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Various Artists: Born to Run 2003 Volume 1

Uncut Cover Disc, April 2003

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UK music magazine Uncut April 2003 features Bruce Springsteen, with two cover discs (you have to buy two copies to get both) of Springsteen cover versions. The Band feature on CD1 track 2 on "Atlantic City." These compilations are both superior to the official full-price Springsteen tribute album, Badlands.

The same issue has musicians voting on Springsteen's greatest song - "Born to Run" wins, but "Atlantic City" comes in at number two, with everyone commenting praising the lyrics. Reading the front copy of the magazine, this suggests that 91,000 people will hear The Band doing "Atlantic City" (Jericho is referenced) which is -of course- the best track on this compilation. The notes in the magazine say:

"When the Band reformed in 1993 to make Jericho, their first studio album in fifteen years, Richard Manuel was dead and Robbie Robertson declined to be involved. Yet the group still managed to create a distinctive roots stew that effortlessly blended rock, folk, blues and country, just as they had done in their heyday. Robbed of Robertson's songwriting, they were forced to turn their skills to a number of cover versions, including this exquisite interpretation of "Atlantic City", sung quite magnificently by Levon Helm." (Uncut)
-- Peter Viney


  1. Thunder Road - Badly Drawn Boy
  2. Atlantic City - The Band MPEG3-file
  3. Cover Me - Thea Gilmore
  4. Streets of Philadelphia - Marah
  5. Book of Dreams - Dion
  6. Nebraska - Dan Bern
  7. Tougher Than the Rest - The Mendoza Line
  8. Racing in the Streets - Townes Van Zandt.
  9. I'm on Fire - Big Country
  10. Stolen Car - Patty Griffin
  11. For You - Greg Kihn
  12. Jackson Cage - John Wesley Haeding
  13. Born to Run - Suzy Quatro
  14. Fire - Link Wray
  15. If I Should Fall Behind - Grant McLennan
CD 2 has Jesse Malin., Steve Earle, Sonny Burgess, The Knack, The Waterboys, Trisha Yearwood, Billy Bragg and others. Ed Harcourt is the most couragegeous contributor - he also does "Atlantic City."

Various Artists - Born to Run 2003 Volume 1 - Uncut Cover Disc - April 2003 - Uncut 2003 04B

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