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The Band Guestbook, September '99

Below are the entries in the Band guestbook from September 1999.

Posted on Thu Sep 30 23:49:01 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: a good day to be born

Patiently awaiting word on Mary (Bear) who is giving birth today...hoping all goes safe and well. Next time we see Mary, she'll have a baby girl in her lap instead of a duck :-)

And coincidentally, it also happens to be the birthday of my very best friend, Spider John. Happy Birthday SJ! Like I must be a good day to be born :-)

Holy Cow! Whoever mentioned that 'Moondog Matinee' hasn't been talked about much in here...check the archives please!

Posted on Thu Sep 30 23:16:05 CEST 1999 from (

Richard Patterson

From: St Catharines

To anyone who mentioned Tom Waits 'Mule Variation' in the last month or so: Wow!

cat: Got it on repeat.

Posted on Thu Sep 30 22:29:26 CEST 1999 from (


From: Dutchess County

Lee, I've got to agree with you whole-heartedly about Peter Green. He has done more with the pentatonic/blues scales than anyone other guitarist, in my opinion. Just to clarify, though, it was Mayall in the treehouse.

Posted on Thu Sep 30 21:48:47 CEST 1999 from (

Richard Patterson

From: St Kits

IMHO the great album missing from many discussions here is 'Moondog Matinee'. I love this record (listening now as I speak). There are many artists whom I think most of us would consider important-Lee Dorsey for example-who never wrote any of their own material. MM far surpasses similar (then current) LPs by Bowie and Lennon. Side two especially is the cat's ass ("Promised Land" rocks). Wonder what the running time is on this one. Hope I didn't get ripped off. No wait, got it used for $2 Canadian w/ the Cabbagetown Cafe sleeve (that's about 59 cents US). Life is good.

Posted on Thu Sep 30 21:21:38 CEST 1999 from (



John Mayall had one of my heroes in his band, Peter Green. Before he moved to London in the early 60s, he used to live in a tree house in Macclesfield - where he was brought up. Strange. Not to far from where I live.

The connection between himself and Hawkins is a strong one. I have a taped interview with Ronnie from the 80s, no idea who it was by, but the question comes up and Ronnie is fully aware of Mayall.

Posted on Thu Sep 30 21:08:42 CEST 1999 from (


From: The Front Lawn

benteen - Almost agree with you especially the comment on Robbie but justice has prevailed as proven by the unsuccess of his latest dismal albums (which seem to get progressively worse.) I'd have to say that I love Stage Fright almost as much as the first two albums though and as for the balance of the studio albums "Ophelia," "It Makes No Difference" and "Don't Do It" are the only great cuts. "Acadian Driftwood" is tedious as well as depressing although I'd characterize it as good when compared to the rest of the tripe appearing on Cahoots, Northern Lights, and Islands. Okay, now it's time for all the unrealistic diehards to say things like "Islands is a really great album!" and "Robbie's latest Native American "World Music" is absolutely fantastic!"

Posted on Thu Sep 30 20:41:21 CEST 1999 from (


From: Ct

Besides Ed Sullivan and SNL, did the Band ever make any other TV appearances?

Posted on Thu Sep 30 19:58:21 CEST 1999 from (


Sorry about my spelling (again). I didn't mean BluesbrAkers, it is - of course - BluescrEAkers or CreambrEAkers or Blousebreakers or Creamcrackers . . . or whatever.

Thanks Mr Woods and Powell for the links. - The funny thing is that when I first saw John Mayall in 1967 I thought that he was so OLD. Now I think that he is not old AT ALL.

Posted on Thu Sep 30 19:39:19 CEST 1999 from (

Brown-Eyed Johnny

From: Caroons Lake, LI, NY

"Shake, Rattle & Roll," a CBS-TV miniseries about the birth of rock 'n' roll set to air in two parts on November 7 and 10, will feature a tip of the hat to that beloved friend of the Band, Bob Dylan, when B.B. King, in a featured role as "Blues Master," performs "Fur Slippers," a song Bob wrote in the Eighties. A CBS press release says the song has a 50's/early 60's juke joint feel to it.

Posted on Thu Sep 30 19:17:32 CEST 1999 from (

Al Radzik

From: New Jersey

Fantastic Website! I love the photo gallery best of all. For Sherry E:(RIP) "For the life we chose, In the evening we rose. Just long enough to be lovers. But for nothing more, the world was too sore to live in." The Band 4-ever

Posted on Thu Sep 30 19:12:01 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

I think a correlation can be drawn between Ronnie Hawkins and John Mayall in their roles as musical "drill sargeants". Both band leaders hired superior young muscians whose talents, in many ways, surpassed their own. Hawkins & Mayall introduced them to a discipline of life on the road and gave their "recruits" marching orders for the field of play. Later on, the musicians would bristle under the reigns of their band leaders and move on to successful careers on their own.

Posted on Thu Sep 30 18:19:31 CEST 1999 from (

Roger Woods

From: Birmingham UK

Ilkka - Tenuous link: John Mayall appears (IMMSMW) in "Don't Look Back"

Posted on Thu Sep 30 17:07:06 CEST 1999 from (


From: Nordic Countries
Home page

The former Bluesbrakers are visiting our town. Mick Taylor and Jeff Allen were here and soon we'll have John Mayall himself here. I wonder if ERIC CLAPTON is the only one who has graduated from John Mayall's University of the blues and has links to The Band. Peter Green has been debated in this gb (is there a rock musician who hasn't :-). I searched the drummer Aynsley Dunbar in the archives (for only to take one name) but didn't come any further.

Posted on Thu Sep 30 11:24:30 CEST 1999 from (


Ghost Rider. Yeah, you're right. Levon, Butch and Ronnie Hawkins have gone to Arkansas and Nashville. Levon and Amy are playing in Nashville Monday, Oct. 4. Ronnie's daughter, Leah (who lives in Nashville) will be there too. Probably. If anyone is reading this from Ark or Nashville, keep your eyes and ears open and let us know how the shows go.

Posted on Thu Sep 30 08:17:51 CEST 1999 from (


From: a left oblique

best moment in the l/w was , for me, robbie's intro of "van the man" and his rendition of "the caravan". although i was moved by joni and neil on "helpless".

Posted on Thu Sep 30 08:12:19 CEST 1999 from (


From: protecting reno hill's east flank

i gotta say it. you all or for the most part, are truly band fans, but in all honesty, they had one really good album, big pink, and one truly great album, the band. save for acadian driftwood, i would not spend a nickle on any other release.. what we have to be aware of here, or let me correct myself, what i have to be aware of here is their seminal first two albums. let me take this opportunity to just say that they are one hell of a testament to my most favorite quintet ever. r.i.p. richard, and go screw yourself robby.

Posted on Thu Sep 30 05:11:03 CEST 1999 from (

Stuart Lipp

From: Cleveland, OH

I am trying to find the "Complete Last Waltz", released by Cool Daddy Productions in 1995, there are 4 disks, it includes the 17 missing tracks, it is in a special binder with pictures and liner notes, I guess that there were only 3000 made, I would appreciate any information on how or where I could get my hands on one. thanks all

Posted on Thu Sep 30 02:45:42 CEST 1999 from (


From: N.Z
Home page

Ragtime, don't give up in Souvenier just yet. It has some real gems. The organ on Rag Mama Rag could have been lifted from Rock Of Ages. Out of the non Levon songs Poor Little Fool is my favourite.

Posted on Thu Sep 30 01:14:34 CEST 1999 from (

Ghost Rider

From: In Your Yard

I understand that Levon Helm & The Barn Burners (or whatever the name of Lee's new blues band is) departed the Woodstock area this week for a series of dates in the Midwest, starting in Nashville and including Kentucky and Iowa over the course of 2 + weeks. No such news in the concert section of this Guestbook yet. Butch? Anybody?

I kind of doubt that Levon will be doing any singing on this tour. As emotive as his work on "Don't Wait" and other Jubilation gems may be, I do believe that the work he did in the studio in the Spring of '98 on that album came before the Doctor's orders to rest his throat --- for a while at least.

Posted on Wed Sep 29 23:10:29 CEST 1999 from (


enjoyed the posts on acadian driftwood and snl last couple of days. a wild guess for bones, Born in Chicago? i dont remember butter doing a song that nite per se. I do remember it was the first i ever saw anybody play harmonica like that.

Posted on Wed Sep 29 21:47:20 CEST 1999 from (


From: CT

Great picture of the two Lees! Levon looks wonderful and healthy.

Thanks to Richard Patterson and AHROO for their SNL posts. Regarding the Levon and RCO all-star show, I remember Broderick Crawford hosting. Levon said the problem with this group was that there were "too many chiefs and not enough indians". They resolved this conflict on SNL by having Levon, Dr. John, and Butterfield each sing a song. Levon sang "Ain't That a Lot of Love" , Dr. John sang "Sing Sing Sing", but I can't remember what Butterfield sang. Anyone?

Posted on Wed Sep 29 17:23:20 CEST 1999 from (

Cody Large

From: Cardiff/Wales - Midland/Texas

Well your Travelling Arkasas gig at the Cardiff University in 92 was great. I asked your mom and dad,who were selling merchandise for you at the time, to please get an autograph from you for my g/f Clare..It was good to talk to your them as the autograph was pending actuallity. We did receive one much to my delight and the fact that Clare, was spelt Claire didn't upset me as much as it did her. lol You know not alot of people seem to know of you around here, or atleast where you are from. HOw about a Midland/Odessa gig or somewhere close to your home town? You must have played and play kerville???? Do I just need to listen in different circles.or just attend kerville?.love your stuff...Hope you and the rest of the band, and especially your parents {They were both very helpful and friendly} are doing Absolutely Fabulous...{Michelle says.."Oh yeah, like I remember one autograph in Cardiff 7 yrs ago...What's your name? ...Cody? .")lol lol=laugh out loud / chat room jargon - Just incase you didn't know...'Anchorage Alaska' makes me cry sometimes... I know,Big Softy thats me. The Ticket stubb ignited my curiousity now I'm back in west texas thought it might be funny to say Hey.

Posted on Wed Sep 29 14:37:21 CEST 1999 from (


Home page

DONALD JOSEPH,,,CONTACT ME BY E-MAIL, I work for the union,,,cuz she so good to me!!!

Posted on Wed Sep 29 14:28:00 CEST 1999 from (


Just bought "Souvenir" by Levon Helm & The Crowmatix. I find it... well, let's listen once more... Anyway - what puzzles me is the addition "Vol. 1" on the CD-booklet. The site doesn't mention a Vol. 2. Has there been any...?

Posted on Wed Sep 29 12:22:04 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: one too many mornings

Mudflap: The assertion that Levon's voice is "shot" is not a fair one in my opinion. Perhaps it's not like it used to be, but then again, who of us is? I _have_ listened to Jubilation....more times than I could possibly count..and I think "Don't Wait" is a beautiful tune which I commend Levon for singing...and if I could get to hear him do it 'live' whatever voice...that would make me very very happy. If I've learned anything at all in my (choke) 40 years, it's _never_ say never.

And btw...if you read back on alot of my earlier posts, you'll find that I am not one of those "clamoring" for The Band to get back together. I'm sure there's not one of us here who doesn't wish it _could_ happen...but it can't. Rick, Richard, Levon, Garth, and Robbie...will never be able to happen again.

And just so this post is not misunderstood...I too am very thankful that the remaining members are still with us, making music in whatever way they choose.

Posted on Wed Sep 29 08:27:23 CEST 1999 from (


From: The Real World

Everyone clamoring for The Band to get together should realize that Levon's voice is shot and may never again be what it was. Check out the video clip promoting JUBILATION on this website. Haven't you people heard that album? Levon is barely audible! He's drumming in his blues band now because he obviously loves music but needs to give his voice a rest. I hope it eventually returns to it's full power but if it doesn't I'm thankful he's still making music for us to enjoy. Give the guy a break!

Posted on Wed Sep 29 04:14:25 CEST 1999 from (


From: Merrick NY

To whoever wants to know the Fugs song "Boobsalot" (a really stupid one IMO) is on their first album which I believe was called "The Village Fugs" and was on the Broadside Label which released a lot of great folk material. Come to think of it ALL of the Fugs songs were really stupid but funny especially if one was stoned. My personal favorite from that LP is "I Couldn't Get High." Great cover on that LP has either Sanders or Kupferberg playing a radiator in the manner of a fiddle. I think I saw a re-release of that LP on CD a few years back but am not positive. Hey, someone else please figure out a Band connection here -- I didn't start this thing! Also, I now know more about "Acadian Driftwood" and the Civil War than I ever dreamed of knowing or ever cared to know. This Guestbook of late is making me feel like I'm back in high school. I hope there's no final exam coming up!

Posted on Wed Sep 29 03:37:41 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

What a wonderful picture of the two 'Lees'! Nice to see those smiling faces, and Levon looking so happy and healthy. Now is there any way we could persuade him to get on a stage and give us a rousing rendition of "Don't Wait"? I'd give anything to hear him do that..just Sigh. Maybe I'll just have to add it to my list of things I'm hoping for.....someday.

Going to sleep now. It's been a long day in Crazyville. Goodnight.

Posted on Wed Sep 29 01:27:33 CEST 1999 from (

F. John Brooks

From: Providence, Rhode Island

What a lovely tribute to such a sweet, genuine soul. Ms. Elliot would have been most proud. Cheers!

Posted on Wed Sep 29 00:48:20 CEST 1999 from (


From: Live from New York, it's SATURDAY NIGHT!

In regards to the SNL appearances from VH-1, I too was shocked that they only showed less than a minute of The Band doing "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" and having the credits run over the show. I think of all the musical guests they've had, The Band had done the most songs for the show with, "Life Is A Carnival," "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down," "Stage Fright," and "Georgia On My Mind" (special for the '76 elections and Carter). When SNL had their "Music a Go-Go" show in '93 (I believe) there was an article in the local paper in which they said, they aren't allowed to show the complete versions of the songs. They would have to go through all of the artists and all of the record companies from who they were in contract with. So, to answer MattK's question, sometimes you might get lucky and get some of the complete performances.

With The Band's performance, some members would be seen on their own, either solo, or with other artists.

In '77, Levon and the All Stars were on, including Dr. John.

'79 Gary Busey hosted the show and brought some of his buddies as the musical guests, those being Rick Danko and Paul Butterfield.

'88 brought back the return of Robbie Robertson with a bunch of people from his first solo album. Then in '92 he appeared for the second time in promotion of "Storyville."

Question: I could have sworn that Libby Titus was singing background for Carly Simon's SNL appearance for '75. Any confirmations? I know that Carly and Libby are good friends.


Posted on Wed Sep 29 00:29:45 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

From: sitting i a hotelin Toulouse

Well, wish I could carry on the Acaian Driftwood discussion. I just discovered an interne link in this hotel in France, but it's slow, non-intuitive and has a French keyboard. And I can't repair the typos. Will reply at the weekend. Good to see Lil is back.

Posted on Wed Sep 29 00:15:28 CEST 1999 from (

Roger Woods

From: Birmingham, UK

What an excellent photo of Lee and Levon. How about some news of the meeting. Did you take the picture Jan?

Posted on Wed Sep 29 00:15:02 CEST 1999 from (


From: Madison, Wi. *AMERICA'S JERRYLAND*
Home page

Mattk,,, my hats off to you, and you have just earned two *all access* passes to this event, make sure you remind me as time gets near. 'Lil,,,I know what you mean about that EYE contact that Frank Zappa had, it was like you said,, uneasy feeling to the tee!

Posted on Wed Sep 29 00:03:03 CEST 1999 from (

Richard Patterson

From: St Kits

mattk and Bones: I remember the Stones playing 3 tunes on SNL. Although I don't remember what songs (think the third was "Respectable" Bones) I recall being surprised that they had 3 instead of the usual 2, and all in a row like a mini-set. Only fitting for the now confirmed greatest Band of all time to have 4.

Holy Modal Rounders: For those interested, Fantasy Records has just reissued the 1st two HMR records on a single CD (mistakenly listed by CDNow as 'Stampfel and Weber', but Amazon got it right). These LP's recorded in '63 and '64, combine old time fiddle tunes, blues songs, and folk ballads with pop parodies and psychedelia. Heavily influenced by the Harry Smith 'Anthology of American Folk' (which would have been a new release in '62 - "Sail Away Ladies", "Mole in the Ground", "Fishing Blues" - they named a later LP 'Indian War Whoop' after a HSAAF tune). Other highlights include "Hesitation Blues" (anybody remember the 1st Hot Tuna ?) and "Euphoria", recently re-recorded on they're brand new CD 'Too Much Fun'. Recommended.

Sorry John D., no "Boobsalot" on these reissues. Does anybody know what Fugs album has this tune?

Tentative Band connection: Both bands contributed songs (if not performances) to the 'Easy Rider' soundtrack.

Posted on Wed Sep 29 00:00:34 CEST 1999 from (


mattk :

You brought up the name of Cage, who went very far in allowing his musicians to improvise their own melodies & lyrics. However, just like FZ - who(m) I like more as a rock musician than as an experimentator in the classical field in spite of his collabaration with Boulez - he held a very firm grip on the whole performance. Band relation...errr... Yes! Found one! I'd have liked to hear an improvising genius like Garth Hudson working with either two of them.

Plains of Abraham... sounds biblical enough, and Robbie must have played with it, but I think the explanation (Abraham "Machte") in the site will do.

Posted on Tue Sep 28 23:07:27 CEST 1999 from (

John D

mattk..........They were advertising the double video for sale during the broadcast; however I think you have to buy the double CD as well...all in one pkg.

Posted on Tue Sep 28 22:46:32 CEST 1999 from (


From: maryland

Regarding the SNL broadcast, is it possible to by the whole show on video? Perhaps through SNL's distributor, Broadway Video? I'm still PO'd at VH-1 for only showing a few seconds of one song (and voicing over it to boot!)


Posted on Tue Sep 28 22:43:17 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Thanks Bones, for that visual of Mick and Ron Wood on SNL. Must've missed that one. Glad I did. Maybe that's another reason for liking The Band so much however. They never licked each other onstage.

Have no idea whether Frank Zappa would've made a good president or not, but I can tell you that aside from being a very talented and very intelligent man..he was also a very controlling and intimidating man. I met him twice many years ago, introduced by a mutual friend, and I couldn't help but notice how even those who seemed to know him well were kept in their place by mere eye contact. Very uncomfortable I thought. I suppose as a musician, it's understandable to want and expect 100% from your fellow band members, but a control freak running the country is something I'm not so sure I would agree with. Granted, this good ol US of A needs _alot_ of help these days. The justice system is probably the _worst_ in the world, and then there's the health care issues, the gun laws, the drug problems....I'm not sure if there's an answer to any of it. Just my opinion.

There's not another thing I could probably add to the Acadian Driftwood discussion that hasn't already been said ( and said well) by all of you. I am however, listening to now. Most definately one of The Band's most beautiful tunes.....

Posted on Tue Sep 28 21:19:32 CEST 1999 from (


From: CT

Mattk: The Stones only played two songs if I remember correctly on SNL. They were drunk and sloppy, but I thought it was great! By the way, it was Ron Wood whom Mick licked on stage that night. Keith would have knocked him out with his guitar. The songs were "Beast of Burden" and "Shattered".

Does anyone know of Robbie's involvement with American Beauty?

Posted on Tue Sep 28 21:01:32 CEST 1999 from (


From: Toronto

While there's no doubt that Robbie Robertson is capable of biblical references, I don't see the reference to "the Plains of Abraham" as necessarily being all that clever. That's just what the battlefield has always been called (in English). I suspect that the person who decided to call the area "the Plains of Abraham" rather "Abraham's field" was the one making the biblical reference.

Posted on Tue Sep 28 19:54:56 CEST 1999 from (


From: maryland

Dave, you're comments on Dominique couldn't be given enough weight. In the early 70s, according to Marcus' "Mystery Train," Dominique was very concerned and vocal supporting cultural autonomy for Quebec, which played a role in the Robertson's short-lived stay in Quebec between leaving Woodstock and arriving in Malibu. I expect her personal views weighed heavily in inspiring Robbie to write both Acadian Driftwood, and possibly even Evangeline.

Posted on Tue Sep 28 19:50:32 CEST 1999 from (


From: maryland

Probably should kill this Zappa thread soon or we're gonna get phlamed, but...

Ilkka, I must respectfully disagree. I don't know if FZ would have been a good president or not (though I too supported the idea when the "draft Frank" movement peaked in the late-80s, early-90s). On stage, Frank was a conductor and composer at work. He viewed himself very much in the role of a Stokowski or Pierre Boulez, except instead of standing on a podium in front of an orchestra, he mostly worked with a pseudo-rock ensemble and played guitar. Of course, FZ did work with the LSO and a few other full orchestras (with pretty disasterous results, including breach of contract lawsuits and counter-suits and even an obscenity trial in Britain).

I guess the point I'd make, musically, is for Zappa to exercise his admittedly composer/conductor role, he necessarily demands a more "classical" role from the musicians in his band. Certainly Zappa left a lot of room for individual improvisation, but generally within the limits of orchestral "improvisation" where musicians are asked to mimic certain sounds. If you view his band from the perspective of a traditional "rock band" it seems pretty facist, but from a "classical" perspective, he was far more generous in allowing for individual expression than your typical symphony orchestra conductor. So I don't consider him more "facist" than certainly a Bela Bartok or even Edgar Varese, and probably closer to a John Cage...


Posted on Tue Sep 28 19:37:58 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Some thoughts on "Acadian Driftwood": Robbie Robertson, of Mohawk & Jewish descent, would be familiar with stories of wandering tribes and the concept of strangers in strange lands. In addition, his wife Dominique, a French-Canadian, perhaps had a hand in educating Robbie about the plight of the Acadians.

I would have to agree with mattk on the double meaning of the line "plains of Abraham." As the book of Genesis recounts in the story of Abram/Abraham, God tells him to go forth from the city of Harran, in the land of Sumer, to "the land that I will let you see." Thus Abraham & his family are led to "the land of Canaan."

It is interesting to note here that the publishing company for The Band's songs on their second album through the "Cahoots" album is named Canaan Music.

Later in Genesis, Abraham looks out across "the plain" and witnesses the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by fire. Centuries later, the book of Exodus picks of the story of the descendants of Abraham, the children of Israel, as they are led out of slavery in Egypt to "the promised land" by Moses.

Posted on Tue Sep 28 19:15:26 CEST 1999 from (

Crazy Daze

From: Loooong Island

Ilka - On the contrary, I'd like to see a President who can get things done with the wave of his finger - like maybe a national health care plan like we need badly here in the USA? I wasn't into Zappa's music that much but I did appreciate him because he hated religion and had the guts to say so. I think Zappa would have been a good antidote to the two Pats (Robertson and Buchanon). Hey, whaddya know - I thought there was no Band connection here but coincidentally Pat Robertson and Robbie share the same last name! So I guess I'm off the hook though I didn't start this Zappa thing anyway!

Posted on Tue Sep 28 18:43:23 CEST 1999 from (


Home page

DAVE, although this is not a Frank Zappa site (thank God for that) I must react against your wish to have had FZ as a president. I sat once in a first row in FZ concert and it was HORRIBLE to see how he moved his finger an inch and other musicians did what he wanted, like slaves. It was nice to HEAR, but . . .
Enjoy the beautiful autumn in the High Sierra!

Posted on Tue Sep 28 17:29:30 CEST 1999 from (


From: Toronto

MattK: On the topic of Zappa/Band links, I'd suggest "Moving To Montana", via David Ackles' "American Gothic". But if you want to focus on personnel, Bunk Gardner played on at least one of Domenic Troiano's solo LPs on Mercury. (Troiano replaced Robertson in the Hawkins/Hawks - and took Robbie's style farther than anyone I can think of.)

Posted on Tue Sep 28 17:15:46 CEST 1999 from (


From: Lee Vining, Ca.

I wanted FZ to run for president. I think he would have been a good change for government as business as usual. Just imagine honesty,integrity,and creative thought as characteristics for a leader. For a BAND connection, well Zappa came out of the 50's.(You know those I VI II V chord changes)Fom simple Doo-Wop songs all the way to the other spectrum of complex composistions. FZ for president, yeah! I really do miss that guy as a statesman. Spokesman that would only talk straight.

Posted on Tue Sep 28 05:41:14 CEST 1999 from (


From: maryland

Thanks Sundog!

I do think that the more involved Zappa fans are highly respectful of the various band members he worked with. Though I'm a sax player, I actually got into Zappa because I kept running into these amazing drummers he employed. Guys like Chester Thompson, Terry Bozzio, Vinnie Colaiuta, Chad Wakerman just floored me...particularly Bozzio, who's vocal and insane drum chops on "Punky's Whips" from "Baby Snakes" is the single most amazing drumming/singing performance I've ever seen (sorry Levon).

From the drummers, it was a short hop to guitarists like Ike Willis (amazing vox too), Adrian Belew, and Steve Vai (who's so technically accomplished, I find him distracting, and ultimately soul-less). Of course, as a sax player I totally dig Ian Underwood, but consider Napoleon Murphy Brock, arguably the most under-rated sax player of the 1970s (again, a great singer). The list goes on and on...Aynsley Dunbar, Tommy Mars, Jimmie Carl Black, Ruth Underwood, Jeff Simmons, Bob Harris, Warren Cucurullo, George Duke, Don Preston, Flo and Eddie... For my money, Zappa's mid-late-70s band with Napolean Murphy Brock, Jeff Simmons, Chester Thomson and George Duke might be the single most accomplished ensemble to take a rock stage in terms of pure "chops." Zappa was at the height of his powers as a composer, commentator and performer (Zappa himself is in the pantheon of guitar gods).

No doubt he drove the band hard, but musicians lined up to be driven. To be a Zappa veteran is a badge of distinction that most alumni wear with pride. Steve Vai has repeatedly stated that his post-Zappa work feels lost because Frank was such a force in his musical life.

To avoid flaming, I suppose we need a Band link here....uhhhh, how about....the horn section from Zappa's "Live in NY" features many of the same players as TLW. Other than that, the closest I can get are some rather funny comments from the Flo/Eddie era lampooning CSNY and "Elliot Roberts' big bank book"

Posted on Tue Sep 28 04:22:16 CEST 1999 from (

TV Guidance

To-night....Tuesday night 6pm EST....on TNT channel

Due South

Benton Fraser of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police came to Chicago on the trail of his father's killers. For reasons we need not go into here, he remained, attached to the Liason Office of the Canadian Consulate. His companion, Diefenbaker (named after a Canadian Priminster) is a deaf, lip reading wolfe. Self taught.

To-night's episode finds a country singer, played by Michelle Wright country singer, in danger. "Band connection?" ask. Well, for those of you who don't know who The Hawk is or who have only seen him in The Last Waltz and for those of you who do know who Ronnie is and would like to get to see him again, he's in this episode. He plays the part, hold on to your seats, of a guitar playing band leader! I know. I know. I can hear you now. "Can he handle that part?" and "What a stretch!" But that IS his part.. His character, "Muddy" is in a couple of scenes and at one point has a lengthy discourse with the show's star. Not the wolfe! Fraser.

To-night's (psuedo)playlist;

...Nobody's Girl by Michelle Wright

...Alway's On My Mind -Willie Nelson(not live, mood setting)

...Why Don't You Want Me-Roy Buchanan

...Every Time You Come Around-M Wright

(Gosh! a "play list". I'm starting to feel a little akin to all you lucky people who run around to all those great places to fantastic concerts and come back and give us all those wonderfully detailed reviews of all the glorious songs I wasn't fortunate enough to get to hear live! Phew.)

If you are interested the programme has a site at Clicking on Squad Room then Case Files gives you the list of all the episodes. There is a description for each one, again with a click. There is also a link there to TNT to get the dates of upcoming episodes. The link is found by clicking Station Listings.

Oh. Fraser's boss at the consulate is Inspector Margaret Thatcher.

The show is classified as an adventure-comedy, and takes aim at Canadian stereotypes of Americans, and American stereotypes of Canadians. ‘nuff said.

Posted on Tue Sep 28 04:19:11 CEST 1999 from (


From: Madison, Wi. *AMERICA'S JERRYLAND*
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MATTK,,,I'm not a Big Zappa fan, but I do agree with what you said in your last post, and I also think that he push hard on his band members, but what could they do? It was do it his way, or don't get paid!!! He was one of a kind, and I only wish that people would give a little more credit to the band members that paid a big price just for being with Frank, and yes, we are still trying to understand the man!!! You worded your post well, thanks!

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From: maryland

Hiya Mitt! Glad to hear you're trudging through life in ol' DC. I still envy your proximity to Bawlmer--just think, jellyfish season is just around the corner (check the water in Fells Point outside the erstwhile "Homicide" station house, and you'll see what I mean...errr).

I do have to confess that I "get" Zappa...or at least consider him the most innovative American musical composer of the second half of the 20th Century (no, I'm not joking). I think his social commentary and comedic aspects, while often brilliant, obscured what was the most amazing aspect of his amazing and uncompromising a body of pure composition as was created after 1950. This is no slight to the Beatles, John Coltrane, Duke Ellington or even RR. Zappa, for me, is one of those guys we're still trying to figure out what the hell he was doing. In my opinion, if there is a Mozart or Beethoven after Stravinsky or Bartok, FZ is the man.

RE: Talking Heads/Stop Making Sense. I like the Talking Heads. I think they were as innovative and interesting, and certainly over more albums, than the Band was. It doesn't mean I think they were "better," but I don't need to feel that they were worse, either...

I completely agree that SMS and TLW are the two best rockumentaries I've ever seen. Due to the dubbed nature of TLW, I actually give the performance points to SMS...not because the Band did not perform as well as the Heads, but because SMS is a more accurate portrayal of the performance.

TLW is abridged and as noted, "sweetened. I have no problem with the dubbing, ethically, but I also can't say TLW is fairly compared as a record of a performance--after all, on that point, it's not an accurate record of the performance. The performance is brilliant and a joy to watch, but Demme is worrying soley about the music and the visual dynamics of the group. Scorcese, is ultimately being more ambitious, he's documenting an event, and an historical one at that.

Ironically, the thing I like best about TLW, and why I think it's better as a DOCumentary, is the palpable sense of The Band as people. I know it angers some to see Richard a bit out of his head, I know it bothers others to see Rick desolate, to see Levon ANGRY...but to me, that's the beauty of that film: you get the best look on film of the whole thing, not just music, but the fact that this event has arrived at personal cost and that the future is uncertain and bittersweet. SMS doesn't give you that, as it's pure performance.

Bones, I don't know of any other SNL's that had 4 performances. I recall Keith Jarret probably had the single longest performances I recall seeing, but I think he still only got the standard two one-song sets. Anyone remember the Stone's performance? I think I was 11 or 12 when I saw that, and all I can remember is Mick sticking his tongue in Keiths (?) mouth during one song...I don't like to think of Mick sticking his tongue in ANYONE's mouth, that guy gives me the heebie jeebies...


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Mitt Stampler

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Don--I confess I never got Zappa either. My beloved spouse had a drinking buddy who was a huge fan, and the two of them used to sit around bars in Ann Arbor wondering why Frank had to die and drinking endless Cuba Libres. Those were the nights I caught up on my coupon clipping and Lifetime network viewing. But then, they probably wondered the same thing about me and Chris Farley--I was never able to watch any of his movies or SNL sketches again after he passed on. Ditto John Candy--why do the best things always disappear??? Grub--sorry I haven't written. Life's been hectic, but I have to tell you one story. I told a colleague, a rather crusty old lawyer of the type that gets played by James Woods in Hollywood, that I missed Concord, Massachusetts because "It had so much history." Laurel, I told him, just wasn't the same. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "I'm sure George Wallace would disagree with you." Talk about ghoulish. Skinny--haven't forgotten you either. Hope all is well and all good wishes. Still no news on my book, but keep your fingers crossed for me. Peace!

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John D

PAT BRENNAN.....The 5 hour retrospective on VH-1 last night was just as slight. The Go-Go's got more air time than the Stones.

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Pat Brennan

From: USA

Bones and anyone who saw the SNL retrospective last night; I was stunned at the slightness of the majority of the music guests, including a number of big names. The Stones, the Talking Heads, Smashing Pumpkins, Eddie Money, Leo Sayer?, and others all sounded rather poor. Needless to say, The Band burned it up. Coincidence? I think not.

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From: maryland

In fairness to Acadian Driftwood, a portion of the song IS sung in French:

Sais tu, A-ca-di-e j'ai la mal du pays
[You know, Acadia, I long for the country (I am homesick)]
Ta neige, Acadie, fait des larmes au soleil
[Your snow, Acadia, makes tears in the sun (or for the sun)]
J'arrive Acadie, teedle um, teedle um, teedle ooh
[I am arriving Acadia (or I am coming Acadia)]

Incidentally, I got this quote from this site in the Lyrics section of the library (man, Jan, your site rocks). You can view it here.

Regarding the reference to "the Plains of Abraham," according to this same page, courtesy Patrick Daspit:

"'The Plains of Abraham' refer to farm land owned by Abraham Machte(sp?) just west of the The Citadel in Quebec City and the site of the battle between the French and the English."

Of course, given his fondness for Biblical imagery at the time, it does not seem a stretch concept to surmise that Robbie was almost certainly also making a reference to the exile of the Jews from Egypt from the "promised land" promised to Abraham and his children (per the story in Genesis) by birthright. Oh, and please, I'm just relating the story, no political/philosophical arguments on the state of the West Bank...). Certainly the dual reference gives depth to the emotive qualities of the Acadian exile and places it in larger metaphoric concept.

