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The Band Guestbook, September '97

Below are the entries in the Band guestbook from September 1997.

Tue Sep 30 19:10:29 MET DST 1997

Jake R.

From: Lawrenceville, NJ

I absolutely love to check out this page. It is so well done. Thank you Jan for no doubt, putting in long hours just to keep us all up to date. It seems that every time I get on, there is something new and enticing to check out. I have only one beef. Where can I get a hold of some of this cool Band stuff. For example, I saw recently that the Classic Albums full 75 minute version was added to the vidoegraphy. Whre can I order a copy ? Likewise, I would do what i takes to get a hold of some of those tapes in the archive, particularly a Danko/Kaukonen or a Danko/Manuel tape. I'll send blanks. Somebody, anybody, please reach out and say, yeah, I've got a couple, or I know where to get that video, or any of the other videos. Thanks again Gopher for the Danko/ Hudson tape. I listen to it constantly, but I'm always looking for others. I'll let you know if I run across someone so generous as yourself.

Tue Sep 30 14:12:11 MET DST 1997

John Donabie

From: Toronto, Canada

Does anyone know where one could purchase the video "Classic Albums-The Band "which is mentioned on the video pages. Here in Canada I'm drawing a blank from retailers. Is this just a U.K. release? Thank You.

Tue Sep 30 11:55:24 MET DST 1997

Ivar BlekesÝien

From: Norway

Mon Sep 29 17:59:05 MET DST 1997

Hank Beukema

From: Nyack,New York USA

You are the greatest for doing this website!It is fantastic!I'll be seeing Danko on halloween night and I can give you a report if you'd like.Thanks,Hank Beukema

Mon Sep 29 17:23:24 MET DST 1997

dan adams

From: london, england

"The Weight" with the Staples singers, it doesn't get much better!

Mon Sep 29 13:07:22 MET DST 1997

gopher(george rollins)

From: charleston, wv usa

hi. was just reading on the billboard site prevue about a book which subscribers could access a review of, titled "tears of rage" by john walsh with susan schindehette. does anyone know about this book, and does it relate to the band or topics, subjects, people, etc. who are or were involved with them? thanx

Mon Sep 29 06:44:57 MET DST 1997

Pam Jerome

From: East Lake, MI

Great website-Thank you so much! And would like to thank The Band for hours of entertainment and thought.

Sun Sep 28 21:54:41 MET DST 1997


From: Fayeville, MA

I was at the Framingham Blues Festival and, like Karen (the last entry) I thought it was a great show, by ALL the performers, including Maria Spinosa of the Cromatix (who was not mentioned by Karen). Also, It was good to see Leon Russell and his band, they did a nice job.

Sun Sep 28 21:13:21 MET DST 1997


From: Marlboro, MA

I went to the Blues Festival at Bowdich Field yesterday, and by far the best act was the Crowmatix. They played the HELL out of their instruments while Levon Helm calmly sat on his stool and sang out the vocals as only he can do. Randy Ciarlante sang beautifully, as well. Jim Eppard (funny, he doesn't LOOK 300 lbs.) sang that funky blues style of his and was, I thought, the real spark that kept this incredible machine running. Mike Dunn was solid as always, and Aaron Hurwitz was a show all by himself, he looked like he was really into it. I've seen the Cromatix three times before and I've seen the Band six times. This was the best set I've ever seen ANYONE do. Congratulations on a terrific performance, guys.

Sun Sep 28 20:58:17 MET DST 1997

Mike Pidgeon

From: New Jersey

Sun Sep 28 15:49:18 MET DST 1997


Home page:

I am a bass player/singer from Australia- the above web-sites are where you can find my info on Dawayne Bailey`s homepages- Dawayne is the ex guitarist/singer of 8 1/2 years with "CHICAGO". My Mother is a singer and my Father is a bass player- they raised me on THE BAND, CHICAGO, TOWER OF POWER etc. I am currently reading my Mum`s book "This Wheel`s on Fire" which inspired me to look up THE BAND on the net. This is a KILLER site. Look out Cleveland, Rebecca

Sun Sep 28 01:21:05 MET DST 1997

randy kee

From: vancouver, bc

I took Colin Linden's advise and checked out this fantastic site. My compliments to the chefs.You deserve a pat on the back. Keep up the excellent tribute.Colin,Levon and Rick Fines are where it's at!

Sat Sep 27 17:27:28 MET DST 1997

Heather Marceau

From: Acton, MA

Greetings everyone! Well how bout this site? I gotta tell ya, it's one of the best things the internet has to offer. Very nicely done I must say JH. Thank you for probiding a playground for we fans to congregate. I'm off in a few hours to see Levon & the Cromatix, ahhh the rush begins... As always, I remain Caledonia.

Fri Sep 26 19:43:03 MET DST 1997

richard "big guy lucky" blair

From: athens, ohio

is there anyone more excellent than levon helm? well, bob dylan maybe. . . but let's talk rick danko and robbie. what can i say? dream of a reunion?

Fri Sep 26 07:16:50 MET DST 1997

Anthony Fappiano

From: Syracuse uNiversity

Hey there, Well this certainly is a landmark day in my life...For the first time ever, they put a picture of the place I was actually at in the most prestigious music magzine (despite the Spice Girls article) in the world...I feel a little bit taller this evening...

Fri Sep 26 05:10:59 MET DST 1997

Dan Hearn

From: Ohio
Home page:

For those who missed it, reports that Much Music will show Classic Album "The Band" on Sunday 9/28/97 at 3:00 P.M. EST and at 8:00 P.M. EST

Thu Sep 25 22:09:16 MET DST 1997

Bill Eluchok

From: London, Ont.

Thanks to Dan Hearn for that Rodgers tribute report. It's one of the things I like about this site.

Thu Sep 25 21:41:45 MET DST 1997


From: Auli, Norway

The Band is fabulous ! Great page !!!

Thu Sep 25 13:47:40 MET DST 1997

Piper Crane

From: Greensboro NC

fantastical down home trip

Wed Sep 24 21:18:10 MET DST 1997


From: Rhode Island

In the latest Rolling Stone (with Chris Rock on the cover), in the Random Notes section There is a good picture of Rick and Dylan at the Wallingford Ct show. Thought some might like to check it out.

