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Danko/ Fjeld/ Andersen: One More Shot

[cover art]
Norwegian CD
[US cover art]

The 2-CD set One More Shot is a Norwegian 2001 re-release of Danko/Fjeld/Andersen from 1991, adding a second CD with a live D/F/A recording from the 1991 Norwegian Molde Jazz Festival. The studio CD was remastered by Jonas Fjeld at his studio in Norway in 2000.

The album was released with a different packaging in the US and the rest of the world in May 2002, on the Pennsylvania label Appleseed Recordings (APR CD 1062).

Rick Danko, Jonas Fjeld and Eric Andersen won a Norwegian Grammy for their 1991 album Danko/ Fjeld/ Andersen, a folkrock/ folk classic that's been out of print for five years. BMW now releases the album again, with a very special bonus CD added: a one-mike mono recording with excerpts from the trio's brilliant concert at the Molde Jazz Festival in 1991. With Knut Reiersrud (guitar,) Kristin Skaare (piano/ accordion,) Rune Arnesen (drums) and Hallvard T. Bjørgum (Hardanger fiddle) on board, the trio put on a party for an audience of 1600 fans. And even if the technical quality of the recording is not up to studio standards, it is a unique documentary from a concert that few of the spectators are likely to forget. Just hearing how the now deceased Rick Danko hits the falsetto notes on "Twilight" and "It Makes No Difference" can make anyone's eyes moist, and both the three gentlemen's solo sections and the trio numbers are pure joy. Most of the material come from the 1991 CD and 1994's Ridin' on the Blinds, but Anderson does "Sheila," "Baby You Have Been Cheatin'" and "Blue River" (a duet with Danko,) Fjeld "The Bells Are Ringing For You Now" and Danko starts with "Mystery Train" for good measure. Catch them when they tour Norway in May with Danko's The Band collegue Garth Hudson as the third member of the trio., May 2001


CD 1

  1. Driftin' Away (Andersen/Danko/Danko)
  2. Blue Hotel (Fjeld/Sherraden)
  3. One More Shot (Kennerley)
  4. Mary I'm Comin' Back Home (Andersen)
  5. Blue River (Andersen)
  6. Judgement Day (Trad.)
  7. When Morning Comes to America (Fjeld/Sherraden)
  8. Wrong Side of Town (Fjeld/Andersen)
  9. Sick and Tired (Kenner/Andersen/Danko)
  10. Angels in the Snow (Fjeld/Paus/Andersen)
  11. Blaze of Glory (Slate/Morrison/Keith)
  12. Last Thing on My Mind (Paxton)
Rick Danko was a special friend. A great singer, unique musician and wonderful soul. His music and charisma had the power to move and inspire. His knowing chuckle could always bring a smile. And though we don't have him with us anymore, we will always be able to hear his voice and feel his spirit. And for that alone, I am proud to be a part of this album.
--Eric Andersen, 2001

CD 2

One mono microphone live recording from Molde Jazzfestival 1991.
  1. Mystery Train
  2. It Makes No Difference
  3. Twilight
  4. Blue Hotel
  5. The Bells Are Ringing for You Now
  6. Hey Babe, Have You Been Cheatin'
  7. Sheila
  8. Driftin' Away
  9. Baby I'm Lonesome
  10. Preludium/ Skjoldmøyslaget
  11. One More Shot
  12. Blue River
  13. When Morning Comes to America
  14. Lie with Me
  15. Come Runnin' Like a Friend

Danko/ Fjeld/ Andersen - One More Shot - 2001 - BMG Norway 74321 855 922
World wide release May 2002 - Appleseed Recordings APR CD 1062

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