (remember Mick Jagger and Tina Turner ??)The Last Waltz existed solely for the music and succeeded grandly, and as a result serves as a testament to a 'golden era' of music which ages not a day after 25 years. In fact, it looks better with each passing year, like a fine wine....

Posted on Wed Nov 7 17:12:21 CET 2001 from (


Web page

Last week a topic of discussion was the appeal of Bob Dylan to all ages. The link above is "Memoirs of a Young Dylan Fan" is pretty interesting. It seems he has been on the road and seeing alot of the Love and Theft shows. Freedom to just follow the music...American Music......

Posted on Wed Nov 7 16:49:09 CET 2001 from (

John W.

From: NYC

Regarding Rollie's post about the Maine woman who was denied boarding a flight because she "opposes the bombing of innocent civilians in Afghanistan", some interesting details have been printed in this week's New York Press. First, the statement she co-authored called for a stop to "U.S. military incursions" and called U.S. actions there "state terrorism"; statements that are somewhat different from simply "opposing the bombing of innocent civilians". She was apparantly designated in advance for a luggage search, but instead of cooperating with the national guard/airport security, she admittedly got upset with being targeted this way and complied with their instructions as slowly as possible, calling it "passive resistance". When she reached over to "help them with a stuck zipper", a guardsman apparantly grabbed her arm, she raised a big stink and eventually was told "you're not flying out of this airport today". I'm not saying what happened to her was right, but it shows there are two sides to this story. Band item - Tribeca Blues club, near the World Trade Center, has been closed since 9/11 but is scheduled to reopen Friday, Nov. 9, with Levon Helm. Saturday, Nov. 10, Professor Louie and the Crowmatix.

Posted on Wed Nov 7 16:11:53 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Ok..officially bored here I am, posting again. I think it just hit me that the 25th of this month will be _25_ years since The Last Waltz. God.. so much has changed. We lost Richard..and Rick. Muddy and Paul are gone as well. I think since Rick's death, that film means more (at least to me) than ever before. The energy..the humor..the music.. the life.

Not sure what I'm going to do yet to mark the day when it comes, but I'm pretty certain it'll involve watching the film and sipping the wine. Miss you Rick.

Posted on Wed Nov 7 15:40:49 CET 2001 from (


From: Iowa

Yes, I'd like to see film too. Maybe a cd would also be made available?! Hint hint! I think there negotiations being held to complete it. And I think I read that renowned producer/engineer Eddie Kramer has been working on it. I could be wrong though.

Ya know, I always wondered whatever happened to the Rock Of Ages horn players abd what other work did they do? Well, I was listening to an album called Billy Cobhams's "Spectrum". Billy having just left Mahavishnu. Great album featuring Jan Hammer on keys, Lee Sklar on bass and the late Tommy Bolin on guitar. Jazz rock fusion at it's finest, if you enjoy that type of thing as I do. Jeff Beck has cited the album as an inspiration to explore the same type of music in the mid 70's. Joe Farrel ( ROA horn section) plays fugelhorn on it. See, there's a (somewhat!) link with The Band and The Mahavishnu Orchestra. A good album worth tracking down on cd. It's still available too! Just had to ramble that off. Gotta run...Peace.


Posted on Wed Nov 7 15:02:43 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA

Happy Birthday Joni Mitchell.

VCR / TiVo Alert...Lyle Lovett on the David Letterman Show tonight.

A great billing just announced for the Keswick Theater here in the Philly area......May 9,2002 -- David Bromberg with Guy Davis opening. Next Friday, November 16 --- John Hiatt and the Goners at the same venue. Lots of good things happening.

This from the Keswick site...On this date in 1973, the two men charged with stealing and burning the coffin containing Gram Parsons' remains are fined $300.00 each and ordered to pay $708.00 to the funeral home for the destroyed coffin. The police eventually find evidence that they were merely carrying out Parsons' wishes to be cremated in the desert.

Posted on Wed Nov 7 13:00:56 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Just now found out that I'm staying home from work today with a sick kid. Not very often that I do that, and for some reason today, it suits me just fine. It's a cooold and dreary day here in upstate NY.. a good day to put on comfy clothes, start the fireplace, and turn on some tunes. The first cd will be "Jubilation". It's just that kind of a day.

JTull Fan: You mentioned several posts back about Christmas tunes, which is something I've been thinking about for days here now. I seem to be craving the company of those close to me with christmas lights and tunes this year. "Christmas Must be Tonight" is a must. I also wish I could hear Rick sing "Have yourself a merry little Christmas". I have him on an old answering machine tape singing just those 6 words.. and I think I'd give anything to be able to hear him do the whole tune. Sigh.

Have a good day everyone. Hug "AP" Jan :-)

Posted on Wed Nov 7 10:46:33 CET 2001 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

Hirth Martinez hasn't been as good since Robbie Robertson stopped producing him, either.

Posted on Wed Nov 7 06:09:33 CET 2001 from (


From: Calcutta

hi guys.....its the time of the year when I am back with my funny request. Well this time I have turned my pleading eyes to the folks in America.

My best friend (he is at Northwestern Univ.) comes down to India abt the 1st week of December. He has agreed to carry some CDs for me. So right now I am looking for people who are ready to spin some boot stuff for me. Since I would like to acquire some decent bootlegs of primarily The Band and mebbe some other good bands I would be grateful if any of you would lend me a helping hand.

We can conduct this trade in 2 ways :

1. Get my friend to send you some CDs and you could spin them for me as a B&P. Its the tougher deal (coz my friend is slightly busy and I will have to ask him abt this) but will probably help me to get more bootlegs.

2. We strike a which you send me the CDs first thru my friend and then I send back my CDs for you through him again when he returns to the US in a month's time. This is easier for me to do. This is also how I did most of my trading last year and you can all rest assured that I got back my CDs to every one.

Last year I managed to acquire some very good bootlegs..... and am looking forward to do the same this year as well. Any of you who is ready to help me......please drop me a mail and I will send you my small list of bootlegs and we can sure work out the nitty-gritties.

Thanx to all


Posted on Wed Nov 7 06:01:11 CET 2001 from (


From: Chicago

Hey Now: Jan, thanks for using my post as a review for the tribute to the last waltz. If I had known I sure would've done better.

Posted on Wed Nov 7 05:48:20 CET 2001 from (


From: McCork
Web page

Evangeline on .....Bag-Pipes!!!????!!!!

Woah, there, Bubbalouie!!!!!......

That's like.....for the next two minutes....DON'T think about a pink elephant......can't get it outta my head.......

..can't get you outta my head.....who's better? Kylie Minogue or Nikki Love?

la la la la la la la la........can't get you outta my head, boy.......

It's a big pop hit here..........was Kylie EVER mentioned here before......????

You should be so lucky....lucky lucky lucky..........

Saw The Haze site..........sounds like fun at his gigs.......

Posted on Wed Nov 7 05:22:12 CET 2001 from (


From: St Catharines
Web page

The CD that Ronnie was hawkin' at the gig I saw last month was called 'Can't Stop Rockin'. Re-recorded greatest hits with the current "Hawks" (including his son and daughter) plus 2 tracks with ringers ("Blue Moon in My Sign" with Levon/Robbie and "Friendship" with Kris Kristofferson). The link above gives the entire track listing. Keep in mind these are Canadian dollars : ).

Posted on Wed Nov 7 04:20:04 CET 2001 from (


From: New Zealand
Web page

Bob Wigo, I haven't heard that particular story about the balding parlimentarians. The Primr Minister a a woman with a deep voice so maybe she's a bit worried about pattern baldness,

Isn't it strange that the last track RR and LH recorded together was Sing Sing Sing , especially when you listen to the lyrics.

Posted on Wed Nov 7 03:14:07 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: NJ

Right before the best and most smartest written show ever, The Simpson's, came on tonight, I happened to catch another underappreciated show, That 70's Show - to my delight and surprise - A few bars from W.S. Walcott was played during one of the transitions - Now i thought that was pretty cool.

Posted on Wed Nov 7 02:17:20 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: new york - of course

Evangeline on the bagpipes - man, that would sound sweet. Hey, has Garth ever had a crack at the bagpipes? I bet he'd make 'em sing.

This forgotten album thread that I had the pleasure of starting is great. Keep the posts coming......Anyone remember a song called "Back When My Hair Was Short" by a band called Gunhill Road? (named after a street in the beautiful Bronx)

I drove up the Jersey Turnpike yesterday. This was the same route I drove on Sept. 10th. The view of Manhattan was stunningly different, needless to say. Those bastards.

Posted on Wed Nov 7 02:07:07 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown


THE SHAPE OF JAZZ TO COME....Atlantic....The best of the classic quartet.
THIS IS OUR MUSIC....Atlantic....The quartet again, with Ed Blackwell now on drums.
FREE JAZZ....Atlantic,1960....A milestone in free jazz....the first double quartet....Neneh Cherry's Dad....Don Cherry....played with Coleman in Paul Bley's quintet in 1958 and then moved with the group to New York in 1960....When Cherry split....he became a pioneer of exploring different aspects of world music....too soon gone in 1995.
AT THE GOLDEN CIRCLE, STOCKHOLM VOL 1....Blue Note.....Mid-Sixties trio on tour.
TONE DIALING....Harmolodic/Verve....most accessible version of PRIME TIME.

SKIES OF AMERICA....1972....First version.....It is interesting to note that Pat Brennan and a few others in this world actually like this recording....:-D

ACOUSTIC SOUL....some songs on BOB MARLEY'S SONGS OF FREEDOM....just Bob and a guitar in a studio with heart felt lyrics....Acoustic Medley....GUAVA JELLY....THIS TRAIN....CORNERSTONE...COMMA COMMA....DEWDROPS....STIR IT UP....I'M HURTING INSIDE....recorded in Sweden in 1971....Marley was working on a soundtrack with Johnny Nash at the time....Nash ended up having a hit with Marley's STIR IT UP

Kalervo: Ilkka and I talk about Dylan and little'm a musical when you mentioned Kela....that's all it took....I made sure I heard his music....favourite is still NUMMELA from NUMMELA....great clarity and sound in Kela's voice and harmonica....also like....HARHAA....MIKAN FAIJAN BMW (Bob Marley and the Wailers nod?)....KISSANPAIVAT....KAKSISISARTA....PUISTOSSA....

G-Man: Ah, Ma wouldn't let me wear go-go boots....She was afraid I would walk all over Buffalo men....; I settled for classic black boots instead....BTW....When is Cowboy Wobbie and The Ponies coming out on CD????? Heh, Heh!

Posted on Wed Nov 7 00:56:18 CET 2001 from (


Tony:I posted, awhile back, that I was interested in finding out more about the Festival Express Tour across Canada. Jan was kind enough to post the info under the What's New section of this site. Look under October 3rd.

Posted on Wed Nov 7 00:09:52 CET 2001 from (


Scott: RUMOR has it--GURU Cd very; VERY, VERY, VERY GOOD! Got some good fiends lendin a hand!!! John D.: EXPRESS tour DVD??? was mentioned this site earlier! Due out soon?? Where to obtain??? Anyone have more info.??????

Posted on Tue Nov 6 23:09:11 CET 2001 from (

John D

TONY: Yes there is a movie about The Band, Janis etc. crossing Canada on a train and gigging in different cities. I was at the Toronto performance. Don't know much about it. Perhaps someone else on the site knows when it is coming out.

Posted on Tue Nov 6 22:53:52 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

No news on the Hawkins. No news on the Hubert Sumlin with Levon. Most importantly : - ) no news on the Nikki Love. Thought you were monitoring the latter, Crabgrass?

Posted on Tue Nov 6 22:16:34 CET 2001 from (


From: chicago

Has anyone heard about plans for a documentary about the tour by train through Canada in 69? 70? with the band, the dead, janis and i don't know who else? Any info would be greatly appreciated

Posted on Tue Nov 6 22:08:14 CET 2001 from (


I LOVE Hasil Adkins!!!!!!!! Thanks Bob for posting his site and Hank for mentioning him in the ol' GB!

If you love Hasil you'll probably love my favorite electric guitar player and favorite Rockabilly Madman Evan Johns over at evan! (dont know how to post links yet, sorry)

Posted on Tue Nov 6 21:12:37 CET 2001 from (

John Cass

From: VT

I am trying to track down a album called Richie Havens On Stage does any GB have a copy or know where I can get it. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I will send a tape to get a recording if that will help.

Posted on Tue Nov 6 21:07:19 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

Has there been any recent word on the new Hawkins release? The thought of hearing Robbie and Levon on the same track is exciting. When was the last time Robbie and Levon played on the same? Was it "Sing, Sing, Sing" off the RCO record or the MGM sound studio to perform "The Theme For The Last Waltz"?

