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The Weight Band: World Gone Mad

[cover art]

Reviving the Woodstock Sound, The Weight Band Releases World Gone Mad

Woodstock-based artists The Weight Band will release their first full-length, 11-track studio album on February 23, 2018 featuring eight original songs, including contributions from the late Levon Helm on never-before-released songs written for The Band. The album also includes a special guest appearance by Jackie Greene.

Recorded at Clubhouse Studio in Rhinebeck, New York, the album sautes a rich musical style best described as the "Woodstock sound." A live, raw and rustic American musical tradition is heard throughout the self-produced album, with lyrics reflecting stories of love, humor, and personal journeys.

World Gone Mad shines bright during moments like the title track, a powerful glance at the current national mood. The band's growing concern over the divisiveness of today's political climate and the hardship of life in America is revealed on "Common Man" and "Fire in the Hole."

Lead vocals is a job met by all five members of the band. Guitarist and mandolin player, Jim Weider likens their shared vocal duties to the treatment and approach perfected during his 15 years with The Band. "Lead vocals alternate on each song, with members trading off," as evident on "Heat of the Moment" and "I Wish You Were Here Tonight."

In addition to Weider, Marty Grebb (keyboards, organ, acoustic guitar, horns), Brian Mitchell (keyboards, organ, accordion), Albert Rogers (bass), and Michael Bram (drums, harmonica) deliver a level of virtuosity and style of performance rarely heard in music today. Jackie Greene (vocals, slide guitar) sits in on "Deal," a dynamic cover of the classic Jerry Garcia-Robert Hunter song. Randy Ciarlante, a former Band and Weight Band member, is also a guest on two songs.

The album is capped off by a full-tilt live version of "Remedy," co-written by Jim Weider and originally recorded for The Band's Jericho album. The launch of World Gone Mad is perfectly timed for the group, capitalizing on new attention generated from their live concert showcase on the nationally syndicated PBS television series, Infinity Hall Live. Album artwork was designed by John Halpern (The Eagles, OutKast), with graphics by Larry Freemantle (Kid Rock.)

--Press release, January 2018


  1. World Gone Mad
  2. Fire in The Hole
  3. Deal
  4. I Wish You Were Here Tonight
  5. Common Man
  6. Heat of the Moment
  7. You're Never Too Old (to Rock'N Roll)
  8. Big Legged Sadie
  9. Day of the Locusts
  10. Every Step of the Way
  11. Remedy

The Weight Band - World Gone Mad - 2018 -

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