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John Hammond: So Many Roads

The Complete Sessions

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2001 re-release of Hammond's So Many Roads, featuring Robbie, Levon and Garth.

This is yet another repackaging of John Hammond material that includes several of our boys as backing musicians. This one is called So Many Roads - The Complete Sessions. It is 1 CD in a LP style cardboard cover. This collection includes 24 tracks total which includes not only the original LP cuts plus the bonus cuts. This is likely not really the complete sessions as it includes other material and does not include everything from I Can Tell, which was released originally on Atlantic. But there has been some discussion in the GB about these sessions, e.g. how many and when. This release does not clarify much.
--Jonathan Katz


    Original tracks:

  1. Down in the Bottom
  2. Long Distance Call
  3. Who Do You Love
  4. I Want You to Love Me
  5. Judgement Day
  6. So Many Roads, So Many Trains
  7. Rambling Blues
  8. O Yea
  9. You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover
  10. Gambling Blues
  11. Baby Please Don't Go
  12. Big Boss Man

    Bonus tracks (and where they were previously available):

  13. I Wish You Would
    (I Can Tell; Mirrors; or Best of John Hammond)
  14. Traveling Riverside
    (Mirrors; Best of John Hammond)
  15. They Call it Stormy Monday
    (Mirrors notes say no Band members; Best of John Hammond says JRR, LH, GH.)
  16. Statesboro Blues
    (Mirrors: Best of John Hammond; no Band members.)
  17. Keys to the Highway
    (Mirrors; Best of John Hammond; no Band members.)
  18. I Just Got Here
    (Mirrors; no Band members)
  19. I'm a Man
    (Best of John Hammond; no Band members)
  20. Backdoor Man
    (Best of John Hammond; no Band members)
  21. Baby Won't You Tell Me
  22. I Can't Be Satisfied
    (You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover)
  23. Shake for Me
    (with Duane Allman; Southern Fried)
  24. I'm Leaving You
    (with Duane Allman; Southern Fried)

So Many Roads: The Complete Sessions - John Hammond - 2001 - Vanguard VMD 79178

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