Posted on Tue Nov 6 20:55:46 CET 2001 from (

i'm sorry but please read............

Green Party USA Coordinator Detained at Airport; Prevented by Armed Military Personnel from Flying to Political Meeting in Chicago -------------------- CounterPunch Wire -------------------- Armed government agents grabbed Nancy Oden, Green Party USA coordinating committee member, Thursday at Bangor International Airport in Bangor Maine, as she attempted to board an American Airlines flight to Chicago. "An official told me that my name had been flagged in the computer," a shaken Oden said. "I was targeted because the Green Party USA opposes the bombing of innocent civilians in Afghanistan." Oden, a long-time organic farmer and peace activist in northern Maine, was ordered away from the plane. Military personnel with automatic weapons surrounded Oden and instructed all airlines to deny her passage on any flight. "I was told that the airport was closed to me until further notice. And that my ticket would not be refunded," Oden said. Oden is scheduled to speak in Chicago Friday night on a panel concerning pesticides as weapons of war. She had helped to coordinate the Green Party USA's antiwar efforts these past few months, and was to report on these to The Greens national committee. "Not only did they stop me at the airport but some mysterious party had called the hotel and canceled my reservation," Oden said. The Greens National Committee-the governing body of the Green Party USA-is meeting in Chicago Nov. 2-4 to hammer out the details of national campaigns against bio-chemical warfare, the spraying of toxic pesticides, genetic engineering, and the Party's involvement in the burgeoning peace movement. "I am shocked that US military prevented one of our prominent Green Party members from attending the meeting in Chicago," said Elizabeth Fattah, a GPUSA representative from Pennsylvania who drove to Chicago. "I am outraged at the way the Bill of Rights is being trampled upon." Chicago Green activist Lionel Trepanier concluded, "The attack on the right of association of an opposition political party is chilling. The harassment of peace activists is reprehensible."

Posted on Tue Nov 6 19:26:43 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA
Web page

Hank, that's Hasil "The Haze" Adkins. I've posted a website for you. Enjoy your discovery !

Posted on Tue Nov 6 19:24:22 CET 2001 from (


From: Nordic Countries

Thread: forgotten albums

At a gig in 1970 I gave Lovin' Spoonful's Greatest Hits to our keyboard player. He "forgot" to gave it back. To be honest: I took his Mungo Jerry album which I "forgot" to give back. I suggest that we'll change them tomorrow at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin at 4 o'clock in the morning and forget the whole thing. BTW John Sebastian. I found his *Welcome back* vinyl album (1976) in a second hand store last week. On some tracks it sounds like the Band!

Good to see Kalervo back here as the first sign of Christmas time. Pukki diggaa Bändiä :-)

Posted on Tue Nov 6 19:19:33 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA

I saw on CNN last night that the members of New Zealand's Parliament were working to have overhead cameras removed from their sessions because they offer uncomplimentary views of their balding heads.

I sure hope they get that straightened out.

Posted on Tue Nov 6 16:55:49 CET 2001 from (

Christiane Hollands

From: Huntsville, Ontario

Like it a lot, My daughter and son play the bagpipes and we were wondering if we could get the music sheet for Evangeline, we would like to try to play it on the pipes. Thanks Christiane Hollands

Posted on Tue Nov 6 16:12:47 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: NJ

I am enjoying all these knook and cranny artists and lesser known recordings. For the Guitar players out there.., Marc Ribot's Rootless Cosmopolitans cd is an interesting foray into bizaroo land. Two covers of note on that cd are The Wind Cries Mary and While My Guitar Gently Weeps. It's the Theatre of the Absurd for Guitar. An underappreciated rocker cd - Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds. Izzy was the other guitarist in Guns and Roses. It's not Guns and Roses sounding at all but more along the lines of a harder Kieth Richards recording.

Now on the laughable end.., I had to go down into my basement to dig this out. In the late eighties, early 90's, i produced a low budget entertainment show in the Philadelphia area. Island records used to send me cd's of every unknown artist going. Only the Crash Test Dummies went on to make a dent in the industry. One artist was Phranc, a lesbian folksinger.., WOW BAD! It was a totally serious recording on her end but the lyrics were so bad they were funny. Ballad of the Dumb Hairdresser, Female Mudwrestling, Amazons (not the jungle), Liar Liar (and you guessed it, part of the lyric was 'pants on fire') and Eveywhere I Go I Hear the Go Go's were just a few of the gems. A song called One of the Girls was about a Girls Swim team and the art of showering..., I think i'll have to play it just for kicks and giggles.

Posted on Tue Nov 6 14:31:14 CET 2001 from (


From: Nummela, Finland

So many fine names have been mentioned I feel dizzy...

Brown Eyed Girl: You mentioned so many exciting non-English artists:Papa Wemba, Zucchero, Daniel Lanois (mostly English, but often French, like Bob R. I love his Acadie album) and Anssi Kela! Did Ilkka introduce him to you? You know Anssi is the biggest solo artist at the moment in Finland.The real fine man, and wonderful singersongwriter. When Anssi' s album called Nummela was number one in Finland I moved to Nummela last July! Anssi is living there, too, although I haven' t seen him.

Crabgrass:Jesse Colin Young' s Song For Juli is one of my favorite albums of all time..

Martin: Desitively Bonnaroo is a gem...

David P: John Hiatt' s new album Tiki Bar is a fine collection of songs, too. Kalervo

Posted on Tue Nov 6 10:35:48 CET 2001 from (

bill [cotton] jaques

From: port dover ontario canada

nice to see a site done so well , i can remmember when the Band started [played at the summer garden] drank a bit of beer and other things with them and The Hawk , lots of fond memories B.J.

Posted on Tue Nov 6 10:17:26 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Bones- I’ll join those who reckon Jesse Winchester never attained the same level as the first album again. Wonderful bass player, too. Robbie was at his peak while producing this. And a Bob Cato sleeve. Can’t go wrong.

Crabgrass- “5000 Spirits” is indeed a much under-regarded album. Played it till it fell apart (1968?). Keep meaning to get it on CD. Guess I should.

Under-regarded albums: “Mordicai Jones” by Mordicai Jones, and “Broth” by Broth. Both really Steve Verrocca (and Link Wray in odd bits). Don’t reckon they’ll ever make it to CD. I always used to say Louisiana’s Leroux, but in honesty it’s the one track, ‘New Orleans Ladies.’ (I finally got it on CD). I also still like Ringo’s “Beaucoups of Blues.” BTW, Ringo was third highest earning British rock artist last year according to The Sunday Times this week. (Paul was #1, George was #4).

I like the idea of single-handedly jump-starting the world economy. But what do you do with all the remote controls? I’ve noticed that I dispose of old components, but sling the remote in a drawer.

Posted on Tue Nov 6 05:15:42 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Just picked up Ornette Coleman's Free Jazz... and had my first real listen to/from night school... nice coincidence was the big-ass multi-colored northern light show on the way home around 9 pm... anyway, I like the part that's maybe on the bonus track that sounds like they are laughing at each other with their instruments... cool stuff... somebody want to recommend some others of his that are good?...

Peter Stone Brown: I've been listening to Love & Theft for a few straight days here too... and picked up the Rolling Stone interview too... some days I like it... some days I don't know what it is... I can't figure out if the audience is himself... or people like Clinton and Corporate CEOs... or even the R&R HOF or other history books?... The band is very together though... and I could enjoy them w/o the words... on some songs... I just don't know what the excitement is all about... maybe if I saw him live... or just put it away for a while... I might be more surprised... If you're out there Bob... well, stay out there... hmm, I do like some of the rough woman language though... I guess when you're 60 it gets politically correct in a way... whereas I'm probably in trouble now just for posting it in here... anyway, I wear highwaters myself... and I've purged enough here... so ga-night all...

Posted on Tue Nov 6 04:30:55 CET 2001 from (


From: CORK
Web page

Hadsil Adkins.....Anyone ever hear anything by this guy?...I just read about him in an old Mojo...been making Rock'n'Roll records since 1955...and he's still alive.....self-produced.......plays everthing..........

The biography channel in these here parts are running a sorta Rock'n'Roll series..saw Fleetwood Mac 'Rumours' classic album thingy today.....they're doing the same for The Band, too, soon....Classic Album Thingy......

I'm wondering if Peter Viney saw tonights thing on Clapton.........and are they doing a Van Morrison do you know?........An 'Astral Weeks'/Moondance' Classic Album thingy would be great, I'd say........

Just finished reading "The Road to The Manchester Free Trade Hall".....essential reading for ANY serious Band fan, folks...........It's mentioned that The Hawks were referred to many times as "The Group"........seems this idea of being "The Band" has it's roots'n'seeds right there in 1966.....Also, the author claims that when Dylan played in Coopenhagen the show was billed as Bob Dylan with Levon and The Hawks...even 'tho Levon was probably on an oil rig in The Gulf of Mexico at that time......Anyone got the Lowdown on THAT particular scenario?

Ok.......good night........



Posted on Tue Nov 6 04:24:16 CET 2001 from (


From: Chicago

Wish you all could've been there for TLW tribute. The pictures speak volumes. We had a blast. Rick & Richard were keeping the high harmonies from up above. A truly special night of the music of one of the Bands that made a difference. Peace DK

Posted on Tue Nov 6 01:13:50 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

Peter Viney: Sorry to here about your appliances but there is a silver lining. The day you go shopping you will single-handedly jump-start the world economy. Way to go!

Posted on Mon Nov 5 23:47:49 CET 2001 from (


From: The Front Lawn

Way to go Yankees!! (Reptiles Rule!!)

I'd add these to the "Best Acoustics" list: 1.)"Live '88" by Shawn Colvin, CD of the tape she used to peddle at concerts before getting ruined by signing for the big bucks and the only Shawn Colvin album really worth listening to. 2.)"5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion" by the Incredible String Band - eclectic, eccentric, philosophically deep - and quite humorous to boot!! One of the most musically and lyrically creative albums ever made.

Whoops!! I'll add a third one - "Soul of a City Boy" Jesse Colin Young's very first - just him, a borrowed guitar, and 4 hours of studio time - released in '64 and still as fresh as the day it was made.

Posted on Mon Nov 5 21:56:24 CET 2001 from (

John Cass

From: VT

Best forgoten album John Kay (from Steppenwolf) solo album: forgotton songs and unsung heros

Leon Russell: The Live album w/ New Grass Revival

Delaney & Bonnie: Motel Shot****(great Joe Cocker back ground vocals)

Graham Nash: Wild Tales

John Hammond: Triumvirate with Dr. John and Bloomfeild

John Mayall: Live At Roxy

the #1 best albums nobody talks about Richie Havens: Live at Celler Door and his Stages album (which I am looking to purchase if anyone knows where I can get a copy)

oh yea I almost forgot all Harry Chapin albums the man was great and he gets no air play other than Cats and The Cradle..

Posted on Mon Nov 5 21:16:10 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

Peter Viney: Yes, you should try and pick up some Ryan Adams, but certainly not in place of Jesse Winchester. Whiskeytown and the solo stuff all have great moments on them.

I think Ryan Adams likes the Band better than 'ol Jesse does. Jesse once told me after a show in the late 80s that his debut record was one of his least favorites which posed somewhat of a problem since most of his fans and critics liked it the best. I told him that it was my favorite as well, and he said that it was too old and gothic sounding to him.

Posted on Mon Nov 5 21:04:20 CET 2001 from (


From: Land of Go Go's & Goo Goo's

BROWN EYED GIRL, I have been around since the Go Go's with bleach blonde hair, now of SILVER BLUE, to the unfortunate time of the Goo Goo's (ugh)! Luckily, a lot of BAND, GURUS, Crowmatix, and Barnburners in between and after!!! You still have YOUR white boots??? HEH, HEH!!!

Posted on Mon Nov 5 20:31:27 CET 2001 from (


Anyone out there have any idea when The Honky Tonk Gurus will be releasing a new cd ? It's been quite sometime since their 1st release...

