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Various Artists: Music That Matters

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CoraZong is a young independent European label that, within a relatively short period of time, has become a synonym for quality roots music. Music That Matters is a collection of songs taken from recent CoraZong album releases. Mostly occupying that increasingly popular musical territory called Americana, Music That Matters offers 18 tracks by 18 great artists whose albums without exception have been critically acclaimed.

Garth Hudson is represented twice here, with "Little Island" from his solo album The Sea to the North and as a member of Burrito Deluxe on "Rex Bob Lowenstein" from The Whole Enchilada. Track 15 is Rick Danko's "Change is Good" from the posthumous solo album Times Like These.


  1. John Coinman - Have Faith
    From the album This Place Ain't What It Used To Be

  2. Jeff Talmadge - 40 Days Of Rain
    From the album Driving To Blissville

  3. JP den Tex - Toulouse
    From the album La Jeune Fille Au Chewing Gum

  4. Patricia Vonne - Traeme Paz
    From the album Patricia Vonne

  5. Kevin Bowe & The Okemah Prophets - Leaving To Stay
    From the album Angels On The Freeway (Crosses On The Road)

  6. Julian Sas - A Light In The Dark
    From the album Light In The Dark

  7. Louis! - Sweet Lorraine
    From the album A Close Watch

  8. David Olney - Blue Days, Black Nights
    From the album Border Crossing

  9. Michael de Jong - Private Interlude
    From the album Imaginary Conversation

  10. Peter C. Johnson - Good Luck Girl
    Taken from the album Soul Sherpa

  11. Andy Pratt - Who Will Be My Friend
    Taken from the album The Age Of Goodbye

  12. Wendy MaHarry - Devil Feels At Home
    Taken from the album Released

  13. Garth Hudson - Little Island
    Taken from the album The Sea To The North

  14. Burrito Deluxe - Rex Bob Lowenstein
    Taken from the album The Whole Enchilada

  15. Rick Danko - Change Is Good
    Taken from the album Times Like These

  16. Jean Paul Rena & Terrawheel - Jail Cell Wall
    Taken from the album Introducing

  17. Teye & Belén - Caballo Nuevo, Campo Viejo
    Taken from the album FlamencObsesionArte

  18. Maria Jimenez - Con Dos Camas Vacías
    Taken from the album Donde Más Duele

Various Artists - Music That Matters - 2004 - CoraZong CD 255079

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