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Performances by Richard Manuel

This list contains tape recordings from solo concerts and radio/TV shows with Richard Manuel. Tapes where Manuel appears together with other Band members are not included here.

Date: 1985
Performer: Manuel, Richard
Location: Compilation Various Concerts
Source/Quality/Length: SB/EX/45
Note: From: Studio/Getaway 12.85/Lone Star(with Rick)
Song list:

  1. Instrumental
  2. You Don't Know Me
  3. Share Your Love
    The Getaway, Woodstock, NY 12.85:
  4. Georgia on My Mind
  5. Regrets
  6. Hard Times
  7. Grow To Old
    with Band:
  8. I Shall Be Released
    Danko, Manuel:
  9. CC Rider
  10. She Knows(on box set)
  11. Shape I'm In

Date: 12/7/85
Performer: Manuel, Richard
Location: Woodstock, NY The Getaway Club
Source/Quality/Length: AUD/EX/80
Note: Richard Manuel Solo Recital
Song list:

  1. Share Your Love
  2. Before I Grow Too Old
  3. Georgia on My Mind
  4. Instrumental
  5. Chestfever
  6. The Rumor
  7. Across the Great Divide
  8. She Knows
  9. I Shall Be Released
  10. Shape I'm In
  11. You Don't Know Me
  12. King Harvest
  13. Instrumental
  14. Country Boy
  15. Regrets
  16. Crazy Mama
  17. Hard Times
  18. The Weight

Date: 11/14/87
Performer: Manuel, Richard
Location: Toronto, CAN. Broadcast by CIUT-FM
Source/Quality/Length: FM/EX-/170
Note: From the radio program 'The Music of Richard Manuel', produced by Tim Gladwin. Contains music and several interviews.
Song list:

  1. Shape
  2. Liebestraum
  3. Promise Yourself
  4. Hobo Jungle
  5. Eternal Love
  6. Georgia
  7. He Don't Love You
  8. Leave Me Alone
  9. High Blood Press
  10. Uh, Uh, Uh,
  11. Stones That I Throw
  12. Slippin Slidin
  13. We Can Talk
  14. Chestfever
  15. Orange Juice Blues
  16. Tears of Rage
  17. Lonesome Suzie
  18. Ain't No More Cane
  19. Katies Been Gone
  20. Across the Great Divide
  21. Whispering Pines
  22. Jawbone
  23. King Harvest
  24. Last of the Blacksmiths
  25. You Don't Know Me
  26. She Knows
  27. Share Your Love
  28. Right as Rain
  29. Let the Night Fall
  30. Grow too Old
  31. Crazy Mama
  32. Released
  33. Days Gone By
  34. In a Station

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