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Back to Memphis

Written and performed by Blue Horizon, from their self titled 2001 solo album.

This song was written for Rick Danko, the bassist, fiddler, guitarist and vocalist for The Band. He is a great influence as a vocalist, violinist and as a person. I never had the opportunity to meet Rick, although after his death I read that he was very accessible to fans and would go out of his way to meet them and make them feel comfortable. I also read that in late 1998, the year we moved to Boston, he busked in South Station near the commuter rail lines. I would have given anything to have had the opportunity to watch him play and to meet him. Rick died on December 10, 1999 and although I never met him, I can feel his presence around me, particularly when I am composing. "Back To Memphis" was one of the easiest songs to write, both melodically and lyrically and is one that I am very proud of because I believe that Rick would have liked it.
--Elizabeth Stephen

If I never saw you
You'd still live in my dreams
Calling out from stages
And music magazines
If I were a painter
You'd be green and gold
Carved out of matches
But broken out of stone
Taken from the fire of your fiddle
Words of unspoken, blinding truth
If I couldn't see it, I was lost in my youth
But I'm going back to Memphis - after you.
If I could have seen you
With blood on your bones
Poison in your fingers
But music in your soul
You could have been my lover
Taught me everything I know
But now we are your children
Your flowers in the snow
But all you ever wanted was to see the heart of the city, oh
And all you ever got was hand to mouth
So I know you'll be walking for a long, long time
Cause you're going back to Memphis - heading South.
Brothers till the night came
And whispered in the pines
Tempting me with secrets
To play a game with time
Now I feel you in the walls
And I know you're in the air
And it's just like I can touch you
You're living everywhere
But all you ever wanted was to be in the heart of the city, oh
And all you ever got was handed out
So I know we'll be walking for a long, long time
Cause we're going back to Memphis - heading South
Going back to Memphis - heading South.  

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