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Bobby Charles 70's LP Credits

by Tony Palermo

Here's some info regarding Bobby Charles 1st solo LP Bobby Charles with assistance by several Band members. I believe this has been reissued on CD and there is also a 1995 CD by Bobby that I haven't heard yet.

Buggsy Maugh is a bassist who played with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band (Woodstock edition). N.D. Smart II is a drummer who I believe played with Todd Rundgren in the early 70's. I guess Joe Newman, Harry Lookosfsky and Herman Shertzer are the horn players on "He's Got All the Money". (Tenor, Trombone, and Trumpet).

As far as who's playing what instrument on what track... I can pick out Levon Helm anywhere. His determinedly eccentric playing of the sock cymbal (high hat), trademark fills, ghost notes on the snare and generally odd approach to straightforward beats is very noticeable. Rick Danko's bass playing is also very unique in a James Jamerson-esque way. Richard Manuel is usually hard to pick out since his piano playing is pretty basic and he doesn't solo. Garth is well...Garth, even on saxophone.

That said, here's my guess:

Lead vocals: Bobby Charles [obviously, although I recall reading a nasty review that said this is what The Band would sound like with a "good" singer. (!)]

"Street People"
Drums: Levon Helm
Electric guitar: Amos Garrett
Acoustic guitar: John Till (especially the solo)
Bass: Rick Danko (probably)
Tambourine: ??
"Long Face"
Drums: Levon
Piano: Dr. John
Organ: Garth Hudson
Bass: Rick (maybe)
El Gtr: ? (is there one?)
"I'm in a Good Place Now"
El. Gtr: Amos
Piano: Dr. John
Vibes: John Simon, Dr. John, or one of the mystery guys
Drums: not Levon (maybe N.D. Smart, Billy Mundi?)
Bass: Probably not Rick. (maybe Buggsy Maugh)
"Save Me Jesus"
Drums: Levon
El. Gtr: Amos
Bass: Rick (most probably)
Piano: Richard Manuel (probably since it's not flashy)
Acc. Gtr: Bobby Neuwrith, Bobby Charles????
"He's Got All the Money"
Tenor Sax: Garth Hudson (lot's of very Garth phrases)
Tenor Sax: mystery player, maybe Joe Newman
Trombone: mystery player
Trumpet: mystery player (nice solo)
Bass: probably not Rick, maybe Buggsy
Drums: barely played, maybe Richard?
Acc. Gtr: Two guitars-Bobby?, Rick? John Till? Amos?
"Small Town Talk"
Organ: Garth
Drums: Levon
Acc. Gtr: Rick (probably, since he co-wrote it too)
"Let Yourself Go"
Pedal Steel: Ben Keith
El. Gtr: Amos
Bass: Jim Colgrove (probably)
Drums: Not Levon
Acc. Gtr: Geoff Muldaur? Bobby Charles, Neuwrith?
"Grow Too Old"
El. Gtr: Amos
Piano: Richard Manuel (could be)
Drums: probably not Levon
Alto Sax: David Sanborn
Bass: Buggsy
Harmony vocal: Rick (pretty sure)
"I'm That Way"
Drums: Levon (and possibly another drummer-Billy Mundi?)
Dobro: Ben Keith? Geoff Muldaur?
Piano: Richard (probably)
Bass: Rick (probably)
Acc. Gtr: ???
El. Gtr: Not Amos, (maybe J. Till?)
"Tennessee Blues"
El. Gtr: Amos
Accordian: Garth
Acc. Gtr: Geoff Muldaur (he later covered this song)
Bass: ???
Harmonica: Paul Butterfield (un-credited on LP, but it's him--for just short bit.)

This is a fine record. The great, lost 1972 Band album.

-- Tony Palermo - Los Angeles, CA

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