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Live at the New Orleans Jazz Festival

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Concert video recorded at the Lakefront Arena, New Orleans, LA, April 22, 1994, during the New Orleans Blues and Heritage Festival. The Band were the opening act for the Allman Brothers Band. The video probably contains the complete show. Featuring Danko, Helm, and Hudson, with Randy Ciarlante, Jim Weider, and Richard Bell. The concert on the video was the night show and not the actual festival day show, which, according to my old friend "fish", was better.

The New Orleans concert was released on Laserdisc by Pioneer in 1996, and as a DVD in 1998. The sloppiness that allowed "It Makes No Difference" to be listed as "The Sun Don't Shine Anymore" on the track listing is unforgivable for an official US release. Not only that, but two years later the mistake was repeated on the DVD release. The DVD claims the show is 90 minutes, even if the running time is 63 minutes. Produced by House of Blues Production, with producer Michael Murphy, director Ron Yager, and audio producer / engineer Aaron Hurwitz.


  1. Introduction
  2. Caldonia
  3. Remedy
  4. Crazy Mama
  5. The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show
  6. Stuff You Gotta Watch
  7. Blind Willie McTell
  8. The Sun Don't Shine Anymore (It Makes No Difference)
  9. Rag Mama Rag
  10. Atlantic City
  11. The Weight
  12. Don't Do It
  13. Blues Stay Away From Me
  14. Shape I'm In
  15. Trailer
The Band - Live at the New Orleans Jazz Festival - 63 minutes
Laserdisc: Pioneer LR-3364A, 1996 (also listed as PA-95-559)
DVD: Pioneer PA-98-600D, 1998 (US Area Coded)

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