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Robbie Robertson: Going Home

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Video release of the Robbie Robertson TV documentary originally broadcast on the Disney Channel in 1994. Includes "rare clips of The Band on the road w/ Dylan, previously unseen footage of 'basement tapes,' and the first ever concert footage of Robertson & Red Road Ensemble." The vintage film clips and interviews with Eric Clapton, Martin Scorsese, Barry Levinson and producer Daniel Lanois help explain Robertson's role in the recording and film industries, in a fast-paced, entertaining style.

The "rare clips of The Band on the road w/ Dylan" are from "Eat the Document." The "previously unseen footage of 'basement tapes,'" is the footage from the Sammy Davis pool room recording for the brown album - not the basement tapes. The film clips with Eric Clapton are from the Rock HOF induction and rehearsals for it. In those clips E.C. talks about wanting to be part of The Band. Also clips of RR's comments at the ceremony, which were funny, and very gracious in acknowledging the contributions of Levon, Rick, Garth and Richard. The clips of Martin Scorsese and producer Daniel Lanois appear to have been done for this video. The clips of Barry Levinson are minor.

There are clips of various videos for the solo albums, live material from the Red Road Ensemble, and some "explanation" from him on the break up of The Band. In particular, a small clip on why they did not record after The Last Waltz, that is poorly edited so in its context it seems like he is just talking about the break up of the group.

The song "Pray" from the TV program was nominated for the 1995 Emmy Award, in the category for best music and lyrics. The program was directed by Findlay Bunting and written by HP Newquist. For sale on VHS tape from e.g. the Internet store CDnow ($9.90),

Going Home was released on DVD in 1998. It's worth noting that it's a comparatively rare "Region 0" release, playable in all regions.

DVD Scene Index

  1. Introduction
  2. Is this a documentary?
  3. "Makh Jchi"
  4. Childhood on Reservation
  5. "A Good Day To Die"
  6. That First Guitar Lick
  7. New Orleans Music
  8. "Go Back To your Woods"
  9. The Blues Are The Roots
  10. Ronnie Hawkins
  11. The Hawks On Their Own
  12. Early Days with Bob Dylan
  13. The Band & Big Pink
  14. Hypnotism At winterland
  15. Scorsese & Woodstock
  16. The Road And Success
  17. The Last Waltz
  18. Film Music
  19. "What About Now"
  20. Robbie & Scorsese
  21. "Raging Bull"
  22. "Jimmy Hollywood"
  23. Daniel Lanois
  24. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
  25. Looking Back
  26. "Skinwalker"
  27. End Credits

    Robbie Robertson - Going Home - 1997 - 70 min. - Laserlight Digital 80 547, NTSC VHS video
    DVD: Laser Light 82 016 (1998)

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