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The Band Guestbook, November 1997

Below are the entries in the Band guestbook from November 1997.

Sun Nov 30 19:58:10 MET 1997

Marvin Gardens

From: Long Island

RandolphJ, Eppie and I were at The Bottom Line Friday nite. Luis where were you? Helm was clearly not up to to form and probably should have cancelled. He did Atlantic City, The Weight, Rag Momma Rag, Hang up My Rock N Roll Shoes, Hand Jive and Short Fat Fanny. He did look sick and sounded poor. Still for someone like myself that has never seen the entire group, I take what I can get. Eppie please send you comments on Rick's show at Key West Saturday. To Butch's buddy from NJ, it was nice sittin with you.

Sun Nov 30 19:20:42 MET 1997



I'm looking for any bootlegs or import cd's of the band or Robbie Robertson. Please help me out. Does anyone know what The Bands exhibit at the rock and roll hall of fame looks like? I went there in October and it was supposed to be there soon.

Sun Nov 30 18:12:16 MET 1997

Rick V.

From: White Plains, NY

Anyone else see Levon and the Crowmatix Friday at the Bottom Line? The Crowmatix were in excellent form, with a strong set before he came out to join them. Levon, however, is clearly not well. His voice was hoarse and raspy, and all told, he was on stage for maybe 40 minutes. He stayed on for the first encore song (Jim Dandy) but left after that. The Crowmatix did one other number after he departed (In the Wee Wee Hours). He did seem to be enthusiastic and enjoying himself, but it was hard to listen to his voice in that condition. Hope it's just a cold...

Sun Nov 30 14:04:35 MET 1997


MC: i don't know what jon pareles thinks of the band, but i'll bet that the ny times uses the lower case 'the' when discussing THE BAND out of some consideration for technical accuracy in the application of the english language, in print. they seem to have a reputation for being quite stoic in that regard... however inaccurate they may be when it comes to rock'n'roll band names. i'll defer to the venerable serge for confirmation of this, however.

Sun Nov 30 09:00:05 MET 1997

Roger L.

From: Birmingham, UK

Good pages. Thanks.

Sat Nov 29 22:45:06 MET 1997

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway

Guestbook entries from 11/16 to 11/19 are lost, I don't know why. May be a hacker again (anyone been here long enough to remember the wipe-out of this site in May '96?), we're changing passwords and backing up the site.

Sat Nov 29 19:54:45 MET 1997

Daniel and his sacred harping

From: Los Angeles, CA

Hey, this web page is beautifully designed. It's wonderful to know that their are so many fans of one of the greatest rock bands around (next to Steely Dan). I was sitting here just reading through the guestbook and enjoying various astute comments by Band fans; just about joked laughing at that dAnko entry - it had a satiric yet poignant accuracy to the unfortunate state into which Danko has fallen recently. I saw him recently on that VH1 making of the Band album and his voice wasn't as strong as...say his moving performance on A Change is Gonna Come from MOONDOG; must've been all that heroin and coke. Oh well, I guess the only thing to do when you made a million dollars in the seventies was to sniff it up your nose. But nonetheless I still love Danko and the Band (although the mad genius of Garth Hudson tends to dominate many tracks upon repeated listenings). I will definitely continue to frequent this extraordinary web site since it is replete with information and links that I never knew about. Thanks again. Two things: first, probably the most frequently asked question - where can I pick up a copy of the five-cd Basement tapes? Second - for the propsed Band tribute album, how about Jeff Chatman singing right as Rain? Sounds good to me.

Sat Nov 29 16:26:13 MET 1997

M.C. Kinniery

From: Maplewood, NJ

Today's New York Times (Saturday, 11-29)has an article on front page of Metro section about the sale of Big Pink. Headline: "Rock-Music Shrine, in Pink: After years, a Buyer is Found". There is a color picture of the house with an inset B&W photo of The Band, from 1969. Their names are not listed, though Dylan is mentioned repeatedly through the article. There are some quotes from Rick from a phone conversation with him about the monetary value of the house. It sold for $149,000 cash to a 49 year old woman from Long Island who says she plans to create a recording studio "both for the Dylan generation and that of his son, Jacob...". The Times, and its rock critic Jon Pareles, has always been dismissive of The Band, always referring to them as "the Band", for instance. I see them mentioned with respect and with the capital T often by the Wall Street Journal, of all people.

Fri Nov 28 23:39:27 MET 1997


From: Upstate NY

Please be advised that Rick Danko is playing on Sat, 12/6 at Cabaloosa's in New Paltz, NY. For info call (914) 255-4400.

Fri Nov 28 19:55:54 MET 1997

Ragtime Willie

From: Old Virginny

Excellent site. Hope Levon is OK. Can ANYONE tell us if or when The Band will get back together? What happened with all those plans about a new album, unplugged performance etc. Richard Bell and Jim Weider...are they still in The Band? I'm a HUGE fan and I wish someone could let us know a little about what is going on with The Band. Where is Garth these days? Did everything fall apart after Danko got busted in Japan? Hoping for more from Rick, Levon and Garth (and Robertson).

Fri Nov 28 03:12:05 MET 1997

Freddy Fishstick

From: Key West

Ben Pike, From one fish to another, the songs you noted are on Stage Fright & Cahoots. If you've heard them done in concert doesn't that make them live versions. Luis Loucks, I'm sorry I can't make Levon's gig. Sound's like we'd rather see your wife in the t shirt than you. Now that's Chest Fever.

Fri Nov 28 00:21:43 MET 1997

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Texas

I am compiling a list and colection of songs the Band did in Concert but witch no live version was issued. Anyone that can help me with tapes or information... I would really apprecaite it...Songs like All La Glory and Shootout in China town....

Thu Nov 27 23:55:13 MET 1997

Serge Daniloff

From: London, Ont. Canada.

Here's a Thanksgiving groaner for all Bandandies...

A Band fan visits a shrink and says " Doctor I have not slept in weeks..if I lay on my left side, all I can think of is the song " Rag mama rag " playing in my head. If I turn on my right side, all I think of is " Up on cripple creek "...what's wrong with me ?? The shrink replied " You have a classic case of what's known as "The Band Syndrome".! The patient replied : " Well, should I sleep on my stomach, or on my back. Will it help ??? Replied the doctor : "It makes no difference"....:) OK, it's corn.. I know.. but it's clean.

Thu Nov 27 22:08:36 MET 1997

Luis E. Loucks (At Home Baby)!

From: New York City

Marvin Gardens: You've talked me in to it. My wife and I will be there (late show). I will be wearing one of my Rick Danko t-shirts and my wife, you can't miss her. She's the 6' tall gorgeous African/American model who's hand Levon stood from his chair to kiss... Stoned and at peace in NY... Luis

Thu Nov 27 20:50:46 MET 1997



I'm sitting here sipping a glass of vintage red wine, listening to Bob Dylan's Desire album. I'm wishing all Band fans a happy Thanksgiving and I'll be thinking of you all while I watch The Last Waltz later this afternoon. All be thinking of you when my father and I sing our rendition of Evangeline and The Weight.

Thu Nov 27 17:29:43 MET 1997

Marvin Gardens

From: NYC

RandolphJ, Eppie and I will be at the Bottom Line Friday to see Levon & the Cromatix. I hope Levon is feeling fine. Lord knows the Shape I'm In. I'll drop a setlist Saturday. Say hi if you're there Luis or Jon.

Thu Nov 27 17:29:21 MET 1997


From: Penna.

Blue River keep right on rollin'. A wonderful song Yes, Eric Anderson is opening for Rick at the Tin Angel. But darn it I can't go, so I'll look forward to reading comments from those who do go. Does anyone remember a song Rick used to sing live, but never recorded called I think ONTARIO.{and I don't mean Neil Young's Helpless}. If you can try and ask Rick to sing it. Its a cool song. Enjoy and take care.

Thu Nov 27 16:24:13 MET 1997

Sam Chaz

From: Wilmington, DE

Is it me or is BLUE RIVER a great song or what? You gotta love those vocals. I can't wait to see Rick at the Tin Angel tommorrow(late show). The place supposedly only holds about 100 people and the first show is sold out. This will be the first time I've seen Rick since his Japanese odyssey. Looking forward to meeting some of you guestbookers (you know who you are). I'll be the guy in the Hershey Bears sweatshirt. Look me up. Any news on that Beverly Hills gig?

Thu Nov 27 07:45:36 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

Has anyone seen the "Guitar Legends" video, recorded live from Seville, Spain (I think)? It was done about 1989, '90, or '91. Robbie does the Weight with the backup group of musicians that Les Thierolf and Andrew wrote about earlier: the ones from New Orleans in full native headfeathers and Hornsby on piano. The best part of the whole video, however, is Stanley Clarke doing a thing with Larry Coryell, it smokes.

Hey, Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!

Thanks for the show at McCabes, Rick and Aaron...Sarah and Garret, too. After nearly 30 years a Band die hard I finally got to meet one of you in person. I'm glad it was you, Rick. Stay healthy.

Thu Nov 27 06:21:51 MET 1997




Thu Nov 27 06:07:09 MET 1997

Rick V.

From: White Plains, NY

Local paper up here lists a Levon and the Crowmatix show 9:00 New Year's Eve at the Music Hall in Tarrytown. NRBQ is opening. Happy Thanksgiving.

Thu Nov 27 03:19:01 MET 1997


From: Philadelphia

I believe that Eric Anderson is opening for Rick 11/28 at the Tin Angel in Phila.

Thu Nov 27 02:09:41 MET 1997

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

I could use some help, Sunday Mornings is by far the only radio show in Atlanta that plays any Band Musci. If everyone could just e mail, the show, whether you live here or not, we faithful servants would be rewarded. The address is or If you need a culpret who put you up to this, use my name, Alan is a real good guy. He knows that this weekend is the 21st anniversary of The Last Waltz, so your efforts will not be in vain. Thanks Don Pugatch Don Pugatch

Thu Nov 27 01:21:49 MET 1997


i stand corrected, hurowitz wouldn't be onstage, at least not with the band.

don't know what i was thinkin'. it was late... happy thanksgiving to all statesiders!

Thu Nov 27 00:47:44 MET 1997


From: New York

Amazing web site! But please, to all the fans out there.....If anyone has the import "The Complete Last Waltz" Pleeeeease EMail me and I will gladly send the required amout of tapes for copies! I want it bad!! Thank you =o) ~JoHn

Wed Nov 26 23:48:07 MET 1997

Il Sandro

From: Fiorenzuola

In a word: excellent !

Wed Nov 26 22:33:01 MET 1997

Patricia Hodges

From: Lake, Michigan

I like the idea of a tribute album - it's actually long overdue...I know that Bruce Hornsby has done a wonderful cover of "The Weight" for years...He also described The Band's music as a "timeless soumd"...I couldn't agree more...Somewhere in the album, I would love to hear Marc Cohn take a stab at one of their wouldn't matter which one...he has the good taste to do anything ...I too am thinking about the "Last Waltz" about "timeless sounds"...By the way - Rod Prowse, where are you these days? I've been trying to get hold of you...send me a note if you're alive and know where to send it.

Wed Nov 26 19:10:56 MET 1997

Bill Munson

Further to Serge's posting about Jerry Penfound: Penfound told me that he joined the Hawks at just about the same time as Danko (in 1961 as Serge said), way before either Manuel or Hudson showed up. A photo of a four-piece lineup (Helm-Robertson-Danko-Penfound) appears in Hawkins’ autobiography and elsewhere. Common sense bears out Penfound’s claim to have been the group’s piano player at the time, with occasional sax and drum duties added. (See the Sequel CD reissue of the entire Roulette ouevre for lineups showing Penfound’s contributions, but take all with a grain of salt.) Penfound was certainly in Quorum, but it was not his own group, and he is in fact on only the first of their two LPs. After Quorum he did, as Serge noted, work at a recording studio. And he did go back to playing with Hawkins, but only, I believe, about 1979. At a 1979 (?) Hawkins show in Toronto (attended by both John Donabie and myself - hi John), Penfound turned up on stage, sax in hand, to join an amazing assembled cast: Hawkins, King Biscuit Boy, Dr John, Levon Helm, Jack de Keyzer, Pat Travers, Carl Mathers (fiddle), Ken Kalmusky (bass), Gary Oatridge (drums) (and perhaps Paul Butterfield - I draw a partial blank there). From the looks exchange, he clearly hadn’t been seen by Helm or even Hawkins for some time.

Wed Nov 26 14:44:38 MET 1997

John Donabie

From: Toronto

To Tony A. Tony... the "Let It Rock" CD is only available in Canada. There is a video as well. I M.C'd that show and it was fabulous. The 4 CD Last Waltz is available through Generation Records in NYC via mail order. They have the biggest selection of Band and Dylan CD's.

Wed Nov 26 13:48:29 MET 1997


to unfaithful servant: don't mean to nitpick, pal, but i was a sound engineer for many years... aaron hurowitz couldn't possibly run sound for the band. it's done from the house. he couldn't mix monitors, either, unless he preset them before he went onstage, which would be unlikely, and impractical, unless only one vocalist was involved, among other factors. i expect that in most cases sound is done by an engineer they carry, or provided by the buyer. p.a. to their specification is probably included in their contract rider in most circumstances... in some instances the band (and in all likelyhood, danko, and levon solo shows certainly) may request engineers to be provided as well, due to logistic and payroll considerations.

Wed Nov 26 10:55:51 MET 1997


From: Los Angeles

I did NOT write the goofy Danko listing. When I called Rick a "God", it was slang for, I guess, larger than life heroes, because that is what The Band are to me. As one guy on here eloquently said when Rick got busted; I am a little scared where the money from these little "tours" goes. I know that David Crosby supported his habit with these little shows for years, allmost killing himself in the process. Richard Manuel's death broke my heart. If Rick never sang another line and stayed healthy, well, that would be preferable to me.

Wed Nov 26 09:52:04 MET 1997


From: Philadelphia

Les - I think that Bruce Hornsby co-wrote 'Go Back to Your Woods' from Storyville. He was the man playing the piano on the SNL segment you are referring to (Ivan Neville was on the organ, he co-wrote 'What about Now' with Robbie on the album). I do agree that Storyville is a great album.

Speaking of that SNL segment, there was a INCREDIBLE version of 'The Weight' done on that same show. Robbie sang the 1st verse, Bruce the 2nd , a New Orleans Indian Chief sang the 3rd, Ivan sang the 4th and Robbie and Bruce brought it home (Catch a Cannonball....). If anyone gets a chance to see it, do so. With all due respect to Levon,Rick and the boys, this was one of my favorite live versions of that song.

Wed Nov 26 07:07:22 MET 1997

Les Thierolf

From: Kansas City, Missouri

The Danko posting appears to be a harmless fake. (I think RufusFF did it) Regardless, I was laughing all the way through it. Bruce Cockburn with Robbie Robertson wrote "Go Back to Your Woods" from "Storyville". Bruce played piano with Robbie when they performed it on Sat. Night Live. I taped it and would replay it while my 4-yr old daughter and I would jump around pretending to play guitars, drums, etc. I think "Storyville" is Robbie's best solo effort. Back in 1996 I was registering at the National Tribal (Native American) Child Care conference in Denver and I heard Robbie's "Music for Native Americans" being played over the P.A. system. Who gets to hear music like that at work?

Wed Nov 26 06:00:26 MET 1997

Dan Blood

He got bailed out by introducing Sarah Anderson, Eric’s daughter, and she joined him for three duets. For those of you who are familiar with the Authorized A&E Biography, Rick said she sings It Makes No Difference somewhere on it. The duets were interesting, because she didn’t quite know the words to the songs. Between Rick’s own vocal he quickly told her the words to the lyric coming up. The relay worked well and there were few mistakes. At the end of each line she would anxiously stare at Rick’s mouth so she could learn the line, turn and sing it.

Later Rick says, “I wish, if I could wish for anything , I wish for a...... trombone. That’s a funny instrument.” From the back an unmistakable trombone snarls. A bald guy in his 50’s jumps up and does Java Blues with Rick. This was fantastic, obviously an ‘experiment’. Rick tells Garret, the trombonist, to “stay down there” as the blues progression went from A to D to E . “Let’s try it again, stay down this time, Garret.” What a genius! It’s not surprising to hear odd combinations of instrumentation from these guys. The Band is famous for it.

Man, this was way too long, I’m sorry..... be continued?

Wed Nov 26 05:56:01 MET 1997

Dan Blood

Three songs later Rick sort of pooped out and began asking for requests. The audience sounded off a chorus of familiar Band titles and Danko can’t quite connect with any of the suggestions. He’s really high, thinks I.

No soloist, Rick seems uncomfortable without a supporting cast. His vulnerability was amazing to behold, because I think of Rick’s 40 plus years of getting on the stage. Perhaps it’s this pervasive Stage Fright that makes him so appealing, especially when he so frequently gets in the ‘groove’ and thoroughly enjoys himself up there, so much more than any other musician I’ve ever seen. I just love watching him dance around with his guitar.

To be continued....?

Wed Nov 26 05:52:40 MET 1997

Dan Blood

Santa Monica, California. Rick with ‘Professor’ Louie Aaron Hurwitz played at McCabes Guitar Shop where tea, coffee, and home made cookies are served between sets.

Oddly, the ‘Professor’ resembled three persons: Richard Manuel, the way he moves his hunched shoulders over the piano; Levon Helm, with his wiry thin body and dark glasses; and Garth Hudson, with his accordion wizardry and unassuming accompaniment, just the right notes. (Robbie was not part of the amalgamation, however, a guy who looked just like Robbie squeezed past the seats my wife and I were occupying...ain’t it funny how you see who you want to see?

Just to the side of the stage at McCabes, a steep flight of very narrow stairs ascends to the dressing room. The audience gets to watch the musicians carefully come down when the show starts. Rick held his guitar out ahead of him and made his way down the narrow stairs. He edged his way around the Professor’s mini grand piano, and tongue hanging out, tells the crowd that he’s seriously afraid of “cliffses ” (sic), which in this setting is about 4 feet high. As he shares this phobia with us I’m thinking, “ yeah, compound that with being higher than Georgia pines, and I’d be afraid too.”

To be continued...

Wed Nov 26 05:35:09 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

We're going to have to check everybodys typewriter to get to the truth about that Danko post. If yours sticks on capital K and A then we know who dunnit. Noah: do you think though that if the Danko post is legit, then can we all dispense with the spelling nit pickiness now? Huh?

