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The Band Guestbook, October '96

Below are the entries in the Band guestbook from October 1996.

Thu Oct 31 20:56:57 MET 1996

Martin Schoenhardt

From: Stuttgart, Germany

THE BAND site ! Really a great place to stay, to browse and to relax. Perfectly kept up !

Wed Oct 30 04:29:04 MET 1996

Andrew Omo

From: Bath, Maine

I just found the page and am over joyied that you have provided a venue for the may fans of the band. I am glad to see that other people have found the only gourp that can rightfully and honestly be called THE BAND.

Tue Oct 29 23:25:10 MET 1996

Thomas Zanavich

From: Oakville, Ct

Excellent site! Finally, an informative tribute to the greatest "rock" group ever assembled. Please keep up the fine work.

Tue Oct 29 20:55:05 MET 1996

Don Haynes

From: Chicago, IL, USA

Tue Oct 29 05:15:50 MET 1996

John Clark

From: Montclair, NJ

Saw the Band last month in Trenton, NJ at Riverfest. Steven Seagall, the . . . er. . . actor appeared with them for a couple of songs. (He ain't exactly Bob Dylan). Nevertheless, The Band was as good as I've ever seen them, and I've been a fan for (gulp) 25 years. Preceded by the forgettable "Guess Who", The Band lit up the crowd for nearly 2 hours. Having seen them most recently at Carnegie Hall in March (kick-off show for the "High on the Hog" tour), I can say that I've never seen them perform better. They achieved a balance between musical tightness as a unit and a loose, raucus and carnal sound and feel -- a delicate if not impossible balance, I think. While they're getting a bit long in the tooth and thick around the middle (Rick) , they can play music like no other group can. And Garth, well, . . . now that I'm 40 , I think I'm finally getting it. I don't think there is a better musician anywhere period. To hell with Robbie Robertson, I think Levon was right about him. (Robbie was embarrassing at the R&R Hall of Fame show). This Band is as good as the old Band was, and in some ways even better. I just wish Richard was still around -- I miss him. ("Open the door, Richard, I've heard it said before. . . ")

Sun Oct 27 16:34:57 MET 1996

Matt Walker

From: Charleston,IL

Just wanted to thank the author(s) of these pages. I am an avid guitar player and this is the type of music I like to play. I found this a valuble resource for great songs and good times. Thanks alot!! Next brew is on me !! \~/.

Sun Oct 27 15:20:34 MET 1996

dave mitchell

From: florida

Sun Oct 27 00:39:15 MET 1996

Patrick Cross

From: Worcester MA

I like it.

Sun Oct 27 00:31:11 MET 1996

Toni Blanco

From: Barcelona (Spain)

Oh, man! This site is amazing!!!

Sat Oct 26 22:09:55 MET 1996

Mike Weingrad

From: Ohio
Home page:

Sat Oct 26 03:41:18 MET 1996

Brian O'NeillS

From: southern Ontario

Have not reviewed the pages yet. Longtime fan. From Levon and the Hawks. The Canadian Squires. Stratford's Revols. The incredible Dylan tours of 65 and 66. Levon and the Cate Bros. The Re-union in Stratford Nov 86. The first and last time I spoke to Richard. Lots of memories. Just one thing...? Can Levon comment why my CD "High on the Hog" seems to be missing the old Coasters tune, "YOUNGBLOOD"?

Thu Oct 24 18:11:53 MET 1996

Brian Isaksen

From: Esbjerg, Denmark

Great stuff!

Thu Oct 24 15:44:20 MET 1996

Gareth Owen

From: Crewe, Cheshire UK

Marvellously informative. No flash and all heartfelt. Now which Band does that remind me of...

Thu Oct 24 13:15:03 MET 1996



Wed Oct 23 11:43:30 MET 1996

Derek Horne

From: Glasgow, Scotland

I think what you've done on these pages are superb! I'm nineteen, so I didn't experience the band at their hey day, but let me tell you they produced some quality music! Thanks for having a Band web page so I can learn more of one of the best bands ever!!!

Tue Oct 22 15:19:59 MET 1996

Tom Gemmel

From: Germany
Home page:

real Great, go on!!!!

Tue Oct 22 02:21:20 MET 1996

Shane Attridge

From: USA

Good job, Jan!!! Excellent Site.

Mon Oct 21 19:12:56 MET 1996

Gregg Warren.

From: Charlotte, NC.

