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Sip the Wine

Written by Rick Danko*. Album: Rick Danko
The lyrics are copyrighted. Please do not copy or redistribute.

Intro: A  D  A  D  A  D  A  D

A          D           A       D
I want to lay down beside you
I want to hold your body close to mine
Like a grape that grows ripe in the sunshine
A                           D           A
There comes a time when we must sip the wine

I can tell by lookin ... that you're not mine girl
I believe everything I told you was true
There's a child here that wants to start livin
And you know that this child will get it's start
from me and you             

            D       E                       A
Close your eyes ... and don't you think of nothing
          D                  E             A
Let your thoughts remain here inside this room
F#m                           A
Lay your head beside me on my pillow
 D         E                     A
And I will share this night with you

A                D
We must sip the wine ... till it feels alright
A                D
We must sip the wine ... into the night
A                D
We must sip the wine ... together ...

Outro: A  D  A  D ...

*: Rick is credited for lyrics and music to "Sip the Wine" on Rick Danko from 1977. This may not be correct. The song first appeared under the title "I Want To Lay Down Beside You" on Tracy Nelson's 1972 album Tracy Nelson / Mother Earth (Reprise MS-2054,) where it was credited to Tim Drummond who also played bass on Rick Danko.

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