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Michel Montecrossa: Bob Dylan and Michel Fest 2002

[cover art]

2003 live(?) set from German/Italian new-age-space-case-guru Michel Montecrossa. Montecrossa has released several CDs from his Dylan festivals/ tributes over the years. On this set we get the chance to enjoy Michel singing 91(!) tracks of Dylan's and other artists' songs, his own material and two songs from Robbie Robertson'a Music for the Native Americans, "Golden Feather" and "Mahk Jchi (Heartbeat Drum Song)."


  1. Dusty Old Fairgrounds (Dylan)
  2. He Was a Friend of Mine (Dylan)
  3. Standing on the Highway (Dylan)
  4. Hard Times in New York Town (Dylan)
  5. Only a Hobo (Dylan)
  6. Man on the Street (Dylan)
  7. Wall of Red Wings (Dylan)
  8. Let Me Die in My Footsteps (Dylan)
  9. Ramblin' Gamblin' Willie (Dylan)
  10. Wait for the Light to Shine (Williams)
  11. If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Dylan)
  12. Farewell, Angelina (Dylan)
  13. In the Middle of the Ocean (Montecrossa)
  14. Blind Willie McTell (Dylan)
  15. Waitin' for You (Dylan)
  16. Find Your Own Way (Montecrossa)
  17. Lord Protect My Child (Dylan)
  18. Summer Days (Dylan)
  19. Golden Loom (Dylan)
  20. Catfish (Dylan/Levy)
  21. Tell Me (Dylan)
  22. All I Really Want to Do (Dylan)
  23. Santa-Fe (Dylan)
  24. She's Your Lover Now (Dylan)
  25. We Are the Others (Montecrossa)
  26. Foot of Pride (Dylan)
  27. Ye Shall Be Changed (Dylan)
  28. You Changed My Life (Dylan)
  29. Seven Days (Dylan)
  30. Road Rocker (Montecrossa)
  31. Rocks and Gravel (Dylan)
  32. Chimes of Freedom (Dylan)
  33. Sittin' at a Table (Montecrossa)
  34. Spanish Harlem Incident (Dylan)
  35. Smog (Montecrossa)
  36. I'll Keep It With Mine (Dylan)
  37. Floater (Too Much to Ask) (Dylan)
  38. Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache (May/Thompson)
  39. Wallflower (Dylan)
  40. Sitting on Top of the World (Chatmon/Vinson)
  41. Honest With Me (Dylan)
  42. I Can't Get You Off My Mind (Williams)
  43. Mama, You Been on My Mind (Dylan)
  44. Various Girls (Montecrossa)
  45. I Want You (Dylan)
  46. Golden Feather (Robertson)
  47. Another Morn' (Montecrossa)
  48. All Over You (Dylan)
  49. Nobody 'Cept You (Dylan)
  50. Baby, I'm in the Mood for You (Dylan)
  51. Call Letter Blues (Dylan)
  52. Everything Is Broken (Dylan)
  53. Cybersmile (Montecrossa)
  54. Celestial (Montecrossa)
  55. The Dream Within (Goldenthal/Rudolph)
  56. Way of Tomorrow (Montecrossa)
  57. Mahk Jchi - Heartbeat Drum Song (Robertson/Ulali)
  58. Soft Skin (Montecrossa)
  59. Oasis of Love (Antara/Mirakali)
  60. Cyberhello (Montecrossa)
  61. Deep in the Night (Antara/Mirakali)
  62. Freak Out (Montecrossa)
  63. Sexy, Young and Sweet (Antara/Mirakali)
  64. Joystick (Montecrossa)
  65. Letter Written in the Sand (Montecrossa)
  66. The Dream Never Ends (Montecrossa)
  67. You Turn Me On (Antara/Mirakali)
  68. Feelin' Your Touch (Antara/Mirakali)
  69. Cyberloud (Montecrossa)
  70. Happy Sex (Antara/Mirakali)
  71. Cyberstorm (Montecrossa)
  72. Rockin' Dream (Antara/Mirakali)
  73. Cyberpunk (Montecrossa)
  74. Cybervalhalla (Montecrossa)
  75. Romantic Barbarians (Montecrossa)
  76. Met You in Paradise (Montecrossa)
  77. Call Letter Blues (Dylan)
  78. Photonic Rock (Montecrossa)
  79. Splash the President (Montecrossa)
  80. Photonic Wazoo (Montecrossa)
  81. Orgasm City (Montecrossa)
  82. Photonic (Montecrossa)
  83. I'm All Right When She Tries (Montecrossa)
  84. Angel Rocker (Montecrossa)
  85. Starhorizon (Montecrossa)
  86. What You Wanna Do, Do It Now (Montecrossa)
  87. Dali Rocker (Montecrossa)
  88. Can't Believe It (Montecrossa)
  89. Deepest Love (Montecrossa)
  90. Forever Love (Montecrossa)
  91. Dali Rocker (Montecrossa)

Michel Montecrossa - Bob Dylan and Michel Fest 2002 - 2003 - MiraSound Germany 777769

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