Wed Sep 24 16:41:52 MET DST 1997

Dan Hearn

From: Ohio
Home page:

Went to the Jimmie Rodgers tribute concert in Cleveland 9/21/97. Levon was there sporting a very slick hat and suit! He stood in front of a music stand reading letters that Rodgers wrote inbetween the various artists that performed. Levon has such a great voice for narrating. Ricky Skaggs made a reference to Levon, joking "I wonder where he (Jimmie Rodgers) got his influences, maybe from Levon" Helm finally did perform (although he was the only artist there that did NOT perform a Rodgers song!). Max Weinberg was on drums, The Delevantes was the backing band. Levon played his mandolin and sang "Rag Mama Rag", "Atlantic City" and "Blind Willie McTell". At the end of the show all the artists came out on stage (It looked like the end of the Last Waltz :) Levon sang along (but not into the microphone so you couldn't hear him!) to "Waitin For a Train". He seemed to have a great time as did I! My only regret was not hearing him tackle a Jimmie Rodgers song, maybe he can't yodel like he used to! :)

Wed Sep 24 04:20:43 MET DST 1997

Anoop T

From: Cochin , Kerala State, India

Hi all Band fans This is one hell of a great site and thanks to all the effort and hard work behind it. One of the best sites I've ever been to , For me it's a goldmine If I can borrow a line from The Band and modify it It makes a difference Thanks once again for to all the people who supports The Greatest Bands ever. Anoop

Tue Sep 23 22:31:46 MET DST 1997

Missy Johnson

From: Pennsylvania, at school at University of Virginia

Hello fellow Band friends! Laurin, Jill, Mike, Ron, Tracy, Lee, I know you're out there! I've been out of touch so long it's great to get on the internet. Not catching many shows here in VA but would love to talk to y'all again. Cheers to the greatest Band ever!!!

Tue Sep 23 18:30:46 MET DST 1997

Sybout Hartog

From: The Netherlands

After more than 25 years I have stepped on the Band waggon. This music is amazing! I never thought I would have enjoyed another kind of music after Del Shannon, P.J.Proby and Neil Young (and Pink Floyd, JJ Cale, Sting, Crowded House etcetcetc). But I do. Thanks Jan for bringing back memories I never knew I had. I takes a whole load off my fanny (sorry, I've just read the lyrics). Love to all you Bandlovers.

Tue Sep 23 16:06:51 MET DST 1997


From: Massachusetts

I've never been this bold before, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I'm SURE that Robbie is relieved not to be giving Serge any goose bumps!!

Tue Sep 23 15:54:55 MET DST 1997

Serena Russell

From: NYC

*downloading a large blue bottle of milk of magnesia for SERGE* You gave yourself away and really proved what your comments are worth with that nasty bit over Tracy's last name, Serge Yankitoff! A lot of you ought to stop eatin the barbequed ego puffs!

Tue Sep 23 09:33:18 MET DST 1997

Erik Buraas

From: Sweden

Jolly good show boys! Thanks!

Tue Sep 23 07:10:30 MET DST 1997

Mike Z.

From: Los angeles ,ca

Hey Hows it going all you Band fanatics this is Mike z. from L.A. and I need a favor. Tommmorw I have a gig at Als bar and I need the lyrics to OUT OF THE BLUE if anyone can help please e-mail them to me at ( you.

Tue Sep 23 04:21:15 MET DST 1997


From: Berlin Ct

Great site( seems like we all say that, but its true!) Am I the only one wondering whats going on with the absence of a tour from our guys? What's the Weight about? It's time to get up Rick, its late in the morning...I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Mon Sep 22 03:40:57 MET DST 1997

Mike Dudas

From: CT.

The best band a drunkards ears ever did hear of

Mon Sep 22 03:18:23 MET DST 1997

Larry Manning

From: Boston Ma

It was a real pleasure to hit this webpage. I have been looking for the longest time for the lyrics and chards to the songs for the first two albums. Song like "Cripple Creek" I've been able to figure out on my own, but it is great to have the complex chord structure of songs like "Rocking Chair". Great all around site! The Band will always be one of my top 20 bands of all time.

Sun Sep 21 22:32:16 MET DST 1997

Chris Bell

From: Cheltenham, England

What's the problem SergeÖ didn't you know, fans do things like fanzines! There's nothing wrong with Tracy announcing it on the Guestbook, I've never seen any rules about advertising Band related stuff on this website. I remember Rick's new CD being publicised here & there is was no problem with that, huh. If she were giving them away you'd have still had a go at her. The truth is, it's just not cool to like Robbie; some people have a problem when it comes to Robbie. And what's with the remarks on her name, there was no need for that. As for making bucks on a fanzine, I'd be more confidant of winning the big one on the lottery! I can assure you, there's no profit to be made, the cost is to cover printing & postage etc., and you end up digging into your own pocket to keep things going. Like this website, it's a labour of love, I talk from experience having done a fanzine myself, and know other folks who do them. Personally, Gail & I welcome Tracy's project as the other Band guys have plenty of coverage, so it will be nice to have something for Robbie. Good luck Tracy!

Sun Sep 21 21:38:12 MET DST 1997

Robert Smith

From: Blairsville,Ga

I was a ticket holder for their Knoxville show. Could you tell me when they will be in the southeast again?