Interestingly, the Longfellow poem "Evangeline" also uses the Abraham reference:

And as she gazed from the window she saw serenely the moon pass,
Forth from the folds of a cloud, and one star follow her footsteps,
As out of Abraham's tent young Ishmael wandered with Hagar!
from "Evangeline" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, published online courtesy the Electronic Text Center at the Library of the University of Virginia

At this point in the poem, this imagery is being used to foreshadow a sense of coming tragedy. Evangeline is still in Acadia and has ended an evening celebrating her betrothal to her love. The evening is idyllic and paints a picture of the sense of community among Acadians (Acadia itself is a reference a Utopian, shall we say, "Shangri La" environment where identity and agrarian values have created a near-perfect existence. This sets the stage for what is lost when the Acadians are scattered and Evangeline is separated from her betrothed, her true love.

In this case, Longfellow had previously used the white light of the moon streaming into Evangeline's bedchamber to illustrate her virtue and the purity of her love. The clouds would seem to tell us that as the clouds pass over and obscure the moon (and her lover looking up from the orchard below), they are also passing. The moon is eternal, as its light and by extension Evangeline's love and purity.

Indeed, she stays true to her love after relocation. She "wanders the banks of the mighty Mississippi" (to borrow from The Band's "Evangeline") searching for her love in vain. In the end, she finds her love on his deathbed, where she falls to his embrace as he dies. Evangeline dies shortly thereafter, reunited with her love in eternity. Hence, the eternal nature of the moon and the temporal nature of the clouds and the lover's earthly separation.

For Longfellow, the Abraham reference is a bit different though. Longfellow took an even less tact towards historical accuracy in his poem than Robbie in his lyrics., so it's doubtful that the "Plains of Abraham" is his reference. Instead, Longfellow goes back to Genesis and references the story of Abraham and his concubine.

Abraham, desperate for an heir, fathers a child with his wife's handmaiden, Hagar (Abraham's wife, Sarah, was of advanced age and considered barren). Later, however, Sarah is able to conceive a child, Isaac. Hagar and Sarah develop a rivalry for Abraham's attention and over the status of their respective son's (Hagar was the mother of Ishmael) birthright. Eventually, Hagar and Ishmael are banished to the desert, where the Lord takes pity on them and gives Ishmael a Cain-like birthright--father of a nation which will NEVER find it's true home...much like the Acadians.

Just a wee bit of literary criticism to brighten our day... (gee, this is fun).


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From: CT

Thanks to Pat Brennan and Mattk for their posts on SNL'76. Never before or since has a musical guest been paid a tribute like SNL did for the Band. The photos of each member through the years were tastefully done during "Dixie", and I have never seen another group play four songs before.

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From: CT

Re: Tom Waits' performance 9/25/99 in nyc. Mere words cannot describe it. He is scheduled to be on David Letterman tonight. If you've never seen him,check it out! Tom

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Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Yesssss!!!! Looks like I finally made it out of someone's trunk. Whew! Have not been able to access this place for nearly a week now.

Ragtime: Thanks for your support. We certainly did overcome :-)

Donald Joseph: Believe it or not, it's nice to see you back. Hope you read back and understood that my "burn" was not one at all. Enjoy your posts for the most part. Keep that sense of humor.. and a belated (through no fault of mine) Happy 11th.

Missed Rick with Natalie Merchant this past weekend as my son was playing sax at a high school function..but love the idea that it was done to benefit the "Clearwater". We visit that ship every October when it docks in the Hudson Harbor here, for a day of folk music and "stone soup" and pumpkins for the kids. Always a wonderful time put on by good, caring folks. Doesn't surprise me at all that Rick was a part of that.

And lastly...Jan..what can I tell you? You must've brought me good luck today. Thanks...for everything :-)

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From: Toronto

A bit more on this border business: there would have been a border between French and English territories before the French lost Acadia. And there would probably have been a border of some sort afterwards - if only a boundary between two English colonies. Remember the 13 contiguous but separate former English colonies.

Surely a historically accurate "Acadian Driftwood" would have been sung in French - or at least in accented English. But I think the basic point is that we shouldn't look to songs for historical accuracy. Not now, and not in the past.

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From: Upstate NY

Regarding Acadian Driftwood, I've always thought of it as a beautiful song Robbie wrote about the boys' own experiences. I've read the lyric about "the plains of Abraham" and "tried to raise a family, end up the enemy" and I guess you'd have to talk to Robbie about what he meant. Maybe it's all very literal and the story DOES take place in the 1750's.

But when I hear this song I picture Richard and his countryman going down to Levon's area, in hopes of a better life. I can almost feel the pain in Richard's voice as he talks about nothing to declare (customs?) and the local people wanting them to keep moving on (like something out of Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath"). I took this to include the grocery stores the boys used to visit.

Just as Levon went south when he quit Dylan's tour, the characters in the song find it rough down there. "This government had us walking in chains" might be a metaphor. The yearning to get back home could certainly be felt by the Band members. They spent a lot of time on a bus in areas that weren't their turf, nor was it their season. Anyway, the Band played out this story with the Cajun sounds backing up their verse swapping, and (to me) it works. All the shrill notes blend into a song that backs up Richard's beautiful voice, telling us of their past hardships. Levon's verses seem to speak more about the future, his southern drawl telling about "kin living south of the border" and working the sugar fields down his way.

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From: sinking to my rendezvous

Peter & mattk:

Since I don't know much of Canadian history, I'm learning a lot from both of you. But don't forget Acadian Driftwood's _musical_ content. To me this splendid monotony - very much like a chain gang song - perfectly fits the desolation of the lyrics.

...teedle-um teedle-um teedle-ooh...

Hey meadowlark2! Nice to meet you here again. Please say hello to your groom, up there in the Scandinavian Driftwood... :-)

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Jan,,,I'm wondering, do you have any video of your Woodstock 2? Do you remember how many attended? When I was 18 years old met Jimmy and babysat his kids, and then as time went on I was asked to be his roadie with a friend of mine. To say the lease, I was sitting on the top of the world for an 18 year old! I got to meet many other bands like Canned Heat, blah, blah, blah. Jimmy will be in the states sometime next week, and I'll ask him about your event, I'm sure he'll remember, Indians have good memories!!! BTW, if you don't have video, do you have some pictures you can post on Whats New? Also, Mark (FLO) declined our invitation, oh well...Did you ever do other events, usually, when you fail one event..the next one is better!

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Chris D.

From: South Jersey

To MattK from Maryland.Thanks for the interesting history lesson,especially as it pertains to the lyrics of one of my all-time favorite songs.Was it you who posted the story a while back about Stonemans calvary? Great stuff if it was.Thanks.

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John D

From: Toronto

It was nice to see Howard Shore, formally of Toronto's Lighthouse being interviewed last night on the VH1 presentation of SNL Music. Also Paul Schaeffer from the lakehead who paid his dues in Toronto bars; before heading off to New York. Lorne Michaels from Toronto, Dan Ackroyd, Martin Short, John Candy....I think I'm losing my Canadian inferiority complex that most of us have living next door to the greatest power in the world

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From: Nordic Countries

To mattk.
Things were happening over here, too, in the 18th century. The strict Lutheran state religion was a reason for common people to emigrate from Sweden/Finland. A law from 1727 prohibited people from having religious meetings outside the state church. The people who wanted to worship their way left and took their music to the new country.

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Pat Brennan

From: USA

As a humble follow-up to mattk's tome, the abridged SNL broadcast shows Carnival and Dixie. Bur beware. Dixie itself is abridged, with the walkdown and the chorus reprise at the end of the song being idiotically removed. Saved what, 25 seconds or so?

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Lars, sorry you missed a great show at UPAC!

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Avalon Archives

From: NY Rock and Roll Museum

The Band's Friday night performance at the Broadway Theatre at UPAC in Kingston, NY was a very special event. Rick, Garth, Aaron, and three other musicians were joined with special guests, Nick Forster, Eric Anderson, and Natalie Merchant. The muscial set included Book Faded Brown, Crazy Mama, Twilight, Sip the Wine, It Makes No Difference, a keyboard solo by Garth Hudson. The musical instruments included stand-up base, organ, piano, accordian, bass, guitar, french horn. There were between seven and ten musicians at any given time. Rick was in good spirits and Garth was, as usual, preoccupied with his musical instruments. Later on, they performend an encore with everyone which included two Pete Seeger songs, If I Had A Hammer and Where Have All The Children Gone. E-Town was making a special live taping which can be heard later this month on the E-Town music hour( There was an award given to Pete Seeger on behalf of his Clearwater foundation. Overall, it was a very wonderful performance by all and the audience gave a standing ovation. This show surpassed The Day In The Garden event. E-Town music hour can be heard on several local stations in the coming month.

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From: maryland

The SNL show. I've been trying to catch the rerun on Comedy Central, which shows an abridged, hour-long rerun of SNL every evening. They usually show one or both of the musical numbers. Funny, but in the first few years, they weren't as married to the "two hits and done" format they've used for the bulk of the last 20 years. There was a time when artists like The Band, Keith Jarret, and yes Frank Zappa (who's appearance was a warm-up for the "Live in NY" concerts (featuring a delightfully demented Don Pardo voicing "I'm the Slime").

The excellence of the SNL horns is not coincidental. Howard Johnson was the primary horn arranger for the first 4 years of the show (Howard Shore, who now earns his living as one of Hollywood's top composers was the musical director). The ensemble also featured Late Night with David Letterman bandleader Paul Schaeffer on keys and Letterman bass player Will Lee, occassionally on bass. The lead sax chair has always been a key given SNL's sax driven theme songs. Alumni include Lou Marini, David Sanborn, Michael Brecker, and currently, Tower of Power's Lenny Pickett.

Anyway, Howard Johnson and Tom "Bones" Malone were SNL mainstays. I believe Jim Gordon was as well. In short, the SNL horns were ostensably the TLW horns minus certain NY ringers and replaced with their Left Coast equivalents...


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From: maryland

Peter: 1755 saw the unofficial beginning of what we Yanks call the "French and Indian War." Issues of "borders" and territory were extremely gray in this period. It's my understanding that in Europe, this war was/is viewed as a single theater of conflict during the "Seven Years War." Arguably the first "world war."

Named "the french-indian war," unfortunately because British subjects (American Colonists) fought a war against the French who recruited native americans hostile to the British. The indians, angry at the encroachment on their territory in the Ohio valley by colonial settlers, harassed and raided British frontier settlements. "French-Indian" is an unfortunate qualifier because BOTH sides used native/settler animosity to their own gain.

In 1754, territorial disputes between the British and French colonialists began boiling over as both countries vied to settle out the fertile Ohio valley. This area was also home to arguably the largest and most powerful confederation of native americans in north america. It stretched from Ontario (where Robbie's ancestors were members) and south along the great lakes and west through modern day Illinois. At the time, the Ohio Valley was also part of the great American Forest. It may have been the largest single forest on the planet--stretching from Maine to Georgia and west to the Mississippi River (to see that area cleared out today is a heartbreaker). When shots were fired, the fight was over the most eastern edge of the Ohio valley, modern day Pennsylvania.

The tensions exploded in 1754 as English Col. George Washington was sent to patrol the Allegheny river and deliver a message to the French commander that their encroachment would not be tolerated. Meanwhile a band of Virginians attempted to construct a fort at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers. French Canadians drove them out of the nearly completed structure and took it for their own as for Duquense (modern day Pittsburgh, PA).

Washington, now armed with fresh troops from Virginia attempted to take back Duquense, but failed in a brief, but bloody skirmish. He continued to fall back to a hastily built structure, Fort Necessity, where he surrendered to French forces on July 4, 1794. The first battle of the "French-Indian War."

Skirmishes continued for the next two years until war was formally declared in 1756 and lasted until 1763. The outcome of this war effectively drove the French as a colonial power from North America.

Prior to 1755, the Canadian territories were held exclusively by the French. During the war, the French of Nova Scotia, now under British occupation, were forcably moved and scattered throughout the British colonies. Many made their way further south, through the Delta and settled in Louisiana.

It's kind of ironic, when you think about it. The war formed the first connection between Canada and the Delta. A connection that would occur again when Levon Helm ventured north from the Delta to connect with Canadians of English, French and Native American ancestory. Given Robbie's historical sourcing, it's tough to imagine that the irony slipped past him, maybe even inspired him.

"French-Indian War" ended in 1763 with the ascension of George III in England. George's conciliatory nature towards the French so irked William Pitt (namesake of Pittsburgh, and Prime Minister during the war) that Pitt resigned and took the wind out of hawks in parlaiment.

With George suing for peace, the British in firm control of the Ohio valley and most of eastern Canada, Fredrick the Great, France's military benefactor from Prussia, saw the opportunity to cut his losses at the expense of territories in the New World, where Prussia had few interests. As a result, as noted, all North American territories were transferred to the British from France, save the island of New Orleans. All French interests WEST of the Mississippi were transferred to the Spanish. France later regained control of the area West of the Missippi, which was sold to the infant United States in 1803.

The events of the war led directly for the drive for American independence. Flush with a seasoned officer corp, and burdened by George III's increasing taxation (to pay for the war, ostensibly), the colonies grew defiant. After 100 years of virtual independence, as the motherland was embroiled by civil war and Cromwell's own indifference to the colonies, the fact of the crown suddenly trying to exert control was the root cause of the colonists "sudden" defiance.

Having fought and won a war against another world power (France) colonial leaders believed that demanding and fighting for some semblance of autonomy was a viable option, even if it meant bloodshed.

whew....fingers are tired now...


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Pat Brennan

From: USA

SNL two weeks before the Last Waltz. Buck Henry hosting. Samurai Stockbroker takes a chunk of Buck's forehead out (for Real) and the entire cast performs the rest of the show with bandages on their foreheads. Henry got emergency stitches and soldiered on. Buck introduces the boys with a warm announcement of their last show in SF in two weeks. Carnival, Dixie, Stage Fright. In the midst of Dixie, the show cuts to a photo montage showing each musician aging from 68 to 76. Very emotional. Fierce applause at the end of Stage Fright, then the camera cuts to Dylan in the audience. Georgia at the end of the show, Richard singing while hand-holding the mic. I think John Simon played the piano. Great horn section on all tunes. Incredible sound. Massive performances. Blows TLW away, and no overdubs.

Posted on Sun Sep 26 00:53:07 CEST 1999 from (

John D

I forgot to mention that they only showed about 45 sec. of it. They are only showing snippets of each group.

Posted on Sun Sep 26 00:50:35 CEST 1999 from (

John D

It's just after 8:00 pm Saturday night and I'm watching 5 hours of the best of the music groups to appear on Saturday Night Live on VH1. Finishing the first hour was THE BAND from 1976 doing THE NIGHT THEY DROVE OLD DIXIE DOWN. Chevy Chase mentioned that it was his last night, that night on S.N.L.

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From: on behalf of Diamond Lil

For those who missed Diamond Lil the last couple of days (I did...): she's alive & well, but having some technical problems entering the site. Asked me to say hello to everyone - playing Whispering Pines no doubt... :-)

Posted on Sat Sep 25 22:53:48 CEST 1999 from (

Ghost Rider

From: In Your Yard

Peter Viney:

Bravo on your Robertson Davies reference!! Truly one of the great, though lesser-known literary lights of the 20th Century. I encourage all Band fans (particularly fans of the words) to enjoy Davies' Deptford, Salterton and Cornish trilogies (that's nine novels, all beautifully, intricately and imaginatively interwoven) set in and around southern Ontario. Plus, I always thought that the late great Mr. Davies was something of a Garth look-alike.

Posted on Sat Sep 25 22:41:15 CEST 1999 from (

John D

Further to the comments below...we should mention the very talented Janice Powers on keyboards. Otherwise known as Mrs. Colin Linden. Bruce will be stopping by to see me in a couple of weeks before he begins a European tour. Available in Canada on True North Records.

Posted on Sat Sep 25 22:26:56 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

Richard Bell can be heard on the new Bruce Cockburn album that also features Margo Timmins (Cowboy Junkies)and Lucinda Williams, “Breakfast in New Orleans …” (Ryko). Co-produced by Colin Linden.

Posted on Sat Sep 25 21:55:54 CEST 1999 from (


Tim: In the very early '80s I was involved in arranging "Norway's Woodstock Festival", a 2-day event where we almost got _Dylan_ as one of the acts. We ended up with Mike Oldfield (yuch), Dexy's Midnight Runners and ... (as they called themselves then) the Grandmothers of Invention, with Jimmy Carl Black, Elliott Ingberr and one of the Turtles/Flo and Eddie guys, among others. Black and the boys were among the few acts that actually played and got paid. The festival collapsed after the first night, due to shortage of money and toilets and audience and whatever else that could go wrong. But we had fun and made national headlines for a while ... luckily I was not financially involved. If you ever see Jimmy "the Indian of the group and Harder Than Your Husband" Black again, please ask him if he remembers anything from the "big" Norwegian festival at Hamar in '81.

Posted on Sat Sep 25 19:48:26 CEST 1999 from (

Just Wonderin'

From: Texas

Thanks to the person who posted about the Saturday Night live performance. I thought it was around that time, but was afraid my memory wasn't serving me well!

Posted on Sat Sep 25 15:01:12 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

South of the border

Benteen: fair enough, a song’s not a history lesson, and for that matter Richmond didn’t fall on May 10th either, though I guess “by” May 10th it had fallen. But maybe Robbie missed out on having Levon drive him to the library, as Donald (who I shall of course quote) points out. The theme of “Acadian Driftwood” remains the same whether the events were after the Treaty of 1763 or before it. Actually I’ve thought of an even better excuse for “south of the border”. In the 1750s there must have been a border, though probably vague and unmarked, between the British colonies and the French colony of Louisiana, a border that must have persisted until the Louisiana Purchase some 50 years after the expulsion of the Acadians.

I also recall Robertson Davies “Murther & Walking Spirits” where the party of loyalists flee New York and head up the river towards Canada. They definitely had a concept of a border between the thirteen colonies and those that hadn’t signed up for independence. Surely they were invited to sign up? Can’t remember at this point and I’m too lazy to look it up. So, yes, I guess “south of the border” has at least three ways of making sense.

Neil Young’s “Powderfinger” is another (probably) historical song that seems to be set on the US / Canadian border to me, though if you look at the Neil Young site you’ll find about 80 pages of speculation on the setting, with the Civil War, the Spanish-American war and the Vietnam war all cited as locations. I don’t know why, but the image I always got was the Niagara River in the war of 1812. Probably because I had a wander around the forts on both sides and the song came into my head while I was there and wouldn’t go out again. But the song isn’t “about” any particular war which is probably its strength. The same is true of “Acadian Driftwood” and the dispossessed Acadians.

Posted on Sat Sep 25 09:59:38 CEST 1999 from (


Donald, when you look it up you'll see you're wrong about Lil...

Posted on Sat Sep 25 06:26:07 CEST 1999 from (

Geoff Patton

From: Harleysville Pa.

The Band's SNL performance was early November, 1976, just before TLW. It was an election year, and it was just days before Jimmy Carter (from Georgia) was elected president. I remember hearing Richard sing "Georgia" and thinking that it was some sort of endorsement.

Posted on Sat Sep 25 04:05:49 CEST 1999 from (


From: Kissimmee, FL (formerly of Pine Bush, NY)

Did I hear right? My hubby just told me he heard that The Band will be coming to Central Florida soon? They are supposed to perform at the House of Blues in Orlando. Anyone know anything about this? I've searched all my sources for info but have found nothing so I'm thinking he heard wrong. I didn't think I would see them live again but this may be my chance. I would love to hear ANYTHING you guys might know about this. Thanks:) Christine

Posted on Sat Sep 25 04:03:37 CEST 1999 from (


From: the little big horn saving reno's scared ass

ahh but petey the song is sung in a reminiscence. the border might have existed by the telling of the story.

Posted on Sat Sep 25 03:45:57 CEST 1999 from (


Home page

Donald,,,HAPPY 11TH AND MANY MORE,,and tell your son ( I know his name but for the web site ) Mant that I 'm really, really moved by what he decided to do, tell him the pictures on my web site of you and him, will always be in my mind forever, hes my champ too!

Posted on Sat Sep 25 03:33:06 CEST 1999 from (


Home page

Thank you Donald, and it makes me all mushy inside to hear all that,,,*sigh* !!! You both are welcome to go with me to Happy Harvest to see Merl on Rocktober 15th,,,just say the word!

Posted on Sat Sep 25 02:43:00 CEST 1999 from (

Donald Joseph

From: Chicago area

Viney, when you do your article, you can quote me (for once!), as saying "D'wood" sounds "like Robbie's songwiting is too forced, trying to reignite the spark that burned back when he and his BANDmates were still buds & Levon was willing to drive him to the library to research a song." And retain the ampersand, ok?

Ragtime: Will do -- I'll look up Lil's burn. She never could appreciate me.

SUNDOG: My boy had to do a poster (a school project) this week containing all the milestone events of his life. He's only 8, but already he's been kissed by the Pope, won a trip to Italy in a contest, and visited Spain, Austria, Venezuela, Mexico, and Korea -- plus, he's had his picture in the paper 6 times, been on TV lobbying a city bill in his Halloween costume, and had 2 pet goats. But guess what HE insisted make the poster? Being on stage & on YOUR TV show -- with you and Merl! He added a photo of the landmark event to the poster! You're in the photo, hanging in the hall at his grade school, as we speak!

However, I confess I never could figure out what the fuss with Zappa was all about, so I'll take a pass on the Mothers deal. I respect Zappa, I just never GOT him. But keep me posted for future stuff! And my brother the Merl-head just LOVES your video of the Merl thing! By the way, all, Sundog's trippy special effects and 3-camera attack make the video of his Merl show the best-filmed and best-produced unedited live music video I've ever seen. (The fact that Merl was smokin' that night didn't hurt.)

As to the date of the Band '76 SNL set: I don't know the date, but my aunt does. I missed the show because my aunt got married that night -- & I've never seen it, to this day. My aunt, though, is divorced & not in a good mood as a "single mom," so is it ok if I don't ask her the anniversary date of her failed marriage?

Speaking of anniversaries, tonight's MY 11th -- what am I doing talking to YOU GUYS?

One more thing, bad news: The Talking Heads movie directed by Johnathan Demme is in re-release, new print. I read a review, I think in the "Wall St. J.," which started by saying the film is considered one of the 2 best concert films of all time, along with TLW. But then the review went on to laud the Heads film, & ended by saying the re-release should establish the movie ("Stop Making Sense") as the BEST rockumentary of all time -- due to the exuberance of the performance! Damn! How quickly they forget. We need to get a mass-market re-release of TLW, and pronto!

Posted on Sat Sep 25 01:32:50 CEST 1999 from (

Freddy Fishstick

From: Sag Harbor

Courtesy of Brown Eyed Johnny- Rick will appear Friday 10/8 in Massapequa LI. Can't make it. Catbalu, was that really you? Here I thought you really were crazy about me too.

Posted on Sat Sep 25 01:12:36 CEST 1999 from (

John D

From: Toronto

Just noticed the double "25th Anniversary Saturday Night Live" CD of musical guests just released. No Band included. Too Bad. I'll always remember Levon doing "Ain't That A Lot Of Love."

Posted on Fri Sep 24 22:22:17 CEST 1999 from (


From: Lee Vining, Ca.

I went to see The Band on two separate times at the Greek Theatre in Griffith Park Los Angeles, Ca. I remember at one show Leon Redbone was the opening act. Does anyone recall the date of this concert? I think it was summer of 1976. I see in the tape archive here two shows listed for 08 25/26 1976 at the Greek Theatre. Are these the shows Leon Redbone opened? The track listing lists Acadian Driftwood as one of the songs performed. I remember Leon Redbone but only have a faint memory of maybe hearing that song. I didn't even think about set lists back then until after I'd noticed fans jotting down song lists at Dead shows. Is there anyone who remembers these gigs? The Band sure sounded great just two and a half months prior to The Last Waltz. This was my first exposure to Leon Redbone and I pick his voice out of T.V. and radio commercials occassionally.

Posted on Fri Sep 24 22:11:34 CEST 1999 from (

Just Wonderin'

Anyone happen to know what month the Band appeared on Saturday Night Live. I know it was in 76, but was curious as to when. Thanks!

Posted on Fri Sep 24 20:35:05 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

Acadian Driftwood: I feel an article coming on, though as I’m working in France next week it’s not going to be quick. France might however be the best place to think about this song (“some returned to the motherland”). The song is particularly resonant in 1999, because of the theme of “ethnic cleansing” or “exchange of populations”. The bit that hits hardest is:

broke down along the coast

what hurt the most

when the people there said

you’d better keep moving on …

Pedantic? Moi? But it’s bad history. The tragic expulsion of Acadians (French-speaking Nova Scotians) took place in 1755, while there are references in the song to “what went down on the the Plains of Abraham” where Wolfe defeated Montcalm in 1759. The Acadians were expelled as a precautionary measure before the war (1756-1763) got going, not as a result of it. Not only that, Levon sings (Robbie’s anachronistic words):

We had kin

livin’ south of the border …

What border? In 1755 British North America did not consist of the United States and Canada. There wasn’t “a border” till the Revolutionary War / War of Independence 20 years later, so there was no reason to think of south or north of it. If you think back to the time, Ontario (as it became) might have become part of the USA, or New York might have become part of what is now Canada.

The thing is, post your opinions on “Acadian Driftwood” and I’ll include all or most of them in an (eventual) article.

Posted on Fri Sep 24 17:21:56 CEST 1999 from (


From: Toronto

Peter, It wasn't Twitty's first 45 that the Hawks played on, it was Dallas Harms'. The same Dallas Harms who appears in one or two books as the guy who corralled all his friends into filling up the bar in Hamilton for Hawkins' first Canadian gig. And, though I haven't dug up the 45 yet, the memory surfaced that the "Hawks" side is titled "Make Me Believe", and that it wasn't credited to Levon Helm but to Harms and Jimmy Ray Paulman. (Sorry about my mistake on that yesterday.) I believe Jimmy Evans was credited on the other side, but he, confusingly, was not yet in the Hawks at that point - he was in Twitty's band. The record, by the way, is on the Reo label, a sister label to Quality (on which the Ron Hawkins Quartet record appeared).

Posted on Fri Sep 24 15:59:32 CEST 1999 from (


Seems like any article on Acadian Driftwood, in Griel Marcus fashion, would necessarily require a discussion of the popular POEM "Evangeline."

I don't really see the connection between the Band SONG "Evangeline." However much of our Acadian/Cajun literary consciousness revolves around this old old verse--a tale of lost love and tragedy when French people in Canada were forceably re-located to present-day Louisiana back when France still controlled these territories some 250 years ago...

Posted on Fri Sep 24 15:43:29 CEST 1999 from (


Re Acadian Driftwood:

Peter, please do...

Posted on Fri Sep 24 13:46:45 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

Bill: I’m fascinated by the info that the Hawks backed the B-side of Twitty’s first 45, and Levon co-wrote it. Any more details?

Donald J: Welcome back, good to see you here again. You’re right, Daniel & The Sacred Harp is on To Kingdom Come (& also the British budget release, “The Collection”). Let’s just say such a great song should have been on more compilations, and because it was never done live, its exposure has been much too limited.

Acadian Driftwood: Barney Hoskyn’s favourite Band track, I seem to remember. While it’s not one of the first few I’d choose, it probably makes my top ten, certainly my top 20. I won’t elaborate or I’ll find myself doing another article.

Sundog: I saw an ad for a Jorma Kaukonen / Merl Saunders album today. Sounds interesting. Merl was great on the Japanese laser disc Jerry Garcia tribute, which also featured Rick Danko singing without a guitar in hand.

Posted on Fri Sep 24 13:34:26 CEST 1999 from (


From: Madison, Wi. AMERICA'S ZAPPALAND!!!
Home page

Donald, got the 'ol machine runn'n again,,, do you think that you and your son would like to attend a reunion of The Mothers of Invention next summer, it's called *ZAPPENING 2000*, and its going to be on 400 arces of land in central Ill. I'm a friend of Jimmy Carl Black and we all think that this event would be a great way to reunite Frank Zappa's 'ol band members, I only wish that Mark of Flo and Eddie fame would except our invitation, but he declined. You went to the Merl Saunders Day event,,,will thats going to be a picnic compared to this!!!

Posted on Fri Sep 24 06:24:34 CEST 1999 from (


Donnie Joe is back... missed you pal... Lil let you out of the trunk of her car, didn't she... (see last week's or so's guestbook archives) :-)

Re Acadian Driftwood: nothing wrong with "Robbie trying hard to write a tune up to his standard", don't ya think? Reaching for the best... that's what all songwriters try to do...

Posted on Fri Sep 24 05:44:54 CEST 1999 from (


From: the lbh

dan joseph, that last post was for you.

Posted on Fri Sep 24 05:15:47 CEST 1999 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

Don Jo, are you ever right about Waits live. I saw great shows by Costello, Newman, Thompson and even Loudon Wainwright this season but there is nothing like Waits live. I don't know how you can rap "King Harvest" on historical accuracy. Didn't farmer's unions strike or something? Is it unheard of for a horse to go insane? Please enlighted me.........oh by the way, thanks for posting my posts, even out of order.......

Posted on Fri Sep 24 04:49:25 CEST 1999 from (


From: the little big horn

as a civil war buff and also a farmer, let me assure you that acadian driftwood is as good or as bad as, "the night they drove old dixie down" and "king harvest". actually acadian probably is more historically correct than dixie or for that matter harvest,. the point you miss is that all three songs evoke a feel, honest or fraudulent about a time or situation. regardless, i choose to not shoot the messenger but to applaud him for moving me with a tune to research a subject. by the way, nathan bedford forrest rules when it comes to military accumen.

Posted on Fri Sep 24 03:01:58 CEST 1999 from (

Pat Brennan

Have been listening to a number of boots that include Driftwood, and I must say you naysayers-even the recently arrived DJ-are nuts. But God bless all of ya. I can't imagine where you're coming from. Exactly how long is NLSC, Sam the Man? Running time, you know.

Posted on Fri Sep 24 02:45:16 CEST 1999 from (

Original 5

Donald Joseph, welcome back. I completely disagree with you on Canadian Driftwood. To me it's as much a song from the heart as Dixie. Right up there with any of their best. It's got everything that made The Band great.

Posted on Fri Sep 24 02:00:40 CEST 1999 from (

Donald Joseph

From: Chicago area

Viney: Thanks for telling us "Dan'l & the Sacred Harp" never turns up on compilations. But check track 16, disc 1 of "To Kingdom Come" before you tell us again. Okee-dokey, artichokee?

Sorry, all, but the emperor is naked, as to "Acadian Driftwood." Technically it's excellent, sure, & the restrained performance is nice. But it's always sounded obviously-forced to me -- Robbie trying hard to write a tune up to his standard attained on the earlier l.p.'s, back when he & the other 4 boys were still buds, & Levon was willing to drive him to the library to research a tune. I heard "D'wood" again the other day, & had all the same thoughts: It's not in the same league, y'all.

Izzo, or whoever you are going to the Tom Waits show in N.Y.: Hold onto your hat, and wear a belt. Tom will blow you away like the guy in the Memorex ad. I saw the first of his 2 recent shows here in Chi-town recently. The next night I -- along with the rest of the same rowdy crowd -- was back again. Tom hadn't played Chicago in 12 years (yes, I had been there for the show 12 years ago, too). He's so hot, he's definitely worth catching ALL the shows. BTW, about 30% of the tunes were different the 2nd night. And BTW, a LOT of us were repeat customers: The not-repeated tunes all got a big reaction

Bromberg freaks: You're welcome.

Posted on Fri Sep 24 01:33:26 CEST 1999 from (

Rod from NZ

Home page

IMHO Moondog tends to get forgotten in the discussions here. Although it didn't contain any Band originals it contains some of their best performances . There isn't a weak track on the whole album. I'd rate it 4th (after the first 3 albums.)

Posted on Thu Sep 23 21:31:44 CEST 1999 from (

Sam the Man

From: Bronx NY

Ben - While I would hesitate to use the term "ripped-off their fans" I would use the term "shortchanged their fans" to describe the contents of Cahoots, Northern Lights, and Islands. My main criteria for saying this is that by and large the songs lack an inventive musical structure (Robbie's words are always pretty good). I have no quarrel at all with the level of musicianship though I do think the vocals would have been more alive on some tracks had the music been more inspiring. BTW I do think Stage Fright is equal to Big Pink and The Band - there's not one weak track on it. Northern Lights is fourth best as it has several weak tracks amongst its minimal total of eight.

Posted from another night in paradise


Ben, you have to hit the submit button after previewing your entry, to send it to the guestbook. This is noted in red at the preview page ... anyway, below are three "previewed but not posted" entries from the last two days.

Posted on Thu Sep 23 20:23:01 CEST 1999 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx.

So.....why no post?

Posted on Tue Sep 21 00:32:24 CEST 1999 from (

Paul Godfrey

One would certainly agree that Acadian Driftwood is most enjoyable when delivered by a full band. However, I was at a Valdy concert a while back and received a delightful surprise. Valdy tours Canada as a solo artist and usually in smaller more intimate venues. On this particular evening just Valdy and his guitar performed a hauntingly beautiful version of Acadian Driftwood. The song certainly can stand alone even in such a setting. I'd love to hear it with just Rick on guitar and Levon on guitar and harp. Matter of fact I may have heard them do it at El Macombo, Toronto....buuuutttt the memory is the first to go!

Posted on Thu Sep 23 03:50:57 CEST 1999 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx.