Posted on Mon Nov 5 20:14:20 CET 2001 from (

Bob R

Here are some of my favorite "forgotten" albums-- "Pacific Ocean Blue" Dennis Wilson (the late Beach Boy)probably the best solo work ever from one of the "boys" // "Daltrey" Roger Daltrey's fantastic 1st solo album /// "Acadie" Daniel Lanois (Robbie Robertson & Dylan producer) /// "Rumour & Sigh" Richard Thompson /// "i've Got My Own Album To Do" Ron Wood (1st solo album)

Posted on Mon Nov 5 19:08:55 CET 2001 from (

Groan Alone

Web page

The Doctor; Desitively Bonnaroo is a great Dr. John album worth checking out!!, he's backed by the meters and allen Toussaint(Rock of Ages) takes care of the production and arrangements. He also wrote a beautiful track called "Go tell the people" Hope everyone is well!! All the best from Home Groan

Posted on Mon Nov 5 17:08:06 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Some of my recommendations for mostly acoustic recordings:

Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersen -- "Running Wild" (Rounder)
Bluegrass meets honkytonk from the true supergroup featuring Chris Hillman, Herb Pedersen and Tony & Larry Rice. Great originals & covers, including a stellar version of Stephen Stills' "4+20" sung by Mr. Hillman.

Gilian Welch -- "Time (The Revelator)" (Acony Records)
Oh sister, where art thou? Ms. Welch continues to craft fine contemporary songs, along with collaborator David Rawlings, that seem coated by the dust of tradition. Intimately recorded at the historic RCA Studio B and Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

Sam Phillips -- "Fan Dance" (Nonesuch)
And now for somethings completely different from T-Bone Burnett's life & music partner. Haunting & melodic glimpses of life, captured in an intimate setting.

Dwight Yoakam -- " (Justguitar@dogbone)" (Reprise)
Stripped-down, acoustic versions of Mr. Yoakam's lonesome country songs with a few surprises. These sparse arrangements really highlight the strengths of his singing & interpretative skills.

John Hiatt -- "Crossing Muddy Waters" (Vanguard)
An amazing songwriter & singer adds all the electricity needed with his voice in this acoustic set of sparkling new songs.

Posted on Mon Nov 5 16:47:03 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: Nj

Small Treasures in the Big World of Music - Mark Germino and the Sluggers, they put out a cd called Radartown back in the early 90's. Kinda Band like (imagery) with a mix of John Cougar Mellencamp, Little Feat and that good ol middle America sound. After that cd he seemed to come into a bit more money for the studio, dropped The Sluggers and made an overproduced album. If he made another album after that, i've never seen it.

Posted on Mon Nov 5 16:37:48 CET 2001 from (


One more test, just for ol' times.

Posted on Mon Nov 5 16:36:40 CET 2001 from (


Just testing. We've had problems with a full disc. At least one GB entry was lost, and the chat room stopped working for a while.

Posted on Mon Nov 5 14:47:50 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA

Thanks to the Diamondbacks and the Yankees for an incredible World Series and a much appreciated diversion.

The Last Waltz Tribute....wish we all could have been there to share in the moment. To know that so many people care about the treasure that is the music of The Band and are willing to direct so much time and energy into recreating it is a very good feeling. Congratulations to all involved.

The Band has always played a special role for me at this beautiful time of the year. So many of their songs speak to the season and are magically complemented by Autumn's glistening palette. I'm taking time to appreciate some things I may have been taking for granted and it feels right. I hope each of you can and will do the same. We tend to forget the importance of nourishing our souls particularly during "times like these".


Posted on Mon Nov 5 14:42:20 CET 2001 from (

Mary (bear)

From: Western PA

Hello all! How is everyone in band land today? Just popped in to say hello, as I am feeling very sad and empty nest syndrome today. Another child of mine has flown the coop so to speak. He left this morning at 5 a.m. to go to Parris Island, SC for basic training for the USMC. To put it mildly, I am a wreck. With everything going on in the world today, as you can imagine, I am deeply concerned. Please keep my son, and all the other sons and daughters in your thoughts and prayers. I am so proud of him though, he only signed up last month. Of course, he has been thinking about this for over a year. Well, I know this isn't band related at all, but I feel sometimes as though you are my extended family. From reading the posts over the years, I feel as though I know many of you, and some of you I have met in person. Thanks for letting me share. Everyone have a good day, and hello to all especially Jan.

Posted on Mon Nov 5 14:33:47 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: NJ

Oh it was so good to see the National League win the World Series and even better off the Great Mariano Rivera (and he is great) As a huge baseball fan in general (METS), this was the best series i've seen in years. Hats off to the Yanks, they made it dramatic once again (true grit and class acts) But i'm glad that dynasty was put to rest.

Posted on Mon Nov 5 14:05:08 CET 2001 from (


From: Toronto

For all of those Hammond B3 fans out there, I'd like to direct you to a website that covers a tremendous B3 project called 2B3- The Toronto Sessions. Go to The concept from the producer, a B3'er himself, was to get 2 organists together on THE SAME SONG and go at it. No vocals. They had 3 days access to the great Richie Hayward, drummer of Little Feat, and the even greater Bill Payne, leader and revered keyboardist also of Little Feat. Then they added some of the best B3'ers Toronto has to offer including resident Canadian B3 god, Doug "Dr. Music" Riley and others including Richard Bell who plays with the newer versions of The Band.They do Life is a carnival, king Harvest, Gimme Some lovin and a slower funked version of the great Rhinoceros instrumental "Apricot Brandy", among others. Michael Fonfara of Rhinoceros is featured on the cd too. Anyway it's a classic B3 workout with Band connections "

" BUT there's more. "

" The next project is planned as The New york City Sessions. Not because of Sept 11th, as this was in the works since last winter. Players confirmed as "in", subject of course to tour and contractual arrangements, are Paul Shafer ( a bad assed Toronto trained B3'er when he wants to be), Ricky Peterson ( David Sanborn's musical director among many things going on for him), Roger Smith ( terrific B3'er of the great and my favourite band Tower of Power). Discussions have been going on or are planned with Al Kooper, Gregg Allman, Billy Preston, Felix Cavalierre (spell??-the Rascals)and another great Canuck keyboard genius, none other than Garth Hudson. Future plans are for a San Francisco session as well as a New Orleans session and maybe a Chicago session. I know a ton of people who have the 1st 2B3 cd and are wearing it out playing it. "

" Looks like the NYC session cd will continue that trend!

Posted on Mon Nov 5 13:46:32 CET 2001 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

The two CD Rhino "best of" Dr. John is wonderful. I also like "In The Right Place", every cut is strong and you get the great version of "Qualified."

Posted on Mon Nov 5 11:32:37 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

Bronx Sam: A few records that I have (I received as samples at the time when I worked in a record store)....that I liked and still listen to that probably no one else did....RICCI MARTIN (DINO'S SON)....BEACHED....1977 PRODUCED BY CARL WILSON AND BILLY HINSCHE....TONY BIRD OF PARADISE....1978....from Malawi, Africa....I saw him perform at Hotel Isabella and Harbourfront....ROY HILL.....I no longer have the record but I did remember to tape the best songs....very tasty guitar work in LINER TO TANGIER......

Kalervo: Another non-English recording that I missed.....always happens when you try and make lists....Eros Ramazzotti....Italy.....and yes Norbert I forgot to mention Golden Earring that you sent me from Holland.....but all songs are in English..:-D...Now here is one very generous Band fan....I burn mixed CDS for him.....but he sends me originals!!!! Anyway, at the time I used to hear RADAR LOVE blaring late at night on our radio......

Posted on Mon Nov 5 06:32:38 CET 2001 from (


From: Newark

Amanda, The great thing about living in the Northeast is that Band shows were always concentrated in that area. The Band always appreciated their fans, met with them, signed autographs and let them know how much they dug them. Especially Rick. These guys never forgot where they came from and their shows were nearly always very top notch. The same cannot be said for their reaction to the press and from what I saw The Band didn't always like doing interviews. In the long run this hurt their overall recognition. That said, they were a class act and complete champions of the stage. I think that's why the Guru's, the Barnburners, Garth etc., are so damn good. These guys have learned so much and been doing it for so darn long that it's impossible for them to play bad. I really hope they get a chance to stretch out beyond the NY state area so everyone else can see what their missing. Maybe they can do a package tour. It would be nice.

Posted on Mon Nov 5 05:41:50 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

I am writing this minutes after a heartbreaking loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks in the World Series. I wish to congratulate Arizona as being the best team and being a class act and a credit to baseball. Yes, as much as it hurts, it is very important to know that the sport itself is very healthy. Thank-you Yankees for playing as well as you did against two VERY formidable opponents in Oakland and Seatle. As troubling as these last two months have been, there is something so very comforting in knowing that something as good as baseball can go on. To my non-American friends, I regret you cannot share in this experience. Yes, you have soccer/futbol, and perhaps that suffices, but to us Americans, baseball is something that is part of our national existence. When Ken Burns made his Americana documentaries, the 3 pillars were the Civil War, Baseball, and Jazz. They are interlinked to our national existence. Somehow, we know deep in our soul, that as long as a baseball game is being played somewhere within our land, there is hope. When I was working for the National Park Service a few years back, I took a training course on Norhtern Virginian Civil War battlefields. In Southeastern Stafford county, while studying Union encampments, my group came upon an obscure battlefield marker. It stated simply that upon those fields, Union General Abner Doubleday organized one of the first games to be known as modern day baseball. At once it connected me to modern day American life: during profound crisis we still have time to share and enjoy this wonderful national pastime. So, once again, thank-you Yankees for the past several glorious years, and congratulations Arizona, as no one who shares such a love of this wonderful sport can ever be considered a foe.

Posted on Mon Nov 5 05:30:07 CET 2001 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa,N.Y.

I don't know how coherent this will sound, as I just got off a 16 hour shift and have to be back in to work in about 7 hours, but...I just read the couple posts about that LW tribute, and I'm marveling at life a little bit. I've been a hardcore Bandfan since 72 or so, I've seen most of the various lineups over the years, was present at some of the historical shows-Watkins Glen, LW, still kickin myself for passing up a chance to see them in Chicago for that last Dead show. Through the 90's, I saw The Band several times, always with a very enthusiastic and usually good-sized audience, but at those Rick shows I always was asking "Where is everybody?" And day to day, I wondered why the majority of people out there didn't get it. I discovered this place a few years ago, when I bought Jim Weider's Bigfoot album (it's mentioned in the liner notes)and have since been consistently amazed that a good number of people do get it. Knowing that enough musicians, somewhere out there, care and are motivated enough to do something like this tribute, well, it completely blows me away.(Bill, I'm curious, how many attended the show?)In 6 days, I'll be hangin with several likeminded folks downstate to watch the Gurus keep the flame alive. No real point here, I should go to bed. But, one more thing, I heard Dylan on the radio today, laying it on the line but good with God On Our Side. That was the first Dylan song I ever really got into, and its more timely and relevent than ever. And in 6 days I'll be sitting about 100 feet from him "and his band", as he is being billed. Does anyone know if he is playing this one these days?

Posted on Mon Nov 5 02:08:29 CET 2001 from (


From: virgina


Dr. John - After reading about Dr. John on the GB and listening to samples of the music on the web I have decided to buy a CD. lists 32 albums. I will buy one or possibly two but no more. Recommendations please.

Recommendation: I recently acquired a cd titled and performed by "Wake The Dead." Wake the Dead is a California band that blends Celtic traditional instrumentation with the vocal styling of the Greatful Dead. The result is a thoroughly delightful music. /n Virginians don't forget to vote on Tue. All state offices are are on the line./n politics- Although most of those who voted for Bill Clinton did not condone his actions they voted for him because the alternative was unacceptable. Politically and philosophically there was no where else to go./n BR

Posted on Mon Nov 5 02:01:17 CET 2001 from (


Bill Paige: Thanks for the pictures of the show. You all look so happy! I can imagine what a thrill it was to be a part of such a unique performance. I am very interested in a video!!!

Chris: Thanks for the review. It feels good to turn friends on to The Band..huh??

Posted on Mon Nov 5 00:58:50 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

I'll bet we all have an album, or two (or 100), that we really like but are pretty sure that nobody else ever noticed it. It could be from a well known act or an obscure one. I was thinking about that today with regards to an album I have. It was a 1979 release by Badfinger. This was after Pete Ham killed himself, and it was just two of the original guys. The album is called "Airwaves" and was a great breath of Rock and Roll fresh air in the middle of the disco era. The other one that comes to mind was when the original five Animals got together (for the second time), and released an album called "Arc". I think it was 1981, but it could have been '83. Eric Burden was in great voice. He's always been one of my favorite singers of the British invasion.

So - anyone familiar with these two records? Have you got some of your own?


I'm OK now. Thanks. Bye.

Posted on Sun Nov 4 23:36:02 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Thanks Chris..for the great post about the Last Waltz tribute..and thanks Bill Paige for the great photos (I want you guys to know I'm soooo jealous :-)

Geez Peter..I hope my pacemaker wasn't made by Panasonic _/\_/\_/\_/\___________ :-)

Have a good night everyone. Hug Jan.