Wed Nov 26 05:13:56 MET 1997

unfaithful servant

From: san francisco

i saw rick on thursday at the last day saloon! what a great show,and venue(highly recommended)plus rick was really into,giving van the man stage kicks that were very amusing,he did at least seven request (christmas must be tonight,masterpeice-patial,forever young, acadian driftwood-what he could remember,and mystery train! he seemed to be pretty up for the band gig the next night in bev. hills,he said he was looking forward to seeing levon and garth. speaking of garth,i spoke with arron hurowitz after the show about many of things,garth being one of them, he called garth one of his best friends and said he was doing wonderful(dispite internet RUMOURS). we talked about garth's current stage gear,i ask why no vintage organs anymore, he said he was trying to get garth to bring out his hammond b last time but garth was reluctant! it seems as though arron and garth are pretty tight these days! i also asked arron (who runs sound at most band gigs) if he was indeed rolling tape everynight in 96 and he thankfully said yes! he claimed portland was the real kick ass show in 96, i saw this show and would have to agree! on a sadder note levon has been pretty ill lately,but arron would'nt say much on the matter, hmmm. the bev. hills show must of been hot, after all it was only the 2nd band gig all year! it was a private($$$$$$) benefit show! oh well got move.... sorry for the lack of CAPITOL LETTERS, they're overratted anyway. chow!

Wed Nov 26 04:36:19 MET 1997

tony a.

From: bucks,pa.

hello to all band fans. i haven't been visiting this page for a while so i'm behind on whats happening. how about ZZ TOP doing STRAWBERRY WINE and AEROSMITH doing RAG MAMMA RAG. a while back, i saw ronnie hawkins on david letterman. ronnie talked about his birthday party and held up a CD titled "LET IT ROCK" i haven't seen it in any record shops, anyone with infoabout this CD ? also, anyone have info on the 4 cd last waltz and a cd or record of the ballad of pat garret and billy the kid. lighten up on rick danko and levon helm thanks, tony a.

Wed Nov 26 03:23:41 MET 1997


From: Philadelphia

Thanks to Serge for the information on Jerry Penfound. I also was curious.

To John Donabie, I think that your selection of artists of a Band tribute album is quite good (especially Bonnie Raitt, Neville Bros and Dr. John). I would like to add (or change) the following:

Joe Cocker - Out of the Blue (he did it on a recent album - I think 'Have a Little Faith in Me', a very nice version).

Hooters - Acadian Driftwood (hey I'm from Phila)

Tom Petty - Christmas Must Be Tonight

Springsteen/Wallflowers - 'The Weight'

Steve Earle - The Shape I'm In

Wed Nov 26 00:35:37 MET 1997

Noah Webster

From: Morocco

To Rufas FF a/k/a Greg Wall On 11/17 and 11/23 you were down on Danko. On 11/25 you sarcastically indicate that he is great and a god. Me thinks you are the author of the bogus Rick Danko submission below. If I'm wrong I aplogize, if I'm right then RUFAS YOU ARE A DUFAS!

Tue Nov 25 21:26:54 MET 1997

(The Real) Luis E. Loucks

From: New York City

I'm a member of another artist's "Fan Newsletter". I've noticed that she often writes in to the list to answer questions or say hello or whatever, especially more so lately for some reason. That this artist feels comfortable and safe to go on the net and participate is awesome. She recently did a series of shows at The Knitting Factory and told us it is really and indeed her. I am so saddened by the posting from "rICK dAnko". To whoever wrote this, why was this necessary? Why in the world, if you're going to be hateful and disrespectful would you come in here of all places and do it? I believe it's a priviledge, no more and no less when I am now and then in some sort of contact with an artist I admire and respect. I've been fortunate enought to meet Rick and the rest of THE BAND on several occasions, I say that not to "drop names" but to inform y'all who haven't that they are the most humble, real, down to earth "country folk" you'd EVER want to meet. Please, on behalf (and I hope I can speak for all of us on this) take you're hatred elsewhere. Love, Luis

Tue Nov 25 20:14:46 MET 1997

Kris P. (aka Crispy)

From: Horsham PA

That posting by ricK dAnKo CANNOT be real. Dan Blood saw the real Rick at the guitar shop, but this can't be the real Rick. He is an intelligent man; not some illiterate (or that pathetic). I can understand that he might not be up on his typing, but PLEASE!!! Anyone that believes that was posted by the real Rick, I have a lovely piece of real estate I'd like to show you.

Thanks to Don Pugatch for reminding me about the anniversary of the Last Waltz. I think of it (and watch it)every year on Thanksgiving; but I didn't realize the actual date. It's kinda sad to remember it how it was (and no longer is), but life goes on, people change, etc. Just gotta be thankful they're still making music. (This is the time of the year to appreciate and be Thankful, is it not?

Peace and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Tue Nov 25 19:52:22 MET 1997

Bill Munson

From: Toronto

Karl Wallendszus asked about links between the Band and Bruce Cockburn (beyond the fact that Rick Bell has been known to back Cockburn). One would be Toronto guitarist Colin Linden, whose group Bell was part of when they (both) played some club dates with Cockburn and who has been fairly closely involved with the Band nouveau for some time. Another would be bassist Bob Boucher, who played on the Robertson-produced first LP by Jessie Winchester and who went on to Cockburn' group during his brooding middle period. Plus Canadianness, of course.

Tue Nov 25 14:34:01 MET 1997

Len S

From: Upstate Pennsylvania

Rufas FF - Rick is not a god. He's a heroin addict with a beautiful voice.

Tue Nov 25 04:32:59 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

Dear fellow Band fans: The ricK dAnKo posting of Nov it real?

At the McCabes Guitar Shop show in Santa Monica Saturday night, I waited around afterwards to meet him and get a signature on a picture I downloaded from this site (thanks, Jan) At a loss for words when the moment came I asked Rick if he ever visited this web site and he responded, "Yeah," and he pointed to the guy next to him and said "George here is the main man behind our own website, Turkey Point Productions." And that's about where the conversation ended. He wrote on the photo: Hey Dan, live long, Rick Danko with a silver ink pen.

To Rufas FF: ricK's questionable posting is almost too coincidental for me. I think it's legit.

Tue Nov 25 02:38:00 MET 1997


From: Los Angeles

Thanks Seirge, thanks for the info, that was really helpfull. And whoever did the Danko send up, right on, that was funny. But lets not forget how great Rick is, and that he is a god. Now does anyone know anything about those weird movies Richard Manuel was in?

Tue Nov 25 02:05:53 MET 1997

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Georgia

I can't believe, but another year has passed and this is number 21 for the anniversary of The Last Watlz. Do we celebrate or cry, -- think or drink---- Get Mad or Get Sad--- Wish for The Band or Dish The Band--- Create or Contenplate--- Go on being fans or ________? For me, it is a time of remembering where I was, where I've been and where I am going. With a long tall cool one, I toast the guys, just don't stop playing music, and say a little prayer for the Beak.

Tue Nov 25 02:03:47 MET 1997

ricK dAnKo

hey Guys, it's me rick Danko.I aint got much time to write beecause i'm on my friend's computer.bUt I wanna thankya'll fer supporting me and the band and fer coming on outto se e my realy xciting live shows. As yall know Ive had some time takill in japan recently and well iv'e been a lit;le short on cash soyou foljs comin out ta see me live really helps out my sitution.I play reel hard for you kids and Ipractise every day so Im sure to put on a good show. BUt some times, these shows arent' enuf. Lets' face not pullin em in like I used to...hell...I didn't really ever pull em in as a solo artist...but if you guys really wanna help mee then maybe yal'l might find it in your harts to reach fer that checkbook and help out wit a few extra bills and it really to much to ask.? After all the band doesnt; sell albums like we did in the 70s and the people that buy the albums today, they only buy the first 2. hell how many of you guys avctualy have a copy of Islands on cD?anyWay if you give ole luke a hand Ill call up Bob dylin everyday and bug him to releese the rest of the basement tapes. i'M not kidiing! Ill do it fer yall. I hope yal'l werent angry about our last box set.i told levon and robie to put more bonus tracks on it but they want to save those for when they neeed money. anyway i've got ta go but I like yal's ideas bout the band tribute about kevin Bacon's band singing Volcano. thanx again

Tue Nov 25 00:57:22 MET 1997

Jake R.

From: NJ

When is Danko playing in Philly, and are tickets still available. I know a whole crew who would want to go, but I'm wondering if it's a longshot.

Tue Nov 25 00:22:31 MET 1997


From: Minnesota

Just wanted to remind some of the newer fans that there is a nice version of The Weight on the Ringo Starr AllStar Band album. Rick also does an excellent vocal on Raining in my Heart. Both songs feature The Big Man on saxaphone.

Tue Nov 25 00:16:52 MET 1997



To all you guys, Levon, Randy, Garth,Jimmy Rick,Richie and of course Butch. Miss you all ---- Have fun in the city Friday night. Hope to see you all "in the near future" Rich sends his best and may see ya. Love, Hugs and Kisses from Jersey

Tue Nov 25 00:15:37 MET 1997


From: Cleveland

Donald Joseph, where are you? I know things have been a little sterile here as of late, but I hope you haven't surrendered this site to the "Banddaddies" out of frustration. p Anyhow, if you're through with this place, at least e-mail me so I know you're out there. Don't make me re-write Band songs to fit the occassion ("The old neighborhood...") You get the idea.

Mon Nov 24 19:26:58 MET 1997

Ron Vonk

From: Holland

I got a tape of what is supposed to be Bobby Charles's 2nd Bearsville album. Never released but recorded around 1976-77. definitely with Band members ans, I suppose on 1 track, Neil Young on off key vocals. Anyone who knows more about this??

Mon Nov 24 19:04:26 MET 1997


From: Fort Washington, PA

Chest Fever is simply a reverse of the old "he's no good for you" type of songs. This time it's "she's no good for you". She's a tracker (drugs), and a juicer (booze). Nothing more, nothing less.

Mon Nov 24 16:49:38 MET 1997

Milton Bradley

Funny, I always thought "Chest Fever" was pretty obvious: man's obsession with female breasts, and women's realization of what lengths we'll go to get at 'em...

Mon Nov 24 15:09:34 MET 1997

John Donabie

From: Toronto (Actually Scarborough...just blocks away from R.H. King High where Robbie went to High School

I've been reading the "cover tunes" pieces and they are great. I thought I would take a stab at it.

Ray Charles with "Opehlia" Yeh I know he's already done it.

John Hiatt and John Mellencamp with "4% Pantomine."

Lou Reed with "Knockin' Lost John."

The person who came up with George Jones doing "It Makes No Difference" is a brilliant idea. No one other than Ricky or Richard can sing with that much pain.

Shawne Colivin with "Twilight"...again

David Clayton Thomas with Lonesome Suzie...again...and "In A Station."

Van Morrison with "Where Do We Go From Here?"

Aaron Neville with "Whispering Pines and Unfaithful Servent."

Beaulsoleil with "Acadian Driftwood."

Bonnie Raitt with "Time to Kill."

Bruce Springsteen with "The Shape I'm In".

Neville Brothers with "Life iIs A Carnival."

Dr. John with W.S. Walcott Medicine Show."

Ry Cooder with Daniel & the Sacred Harp."

Aaron Neville Tracy Nelson & Merle Haggard with "The Night They Drove Ole Dixie Down."

All Tracks I want The Band's old friend Dr. Music Doug Reilly on Keyboards.

Sure hope that paragraph thing worked

Mon Nov 24 14:19:44 MET 1997

Karl Wallendszus

From: Oxford, UK

How about this for the tribute album: Bruce Cockburn doing Acadian Driftwood. In fact, this got me thinking about the similarity (to my ears at least) between some of Bruce's material and The Band. The only actual connection between them that I know is that Richard Bell used to play with Bruce - does anybody know of any others?

Mon Nov 24 05:09:35 MET 1997

Pat Brennan

From: USA

I know the lyrics to Chest Fever are difficult to hear, much less understand, but I believe the line "I know she's a tracker" says it all. BTW, I remember Robbie saying that he wasn't sure what the lyrics were, and that it really didn't matter.

Mon Nov 24 03:29:25 MET 1997


I believe that "Chest Fever" is about a girl who will not give it up.

Mon Nov 24 01:34:14 MET 1997

Serge Daniloff

From: London, Ontario, Canada.

To RUFAS FF of Los Angeles. Since you're interested perhaps I can add a little info re: Jerry Penfound that is not mentioned here. You can also get a little background on him by going to "search" on this page. Jerry was born in London Ontario as was Garth Hudson. They were both born in 1937. Jerry started on clarinet in the London Police Boys Band at the age of 11 in 1948. As a teen he switched to tenor sax, playing in various local big dance and jazz bands.

He worked for the Bell phone company for a time while gigging around locally on weekends. In the early fifties he also played alto and baritone sax in small jazz groups,and on many occasions together with young Garth Hudson who played piano. He also played with a fine local drummer, Bob Rawling, who can be seen with Garth in a high school concert photo elsewhere on this page.(See also Guestbook entry by Bob, May 7, 1996.)Bob eventually drummed behind jazz greats like Ben Webster and Coleman Hawkins.

Ronnie Hawkins brought Jerry Penfound to the Hawks ( probably on Garth's recommendation ) in 1961, and his first gig with that group was in Grand Bend, a resort town on the shore of lake Huron. He left the Hawks after their split from Hawkins' rule, to pursue other musical interests.

He later suffered a collapsed lung, which forced him to give up the horn and switch to piano which he could play passably well.

He returned to Hawkins' band in the seventies, back on sax, to do a weekly TV show that Hawkins and his band starred in, and featured various guest singers and musicians.

He formed his own group in the late seventies, called Quorum. There he played both sax and keyboards. He worked in Toronto for a time running a recording studio. In the early nineties he was seriously ill for a quite while, and he passed away in his native London Ontario on Friday, January 7th 1994, survived by his wife, 3 sons, a daughter, and 5 grandchildren. I knew him well since the late fifties. He was a very talented musician who could hold his own in any musical situation. He is greatly missed.

Mon Nov 24 01:08:33 MET 1997

mike cranfield and tim fowler

From: torontoand baltimore md

does anybody have any idea what chest fever is all about

Sun Nov 23 20:12:44 MET 1997


From: Cincinnati

I would like to hear the Band do "In a Rebel Prison" (contains the line "Will my soul pass through the southland?"). I've been hearing this song a lot on my bluegrass rounds lately and I think the boys could do an awesome job on this one.

Sun Nov 23 19:42:51 MET 1997

Missy Johnson

From: Boyertown, PA (at school at UVA)

Hey y'all! Friday is quickly approaching, and I can't wait to see Danko in Philly! I would love to meet up there with other Banddandies from the area. I am 18, have straight blond hair, and will be with my mother (who is a huge Band fan also)! Wouldn't it be great if Rick would treat us to "Sip the Wine?" I have a few suggestions for the Band tribute album: how about Bob Weir for "It Makes No Difference," Dave Matthews Band for "Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever," and Tracy Chapman for "Stand Up?" Hello to Laurin, Lee, Ron, and Jill! Hope to see all you PA band fans at the show!!!

Sun Nov 23 19:06:27 MET 1997

Ann M. McDonald

I'll get back to you about that. Ann

Sun Nov 23 18:43:40 MET 1997


From: Los Angeles

Look, if anyone still finds these Danko sets interesting or enjoyable, more power to you. I did too the first six or seven million times. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the late Jerry Penfound(sp?) who was in the Hawks? I have never heard anything about this guy, but I guess at one point he was a full fledged member. Tribute Suggestions: Richard Thompson: Time To Kill. Ani Defranco: Last of The Blacksmiths Gillian Welch: The Unfaithfull Servent Seal: All La Glory Elvis Costello and The Brodsky Quartet: The Weight The Cheiftens with Nancy Griffin: When You Awake Pete Townshed:Across The Great Divide Bob Dylan: Let The Night Fall Sinead OcConnor and Van Morrison: Wispering Pines Madonna: Ring Your Bell(Dance Mix) John Cale: In A Station Joe Cocker: The Moon Struck One Steve Earle: The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down Dr. John: Hobo Jungle The Rolling Stones: Up On Cripple Creek

Sun Nov 23 17:08:03 MET 1997

m.c. kinniery

From: maplewood, nj

For the tribute album: Bonnie Raitt's got to be on it, doesn't she? How about "Strawberry Wine"?

Sun Nov 23 15:28:56 MET 1997

Joel Cohen

From: Seaford, NY

Today's Newsday reports Big Pink is for sale for $149,000. By-line is Josh Gettlin of the Los Angeles Times. Why don't we have a "rent party and buy it? The story includes a nice, close cropped picture of our boys at the site. Sorry I have no scanner. Can somebody tell me how we can get this picture on the net? Jan, help me out.

Sun Nov 23 10:27:42 MET 1997


i'll bet vic chesnutt could do a version of "this wheel's on fire" that would be phenomenal, and syd straw could probably cook up something brilliant as well, but i'd leave it to her to decide what to tackle.

Sun Nov 23 05:13:52 MET 1997

Henry King

From: Somerville, NJ

I just purchased and watched the PBS series "Great Drives" episode entitled "Highway 61" which is hosted/narrated by Levon. It opens with Levon playing Dylan's song of the same title. He meanders from Memphis down through Mississippi to New Orleans, stopping at various spots and playing a few tunes. His speaking voice is truly amazing. I hope that all of this solo touring comes to an end and "The Band" starts up again. The main three (Levon, Garth and Rick), with whomever accompanies them, are living legends, and the energies that they create are priceless. Although it is good food for thought, I think that a Band tribute album would be disappointing. Whenever I have heard other groups play Band songs, I am disappointed. If I had to pick, though, I think that the Allman Brothers could do some good versions, especially of the organ-heavy songs, such as "Chest Fever". Also, The Dave Matthews Band, which does a lot of acoustic stuff, would be good for songs like "In A Station".

Sun Nov 23 00:39:29 MET 1997

Dave Besterman

From: Valparaiso, IN USA

I have a suggestion for cover performances of The Band's songs:

Strawberry Wine by The Judds.

Sun Nov 23 00:37:23 MET 1997


From: New York

God! I love this web site! As far as I know, it's the only good one on the Web. Great job! I'm so excited that I'm going to see Rick soon! Never saw him before. I'm 21, and got into The Band full force 'bout a year ago....They're truely an amazing band, but I needn't tell you all that. For some odd reason, it's hard to find any "real" Band lovers, so someone please EMail me so we can just talk, whatever.....if you like The Band, you're alright in my book =) See ya~~~john

Sat Nov 22 23:37:26 MET 1997

Marcel Reijman

From: Holland

Fantastic site!!! Great to see that this unique band gets the attention they so rightly deserve ! Many thanks

Sat Nov 22 22:35:11 MET 1997


From: Cleveland

Sorry David. Thanks for the correction, Dan.

Sat Nov 22 21:15:59 MET 1997


From: SF Bay Area

Saw Rick Danko at The Last Day Saloon in SF. Totally down-home informal bar scene. Sounded GREAT! Stayed on afterwards to talk to us and sign autographs. Funny, delightful, warm; so much music pours out of him! Quite different from Clinton NJ gig, but equally memorable. Sure wish Levon would get into town soon!