Sun Sep 21 15:02:15 MET DST 1997

Peter Viney

RE: Tracy's Robbie Robertson newsletter. I tried to reply but came up with "unable to locate server". How can we subscribe from Britain? Can you e-mail me direct? Peter Viney

Sat Sep 20 23:34:45 MET DST 1997

Jolene Oberg

From: Gresham, Oregon

Gee, I sure don't want to incur any wrath from the great Mr. Serge Daniloff...I have appreciated some of his donations. But, as a recent recipient of some of Tracy's information on Robbie Robertson, I think she gives more than she gets. Some of us Band fans have our favorites. I appreciate The Band and have since their inception, but do consider Robbie to have talent and ambition to my liking. So, that's my privilege. I won't argue anyone else's opinion. Just live & let live, okay? You are not going to convince a "diehard" fan of someone that their preference is not worthy! Let's let Tracy have the "advertising" if that's what you want to call it and let anyone who wishes decide whether they want to find out for themselves. Why doesn't everyone just relax and get the nice, warm feelings from an enduring troupe of musicians who left us with the best of musical happiness. Hopefully, everyone will realize we're much better off than fans of the Rolling Stones who should have stopped a long time ago. (Not intended to offend any Stones fans.) Please don't e/mail any sarcastic, unfriendly mail to me. I'm very sensitive, and a devoted fan of The Band and Jan's site (Norsk ogsa!) Jolene

Sat Sep 20 20:56:24 MET DST 1997


From: Hudson,NY


Sat Sep 20 15:50:45 MET DST 1997


From: charleston, wv usa

aw, serge, your a bigger cynic than i am! i'm no robbie fan to be sure, though a few of his solo things do move me, occasionally. to say that he'll never help expand the band's fan base is hogwash! c'mon. how do you know who might pick up a copy of big pink, or whatever, after being exposed to his music, and learning of his background? sure, the band is doing fine without his help, but how can his efforts hurt them? i do tend to agree with you about the woman's profiteering, however. anyone care to add to this discussion, or should it be dropped, so as to move on?

Sat Sep 20 13:38:07 MET DST 1997

Serge Daniloff

From: London, Ontario, Canada.

gopher- read my piece again...! I am against this lady's attempt at making a buck by using this page. This is a FREE " Band " fan club, whether or not you realize it. I do not belive for one second that any success of Robbie's in his attempts at a solo career will have any bearing on the Band's popularity. They're doing fine under their own steam. I have an amount of material on the Band stretching from the Hawkins days to the present that would make your head spin. Never have I entertained the thought of peddling any of it. I gave most of it away to Jan and this site ( as you may or may not have noticed ). Lot of this stuff is still in Jan's archives. I just like to see this site remain commercial free. Let this lady donate her "goodies" freely to this page. If that will make Robbie diehard fans happy... great! I personally never got a goosebump from Robertson's solo efforts. Sorry !

Fri Sep 19 16:34:23 MET DST 1997

Mike Fregoe (Flash)

From: NY, USA
Home page:

Great page . I am a huge fan of the Band and Have seen them several times. Nice to see a page devoted to this fantastic group. I have put a link to you're page on mine(I hope that is OK) I have numerous music and art links. I hope you will reciprocate and put a link to The Otaze Homepage. My page is that of humor, music and art. Thanks and keep up the wonderfull work people !! ~~Flash~~

Fri Sep 19 10:52:00 MET DST 1997

gopher(george b. rollins)

From: charleston, wv usa

serge- lighten up! i'm with you to some extent. robbie certainly needed the band to get to where he's at, but face it, he's doing his own, contemporary act, which many people apparently enjoy and appreciate. why shoudn't a fan of robbie's current work, who has something to offer in regard to it, seek an audience here? where would you suggest, an abba site? i'm sure many band fans are interested in what robbie's up to these days, though you and i may not be among them, perhaps; i would be dismayed, frankly, if jan didn't encourage any and all cross-pollenization. i expect when the woman checks in again, a proper address will be given for those who wish to inquire about subscription lengths, etc. personally, i'd be more curious as to the extent of the"star"'s involvement and sanction, as well as the publisher's credentials, were i interested. either way, i don't quite understand why you felt the need to be so reactionary. after all, the better robbie does, the more likely he is to expand the fan base of the band, in the bargain. surely you don't have a problem with that, do you? best wishes regardless.

Fri Sep 19 04:05:32 MET DST 1997


From: USA

I just want to say that Robbie Robertson's Red Road Ensemble is absolutely soul centering. I used to have an 8 track tape of The Band MANY years ago, then I had a few albums. The Band is still one of the all time greats. But I like to put on "Red Road" for my 8 mth old grandson and dance around the living room with him. He loves it. It touches the soul. Thank you Robbie for this spiritual piece of work.

Fri Sep 19 01:55:55 MET DST 1997


From: NY

.....and it's a hard RAIN gonna fall...........

Fri Sep 19 01:32:55 MET DST 1997

Serge Daniloff

From: London, Ontario.

Regarding the Tracy Lynn Rotkiewicz's (Tracy Lynn...???!! shouldn't it be Gundula or would go better with that surname) commercial spiel for a Robbie newsletter, I am offended by the nerve of the lady... Robbie's likeness IS on the title page of this site...Robbie did NOT become a star under his own took four other guys whose pics. are on this same opening page... 15 bucks a pop ??? For how many issues??? I think the least " Tracy Lynn" could do, is contribute the contents of her rag for free to THIS page... Jan, with all due respect, I am surprised and disappointed that you are actually biting at this...You know how much respect I have and always will have for you..but if all those "goodies" cannot be freely contributed to your page, I say the hell with it.. and the hell with Robbie and his mediocre efforts.

Thu Sep 18 23:05:28 MET DST 1997

Cathy Johansson

From: Landskrona, Sweden

To meditate to your native like a energybomb, I love your voice and music... Take care !

Thu Sep 18 19:23:30 MET DST 1997



GREAT BAND! GREAT SITE! Anyone know where I can find a copy of the Jan.1970 issue of Time magazine with THE BAND on the cover it would be greatlt appreciated.

Wed Sep 17 21:48:22 MET DST 1997

Bill White

From: Chelsea, Quebec, CANADA

Fabulous home page! Searched through the tape archive to find setlists for two of the three shows I've been lucky enough to see (Varsity Stadium in 75 and Concert Hall 96, both in Toronto) and there is a slight error: last year's show in Toronto (31 May) was not at the "Convention Centre" -- it was at the Concert Hall (a.k.a. The Masonic Temple, 666 Yonge Street, ain't that address a scary one, boys and girls!) and I gotta say the Band is one of the very best groups around... thanks again for this wonderful resource!!!