I love what you've done here. The Band has had a tremendous influence on my teen age years; I recall waiting for Band songs to come on the radio, and my brother and I would tape them....we especially loved "Stage Freight", Rick Danko's vocal on that piece is something else. Then, as we got older, we would purchase each and every LP (we started listening in 1975, or so, right around the "Northern Lights/Southern Cross" era. I think their music reflects rural American life as it once was: simple, and full of happiness and good times. I've seen the band together (w/o Robbie Robertson, naturally), seen Rick Danko and Levon Helm play together in a small folk club in NYC's Greenwich Village (walked in individually, middle of winter, with just acoustic guitar and mandolin), and jammed for a crowd of 30 folks. That was a grat night!! I can't begin to describe the amount of joy and warmth these people have brought to their countless fans. Favorite songs: When You Awake, Whispering Pines, Tears of Rage (what drumming by Levon!), Ring Your Bell, Acadian Driftwood, Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever; the list is virtually endless.....Thanks for the memories, folks!!

Mon Oct 21 00:50:47 MET 1996

Tibor Safar

From: Munich

Thank you! I like The Band too. I will be back!

Sun Oct 20 04:21:58 MET 1996

Howard Lebowitz

From: Saratoga Springs,NY

Excellent! Have seen the Band (Watkins Glen 1973 with about 650000 of my closest friends) Saw the first show at an old mill in North Adams Mass. two years ago and in Albany,NY this past summer. Rick Danko has played solo and with Shredni at Caffe Lena (the oldest continuing coffee house in the country) in my hometown of Saratoga Springs,NY. They are A GREAT BAND....

Sat Oct 19 18:55:18 MET 1996

Rof Lundhquist

From: Stockholm, Sweden

Have not looked them over yet

Sat Oct 19 04:43:46 MET 1996

darcey white

From: Syracuse University

I love the band. I am suppose to be going to see their show in Genueva Ny on the 25th of October. My friend called and told me that the show was cancelled. Is this true? Please send me a response as soon as possible. This will be a once in a life time oppurtunity for me. Please do not cancel the show.

Fri Oct 18 21:15:02 MET 1996

[guest photo]

Charles adkins

From: Lincoln park, Michigan USA
Home page:

I like it! I really did!

Fri Oct 18 12:03:17 MET 1996


Home page:

hellow!! its from tokyo japan

Thu Oct 17 17:48:47 MET 1996

Matthew Riemer

I'm 14 and I've been listening to the Band since I was six. I have seen them three times and I love basically everything they've ever done. I just started "surfing the web" and of course this was the first place I came. I was blown away by the things I found out about The Band. I'd like to thank you so much for this page and tell you to keep up the good work!

Wed Oct 16 20:51:10 MET 1996

Aafke Birkenstock

From: Holland
Home page:

Excellent work, I hope you will continue. I am a great fan of the band too, but until now I never saw them on stage. But it is nice too see how many fans of this great guys are all over the world. If somebody wants to contact me as BAND fan, i will be happy, please email to the adress of my husband. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND SPECIALLY LEVON !

Wed Oct 16 01:21:15 MET 1996

David Hamilton

From: Washington, DC

Really great pages; perhaps the best I've seen in its ability to really tell the story of one of the all-time great acts in rock 'n' roll history. I saw 'em Sunday (10/13) at the "Taste of DC" festival in WDC. I'm always surprised at how hard they rock and how moved I am by the light in their eyes. I haven't seen them since about 1992 (in VT) and, well, your first reaction is that Danko looks a little different. But still he just opens his mouth and sings a little and nothing has changed. Good luck with the pages, and thanks for being here. DSH

Tue Oct 15 20:12:08 MET 1996

Mary Jane

From: New York City

It's great to see there are so many other people that love Tha Band as much as I do. Does anyone know if any of The Band's members read the wonderful things people are writing about them in the Guestbook? Keep it comin'.

Tue Oct 15 18:21:54 MET 1996

Paul Schoninger

From: Lexington, KY

This is in response to a queston from Nick about Levon's connection with Steven Seagal. They are filming a movie together in Eastern Kentuccky, where Seagal plays some sort of vigilante, environmentalist(there's a stretch) and Levon is in the movie. They are suppose to wrap up shooting in mid Nov with a late 97 release date.

