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Levon Helm & Various Artists:
The Legend of Jesse James

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In 1979, Levon Helm played the "lead role" on songwriter Paul Kennerley's concept album The Legend of Jesse James. The record was cut in Nashville and was produced and engineered by Glyn Johns. Here is a photo (34K JPG) from the recording sesion, of Johns, Emmylou and Levon.

One of the tracks from The Legend of Jesse James, the Emmylou Harris/Levon Helm duet "One More Shot", can also be heard on the album Danko/Fjeld/Andersen (with Rick Danko, folksinger Eric Andersen and Norwegian roots artist Jonas Fjeld).

The Legend of Jesse James has been re-released twice as a 2CD set paired with Kennerley's 1978 album White Mansions, first in 1997 on A&M in the UK under the title Confederate Tales, and then in 1999 in the US on Mercury Nashville as White Mansions and The Legend of Jesse James.


1. Ride Of The Redlegs [RealAudio]
2. Quantrill's Guerillas [RealAudio]
3. Six Gun Shooting [RealAudio]
4. Have You Heard The News? [RealAudio]
5. Heaven Ain't Ready For You Yet [RealAudio]
6. Help Him, Jesus [RealAudio]
7. The Old Clay County [RealAudio]
8. Riding With Jesse James [RealAudio]
9. Hunt Them Down [RealAudio]
10. Wish We Were Back In Missouri [RealAudio] MPEG-3 file (2.3MB)
11. Northfield: The Plan [RealAudio]
12. Northfield: The Disaster [RealAudio]
13. High Walls [RealAudio]
14. The Death Of Me [RealAudio]
15. The Plot [RealAudio]
16. One More Shot [RealAudio] MPEG-3 file (5.0MB)

Lead vocals: "Ride of the Redlegs": Rodney Crowell, Jody Payne, Levon Helm and Rosanne Cash. "Quantrill's Guerillas": Levon Helm. "Six Gun Shooting": Johnny Cash. "Have You Heard the News?": "Albert Lee". "Heaven Ain't Ready for You Yet": Emmylou Harris. "Help Him, Jesus": Johnny Cash. "The Old Clay County": Charlie Daniels and Levon Helm. "Riding with Jesse James": Charlie Daniels. "Hunt Them Down": Albert Lee. "Wish We Were back in Missouri": Emmylou Harris. "Northfield: The Plan": Levon Helm. "Northfield: The Disaster": Charlie Daniels. "High Walls": Levon Helm. "The Death of Me": Johnny Cash and Levon Helm. "The Plot": Paul Kennerly. "One More Shot": Levon Helm and Emmylou Harris.


  • Johnny Cash (as Frank James), lead vocal
  • Rosanne Cash (as Ma Samuel), lead vocal
  • Doniwan Cowart (as Bob Ford), vocal/engineer
  • Martin Cowart (as Charley Ford), vocal
  • Rodney Crowell (as The Officer), lead vocal
  • Charlie Daniels (as Cole Young), lead vocal/fiddle/slide guitar
  • Jesse Ed Davis, slide guitar/electric guitar
  • Nick De Caro, accordion/arrangements
  • Sean Fullan, engineer
  • Emory Gordy, bass
  • Tim Gorman, piano
  • Emmylou Harris (as Zerelda James), lead vocal/acoustic guitar
  • Levon Helm (as Jesse James) lead vocal/drums/harmonica
  • Glynn Johns, producer/engineer
  • Paul Kennerley (as Sheriff Timberlake), lead vocal/writer/composer/guitars
  • Bernie Leadon, banjo/acoustic guitar
  • Albert Lee (as Jim Younger), lead vocal/guitars/mandolin
  • Jody Payne (as Doc Samuel), lead vocal
  • Doug Sax, engineer

Levon Helm & Various Artists - The Legend of Jesse James - 1980 - A&M Records SP-3718
Compact Disc: A&M Records 393-718-2

CD provided by Øyvind Ottersen, journalist at the local newspaper Halden Arbeiderblad.
Ottersen also wrote an article about this WWW site in September '96.

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