Wed Sep 17 21:47:07 MET DST 1997

A fan since 1968

From: Tokyo, Japan

I wonder if all know how popular and respected THE BAND been in my country. They are symbols of the best of rock'n'roll culture, heroes and legend in their own time (Rick Danko's trial in Japan did not change it...Paul from the Beatles had the same problem..but we are glad to hear Danko is on the right track again.) Grow old with dignity, and give us the music as long as you can. THE BAND and their music, so deep, so heartfelt, so unlike anything else rock has created, will live for ever.

Wed Sep 17 03:07:15 MET DST 1997

Tracy Lynn Rotkiewicz

From: Windsor, CT.

Hello one and all. You remember me Jan? Yes the so called 'Robertson Maniac' is back and I'm even more potent than ever. For all of those who are interested in one Mr. Jaime Robbie Robertson, this will be up your alley. The premiere issue of "The Crazy River" is out now. This is a newsletter that only deals with Mr. Robertson. So please be forwarned this is NOT a Band newsletter. Chock full 'o goodies, collectors showcase, new releases, and of course my favorite contacts, Village Recorder and Jared Levine. Must I say more? Subscription is $15 USA & Canada, 9.35 pounds European and all others. Won't you join me on 'taking the blue train to places never been before?'

Dear Tracy,
This is very good news, count me in as your first(?) subscriber. Hopefully you'll let us use some of your material for the Band web site, too?

Wed Sep 17 02:38:46 MET DST 1997

JILL HOWLAND (Wayward as usual)

From: Missouri gone Wyoming gone Memphis gone Australia
Home page: I forgot the address

The WAYWARD CHILD RETURNS TO THE BAND PAGE....Hello again, this time from down under. IF ANY OF MY TAPE-TRADIN' BUDDIES CAN HEAR ME RIGHT NOW..."HEY!!! I'M DOWN HERE!!! Y'ALL HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN ME HAVE YA?" Anyway, to all my Banddandy friends who thought that I got killed in Memphis or something tragic like that... no, I just moved to this place on the other side of the dad-gum earth called Melbourne Australia. Haven't met anybody except one guy who's even HEARD of the Band (and he just likes "Up on Cripple Creek), let alone has enough clout to actually get 'em to come down here. So, I guess I'll just get used to sittin' in front of the BLOODY stereo for the rest of my time here, and learn to like SILVERCHAIR. YEEE HAW. Anyway, I miss you guys. Send me tapes. Adela and Paolo, why don't y'all pilgrimage down here to see ME! John, thanks for the NFL and St.L. Cardinals updates. GOOD ON YA, MATES. love from the bush, Jill.

Wed Sep 17 01:17:33 MET DST 1997


From: pa

hello- always like to stop by my favorite site.Some music-huh? Somebody stated previously that the band must have a lot of stuff on tape they don't want to or can't release- my suggestion is for them to release it on a private label a la the Rick Danko album(cd)(showing my age here). Somebody else said they'd buy an album of Dylan breathing heavy-I'd buy one of the band breathing light.anyway-great group,music,and influence on my life. thank you and good night. .

Tue Sep 16 21:28:50 MET DST 1997

John Cassarino

From: Rutland Vt

Been a big fan of the Band for years and I am talking for all us Vermonters. I am hopeing that the Band would play in Vermont more it is no secret we love the Band here. Also for those of you who arent familar with the band The Crowmatix any time you here they are playing go see them they kick ass.

Tue Sep 16 15:46:09 MET DST 1997

nick schultz

From: upper arlington, ohio

the best shit that i have ever listened to, great for when i am hung over. keep on playin, fellas

Tue Sep 16 15:36:54 MET DST 1997

Erik Gislason

From: Uppsala

Very good!

Tue Sep 16 09:07:42 MET DST 1997

Rod Prowse

From: New Zealand

Patricia, good to see you are taking up the accordian. Have you heard Garth on Muddy Water's Woodstock Album ? After years of playing guitar, I went out and bought and accordian too. Still can't play it that well. (whoops, sorry for sending a personal message on the guest book).

Tue Sep 16 05:58:00 MET DST 1997

Patricia Hodges

From: Lake, Michigan U.S.A.

I too am a longtime fan of this bunch, particularly Garth Hudson, who has to be one of the most underrated musicians in the business. The first time I ever heard him play "When I Paint My Masterpiece", it just knocked me for a loop. He's one of the reasons I fell in love with the accordion, and now I'm struggling to learn to play it myself (why not?). Garth, if you ever read this, I want you to know that you are admired greatly - you play accordion with so much heart and soul - may I be half the musician you are, and I'll die happy. Continued success.

Mon Sep 15 23:38:54 MET DST 1997


From: Sweden

Don`t ever stop doing what you are doing!!!!!

Mon Sep 15 22:54:13 MET DST 1997


From: Vancouver

Looking for a pic of Bob face on... early to late twenties for a pic I'm having drawn... any ideas?

Sun Sep 14 21:51:29 MET DST 1997

Richard Whitenton

From: Houston

I have been playing music professionally for 35 years and The Band is and has been my favorite band since I first heard them. Nothing tops their soulful delivery.

Sun Sep 14 08:07:06 MET DST 1997

Gord Hall

From: Burlington Ont.

Whilem says that your music makes the dog bark. I kinda like that.

Sun Sep 14 03:02:35 MET DST 1997

Scott Noblit

From: Knoxville, Tn

This is the coolest site around. I was wondering if anyone could e-mail me the tabs to the intro to "The Weight", or point me to where I can find it. thanks

Sat Sep 13 12:50:22 MET DST 1997

Brian A.

From: Washington DC

A great web site for a great Band. Keep up the good work.

Fri Sep 12 01:00:27 MET DST 1997


From: Somerville NJ

The pollstar web site lists a levon & cromatix concert in Camden, NJ on 9/14 at something called "Youthfest". Does anyone know more information about this concert (i.e. time, place, price). Replies posted in guestbook or o me personally are greatly appreciated. I went to see "Fire Down Below" because of Levon. The movie is no good, although Levon plays a song at a church picnic.

Thu Sep 11 22:49:23 MET DST 1997

Kenny Coleman

From: Dallas TX

I've long considered Bob Dylan's association with the Hawks in the mid-sixties to be the absolute pinnacle of Rock and Roll performance. If anyone out there has any tapes, cd's, or lps to tape or sell, I would be highly appreciative.