Sat Nov 22 21:09:12 MET 1997

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Milton Bradley-I'll send the article this week, along with RS's original review of the event and the subsequent hoopla when the movie was released. And as long as we're dreaming: "Cripple Creek" by Little Feat/Lowell George (I said I'm dreaming, didn't I?); "Look Out Cleveland" Petty; "Chest Fever" Three Dog Night (Inside joke); "Jemima Surrender" Brooks & Dunn (Really, think about it); "Makes NO Difference" Willie Nelson; "Rags and Bones" Randy Travis; "Jupiter Hollow" Duran Duran; "Get Up Jake" Neil w. Crazy Horse; "Released" CSN; "Strawberry Wine" Replacements.

Sat Nov 22 20:39:37 MET 1997

TD Bear

From: Woodstock- Joshua's (try the felaffel)

To Marvin Gardens and Milton Bradley, what you say you "meet me tonite in Atlantic City" ? PS Newsday gives Helm great "Rainforest reviews". Bottom Line, this bear will hear him with the Crows 11/28.

Sat Nov 22 19:52:15 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: Calif

Taj could do All La Glory.

Sat Nov 22 19:48:14 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: Calif

Bud: David Powell gets credit for Ray Charles covering Lonesome Susie. I really like Alanis doing Acadian Driftwood, a beautiful song, and Canadian. How bout the Eagles doing The Shape I'm In and Shery Crow doing It Makes No Difference. Where could we fit Leo Kottke?

After further thought I like Elton doing Across the Great Divide but not Lonesome Susie. Whose gonna do Chest Fever...Joe Cocker? Taj Mahal could do the Weight, couldn't he?

Sat Nov 22 17:25:09 MET 1997


From: Cleveland

While we lament the potential covers that may be recorded in a Tribute album to The Band, lest we not forget that these guys were one of the great cover bands of all time. The Hawks weren't big on writing tunes, and The Band has given us two albums with nothing but covers (Moondog Matinee and High on the Hog, which contains the inexblicable cover of En Vogue's "Free Your Mind" - an interesting effort, anyway). So without further delay (and in all seriousness), here is my proposed tribute album: *Cripple Creek - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers *I Shall Be Released - Prince (the artist...) *It Makes No Difference - such a great and painful song (with a line about cattle) could only be sung by George Jones. *Lonesome Suzie - Ray Charles (Dan Blood nailed this one) *King Harvest - Springsteen w/ Eddie Vedder singing Levon's part *Rag Mama Rag - Aerosmith (maybe it's 'cause they recorded "Rag Doll", but I think it works), although whoever suggested Fogerty, that's money also. *Dixie - Axl Rose *Ophelia - Melissa Ethridge *Twilight - C.C. Wynans or Aretha Franklin *Sacred Harp - Alice in Chains (seriously) *Acadien Driftwood - Alanis Morrisette and Bryan Adams (NOT seriously) *Rocking Chair - Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown *The Weight - (considering the three-part harmony, it could be the Eagles or Hanson, but I prefer Van Halen with all 3 of it's past or present lead singers. David Lee Roth will sing Levon's part) ________________________________________________ But, turnabout is fair play, and if The Band never writes original music again, here are my submissions for the next Band album: *Mr. Fantasy by Traffic to be sung by Rick *Whiter Shade of Pale by Procol Harum - Levon *Bring it to Me by Sam Cooke - Rick *She's Gone by Hall & Oats - Rick *Flowers on the Wall by the Statler Bros.- Levon *One Toke over the Line by Brewer & Shipley-Rick (Actually, picking songs for Levon are easy, it's a little tougher choosing them for Rick. Lastly, I have two fantasy songs for Richard:) *Can't Find My Way Home by Blind Faith, and *Tracks of My Tears by Smokey Robinson Thank you, that is all (for now...)

Sat Nov 22 17:19:07 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

I know it's all in's about Elton John singing Across the Great Divide? Then he could slip into "Me and Susie had so much fun...and then...Loooonne..sommmme Susie...never got the....Naw, it wouldn't work!

Hey, in preparation for seeing Danko at McCabes tonight, I was listening to Music from Big Pink and the Brown Album. My wife told me to "turn down the volume," and I did, only a wee bit. I was listening to Up on Cripple Creek loud. I really like this particular version, especially the bottom end and Levon's snare drum work; it's much better and cleaner and funkier than any live version I can recall. The Shape I'm In is best heard and seen on Ringo Stars All Star Video with Clarence Clemmons, Dr John, Levon, Rick and Garth among Billy Preston. Anybody seen it? Danko is so hip during the first few instrumental bars which establish the beat. I can hear him whispering ala can't top this.

Sat Nov 22 13:10:16 MET 1997

Marvin Gardens

From: NYC

Liner notes for the first Danko, Andersen , Fjeld album were written by Robert Palmer. The ad for Rick's upcoming appearance at "Key West" on Long Island (11/29) indicates that Ed Kaercher is from Long Island.

Sat Nov 22 11:05:39 MET 1997

Milton Bradley

From: Monopoly, N.J.

Hey Pat: any chance you could xerox the article, or send a scan of it to Jan? Maybe he could include it in the library section.

Sat Nov 22 06:48:03 MET 1997

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Robert Palmer wrote a wonderful piece called "A Portrait of the Band as Young Hawks" for Rolling Stone, June 1, 1978. It's the same issue that they reviewed The Last Waltz, both the movie and the album. RS even published Palmer's picture, quite a tribute. Upon hearing of Palmer's passing I pulled the issue out--yeah, I'm a packrat. Lo and behold, there's a passage I though everyone might like to hear, especially since it concerns a recent topic: company manager and group friend Jonathan Taplin arrives in LA to hear tracks from what became the second album--"It was May and they'd finished (The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down) the night before...It was one of the most moving experiences I'd had...being a Northern liberal kid who'd had a whole attitude toward the South, well, I live the music but I didn't understand where white Southerners were coming from. And to have it all in just three and a half minutes, the sense of dignity and place and tradition, all those things...Well, the next day after I'd recovered, I went to Robbie and asked him, 'How did that come out of you?' And he just said that from being with Levon so long in his life and being in that place at that time...It was so inside him that he wanted to write that song right at Levon, to let hime know how much those things meant to him." It's a great article--I wish I could post the whole thing. Pax Aeternis, Robert Palmer.

Sat Nov 22 01:20:51 MET 1997

Marvin Gardens

From: Seaford, NY

Rick Danko will be appearing at Key West in Merrick Long Island on 11/29 at 10PM. Ed Kaercher will also appear. You saw it here first. Luis- Noah Webster is the dude who invented the dictionary. So "Noah" is anonymous after all.

Sat Nov 22 00:57:09 MET 1997

Dave Pomeroy

From: Rochester, NY

How about John Fogerty doing Rag Mama Rag? Anyone know if the Band is going to tour Upstate NY in 1998?

Fri Nov 21 22:30:21 MET 1997

John Rosettie

From: Corning, New York

this is a band fans dream web site. I've been a fan since the early 1970s and remain an even bigger fan today. Thanks for the great memories documented in this site.

Fri Nov 21 21:40:52 MET 1997

Luis (Again)

From: NY Baby

Just for the fun of it,my nominations for the tribute album: Los Lobos--"The Shape I'm In"; What a great idea!!! A couple of years ago I stumbled, and I mean stumbled onto a Los Lobos concert in Tempe Arizona of all places. I was drawn to the sound of "Cinnamon Girl" being played awfully loud somewhere and sure enough it was Los Lobos doing an outdoor show outside Arizona State University. I don't know what to say besides in all my eloquence... WOW!!! Luis :-)

Fri Nov 21 21:16:04 MET 1997


From: Upstate NY

Levon, Ricky, and the Cromatix: wish you all the best in Beverly Hills tonight.

Fri Nov 21 20:18:29 MET 1997

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Just for the fun of it,my nominations for the tribute album: Los Lobos--"The Shape I'm In"; Dr. John--"W.S. Walcott Medicine Show"; The Fairfield Four--"Daniel And The Sacred Heart"; and the onid Powell From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Just for the fun of it,my nominations for the tribute album: Los Lobos--"The Shape I'm In"; Dr. John--"W.S. Walcott Medicine Show"; The Fairfield Four--"Daniel And The Sacred Heart"; and the only other person who could do this song justice, Ray Charles--"Lonesome Suzie."

Fri Nov 21 19:53:51 MET 1997

Matthew Kerns

From: Chattanooga, Tennessee

A tribute album? While they deserve it, I daresay that no one could ever hope to replicate the sound of The Band. How could anyone even replicate the first two words of Lonesome Suzie? Anyway, does anyone out there have the chord changes for eithr Country Boy or She Knows...thanks alot!

Fri Nov 21 17:52:45 MET 1997


From: Cincinnati

Looks like Bob will be on ABC tonight, Friday Nov 21 at 12:30 in the morning as well as Neil Young. I don't know what to expect. Here is the info off of ABC www site: 12:35-1:05 AM ET - IN CONCERT "ABC In Concert" features rock legend Neil Young and his band, Crazy Horse, as well as the timeless sounds of Bob Dylan. Madison Michele hosts from the premiere of the Neil Young documentary, "The Year of the Horse," in New York.

Fri Nov 21 16:31:53 MET 1997

Luis E. Loucks

From: New York City

For PAT BRENNAN: Yes, it is not a coincidence that I suggest Shawn Colvin for Twilight. I've been a big fan of hers for a long long time and know that she does this live... as well as lots of other covers too. Her album, "Cover Girl" includes a recording of Twilight accompanied by just her acoustic guitar, quite tasty I might add. ALL: Duane Allman's The Weight was nice I thought, a little jazzy for my taste. Are there any other "wish list" suggestions for current/past artists covering BAND songs out there? One More: Phoebe Snow "Too Soon Gone"

Fri Nov 21 16:06:09 MET 1997


From: LI, NY

Caught Levon at the Rainforest Benefit last night and he looked and sounded terrible (although his performance was spirited). Hope it's just a bad cold or the flu. To the best of my memory he did Cripple Creek, Rag Mama Rag, The Weight and Houndog (the last 2 with the Staple Singers minus Pops who was not present due to illness). He appeared to cut his set short and during the encore did not respond to Jackson Browne calling him out to the stage. Hope everything's OK.

Fri Nov 21 16:00:00 MET 1997

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

As gopher mentioned, Robert Palmer, the music critic & historian and an able musician & producer as well, passed away yesterday at the age of 52. For those of you not familiar with Mr. Palmer, let me just briefly point out that he was born in Little Rock, Ark. and as a young man played saxophone in various blues, rock & soul bands that performed on the same Southern club circuit as his comtemporaries, Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks.

Mr. Palmer later turned to writing, and from 1981 to 1988 he was the popular music critic for the N.Y. TIMES. He also wrote for ROLLING STONE, tought courses in American Music at various universities, and published several books about music. Most notable of those books are "DEEP BLUES", published by Viking Press in 1981, and "ROCK AND ROLL: AN UNRULY HISTORY", the companion book to the 1995 public television series to which Mr. Palmer was chief adviser.

Mr. Palmer's writing on music was always concise and knowledgeable, with added insight derived from his own abilities as a musician. His writing about his old friends The Band was especially illuminating, particularly when examining the roots, influences & construction of their music.

Mr. Palmer voice will be sorely missed. Those of you unfamiliar with his work should pick up a copy of "DEEP BLUES", a wonderful history of blues music that is available in paperback. Mr. Palmer also contributed booklet notes to SONY's recently remastered CD release of Miles Davis' KIND OF BLUE.

Fri Nov 21 15:25:18 MET 1997


in memoriam: ROBERT PALMER

Fri Nov 21 09:16:01 MET 1997

Roberto PONCE


It's quite amazing how you've developed this beautiful place to visit The (virtual) Band, I'm very happy 'cause its a group I hear more + more as years go by...I'm also amazed the bunch of people who keep on enjoyin' this musicians. I only wish that all of them do the same splendid music the rest of their (and our) lives! Good luck to you all from Beto PONCE

Fri Nov 21 03:15:38 MET 1997

Austin Mcloughlin

From: Denver, CO

Great site... enjoyed it. Big Band Fan since early 80's (CSN/ Band Tours). Have the Last Waltz Movie Poster, probably not a rare item. Read the books, have most of the CD's. Saw the Band with famous keyboard player (he played on some of the Beatles albums?), anyway Joe Jackson was at the bar (The Lonestar), Some Jerk I worked with went up to Joe and said (sloppily), "Hey man, I loved your jumpin' jive album..." Joe Jackson put his dink down and left abrubtly. Very good show though. Any shows by the Band or any other members in NYC around the Holidays? I'm going to be in town and thought I could catch them. Later Austin

Fri Nov 21 02:36:32 MET 1997

Pat Brennan

From: USA

To Luis. E...Shawn Colvin has been doing Twilight live for some time now.

Fri Nov 21 01:41:08 MET 1997


From: Greensburg PA

To Andrew from Philadelphia: I'm not trying to nitpick either, but there really was a difference of 4% between JWR & JWB back in 1971.

Fri Nov 21 00:46:37 MET 1997


From: England

I'm back, but don't worry folks, this ain't another lecture. I just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU to all those posting reviews here. It's wonderful to hear about the great shows you guys get to (& that we DON'T. Grrrr!) Anyway, you can't imagine what a thrill it is, to be able to come here & read all that stuff........Also, a special thanks to Paul for the much welcomed info re Robbie's album, & the Capitol page. An interesting write-up, & it's so good to see some details at last. (now on this site - thanks Jan) But help, we gotta wait until March '98!! Some nice suggestions re "The Band Tribute" album, and I bet any one of those folks would cancel all their appointments just to be there, huh.

Fri Nov 21 00:22:36 MET 1997


From: Pine Bush,NY

I was wondering if anyone out there knows the lyrics to an obscure Band song called "The Well"? I'd be grateful for any help.

Thu Nov 20 18:41:12 MET 1997

Luis E. Loucks

From: New York City

To Noah: I laughed out loud when I read that you wanted to remain anonymous yet you signed your name. If this was unintentinal, I don't mean to be disrespectful. To Gopher: Of course there are bands out there who could cover BAND songs and give the works the Love and Respect they are due. Al Green is a perfect example, as well as The Grateful Dead. It occurs to me tho that recently there have been a slew of tribute albums in the last couple of years. John Lennon comes to mind. There are bands on that album such as Screaming Trees and Red Hot Chili peppers doing songs like "How Do You Sleep" and "Instant Kharma". I think it's a crying shame that Yoko Ono would allow this. Perhaps I'm a purist or perhaps I'm a snob. I happen to be of the mind that you need some mileage, you need some experience. I read in the paper recently that "The Wallflowers" covered "The Night They Drove Ole Dixie Down" and "The Weight". I don't care if he is Bob Dylan's son! I also read, and was saddened that Levon and someone else was on the stage, (Sheryl Crow maybe)? I console myself by believing that the Elder Statesman Levon was paying back some dues to Bob Dylan by lowering himself to performing on the same stage with "The Wallflowers". I hope this clears up my earlier entry. Let the flaming (in private please) begin. :-) Some other suggestions... The Allman Brothers - I Shall Be Released Eric Clapton - All Our Past Times B.B. King - Ophelia Roseanne Cash, Emmylou Harris - Evangeline Shawn Colvin - Twilight Suzanne Vega - Sip The Wine

Thu Nov 20 16:56:25 MET 1997

Jon Riley

From: Iuka MS

I was going through some of my tapes the other day and realized that I had a studio tape of Levon that a friend of mine had given me from Muscle Shoals Sound Studios located about 30 minutes from my home - it was recorded live from the session and has some good work of his - It isn't Band material, in fact it might have been done with the Cate brothers, I am really not sure since it has been a while since I have been to the studios but looking at their discography I can see that he recorded two albums there - I was wondering if anyone was aware of this and knew more about it - the tape that I have is incomplete and there are only three songs that I have from those sessions but for any Levon Helm fans that might be worth looking into - also I believe that he has moved back into acting with the latest Steven Segal move Fire Down Below - Thanks again for the great web site

Thu Nov 20 16:47:43 MET 1997

Jim Rigney

I just wanted to give everybody my recollection of Rick's show last week at Fritgeralds in Berwyn IL. All and all it was a good experience very interactive, Rick asked what we wanted to hear and he said he'd play them all. As far as I was concerned he did, I requested When You Awake ( I had recently hear it on Before the Flood), he said he had not played it for a long time but you could not tell. During the songs, him and Adam were right on the mark, things were a little sloppy in between songs. I hope that is just the way he is and not a sign that he is loosing it and based on the short amount of time I saw him maybe I am way off base. I did see Rick about 6 years ago at the Beat Kitchen or the Elbow Room in Chicago, he seemed much more with it at that show. I think that it is great that he makes himself accessible to his fans and he is such a wonderful talent and his warm fun loving demeanor makes people really relate to him. I hope that he tours for many years to come.

Thu Nov 20 16:19:43 MET 1997

Kris Pancoast

From: Horsham, PA

Regarding a Band tribute album, I really can't imagine anyone doing justice to "It makes no difference". I have seen other Band songs done by other bands. For instance, the Grateful Dead did a wonderful version of "The Weight" (I'll never forget the first time they did it at Nassau Coliseum 1990 - I was on cloud 9). I know that The Dead can't add anything to a tribute album (unless you get it from their archives), but Bob Weir does a pretty mean version of "Masterpiece". Just heard that at this summer's Furthur Festival. No matter what band it is you're seeing though, there's nothing quite like seeing THE BAND play The Band's songs.

Thu Nov 20 13:47:15 MET 1997

Chris Lecky

From: Cincinnati

Louis, another way to get Rick's first album, is off his web page. The address is It is the Rick Danko home page made by turkey point productions.

Thu Nov 20 12:39:27 MET 1997


From: Philadelphia

Louis - I have some difficulty imaging someone else doing 'It Makes No Difference', especially since Danko basically owns it. Besides that if someone does take that song on (a daunting task following Mr. Danko), I would like to see how they handle that weird lyric 'Stampeding cattle they rattle my walls'. For the life of me, I don't know why that lyric is in there (he's a cowboy?). Does anyone know what that means?

Thu Nov 20 12:26:41 MET 1997

Philip Crase

From: Adelaide, South Australia.

I have been a loyal fan of the band since the release of Music From Big pink. Information on The Band in Australia is very scarce.Finding this web sight is the most incredible thing that I have found relating to The Band.

Thu Nov 20 10:27:08 MET 1997


From: charleston, wv

hey louis-- actually, i can easily envision the following covers: "the weight" by al green; "the shape i'm in" by mose allison; "it makes no difference" by cassandra wilson...

to dan blood: thanks, the l.a. times article was really interesting! hurry up and check it out, y'all. the times charges extra to access archived stories.

Thu Nov 20 02:55:17 MET 1997

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbor

To: Rick V of White Plains 11/28/97 Rick in Philly, Levon at the Bottom Line. My bet is Professor Louie will be at home watching Homicide with Pepote Rouge. To: Noah Webster- You forgot to give an assist to TD Bear of Woodstock for the Manilow rumor.

