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Bob Dylan World Tours 1966-1974

Through the Camera of Barry Feinstein

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2-hour long documentary film from director Joel Gilbert, with tour photographer Barry Feinstein's footage from Bob Dylan and The Band's 1966 and 1974 World Tours. Released on DVD in 2004. Gilbert also directed the 2002 documentary World Tour 1966, The Home Movies.

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Barry Feinstein was the exclusive tour photographer on Bob Dylan and The Band's legendary 1966 and 1974 World Tours. In this documentary feature film, Feinstein and Director Joel Gilbert chronicle these epic Bob Dylan tours, featuring over 150 selections of Feinstein's finest portraits - most revealed for the first time - in this extraordinary document of Bob Dylan and rock music history.

For the years in between, Gilbert visits Woodstock and Greenwich Village, New York, where he investigates Dylan's secluded life before his return to the road in 1974. Gilbert recreates the singer-songwriter's 1966 motorcycle accident, pays a visit to Big Pink, examines Dylan's first encounter with The Beatles, and even confronts fanatic Dylanologist A.J. Weberman. Interviews with filmmaker D.A. Pennebaker, rock journalism godfather Al Aronowitz, Band drummer Mickey Jones and surprise guests help reveal Bob Dylan's hidden history behind Feinstein's astonishing images.


DVD Chapters

  1. In the Beginning
  2. Bobby and Joanie
  3. 1966 Tour - Who is that Man?
  4. 1966 Tour - Apostasy

  5. D.A. Pennebaker
  6. Motorcycle Nightmare
  7. Not Fade Away
  8. Dylan in Seclusion

  9. 1971 - Concert for Bangladesh
  10. Washington Square Park
  11. A.J. Weberman Again
  12. Dylan Meets the Beatles

  13. Journey to Big Pink
  14. 1974 Tour - Inside the Museums
  15. 1974 Tour - Resurection
  16. Credits and Outtakes

Bonus Features

Photo Galleries
  • 1963 - Early Dylan
  • 1966 - World Tour
  • 1971 - Concert for Bangladesh
  • 1974 - World Tour
Special Guests
  • Bruce Langhorne, guitarist: Bringing it All Back Home
  • Izzy Young, Folklore Center

Bob Dylan - World Tours 1966-1974, Through the Camera of Barry Feinstein - 120 min.- 2004

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