Pat, I would say the rest of the Band's work doomed to be underated due to the transendant nature of Pink and Brown. Even Stagefright doesn't quite measure up. I feel Cahoots was an extremely committed effort the boys themselves tended to short change. One thing you can say about The Band, there are no unprofessional or indifferently recorded Albums, including the cobbed out Islands. By that I mean to say, they never ripped off there fans..........

Posted on Thu Sep 23 20:12:37 CEST 1999 from (

Ben Pike

From: Cleveland Tx

Any reason my post of yesterday wasn't posted?

Posted on Thu Sep 23 19:18:48 CEST 1999 from (

John O'Reilly

From: NY

The late '50s release "It's Only Make Believe" under the pseudonym "Conway Twitty" was an attempt by country singer Harold Jenkins to enter into mainstream pop as an Elvis imitator. (The vocal is clearly an imitation of Elvis' style.) Although it was a huge hit (and deservedly so - I had it in my own collection) Jenkins never became a teen pop idol and returned to the realms of country music for the balance of his career though continuing to use the absurd name "Conway Twitty" which had gained him wider recognition (a variation "Conrad Birdie" was used in the Broadway musical and movie "Bye Bye Birdie" - which was based on Elvis' induction into the army).

Posted on Thu Sep 23 18:41:40 CEST 1999 from (


From: Toronto

I don't recall the details offhand, but Hamilton C&W singer told me that Twitty's band backed him on one side of his first 45, with Hawkins' band backing him on the other side. This would have been '58, at about the same time as the first Ron Hawkins Quartet. I believe that Levon Helm got a writing credit on one of the songs.

Posted on Thu Sep 23 02:53:18 CEST 1999 from (


BayouMan, appreciate the insight on the New Orleans situation. As i had suspected, the principle involved was once again being manipulated. May very well have been the same with Jericho, as i can't imagine the 3 letting that particular typo go. Knowing very little about the music industry, other than it's habitual use and abuse of creative people, i would think that out of sheer respect the members themselves would be given the courtesy of the final approval of products which generate revenue from their history/name/work - as well as be paid for it. And it is sadder still when it is repititious abuse. Goes directly against my personal principals.

Entirely too often creativity is dismissed as "easy." The general public really doesn't understand the many years of skill and dedication necessary to "hone" one's craft and most business people could care less. I can only be thankful that some still choose to put their hearts out there and their heart in it, taking yet another chance to shine in the spotlight and another chance at being used. It is no wonder so many fade away into defeat. It is appalling to me to see it happen. No one should ever take advantage of another's gifts like that. I hope they recieve more than a "pat on the back" and "that's too bad" when it happens.

Freddy, i'm being nice: Your remark regarding the storm could not be further from reality. (perhaps you should spend less time getting lost in those cattails...) There ARE some people in this world who choose to live their own life as opposed to living vicariously through others (take Jimmy Buffet, for instance). I have allowed you and others to aMUSE yourselves with my nonsense (it was intentional) as well as take it on yourself to change my name in the process. It is hard is to be gentle and still walk in Jan's door - people take "a lot of rocks" for it. And it makes me wonder how many truly creative people will not speak that have something they could offer up. How to get the twain to meet in a positive manner has been my thought... guess there's a lot of ducks hiding in the cattails... with The Rumour. and they are thisclose to losing a good leg up for it.

Ragtime, you know, alot of these anglos round here are always lookin to the sky for aliens... y'never know... :)


Posted on Thu Sep 23 00:14:36 CEST 1999 from (

Mike Carrico

From: Georgia

llkka: Richard is credited with "mouth harp" on the Brown Album, and it sounds like it makes an appearance on the last two verses of "Rag Mama Rag", although buried pretty deep in the mix of my 30 year old vinyl version. Anybody else here it there, or anyplace else on the record?

Posted on Wed Sep 22 21:53:39 CEST 1999 from (


From: earthville

congratulations to conway! thanks for the post david powell.

Posted on Wed Sep 22 20:39:38 CEST 1999 from (


From: CT

John D: You make a good point about Harold Jenkins(Conway Twitty). If it were not for him, there is a large possibility that the Band may not have gotten together.

Thanks to Diamond lil and Zach for responding to my last post.

Posted on Wed Sep 22 19:57:43 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Its unfortunate that Conway's contributions to country music are often overlooked today. In a career that spanned almost five decades, he recorded 55 songs that charted at #1. Although he wrote 17 of those hits, he became known as a struggling songwriter's best friend for his generosity in recording the songs of others. From his '50s hit "Its Only Make Believe" up until his untimely death in 1993 he continued to maintain a successful career. Perhaps the secret to that success is that he knew the formula for what makes a good song and a great band. He combined that with his own great talent and remained true to his loyal fans.

Posted on Wed Sep 22 19:16:31 CEST 1999 from (

John D

From: Toronto

David Powell mentions the fact that Harold Jenkins, a.k.a. Conway Twitty will be inducted tonight into the CMA Hall of Fame. In so many ways we should thank old Conway for coming to Canada in his Rock-A-Billy days. He wrote "It's Only Make Believe" in Hamilton Ontario.

It was Conway who talked Ronnie Hawkins into coming up to Canada. Conway told Ronnie that there was money to be made and a fan base ready for that Southern Rock 'n' Roll sound. Ronnie came and stayed. Got married to the lovely Wanda and started forming Rock & Roll Bands. He brought Levon with him from Arkansas and later on assembled what we know today, as The Band. Garth Hudson from London Ontario. Rick Danko from Simcoe Ontario. Richard Manuel from Stratford Ontario and Robbie Robertson from Scarborough, Ontario. Thank you Conway for sending the Hawk & Levon to Canada. Rest In Peace. We all owe you one.

Posted on Wed Sep 22 18:48:29 CEST 1999 from (

Rick V.

From: White Plains, NY

To anyone who saw the recent Gurus show - who appeared that night? Was Richard Bell part of it? I've seen them with and without him, and with is better. Just curious.

Posted on Wed Sep 22 18:47:54 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Dave: Double click on the tape archive section. It contains lists of taped performances and includes date, venue & set list info.

Posted on Wed Sep 22 18:06:45 CEST 1999 from (


From: L. V., Ca.

Can anyone tell me where or how to on this site to find past(way past)concert setlists and venue by date or venue? That would Band shows of course.

Posted on Wed Sep 22 18:00:44 CEST 1999 from (


From: Lee Vining, Ca.

Sundog, yeah I remember. I was gonna mention that big valentines heart that came down from the rafters at the 02/14/74 show.My date and I thought it was another sweet gesture to the fans from Bill Graham as he often pulled off some extras at various concerts. I also remember a couple of guys dumped a large gatorade type bucket of water over Bill Graham's head right on stage as the roadies were starting to pack up the equipment.Nice website Sundog. I checked it out right after your Merl show a while back.You know Phil Lesh has been doing Dylan songs lately.Got a direct connection there.

Posted on Wed Sep 22 17:46:29 CEST 1999 from (

Tom Izzo

From: Ct.
Home page

Just got back from Cape Cod (practically blown back) only to discover that Rick played two gigs in Litchfield (about 20 min away for me) while I was away. Figured one of you guys would've gotten ahold of me! Thanks alot! Anyway its good to be back. Going to see Tom Waits in NYC on Sat! Connecton: John Hammond Jr. and Charley Musselwhite both played with our boys and are on Tom's new album (oops! showing my age).. I mean CD. Anybody know where Tom Pacheco is playing next? Peace To All: Tom Izzo

Posted on Wed Sep 22 17:19:37 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

An old friend of The Hawk & The Band, the late Harold Jenkins aka Conway Twitty, will be inducted tonight into the Country Music Association's Hall of Fame. The CMA Awards show will be televised live on CBS.

Posted on Wed Sep 22 06:10:23 CEST 1999 from (


From: the little big horn

the rock of ages live album is a testament to how tight the band was. it has to be the best sounding live performance ever recorded. and those horns, wow, what a great break in "don't do it". was that touissant arranging? saw a documentary on the band recently and clapton and george harrison really paid some compliments to the band. particularly harrison remarking on the understated beauty of robertson's guitar work and how it was all about the song and not some "hey look how great a guitarist i am" style. and clapton remarking on the soulfulness of richards voice and how he was blown away when he first heard their album.

Posted on Wed Sep 22 02:57:15 CEST 1999 from (


From: Madison, Wi. *AMERICA'S JERRYLAND*
Home page

DAVE,,,I was at that DYLAN/BAND show,,,do you remember the giant banner that came down with the Valentine Heart? That was a great show! Check out my website, and click photos for Merl Saunders pics, when he was on my show on April 11th 1999.

Posted on Wed Sep 22 01:52:54 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

BONES: I'm pretty sure that Rick's Breeze Hill is available only on cd at this time. If you e-mail Tom Moretti at Woodstock records ( he can certainly give you a more definitive answer.

Posted on Tue Sep 21 23:58:12 CEST 1999 from (



Ikka: i'm sure theres more harp out htere from richard but a fit of senility has me stymied... add to this i misplaced my copy of moondog matinee and i seem to think there is some harp on that album. i'm still looking forward to the day i get my mitts on the complete basement tapes to see if there is some more in there. peter v, probably can help us find more richard on harp out there... gotta have some harp on the richard record. Pat Brennan: agreed with your post on genius whole heartedly. wish it would strike me some day for a moment so i could just once write a song like any band song

Posted on Tue Sep 21 21:29:24 CEST 1999 from (


From: CT

I asked this before but did not get an answer... Is the Live on Breeze Hill release also on cassette?

Posted on Tue Sep 21 18:54:38 CEST 1999 from (

L. G.


Thanks for the post on Rick's show. It was good to meet you at Piermont for the Gurus show. I think Jimmy and the guys really appreciated everyone venturing out in that torrential rain for the show. As you can imagine, I took plenty of stick for that, being from the rainy city and all. It was a great show with four or five new songs performed. Be in touch soon.


Posted on Tue Sep 21 18:34:13 CEST 1999 from (


From: Lee Vining, Ca.

Sundog, Merl and Melvin together at The Rave, Milwaukee, Wi., Oct. 13.

Posted on Tue Sep 21 18:23:21 CEST 1999 from (


From: Lee Vining, Ca.

Way to go Sundog! You scored big time with your Phylan ticket! I hope you get Steve Kimmock as one of Phil's friends.(as in band member)Not trying to be a smart ass but you know the DYLAN/BAND tours already came and went. I was fortunate to see the last two shows February 13/14 1974 at the "fabulous" Forum. What a perfect combination. thanks for jogging the moldy memory bank. Also Sundog, I here Merl and Melvin are doing a tour that will be coming your way in October.(check Merl Saunder's site)Talk about your battle of the B3's! Merl>Melvin>Keys>Jerry Garcia Band>connected to The Band. Boy oh boy,how 'bout all the recent good reviews for Rick's live shows.Exciting but I'm not surprized.

Posted on Tue Sep 21 17:35:15 CEST 1999 from (


From: Nordic Countries, Europe
Home page

PAT BRENNAN and PEHR - thanks for the information about harmonica (or lack of it) in *Dixie*. Can't help but I'm disappointed. *Long Distance Operator* and *Ol' Time Religion* . . . is there more harmonica?

Posted on Tue Sep 21 13:30:34 CEST 1999 from (

Tanja Flåan

From: norwaaaaaayyyyy...hepp!

maybe I was too hard on robbie...yeah...but why? i still think that this isn't smart done by ribbie, the modern music...WHY am I born 40 years too late? WHY???

Posted on Tue Sep 21 11:56:45 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Hi Stu! Nice of you to post about Rick's Litchfield show. Sounds like about the same set we all just heard at the Crier in Pawling..but of course the addition of Marie Spinosa in Litchfield must've made it extra-special, as it always does. Can't believe however that she and Aaron did "Don't Wait"... Geez..that's the one tune I've been dying to hear live. With any luck, maybe the next show I get to I will.

Charlie Hawker: In reference to the above..aarrgghh!!! :-)

Robbie Crusoe: Hope it's not too late..."row row row your boat".. :-) Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Island..and say hi to Gilligan..the Skipper too..the know the rest!

Posted on Tue Sep 21 11:27:03 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

From: Poole, Dorset

I imagine you’re already on the island, Mr Crusoe. I didn’t comment because I thought your choice, the first three straight, was perfect. I thought about compilations, perhaps “The Shape I’m In: The Very Best of The Band” or the “To Kingdom Come” double, but look what you’d miss. Compilations mean no We Can Talk, In a Station, Lonesome Suzie, Rocking Chair, Whispering Pines, Look Out Cleveland, Jemima Surrender, Jawbone, Sleeping, Just Another Whistle Stop, Daniel & The Sacred Harp, All La Glory. There’s also something very pleasing about the running order of the first three, though that might be what I’m used to.

Hey, that’s funny. The list of stuff from the first three that never gets on compilations is about 80% the same as my list for that “Best of Richard Manuel” compilation. Coincidence?

I’m surprised every time I check through The Band section in record stores in the USA to find it still contains the very poor value, short “Best of The Band”. What’s the problem with rights? It’s Capitol in Europe too, but here it’s the 18 track “Very Best of …” not the 11 track “Best of …”. As with bonus tracks, the American consumer gets short-changed. This goes beyond The Band. There are still a lot of 10 or 12 track 1960s compilations on sale in the USA, which in Europe would probably be 20 or 24 track compilations. How do they get away with it?

Posted on Tue Sep 21 05:39:37 CEST 1999 from (

Stu Hruska

From: Westchester, New York

Hey Lee! Because you asked. The ride to Litchfield, Ct. looked much more direct and closer on the map. Litchfield looked like a quaint little town and I guess the country roads we drove must have been nice, but who could see in the dark. The show was more than worth the trip... The crowd Saturday night at The County Seat, a small and intimate venue, seemed charged and looking foward to hearing Rick perform. As it turned out the audience really responded to Rick's invitations to join along during the show and sounded good to boot. Aaron Hurwitz and Marie Spinosa opened the show for Rick and I honestly didn't want their set to end. Their performance was just simply that teriffic. Among other songs they performed "Don't Wait" from the Jubilation cd, a soulfull rendition of "When You Love Somebody" and one of their original compositions called "The Great Beyond" which was one of the best new songs I've heard in ages. Rick took the stage and put on a wonderful strong performance. He looked well and sounded even better. He spoke briefly about his new album "Live on Breeze Hill" which will appear in next month's "Rolling Stone" Seems that things are going well with this project and Rick certainly seems to be responding. Rick's set included "Crazy Mama", "This Wheels on Fire", "Book Faded Brown" (he's got the lyrics down pat) "Sip The Wine" (with the benefit of great backup by Aaron and Marie), "Blind Willie McTell", "Next Time You See Me", (Aaron vocal), "It Makes No Difference", "Twilight" (requested by audience), "Long Black Veil", "Let The Four Winds Blow" (Aaron vocal). "The Weight", "The Shape I'm In", (first encore) "Rivers of Babylon", (second encore) "Stagefright". It was a wonderful performance in a perfect venue. Rick was great both vocally and on the guitar!

Posted on Tue Sep 21 03:52:48 CEST 1999 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Robbie Crusoe, 'Across The Great Divide' 'Crossing The Great Divide' 'The Complete Basement Tapes.' That ain't cheating.

Posted on Tue Sep 21 03:35:20 CEST 1999 from (

Robbie Crusoe

From: The Dock

Well, I'm finally off to my desert island with my 3 alloted Band albums in tow - Big Pink, The Band, and Stage Fright! Thanks to Ragtime and Pehr for reinforcing my choice. If I were allowed two more I would have added Jericho and High On The Hog but I gotta play by the rules! Now, how about giving me a little send-off with a rousing chorus of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat?" (Think The Band might record that on the rumored "By Request" album?)

Posted on Tue Sep 21 03:31:35 CEST 1999 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

A couple of things. No harmonica on "Dixie." It's Garth combining his Lowry with some type of squeezebox. "Acadian Driftwood" is easily one of the best songs in the Band canon. Great guitar, interesting rhythm-especially Richard's clavinette, the brilliance of Garth's backgrounds, the vocal give and take, three part harmony, profound story and great lyrics, even a great mix. A true high point of a great album. Which brings me to this. The thread about how many good albums the Band had. For starters, the recording of Big Pink began in early 1968 while Cahoots came out in mid-1971. That's four albums in a little over three years. Now there's plenty of grousing about Cahoots, and God bless all you grousers. I love that album and play it alot. Let's add "Jake" "Endless Highway" "Theme from TLW" and the song of the same, "Twilight," and I'll argue about half of "Islands." That comes to six albums in eight years. Remember something else. Genius is a fleeting thing. It comes, it goes, and often lasts for no more than a couple of moments. The boys kept it up for varying degrees for eight years as the Band, that after eight years as the Hawks. Now then, if you'd like, go stand in the corner and repeat "Northern Lights is skimpy" and "There's only three and a half good albums here" a hundred times--it still won't be true. And grouse all you like. Pally, it's your loss.

Posted on Tue Sep 21 01:50:52 CEST 1999 from (


From: bandvil,wannabee

robbie caruso: have a good trip. i think your choice of records will serve you well but i may suggest the old reliable rock of ages and basement tapes (complete and genuine if you have them . i wish i did... Ikka: i seem to remember on the classic albums video that the harp on "dixie" was actually more if garths toying around and finding something. i'd be interested to hear more of richard on the harp since i love everything i hear him do. that would be interesting fodder for the best of richard manuel project we are promoting here... what's richards harmonica discography? anyone ever find rick danko in "the kids are alright?" where's waldo?

Posted on Tue Sep 21 01:08:09 CEST 1999 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

Just got the Raven Records (Australia) BEST OF LEVON HELM '75-'96 and found it just as impressive as the Gram Parsons and Gene Clark collections I'd bought previously on the label. Does anyone know, however, why the version described a couple of times in the booklet is the ALL-STARR BAND version, while the disc actually contains the LAST WALTZ take with The Staple Singers? I also noticed this weekend that the video version of Ringo's ALL-STARR BAND (which includes Rick, Levon AND Garth) lists "Raining in My Heart," which isn't on the tape, and fails to list "Shape I'm In" and "Cripple Creek," which ARE included. Rhino would have never done that...

Posted on Tue Sep 21 00:34:30 CEST 1999 from (

Paul Godfrey

One would certainly agree that Acadian Driftwood is most enjoyable when delivered by a full band. However, I was at a Valdy concert a while back and received a delightful surprise. Valdy tours Canada as a solo artist and usually in smaller more intimate venues. On this particular evening just Valdy and his guitar performed a hauntingly beautiful version of Acadian Driftwood. The song certainly can stand alone even in such a setting. I'd love to hear it with just Rick on guitar and Levon on violin and harp. Matter of fact I may have heard them do it at El Macombo, Toronto....buuuutttt the memory is the first to go!

Posted on Mon Sep 20 23:14:26 CEST 1999 from (


From: Madison, Wi. *AMERICA'S JERRYLAND*
Home page

Got my tickets from ticketbasters for Rockotber 30th in Milwaukee, to see *Philylan*. Its so good to get to see great shows with two great performers like days past *Paul Simon/Bob Dylan*, and now *Phil Lesh/Bob Dylan*. Its like getting your moneys worth! WOW, wouldn't it be fantastic to see *The Band/Bob Dylan*!!! Do you think this could ever happen??? *sigh*

Posted on Mon Sep 20 22:00:42 CEST 1999 from (


From: Upstate NY

BENTEEN: "Acadian Driftwood" is my favorite Band song. I have seen others in this guestbook speak highly of it. Probably the reason it's rarely mentioned is that THIS BAND (our current Band configuration) never plays it, at least not in public.

"Driftwood" takes a lot of people to do. Last month a local Cajun band was joined by another group of musicians and played it at a private function. There was a flute, fiddle, two guitars, bass, harp (our own Tom Izzo), mandolin, and singer. No drums, clavinet, accordian, or bagpipe. The two bands had never met before and the flute player was playing it for the first time, from the sheet music. When it was over everyone looked at everyone else like "now THAT was something." That's how good that song is.

Posted on Mon Sep 20 21:48:47 CEST 1999 from (


From: Ct

Am I to understand that Levon stormed off the stage during the Band's opening of the Cafe, and they have not played together since? What happened??

Posted on Mon Sep 20 21:37:14 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

I may be mistaken but didn't David Bromberg also play at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970? Nice to hear that he's playing live again--last I heard he was earning a living building, buying & selling American-made violins. Last year several of his recordings were reissued. Sony released "The Player: A Retrospective", a single disc best of cuts. Fantasy Records reissued his "Reckless Abandon" album on CD. Also, Bromberg's 1977 performance with Phoebe Snow from the PBS Soundstage series was released on DVD. One would hope that these releases helped expose this fine musician to newer audiences. Having seen him & his band perform live several times back in the '70s, I was always amazed by his ability to play so many forms of music so well--from country, folk, bluegrass, rock to blues. His version of Blind Willie McTell's "Statesboro Blues" was always a crowd-pleaser down here in Atlanta.

Posted on Mon Sep 20 18:41:50 CEST 1999 from (

Jonathan Katz

From: Columbia, MD

Glad to see one of my favorites, David Bromberg, mentioned here! I'd love to see him in NYC - what brought him out of retirement? His recent [~1 yr ago] appearance with Dylan? He has a Band connection - milling about at the Last Waltz and a co-collaborator [with most of the Band] on a Ringo album. What a great musician. [Remember the lead guitar on New Morning?] One of his best is a song called "Nobody's" which is on "Midnight on the Water." Another good one on that LP is "I Like to Sleep Late In the Morning" [By David Blue - a "folkie" contemporary of BD].

To David K: I don't remember the names of the 2 songs but I think that they appear on a bootleg (if I remember correctly). They are Dylan compositions and neither he nor anyone else ever recorded them for official release.

Posted on Mon Sep 20 17:54:16 CEST 1999 from (


David Powell: Great stuff (as always) on June Carter Cash. Had no idea she had studied acting with the greats. Another couple of connections: Johnny & Levon, Legend of Jesse James; the Madison Square Garden Dylan Tribute (Johnny and June / The Band), and other general Dylan connections.

Posted on Mon Sep 20 15:38:32 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

So many musicians who aspire to be actors and then there are actors like Kevin Bacon who aspire to be musicians. I finally caught the movie "Crossing Guard" last night on cable. A somewhat flawed film that's redeemed by powerful performances by Jack Nicholson and Angelica Huston. I'm sure that their history together infused some of the chemistry between them in their scenes. And then there's the scene where Nicholson gets Robbie Robertson in a head lock. I bet Levon enjoyed seeing that. Overall I thought Sean Penn did a fine directorial job.

Richard P.: "The Apostle" is one of my all time favorites. Not only does it feature June Carter Cash, but the great country singer/songwriter Billy Joe Shaver appears as Robert Duvall's friend in the movie. June Carter Cash is no stranger to acting-- back in the '50s she studied with Elia Kazan at The Actors Studio in New York where she caught the eye of a fellow student/actor by the name of James Dean. She's always had a natural gift for comedy and back then appeared on several television variety shows. On weekends, she'd fly back to Nashville to appear with her mother & sisters on the Grand Ole Opry.

In the '60s, Mother Maybelle, June & her sisters Helen & Anita joined Johnny Cash's road show. June would help Johnny turn his life around. In each other they found soul mates and remain together to this day, through good times & bad. There is somewhat of a connection with The Band--when Johnny finally proposed to June in the late '60s, it was while onstage in London, Ontario.

Posted on Mon Sep 20 13:17:47 CEST 1999 from (

Brown-Eyed Johnny

From: Caroons Lake, LI, NY

Long Island's WLIW-TV (Channel 21) will broadcast the one-hour documentary "The Band" at midnight tonight.

Posted on Mon Sep 20 11:16:05 CEST 1999 from (

L. G.

Anybody out there who saw the Danko shows last Fri/Sat in CT? Please post review/photos...anything! Cheers.

Posted on Mon Sep 20 06:07:57 CEST 1999 from (


From: the north

it seems not to much said about "acadian driftwood" here, one, imo ,of the band's strongest efforts.

Posted on Mon Sep 20 02:23:11 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Thanks Freddy Fishstick for the mention of Jim Croce. Sept 20, many years ago...but that's not the way it feels. The music, as always, keeps the memory alive.

Like the northwind whistling down the sky..I got a song..I got a song. Like the whippoorwill and the baby's cry..I got a song..I got a song. And I carry it with me and I sing it loud. If it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud. Movin me down the highway..Rollin me down the highway..Movin ahead so life won't pass me by......

Posted on Sun Sep 19 20:21:00 CEST 1999 from (

Richard Patterson

From: St Kits

Freddy: Oops! You're very correct, another cup of coffee please. Just looking at the cover of Bromberg's 'Demon in Disguise' but obviously didn't check the credits.

Posted on Sun Sep 19 20:07:24 CEST 1999 from (

Freddy Fishstick

From: Belize

Richard P

I think old Jerry Jeff Walker penned Mr. Bojangles though I concede that David Bromberg probably performed the song with him to death. BTW Bromberg is scheduled to appear in nYC @ Town Hall in mid October.

Posted on Sun Sep 19 19:32:33 CEST 1999 from (

Richard Patterson

From: St Kits

Freddy: Thanks for mentioning David Bromberg. Of course he was the writer of "Mr Bojangles" (a hit for the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band-who did their own "Last Waltz"-turn on "Will the Circle be Unbroken" from '72). Bromberg is a rare and unusual talent. I'm a big fan of his mid-seventies lp 'Wanted/Dead or Alive'. He covers Blind Willie McTell ("Statesboro Blues") and Dylan ("Wallflower") amoung others, and also features my favorite Bromberg original "Someone Else's Blues".

David P.: I'm sure you're familiar with WTCBU. Includes the NGDB backing Mother Maybelle Carter, Earl Scruggs, and a few others you have mentioned in recent posts, but did you know June Carter Cash was an actress? Caught her last night in "The Apostle" where she plays the mother of a gospel preacher (Robert Duvall). Recommended. Do you know if she has been in any other movies?

Posted on Sun Sep 19 16:20:14 CEST 1999 from (

Freddy Fishstick

From: Nassau Beach

September 20th marks the anniversary of the passing of two great singer/storytellers- Jim Croce & Steve Goodman (9/20/73 & 9/20/84 repectively). Both were influences on the boss- Jimmy Buffett among others. Goodman is best known for authoring "City of New Orleans". For those only remotely familiar with his work I recommend the Steve Goodman anthology titled "no big surprise" and "Somebody Else's Troubles" featuring "The Dutchman", "I'm My Own Grandpa" and the title tune with David Bromberg & Bob Dylan sittin in.

Posted on Sun Sep 19 06:00:54 CEST 1999 from (

David K

From: Bronx NY

There's a scene in a hotel room in Eat the Document with Robbie and Dylan playing guitars and Dylan singing - does anyone know the names of these (2 if I remember correctly) songs and if Dylan wrote either of them and if he or anyone ever recorded them and if so where I can find them. The last song is particularly beautiful and ends the film. (Unfortunately, neither is in it's entirety in the film. (Anyone have and unedited version on video with the complete songs?)

Posted on Sun Sep 19 04:22:23 CEST 1999 from (


From: NZ
Home page

Thanks Diamond and Ragtime.

Islands has some real gems but it's style / sound is light years from "The Band" which is maybe why some people don't like it.Right As Rain should have been a hit single.

Posted on Sun Sep 19 02:07:09 CEST 1999 from (


From: Brasil

Although my english is not as good as I would like, I wanna say something: I can understand what people here are talking about. I mean that when we share feelings, exchange ideas we are exposing ourselves and this is a hard thing to do in any language.

Posted on Sat Sep 18 23:26:28 CEST 1999 from (


From: the opposite of New Zealand

Hey Rod... I hear there's new life in New Zealand... congratulations to the proud Prowses... Garth would have been a great name, but Callum is OK too ;-) I hope he has his dad's talent, from what I saw on your website...

Robbie Crusoe: IF three really is the maximum, well then, you made the only possible choice. Have a nice life :-)

Lil: please admire my English since I'm one of those tragical victims of a non-AngloSaxon upbringing... ;-)

Just supported the Rick Danko Fund by buying "Danko in Concert 1997". Like it, but missed Garth in Chest Fever...

Posted on Sat Sep 18 23:04:32 CEST 1999 from (64.11.1332.234)

Bayou Man

From: New Orleans

I found this piece at

No Longer at the Helm

When Brian Stoltz sang Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower" at the end of his performance last Wednesday at Levon Helm's Classic American Cafe, he didn't know how prophetic the line "There must be some way out of here" would be.

"Carmen Marotta came up to me after and gave me a big hug and said, `You took us out in style.' I had no idea what he was talking about, and he said, `That's it. The club's closing down.'"

The French Quarter club at 300 Decatur St. -- whose three primary partners are Marotta, The Band's drummer Levon Helm and New Orleans singer Banu Gibson -- never fully got on its feet after a rocky start in late 1998. Construction was not complete for the Dec. 26 grand opening, and in The Band's debut performance the same week, Helm stormed off the stage mid-show, to the shock of patrons who'd anted up for $25 tickets. (Subsequent Band performances at the club all were canceled.) Staff turnover also plagued the club from its inception, and the restaurant arm of the venue never captured the imagination of locals or tourists.

"It's extremely unfortunate," says Marotta. "We were going to close on May 31 for the summer, but after Jazz Fest, it just fell off a cliff, and it became apparent it wasn't worth it to stay open."

The fate of the club remains unknown. Marotta says the venue will be closed for the summer, but construction on apartments and office space on the building's third and fourth floors will move forward. How that will be accomplished is a mystery, as sources say exhausted capital and substantial debts contributed to the club's shuttering.

"Every business has a debt-to-asset ratio, and we certainly have payables, but none that are unusual for this kind of venture," says Marotta. "The club will definitely be operating again as a live music venue in the fall, but probably in a different capacity." He confirmed rumors of preliminary discussions with Buddy Guy's Legends and Las Vegas mogul Steve Wynn, while insisting that "the club is not openly for sale, but we're reconsidering our options."

Helm could not be reached at press time, and a disenheartened Gibson declined comment "until the smoke clears." -- Jordan

Posted on Sat Sep 18 22:22:39 CEST 1999 from (

Robbie Crusoe

From: The Neighborhood

Hey, speaking of Islands I'm leaving for one very soon (a totally deserted one with a solar powered CD player as the only modern device) and I'm never coming back. I'm only permitted to take three Band CDs with me so I thought I'd take Big Pink, The Brown Album, and Stage Fright. Does anyone think I should substitute any other Band album for one of these? Or would anyone else make different choices if they were going? If so please post reply in GB ASAP (I think we'd all find this interesting) -- rowboat leaving soon! Thanks!

Posted on Sat Sep 18 18:39:03 CEST 1999 from (


Just recieved information that VH1 is broadcasting the best of Saturday Night Live series starting Monday. They are doing the years 1975-1979 - with four more episodes to follow. Does anybody know if The Band is going to be involved? Hope so!

Posted on Sat Sep 18 18:24:42 CEST 1999 from (


From: Central Park

Richard - Right, you did mention ROA which again doesn't qualify as an album of original material however. Northern Lights (even if one likes every song - and I don't) would only qualify as 2/3rds of an album with its measly 8 tracks. Islands I dismiss completely although I admit that "Christmas Must Be Tonight" would be a perfect theme song for the Jews for Jesus movement. This nonsense excuse used by many bands that their last album for a label is justifiably lackluster (I'd use a stronger word) as it was merely made to fulfill a contractual obligation to a record company doesn't cut it with me. What about the obligation to their fans who are the ones who pay hard earned money for their records? AND LIL - "Tragical" is a bona fide English word (at least in England) as the Rutles used it years ago in their "Tragical History Tour" parody of the Beatles MMT - still very funny - Available on Rhino Video tho I have reservations about plugging them after that name spelling error on Jericho.

Posted on Sat Sep 18 16:43:30 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The bureau for the prevention of the violation of the english language :-)

llkka: That was truly worth a smile :-) Just as endearing as your wonderful word "tragical" which btw I use all the time now in everyday speech. Kind of 'adopted' it I guess.

And just for the record, the English as a second language thing I mentioned was a compliment...not a put-down to _anyone_. I think it's amazing how some folks can communicate in more than one language. I speak only English (and at times less intelligible than alot of you "violators" :-) I do however know several ehm..Norwegian phrases..but at the risk of being 'vaporized'..I'll keep em to myself :-)

Have a good day everyone.

Posted on Sat Sep 18 16:24:02 CEST 1999 from (

Ilkka (again)

Sorry about my Freudian lapse in the previous post. This is what I ment:
The young generation is coming on as strong as ever.
PS. Please, read Lil's wise word about us "etrangers" who are violating English!

Posted on Sat Sep 18 15:45:56 CEST 1999 from (


From: Nordic Countries, Europe
Home page

YES! The new generation is coming as strong as ever. I'm proud to say that my student HEIDI is hosting a music show - Paparazzi - in digital radio, which can be heard all over the world in the site of Swedish Broadcasting Corporation:

Posted on Sat Sep 18 12:56:24 CEST 1999 from (


From: if i'm missing something, please DISREGARD!! don't have a lot of time to back up and read the details :)

Illka - the original title of that song was "The Confused New Wife Blues" - started something like this... "you said that you loved me only/That you wanted to share my life/But you ain't sayin it with the same feeling/Since i have become your wife" :))))))) to be sung to the tune of "Heartbreak Hotel" - cos i'm NOT a songwriter, not a musician, not a comedian... :))))))) i just owe you one :), so give it some music when you get it :) do whatever you want to with it!!! just enjoy it.