Thu Nov 20 02:19:21 MET 1997

noah webster

From: morocco

Jan, Bud Hendershot "started" the Manilow rumor on 11/8; Freddy Fishstick fleshed it out on 11/9. Anyone with any sense of humor (Rick for example) enjoyed the joke. This kind of "Rumor" should be tolerated by the Band their fans and you. Let's not start censoring comedy. I wish to remain anonymous.

Wed Nov 19 22:33:29 MET 1997

Paul Schoninger

From: Lexington, KY

According to the Capitol Records Web Site,, the new Robbie Robertson album is scheduled for a March 98 release.While it is suppose to be a follow-up to "Music for the Native Americans", this is called "Contact from the Underworld of Red Boy". The info includes a track list and brief desription of each.

Wed Nov 19 22:17:06 MET 1997

Luis E. Loucks

From: New York City

Howdy Y'all; To George; (Rick's Assistant) I LOVE my new tie-dyed "RD Woodstock" t-shirt. When I got it at The Bottom Line on the 11th.

Hmm....for some reason the guestbook entries from here and down to Nov 16 is lost...sorry, I don't know why.

Sat Nov 15 23:42:52 MET 1997

David Armentrout

From: Mechanicsville, VA

I just was turned onto your site by my son and glad to see there are still lots of fans out there. I have been a fan since 1968 and even attended the "Royal Albert Hall Concert" in 1970 (or was it 71). My favorites are "The Unfaithful Servant, The Weight, It Makes No Difference and on and on and on. I will spend more time on this web site now and look forward to everyones comments. I was sorry we did not get the see the guys in Richmond this summer due to Rick's excapades. Later, David

Sat Nov 15 16:57:01 MET 1997


From: Seattle

Another long-time Band fan signing on. This site is great to keep track of our boys--I was not aware until I got on about the situation with Rick--that explains (I guess) his weak performance when I saw The Band last in Seattle: he was barely coherent. The discussion about "responsibility to the fans" was good, and it was unfortunate that some people flamed those who think that there IS a responsibility. I felt cheated to a degree, but felt worse that those who were seeing The Band (90s version, of course) for the first time might well have thought "whats the big deal--these guys aren't that good." That night, they were right. I have seen The Band three times. 1983-reunion tour, absolute magic, best concert I have ever attended. 1993-wonderful concert, second-best. Last time: a bomb, due to Rick's weakness. Thanks to everyone who is sharing Rick's strength these days, I know we all wish nothing but the best for him despite any disappointments like the above. Hey. I'll go see him again in a hearbeat.

Sat Nov 15 11:24:40 MET 1997


Sat Nov 15 06:53:51 MET 1997

Pat Brennan

From: USA

"I'd stand on the rock where Moses stood..." Sorry, it's late, and I've been up for days.

Sat Nov 15 06:30:48 MET 1997

Pat Brennan

From: USA

To Hill from Arkansas: your explanatory post made a helluva lot more sense. Don't leave, just explain yourself. I saw Rick at Fitzgeralds Thursday night and was thrilled by "When You Awake" "Caledonia Mission" "Twilight." All songs I haven't seen him sing in years. Would have liked to have met fellow posters but that's the way it goes. Magic moment: at the end of "When You Awake" Rick sang "And If I thought it would do any good..." then pulled off the mic. A good number of audience members sang, "I'd sit on the rock where Moses stood." Obviously pleased, Rick beamed and uttered, "Wow!" Great show, indeed.

Sat Nov 15 04:09:46 MET 1997

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Texas

Hey, Im having problems scrolling down on the letters, is that just me?

Sat Nov 15 03:33:28 MET 1997

Daniel Webster

From: New England

To: Hill Chill hill. It's only music. I'm not thrilled with Robertson but he's a big part of the music we all love. Let's leave the egos, insults and the superior attitudes at the door. Don't leave the site on anybody's account.

Sat Nov 15 02:46:44 MET 1997



Thank you Serge. There' a reason why I said what I said. In my opinion Robbie Robertson is one of the best songwriters to ever grace this planet. And one hellava storyteller. Back in 1976 dec.,Iwas in the military at Lubbock TX. One Saturday night I saw The Band on Saturday Night Live. I'm guessing this was a rerun being it was in dec.I fell in love with their music and went to the BX the following monday and bought Anthology. The best music purchase I ever made in my life.A few weeks later I mentioned to a friend that I would love to see them in concert.Guess what? I was a day late and a dollar short. Not my fault I was too young in the 60's. I accepted this and forgot about it. Early in the 80's I bought me a copy of The Last Waltz. I noticed in the movie that the breakup wasn't what everyone had wanted. Well , in the mid 80's I hear about a reunion tour and no Robertson.Why? I see a music rag in the mall with an interview with Robbie. Here he mentions a riff with Levon.Later on I hear that Robbie had threatened them with a lawsuit in the late 70's If the rest of the remaining members tried to tour as The Band. I never got to see the original band perform. Any of you that did are very lucky. I feel like I was shortchanged. But I'm not the onlyone .When Richard Manuel passed I was physically sick about it. That pretty much closed the book on a reunion concert.I may have been a little harsh in my comments but I've had this on my mind for 10 years.I found this guest book and stated my opinion. If i had known Robertsons e-mail address I wouldn't have troubled you people with my views.So you see, that's why I said what I said.To all of you people who were quick to jump on . I don't care. To all of you who respected my opinion,I present you with my reason. Thank You Very Much

Sat Nov 15 01:01:43 MET 1997

Geoffrey Hyde

From: Edmonton Alberta

I'm a grade ten classmate of Richards in Stratford in 1957 am glad to find this site and would like any ferther info posible

Fri Nov 14 23:55:29 MET 1997

Serge Daniloff

From: London, Ontario, Canada

Chris Hill from Ark...don't stay away. Your opinons are as valid as anyone else's.

Fri Nov 14 23:01:27 MET 1997


From: Cleveland

Looking forward to Rick's show tomorrow night at Wilbert's. I just wanted to thank all of you participants in this forum for awaking my interest in today's band and its members. I first started visiting this cite as kind of a history lesson - fill in the gaps in the stories I knew or at least thought I knew. Having firmly believed that this outfit's best days were way behind it, I just wanted a way to look back on the glory days, when it seemed like the boys could do no wrong (I'm not old enough to have experienced the first time around). But anyhow, all this discourse about what's going on now has really lit a fire under my ass about the present state of The Band - a quasi spiritual awakening if you will. Anyway, Thanks again, I hope I have some interesting post-show news to report.

Fri Nov 14 22:36:58 MET 1997

Rod Prowse

From: NZ

There must be some unreleased Band tracks still out there from the early days. Even if the masters were destroyed in various fires etc there must be some copies around. It would be great to here the studio version of Don't Do It, the recordings they did just after Big Pink etc etc. It's hard to believe the stuff that got released is the only tracks they ever recorded. Maybe they could be released the same way the Rick Danko Live CD got done - a sort of fan club thing.

Fri Nov 14 19:58:32 MET 1997

Les Thierolf

From: Kansas City, Missouri

The planets were lined up right and somehow I was able to attend the Danko show last night in Berwyn/Chicago. It was great and Rick looked like he was having a ball. There was audience participation and during one song Rick said "Listen to the Chicago Angels!" Also, a hello to John and Dave sitting at the next table. During the show the bouncer came over and warned Dave to be quiet - he was being too noisy? The Band or any solo members haven't been to KC since 1987 so I was completely mesmerized by how well Danko sounded and Hurwitz played. George of Turkey Point Productions had good conversation and had for sale shirts, caps and all of Rick's cd's. Les. p.s. - I looked over this once and if there are any typos, etc. you can bite me.

Fri Nov 14 19:31:08 MET 1997

Serena Russell

From: NYC

Oooooooh, Robbie Robertson can kiss MY ass too! *and assorted other locations on me* Other than that.....quack quack quack. I see you guys have finally driven Carole from Boston away, which is sad, because she was filled with piss and vinegar..... not with hot air!

Fri Nov 14 18:52:47 MET 1997


From: New York

The Stones are playing in Oakland starting 11/14 for 4 or 5 nights - rick will be in California from the 17th or 18th on - I am sure he will be hooking up with them somewhere. Robbin

Fri Nov 14 18:24:51 MET 1997

Rick Harrison

From: Memphis, TN

Great Web site! Also, an excellent CD. Everyone who is a rock and roll fan should have a copy! Paul Burlison is still rockin' at 70!

Fri Nov 14 16:50:30 MET 1997


danko was hopefully just joking, (or back on smack--i sure hope not!) when he mentioned gigging with the stones in los angeles... those shows were last weekend (nov 9, 10 at dodger stadium). the bridges to babylon tour moves on to oakland and san francisco this weekend, with pearl jam opening, as has been widely advertized. las vegas, seattle, and vancouver are slated for the rest of november, with the tour moving on to domes in the midwest, and stadiums in the south, until february, when the international leg begins in mexico.

Fri Nov 14 15:53:32 MET 1997

Dave Besterman

From: Valparaiso, IN

Caught the "Evening with Rick Danko" show last night at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn, IL. The show consisted of two sets, the second one being the better since the volume on Rick's guitar was a bit low during the first set and very early in the second set. Also the second set was quite longer. Here is a song list:

First set: This Wheel's On Fire, Blind Wille McTell, Stage Fright, Blue River, Endless Highway, It Makes No Difference, and The Weight.

The second set: Crazy Mama, Twilight, Java Blues, Long Black Veil, (You Cheated, You Lied by Aaron Hurowitz), When You Awake, Mystery Train, Caledonia Mission, (Cold Turkey by Rick's friend Pete Special on guitar and Aaron), The Shape I'm In by Rick, Aaron, Pete and another friend Nick Tremulus (sp?) also on guitar.

Two encore numbers with all four musicians: Blaze of Glory and I Shall Be Released.

There was lots of audience participation all night long helping out especially on Blind Willie, The Weight, Crazy Mama, and Java Blues. Rick's voice was in fine form throughout the evening, still singing those high notes with ease. I was especially impressed with Aaron's style of piano playing. It reminded me very much of how Richard Manuel played... Rick signed autographs afterwards, laughing and joking with everyone in line.

During the show Rick said that he will be opening for the Rolling Stones in LA later this month and will be joining his Bandmates for the show in Beverly Hills.

Fri Nov 14 04:52:07 MET 1997


From: Ark

Look, I said what I felt. I won't be back. I'll just appreciate them in my own little world.

Fri Nov 14 04:28:55 MET 1997

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx.

Other thoughts on Hirth Martinez: The second album he did, Big Bright Street, has a real Band feel to it, and Garth is very present. I think this stuff is at least as good as the highly touted Jesse Wincherster Album. I cant believe the hostility some level at Robbie. Whatever his failings, the rest of the boys had every oppertunity to come out of the Band Boom years really rich guys(as Garth most likely did, not boozing and druging his dough away) and it looks like they blew it. Nothing I have seen indicates anything but that Robbie was the songwriter. Richards early songs are GREAT, but he just stopped. He even made comments indicating his lack of confedence as a songwriter in the TIME story. Java Blues was about Rick's peak. And Levon always colaberated. Sure, Garth was crucail in creating the arragements, but thats not The Song. If Robbie was pretentious, well, did they hold that against Pete Townshed?

Fri Nov 14 04:11:47 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

David: Evangeline is one of the Band's songs written from a woman's viewpoint. I considered this song but isn't it more of a lament about her man who is swept off by larger evil, home wrecking forces. Robertson said in Peter Viney's piece on the Weight that he could care less about lyrics. Robbie cited the song When A Man Loves A Woman and said it was so powerful..."all I want out of these songs is the right emotion." Songs about women that the Stones did or the Beatles or the Doors (LA Woman) are loaded with this raw emotion for males. It matters little what the lyric is, but if you hear a woman's name mentioned in it then a whole grip of emotions are mobilized. Up on Cripple Creek didn't do that for me. Jermima (sp?) Surrender didn't either. A friend, back in our college days at the University of Calif Sant Cruz used to play It Makes No Difference, and then he'd go over the deep end about some girl in the school cafeteria who failed to notice him. It was downright painful to be around him. It Makes No Difference still is a song unlike those classic rock songs about women: uplifting, great rock n roll. Somehow, songs about the Civil War ain't the same. But then no one else could do all those songs about other things besides women like the Band could.

Fri Nov 14 02:24:18 MET 1997

Daniel Webster

From: New England

To: Greg Wall of L.A. My public apologies. I was an ass. I hope Chris Hill will follow my example and stop the nitpicking over spelling. If he can't, then he can kiss mine. P.S. Thanks to Joel for the head's up on Levon's 11/28 appearance at NYC's Bottom Line.

Fri Nov 14 01:54:15 MET 1997


From: ark

To Pat Brennan Learn how to spell DIXIE

Thu Nov 13 16:04:03 MET 1997

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Now that the discussion here has thankfully returned to matters of music, I would like to add some comments. In response to Dan Blood's question posed regarding women characters in Band music-- I think Robbie consciously avoided writing the typical songs that dealt with themes of unrequited love. He has stated in interviews that he wanted to write songs for grown-ups. The best of his songs are rich in almost cinematic charactization & the atmosphere of time & place, with the emphasis on denouement rather than emotion. I think the song "Evangeline" maybe the finest example of how he portrayed a woman as a main character in his work.

Thanks to Jon Lyness for his illuminating report on Rick & Eric's recent performance. I have been a fan of Eric Andersen for a long time. His earlier recordings were released on Vanguard Records and several of those albums have been released recently on CD. One of those worth checking out is "Tin Pan Alley" which features the great Amos Garrett on lead guitar. Amos, a Canadian, was also a member of several Woodstock-based groups including Hungry Chuck and Paul Butterfield's Better Days.

The Muddy Waters Woodstock album, recently mentioned here, is indeed available on a CD released by Chess. I still have my treasured vinyl LP copy but I noticed that at the local Best Buy store the CD was priced surprising low at $8.99--what a deal.

Thu Nov 13 12:19:06 MET 1997


ben pike- the album is called "the woodstock album," and it is one of muddy's better recordings, arguably his best of the period. i have a copy on cassette i'll be happy to dub for you. i did a quick check of cd now, and they don't have it, but i seem to recall that it is available on cd. maybe as a charly, or other import? seems like it would be out as a chess mid-line... look around, or e-me, pal.

Thu Nov 13 07:53:07 MET 1997


From: Philadelphia

Thank you Pat for your information on the article in Jawbone, but more importantly, to me, your own personal observations.

That song was my introduction to The Band's music and it had remained my favorite piece. Not only its raw power but the story it told. As Jon Taplin stated in the VH-1 documentary of the brown album, it gave me a different perspective on the Civill War.

'You take what you need and you leave the rest, but then you never have taken the very best'

Like a number of great band songs (Acadian Driftwood for one), it put a human face on a broad historical event and in my opinion, a brave and noble one on the people of the South. Whatever Robbie's intentions were, I don't consider that patronizing at all.

Regardless, I am just a fan and am not in a position to criticize anyone's feelings (nor do I know the whole story). I would love to hear it live, but it doesn't sound like that will ever happen, so I will pacify myself with the recorded versions that I have and hope for a chance to hear the cut from Watkins Glen that you recommend so highly. Thanks again Pat.

Thu Nov 13 06:02:58 MET 1997

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Since someone asked, I'll keep it short. From Peter Viney's article:" The Night They Drove Old Disie Down has not been performed live since the Last Waltz. The inside story is that Levon now refuses to sing it, seeing Robbie's portrayal of the south as patronising. This is odd if, as he claims, he participated in writing it." The importance of the song in the history of the Band is obvious as its always included in the various media narratives. "Robbie is sensitive to the charge, denying that he was writing it directly 'at' Levon, but nevertheless it doesn't get done on stage. Probably Robbie had too much to say about it in various interviews, which got Levon's bristles up. Shame." I write Civil War history on the side, and I've had many discussions with other Civil War buffs about the power of the song. You may recall Shelby Foote from the Ken Burns documentary on PBS. He happens to be quite a music fan and singled out the Band's performance of the song for high praise. As part of a Net Civil War discussion group, I named "The Night.." as my favorite Civil War song. Someone flamed me for picking a non-period piece, but the overwhelming response supported not only my decision but also my choice. Standing some thirty yards in front of the Band at Watkins Glen, as the thunderheads moved in prior to the nasty soaking we all received, I watched them dig into that song with an unmatched intensity. Rain started to fall, people were covering up, the sky was dark and green, and it really seemed like Dixie was being driven down. For some reason, that performance was left off the Watkins Glen disc. Well, Levon, bless him, might find the song patronising, or he may have some other reason for avoiding it. Too bad. So be it. And to the fellow from Arkansas with the admonition for Robbie Robertson, I know some day you'll wonder how you could have uttered something so silly so publicly.

Thu Nov 13 05:44:37 MET 1997

Roger (Ramjet) Hart

From: Waterloo, Ontario

Hello Ronnie As of late I have become addicted to the Web and just for the hell of it I did the advance search of....words can contain...rockabilly....and words must contain...Ronnie Hawkins...and lo and behold a bunch of files. (There were only 3 files on Robbie Lane)... I am 56 yrs old and when I lived in Brantford we used to go down to Dover on Sunday nights and the first I saw you and your band I was more impressed than anything I’d seen up to that point. The quality of musicianship was superb, especially when The Band were in their R&B-Blues mode. Through the years I have followed you and your various bands whenever they hit the town I happened to be in at the time. Close to the first time I saw you was around 61 in Grand Bend, and 62 I think at the Concord, etc....and the last time I saw you was probably at the Kitchener Country Music fair in 95. I hope your in good health...I know that 40 plus years on the road can wear down a true rock and roller. The next guy I’m going to look up now that I’m on a roll is Paul James who I saw in Kitchener within the last 2 weeks. We also follow Robbie Lane whenever he is nearby. Keep on rockin there buddy...You were the closest thing to a hero as I had in my teen years. Thanks for the memories. Signing off Ramjet

Thu Nov 13 05:21:12 MET 1997


From: michigan


Thu Nov 13 04:39:26 MET 1997


From: Kansas

To Chris Hill: That's possible. When you hear his old songs you figure him for capable of just about anything.

Thu Nov 13 02:42:56 MET 1997

Chris hill

From: Arkansas

Robbie Robertson can kiss my ass

Thu Nov 13 02:03:51 MET 1997


From: Philadelphia

Wow! Thanks to Jon and Joel for the update on the Danko/Anderson show last night at the Bottom Line. Excellent reviews, the next best thing to being there.

Also thanks to Ben Pike and Pat Brennan for getting back on the non-use of 'Dixie'. I am looking into getting Jawbone but until that time I would love to hear Pat's paraphrased version.

Finally Jan, thanks very much for all the work that you do to keep this site going. It is truly a pleasure.

Thu Nov 13 01:56:06 MET 1997

joel cohen

From: seaford, ny

Levon & the Cromatix @ The Bottom Line-Friday 11/28 Jon, agree with your comments. I would have liked more from the both- Ridin on the Blinds, One More Shot etc. Anybody catch the late show?

