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Burrito Deluxe: The Whole Enchilada

[cover art]

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Notes compiled by Peter Viney, based mostly on information from the guestbook and the Burrito Deluxe web site.

A considerably changed group from the first album, still based around Flying Burrito Brother Kleinow and Moody Brothers Carlton Moody, with Garth Hudson now as a full member and co-producer rather than a guest artist.

The album concentrates on covers of recent (mainly 90s) country songs by well-known artists, with apposite choices blended well together. The one group composition Woman Like You is outstanding.


    (All audio samples are 40-50 second MPEG-3 files)

  1. MPEG-3 file You Got Gold (John Prine /Keith Sykes)
    From John Prine's 1991 Grammy-award winning The Missing Years album.

  2. MPEG-3 file The Letter (Carson)
    International number one hit for The Boxtops, and later covered by Joe Cocker. The Band had covered the Boxtops Soul Deep in 1991, which appeared on the bootleg Crossing The Great Divide.

  3. MPEG-3 file Woman Like You (Moody/ Kleinow / Hudson / Davis / Lonow)
    Original by all five members.

  4. MPEG-3 file Sister (Kleinow)
    Instrumental, written by Kleinow (no credit listed on the sleeve, but he mentions it in the interview video on the CD), first released on 2001's Meet Sneaky Pete.

  5. MPEG-3 file Ezekial's Wheel (King / Leone)
    By Matt King, a friend of Carlton's and a North Carolina songwriter and Atlantic recording artist.

  6. MPEG-3 file Zydeco Ball (Moody / Elliot / Ruff)
    Carlton Moody is co-composer with Ramblin' Jack Elliot.

  7. MPEG-3 file Everywhere I Go (Moody /Crosby / Karp)
    A new song by Carlton Moody.

  8. MPEG-3 file All I Had Left (Left With You) (Jeff Davis)
    Written by Jeff 'Stick' Davis. Originally recorded by The Amazing Rhythm Aces on Burnin' The Ballroom Down in 1978.

  9. MPEG-3 file Memphis Money (Mark Irwin / Richard Ferreira)
    From Richard Ferreira's 2002 album Somewhereville. Reviews compared him to Rick Danko and Van Morrison, and this sounds like it should have been on a 90s Band record.

  10. MPEG-3 file Way Back in the Mountains (Merle Haggard / Max Barnes)
    From Merle Haggard's album 1994.

  11. MPEG-3 file Baton Rouge (Clark / Crowley)
    Guy Clark song from Boats to Build, 1992.

  12. MPEG-3 file Last Letter Home (Brown / McDade)
    Originally recorded by The Amazing Rhythm Aces on Toucan Do It Too with the last verse added 20 years later shortly before Butch McDade died in 1998.

  13. MPEG-3 file Rex Bob Lowenstein (Germino)
    Mark Germino's original 1991 song about a DJ at W.A.N.T. still appears on many radio station playlists, proving with W.O.L.D. that DJs play songs about DJs. An excellent cover.

  14. MPEG-3 file Goodnight (no credit listed)
    This is a bonus track on the European CD, not included on the US release. Usually known as I/We Bid You Goodnight, this song was played by Bahamian guitarist Joseph Spence. Martin Carthy did it with Waterson-McCarthy, and it appears to be a version of the Sankey hymn Sleep On Beloved. The Incredible String Band covered it on The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter following on from A Very Cellular Song. Aaron Neville also recorded it on Warm Your Heart backed by Ry Cooder and Jim Keltner and co-arranged with Linda Ronstadt. It was a frequent concert number for The Grateful Dead and appears briefly at the end of Live/Dead. Garth Hudson has also covered Dark Star from the same album. A few months before Burrito DeLuxe, he played accordian on the Dixie Hummingbird's version of I Bid You Goodnight from Diamond Jubilation with Levon Helm on drums.

  15. Enhanced CD video interviews of all five members. This includes a short snatch of When I Paint My Masterpiece.


Burrito DeLuxe:
  • Carlton Moody - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin
  • Sneaky Pete Kleinow - pedal-steel guitar
  • Garth Hudson - piano, Hammond organ, synthesizers, accordian
  • Jeff 'Stick' Davis - electric and acoustic bass, vocals
  • Rick Lonow - drums, percussion, vocals

  • Maud Hudson - backup vocals on tracks 1 and 10.
  • Produced by Garth Hudson, Carlton Moody and Burrito DeLuxe

[cover art]
Burrito Deluxe 2004. L-r: Davis, Lonow, Kleinow, Hudson, Moody

Burrito Deluxe - The Whole Enchilada - 2004 - Luna Chica Records LCR001
CD, Netherlands 2004: CoraZong 255 078

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