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Nenad Bach: I Love Losers

[cover art]

Croatian-American musician Nenad Bach worked with Garth Hudson and Rick Danko on his 1992 release Can We Go Higher? - A Song for the Victims of War, a charity disc for humanitarian aid for the victims of the war in Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. The recording is included on his 1997 album I Love Losers. Here is more about Bach and this album, copied from the Nenad Bach web page at Dynamic Recording:

Nenad Bach, the Croatian born, classically trained turned Rock-n-Roll singer songwriter and film score composer (wow!), brings us his latest release in multi-media format. This is what the WEB is for - multi-media pop/rock music enhanced by the haunting strings of the tamburitza in every song, “like an echo of who I am and where I come from” Nenad.

Born in Zagreb, Croatia, Nenad graduated as a civil engineer from the University of Rijeka. Classically trained in violin and flute, then bitten by the Rock ‘n Roll bug, he formed his own band whose first album reached number one in his home land. Scored some films, released some albums - two reached No. 1 in Europe, traveled around Europe.....and headed for the USA. Within two years (no English, but some luck) he recorded his first US album. More movie scores, starting on a new album, and war erupted in his homeland. “Because of the genocide that happened in my countries of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, I have released no commercial records in the past six years. “

But now, I Love Losers is out and contains a song “Can We Go Higher” that international audiences have applauded. In fact, Nenad shared the stage with Luciano Pavarotti, The Chieftains, Bono, U2, Meat Loaf, Michael Bolton, Dolores O’Riordan and many others at the Pavarotti and Friends Concert “Together For The Children Of Bosnia - also available on CD on the Polygram label - visit the War Child home page. There’s a video of the Can We Go Higher single CD - produced and directed by Nenad to help kids who lost their parents in the war. Over 100 million people have seen his video and Nenad’s been spreading his message of universal peace through his singing and song writing.

“Can We Go Higher” may be the most recognized song on I Love Losers yet the other fifteen selections are full of music - many internationally recognized artists round out this well produced album. From Richard Lindsey (well known to North American fans of Kips Bay ) to the immediately recognizable voices of actors Martin Sheen and Michael York, and rock legends Garth Hudson (The Band) and Vince Welnick (The Greatful Dead) the guest list is impressive. The production ranges from mysterious and wistfull to flat out rock - the percussive enhancements are perfectly placed - take a listen!


  1. I Love Losers (If I Had Another Life)
  2. The Roads Come Back To You
  3. I Just Can't Take It Any More
  4. Can We Go Higher? WAV file (316K)
  5. This We Know...
  6. WWW//WWW
  7. 1000 Years Of Peace
  8. Truth Is So Simple
  9. Between Two Flights
  10. I Will Go To The End
  11. Peace....
  12. I Wonder Why
  13. I Never Told You
  14. Sculptor
  15. You Need A Love
  16. Can We Go Higher? (instrumental)


(only members of The Band listed)
  • Rick Danko
  • Garth Hudson

Nenad Bach - I Love Losers - 1997 - Dynamic Recording

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