Thu Nov 13 01:24:23 MET 1997

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland texas

Hello. Does anyone have that Muddy Waters album that Rick and Levon worked on? I'd like to know if it was on CD. I recently saw Hirth Martinez play at the farmers Market in LA. Robbie did a great job producing his album, and garth sounds great on both his records. They are underrated and worth checking out. Anyone ever hear the studio version of "Dont Do it?" its "rumored" to be great. I am trying to compile a list of Band classics never done live. Anyone heard a live "Wispering Pines?" or "Lonesome Susie?" I think the Blood Sweat and tears cover of "Lonesome"is quite beautiful, not that you could get a rock critic to admit that(David Clayton Thomas played with Ronnie Hawkins too) What about "Daniel" ever done live? I think it is time to reapprasie "Cahoots". Maybe not as great as the classics, but I think a committed effort that has sucsessfull moments aplenty. I think "Between Trains" from King of Comedy is still the best solo Robbie. Did you know he redid "Christmas Must" for the "Scrooged" soundtrack? Its OK.

Thu Nov 13 01:05:52 MET 1997

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Rick Danko (w/Aaron Hurwitz) and Eric Andersen

The Bottom Line, NYC

November 11, 1997 (early show)

Excellent show. Rick was in fine form, and his voice is much improved from the spring/summer. Eric Andersen sang beautifully as well - I don't know that much of his work beyond the 2 DFA albums, but am fast becoming a fan. Surprisingly, Rick and Eric did solo sets and only sang 2 songs together. But one of the songs was Blue River, so I sure couldn't complain.

Rick's portion was as follows:

1. This Wheel's on Fire

Good vocal, but a weak start, I though - the arrangement seemed uncertain, the song not really hitting a groove until it was almost over.

2. Blind Willie McTell

Mesmerizing. Very strong vocals and piano by Aaron Hurwitz. Almost identical to the version on Rick's live album, but a treat to hear live.

3. Crazy Mama

Always nice to hear; a somewhat shorter version than usual. Aaron did some great piano rolls on this one, nearly stealing the show on this song.

4. Stage Fright

5. It Makes No Difference

Beautiful. Two of my very favorites, w/ great vocals by Rick. It Makes No Difference in particular is (to me) about the best song you can hear Rick do live. His phrasing on this is so loose and unique -- to me his current live version is even better than the studio version.

Before "The Weight", Rick made comments about how the crowd wasn't singing along too much -- give me a break Rick, we just came from work! :)

6. The Weight

Of course everyone did sing on this one. Fun.

7. Long Black Veil

Similar to the live album version, with the "trainman, tell me maybe..." fragment inserted in the middle of the song.

8. Twilight

Pretty as always. The final "no, no, nooooo!" at the end especially powerful.

9. The Next Time (Aaron Hurwitz on vocals)

Believe it or not, this was absolutely one of the highlights of the night for me. Aaron Hurwitz sang and played piano on a blues (?) song -- his voice isn't too polished, but he really sang and played the hell out of it. Really nice to see him get to "cut loose" once in a while. Great song. Of course those Danko harmonies sure didn't hurt!

10. Shape I'm In

A great finish to Rick's solo set, very high energy.

11. Blue River (Rick, Aaron & Eric Andersen)

Beautiful. Eric Andersen joined them at the piano for this song, and sang the third verse solo.

After that, Eric Andersen did a solo set of about ten songs. I didn't recognize most of them, but they seemed heartfelt & beautifully sung. He performed "Driftin' Away" and "Lie with Me" from the DFA albums. "Driftin' Away" in particular was excellent - without Rick or Jonas Fjeld singing harmonies, it sounded especially lonely and poignant.

Finally, Rick, Eric & Aaron came out for an encore of "Last Thing on my Mind", very pretty version with most of the crowd singing along.

That's it - great performances and a lovely evening. Thought people might enjoy reading about it. (Sorry about the length!)


Thu Nov 13 01:04:38 MET 1997

Joel Cohen

From: Seaford, Ny

Saw Danko/Andersen early show at The Bottom Line last night. Danko looked and sounded great! He opened with This Wheel's on Fire did Blind Willie,Crazy Mama,Stage Fright, It Makes No Difference, The Weight, Long Black Veil (with extra stanza), Twilight, Shape I'm In, & Blue River with Andersen. Andersen had a powerful set also. Danko sounded better than he had here last August. I asked his pal George if Carnegie Hall was on. It looks like a question. Professor Hurwitz backed Danko. No Sredni. Thanks to the incomparable Eppie for joining me.

Wed Nov 12 22:34:39 MET 1997

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, Ga

If anyone knows where I can purchase the Bootleg CD of the Last Waltz concert, not the 2 CD version, which I own, but the 4 CD set, please E Mail at the above address. Thanks for the help, oh, by the way, How about some Band concerts in the Atlanta area, Rick, come on back, it's been 3 years, and you too Levon and Garth.

Wed Nov 12 15:21:48 MET 1997

John Martin

From: San Antonio, TX

It's been said many times before here but: This web site is the best music site on the net. I have never seen any pages for a group that has such depth and quality. Please keep it going, never mind all the idiots that think this is a playground for their own ego. Hope to see the Band in TX again soon.

Wed Nov 12 12:56:27 MET 1997

Harm van Sleen

From: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Band-collector wants to trade with other collectors. I'm still looking for:

  • Garth Hudson's "Our Lady Queen of the Angels",
  • Paul London & the Capers (both singles),
  • Garth Hudson's concert at St Anne's, New York,
and lots of other stuff. Please contact:

Harm van Sleen
Minister Talmatstraat 110
3555 GJ Utrecht, The Netherlands
phone: +31 30 2437659

Sorry, no e-mail. Your list gets mine.

Wed Nov 12 11:05:36 MET 1997

Håkan Torstensson

From: Sweden, Uddevalla

Jag undrar var jag kan få tag i Jericho plattan med The Band, ifall någon vet maila mej i så fall. I wonder where i can get the jericho album with The Band, if someone knows please mail me. Tack, Thanks

Wed Nov 12 07:26:14 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

Thanks, Nick. I agree with much of what you said. The show at the Greek was cancelled when Danko was jailed. Ido have tickets to see him on the 22nd at a guitar shop in Santa Monica, which I'm looking forward to. The point I tried to make was that line Tom Hanks gave to Del Paxton in his movie That Thing You Do..."ain't no way to keep bands together. Bands come and go." The long winded comments I made was an attempt to come up with reasons why the Band broke up in the 70's. Perhaps the best 'reason' is that the culture changed and so did music. I also tried to get a discussion going over what I feel is lacking in the Bands repetoire...a good song about women.

Wed Nov 12 07:01:07 MET 1997

Pat Brennan

From: USA

For those of you interested in the "Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" discussion, Peter Viney has written an excellent overview of the piece and the subsequent controversey over its "non-use" in the latest Jawbone. Rather than attempt to paraphrase it, I urge you to seek it out. It may even be on this site somewhere. Remember, Rick Danko at Fitzgeralds, this Thursday, in beautiful Berwyn, Illinois. See ya there.

Wed Nov 12 06:08:47 MET 1997

Old Luke

From: Oregon

Was reading through the comments and was suprised that people were being personally attacked for their views on the site and on The Band. It should be a site where can agree/disagree and just share thoughts. I thought Greg's first comment was sincere and was not trying to offend anyone. People need to overlook the spelling and just listen to what he has to say. Don't think I will be back because I really didn't care for the comments left, but did enjoy the site.

Wed Nov 12 05:56:35 MET 1997

Ben Pike

From: Houston

Andrew: just for the record, they had allready dropped "Dixie" from the set in the first reunion tours, around 82. If Levon was doing it to spite Robbie, its pretty weird, cause just about every other song they did was Robbies.

Wed Nov 12 03:25:32 MET 1997



Dan Blood- Those Greek Theatre shows sound like a great time. How were they? I re-read your post from awhile back and you do raise some good points, retrospect there is a great deal of validity in the releases you mentioned and the work goes beyond just reworking old songs. After The Band's first three outstanding albums (Stage Fright has at least 4 or 5 classic Band tunes), The Band did burn out a little and Cahoots wasn't as good as it should have been.

Enter a long break and then the "Rock of Ages" live album which you mention. At the time this was regarded as perhaps the best live rock album ever (overdubs not withstanding). It also produced one of the group's few chart successes, I think it got to #10. In short it's a great album and a perfect signpost of their early recording career.

"Moondog Matinee" is vastly underrated album of cover tunes that can actually stand up to some of their best work, Helm on "Ain't Got no Home", Danko on "A Change is Gonna Come" and Manuel on "The Great Pretender" turn in great vocal performances. I know some fans who say this is their favorite album showing once again that The Band doesn't need original material to make great music. Elvis Presley co-wrote maybe two songs his entire career, but no one ever harps on that because musical interpretation is his thing (and The Band's as well)

After doing "Planet Waves" w/Dylan in '73 came a groundbreaking tour with his Bobness which was the biggest (both sales and media-wise) of all-time. The resulting "Before The Flood" release is easily the best live work Dylan has ever released and this can be directly attributed to the playing and power of The Band ( The Band's "When you Awake" is one of my all-time favorites}.

Next the "Basement Tapes" release is another 5-star recording by the Band and Dylan. True the songs were 8 years old but they were very fresh to the many that never heard the bootlegs (also a big chart success due to Dylan).

Next is "Northern Lights" another excellent album, right? I mean it's chock full of classic Band like "Ophelia", the incredible "Acadian Driftwood", "It Makes No Difference" and great Richard tunes- "Rags and Bones", "Hobo Jungle".

Next-The Last Waltz, it speaks for itself but I can't help myself. It's a star-studded spectacular that reads like the who's who of the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. It is also an award winning movie directed by an award winning director (so I don't feel too subjective in saying it's the best rock movie ever, it definitely was at the time).

The Band closed out with "Islands" maybe their weakest effort, but not without highlights like Richard on "Georgia" and "Right as Rain", Rick on "Saga of Pepote Rouge" and Garth everywhere.

Dan, I agree with you that there was a lack of original material and one could say they were a little stagnant, but...they did stamp their names on 11 albums in the from 70-77 (3 w/Dylan). There were of course other projects like Muddy Waters' grammy award winning Woodstock album. On the surface it's easy to discount this period as treading water, and maybe it's true, but what cannot be denied is that The Band put out a great deal of top-notch product, much of which is essential to any great record collection.

The Band of the 90's is my favorite because it's the one I know best. "Jericho" is to me is soulful and heartfelt and stands as one of their best. Danko may have lost a little off his fastball due recent excesses (judging from comments at this site he's comming back nicely though) but his singing on "Too Soon Gone" from "Jericho" and "Where I Should Always Be" from "Hog" are some of the best he's ever done. Weider is one of the best guitar players around.

If I sound like an over the top Band fan its because I am, but believe it or not I do try to be objective.

In closing it should be said that all the snide potshots and dumb jokes are making a mockery of this guestbook and is disrespectul to Jan and his hard work. Why do you continue with this when you know it's improper? I'd hate to lose this forum on this great site because a few people don't know a good thing when they see one. Oh yeah Dan Blood- Danko's 90's work with Fjeld and Anderson stands with some of his best (check it out, it's hot stuff and the first one was record of the year in Norway, I think the record of the year in the U-S was Boyz to Men or something) and Levon's voice still crackels with authority. Boy this was a long one, sorry. I'm probably good for awhile now. Thanks.

Wed Nov 12 02:29:18 MET 1997


From: Philadelphia

Thanks Mason Dixon for the information on Dixie. I believe you, but it doesn't make any sense to me. If Levon doesn't want to play any song due to the reasons you mentioned, he wouldn't be doing half the songs that The Band does (Weight, Cripple Creek, etc). I don't know. I always thought that they didn't do it because they probably couldn't do it any better than they did on 'The Last Waltz' . Thanks again for the info. See you all at the Tin Angel.

Wed Nov 12 01:10:05 MET 1997


From: N/A

Glen Watkins: you're right. I don't believe in you. I do believe in the worth of this web site, and I do believe that a lot of fine people look in here from time to time. I don't think they care about your grammar or your identity crisis. Go haunt another site.

Tue Nov 11 23:20:58 MET 1997


From: England

A Manilow songs album? Reckon that's right where it's headed. And methinks, we'll be lucky to get even that…….TOM, AUSTIN - hey, the news of Bob at Kennedy Center interesting. The Dylan 30th finale - often wondered about that too, & wonder what was so important, that they couldn't make it on stage at the end? (maybe a "Butch" pizza, huh)……..TD BEAR at Joshua's (sounds a fun place) - Hey, I'm more certain of an Alien invasion, than of a Carnegie show. But friend, if you know something we don't, then please, please elucidate!! …….LUKE, PA - As for myself, I didn't say Bell & Weider were leaving, but just made the point that they weren't around. Though one can't help feeling something's afoot, and it doesn't take much to work that out. Sure, there's plenty of activity, especially Rick, & it's nice to see him so busy. But, as others have pointed out, kinda separate shows? And no group shows in a long while - with, it seems, nothing lined up? This time last year, they were busy. And what about "Hog" followup - or dare one even ask…….As for Robbie offering to write songs for them- that does sound familiar. But think that (though he gave reunion his blessing) he always refused to have any part in it, so can't really imagine he'd bother with songs - but can someone else put more accuracy on this?……..Just been checking out Robbie's "GOING HOME" recently released on VHS, & it's great. Really love that film, & this copy is great picture & sound. Available from CD Now, good price too. Any word yet on Robbie's album? In time for Xmas I hope…….Hi, Tracy & Carole!

Tue Nov 11 21:35:20 MET 1997




Tue Nov 11 20:03:36 MET 1997

Monte G. Veldt

From: Eemnes, the Netherlands

Just one dutch word is capable for the Band AND this website : ongelooflijk goed !!!!! ( f###ing great !!!!!!). Monte

Tue Nov 11 19:10:08 MET 1997

Greg Wall

From: Los Angeles

Thanks Andrew. Watkins: Dave Marsh used to snipe at that Band and Robertson, calling them the favorite group of hack intellectuals. I guess I must now conceide tnat he was at least partly right. Maybe if I can diagram a deconstructionists four point thesis affirming Marcus's "Mystery Train"; well, then can I be in your website? Can I? Can I? Can I? You and Webster should find the Emerson, Lake, and Palmer Website where you belong.

Tue Nov 11 14:12:24 MET 1997

Mason Dixon

Andrew: "Dixie" isn't played because Levon refuses to perform it, due to a dispute with Robbie over songwriting credits, royalties, and general animosity regarding events surrounding Robbie's departure and subsequent statements relating to same by Robertson in the press. At least that's my understanding.

Tue Nov 11 09:41:24 MET 1997


From: Austin TX

Bob Dylan is scheduled to be one of the Kennedy Center honorees this year. In recent years, folks such as Benny Carter, B.B. King, Pete Seeger and Johnny Cash have been honored. I looked up the Kennedy Center website, and it states that the ceremony will be televised on CBS on 12/26/97 in the USA. (Be warned-- Charlton Heston is also among this year's honorees!) Anyway, this really brings up some interesting possibilities. Each honoree usually has a filmed retrospective of some kind, and artists then usually perform in tribute to the honoree. (For example, last year, Kris Kristofferson, Emmylou Harris, Lyle Lovett and Roseanne Cash performed in tribute to Johnny Cash. So, will they ask Garth to accompany Levon's singing of "When I Paint My Masterpiece"? We can hope. I'm the finale of the Dylan 30th Anniversary--there's Petty, McGuin, Harrison, Clapton; hey, that's all well and good, but WHERE WAS THE BAND?!?!?! So, I'll keep a good thought that the Band will be asked to perform...

Tue Nov 11 06:29:27 MET 1997

Tinker Man

From: Saugerties

Gail, You have your butches mixed up, this Butch delivers pizza to the Kingston Children's Home and is not affiliated with the management of The Band

Tue Nov 11 06:21:58 MET 1997

Glen Watkins

From: Cincinnati

To Surge: Why do you continue to deny my existence? And I'm sickened that you kiss up to that Donald Joseph a**hole just because he enters a posting or two that doesn't jump on you.

To Greg Wall: Whether or not I laud your last posting turns on whether your hilarious mis-usage of "you're" for "your" was intentional. If it was accidental, I have to ask you to SPEAK FOR YOURSELF. I, like Mr. Webster, visit this web site for intellectual exchange with intelligent [read "literate"] Banddandies -- not to lend comfort to grade school charity cases. Everyone makes the occasional typo, and of course we cut total slack to our overseas friends for whom English is a second language, but otherwise, UP WITH LITERACY!

Tue Nov 11 06:20:44 MET 1997


From: Philadelphia

I have to agree with Greg Wall, that last comment by Daniel Webster seemed a bit nasty. I am really enjoying this website but I would enjoy it more if we were exchanging information and experiences and not unsolicited attacks. --- I did ask last week and I will ask again - Does anyone know why The Band does not do 'Dixie' in concert anymore? Thanks.

Tue Nov 11 05:53:16 MET 1997

Greg Wall

From: Los Angeles

Dan Webster: Let me try to spell this right: bite me. One goes to The Band website for fellowship, not prissyness. This is not the Sting Web page. And you're jokes are worse than my spelling.

Tue Nov 11 03:24:05 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

Those folks who have seen Dylan recently and report that he's never been better...did you happen to notice that on December 9th, or thereabouts, he's getting a 'medal' from The President, Bill Clinton. I think I might be inclined to turn it down, like Wallace Stegner turned down President Bush's invitation. But Bob is really on a roll. He even polished his boots and wore his best hat when he had audience with the Pope. Next stop...China...Russia

Tue Nov 11 03:11:22 MET 1997

Daniel Webster

From: New England

To last entry. Is your name Wall or are you writing on one? Please use spell-check, or edit your copy. Nobody's perfect, but you need a new rufus over your head.

Mon Nov 10 23:01:00 MET 1997

Greg Wall

From: Los Angeles

Well, now that I have read up on the site I would like to add a few tidbits. I would be interested in getting tapes that have rarely done songs performed live, Smoke Signal or Ring Your Bell. I have some stuff to trade, like them doing "You dont know me" on a early reunion tour. I thought Levons book was OK but not fair to Robbie. The Across the Great Devide book is much more balenced. I can never decide witch "Get Up Jake" I like better. Does anyone know anything about these obscure films Richard appered in? There is a version of Rick and Garth dong Twilight on one of the Moutain Stage albums that is worth checking out.

Mon Nov 10 21:56:39 MET 1997

Greg Wall

From: Los Angeles

Hello all. I have been having a great time with the sight. Im wondering if any old friends will read this; because loving the Band has always been one of my defining charactoristics. One of the great memories I have was getting to see the oringinal line up in there last tour, at a race track outside Chicago. They were just so great, and have always been larger than life to me. Nothing really dims how wonderful there best records are, they are really touchstones of our lives and I guess thats why this webpage is here. I still go to see them, but of course miss both Richard and Robbie.

