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Various Artists: Beach Music Anthology, Vol.2

[cover art]

'99 compilation with The Band's "Remedy" from Jericho included. Beach music?

A four-CD, 80-track "beach-music anthology" with not a hint of Jan and Dean or the Beach Boys? The official explanation is that this is beach music from the other coast, specifically from the Carolinas. But like the first volume in this series, the collection's definition of Southern beach music is loose, to put it mildly. It appears that any R&B-spiced rock that got played on Carolina beaches from the mid-'50s to the mid-'90s, no matter where it came from or what it was about, was fair game; one suspects a more honest title for this package would be 90 Songs the Label Could License Rights To. The Beach Music Anthology Vol. 2 holds together well musically, and the collection includes quite a few national hits and regional obscurities that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere. There aren't nearly as many hits as on the first anthology, but the quality is still rather consistently good, although perhaps a cut below Vol. 1. This may not all be what you'd call "beach music"; it may not even contain much of what you would call beach music. Still, you could do a heck of a lot worse for a soundtrack for your next beach party.
--Jeff Burger, All-Music Guide


  1. Dancin' Shaggin' on the Boulevard performed by Alabama
  2. Soul Days performed by Gray, Dobie [Featuring Wayne,... / Jackson, Wayne
  3. Night and Day performed by Gatlin Brothers
  4. No No performed by Mojo Blues Band With McCracklin,...
  5. My Heart performed by Stylistics
  6. Well-A-Wiggy performed by Weather Girls
  7. Love Comes Knockin' performed by Sledge, Percy
  8. Easy Comin' Out (Hard Goin' In) performed by Bell, William
  9. Sit Down and Talk to Me performed by Rawls, Lou
  10. (I'm Just Thinking About) Cooling Out performed by Butler, Jerry
  11. Lady Soul performed by Temptations
  12. It Started With a Kiss performed by Hot Chocolate [UK]
  13. Cool Me Out performed by Dozier, Lamont
  14. Party Time Man performed by Futures
  15. Linda Lu performed by Sharpe, Ray
  16. Darlin' Darlin' Baby (Sweet Tender Love) performed by OJays
  17. I Want to Take You Home (To See Mama) performed by Johnson, Syl
  18. Blue-Finger Lou performed by Murray, Anne
  19. Ability to Swing performed by Austin, Patti
  20. Just for You performed by Burke, Solomon
  21. In the Shelter performed by Buffett, Jimmy
  22. Boogie Woogie Baltimore performed by Daniels, Charlie
  23. Little Egypt performed by Embers
  24. Midnight Special performed by Little Richard
  25. How Do You Stop performed by Brown, James
  26. Baby, What You Want Me to Do performed by James, Etta
  27. Maybe Someday Baby [live] performed by McClinton, Delbert
  28. Memphis Women and Chicken performed by Penn, Dan
  29. Nine Times Out of Ten performed by Pendergrass, Teddy
  30. Fine Brown Frame performed by Rawls, Lou / Reeves, Dianne
  31. Old Habits Die Hard performed by Neville Brothers
  32. Rocket 88 performed by Brown, Nappy / Anderson, Kip
  33. Want You to Feel Good Too performed by NRBQ
  34. Stop Loving Me, Stop Loving You performed by Hall, Daryl
  35. Do Me performed by Pendergrass, Teddy
  36. Fly Me to the Moon performed by Womack, Bobby
  37. I Trust You performed by Paul, Billy
  38. Since I've Been Loving You performed by ONeal, Alexander
  39. It's Not What You Got (It's How You Use... performed by Lucas, Carrie
  40. Hot Red Sweater performed by Booker, Jay
  41. Shakin' the Shack performed by Fantastic Shakers
  42. Amazing Grace [Alternate Mix] performed by Simon, Joe
  43. Gone Fishin' performed by Johnson, General / Chairmen Of The Board
  44. Trickle Trickle performed by Breeze
  45. Slippin' and Slidin' performed by Sugar Bees
  46. Grandma's Rock & Roll Party performed by Jones, Jimmy "Handyman"
  47. All About You performed by Bass, Gary P. / Clovers
  48. Thank You John performed by Deal, Bill / Rhondels / Tharp, Ammon
  49. Whatjado That Fo' performed by Catalinas
  50. Roadrunner performed by Microwave Dave & The Nukes
  51. It's Gonna Rain performed by Coastline Band
  52. Ebony Eyes performed by Gore, Terri / Softones
  53. Layin' in the Alley performed by Big Joe & The Dynaflows / Dynaflows
  54. Stagger Lee performed by Excello Legends [Curry, Clifford
  55. Let the Boogie Woogie Roll performed by Roadrunners
  56. Drivin' With Judy performed by Kevin McKendree Express
  57. Beautiful Lover performed by Blast, C.L.
  58. The Way She Shakes That Thang performed by Thomas, Earl
  59. Jumpin' the Gun performed by Barnes, Ronnie
  60. Shake, Rattle & Roll performed by Soul Patrol [Williams, Maurice
  61. Shama Lama Ding Dong performed by Band Of Oz
  62. I Gave My Love a Cherry performed by Men Of Distinction
  63. 39-21-46 performed by Bell, Archie / Drells
  64. Remedy performed by Band
  65. Miss Grace performed by Orleans
  66. Scratch My Back/Tip on In performed by Taylor, Greg "Fingers" / Louise, Miranda
  67. Something Said Love performed by Impressions
  68. Louise, Louise Blues performed by Zwingenberger, Axel / Dupree, Champion Jack
  69. Fool's Paradise performed by Hawkins, Dale / Burton, James
  70. Good Old Days performed by McCracklin, Jimmy
  71. Ruby Baby performed by Pinkney, Bill / Original Drifters
  72. Tossin' and Turnin' performed by Johnson, Johnnie / Snow, Phoebe
  73. Footprints on the Ceiling performed by Andrews, Ruby
  74. If You Wanna Get to Heaven performed by Sea Cruize
  75. The Search Is Over performed by Farr, Deitra
  76. Wine, Women & Song performed by Spellbound
  77. Big and Hot performed by Love Dogs
  78. In the Mood for Love performed by Jonz, Bobby
  79. Your Place or Mine performed by Ellison, John
  80. Big Top Hat performed by Bruton, Stephen

Various Artists - Beach Music Anthology, Vol. 2 - 1999 - Ripete 2266

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