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Soundtrack album: Any Given Sunday, Volume II

[cover art]

Released in August 2000, this is the second soundtrack album with music from Oliver Stone's football (the American kind, where they wear body armour and carry a weird oval ball) movie from 1999 (see the Internet Movie Database for details).

Robbie Robertson scored the film, and has five tracks on the album: Carry Me, Ghost Dance (originally from Music for the Native Americans,) Amazing Grace, the Last Waltz song Out Of The Blue, and "Inches Speech." Out Of The Blue is a new version.


  1. Amazing Grace (Traditional, arranged by Robertson)
    MPEG2-file (410K)
    Performed by Robbie Robertson. Instrumental. Mixed by Danny Saber and Robbie Robertson.

  2. Out Of The Blue (Robbie Robertson)
    MPEG2-file (391K)
    Performed by Robbie Robertson. Instrumental. Mixed by Danny Saber and Robbie Robertson.

  3. Peace with "Inches" Speech (Paul Kelly)
    MPEG2-file (391K)
    Al Pacino, with backing music performed by Paul Kelly with Robbie Robertson.

  4. Graciosa (Moby)
    MPEG2-file (350K)
    Performed by Moby

  5. Cruisin' (W.Robinson Jnr/M. Tarplin)
    Performed by Smokey Robinson.

  6. Carry Me (R. Robertson / Tim Gordine)
    Performed by Robbie Robertson. Mixed by Danny Saber and Robbie Robertson.

  7. Ghost Dance (Saber remix) (R. Robertson / J.Wilson)
    Performed by Robbie Robertson. Remixed by Danny Saber and Robbie Robertson.

  8. Don't Explain (A. Herzog / B. Holiday)
    Performed by Nina Simone.

  9. Como Vez (Jesus 'Chuy' Prez)
    Performed by Ozomatli.

  10. Cheek To Cheek(Irving Berlin)
    Performed by Ella Fitzgerald.

  11. My Name Is Willie (J. Foxx / C. Hilton)
    Performed by Jamie Foxx.

  12. So Ruff, So Tuff (L. Troutman / R. Troutman)
    Performed by Zapp & Roger.

  13. Without A Daddy (Black Girl / White Girl) (Baby Jaymes / B. Adelic / J. Blair)
    Performed by 2SHÈ.

  14. Fierce #2 (R. Horowitz)
    Performed by Richard Horowitz.

  15. Drive (P. Kelley)
    Performed by Paul Kelley.

  16. Any Given Sunday Outro (J. Foxx)
    Performed by Jamie Foxx.

Soundtrack album - Any Given Sunday Volume II - 2000 - Warner Sunset/ Atlantic 83390-2
Executive Album Producer: Budd Carr
Executive Album Producers: Craig Kallman & Darren Higman

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