Mon Oct 14 22:57:04 MET 1996

Paul Fleming

From: London Ontario Canada

In the early '60s my Brother, Gordon Fleming, heard Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks at the Concord Tavern in Toronto and he told me about it in almost evangelistic terms. Years later I was first to see The Last Waltz, and I told Gord about the film in almost evangelistic terms. We both had Big Pink and The Band (the one with Dixie on it) and agreed that The Band always had the holy fire, even at the Concord behind Ronnie Hawkins. If you took all the valid forces in American music (the ones with long roots) and hid them in the attic over the driving shed along with the old fiddle and the broken dulcimer and the mandolin short three strings, threw in the largest mythic poems of American history, then led five honest musicians into that attic, they'd form The Band. I'm a fan. Gord got me into Ronnie Hawkins'Band (the one formed after The Band left) and I did the road thing for a while; John Till on Guitar (alive and well and living in Stratford as a greying alumnus of Janis Joplin's Full Tilt Boogie Band) on guitar, Bob Boucher on bass, Dave Lewis on drums, Eugene (Coconut) Smith and Jackie Gabrielle singing, and Ronnie Hawkins beaming a lot. I still see John Till and Kenny Kalmusky,who were in a band (pre-Hawkins) with Richard Manuel called the Rockin' Revols. Ken now plays bass with a gospel choir called the Stratford Soul Singers, with whom I played piano and sax for awhile. Their first concert was at Knox Presbyterian Church, where Richard Manuel's funeral service had been performed. Garth Hudson had played organ for Richard and tried to get the congregation to join in "I shall be released". At the highest point in the Stratford Soul Singers concert, the choir's founder Doug Peart gave the audience (congregation?) a second opportunity to join in for the choir's rendition of that song, or hymn. My wife Eadiea has that concert on videotape. Hello Jan! Serge Daniloff introduced me to you and this Band page, which could become as large and rich as the American Library of Congress.

Mon Oct 14 03:15:07 MET 1996

Johnnie Long

From: Michigan City IN

These pages are excellent!!! Levon is my cousin, so I have been surrounded by the music of the Band for 26 years. Since we are only second-cousins, I feel that I can say without bias that the Band contained some of the most hard-working and talented musicians in the business. But all you have to do is listen to the music to know that!!!

Sat Oct 12 04:28:01 MET 1996

Logan McCurdy

From: Pittsburgh

I Love the Band

Fri Oct 11 16:22:29 MET 1996

David Reed

From: Northern VA

According to an advert in the Washington Post, The Band is going to perform for an hour at the "Taste of DC" festival/food fest/crafts fair, this Sunday (10/13) starting 3:30 PM.

Fri Oct 11 11:21:30 MET 1996

Sam Hansson

From: New York, NY

Wonderful pages. Thanks.

Thu Oct 10 23:28:04 MET 1996

Sam Chaz

From: Wilmington,DE w

I attended the concert in Trenton along with Nick Tovo. I have seen the Band many times in venues both large and small. The Trenton show was indeed a masterful performance. Hot Hand Jive in a baseball field! Seagal's tacky coat was reminiscient of a cheap hotel's floormat. Why Segal and not Jackie Chan?!? Seriously, where is harmonica man Shredni Volper? His "Spoonful" is sorely missed. Jan, long overdue! Thanks.

Thu Oct 10 14:02:30 MET 1996

Tom Unangst

From: Syracuse, NY

Great Stuff - The Band played in Syracuse 3 years ago to a crowd of 1100 people - BEST concert I ever saw!!!

Thu Oct 10 02:29:53 MET 1996



Serge, I appreciate your appreciating my concert review. It truly was a great show. I forgot to mention that they played "Long Black Veil", a song I really like. Here are some recent tidbits of Band information that fans might not know: The Band did indeed play the House of Blues in L.A. in conjunction with the premiere of Steven Seagal's new movie called "The Glimmer Man". Seagal joined them on stage along with Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora. Also, the Sept. 5th Rolling Stone magazine relayed some information in their Random Notes section saying that Levon, Rick and Garth convened at Levon Helm's studio in Woodstock to record a song called "Deuce and a Quarter" with Elvis Presley's great guitarist Scotty Moore, Elvis' drummer D.J. Fontana and the legendary Keith Richards! The tune is for an album to accompany a 1997 documentary on Moore, Fontana and the late Bill Black. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at that session. Also Levon has a supporting role as a traveling bible salesman in the movie "Feeling Minnesota". Does anyone know what movie Levon is currently working on or why The Band is so friendly with Seagal all of a sudden. I would love to hear any fresh news on Band projects but I'm sure, Jan, you will pass any news along as soon as you hear as you always do. This website is the most organized, informative, updated and easily accessible of them all. A dream come true! I hope I did'nt take up too much space. Thanks!!

Wed Oct 9 17:53:13 MET 1996

Lars Titlestad

From: Sandefjord in Norway

Hello! I saw you at Jeopardy! you were quite good! That was how i heard about your Band-pages. I think the pages are faboulous! Keep up the good work!

Tue Oct 8 21:48:04 MET 1996

Corey Ledbetter

From: Huntsville, AR

LOVE THE BAND! I'm also from Ronnie Hawkins' home town.

Tue Oct 8 05:59:52 MET 1996

Dan Blood

From: California

Thanks for the fun and interest. In regards to peoples favorite Last Waltz moment, I read that it was Robbie's solo with Eric Clapton. Funny, what really happened when Robbie and Eric were exchanging licks was that Robbie stumbled. I remember the friend I was with saying, "He overextended himself there." It was really obvious. Why we don't hear it on the soundtrack is because it was probably edited out, just like I heard much of Rick's out of tune bass rifs were redone.