Pecos, i'm always under the assumption that when somebody mentions preview or think before you post, that they're talkin to me :) don't know why :) but - about the New South thing... wanted to get that Neil Young vs. Lynnard Skynnard BS out of the way - cos i don't vote. refuse to ---- i'm still "protestin" :)) since so many are from round the world and don't know what i see everyday, just wanted to make sure we stuck to "what is important" now that ya'll know i live in Alabam and might be curious. That's for my dear, sweet, Good Daddy. he's so funny, so kind, and that's all i want to bring to Jan's lovely buffet... so don't ya'll drag me into politics... just enjoy the accent. :)) and i don't say "Woah" i say "wore" as in wore out with the "Civil Wore" :)))))) wasn't there just grew up playing on those piles of cannon balls left behind.... and you're right - nobody can be replaced.... that's why i like it when people stop trying to out do each other and just start being themselves.... being a "collector of characters" it adds to my stories, normally told to small children who need to learn to laugh again... been waitin a while for that to happen in here... it's been very pleasant lately. so i'm gonna behave :) owe jan. a big one. :) and i was willin to BEG, let me tell you! - which is very unlike me :))))))

Lil, glad you know i came in peace. only weapon i got is an old baton... anybody breaks in i'm gonna twirl them to death :)))))))

gotta go. admitting defeat i've hired professionals to do the bathroom floor. the direction on the bag don't make sense... but then, i've never been fond of following directions... nor wrestling alligators... but i knew somebody down in New Orleans who did... :)

Mr. Powell, didn't care for Atlantic City myself (tho i haven't heard that song, either :). Not my kind of gamblin'. :))))) and don't worry, i'll leave the eldest of us old retired beauty queens with Hurricane - although it IS funny watching a couple of them fightin over somebody else's microphone :))))) can't do a thing with them tho. Having already passed through the Big M, ---- i walk around those gals. Scary. little Wendy and i, we always cut and run... and we don't sing. :) and babysittin her is wearin me OUT. i'm too old for this! :)

ya'll take care and make a day good... puttin StageFright on repeat. thank ya'll for all this music... been a while since i paid attention to it... had no idea they were talkin bout me... :) except for All La Glory. i remember that one well...

Posted on Sat Sep 18 12:09:26 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Not going to comment on the last few posts about which Band album is better and who's delusional, and who's making money from what etc...since there's nothing new there.

There _was_ something new however, several posts back...A new baby!!! ('How a little baby boy....bring the people so much joy.....') Congratulations Rod and Mrs. Rod!! Remember so well when my first son was I do each of my kids. There's not a better feeliing in the world. Health and Happiness to Callum.

Posted on Sat Sep 18 12:08:22 CEST 1999 from (

Rebecca Whiting

From: England

Robbie Robertson has touched my heart and soul for many years now. What more can I say?

Posted on Sat Sep 18 09:07:22 CEST 1999 from (


From: The Trees

Oh Yeah ... and last but not least, I forgot to mention "Let The Night Fall" .... CHIRP!...I'm outta here! ~~ flap~~flap~~flap~~

Posted on Sat Sep 18 08:34:52 CEST 1999 from (

Richard Patterson

From: St Kits

Weedo: Actually did mention ROA. And Northern Lights is very strong IMHO. If only I could spell my name!

Posted on Sat Sep 18 08:16:29 CEST 1999 from (


From: Central Park

Ricahrd - I said "5 great albums of original songs" not "pieces of vinyl." Hence, I don't think TLW qualifies nor does Rock of Ages which you didn't mention or Moondog Matinee which is all covers not originals or their stuff with Dylan which is mostly stuff from their first 3 albums plus Dylan's stuff and I don't think all of Northern Lights is that strong and it has very few songs on it (and is only 1/2 a good album) though I prefer it to Cahoots which only has about 3 decent songs on it. I think you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel with your delusional inclusions. And I don't remember Levon being at the Albert Hall and The Band wasn't really THE Band anyway until they cut Big Pink. I'm surprised you didn't include the hits with Ronnie Hawkins.

Posted on Sat Sep 18 07:31:38 CEST 1999 from (

Ricahrd Patterson

From: St Kits

Weedo: By my count (and I don't think I'm deluding myself here) there are eight great pieces of vinyl by the (original) Band. Moondog Matinee, Northern Lights/Southern Cross and the Last Waltz (counts as three) are every bit the equal of Stage Fright or Big Pink (the Brown album is in a class by itself). And let's not forget the work with Dylan. Maybe five more great pieces of vinyl? Oh and the '66 Albert Hall boot (how many pieces of vinyl is that?) Did somebody say ROA?

Posted on Sat Sep 18 06:27:34 CEST 1999 from (


From: Central Park

Let's get real! If The Band had released Islands as their debut album there wouldn't have been any other albums to follow. Those who seem to be rediscovering all these "gems" in The Band's worst albums are under some kind of self-hypnotic delusion because they want so badly for The (original) Band to have had 5 great albums of original songs when in reality they only had 4 (the first 3 plus the good songs from the rest of their output would probably equal another one). They are "living in a dream" as someone once said. As far as all those outtakes which are apparently surfacing on bootlegs -- hope I find a copy real soon. People seem to put down the bootleggers as as sleezy rip-off artists but without them them Columbia would never have released all that Dylan stuff they had in the vault and we wouldn't have the Beatle's Anthologies either. The big record companies are making most of the dough off the album sales not the artists. So don't hold your breath for Rhino to put out an album of Band rarities as it's probably not going to happen (tho I'd be happy to be wrong about this, believe me).

Posted on Sat Sep 18 04:20:26 CEST 1999 from (


Home page

Somebody mentioned a few postongs ago mentioned they liked " Move to Japan".I don't think it's one of the great Band songs but it has some of Garth's best ever accordion work. Speeking of Garth, my first son was born yesterday. I wanted to call him Garth (my brother already had a dog called Levon) but my wife wasn't so keen. Never mind, must go and start Callum on his musical education.

Posted on Fri Sep 17 22:48:06 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

Andy: welcome from another British fan (albeit English) and I hope to hear more from you. Look in the Tape Archive on the site - Cambridge the day before is listed and Dublin the day after, but not the Forum. Record Collector reviewed it (disparagingly). Check Jawbone - The Band Fanzine, (subscription from this site).

Posted on Fri Sep 17 21:24:29 CEST 1999 from (



Hi folks, The Band forever!

Posted on Fri Sep 17 21:05:24 CEST 1999 from (


Hey Bones: whoever told you that nobody likes Islands, was pulling your leg. In fact everybody loves Islands. It has a few flaws, but many many gems. Even when they don't reach their own standards, they're still the top...

Posted on Fri Sep 17 20:49:42 CEST 1999 from (


From: The Trees

Listen up! I'm here to dispel, once and for all, the false notion that ISLANDS is Lack Luster effort... Excuse Me!!! Islands is a great album: Saga of Pepote Rouge, When the Night Falls, Livin' in a Dream, Knockin Lost John, Christmas Must Be Tonight (hey its a X-mas song, gimme a break), Right As Rain, Georgia on My Mind (one of Richard's best vocals ever!), this record is strong from start to finish ... and I'll even throw Street Walker in there too (How's that for Pluck?) Somewhere in the past (and I won't mention any names) someone gave this record a bad review... so I suggest that any "true" Band Fans who have missed this record just because of some review you read... give it a listen... it has held up well through time, and I think it will become a favorite ... ( put it on your list, there's only 98 shopping days till X-mas) Catch ya in the flight corridor... I'm outta here! CHIRP! ~~flap~~flap~~flap~~

Posted on Fri Sep 17 20:04:54 CEST 1999 from (


From: CT

I have been listening to Islands a lot lately. It's funny that no one( not even Band members ) likes that record. I love it! If any other group released a record that sound musically, it would be hailed as a triumph. However, because it's the Band, it is considered lackluster.

Posted on Fri Sep 17 19:38:14 CEST 1999 from (


From: Central Park

I'm hoping that John Hyatt will use his influence and good taste to get The Band to do an hour long set on Sessions at West 54th!! In my opinion they've had more crap (Tori Amos and John "Cougar" Melloncamp come to mind) on that show than good stuff or maybe the crap was good but just didn't appeal to me - same difference.

Posted on Fri Sep 17 14:48:19 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Don: I've read where John Hiatt has recovered nicely following throat surgery. It's my understanding that he was recently picked to replace David Byrne as host of PBS's wonderful live music showcase "Sessions At West 54th." The series recently began taping segments for the upcoming t.v season. I'm still hoping that The Band will hook up with Hiatt again to do some more of his great songs.

BTW Don, we'll be back out your way tonight at the Border club. Watch out for crazy Chester.

Posted on Fri Sep 17 14:20:07 CEST 1999 from (

Don Pugatch

From: Roswell, GA

Being a huge John Hiatt fan, and just can't get enough of the duet on Jubilation with Rick, can anyone fill me in to the where abouts of Hiatt. Do know that he had a operation, and that he was supposed to be on the mend. Any news would be appreciated. Also, if anyone has a chance to see live Buena Vista Social Club,(without Ry Cooder) grab the tickets ASAP, I missed my chance, sold out in Atlanta.

Posted on Fri Sep 17 12:57:05 CEST 1999 from (

Andy McD

From: Scotland

Hi! I've enjoyed this site for a while now and have finally plucked up the courage to add my thoughts, such as they are. Unfortunately I'm "only" 30 so The Band's heyday passed me by. I'm enjoying the new stuff though and was interested to see the comments about Jericho. Personally, I think Atlantic City is one of the best things they have done - as a Bruuuuuce fan I love the original anyway but The Band's version blows me away. Got to admit that I hate techno, dance, or whatever you want to call it but RR's Contact.... really opened up my eyes. Then again, being a Scotsman (and therefore used to seeing Scottish culture being rode roughshod over, made a joke of, or just plain ignored by the largely English-related UK media) maybe I see slight parallels with the Native American experience. Anyway, my thanks to RR for some thought-provoking stuff.

I've only seen The Band once, last time they were in London (96? My memory doesn't serve me too well!), and I'm afraid it was a bit of a nightmare. I couldn't find (or afford!!) any accomodation so I had to travel 500 miles by bus, figured I'd see most of the set, have to leave early, and get the last bus for the 500 mile journey back home. The Band didn't come on until about an hour after I expected and so I had to leave the show after only 40 minutes or so - right in the middle of Garth's It Makes No Difference sax solo. I enjoyed my 40 minutes though!!! Reviews I read of the show said that it pretty much descended into a shambles with Rick forgetting the words to The Weight etc etc. I've always wondered what the rest of the show was like so if anyone was there it would be great if you could give me your view - and the setlist so I can see what I missed! Thanks folks.

Posted on Fri Sep 17 12:55:47 CEST 1999 from (


From: a harmless man...

Ilkka: you're a poet, don't ya know it... We'll nominate you for the nex VG poll. Please add guitar cords... :-)

Lil: thanxalot for your faith in me... ;-)

Posted on Fri Sep 17 11:04:25 CEST 1999 from (


This is THE BLACK MONITOR BLUES, I was playing.

Had a 'puter and his name was Eye-bee-am
Bet your life he's in the Web when he can

Every night just about good dark
He went to Guestbook when the dogs do bark

Everything got in a rush
The computer suddenly crashed

Please mister Supporter Man
My computer got the Guestbook Bluuuu-eees.

Eye-bee-am got sick and got very sick
Sent for the supporter to come quick

Supporter come and he come in a run
Says old Eye-bee-am your surfin's done.

When I get to heaven I'll tell you what'll I do
Find my Eye-bee-am and we'll be posting to you!

Please mister Supporter Man
My computer has the Guestbook Bluuuu-eeee-eeees.

Posted on Fri Sep 17 09:46:48 CEST 1999 from (


From: under the falling leaves
Home page

While my computer was broken I was sitting and thinking and playing the blues with my harmonica. I saw in my eyes Richard playing the harp in The Last Waltz movie. There is a harmonica in Old Dixie (Brown Album), too. Is it Richard's. Where can I hear him more? In the Basement Tapes for sure. Maybe it is said somewhere in this site.

Is this only a sweet dream - The Band played in Denmark at Roskilde festival in the early '80s? I don't remember the year but please someone, tell me that I haven't only dreamed.

Posted on Fri Sep 17 06:12:41 CEST 1999 from (


Oops... you're both right Weedo & Lil... Dylan made a little joke... but Rhino made a joke of it by being sloppy... so... I think they owe us that compilation...

Posted on Fri Sep 17 03:00:34 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The Web Of Exhaustion

A pot of coffee before bed is _not_ a good thing is case anyone is contemplating it. Tired, wired, and a bit sentimental. With the talk of Richard, have been listening to him here for about an hour now. Alot of collective tears in the eyes when alot of us do that it seems. I guess I just want to say that much more importantly than the fact that he the fact that he lived. And so grateful he _still_ lives on in the music.


Posted on Fri Sep 17 02:36:13 CEST 1999 from (

Richard Patterson

From: St Kits

Speaking of Richard, just listening now to Bonnie Raitt's '82 lp Green Light. A great record that features not only a couple of great NRBQ tunes but Richard doing a wonderful job on background vocals on the song "River of Tears". Always brings a tear to my eye!

Posted on Fri Sep 17 01:56:20 CEST 1999 from (


From: Central Park

Woops! Made a proofreading error myself! Should have been 1943-1986 obviously. Just think Ragtime should have checked the CD booklet before asking, that's all.

Posted on Fri Sep 17 00:01:58 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Now I know how Dorothy felt. Trees bending to the ground here..expecting to see Uncle Henry and Auntie Em fly by any moment. Hope everyone's weathering this storm.

Weedo: Agree 100%. No joke. Not even remotely funny, and there's no excuse for someone not proofreading before printing. However, I get the feeling that Ragtime didn't mean his remark as in 'joke..funny..haha'. I can't speak for him, but the impression I got was that he meant 'joke' as in something that was just a ridiculous mistake. If I'm wrong Ragtime, please feel free to correct me.

I'd like to remind everyone that there are so many folks from so many different cultures in our little community here, and language can be a very funny thing when translated on no more than a computer screen. This site for the most part is done in english (for which I commend Jan since it's not his first language and he does a damn good job)...and alot of others post here in english as a second language (all of whom seem to be intelligent and understandable). My point here (yeah..I do have one..go figure :-) is that sometimes what we read is not necessarily what was meant by the person who posted. And going by nothing else but Ragtime's past posts, I don't think he meant any harm.

And for what it's worth, in whatever language, and however it's spelled, Richard George _Manuel_ was indeed...too soon gone.

Thanks for listening.

Posted on Thu Sep 16 23:28:20 CEST 1999 from (


From: Central Park

Ragtime: Because it's no joke when you put it under a photo of Richard that says "Richard Manual 1943-1946" beside the phrase "Too Soon Gone" that's why.

Posted on Thu Sep 16 22:30:12 CEST 1999 from (



If my memory serves me well, at that time we were all speculating about our most wanted selections for a Richard Manuel compilation, but I didn't dive into the archives. Wasn't there a rumor of a record company wanting to release such a cd?

BTW Why this annoyance about Rhino calling Richard "Manual"? Bob Dylan made the same joke, way back on the record sleeve of Planet Waves...

Posted on Thu Sep 16 22:01:07 CEST 1999 from (


From: Dutchess County

Funny you should mention a Richard compilation tape. I was traipsing down GuestBook memory lane the other day (a past-time I highly recommend, there is fascinating stuff to be found). On Friday 5th March, 1999, @ 5:00:42:46, Mr. Blind Willie McTell addressed this very issue. I will not repeat his selections but I will give them my highest endorsement.

Posted on Thu Sep 16 21:58:23 CEST 1999 from (

Fredddy Fishstick

From: Nassau Beach

Tip of the hat to Levon for those of us looking at this storm- "Nobody's taught her that it takes a lot of water To wash away New Orleans". Keep on the Sunny Side. :-) Best- Lil & JW

Posted on Thu Sep 16 21:19:42 CEST 1999 from (


From: texas

diamond lil: now that idea of a richard compilation tape... is the best idea i think i've ever heard!

Posted on Thu Sep 16 15:16:39 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

When Marty Stuart recorded The Band's "The Shape I'm In" in 1992, it was at a point just before his career began taking off. He would later cross paths with The Band playing on the Buddy Holly tribute album "notfadeaway." Marty also recently appeared, along with Levon, in the Steven Seagal movie "Fire Down Below."

Mr. Stuart has achieved a new level of success with the recent release of his excellent album "The Pilgrim" (MCA Nashville). Earlier this week he appeared on the Don Imus radio show to discuss both his new album and his love of country music. When the talk turned to the subject of Lefty Frissell, Marty played a wonderful impromtu version of "Long Black Veil."

"The Pilgrim" is a country "concept" album in the tradition of Waylon Jennings' "Honky Tonk Heros," Willie Nelson's "Red Headed Stranger," and the Paul Kennerly projects "White Mansions" & "The Legend of Jesse James." The songs, all either written or co-written by Mr. Stuart, are based loosely on a true story about love, loss, misunderstanding and redemption. On this beautifully recorded album, Marty is accompanied by his tight band, The Rock & Roll Cowboys, along with cameo appearances by such notable figures as Johnny Cash, Ralph Stanley, George Jones, Emmylou Harris, Pam Tillis, Earl Scruggs, Uncle Josh Graves, Barry Beckett and Heartbreaker Mike Campbell.

Particularly outstanding is Pam Tillis on harmony vocals, an all too brief duet by George & Emmylou on the song "Truckstop", Johnny Cash's recitation of an excerpt from Alfred Lord Tennyson's "Sir Galahad" and Marty on mandolin with Earl Scruggs on the instrumental duet "Mr. John Henry, Steel Driving Man."

Country music fans will remember that Marty's music career began as a teenager when he got a job playing mandolin with the late great Lester Flatt, who himself played with Bill Monroe's band along with Earl Scruggs. Flatt & Scruggs then carried the bluegrass tradition further when they formed their own group. After years of success they would have a falling out over musical directions; Flatt preferred traditional bluegrass, whereas Scruggs wanted to branch out & play other types of songs, including those of Bob Dylan.

Stuart, like Mr. Scruggs, is a musician with strong bluegrass & country roots who is not hesitant to rock it up a bit. Long known for his skills on mandolin and acoustic & electric guitar, with "The Pilgrim" Stuart's songwriting & singing reaches maturity. Almost every song on this album is an instant classic, from the hard rocking "Red, Red Wine And Cheatin' Songs" to gems like "Sometimes The Pleasure's Worth The Pain," "Hobo's Prayer," "Goin' Nowhere Fast," "Draggin' Around These Chains Of Love," and "Redemption."

This is simply just one great damn country album. The standards of musicianship, songwritng, vocal performance and recording sonics are superb. 'Nough said--check out Marty's website at: and listen to samples of the songs for yourself.

Posted on Thu Sep 16 14:15:26 CEST 1999 from (


I usually skip half of Jericho, but I would keep 1 Remedy (for obvious reasons - vintage Band) 2 Blind WMcT (lovely chain-gang song) 3 Atlantic City (see Peter V) 4 Country Boy (for Richard, not for the tune) 5 Japan (just like it) 6 Amazon (reminds me of the tropical birdhouse in the long-lost Zoo nearby :-) besides Rick was hardly ever so desolated) 7 Shine A Light (dazzling tune!). The rest bores me to death, sorry, even The Caves. Now I'm waiting for you to shoot me to death... ;-. BTW I've got a feeling we've been talking about this before... ah déjà vue...

Posted on Thu Sep 16 11:27:10 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The Web


Just to add my 2 cents worth in here, I _love_ the cd and wouldn't have shelved anything. "Atlantic City" is one of my favorite "new Band" tunes (and though it's a Springsteen tune, his version bites compared to The Band's in MHO).

Mark Charles: In regard to the outtakes, I haven't heard them (I know the tune "The tide will rise" well and it _is_ a beautiful tune...and I'm sure The Band must've done a wonderful job with it), but for whatever reason, that tune..among a few others, didn't make it to the cd. I have some live stuff on cassette here (Danko, Manuel, Butterfield etc...) that I also feel _should_ have made it onto a cd at some point. Never did. Rick's "Times Like These" alone would be worth the price of any cd.

Anyone from River North or Woodstock records know if previously unrecorded material will be released in the near future? Would make a great Christmas gift to us Band fans (hinthintnudgenudge :-)

And while I'm asking, how bout a Richard compilation? Now _that_ would be great.

Shutting up now (Sighs of relief heard round the world :-)

Have a good day everyone.

Posted on Thu Sep 16 10:20:15 CEST 1999 from (

Markku (Quos)

Home page

Looking for CDR traders. Got some The Band, Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle and similar; looking for anything related to The Band (especially Robbie Robertson solo stuff). See my list at

Thanks for the great web-site, I have been enjoying it alot!

Posted on Thu Sep 16 05:39:57 CEST 1999 from (


RE: Jericho. If I would have had the last say as to what went on Jericho then I would have shelved at least 1/3 of the songs. The track list just wasn't to well thought out. Atlantic City is an alright song (Rosalita is a masterpiece) but it just didn't make any sense to me to cut the others when I was more moved by them. I feel that Amazon should have been left off. I think that Remedy is a great classic Band song (a strong 'right on the money' first track) so Weider & Linden should contribute more material. It just made no sense at all to me to cut those classic songs (the outtakes) from the album. Ray, Circle of Time & The Tide Will Rise are all great Band songs and should be released & from what I've heard of the unreleased album so far that should be released also. I disagree that 'Atlantic City' is the best song that the Band has done in the 90's. I think that one of the best songs that the Band has done in a long time is The Tide Will Rise (Hornsby's version didn't do that much for me although I'm very much a fan of his). I can't speak highly enough of the Band's straight forward back to the roots version of TTWR. Levon even changed the lyrics a little to make it his own. I listen to the outtakes all the time. I haven't listened to Jericho that much at all. Different strokes for different blokes

Posted on Thu Sep 16 02:12:20 CEST 1999 from (

Dr. Pepper

Bruce Hornsby played with The Band at that "other" Woodstock (was it 5 yrs ago?) and I saw the video from the pay-per-view. It was funny to see closeups of Hornsby while Richard Bell was the one playing his ass off! Howard Johnson is the one I'd like to see added to The Band if they need an addition!

Posted on Thu Sep 16 01:32:18 CEST 1999 from (

Pecos Bill

From: Bellmore NY

Peter - I didn't mean to minimize Hornsby's talents as a songwriter OR performer. My main point was that HE probably wouldn't want to submerge himself into a well established group as it might compromise his own artistic vision and integrity and also that The Band would be somewhat diluted by absorbing Hornsby who had already established himself in his own right. I agree that the '90s Band lacks a songwriter but they have borrowed for the most part with good taste and I would have liked to see them do more recent songs in their live sets rather than old favorites - I love "Shine A Light" on Jericho for example as well as "The Caves of Jericho." AS FAR AS THE BEATLES GO - They certainly don't need to win any polls at this point. They will go down as the greatest and most creative poprock band of this century (I don't see anyone rising up to rival them yet and there's only a few more months 'til December 31.) Someone used the phrases "breaking new ground" and "pushing the envelope of pop music" recently. The Beatles did this on a twice yearly basis during the years they recorded and everyone (except Dylan, The Band, and Joni Mitchell who created distinct schools of their own) seemed to follow their lead. The Beatles were beautifully childlike in many of their songs which is why their appeal was so universal. And those of us who lived through it can only be very grateful for the sheer joy they brought to us in somewhat troubled times.

Posted on Thu Sep 16 00:53:04 CEST 1999 from (


From: Scotland (originally) London (base)
Home page

Hi, My name is George Paterson and I am the singer/songwriter of Acid/country/groove band DMP. I also happen to be a very big fan of the Band. "The Band" and "..big Pink" are classic, timeless pieces of music. After reading the Levon Helm auto biog. "This wheels on fire", I was inspired enough to try to write a song that encapsulated the Bands' old South feel with our own unique style. Having never been to the U.S. myself, I had to rely on the early chapters of Levons book for place names and ideas. The song, "Helena", has become one of our most popular songs, getting to #2 on the adventure rock MP3 chart! Artistic licence indeed! I would be very interested to hear the views of fellow Band fans and if Levon is reading, have a listen and thanks for the inspiration. Any one who digs it enough, e-mail us and you could get an album in the mail! Keep the music alive George Paterson

Posted on Thu Sep 16 00:46:48 CEST 1999 from (


From: texas

interesting posts on bruce hornsby and the band today. didnt realize that there was a connection. i always enjoyed hornsby's sound in general. i love that he attributes some of his vision to garth's influence. enjoyed the post yesterday on richard's last show. richard never ceases to amaze me as a musician... probably my favorite singer, writer and drummer all in one. thanks band-mates!

Posted on Thu Sep 16 00:43:03 CEST 1999 from (

Jennifer Mallet

From: Los Angeles

Does anyone have or know someone who might have a recording of the 103.1 concert with Bruce Hornsby, Bonnie Raitt, Shawn Colvin....? The show was great, and I'd really like to get a copy. Please e-mail me if you can help.

Posted on Wed Sep 15 22:23:55 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

Oh, to be home again. From Bruce Hornsby’s sleevenotes to Harbor Lights:

“The Tide Will Rise” is a song about the watermen of Virginia. My ancestors were watermen, people who made their living off the water, and the occupation has fallen on increasingly hard times through the years. This is my brother John’s and my tribute to them.

Hornsby’s version features both Bonnie Raitt & Pat Metheny. The lyrics fit the Band mood well.

Pecos Bill: Ry Cooder did a great album about you with Robin Williams, BTW. I know what you mean about Hornsby’s distinctive embellishments not fitting classic Band songs, but listen to him backing other stuff. He doesn’t have to use the style all the time. He does a superb job with Robbie’s band at Seville (leading it, I guess), and does a very good verse on their version of “The Weight” and looks in heaven to be singing it. I agree too that no one replaces Richard and that Mr Bell is perfect for his current role. My point was that a prolific songwriter within the group has been what’s lacking in the 90s, and there was a point in time where they were demo-ing two Hornsby songs, and they’d have picked up a pianist/ vocalist with good range - nothing wrong with having four singers (as some of us maintain that they always did).

Charlie Young: yes, there’s nothing wrong with writing good kid’s songs. I was playing “All Together Now” happily and repeatedly in the car today. Well, almost a kid’s song … “Can I take my friend to bed?” may or may not be a cuddly toy.

Posted on Wed Sep 15 22:16:45 CEST 1999 from (

Joe Frey

From: albany, ny

Bruce H., bonnie, jackson B. and shawn colvin played saratoga this summer. After an extended work out by Bruce on the keyboards, Jackson says "man, how did you learn to play like that!" He responded "Garth Hudson." 'Nuff said.

Posted on Wed Sep 15 22:01:15 CEST 1999 from (

Mal (GREENHEAD) Mallard

From: The Duck Pond ***AMERICA'S BANDLAND***

C'mon you guys!! Cool it with the putdowns of "Amazon" which is my very favorite cut on Jericho! It's also the first big break for studio session work that we "fine feathered friends" have had since Martin Denny kicked the bucket!! I'm outta here! Quack! Quack! ~~~waddle ~~~waddle

Posted on Wed Sep 15 21:20:45 CEST 1999 from (


From: Upstate

David P. - Excellent and accurate analysis of "Atlantic City!" The boys really like that song too and obviously have a solid connection with it's sentiments as they performed it live the last 3 times I've seen them and also on the New Orleans video. On the other hand they've never performed "Amazon" live but maybe it's just too much of a hassle to hire a bird trainer and get all those parrotts and toucans on and off the stage.

Posted on Wed Sep 15 20:43:40 CEST 1999 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

Peter Viney: a friend was just proudly demonstrating that he'd learned McCartney's bass part for "I Saw Her Standing There" and I was impressed with the complexity of even that early stuff. Hell, I even liked the "Frog Chorus" and have the British picture disc. My daughter loved that when she was three...Regarding Bruce Hornsby: I don't think anyone who has not caught one of his live shows should put down Hornsby's (often Band-influenced) music. I've seen Bruce play about fifteen times and each show was a unique experience. Most recently I saw him steal the show from Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne and Shawn Colvin. Not bad company...

Posted on Wed Sep 15 20:37:00 CEST 1999 from (

Pecos Bill

From: Bellmore NY

That's Richard Bell with a capital "B" of course. At least I didn't refer to Richard M. as Richard "Manual" as the folks at Rhino did on Jericho. I promise to proofread my postings at least 6 times in future. (I like the new "Preview" feature on the GB entries BTW.)

Posted on Wed Sep 15 19:20:48 CEST 1999 from (

Pecos Bill

From: Bellmore NY

Bruce Hornsby does not merit The Band as a back up band and would have been a poor choice to fill the socalled "vacant seat" (I don't think anyone could or should fill it as Richard was one of a kind) and the boys don't need another "singing star" in their lineup. Randy's minimal vocal contributions are quite adequate and Rick and Levon provide more than enough vocal power and diversity. I also doubt that Hornsby would want to submerge his writing talents into a so well established sound and feel that his characteristic piano ornamentation would alter The Band's sound far too much. And I don't think that Band fans would be willing to embrace him as a member either. Richard bell is dynamite on keys - if you doubt this watch him in action on the New Orleans video.

Posted on Wed Sep 15 18:54:22 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

I would have to agree that "Atlantic City" is one of the more interesting songs that The Band has recorded lately. To Springsteen's stark, stripped down version they added additional layers & colors to this bleak portrait of desperation.

"Everything dies, baby that's a fact / But maybe everything that dies some day comes back. / Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty / And meet me tonight in Atlantic City."

The Band was playing at Tony Mart's club in Somers Point, a few miles southeast of Atlantic City, when they got "the call" to join up with Dylan in 1966. At that time Atlantic City was a dying shore resort that had long since lost the glitter & glamour of its past. The city & state "fathers" attempted to revitalize the town's economy by putting on layers of makeup and yeilding to the promise of easy money. By the '70s, the lure of legalized gambling at luxurious boardwalk casinos brought a sense of false hope. Atlantic City, however, had become just another painted-up whore who had sold her soul for money.

With the easy money came the "racket boys" and the different mob factions that battled over the city's turf. The mob didn't have to skim money out of the casinos when they could just take over the unions that controlled the service industries that supplied the casino workers.

Springsteen's lyrics convey images of this desolate atmosphere. The character in the song, along with his girlfriend, like Atlantic City itself, have become symbols of desperation, ready to do anything for money. But beneath the glittery surface, there's cold & hollow soul.

Posted on Wed Sep 15 16:09:51 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

From: Back from the USA

Atlantic City: I think it’s the best song The Band have done in the 1990s. They bring a new dimension to the original - they were in / near Atlantic City when the call from Dylan came. Levon’s voice does wonders. But the true mark of a great song is that Bruce’s version is also a magnificent piece of work. It’s a well-crafted lyric. Dylan is Dylan, so “Blind Willie McTell” is a different sort of lyric, so I’ll exclude it. With that exclusion, for me Bruce’s efforts on “Atlantic City” provide the only lyric of the last three albums of absolute Robbie Robertson quality. When you can improve on intrinsically excellent original material, then you’re motoring. It’s also been superb every time they’ve done it live.

Listening to the Beatles new “Yellow Submarine Songbook” almost (but not quite) made me feel guilty about the poll. Even minor B-side material like “Baby You’re a Rich Man” wipes the floor with most other bands’ best stuff. On these remastered tapes you realize again that Sir Paul is the bass player’s bass player, so much so that I can forgive later travesties like the Frog chorus. I’d still place The Band number one, but The Beatles would be a very close second.

Posted on Wed Sep 15 14:40:01 CEST 1999 from (


Viney: I agree with your thoughts on Hornsby as a natural for the piano/vocals/songwriting spot, and have had the idea myself. (also like Bell, but oh well) RE: Atlantic City. JERICHO came out when my wife was pregnant with our first child, and AC became the background music to her first year of life. Had the pleasure of seeing Levon sing it w/Colin Linden and with The Band prior to her birth, and the extra pleasure of telling him about it once by chance in Woodstock. I still get shivers every time I put it on. I'm with David Letterman: The Band's version is a true classic.

Posted on Wed Sep 15 12:18:24 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Ragtime: Sssshhh....but 'ol DJ is in the trunk of my car, along with some of the other guestbook folks who ehm....mysteriously disappeared over the past year or so :-) New car..big trunk..worked out well. And just between you and me, DJ is one of the folks I'd let out since for the most part, I did enjoy his posts. He certainly did have a good sense of humor. Next time I pop the trunk, I'll let him know you were asking about him.

Cat: and Jan are fellow snipers, eh? Hmm...maybe I should board up my windows here. Frankly hate guns myself....although I get the feeling you're talking about the semi-annoying and now thankfully defunct VG Poll :-)

Have a good day everyone.

Posted on Wed Sep 15 11:36:35 CEST 1999 from (


From: River Of Dreams

Re Amazon: well, Travis D., that person's me... :-) Had this discussion with good old Donald Joseph before... (what happened to the guy anyway?).

Posted on Wed Sep 15 11:27:10 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Peter: (Welcome home!) ...And thanks for your post about Bruce Hornsby. Another one of my favorites. Always thought Rick Danko would do an incredible job on "Mandolin Rain" myself...

