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The Mekons: New York

[cover art]

You know a band is great when they release odds and ends that are better than most other bands' painstakingly rendered studio efforts. New York is a shambling ode to life on the road that features live tracks, band commentary (including snoring), and a ratty version of the Band's "The Shape I'm In." Upon its release, I thought New York the province of Mekons fanatics, that the casual fan or curious would tire of its casual attitude, lack of focus, and its audio-verite documentary approach. Now I think that if you like the Mekons, there is no good reason not to possess this recording. Originally released on cassette, New York was reissued on CD by ROIR/Important in 1990.
-- John Dougan, All-Music Guide

A live version of "The Shape I'm In" by the Mekons appeared on their 2000 release On the Road. For more on the Mekons, see the page for their F.U.N. EP, where they do a cover version of the Band's "It Makes No Difference".


  1. (Chicago Introduction) Big Zombie
  2. Trouble Down South (My Body Jfk Part I)
  3. Slightly South of the Border
  4. Story of Nothing (Tex Rico)
  5. Flitcraft at the Iron Horse (Moby Dick/Shallow Bourgeois Smile)
  6. Prince of Darkness (My Body Jfk II)
  7. Abernant 1984/1987 (Tommy) (San F. Dj/Audience)
  8. I Can't Find My Money (Robert & Steven in the Heartbreak Hotel)
  9. The Shape I'm In (J.R.Robertson)
  10. Hard to Be Human
  11. Beaten & Broken [at Garage D'or]
  12. Not Long Ago (My Body Jfk Part III)
  13. Shanty (My Body in Chicago)
  14. Revenge
  15. Sophie
  16. Chivalry

The Mekons - New York - 1987 - ROIR 5026

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