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Another Self Portrait (1969-1971)

[cover art]


Another Self Portrait reveals fresh aspects of Dylan's vocal genius as he reimagines traditional and contemporary folk music as well as songs of his own. Across these unvarnished performances, Dylan is the country singer from Nashville Skyline ("Country Pie" and "I Threw It All Away"), an interpreter of traditional folk ("Little Sadie," "Pretty Saro") who's right at home singing the songs of his contemporaries (Tom Paxton's "Annie's Gonna Sing Her Song" and Eric Andersen's "Thirsty Boots") before returning to writing and singing his own new music ("Went To See The Gypsy," "Sign On The Window").

While the original Self Portrait was a deliberate act of iconoclasm that shattered Dylan's image as "generational spokesperson" while stretching the boundaries of pop music and his own, the album's successor, New Morning, marked Dylan's return to songwriting. Another Self Portrait gives fans a chance to reappraise the pivotal recordings that marked Dylan's artistic transformation as the 1960s ended and the 1970s began.

Featured on Another Self Portrait are a previously unavailable version of "Only A Hobo" and the demo version of "When I Paint My Masterpiece," a track that finds Dylan, who'd been signed as a recording artist not quite a decade earlier, looking to the future, promising that "Someday, everything's gonna be smooth like a rhapsody, when I paint my masterpiece."

Bob Dylan has created a new painting as the cover art for The Bootleg Series, Vol. 10 - Another Self Portrait (1969-1971).

The Bootleg Series, Vol. 10 - Another Self Portrait (1969-1971) will be available in a standard two-disc configuration as well as in a four-disc deluxe boxed set which will include, for the first time ever, the complete historic performance by Bob Dylan and The Band from the Isle of Wight Festival on August 31, 1969.

Housed in a slipcase, the deluxe edition will include the newly remastered version of the 1970 Self Portrait album, in its entirety with original sequencing, in addition to two hardcover books featuring revisionist liner notes penned by Greil Marcus (author of the notorious "What is this shit?" 1970 Self Portrait review in Rolling Stone).

A vinyl version of The Bootleg Series, Vol. 10 - Another Self Portrait (1969-1971) will include the album's 35 tracks on three LPs plus a 12" x 12" booklet.


Disc 1

  1. Went To See The Gypsy (demo)
  2. In Search Of Little Sadie (without overdubs, Self Portrait)
  3. Pretty Saro (unreleased, Self Portrait)
  4. Alberta #3 (alternate version, Self Portrait)
  5. Spanish Is The Loving Tongue (unreleased, Self Portrait)
  6. Annie's Going To Sing Her Song (unreleased, Self Portrait)
  7. Time Passes Slowly #1 (alternate version, New Morning)
  8. Only A Hobo (unreleased, Greatest Hits II)
  9. Minstrel Boy (unreleased, The Basement Tapes)
  10. I Threw It All Away (alternate version, Nashville Skyline)
  11. Railroad Bill (unreleased, Self Portrait)
  12. Thirsty Boots (unreleased, Self Portrait)
  13. This Evening So Soon (unreleased, Self Portrait)
  14. These Hands (unreleased, Self Portrait)
  15. Little Sadie (without overdubs, Self Portrait)
  16. House Carpenter (unreleased, Self Portrait)
  17. All The Tired Horses (without overdubs, Self Portrait)

Disc 2

  1. If Not For You (alternate version, New Morning)
  2. Wallflower (alternate version, 1971)
  3. Wigwam (original version without overdubs, Self Portrait)
  4. Days Of '49 (original version without overdubs, Self Portrait)
  5. Working On A Guru (unreleased, New Morning)
  6. Country Pie (alternate version, Nashville Skyline)
  7. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (Live With The Band, Isle Of Wight 1969)
  8. Highway 61 Revisited (Live With The Band, Isle Of Wight 1969)
  9. Copper Kettle (without overdubs, Self Portrait)
  10. Bring Me A Little Water (unreleased, New Morning)
  11. Sign On The Window (with orchestral overdubs, New Morning)
  12. Tattle O'Day (unreleased, Self Portrait)
  13. If Dogs Run Free (alternate version, New Morning)
  14. New Morning (with horn section overdubs, New Morning)
  15. Went To See The Gypsy (alternate version, New Morning)
  16. Belle Isle (without overdubs, Self Portrait)
  17. Time Passes Slowly #2 (alternate version, New Morning)
  18. When I Paint My Masterpiece (demo)

Disc 3

Bob Dylan & The Band, Isle of Wight - August 31, 1969
  1. She Belongs To Me
  2. I Threw It All Away
  3. Maggie's Farm
  4. Wild Mountain Thyme
  5. It Ain't Me, Babe
  6. To Ramona/ Mr. Tambourine Man
  7. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
  8. Lay Lady Lay
  9. Highway 61 Revisited
  10. One Too Many Mornings
  11. I Pity The Poor Immigrant
  12. Like A Rolling Stone
  13. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
  14. Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)
  15. Minstrel Boy
  16. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

Disc 4

  1. All The Tired Horses
  2. Alberta No. 1
  3. Forgot More Than You'll Ever
  4. Day's Of 49
  5. Early Mornin' Rain
  6. In Search Of Little Sadie
  7. Let It Be Me
  8. Little Sadie
  9. Woogie Boogie
  10. Belle Isle
  11. Living The Blues
  12. Like A Rolling Stone
  13. Copper Kettle
  14. Gotta Travel On
  15. Blue Moon
  16. Boxer
  17. Mighty Quinn
  18. Take Me As I Am
  19. Take A Message To Mary
  20. It Hurts Me Too
  21. Minstrel Boy
  22. She Belongs To Me
  23. Wigwam
  24. Alberta No. 2

Bob Dylan - The Bootleg Series Vol. 10 - 2013 - Columbia

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