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Paul Kelly: Won't You Come Around

[cover art]

November 2003 EP from Australian singer/songwriter Paul Kelly, with a cover of "Christmas Must Be Tonight" from Islands.

There's no need for me to sell you on the fact that Paul Kelly is an Australian singing/songwriting legend - his music speaks for itself. He's been a busy man recently, touring the UK, USA, Canada and remote areas of the Northern Territory, as well as recording his next album - Ways and Means. But if you simply cannot wait, a sample of what's to come can be found on his new EP Won't You Come Around... and it's more of the same, and then some. If Kelly's Christmas lament How To Make Gravy brings a tear to your eye every time you hear it, you'll also love his version of Christmas Must Be Tonight. It's a little more country, a little more laid back, but beautifully tells the story of the birth of Jesus from the common man's point of view... which is something Kelly always does so well. Also included is a tune penned by another Australian music legend, Nick Cave, and you can hear the distinct styles of both men in this dark tale of lost love.and death (it is a Nick Cave song). Recorded for Triple J's Live at the Wireless it is a very raw mix - but that only adds to the atmosphere of the track, and it reminds you of those classic Kelly tunes Careless, Winter Coat and Deeper Water. The title track meanwhile, with it's U2-like sweeping intro, reminds you of that great Aussie rock tradition, those bands you love to see and hear again late at night on ABC TV's Rage... The Saints, The Church, Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls.
--Review from ABC TV, Australia


  1. Won't You Come Around
  2. Emotional
  3. Nobody's Baby Now (live)
  4. Christmas Must Be Tonight
  5. Little Bit O'sugar

Paul Kelly - Won't You Come Around - 2003 - EMI Australia MSI0318583

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