Hey folks..take it easy on "Amazon (River of Dreams)", will ya please? Not only do I like the tune, but those jungle noises at the beginning remind me so much of my kids....:-)

Posted on Wed Sep 15 10:19:03 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

From: Poole, UK

“The Tide Will Rise” is a Bruce Hornsby song, co-written with John Hornsby and can be found on his “Harbor Lights” album. The Band also did a demo of Hornsby’s “A Night On The Town”. There are several Hornsby /Band connections, such as playing with Robbie Robertson on Storyville, and backing Robbie’s videos and Sevilla 1991 concert. He then performed with The Band, including his own “The Valley Road” as part of The Band’s Woodstock 1994 set, though only Randy Ciarlante and Jim Weider stayed on stage for the solo song. Hornsby had launched a Band-soundalike solo career with That’s The Way That It Is which faltered and saw him joining The Grateful Dead. Without knocking Richard Bell’s strong contribution (especially on High on The Hog ), Hornsby would have been an ideal candidate for The Band’s piano stool. He’s a great pianist, and can do the high harmony vocals as well as being a powerful lead voice. Above all, he’s a good songwriter. Perhaps too good - given the lack of original material from the 1990’s line up, they might have ended up feeling too much like his backing group. It’s interesting that he’s played with both Robbie and The Band in the 1990s too.

It's rare that you listen to the tapes played in airports. Congratulations to Boston's Logan Airport for cheering me up with "What About Now" on their sound system.

Posted on Wed Sep 15 10:17:31 CEST 1999 from (

Travis D.

From: Long Island, NY

If anything should have not made it on to Jericho it is the hokey "Amazon" (River of Dreams) by Artie Traum which I usually refer to as "The Band Meets Martin Denny" (of Quiet Village fame who produced several albums of instrumental tracks saturated with jungle bird sounds in the '50s). The song doesn't fit The Band and neither do the bird sounds and I grate my teeth everytime I hear it. Of course, the next person to post in the GB will no doubt claim it is their favorite track on Jericho and a great example of how the boys are "breaking new ground" or "pushing the envelope of pop music." And so it goes...

Posted on Wed Sep 15 03:49:01 CEST 1999 from (


GHOSTRIDER- As to your feelings about 'Atlantic City' being included on Jericho, I'll have to disagree with you for the most part. Lyrically, there are definite parallels with the Band's career but melodically I feel that it's not that strong of a song. Personally speaking, the song as a whole doesn't move me that much but the Band did a very respectable version of it. I just feel that the outtakes were alot stronger both melodically & lyrically & that it is very ironic that what should have been an outtake (comparably speaking) was included on Jericho. If you were to listen to the outtakes then I think that you would see what I mean. I don't feel that 'Atlantic City' is poorly written (but I do feel that it is one of Springsteen's weaker songs) it's just that I really don't care for it that much. Regarding the outtakes, I feel very much the oppostite & I'm very moved by them (especially 'The Tide Will Rise' which in my opinion blows AC off the map & it is definetly a 'Band song' which AC is not).

Posted on Wed Sep 15 03:46:46 CEST 1999 from (


From: jan, from one sniper to another... this is for you (hey, he took 3 out with 1 shot, all the way from Norway :)

Good God-a-mighty! Almost got hit by a train... First time i almost rear-ended somebody on purpose. :) time to slow this little red car down, close the lid to that old trunk, get back to what i was doin'... give it a rest... Y'know, i love the nostalgia of the Old South... god knows, there wasn't much left... just a few stray Cherokee, hiding out in the woods... a plantation home used as headquarters left standing, a railroad tie here, a pile of cannon balls left behind there... a lot to overcome... and don't get me started on George Wallace and B'ham... those of us who stood in front of those hoses as opposed to Behind them... i've had my share of anonymous phone calls... But it has never gotten in my way. i don't... give a fiddler's damn. :) that's Dad's. but then, he makes it up as he goes... :) New South is different... don't sell her short, as we still head out when Duty calls.. Normally, i stay silent here and let Mr. Powell take the lead... but since the tribe of the Catbalese are goin to come callin' this fall, and we might have to work out a few hand-signals to keep those women in line, thought i might owe him a little moral support... BEFORE we get there. :) hold on to your hat, darlin', and don't worry, you'll see us comin' with a big smile :))))) as we love our Big Sister... and our Big Brother out Texas way... Gonna take a big canoe to heal what hurts the water in here. 'Could go on... be a while... got a sink i'm wrestling with right now. :)

Posted on Wed Sep 15 03:21:07 CEST 1999 from (


From: CT
Home page

First and foremost, a BIG congrats to Jan and all of The Band GB members and then some for making The Band THE ALLTIME ROCK & ROLL BAND, none of this "og" or "und" stuff. The Band is/was/has been a TRUE band. Sure Springsteen has been with the E Street Band for a long time but I didn't see Clemmons, Van Zant, Lofgren, Weinberg, and the rest getting a HOF award when Bruce was inducted. Neither was Crazy Horse inducted with Neil Young.

As for the "crap" issue. Yeah, that's what I too think of rap (just add the c.) It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't sing so much about violence, degrading women and so forth.

My feelings about Robbie's stuff (I can't even say it) is "To each their own!" Personally, I love everything he's done and he's opened the doors for me on Native American music, tolerant of techno (if you do it right, it might sound better), and the most valuable to me, sound and music for films. He is the guy who got me into this. I've always felt that music plays a strong part in films, and with his contributions I'm convinced. Not only is he a great guitarist and song writer, but a damn fine music producer as well.


wandering back into basement

Posted on Wed Sep 15 03:02:39 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Tanya: Ragtime's right. Never meant to insinuate that your opinion wasn't valuable. Was only trying to state mine. Enjoy your comments too. Keep posting :-)

And to everyone from Florida and up the coast...batten the hatches and be safe.

Posted on Wed Sep 15 00:40:27 CEST 1999 from (

Ghost Rider

From: In Your Yard


I envy your outtakes from Jericho and would love to hear them, as would most regulars here, I'm sure. But you surprised me when you cited "Atlantic City" as an example of an unworthy song that made it onto the final cut. I still think tht song may be the finest thing This Band (post-R.R.) has done. For one thing, it's a bittersweet metaphor for The Band itself, and all the hopes they put into that Jericho release and the long road they travelled to get to that point: "...everything dies, baby, that's a fact. But maybe everything that dies someday comes back..."

Posted on Tue Sep 14 22:39:54 CEST 1999 from (

Tony LoBue

Need Chords for Crazy Mama. Can someone please e-mail them to me. Thanks Much... Tony

Posted on Tue Sep 14 21:57:29 CEST 1999 from (


I just received (via trading) some of the Jericho outtakes. I can't believe how good they are & I'm elated with them but at the same time I'm sickened by the fact that they were left off the album. Who made the final decision to cut what songs out? Whoever it was made a tragic error. This is such a shame because Jericho could have been such a finer album with the inclusion of these songs & the elimination of some of the weaker tracks that were unbelieveably selected for the album i.e. Atlantic City. The 'Tide Will Rise' is the best Band song that I have heard in ages & I have listened to it close to 30 times since last night & I hardly ever do that but it's such an infectious song (the bridge is a little weak though) I can't help myself. It makes me want to get up & dance (& I don't dance). Other songs like 'Ray' & 'Circle of Time' (I think that I only received these 3 outtakes from Jericho but there also is a good instrumental by Garth that might have been from the sessions) are also great songs that shouldn't have wound up on the cutting room floor. Can anyone tell me who wrote 'The Tide Will Rise'? I think that they should release all the outtakes like Dylan did with his bootleg series. These songs deserve to be heard. In the meantime if anyone is dying to hear theses & some others (74min worth) & wants to trade for them let me know. If you don't have anything to trade then maybe I could do a 2 for 1. All I can say is thank God that I got into boot trading otherwise I'd never get to listen to lost (or make that tossed) gems like these. Also, what's the story behind the unreleased '90 album? These tracks (I only have 2) are great from that too. I'm getting a big kick out of 'Money Whipped'. BTW, while I've been typing this I've listened to 'The Tide Will Rise' another Lord knows how many times. In other words, this is 'Stuff You Gotta Hear'

Posted on Tue Sep 14 21:08:25 CEST 1999 from (


TANJA: You said "Go Back To Your Woods". I think this is exactly what Double R is doing lately... And btw: I always like your comments. Keep posting, don't let us old granddads & grandmas scare you off... :-)

Posted on Tue Sep 14 21:07:36 CEST 1999 from (


From: Lee Vining, Ca.

Reading Benny's post reminded me of a Greg Allman quote. "Rap is just crap without the c". I agree with some of the other posts here, you really can't judge or grade music. A person will only be able to say whether they like it or not.By the way, I've collected all of Robbie's stuff as it's come out over the years and really like it.I guess I really really like RR and Storyville, but Red Road and Red Boy are intersting and compelling music also.Some may say what the crap do you know phone guy but everyone knows what they like and no one knows what is best.

Posted on Tue Sep 14 20:36:02 CEST 1999 from (

Mal (GREENHEAD) Mallard

From: The Duck Pond **AMERICA'S BANDLAND**

And likewise congrats to [The Grateful Dead] with their off-the-scale total of 0000 votes in the VG Rock Poll! I know I'm one happy mother ducker!! I'm outta here!! Quack! Quack! ~~~waddle ~~~waddle

Posted on Tue Sep 14 20:28:35 CEST 1999 from (

Just Wonderin"

From: Texas

Re: RR's solo projects...I don't think he's too worried about the commerciality of the products. I do think he is trying to pay homage to his mother's heritage and at the same time introduce the music of the first peoples. As he said at an awards show...the Grammies don't even have a category for the music of the country's first peoples! Ridiculous!

Posted on Tue Sep 14 20:06:54 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Let me explain my last post. Had no problem with the use of the word "crap"..hell I use it all the time. Just don't think that anyone's honest attempt at being a productive part of society (and having a little fun in the process) should be referred to as such. Music is one of the best things we have left in this um....crappy world. Let's just enjoy it while we can.

Posted on Tue Sep 14 19:50:27 CEST 1999 from (


From: Madison, Wi. *AMERICA'S JERRYLAND*
Home page

Well shuck my breritches, congrats to [ THE BAND ] and to all the other artist and musicians that contributed to their albums too, and there were many. Jan, you got to be one happy mother funker, cuz I know I'am!!!

Posted on Tue Sep 14 19:28:02 CEST 1999 from (


From: Maryland

And then there are those of us that think Robbie is brilliantly breaking new ground and pushing the envelope of "pop" music--a rare feat among rock legends in their 50s. From my perspective, the recent band material is an attempt to capture old magic that falls short, whereas RR is trying and succeeding (generally) at bringing a vision to his music. Does it work on every song? Nope. But failure is inherent in risk. Without risk, nothing changes or grows. I don't see a lot of risks being taken in the latest Band material. It's nice, but for me, not very compelling.

But I'd never use the word "crap" to describe new Band material, it's unfair to those who enjoy it. Opinion or no, the use of that word in that context by definition demeans those who would disagree with your opinion.

This view should not surprise folks who've read my past posts--I've stated many times that I think Red Boy was the best album of '98, and arguably RR's most personal statement to date. Plus, anyone who frequents RR sites like Tracy's or the Capitol Records site should note the number of Native Americans that feel like his efforts are giving attention, not just to Native American issues, but bringing their vibrant culture to the forefront of American culture, where it belongs.


Posted on Tue Sep 14 18:41:08 CEST 1999 from (

Benny the Baker

From: Donut Heaven

The mere fact that many people like something doesn't mean that it's "great" or that one person doesn't like something mean it's "crap." e.g. Personally, I think that "rap is crap" but it is popular worldwide and many people enjoy it. I also think that Madonna and Michael Jackson are "crap" and that Robbie's latest stuff is "crap" (tho not "as crappy as" rap or Madonna or Michael J - there are degrees of "crappiness" too!) mainly because I'm comparing it to what he did before - he set the standard by which many people judge him and now he's ventured well below it in my opinion because the musical structure of the songs is inherently weak. Calling something "crap" is just the other side of the coin to calling something "great" and although it may seem a harsh word choice it is nonetheless valid in expressing an opinion although I think opinions should be backed up with a little substance. Levon heavily criticized The Last Waltz in his book and a lot of people think that Neil Diamond is "crap" and Rick Nelson apparently thought his early pop music was "crap" and was trying to move beyond it which is why he wrote "Garden Party."

Posted on Tue Sep 14 18:02:40 CEST 1999 from (


From: CT

Does anyone know if Robbie is involved in the soundtrack for American Beauty? He said in an interview that he was looking at the project. The movie is getting a lot of great reviews.

Posted on Tue Sep 14 17:40:53 CEST 1999 from (


From: Lee Vining, Ca.

Mr. Hoiberg,sir, The 2 night gig in Ct. for Rick Danko that is listed at Woodstock Records is still not up on the page here. I'd sure like everyone to attend that can. The dates are Sept. 17 & 18. If these dates can be verified please post at your leisure. There's a bit of fall in the air out here in the mountains today.

Posted on Tue Sep 14 14:41:26 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: slow motion this morning....

Tanya: I'd like to respectfully respond to your last mail. I am not a big fan of solo Robbie material, but that doesn't mean he's not entitled to do what makes him happy. Calling his newer stuff "crap" is a bit unfair, dont you think? There are many people out there who truly like what he's doing.

And like Levon, who's now happy and content playing with his blues band, and Rick who chooses to do alot of the same material he's always done as 'crowd pleasers'...they are all entitled to be who they are now and enjoy what they are doing. The Band as we knew it is gone Tanya..let's all be happy that the remaining 4 members are still productive and having fun in the process.

To quote the late Rick Nelson: "You can't please you got to please yourself". Thanks for listening.

Posted on Tue Sep 14 13:32:18 CEST 1999 from (

Tanja Flåan

From: N-O-R-W-A-Y

HEPP...this is so cool....At last THE BAND is on the top of something very very nice As I said:THE BAND IS THE BAND .. Don't ya think that Robbie is waisting his talents with the modern crap he is making? I cried and cried when I heard his newest album...what is he doing?!!!!! :( music for native americans 1 is okey...but contact from the underworld of redboy? he is waisting his time, he doesn't sell as much as he could!!! go back to your woods!! and come back normal!! please....I hope that you understand me folks!

Posted on Tue Sep 14 03:55:52 CEST 1999 from (

paul godfrey

It was a number of years ago....sometime after the break of the original 5. Rick & Levon did a duo at El Macombo in Toronto. Essentially just two guitars...sometimes a harp..sometimes the addition of a fiddle...but just Rick and Levon. Many celebrities dropped by including Sylvia Tyson of Ian & Sylvia fame. Heard Blaze of Glory that night and always wanted to learn it thereafter. Great that its out on Rick's CD. Told Levon how great the show was...just like having them both in your own living room for a family jam session. He said I should tell Rick that and maybe there would be more such nights. Who knows ... it could happen again!

Posted on Tue Sep 14 03:38:06 CEST 1999 from (


From: ulster county, N.Y.

i usually do not respond directly to what I read here,,,,,, however I must answer these "rumors",,,, Levon & Rick are not fighting ! believe me,,, they are not fighting,,, Nuff Said,, bb

Posted on Tue Sep 14 03:22:00 CEST 1999 from (


From: Brasil- (or Brazil?)

Congratulations!!! Sweet Dreams....

Posted on Tue Sep 14 00:34:32 CEST 1999 from (


From: Sunny Australia

Band fans unite, I'm from Australia and just wanted to let the world know that fans of the Band pop up everywhere!!!! Just a couple of questions....1)Are Levon and Robbie still feuding? 2)Did I hear correctly when I saw that Rick and Levon are now fighting? I have loved and admired the Band's music for a few years now and just wanted the chance to talk with some real Band experts and fans... So anyone please feel free to e-mail me on any oppinions/loves/dislikes of the Band that you may have.I would love to hear what you all think. Take care and keep listening to what I think is the most rocking, finest music in the world. Love ya work boys!!!!

Posted on Mon Sep 13 21:53:21 CEST 1999 from (

Wendy M.

From: Calgary, Alberta. Canada

I have two albums from the Artist Robbie Robertson. one has the music called The Vanishing Breed. what I need is permission to use it. I wrote a poem called The Vanishing Breed (the warrior) apparently when I read this piece it fits into his piece of music. where in turn I want to record The Vanishing Breed on to tapes for future miscellanous things if needed. I've tried to contact Tom jackson who is another recording artist and local and regional actor. and is also a good friend of Robbie Robertson. so if anyone can tell me how I can get in touch with RR. please e-mail me. thanks.

Posted on Mon Sep 13 20:18:04 CEST 1999 from (


From: CT

Good job everyone! I can't tell you how happy I am that the ridiculous poll is over.

Posted on Mon Sep 13 15:06:29 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The Top

OK. So let me be the first to say thanks Jan for posting what so many of us have been waiting to hear. The poll is _finally_ over! Not really surprised here that The Band came in first however...we all know they're the best. I am very impressed with the unrelenting stamina and perseverance of everyone who voted (the numbness and tingling in the fingers will go away eventually!) and for showing how dedicated (if not nuts..) we Band fans are :-)

Someone told me this morning that these VG people are polling for all sorts of things...including chocolate! If they ever poll for coffee..someone let me know, ok?

Jan: Hope you and your site get some well-deserved publicity out of all this, and that folks who never really gave The Band a fair listen will now do so and see what they've been missing all these years.

One more cup of coffee....and back to the housework. Have a good day everyone.

Posted on Mon Sep 13 08:07:03 CEST 1999 from (

Jan H.

And now it's official, The Band is the best rock band of all times, see:

A little translation of that Norwegian text there:

After a long poll, The Band fans stormed VG Net's Hot-O-Meter - and The Band was declared the best rock band of all times:
  1. The Band
  2. Neil Young and Crazy Horse
  3. Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band
  4. The Beatles
  5. Deep Purple
  6. Queen
  7. R.E.M.
  8. U2
  9. Pink Floyd
  10. AC/DC
Thanks to all friends and fans that took the time to cast a vote for our guys, this was good fun.

Posted on Mon Sep 13 03:04:14 CEST 1999 from (

Mal Mallard (aka Greenhead)

From: The Duck Pond

Well folks, it's FINALLY all over and the Fat Lady is singin' "The Weight!" We Band fans have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that no one BUT ABSOLUTELY NO ONE can outcheat us!! But those melonheads over at VG had better get some more competent personnel to run the poll next year or I'm gonna organize a boycott! And they better change that derogatory blurb under The Band's name too!! FOR THOSE INTERESTED - Those shotgun wielding varmints who tried to take a load off my fanny a few weeks back turned out not to be members of the Rock Poll Police but rather a couple of mercenary bounty hunters hired by some angry Deadheads! Why they would be angry at ME is a complete mystery! However, now that The Band has proven that they are indeed "The Greatest Rock Band of All Time" I have decided to hold out an olive branch to the Grateful Dead fans -- hope no hard feelings remain -- and in the interest of making amends I am INCLUDING the Grateful Dead in my recap of the final totals in the VG Rock Poll:- The Band - FIRST Place with 13,135 votes - Neil Young og Crazy Horse - Second Place with 8,562 votes - Bruce & the E-Street Band - Third Place with 7,759 votes - The Beatles - Fourth Place with 3,099 votes - The Grateful Dead - NO Place with 0000 votes -- I'm outta here! Quack! Quack! ~~~waddle ~~~waddle

Posted on Sun Sep 12 21:14:45 CEST 1999 from (


From: Alabama, the Heart of Dixie, but with BOTH wheels on the track, thank you very much :)

Mitt, if you get too bored, believe you me i could use some help! This old pink house of mine is a handful to put back together.... especially considering i've never installed a toilet before. :) got it in upside down first time.... don't ask me how, the holes matched up is all i remember :)... Memorial Day was quite memorable, let me tell you. and you are always welcome here - but i WILL put you to work... that's why i call mine "The Redemption of Dorian Grey (sp?)." Now, that other one, the Real Thing, is still a mystery to me... and, being a cat, i do get curious...

Cody, i also thank you for your honest post (like staying in Lil's corner - it makes sense over there). Reminds me of an interview held once about some young actress who took her life. Her old friend said "Some people are just too gentle for this world." Nice to know you forgive him for that.

A great story-teller in my family passed yesterday (the Loudermilk side). Not band-related, other than they've evidently been singing about my people all these years and i didn't even know it. so i went out and bought Stagefright yesterday (first time it's been in my house in 20 yrs :) - along with "Cake" for the jock kid. Mary (bear), shame that girl is fourteen.... could use her help in getting this little "girl-magnet" of mine steered in the right direction, but she's too old for him!!!! well, maybe not... you never know about these southern ladies men... they're full of surprises and a handful, let me tell you :)

Jan the Man, he's our plan! if he can't lead us, nobody can.... :)))) ya'll have a good day, and happy b'day, Ragtime. i'll give you mine, too - as your present! :) I DO welcome... The Band... and am not a bit surprised that nobody forgot ol' Sam Houston this time 'round (he left from not far from here, headin toward the most wonderful place in America, ya'll) Think i'll go throw that Mexican hat on the floor and do a do-dah dance on it for sure (soon as i finish painting the kitchen cabinets... replace a broken light fixture... plant a few more shrubs... move some flowers...)

ya'll have a good day.

Posted on Sun Sep 12 21:02:35 CEST 1999 from (


5th place went to Deep Purple, not Queen. Same numbers. Sorry 'bout that.

Posted on Sun Sep 12 20:53:19 CEST 1999 from (

To Jake

The poll was closed by 1:00 pm EST. Totals for the top 5 bands, as of 12:00 Noon EST, are as follows:

THE BAND..............13135

Neil Young.................8562

Bruce Springsteen........7759


Queen..........approx. 2700

BTW, as of 25 minutes ago, the results of this poll had not been posted in the "5 Favorites" section of the VG website.

Congratulations to all of us, and of course, to Jan! The Fat Lady has sung!!!!!

Posted on Sun Sep 12 18:36:18 CEST 1999 from (

Jake J.

From: NY

Did anyone print out or make a note of last night's or this morning's VG Rock Poll totals for the top 3 bands. If so can you post them here?

Posted on Sun Sep 12 18:02:34 CEST 1999 from (


Just went to cast another stemmer. IT'S GONE!!!!!! Really, it's gone! Does this mean we won, or did VG just give up? Either way, the fingers can now heal, and we don't have to look at that stupid face in the top right-hand corner any more!

Posted on Sun Sep 12 16:44:54 CEST 1999 from (

Paul Godfrey

Gary Dunford's page 6 column in the Toronto Sun - September 9, 1999. "Bubba 'n' the Hawks" Bubba Air: A private jet, winging towards Ontario for a Presidential pickup? Is it coming for Adrienne Clarkson? Don't be ridiculous. It's coming to airlift rompin' Ronnie Hawkins out of Stoney Lake to rock out at Bill Clinton's private party at the White House Oct. 2. Hawk and Bubba -- good ole southern boys -- Are Arkansas buds from way back. Pauls even before Clinton's Paula Jones days, when fun-loving governors weren't kept on such a short leash. Hawkins formed his first Hawks band in 1952, while at university in Arkalala land. Parties, rock n' roll, late-night jam sessions and sax solos were common as grits. And as Hawkins always like to claim: "My parties would embarrass Nero." Yeehah. Party like its 1999. Rock the party monster outta the doghouse. Well at least this may help to take your minds off the mindless pop poll!

Posted on Sun Sep 12 13:09:51 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Speaking of Jules Shear ( least I was)...I'd like to recommend his 1998 cd "Between Us". Very good stuff...was just listening to it here for probably the millionth time. Some guest performers include Roseanne Cash, Paula Cole, Carole King, and Susan Cowsill (anyone remember The Cowsills? :-)

Anyhow..I thought if anyone is interested in a Dylanesque type voice with heartfelt lyrics, you might appreciate this cd.

And btw...not a Cyndi Lauper fan here...but she did a wonderful job with Mr.Shear's tune "All thru the night". The man can question about it.

Shutting up now. Going to work. Thought Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest. Geez...

Have a good day everyone.

Posted on Sun Sep 12 09:41:01 CEST 1999 from (

Here we go again - part 2 - (from Ragtime)

Tidenes Rockeband is not VG's only hot-o-meter poll. They're doing one almost every week. In "Uke 7" they had Tidenes Album (top-50). No Mention of The Band whatsoever (so the Normans finally came to their senses now :-).

Beatles in first three positions: #1 Sgt. Pepper's #2 White Album #3 Revolver #4 A Night At The Opera (Queen !@#$% ... I love opera, but this...) #25 Harvest #26 Highway 61 Revisited #34 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere #43 What's Going On.

Another remarkable Hot-o-meter poll was Tidenes Sjokolade: #1 Melkesjokolade #9 Lohengrin (I told you I love opera...) #22 Gammeldags Marsipanbröd (sorry Jan, my keyboard can't make the slashed O ;-)

All these polls lasted for no more than one week...

Posted on Sun Sep 12 04:21:18 CEST 1999 from (

Here we go again?

It's getting old, I know. But here we go again. The Votebot is on the move, better than 1 per second right now for Neil. In a couple of hours, he's picked up the better part of 2000 votes. Looks like The Band may not be #1 for the third week in a row, after all.

Posted on Sun Sep 12 01:07:20 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Blind Willie: Great minds do think alike! The wonderful Jules Shear tune "Tombstone" would definately be a reason why I would buy the Best of the Band II cd as well. It's been a favorite tune of mine since I first heard Mr. Shear sing it, and I have it on cassette..albeit a home-tape-recorded version. I can't tell a shooting star from a bird on of those lines that just stays in my head and re-plays itself over and over. Thanks for mentioning it.

Posted on Sun Sep 12 00:32:06 CEST 1999 from (

Blind Willie McTell

From: Toronto

I neglected to mention the song that would make me buy The Band II best of cd.

The unreleased "Tombstone"

"And I can't tell a shooting star from a bird on fire"

Posted on Sun Sep 12 00:00:15 CEST 1999 from (

[guest photo]

Blind Willie McTell

From: Toronto

The Best Of The Band II

Supplemental to Martin Anderson's excellent posting to the Guestbook on Sept. 1st. Posted on Wed Sep 1 03:57:12 CEST 1999 from ( Martin Anderson From: New Orleans E-mail:

Having seen the track list for the upcoming Rhino cd, and not having access to bootlegs, I suggest the following: 1. Blind Willie McTell 2. (Shuffling)Back To Memphis 3. The Same Thing 4. High Cotton 5. Remedy 6. French Girls 7. The Caves Of Jericho 8. If I Should Fail 9. Atlantic City 10. Book Faded Brown 11. Don't Wait 12. A Blaze of Glory (live) 13. Shine A Light 14. Youngblood 15. Duece And A Quarter (w. Keith Richards/Scotty Moore) 16. One Too Many Mornings (w.Derek Trucks)

Posted on Sat Sep 11 22:29:07 CEST 1999 from (


No need to confirm what Band is "tidenes Rockeband".

Verden's Gangsters obviously want to show the world that The Band will live on from here to eternity...

Posted on Sat Sep 11 20:25:00 CEST 1999 from (


The Band's will always be number one in our hearts at our household, their songs have so much meaning to us, and we never tire of listening to them nor singing along with them. My son is now playing the guitar and learning several of their songs. We watch our video collection of them all the time, and continue to collect everything we can on them. They truly are an inspiration on a whole generation. As the song goes "you (the Band) got the remedy" in our minds.

Posted on Sat Sep 11 18:20:43 CEST 1999 from (


From: Back Home

Well, it seems that The Band has now won the infamous VG Rock Poll for the second straight week in a row! Trailing far behind in the dust are Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band, Neil Young og Crazy Horse, and the Beatles. (Wonder why it's not Bruce "og" the E-Street Band but I guess the guys running the poll know what they're doing and shouldn't be questioned.) Now let's try for 3 straight weeks in a row and prove our boys are not just a flash in the pan!!!

Posted on Sat Sep 11 14:36:14 CEST 1999 from (


From: Dutchess County

I've had enough of that poll, too. The good news is that we just about lapped every other 'band'.

Posted on Sat Sep 11 14:31:31 CEST 1999 from (


From: Dutchess County

Lil, I just "stemmer'd" again! Will this HOT O' METER ever end?

Posted on Sat Sep 11 12:28:48 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

If I just read Gene's post correctly, that #@!?#% VG poll is _still_ open?? Me thinks I smells a rat. Looks like favoritism on the part of the idiots (Jan's word..not mine) running it. I predict that as soon (if ever) as some other band grabs the lead...that thing'll be shut down so fast our heads will spin. It's my opinion that all Band fans should just stop playing their game now. We know who won...wasting anymore time on their obviously biased lunacy is getting pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Which of course, noone did. Just my opinion. Have a good day everyone.

Posted on Sat Sep 11 07:07:16 CEST 1999 from (


From: Dutchess County, but a Rebel at heart

I just added another stemmer, I hope this thing doesn't drag on until 10th September, 2000!!! I've been reading Doug Sulpy's, "Get Back, the Unauthorized Chronicle of the Beatles Let It Be Disaster". There are several references to the Band--apparently the Beatles were Band fans back in January, 1969, too. Hi to Lil. Everythings fine here at Geneville, thanks.

Posted on Sat Sep 11 05:10:31 CEST 1999 from (

Stephen Novik

From: Edmonton, Alberta

Thank you Diamond Lil for responding to my inquiry. Hope I can find a copy of JB's album at the library... Hey, did I hear right, The Band won the poll?? Well, of course, they are THE BAND!!!

Posted on Sat Sep 11 04:31:23 CEST 1999 from (


From: NYC

I was just surfing and tapped into a Beatles site where they had a bunch of "copy" or "tribute" bands listed and I noted that there are many of them worldwide. Here in NYC I have seen bands who do complete club shows imitating the Doors, the Stones, the Beatles, Springsteen etc. (many quite good at what they do) and I was wondering if anyone has ever seen or heard of a Band "copy" band anywhere in the world? I haven't. A response in the Guestbook would be appreciated so we can all be in on this.

Posted on Sat Sep 11 02:32:01 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Just one question before I go to sleep here.

Why _do_ the best things always disappear?

Goodnight everyone. It's a comin..a brand new day.

Posted on Sat Sep 11 01:34:36 CEST 1999 from (


So what is cousin Rick and Levon arguing about, I hope they sort it out soon. I miss there music, they play so well together.

Posted on Sat Sep 11 00:25:32 CEST 1999 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

I just failed to talk an old friend out of his early Hawks & Canadian Squires 45s, but wonder if perhaps Woodstock Records or Rhino would consider a disc of such early rareties featuring the future members of The Band. The other idea mentioned here recently about putting out legit versions of material which bootleggers produce and profit from is a brilliant one. It would be wonderful to see Levon and the others make a few bucks that otherwise go to sleazy bootleggers. Frank Zappa was probably the first musical figure to do this (followed by Dylan's "bootleg series"), but I'd love to see our guys make more of their rare recordings available in the same manner.

Posted on Fri Sep 10 22:52:29 CEST 1999 from (


Jan -- Have you posted about your meeting with Levon before? I can't imagine that I missed that if so. Without telling us anything you don't want to... can you fill us in? How was he? What's going on between him and Rick? Does he plan to ever play with The Band again? He looks great in the photo, by the way.

Posted on Fri Sep 10 22:48:33 CEST 1999 from (

Ghost Rider

From: In Your Yard

Rick Danko and Garth Hudson will be appearing on a bill headlined by Natalie Merchant (TigerLily, 10,000 Maniacs) at the Ulster Performing Arts Center in Kingston, NY (near Woodstock) according to an article in today's Poughkeepsie (NY) Journal.

"E-Town, a nationally syndicated environmental radio program will host..." the show scheduled for Friday, Sept. 24. "...E-Town is heard on 105 stations across the U.S." at varying local times. In other words, not a live broadcast, and no word on whether they'll rebroadcast any part of it other than Natalie Merchant.

"The event, which will also feature The Band's Rick Danko and Garth Hudson, is a tribute to Pete Seeger and the environmental organization he helped to found, the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater."

I'll post more as I learn about it.

Posted on Fri Sep 10 22:31:51 CEST 1999 from (


From: The land of Jurjen Simmelink

Lil & Mitt: thanxalot. You know Mitt, Your Dad And Me make a century... :-)

My dear obedient daughters did what I expected - gave me Rick's cd as a birthday present... otherwise I'd bought it tomorrow - haven't had a chance to listen to it yet.

20 more minutes and my birthday & that wretched poll will be over (again...) And now - here are the winners... please welcome: The Band.

Posted on Fri Sep 10 22:20:32 CEST 1999 from (

Mary (bear)

From: PA

A while back several people were discussing the band being mentioned in tv shows and movies, and artists of today and band songs. Today while reading the newspaper, I came upon an article about a 14 year old blues singer from Stillwater, Minn. Her name is Shannon Curfman. The article goes on to that entering her bedroom is like stepping back into the 60's and 70's. Instead of sweet pop, she cooks up a smoky blend of funk and blues that sounds more like Little Feat or Bonnie Raitt. "Loud Guitars, Big Suspicions" her cd (its title is taken from a Sheryl Crow song that she performs. She signed with Arista a guaranteed three-record deal. Her cd will be distributed nationwide by Arista, but is currently available on the internet at CDNow and Among the songs on the cd is a version of The Band's "The Weight," a concert favorite of Curfman's.

Posted on Fri Sep 10 22:02:25 CEST 1999 from (

Bill McEvoy

From: NJ-USA
Home page

Very nice & extensive site. I enjoyed seeing the playlists from old shows I attended in the tape archive.