Mon Nov 10 07:15:31 MET 1997

Rod Prowse

From: Wellington, NZ

I just read Donald Josephs comment that 5 original members played a gig together at the Whisky-a-Go-Go after The Last Waltz. Is that true? It would be one for the books. I agree with what Donald says about when this Robbie / Levon fuede started. Robbie is quoted in Guitar magazine as saying he talked to Levon just before his book came out and that they talked about making some music together. That book seemed to totally blow their relationship away. It's a great book - but a bit inaccurate in places. I know I wasn't there, but there are a few times when he seems to get it wrong. For example quite a few of Ricks vocals get credited to Richard.

Mon Nov 10 02:28:57 MET 1997

Todd Harshman

From: Lakewood, Ohio

Just found this sight while surfing. Awesome! Been a Band fan since listening to them in college while doing a college radio show. (I was a DJ). In paging back in this guest book, I found Tracey(?) saying that she doesn't care about the feud between Robbie & Levon. Let me say this: Why does Robbie need to say anything: he does get ALL the royalties yet it sounds obvious to me that their music was always a joint effort. Just another opinion from a fan.

Sun Nov 9 22:25:21 MET 1997

Pat Brennan

From: USA

To Donald Joseph: Although the credits on the album aren't all that descriptive, I don't think Robbie played on the original of "Rainy Day Women" from Blonde On Blonde. I think the only tune he appears on from that album is "Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat." Perhaps you're thinking of Before the Flood. Also, the money a songwriter would make from a live performance of his/her tune wouldn't be much. You're right about Dylan's artistic explosion. I like many are stunned at the level he's been performing at lately. But, then, nothing Dylan does surprises me anymore.

Sun Nov 9 21:47:50 MET 1997

TD Bear

From: Woodstock-Joshua's try the orange ice tea

Well Luke my friend, I believe the Manilow tale is apocryphal. As for Gail doubting The Band at Carnegie Hall in March of 1998. Would a bear shit you? They will be there !

Sun Nov 9 19:18:48 MET 1997


From: PA

Hello. The Band doing Manilow has to be some kind of (sick) joke right? And what's this about Bell and Weider leaving? Did anybody hear about Robbie offering to write songs for the reunited Band if they would record and tour under the name "the Hawks"?

Sun Nov 9 16:33:06 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

Hey, DJ, you mean she wouldn't do KFC or Pollo Loco?

Sun Nov 9 15:38:00 MET 1997


From: N/A

Thanks for last night's entry, DJ. You do good work when you want to. Let's hope Bud and Glen fade away now.

Sun Nov 9 06:20:17 MET 1997

Donald Joseph

From: Cincinnati

I just got back from seeing Zimmie tonight in Dayton (no disrespect: remember, he gave us permission to call him this in "Gotta Serve Somebody"). Gopher is right: He IS at the top of his game. His stripped-down, hard-driving 5-man lineup is at least reminiscent of his '66 Hawks tour thing. A highlight was a kick-ass cover of "Wheel's on Fire." I don't believe Zimmie ever recorded this commercially, did he? Since Ricky co-wrote it, & since songwriters get perfomance royalties, I'll bet Zimmie's live version is his contribution to the Japan Legal Defense Fund. Zimmie also did a hard-driving acoustic "Forever Young" (slow version, of course), & closed with a rocking "Rainy Day Women" in which the lead guitar player did his best to improve on Robbie's original. Interestingly, Zimmie's lead guitar player had a mike but sang backup only on 2 tunes -- the 2 tunes originally done with The Band ("Wheel's" & "For.Young"). On these tunes Zimmie NEEDS those ragged Band harmonies!

Gopher, you laud Zimmie's guitar work. His acoustic playing has indeed improved, but Zimmie is still doing his famous mime job: Playing rythym guitar while mugging & prancing as if he were the guy playing lead -- watch him try to steal Robbie's spotlight in the Last Waltz. I bet he bamboozled you.

TO BUD HENDERSHOT: Love your contribution! However, you got your facts a little wrong. The Manilow tribute L.P. will feature only 3 of the 4 surviving original members: Garth bowed out, citing "artistic integrity." Aside to Robbie freaks: Do you believe Levon's story in his book that Robbie tried to keep N.Diamond in the Last Waltz but exclude Muddy, & Levon got Muddy in only by threatening a boycott?

TO DAN BLOOD: But there IS a Band woman archtype, the woman in "Bessie Smith," "Ophelia," Sweet Bessie of Cripple Creek, Molly in "Great Divide," "Streetwalker," & the girl in "Strawberry Wine": The type of babe who will join you on a spur-of-the-moment cross-country car trip, playing tunes, eating fried chicken & throwing the bones out the window -- but only if you provide not franchise crap but, rather, real good chicken.

Sun Nov 9 05:34:49 MET 1997

Marty Katz

From: San Diego via New York City

I've am a long time fan of The Band and have been fortunate to hear them play many times over the years. Visiting your web site has been a wonderful nostalgic trip for me. Thank you Marty

Sun Nov 9 05:24:18 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

Hey, I've got a topic for all you Band experts: was there ever a 'type' of woman who emerged from the Band's music. Like Dylan's Sad Eyed Ladies...Jagger's Angies...McCartney's Michelles. Is it Robbertson's Ophelias (Hamlet's girl?) or Manuel's oh, oh, it hurts Suzie? Jermina? Seems to me (and I thank 'em for that) the Band never did that classic rock n' roll theme: I love you, but you don't love me...Am I mistaken?

Sun Nov 9 03:48:33 MET 1997


From: new york

im only 14 and even though i wasnt growing up when they were popular i still think that they are the greatest bands to ever exist. i wish that there were more people of my generation who were willing to take the time to listen to the bands of the past instead of liking songs because they are popular, they are fickle and change when the fads change. i suppose if my dad hadnt listened to them so much i wouldnt know them and like them as much as i do. my first favorite song was by the band, i was 2. in some ways i feel special because i can listen to it and care while everyone else listens without giving a damn. still it would be nice if other people could understand it too.

Sun Nov 9 02:41:46 MET 1997

The Dancing Bear

From: Here, There and Everywhere

A lot of talk lately about the Last Waltz -- let's give credit where credit is due: Van The Man with his stellar performance of Caravan was/is unquestionably the high point of the evening. Be cool. Stay in school.

Sun Nov 9 02:16:34 MET 1997

TD Bear

From: Woodstock-Joshua's

To Freddy Fishstick, Neil Young was at the "waltz". you must mean neil sedaka.

Sun Nov 9 01:49:14 MET 1997

Freddy Fishstick

From: Key West

To Bud Shotfender: I for one would enjoy Levon covering "Mandy". As for Neil Diamond at the Last Waltz, The "Rumor" is that Robertson was again under the influence of a hypnotist due to "Stagefright" and meant to ask Neil Young.

Sat Nov 8 23:42:05 MET 1997


From: NY

Gail, you may turn out to be right. We all have to endure change.

Sat Nov 8 22:28:21 MET 1997

Bud Hendershot

From: St. Augustine, Florida

Jan, Hate to be redundant, but this is a wonderful site. This is a wonderful sight. (ha ha, a little redundant joke there). I've been reading through the guestbook, and it seems to have gotten somewhat controversial since my last visit. So I hope the news I bring will help your guests lighten up, (as opposed to 'lighting up', which, I think, many have already done). The news is this: The four living original members of THE BAND are reuniting for one new record! That's right! You heard it here first, folks! Levon, Robbie, Garth, and Rick have a one record deal with WB records, and the resulting CD, "Reunited: The Band Sings Manilow" is a group of Barry Manilow covers, performed expertly by the boys. Especially entertaining is Levon's rendition of "I Write The Songs" - or was that Robbie singing? Gee, I never could tell those two apart! Rumor has it that Mr. Manilow appears on one cut - "Cocacabana", I think - performing a duet with Rick. You know, I always wondered why Manilow wasn't at The Last Waltz. I mean, Neil Diamond even got an invite...... At least that giant mistake has been rectified after all these years. Viva The Band! Viva Manilow! Who knows, maybe Barry will join up, and alleviate some of Robbie's songwriting burden...... Ta Ta!

Sat Nov 8 21:50:04 MET 1997


From: England

Jan, thank you for the update on Beverly Hills gig. A private party - alright for some, huh. That would explain how the number of the "Public Relations Agency" that the guy was given, (from someone at Hotel), turned out to be a private residence - & no wonder the confusion! Though don't think it's anyone's fault, but strange how Pollstar would have info on a private function in the first place. Anyway, what a show to have to miss, huh. They're all there. Except for Jim Weider & Richard Bell…….HEY BUTCH in UPSTATE NY!!!! Well now, what do have we here. Sorry for the "mistaken identity". But cummon…..just how many "Butch's" are there in your neck of the woods? Appreciated the narrative though, it was very funny. As for our question re THE BAND (a' la "Jericho"/ "Hog") at Carnegie Hall (or anywhere else)…… a psychic vision revealed it's not gonna happen, & that the "Jericho" incarnation of The Band might well be over. Anyone else had such a vision??

Sat Nov 8 14:46:15 MET 1997

De Bruyn Danny

From: Rukland,Squirtië

It is a scandal that none of the Band-CD's are available in Belgian CD-store's!!!! Do something about it, Robbie!!

Sat Nov 8 14:17:36 MET 1997


From: Santa Monica California

Thank you, I'm so glad someone produced this website-I've been in love with the Band since 1969-and my love has never waivered-The biggest disappoinment was their splitting up, but I still love what they've done solo.

Sat Nov 8 12:58:23 MET 1997

Joel Cohen aka Marvin Gardens

From: seaford, ny

To Alan Goettemoeller of British Columbia Danko's first solo album is on Edsel Records/Arista Records. His recent "In Concert" is on Woodstock Records. The Band's cover of Springsteen's "Atlantic City" on Jericho- lead by Helm , is one of my favorites. It knocks the original off the Boardwalk. At Carnegie Hall last March , Helm started the song just as I called it out. It was scary.

Sat Nov 8 03:58:06 MET 1997

Richard Leighton

From: Cincinnati, Ohio

The band are the earth beneath our feet the wind at our backs. They are our soul and they are Rock 'n Roll. Thanks for all the tunes.

Sat Nov 8 03:20:24 MET 1997

Donald Joseph

From: Cincinnati

gopher: I'm saddened you won't stick up for me; you obviously appreciate sophisticated Band discourse, so get the nerve to jump off the "dump-on-D.J." Band-wagon. And what's the point in refusing to disclose the city you're from when you admit to attending Zimmie's 11/6 set? We're onto you! (I've got tix to the 11/8 show, by the way.)

TO LUIS E.L.: No te entiendo. Lo que escribo no es "ridiculous bullshit," y lo sabes tu. No eres justo, y NO ME GUSTAS.

TO BUD: Thank you! If you fade into the whispering pines (as you implicitly threaten), I'll probably get drummed off here! You have a LOT to say! I LOVE YOU, MAN [& I'm straight as an arrow. Also, yes, I admit to some familiarity with Blackstone, Coke, & Holmes -- & I don't mean Johnney!]. I agree these others MUST enjoy reading my (our?) contributions, even though they flame me. Without you, I might throw in the towel, so keep posting at least so as to keep me sure you're out there.

You're the only one who picked up on Glen W's "Sacred Harp" thing. Are the rest of these Banddandies Great Pretenders?

One grave concern: You claim to "have read everything else this site has to offer," yet you ask how to get spaces "between" [sic: try "among"] your paragraphs. How the hell did you miss our God's own Word, Jan's posting of 10/29/97?

TO McKINNERY: I'd be interested in reading your paper. In '81 I took an Eng. Lit. class on "The Frontier in American Literature." I wrote a paper analyzing "Across the Great Divide" as a frontier text in the tradition of Cooper & Thomas Berger. I got an A minus. I have always attributed the "minus" to my suspicion that the prof. was not into The Band.

TO SERGE: I do not "equal" either Glen W. or Bud. If you want proof, devise some test, & we'll all pass. Seriously, I mean it: I am NOT them, & I am especially not that knucklehead [yes, Mike, that's a "K"] Glen.

Sat Nov 8 03:09:10 MET 1997

Joe Costantino

From: Northvale, N.J.

Hank the show I was at was the late show. And yes Rick made similar coments about returning from his tour of The Orient. By the way " I just spent 60 days in the jailhouse " are the lyrics, but I think Rick sang " 90 days " at the late show, but I won't swear to it. Rick's humor is part of what makes these shows great. The 2nd year at A's he joked about how it takes a blizzard to bring the fans out. I don't want to ramble, but I am enjoying the ramblings here. Thanx Jan. This place is GREAT !

Sat Nov 8 01:25:08 MET 1997


From: N.A.

Bud= Glen Watkins= Donald Joseph=0

Sat Nov 8 01:16:55 MET 1997



I'm a middle-aged woman, still crazy about The Band after all these years. I was a senior in college when the brown album came out. I was so under its spell I practically quit going to class. Did manage to include them in a paper, by way of a comparision of the album to James Agee's classic "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men". Has anyone else made that comparision? I don't think it was original with me.

Sat Nov 8 00:25:03 MET 1997


From: Upstate NY

To Gail from England: Hi. I think you have me confused with someone else. Yes, I did ask that the pissing contest should stop so we could talk about something more pleasant, but I don't possess any inside information on the Band. I'm just a Band fan like yourself. Perhaps you are thinking of another Butch, Butch Dener, who I understand is in the Band management. He lives somewhere around here. Sorry.

Fri Nov 7 22:37:20 MET 1997


From: Cleveland

How the hell am I supposed to get spaces between my paragraphs? Sorry about the long narrative

Fri Nov 7 22:34:47 MET 1997


From: Cleveland

Keep the Pissing Contests Coming - this site's turned into an on-line soap opera that keeps me tuning in. I'm sure all of us have read everything thing else this site has to offer, so outside the occasional update, these guestbook entries are what make this site worth visiting daily. Donald Joseph - I like the idea of a Varsity and a J.V. guestbook to seperate the men from the boys, but we would need more than a handful of wacked-out (and I mean that in a complimentary way) regulars to make it work. I'm also guessing that somewhere deep down, you actually enjoy reading some of the perversly innane entries into the quest book ( I know I do). I also know that despite entries to the contrary, all the regular readers of this page don't want Donald Joseph to fade off into the Whispering Pines either. How boring would this be if we just "focused on the music, man?" Glen Watkins, would you have been so creative as change the lyrics to "Daniel and the Sacred Harp" with out Donald Joseph feuling your fire? My hope for us all is that Passionate and Opinionated Band fans everywhere continue to spew out their feelings into this forum so that we all have something interesting to read. I only wish I had something thought-provoking or controversial to add to the discussion, but until the time that I have an original thought, I'm counting on the rest of you to entertain and inform me. Lastly, again to Donald Joseph, any Legal training in your background? You've dropped a couple of hints (public figures under the 1st Amendment, overuse of the word "substantive") that have led me to this inquiry. Just Curious.

Fri Nov 7 19:47:15 MET 1997


From: England

BUTCH, Upstate NY…….I bet you are enjoying the contents of this page. I'd E-mail, but you left no address. Earlier (several hundred entries back), you wrote: "LET'S STOP THIS PISSING CONTEST AND GET BACK TO THE MUSIC". Quite. Couldn't agree more. Though when have you ever contributed anything constructive to this page? All we've had so far, are a couple of pitiful one-liners. That's very disappointing, especially coming from you. Wouldn't it be more useful, if some Band news could be posted here now & again? That's not asking too much (or, Lord help me - is it?). And you visit here anyway. Maybe you could help here. Folks are wanting confirmation of…..THE BAND - Beverly Hills Hotel - Nov. 21st……You must know! Is it happening? Or not? If you could post some clarification, I'm sure it'd be appreciated by genuine folks who are needing the info. And, assuming of course that it's not Top Secret……maybe at the same time, you could confirm if there's to be a CARNEGIE HALL show in the New Year - folks are wondering about that too….Thanks, and best wishes to all.

The 11/21 gig is a private party concert, with Levon, Rick, The Crowmatix, and probably Garth. It was incorrectly listed by the Pollstar Internet Concert Guide as an official Band show. Sorry if I have mislead anyone here. Until yesterday I thought this concert was going to happen.

Fri Nov 7 18:39:42 MET 1997

Luis E. Loucks

From: New York City

To: Donald Joseph Serious question; Do you actually get some kind of cathartic, self pleasure -- umm--- satisfaction out of spewing your ridiculous bullshit? What a sad and pathetic man you must be!

Fri Nov 7 17:15:55 MET 1997


From: Oswego, NY

This is the best web page of bands I've come across so far. It is so cool! Keep up the good work! I'll write back to anyone who takes the time to write to me!

Fri Nov 7 17:13:52 MET 1997

scott mack

From: oswego, ny

It sucks! E-mail me if you got a problem!!

Fri Nov 7 17:09:24 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

I apologize to everyone for that hard to read paragraph. I didn't write it that way in Claris, but... Nick, I"ve seen the Band at the House of Blues in LA the last two years in a row. I was ready to see them at the Greek this last summer but due to the thing in Japan was snubbed. I really like them still, their live versions of Chest Fever and the Shape I'm In were never captured on vinyl like they are LIVE. I just think the original Band dried up a bit in the 70's but don't we all.

Fri Nov 7 16:06:44 MET 1997

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

"The old neighborhood just ain't the same.../Was it somethin' that somebody said?/Mama, I know we broke the rules..."

"There must be someway out of here!"

Fri Nov 7 16:06:26 MET 1997

Kris Pancoast

From: Horsham PA

TO MISSY JOHNSON: In response to your questions about the Tin Angel; it is a little club above a restaurant near Penn's Landing (or Delaware Avenue). The phone number for there is (215)928-0978. You will need to order tix for each show. The are @$16.50 each. The recording for Tin Angel can give you perfect directions to get there. I will be attending the 11:00 show (it'll turn into my birthday during the show!!). I'd also like to meet up with other people there. That's cool you're going with your Mom. I've been to Band shows with my Mom before too! But this time I'm bringing my husband, Aunt & Uncle. It should be great. Maybe we can hook up. I'll be wearing my white Band shirt with the piano keys on the front and I have red hair. See you there!!

Fri Nov 7 15:47:04 MET 1997


donald joseph and i have nothing in common, as far as i know. i may not be particularly articulate, or grammatically correct in many instances, but i do try to be objective and sincere.

that guy is goofier than ten of me could ever be, and ought to be roundly ignored. even if i were egocentric, i'm not sure i'd appreciate being mentioned in the context of his last post.

saw dylan last night. probably the most under-appreciated guitarist ever... he's really at the top of his game, and flaunting it... go see him if he's in the neighborhood. "cold irons bound" was greeted with a standing ovation, as if it were an age-old classic. i'd never seen anything like it! i'm not so down with selling "custom" zippo lighters for 30 bucks along with the t-shirts, though...