Posted on Sun Nov 4 23:03:22 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Ten days ago, my much beloved 1988 Panasonic TV died. Five days ago, the Panasonic microwave oven (11 years old admittedly) died too. This morning my Epson 740 colour printer made a horrible twanging noise and died. Now I can still acess the internet but my e-mail has just ceased working too. I'm giving up and retreating to the solace of the brown album, as one does in such times. Hope the CD player still works …

Posted on Sun Nov 4 22:51:50 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn,NY

that jethro Tull Carnegie Hall concert is really fantsatic! Especially the early/"in-the-works" versions of 'My God' and 'Wind-Up'...Once again, Tommy recommends!

Posted on Sun Nov 4 21:33:46 CET 2001 from (

Dan Alexander

From: Calgary, Alberta

Rick Danko was a treasure, I remember when I heard he passed away I was home in Nova Scotia on holidays and was shocked. What a great bass player!!!!! When I was younger I used to say Rick along with Chris Squire, and Sting were the only bassists who made it look cool to play with a pick.

Posted on Sun Nov 4 18:18:01 CET 2001 from (


From: Chicago

Hey Now: So I was down at the Old Town School of Folk Music...with a few of my friends and we all enjoyed the Tribute to The Last Waltz. To give you an idea of the impression it made I will tell you that there were six of us, three intimately familiar with The Band, and three who were familiar enough to ask "Weren't these guys Jerry Garcia's back up band?"...?!?!?!?....after a brief explanation we arrived from an early thanksgiving meal, cooked by your's truly, pork tenderloin and cranberries, at the beginning of the second set.

To begin with the room always sounds great. I've only seen a few shows there but it has a tremendously warm feel to it. "Helpless" was wonderful and really set the tone for the music we heard. My companions were quickly transfixed. It was cool to watch the way the music, authoritatively played, reached out to those that both knew it and had never heard it before. The band really did a great job of staying true to the material.

The highlights for me were great versions of "...Masterpiece", "Acadian Driftwood", "Life Is A Carnival", "Further On Up The Road", "Rag Mama Rag". Many more...really very good. I thought that The Band material was done with more authority and delivered better than the other material...however "Further..", "Helpless", "Caravan" were all done great.

Our Man Bill Paige was terrific. Sang well and played guitar, mandolin, drums, and maybe some others that I didn't see. Bill's drum playing on "Caravan" was right on. Great mandolin on "Masterpiece".

Thanks for a quality night of music. A real treat. The reaction of the group I was with was unanimously "GREAT MUSIC".

Posted on Sun Nov 4 14:48:49 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

Ben Pike: Don't know if you are aware of it but the entire Carnegie Hall concert excerpted on Living In The Past was later uncovered and released on the limited issue 25 year Anniversary box set in 1993. It is worth seeking out. Then again, you said side 4 and not 3 which is the concert excerpt, but it is hard to keep track of with CD's.

Posted on Sun Nov 4 06:38:47 CET 2001 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

Good Wood: Rikki Lee Jones, "Naked Songs", John Prine "Dimonds In The Rough","Souviners", , Loudon Wainwright III "Career Moves","History" , Richard Thompson "Small Town Romance", or wooden disc of ""You, Me, Us?", Warren Zevon,"Learning To Flinch", Neil Young "Unplugged", Pretenders "Isle Of View" Jethro Tull, "Side Four of "Living In The Past", Leonard Cohen "Field Commander Cohen", The McGarrigles, "Matapedta", Steve Goodman, "Atristic Hair." Dan Fogelberg(sue me) "Home Free" Mary McCaslin"Best Of." Must to avoid: Steve Stills solo live, anything.

This donald joseph dude is crazy. And you thought I was bad! Maybe I should give him some of my Paxil.


Posted on Sun Nov 4 03:50:14 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

G-MAN: Correction.....the Goo Goo Dolls.....not the Go Go Dolls....I was listening to Nancy Sinatra's THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKING and was thinking about go go boots.....

KALERVO: I forgot to mention.....Mink Deville....Spanish....Romance with an edge.....Zucchero....Italian.......and Norbert sent me Isabelle Boulay from France! Also, French reggae.....Valerie Lagrange and Dubmatique.....Would ya believe I even saw a Japanese reggae group at the Bamboo Club once?....


Posted on Sun Nov 4 01:10:25 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn,New York

Two acoustic albums that I would recommend;Springsteen's NEBRASKA, and Jewel's PIECES OF YOU.

THanks folks for the Ryan Adam's info (especially his quote about sounding like The Band).I'm with you Lil-baby! I'm diggin' it.Could thsi guy actually save rock'n'roll????

haha.Just being dramatic for comedy's sake...Or am I?

I bought two copies of Garth's CD for friends for Xmas.I still don't have one! I hope my brother can take a hint,so I'll wind up with a copy in my stocking.

Posted on Sun Nov 4 00:25:08 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

I have a couple of Ryan Adams tracks on compilations - Sweet Carolina, To Be Young (Is To Be sad, To be high), and am impressed. BUT should I buy the albums, or simply dig out my old Jesse Winchester albums and play them instead? They sound so similar, but on the first Jesse Winchester you get Robbie and Levon too,

Posted on Sat Nov 3 23:28:08 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

KALERVO! Here are my non-English recordings that I listen to at home:

Pape Wembe....Zaire....great cover of Redding's FA FA FA SAD SONG
Cat Stevens....RUBY Greek song
One East Indian song a student taped for me....
Falco....Austrian I think
Sjako!....Netherlands....some songs in Dutch....I have Anouk too but no songs in Dutch....She likes reggae as well! I also have Cuby and the Blizzards....Thanks to Norbert! Oh, and Herman Brood too....
Carlos Santana....Mexican/American....but he doesn't sing his own songs.....OYE COMA VA....SAMBA PA favs....
Grupo Costa Sur....local Cuban band from Santiago de Cuba....They performed every night for us....
Campaneros....Toronto Chilean/Greek musicians
Canada's Daniel Lanois....French/Canadian.....His sister Jocelyn used to play bass in Toronto's Crash Vegas....and the lead singer is the neice of a former Toronto newscaster....too soon gone....
Youssou N'Dour with Neneh Cherry....Senegal....and Neneh's brother is.....and her father is Mr.Jazz.....
Thai Classical Music
One Vietnamese song I taped from a student's tape.....
Jon Secada....Afro/Cuban/American
Anssi Kela.....Finnish....Well, I think you know his music for sure!;-D

Posted on Sat Nov 3 23:26:16 CET 2001 from (


Kay: Speaking of acoustic about Odetta? She is powerful. I like "Oh Papa" on "Blues Everywhere". "Christmas Spirituals" is beautiful and full of soul. I would love to get my hands on a copy of "Ballad for Americans", but hear it is pretty rare.

Joy: Thanks for the Larry Campbell link. There are some wonderful photos.

Nick: I am so envious. You are very lucky to have seen The Band live so many times! I appreciate your words.

Bill Paige: Do you have any photographs of The Last Waltz show? It takes special people to keep the memory of The Band alive. Thanks.

Posted on Sat Nov 3 18:49:12 CET 2001 from (


A little clarification: The ~15% drop in traffic here does _not_ mean that a lot of entries are being rejected by the moderators (less than 5 posts were filtered out last month). But the new setup seems to work, the flamewars and insults are mostly gone.

Posted on Sat Nov 3 18:47:40 CET 2001 from (


From: New Mexico

Hey John Cass. . .how about some acoustic girls?? Two of my favorites: Katy Moffatt and Eliza Gilkyson. Katy's "Angel Town" is my favorite, has THE most beautiful Miss Otis Regrets. Her latest is "Loose Diamond," produced by Dave Alvin. My favorite Eliza Gilkyson is the latest one, "Hard Times in BAbylon." "Redemption" is also great. And both of these women play and record with Tom Russell, who also does great acoustic records, latest (and greatest, IMO) is "Borderlands.""Songs of the West" is also great.

Band connection? hmm, let's see. . .Katy Moffatt's an old friend of Bob Margolin's, who plays with the Barn Burners occasionally. . does that qualify?

Posted on Sat Nov 3 13:48:51 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

Hey guys, any of you also notice how things slow down here on weekends? Bummer. Guess most of us post from work. Now, here is a thread I've been holding back on for a while but as the season approaches I think it is more appropriate. I remember reading after Rick passed away almost 2 years ago that Levon was quoted as saying that they were discussing doing some type of holiday project together or with the Band. As a BIG fan of Christmas Must Be Tonight (and a tip of the hat to the poster who mentioned it a few days a ago), let's speculate what form this project might have taken. What Christmas/Holiday songs would Levon and Rick recorded and which ones would have suited them best? To make it more fun, let's turn the clock back, to say, 12/84 so we can have a healthy Levon and Richard Manual as well. Let's make it a cozy club in a snow-blanketed Woodstock, with The 1984 Band lineup, some townspeople, maybe 200 in the audience, and some spiked eggnog.My set list: Winterwonderland-Richard Santa Clause is Coming To Town-Levon Christmas Must Be Tonight-Rick Holly Jolly Christmas-Levon God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen-Garth solo extrodinairre Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire: Richard Rudolph- Richard Merry Christmas Baby (see Elvis version)Rick or Levon Peanuts Linus&Lucy instrumental: Richard and Garth. Blue Christmas-Rick or Levon. Just a few gems, I can hear them in my head. Sure I left many possiblities out. What do you guys think?

Posted on Sat Nov 3 13:09:01 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Bill Paige: Thanks so much for you post about last night's tribute to The Last Waltz in Chicago! Sounds like it was a great night. Wish I could've been there. Any chance they'll take it on the road? :-)

Have a good weekend everyone.

Posted on Sat Nov 3 10:12:11 CET 2001 from (

Ilkka's Dog

From: pink painted doghouse

I am very glad to post this rare (non-moderated!) interview with Mr. GB Moderator.

ME: - Mr. GB Moderator, first of all, I'd like to thank you for giving us this interview although it is All Saints' Day today.
MR. MODERATOR: - First of all, this will be moderated! We don't discuss religion.
ME: - OK, no religion. I wonder if it is allowed to discuss politics.
ME: - Major keys?
ME: - Minor keys?
ME: - Robbie Robertson's unforgettable words after the Woody Guthrie Memorial Concert on 20th January 1968, the words which have gone to the history of rock? He said: "We just played what we played."
ME: - 'Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres'?
MR. MODERATOR: - What is that?
ME: - A medal Dylan did receive in France.
ME: - Is it allowed to discuss Ron Wood's words after the Live Aid gala in 1985: "We came off looking like real idiots"?
MR. MODERATOR: - No. Idiot filter takes care of that.
ME: - I suppose we got an answer to my next question about Dylan's 'Idiot Wind' …. But how about 'Nothing was delivered'?
ME: - You ain't going nowhere.
MR. MODERATOR: - It will be moderated, too.
ME: - …errr… I didn't mean the song, I just wanted you to stay because there will be more questions. How about "Mad Dogs And Englishmen"?
MR. MODERATOR: - If you and Peter pass the filter …
ME: - I meant Joe Cocker's…

ME: - By the way, congratulations. Mr. Hoiberg said that you have moderated 15 per cent of the posts.
MR. MODERATOR: - 15 per cent is only chicken s**t. Our ambition is to double it every month. Mathematically, at this time next year we'll moderate 61 440 per cent of the entries. It will be tough. He'll need 2 500 moderators for 25 posters.
ME: - Remarkable numbers! So we'll have to rename 'Long Distance Operator' for 'Long Distance Moderator' he-he-he-he-he...
MR. MODERATOR: - No jokes, please. This is a serious web site.

ME: - To be serious: how about analyzing rock poetry. The opening line in Rick Danko's 'Times Like These' is
"Ooo – oooh, oooh - ooh, ooooh - ooooh - oooooh baby baby…"
In my mind the invisible complexity of the Freudian ambivalence in this line…
MR. MODERATOR: - Nope. This a family friendly web site.

ME: - Many rock artists have been discussed in gb. Can we still discuss Arlo Guthrie, John Hammond, Hank Williams, John Sebastian, Howie Wyeth, Neil Young, Frank Zappa, Joan Baez, Paul Butterfield, Townes Van Zandt, Gram Parsons, Nicky Love, John Prine, Joni Mitchell…
ME: - Marlon Brando, Bertolt Brecht, Big Bill Broonzy, Charlie Chaplin, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Clark Gable, Howard Hughes, Andy Warhol, Richard Nixon…
ME: - Ed Sullivan, Artie Traum, Dave van Ronk, Charlie McCoy, David Lanois, Marianne Faithfull, Sly Dunbar, Muddy Waters, Eric Weissberg, Britney Spears, Elvis Costello, Alice Cooper, Jerry Garcia, Ravi Shankari, Bengali Bauls…
MR. MODERATOR: - ... or if someone in gb has tasted Chinese Dog Wok?
ME: - OK, I see. Thank you for this interview anyway. I'll go now and post it to gb. Good bye.