Posted on Fri Sep 10 19:56:56 CEST 1999 from (

Jurjen Simmelink

From: Holland

I think the Band is the greatest Rock 'n Roll, Blues, Country, Folk and soul collective ever. My favourite songs are "Tears of Rage", "King Harvest", "The Rumor", "Dixie", Well ye know all the stuff they ever made. But I'm searching for Bootlegs and information, please send me e-mail about that.

Posted on Fri Sep 10 15:39:19 CEST 1999 from (

Mitt Stampler

Home page

almost forgot: Paul, my dad told me that same story about Paul Anka and Ritchie Valens. Did you ever find out the truth of it?

Posted on Fri Sep 10 15:31:47 CEST 1999 from (

Mitt Stampler

From: Our nation's capital
Home page

Cody: Thanks for telling that story. It almost made me cry. Happy b-day, Ragtime! Now I'll really make you feel old--my dad turned 50 in July! Thanks for signing my guestbook. Lil--Yes, we're all entitled. Been working part-time at an office (a law office, no less) where there is literally nothing for me to do. Sounds like a dream job till you have to do nothing for 9 hours...Think I'll find a pink house in the woods somewhere. Was never much good at pool, but I do love darts...Was thinking of "Rocking Chair" this morning on the Metro. Wonder why. Peace! Mitt

Posted on Fri Sep 10 14:41:02 CEST 1999 from (


From: the tri county area

I wonder how many people in Norway have bought a Band album because of that now-almost-infamous VG poll? Now, doesn't that make you smile?

Posted on Fri Sep 10 11:41:51 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Ragtime: Ironic how you posted from the land of looking back in anger. In that same land here today. Angry at myself though. The VG people aren't worth the time or effort it would take me to get angry at them. Lousy morning here..I guess we're all entitled. that I've vented, hope you're enjoying your birthday. The big 5-0, eh? Wishing you many more....

And to the man with the power to vaporize: Have a good day.

Posted on Fri Sep 10 06:43:23 CEST 1999 from (


From: The Land of Looking Back in Anger

They will... won't they...?

Posted on Fri Sep 10 06:37:52 CEST 1999 from (


From: The Land of Looking Back

Thanx a lot Lil...

how did ya know...


my hint was hardly subtle wasn't it...

as from today I'm an over-fiftyish nostalgic wanting-to-be-young-again Bandhead now...

and I'm very very proud knowing that the VG Vikings of Norway finally chose this glorious day to award the Nobel Prize to The Band :-)

Posted on Fri Sep 10 01:41:50 CEST 1999 from (


From: FLA.

In my highly biased opinion Richard was the best...pure.."white" blues and soul singer.I have not found any other singers that could move me to tears..his mix of power and fragility was a unique of a kind......PEACE

Posted on Fri Sep 10 01:05:26 CEST 1999 from (

Lil (again)

Almost forgot.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAGTIME!!! :-)

Posted on Fri Sep 10 00:49:55 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Cody: What a wonderful and honest post! I'm not sure, but I don't think anyone posted before about being at Richard's last show. Sadly, it is true that we lost him long before that night. I appreciate hearing about the last time he was with us..and I'm sure his spirit forgives you for thinking what you did. I think about him often and his voice still makes me cry. "The music only stops when you stop listening". Let's always let the music play.

Posted on Fri Sep 10 00:22:56 CEST 1999 from (


From: FLA.

I saw Richard the day before we lost the physical sense.The show was in ST.Pete. FLA.Whithin 24 hours of seeing Richard and THE BAND play their hearts out t the 1500 or so faithful...Richard was gone.The show was at the kind of place where the bar was inside..and the show was behind the bar in an open courtyard.Richard did a beautiful..tearful "Georgia". What I remember that after the show Rick,Levon,and even Garth stayed at the bar for 20-30 minutes....talking,laughing,at have some refreshment.,,autographing shirts,pictues,to matchbooks.What struck me as strange was that Richard walked right past the cheering crowd without as much as a nod his head to the happy fans.He walked directly to the tour bus..and that was the last time I saw Richard.At the time I thought .."what an asshole"..little did i know we had already lost Richard before that night.I never had the chance before to apoligze to Richard's spirt..publically......I Shall Be Realeased.....Tears Of Rage...The Shape I'm In... The music only ends when we stop listening..PEACE cody

Posted on Thu Sep 9 23:21:39 CEST 1999 from (

Mike Nomad

From: Moonbeam, Ont.

Gary Dunford's column in today's Toronto Sun provides an amusing anecdote or two re Ronnie Hawkins' relationship with Bill Clinton, noting that the prez does some ''serviceable renditions'' of Forty Days and Mary Lou. The site can be found at

Posted on Thu Sep 9 22:11:28 CEST 1999 from (


I'd like to get some more info on "Ain't That A Kindness". It was among some tracks that I traded for but it only lasted about 54 sec. & then was clipped. I'm having a hard time identifying who's singing it. I remember reading about it but forgot where. Thanks for any help, Mark

Posted on Thu Sep 9 22:13:53 CEST 1999 from (


From: Fort Knox

The First Prize winning band in the VG Rock Poll will receive $25 in cash and one way plane tickets to Japan. If The Band wins Rick's accomodation will be provided by the Chiba Correctional Facility - the others get to stay at the Holiday Inn with the option of purchasing return tickets.

Posted on Thu Sep 9 21:27:15 CEST 1999 from (


From: CT

What happens if The Band wins this poll? Are there prizes?

Posted on Thu Sep 9 20:58:15 CEST 1999 from (

Ragtime to Lil

Let my eyes be yours... :-)

Band 11598 Bruce 7676 Neil 6019 Beatles 3096

Posted on Thu Sep 9 20:01:23 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Stephen Novik: No, I'm afraid I have not heard Bruce Cockburn's version of his own beautiful tune..'Pacin The Cage'. I heard it for the first time on Jimmy Buffett's newest cd "Beach House on the Moon"..and I think he does a wonderful job. Have no idea why he chose to record the tune..although I'll ask Freddy Fishstick. Good possibility that he knows.

'Sunset is and angel weeping'.....what a tune.

Since I've stopped voting here, I haven't even looked at the VG poll page at all. Curious to know what's happening if anyone wants to fill me in.

Posted on Thu Sep 9 19:08:37 CEST 1999 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

Having spent four hours driving yesterday, I had my first chance to listen to "The Complete Last Waltz" virtually uninterrupted and it was very impressive indeed. It's amazing that there weren't more flubs with so little rehearsal for the gig. One thing I'd love to see on video are the two lengthy jams at the end. With all the guitarists listed (Robbie, Clapton, Ron Wood, Neil Young & Stills) it's hard to figure who is playing lead at times. I wonder if the entire concert exists somewhere in the Scorsese archives. Maybe it's time for a DVD version with extra footage if it wasn't tossed out. That would be a lot more interesting than 90% of the stuff on the racks.

Posted on Thu Sep 9 18:49:39 CEST 1999 from (

Stephen Novik

From: Edmonton, Alberta

Diamond Lil, I'm just curious 'coz I'm a big Bruce Cockburn fan as much as I am of the Band, (and pretty much all Canadian performers,) but you signed off with a quote from BC's song "Pacing The Cage" which I know is covered by Jimmy Buffet, and I'm just wondering if you've heard Cockburn's own version, and what did you think? If you've heard both, I wonder if you too can barely tell 'em apart. Also, to any of the Parrotheads out there, can you tell me why Buffett recorded this song?

Posted on Thu Sep 9 15:09:25 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

The Nashville Network's "Prime Time Country" program recently devoted an entire show to Waylon Jennings. Waylon is still as onery as ever but not so lonesome & mean. One of the songs that he & his band performed that night was "The Weight." Waylon talked about playing with Buddy Holly and recounted the incidents leading up to the plane crash.

As a teenager, Waylon started out as a radio D.J. & part-time musician in the same area of Texas where Holly grew up. When Buddy had a falling out with his producer, Norman Petty, his back-up group, The Crickets, chose to remain with Petty. Buddy hired Waylon as a bass player in his new group and took him under his wing. As John Donabie mentioned in the guestbook, due to circumstances, Waylon wasn't aboard that fateful flight with Holly, the Big Bopper and Richie Valens.

Waylon Jennings would later help "modernize" the sound of country music, but still remains a direct link to Holly's brand of rock & roll. He insisted on incorporating a distinctive, throbbing bass drum & guitar beat in his music, much to the chagrin of many of the "old school" producers in Nashville. One of the best examples of this sound can be heard on Waylon's "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way." I've always wanted to hear The Band do a version of this great song--with Levon on lead vocals & drums, Rick on bass and Garth playing synth/keyboard swells in place of Ralph Mooney's original pedal-steel phased lead breaks.

Posted on Thu Sep 9 07:45:28 CEST 1999 from (



Everytime I listen to Islands , I think about the christmas. Maybe it's because "Christmas Must Be Tonight", a lovely tune. Rick sings very beautiful, I think it's one of his best vocals ever....maybe I'm wrong but... "Right As Rain" IS a very good song of the Band, but also "Let The Night Fall" and "Saga Of Pepote Rouge" "there's a legend of a lady on the mountain...." Maybe, stupid to say that, you rtemember "The Rumor" from Stage Fright, that one is one of my favourites. I also LOVE "Rags And Bones" from Northern Lights-Southern Cross. Yepp, they sure have some special tunes these boys...

Posted on Thu Sep 9 00:25:37 CEST 1999 from (

John D

RE: BUDDY HOLLY....Waylon Jennings said he gave up his seat to the Big Bopper because the singer was plagued by the flu. Fellow Cricket Tommy Allsup lost his seat to Ritchie Valens on a coin toss. I have spent many hours with Maria Elena interviewing her about Buddy. It's interesting to note that they were married only 6 months when he died. She told me that Paul McCartney who owns Buddy's catalog has been very "gracious and kind" to her. She wouldn't say anymore; but it would be nice to think that Sir Paul has sent a few pounds (dollars) her way over the years. The band that replaced Buddy the night after the crash was lead by a 15 year old singer by the name of Bobby Vee. His keyboard player was a kid from Deluth by the name of Robert Zimmerman a.k.a. "you know who"

Posted on Wed Sep 8 23:34:31 CEST 1999 from (


From: Lee Vining, Ca.

Paul, I pretty sure it was Waylon Jennings that gave up his seat on the plane. Paul Anka was not on that tour/booking. Woodstock Records is listing a two-night engagement for Mr. Danko in Sept. I'm reading a novel by Elmore Leonard called MAXIMUM BOB and in the book The Band is mentioned as a favorite group by one of the characters.

Posted on Wed Sep 8 22:55:10 CEST 1999 from (

Paul Godfrey

David Powell...thank you for remembering Buddy Holly. May have mentioned this before but the only song that Sir Paul McCartney didn't get in the Buddy collection buy-out was "I Guess It Doesn't Matter Anymore!" Story goes that Canadian Paul Anka gave the music residuals to Maria Elena Holly. Legend also has it that Paul Anka gave up his seat to Richie Valens on that fateful night. Can anyone confirm either story?

Posted on Wed Sep 8 21:31:18 CEST 1999 from (


From: CT

Thanks Jan! By the way, have we given up on the poll? What's the news!

Posted on Wed Sep 8 17:54:02 CEST 1999 from (

Roger Woods

From: Birmingham, UK

Just Wonderin': I've been listening to Islands recently too. I think "Right as Rain" is strong. I think Georgia is nicely done too - it's always been on my "Best of Band" playlist. I think Garth must have had a good deal to do overall with the mix. It's often beautifully balanced - even on CD. Robbie's guitar work is nicely understated. I'd prefer it overall to Cahoots at the moment. When it came out there was a Gene Hackman movie "Night Moves" released around the same time. The film music seemed to me to echo "Islands" - the instrumental. It's not a bad tune which needs some lyrics.

Posted on Wed Sep 8 16:14:24 CEST 1999 from (

Just Wonderin'

From: West of the pecos

I finally got a copy of the cd "Islands" and am enjoying it immensly considering it it the Band's weakest lp. Hadn't heard it in years and had forgotten how Richard sounded on it. Particularily love "Right as Rain". I know it isn't one of their best works, but much better than a lot of other music!

Posted on Wed Sep 8 15:15:09 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Kevin Bacon had a small role in the movie "End Of The Line" in which Levon also appeared.

Posted on Wed Sep 8 11:57:26 CEST 1999 from (

Anthony Frazer

From: Sydney, Australia

Hey folks, I've just finished reading Levon's book and amongst the anecdotes one story that particularly appealed to me was the one concerning the record executive named "Eric Schuster" who tried to sign up the Band under dubious terms. I'll quote a little from the book: "Phone rings. 'TELL DICK CLARK I'M TOO BUSY. CALL BACK IN AN HOUR!' We noticed that Eric had these buttons at his feet. He'd ask you something, you'd be about to answer, he'd step on a button and the phone would go off!" Aah - that's funny stuff. But anyway I have a question. Does anyone know who this Eric Schuster actually is? It is made clear in the book that for the purpose of anonymity Levon gives this character a false name. I'd love to know who it is though.... Thanks, Anthony Frazer

Posted on Wed Sep 8 07:56:40 CEST 1999 from (


Home page

Hello all, after a bit of a struggle I have finally managed to get my website up and running - which has a few heavily Band influenced originals.

come and visit some time ........

Posted on Wed Sep 8 07:56:34 CEST 1999 from (

Tanja ( the unknown......)

From: yepp....where was it again...

well, i don't think this is cheating. The hot-o-meter is open for everybody, and as Jan said we can vote 3-4 times at the same band. And that's cheating! Illka: he he...yeah I like mika myllile ( how do you write it?....) better than bjørn dæhlie (bjoern daelie). I saw him few years ago in Trondheim, I was cheering for him! He looked at me ( almost!) and smiled! :) That's a very nice thing to do, don't you think? And guess what! he won !! Just because of me and my cute face..he he , just kidding! hmm....hmmmm.... I found an old lp few weeks ago, it belongs to my mother. And I found a song by Neil Diamond, Glory Road. What a voice! And the song was almost perfect, I didn't like it to begin with but...yeah..i sure like it now! My brother JAN Terje too, he's 18...two years older than me..My dad's name is JAN..HE HE, just as jan høibergs! cool! " have you seen glory road....."

Posted on Wed Sep 8 05:41:29 CEST 1999 from (

Heiden Sihk

From: The Hidden City

Dr. P - Right on!! I second your appraisal of the Bacon Boys (tho Kevin was much worse to be fair to the other who should go it alone if he wants a career in music). I was at that Carnegie Hall gig (The Band's last one there as next year's was cancelled due to Rick's little adventure in Japan) and the Bacon Brothers set seemed endless. The Band's set (when they finally hit the stage) was more acoustic and weaker in my opinion than the previous Winter's gig at that venue when HOTH was just out and J.J. Cale opened. But Kevin mentioned he'd just done a film with Levon - anyone know the name of it or if it was released? BTW Dr. you make a mighty fine soda!

Posted on Wed Sep 8 04:32:07 CEST 1999 from (

Dr. Pepper

Just like I said when I was the very first person to add a comment to this guestbook...nice job on the web page, Jan! I also left a photo somewhere in this guestbook that has a Band/Carnegie Hall/Dr.John/Doors/Allman Brothers Band/Three Dog Night connection! Sounds like the Kevin Bacon game BUT the Carnegie Hall connection WAS NOT the night the wonderful Bacon Brothers "played" (ugh!). (Dave Mason took ill that night).

Posted on Wed Sep 8 00:32:01 CEST 1999 from (

Ghost Rider

From: In Your Yard

I don't think anybody else has said it here lately, so I will:

Thank you very much for everything, Jan Hoiberg.

Posted on Tue Sep 7 20:51:32 CEST 1999 from (


From: ct

Any more word on the Woodstock release?? I last heard it was from '94 instead of '69, but is it still going to be released?

Posted on Tue Sep 7 04:43:22 CEST 1999 from (


From: New Jersey

Whoever wanted a bootleg copy of Eat This Document -don't even bother - it just not worth your time

Posted on Tue Sep 7 19:23:53 CEST 1999 from (


From: Nordic Countries
Home page

Elementary Norwegian, Lesson One:
The Norwegians are our dearest enemies in cross country skiing and this is what they shout after beating us:

SEJER ÄR VÅR! (We have won!) This is what I'm going to do after the 10th - but this time on the same side with Jan. (But beware when the snow is falling - - )

Posted on Tue Sep 7 19:14:45 CEST 1999 from (


From: The Wild West

When counting our 1999 blessings, be sure to include the computer-friendliness of Butch Dener. Not only does he have reliable-source answers to some burning questions, but he can deliver a valuable reality check when speculation offered here takes on a life of its own. Thanks, Butch.

Posted on Tue Sep 7 19:13:02 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Paul Godfrey made an interesting point regarding The Band's abilities as musicans when, at The Last Waltz, they played behind all the different guest artists. A similar feat was also performed at the Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert when the MGs, Booker T., Duck Dunn & Steve Cropper served as the house band. They were augmented by guitarist G.E. Smith, who had toured with Dylan, and super drummer Jim Keltner (the legendary MGs drummer Al Jackson was tragically killed many years ago). Of course, when The Band performed their acoustic version of "When I Paint My Masterpiece" at that concert, they needed no support.

Posted on Tue Sep 7 17:46:09 CEST 1999 from (


From: maryland

Hmmm, methinks I tickled Jan's nerve a bit with my last post. I apologize, Jan if that's the case. I've been a netizen for far too many years (10 on Usenet, 13 if you count the old BBS days), to lay any creedance in these endeavors. Certainly it's harmless fun, and I doubt they're warming our beds down below for our transgression.

As is my bad habit, I could not resist pointing out the inconsistency of calling VG "cheaters" as some have done. Extending the deadline is lame, for certain, but I'm one of those maddening people looking for a reason when our best laid plans go this case, I thought a little buddhism might be the pill for the ailment.



Posted on Tue Sep 7 17:32:19 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The Spider Web

John Donabie: Agree 100% with your last post. What's the point of polling for the best band if the deadline can be changed on a whim? Seems this contest has become not so much about a best band...but about the stamina and endurance of the fans. I _love_ The Band but have stopped voting. The whole thing is just not fun anymore. Sorry Jan..still believe in you..just can't deal with idiots anymore. I've paid my dues..and then some.

Peter Viney: Wishing you a safe trip to the states. Curious to know where in the US you'll be? Thanks.

And to my very best friend and cohort Spider John: Thinking of you with warmth and good thoughts. Sooner or later we all wind up pacin the cage. Feel better. Love you.

Posted on Tue Sep 7 17:14:44 CEST 1999 from (

Sean Miller

From: connecticut

Love the web site. I've been on a big "Band" kick lately and have been really looking for a copy of "The Complete Last Waltz" Anyone know where I could find it?

Posted on Tue Sep 7 17:09:49 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Today commemorates one of those bittersweet dates in rock & roll history. On September 7, 1936 Buddy Holly was born (Charles Hardin Holley) in Lubbock, Texas. On September 7, 1978 drummer Keith Moon died in London from a drug overdose. Ironically, Moon had just been at a party with Paul & Linda McCartney celebrating Buddy Holly and the premiere of "The Buddy Holly Story" movie starring Gary Busey. The Beatles had been big fans of Buddy Holly and in 1976 McCartney purchased the rights to Holly's music catalog. On September 7, 1997 longtime publicist for the Beatles, Derek Taylor, died of cancer at the age of 65.

So this evening I'll be listening to some Buddy Holly music. Among the selections I'll have to include Rick Danko's version of "Raining In My Heart" recorded with Ringo Starr's (1st) All-Star Band. Rick sang a wonderful version of this Beudeleaux & Felice Bryant song made famous by Buddy.

Posted on Tue Sep 7 08:43:39 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

One point about the VG poll is that the three frontrunners (Band, Springsteen, Young) appeal to a very similar constituency. OK, we can argue their “huge” differences but there is a common musical honesty, devotion to playing live and longetivity (Bruce may be the new kid from The Band’s perspective, but he’s still been going a long, long time). Dylan was probably not eligible, and The Band may even have picked up some real votes on Bob’s behalf. To an outside observer, the similarities - even stylistic similarities - would outweigh the differences. There’s virtually no support for any 90s bands, but maybe the fans are too young to be at home messing with the internet. I’m actually quite surprised that Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers aren’t in there at all, because the constituency is again similar. I suspect neither Neil nor Bruce would feel affronted to be behind The Band. But before the counter accusations start flying, the three groups of fans are also similar in finding it fun to stuff VG’s ballot boxes.

Posted on Tue Sep 7 03:39:23 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

'Sha la lalala let's live for today'.... timeless advice for sure.

Just got in from seeing The Grass Roots..the last show of my 'oldies weekend'. Not only was it a very impressive show ( Midnight Confessions, Let's live for today, Sooner or later, Where were you when I needed you, Temptation Eyes...among others)..but I can even make a Band connection here.

After having a "crush" on Rob Grill back when I was 12 or 13 years old, I finally had the pleasure of meeting and talking with him tonight. 33 years on the road...and the man sounds just as good as he ever did. We were talking about music of the 60's and 70's..and I told him that my favorite group has always been The which he replied that Richard Manuel had _the_ best voice of all time. Cool, eh? Made my night!

And btw..ladies..I have to say that after all these years, Mr. Grill nicely indeed :-)

Posted on Tue Sep 7 03:00:42 CEST 1999 from (

Dave Z

From: Chaska, MN

Got Breeze Hill on friday after another long work week... been enjoying it all 3 day weekend... Twilight is my favorite... followed by Blaze of Glory... I especially love the horns on this CD... Da da da da!!! and the little piano solo excitement slipped in during Stage Fright... Whew... I know Crazy Mama may be boring for some but when its your turn to get up at 6 a.m. with the twins while Mom sleeps in... well, "Crazy Mama where you been so long..." takes on a new meaning... and love the sax solo... Peter also said it right that the guitar playing is wonderful throughout... Maybe it's the wax in my ears but there appears to be lot's of little Garth sounds too... Finally, I read others say that maybe the prior Danko Live CD sounded poor in quality, but to me this one is just fine... Thanks NY for allowing a little live tease to ease on over Mpls way...

Posted on Tue Sep 7 01:44:50 CEST 1999 from (


From: in memory of Sam Houston

Hey, 2 gremlins.... now's the time to remember the alamo. battle was fought and won, in the heart... and they just kept comin.

not much you can do but change the subject against such odds. i just think the little stemmers are jealous of Big Jan. unfortunately, don't know the rules of the road in Norway, but i've got him covered as best i can... (just call me the "queen of documentation" for absentia voting... :)

We know who's king of the hill. that's what will be remembered long after this battle has come and gone. to that, i will forever remove my hat.

regardless the outcome, we fought the good fight.

Posted on Mon Sep 6 23:54:09 CEST 1999 from (

Jan, how could you have known......

....I feel a need to address a couple of things.

....No. It's not fun any more. Watching "our boys" climb from near bottom of the list to near top, was fun. Even the panic scrambling to fend off the "Votebot" was fun. Posting "guards" to watch, sounding the alarm, exchanging information was even, at times, exciting. A common challenge met and won.

....But not now. One "charge" flying about is that the Band fans are cheaters. Put that to rest now. It serves no purpose. Do we really think that we, as a group, are the only ones computer-savvy enough to vote the way we did? The Band fans have done Nothing that the other fans had the same opportunity to do. The information on what we were doing and how we were doing it was readily accessible to all who dropped into the Chat Room or the Guest Book. No big secrets. Nothing underhanded.

....Now, let's look and see who is benefitting. There seems to be no correlation between the position in the list or the total numbers that the groups had when the Votebot moved them. Does it not seem strange/coincidental that when the Band fans were at their most productive, the "program" would kick in? Where best to hack in and make a change to make the computer program move a group up in the listings? Who gains the most from an inflated number of "hits" on their web site? Who benefits? VG, of course.

....I wonder what their advertisers and potential advertisers would think about a company who arbitrarily decides to extend a contest deadline for no known reason. Do they really want to deal with a company who may be dishonest and "fiddles" the numbers?

....Perhaps the way to stop all this is to have a picket line outside of their offices. Informing the local TV stations and newspapers would bring about much more bad publicity than one letter to the editor in a newspaper would get.

....Who has the pieces of wood and cardboard? I've got the paint, brushes and markers.

Posted on Mon Sep 6 21:41:09 CEST 1999 from (


From: Karmaville, MD

Hmmm, something goofy about ballot stuffers crying foul when the pollsters change the rules--after all, we've been breaking the rules all week. Living so close to DC, I'll call it an "abridgement of ethical standards." ; )

Of course, while we North Americans and Euro-types debate the vagries of internet polling fairness, our buddhist friends are no doubt laughing at the karmic justice we've brought down on ourselves. God forbid the VG folks would feel the need to extend the poll to get a better sample and defuse the very tactics all of us (Including me. I've twitched my vote more than a few times on The Band, and yes, The Clash, whose lowly ranking is, to me, the biggest travesty on that site).

I'm taking the message from the higher power and resting my mouse from here on out. Seems like any victory at this point would feel a bit hollow, and in this neck of the woods, pyrrhic victories are a bit too common.



Posted on Mon Sep 6 19:40:31 CEST 1999 from (

Alan Ferguson

From: California, originally New Jersey

last saw the band at the Galexy in Tustin Calif. Small venue, great show. Wish you would come back to Ca. Please notify if you ever get this way again. P.S. Did I see Levon Helm playing a minister in a Steven Segal movie that takes place in West Va.???

Posted on Mon Sep 6 13:34:47 CEST 1999 from (


From: Norway

I was shocked last thursday....This Bruce was on the top of the hot-o-meter......with his band...But the Band are leading now hands are not shaking anymore.... 10050 votes this morning...well done!

Posted on Mon Sep 6 13:29:39 CEST 1999 from (


From: Sweden

I hope someone can help me find a copy of the bootleg film - 'Eat the document'. Please mail me if you can help as I've been searching for a long time. PLLLEEEAAASSSE Thanks in advance for any replies. Anders

Posted on Mon Sep 6 12:25:06 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Pat Brennan: Really? Guess that shows that I don't have Three Dog Night's first album. Now of course you know I have to find it somewhere and get it! And hey..what do you know... my mention of Three Dog Night had a Band connection after all! Go figure....

PS: Seeing The Grass Roots tonight. Any connections there?

Posted on Mon Sep 6 09:01:14 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

We just hit five figures. 10,000.

Posted on Mon Sep 6 04:47:03 CEST 1999 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

Lil, how wrong you are. Three Dog Night covered Chest Fever on their first album. Will wonders never cease?

Posted on Mon Sep 6 03:41:26 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

To quote a wise man: "If you find yourself in a nostalgic rage, honey jump right up and show your age"......

Just came back from an 'oldies' show here...3 Dog Night. Original singer Corey Wells was there..which was a real treat. Brought back alot of memories.."One", "Celebrate", "Mama told me not to come", "Just an old fashioned love song", "Liar", "Joy to the world"...and a whole slew of others. Beautiful night under the stars. No, it's not Band related..but it's music and it made me feel good.

Catbalou: Yup....a quarter was the going rate for bribery in the kids voting deal...but now that the deadline has been extended....I may have to pay big bucks if I want em to continue :-)

Pam Corcoran: Very nice to "see" you here...and thanks for your kind words. Hope to see you post more often.

Jan: No need to apologize for other people's idiocy. We're still with you here. Semi-annoyed with cramps in our hands...but still with you just the same. Of course, you do know that when we're gonna owe us all...big time :-)

Posted on Mon Sep 6 03:35:52 CEST 1999 from (


From: Biggest Place on Earth

Hell! This thing ain't even worth jokin' about anymore! I say we form a posse an' take the law into our own hands fly straight to Norway an' lynch them lowdown pollcats over at VG!! Everybody who's in meet me at the SAS terminal at JFK tomorrow at high noon -- I'll be wearin' a ten gallon hat an' carryin' a couple of branding irons and lots of rope!!!

Posted on Mon Sep 6 03:24:40 CEST 1999 from (

John D

JAN...In all seriousness. I would e-mail these people and state your case. This is a travesty. What's the purpose of a poll, if one keeps extending the date? It's like having an election and not liking the outcome and then say...OK I'll give y'all another month to make up your minds. Screw em. The Band won fair and square. They just lost all credibility with this extension. They seem to have an angenda.

Posted on Mon Sep 6 02:15:30 CEST 1999 from (


From: a FYI pitstop...

Some of you probably already know this, but Neil's RustList is massive. the SV info was posted there Thursday (didn't read it, but the info probably came from our GB - General Cheatum needs to be informed - there is a spy) i say don't plan on sleeping any tonight and don't miss a beat! Our local provider is back on track. think it's time to pay jock kid - i believe the rate was a quarter a vote, Lil???? to hang tough. well, maybe ten cents per under the circumstances... they're gonna need lunch money Tuesday....maybe a nickel.... hey, neigbor's kid - he looks highly recruitable...

Posted on Sun Sep 5 23:20:39 CEST 1999 from (

Rep. Sam Stuffbox

From: Wash. DC

My fellow American Band fans and Band fans everywhere -- with this latest travesty of justice perpetrated by the Verdens Gang gang (extending the VG Rock Poll until Sept 10 - what year???) I have decided to take action by calling for a bipartisan joint resolution by Congress and the Senate to demand Norway's expulsion from the United Nations and an ironclad blockade of shipments of all Band albums and videos to that country!! I further urge all Band fans to boycott all Norwegian products and to refrain from further participation in the crooked VG Rock Poll!!!

Posted on Sun Sep 5 22:50:55 CEST 1999 from (


"I tried to do my best... my biggest mistake was voting you too much"

Jan, you couldn't help it... seems these VG guys don't like the outcome of their poll...

Or... maybe the record distributors urged them to uphold it one more week 'cause they need more time to fill the Norwegian record stores with all the Band albums :-)

Friday 10th... it's meant to be a nice birthday present for me I suppose ;-]

Posted on Sun Sep 5 22:00:45 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

Amusing thought: they're probably keeping the poll running because they're excited at all the hits they're getting. They're probably sitting around telling advertisers how popular they are and expecting hugely increased subscriptions from the 9500 odd people who voted for The Band … let alone the rest.

Posted on Sun Sep 5 21:57:50 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

VG have amended the page to read September 10th, so they're still around. So it's a test of stamina. The Springsteen ones calmed down today, but they have another week left which might revive their efforts. Neil Young … seriously automatic territory (was the album called Transformer or am I confusing it with the Japanese toy robots?). Anyway, I'm off to the USA on Wednesday & therefore will be without computer. So, it'll be history when I get back on the Mac.

Posted on Sun Sep 5 21:31:52 CEST 1999 from (


From: Las Vegas

Just want to say hi to all *The Band* fans and to Jan for a nice web site! I still have "Music From Big Pink", it's timeless as you all know!And the rest is history. Hope to get to know most of you,it would be great, hi Lil, Tim has told me much about you (good things)! I'll talk to you latter on,it's just another whistle stop!!!

Posted on Sun Sep 5 20:52:09 CEST 1999 from (

Jan H.

And suddenly the Norwegian "best rock band of all times" poll page says the voting ends on next Friday, September 10th! I'm sorry, if I'd known idiots are running this thing (and maybe I should've known ...) I would have left it unnoticed. Guess they won't stop until the Beatles are leading ... Anyway, it's up to you guys now, at:

To vote for Levon and the boys, click the red "text button" just below "The Band".

Posted on Sun Sep 5 20:49:32 CEST 1999 from (


From: NY

I almost forgot, that crazy Neil Young guy is tearing on up the VG trail...20 stemmens at a clip. Everbody Knows This Vote Is Over.

Posted on Sun Sep 5 20:34:06 CEST 1999 from (


From: Upstate NY

Butch, thanks for clearing that for a harder question. Is the Band ever going to show any past performances on a VHS tape? Ever since I've been going to shows, you guys have had the cameras rolling. You must have a lot of tape stored by now. If you put some of it on a (for sale) VHS tape, people all over the world could see the Band, many for the first time. Although "The Last Waltz" is known as "The Last Rip-off" by some of your friends, don't you think that exposure helped sell albums? A tape of Band concerts could be an aid in getting people to hear the Band's music, and could lead to more cd sales.

Seems easy, but getting someone to handle all the finances and produce the film would probably be a bit more complicated.

I saw Eppard and his band at the Georgetown Saloon last night. Especially liked his song "A Duck's Life." Great show. Thank you, Jimmy.

Posted on Sun Sep 5 19:32:34 CEST 1999 from (


BUTCH -- thanks for the updates. Glad to hear of any new project that features Levon along with Garth, Rick, Hope it signals a thaw and leads to new studio work in the near future.

Posted on Sun Sep 5 19:29:43 CEST 1999 from (


It's September 5 here in Middle America -- got to be past September 3 in Norway!?! Once again, Jan's the man -- 9500+ votes for The Band in 1999. Pretty impressive.

Posted on Sun Sep 5 18:16:32 CEST 1999 from (

The King

From: Rock 'n Roll Heaven

Butch -- Albert was not so original in his scheme to "take it with him." He learned that trick from my manager Col. Tom Parker! (Anyone doubting that Albert Grossman was a real nice guy should check him out in Pennebaker's Dylan documentary "Don't Look Back.")

Posted on Sun Sep 5 17:52:13 CEST 1999 from (


From: the tri-county area

It was me, who the other day, suggested that we help Neil Young out a little bit. While I will admit to a few clicks here and there to break the long evenings of voting monotony (I too have blisters on my fingers) I'd have to say some other group must of taken over. If anything drastic happens - and I don't really think it will - I think a challange on the He's-not'really-a-band argument (a-la Bruce Springteen) would work. Now I have to spend my afternoon in repentance (sp?) in front of this blasted thing. I guess it's the catholic schooling in me..........:-(

Posted on Sun Sep 5 17:46:37 CEST 1999 from (

Original Five

Butch, very intersting. What though do you mean by a "real" Band album? For me a "real Band album" was one recorded prior to 1978.