Fri Nov 7 14:49:38 MET 1997


From: Boston

Well that did it. Donald Joseph, you scare me. The place is yours. Have at it. I'm deleting the bookmark.

Fri Nov 7 07:56:58 MET 1997

Donald Joseph

From: Cincinnati

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dan Blood, Nick Tovo, Lars, & I'll even include Tracy Lynn. Your level of discourse is what keeps real Band freaks coming to this page. Hell, I'll even include that nut-ball Glen W. in this list -- Glen, you're a loose screw and I don't know why you have it in for me, but even your level of knowledge and commitment to The Band comes through on your more thought-out & lucid postings, including even your last one.

Maybe, Jan, it would improve things on this admittedly-addictive page if it were divided into two, a "Baby Band" starter page for those who want to extol "The Weight" (and the quality of your excellent web-site), and a "Big Boy Band" page open only to those of us like Dan B., Nick T., Tacey Lynn, gopher, Serge, Surge, et al., who could answer a quiz required for access to sign on a comment on my proposed Big Boy Band page. The quiz would work like the "Who won the 1941 World Series" question WWII soldiers used to ask to root out German spies; you could ask questions like "Where was the shootout in?,"Name 2 movies in which Levon acted but did not sing on screen," "Which Capitol Band L.P. had its tracks re-sequenced when it was re-released on CD?," "In what city & by what means did Richard take his Final Exit?," "Which 2 Band L.P.'s, when originally released, came wrapped in posters?" and "Who is Bob Cato?"

If you did create an advanced-Band-fan only chat page, we could find refuge in high-level Band discourse without being pestered by these neophytes. (Although lots of you complain about the SUBSTANTIVE OPINIONS held by some of the Band sophisticates, at heart you've got to admit it's more fun to read a well-thought out Band opinion with which you disagree than it is to read fluff.) Of course, we more advanced Band freaks would probably visit the "Baby Band" page from time to time to answer the queries, but visiting it would be a less frustrating experience than is the current page, in which we have to wade through all these "Hey, I LOOOVE you guys -- I once heard 'Cripple Creek' on the radio! Robbie's a GREAT singer!!"-type comments.

P.S. to Glen W.: Pls. back off. You're starting to scare me.

Fri Nov 7 06:25:00 MET 1997

Alan H. Goettemoeller

From: Lumby, British Columbia, Canada

The Band was and still is the best The best damn band out. Does anyone know what label Rick Danko recorded on?

Fri Nov 7 06:18:15 MET 1997



DAN BLOOD- you havr obviously not seen THE BAND in many years. If you had you would not talk such negative stuff. I was first a BAND fan in ' 78 after the last waltz and all those good tunes. I forgot about them for years until they opened for CROSBY, STILLS AND NASH IN '85. I found them again on JERICHO in late '93, early '94. In between I saturated myself with much ROLLING STONES and BEATLES. I then saw THEBAND concert and realized what I was missing. I tried real hard to get into Robbie's solo records, but except for the first one (ROBBIE ROBERTSON) they are unlistenable to me (much to my chagrin). Jericho and "HIGH IN THE HOG", I think are great (based on you're post, I bet you have not listened to either). All I am asking is that you give these cd's a solid listen before making judgement. I think you will change your mind and see that there is life after Robbie.

Fri Nov 7 05:27:27 MET 1997

Dan Blood

From: California

Remember Robbie might have mentioned in the Last Waltz, that the Band would continue to record in the studio? I was hopeful, but really didn’t know what they would produce. Would it be more of the same mushy, jazzy stuff they did on Islands? Could they possibly record the Weight in another key or arrangement? What I didn't know then was that the original Band was done because their bread and butter was as a live touring band. The life of the road, live performances, was for some of the Band members, everything (say that with your best East Indian accent: everything!). Unfortunately for others, Richard and Robbie, the road’s was a way of life intolerable. It cost Richard his life, and Robbie could hardly be the right kind of father to the baby boy whom he didn’t want to wake up while he composed The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, and still be a road musician. It just doesn’t work. The Band's incredible success came in a very short time period: Big Pink in 1968, through the Before the Flood Tour with Dylan in 1974. Would you suppose that instant success might contribute to problems for five guys in their 20’s and 30’s managing their future direction? Or even just holding on for the ride? If you compare a ‘group’ to a ‘soloist’, the soloist would seem to have the longevity advantage. Great writers, painters, actors, and jazz musicians, who have created great works, at least try to repeat by themselves, without rounding up the collective egos of a group, who have all no doubt, read Ralph Gleason in Rolling Stone Magazine, and know that individually, they are the finest in the world at their instrument. And all the while cooperate immensely about creative royalties or artistic direction? The longevity exception in rock and roll, the Rolling Stones, seem both at home and miles apart in big concert halls. They can spread out 200 ft. from one another, and produce a sound that is, to me, just as distant. Stay together at what cost? The original Band can be accused of redoing the same songs over and over again. Rock of Ages, Before the Flood, The Last Waltz, The Best of the Band. They put a stop to it 20 years ago now. The music that they made from 68 to 74 came together. At the tail end of the ride, it was obvious that it wasn’t happening anymore. What’s absurd, however, is the ranting taking place on this web site about the Band's break-up by folks who seem to have trouble acting civilized to their neighbor for more than just a few minutes. What kind of insights can be provided?

Fri Nov 7 04:21:09 MET 1997

Tracy Lynn Rotkiewicz

From: Windsor (it's a town in CT.)

Does Connecticut have any other town names besides Windsor? I'm under the impression it doesn't. Hmmm. What FEUD? Are you STILL refering to that Levon/Robbie thing that's been going on for 21 YEARS? I've got news for all of you.....GET OVER IT!!!! If anyone wants to believe in Levon's well written (biased) book, so be it. Face it, Levon doesn't want to be anywhere near Robbie. Just check out the '89 Juno Awards or the '94 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductions. Someone, please tell me when Robbie complains, if at all. Put it to rest! LONG LIVE JAIME "ROBBIE" ROBERTSON!!!!!!! (waiting for the tomatoes to fly! I dare ya!) Yes, I do have my own opinion. To each their own. TO SERGE: WITH LOVE FROM TRACY "GUNGA DINN." (Oh, I'm sorry about your problem with the Polish heritage.) ;)

Fri Nov 7 01:36:05 MET 1997

Susan Hakkins

From: Binghamton, NY

To Mr. Glen Watkins- I have had a BELLYFULL of you!!! Why don't you schedule an extra shrink appointment and leave the normal people of the world alone?!? I'm sorry if your feelings are hurt because no one wanted to help you mediate the supposed Band feud, but I don't care. Go away!

Fri Nov 7 00:44:03 MET 1997

Glen Watkins

From: Cincinnati

I heard of Ronnie Hawkins's Band years ago, in Cincinnati (my home town). But I sure never never thought Don Joseph'd be the one to try to bring it all down. Tell me, Donald, do you think the Band is in your possession? Knock off your talk of a Levon/Robbie "feud" on Jan's guestbook's progression!

And Chris said, "Donald Joseph is giving Cincinnati a bad name." With me also being from here, I'd have to say the same. I'm glad "gopher" is bowing out and going to Whispering Pines-land. Now if only Mr. Joseph would join him, leaving the rest of us to talk about The Band.

Three months Rick's in Japan patiently, while Banddandies blabber on about him so incessantly. Now Rick's on tour, lost 30 pounds from prison sushi. But Donald wouldn't care -- he just thinks Mike's nitpicking "K" is goofy.

So Donald, take your talk of "feuds" high up on a hill. You'll never "mediate" any dispute -- you know you never will! You'll never solve The Band's problems or make them ever pass. Look around and notice -- Serge was right: You're a pompous ass.

Donald, Donald and your silly postings, in which you simply scoff -- Donald, Donald, would you mind? TURN YOUR COMPUTER OFF!!!!!!

Thu Nov 6 23:20:56 MET 1997

Jan Høiberg

From: Halden, Norway

Bill (and anyone else who's been having problems reaching yours truly through e-mail),
We've had some mail server problems here recently. If the e-mail address bounces, then try using or (in case of emergency)

Thu Nov 6 20:37:33 MET 1997

Missy Johnson

From: Boyertown, PA at school at University of Virginia

Can't wait until the 2 Danko shows at the Tin Angel over my Thanksgiving break. Haven't seen the Band in any form since Carnegie Hall. Can anyone who has ever been to the Tin Angel tell me a little about the place? What area of Philly is it in? Do I have to get 2 tickets, one for each show? I am going with my mother (Janet) whom I have pulled into the Band fold. I think it would be great if all we "Philadelphia area" banddandies could get together. Let's hope that Danko is in excellent form (and maybe Shredni to come along?). Hope to see y'all there!

Thu Nov 6 18:31:05 MET 1997

Dan Sadowsky (a.k.a. Pastor Mustard)

From: Aspen

Okay I got it now. Holy boy, am I ever having a big time. This site is reason enough for fedral internet subsidies. Keep up the good work. I'll be back...

Thu Nov 6 18:16:07 MET 1997


From: New Jersey

Dan, it's "Try looking though a haze at an empty house.... Jan has got it all in this web site, you just have to look around alittle.

Thu Nov 6 17:46:24 MET 1997

Dan Sadowsky

From: Aspen, Colorado

Well, I'm an enormous follower since the sixties. When I emceed their appearance in '95 at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival I was too awestruck to function. The set fluffed my aura for weeks afterward. My quest in life, besides being asked, please to sing and play guitar with The Band, is to know the lyrics of the last verse of "Whispering Pines". Some funny splice happens on a key word and I can't get what happens before " empty house in the cold, cold sun." Help?

Thu Nov 6 17:43:50 MET 1997


From: N.A.

Nitpicking here, but I want to make it clear that I am using the name "Surge", not Serge, the gentleman from London, Ontario, Canada (who I have the utmost respect for: even though he may be a bit harsh, he's just about always right). Just wishing the best to all the Band lovers in the world, even Joseph Donald Watkins Glen.

Thu Nov 6 16:01:14 MET 1997

Bill Munson

From: Toronto

Jan, The usual email address ('t been working for me so I figured I'd let you know via this route. What I wanted to do was send some factoids about Jericho - corrections and additions. Regards, Bill Munson

Thu Nov 6 15:11:50 MET 1997

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

"Close your eyes, hang your head / Until the fog blows awy, let it roll away, / Open up your arms and feel the good, / It's a-comin', a brand new day..."

Thank you Lars for your recent descriptive invocation of the experience of a live Band performance. It was a welcome relief from the fog that has set in on this web site of late.

Thu Nov 6 14:33:12 MET 1997

Donald Joseph

From: Cincinnati

Break the news, Donald Joseph is coming to town! Glen Watkins's rumor -- that I'm spending my whole life sleeping -- grows & grows; where it started only Serge knows. You should know I never get the urge to roam or stand on the banks of the muddy Ohio River alone in the pale moonlight. Now it's late in the morning & I've got work to do! Mike from Oregon, like a scar your hurt will always show. Serena Russell & Kris Pancost, try to understand your man the best you can.

Just don't judge me by my shoes. Remember: We are gathered here to give a little thanks.

Thu Nov 6 13:30:07 MET 1997

Glen Watkins

From: Ciccinnati

Right on, everybody! I agree with all of you! Now, the rest of you need to agree with everyone else! Let's all agree on everything! Maybe if we all come to complete agreement we can get to the point to where we all post the exact same message! Live on, Banddandies!

P.S. TO DONALD JOSEPH: I'm sure you won't join in on my utopian vision of complete agreement and a single repeated common posting. So why don't you go the way of "gopher" [sic] -- into the whispering pines? Or have you already gone down to Durango & left this place? -- I haven't heard from you lately.

P.P.S.S. TO SERGE: Thanks a lot for the nice words, but what makes you say I remind you of that Donald Joseph jerk? Please! Compare me to anyone but him!

Thu Nov 6 11:59:33 MET 1997


From: Philadelphia

I have seen The Band (in many different forms) about 15 times since they reunited. Not once have I heard them do 'Dixie' in concert. Does anyone know the reason why? Looking forward to Rick's show at the Tim Angel. Nice page Jan!

Thu Nov 6 02:04:40 MET 1997

joel cohen

From: seaford

Can anybody identify the source of the additional lyrics Danko has added to Long Black Veil during his recent performances? Check the version on his recent "In Concert". His recent touring schedule must seemt another "Endless Highway". See you at The Bottom Line-11/11.

Thu Nov 6 00:37:51 MET 1997


From: N.A.

Mr. Watkins (Glen), even though you sound just like Mr. Joseph (Donald), I agree with everything you say.

Thu Nov 6 00:20:12 MET 1997

Michael Power & Peter Collins

From: Catskill Mountains U.S.A.

Just been listening to JERICHO Really is a greatalbum, LOVE IT VERY MUCH, Long Live The Band. Happy Holidays to All. Peace

Wed Nov 5 18:35:35 MET 1997

Kris Pancoast

From: Horsham, PA

One last little funny thing I'd like to add; has anyone else ever had the inkling to call Richard Bell "Bernie"? At some of the shows, when he's wearing his dark glasses and just sitting there playing his keyboards, he reminds me of Bernie from Weekend at Bernie's. (No, I'm not saying he looks dead.) He just reminds me of the guy. Maybe I indulged a little too much the night I thought of that. Just an observation.

Wed Nov 5 18:27:07 MET 1997

Kris Pancoast

From: Horsham PA

To Lars from NY: Thank you, Thank you - I felt like I was at a show while I was reading your entry. Even got the little butterflies of anticipation. To Paul from Mass: What is *ROFLMAO*? To Bud: An electronics Mens Room? I think you are a little off base on that one. This is a great forum for expression, a wonderful source of information of all kinds and a way to meet people and make new friends. When I go to the Rick Danko show at the Tin Angel on Nov 28th (11:00 show), I'd like to meet some of the people that also enjoy this site (Sam Chaz, Carol McNulty & Bob Wigo). I am in complete agreement with Serena, David Powell, Butch and Mike from Oregon; please Serge, Donald Joseph & Gopher - stop this knitpicky, oops I mean nitpicky, sarcastic criticism. Let's enjoy the music, discuss past & upcoming shows, rare gems, etc. Let's forget the supposed "Feud", what fans of the Band like to call themselves and other people's spelling and syntax. This site should be about the music and your own opinion, but do we need to be so nasty? C'Mon, a big group hug here!! We're all fans. There's my 2 cents for the day. Hi Jan!

Wed Nov 5 18:08:27 MET 1997

Lisa Wilkinson

From: Chicago, Illinois

I heard there was an tape/CD available of Richard Manuel performing alone in Woodstock, NY in 1984 or 1985. About 14 songs? Any info about this or it's availability? Thanks!

Wed Nov 5 16:06:43 MET 1997

R. Wall

From: Connecticut, USA

Hello everybody. Is anyone with a large collection of live Band tapes willing to make me a tape of Garth's solo improvisations (such as The Genetic Method)? I am a keyboard player studying his technique and would greatly appreciate the help. Jan: Great work!

Wed Nov 5 14:04:38 MET 1997


ulp...! sorry, john. i had no idea that questioning other folks perceived arrogance in a satirical manner might be construed as juvenile. as it is, though, maybe i'll fade into the whispering pines ...for a while, anyway. dharma.

Wed Nov 5 07:39:11 MET 1997

Glen Watkins

From: Cincinnati

Chris, you're right: This Donald Joseph jerk (or whatever his real handle is -- "Donald Joseph," give me a BREAK! I HATE chickens who use fake names!) IS giving our town a "bad name" -- not easy to do, given that Cincinnati is already ov 5 07:39:11 MET 1997

Glen Watkins

From: Cincinnati

Chris, you're right: This Donald Joseph jerk (or whatever his real handle is -- "Donald Joseph," give me a BREAK! I HATE chickens who use fake names!) IS giving our town a "bad name" -- not easy to do, given that Cincinnati is already called the "Queen City"!

Karen, I like your idea that Chris go stomp D.J. -- I volunteer to help! Doing so would really give me a surge!

Bud, how can you call D.J.'s ramblings "hilarious"? If there's humor in there, I DON'T GET IT!

P.S.: Donald Joseph, the ONLY thing I agree with about your last comment is that "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" apparently IS about the civil war.

P.P.S.S.: I also agree that the BAND ROCKS! Rock & Roooooooool!!!!!!!!

P.P.P.S.S.S.: Oh yeah: GREAT WEB SITE, JAN!!!!!!!!!

Wed Nov 5 02:32:26 MET 1997


From: Connecticut

Do any of you people know any of The Band members? If not, I suggest you all get a life!!!!LOL!!!! P.S. Great site Jan!!!!

Wed Nov 5 01:24:47 MET 1997


From: Upstate NY

It's occurred to me that people around the world might want to read about something other than Donald Joseph and his nonsense. So I thought about how many people must come into this page hoping to learn something -anything- about the Band. I happen to be fortunate enough to live near the people in the Band, so I've had a lot of opportunities to see them live. I want to explain what I've seen to those who have never been lucky enough to see the Band live...........I guess the first thing you notice is, as the opening act is finishing up, is that there are a lot of middle aged people here. People are still sitting down as the first band starts to pack their gear. Butch Dener, manager of the Band, has that alert expression on his face, he doesn't miss a thing. A DAMN good man. Finally the sound system is ready and the Band walks down the aisle, up the stairs, and unto the stage. For some reason, Levon is never seen coming on stage, he just magically appears behind the drums. Randy is to Levon's right, always relaxed, gives Levon a smile. Danko has his bass and as he tries it he has a look like he's a million miles away, like he's hearing music no one else could hear. He's in a class by himself........Richard Bell sits behind his keyboard, the man never ages, and I doubt if he's ever sweat.......Jim Wieder plays a short riff and his brow is furrowed, he is also in a class by himself- I wonder what he's thinking.......and then there's Garth in the back, with his white beard and black hat and fingers that play all that music. Eccentric Garth. The Mad Musician......... And the drums start, the music kicks in. Levon sings into the mike and for the next 75 minutes I'm in heaven. People down front yell out requests between songs.....Something's wrong with Danko's monitor and there's a lull (it turned out his fan wasn't working),,,,More great music as Ricky hits some high notes....As the intro to "the Weight" starts, people are screaming "YES" after only three notes......The Band finishes and walks off, and people start the steady clapping of their hands- gotta bring them back.....they slowly come back to their instruments and play the encore, then they leave again- gone for good this time.......People cheer, some try to hustle out to their cars.....the Roadies are up on stage already, winding up the cords.....I sit there and I can still hear their music.

Tue Nov 4 23:27:54 MET 1997

Carter Evans

From: 30A Green Ave. Westwood, NJ 07675

I have been a long time fan of the Band, for more than 20 years, and am really enjoying this Web site. I try and catch all Band shows in the area and enjoyed the Carnegie Hall concert earlier this year as well as several Rick Danko shows at the Turning Point in Piermont, NY. I'm looking forward to much more music.