MR. MODERATOR: - Don't go. Come back. Would you like to discuss Little Richard?
ME: - LITTLE RICHARD! My favorite. Sure. The good ol' gb community days are back. I can already see Peter Viney update his Little Richard makro, David Powell dust off his vinyl LPs, Diamond Lil call her favorite frog for Little rrrrrr-Richard, Ragtime desperately clean the keyboard (of vlaai), Norbert drink one more cup of coffee. There is still SOMETHING we have not discussed. And you are not that inhuman censor I expected to meet. Thanks for giving us this great opportunity to discuss Little Richard.
MR. MODERATOR: - You can't discuss Little Richard!
ME: - Huh??????
MR. MODERATOR: - I just wondered. It was the ONLY thing you didn't ask.

Posted on Sat Nov 3 10:04:08 CET 2001 from (

Bill Paige

From: Chicago

just a little to wired to sleep for another little bit, so I wanted to thank the GB for its support of our show last night at the Old Town School of Folk Music. I hope someone else will provide their 'review' of the show, because as a participant, I'm afraid I can't report anything other than a completely successful night of music.

props to the band -- john mead as 'robbie'; andy frost as 'levon'; alton smith as 'garth' ; peter strand on bass, with 'richard' and rick' vocals handled by myself, jim stacho, elise brooks, and dave kelty as 'neil'. frosty's turn as van the man knocked the crowd for a loop (and allowed me at least one turn behind the drums), and alton's stirring 'dixie' was another highlight. two and a half hours (with two 10-minute breaks), 24 songs, and let's not fergit our special guests -- steve levitt (our guru at OTSFM, who brought us together three years ago), jimmy tomasello on the dylan set, bob ball on harp for 'mystery train' and 'further on up the road', which was deviously propelled by richard 'eric' pettingill.

OK, here's the set list and maybe a couple of comments. then off to recharge the batteries.

cripple creek



stage fright


difference -- beautiful job, elise

this wheel's on fire

king harvest (this was the best version)

the last waltz / evangeline (end of set one)

helpless -- keltman had no suspicious nasal blockages

mystery train

further on up the road


dylan set -- jimmy t and jimmy s

angel you

rolling stone

baby let me follow you down

(we rehearsed a medly of 'baby let me follow you down' as bookends to I don't believe you and 'forever young', but those guys rolled with the punches and it sounded as rehearsed as everything else)

end of set two





chest fever

I shall be released

the weight

don't do it

anyway, thanks to everyone who showed up, or at least wanted to, and -- as always -- to jan H for keeping the Band's legacy a living breathing thing for people who love the music they made together.

peace, Bill

Posted on Sat Nov 3 09:35:31 CET 2001 from (


From: Delaware

It's interesting to see all the Van The Man comments. He's definitely had some great songs over the years. It's a shame he never did anything with The Band after '76 because they would have been a great combo. I can honestly say that for me "Jericho" and "Jubilation" are a much better listen than anything Van has come up with since "Moondance". That's just me of course. To the one who commented on the last Dead show with the Band...I remember the crowd coming in slowly at first but as the stadium began to fill so did the cheers. It was fantastic when they played "Crippled Creek" and the whole stadium was packed, calling for more. With all due respect to the Dead... the Band blew them away. The Band could always rock a club crowd or a stadium crowd regardless. They were awesome every time I've seen them. I know I seem over the top but that's how it is. I've seen 'em all in concert Van the Man to The Pogues to the Stones and the best one of all was the Band in Trenton NJ. It was 5$ all the barbeque you can eat. They drove all night from Vermont, got on an hour late, and put on the best show I've ever seen ( WEIDER IS INCREDIBLE). It was great. Seriously, Van the Man is great but I'll take the boys any day!!

Posted on Sat Nov 3 07:52:38 CET 2001 from (


From: Nummela, Finland

Many,many thanks Brown Eyed Girl! Those Bruce Cockburn songs are so strong. If I have to pick one album from the 90' s I think it would be Bruce' s The Charity of Night:it is humane, caring,matured, timeless, bold,and beautiful. And Bruce has a Band connection, too!

jep... Is it a good idea to pick one album from each decade starting 60' s? I know it is hard, because you do injustice to so many albums and artists (like me I have to leave many,many wonderful albums from the Band, Van, Bob.D, Charles Mingus,Caetano Velosoetc etc..)

60's: Love Supreme by John Coltrane (Astral Weeks is not far)

70's: Starsailor by Tim Buckley (this was my musical university, it is still fresh as new)

80's:Jump by Van Dyke Parks ( no street/rock credibilities here, just plain child-wise fun)

2000' s: maybe Clearlake' s debut album Lido at this moment or could it be Esa-Pekka Salonen's new album Or Ibrahim Ferrer or Dulce Ponte?

But the three best Band albums and Robbie' s solo albums could be there, too..... non-English list could also be interesting.... It is up to you! Kalervo

Posted on Sat Nov 3 05:43:39 CET 2001 from (


I keep trying to get a handle on just what it is that keeps us all coming back to these pages.There are plenty of other music sights, replete with chat rooms , forums ,etc to indulge in out there. Is this some rare form of cyber-psychosis, where but a handful of characters continually bombard each other, discuss, argue,wax philopharsical and sometimes run together coherent sentences and thought concerning politics, music,morals,the living, the crossed-over. Perhaps it's Jans artistic taste,right down to his choice of colors for these pages, which seem to fit perfectly the vibe created by the whole "Band phenomena".The"Band " guestbook is really quite fascinating when you take the time to step back and absorb all the energy and ideas ,some pleasing , some less so, that pass thru these cyberical parameters(huh?).Where else could an arm chair political science babbler rub elbows with the likes of a Pete Viney,Steady Rollin, or a Diamond Lil, or a Crabby ,sight un-seen!!!!!The insane asylum, if we're not careful!!!!!! Ahh! but what cell mates!! Thanks Jan.You've done a good thing.... Why, I even enjoy some of the valuable information you've compiled on these pages from time to time!:)

Posted on Sat Nov 3 05:29:35 CET 2001 from (


From: Madison, Wisconsin, Land of Prof."Louie" & The Crowmatix
Web page

To all my detractors: Not to worry, if you haven't figured it out yet, my recent burst of Guestbook activity will soon flame out, and you won't hear from me for months and months, so just sit tight. But I must admit, in my heart of hearts, that I fancy you all, deep down, surely must love to have me around, to hate -- sort of like a 4-year-old's feelings toward the villian in a Disney movie. During the long dry spells when I'm away, doesn't it get just a tad boring alternating between Lil's smiley faces ("(:-0)") and Viney's ever-more-pedantic Belfast Cowboy apologia?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi Donald!!! I could NEVER hate you. Your one of the few friends I've ever met from this GB (the only one besides your wonderful son). You have to remember Donald,,when you visit the GB ='s YOUR NOT VISITING THE BAND. I know you,,and your very smart up stairs,,,and down stairs. You speak where people dare. I come here once in a while to see the same 'ol thing,,and then I saw your post and it made me :-) Me and Vince Welnick welcome you and yours,, to our next SUNDOG SUMMER SHAKEDOWN 2002. Say hello to your son for me, and write me sometime 8-)

Posted on Sat Nov 3 01:58:14 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond
Web page

Jan: Thanks for the weblink. I enjoyed the Wil Wheaton link. As an old (relatively speaking) Trekkie/Trekker it was fun reading. I have a tape of myself which I have to dig up asking Gene Roddenberry questions regarding the new show at a convention in 11/86 (which was the as yet unnamed Star Trek The Next Generation). It was one of Roddenberry's last public appearance prior to his health decline of the late 80's prior to his death in '91. Regarding the acoustic music, Taj Mahal has a great acoustic set out from a few years back, and you may be able to find it at the not-so-mystery link above.

Posted on Sat Nov 3 00:50:30 CET 2001 from (

mike lenahan

From: Clinton,NJ

Hey John Cass, You Should check out Gregg Cagno at He records on Black Potatoe Records in Clinton NJ. This man is GREAT.... Let me know what you think! Rock On!

Posted on Fri Nov 2 23:20:14 CET 2001 from (


John Cass: A great acoustic recording: "Avalon Blues: A Tribute to the Music of Mississippi John Hurt". You've got guitar, harmonica, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, Steve Earle, Victoria Williams, Taj Mahal, John Hiatt and others.

Posted on Fri Nov 2 23:04:50 CET 2001 from (


the 4 b's, John Cass: Blind Blake, Blind lemon Jefferson, Blind Willie McTell, and Blind Boy Fuller. Maybe some Memphis Minnie, Bo Carter and Robert Johnson of course.

Hardest workin contemporary artist? I'm rootin for Garth and Levon... Zimmie and Bob Margolin too!

Wooks wike Kay and Butch got DJ's Feewings huwt... Awwwwww.....

Posted on Fri Nov 2 22:34:38 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

JOHN CASS: Some of my fav acoustic based recordings at home....

Richard Thompson....Celtschmerz....
Eric Anderson....Blue River
Bruce Cockburn
Steve Forbert....Alive On Arrival
John Prine....Diamonds In The Rough
Rick Nelson
Cat Stevens
Ani diFranco
Tracy Chapman
Joni Mitchell....Blue
Jim Croce
Joan Armatrading
Ron Sexsmith
Woody Guthrie
Steve Earle....I Feel Alright
Unplugged....Dylan.....Eric Clapton.....Neil Young
Graham Parker....Acoustic Live In Japan....Could someone please get Parker to come back to Toronto! I haven't seen him since the 80's....I always saw him as the Dylan of England....I appreciate his lyrics so much....I STAND UP FOR LIBERTY....BUT I CANNOT LIBERATE....He also experiments with reggae rhythms in his music like Dylan as well.....

G-MAN: Now do you know who the GoGo Dolls are?

Since Phish sings SWEET JANE live.....How bad can he be? ;-D

Posted on Fri Nov 2 22:19:25 CET 2001 from (


From: Chicago

Just want to remind any of you in the Chicago area night to check out TLW tribute tonight at The Old Town School of Folk Music. I'll be a part of it and we've been working real hard to put it together. Of course, we've had alot of fun as well, and you know what happens when you start having fun... We'll let those of you who can't make it know how it all went down, and then we'll rate our version of Caravan to Van's! Yeah right! Peace to all. DK Chicago

Posted on Fri Nov 2 20:46:24 CET 2001 from (

Steve Knowlton

From: Ypsilanti

John Cass: An old album in that style you might enjoy: "Earl Scruggs: His Family and Friends" (soundtrack to a TV show - features Earl playing with Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, the Byrds, Merle Travis, etc.)

Posted on Fri Nov 2 20:28:08 CET 2001 from (


Web page

Listening to Ryan Adams on APR's World Cafe. Interviewer David Dye brought up Ryan's sonic similarity in spots to The Band. Although Ryan said that "the Band sounded like a lot of know R&B, country, everything" and that "Leon Russell sounded a lot like The Band" he also said "these days when anyone says you sound like The Band, you're doin' good!".

Check the above link to see where you can hear World Cafe or to listen to archives.

Posted on Fri Nov 2 20:21:43 CET 2001 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

Brian Sz, I write that my apprasail of Clinton's performance is roughly on par with Tim McVie's, and I'm labeled "a rabid Clinton defender." That, in itself, speaks volumes on what the Clinton's have gotten in the fair play dept. But, rather than facing facts, it was always easier to accept the colaberation of the far right and the corperate media, and cackel along with Leno. We may have picked up the bill of Sept. 11th for the great dumbing down. Tull fan, I accept your consession as spoken like a gentleman. For the record, Bill Buckner, who I always disliked, has gotten a raw deal too. His error was hardly the sole factor in blowing that game, the whole Red Sox team played lousy that inning, and handed the game away on a silver platter.

