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Various Artists: White Mansions and The Legend of Jesse James

[cover art]

An encore appearance on the Mercury Nashville label of two extraordinary American Civil War concept albums, the historical country-folk album White Mansions from 1978, featuring such diverse talents as Waylon Jennings, the Eagles' Bernie Leadon, and Eric Clapton (on the tracks "White Trash" and "Kentucky Racehorse"), and the 1980 album The Legend of Jesse James where The Band's Levon Helm "played" the role as Jesse James himself. The stories of the South are told through original songs written by Paul Kennerley and produced by Glyn Johns. Musical history was in the making as major artists agreed to appear together on albums by a (then) unknown songwriter. Also Featuring Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, Charlie Daniels, Albert Lee, Jessi Colter, Rodney Crowell, Roseanne Cash, and others.

The two albums were released as a set titled Confederate Tales in the UK in 1997, but this 1999 release is the first time they are available together in the US. A bonus track of a previously unissued demo titled "A Train Robbery" is included at the end of Jesse James. This song, performed by Paul Kennerley, recounts a real historical train robbery event.

The 1999 release includes liner notes by Paul Kennerley and Robert K. Oermann


Disc 1 - White Mansions

[cover art - White Mansions]
1. Story To Tell [RealAudio]
2. Dixie On Hold [RealAudio]
3. Join Around The Flag [RealAudio]
4. White Trash [RealAudio]
5. The Last Dance & The Kentucky Racehorse [RealAudio]
6. Southern Boys [RealAudio]
7. The Union Mare & Confederate Grey [RealAudio]
8. No One Would Believe A Summer Could Be So Cold [RealAudio]
9. The Southland's Bleeding [RealAudio]
10. Bring Up The Twelve Pounders [RealAudio]
11. They Laid Waste To Our Land [RealAudio]
12. Praise The Lord [RealAudio]
13. The King Has Called Me Home [RealAudio]
14. Bad Man [RealAudio]
15. Dixie, Now You're Done [RealAudio]

Disc 2 - Jesse James

[cover art - The Legend of Jesse James]
1. Ride Of The Redlegs [RealAudio]
2. Quantrill's Guerillas [RealAudio]
3. Six Gun Shooting [RealAudio]
4. Have You Heard The News? [RealAudio]
5. Heaven Ain't Ready For You Yet [RealAudio]
6. Help Him, Jesus [RealAudio]
7. The Old Clay County [RealAudio]
8. Riding With Jesse James [RealAudio]
9. Hunt Them Down [RealAudio]
10. Wish We Were Back In Missouri [RealAudio]
11. Northfield: The Plan [RealAudio]
12. Northfield: The Disaster [RealAudio]
13. High Walls [RealAudio]
14. The Death Of Me [RealAudio]
15. The Plot [RealAudio]
16. One More Shot [RealAudio]
17. A Train Robbery [RealAudio]

Various Artists - White Mansions and The Legend of Jesse James - 1999 - Mercury Nashville

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