Tue Nov 4 23:08:03 MET 1997


From: Cleveland

Dear Donald Joseph, Thank you. I appreciate your efforts to stimulate a well reasoned discussion that visitors to this site should be interested in joining. But alas, the internet is not the great bastion of open debate that it's been billed as - instead it's an electronic men's room wall most frequently used to express three or four word opinions (which generally echo a sentiment already expressed about a thousand times - let's face it, we're all fans here, we know that Levon's got a great voice, etc., a point that Donald Josheph hilariously makes in the sarcasm of his last message. (Sorry for echoing DJ's sentiments)) punctuated with exclamation points. The very best part is the hurt feelings that ensue when someone actually expresses a differing opinion or tries push the boundaries of the "debate." Anyway, that being said, Jan this really is an excellent site. Thanks for all the hard work and info.

Tue Nov 4 23:01:42 MET 1997


From: New York

I read somewhere, I just can't remember where, that Robbie Robertson was going to release "Music For The Native Americans Vol. 2" on Nov. 27. Is this true? If anyone knows any info on this, can you please email me at Thanks so much.

Tue Nov 4 22:30:12 MET 1997


From: Bearsville N.Y.

I believe it's time for Mr. Joseph to take his medication. I realize Jan that you don't want to censor people; however some of the comments that are now coming to this site are the very reasons that I have stayed away from your average music forum. If I want comments from people like Joseph and gopher, I can go to a pop music kids site. This is not your fault by any means..but I'm saddened to see this great forum become so juvenile. Keep up the good work Jan. It's still the best on the web!

Tue Nov 4 21:29:35 MET 1997

Chris Lecky

From: Cincinnati

Donald is giving Cincinnati a bad name.

Tue Nov 4 20:20:10 MET 1997


From: Massachusetts

I heard somewhere that Levon and Robbie had a fight! Anybody know anything about that? And don't leave out a detail/year/decade/rumor/piece of inside information/quote/report/personal opinion! *ROFLMAO*

Tue Nov 4 18:34:45 MET 1997


From: New Jersey

Hey Carole, think they may want to go back and finish the job though???!!!!

Tue Nov 4 16:56:39 MET 1997


From: Boston you sooooo much better since your lobotomy, dude!

Tue Nov 4 16:40:18 MET 1997


From: NY

To Chris from Cinncinnati- I was wondering if you could rough up Donald Joseph for me, do you know him? Is there anything that we, as individuals, can do? -Karen

Tue Nov 4 16:29:45 MET 1997


From: Hudson, NY

Will the real Don Joseph take one step forward, please?

Tue Nov 4 13:40:18 MET 1997

Chris Lecky

From: Cincinnati

To Jon from New YorK, I got my hands on a copy of American Son a few months ago. I found it at a store called Media Play. Most big chain stores will order the C.D. for you. I just got lucky and found it in a rack.

Tue Nov 4 06:24:57 MET 1997

Donald Joseph

From: Cincinnati

Awesome web site, Jan!! Kudos to you from a BIG Band fan in Cincinnati! I've been a fan of you guys for a loooooooong time, or at least since BEFORE YOU! Ever since my cousin threw a copy of BIG PINK at me like a FRISBEE!

Levon, Rick, & Garth & the boys ROCK! Let's talk for an hour about JIM WEIDER -- there's a fun topic! And has there ever been a white blues singer as great as Richard Manuel? And love him or not, Robbie had a cool guitar sound -- sorta like Weider's.

Have you ever listened closely to "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"? It's about the civil war, I think, although the words don't actually say so. Joan Baez does a KICK-ASS cover, too. Other really neat Band songs to check out include "Up on Cripple Creek" and one called "The Wait." It has great vocals!!

If you ever get a chance, check out a video called "The Band Reunion" (1984). A song on there called "Rag Mama Rag" will really get you dancin'! They also did a movie you should see. It was directed by a famous director. And you get to see Eric Clapton's guitar strap come off!! And Robbie tells you the road is a goddamned impossible way of life! And he talks about a fight that breaks out when there weren't even enough people in Jack Ruby's club to get angry! That 1/2 Indian 1/2 Jewish guitar player is a POET whenever he answers questions from that nutty little Italian guy you can't understand.


And then Robbie compares himself to Jimi & Janis & Otis EVEN THOUGH ROBBIE HE ISN'T EVEN DEAD YET!! And I won't even tell you what a big fat guy tells Robbie he'll get more of than Frank Sinatra! But let me get back to talking about THE MUSIC: In my opinion, music by the Band is...GOOD!

Jan, did I tell you this is a GREAT WEB SITE!?! And I'm a BIG FAN!

Anyone ever heRobbie he'll get more of than Frank Sinatra! But let me get back to talking about THE MUSIC: In my opinion, music by the Band is...GOOD!

Jan, did I tell you this is a GREAT WEB SITE!?! And I'm a BIG FAN!

Anyone ever heard of a Band album called "In Cahoots"? Let's discuss its availability on CD! Why wasn't it re-mastered for CD release like the other Capitol albums except the brown album?

Jan, I'm gonna keep checkin' out this neat web site. I hope NO ONE ever talks about the Band's personal lives or says anything REMOTELY CRITICAL or INSIGHTFUL! If they do, Jan, you just go ahead & edit those nasties out when you wake up in the morning, ok?

I'm looking forward to reading similar scintillating insights about THE MUSIC from my fellow BANDDANDIES! Oooooooo! ROCK & ROLL!!!!!

P.S.: I know a lot of stuff I'm not going to tell anyone because I'm secretly sleeping with half the Band (and because I've been to Canada once), but I'm not going to tell you guys because you're not worthy and because it's not about THE MUSIC! Besides, you wouldn't want to know because the half of the Band I'm sleeping with is the half with the Cate Bros. in it! And Jan, I linked you to my web site I HOPE THAT'S OK! Jan, did I tell you this is a COOL WEB SITE!?!

P.P.S.S.: Is Garth related to that guy who just played a big concert for free in New York? They both have the same name and wear hats and neither is exactly skinny.

Pass it this way, Don.
-- JH

Tue Nov 4 06:15:50 MET 1997

Stuart Hruska

From: Armonk, New York

Just keeping busy, staying out of trouble and hopefully having lots of fun while gracing the rest of us with his enormous talent. Rick Danko will be appearing at The Bayou, 580 Gramatan Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York 7 and 9:30 PM on December 1, l997 914-668-2634. Hope to see you there, Rick! Thanks Jan, what a great place to visit.

Tue Nov 4 05:42:47 MET 1997

hank beukema

From: nyack,ny

Oh yeah,thanks Scott pordon for reminding me,Ricks t shirts seem to have a little Japanese lilt to the lettering.Also at the turning point early show he said I'm just back from my tour of the orientand if I'm not mistaken on shape I'm in he said I just spent "60" days in the jailhouse.Did any body go to the late show at the TP and did he do i shall be released?

Tue Nov 4 05:35:21 MET 1997




Tue Nov 4 02:36:28 MET 1997

doug and casi yargar

From: pennsylvania

hello the web site is cool but we wish you had some cool tshirts that we could buy!! your music is so awesome. later

Tue Nov 4 02:33:46 MET 1997

leaveon helm

From: steven seagall's house -the basement

to serge and don, the whole feud was a publicity stunt staged by vince mcmahon to sell tickets. see how well its worked?

Tue Nov 4 00:12:36 MET 1997

Jon Lyness

From: New York City

Has anyone gotten their hands on the CD version of Levon's _American_Son_? I thought it was rereleased this summer, but haven't seen it anywhere (if possible I'd like to buy it in a store, not order over the Internet). Any help appreciated. Thanks! - Jon

Mon Nov 3 19:30:26 MET 1997

Serena Russell

From: NYC

Gad.....they're still at it! Serge and Donald Joseph and the like. I'm not sure I'm going to identify myself to the world as a Band Fan anymore if you people don't disimpact yourselves pretty soon! The OLD Band broke up in 1976 and you're STILL ARGUING ABOUT IT???????? oh, take a load off, Annie!

Mon Nov 3 18:51:51 MET 1997

John Donabie


Does anyone know where in North America, the CD "CONFEDERATE TALES" containing "The Legend of Jesse James" be purchased? It is a British A&M release. Thank You

Mon Nov 3 17:17:41 MET 1997

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Let's lay to rest all this discussion about the so-called Levon/Robbie "rift". It's like picking at an old wound that refuses to heal. If you keep picking at it, you just open it up to bleed once again & it leaves a deeper scar. Face it guys, we're just mere followers & not members of the group. It not up to us & anyway we're incapable of resolving this issue. So let's just sit back & enjoy the music.

Thanks to Mr.s Pordon, Costantino & Beukema for posting your comments & set lists for Rick's recent performances. Your focus on the music is a welcome relief.

Mon Nov 3 16:29:36 MET 1997


From: Upstate NY

Let's stop this pissing contest and get back to the music.

Mon Nov 3 16:15:35 MET 1997

a band fan

i think that we are all missing the point here. regardless of our label, be it banddandy, bandhead, or headband, we are all linked by the common thread of love for the greatest musicians in history. we have to keep in mind that though the band is the greatest group ever, we band fans are drastically outnumbered. let's try to remain united, for if we have problems within ourselves, how can we continue to smile when we talk about the band?

Mon Nov 3 15:30:58 MET 1997


err, um, excuse me serge. could you perhaps provide your credentials to all us "johnny-come-lately" folks? you seem to speak with great authority, and perhaps rightly so.

however, without substantiation, as far as i'm concerned you're just another band fan, like me. am i supposed to be impressed that you reside in canada? enlighten us, won't you? ...if you know all this special stuff we're not privvy to, why don't you write a book yourself? surely no one would question your syntax, my dear.

Mon Nov 3 14:17:11 MET 1997

Krister Andersson

From: Stockholm, Sweden

The Band...none better. The Band web site...the best pages for any band on the Internet. Thanks from a Swedish fan.

Mon Nov 3 04:31:20 MET 1997

Donald Joseph

From: Cincinnati

TO MIKE: Sorry, but if Levon writes an entire book about the subject, how can the subject be none of our business? Levon's authorship of his own book opened up the topic. Your claim that the topic is none of our business is an insult to Levon's decision to write his book, and is essentialy a claim that we have no right to read his excellent book. We're only discussing what Levon himself put on the table. PLEASE RESPECT LEVON'S DECISION! (Besides, members of the Band are all "public figures" under first amendment law & to this extent ARE our business.)

In any event, if we leave this topic alone, who the heck are we supposed to write about in this guestbook, the Bay City Rollers? What is Jan's web site for, anyway, if not the Band? YOU don't have to log onto this site or read Levon's book if YOU don't want to, but it's too late to stop the rest of the world.

Not to nitpick, Mike, but the word "nitpick" does not begin with a "k."

Mon Nov 3 04:00:35 MET 1997


From: Oregon City, just outside of Portland, Oregon

Please! All you people who think you know all about the ins and outs of Levon, Robbie and Rick's personal lives...Let it go! Back off! It's none of your business, or mine either. Who gives a flip one way or the the other? It's THEIR business -- let them tend to it! I'm sick of your knitpicking bullshit...I go WAY back with these guys, too -- I grew up in Toronto -- Let's just love them all fo who they are and what they've given us over the years -- their wonderful, beautiful, though provoking l music. Let's enjoy that, and hope they can stick around long enough to give us some more. Please! Let them live their lives and tend to your own. Jan, it's a great site, one of the best I've seen. Please keep up the good work. And Guys, PLEASE come out to Portland soon - I need a fix!

Mon Nov 3 02:46:06 MET 1997

[guest photo]

Pammi :)

Home page:

Hi, just letting you know that I've really enjoyed visiting your website! I now have you linked to my mega 60's Music Website. Keep up the GREAT work, and I'll be back! :)

Sun Nov 2 21:19:05 MET 1997

Donald Joseph

From: Cincinnati

TO SERGE: Whoa, boy! Your calling me a "pompous ass" is thratening to take the fun out of this! Ok, ok, I'll admit I was kidding when I volunteered to mediate, but the line was inoffensive.

Levon himself is the one who took the feud public in his eye-opening book, which reads as a hate letter to Robbie. Next, Levon boycotted the Rock Hall Band-induction because Robbie was going to be there. If you don't call this a feud you're either in denial or are playing word games. (True, feuds are 2-sided & Robbie doesn't seem to have attacked Levon, but there is a heavy-duty problem there, whatever you label it.)

You say "Banddandy" is a "valid" term, but I never questioned its VALIDITY. I merely pointed out the undeniable truth that the word is BABYISH (i.e., dweeby, dorky, silly). I asked who has in spoken speech referred to himself as a "Banddandy," & I note you conspicuously failed to admit ever having done so.

Sun Nov 2 20:55:27 MET 1997

Pat Brennan

From: Chicago USA

I hate to get on Serge's bad side, but Donald Joseph makes a number of good points, all of which point to one answer: although traces of the bad blood between Levon and Robbie go badk a ways, the ill-will that characterises their relationship now set in sometime in the early 80's. Perhaps if you've ever gotten a divorce, you'd know how emotions can decidedly intensify long after the initial split. However, despite your good points, DJ, you are a bit silly thinking you can mediate anything, especially since you seem somewhat mercurial dealing with something as harmless as a nickname.

Sun Nov 2 16:33:26 MET 1997

Serge Daniloff

From: London, Ontario, Canada

To Donald Joseph ..."YOU"..mediate a resolution to the feud ??? You pompous ass. Who ever said there was a feud..Levon never did. The media perhaps, and goofs like Barney Hoskyns who only regurgitated a shopping list of previously printed articles. Levon does not owe you or anyone any explanations as to his actions. I know the answers to all your shit stirring questions, but you are the last person on earth who should find out.

You are a self appointed ( johnny come lately )ill informed nut, as far as this site is concerned. The term "Bandandy" is as valid as your handle "Donald Joseph"...Don't you have a Surname..?? Or were you found abandoned on the banks of the Ohio..and no one knows who you really are..

Sun Nov 2 13:13:15 MET 1997

Freddy Fishsticks

From: Sag Harbor

To Donald Joseph, Have Frank Pembleton put Helm in the box. I propose that fans of the Band be heretofore be called "HEADBANDS". You saw it here first.

Sun Nov 2 13:08:15 MET 1997

Donald Joseph

From: Cincinnati

This question elaborates on a query I asked last week, but which no one answered:

If Levon's feud w/Robbie really involves, as he says in his book, Robbie's taking writing credit for the Band's songs and Robbie's unilateral decision to break up the Band at the Last Waltz in 11/76, why then did:

* Levon invite Robbie to play on his '77 RCO All*Stars solo L.P.?

* Levon cooperate on the Last Waltz studio tunes and on Islands?

* Levon play on stage w/Robbie at a show in L.A. at Whisky-a-Go-Go in about '78 or '79, when ALL 5 original members reunited (this was reported at the time in Rolling Stone's Random Notes)?

The point is that Levon's feud purports to date from about '70-'76, yet the feud didn't kick in till about 1980 or later. Why were Levon & Robbie on good terms in '76-'80? Obviously the feud is so strong that it kept Levon away from the Rock Hall induction because he wouldn't appear with Robbie. But he had appeared w/Robbie in the '77-'80 period. So what happened in the interim? Levon's book gives not a clue: It ignores the Islands/RCO All*Stars/Whisky-a-Go-Go projects in this context entirely!

SOMEONE PLS. TELL ME WHAT GIVES: I NEED TO KNOW! Your answer might help me mediate a resolution to the feud.

Separate question: What gives with this goofy term "Banddandy"? Who coined that loser? Does anyone actually say the word in speech, or is it used only in print? Does anyone admit to being a "Banddandy" himself, or is the term only applied to others? This has to be the silliest, most babyish word I've ever heard & I wish you guys would KNOCK IT OFF!

Sun Nov 2 12:36:33 MET 1997

TD Bear

From: Woodstock/Joshua's

Although I can't attend Rick's upcoming concert at the Bottom Line due to a restraining order, I look forward to being with mes amis at Carnegie Hall 98. The Band rule! My "Little Feat" will take me to 7th Avenue.

Sat Nov 1 15:45:16 MET 1997

Scott M. Pordon

From: Paramu, NJ + Decatur, NY

I saw Rick Danko at The Turning Point last night. Good show !!! Did anyone else notice the interesting lettering on the grey tour 97 shirts ??? Ed and Aaron blend with Rick quite well and make a solid musical trio.

Sat Nov 1 11:04:22 MET 1997

lance bialik

From: laguna hills/L.A./'DA BRONX'

Sat Nov 1 10:58:10 MET 1997

joel cohen a/k/a Marvin Gardens

From: Seaford, NY

To Joe C. & Hank B. thank's for the head's up on Danko at the Turning Point. Welcome back to Ed (Kaercher). Did Danko's version of Long Black Veil include those new lyrics at the end? It looks like he still hasn't put "Sip the Wine " back -in as was specially requested at The Bottom Line back in August. Can't wait to see him with Andersen at The Bottom Line 11/11.

Sat Nov 1 07:01:54 MET 1997

Joe Costantino

From: Northvale, N.J.

Just got in from seeing Danko at The Turning Point. Excellent show. Aron on piano, accordian & vocals, Ed on guitar & vacals. Meg Griffen was there to intro him. Thanx Meg. Rick looks and sounds great. Played Wheels on Fire, Blind Willie McTell, Crazy Mama, Twilight, Stage Fright, Long Black Viel, It Makes No Difference, A Jamacan song " sad to say I'm on my way, won't be back ...........", a blues tune " next time you see me things won't be the same " , The Weight, a song for Jesse & Ed James maybe One More Shot, Jimmy Cracked Corn, James Taylor's Goin To Calif (Ed on lead vocal), Blaze Of Glory, Shape I'm In, By The Rivers of Bablyon Thank You Rick Thanx Jan

Sat Nov 1 03:30:47 MET 1997

Hank Beukema

From: nyack,ny

Just got home from hearing Danko at the Turning Point in Piermont NY.Great show especially since earlier this year we didn't know if we'd see him again.He's now selling the cds and shirts at the shows.He seemed in good spirits and was very un-stoned if you know what I mean. He had a rum and coke but wa s certainly not like last year.He did Wheel on fire/when you awake/stage fright/crazy mama/ makes no difference/a really cool belafontes jamaican farewell/the weight/blind willie/twilight/bartenders blues/one more shot/keep on the sunny side/ blaze of glory/the shape im in/and would have done i shall be released except for some asshole that kept yelling java blues all night.You know thats a good song but let me ask you folks what you'd rather hear anytime,let alone when Rick just got ou of jail than released.I never understand why people think that what they want to hear matters to anyone else;just let the man sing .thats my opinion and my report.Hank Beukema

Sat Nov 1 02:03:32 MET 1997

carol mcnulty and bob wigo

From: phiadelphia

thanks for the great site. looking forward to seeing rick danko at the tin angel in november.

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