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The PBS special "Making a Noise: A Native American Musical Journey With Robbie Robertson" will be aired on the following dates:

8/14/98 22:00Eastern PBSX N/A
8/15/98 05:00Eastern PBSX N/A
8/10/98 02:00Eastern WHYY Philadelphia, PA
8/15/98 05:00Eastern WGBH Boston, MA
8/15/98 05:00Eastern WTVS Detroit, MI
8/15/98 04:00Central KAWB Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN
8/15/98 04:00Central KAWE Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN
8/15/98 22:25Mountain KBDI Denver, CO
8/14/98 21:00EasternWIPB Indianapolis, IN
8/15/98 04:00EasternWFYI Indianapolis, IN
8/15/98 04:00EasternWIPB Indianapolis, IN
8/15/98 04:00EasternWTTU Indianapolis, IN
8/15/98 05:00EasternWTVI Charlotte, NC
8/15/98 04:00Central WDCN Nashville, TN
8/15/98 04:00Central WYES New Orleans, LA
8/15/98 05:00Eastern WPTD Dayton, OH
8/15/98 04:00Central KLRU Austin, TX
8/14/98 22:00Eastern WBRA Roanoke-Lynchburg, VA
8/14/98 23:00Eastern WCNY Syracuse, NY
8/15/98 05:00Eastern WXXI Rochester, NY
8/15/98 04:00Central KLTS Shreveport, LA
8/15/98 05:00Eastern WTCI Chatanooga, TN
8/14/98 22:00Eastern WMSY Tri-Cities (Bristol, VA / Kingsport-Johnson City, TN)
8/14/98 22:00Eastern WSBN Tri-Cities (Bristol, VA / Kingsport-Johnson City, TN)
8/14/98 21:00Central WNIN Evansville, IN
8/10/98 02:00Eastern WDPB Salisbury, MD
8/15/98 04:00Central KACV Amarillo, TX
8/15/98 04:00Central KEDT Corpus Christi, TX
8/15/98 04:00Central KLTM Monroe,LA / El Dorado, AR
8/15/98 01:00Central WDSE Duluth, MN- Superior, WI
8/16/98 21:00Central WDSE Duluth, MN- Superior, WI
8/14/98 21:00EasternWVUT Terre Haute, IN
8/14/98 21:00Central KTXT Lubbock, TX
8/15/98 04:00Central WLPB Baton Rouge, LA
8/14/98 04:00Mountain KRWG El Paso, TX
8/15/98 03:00Mountain KCOS El Paso, TX
8/14/98 22:00Central KMBH Harlingen/Welasco/Brownsville/Mc Allen, TX
8/15/98 02:00Pacific KNPB Reno, NV
8/15/98 05:00Pacific KNPB Reno, NV
8/15/98 04:00Central KLPB Lafayette, LA
8/15/98 03:00Mountain KUFM Missoula, MT
8/15/98 23:00Mountain KUFM Missoula, MT
8/15/98 04:00Central KLPA Alexandria, LA
8/15/98 04:00Central KLTL Lake Charles, LA
8/16/98 23:00Central WLTJ Jackson, TN
8/15/98 02:00Pacific KEET Eureka, CA
8/15/98 05:00Pacific KEET Eureka, CA
8/15/98 03:00Mountain KUSM Butte-Bozemanm,MT
8/15/98 23:00Mountain KUSM Butte-Bozemanm,MT
8/15/98 04:00Yukon KTOO Juneau, AK
8/21/98 23:00 EasternWEDW New York, NY
8/22/98 21:00 PacificKVCR Los Angeles, CA
8/23/98 15:00 PacificKVCR Los Angeles, CA
8/18/98 19:00 CentralKAWB Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN
8/18/98 19:00 CentralKAWE Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN
8/19/98 22:35 Mountain KBDI Denver, CO
8/20/98 01:50 Mountain KBDI Denver, CO
8/22/98 02:45 Mountain KBDI Denver, CO
8/23/98 04:20 Mountain KBDI Denver, CO
8/19/98 20:00 Eastern WTIU Indianapolis, IN
8/21/98 23:00 EasternWEDH Hartford-New Haven, CT
8/21/98 23:00 EasternWEDY Hartford-New Haven, CT
8/21/98 23:00 EasternWEDN Providence, RI - New Bedford, MA
8/18/98 22:00 EasternWFUM Flint-Saginaw-Bay City, MI
8/21/98 22:00 EasternWFUM Flint-Saginaw-Bay City, MI
8/19/98 11:30 Eastern WVUT Terre Haute, IN

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