Posted on Fri Nov 2 20:05:51 CET 2001 from (


From: CT

Has anybody heard Frank Sinatra's version of "Dry Your Eyes"? I would love to hear it, but, needless to say, the price of 250$ is a little steep. Did Elvis Presley ever sing a Band song? It is amazing how many greats covered the Band (Beatles, Aretha, Ray Charles, Supremes, Johnny Cash, etc)

Posted on Fri Nov 2 19:07:10 CET 2001 from (


Web page

John Cass (and others) looking for strickly (sic) "acoustic" music (although I'm not sure what that means) would do well to check out the above link to the folk mag "Sing Out!". Subscribe and you will receive four wonderfully eclectic CDs a year, one for each issue, containing the songs published in the corresponding issue. Artists range from old to new, singer-songwriter to traditional. Most are from releases on small independent labels. Most recent issue included familiar names such as Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Bill Morrissey, Norman Blake, Tom Paxton, Woody Guthrie and a duo with the unlikely monikers of "Bob Dylan and Joan Baez" (must be an alias) as well as worthy but lesser-knowns such as Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer, Alison Kinnaird, Eddie from Ohio. Each issue includes extensive record reviews, release notices, festival listings and much, much more.

For the Long-Standing Consistent Artist of High Quality award I nominate two: John Hiatt (Band connection!) and Bonnie Raitt. With but a few arguable exceptions each has not only has released an amazing body of moving, heartfelt work over the last 2-3 decades, but written some amazing tunes and played many, many fine shows.

Posted on Fri Nov 2 18:57:50 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Regarding Ryan Adams -- Some may recall the stunning duet version of "Return of the Grievous Angel" that he performed with Emmylou Harris on the Sessions at West 54th "Tribute to Gram Parsons" t.v. special. He also performed "A Song For You" with his group Whiskeytown later in the show.

You may have noticed some familiar last names listed in the credits on Mr. Adams' new CD "Gold". Contributing vocals & guitar is Chris Stills, son of rock legend Stephen Stills. Producer/drummer/multi-instrumentalist Ethan Johns is the son of the famous engineer/producer Glyn Johns. His father has worked with a virtual who's who list of major artists over the years, including The Band with his mix of "Stage Fright". Ethan Johns also worked on Ryan Adams' first solo album, "Heartbreaker", released last year, as well as Whiskeytown's final, long-delayed release, "Pneumonia", which came out on the Lost Highway label earlier this year.

Lost Highway has also recently released the fine "Timeless -- Tribute to Hank Williams" CD that includes performances by Ryan Adams, Beck, Johnny Cash, Sheryl Crow, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Mark Knopfler, Keb' Mo', Tom Petty, Keith Richards, Hank Williams III and Lucinda Williams.

Posted on Fri Nov 2 18:50:08 CET 2001 from (


From: somewhere just outside the city where the wind makes you feel alive

Just to address the question of what music by the Band we've been listening to lately-

Cahoots- I don't really understand the criticism of the music. forget the circumstances surrounding the making- I must've listened to "Volcano" a hundred times yesterday-

"Got my motor running

Little girl are you coming

Keep your candle burning bright"

Go Ricky Go!

And Garth on that sax solo- Are you kidding me? that just about makes the whole album

4% Pantomime- (I knew I'd find a way to work Van into this post)- just about the coolest drunken jam session ever recorded-so passionate-two master vocalists just dueling it out.

Question-How many people are familiar with Dylan's "Brownsville Girl"? -I think it's one of his best- comments... "We're going all the way til the wheels fall off"

and Bob's interview in Rolling Stone is pretty interesting-he's the master of saying a whole lot without saying much and saying very little with a lot of words

Posted on Fri Nov 2 18:04:03 CET 2001 from (


From: Chicago

Hey All: Just had an interesting experience. Was looking for Willie Nelson on Morpheus, which is a good search engine for free MP3's. Anyway...found a couple of good songs and downloaded one titled "In The Jailhouse Now". So I'm listening to it and I'm struck by the piano playing. Sounds great and really familiar like. So as a matter of interest I bring up the album on and LO and Behold. Our man Richard Manuel is listed as "musician". Floored me. This is the second time in two weeks that Richard's piano playing has knocked my socks off. Of course I came to this site right away and found that Jan was of course way ahead of me and has the album listed in Richard's discography. Long Live The Beak!!!!!!!

Posted on Fri Nov 2 17:49:23 CET 2001 from (


Web page

I just archived the rest of the guestbook from October. The traffic seems to have dropped by ~15% after the guestbook became a moderated forum. Not bad, considering how much noise we've filtered out. Thanks to the moderators and all you users. Keep'em coming!

Posted on Fri Nov 2 15:21:11 CET 2001 from (

John Cass

From: VT

Need help from this GB, I am in need of strickly acoustic albums!! my taste in the last few years has been for the majority acoustic music.. Blues, Folk, and singer songwriters. I have a bunch of John Hammond, Doc Watson, old James Taylor, Harry Chapin but I want opinions from the GB on favorite acoustic album in those styles. Thanks for your help!!

Posted on Fri Nov 2 15:11:40 CET 2001 from (


From: Downstate Illinois

Yes, the Old Town School of Folk Music is the place to be tonight. I won't be there, so please tell us all about it. I'm only 250 miles away, which makes my regret all the stronger.

I've listend to Van ever since 'Brown-eyed Girl', following him on his various trips and side excursions. Various albums have come and gone in the rotation on my turntable; just now most of my music listening is done on the move, so I concentrate on what I have on cd. The Healing Game gets played most often; sometimes I skip "Piper At The Gates of Dawn". I also play Days Like This a lot.

Posted on Fri Nov 2 15:02:17 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

KALERVO: Hei! Here are a few of my fav Canadian Bruce Cockburn songs......btw.....When he used to live in Toronto........I used to see him all the time at a certain restaurant at Yonge and Bloor........I was too just say hi Bruce......and to tell him that he inspires me to continue having a social conscience.....


Young men marching
helmets shining in the sun
polished as precise
like the brain behind the sun (should be!)
they got me thinking about eternity
some kind of ecstasy got a hold on me
and I'm wondering
where the lions are....
I'm wondering where the lions are.....

IF I HAD A ROCKET LAUNCHER.....(Chiapas, Mexico and Toronto, February and April 1983)

Here comes the helicopter -- second time today
everybody scatters and hopes
it goes away
how many kids they've
murdered only God can say
If I had a rocket launcher....
If I had a rocket launcher I'd make somebody pay.....

....I want to raise every voice -- at least I've got to try
Every time I think about it
Water rises to my eyes
Situation desperate echoes of the victims cry
If I had a rocket launcher....
Some sonofabitch would die....


I was up all night socializing
trying to keep the latent depression from crystalizing
now the sun is lurking
just behind the Scarborough horizon
and you're not even here
on the coldest night of the year....
I took in Yonge Street at a glance
Heard the punkers playing
Watched the bikers dance
Everybody wishing they could go to the south of France
And you're not even here
On the coldest night of the year.....

Paul Godfrey/Bill Munson/John Donabie: Which club in Toronto should Hank's band play when they come to town? that the El Mocambo will no longer be and Hotel California long gone where I used to see Downchild Blues Band.......I missed the Stones and Costello at the El Mocambo.....but I had a great time seeing Mr. England Cool........after Bryan Ferry.........Ian McCullouch.....Echo and The Bunnymen instead!!!!

Posted on Fri Nov 2 14:07:48 CET 2001 from (

Brien Sz

From: NJ

Ben - Wow, your rabid defense of Clinton on every angle amazes me..,Those are some wicked Rose colored glasses.., but in all good fun, I think you deserve to be the Clinton 'Mini Me'...,

I'll give an Amen on the Paul Simon observation.., Though again, his last effort was tedious(IMO)

I'm always in search of good music (new or old) by lesser known artists or artists who haven't been pumped by THE MACHINE - What was the name of the artist with new cd, Ten Songs - I remember it being described as Robbiesque - does it have a couple songs that jam or you can tap your foot to it in a good groove? Not a mellow groove but one that moves a bit..., I bought White Ladder on the word of this GB and was not overly thrilled (sorry Lil) - Sorry, again, too mellow. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind mellow but when Babylon is about as uptempo as its gonna get, well...,

Posted on Fri Nov 2 12:01:25 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

Tommy: I have Ryan Adams latest, "Gold"..and am loving it! He's incredibly versatile, and right now my favorites seem to be "New York New York", Touch, feel and lose", and "When the stars go Blue" (which is a bit melancholy yet beautiful at the same time). I don't think I've enjoyed a new cd more since David Gray's "White Ladder".

TGIFFF everyone. Hug Jan.

Posted on Fri Nov 2 10:41:01 CET 2001 from (


From: Suomi

I whole heartedly agree with Brown Eyed Girl, Dave and Peter. Those Van' s songs are really great...I' d like to add some of my favorites: Autumn Song (hmm..sensual), Domino, Cypress Avenue, Young Lovers Do, Summertime in England (from The Live from Beacon Theatre).."

" My pick for 1980-2000 is Bruce Cockburn. Have Van and Neil really made an inspiring album for the past ten years? Instead Bruce has made several classic albums for the past ten years: Charity of The Night, Dart To the Heart, Christmas, Nothin' But The Burning Light....Bruce hasn' t same kind of rock credibility than Van and Neil have, but in pure musical, human, spiritual and poetic sense Bruce is nowadays so much ahead of these guys..."

" I think Van needs to have a strong-minded and musically creative producer to make a classic album one more time. Otherwise he is too safe blues and jazz man for the rest of his life... Kalervo

Posted on Fri Nov 2 07:04:12 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny


Posted on Fri Nov 2 06:07:53 CET 2001 from (

Donald Joseph

Kay & Butch,

Your nastygrams are hurtful. I feel sorry for whomever they were directed to.

Good bye.

Posted on Fri Nov 2 05:53:25 CET 2001 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Peter Stone Brown: I loved your Van song classification scheme... hilarious!!!... but I'd say for me it's the last 5 years work that I have yet to fully appreciate (instead of 20 yrs)... My guess is a lot of weak bands could make a good living off even Van's most self-indulgent stuff... anyway here's my picks for a Greatest Songs CD over 1982-1994... 1982 Dweller... 1983 Celtic Swing... 1985 The Master's Eyes... 1986 One Irish Rover... 1987 I Forgot That Love Existed... 1988 She Moved Through The Fair... 1989 Have I Told You Lately... 1990 Memories (Think Chicago Bulls TV Ad!!!) or See Me Through... 1991 Take Me Back (yeah I know but it's good!!!)... 1993 Lonely Avenue... 1994 I've Been Working (Not the Man but the live Sax is great!!!)...

And my vote for best Caravan is TLW version... I bet it was just awesome live... the kinda thing that can't really be recorded... anyway, maybe Bob's latest is a tribute to Van's tribute method... Tweedle Da Dee and Tweedle Dee Dum...

Posted on Fri Nov 2 02:57:43 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn,NY

I bought the Ryan Adams cd a few hours ago.I've yet to listen to it.does anyone here have it...?Whattaya guyd think...? I'll give me "review"/thoughts on it after a thorough listen.

Posted on Fri Nov 2 00:43:11 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmon

I don't have a nominee for hardest working artist of the last 20 years, but agree that Van Morrison and Paul Simon are worthy nominees. On the barbecue thread: I don't want to choose! Give me the 'all-you-can-eat' buffet !!

Posted on Fri Nov 2 00:27:27 CET 2001 from (


From: Standing On A Mountaintop

Best Artists Working.....Levon Helm and Garth Hudson...Bar None! Now how is that for a big ole spicy slab of BBQ!!!!

To all the beautiful, intelligent, passionate women of the GB who provide such stimulating background acoustics...your songs are appreciated! Hopefully....we can all meet at a Barnburner show one night and dance our asses off!!

Posted on Thu Nov 1 23:48:09 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Brown-Eyed Girl mentioned a few I missed. Add them all to my list!

Posted on Thu Nov 1 23:00:24 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

Ben Pike: After reading your many posts I have finally come to a belated conclusion, difficult though it may be. I can keep the suspicion in no longer and shall out you from your closet. I must apologize to my fellow GB friends, as I swore never to use such vile language out here and I am ashamed at my lack of self control but can contain myself no longer. Parents, you may wish to remove your children from the room as I write this: Mr. Pike, you sir, are a......................................................................RED SOX FAN! How else can defend a peson such as Bill Clinton? Actually, I don't believe you are! Rather, 'Clinton' is your code word for ...Bill Buckner! I figured it out! You are merely acting on the decades of torment brought on by the curse of the Bambino and images of Bucky Dent and Bill Buckner! Now that I understand you I can sympathize! :) LET'S GO YANKEES!!!!!