Thu Sep 11 19:37:08 MET DST 1997

Stephen Thomas (aka Shouting Thomas)

From: Woodstock, NY
Home page:

I'd like to hear from Shredni Vollmer. Please give me a call, Shredni, at (914) 679-4578

Thu Sep 11 19:18:04 MET DST 1997

Dan Hearn

From: Ohio
Home page:

Levon Helm will be part of a Tribute concert for Jimmie Rogers (it's his 100th birthday anniversary) that includes Junior Brown, Guy Clark, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, John Prine and others! The concert is in Cleveland, Ohio at Severance Hall September 21, 1997.

Thu Sep 11 14:59:13 MET DST 1997



I love the website and the band. I saw Rick's performance in Woodstock on Labor Day weekend. He was wonderful. I'm looking forward to attending many more performances. I, like Dave, am also looking for the video "Eat the Document". Can someone email me and tell me where I can either, borrow, rent, or buy a copy?

Thu Sep 11 14:43:52 MET DST 1997

David Powell

From: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Here we have this wonderful web site dedicated to a truly great band & its fans. The news of late seems to be upbeat. Glowing reports of Rick's recent strong live performances, giving us hope that he is perhaps on the road to recovery. Levon's appearance in the new Steven Segall film. Robbie at work on another anticipated solo project. And then there's this rumor about a reunion tour with the Hawk. While listening to the Basement Tapes this morning, this thought occured to me--How about a tour with both Ronnie & Bob Dylan. Such an intriguing yet far- fetched possibility. I guess I'm just living in a dream.

Thu Sep 11 10:43:14 MET DST 1997


From: Reno

Glad evryone`s back home and off smack.Real nice web page.

Thu Sep 11 09:27:46 MET DST 1997

Dave Nevison

From: Minneapolis, MN USA

The Entry Level Band Quiz

Get 5 of these questions incorrect and consider yourself a novice Band fan.
  1. How many original Band members were from Canada?
  2. What song opens Music from Big Pink?
  3. Rock of Ages was recorded on:
    A. Christmas EveB. New Years Eve
    C. Fourth of July D. Thanksgiving
  4. Who's guitar strap comes off in The Last Waltz?
    A. Neil YoungB. Ron Wood
    C. Neil DiamondD.Eric Clapton
  5. "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" is about:
    A. The Civil WarB. The Revolutionary War
    C. Drought of 1865D. The end of the American railroads
  6. Who sings on "Unfaithful Servant"?
  7. The live album with Dylan and The Band from 1974 is called:
    A. Down in the FloodB. Before the Flood
    C. Drown in the FloodD. Rock of Ages
  8. Who sings "She Knows" on High on the Hog?
  9. Name the ferry in "Get Up Jake".
  10. The year of The Last Waltz was:
    A. 1968B. 1975C. 1976D. 1986
(Answers: 1:4, 2:"Tears of Rage", 3:B, 4:D, 5:A, 6:Rick Danko, 7:B, 8:Richard Manuel, 9:"The Baltimore", 10:C.)

The Extremely Hard Core Band Quiz

Get 5 of these questions correct and consider yourself an expert on The Band!
  1. Which song is not on The Best of the Band?
    A. Tears of Rage B. Unfaithful Servant
    C. Don't Do It D. Ophelia
  2. Robbie introduces 5 horn men on Rock of Ages but the liner notes list 6 horn men. Who is listed as that 6th man?
  3. Who is credited with playing baritone-sax on The Band album?
    A. Garth HudsonB. Garth Hudson and Richard Manuel
    C. Garth Hudson and Robbie RobertsonD. John Simon
  4. The chorus of "Jawbone" was recorded where?
    A. San Francisco's Seal Rock MotelB. Basement of Capital Studio
    C. Big Pink kitchenD. Levon's bathroom
  5. Who co-wrote Levon's book, This Wheel's on Fire?
  6. Where was Rick Danko's Live in ConcertD" CD recorded?
    A. TokyoB. SimcoeC. WoodstockD. Foxborough
  7. What song starts disc two of To Kingdom Come?
  8. Who wrote "Endless Highway"?
    A. Robbie RobertsonB. Bob Dylan
    C. Eric ClaptonD. Rick Danko
  9. Finish the line, "Long enough I been up on skid row..."
  10. What song ends side two of album one on Before the Flood?
    A. The WeightB. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
    C. Shape I'm InD. Stage Fright
(Answers: 1: B, 2: Garth Hudson, 3: B, 4: D, 5: Stephen Davis, 6: D, 7: "Don't Do It", 8: A, 9: "And it's plain to see I've nothin' to show", 10: D.)

Wed Sep 10 23:21:15 MET DST 1997

J. Eberts

From: Montreal, Quebec

I enjoyed the recently added article on RR, particularly the following sentence referring to: "Fallen Angel" -- a song dedicated to his old baldpate Richard Manuel who committed suicide in early 1986. Iím sure "old baldpate" Richard had a laugh from the beyond.

Wed Sep 10 20:25:39 MET DST 1997

Mike Fregoe

From: NY, USA
Home page:

Great page! The Band is fabulous. I saw them at a small venue in Manhatten, I beleive it was the Beacon. Any way love to see great sites on great music !! Keep up the excellent work... Please visit my site at for some far out humour, cool pictures and more great musical links ( one of which is this one)!!

Wed Sep 10 20:21:22 MET DST 1997

Judge Rainey

From: Brooklyn, NY

Hello Fellow Robertson Devotees, Capitol records A&R dept. *claims* that Robbie's new album is slated to come out in the end of October/beginning of November - but nothing is ever cast in stone with them. Health & Happiness

Wed Sep 10 18:41:40 MET DST 1997


From: New York City

Greetings all... Does anyone out there have a video of The Band performance at Woodstock? Please e-mail me privately and let me know. P.S. thanks to those who answered my Rick Danko Question about Sip The Wine. Peace

Wed Sep 10 18:11:45 MET DST 1997

Bradford Mays

From: Los Angeles, CA

I've been a devoted Band enthusiast since the release of Pink Pink, no lie. They have few peers: the Beatles come to mind, but who else, really? I'd be interested in aquiring some tapes, if anyone can help. Great web site.

