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Kenny Neal: One Step Closer

[cover art]

Bluesman Neal's 2001 album One Step Closer has a cover of The Band's "Remedy" from Jericho.

The future of Baton Rouge swamp blues lies squarely in multi-instrumentalist Kenny Neal's capable hands -- the second-generation southern Louisiana bluesman is entirely cognizant of the region's venerable blues tradition and imaginative enough to steer it in fresh directions, as his albums for Alligator confirm. His dad, harpist Raful Neal, was a Baton Rouge blues mainstay whose pals included Buddy Guy and Slim Harpo (the latter handed three-year-old Kenny an old harp one day as a toy, and that was it). At age 13, Neal was playing in his father's band, and he picked up a bass at 17 for Buddy Guy. In 1987, Neal cut his debut LP for Florida producer Bob Greenlee -- a stunningly updated swamp feast initially marketed on King Snake Records as Bio on the Bayou. Alligator picked it up the following year, retitled it Big News from Baton Rouge!!, and young Neal was on his way. Neal's sizzling guitar work, sturdy harp, and gravelly, aged-beyond-his-years vocals have served him well ever since.
--Bill Dahl, All-Music Guide


  1. No More One More Chance
  2. Remedy
  3. Lovers Will
  4. Walk Out in the Rain
  5. One Step Closer to the Blues
  6. Hidden in Plain Sight
  7. High on a Hilltop
  8. Back Door Tipper
  9. Congo Square
  10. You Care
  11. Whiskey Tears
  12. She Ain't Happy Unless She's Sad


  • Kenny Neal - vocals, guitars, harmonica
  • Denny Breau - rhythm guitar
  • Mary Jo Carlsen - violin
  • Andrea Re - backup vocals, percussion
  • Jason Ward - baritone saxophone
  • T-Bone Wolk - bass, mandolin, accordion
  • Darren Thiboutot - drums
Kenny Neal - One Step Closer - 2001 - Telarc CD-83523

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