Posted on Thu Nov 1 22:17:29 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

I like Hank's barbeque analogy. When it comes to music, like barbeque, people everywhere have different preferences regarding how it should be served. Whether it might require a dry or a wet rub -- a thin or a thick sauce -- vinegar, tomato, mustard, ketchup or soy based -- served on the meat or on the side? Do you want pork or beef -- ribs or shoulder -- sliced or by the slab? Accompanied by a cold beer or sweet iced tea? Would you like some brunswick stew and cracklin' corn bread with that?

Posted on Thu Nov 1 22:09:15 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Peter S-B, you’re right that music shouldn’t be a competition. And Van tours Europe plenty. Loved your definition of Van’s output (which you should send to Wavelength magazine who would print it – they have a sense of humour about all this too), but while rain in a Dylan song is a drug reference, for a Belfast artist it’s that wet stuff that falls 364 days a year. Steve, I’d agree that Paul Simon is not only superb, but the best live artist I’ve seen since Marvin Gaye in terms of quality, backing and commitment. My favourite Van shows were mid-80s, when he could still delve deep into the mystic, but the power of the voice is still there now at the flick of a switch, even if the support band leaves a lot to be desired. Donnie Joe – you’ll have to admit that his current bass player and drummer (as with Linda G-L) are awful. Nevertheless, a select ten post 1980 recordings from Van of the highest quality. No boots. No live. No jazz excursions. No skiffle. In the knowledge that he despises being discussed on the internet …

1980: Haunts of Ancient peace, Summertime in England.

1982: Northern Muse, Dweller on the threshold, Beautiful Vision, Cleaning windows, Vanlose Stairway.

1983: Inarticulate speech of the Heart, Irish heartbeat

1884: Tore Down a la Rimbaud, (Oh, that’s 10 and we’re only at 1984), A Sense of Wonder.

1986: In the Garden, One Irish Rover.

1987: Did ye get healed?

1988: Raglan Road, She Moved through the fair, Carrickfergus, I’ll tell me Ma

1989: Whenever God (aka Sir Cliff) Shines His Light, Have I Told You Lately

1990: Real Real Gone.

1992: Why Must I always explain? I Can’t Stop Loving You

1993: Lonely Avenue

1995: Days Like This; You Don’t Know Me, In the Afternoon.

1997: The Healing Game, Burning Ground, It Once Was My Life, Sometimes we Cry.

1999: Back on Top, New Biography, Precious Time

That’s two ‘Best of …’ albums at least. Best live recording: Tupelo Honey / Why Must I Always explain (often).

Posted on Thu Nov 1 22:00:52 CET 2001 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

When John Fund tucked his God underneath his arm in the early ninties, and slithered down to Arkansaw to find ex-Klansman to tell, and sometimes make up for profit, tales on Bill Clinton, he could have been dismissed as a zelot or fool by sensible people. By the time Ann Coulter("Paula Jones was my Rosa Parks") and others had made a cottage industry out of Clinton hating, and a mockery had made of our history by the Impeachment, the greed of the press and the wilfull madness of the right was etched in ugly stone. Again, those familair with the facts know how pathetic the "Clinton caused his own problems" moderate line really is. I will tell you this much of my politics, from what I gather, I'm roughly as happy with Clinton's policies and performance as the late Timothy McVie; allthough I would disagree with our most prodigous mass killer on certain issues. I didn't, however, begin to shake, throw things, and pound my fist into the furnature when Clinton appeared on the tube. This was a response conditioned by talk radio and other media arms of the far right, and to blame Clinton for the credibility such crackpots hold in our Media is swineish to the extreme. And you bat 1000: to paraphrase the bard, nothing became Clinton's Presidency like his not leaving it. Had he bowed to the gutter tactics of The Republicans, sleazeball politics would have had a clear, unambiguous victory. For sticking it out, even the now debauched Impeachment process may stand as what it should be; an emergency last resort for the benifit of the people, not a cheap tool of vengence for ethicless political henchmen.

Posted on Thu Nov 1 22:01:23 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: ny

Well said Butch. The thing is that some folks aren't really "too hip" - they just think they are.

Posted on Thu Nov 1 21:43:19 CET 2001 from (


From: Virginia
Web page


Just in case some folks are not aware, Larry Campbell has a webpage at the above address. In addition to playing with Dylan, he records and performs with other folks too. He's a talented and busy guy. He's also a very nice person.


Posted on Thu Nov 1 21:39:34 CET 2001 from (

brown eyed girl

From: cabbagetown

Peter Viney Rocks and has Soul! Here are my Van Favs At This Very Moment In Time As Well As My List Of His Masterpieces....Brown Eyed Girl's Choices Only!

Them featuring Van Morrison....Hey Girl....My older brother lost interest in Van after the demise of Them....Oh well....what does he know?....He's the one who exposed me to Mr. Rock and Roll Heart....;-D
T.B.Sheets....BROWN EYED GIRL....even though Van has said this song was merely lunch I better choose another one....Madame George
Bang Masters....BROWN EYED GIRL....alternate version....ok....Chick-A-Boom....when I feel like dancing and feeling light....
Astral Weeks....Masterpiece....Madame George
Moondance....Masterpiece....Brand New Day
Van Morrison His Band And The Street Choir....I'll Be Your Lover, Too
Tupelo Honey....My mother's favourite honey....besides her European special....Tupelo Honey
St.Domenic's Preview....Almost Independence Day....oops....My brother does actually like....Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile)
Hard Nose The Highway....Warm Love
It's Too Late To Stop Now....Bring It On Home To Me
Veedon Fleece....Streets Of Arklow
A Period Of Transition....Cold Wind In August
Wavelength....Santa Fe/Beautiful Obsession....Did Jackie deShannon inspire this song?
Into The Music....Masterpiece....And The Healing Has Begun
Common One....Spirit....A Irish/Guyanese friend of mine listened to this recording while recovering.....
Beautiful Vision....Cleaning Windows.....Van apparently did clean windows once....
Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart....River Of Time
Live At The Grand Opera House Belfast....Full Force Gale
A Sense Of Wonder....The Masters Eyes
No Guru, No Method, No Teacher....One Irish Rover
Poetic Champions Compose....Someone Like You....One of the best love songs ever....the other being Style Council's....You're The Best Thing
Irish Heartbeat....Carrickfergus
Avalon Sunset....Have I Told You but Rod the Mod has....
Hymns To The Silence....WHY MUST I ALWAYS EXPLAIN....:-D
Too Long In Exile....In The Forest
Days Like These....In The Afternoon.....amore galore here....
How Long Has This Been Going On With Georgie Fame.....That's Life
The Healing Game....Masterpiece....Burning Ground
The Philosopher's Stone....Stepping Out Queen Part 2
Back On Top....REMINDS ME OF YOU....You know who you are...."You're so probably think this song is about you, don't you?

Posted on Thu Nov 1 21:12:45 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA

PSB, I couldn't disagree more but, then again, musical appreciation shouldn't be a competition either! I can appreciate your perspective and certainly realize that Van's somewhat cantankerous viewpoint leaves him wide open for criticisms like those you expressed. To all of this I would say -- I just plain appreciate the instrument. I will always contend that Van's interpretations of any "standards", be they Jazz, Gospel, Blues, are among the very best available to these ears. I can agree to some extent with your "recurring theme" comments but will qualify them to make them a bit more palatable. We as listeners and consumers needn't feel committed to traveling the full length of any road an artist chooses to take us on. There are some Picassos that hold me spellbound and others that leave me bewildered. Are those pieces art, exhaustive exploration of a genre or disposable rubbish pawned off under the guise of a validating signature in the lower right hand corner? There is no sarcasm in my question, I genuinely do not know and believe it possible that none of us know.

Beauty, in this case, is certainly in the ears of the beholder. I'll be honest, Dylan's new album is certainly not the musical tour de force the critics, and some here, have made it out to be. Is it good? I believe so. Does it belong at or even near the top of his catalog? I believe not. It too suffers from the trappings of formula which, I believe, drag it too near the middle of the same road Dylan has been professing to abhor all these many years. Does that mean I haven't enjoyed it? Certainly not.

I guess all of this is what makes the music and this place worth all our individual and collective efforts. By the way Peter, how did the "Asleep At The Wheel" gig go last week? I wish I could have made it. I'll catch up to you on one these go-rounds.

Hank, as always it couldn't have been said any better.Good BBQ is good BBQ and there ain't no goddamned gettin' around that!!

Posted on Thu Nov 1 20:02:42 CET 2001 from (


From: New Mexico

Sorry to disagree with those who like things stirred up, but I've noticed that most of my favorite GB posters have left the party over the past few years. Most apparently have standards for socializing -- even in cyberspace -- that don't extend to nasty, self-infatuated bores.. . .The ability to compose clever insults is not rare, and certainly nothing to be proud of.

Posted on Thu Nov 1 20:01:03 CET 2001 from (

Steve Knowlton

From: Ypsilanti

Best artist working 1980-2000: I give it to Paul Simon. Sure, he's not prolific, but that downtime gives him lots of room to EDIT. Unlike Van, Neil, or especially Bob, there's rarely anything outright stinky on any Paul Simon albums, and he's still capable of amazing high points. His latest is stunning, a combination of the Afro-Brazilian elements he used in the '80s and his own terrific fingerpicking (Simon is definitely the best guitarist of the group we've been discussing). And since his voice was never that terrific to begin with, you hardly notice whether he's lost some range.

Posted on Thu Nov 1 19:14:21 CET 2001 from (


From: Cork
Web page

Donald Joseph: I, for one, don't hate you.....

But like 'Alias' at The 1987 RRHOF induction gig talking about Mike Love...thanks for not mentioning my name in yer last post.......

No, to be honest, it's good to see the old cut and thrust return to The GB....

Whilst playing a gig last Tuesday night here in Cork a group of about 30 Americans came in during the second was a regular old Rainy Tuesday night gig in yer hometown 'cos the venue owner digs your band and gives it up for the local scene....but these Yanks up the ante.....we did a medley of 'Gimme some Lovin' into 'Satisfaction' to rock it up a cool it out after that we did 'The Weight"......Well, the reaction of these Young(er than me!) Americans was tremendous!....all college kids on a trip thru was like a display of patriotism in the nicest way...almost like, what's more American than a song like 'The Weight' ? They ate it up and got all the 'ands' & 'put the loads' all wrong but so what? The point I'm making here is that it don't really matter how young, old, black or white you are ......good Bar-B-Que is good Bar-B-Que, officer...........

Posted on Thu Nov 1 19:06:56 CET 2001 from (

Peter Stone Brown

From: Philly
Web page

Peter Viney,

Why the comparison of artists? Music isn't -- and shouldn't be a competition.

I am and have been a huge Van Morrison fan for decades. But the fact is particularly on his albums, for the past 20 years he has been coasting, writing the exact same song over and over again. One could almost write the generic Van Morrison song or songs the way one could write the generic country song. Van has three types of songs. :-) The I was in the garden wet with rain listening to the radio in the alley song. Then there's the I was lost in the rapture of Yeats, Blake or the poet of your choice while wandering in the garden wet with rain while my Telefunken blasted into the alley type of song. And then there's the Van complaining type of song which is basically I was screwed by the business guys and the press and the morons on the internet who think they know about me but won't leave me alone because they're all idiots wearing fashionable clothes and following the current trends which has nothing to do with the glorious rapture while listening to Sidney Bechet and reading Wordsworth while searching for the eternal enternal vision of John Lee Hooker jamming with Ray Charles in the celtic mist kind of song.

And while Van still sings when he wants to with considerable power, there is no doubt that his voice lost a lot of his upper range somewhere around 1980, and in an effort to reclaim his muse, he is now lost in tribute album land. Not to mention that he hardly ever tours the US.

Hopefully, he's been listening to Dylan's "Love And Theft" which just might inspire him to once again create something new. Until something approximating that happens, file him in the inspiration lost category.

Posted on Thu Nov 1 18:29:31 CET 2001 from (

JTull Fan

From: Richmond

Ben Pike: Sorry guy, but don't blame me for Clinton's scandals.It's not my fault he has been dis-barred for lying under oath. I am not going to debate the zealousness with which his detractors confronted him, but Clinton created most of his own problems, as did Newt Gingrich and I thank-you for pointing that out. I will go one step farther and say that Newt did the honorable thing by resigning, which would have gone a long way in rehabilitating Bill Clinton if he correctly chose the same path. Again, I invite you to say what you actually stand FOR, as opposed to stand AGAINST, as positive arguments are far more effective than negative ones. But again, I agree with you that we should stick as close to music as possible, and will only respond to political diatribe when it becomes absolutely absurd or offensive. Peace.

Posted on Thu Nov 1 17:15:43 CET 2001 from (



i have gotten so many E-mails about some of the moronic behavior here,,, what is up with that ?