Posted on Sun Sep 5 17:16:30 CEST 1999 from (


From: ulster county n.y.

Lars: in responseto your query about the 2nd stone @ Bearsville, next to Albert Grossman's stone,,, the 2nd stone is where ALL his money is buried,,, actually it was The Band's $$$ & Janis' $$$ & Bob's &, P,P, & M's,,,, see Albert found a way to take it with him,,, Kay,,,, Levon's hat was a gift to him from some of his kin that had moved north to work,, a slew of 'em worked in that Nuclear Reactor, & Levon just loved that hat,, he wore it for a long, long, time,, it's in many pictures of The Band's shows,,, ,,,& FYI, to the guy who posted about that old Eddie Windsor Gretsch kit, ( a while ago, ) That is the drum kit Levon is using with his blues band,,, he loves that sound & says it is perfect for the blues,,, so the Gretsch kit lives,,, ok,,, btw, I am working with a label,, there may be a live Band CD, a REAL one, in a few months,, I will post ALL news here, for ya'll,,, stay strong,,, bb

Posted on Sun Sep 5 12:41:25 CEST 1999 from (


Home page

The Siren Songs link in my post defaults to the guestbook, (!?!?)
Click on the homepage link above.

My apologies.


Posted on Sun Sep 5 12:37:00 CEST 1999 from (


From: Woodstock Records
Home page


Fresh from Rick Danko's/Professor Louie's participation with the John Hall concert,
at Opus 40 in Saugerties,NY it was excellent, (non-biased, of course)

Here's the setlist:

Book Faded Brown
Sip The Wine

Rick and Aaron encored later with John Hall and all participants:
John Hall song: "Only Got Today" and the classic "Shape I'm In"
This was the first time ever, I have ever seen Rick sing and dance without a guitar, (he paced the stage, like a true frontman!) it was a great day.

I would like to thank OPUS 40 staff and crew (dealing with the 95 degree heat)
and of course the great crowd, some of whom braved a 1 mile walk to the site in the
heat and hours in the blazing Catskill Mountain sun.

Special thanks to: Steve & Ben Rothenberg,Kevin,Paul Schiavo and the Woodstock Records alumni.

Peace from Woodstock!

Tom/Woodstock Records

PS. John Hall's website is where you can check out his catalog.

Posted on Sun Sep 5 11:44:29 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Agree with Ragtime. Not having very much fun anymore. Hopefully this thing will be over tomorrow morning...although I don't think any votes received after midnight of the 3rd should be counted anyway. We won as of the original deadline, and that's enough for me.

Freddy: Please feel better....

Posted on Sun Sep 5 07:08:48 CEST 1999 from (


From: blue misty morning...

The whole thing isn't fun any more... it definitely overstayed it's welcome. Anyway... our guys seem to be unbeatable now - 9219 votes, no matter what Neil Young is doing. Who said a couple of days ago that we should help poor Neil a little?

Posted on Sun Sep 5 04:19:58 CEST 1999 from (


In 27 minutes, Neil's camp tallied 243 votes!!! That's approximately 500 per hour. OUCH!! At that rate, we will be passed by Noon, EST (SUNDAY!!!). ......H E L P !!!! ...

Posted on Sun Sep 5 04:02:09 CEST 1999 from (



Posted on Sun Sep 5 00:03:10 CEST 1999 from (

Blind Willie McTell

From: Toronto

I am trying to find a copy of The Last Moving Shadows bootleg on CD.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I would prefer a Canadian dealer, but anywhere in North America would be ok. Please email me privately, thanks.

Posted on Sat Sep 4 23:44:08 CEST 1999 from (


From: Trondheim -- Norway

Jeg ønsker å få kontakt med Band-fans i Norge, Sverige & Danmark. Ta kontakt!!!!

Posted on Sat Sep 4 23:14:19 CEST 1999 from (


From: In La$ Vega$
Home page

Thanks Jan, I voted and my number was VOTE 8680!!! I hope it counted!!!

Posted on Sat Sep 4 23:11:42 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

Uh, uh. I've suspected this all day. If you vote for The Band, they go up one stemmer … but so does Springsteen go up one stemmer. The gap has stayed remarkably consistent all day (though it's a large gap now). Do they have some kind of "echo" hack in place? Well, looks like we have to hang in there till they come back from the weekend.

Posted on Sat Sep 4 21:00:51 CEST 1999 from (


I have just got a mail from the VG........... They are not able to shut the hot-o-meter untill monday morning!!!!!!!!!! please keep voting and voting ...

Posted on Sat Sep 4 17:44:01 CEST 1999 from (


From: NEVER underestimate the tenacity of a Band Fan

busy as i am, i just wanted to tell you all - i managed to get in about 30 "Absentee" ballots. as i'm NEVER too busy or tired for a worthy cause.

Hey, THEY can call it menopause/mid-life crisis if they want to ---- i, personally, intend to call it a SECOND CHILDHOOD.:)

don't forget to brush your teeth, tho! even if you gotta dig em out of your purse!

Posted on Sat Sep 4 17:22:22 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

My theory is that the folks at VG have gone home for the weekend and forgotten all about the poll. Still pushing the button. Still possible that there'll be a late run. With England beating Luxembourg 6 - 0 at football, I'd like to see this more important victory signed and sealed.

Posted on Sat Sep 4 17:01:08 CEST 1999 from (

Freddy Fishstick

From: Nassau Beach

CD Now has $10 off with every purchase over $24.99 until 9/6. I think you have to link their from the bosses website- Enjoy friends n neighbors.

Posted on Sat Sep 4 15:19:25 CEST 1999 from (


Diamond Lil: The stupid thing is still open. The Bruce-Bot is still silent, but some fans have kicked in a few during the night. The Band is now at 8600 :-), Bruce at 6767, Beatles at 3078. Been up all night maintaining a Bot-Watch. All okay so far. JAN, if you can, please find out when this thing shuts down. Also, many many thanks to all of our friends who have worked together on this!!!

Posted on Sat Sep 4 14:47:53 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Can someone please update me as to the status of the now annoying VG Poll? Can't access the page at all this morning. Freezing my computer. Thanks.

Posted on Sat Sep 4 13:32:03 CEST 1999 from (

Rep. Sam Stuffbox

From: Wash. DC

With the power vested in me by the People of the United States and Band fans everywhere I unequivocally declare The Band to be 1st Place Winners in the VG Rock Poll. They have won fairly and squarely (...well, at least one of them anyway!) and it's high time those unfair squares at VG headquarters acknowledged this and coughed up the award!! If this is not rectified by Tuesday morning I will be initiating a full-scale Congressional Investigation!!!

Posted on Sat Sep 4 11:52:34 CEST 1999 from (


From: the rock

8:32 AM Newfoundland Standard Time....this thing has a life of its own....well, if I thought it'd do any good...

Posted on Sat Sep 4 11:15:18 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Yoo-Hoo...Mr. VG poll's 12 hours past your contest deadline. Time to close the booth and declare The Band the official winners. Queen bites the dust. The yellow submarine has been sunk. Bruce fans were blinded by the light. We won..we're tired..and we're unbeatably loyal. Don't mess with us.

I would've said this in Norwegian if I knew how. Jan: Maybe you can translate if you have to. In fact...throw in a few of those Norwegian expletives too.

Frozen fingers at the keyboard, can this be the big reward?

Posted on Sat Sep 4 09:26:32 CEST 1999 from (

Jan H.

As I suspected ... the Norwegian "best rock band of all times" poll has not closed down yet, so you can still help The Band stay on top by voting for them at:

To submit your vote, click on the red text "button" right below "The Band".

The Bruce-robot is still sleeping, we're gonna win this one.

Posted on Sat Sep 4 07:33:15 CEST 1999 from (


From: Nordic Countries

Some useful VG e-mailaddresses. VG Webmaster: Chief Editor:

Posted on Sat Sep 4 04:49:48 CEST 1999 from (

Howard D.

From: The East Coast -- USA

Hey, Jan!! I'm sure we'd all appreciate it if you gave those clowns at VG a wake-up call first thing tomorrow morning. It's very unfair if the VG Rock Poll goes on indefinitely when they initially stated it would end on September 3rd -- they did say 1999 I hope? We've done our best as loyal fans of the boys but at this point our collective index fingers are wearing out!! And we've got a holiday weekend (Labor Day) coming up and don't want to spend it sitting in front of the computer all 3 days!

Posted on Sat Sep 4 04:07:59 CEST 1999 from (

John D

Well, it's 11:21 pm and I'm going to bed. At this point we're 1,500 up on Springsteen and holding #1

Posted on Sat Sep 4 02:43:08 CEST 1999 from (

Paul Godfrey

Would appear that they are still accepting votes. Its 9:53pm in Canada...Friday night. Quick question....Ask yourself if there is any band on the pop pole other than THE BAND at the top of the list that could have backed up every act in the Last Waltz? This to me is the ultimate music history benchmark...any takers? Shine On!

Posted on Sat Sep 4 01:07:19 CEST 1999 from (


From: New York

ALICE -- Don't be disheartened! After The Band wins the VG Rock Poll it will be incumbent upon them to do a mammoth "Big Pink in the Pink 21st Century Tour" with Robbie which will hit every continent on the globe!!

Posted on Sat Sep 4 00:23:39 CEST 1999 from (


From: Brazil

I've been here almost every day. You know, it's a good place. I feel comfortable 'cause I know what peolple are talking about. I mean that people here share their feelings about music (and about The Band, of course). I just get depressed sometimes when you guys start talking about Band's concerts. I've never been in one. I wish I could live where The Band goes to play. But I don't. About the rest, Brasil (or Brazil) is a good place to live in. Bye and thanks for very great moments.

Posted on Fri Sep 3 23:39:39 CEST 1999 from (

Roger Woods

From: Birmingham, UK

Our votes 995 ahead at 11.50 UK time so someones got their Stemmerbot wired up. The tensions's too much, I'm going to bed.

Posted on Fri Sep 3 23:31:00 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

We're a good 800 ahead at 11.45 BST … 45 minutes after the poll should have closed and votes are still registering. The Springsteen vote has gone up 100 in 45 minutes. I'm off to bed, sao keep voting North America!

Posted on Fri Sep 3 23:27:08 CEST 1999 from (

Sen. Sam Stuffbox

From: Wash. DC

Lest I be misconstrued let me say that I did not mean to imply that all Norwegians are "melonheads" -- just the ones in charge of the VG Rock Poll. Also, a proofreading error by my personal secretary resulted in the previous misspelling of the word "melonhead." I am instructing her to proofread this one twice!

Posted on Fri Sep 3 23:18:50 CEST 1999 from (


I'm sure the VG people won't be closing the poll before resuming their positions at their desks tomorrow morning at 9. And the guys who handle the Springsteen Voting Machine know that all too well...

Posted on Fri Sep 3 23:15:11 CEST 1999 from (

Roger Woods

From: Birmingham, UK

11.26 in the UK and I just voted. At least someone did. It could be a long night.

Posted on Fri Sep 3 23:08:46 CEST 1999 from (


I'd like to know who knocks on Jan's door first: the Verden Gang's Nobel Prize Committee to congratulate him, or the Norwegian Police Fraude Squad to arrest him... ;-) We're all behind you my friend... ;-)

Posted on Fri Sep 3 23:03:08 CEST 1999 from (

Rep. Sam Stuffbox

From: Wash. DC

My fellow Americans and Band fans everywhere. It now September 4 in Norway (I verified this with the US Embassy over there) and yet those mellonhead Norwegians over at VG Rock Poll headquarters have not only not declared The Band to be the undisputed winners but have failed to close the voting booth!! Where is the International Internet Rock Poll Commission when you need them? I'm calling for a Congressional Investigation of this matter!!! AND MEANWHILE KEEP VOTING UNTIL THE BOOTH IS CLOSED!!!

Posted on Fri Sep 3 22:53:37 CEST 1999 from (

steve thomas

Its now 11.06 UK time and we are 830 votes ahead, i think we can take it that we've won. Congratulations BAND fans everywhere.

Posted on Fri Sep 3 22:53:17 CEST 1999 from (

Peter viney

11.05 British time, which I make 12.05 Norwegian, but they're still accepting votes! Now none of us know when this thing ends so vigilance and voting are essential. We're ahead … but how long is the poll going to be open?

Posted on Fri Sep 3 22:51:17 CEST 1999 from (


From: Dutchess County

What a community! Way to kick butt. We're on top by over 800!!!

Posted on Fri Sep 3 22:11:03 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Before this thing is officially over and 'vote' becomes just another 4 letter word, let me be the first to say that amazing things can happen when people pull together for a common goal. Some of the bigger communities in life could learn alot from our smaller one here. And whatever the outcome of this contest, the love and loyalty of Band fans cannot be surpassed. Something we can all be proud of. Thanks everyone.

Posted on Fri Sep 3 21:45:01 CEST 1999 from (

Gen George Patton

From: NY

GEN PATTON: God, I'm glad we finally got through that bottleneck. What city was that, Private?

PRIVATE PARTS: I think it used to be Philadelphia, sir.

GEN PATTON: We're on the final leg, private. Nazareth isn't that far now.

PRIVATE PARTS: I just want to get away from this place. You think the Chicken Man knew what hit him, sir?

GEN PATTON: War is hell, private. If you blow up their poultry they lose the will to fight.

Posted on Fri Sep 3 18:40:00 CEST 1999 from (

Jan H.

Miracle of miracles! The "Springsteen vote robot" has stopped running, and we're in the lead again in the Norwegian "best rock band of all times" poll at:

Click on the red text "button" right below "The Band" to vote for them.

Now please keep voting and voting ... it says they'll close today, but I do not know when, and right now it's still 2 hours left of the Norwegian September 3rd. Considering how lousy the vote page has been maintained (JavaScript errors, sudden increases in votes without any logical reasons, etc..) I don't trust them to close it until maybe tomorrow, so keep going ...

Posted on Fri Sep 3 19:49:39 CEST 1999 from (


David P.: they don't do it because including the entire HOTH would be too embarrassing for our guys... that's MY rant for the day.

Still voting...

Posted on Fri Sep 3 19:45:16 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Here's my rant for today: Since an audio CD can store over 70 minutes worth of music, selling one that contains less than a third of that capacity is, putting it mildly, not much of a value to the purchaser. In the case of Rhino's "Best Of...Vol. 2," why didn't they just include all of the "Jericho" and "High on the Hog" albums on one CD.

Posted on Fri Sep 3 19:26:51 CEST 1999 from (


The voting officially stops at 12.00 pm SET & 07:00 pm EST!!!

Posted on Fri Sep 3 19:09:55 CEST 1999 from (


From: CT

As far as Rhino is concerned, they think they are putting in a rarity by adding "Youngblood" which all of us have anyway. Why not something that has never been officially released? Garth at St. Ann's or Levon with the Dirt Band at Red Rocks or Carnagie Hall or studio outtakes..... ANYTHING!

Posted on Fri Sep 3 18:53:51 CEST 1999 from (


From: NYC

Let's VOTE!!! According to Peter V. the VG Poll will close today at 6pm on the US East Coast (3pm Pacific Time). So we've got until then to rack up a thousand more votes and really beat Bruce's cute little butt! We CAN do it! In our favor - it's a nice day today weatherwise and most of Bruce's fans are probably strolling the boardwalk and knocking down a few brewskis! But let's not get OVER CONFIDENT AND LET OUR GUARD DOWN! Keep on VOTING... and VOTING... and VOTING!!! We're soooooo close but that's NOT ENOUGH!!! We've got to win!

Posted on Fri Sep 3 18:31:04 CEST 1999 from (


From: Lee Vining, Ca.

I noticed on the Woodstock Records webpage a concert listing for Mr.Danko.(Sept. 17 & 18 in Ct.)Webmaster might want to get it on the concert listings here if valid.I'm still voting.

Posted on Fri Sep 3 18:08:27 CEST 1999 from (

Steve Thomas

From: south wales

As of now 18.21 UK time were 157 votes ahead. Keep em coming.

Posted on Fri Sep 3 17:57:08 CEST 1999 from (

Steve Thomas

From: south wales

C'mon keep voting were starting to pull away (a little) anyone know when to stop?

Posted on Fri Sep 3 17:49:44 CEST 1999 from (


From: Dutchess County

Chewing Gum's on the rail...Scotties on a roll...

Posted on Fri Sep 3 17:39:25 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

Spike Jones on the box: essential listening for today’s race is “The William Tell Overture” - Dog Biscuit is three to one, Safety Pin has been scratched …Assault is passing Battery … and they come down to the wire … it’s a photo finish … and there goes the winner … Biedlebaum.”

Punchy: Hope I get this right. I once woke my sister at 3 a.m. to wish her Happy Christmas when I was in the USA because I got confused about hours ahead and hours behind (trouble ahead, trouble behind …)… but Europe is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard time, so presumably the poll will close at Central Europe time. Midnight in Norway will be 6 pm for the East Coast, and 11 pm for Britain where we’re pushing stemmer as hard as we can. I’ll be checking in at 11 pm in Britain hoping for a result.

Posted on Fri Sep 3 17:32:35 CEST 1999 from (

Pete Rivard

From: Hastings, MN

The Band seems to have recaptured a strong lead as of this posting. What a testimonial to the efforts of a couple dozen grown men and women, myself included. I don't know whether to feel proud or embarrassed.

Driving down to Arizona last week to turn over my '93 Corolla to my college son (204,000 mi. and still going strong)I caught "One Headlight" by the Wallflowers on the box. Where the hell is that band's sophomore effort? Anyone know? Their website seems to have been abandoned about 2 years ago. Do they still exist?

Posted on Fri Sep 3 17:22:41 CEST 1999 from (


From: the tri-county area

Levon and the guys have taken the lead! Keep on voting! We are in the final stretch!

Posted on Fri Sep 3 17:22:37 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

The Band are back in front at 17.30 British time. When does the poll close? It's getting to be hard work. There's not much in it and those Springsteen guys are still moving fast. Everyone else looks out of the field. It's a two horse race by the look of it.But we're not dealing here with Queen fans out of Wayne's world anymore. The boss is renowned for stamina. If the worst comes to the worst, we all know who did the best "Atlantic City"- a truly great song.

Posted on Fri Sep 3 17:20:36 CEST 1999 from (


From: NYC

Hey Jan!! Can you PLEASE LET US KNOW WHEN THE VOTING OFFICIALLY STOPS??? (USA Eastern Daylight Time please not MET time which noboby can figure out!!) THANK YOU VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE! We're keeping at it but not leading by much now! I wouldn't mind so much if the Beatles were ahead of us but Bruce's E-Street Band is third rate! And please everyone reading this -- VOTE NOW!!

Posted on Fri Sep 3 16:43:59 CEST 1999 from (


From: Out West

Taking a break from voting to ask a question: At the Bob Dylan Tribute Concert in 92, Levon is wearing a cap with the atomic symbol and the letters ANR above it. Anyone know what that stands for? And why was The Band the only participating group not to be out on stage for the finale?

Posted on Fri Sep 3 15:55:41 CEST 1999 from (

Roger Woods

From: UK

We're catching up. Get voting while the Boss's computer is down.

Posted on Fri Sep 3 13:41:13 CEST 1999 from (

Just Wonderin'


WARNING: Springsteen ahead by over 500 votes! Lil you're right...he ain't even a band!!

Posted on Fri Sep 3 13:00:44 CEST 1999 from (

Roger Woods

From: Voting Booth 23

What's happening? Every time I give our boys a stemmer, Brucie picks up 10. Is there a quicker way than logging out of the internet and logging back in? I've looked on other sites for voting tips but haven't found a linkfrom either a Queen or a Boss site which even mentions the Hotometer. We're currently 470 votes behind and the gap's increasing.

Posted on Fri Sep 3 11:53:43 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Anyone know what time the voting stops today? Jan? We've come this far folks...let's knock our boys right over the top.

BTW...Is Springsteen a "band"? I think not. Seems to me this is a contest for best "band"..not best single performer who plays with a multitude of different people.

And on a last nite..wondering why "The Jan" is not listed anywhere on the VG poll? :-)

Posted on Fri Sep 3 11:28:11 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

We're running 370 points back behind Springsteen. This is going to be very hard to catch indeed. Keep voting!

Posted on Fri Sep 3 10:09:48 CEST 1999 from (


Ok, here's how to cheat, folks: Every time you disconnect and reconnect to the net from back home, you'll get a new IP number and you can vote again, even if you just voted during your previous net connection. And for those of us that have free local calls it costs nothing! Go get those Springsteen cheaters, now!

Posted on Fri Sep 3 09:53:55 CEST 1999 from (

Steve Thomas

From: South Wales

Bruce has gone into the lead KEEP VOTING. Anyone know what time this thing finishes?

Posted on Fri Sep 3 09:53:08 CEST 1999 from (


oh my God , oh my God! Bruce Springteen is leading ! There's something really wrong! What's happening, they can't win this fight! You gotta vote, people! I gave them 4 wotes today, but the votes for bruce & co are coming all the time. WHAT CAN WE DO????????????????????????????????

Posted on Fri Sep 3 07:19:24 CEST 1999 from (


W're doing our best Jan. Only A Fool Would Let Go...

Posted on Fri Sep 3 07:09:47 CEST 1999 from (


This morning, 8:31 MET, The Band: 5185 votes, Bruce and the E-Street Band: 5184 votes! Every vote counts now ...

Click on the red text "button" right below "The Band" to vote for them.

Posted on Fri Sep 3 06:30:32 CEST 1999 from (

Ragtime again



Oh, oh, oh, I was too optimistic. Flying Springsteen Brigade chasing us... How do they do that...?

Posted on Fri Sep 3 06:03:28 CEST 1999 from (


From: a new morning in the Low Countries


"Sad old ships... A morning eclipse... I spent my whole night voting... Then I turned to the sun... And saw everyone... Voting..."

Hot O'Meter's Closing Day Today! Will Bruce Beat Band? Don't think so... our guys are on a solid first place, unless the Flying Springsteen Brigade tries for a desperate last time :-)

Yesterday I finally got my copy of Tangled Up In Blues. Honestly I'm a bit disappointed about Ricks uninspired singing on One Too Many Mornings...

Posted on Fri Sep 3 05:30:13 CEST 1999 from (


From: NZ

When Muddy Waters sings Caldonia on The Woodstock Album it sounds like Caledonia to me.

Posted on Fri Sep 3 05:18:49 CEST 1999 from (


From: NY

Just a note to anyone who's interested: The Springsteen Army has started up again, and they are moving up on us. The poll will look a little different in the morning.

On an entirely different note, I was in Bearsville (next to Woodstock) today and I had a chance to visit Albert Grossman's resting place. Anyone know the significance of the second stone that's back there?

Posted on Fri Sep 3 03:41:03 CEST 1999 from (

Pat Brennan

From: USA

I believe the new formations bespeak the obvious. Now, bringing up the Civil War is a very interesting thread, for any number of reasons. Jonathan Taplin claimed he never understood the "Woah" until he heard "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down." Now why would that be? He's an educated East coast type, you think he would have figured it out. The power of that song lies in a simple premise: it explains why soldiers fought, where academia likes to talk about why governments fought. Two different things. You can talk for hours about slavery and states rights and such, but time and again soldier reminiscences repeat the defense of home and family as the reason they fought. Virgil Caine probably didn't own a slave. Left his wife in Tennessee to take care of the farm while he went off. Lost his brother to a Yankee bullet. With the explosion of published soldier reminiscences, this prevailing attitude has been more fully illuminated and explored. But you can't explain that sense of loss better than "Dixie." BTW, watched TLW on Encore last Friday and was struck by a couple of things. Big sign that says Dixie, the Confederate flag prominently displayed, Richard playing drums on "Such A Night." Bill Graham watching from the sidelines with the Hawk close by. But, please, don't get me started on Little Feat.....

Posted on Fri Sep 3 03:20:12 CEST 1999 from (

Stephen Novik

From: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Best damn web site! Best damn Band! So Rhino's releasing a compilation, eh? Funny how "White Cadillac"'s the only cut from Jubilation. I would have gone with "Don't Wait". And seriously to Rhino, if that's their idea of a compilation, Don't bother. I mean, really, why? C'mon, at least unearth some rarities!! Make this CD worth some money!

Now, does singing "I Shall Be Released" at Lillith Fair count as a Band-Sarah Mclachlan connection? Y'know, I swear it was her years ago I saw a clip of on TV singing "Acadian Driftwood".....

Posted on Fri Sep 3 03:15:55 CEST 1999 from (


From: Internet-intimidated, with the patience of a pre-menopausal ant

Unfortunately, i haven't had a chance to cast but ONE absentee ballot today. Evidently, the co-op kid was doin' pretty well... but the internet is messed up BAD here. probably a typical local fence-post set-up situation...

Thank you so much, Butch, for being our eyes down here! so good to hear Levon is happy. But, if you see him, just tell him that this winter, while he and all ya'll lucky ducks in NYS are feeling like human popcicles, i'm going to send a postcard to Jan to post of Wendy the man-magnet wearing nothing but a poster with our weather forecast on it. But, if he's happy, i'll be a bit less aggravated for these feelings of abandonment (hit kind of like -- hot flashes). Atlanta is STILL a rockin town, now...

Well, Mitt mentioned Harry (what a wonderful person - i visit them sometimes in there cos i miss him), David Powell brings up Tom Rush (got that album w/cover photo by the late Linda (then Eastman) McCartney, and it's wonderful also - and i quote often - to Wendy MOST ESPECIALLY: ladies love outlaws like babies love stray dogs.....) Then Bumbles (enjoyed your post! :) brings up the divine Ms. Phillips... so i'm throwing in a name here - Guy Clark. As some days are diamond and some days are stone... next to Lowell, the old prof. used to sing alot of him to me.

maybe, in light of present intimidation of being an old ------- FEMALE dog learning this new 'net trick, i should risk digging into a trunk full of terrible love poetry written years ago and put "trouble" on the turntable. as today was a stone and i don't even have time for Evangeline...

it's been fun, ya'll. and i'm with Lil, the lighter heart in here is warmer. but i'm running out of free time. Hurricane Willie has come back to town and he's always blowin us away..... will visit when i can. hope for some i've shared enough to eliminate the Catbalese mystery and some of the reasons why. and mitt, on behalf of the heart of dixie, tell MD that if i could, i'd put a bow on the memory of George Wallace and let them claim him as their own evermore. You really need to get Tom Waits, tho, and Mr. Rush. you'll like em.

illka - if those QUEEN fans who are running that stemmer joint knew anything about menopausal women, i think they might think twice about saying something like that. MEAN WOMAN BLUES if ever i saw and dreaded it. :)

SYLA. time to get behind the mule.

Posted on Fri Sep 3 02:57:10 CEST 1999 from (

Ghost Rider

From: In Your Yard

BUTCH: Thanks for a great report of what sounds like a great outing for Levon and the Barn Burners. Chris O'Leary is a super blues harp player, singer and songwriter (and until just recently, a damn fine bartender.)

So we've got Garth joining Levon in Albany, after playing with Rick (and Randy and Jim) two weeks ago at Yasgur's Farm. What's it gonna take to get all those oars in the water, pulling in the same direction at the same time again?

LARS: I assume that since Scorcese is directing, we can expect to see Robbie play President Lincoln?

LIL: A belated thanks for responding to my query about Rick's involvement at Opus 40 this weekend. It was nice chatting with you, too, while the Guestbook was on its brief hiatus a while back. And it's reassuring to see that Sundog has found his way back into the fold. He was AWOL since the big Guestbook change, and I was starting to get worried about the little fella.

I finally visited the poll site everyone's been talking about (and talking about and talking about...) with every intention of voting for The Band (stilll solidly in first place) But then I was surprised to see the Stones way back in 12th place with fewer than 500 votes, and so... I voted for both of 'em. There. I admit it.

Posted on Fri Sep 3 02:45:24 CEST 1999 from (

Nick the Barber

From: Seville

Now the secret is out! I'd always wondered why Jimmy Buffet's hair looked so glamourous and had attributed it to those warm Florida winds and endless Margaritas. I guess I'll have to get retrained and become a "hair stylist."

Posted on Fri Sep 3 01:27:00 CEST 1999 from (

Dean Bursar

From: Berklee College

For all who requested this from Freddy Fishstick to Spider John, Al Vacado, Kay Passa etal:

Buffett makes Berklee cut Professor Buffett? Jimmy Buffett got his hair cut at Salon Mario Russo on Newbury Street yesterday. He told his stylist he was planning to be back in town in November to teach a seminar at Berklee College of Music. ...

Posted on Fri Sep 3 00:23:50 CEST 1999 from (

Beth Erlanson

From: Long Beach, California

Hello, I'm trying to get 2 copies of Georgette Fry's Rites of Passage CD. No one here has heard of her. Can anyone out there help me? It's a wedding gift for my husband to be - he heard her on some road trip years ago and can't forget the experience.

Posted on Thu Sep 2 23:11:57 CEST 1999 from (


From: the poll station just around the corner

"Let's vote again, yeah yeah yeah let's vote again"

Just met a guy in the chatroom who said he visited this website every day. When I urged him to vote he didn't know what I was talking about... "Vote? For what?"

If Springsteen wins I'll never play Atlantic City again... ;-)

Posted on Thu Sep 2 23:06:41 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

Butch: belated thanks for a review that really made me wish I’d been there. Still thinking about what I missed. “Willin’” is on my favourite in-car selection with The Weight, King Harvest, Steve Still’s “Colorado”, Link Wray’s “Fallin’ Rain”, Louisiana Leroux’s ‘New Orleans Ladies’ and CSN’s “Southern Cross”. Always pondered on what The Band would make of a cover version of “Willin’” (Levon lead vocal of course). There’s room for manouevre if you compare the two Little Feat versions (Little Feat, Sailin’ Shoes) and the Seatrain version. All great.

Lars: interesting food for thought on this civil war movie. You didn’t mention Robbie … should I assume that he’ll be cast on the union side?

Martin: I prefer your “Best of The Band Volume II” to the one Rhino has announced (on the surface anyway). Unless some of those selections are live, I can’t see who they’re selling it to. It’s very honest of them NOT to make us buy a whole album for just one rarity, but everybody else in the business does. And as 90% comes from two albums, I guess most of us have got both. At the least they should have included the recent “tribute” stuff like “Not Fade Away”, “Deuce & A Quarter”, maybe as recent as “One Too Many Mornings.” They’ve certainly got a good Band version of “Driftin’ Away” on the 1993 Toronto radio show, a good “Caldonia” on the New Orleans video and there must be many good live tapes with “Deep Feeling”. “Many Rivers To Cross” and “Willie & The Hand Jive.” I’m not fond of the last (I saw Johnny Otis do it live with Shuggie Otis, and that was the version for me), but it’s a good example of their live sound.

Posted on Thu Sep 2 22:33:49 CEST 1999 from (

Ben Turkel

From: New Jersey

I enjoyed Peter Viney's review of 'Breeze Hill'. The only point I would add is that more than 20 minutes of the performance could have been included on the disk. The same thing happened with the two earlier Woodstock releases. My guess is that they're keeping the number of songs to between 10 and 12 in order to keep the publishing costs down. I'd be happy to pay an extra few dollars for a 75-80 minute cd with 15-18 songs, which would better represent a concert.

Posted on Thu Sep 2 20:32:40 CEST 1999 from (


Uh-oh, the votes for Bruce are coming in about twice as fast as the ones for The Band. 2 hours ago the difference was around 400, now it's down to 200 ... I just called in our allies in, but we still need your vote:

PS. The "new" entries below here is a jumbled assortment of guestbook posts from the last few days that were previewed and probably meant to be submitted, but never came through.

Posted on Wed Sep 1 03:57:12 CEST 1999 from (

Martin Anderson

From: New Orleans

I just read the track listing for "The Best Of The Band, Volume II," and I am aghast. Several months ago, I wrote a letter to Levon by way of his New Orleans club. Although I subsequently spoke to him at the club, I elected not to put him on the spot by quizzing him about the letter. Except now I wish I had. The substance of the letter was the suggestion (in light of the fact that Jubilation had been critically ignored) that he might be well served to gather the best of the present Band tracks into a Best-Of. To quote from my original letter: "Perhaps you reckon it too soon, after only three albums. I'd feel that myself, it I didn't worry that something needs to be done to wake the world to the fact that the current group is no nostalgia act --but rather a new and vital musical unit in the grand tradition of Duke Ellington's succession of fine orchestras, Miles Davis' reinvention of his quintet in the middle '60's, Muddy Waters' continued achievement after the loss of Little Walter & Jimmy Rodgers, or Elvis, in Memphis with Chips Moman in 1969. These pioneers didn't lay down and quit as original members left the fold. Oftentimes, the change led to new ideas and musical masterpieces that the initial line-up would not even have contemplated." What followed was my personal list of an ideal "The Best Of The Band, Volume II," with, as I stated in the letter, "all due respect to distribution of lead vocal honors, remembering Richard Manuel and owing nothing to the absent Mr. Robertson." My central interest in offering the suggestion was to restore The Band to their proper stature. Here, then, is the track list I proposed to Levon. Compare it to the Rhino collection soon-to-be released. Which record is more likely to stand proudly beside "Volume I."