Wed Sep 10 16:09:01 MET DST 1997


From: frankfurt
Home page: Bob Dylan Poster

Hi folks, nice site. Might be of interest for you: I found a site with inexpensive and good quality Bob Dylan posters (and much more) at Bye, Stefan

Tue Sep 9 23:56:05 MET DST 1997

Virgil Kane,Jr.

From: Florida

Hi Jan,thank you for a wonderful site.Hello fellow Band fans.Been one since Big Pink.A few comments on things that have been mentioned:re the repertoire of Levon's and Rick's bands(GOD they should have stuck with the Crackers) reason a musician does a side project is to do different material...keeps things fresh. To Carole of Boston-you've made me laugh; good luck in the the way,did you notice that a Nancy Breedlove wrote on July 9 that her husband bears a strong resemblance to Robbie?(I am NOT suggesting anything untoward!) Let's all maintain a sense of humor,folks-music is Fun... MESSAGE TO RICK DANKO: Wishing you health and happiness-keep up the good work... and PLEASE work up more Richard deserve to be's up to you and Levon. Long Live The Band

Tue Sep 9 23:31:44 MET DST 1997


From: Rhode Island USA

A few months ago I put this question out and got no response. I'll ask again. Back around 1985 or so they recorded some songs for an album that never got released (demos I suppose) While traveling in upstate NY I was listening to Rick and Richard plug a show they were doing in the area and they played one of the demos.. I think the song was called "All Imagination" Does anyone know if this song is available? Live? boot? anything??????

Tue Sep 9 18:52:21 MET DST 1997

Stefan G. Schultze

From: Sindelfingen, Germany

This web site is one of the best I have ever come across, elegant, right to the point, and with a depth that is almost unbelievable. I hope The Band and their management are aware of what Jan and all his co-workers are doing for them. Long live The Band.

Tue Sep 9 16:00:41 MET DST 1997




Tue Sep 9 15:54:30 MET DST 1997


From: Virgininny

Any news on Virginia/DC/Maryland concer appearances? Any news on Robbie album? I have heard nothing since the subject was brought up here last month. Oh, and Dan.......this sonny is still smarting from being caught in the crossfire and the day of reckoning is now only ten days away.

Tue Sep 9 15:05:45 MET DST 1997

james richter

From: holyoke ma
Home page: the

I hope your togther for a lot longer.I saw your show when you played Celebrate holyoke avery good show

Tue Sep 9 13:33:50 MET DST 1997

Steve Hoffman

From: Boston

Mea culpa for my previous, erroneous report that the 9/27 show in Framingham, MA was The Band; it is actually Levon Helm and the Cromatix. I heard the report on Boston radio station WZLX, and it's kind of tough to tell over the radio that "Levon Helm and the band" was lower case b! It would have been a whole lot simpler if they went with The Crackers. Anyone coming to the show, please look for me and say hi. I'll be the balding guy with a moustache and glasses, wearing my black "Life is a Carnival" T-shirt, probably with two very bored teenage daughters in tow. P.S. - The rumors of a Ronnie Hawkins reunion with everyone, including Robbie, sound too good to be true.

Tue Sep 9 10:34:16 MET DST 1997

Violet E. Stevenson

From: Murrayburn Edinburgh

I am a keen Robbie Robertson fan/Band fan. Do you news letters that you send out? I'm also seeking tablature for guitar for Robbie Robertson.

Tue Sep 9 05:00:48 MET DST 1997

Stuart Hruska

From: Armonk, New York

I wanted to reflect on this for a day or two before posting this review. On Friday evening with my family and friends in tow I was treated to perhaps the best performance that I ever have seen Rick Danko give while appearing at the Town Crier Cafe in Pawling, New York. Rick was more than ably accompanied by Aaron Hurwitz, producer for The Band, who has worked with Rick on his solo appearances this past year, at times, in combination with other performers such as Blondie Chaplin, Randy Ciarlante of The Band, Eric Anderson, Jonas Fjeld, Marie Spinosa, Ed Kaercher and recently along with Shredni Vollmer at the Bottom Line in New York City. This, however, was the first time I heard Rick and Aaron playing alone. Aaronís producers instincts coupled with his considerable talent and sensitivity on the piano, accordion and backup vocals allowed Rickís virtuosity to shine through. Rickís performance was nothing short of spectacular. His voice and acoustic guitar accompaniment were better than Iíve heard in ages, while his interpretation of his standard tunes with only the piano or accordion as backup was quietly haunting and beautiful. Best of all was how well Rick appeared to be. He looked quite fit, focused and in complete control. He had even lost more weight since his Bottom Line gig last month. The audience loved Rick and applauded wildly with every song. After his performance Rick signed autographs and mixed it up with his appreciative fans. The set list was as follows: "Wheels on Fire", "Blind Willie McTell", "Crazy Mama", "Twilight", "Stagefright", "It Makes no Difference", "Endless Highway", "Long Black Veil","Java Blues". "The Weight", "Blaze of Glory", "Mystery Train", "Shape Iím In", "Sip the Wine", and "Sunny Side of Life". Aaron also did a blues solo accompanied by Rick the name of which escapes me.

Tue Sep 9 02:26:36 MET DST 1997

Serge Daniloff

From: London, Ontario, Canada

Jan, don't pay attention to this Brian Michael Pooples and his opinions. The new title page is great. Pooples should scroll back in the guestbook and see all the positive reactions to the new Band page look. The guy obviously buys his recordings judging by the look of the cover...not the content. What a loser ! I commend you for your patience with these types, who criticize but offer no alternatives. He just wanted to see his name somewhere on a web page.

Tue Sep 9 01:57:41 MET DST 1997

brian white

From: virginia

Hello, WE purchased tickets to a Band concert and were given refunds because of the problem in Japan. At the time of the refund we were told that a new show would be set up for later. This being a summer theater that closes on Wendesday, it wont be this year. Is there any information on this show which was to have been in late June in Richmond,Virginia. Please contact if they are coming into our area in the fall or winter. Thanks, Brian White

Mon Sep 8 20:37:32 MET DST 1997


From: charleston, wv

i just checked the "release dates" section of the 'mr. showbiz' site, no mention there of any robbie release, thru to oct. 21... this is, of course, hardly definitive.

