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Blackie & The Rodeo Kings: Kings Of Love

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What started out as a side project for folk singer Stephen Fearing, guitarist and The Band-collaborator Colin Linden, and Junkhouse singer Tom Wilson, has turned into an on-going career sidebar for the three musicians. High or Hurtin' - the group's 1996 debut and tribute to Canadian songwriter, Willie P. Bennet, proved to be greater than anyone initially expected, with the album ending up on several domestic year-end lists. In 1999 the trio joined forces once again with the release of the double CD Kings of Love.

Kings of Love includes a cover version of The Band/Colin Linden song "Remedy" from The Band's 1993 come-back album Jericho and also a version of the Jericho outtake "Tombstone", written by Jules Shear and originally recorded in 1991 by The Band as a demo with an amazing vocal from Rick Danko. The Band's pianoman Richard Bell plays on many of the tracks on Kings of Love.


  1. 49 Tons
  2. Lean On Your Peers
  3. Tombstone
  4. Nickles & Dimes
  5. Boots Of Leather
  6. Patience Of A Working Man
  7. You Don't Have To Play
  8. Horses
  9. Vigil
  10. King Of Love
  11. Summer Dreams
  12. Queen With A Broken Crown
  13. Red Dress
  14. Calling On The Angels
  15. Vale Of Tears
  16. Lucky Ones
  17. Remedy
  18. As Lonely As You
  19. Don't Want To Know
  20. King Of Love
  21. Andrew's Waltz
  22. Paleface
  23. If You Have To Choose
  24. Skybound Station

Blackie & The Rodeo Kings - Kings Of Love - 1999 - True North TND 0180

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