THE BAND GARTH HUDSON Keyboards, saxophones, accordian, trumpet
LEVON HELM Vocals, drums, mandolin, harmonica, bass, guitar
RICK DANKO Vocals, bass, guitar, violin
JIM WEIDER Guitar, bass
RANDY CIARLANTE Percussion, drums, vocals
RICHARD BELL Piano, keyboards

FOUNDING MEMBER RICHARD MANUEL (1943-1986) Trio vocal on "Rivers Of Babylon," Lead vocal & piano on "Country Boy," and Harmony vocal & piano on "A Blaze Of Glory"

INTERIM MEMBER STAN SZELISET (1942-1991) Piano on "Atlantic City"


Now that's the Best of The Band. Tape it for yourself & see. Sweep and Drama. Dignity. And as I wrote to Levon, "At the very least, this album could be your legacy. What I really hope, rather, is that it merely opens a door to a long, fresh career of unlimited possibilities."

Posted on Thu Sep 2 17:36:33 CEST 1999 from (


From: maryland

Mitt, one of my big gripes here 'bouts is the lack of suitable, "unspoiled" outdoor recreation. I took my dog over to Seneca park, and the water is so polluted it gave my dog a urinary infection just from romping. Man, I miss the Quabbin. You pretty much need to head up to northern MD or the panhandle, up to the Lancaster area of PA or down to VA to get any good fishing in. I've not had much luck. BTW, if you're not busy some Sunday night, my band runs the blues jam at The Full Moon Saloon in Fells Point every Sunday from 10-2 a.m. Love to meet you face to face some time.

Butch, I noticed the absense of "Mighty Quinn" from the Feat setlist. That's unfortunate. I love their version above all others (but then, I don't have the BT version, so at least compared to the Dead's version). It would have been a treat to see them do that with Levon, don't ya think?

I did check out the full show via streaming Audio off of the Woodstock Records site. It's an excellent band, and far more authentic than even the Muddy Waters tracks Levon did in Woodstock back in the 70s (I find the backup band too brittle). Hopefully Lee will take his act on down the coast so us mid-Atlantic types can get a taste. I enjoyed what I heard even more than the Band efforts I've heard of late, but then, my bias on that front is somewhat documented.



Posted on Wed Sep 1 03:03:58 CEST 1999 from (


From: Upstate NY

I was working along on the job today when I got to thinking about how a lot of people in this guestbook seem to be interested in the American Civil War. It occurred to me that the next great Robert E.Lee portrayal could be from Levon. Stretching it further, I would cast Garth as Stonewall Jackson (Garth is an eccentric genius) and Rick as Longstreet (Rick's just about always late). Jim Weider could play John Pelham. And Martin Scorcese (sp?) would be the director, telling Levon, "Lee, the line goes 'Keep those PEOPLE back...I don't think Lee ever called the Yankees "Sumbitches."

Posted on Thu Sep 2 03:54:21 CEST 1999 from (


From: Germany / Hamburg
Home page

Hallo, ich muß leider in Deutsch schreiben, weil ich leider noch nicht so Gut Englisch kann. Also ich möchte mal hier Klip und Klar sagen was ich von The Band halte : The Band könnten in Deutschland (möglichst Hamburg)auch mal Concerte geben !!!! Das letzte und einzige Deutschland Concert war im Juni 1996, ich finde es wird Höchste Zeit für ein Neues.Was ich auch noch vermisse ist eine Autogrammadresse von The Band. Tschüs sagt Wolle

Posted on Tue Aug 31 11:38:20 CEST 1999 from (

kamilla haram

From: norway(haramsøya)
Home page

cool website and great band

Posted on Thu Sep 2 21:42:30 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

Uh, oh. Don't say I didn't warn you. That Springsteen vote is building fast. It will need a concerted effort to stay ahead. And for me, voting is usually a soft pencil putting an "X" on a pieceof paper. This red stemmer button is so easy.

Posted on Thu Sep 2 21:28:52 CEST 1999 from (

[guest photo]


From: NYC
Home page

i love the band. i want to go home and put on my album with "when you awake" and "rocking chair." except i'm stuck here at work in an artificial sick environment. the band is the only thing we have left. they were real. that haunting love of music, the way they float on a tiny stage in the darkness, receding into the distance, lost in another time - outside of time. enamored only by music. that's the last waltz.

Posted on Thu Sep 2 21:05:24 CEST 1999 from (

Old Jawbone

From: The Tank

Now that hackers in the Springsteen camp have been implicated in the VG Rock Poll it will be incumbent upon Jan to demand a recount on behalf of The Band fans should Bruce ultimately prevail. After all -- there are two kinds of cheating -- fair cheating and UNfair cheating!! This is an outrage!!!

Posted on Thu Sep 2 21:01:23 CEST 1999 from (


From: CT

I wanted to ask Tom at Woodstock Records if Live at Breeze Hill is available on cassette?

Posted on Thu Sep 2 19:32:17 CEST 1999 from (

O. Vertherhill

From: The 60's

IIkka - Your translation of that blurb under The Band listing in the VG Rock Poll is much appreciated. I trust that Jan will be bringing a few anthills with him when he goes to the Verdens Gang headquarters to accept the award as well as a large jar of honey to make the offenders bottoms more enticing to the ants!!

Posted on Thu Sep 2 19:31:13 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Thanks Bumbles for supplying further information on the origin of "Sip The Wine." Tracy Nelson recorded Drummond's song around the same time as the Esther Phillips version. Since Ms. Nelson is an avowed fan of Ms. Phillips and Drummond played on various sessions with Ms. Nelson, there's no doubt where she learned the song.

It's curious that in addition to playing on Danko's 1977 solo album, Drummond was also part of Neil Young's band at the time Young recorded his "On The Beach" album on which Danko & Helm also appeared. Mr. Drummond's credits are extensive as a touring & session bass guitarist, songwriter, and producer. The list of artists he's played with includes Conway Twitty, James Brown, Hank Ballard, J.J. Cale, Neil Young and CS&N, Ronnie Milsap, Jimmy Buffett, Ry Cooder, Lonnie Mack and Bob Dylan, just to name a few. As a songwriter he's shared writing credits with the likes of J.J. Cale, Ry Cooder, Will Jennings, Spooner Oldham, Lonnie Mack and the late Stan Szelest (a former Band member). As a seasoned veteran of the business, Mr. Drummond must be aware of the "appropriation" of the aforementioned song.

Posted on Thu Sep 2 18:49:23 CEST 1999 from (

Jan H.

The "best rock band of all times" Internet poll in the Norwegian newspaper VG closes tomorrow, on September 3rd, and our boys are leading! To keep them up where they belong, keep voting at:

Scroll down that page until you find "The Band" and click on the red "text button" right below to vote.

Posted on Thu Sep 2 18:45:20 CEST 1999 from (


If you have wondered what the Norwegian text on the voting site is in English, well here comes the translation. (It is not nice thing to say about us, but I have a very bad day anyway, so...)

*The original sidemen for Bob Dylan. Say The Band to anyone over 50 and he/she is crying out loud and will get immediately an critical menopause attack.*

The guys who are saying something like that in these woods will be seated in an anthill. Without the trousers.

Posted on Thu Sep 2 17:50:35 CEST 1999 from (


From: Nordic Countries

A confession: I'm *woodlark.geo* in Yahoo Fan Club. Call me a betrayer if you want to.

Posted on Thu Sep 2 17:05:31 CEST 1999 from (


From: Between Thought & Expression

The new version on Live on Breeze Hill seems to have rekindled speculation about the origins of “Sip the Wine.” While I’m not familiar with the Tracy Nelson version (Janis Joplin without feedback or heroin, I’d imagine) and don’t know when it was recorded, there is an even likelier source. R&B great Esther Phillips recorded Tim Drummond’s “To Lay Down Beside You” in 1971 for her From a Whisper to a Scream album (the title track is an exquisite take on Allen Toussaint’s song), and a back-to-back listen to it and “Sip the Wine” doesn’t leave much room for doubt. It isn’t a “He’s So Fine”/”My Sweet Lord” situation where the existence of possible similarities can be debated. It’s the same song---same structure, same progression, same verses in the same order. The only differences are in the arrangements and Danko’s use of the “We must sip the wine, together” line as a refrain. It’s a curious song to steal, if only because the Phillips’ version is hardly an obscurity. From a Whisper to a Scream made both the R&B and jazz lp charts and was nominated for a Grammy (Aretha Franklin won and immediately handed off the award to the always under-appreciated Ms. Phillips). More significantly, it was influential beyond its considerable commercial success. If Rick Danko didn’t know the song himself, someone involved in the sessions would have. When I noticed the title change and odd attribution on the Danko album, I assumed it was an administrative error, but both CD reissues I’ve seen retain the original credits and the no-frills Breeze Hill does without writing/publishing details altogether. I can imagine the following three possibilities, in ascending order of likelihood: (1) Danko was involved in the composition of the original song in 1971 or earlier (unlikely), (2) He in some fashion “bought” the song for inclusion on his album (might account for the title change), and (3) What looks like a duck is a duck, but the royalties from what was an instant cut-out didn’t justify legal action.

Posted on Thu Sep 2 15:12:17 CEST 1999 from (


From: Lee Vining, Ca.

That's what I wanted to hear.That's what we expected.Thanks for keeping us informed Butch.

Posted on Thu Sep 2 14:25:54 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Mitt Stampler: I believe the line you quoted is from Tom Rush's song "No Regrets" which was included on his Elektra album _Circle Game_. This great song will also be included in the upcoming (Oct. 5) Columbia/Legacy CD _The Very Best of Tom Rush: No Regrets_.

Posted on Thu Sep 2 13:48:01 CEST 1999 from (

John D

Wouldn't you know it. Last year I sent away to England for "The Legend of Jesse James with Levon Helm. They have now released it in North America; BUT with a bonus track after "One More Shot."

It's cut 17. Train Robbery, A - (bonus track, previously unreleased) Have no idea if this is a Levon cut.

Posted on Thu Sep 2 13:28:47 CEST 1999 from (

John D

PETER VINEY WRITES "On Levon solo tapes it's invariably Louis Jordan's CALDONIA that Levon sings.As Muddy did on "The Complete Last waltz".

That is correct Peter; but DON'T get sidestepped here. I don't think the pronunciation or sound of the song "Caldonia" (sic) has anything to do with the spelling of Caledonia Mission. Two different songs with the spelling of CALEDONIA coming from the boys themselves. The Louis Jordan song and The Band song, have nothing in common. Louis Jordan's CALDONIA is a woman. No? Then again, I've been wrong before.

Posted on Thu Sep 2 13:27:35 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

Votes: Springsteen is coming up so fast (well past the Beatles and already closing on The Band) that I suspect similar things are going on. Springsteen’s powerful late run down the outside of the track is good tactics, especially as Deep Purple and Queen are slogging along fighting over 4th and 5th place. The Beatles shouldn’t be ignored, there’s a reserve of energy left there. As we come to the final turn into the home straight, the most dangerous place to be is out in front, losing pace by looking back over your shoulder. This is not a time for wasting your right to vote … and vote … and vote!

Prof Spellcheck: I don’t think we were worried about spellin. The point is that they’re two different words. One is the Roman name for North Britain, often used as a place name. One is a girl’s given name (which obviously derived from the other, but is spelled and pronounced differently). Agree with you on Jericho and “Manual”. Let’s not even get into spelling on official Capitol Japanese releases, let alone bootlegs. I still think Lee Von Helm is the prize winner.

Bumbles: turned out I had the Junior Parker original of “Next Time You See Me” all along - it’s also on the “Driving Wheel” CD which MCA have re-released. Nice sleeve notes with more tales of Robey. Too many CDs here, and failing memory. Forgot I even had it. Of course, as you’d expect with any R&B of this vintage, it has different writer credits (Forrest / Harvey). Pete: your explanation of ‘rack’ is the leader for me, though Websters gives “rack” as “cause of pain or anguish”, but there are a few others that have come in too. I need to revise that article.

Posted on Thu Sep 2 11:12:35 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Butch: Thanks for your post about the Albany show. Now I'm even more depressed that I missed it :-)

Finally made it back into the voting booth. Sure did take awhile to gain access again. Down but not out Band fans. I'm getting way too good at this now. When November comes around and we're voting for who's gonna run our country, I sure hope there's a red text bar or I'll be lost....

A question for Jan: Polls close tomorrow..Sept 3. Does that mean that _today_ is the last day to vote? And btw..I hereby call dibbs on a window seat on the jumbo jet :-)

Posted on Thu Sep 2 07:09:32 CEST 1999 from (

Mal Mallard (aka Greenhead)

From: The Duck Pond

Had quite a close call today! As soon as I rounded Cattail Island this morning several loud shots rang out so naturally I "ducked" for cover into some nearby marsh grass. It seems as if someone was trying to take a load off my fanny or at least fire one into it!! And I'm very suspicious that it might have been the RPP (Rock Poll Police) the official law enforcement arm of the International Internet Rock Poll Commission. So just for the record I reiterate my earlier statement that I only voted ONCE for The Band in the VG Rock Poll!! Hey, I'm only a duck -- I'm too featherbrained to figure out how to vote more than once. Gimme a break! I'm outta here! Quack! Quack! ~~~waddle~~~waddle

Posted on Thu Sep 2 05:06:01 CEST 1999 from (


From: ulster county N.Y.

last night's show in Albany was an unqualified success ! 17,000 people enjoyed a perfect night on the Empire Plaza ,,,

Levon & The Barn Burners tore the place dowm with a hot set, of originals ( mostly written by lead singer & harp player Chris O'Leary ) & Blues Classics,,, With Pat O'Shea on Guitars, & Frankie Ingrao on acoustic doghouse THUMPIN bass, & miss Amy Helm on vocals, they ripped through an hour set With GARTH HUDSON as special guest on billy paynes' piano & organ,,, Levon led the band through the tunes with a pounding delta style, with an energy & joy not seen by many of his fans, in quite awhile,,,

ALL of The Feat were on stage cheering them on, & Paul Barrere joined them on guitar 0n Muddy Water's Long Distance Call, with Fred Tackett adding a trumpet solo that growled right down the alley,,, " Another Mule Been Kickin' In My Stall " Chris's vocals & Paul's slide were slippin as one, & they took us higher,,, the fellas finished their set & the crowd calledthem out for another, Amy & Chris did Hound Dog together, ( the Big Mama Thormton version of course, ) & they all brought the house down,, A TRIUMPH For Levon Helm & the Barn Burners,,,

The Feat were amazing, they keep getting better & better live, & they started out GREAT !!! Their mix of the great new tunes & the older ones was perfect, we got Rock & Roll Dr.,, Oh Atlanta, All That You Dream, mixed with Hate to lose your lovin, Rad Gumbo , Homeground, Let It Roll & a DIXIE CHICKEN that lasted forever & had some of Fred Tackett's & Billy Payne's playing ever,,, they were obviously moved to heights with Garth & Levon there, nice ,, that's respect,,, from the best to the best,, IMO,,, on Sixie Chicken, Shaun Murphy ( their female singer, she's a monster ) called out Amy Helm to join them,, Levon was so proud,, we were dancin our asses off, to that one,,,

then it was Willin & Fat Man in the Bathtub, & it was over,,, an amazing night, the music, the night , the vibes, the audience, PERFECT,, let me tell you NYS gov't does music right, !!!! sorry if ya'll werent there,, it was history!

Posted on Thu Sep 2 04:21:48 CEST 1999 from (


From: Bit*@#ing is a woman thing (and i admit it)

Lil - i finally got to vote but it took forever to load. there is a problem. and patience is not my virtue.

hope Lee and Feat did well... kindly aggravated at Lee and Feat just makes me miss Lowell too much.

well, this woman is going to bed. goodnight, GB, and carry the patient mantle, England. SYLA

Posted on Thu Sep 2 03:09:51 CEST 1999 from (


From: Upstate NY

I just tried it and it worked for me. You have to take a deep breath, let half of it out, hold steady and squeeeeeeze.

Posted on Thu Sep 2 02:52:30 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

Having the same problem here. Seems we've been locked out of the booth. Anyone having any luck? Jan?

Wondering if anyone made it up to Albany to catch Levon/Little feat? Couldn't make it myself and was so disappointed. Please post if you were there. Thanks.

Posted on Thu Sep 2 02:38:40 CEST 1999 from (


From: remember the Alamo! (my favorite place in the world)

now, "God as my witness" - i'll get around that tree, if they're messin with Jan. hey, only been posting from one IP address at work... bet the guy in charge of that site is a Queen fan...

Mitt, you followin' me around or have you been talkin to Freda? :)

Posted on Thu Sep 2 02:31:04 CEST 1999 from (

Original Five

Cat, I'm having the same problem. What's the deal? I only got to vote 46 times today.

Posted on Thu Sep 2 02:25:37 CEST 1999 from (


From: da#@X0*ed computer!!....

ok, is it me, the computer or are we caught... i've tried 2 times to vote and it won't let me.

Posted on Thu Sep 2 02:09:08 CEST 1999 from (

Mitt Stampler

PS--Can anyone tell me if it was Tom Waits who sang the lines, "My leaving is too long overdue?" And if it was Mr. Waits, what album is it on? Thanks kindly :)

Posted on Thu Sep 2 02:04:45 CEST 1999 from (

Mitt Stampler

From: Where it's always locked by the magistrate (Laurel, MD)
Home page

Actually, I'm living in Laurel these days, and even though it's been a long time since the late George Wallace paid that fateful visit here, it's still not the better place to be that Harry Chapin sang about. Is there any Chapin-Band connection? I'd be surprised, but then I've heard stranger things. Lil: If your family isn't big on the tube, consider yourselves lucky. The last time I went to visit my 17-year old brother, he insisted on spending an entire evening watching the movie "Urban Legend." Still, he's got a creative streak--he turns down the sound and makes up his own dialogue, most of it unfit for posting. (Speaking of which: Skinny Kid, we took your advice and went canoeing. Best day I've had in a long time!) If there's anybody who lives near here (you too, Matt!) please let me know if there's any good fishing so I can quit wondering, as Levon did, why the best things always disappear... Peace!

Posted on Thu Sep 2 00:07:19 CEST 1999 from (


From: lovin that cooold watuh

Well, i am Really offended now, as none of you asked me, the expert of speling and pronunceation... i personally prefer Caldonie or maybe Cal'donyer (depends on which side of the family i might be talkin to.) Any word on that from Down in Old Virginny?

don't know how we got so far ahead like that... (god knows, it's actually saved me money, as the co-op kid has been too busy with his absentee ballots to bum money so he can walk down past that little girl's house on his way to the store). looked alittle - stressed. but HE'll live til Wednesday. BTW, since the internet is like the ocean, guess the rules are what you're governed by locally? i mean, city judge said...

And truly 'bout this --- thank you thank you thank you Mr. Powell et all for Tom Waits' Mule Variations. it's been on repeat all day long (almost got it memorized) and what a better day it's been. ya'll give me another one! THIS is the stuff that plans are made from. a heartfelt - thank you.

Lars, if you don't mind, i'd like to send you an email. (don't won't to intrude without an invite) need some info and was told you might be able to help me out here.

well, let's go vote (i'm handling the 1st graders' ballots - cos WE can talk :). ya'll have a good evenin.

Posted on Wed Sep 1 23:02:20 CEST 1999 from (

Professor Spellcheck

From: Oxford (the dictionary not the town)

I find this debate about the correct spelling of "Caledonia" rather insignificant when compared with the misspelling of Richard Manuel's name (as "Manual") on the album Jericho. Let's hope that the proofreading department at Rhino corrects this before the release of The Best of The Band - Vol 2 which contains much material from Jericho. (Or maybe I'm assuming too much to think that they even have a proofreading department as Jericho was also on Rhino.)

Posted on Wed Sep 1 22:36:52 CEST 1999 from (

Pete Rivard

From: Hastings, MN

Peter V: No mystery to "fix your rack", at least in my mind. Rack is American military slang for "bed." "Gonna get me some rack time" was what the Vietnam vets on campus used to say when they were going off to bed, or just grabbing an empty sofa in the student union. I'm sure it has to do with the way that military cots, beds whatever, are stacked two and three high in a barracks or on shipboard.

It fits perfectly in the song, where the narrator is looking for "a place to lay my head." So, "fix your rack" is an elegantly short and crisp way to say, "set you up with proper sleeping arrangements."

Posted on Wed Sep 1 21:22:04 CEST 1999 from (


From: CT

Am I right in thinking that the Robbie Robertson composition, published in 1968 by Dwarf Music, was "Caledonia Mission"? Van Morrison used this same spelling for his music publishing.

Posted on Wed Sep 1 21:06:24 CEST 1999 from (

Paul Briggs

From: Oklahoma

I had the privilege of attending a Band concert @ the Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa,in May of 1995. I was with a group of people who presented Levon with a vintage set of red Gretsch drums, courtesy of Ed Windsor. I was so glad to see the web site! I don't know if this will ever be read by the fellas, but if so,I am the owner of an Elliot Landy print that I would dearly love to have signed... any chance? Also, my uncle (who also saw the show at the Cain's) has a gift for Levon. Thanks again for a great show, God speed to you.

Posted on Wed Sep 1 20:40:07 CEST 1999 from (

Mal Mallard (aka Greenhead)

From: The Duck Pond

I've been swimming in circles all day -- and am getting more ruffled by the minute! With The Band now leading the Beatles by over 400 votes in the Verdens Gang Rock Poll there is bound to be an investigation by the IIRPC (International Internet Rock Poll Commission) so just for the record "I Mal Mallard do solemnly swear that I have only voted ONCE for The Band in the VG Rock Poll." I will stick to this story 'til my very last feather is plucked!! (I've heard that the commission's interrogators use some pretty rough tactics.) At this point, I could almost wish I were a Grateful Dead fan -- with no showing at all in the VG Rock Poll they at least don't have the specter of such an ordeal looming over them. (Please note that I said "almost.")

Posted on Wed Sep 1 20:20:57 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

On Levon solo tapes it's invariably Louis Jordan's CALDONIA that Levon sings.As Muddy did on "The Complete Last waltz".

Posted on Wed Sep 1 20:15:34 CEST 1999 from (


From: maryland

Caledonia vs Caldonia. This might be remedial, but adding to the confusion is the Louis Jordan song "Caldonia," which was covered by Muddy Waters at TLW (but not included in the Warners release). It gets more confusing when you check the song lists from Levon's gigs, where (apparently) he is covering the Louis Jordan warhorse NOT Caledonia Mission--but given Peter's note that the mispell is a chronic issue on post-TLW recordings, maybe it IS the RR song and not LJ's. Confusing nonetheless.

Posted on Wed Sep 1 19:59:37 CEST 1999 from (


From: In Vega$
Home page

'Lil, did you read my last post, I can't seem to find if you replyed cuz Jan changed the months guestbook entries. I hope no offence was taken,let me know through the e-mail,,,O.K.

Posted on Wed Sep 1 19:46:53 CEST 1999 from (

Joyce L. Smith

From: Upstate New York

Great Music, Great site!

Posted on Wed Sep 1 19:42:03 CEST 1999 from (

Jan H.

And here's your daily reminder about the "best rock band of all times" Internet poll in the Norwegian newspaper VG, that closes on September 3rd. To vote (and vote) for The Band, go to:

then scroll down until you find "The Band" and click on the red "text button" right below.

Posted on Wed Sep 1 17:58:46 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Peter: On the subject of recycled song titles, remember that there's an old song written by Hoagy Carmichael called "Rocking Chair" that Louis Armstrong popularized.

Ilkka: It was the same coat, which they borrowed from James Dean. Or was it Don McLean?

Posted on Wed Sep 1 17:25:46 CEST 1999 from (

Peter Viney

Bumbles: many thanks for the information on the origins of “Next time you See Me”. This is one that databases and reference books failed to turn up. There was a blues magazine with cover-CD series that ran to about 70 issues in Britain. I missed about three, and one was Junior Parker …not that I’d’ve remembered.

Tom, John, Just wondering: I tried to trace the meaning of Caledonia Mission in my article on this site, hugely wrongly if this is right. Are you saying there was a 1930s song actually called “CALDONIA Mission”? There are at least three 1930s songs with CALDONIA in the title, the original Louis Jordan R&B song (which The Band have done live for ages, notably on the New Orleans video) and a couple of follow throughs, Caldonia’s Party (Smiley Lewis) & Caldonia’s Wedding Day (Ray Brown). Mind you, as Bumbles proves above, databases are no competition with human knowledge. There’s also the Scots ballad “Caledonia” on albums like The Alexander Brothers “Glorious North”. Then there are some songs listed under both spellings which could be either. CALEDONIA has an extra syllable, which gets sung in the RR song, but not in the Louis Jordan one.

In the original Big Pink CALEDONIA MISSION the whole story takes place in “Modock, Arkansas” (or similar) but since “Rock of Ages” it takes place “on a river bank in Cal-e-donia” and there were several people who were pretty sure it was Caledonia, Ontario, near Port Dover, based on the Ronnie Hawkins Rolling Stone magazine anecdote of it being a real incident in Ontario. They wrote in to the site, and I revised the article. So, did Robbie borrow the title from an old song (rather as they did with “Daniel & The Sacred Harp” and shape note singing?). The words “Caledonia Mission” don’t appear in the original song at all, though they do appear in the Live on Breeze Hill version. CALDONIA in the Louis Jordan song is a woman, in the Big Pink song it appears to be a place with a river running through it. I’d assumed that the fact of having two songs with such similar titles in the act caused confusion. On the New Orleans video, they perform Louis Jordan’s CALDONIA, but label it CALEDONIA.

Phew! If we can resolve this one, we can spend our time while waiting to vote re-running what “I will fix your rack” means - I’ve had lots of suggestions since I revised “The Weight” article last.

Posted on Wed Sep 1 17:14:52 CEST 1999 from (

Ilkka (again)

Or maybe it is the SAME jacket?????

To Osmo Kangas from Finland: Tervetuloa vieraskirjaan. Kirjoittelehan lisää!

Posted on Wed Sep 1 17:10:55 CEST 1999 from (

David Powell

From: Georgia

Interesting to see that Rick has recorded "Sip The Wine" again on his new album. Peter Viney mentioned in his review that a year or so ago there was some discussion in the Guestbook regarding the similarity of this song to Tim Drummond's "I Want To Lay Down Beside You," recorded by Tracy Nelson several years before Rick's 1977 solo album.

Having compared the two, I must agree that they are basically the same song. To this I would add that Drummond's song is registered with BMI, and Dragon River Music listed as publisher. Although the other songs from Rick's 1977 album are registered with ASCAP and published by BMG Songs Inc., "Sip The Wine" is not listed.

What can we conclude from this? Since "Sip the Wine" received even wider exposure through "The Last Waltz," and having played on other songs on Rick's album, Mr. Drummond must be aware of its existence. My guess is that the two songwriters must have worked something out between themselves. Anyway, a good wine by any name tastes fine to me.

Posted on Wed Sep 1 16:48:39 CEST 1999 from (


From: Nordic Countries
Home page

TO JOHN D. By all means, don't be embarrased. We here in the other side of the ocean believed that the jacket Dylan is wearing in the cover of Blonde on blonde is the same jacket Levon is wearing in the cover of the Brown album which is the same jacket Dylan is wearing in the cover of John Wesley Harding which is the same jacket Dylan is wearing in the cover of Self Portrait . . .

Posted on Wed Sep 1 15:06:50 CEST 1999 from (


From: fla, way of vt

/ Where do i get to a fan for some almost 30 yrs.....yes count my vote as one for the good guys...."The Band"

Posted on Wed Sep 1 13:57:01 CEST 1999 from (

just wonderin'

From: Texas

John D: Understandable thinking "Caledonia Mission" was about Caledonia Ontario if you are from SW Ontario. You weren't alone in that way of thinking! Re Votes: I had a long talk with my cat this a.m and she and the kids are casting their votes this very day for THE BAND!

Posted on Wed Sep 1 11:14:14 CEST 1999 from (

Diamond Lil

From: The Web

Bumbles: Thanks for that bit of background on 'Next time you see me'. Have wondered for awhile about it's origins. It's a great tune.

Peter Viney: Wonderful article (as usual) on Rick's 'Breeze Hill'. As one of those who complained about the picks of tunes, it makes sense to think of it as a diary which case I hope to have 20 more over the next 20 years!

Tom Moretti: Nice to see you on the site again. Great photo of you and Garth. Enjoy your site and visit it often. Thanks for all your hard work.

John Donabie: Glad you finally got your cd. Interested in your opinion. Please post when you give it a listen. Thanks.

Posted on Wed Sep 1 11:04:32 CEST 1999 from (


From: Woodstock Records
Home page

Hi, to clear up my post. Yes, there is an original song called "Caldonia Mission" from the 30's. People changed the name/spelling over the years to: "Caledonia Mission". Sorry for any confusion in my post. Peace- Tom/Woodstock Records

Posted on Wed Sep 1 10:20:44 CEST 1999 from (

Osmo Kangas

From: Finland

Nice pages! I finally found the lyrics of Whispering Pines, which have puzzled me for years.

Posted on Wed Sep 1 08:05:54 CEST 1999 from (


From: Norway

What a thrill! The Band is on the top of the HOT-O-METER! They have 100 votes more than the Beatles. At last, they made it, hope they'll make it all the way out! This was so clever done by Jan! Tusen takk!!!! Hope that many people will discover their music, they deserve it! The Band, is the band!

Posted on Wed Sep 1 04:43:43 CEST 1999 from (


From: canada

is this weird? i'm a big band fan yet i have an admiration for the inroads todd rundgren made and am crazy of his, "can we still be friends?" and "we've got to get you a woman"

Posted on Wed Sep 1 03:51:40 CEST 1999 from (


From: Over on the West Side

Although it always seems to be near the top of Doug Sahm's bottomless song bag and has understandably become associated with him, "Next Time You See Me" was originally recorded by one of Sir Doug's exemplars: Junior "Mystery Train" Parker. William Harvey, the tenor sax player in Parker's band, and Don Robey, the owner of Duke Records and a man whose name found itself attached to many of his label's bigger hits, are listed as the writers. Parker's version is in print on Junior's Blues: The Duke Recordings, Vol. I.

Posted on Wed Sep 1 03:49:21 CEST 1999 from (

John D

From: Toronto

By the way and I shouldn't admit to this; but think about it. It was 1968 after all. Big Pink came out and we (in Southern Ontario home of The Hawks) saw the title Caledonia Mission and knowing Rick was from Simcoe etc. Many of us thought that the lyrics dealt with Caledonia Ontario south of Hamilton. A town, in which, The Hawks would have known very well; with all their road trips. There. I've embarrassed myself and many early Band fans in this area. Gosh it sure made sense at the time.

Posted on Wed Sep 1 03:26:09 CEST 1999 from (

John D


Reading Tom's comments..... the way they are phrased.... has me confused. Tom writes, "Garth has the original 1930's sheet music and that's the original spelling, years later, people who recorded it and used it, changed the name for enunciation or phonetics."

Does that mean there was a song called Caldonia Mission in the 30's; or are we talking only about the spelling of the word CalDonia/Caledonia??? I'm sure Tom's comments are only about the spelling of Caledonia???? Hep me Tom. By the way I got my CD today and love it. Thanks for the fast service to Canada..or is that Canuhda?

Posted on Wed Sep 1 02:37:53 CEST 1999 from (

Charlie Young

From: Down in Old Virginny

Thanks to Peter Viney for that remarkable review of Rick's "Breeze Hill" release. I'll be ordering mine soon.

Posted on Wed Sep 1 01:28:19 CEST 1999 from (


From: Iowa

I want to know when The Band is going to be on Encore again or anywhere! I loved the video with Dylan and want the video! They are the best!!! Thanks

Posted on Wed Sep 1 01:23:40 CEST 1999 from (

Home page

I love Robby Robertson. Check my band out.

Posted on Wed Sep 1 00:53:04 CEST 1999 from (


From: austin tx

thanks to peter viney for the review of ricks record! also to kevin gilbertson for the tunes. really enjoyin levons blues show right now. thanks fellas.

Posted on Wed Sep 1 00:49:28 CEST 1999 from (


From: collecting signatures.... :)

Just so that everyone who wishes to vote multiple times is covered, i consulted with our city judge... and he feels that collecting signatures for absentee votes should surely be acceptable in a case like this (of course, he IS a Banddaddy :). therefore i have 2 high school bands, 1 middle school band (includes the dance lines) and a bunch of 1st graders (who wanted to know who the Band was, of course; i told them they sang about the Civil War - so they're in.) Oh, yeah! 3 of the local soccer teams are in also. Hey, timing couldn't be better - it's ad-selling time for football programs again. :) ... I feel we are covered in absentia voting to the tune of approximately --- 300 or so down here. so go for it. and if more are required, just let me know. still got a few more "groups" who would be much obliged. (Co-op Kid says he got 30 in today in-house. so i guess he's good for that many a day til the polls close...)

well, one thing's for sure, if tvs go out the roof in $$, other forms of entertainment might have a fighting chance to make a comeback, like when families gathered to tell stories and play music on a regular basis. sounds like it could be a good thing to me.

funny Athens, Ga., comes up..... Kenny Rogers has a place over there, but not for too much longer i don't think. Ya'll have a good day.

Posted on Wed Sep 1 00:18:00 CEST 1999 from (

Tek Trekker

From: Outer Space

Would just like to clear up a misconception regarding HDTV. Although not compatible with the present systems a conversion box (priced at around $100) will enable standard television sets to receive HDTV broadcasts. The new higher priced HDTV receivers and high resolution screens will eventually come down in price with mass production but will not really be worth investing in until The Band produces a new 2 and 1/2 hour video concert.

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