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Musicians on Bobby Charles' Bearsville Sessions

Copied from Hideki Watanbe's Bobby Charles web site.

This personnel listing for the Bobby Charles LP seems pretty accurate. My adds would be Dr. John rather than Levon on "Small Town Talk" (source: Amos Garrett), and Helm and Manuel rather than Mundi and John Simon on "Long Face" as they have to be on something and "He's Got All The Whiskey" makes no sense. --Bill Munson

[Alphabetical list] [Track list]

Alphabetical list of musicians

Bobby CharlesVocal, Producer
Jim ColegroveBassmember of Hungry Chuck
Rick DankoProducer, Bass. trombonemember of The Band
Amos GarrettElectric Guitermember of Hungry Chuck
Levon HelmDrums, Bass?, Guitar?member of The Band
Garth Hudsonorgan, accordion, tenor saxmember of The Band
Ben KeithPedal Steel, Dobro, Bassmember of Hungry Chuck
Harry LookofskyViolinStudio Musician
Richard ManuelDrums?, Piano?member of The Band
Buggsy MaughBassex-member of Butterfield Blues Band
Geoff MuldaurAcoustic Guitar?, Horn?
Billy MundiDrums, Percussionex-member of Mothers, Studio Musician
Bob NeuwrithAcoustic Guitar?Bob Dylan's friend and Road Manager in '60
Joe NewmanTrumpetJazz Musician
Mac RebbenackOrgan, Piano, Guitar, Perc.Dr. John
David SanbornAlto Sax, Bariton Saxex-member of Butterfield Blues Band
Herman ShertzerAlto Saxstudio musician
John SimonProducer, Piano, Trombone"6th member of The Band"
N.D. Smart IIDrumsmember of Hungry Chuck
John TillGuitarex-member of Full Tilt Boogie Band

Musicians on each track

Based on information from Jim Colegrove and Geoff Muldaur.
Street People
Drums: N.D.Smart II
Electric guitar: Amos Garrett
Acoustic guitar: John Till? (acoustic solo)
Bass: Jim Colegrove
Jingle Bells: Geoff Muldaur
Long Face
Drums: Levon Helm or Billy Mundi
Piano: John Simon
Organ: Garth Hudson (probably)
Bass: Rick Danko (probably)
El Gtr: Mac "Dr. John" Rebbenack?
I Must Be In A Good Place Now
El. Gtr: Amos Garrett
Piano: John Simon
Vibes: Mac "Dr. John" Rebbenack?
Drums: N.D.Smart II
Bass: Jim Colegrove
Save Me Jesus
Drums: N.D.Smart II
El. Gtr: Amos Garrett
Bass: Jim Colegrove
Piano: John Simon
Acc. Gtr: ?
He's Got All the Whiskey
Tenor Sax: Garth Hudson
Bariton Sax: David Sanborn
Trombone: John Simon
Alto Sax: Herman Shertzer
Trumpet: Joe Newman
Bass: Ben Keith
Drums: Billy Mundi
Acc. Gtr: Two guitars? Geoff?
Small Town Talk (LP Version)
Organ: Mac "Dr. John" Rebbenack
Drums: Levon Helm
Acc. Gtr: Mac "Dr. John" Rebbenack
Let Yourself Go
Pedal Steel: Ben Keith
El. Gtr: Amos Garrett
Piano: John Simon
Bass: Jim Colegrove
Drums: N.D.Smart II
Acc. Gtr: ?
Grow Too Old
Back-up Vocal: John Simon
El. Gtr: Amos Garrett
Piano: John Simon
Drums: N.D.Smart II
Alto Sax: David Sanborn
Bass: Jim Colegrove
I'm That Way
Drums: N.D.Smart II
Dobro: Ben Keith
Piano: John Simon
Bass: Jim Colegrove
Acc. Gtr: ?
El. Gtr: Amos Garrett
Tennessee Blues
El. Gtr: Amos Garrett
Accordian: Garth Hudson
Acc. Gtr: ?
Drums: N.D.Smart II
Bass: Jim Colegrove
Violin: Harry Lookofsky

Other songs from the same sessions, not included on Bobby Charles but on the Japanese Bearsville Box Set:

Small Town Talk (Single Version BSV-0010)
Organ: Mac "Dr. John" Rebbenack
Drums: Levon Helm
Acc. Gtr: Mac "Dr. John" Rebbenack
Piano: John Simon
Trombone: John Simon and Rick Danko
Homemade Songs
Dobro: Ben Keith
Pedal Seel: Ben Keith
Violin: Rick Danko
New Mexico
Pedal Seel: Ben Keith
Vocal: Rick Danko
Harmonica: Paul Butterfield
Pedal Steel: Ben Kieth

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