Mon Oct 7 00:16:48 MET 1996

Serge Daniloff

From: London, Ontario, Canada

Thanks Nick Tovo for the nice review of the concert. As a long time Band nut, I can understand, appreciate and relate to the goose bumps that the Band can generate in an audience. Words like yours help keep this site alive. Sure beats short, pompous comments like " looks good " somewhere below.

Sun Oct 6 23:23:47 MET 1996



Saw a great show by THE BAND Sept. 21st in Trenton, NJ. It's unbelievable how tight these guys are. I'm convinced they can blow any band off the stage. Some of the highlights included "Stand Up", "Atlantic City", "Chest Fever", "Ophelia", "Stage Fright", and an incredible "Willie and the Hand Jive" encore. The thing that amazed me the most is that the show was so great despite the fact that they played Vermont the night before! There were about 3,000 people there and everyone was dancing and singing along. One strange note: Steven Seagal, yes the actor, joined them for "Stand Up" and "Forever Young". Seagal was'nt a factor however as the intensity of the Band's jam left him a little bewildered. I did'nt understand the connection but it was interesting to see though. I've seen at least 60 concerts but no group rocks me like The Band. The only reason I can give is that these guys are the best and after the Trenton show I am thoroughly convinced. Anyone who has the chance to see them should, they won't regret it.

Sat Oct 5 19:40:25 MET 1996

Louis LeFrak

From: Sacramento, CA

WOW! It was so refreshing to see and read all the info about the Band. I graduated from high school in '67. I listened to and loved Dylan and the Band, Hendrix, Country Joe and the Fish. Being able to read and relive some of my formative years, I'm a musician ( play guitar and harp ), was wonderful. Thank you very much.

Sat Oct 5 18:13:20 MET 1996

Bill Carr

From: Newcastle UK, and Australia, now living in Norway

I haven't seen or heard the Band, but I know Jan!!

Sat Oct 5 16:49:48 MET 1996

Doug Maple

From: Ann Arbor, Michigan

I hope you keep updating the page as often as possible. I spend a lot of time wishing that I could live some years with the Band. I miss the Beak.

Sat Oct 5 16:30:19 MET 1996

[guest photo]

Alex MacDougall

From: Hamilton, Ontario Canada
Home page:

Really enjoyed your page. Very useful for links and information plus really got a chuckle out of "little pink." Please check out our site The Trailblazers at We are a Canadian blues band with an indirect connection to The Band. I played for many years with the Canadian band "Crowbar with King Biscuit Boy." Our drummer, Paul, knows Levon fairly well. Thanks for the page and good luck to the boys and yourself. Alex MacDougall

PS Kelly Jay says hello to the boys!!

Sat Oct 5 01:32:01 MET 1996

abby caporuscio

From: altoona pa

band rules!!!!

Fri Oct 4 04:04:35 MET 1996

Bill Wiseman

From: Rochester, NY
Home page:

Fri Oct 4 03:32:05 MET 1996

olga munding

From: SF CA

i met garth this past may at the filmore gig...we went out to a late night restaurant and had coffee and talked till 3am....hope to see you again soon, garth! as always, olga (glenn howard's friend)

Thu Oct 3 22:38:03 MET 1996


From: Illinois

Great page keep adding the sheet music and lyrics

Thu Oct 3 17:50:38 MET 1996

Arie Norbart

From: The Netherlands

This was really THE Band!

Thu Oct 3 05:52:43 MET 1996

George Paul Eldridge

From: Memphis Tn

Looks good, do more

Wed Oct 2 20:34:30 MET 1996

Anita Doran

From: Columbus, Ohio

It's great to see more BandHeads out there. Please tell the Band to come to Columbus, or anywhere in Ohio, soon!

Wed Oct 2 02:19:10 MET 1996

Robert Bruce

From: Berrien Springs Michigan
E-mail: None at present,will be on soon

LOVE THIS! I've been a fan for about 10 years now; listened to "The Band" (Brown Album) by accident and thought it was their greatest hits album! A decade of love was culminated in March when I saw them live at The Vic in Chicago! I was about 10 yards from Garth...a religious experience! Keep up the good work!

Wed Oct 2 01:57:04 MET 1996

Bill Harnack

From: Buffalo, NY
Home page:

Can anyone tell me where they are going to be in Geneva, NY, and how to get tickets?

Tue Oct 1 20:10:50 MET 1996

Alyson Hegstrom

From: Crystal Falls, Michigan

I like the page and I like The Band. Good job.

Tue Oct 1 05:32:45 MET 1996

Patti Purdy

From: LI, NY

Love the lyrics page inclusion of the chords is wonderful (not for me but for my husband). My favorite song is Mystery Train; Wayne's is It Makes No Difference. Strange how your "number of visitors" section is number since Jerry Garcia's death.

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