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Santa's The Band Christmas Quiz 2004

The following was posted at The Band web site on December 15, 2004:

Wishing for a brand new (paperback) copy of the 2000 extended edition of Levon Helm's autobiography This Wheel's on Fire for Christmas? Your wish may come true if you know the answer to the following question:
Where is this sound sample taken from?
Click on good ol' Santa below to mail the answer to us*:

[Christmas Must Be Tonight]

You are only allowed to answer the quiz once. One winner of Levon's book will be selected at random among those with the correct answer. The winner will be announced uhm... some time before New Years Eve. Good luck!

*: Or, if that doesn't work, send your answer by e-mail with Subject: "The Band Quiz 2004" to

We received over 100 e-mails with answers over the next two weeks, 62 of these were correct.

Quite a few thought the clip came from Come Miner's Daughter. Other suggestions included "Levon's Midnight Ramble," "a bootleg from the Barn Burners in a barn or something," "the launch party/picnic for Levon Helm & the RCO All-Stars," and "from Rick's brothers farm in Canada 1968 (Next of Kin)"!

The correct answer is that the sample comes from Steven Segal's 1997 movie Fire Down Below, starring Levon as Reverend Bob Goodall. Levon sings this song (does anyone know the title of it?) at the church picnic with kids around him.

A little C-program using random numbers, written by yours truly, was used to select one of the 62 contestans with the correct answer. And the lucky winner of Levon's book is (drum roll):

Peter Nederlof, from the Netherlands!
Thanks to all the contestants for participating, we'll be back next year with a new quiz and an even better price!

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