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Bob Dylan: Acetates On The Tracks Vol.1

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Review from Deep Beneath the Waves:

Selection of outtakes/alternates/original versions from acetate sources. Tracks: 19, time: 75, source: acetates, quality: excellent.

A compilation of tracks from the Grogan & Gelson acetates (correct, Dylanologists?) presented in outstanding sound quality and covering the Freewheelin' sessions through Highway 61. The only downside to this collection is that you may have this material elsewhere - The Emmett Grogan Acetates,, Freewheelin' Bob Dylan Outtakes, or 7 Years of Bad Luck, among others - the upside is that those sets are relatively difficult to find, so this may be your only hope. As already stated, sound quality is tremendous, which is no surprise since this collection is brought to us by our friends from the consistently fine Hard To Find series label. Now to the tracks, which are tastefully chosen and form a fine sampler for both newcomers to this material and hard core listeners:


  1. Instrumental (?)
  2. Milkcow Calf's Blues
    (2 versions both completely different)
  3. Wichita
    (2 different versions)
  4. Whatcha Gonna Do
  5. That's Alright Mama
  6. Hero Blues
  7. Lonesome Whistle Blues
  8. I Don't Believe You
  9. Chimes of Freedom
  10. Motopsycho Nightmare
  11. All I Really Want To Do
    (The above 5 tunes are the same takes as on "Another Side" w/perhaps a bit of a count-in or talking before or after each take. From the Grogan acetates)
  12. Mr Tambourine Man
    (Newport Folk Fest 7/24/64)
  13. You Don't Have to Do That
  14. Tombstone Blues
    (2 different takes)
  15. Queen Jane
Two other tracks are listed but, sadly, not included - "Medicine Sunday" and the classic 1:12 "Lunatic Princess Revisite"d (you'll have to have the Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2 for that). Overall, a fine collection and one that has received a hefty amount o f play (a little surprising after a halting first impression).Thumbs up on this one.

Bob Dylan - Acetates On The Tracks Vol.1 - 1997 - Treasure Records TRD-997

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