Mon Sep 8 17:07:12 MET DST 1997


From: Washington DC

Does anybody out there know anything about the release date of the new Robbie Robertson album? I heard that it was coming out this month but that's all I know. PS Hey Ned, what's the rumpus...

Mon Sep 8 15:27:33 MET DST 1997


From: Hudson,NY

Please be advised that the Sept 27th concert at Bowditch Field in Framingham, MA. is NOT featuring the Band, but is featuring Levon Helm and the Cromatix. This info came from Butch Dener, manager of the Band.

Mon Sep 8 02:20:37 MET DST 1997

Mike Lyons

From: Cold Spring, N.Y.

Saw Rick's show in Pawling on Friday. Thought it was great. He looked and sounded fantastic. The best part was getting a chance to meet him after the show. He seemed to be really enjoying himself, again. Good luck Rick. Hope to see you soon. Thanks for the photos.

Sun Sep 7 13:34:15 MET DST 1997

Pete Lyons

From: Highland Falls, NY

Saw Rick's show on Friday night in Pawling. Excellent, he looks great and sounds better than ever. He stayed after the show for pictures and autographs. Professor Louie was also tremendous on keyboards and accordian. Great to have Rick back and Rockin.

Sun Sep 7 05:23:36 MET DST 1997

ed reinstein

From: p.o box 154118 irving, tx 75015-4118

07/23/73 osaka, japan sbd st b+ 85 min 07/14/76 commack, ny aud mo c+ 70 min * henry gross opened for the band - I was there 07-16-76 washington., dc-kbfh fm st a- 75 min * i recorded the original broadcast on a 7' reel 09-18-76 palladium-nyc, ny fm st a 90 min * I taped the original fm broadcast on reel 2 reel ??-??-79 bottom line-nyc, ny fm st a- 45 min * I taped (rick danko) it from wnyu-fm on 7' reel Here are some more updates for the archive list of tapes. I might still have my ticket stub for the commack show. ed peace . . .

Sat Sep 6 19:48:19 MET DST 1997


From: New York
Home page:

Went to see Rick Danko in concert lat night at The Towne Crier Cafe in Pawling NY last night. Rick was fabulous, better then fabulous. He was in great spirits, laughing and joking with us in the audience. I can not say enough about this show last night. After the show, Rick hung around signing autographs and talking with us fans. He is such a great guy. God Bless you Rick, and thanks for all the great memories and tunes.

Sat Sep 6 18:39:27 MET DST 1997


From: Chester, NY

Just like to thank Erin from Melbourne for replying to me question about how The Band chose their name. I'll definitely have to get the book 'Across The Great Divide'.

Sat Sep 6 15:02:52 MET DST 1997




Sat Sep 6 01:31:06 MET DST 1997

Brian Michael Peoples

From: Elkins Park, PA 19027

I am offended by your choice of a coverpage photo collage. Never would I have gotten into The Band if any one of their albums looked like that. Your old picture was perfect and you went and ruined it. Besides this nitpicking you have a wonder- ful web site devoted to the greatest band ever. I encourage you to consider a new photo that depicts them in their prime. Really, Rick looks like he is about to keel over and die.

The photo/Band-logo that was used for the old version of this site is taken from the cover of the compilation To Kingdom Come, based on Elliott Landy's classic 1968 photo of The Band in the Catskill mountains. The idea behind the picture I now have on the home page of this web site, is to show The Band in their current line-up, including the three "new" guys. The photos of Robbie and Richard in the collage are black/white, to kind of indicate that they are gone from The Band. If you or anyone else feel that the photo collage is "offensive" or whatever, then feel free to come up with alternative graphics. If you do, please send them to me, and I'll put them somewhere on the site where people can look at it and say what they think. We may even have a vote or something, if I get several suggestions for a new graphic on the main page. Something may happen with the main page soon anyway; there's an artist I know that currently is working on portraits of the five original members, based on what they looked like around '68/'69. What I have seen of his work so far looks very good. I may use these original portraits for the main page, if we can work something out.
-- JH

Fri Sep 5 23:11:49 MET DST 1997


From: Minneapolis

If anyone has a video copy of Dylan and The Band "Eat the Document", I'm willing to trade for a bootleg compilation video. Please E-Mail me for details. Thanks. P.S. The previous comment about Levon shitting in a bag is a classic!!

Fri Sep 5 11:17:50 MET DST 1997

Alessandro Vannelli

From: Sardegna, Italy

Only the best ! Again ........

Fri Sep 5 11:16:23 MET DST 1997

Efisio Chillotti

From: Sardegna, Italy

Only the best !

Thu Sep 4 23:09:51 MET DST 1997

David Haslam

From: Ramsey, Huntingdon, in the UK

Love the site. Love the band. But I wish someone would tell me what on earth the song "The Weight" is actually all about. Can anyone help enlighten me!?

Peter Viney can, see his article on "The Weight". You may also want to take a closer look at the lyrics for the song.
-- JH

Thu Sep 4 22:56:56 MET DST 1997

Steve Hoffman

From: Boston

The Band will be appearing at the Framingham (MA) Blues Festival, Sat., Sept. 27, 1-9 P.M., at Bowditch Field. Advance tickets available at Strawberries Records ($10), $14 at gate. For further info. call (508) 897-4663. Leon Russell is also on the bill.

Thu Sep 4 19:14:44 MET DST 1997

Matthew Zarth

From: Murfreesboro, TN.

If Levon Helm shit in a bag I would probably buy it. The Band has a permanent place in this audiophile's heart. I just pulled all my favorite songs off your website. I met Levon at a book signing a few years ago in Nashville. What a hip dude! I've seen them every time they've played Nashville. Maybe next time they'll play The Ryman!!!! The church of country music.Unfortunately I missed Ronnie and the Hawks when they came but maybe they'll be back again. Jim Weider or Robbie can bring their Fenders over to Murfreesboro and play all night for me! Thanks for the tunes! Staying High on the Hog (just not in Japan)Later....