This place was such a refuge & i thank Jan for providing it , esp now,, when we all need a place to go,,

but this "aliaspatchcrap,,," puhleeeze,,, these people have names,, are you too hip to be like everyone else ?

anyway, im sure the offender doesnt care,, but he is the osama bin laden of this Guest Book, destroying it for his selfish twisted reasons & agenda,,,

My opinion but echoed by many, im sure,,,

Posted on Thu Nov 1 16:32:18 CET 2001 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Finally picked up the new "Ronnie Earl and Friends" CD (Telarc) featuring Levon on drums. Great steamin' portions of rhythm & blues. With guest appearances by James Cotton, Irma Thomas, Guitar Junior and Kim Wilson, along with Mr. Earl's tasty fretwork, backed by a tight rhythm section led by Mr. Helm, you can't go wrong. The minute I heard Ms. Thomas seque into Doc Pomus' "Lonely Avenue" I was in heaven.

Also check out Mr. Earl's previous CD on Telarc, "Healing Time", released last year. Another fine release is "The Colour of Love" (1997), featuring Ronnie Earl with the Broadcasters, produced by the legendary Tom Dowd for the Verve label. That one includes guest appearances by Brothers Gregg Allman, Jaimoe & Marc Quinones, along with sax great Hank Crawford.

If you really want to frighten the trick or treaters -- follow-up the Johnny Jenkins version of "...Gilded Splinters" with Screamin' Jay Hawkins' "Feast of the Mau Mau". Alas, that's perhaps too politically incorrect for the young ones.

Posted on Thu Nov 1 16:03:44 CET 2001 from (

Peter Viney

Scrooged: Robbie solo. There are actually two solo Robbie versions, with a different one on the ‘Winter, Fire & Snow’ compilation. Always thought he did it well. Never noticed where it came in the film.

Phew. Donald, uh, excuse me, but if we look back over the years, aren’t you the one who was picking up points on people’s gramer and spelin? I think that’s more pedantic than listing Van’s recent doings. Hope you read Linda Gail Lewis’s ‘trousers down’ account of her tours with Van. It was in thetabloid papers here, so I assume the National Enquirer picked it up and you’ll have seen it. Whatever people say, it’s not a pedantic newspaper. In the absence of anything much of Band interest I’m sure we’re delighted to read more about Muddy Waters, Dr John (who we discussed a couple of weeks ago) and Ry Cooder etc.

Brien – yes, I agree, Neil Young has never ceased being interesting. And eclectic. Never failed to buy a new album. Clapton? I admire him greatly, but Robbie put the case to rest at TLW with a little post-dubbing, but that’s an art too, and I don’t think Eric ever recovered. In a Battle of The Bands contest, my money would be on Robbie every time. Over just the last 20 years though, we cut out most of Eric’s greatest work. Robbie has only four full albums and a series of OST’s. Van has about 20 albums, at least eight of them four stars or above. OK, a few poorer ones but they’re often exploring interesting side roads (Mose Allison, skiffle, Linda Gail Lewis). I’d still say Van beats all contenders over that restricted time period 1980 – 2000 with Neil Young snapping at his heels. Again, Neil’s weaker albums are explorations of side roads. Given only 2000-20001, I’m straight back to Bob because of Love and Theft. Looking at Van AND Neil Young, their combined output of consistent quality material over the last 20 years has to put even our heroes to shame.

Posted on Thu Nov 1 15:35:04 CET 2001 from (

JTull fan

From: Richmond

The announcers during last night's game said AZ manager Brenly keeps Jethro Tull on his office CD player. Well, good for him, but after last night's game he needs to put on some Sinatra! Way to go Martinez, Spencer, and Jeter! YEAH! VINEY: Would appreciate your top 10 recommended list for Van Morrison for the last 20 years so I can seek some of it out to test your hypothesis. My last mystery band was Procol Harum; love Matthew Fischer's organ work on Shine On Brightly. What would Garth do with that material?

Posted on Thu Nov 1 15:04:53 CET 2001 from (

bob wigo

From: havertown, pa USA ( Where veils are never required )

In the words of the great Ian Anderson, directed at an ill mannered fan attending a Halloween night show of Jethro Tull's back around 1973...."You sir, are a cobweb".

Back to the music....

Peter, I would have to agree with your recent assessment of Van's work over the past twenty years. While there are some weak points the composite reflects an artist who has faithfully followed his muse and used his instrument's incredible durability and versatility to explore his personal musical landscape as well as to pay tribute to the greats of Jazz, Blues, R & B, Gospel, and Rock and Roll that came before him.

Some personal favorites are:
"Wasted Years" with John Lee Hooker off "Too Long in Exile", his beautiful cover of "I Can't Stop Loving You" and "I Need Your Kind Of Loving" from "Hymns to the Silence", "Soldier of Fortune" as part of an incredible medley on "A Night in San Francisco", "Carrickfergus" from "Irish Heartbeat" and "Did Ye Get Healed" from "Poetic Champions Compose".

I could certainly go on. Listen to the lion.

Posted on Thu Nov 1 14:39:05 CET 2001 from (

John D

From: Toronto

Man! it's great to have connection again. Server's been down here since yesterday afternoon. Remember the soundtrack Scrooged; with "Christmas Must Be Tonight?" I notice it's being re-released. Robbie is solo doing the song. Was it The Band originally on this soundtrack or Robbie. Just can't remember. Thanks

Posted on Thu Nov 1 14:33:53 CET 2001 from (


From: Suomi

Hello folks, It is almost Christmas time, so I can go back here and praise Christmas Must Be Tonight...Ok ..not yet... Oh yes Dylan's current band is really fine. Thanks Angelina mentioning Street Legal...the underrated example of fine flamenco me especially Changing of The Guards..... Has anybody heard of Stuart Davis? I am about to buy his album without ever hearing anything from him. Kalervo

Posted on Thu Nov 1 13:27:01 CET 2001 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

Tull fan, you have once again built sandcastles and "dared the tardy tide, to wash them all aside", so here goes. One that cheered on the election of Newt Gingrich in our political system can roughly fall under the catagory of "right winger", just as I roughly fall under the catagory of "left winger", not compleatly accurate in all cases, but for the sake of arguement, it will do. All your symantic sillyness about "labels" is incerted in lew of any response to the stuff I was challenging you on re Clinton's "deviding Of America," not surprising, that's clearly a load of insupportable do-do, the kind of stuff left behind by heavy horses. As for political scandals and there history in this country, so what? YOU introduced Clinton's scandels as a mark against him; I replyed that they are much more a mark against those who manipulated them into exsistance. Wise people who want to seek the rather glaring obviousness with which I am right can easily examine the facts, most have by now; I was merely pointing out you were talking a load of crap. Again, the Band board is hardly the place for this stuff, but it is a context in which I feel justifyed in being wholly reactionary. Hate Clinton all you want, but bull hockey will be answered. Otherwise, lets stick to reissues and the overrating of Van Morrison. Sorry PV, couldn't resist.

Posted on Thu Nov 1 12:02:48 CET 2001 from (

Diamond Lil

If anyone from the Chicago area is going to the Old Towne School of Folk Music tribute to The Last Waltz tomorrow night..please post and tell us about it. I would _love_ to be there if I could. Thanks.

Have a good day everyone.

Posted on Thu Nov 1 10:01:48 CET 2001 from (

Dave Hopkins

From: Berkeley, CA

Tony: I agree with you 100% about Dylan's current band...I caught the show in San Francisco a couple weeks back and was thoroughly impressed with the musicianship. Sexton, Campbell, Garnier & Kemper carry on in the fine tradition of the original (and greatest) Dylan backup band (or Band, if you will). I understand, however, that band members must sign a contract agreeing not to talk to the press about Dylan as a condition of employment...hence the general rarity of interviews.

Posted on Thu Nov 1 06:07:40 CET 2001 from (

Donald Joseph

From: Not Florida

Viney: I thought we weren't allowed to mention the Winter Park shower scene. I've been flamed for mentioning it before. But you're right: Re Fla., Winter Park makes my case.

Anyone count how many times in the RS cover story Alias uses the adjective "mathematical"? It's a lot. We Guestbookers have spilled a lot of cyber-ink over Alias's 35-yr.-old praise of Patch as the "only mathematical guitar genius." Alas, reading the new RS piece, it seems the praise was hollower than we thought: "Mathematical" seems to be Alias's default reflex word, like others' use of "y'know."

Tony: Funny you should comment on the lack of Alias interviews. Pick up the new RS.

NB: Due to the delay in posting Guestbook messages, when I wrote yesterday's message on "King Harvest" I didn't have the benefit of the Susan (from Ill.) posting. Obviously Sue & I agree 100%, and (not surprisingly), she made our point more eloquently than I.

John Cass, you think I don't approve of kids at concerts. Way wrong. I took my kids to see shows when they were infants -- my boy saw Los Lobos & AJ Croce before age 2, & my eldest daughter saw Aaron Neville before she was 1 month old! No sh*t! As I said last time, my beef is on kids not doing their homework, be it before a show or before a test, for that matter. Got Alias tix? Then listen to an album or 2 before showtime.

Brien [sic] Sz: Huh?

Wigo: I prefer it when you veil your sarcasm a little more. But I guess you don't care about what I prefer.

To all my detractors: Not to worry, if you haven't figured it out yet, my recent burst of Guestbook activity will soon flame out, and you won't hear from me for months and months, so just sit tight.

But I must admit, in my heart of hearts, that I fancy you all, deep down, surely must love to have me around, to hate -- sort of like a 4-year-old's feelings toward the villian in a Disney movie. During the long dry spells when I'm away, doesn't it get just a tad boring alternating between Lil's smiley faces ("(:-0)") and Viney's ever-more-pedantic Belfast Cowboy apologia?

That is, I know y'all hate me, but can't you all see that you LOVE hating me? Wigo, you in particular owe me: When I'm around, I render you absolutely speechless about all topics other than -- me.

Viney: By the way, I LOVE the Belfast Cowboy; I own lots of his work, and I greatly enjoyed the show I caught of his recently, with Gail Lewis. My incessant harping on your Van-the-Man-isms doesn't go to SUBSTANCE, it goes to FORUM. This is a Band web site. I'd love to talk to you guys about some of my faves (T-Bone Burnett, Ry Cooder, Muddy Waters, John Mooney, 'Fess Longhair, Dr. John, Warren Zevon, Buddy Guy, Marc Ribot, Bob Neuwirth, Jimmy Johnson, Gatemouth Brown, Lazy Lester, Jimmy Vaughan, and on and on), but I spare you -- even though each of these artists can be linked to The Band, 7-degrees-style.

Posted on Thu Nov 1 05:59:23 CET 2001 from (

Bayou Sam

From: New York - hangin' tough

John Cass = RIGHT ON MAN !!! -Right Freaking On.

Posted on Thu Nov 1 04:07:05 CET 2001 from (


can we post pics of the anticipated DJ ballcaps on this site under "Merchandise?" I'd really like to see this design people are talking about...

Posted on Thu Nov 1 03:06:44 CET 2001 from (


From: Illinois

Thanks to whoever recommended the Johnnie Jenkins record Ton-Ton Macoute. "I Walk On Golden Splinters" is just the song to terrify trick-or-treaters, and I scored with the resident guitar player by producing a lot of Duane Allman recordings he'd never heard of. He's playing along right now.

Posted on Thu Nov 1 02:47:44 CET 2001 from (

Bashful Bill

From: Minoa,N.Y.

Peter-I HAD to respond to this one as I have always felt-very strongly felt-that Van's LW version of Caravan is far superior.I wish you had been there that night.As such a fan of Van as well as The Band, just the performance of that song alone would doubtless be one of your favorite musical memories.And, sooner than later(we hope) you can enjoy it on DVD.

Posted on Thu Nov 1 02:47:08 CET 2001 from (

Jim Dunn

From: Iowa

Hi: Great site!! Does anyone know A)Where I can get Garth's autograph? or B) How I would get in touch w/ him? I knew him slightly in the days of the Hawks in north Canada and he is the TRUE genius of the group. (Richard was the soul.) Help!!

Posted on Thu Nov 1 02:25:37 CET 2001 from (


From: Brooklyn,NY

For anyone interested,tomorrow night(Nov.1st) on the BRAVO cable channel,there's gonna be a special BILL WYMAN'S BLUES ODDESEY.I think it's on at 9, but I'm not sure, so check.It's a docu-style show with Bill taking you through the history and calaboration of British and American blues, I think.Seems there's alotta guests too(E.C.,B.B.,Stones,etc...).It look's interesting.

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