Thu Sep 4 18:14:35 MET DST 1997

Archild eErwig

From: Sweden

Great homepage. In the autumn of `97 I was hungry just barely alive, so I went down and ate a sandwich...

Thu Sep 4 00:59:09 MET DST 1997


From: Melbourne, Australia

Reply to Cliff - There are a couple of stories about how The Band got their name. On the tape of The Last Walz Richard and Robbie tell the story that you mention about Dylan and all their friends and neighbours in Woodstock referring to them as the band. Richard suggests that although they didn't want a psychodelic name they also didn't want a straight name like The Crackers. However, in the Aug '84 edition of 'Modern Drummer', Levon gives a slightly different version. - "We signed to Capitol Records as The Crackers. The first record didn't have a name on it because Capitol wasn't crazy about putting - by The Crackers - on it. So on the back of it they put our family pictures and then - The Band - along with the names of our band members. When the second record came out, they still didn't like The Crackers and thats when we started to be called The Band. I voted to call it The Crackers - I'm no fool!" I also read a good biography of The Band called 'Across the Great Divide' which goes into detail (which I have forgotten) about all the name changes The Band went through and the reasons behind the changes.

Wed Sep 3 13:24:30 MET DST 1997

Karl Wallendszus

From: Oxford, England

In answer to Jeremy from London - it's certainly true that The Band's albums are absurdly hard to find in Britain, but they are around, and I have noticed an improvement in their availability in the last few months. You should be able to get Big Pink in places like the Virgin Megastore and HMV in Oxford Street. It's quite often available in the local branches of those stores here in Oxford, "some of the time, not all the time", as His Bobness once sang. Happy searching! Karl

Tue Sep 2 13:02:03 MET DST 1997


From: Poughkeepsie NY

I had the pleaure of attending the Woodstock NY Labor Day Jubilee on Sunday, which really amounted to a great big Welcome Home to Woodstock Party for Rick. It was wonderful to see him so obviously in control and on top of his game, enjoying the party more than anyone. He played and sang great, was an engaging and personable (and always coherent) emcee for the show that he and his friends were putting on. Rick's band consisted of Shredni Vollmer on harp, Jimmy Weider and Randy Ciarlante, a great electric violinist/singer named Katie Russo, Aaron Hurwitz, and a bassist named George. Rick led them through Crazy mama, Twilight, Makes No Difference, Chest Fever and Wheel's On Fire. "Woodstock neighbors" invited up to do a solo turn or two included John Herald, Johnny Average, Amy Fradon and Happy Traum. A real highlight was the 3-song set with Danko, Eric Andersen and Jonas Fjeld, because they were accompanied by Garth on accordian (though he chose to play from behind a stage support pole in the dark wings!) The big finale was Shape I'm In and the even bigger encore was I Shall Be Released. Rick was ecstatic, exuberant, and probably genuinely touched at the reception he received. He's back, and let's all hope he stays happy and healthy, doing what he does best!

Mon Sep 1 21:59:06 MET DST 1997


From: London (England)

I have tried to buy the Music from the Big Pink CD but have been told that it is no longer distributed in the UK. Does anyone know if this is true and are there any (probably English) guests of this site who know where I can get one somewhere near to the west side of London?

Mon Sep 1 21:17:09 MET DST 1997


From: Chester, NY

Just wondering how The Band went from the Canadian Squires, Levon and the Hawks, etc., to "The Band". After all these years of being a fanatic, I've never found out. I seem to remember an interview on MTV with Robbie saying that while they were living at Big Pink their neighbors used to refer to them as the band in the next house, or something like that, and the name stuck. Can anyone tell me if there's any truth to this story? Hello to Karen, many thanks to Jan, great site,very sad about Diana, She was truly the world's Princess.

Mon Sep 1 19:20:58 MET DST 1997

G.R. Assadi

From: Florida

Jan, this is very nicely designed site. Easy to get around and good info. Thanks for sharing.

Mon Sep 1 14:12:55 MET DST 1997

Chris & Gail

From: Cheltenham, England
Home page:

Hello to all....from a country & entire nation deep in shock, sorrow & disbelief over the sudden & tragic loss of our beloved Princess Diana (under the circumstances, I'm sure folks won't mind me saying that). Anyway, on to Band matters...Thank you Kitrick for a really nice & cheerful review, also Thanks to Jan for continuing the great work here and it's been good to catch up on things. Hey, does anyone out there have the new Scotty Moore/D.J. Fontana CD ALL THE KING'S MEN? There's a problem with the CD-ROM, we're finding in the Tributes section, it keeps stopping & picture completely freezes etc., it really spoils it. We checked it out, & does appear to definitely be the CD at fault, & not a problem with us. Also rest of it is fine, it's just in that Tributes section. Maybe it's just our copy, but would be interested in hearing from anyone else who's experiencing the same. If you don't wanna write here, please E-Mail, many thanks. And so what do we think of the CD? Well The Band track with Keith Richards is real good, but overall musically we found the rest disappointing, maybe that's just us though (look forward to the Paul Burlison one, we've heard it's much better). Anyway, it was great to see the video outtakes from documentary, though afraid they don't include The Band bit, but you do "hear" something in the background when Keith Richards is talking. Anyways, it seems that a good time was had by all at that Woodstock session, & did they record more? Best wishes to all.

Mon Sep 1 03:00:18 MET DST 1997

Kitrick Short

From: Woodstock NY
Home page:

I just came home from the Woodstock Rick Danko show and I must say Rick looked good and the sets were great!!!! I'm in love with Ms Russo she sang so good every bit as good as janice She could sing to me forever!!!and What a line up of great people the Whole Band except for Levon and richard bell where on stage for more than half the show! It was great I plan on calling Rick tomorrow and telling him in person Welcome Back we love you and hope all the best in the comming years LONG LIVE THE BAND!!

Mon Sep 1 01:29:18 MET DST 1997

Trent Philipp

From: Allendale, NJ

The Band is the best...every song is a classic.

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